A race shrouded in more speculation and mystery than fact. Their very existence is questioned, being nearly as elusive as they themselves are.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

The Zona, to those without True Sight, appear as lithe, spectral beings that stand at least two meters tall with wicked, curved blades growing from their forearms and insectoid feet. They have at least six eyes and no visible mouth. Many have long tails with hooked ends, but those that don't have a mantle-like set of six wings.

The Zona are quiet and efficient, choosing to waste no time when it comes to getting the job done. They seldom talk and those that do are often warning those around them to get in line. Beyond this, the Zona are calculating and impossible to read, making them difficult to approach or figure out.


The Zona are masters of deceit and assassination. Anything that dares glance into their cold eyes will be stripped of identity and knowledge before realizing what has happened. They are fast and have steps lighter than feathers and quieter than the faintest whisper, appearing from nowhere then vanishing just as quickly. The blades on their arms can cut through the toughest of defense like paper and cause severe injuries with glancing blows. The Zona can possess any unaware living being and make them into the perfect puppet or disguise to infiltrate even the most secure of places should they desire to, but could just as easily step into the Astral Plane and bypass any security without a hitch.

The Zona are deadly up close, stemming from their blades and tails if applicable, and worse at a distance, where they can fire thin energy waves that disrupt the body's flow of life initially and rupture organs and blood vessels with a simple action. One should take care in engaging a Zona, even when severely outnumbering it as a small lapse in judgment could result in death before one could even realize it moved.

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