Zinda the Bloodhunter
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My family comes first before anything else.
The Bloodhunter
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Family Unnamed Sisters
Status Active
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Black
Height -
Blood type AB+
Age 235
Weight -
Health Poor
Affiliation The Black King, South Frontier Vampires
Weapons Bow, Arrow, Hunting Knife, Blood Dolls
Species Vampire, ???
Base of Operations South Frontier
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) -
Current Occupation Hunting the living
Abilities Blood Magic, Blood Alter, Blood Link, Soul Link, Existence Link, Death Arrow, Nightmare Arrow, Agony Arrow, Demon Magic
Fighting Style The Bloodmist, Demon Hunting, Puppetry, Death From the Shadows, Self Mutilation
Partner -
Team -
Relatives Unnamed Sisters
Marital Status Single

Zinda is a vampire born to a line of vampires with vastly unnatural abilities far above the usual breed of vampires, as such she and her kind are to be approached with great caution.

History Edit

No one knows the origins of the Vampires from South Frontier, only that they appeared some time after humans began settling there. At first the beings were ordinary vampires, but began to show unnatural abilities far outside the realms of normal vampires, driving great fear into the hearts of the people. Born to this unique clan is Zinda the Bloodhunter, one of their most deadly members. Nothing is really known about her, save for her superior status to her clan, currently the defacto leader.

Powers Edit

Blood Magic Edit

Zinda wields a mighty control over blood magic, able to weaponize it and use it in various forms of combat.

Blood Alter Edit

A strange, unnatural ability given to her from birth, with multiple parts. Known to be linked by her eyes, as well as a special contaminant she releases in the air, which spreads across a massive area.

It appears to work by continuous evolution, with three stages of severity.

Blood Link Edit

At this stage of Blood Alter, Zinda is linked with the physical body of the victim, making physical harm impossible without self injury.

Soul Link Edit

The second stage of Blood Alter, Zinda links with the soul and mind, causing all mental and spiritual harm done to her to reflect unto the enemy.

Existence Link Edit

The final, most dangerous stage, Zinda is linked with the very existence of her target, rendering all forms of harm impossible without first destroying themselves. Even if she is destroyed with an Existence level technique, the user is certainly doomed to be obliterated from existence.

Death Arrow Edit

An arrow with death magic imbued within, direct contact with the blood causes this arrow to kill its target instantly.

Nightmare Arrow Edit

An arrow imbued with dark magic, direct contact with the arrow causes horrible eldritch nightmares that destroy the mind.

Agony Arrow Edit

An arrow imbued with blood magic, causes horrible pain leaving the victim paralyzed.

Demon Magic Edit

The source of this power is unknown, but can allow her to summon and control demons and demonic forces.