You won't lay a hand on my sister.
Twin of Frost
Stoic Frost
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date -
Family Kiyōna (Sister | Caess (Mother)
Status Active
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Height -
Blood type
Age 31
Weight -
Health Well
Affiliation Admonition
Species Endlos(Race)
Base of Operations Twin Valleys
Weapons Ice
Current Occupation Helping his sister
Fighting Style Path of Frost, Frostwalker
Partner Kiyōna
Team Admonition
Relatives Kiyōna | Caess
Marital Status Single

Zetsubo is the twin brother of Kiyōna, and the son of Caess. He fights alongside his sister for Admonition.

Appearance and Personality Edit

History Edit

Zetsubo was born in a secluded forest homestead owned by Caess, the former Elemental Terror, and her husband, Kiien. He was the second born in the family, and took great pride in his younger sister Aoi when it was discovered that she was born with flesh and body, not cold empty ice. The family lived contently for years until Aoi and Caess were taken and their father killed. Kiyōna and her brother Zetsubō escaped into the frozen wilds, where they remained for several years. Recently he and his sister were discovered, and the curse removed from their bodies. They now live with their mother in Twin Valleys.

Powers Edit

Supernatural Strength Edit

Zetsubo is fairly strong for his age as an Endlos.

Esocentric Ice Manipulation Edit

Water Manipulation Edit

Aether Manipulation Edit

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