Zaraki Inumuta
My apologies, but I don't understand the concept of 'family'.
Darkaria's Beast Scientist
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date June 12
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Dark Blue
Height 6'2
Blood type A
Age 60's(Chronologically) late 30's(Biologically)
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Health Healthy
Affiliation 15 Darkaria Knights, Darkaria Laboratory
Weapons Numerous Scientific Gadgets
Species Werewolf
Base of Operations Darkaria Kingdom
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Previous Occupation(s) Unknown
Current Occupation 15 Darkaria Knights, Darkaria Laboratory Head
Abilities Super Human Strength, Super Human Speed, Earth Magic, Nail Extension, Hair Manipulation, Enhanced Senses, Transformation
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Partner Hannibal

Multiple Lab Assistants Franklin Mabashi Sasuna Mabashi Ronowva Vladimir(Former)

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Marital Status Single


Zaraki was born to a clan of wild werewolfs, this clan believed that emotional family ties were useless so they each were forced to fend for themselves but still relied on teamwork. Zaraki, who was one of the best warriors, became bored with his life of killing and left the clan to pursue a different path. He came across an extremely scientific advanced city and, although with extreme difficulty, was taught science amongst other basic subjects. He soon became one of the best scientists and was renowned as the 'Wild Genius'. Afterwards he began on another journey to find something to do with his new found knowledge, during his travels some of his former clansmen confronted him on abandoning them and also have they intent to kill him. Zaraki wasn't reluctant in retaliating so he easily defeated them, when he was about walk away one of his former clansmen reprimanded him on becoming too soft due to the humans to which he responded he was fine with that since he found them more interesting than his own species. After more traveling he came across Darkaria, and after proving his prowess, was accepted as a warrior and scientist of the country with him then rising as the Head Darkaria Scientist and No. 13 of the Darkaria Knights. During Tsubaki's rebellion he took his side and fought against Akaakuma, and even though he held his own he was still easily defeated but inflicted the latter's first ever wound to somewhat mimic the one given to him. After the large scale fight, Zaraki stayed within the ranks of the Knights, rising to No. 4, while the others left as nomadic vagabonds for Darkaria.


Zaraki has fair skin with lazy looking yellow eyes and long, messy, navy blue hair that reaches his knees and has some covering his right eye that's missing and scarred due to Akaakuma. His hair was formaly in a loose pony tail with bangs that frame his face and some in between his eyes. Back then, and even now, he wears bandanas of various colors and patterns, a different one each day, that cover his wolf like ears of the same color as his hair. He also wears a blue long sleeved, pin stripped shirt, grey slacks held by a black belt, and black shoes. Over it he wears a white lab coat with a large zipper that's open, and over sized bell-sleeves that have zippers but are zipped up to under his shoulders.


Zaraki is initially laid back, confident, and extremely intelligent. He has a dark, morbid sense of humor and likes to tease others, especially new lab assistants, though it usually scares some of them off. He doesn't understand the concept of ''family', though he doesn't find it useless he does find it interesting in the fact it's sometimes driving motivation for some people, in fact he envies those with such motivations. He doesn't like those who just kill for the sake of personal enjoyment, which is why he has a long standing rivalry with Akaakuma even in their early years of knowing each other. He rather kills for a specific purpose, such as a mission requirment, or even to show mercy to a beaten enemy. He respects his lab assistants and fellow Knights while showing his highest degree of respect to Tsubaki, and supports his views of coexistence.


Super Human Strength

Super Human Speed

Enhanced Durability/Invulnerability

Enhanced Endurance

Enhanced Senses

Expert Close Combat

Earth Magic/Manipulation/Mimicry

Wolf's Howl

Wolf Summoning

Vibration Sense

Nail Extension

Hair Manipulation


Science Manipulation

Machine Construction and Creation


Various machinery, and potions.