Dream... Eternal...
The Cosmic Executioner
Brown Cloak
The New Earth
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Unknown
Eye Color Amber
Hair Color Brown
Height -
Blood type B+
Age 13 (Physically) 700
Weight -
Health Immortal
Affiliation Unknown
Weapons Unknown
Species Unknown
Base of Operations Unknown
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) Unknown
Current Occupation -
Abilities -
Fighting Style -
Partner -
Team -
Relatives -
Marital Status -

One of the mysterious Cloaks, his role is as of yet, unknown.

Zangyaku's theme:

Powers Edit

Placebo Manipulation Edit

The power of suggestion, this power gives the user the ability to tell his enemy something, and to cause it to become reality. A form of Reality Manipulation and Mental Manipulation.

Elemental Control (All) Edit

Grants the user control of all eight elements, and their subtypes.

Primordial Earth Edit

Commands supreme control over any form of Earth, including any kind of alien metal. The effect of this power is strong enough to include Anti Matter, and vastly other kinds of materials.

Reality Manipulation Edit

Reality is literally a plaything to Zangyaku, his sleeping mind can dream up anything and have it come true.

Creation Edit

Controls the vast powers of Creation.

Destruction Edit

Controls the vast powers of Destruction.

Chronolock Edit

Zangyaku cannot be affected by time and space manipulations. This includes forced teleportations.

Eternal Dream State Edit

Zangyaku is actually asleep, yet somehow aware of the world around him, in fact, his dreams are said to possess the power to literally reshape all that exists around him.

Dreamer's Eye Edit

Zangyaku has a strange type of sixth sense. Ignores illusions, and any form of mental deception or manipulation.

Earth Sense Edit

If someone is touching the ground, Zangyaku will know their exact location, how fast they move, and be able to counter as if awake.

Earth Superiority Edit

While touching solid ground of any kind, Zangyaku is stronger, faster, and in general holds the advantage over his enemies.

Mental Manipulation Edit

Zangyaku has an extremely powerful mind, able to deflect mental attacks with no effort, and retaliate with violent force, capable of breaking even the minds of some deities.

Gravity Manipulation Edit

Controls the flow of gravity.

Magnetism Edit

Can control metal as though a magnet.

Planar Disruption Edit

Zangyaku possesses the ability to alter reality to the point of damaging an entire plane or realm, solely with his mind. Can cut off access to other planes and realms that grant his enemies power.

Soul Manipulation Edit

Has excessive powers over the soul.

Expert Killer Edit

Zangyaku can kill almost any living thing with excessive ease, instinctively knowing their weakpoints, even if they themselves do not.

Weapons Edit

Cosmic Killer Edit

A blade fabled to be able to kill anything. Literally. Everything.

Trivia Edit

Zangyaku, or Zangyaku kōi, means Atrocity. In keeping to the theme, he is a cold blooded murderer and loves torture. He will readily commit great acts of violence and slaughter innocents for his own twisted amusement. He is one of the most savage of the Cloaks.

Zangyaku has tricked himself into believing one of his own lies, causing his own Placebo powers to affect him. He has learned well to pay attention to what he says.

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