Non Canon Section of Yosai.

An Alternate Awakening Edit

Drake begins to hear the sound of footsteps approaching the test tube.

He faintly opens his eyes, his right eye white and his left eye black, both have red rune circles and glyphs on them, his body in ruins as there is burns and scars from the previous battle all over him. On both his arms, an intricate display of runes go from his shoulders to his wrists, on his palms are two rune circles. His eyes and runes glow dimly as he hazily looks into the distance, noticing a figure...

A solitary woman dressed in white with black details decorating her fair dress is walking up to his tank.

After a moment, Drake's head is fixtated on her, but it moves slowly due to the state he's in, unable to really do anything and still recovering from the attack.

She looks up at him quietly, then turns to a console and begins typing.

As she types, Drake closes his eyes and exhales, as the bubbles float to the top Drake tenses up completely in pain, an audible grunt can be heard but it's muffled.

Suddenly the liquid drains and the glass begins to open, as she looks back at him he notices her dress is a lot more tattered than he thought, she seems to be missing an arm.

Drake staggers and falls out, landing on his knees he gasps for air then slowly stands up. He looks at White with a... Mixed expression, he doesn't bother speaking, instead just looking away mainly from the missing arm.

"Welcome back to the world of the living." She turns away from him.

"What..." Drake says his voice raspy but the irritated tone can easily be detected. "Don't you turn away from me... What happened..."

"Yosai is beaten, Phoenix shattered, and I and the survivors just remain."

"...How long was I out for... The last time I was here..." Drake growls lightly and looks at his battered body. "Those fucking Gods..." He then looks back at White, his expression remaining stern. "And these survivors?"

"The last of my creations not killed." Drake notices there is an incredibly damp, heavy feel to the area.

He takes a look around and feels slightly claustrophobic. "So this really did go to ruins... But you didn't answer my question; how long was I out for?"

'Roughly a year. It's been a long time."

Drake goes quiet for a moment before he starts to walk up to White, but still limping due to the pain. "...Let's just get to the surface, I'm not liking it down here."

She quietly turns and places her hand on his shoulder, and a wave of soft light washes over him, cleansing his wounds.

"...Thanks..." He says rather reluctantly, although slightly surprised of her action, he slowly stretches, tensing up his muscles then relaxing. "I guess you lead the way."

She begins to walk off down the tunnel leading into the room.

Drake follows suit, taking one last look at the tube he stayed resting in for almost an entire year, he feels uneasy about the situation. "Catching up on everything is going to be a pain..." He mumbles to himself before looking back at White.

She continues on, the air heavier and wetter as she walks deeper.

"So... What made you decide to wake me up instead of leaving me for dead?" Drake curiously asks, eventually walking beside her.

"Would you rather have died?" She asks, no change in her face.

"I wouldn't have been the one making that choice... But personally, I wouldn't rather have died." He glances at White. "So, still an emotionless queen without her crown, men... And apparently fortress."

"Presumptuous at best on two fronts, that I am emotionless, and that you know enough about me to make such statements."

"So you're going to tell me that you have emotions? ...Right." Another moment passes when Drake speaks up. "...So why was I kept in stasis for so long? And a straight answer would be nice."

"One doesn't think about such things when they're at war."

"Implying you're still at war... You lost, nothing you can do now." He casually says.

"I meant it wasn't on my mind while the fighting was going on. A boy in a tank is irrelevant compared to state of affairs."

"...Fair enough, so considering everything now... What are you going to do?"

"Live alone, that is all I really do." As they walk, he notices several of the corridors they pass are flooding, and kind of fast.

Drake paces himself faster and eventually grabs White's wrist. "Come on, you're being slow, just tell me where to go so we don't drown."

About this time, several colossal sounds rip into the quiet of the area, akin to the metallic roars of a beast, as the section of the labs behind them suddenly buckles and collapses on itself, a huge wall of water roars into the opening after them.

"Oh for fucks sake..." Drake throws White onto his back as his wings stretch out, he makes a running start then begins to fly as far away from the floods as possible, navigating around to find a way out. "A little help?!"

"Tunnels drive down deeper further south, travel upward toward north. Center of north complex is the nearest elevator out."

"Basically go North and find the elevator, got it!" Drake flaps his wings once more and speeds away, going as far North as he possibly can, after a while, Drake eventually finds the elevator and takes a sigh of relief.

She removes herself from his back, as soon as her feet touch the floor, it shoots up a massive vertical shaft, as they go up it though, Drake hears the entire underwater facility roaring as countless simultaneous failures report their arrival in a cataclysmic fashion, the shaft itself cracks, buckles, and shifts as the entire facility begins to collapse from structural failure.

They had just barely avoided being crushed under the sea.

Drake falls back onto his ass and just relaxes for a moment. "Ok... Ok... That's one way for me to make sure I'm fully awake, that was too close..." He looks down at the sea then looks back at White. "Guess I have to thank you for waking me, guess you're not as cold hearted as they made you out to be."

They smash into the water above as it begins to pour in as the facility fails, and the elevator smashes through it, a bubble of air blocks it from crashing into the pair, and it surges forth up toward sunlight. Meanwhile, Drake can see the entire facility below collapsing into the abyss below.

He watches in pure astonishment. "Holy shit... I mean, I know that I would be pissed to see all that go if I was in your shoes... But just holy shit... Was there anyone or anything else down there?"

"If there was, then know that I probably elected to spare you instead of few remaining. Besides, the few mistakes of mine still left alive, the better off the world is. Pissed... vulgar, and incorrect. It's... liberating. To know the last remnant of your sins finally is destroyed."

"Huh... I thought you would have been much more... Sadistic, cynical... Evil... But I guess whatever the hell happened up there changed you a lot." Drake sounds surprised but ultimately glad that he doesn't have to deal with a sinister White. "So do you plan to stay on this fortress for however long?"

White silently turns to face Drake. "Until I wither away into dust." The platform explodes out of the water, and Drake beholds a sight that confounds him. A vast, black and jagged large island sits on the water, and strewn throughout this huge island is the shattered remnants of a huge fortress, one that Drake had once fought in prior to his coma... ...Now only fractured sectors of the fortress remains, with big and small segments scattered across the huge isle, with a lone, shattered solitary tower standing lonely amidst the black, all of the pieces of the fortress seem to have been thrown back to the edges of the island, with a vast black plain separating them from the center tower.

"We must depart, the platform has lost all of its power, and will never rise again." She jumps off, and lands in the center plain.

He flies up and lands on the plain next to White, he takes a look around and feels even more uneasy now that he sees the ruins of the once proud fortress. Drake's expression has a hint of pity as he looks at White, he then sighs as he places his hands into his pockets. "So... This is what Yosai has been reduced to..."

"There is not a place you can look here where you cannot see the end result of the scale of my last stand and failure. Or success, I suppose."

"What do you mean success... Can you call this a success?"

White doesn't look back to him. "Motivations of those around you are not as clear when you view them as your enemy, are they?"

"I suppose not, but look at this, White... This isn't what I would call a success." Drake says rather brashly. 

"True... the scene does miss something. Me being dead. That would be a true successful conclusion to this tale, wouldn't it? ...In either case, you're free to do as you wish." She walks toward the tower.

Drake just stands there. "...Well that was rather sudden..." He begins to fly around the plains to get an understanding on where he is.

There are eight main sectors split off from the center, with many dozens of small fragmented areas littering the area inbetween them and the tower. There is no sight of land in any direction in the horizon.

A moment or two passes as Drake flies to one of the sectors. "So... I was out for a year, Yosai and Phoenix has shattered, White is suicidal, and I have no idea with what's going on outside of this... Island... This is going to take a while to get used to."

Drake can hear faint speaking in an unrecognizable language, albeit sounding solemn and bored. An occasionally scape of metal is heard as well, growing louder and louder along with the speaking.

"Hmm... Well this'll be interesting..." He lands down not to far from the source of the sound, leaning against rubble he looks towards the figure. "I know it isn't my native language either, but speaking in English would be nice."

"English is a really counter intuitive language, so I'd rather not.' The figure moves in sight and is wearing rather jagged and darkened armor, clearly weathered. He takes his helmet off, and purple hair can be seen as its removed. "Schön, dass Sie zu treffen...Ich denke."

"Right... I'm Drake Ryunexo AKA the person who was in a coma underneath Yosai for around a year, assuming you have a name too?" Drake says as he looks at the purple hair quite... Curiously. "...Not what I would have chosen but hey, to each their own."

"I think I've heard talk of you occasionally, never really took the time to investigate. And I didnt choose the color, its like that naturally. I personally wouldn't have chosen those eyes of yours but like you said, to each their own." He puts his hand to the handle of his holstered sword. "Vzark Ryddias, Vladen Fleischer, Eta of Fear, whichever works for you."

"Vzark it is. So I'm guessing you're one of the creations White mentioned to me before... Actually there's a lot you could fill me in on, like what the fuck exactly happened here?"

"I'm a Chaos Engine, yeah. Some time after you were asleep, Yosai was invaded during a war with Fantasy and Earth and we were kaputt gemacht. Demolished, you see. And with were majority of the other Chaos Engines. Thousands of us...annihilated. Phoenix lost and we were put into the state we are now. How fucking great of you to wake up at this time." Vzark's voice sounds coarse, but there is clear sorrow inside. "...Sorry, It's not the best of things to recall." He leans against a wall, and begins twirling a staff made of aura between his fingers.

"War is war, so you really can't expect everything to go smooth sailing... Although with White calling this a success, I could say otherwise for her..." Drake glances at the other sections and then looks at the center tower. "So who else is here?"

Vzark remains silent before shaking his head. "You, White, me and a few other Etas. Maybe the occasional bird if we're lucky. Thats it." 

"Wow... How you people managed to not starve yet is surprising... Or haven't gotten sick of each other by the sounds of it."

"At this point getting sick of each other is impossible, why would we make reaons to make our situation worse? Besides, some of us were sick of each other even before this all went to shit. Welcome to our hell." 

Drake only chuckles at Vzark's remarks. "You call this a hell? ...This is going to be a playground, but first I want somewhere to rest..." Drake walks to the edge of the section and looks off to the ocean, Vzark notices the runes on Drake's arms glow as he places both his hands on the floor. A moment pases before a small landmass much smaller than the section rises from the sea, the smaller island is entirely made of rock but Drake smirks and walks onto it. 

He presses one hand against the rock and tribal markings form all over the rock as it suddenly crumples away, revealing a small Cyanican style building chiseled out of the rock. "There... Just so I feel a little bit more at home." He says rather proudly.

"No matter how homely you try to make it, and no matter what you call it, a hell is still a hell. You'll realize soon enough." Vzark looks to the building and raises a brow. "At least put a fence around it, it looks a bit bland."

Drake rolls his eyes and flicks one hand up, causing a medieval style fence to form out of the rock and around his 'home'. "There, and how about I add some lighting or maybe I'll have a multi-level swimming pool that also transforms into a fishtank?" He says with heavy sarcasm.

Vzark smirks. "Go ahead, it'll fit how over the top your eyes are." He laughs to himself, before standing up. "But in all seriousness, I might as well accompany you for a bit. I have had nothing else to do and you're probably going to end up breaking this place even more."

"Well I may as well get to know the others..." Drake stretches out his wings then begins to hover in midair, he looks at the section East of the center tower. "How about we go there first?"

"Sure, although I'm just going to warn you, some people...aren't worth meeting. But come on, lets go." Vzark sprouts wings and starts to take off. 

Drake follows Vzark, eventually catching up to him, he tunrs to that he's looking at Vzark while still flying to the East section. "Is there anything I should know about anything here? Or..." 

"What, specifically in this direction? Well, we're going to eventually hit one of the member towers, some places designed for the community, but nothing extremely important. In general with Yosai a lot of us are...split up. Along with me we have a few wandering loner Eta's, and one or two larger groups. I tend to check up on everyone but occasionally there isnt a reason to. Now regarding specific people...just be wary of White."

"White won't be an issue for me." He says rather casually. "And it's nice to know that you like to see how the others are doing, so... What, are you like a father to them? Or are you all brother and sister?"

"Oh god no, im not like a father. Eh...even brother and sister is a stretch. I just check in because really we're all we have. I dont want to see everyone waste away alone. I guess you can say we're family, in a way..."

Drake simply goes quiet and chuckles at what Vzark says, he then changes position so that he's directly flying towards the tower. Drake looks towards the center tower and notices White still making her way there, he shakes his head before landing on the roof on the East tower.

Vzark quickly lands soon after Drake does, looking around. "I actually was meaning to check around here soon, im...looking, for someone. Regardless lets see if we can find anyone."

They can hear noises in the tower, curiously almost like someone singing while in a shower, very muffled. The voice seems almost child like.

Drake just creates a black fireball and juggles it between his hands, he looks at Vzark and smirks. "If it's her you're looking for, then you have some issues." 

Vzark gives an annoyed look. "Tch, no its not her. And if you still want to go in this direction, you're the one with issues. That's likely Nezumi. Strange, where could Kana be...?"

They hear a voice behind them. "...Eat dirt, blockheads." Suddenly a foot kicks the two off the top and onto the hard ground below.

Drake manages to stretch out his wings so his descent slows down, enough to land on his feet, he looks up at Kanashimi and tilts his head. "Well, fuck you too then."

Vzark does the same, dusting himself off. "Dont take her personally, thats something you'll have to learn." He looks up to Kana, folding his arms. "You do realize kicking someone isnt the best way to say hello, right?"

Looking up at her, Drake notices she looks a lot like himself, maybe a bit younger. She appears to have red hair with white edges, which is long and put up in a pony tail. She has strong red eyes with slits, she seems to have a similar vibe to Drake, only a bit more subdued and passive, brought out by a perceived threat.

"You do realize sitting right above my little sister classifies you as a pervert, right?" She returns, using the roof edge to swing into a lower windowsill and out of sight.

"Come on in if you're going to come in, just don't you dare go in there with Nezumi!!!" She yells from inside.

Vzark turns to Drake with a blank expression. "I blame you, dummkopf." Vzark quickly flies up, heading into the windowsill where Kana entered from.

Drake just laughs as he jumps up onto the windowsill. "Oh this tour is going to be entertaining to say the least." He says with a smirk on his face.

Kanashimi is sitting in a chair in the corner, staring at them as they come in, her eyes narrow slightly at Drake, but otherwise says nothing. They appear to be in a small kitchen.

Vzark nods at Kanashimi, before letting releasing a deep breath. "Kana, meet Drake, Drake meet Kana, blah blah blah. Hes the one who was sleeping for all this time as you'd prpbably know." 

Drake just idly waves at Kana, not really paying attention to her as he looks around the kitchen. "...Well that answers my hunger assumption..."

She looks at Vzark quietly. "So why are you here?"

"...Well, one I'm showing Drake around Yosai, and two...isn't important. You do know I tend to check on everyone occasionally, though. But that's beside the points. How have things been?"

"...Fine. I don't know why you bother."

Vzark looks to the side. "Someone has to make sure there's some amount of community throughout us all. Plus, things get boring real quick around here."

Kanashimi seems to be looking at him with an analytical edge. "Something just puzzles me with you sometimes. It's like there's an electricity buzzing all over you."

He keeps looking away, seeming a bit awkward. "I'm...not really sure what to say to that. I'd understand the puzzling bit though, I can be confusing to pin down at times." He finally looks to her, smirking. "I don't really see that statement shocking at all." He wears a smug grin, which quickly subsides. "...Sorry, that was really bad."

She smirks faintly, then looks off to the side as footsteps can be heard from the staircase. "Nez, we have guests, you better be dressed."

"Does she usually walk around undressed or something? Nevermind, i'd rather not know. How has Nezumi been though?"

"I'm not answering that question even if you were my mother. And she's been fine." 

The last of the footsteps can be heard, and Kanashimi's much smaller, youthful sister Nezumi is seen, having white hair with red tips, and softer, gentler eyes than her older sister, and she appears to be wearing a simple robe.

"Oh, sister, the funny man is here."

"I noticed."

"Funny man...? And I did say nevermind after asking that question." He looks down to Nezumi, raising a brow. 

"I don't see anyone else who has funny hair and strange jokes." 

"Fair point..." He puts his hand to his head. "Is my hair really that odd?" He shakes his head. "I agree on the strange jokes part though, no one here really tries to have a sense of humor. Considering the other things I could be called, funny man isnt that bad."

Kanashimi looks at Vzark. "Well, we're fine, aren't you going to see the others?"

"Mhm, kinda glad we ran into you first though. Anyways, I suppose we'll be off then. See you two some other time." Vzark starts to exit through the window, waving. "Come on Drake."

Drake seems to have... Acquired some food on his way out, which can be obvious by the crumbs around his mouth, before Kanashimi can become even more hostile. Drake smirks and sits on the windowsill and gives a small wave before tilting back and falling out. "Thanks for the food!" They hear his laughter as he flies up into the air.

Kanashimi just smirks, holding Drake's pants. "How long before he realizes he's not the only one who 'acquired' something?"

The item of clothing in Kanashimi's hands suddenly melt away and slithers away and back onto Drake. "...Ok, need to watch out for her... So, what's next on the list?"

Vzark is silently laughing to himself. "Can't say specifically, but I can name a few. Silent Angel, Koruda....Kagerou...ugh. Lets just hope we dont run into the latter."

Drake chuckles. "Sounds like you don't like him, what's the issue between you two then?"

"Hes an asshole. He finds tormenting me to be an amazing use of his time, and often fucks over everything for me. Its nothing personal with you but i'd rather not be present when you meet him."

"Fair enough, I can see how he can be so... Unlikable." Drake looks around. "So, what is everyone like specifically?"

"Kagerou's an asshole, Silent Angel is quiet but helpful, Koruda is....strange, Sukimu I actually don't know much about, Lyre is pretty anti social, Tanoshimi is interesting, there are one or two more I'm not actually sure about..."

Far below in the center, a white haired male can be seen traversing the area below.

"Oh for fucks sake. Come lets uh...skip this area..."

The male suddenly vanishes.

"...Ok then." Drake shrugs and flies ahead of Vzark, but soon grows bored, he then glances at Vzark and smirks. "Say... Who's the best at combat here?"

The white haired male flickers and appears in front of Drake and Vzark. "Yo, who is the new guy Vzark? Looks just like me."

"Fick mein leben." Vzark looks to Drake and then back to the white haired male. "Hes the one who was asleep under Yosai for all this time. Kagerou."

"Uuuh... Hey there." Drake simply nods towards Kagerou but gives a small smile. "Nice to meet you."

"This is like looking in a fucking mirror."

"Eh... I don't see it, not that much anyways..." Drake responds but chuckles before his expression changes, his eyes focus on the center of Kagerou, as if he can see directly into his soul. "...That's... Similar... What did she do while I was asleep..."

"Lot's of things, things I don't care bout frankly." He moves on.

"...A lot to ask her then." Drake's eyes narrow at Kagerou, cautious but then eases up. "Alright then..."

Vzark seems a bit confused and oddly on edge. "O...kay. Yeah, you actually resemble most people here Drake. Its strange but...things happen? I dont fucking know."

It appears to be getting a bit dark out, up north they can see lights on in a few clustered buildings.

"...Well it's been fun, but I'm gonna let my curiosity get the better of me, see you whenever." Without warning, Drake speeds towards the lights, flying high above even the tallest tower on the island. Leaving Vzark and Kagerou behind.

"Christ, he cant sit still at all. Good talk, see you." Vzark quickly flies off without waving. "Especially since it was short."

Drake notice there are a few people milling about the north area.

After a quick fly by, Drake eventually lands and takes a look around before looking back for Vzark.

Vzark quickly lands beside Drake, sounding annoyed. "Do you usually just fly off and do your own thing with little notice?" He looks around where they landed, spotting the people.

They see a woman who looks much older than Kanashimi and Nezumi but appears to be very similar to them, who eyes them as they land.

"Ah, that'd be Tanoshimi." Vzark starts to walk forward, waiting for Drake to follow.

Drake puts his hands in his pocket and starts to walk beside Vzark. "Tanoshimi and Kanashimi... You don't notice how that seems very similar?" He asks.

"Yeah...that'd be because Tano is their mutter." Vzark begins walking towards Tano, giving a faint wave. "Oh, that means mother, by the way."

"Because apparently English is too hard a language to use..." Drake says with light sarcasm, he glances at Tanoshimi and waves.

She walks over to him and Vzark. "I see that you visited my daughters."

"Mhm, they seem to be doing well, what about you?"

"I'm well."

After a moment, Drake just begins to walk ahead, looking around at the others before looking up at the tower. "Yeah, Vzark, you have fun socialising, I'm still hungry..." Drake then enters the tower and decides to take a look around.

The North Tower seems to have undergone some reconstruction, considering it looks the most intact of all of the areas he's seen thus far. Tanoshimi seems to follow him.

"You're looking for the kitchen then, I presume."

"Yep, any idea where it is? I sorta need food before I starve..." He 'jokingly' says.

"Of course I do, I live here. Follow me, I'll cook some ham."

Drake's mouth drools slighty, a crooked but hungry smile grows on his face. "Yes, I would like ham."

She walks him into the kitchen and begins cooking.

"Well, at least you're kinder than your daughter." Drake says before sitting down, waiting patiently for the food.

"Kanashimi? She doesn't trust outsiders."

"I see, any idea why?" 

"She's the kind of person who doesn't like what isn't normal for her, even if it could be a good thing."

"So... An introvert, basically... Lovely." Drake rolls his eyes, he then looks at her. "So both of you are Chaos Engines?"

"Yes, that's right. Ever since she regained her memories she's been like this. She refuses to let people get close to her sister."

"Wait, regained memories...?" Drake asks, slightly confused.

"We are synthetic beings, we originally were human, but were transformed into what we are now, hybrids of many races. ...Including your own."

Drake goes silent as his expression grows even more puzzled. "...What?"

She sighs. "Part of our genetic sequence has your DNA. White made use of you, that's the only reason you weren't killed in that battle."

There's a cold atmosphere in the room as Drake suddenly stands back up as a dark air floats around him, without saying a word, his wings stretch out and he exits through the window.

Vzark ends up walking to where Tanoshimi ism seeming confused. "Hey, where'd the new guy go?"

"Probably off to kill the lady in white." She says dismissively.

"...I see. Any reason why exactly? To want to kill someone after a year of sleep so suddenly is a bit strange."

"I told him she made us with his DNA."

"And he flipped out...? I guess thats understandable, there are probably a lot of things running through his mind. He might just need some time alone."

"At this point it's like beating a dying puppy. Or a dead horse. Honestly I think that woman is already broken, and him going after her is just going to do nothing at this point. Nothing that was already done."

"As broken or dead White could seem, im sure theres still some sort of spark in her. Although I have a feeling that spark is going to be used by brutalizing Drake. I mean, I hope not but its likely."

"No, honestly that woman doesn't have fight left in her. Kanashimi can tell that the woman is in a dark place right now. She told me her presence is barely noticable, and not in the deliberate way. She's barely there."

"Hmph. To think I've been checking up on everyone except White...maybe I should have been doing that." Vzark sighs, impulsively cracking his fingers. "Do you think shes at the point where she'd let Drake kill her?"

"Who can say? You never know how low a broken doll will sink."

"Guess we'll just have to wait and see. How have some of the others here been doing by the way? In relations to you I mean."

"Well, we're maintaining order at least."

"Sounds like things could be better, then." Vzark ponders for a moment. "Do you consider all of us as a family? Sorry if its an odd question, i'd just like to know." 

"...Well, family is too fond, too close a word. Right now, we're really just all in this if we like it or not." 

"Thats what I thought. Kana asked me early why I bother checking in on everyone and I think I kind of bullshitted my answer. I dont see us all as a family, which made me think about what everyone else saw us as." 

"I don't know what our fate is to be, but hopefully something good will come out of this meager existence, this meager rock." She looks off toward the setting sun. "That's about all we can do now."

"Its a meager rock but it's our rock, I guess." Vzark looks to the sun as well, tilting his head. "I always preferred the moon. Funny how some people can argue back and forth about silly things like whether the sun or moon is cooler. What they always forget is that they both shine the same light. Same light, different methods. I kinda see it as a way to view our situation. We're all trying to get by, sometimes we argue and even fight, but in the end we all want and get the same thing, right?"

"I suppose that's a way to look at it. By the way, you have an eye for her, don't you?"

Vzark says nothing. "...I'm sorry? I uh...I'm not sure what you're asking..."

"You mean to tell me that I, a mother, can't tell when a boy is interested in her own daughter? Please. Do you or do you not want to at least get to know her more?"

Vzark sighs. "...Yes, I'd like to know her more. Sorry I'm just not...too confident when it comes to things like that. Especially since you're her mutt-...mother."

".....Live with us for now on."

Vzark nearly chokes. "Fuck that caught me off guard, you're sure?" He clearly seems a bit happy.

"Live with me and my daughters. That is the only way she will let you close to her. What you're doing will never bypass her defensive behavior."

"I wouldn't think Kana would be too thrilled about it at first, but I'll have to try. You're right though, I sincerely doubt visiting once in a while and saying meaningless shit will help. So I'll...I'll take you up on that offer."

"Good." She pats him on the head. "Come back to the tower before midnight. And just so we're clear, no love making."

Vzark flushes red and chokes again. "Of course, y-yeah...see you then, I imagine. Thank you, by the way."

"Don't mention it. Later, I have to make sure everyone here is ok before I head home."

"Mhm, I'm probably going to make a run or two to check on a few things, mainly make sure I have everything I need. Will there be a room I'm able to stay in by the way or will I have to improvise?"

"There will be a room. Take care."

"Ah good, see you then." Vzark starts to walk off, quite peppy.

Meanwhile, White is sitting on a bed in the central tower, hunched over.

"Knock... Knock..." Drake punches a hole through the wall, the shattered stone just missing White. On the other side is a very pissed Drake who glares at White. "So that's why you left be alive..." He hovers over to her then grabs her by the neck, holding her off the floor. "TO BE A FUCKING INGREDIENT FOR YOUR CREATIONS!?" 

Within one moment, Drake quickly lets go then punches White dead in the face with enough force that she gets blasted out the other side of the tower and across the floor. "Fucking... Pathetic..."

She doesn't get up, but coughs heavily. "What do you want me to say that hasn't already been said? The war is over. That's what it was. A war. In war, people get hurt. Especially those who get involved in affairs they had no business in. The whole reason you're alive... is because I gave you mercy... even though by all rights, I should have executed you... left you for dead. You assaulted my fortress, yet complain when your enemy makes an example out of you? I suppose I can't help it if I'm the only one who sees the foolishness in that..."

She raises her head to look at him, her face bruised. "Do as you please, I've already been beaten more times than I care to remember."

He simply continues to glare at her, he walks towards her and grabs her by her neck again. Although it seems at first, Drake is hesitant to deliver the killing blow, rather he clenches his fist and punches White once more, hopefully knocking her out. He then throws White onto his shoulders and walks back to the center tower, growling at himself. "I can't believe you made me pity you...  Ugh..." 

Once he gets to the tower, he goes up to one of the beds and lays White down on it then sits down against it. He somewhat twitches with dark energy but sighs and closes his eyes, waiting for her to awake again.

Eventually she stirs with a groan, pained.

Drake glances over at White before silently standing up, a green rune circle forms underneath White with rather soft looking runes on White herself. "Took you long enough, don't bother moving for a minute."

When her eyes open, they are a dark grey. "...."

"Do you want those pains to be gone or not." Drake says rather impassively. 

She tiredly closes her eyes and says nothing.

Drake begins to whisper in Cyanic tongue, the runes faintly glowing and pulsing a soft green energy on White. She feels her aches and pains suddenly vanish, the energy itself feels warm and relieving, after a moment the runes slick away from White and disappear. "There."

"..." She opens her eyes again, more of a faint misty grey this time. "...Why are you giving me pity?"

"Because mercy is too kind a word for you." He responds quite harshly. "Honestly, I have every reason to kill you and if it wasn't for you not leaving me for dead, you would be buried under this tower. However, considering your creations seem to be... Indifferent about your wellbeing, assuming that because no other Chaos Engine came to check on you after you tasted the floor for a bit. So assuming that no one here really looks after you, I guess I'll have to do it, won't I?" Drake sits on the bed, giving a expressionless glance at White. "Besides, if you went out of your way to make sure that I was ok, I may as well do the same for you... Mercenary rule."

"....Interesting. I won't- -rather, can't stop you, so do as you please..."

Just as Drake is about to say something, his stomach rumbles, he gives an annoyed sigh and stands up. "Guessing you're hungry too, right?"

She looks off to the side. "No." Her eyes narrow sharply as a loud gurgle comes from her stomach.

"Right... And since both of us have familiar... Tastes, let's just say, I assume you want something savory... Do you eat meat?"


Drake simply nods and walks off, once ending up in the kitchen he starts to grab everything he needs and begins cooking. Around ten minutes past until an aroma akin to a full roast fills the room White is occupying, a few more minutes pass and Drake comes back, with four dishes filled with different kinds of savory meals levitating in mid air. The dishes all get put on a table beside the bed and Drake sits back down. "Take your pick."

"...Far right one."

The dish itself looks similar to ratatoullie with some minor differences such as small slices of beef and a glazed sauce drizzled over the entire meal, Drake passes the plate over to White. "...Do you need help eating?"

White sets the plate on her lap, sitting up and using her only hand to hold a fork and eat.

Drake grabs one of the dishes and begins eating, occasionally looking at the arm that's supposed to be there before looking back at his food. "...So how exactly do you lose it?"

"In the battle with my brother, Kado. He cut it off."

"Kado... Haven't heard that in a long while... It seems you've coped with it pretty well."

"...Bearing with it feels more appropriate."

"I guess that does suit it better... So, enjoy the food?" Drake says before taking another bite out of his meal.


He faintly smiles at her answer. "Thanks for liking it." He takes another bite out of his meal then looks at White. "So what's with the depression?"

"I don't see why being happy would be an appropriate reaction to botching the perfect plan."

"No plan is perfect, no matter what happens... But I'm curious, what was the botch?"


Drake sighs. "...You need to cheer up, seriously, it's starting to depress even me."

"You don't have to listen to it. You don't even have to be here. For that matter, leave, turn your back on this place, there isn't anything here for you. There's no reason to be here. I'm only a crippled doll after all."

Her stomach gurgles again.

"White, if I leave, what's out there for me? Everyone believes I'm dead and have probably forgotten about me, at least here there's some people who know I exist." Drake grabs her plate and places it aside, he then grabs another dish and places it on her lap. "And for that matter, if I leave, that's not going to help you. And if you are a crippled doll, then I'll try and fix you."

She now directly looks at him, rather than avoiding his gaze, there is a different color in her eye, blended with the grey he can't read, either because it's too faint, or unless he is seeing things, her eyes just flashed multiple colors at once.

She looks down at the plate after a moment, and begins to eat again. This time he notices her hand isn't steady as she attempts to eat.

He quietly sighs once more as he lightly holds White's wrist to steady her hand while she eats. 

She freezes lightly when he does so.

"Your food will get cold if you just leave it out like that." He says with a rather soft tone surprisingly but still has his stern expression.

She after a moment begins to finish the meat.

Drake lets go of White's wrist then continues to eat his own meal. "...I noticed that."

"What are you talking about?"

"When you looked at me, your soul spiked with different... Sensations, I didn't know I had that kind of effect on you of all people." He says the last sentence in a jokey tone but White can tell that he was mostly serious.

"...I don't know what you mean." She says, lying down on her bed.

She notices a faint smirk on Drake. "Ok, whatever you say..." He starts to put the plates back on the table then moves the table away from White.

Her tail flicks in annoyance.

His smirk only gets wider as he notices the tail. "So considering you're not going to be getting out of bed, I'll just make my leave for now." 

"...." She doesn't respond, instead burying herself in the blankets. 

"Right then... Sleep well I guess." He takes the plates and exits the room, after going to the kitchen and cleaning them, he walks outside the tower and looks at the giant holes in the sides. "...Ok, gotta fix that..." Drake simply presses his hands against the tower as rock begins to form where the holes where, slowly patching it back up.

He hears silent footsteps approach him as he does, the air a bit chilly.

Drake pauses his progress and turns towards the direction of the footsteps. "What is it?"

A white haired male with pale blue eyes is walking up to him, with pure white, almost ice like armor.

"You're Drake Ryunexo, right?" His voice is quiet, but he has an intense gaze.

"Mhmm, the one and only." Drake leans against the tower, his hands in his pockets as he looks at the male. "And you are?"

"Lyre. I'm curious. 'I'll try and fix you?'"

Drake simply nods at Lyre. "I guess I'm the only one here who can sense changes and altercations to souls on a microscopic level then... Her soul is fractured and frankly, broken, I can tell she isn't the White that she used to be. Hell, she said it herself that she's a crippled doll. To put it simply, fix the soul, and you fix her. To put it even more simply, I want to help her be herself and not this shell of a person who has one of the most negative and depressing outlooks on life I've ever seen."

"...I wonder." He turns and walks off.

"Strange little creations..." Drake simply resumes on rebuilding the walls.

After a while, it gets a lot darker, as night fully sets.

Drake spends a few moments looking up at the moon then gazes around the entire island, he sighs and goes inside the central tower. "...What a first day..." He suddenly passes out right there on the floor.

At some point in the day, he feels something nudge his head.

It takes a few more nudges for Drake to finally (and tiredly) open his eyes. "Oh my fucking head..."

He sees White standing over him.

"Oh, hey there." He slowly gets off the floor and stretches his arms out, yawning.

"Why were you just laying there?"

"Guess I just passed out due to fatigue, being stuck in a tube for a year really dampens how much one can do in one day..."

"Go lay down in a proper bed. I will make you something to eat."

Drake blinks in surprise at White's hospitality. "You don't need to do that, I'm fine... Just need to train, that's all."

"That wasn't a request."

He doesn't even attempt to turn down her 'request', instead just walking to the nearest bed and sits down.

She then walks off, eventually he smells something in the air.

Drake gets a child-like smile on his face as he smeels the aroma, his stomach grumbles in anticipitation.

She comes out with what looks like an entire feast fit for kings, a storm of platters and dishes seems to orbit her as a table assembles itself nearby, and she sits near him.

His jaw basically drops when he sees everything on the table. "...You didn't have to go this far, like...  A single dish would have been fine."

"Most of it is mine. I can share if you want."

"Oh, just a few plates of food for me then."

The assortment of food gathers and settles on the table, and she begins to eat.

On the other hand, Drake grabs one of the dishes and begins eating rather slowly. "You have a big stomach then?"


"Sorta surprising considering your size, but I guess that makes sense since dragons eat a lot anyways."

"Yes..." She continues eating.

At this point Drake gives up on talking and just resumes eating.

She currently seems to be eating a lot of bacon.

And with one fluid motion, Drake manages to snatch one piece of bacon and throws it up into the air, he opens his mouth and the bacon flies straight down into it. He chews on it a few times before swallowing, chuckling to himself.

After White has eaten pretty much everything else, she finally stops eating and retreats to her bed nearby, her stomach now slightly plump.

Drake mumbles to himself. "...Lazy as a dragon too..." He finishes and puts his plate ontop of the others and then goes outside to exercise.

He sees Kagerou off in the distance, walking about the black rock of the region.

He takes little notice of him, rather Drake simply begins to spar with himself.

Kagerou looks in Drake's direction, watching him spar.

Soon after, Kagerou notices a black shadow opposite Drake, sparing with him, after a moment, the figure stops and glances over at Kagerou's direction, the glance soon turns into a full-on stare and Drake eventually looks over at Kagerou as well.

Kagerou keeps watching, expression not changing.

The two eventually continue sparring but with both combatants using weapons constructed from their own energy and each time the weapons clash, pulses of darkness and chaotic energy would disperse out of them, sometimes affecting the area around them.

Kagerou eventually boredly starts messing around with spheres of water.

About ten minutes past before the shadowy figure fades away, Drake takes a moment to wipe the sweat off before walking past Kagerou. "You need hobbies."

"Mind having a go?"

Drake gives a small smirk. "You'd be at an advantage since you know how I fight and that I'm slightly tired out... But sure."

Kagerou summons a large blade with a chainsaw compnent. 

Drake takes a step back and pulls from the palm of his hand, a blade made from chaotic energy, the power arcs around the hand that's wielding the blade. "Challenger makes the first move."

His blade roars to life, Kagerou rushes him at high speed.

Drake jumps into the air at the last second then dives down, swinging the blade sideways as he closes in on Kagerou.

Kagerou creates a spike of earth to block the attack, then tiny smaller spikes just at Drake's face.

With the open hand, Drake quickly smashes the spikes out the way then lands back down. Suddenly a multitude of fireballs spawn out in the air and they all go straight for Kagerou.

Kagerou raises his hand and a huge wave of water intercepts them and barrels toward Drake.

Drake slashes down with his blade, causing the wave of water to split right down the middle, parting away from him. He then speeds towards Kagerou and swings it towards his chest.

Kagerou blocks with his blade, sparks fly everywhere due to the chainblade.

A wall of earth raises up from the ground and breaks the two apart from each other, Kagerou can hear chuckling. "Ok, you may be some fun afterall."

His chainblade revves up again, and he sends a huge wave of arcing electricity toward Drake.

Drake counters by blocking the electricity with his blade then firing a storm of ice spikes at Kagerou.

Kagerou retaliates by means of a wave of lava.

Suddenly the wave disintegrates right in front of Kagerou's eyes, not even getting close to Drake. "So, shall we stop playing games? I know you can do a lot better." The runes on Drake's arms and eyes faintly glow as arcs of chaos itself flicker around Drake. 

"I don't know what you mean," Kagerou says with a casual air.

Drake smirks. "Oh man I already like you." He instantly appears above Kagerou and slashes downwards.

The chain blade breaks apart into a storm of small teardropped blades which orbit Kagerou, while the greatsword itself splits into twin bastard swords, one of which he throws at Drake, causing the storm of blades to follow in a spiral attack.

With extreme percision, Drake dodges the sword then begins to catch each of the blades and throws them aside. Pure darkness trickles down from his shoulders all the way to his wrists, they both morph into two blades that easily extend quite far from the hand, almost forming something akin to bladed gauntlets. He then speeds towards Kagerou and begins to strike him multiple times.

A dark aura forms over him and blocks the strikes, then Kagerou strikes Drake in turn with a wave of black fire.

Drake quickly jumps back but gets engulfed in the fire, however after a few seconds, he bursts out the fire with massive rocks attached to his hands. Drake then smashes the boulders into Kagerou, the boulders shattering on impact before headbutting him.

The boulders seem to do little damage, and Kagerou returns him the favor, both hitting each other at the same time, a faint red light in Kagerou's eyes can be seen.

Drake takes a step back after the headbutt and cracks his knuckles as he observes Kagerou, noticing the red light. 

Black spikes suddenly erupt from the ground at Drake's feet.

While Drake manages to dodge some, one spike still goes through his arm, however he pulls his arm out and it heals before both their eyes. "...Ok, want to explain what you just did there?"

Kagerou just smiles, as a large clawed hand erupts from the ground and swats at him.

Just as the hand forms out of the ground to attack Drake, multiple black tendrils emerge from his back and wrap around the hand, just about stopping it from touching him. "...Ah, I see what's going on now."

Kagerou maintains the smile, then points at Drake's forehead. "Pulse."

Drake suddenly flickers then disappears from sight.

A burst of lightning arcs from Kagerou's fingers into where Drake stood, but then forms a magic circle around Kagerou.

A moment passes when Drake reappears behind Kagerou. "So, apparently you and Vzark don't get along well?" He curiously asks.

"He's not a good sport," Kagerou remarks dryly as a huge bolt of lightning fills the circle.

The runes on Drake's arms slowly get a faint green colouration as he raises an eyebrow. "I guess I haven't seen that side of him, he seems alright to me."

"He gets mad with the slightest tease," He says as the ground rumbles.

"Well, you'll always have those people... Woohoo." Drake responds as he flies up into the air, the runes in his eyes shifting around as he focuses on Kagerou.

The ground around Kagerou appears to be cracking, with steam coming out.

Drake notices steam then the small trickles of magma, the runes in Drake's eyes lock as he suddenly extends both his arms out in front of him.

Magma bursts out of the ground at Drake in huge geysers.

Any of the magma that gets close to Drake almost instantly gets turned back and goes straight to Kagerou.

There seems to be a shimmering effect around Kagerou, and when the lava hits it, it vanishes.

Within a moment, Drake speeds towards Kagerou, planting a foot into his chest with the built up momentum. 

To Drake's surprise, he is teleported into the air, right smack in the center of a large sphere of lava.

The sphere explodes outward as Drake seems mostly unscathed, he looks at the area around Kagerou as it suddenly rots away.

Kagerou seems to simply levitate in the air, unhindered. "Hmm..."

Drake smirks and raises hand, causing the floor to shake before a gyser of magma to erupt from the ground however it acts like a ribbon, twirling around Kagerou before it strikes him in the chest then assaults him from all sides.

Drake feels a tap on his shoulder. "Miss."

"Huh, I should have expected that." Suddenly black tendrils burst from Drake's back and latch onto Kagerou, squeezing then throwing him to the ground. "But hey, instincts work too."

Kagerou vanishes into mist the moment Drake touches him.

He only sighs as he lands back down. "Ok... Be like that then."

Kagerou appears on the other side of the hole. "You're a fun one."

"Yeah, you're an interesting one to fight... Even though you're slippery as all hell."

"I'll take that as a complement."

"Take that as you will... I guess we're done here then, it seems we've caused enough damage... Or do you want to continue."

"Oh we're done for now, I just wonder if you noticed it is all."

Drake nods, but seems a tad surprised. "I didn't expect her to be able to do that... It's impressive, but I guess that makes you the closest to me in terms of soul."

"Impressive, not a word I am personally fond of. She didn't do it with flowers and sugar and cupcakes."

"Well, I doubt she did... Well just be glad you now have a possible... Killing... Machine... ...I can see where troubles will start."

"...Yeah, finish that thought there General Patton."

"Will do... ...Weeeeeeeelp..." Drake raises both of his hands as the damage across the area completely recovers, leaving no trace of the fight. "This was fun, thanks for that." He says with almost genuine kindness.

"Don't mention it. By the way, she's got kinks in that armor of hers, in case you're wondering. You may have noticed she likes food."

Once more, Drake raises an eyebrow before faintly smirking. "Her and I both... A rather... Tedious trait for dragonbloods like us, anything else?"

"Ice cream. Loves the stuff, she hoards it like gold when she can find it. Though now there's not much left of her freezer...."

Drake blinks at that response, his wings stretch out as he looks over at the sea. "...I may be going on a trip then..."

"Oh, and of any of us who is the most 'like' you, that would be Kana."

"I don't see it... Not yet anyways... Hmm, she won't care that I'm gone for a bit, will she?"

"Not really."

"Ok, off to get ice cream then." And with a few flaps of his wings, Drake soars up to the skies and away from the island.

Kagerou watches him go. "He's certainly interesting."

About three hours pass when Drake returns and lands on the roof of the center tower, he takes a moment to rest before flying in through the window.

White appears to still be sleeping in her bed, curled up in the fetal position under the blankets.

Drake just chuckles and goes and grabs a bowl and a spoon, he then opens his HSC and pulls out a few tubs of ice cream. He fills the bowl with chocolate vanilla ice cream then grabs a small cherry and puts it on top before dripping some chocolate syrup onto the dessert, he walks over to White and pokes her.

She makes a distinct growl in her sleep, but stops when she smells the chocolate. She starts sniffing faintly.

"White, Whiiiiiiiiiiite, wakey wakey." He pokes her again, and she can hear a small laugh as he does.

Her eyes open, a dark, dangerous red.

"I went and got you something." He places the the bowl right underneath White's nose, letting the smell of chocolate do its work.

She seems to almost ignore it, but finally stops and notices the smell again, her expression changes rapidly to confusion, then her pupils widen.

"I heard you like ice cream, so I went off and got a few tubs of ice cream for your storage."

She quickly and quietly snatches the bowl and hides under the covers.

"So, where did this love of ice cream start?"

He hears a small growl.

Drake just sighs and begins to store the rest of the ice cream away.

When he comes back, he notices a white tail sticking out of her sheets.

He sits on the end of the bed and looks at the tail before casually tugging it.

He sees a shape rise before White's head with small gold horns growing out of her head pokes out from the sheets and breathes white fire at his face.

Drake blinks as the fire soon stops, his face with small burn marks on it, he just then looks at White and slightly narrows his eyes. "You're welcome by the way..." He flicks White on the nose rather agressively. 

Her tail pulls into the sheets, then she just lays her head on the pillow.

"...Who told you?"

"Does that matter? You now have someone who's able to get you ice cream, would you complain about that? Just settle down and eat." 

She narrows her eyes slightly, then turns to her already finished bowl. ".........Thank you." 

"Do you want more?" Drake says, he becomes more relaxed as he looks over at the freezer.

"...." She rests against the pillow. "Sleeeeeeep......." She says, already going back under.

After a moment, Drake lightly yawns and lays on the end of the bed.

After a bit, White's tail seems to come to rest on his chest.

Drake looks down and sees the tail, he tilts his head in slight confusion. "Huh... That's rather light..." 

The tail eventually wraps around his chest lightly, feeling almost like a hug. 

He places one arm on the tail and softly pulls it closer, returning the hug before he slowly falls asleep.

He wakes up later that evening, White seems to still be sleeping.

"That was a nice nap... Now..." Drake looks down at the tail. "...To get this off..." He puts both is hands on the tail and tries to push it off of him.

He encounters some resistance after the initial push, but White doesn't seem to have woken.

"...Ok, take two." Drake attempts to push the tail off of him once more, this time with more force.

The tail comes loose, at the moment it dangles off his legs.

"There, step one done." Drake begins to drag himself back away far enough that the tail is completely off.

The tail falls onto the floor.

After Drake stands up, he grabs the tail and lays it back on the bed, he then looks at himself and blinks. "...I smell of White's tail... That's... I need to shower." He starts to walk around and looks for the bathroom.

He finds it nearby.

"Oh thank God..." He enters the bathroom and locks the door behind him, Drake then gets ready for the rest of the day before showering.

 Downtrodden Dragon Edit

White eventually wakes up, and hears the shower. "..."

After a while, Drake finishes up in the bathroom and exits, a towel resting on his head as his jacket is hanging up somewhere. "That was nice..." He makes a rather happy growl (if that is even possible) as he begins to dry his hair.

White quietly looks at Drake as he walks out.

He turns his head towards White and tilts it slightly. "Oh hey, nice to see you finally wake up."

She retracts her tail and horns quietly. "....Aye."

"...You're not a very talkative person, are you?" He asks.

"There isn't anything to really say."

"There must be... ...How are you?"

"Same, indifferent."

Drake blinks. "...Come on, you must have something to talk about, I doubt you're this... Uninteresting."

"What do you expect me to say? Go into length about my life or childhood? You are a stranger."

After a moment, Drake rolls his eyes. "...I lived most as my life as a mercenary on my home planet, I enjoy the complexity of arcane runes and magic, and like you." A small tub of ice cream and a spoon slowly hovers by. "I have a soft spot for desserts."

White looks at him. "You're trying to exploit that for your own gain are you?"

"The ice cream? No, I'm hungry." He takes a spoonful and eats.

White watches him in some manner of agitation.

"Look, I just want someone to talk to while I'm here... And you seem pretty interesting, so sorry for wanting to know more." He says with slight attitude.

"...I'm a murderer who tortured, abused, deceived and lied to everyone she knew. And justice should have been done on the day my arm was taken from me."

"...Well it's a start, and by the sounds of it, redemption isn't something you think is coming to you."

"Is coming? It should never come, I was supposed to die, that was my 'redemption.'"

"To put that in context, I was supposed to die when I fought your pets, but you let me live, you essentially saved me, you gave me a second chance... Take it as you will, that life, karma, or whatever is giving you a second chance as well."

"..." She looks away, her eyes difficult to read as they are currently a dark grey.

"There are a lot of people in this world that doesn't deserve a second chance... I hope you won't waste yours." Drake puts the ice cream away then looks back at White. "It would be a shame."

She closes her eyes, then sighs. She gets up, and begins walking to the bathroom.

Drake stretches his wings out and flies up onto the roof, just relaxing as the day goes by.

White later comes out of the tower and lies against the obsidian ground, basking in the sun.

He glances over at White. "So she does go out of the tower... Huh."

White turns into a humanoid sized white dragon, and settles down on a decent outcroping of rock, her scales are shiny and polished looking, like diamond or silver. However, he notices her arm, now a leg, is still absent.

Drake raises an eyebrow and then lears just over the tower, looking at her. "Wow, even her dragon form is bright as fuck." He then looks at the missing leg. "...Maybe she needs a little push in the right direction..."

After a while, he sees her get up and take off toward the water, then diving down periodically as if trying to catch something.

A few minutes pass when Drake eventually stands up and flies above White, occasionally getting a bit close to see what exactly she's trying to catch.

She appears to be trying to capture some kind of red fish.

He dives down right in front of White's face and into the water, going after the red fish as well.

He had dived in right as she was closing her mouth to try and catch it, causing her to chomp down on his leg.

Within an instant, Drake is as high above the island as possible, with White latching onto his leg. "OFF OFF OFF OFF GET OFF OH GOD OW OW OW FUCKING OWWW!"

She lets go, surprised.

Drake looks at his leg, seeing it with massive bite marks and a lot of blood dripping out, he just slowly looks at White. "..."

My apologies. You got in my way.

"It's fine... It's fine... Ow my fucking leg..." Drake flies down and lands softly, he looks at the specific wounds on his leg. He places both hands around the leg as runes begin to form on said leg, they all faintly glow green as the wounds slowly start to repair themselves, a minute after, Drake is standing completely fine. "Ok..."

White flies off to the side and lands further away, breathing small white flames in little jets.

After a bit he just sits down and looks out to the ocean.

She takes off again sometime later and continues going after the fish, eventually nabbing it, cooking it with her flame and then drops it on Drake's lap.

He looks down at the fish then softly smiles, he then looks at White. "Thanks." He then picks up the fish and starts taking a few bites out of it before offering some to her.

She appears to simply be basking again.

Drake shrugs it off and continues to eat.

He hears a faint hum from her dragonic throat.

He glances over at White. "Something up?"

The humming seems pleased, she seems to be enjoying the warmth of the sun.

"Huh... Wouldn't have guess you enjoy the outdoors..."

She opens an eye with a look. And why wouldn't I?

"When was the last time you set foot off this island?"

What makes you think I'm allowed to do so?

Drake raises an eyebrow. "...By who?"

The victor is the one who writes history, is the one who is right.'

"The victor isn't always right... Their perspective of right could be wrong to others, but that's just my perspective..." He awkwardly coughs. "Anyways, I'd understand if you couldn't leave because the rest of the world would think you're up to something... But c'mon, you're missing an arm, what's the worse you could do?"

.... She says nothing.

He blinks after just realising what he said. "Oh... Right... Sorry."

She just closes her eye and rests in the sun.

After a moment, Drake walks over to White and sits down, leaning against her as he soaks up the sun as well.

She seems to tense for a moment, but relaxes soon after. Her scales feel rather downy.

He glances over at White and just chuckles. "You're not as bad as they made you out to be then."

Her head turns toward him as one of her eyes open, and her tail starts to wrap around him tight and presses him up against her. She then blows a breath of hot air into his face, making his hair blow all over the place.

Due to the heat, the hair manages to stick up. "...Is that your way of smiling?"

Something about the way she is looking at him reminds him of a teasing expression.

"So it is then." He pats his hair back down before a small smile forms on his face. "Trust me, you play that game with me, you won't win."

In response, she seems to grow much larger, and now she has him stuck under her belly, she is putting just enough pressure on him to make him uncomfortable but not do harm.

She hears a muffled voice. "You're enjoying this, aren't you." Drake doesn't sound as pleased as White as he tries to pick her up.

He finds this difficult, as she's grown to the size of a decent sized house. Not at all.

After a few attempts, he simply gives up, she can hear a muffled sigh underneath.

Have I won yet?

"...I don't wanna play this game anymore."

She shrinks again, allowing him to escape. The teasing look has become directly apparent in her eyes.

He still retains his smile then laughs. "When you least expect it, White."

I expect everything. I am a genius you know.

Drake simply nods. "Uuuuh huh, sure." He says it in a light tone.

Make yourself useful and scratch my scales.

"...Excuse me...?"

I am itchy. Scratch my scales.

"...I am not scratching your scales."

She seems displeased, and gets up, walking to the water's edge with an awkward gait.

"...You fucking owe me..." He mumbles as he walks over to White and lightly scratches her side.

She pauses, surprised, and stands there for a moment.

Eventually Drake jumps up and lands on White's back, he then scratches her nape. "Big."

She makes a pleased hum.

"Nice to see you're enjoying this." He says with slight agitation.

After a moment, she seems silent, and looks away. The heat from her inner fire cools a bit.

He continues scratching for a while until stopping, he then just lays down on her back.

She doesn't respond, still looking away.

"So, can I ask something?"

...What is it?

"Your involvement with Phoenix... Was it your choice?"

...Yes. Why?

"And it's ending wasn't what you expected... But, what exactly were you aiming for?"

I was wanting to be the villain, I wanted to be brought down. I didn't want to be spared. I wasn't supposed to be shown mercy. The things I did, were to ensure I'd be punished.

"...Why is that? Surely no one wants to be the villain unless there was a reason..."

I received a premonition that my brother would turn to evil, unless I gave him a path to righteousness. ...I gave him one.

"...Then you're not a villain, in my eyes, I don't see how helping someone do what's right makes you bad. Besides, what would have happened if he died during all of that?"

Then I would have failed my role. I taught him everything he knows, in the hopes he would take that knowledge and surpass me. When his soul broke, it filled me with despair, because I believed he would never recover from it.

"So, all of... This, was to give your brother motivation to be a good guy?" Drake asks with slight confusion.

She lets out a puff of black smoke from her nostrils.

"...Ok then." He then turns so he's looking up to the sky.

She looks behind her toward Drake, silent. She then rests her head on her front paws.

"...Hey, White... Do you think what you did was worth it?"

...Why are you asking me such questions? At the very least, I believe I at least prevented the worst, even if I did fail. ...Though perhaps, him sparing me was proof of success... proof that he stayed on the righteous path... ...I cannot know for certain.

"...You really don't deserve the hate you have been given... I'm sure he'll stay on the path, oh and I'm asking these questions simply because I would like to know more about you."

Am I really that interesting a person to you? Going to write a history book now?

"I doubt your creations have a richer history than yours? And it's just something to talk about, that's all."


She looks back at him quietly.

"Uuuh... Yeah?"

Her eyes suddenly turn a sickly yellow and she lets out a roar, rocketing up into the air, knocking him off into the process, then slamming into the water in a violent dive.

"Wait what?!" Drake quickly gets back onto his feet and looks down into the water.

She seems to be either swimming in a violent fashion or thrashing as though trying to get something off her. Faint bubbling roars coming from below seem to register to him as dragonic screams.

"I'm gonna regret this..." His wings stretch out as he dives into the water, trying his best to catch up with White to calm her down.

As he gets close, her thrashing tail nearly swipes him multiple times.

He then floats back and begins to move his hands in a strange pattern and motion, causing massive locks on energy to form around White's legs, neck and wings, although not harming her. They do mostly keep her still, Drake just tilts his head as he looks at White, honestly worried.

She continues to try to squirm, trembling. Drake suspects after a few moments of stillness that she can't breathe.

He quickly raises her up and out of the water, he then begins to help circulate oxygen through White's lungs, letting her breathe again.

She is able to breathe again soon, but continues shaking, starting to regress into her humanoid form, curling up into a ball.

"What just..." Drake floats White down into his arms, he looks at her then begins to walk to the tower. "White?"

Her still yellow eyes are haunted, as though she sees something he can't, and remains trembling. "S-s-s-hower...." She croaks.

"Ok ok... Don't worry don't worry, you'll be fine." He says, a worried tone easily setting in as he flies towards the tower, he goes through the window and lands. Drake opens the bathroom door and sets White down in the room before making his way to the bedroom, sitting on the bed and waiting.

He eventually hears the shower turn on.

Drake lays back on the bed. "What the fuck just happened to her..." He starts to think. "...I mentioned her history... I guess something that she was hiding suddenly got pushed to the front of her mind."

After a while, she comes out, wrapped in a towel still shaking.

"You alright?" Drake asks as he sits back up.

She starts to some extent, and takes a rattling breath, turning red when she her mind recollects, her cheeks are becoming tomato red, and her arms tighten around her towel wrapped body.

Drake's eyes suddenly widen as he quickly covers them up with his hands. "Oh God sorry didn't even think of that."

The moment he does, her eyes turn bright pink, and she runs to her wardrobe and can be heard frantically dressing herself.

He keeps his eyes covered as he now closes his eyes. "Just tell me when you're dressed... Can't believed that just happened."

She finishes, and he can feel her plop down next to him soon.

"Ok... Let's try that again, shall we?" He opens his eyes and moves his hands away. "What happened back there?"

She refuses to look him in the eye, her face still red.

"...You're embarrassed because of the lack of clothes just then? How do you think I would have felt knowing that I wasn't exactly fully clothed in that tube for a year, not to mention you probably had to come down to check if everything was still alright." He says with slight seriousness before a moment of silence then a chuckle. "...Wow."

"..." Her clothes appear slightly crooked, not put on quite right. Her tail is still out, swishing on the bed quietly.

"How about I get us some ice cream for now, then after we'll try to talk about it?"

She reluctantly nods.

He goes off into the kitchen and gets out a tub of ice cream and two spoons, they hover over to White as Drake sits back down.

She quietly grabs one.

The lid pops off, Drake is the first who gets a spoon full, but rather eats it in a clean manner.

She doesn't do anything, her expression is glum.

"...Ok, I need to know White." 

"...Blood, I saw blood, all over you." 

Drake raises an eyebrow. "Blood...? Really?" He even checks himself to see, but nothing. "I mean, I think I would have known if there was blood on me, but what was with that reaction?"

"...." She shudders again. "...I'm... ...afraid of blood."

"You're afraid of blood? That's a new one... But you saw blood on me? Did you hallucinate?" 

"...It's nothing." 

"You can't freak out like that and say you saw blood on me then say it's nothing, I'm actually worried in case you may lash out on me if I so much as get a papercut."

Her golden horns are growing out visibly. "...You should just live your life, Drake. Stop wasting your time with me. Leave this wasteland and return from where you came."

"What life? I'm a ghost to the outside world now, as much as you probably don't like it, my life lies here, on this island." He lays back on the bed, resting the back of his head on his palms. "So really, I'm not wasting my time here, besides you're implying that I don't like it here."

"...So you enjoy being here?"

He nods. "I also like the people here, the ones I've met so far anyways."

Her head bows under the growing weight of her horns.

He glances down at White and notices the horns, his eyes faintly glow as White feels no weight of the horns. "Umm... Not to sound mean, but I swear to God do not go full dragon here otherwise we're both gonna have problems." 

She takes a bite of icecream finally, in an attempt to calm down.

Upon seeing that, Drake smiles. "I probably sound like a broken record but, thank you for waking me up... It's nice being out here again."

She doesn't respond, eating more ice cream.

White suddenly feels a weight on her back as Drake hugs her, although awkwardly, easily noting that it's very rare for him to do that.

She freezes. "What are you...?"

"To be honest, I don't really know."

Very slowly, he can see her horns begin to retract, as she seems to calm, her tail relaxes and he feels it coil around him a bit in response. After a while, he feels her begin to lean into him.

"Hmm... It does feel weird having you hug me with your tail, how about we change that?"

She flushes a bit and stops both leaning into him, and the coiling of her tail, freezing in place.

All that results in a small laugh from Drake as he comes off the bed and stands up, looking at White. "I think you deserve this now. Lay or stand, your choice."

She looks at him quizically.

"I'm going to give you your arm back." He says with dead seriousness.

She makes a surprised, small gasp.

"So, once more, are you going to stand or lay down? I can't exacty do it while you're moving about or in an awkward position."

She slowly and silently lays down.

"I hope you're comfortable." He takes the covers off so that White is on a much flatter surface, he then adjusts White's clothing so that he can see where he needs to start. Every single rune that is on Drake faintly glows a mix of blue and green, he then places one hand on the shoulder bone and traces the shape of White's arm with a faint energy trail. Shockingly White can feel Drake's hand as if she had her arm there already, a few rune circles form under where the arm will appear, Drake looks at White. "This... May sting a bit."

"Compared to losing my arm, no."

"If you say so..." While still touching the shoulder bone, Drake spreads open his hand, causing the skin around that area to open up, revealing the bone, nerves etc. With the other hand, he starts from the wound and moves it down, causing more bone to grow from the wound. It makes it way down until it matches the length and shape of White's arm, the runes begin to glow as the nerves and muscle grow onto the bone, finally the skin stretches over the revealed arm and closes up. "There... I think that's done, try it out."

She slowly, quietly, begins flexing her arm and hand.

He smiles at his work as the runes fades away. "Well I hope that'll be fine."

She remains silent, almost awed.

"Try to not lose this one, ok? It's not as easy as it seems." He chuckles.


Drake sits back on the bed and looks at White. "You're welcome." He says jokingly.

"....Right..." She is still looking at her hand, and testing it out. "...An odd question.... are you familiar with science?"

"Uh... Not really, I'm more capable in the magic department, how come?"

"It feels like in some respects, you have a fair degree of intelligence, yet in others, you feel... ....'lacking'."


"You apply yourself well with magic, but your common sense is low," She clarifies.  

"Eh... I just enjoyed magic more than logical choices when I was younger... Never was one to do stuff that made sense in people's eyes."

"...I see. Have you ever had a proper education?"

"I... ...No, I haven't..." 

"I see. I received education from the temples of Chinmoku, I... ...learned lots of... ...things. ...That I don't want to talk about." 

Drake simply nods in agreement. "If you don't want to talk about it, that's fine... Although, I'm pretty sure people receive education just from... Places of education like schools, but I guess that just shows how primitive my thinking is."

"The Temples weren't just temples of a holy sense, though I learned there too. I learned from the Temples of Science, Magic, and of Divinity."

"Ah, I guess with me I was just home schooled... If you could call it that, quick question; divinity?"

"We were educated in knowledge and understanding of the divine, demonic power, as well as various spiritual forces. Simply divine to save time."

"And how long were you there for?" Drake aks, looking directly at White fully interested now.

"A number of years while I was an apprentice." 

"Just an apprentice? You certainly don't seem like the kind who settle with being an apprentice."

"An apprentice to Phoenix. I was top of class in my studies."

"Oh, I thought you started Phoenix, so it was around before you then?"

"It has been around for eight hundred years, in terms of my world's time."

"Wow, that long huh? ...What is the goal of Phoenix then?"

"It's not important. Phoenix is no more."

"...Then what WAS the goal of Phoenix."

"Destroy humanity, create perfect beings, create a perfect world, it doesn't matter."

"Oh..." Drake eventually stays quiet, opting to change the conversation.

"Thank you very much for bringing that up." She says, her tone hard to read, but not pleasant.

He just silently grabs another spoonful of ice cream and eats.

"The elevator we went on could go to Mach 5 speeds," She says, hoping to get past the awkward situation.

Drake looks at the ice cream and suddenly gets a massive smirk on his face, out of White's view, a spoon with ice cream hovers above her and tips over. Causing a scoop of ice cream to land directly on her head, causing a suppressed giggle from Drake.

White quietly turns toward him. "That's something a five year old would do. I should know, since Kado thought the exact same joke was funny."

"Do you really see me as the mature type?"

A faint, wire thin smile forms on her face as a custard pie slaps into his face.

After he wipes his face, small spheres of ice cream hover around Drake before they all crash into White, splattering ice cream everywhere.

"You're going to clean up after this," She warns.

"I know, but at least try to have some fun, you'll enjoy it."

"I'd rather not waste good food..."

Drake just gives White a look before a custard pie slams in the back of her head. "Fine, we'll just use that."

She gives him a look before starting to ingest popcorn kernels.

"...Ok, be no fun then." Drake falls back onto the bed.

She starts shooting popcorn kernels out of her mouth, flaming them, causing them to pop as they hit his face.

"Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow OW!" Drake reaches for a pillow then uses it as shielding from White's assault.

She pauses.

He quickly throws the pillow into White's face.

She knocks it aside and breaths black smoke into his face.

After wiping the soot from his face, Drake just looks at White before pulling her in for another hug.

Her face goes blank with surprise.

She notices that he's hugging a bit tighter than last time. "Face it, this is better than throwing food at eachother."

"...You wanted to kill me yesterday... this is confusing."

"Welcome to life, where everything is confusing. Besides, after seeing you in the situation you were in, I couldn't just kill you... I'd feel too bad about myself."

"...So what is this? Pity?" She asks.

"What I'm doing right now? No." He simply replies.

"Then what is it? I don't understand this. If it's not pity, then why, and what are you doing this for?"

"Because I like you as a person, now are you going to keep asking questions or are you going to accept the hug already?"


"And what I'm doing this for? Your benefit, you need every ounce of good karma right now, I'm simply helping."

She silently begins pushing away.

After a bit of resistance, Drake lets go and gives a small look at White. It's extremely hard to read, but White notices a bit of... Hurt in his eyes, but he simply chuckles. "Bleh, sorry."

Her tail is coiled around her by this point, and she is trembling.

"...Please do me a favor, and get away from me. ...I need to be alone."

His eyes widen, obviously worried, he reaches a hand out to her. "White, what's going on?"

"Go away!" She shrinks from the contact.

He instantly retracts his hand, going silent, after a moment he sighs and begins to flicker away into black flames which disappear.

Viper or Mouse Edit

Kagerou, sitting on a large black spike, has been silently eyeing the tower since the exchange had been going on.

"So she's still trying to bare fangs eh....?" He mutters.

"Yup." Drake is hovering behind Kagerou, eventually bringing the ground up to him in a shape of a throne to sit in. 

"Pretentious much?" Kagerou asks without looking behind him.

"I'm a very prideful person, so yeah... I do assume you're talking to me."

"It would be cute if it wasn't sad. I imagine things didn't go well."

"Nooooooooooope." He says plainly.

"Reason for that, not gonna tell you though. Same reason I heckle Vzark off and on. It's meaningless if people give you the answers."

"Gee you don't say, I know there's a reason for that... Same thing that's probably behind her fear, something from her past."

"So what'cha gonna do about it?"

"Simple; find out about her past, there's no need for you to talk down to me like that."

"Ironic, coming from you. I hope you know what you're getting into."

"Yeah..." Drake looks at the tower. "I hope so too..."

"Good luck not getting eaten."

"She wouldn't kill me over something like that... Right?"

"Snooping? She once ate a servant for accidentally barging in on her when she was showering.

"...Ok, that's going to be easy..."

"See you later Dragon Chow."

"See you." Drake flickers like a flame before disappearing, later slowly fading back into existence on top of the center tower, simply waiting for White to fall asleep.

There appears to be sounds of something wooden being smacked repeatedly.

"Welp... She still sounds pissed..." Drake just yawns and rests his eyes.

Eventually it quiets down.

Drake slowly opens his eyes and peers down into the window, taking a look inside the tower while remaining unseen.

White appears to be in bed.

He takes a sigh as he silently cloaks from sight, he crawls his way into the room and takes a glance around at anything he could get his hands on.

While nothing seems directly obvious in the room, he notices side chambers with closed doors.

Drake approaches the chamber and slowly opens the doors, taking small moments to look back at White to see if she is still sound asleep.

He sees that her head is dangling off the side of the bed, precariously close to pulling the rest of her body down with it and onto the floor.

In a clutch action, Drake makes White float back onto the bed fully before entering the chamber.

He finds himself in a small room whose entire walls are bookshelves.

"Oh... Fantastic..." He mutters as he begins taking one book out, quickly looking through the contents then puts it back then repeats.

The books seem to have arrows, nothing more, pointing in various directions.

"...Talk about being vague..." Drake decides to look at what directions the arrows are pointing in.

As he continues through the system of arrows, he starts to feel as if the arrows themselves are meaningless, but he is starting to notice the arrows aren't solid, but almost look like they are composed of tightly packed runes.

"...Well, there's the flaw in her security..." Drake walks towards the beginning of the chamber on the left side and opens up the first page of the first book, carefully reading the runes. "...This is a small part of a bigger spell..." He then looks at the rest of the books and sighs. "...God dammit."

Each arrow's runes seem to convey two possible mechanics, one bad one good, though at this point, he hasn't read enough to determine which sets of runes do which.

He starts levitating the books in the air, keeping them on the first page as he goes around, doing the same to every other book that has a rune on the first page.

He soon aquires the two formulas for the two possible spells. One is black, and the other is red.

"...For someone who dabbles in science more than magic... This is rather complex..." Drake begins arranging the formula for the black spell.

Black hexagonal shapes begin appearing in the walls as he does so.

Drake continues arranging the fomula, occassionally taking a look at the shapes.

The shapes continue to appear until the walls are pure black, four cicles glowing blue appear on each of the three main walls. The formula glows a similar color when fully completed. 

"...This is getting absurd..." Drake glances over at the first blue circle on the left wall then glances at the fomula, he takes it towards the circle and places it inside.

He hears a click and a light chirp of sound, the next circle over begins to faintly pulsate.

Assuming the obvious, Drake copies the formula and puts that into the next circle.

The circle responds similarly to the first, and the third circle lights up.

"And last but not least." Drake repeats his action for each of the circles.

All of the hexagons seem to begin to expand out and away from him, and slowly a huge circular room is being formed.

"About. Fucking. Time..." He stays in the center of the room as it all forms around him. "...The fact that she was able to hide this in a tower is rather impressive..."

To say what is inside is unimaginable would be an understatement. While at first it appears to be a massive library, he realizes it's more than that, as he can see a huge variety of strange guns, weapons, armor designs, and various other machines. On various walls are countless worn but well drawn blueprints, conveying projects of unimaginable complexity. The walls not ornamented with such sights either have vast doors, leading to various storage rooms, or massive bookshelves. However, there is also an oddity among the sights, a small, modest bookshelf behind him, just out of sight.

Almost instantly, Drake is drawn towards the weaponry with a morbid curiosity, he opens his HSC to even collect a few but the quaint little bookshelf reflects off the cube, causing Drake to hesitate and look behind him. He then puts the HSC and makes his way towards the bookshelf, he eyes the books. "So... Why is a bookshelf like this in a room with stuff like that..." He picks out one book at random and opens it.

The book he picked out seems to be a journal, the page he opened seems to have been dated around the time he was captured, in fact, it seems to be musing about how his headstrong attack reminds her of her own brother's recklessness, then spends several minutes in length bemoaning various flaws of Kado, and how they will bring him to ruin when he finally faces her.

His eyes narrow and he groans as he reads about that event. "Comparing me to Kado... Fantastic..." He then turns to the first page and begins reading from there.

The first dozen pages look as though they are stained heavily, and have been torn up at least once and put back together. It appears to be describing her studies under the professors of Chinmoku, but also alludes to training under Phoenix. What soon grabs his eye is the fact that she's planning to return home for as she says 'a last visit'.

"Last visit... I doubt that'll happen..." Despite his doubts, he reads on about said visit.

After a bit of fast forwarding, he starts to read of her return into the wilds of her homeland, and eventually reaching her village of origin, and her family. She seems to have been quite happy.

"...So what exactly changed about her that made her like this..." He continues reading.

He then reads a portion of the journal that speaks of someone named Furue, and to his shock discovers that she was engaged to him, and the text continues to describe a very happy dinner, after which she had played with her brother, but it doesn't seem to mention him by name, he assumes she means Kado.

Then Drake starts to read how she sneaks away in the night, and for some reason, the way she wrote this section seems to put a knot in his stomach, as though it has been scratched out, rewritten, many times, some carry a angry, sad, or condemning tone towards herself, and all seem to be written after the events she is writing down.

"Furue... Well I can only assume the worst if it's clawed onto the pages like this..." He sits down and contemplates whether he should ask White about her partner while reading into the journal a bit more.

He begins to read how she makes off in the night, only to be intercepted by her fiance, and the two engaged in a fight that resulted in her caving in his entire chest, crushing his organs and soaking her in his blood, and causing her to flee the village, only returning to wipe the memory of her own brother so he would not remember her, and shortly after becomes the leader of Phoenix, and eventually takes him in the organization... ...hoping that he would eventually surpass and kill her.

"So that's what chanegd her... I think that's enough reading for now..." Drake stands up and places the book back to where it belongs, visually shocked at what he just read. He makes sure everything was in it's proper place before making his way out of the room.

As he exits the room, he sees White off in her bed starting to stir.

Drake's attention quickly draws to the window as he makes one giant leap from the chamber to outside, diving through the window and landing on his feet, he looks up at the tower and takes a sigh of relief, sitting down leaning against the tower as he simply looks up to the stars.

Kagerou appears to be napping nearby, a small bed on a flat rock laid next to the sleeping Chaos Engine, a small campfire warming the area.

His attention gets turned towards Kagerou. "Hmm... I wonder how long he's been there for..."

He appears to have food crumbs lying around, remains of his dinner.

Out of cruelty, a small rune circle forms underneath the fire, causing it to morph into a clone of Kagerou... Only... Y'know... Of fire. It begins to poke him but manages not to burn him.

"And I laid out a bed for you too... guess you don't want it." He grumbles in his sleep, the fire clone disperses and ignites what would have been Drake's bed.

Drake simply shrugs it off and eventually falls asleep.

Later that morning, Kagerou gets up and quietly shuffles off.

Soon after, Drake eventually stirs and wakes up, his back aching due to his placement while sleeping. He takes a gaze around before stretching out his wings and flies about.

There's a stillness in the air that feels unnatural.

After a moment he lands and takes another look around. "...Where is everyone... I know this place is massive but still..."

He notices a huge storm system off in the distance, which appears to be kicking up large waves.

"...Well then." He flies towards the storm, assuming this is why everything else seems quiet.

The wind begins to blow him around with ease as he approaches the storm, lightning is very frequent.

When he gets as close as possible without any harm, he simply sits down and watches.

The storm appears to be rushing toward the island, large waves are roaring toward it.

Drake's eyes faintly glow red as a clear dome forms around him, he calmly sits down as the wind and water passes him by. "Hmm... I wonder how the others cope with this..."

He feels a flicker of movement, and the Chaos Engine Lyre is standing next to him, an icy platform beneath his feet.

"This storm... I've read about ones like this. I believe they're called, 'hurricanes'. Probably problematic for everyone else if it hits, considering the floodwall will likely sweep the already devastated buildings into the deep sea..."

"..." Drake sighs and stands up, the dome fading away as he glances towards the towers. "So then... Assuming White and a few others are gathering the rest up?"

"White's asleep, probably most others are as well. Doubtless Kagerou will be trying to help soon."

"God fucking dammit..." He responds in irritation as he looks at Lyre. "I'll go wake White up... Any others I should wake?"

"Preferably all of them, though with the first, I imagine you'll be too occupied with her."

"Fine... I'll go wake everyone up East side, you wake everyone up on the West side, ok?"


Drake eventually takes flight and heads to the center tower to wake White, he sits on the windowsil and looks into the room. "White, you awake?"

She appears to be coming out of the 'library' room, and freezes when she sees him.

"...What, do you want," She says slowly, but clearly is slightly agitated.

"You don't look out your windows do you... Big fucking storm, take a look." He steps into the room the notions towards the window. "Good morning, by the way."

"I was in my... ...closet. ...Getting dressed. ...Hurricane, huh? Thanks for warning me..." She begins to walk down a flight of stairs toward the tower's exit.

Drake, obviously knowing what she's hiding, just chuckles. "Pretty sure you don't need a closet that big..." He follows down.

"I don't know what you mean." She says, opening the doors and then she begins to walk toward the shore.

"You don't seem like the kind of person who just has a walk in closet, besides... Not like you have much variety in clothing as it is." He stretches out his wings. "Well, anyways... I assume you can handle yourself, I got the others to wake up.

"Don't bother..." She stands still, halfway to the shore, and a white magic circle forms under her.

He simply stands, crossing his arms as he watches. "This'll be interesting."

"You, come help." She snaps.

"Oh, alright then." The runes on Drake glow the colours of the storm itself as he stands by White, he raises one arm towards the storm and glances at White. "So, are we gonna redirect this?"

"If by direct you mean gently nudge it just past the island, yes. Hurry. I'm slowing it down so it doesn't hit us in the next few minutes."

Drake nods then simply puts his other arm out in front, his hands then mimic the action of actually grabbing the storm, he then 'moves' it away from the island. "See? Easy."

"Don't mock." She turns and slowly releases the white circle, as the storm begins to resume its previous speed, powerful winds begin to whip about.

He manages to stay balanced regardless of the strength of the wind, he looks at White. "So, you think that's far enough so that any towers don't crumble?"

"It should suffice."

"Should? ...Ok then, oh, and sorry to disturb you from whatever you were doing in your 'closet'"

"That reminds me." A large dragonic claw lashes out at him.

"Oh for fucks sake..." He quickly forms a shield that blocks the claw but only by the last nanosecond. "Ok... What gave it away?"

The sheild nearly shatters like glass, but just barely.

"Dragons are like hounds. We have a very powerful sense of smell." She growls. "I'd ask what you were doing, but I can imagine already."

"...How about we go back to the tower to discuss this, you wouldn't want others to hear, do you? You can kill me there." He says rather bluntly.

"You already violated my privacy, do you think it matters to me either way? Why?! Why are you so determined to get into my affairs?!"

"I've already told you, I was curious about your past, that's all."

"If I wanted you to know, I would have told you! You had no right!" She strikes at him again.

Drake, not being prepared, gets slashed across the side of his fate, three open claw marks on his left cheek as his normal look turns into a glare.

"That's right, glare! You should never intrude on someone's privacy, least of all a woman's! What is the matter with you?!" Despite all of the yelling, anger, and bodily harm, tears are threatening to spill from her eyes.

"You're one to talk about that, do I need to bring up the shit you did to me while I was in a fucking coma?! Also would you look at that, little defeated White is telling me what to do, as if she still has control..." He begins to walk towards the tower, pushing past White. "And like you were gonna tell me that years ago you killed your lover and wiped your brother's memories away."

A burst of light erupts from White as she lets out an anguished howl, Drake feels a heavy shadow loom over him.

Drake just takes a sigh before quickly taking to the skies.

He barely avoids getting smashed by a large dragon's tail.

Instead of fighting back, he instead goes directly towards the tower, avoiding anything White throws at him.

He suddenly feels her teeth sink into his clothing and she throws him into the ground away from the tower.

You are not ignoring me!

Drake crashes to the floor but handflips back up onto his feet, he looks up at White then growls. 

She responds with an even bigger, more powerful rumble in response, now a full grown dragon.

"Fine... You have my attention." Drake flies up to the same level as White, the runes on him begin to glow.

She breathes a blast of white fire at him.

Drake puts one arm out in front of him and forms a small shield, the fire splitting away from Drake when it gets close enough.

Her wing sails toward him at high speed.

He raises both his forearms so that it's covering his chest, as it slams into him, he gets thrown to the side but remains in the air.

She lets out a loud feral scream and tries to swat him.

While she does get a few hits in, Drake ultimately dodges and evades the attacks.

She begins to hum and crackle with a white light.

"She isn't going to stop, is she..." Drake grasps his hands together as a solid dome of darkness forms around him.

A huge beam of white light bombards the shield.

The shield manages to bounce off most of the beam, however after some pierce through, Drake quickly abandons it and flies underneath White, ending up behind her.

Her tail swipes at him.

"Enough!" He catches the tail with both arms, he then quickly turns and pulls the tail over his shoulder, completely throwing White over him and onto the floor.

She lets out an earsplitting shriek as she is tossed, sprawling on her back, shaking most of the island with her turbulent squirming.

"Just calm the hell down already, this isn't helping anything."

She violently rights herself, then launches herself into the air with a feral scream and begins wildly bombarding him with white fireballs at an incredibly rapid pace.

Drake continues to dodge but gets smashed by one, causing him to crash towards the edge of the island. Once he stands back up, he glances at the ocean then at White.

She starts to divebomb him.

He quietly sighs. "I'm sorry for this." Drake flies up and creates an energy construct around his left arm big enough to hold White, he latches onto her neck then divebombs into the water while holding onto her.

As soon as she hits the water, he feels the temperature rise sharply as water begins to boil, and she holds back a draconic scream.

Despite the heat, Drake pushes her down into the water even further until the water is unbearable, he lets go then begins to swim up.

She doesn't immediately come back up.

He waits one moment before speeding back down in the waters.

He sees her surging up toward him.

"Oh... Alright." Drake bursts out of the water and hovers around in the air.

He gets out of the way just as she bursts out of the water, panting heavily, she collapses onto the beach.

After a moment, he lands down in front of her, looking directly into her eyes.

She slowly begins shrinking.

He sits down and sighs once more.

She appears to be returning to a humanoid shape, minus the clothes. Her skin seems somewhat bruised from the spontaneous transformation she had underwent, and she appears to be hiding now under her wings, he can hear her breathing erratically.

"..." He slowly stands and attempts to pick White up.

She flinches, trying to keep away from his touch.

Regardless, he softly picks her up and takes her to the center tower, eventually slowly flying there. He lays her down on her bed and goes around looking for bandages for her brusies and marks.

She appears to be quite heavier than he realized, and makes the journey with difficulty. He notes her skin is softer than any material he could think of, due in part to her almost downy like scales. He finds them in a hall closet, by the time he returns, she has shrunk more to her size before, but is still nude, and is viciously wrapped up in her wings and tail, and a few assortments of blankets to cover herself, an oddly, chaotically constructed nest of sorts.

After placing the medical supplies on the bedside, Drake goes off to find some clothes for her, eventually coming back with a full set. He puts the clothes in front of White then turns to look away.

He can practically feel the burn of her stare on his neck, from the stillness he can tell that she is not interested in moving. He can still feel the tense, agitated aura of her being.

"Look I needed a way to stop you from being pissed, alright? Now stop glaring at me and put some clothes on."

She quietly pulls the clothes into the strange assortment of a nest but even after putting clothing on she remains inside, burrowing under the blankets.

Drake turns and walks to the edge of the bed, he looks at White before sighing. "I'm sorry for invading your privacy and for throwing you into the ocean."

He begins to hear crying.

Despite better judgement, Drake reaches out to open up the nest to look at White.

What little restraint she had left has evaporated, and she doesn't even notice him, outright weeping.

He glances at the medical supplies but ultimately sits beside White, he lightly places one of his hands on her cheek and wipes away her tears, giving a soft smile but it's hinting at some guilt behind it. He hesitates but he slowly wraps his arms around White, worried if she lashes out at him.

To his surprise, the only thing she does is bury her head in his chest, too distraught to think rationally.

After that, Drake tightens his hug and lightly strokes her, not saying a word.

After a long time, she appears to fall asleep, having not moved at all.

He eventually lays down on the bed, White still wrapped up in his arms, he yawns and looks at White once more. He looks around then lightly plants a kiss on her forehead before falling asleep.

Later that next morning, he finds her still asleep beside him, her tail and horns now diminutive, her body pressed up against him softly. He can see that her tears have dried on her face.

Drake's tail and wings emerge and wrap around the two, he closes his eyes and rests.

Eventually he hears stomach growling.

As his stomach also grumbles, Drake reluctantly gets up and heads off towards the kitchen to cook some food for him and White.

By the time he gets back, White seems to have started chewing on a pillow in her sleep.

He arrives with a full breakfast fit for two dragons, this is evident as some more dishes float behind Drake and set down on a nearby table, he gets one of the dishes and hovers it near her nose.

She starts sniffing and almost immediately bites down at it, taking both food and dish with it.

Drake's eyes widen as he looks at what she just did, he slowly blinks. "...White? You awake?"

She appears to be sleep eating, as she doesn't appear to register the porcelian she's eating with the food.

"...Ok then." Drake begins to eat his food, occasionally nudging White to see if she's awake then feeding her the food.

After the third nudge, she starts to open her eyes, then slowly begins sitting up, her eyes are unusually soft. She slowly starts rubbing her eyes.

Once Drake finishes one of the dishes, he risks fate again as he slowly wraps his tail around White to pull her close.

She seems to turn red as he does so, particularly once she's a lot closer, her head hangs low and hides her face.

"Umm... Morning, White, if you couldn't tell, I made breakfast." He responds, White notices his tail isn't pulling her in, in fact it's moving away to give her some room.

"S-s-ure....." She shakily begins eating.

Drake lightly holds White's hands to steady her while she eats.

She turns even more red, silently eating.

"Oh... Do you want me to let go?" He asks in a genuine tone.

She doesn't respond, still eating.

Drake just shrugs and keeps her steady, after a moment he glances at White and faintly smiles before looking away again.

She eventually looks up at him. "...So you know now."

His smile fades. "Yeah... I do..."

"Now that you have what you wanted, are you pleased with yourself? How do you feel about me now, a murderer, a liar, a betrayer."

"...My viewpoint on you hasn't changed at all."

"And what is that exactly?"

His response is a rather tight hug

"...I don't understand."

"Why would I care if you're a murderer, a liar and a betrayer? It doesn't affect me that much... Besides, it would be something of a double standard or hypocritical if I said that stuff bothered me." His tail slightly wraps around once more. "Also for someone who's supposed to be wise, you don't seem to understand when someone likes you?"

"...After all I've done..." She mutters.

"It doesn't matter." He says rather softly.

"It doesn't matter that I killed my fianace, killed someone's father and husband, tore their family apart, took innocents away from their families, experimented and tortured innocents into beings that spite heaven itself? How can you say that? No one should forgive me!"

"White, I'm no angel either." He replies as his eye pulses black. "You killing your fianace wasn't on purpose, was it? And while I can't say much about your experiments... They seem to be doing fine, right? Kanashimi is with her mother, Kagerou doesn't seem bothered about it, same with Vzark, although I can't say about the others think. And the rest, well, as I said, it doesn't bother me. I'm not exactly forgiving you, in my eyes, I'm just giving you a second chance... That's all."

"..." She seems to be without words. "I just can't... ...understand..."

Drake simply chuckles. "I don't think you can understand it... If you want to at least."

"...I really have stumbled on a special one..." She mutters.

"...What's that supposed to mean?" Drake asks, giving White a suspicious look.

"It's illogical to be able to forgive someone like me. I guess you really are a special case."

"Well, I'm not a logical person, am I? Otherwise I wouldn't have arrived at Yosai in the first place... And thanks?"

She just starts eating again, a little bit faster.

Drake does the same, eventually finishing and making a pleased growl.

She keeps eating however, much slower than she usually eats.

A few moments passes when Drake is finally fully awake... And completely aware of what he did and say, causing him to go red. "...Did I really just..."

"Well if we analyze what all was said, I would take that as a half asleep confession of feelings." She says simply as she continues eating.

Drake just goes silent as he looks down at his plate. "...I don't think I'm hungry anymore."


"...A bit."

"Awww....." She seems to have gained some composure.

He gives her a look. "What do you mean awww?"

"Awww as in 'awwww you're so cute when you're embarrassed'." She blinks after she says this. "...Maybe cute is the wrong word...?" She mutters.

Drake also blinks. "We... We really can't find the right words to say, can we?"

She simply starts eating faster, and soon her portion begins to disappear.

He just pushes his plate aside, waiting for White to finish.

After finishing, she quietly gets up and walks to her 'closet'.

Drake notices then tilts his head slightly. "Guessing you want me out of here for the time being?"

"That would be preferable."

He then nods and exits through the window once more, he takes a glance around. "So... Now what do I do?"

Kagerou is once again present. "You're a smooth one aren't you?"

"As sandpaper, what's up, Kage?"

"Not much. Just watched a very touching soap opera. Ten out of ten. Honestly was gripped at every passing moment. 'Would the daring white haired knight overcome all odds and reach the heart of the dragon?'" He chuckles. "Guess we'll find out next episode. Did better than I thought you would."

Drake only smirks and puts his hands in his pockets. "Thanks, I guess... Never thought what I did could have been possible... But I guess if it's happened once... But anyways, I assume other than spying on White and I, you've been keeping tabs on the others?"

"Eh, not as much. Vzark is living with the Shimi's. That's the last name I ended up giving them. Definitely don't remember theirs anyway."

"That's all? Ah well." He starts to walk around. "So you guys never leave this island, like, at all?"

"No not at all."

"I'm surprised you guys haven't gone a bit insane for not leaving... How come?"

"Why? Well, we're not exactly a welcomed sight or popular with the outside. We kind of have an infamy at this point. This place is basically our sanctuary and prison in one. We don't have any life to return to."

"And that stops you? ...Ok then."  He then chuckles. "Besides, I doubt that the outside is that fun anyways... If there ain't people like you around, then it's just boring."

"We could definately take action of our own accord, it's not like humans are terribly powerful. If we wanted the world outside, we'd take it. It's not the issue. The community Tano is a part of was talking about if we should breed or not. Maybe that will give you a proper insight."

"...Lovely.... So... I'm a bit bored then, anything you want to do?"

"Talk about how the woman you want to bang happens to be a dish eater?"

Drake's face goes slightly red. "...Kage, I don't... No..."

Kagerou smirks. "Thought it would take more than that to rib you. Juuuuust like Vzark."

"Meh... Obviously, I don't want to do that to her... You like to compare me to Vzark a bit, don't you?"

"Everyone has a little Vzark in them. Even if they don't admit it. Especially when they don't. You don't understand how much fun it is to rib him about Kanashimi. It's so obvious that I could write an epic."

"...From my point of view, you just seem jealous rather than enjoying the events happening around here. But I guess I wouldn't understand, would I?"

"Jealous? What is there to be jealous of? Just me, the dirt, the sky."

"But that's just it, it is just the sky, the dirt and you, no one else. I suppose even you can feel a little lonely... Either that or you already have your eye on someone here." Kagerou notices a small smirk on Drake.

"Cute, I suppose. But maybe that's the point. I don't want anything else."

"You don't want anything else, nothing at all?"

"You have it too, but you haven't let it consume you yet."

"Oh... Him, wait, what do you mean consume? ...We co-exist."

"Then you're lucky. Very lucky."

"Y'know... it's not like we share the same enitity in that sense, yes, Corruption is in you too... But that isn't him per say, I don't know how to explain it... It's him yet it's not."

"You haven't considered the possibility that White cut out a snippit of your Corruption and that snippit happens to be me?" Kagerou's voice shifts, and the overall feeling Drake gets around him becomes much more sinister.

"Heh..." Drake's left eye completely goes black, even hiding the red runes, his voice changes but not by much. '"That was considered when Drake and I were sparring, nevertheless it is impressive how White was able to accomplish that task... However I'm not sure if that sample adapted to the host or the host adapted to the sample."

"Kagerou is a name I gave myself. Being a copy isn't to my taste. His name, well, I doubt it's of any interest. Especially because I ate whatever 'him' there was worth taking. Though bits and pieces surface. It's currently why I'm humoring the remnants that tell me not to linger around the others. Wise move, otherwise those others, I'd have had them for supper long before you woke."

"So you consumed rather than adapted... To each their own I suppose." The eye returns to normal as Drake regains his control. "So really, I'm speaking to the true Kagerou, aren't I?"

"That would be correct. White made the other persona artifically as a handicap so that I wouldn't scare the shit out of others and so I could at least have a leash."

"That's... Yeah... Clever tactic, but tell me you weren't hoping that stuff would have worked on me."

"As for who 'I' was before, I don't feel like sharing anything. Who'd care about a reject like him?"

"...I would, if I knew about him a lot more."

"Don't feel like telling, sorry."

"Because I was going to ask you." Drake says, his tone slightly sarcastic.

"I'd be impressed by your bravado if I hadn't already fought you."

"Right... Well anyways... This has been interesting but I think I'm gonna go back inside."

"Have fun lover boy~"

"Uh huh." He then idly waves at him then flies up into White's room as usual.

She doesn't seem to be in the room.

"Hmm... I guess she's still in that little closet of hers..." He glances over at it and walks towards it, peering through to see if White is there.

She seems to be absent, there is only the small room.

Drake rolls his eyes then begins to look around the tower.

He finds no signs of her.

"Huh... Weeelp, if she isn't here." Drake goes back to the kitchen and opens up the freezer, grabbing a spoon and some ice cream, he begins to chow down before a child-like thought comes to his mind. With a sneaky grin, he conjours up a small spell that applies to all the ice cream in the tower, they have an icy glow to them as Drake puts his tub back in and now he sits on the bed and looks around. "White? You here? Heeeelloooooooooo?"

Eventually he hears the shower going.

"...What? But I checked everywhere... Hmph..." He just waits for her to finish.

She seems to still be showering after a few hours.

At this point Drake is bashing his head against the pillows. "Holy crap how long does it take for someone to shower? ...This is so wrong but fuck it." Drake gets up and makes his way to the bathroom, knocking on the door. "You're taking ages, are you cleaning your dragon body one scale at a time or something?"

He hears little response except a faint sigh amongst the noise of running water.

"And that answers that..." He then goes back up to her room and waits once more.

After a long while, he can hear the door of the bathroom open.

"Finally... Hmm..." Drake suddenly shrinks down and hides amongst the decoration in an attempt to jump out and scare her.

He sees nothing pass but a small fly which buzzes absentmindedly around the room.

Drake throws a small fireball which directly hits it, after a moment he begins to fly around in search for White.

The fly merrily dodges the fireball and flies off into another room.

He then begins to follow the fly around. 

The fly flies into a vent and disappears.

"...Well that was worth it..." He rolls his eyes then flies over to the bathroom once more, looking around.

The air is steamy, with thick clouds of steam still rolling about from the long shower.

"Do I even dare..." He ponders the thought of entering the bathroom, before reluctantly agreeing with himself, he flies through but stays near the ceiling.

There is no sign of White in the bathroom.

"Ok seriously where the fuck." He glances down at the floor to see if there's any wet foodprints leading out anywhere.

The footprints seem to lead toward the bedroom.

"When did... Nevermind." He whizzes off back to the bedroom.

He finds White laying on the bed, wrapped up in blankets, and she flashes him a faint smile. "Took you long enough."

Drake grows back to normal size and slightly tilts his head. "How the hell did you get past? I went the same way you did."

"I was the fly, Ryunexo."

"Oh... Right, shapeshifter... Well played." He gives her a slow clap.

"What did you want?"

"Just wanted to talk and such."

"...What exactly?" She straightens up in the bed, adjusting the blanket over her.

"Dunno really, just stuff."

"..." She stares at him quietly.

"What? Unless you have a better idea?"

"I'm waiting."

"Waiting for what."

"For you to come up with something to talk about."

"...Ok fine I have nothing to talk about."

She quietly lies down, her head rests against the pillow. "Since you've invaded my privacy, it's your turn. Tell me about you."

"Hmm? Thought you would have known all about me while I was in the tube." He says jokingly. "But there really isn't much to me; a banished mercenary, that's all."


"Well what exactly are you expecting from me? ...Oh, right, him. Well, he came around after... Let's just say some unsavoury spells, shall we? I guess we didn't get along until recently, now he feels like a part of me." He gives a rather dark chuckle but gives a sigh. "And as for a family? Well... I don't even know, my furthest memories are with the Ryunexos so I'm not sure about my true origin."

She closes her eyes. "So essentially you don't know what your birth name is."

"Drake Ryunexo is the name the mercs gave to me, so no; I don't know my birth name."

She opens her eyes slowly, a dark grey. "Mine is Shinwa. It's a name I wanted to forget for a long time. It's funny... you probably want to remember, while I just want to forget."

"Shinwa... That's a nice name, soft on the ears as well... But why would you tell me your name?"

She closes her eyes again. "I don't know. Perhaps encouragement, to find your own. Perhaps a vote of confidence, of trust. It's up to you to interpret."

"I don't think I'll be able to find my own name... Besides, I like the one I've been given, it means a lot to me..." He has a soft smile, while Shinwa's eyes are closed, he walks over and lightly kisses her on the forehead. "But thank you for saying that."

She starts from the kiss, speechless.

Drake blinks then slowly moves back. "I... That was just during the moment uhh..."

Her eyes in that moment open and stare at him, flashing a strange color briefly before landing on a very light gold color.

He notices and slightly tilts his head. "Shinwa? You alright?"

She burns red.

"Uuuh, Shinwa?" He places one hand over her forehead. "You have a temperature or something?"

Her face goes scarlet and gold horns start growing, then she ducks her head inside her blanket.

"Y-y-yes! Very high, very bad!" She makes an attempt to feign coughing.

She can hear Drake laughing. "Yes, because people have fevers just like that... So I guess that doing this also increases your temperature." He reaches over and places his hand ontop of her hand. 

He feels her tail smash into him with rib breaking force. "Don't touch me!" She yelps.

Upon impact, Drake quickly jumps back and puts his hand on his side, feeling the broken rib. "Ok... Ok... This... Hurts... A lot..." He spits out a drop of blood and slowly exhales his breath. 

She tenses under the blankets, smelling the blood.

Drake sits down on the edge of the bed, the rune on his arms glowing green as he slowly tries to repair himself.

She remains motionless.

After a moment, he turns to looks to looks like White and gives out a small sigh. "Sorry."

"...I hurt you didn't I?"

"It's only a rib... Don't worry about it, I shouldn't have teased you like that in the first place"

"..." Her tail twitches silently.

The runes on Drake lose their colour as he then takes one giant breath in. "Much better... You can pop your head up now."

Her head turns away under the blanket.

"Shinwa, c'mon, I'm not mad."

"...Who said I'm under here because you're mad?"

"Then why are you under there?"

She silently pokes her head out, and lays it on her pillow.

"So... Care to explain the eyes?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," She says quietly.

"And what about your sudden fever?"

"..." She quietly bites her pillow.

"...You're not gonna tell me what's the matter, are you?"

"Do wolves howl at the moon?"

He gives her a slightly irritated look but eventually sighs. "Fine, I won't pry any further into whatever is happening to you." 

She looks back at him. "...I appreciate the concern, but I'd like to get dressed." Her face is still slightly red. "This isn't a comfortable arrangement."

"Oh. Right." He gets up and walks out of the room, closing the door behind him.

It doesn't take long for her to allow him back in, she seems to have put on an extremely plain white dress.

"Thought you would have worn something a bit fancier but alright.... To each their own."

"I didn't feel like taking too long. Besides, a fancy dress will get torn up easily outside."

"Implying that you're actually going outside..."

"I am." She begins walking to the door.

"...Do you want company?" He reluctantly asks.

"You're not uninvited if that's what you're asking." She walks out the door.

She doesn't see it but Drake gives a small smile before putting his hands in his pocket, he then follows Shinwa.

She appears to be walking to the shoreline.

"...I thought you hated the sea... Why would you go near it?"

"If you mean by the episode where you threw me into the water, I'm not a good swimmer in my dragon form."

"...Then why didn't you just change back to normal?"

"Because I was being rational, Ryunexo..." She says under her breath.

"Please don't call me that... Drake or nothing else."

"Whatever you say, Ryunexo." She empathizes the word. She eyes the ground. "Volcanic rock and soil... you'd think this place would be incapable of life, wouldn't you agree?"

He sighs but slightly nods. "Well... Anything can be capable of life when given enough attention or care to it..." His eyes wander the landscape of the island before his attention is diverted back to Shinwa. "This plae is capable of life despite how it looks... I'm guessing you were going to say something along those lines?"

She looks at the black rock surrounding them. "There's not much, but there's a little bit of volcanic soil here now due to erosion. It's most prominent at the beach, but maybe one day, life will come to these barren shores."

"Someone sounds hopeful for some daisies to grow... Then again." He squats down and looks closer at the soil. "I guess plants could grow here with enough time."

"When this island formed initially, there wasn't even any fish to catch..."

"How was this island formed? Was it natural or artificial?"

"I told you earlier. It was part of the result of me and my brother's last stand."

"...Not what I meant..." He looks at the water and notices some small fish. "So how long did it take for fish to arrive?"

"A few months." She seems to be paying attention to a large, brilliant red fish, her pupils wide.

The fish also catches Drake's eye as his head is now in sync with its movements, he then looks over at White, noticing the dialated eyes. "...I could get you that if you want."

There is no answer, but her tail is moving about in a cat like fashion.

The runes on Drake faintly glow a dark green as he manipulates and shifts the earth around the fish to form a bowl to hold the fish inside. He then raises the entire thing up above the water then gives a small smirk. "There?"

No further responses, she remains fixed on it.

Drake reaches out and grabs the fish, dangling it in front of her. "Helloooooo?"

She bites at the fish with long fangs.

"...Shouldn't you be cooking that first?"

"I like raw food."

"Surely it tastes better cooked...?"

"Worse, I have fire in my insides."

"Oh... Wow that does suck... Like, I have strains of fire in my veins but that seems worse."

"I have a personal grill in my own stomach. What's not to like?"

It takes a moment before the imaginary lightbulb above Drake's head finally lights, realising. "Oooooooooh... Sorry, I didn't understand what you meant. But yeah, I guess that does seem great?"

"It's inconvient when I get Dragon's Fever. ...funny enough that's where I got my love for icecream."

He gives a slight chuckle. "To be fair, ice cream is something to love... ...Oh." He suddenly has small shivers. "Uuuh... I just remembered something."

She is tearing into the flesh with her sharp teeth, making fleshy ripping sounds, blood drips from her mouth as she eats. He can almost smell a sort of cinnamon smell from the fish.

As Drake looks over, his eyes slightly widen in surprise as he just watches in slight confusion. "...Well, so much for being... Polite I guess?"

She pauses, looks at the fish, then rips it in half and tosses him one.

He catches it in his hands and just looks down at it before heating his hands up to scorching temperatures, cooking the fish to perfection. He sits down near the coast line and looks out to the sea, taking small nibbles of the fish from time to time. "That's not what I meant, but thanks."

The smell also bares semblance to the taste, a faint sort of cinnamon taste.

"Huh... What exactly is this?"

"A big red fish."

"Not what I meant... Like, the taste is new to me."

"Its natural flavor."

He just blinks. "Very informative..." He takes a big chunk out of it.

White has already finished hers, and is stroking her belly, content.

"So is this why you wanted to go to outside? All for a fish?" He asks as he dangles the fish in front of himself before taking another small bite out of it.

"Fresh air. Open space. I needed to relax."

"Relax? ...White, you don't lead anything anymore... Surely that would give you all the time in the world to relax."

"I have a new nasty little scale mite itching at me."

"...Ew. Just... Ew... Can't you burn it off?"

"Hmm, good suggestion." She lobs a large white fireball at him.

His hands quickly engulf themselves in black embers then he strikes the fireball, the effect of the white fire dissipating is similar to glass shattering. "Nice... Try..."

"You did say can't you burn it off. I tried."

"You're hilarious." He dryly says before finishing off the fish.

"As are you."

"Love the sarcasm."

She gives him an odd smile.

Drake slightly raises his eyebrow. "What?"

"Oh it's nothing." She looks about the black rock filled landscape.

"...Noooo, what was with the smile."

She just smiles again.

"Stop smiling and tell me why you're smiling!" Drake shouts but his tone isn't mean or aggressive, rather it sounds teased.

She just walks up to him and leans in very close to his face, with a pale gold color to her eyes, the smile still quite clear on her face. She puts a hand on his cheek, pats it, and gives him a wink before strolling off toward one of the towers, her tail swishing playfully as she walks.

To say that Drake is a little red is a bit of an understatement, he slowly blinks in confusion then slowly walks after her, but keeping his distance. "Wha... What just.... What...?"

She doesn't answer, but continues walking.

He catches up to Shinwa, walking beside her. "I'm not giving up; what just happened?"

"Would you like to help me?"

"...Help you?"

"With a spell, there's something I want to do."

The arcane circles on Drake's palms pulse from time to time. "Well you certainly know how to get my attention, lay it on me."

"I want to create a dome that will repel the most violent storms from here. Among other things."

"Hmm... That would take a while... But..." He looks around at the towers. "...That would make sense as to why we're going to a tower right now."

"I'm also going to ask for Nezumi's aid."

"Ah... Ok, but I may as well start making the arcane circle while we're here."

"Wait until I get Nezumi."

"Fiiiiiiiiine..." He whines, and just opts to play with a fireball until they reach the tower.

The Twin Reds Edit

After a while the sun has fallen over the island, and most of everyone else in the small community have went to bed, Tanoshimi makes her way across the island to the tower where Kanashimi and Nezumi were seen.

Vzark discretely lands nearby Tanoshimi as she walks, making his way beside her and walks with her. "I'm not too early, am I?"

"Not at all. In time for dinner actually."

"Oh, good. It's been a while since I've had something to eat, too. Hmm, wonder what happened to the new guy."

"Probably still hissy with White."

"Mhm, wonder how that's turning out. Anyway, I was kinda curious. You remember your past life, right?"

"...Not as much as the twins."

"Ah, makes sense though. What parts of it do you remember?"

"I remember them, my husband, when I was carrying Kana."

"Oh that's nice, I hope they're more lighthearted memories then." Vzark gives a faint smile, which quickly fades. "Since you cant remember everything, it just means you'll have to create new memories now, right?"

"I suppose so."

He lets out a breath. "I don't even know why I'm telling you that, I don't even follow my own advice. I've been too stuck on the memories I've gained. I don't even think I'm grateful to remember anything."

Tanoshimi shrugs as they reach the tower.

"One question before we go in. ....How do I look?"

Tanoshimi gives him a certain look. "Honestly you have bigger issues to worry about. Kanashimi isn't going to be impressed by anyone's looks."

"Still would have liked to know..." Vzark gives an awkward look as he heads into the tower.

As he enters, he notices that Nezumi is sitting on the top of a flight of stairs looking down at the door, and merely tilts her head when he walks through.

He gives a slight wave. "Heyo, Nezumi."

"Ice bucket." She says quietly.

"...What?" Vzark raises a brow and warily takes a step back, a bit confused.

A bucket of ice water falls and narrowly misses him.

"Kana," Nezumi elaborates.

Vzark makes a face and steps forward and over the bucket. "I mean...its not a kick to the back this time."

Tanoshimi sighs. "Kanashimi, clean this mess up!" Within moments after, the water burns away. Tanoshimi then heads off into the kitchen.

Vzark takes a second to look to whats around him, tilting his head slightly after not spotting Kanashimi. 

"Why are you here?" Kanashimi says from above him, hanging by her feet. 

He steps back and looks up to her, putting a hand to his neck. "Yeah, actually going to with you guys..." 

Kanashimi stares at him critically, then sighs. "Whatever, not gonna fight about it." She jumps down, landing on her feet, then follows Tanoshimi. Meanwhile, Nezumi remains on the stairs.

"That...went a lot better than expected." Vzark glances at Nezumi to try and get a read on her, but looks away before seeming unsure as to what to do.

Nezumi hops onto his head in a single bound, then points in the direction of Kana and Tano. "Kitchen that way."

"...You know at this point its probably best just not to argue." Vzark walks to where Kana and Tano walked into, stepping into the kitchen. 

Tanoshimi is starting dinner, while Kanashimi is sitting at the far end of the table, while Nezumi sits on Vzark's shoulder, a tad bit a strain on his neck.

Vzark eventually takes Nezumi off his shoulder and puts her down, and takes a seat at the table, and starts to create various sculptures made of metal in his hand. 

She sits nearby him and Kana. Meanwhile, Tano has prepared some meat and is now grilling it. 

The sculptures combine and form into a larger sculpture of a dragon, which starts moving on its own and climbs across Vzark's arm, and onto his shoulder. 

Nezumi seems to watch it with significant interest.

Vzark takes notice and moves his hand slightly, purple aura emitting from it and entering the dragon as it starts to move around more vividly, and even breathing little puffs of fire. Vzark starts to pet it, continuing to force aura into it as its metallic body starts to look more and more like flesh, until it fully transforms into a small dragon with silver skin that rests on Vzark's shoulder. "What do you think?"

Kana faintly smirks while Nezumi tilts her head faintly. "Not bad..."

Vzark smiles and laughs to himself, as the dragon begins to sleep. "This is actually the fourth time i've done this, this one is the largest so far. Just gotta keep practicing." Vzark pets the dragon. "Im looking forward to seeing how different combinations of elements can change the dragon."

Kanashimi smirks stronger.

"I'm willing to have fire and ice be the first elementally combined dragon I create." Vzark looks to Kana, smirking slyly back. "Could result in a pretty interesting dragon." 

Kanashimi opens her palm, and a blue light begins to condense in it until it forms into a similarly sized dragon with much less time than Vzark. 

"Its not about time. But if you want to play like that..." Vzark opens his hand as two balls of fire begin to form and take shape into dragons, mixing with purple aura and almost instantly becoming two red dragons of a similar scale of the silver one. "I prefer to make sure every aspect of my creations is perfect, hence the time. Plus i've never made a dragon with metal before." Vzark sits back in his chair as the two newly formed dragons rush to his other shoulder has he smiles.

Kanashimi's current look seems like this doesn't impress her.

"Either way my dragons are cooler than yours." Vzark jokingly laughs before petting his dragons.

Her dragon breaths a cloud of dust straight into his face.

Vzark wipes the dust off. "They also have better manners." His dragons stick their tongue out at Kana. "Anyways I still need to make a better pen for these guys, the one I have made right now isnt completely finished."

Kana just looks over to the grill as Tano begins to finish.

Vzark has the dragons fly outside of the tower while he looks to the grill as well. 

She seems to have cooked Italian sausage with spaghetti, tomato sauce, and a healthy serving of several vegetables.  

Vzark's own stomach rumbles as he sees the food.

Tanoshimi gives them all plates, then gives them overly generous helpings of food.

Vzark smiles and nods. "Thank you." He starts eating, remaining quiet for the time.

"So how was your day, Vzark?" Tanoshimi asks him.

"Better than most days, actually. Certainly more eventful with the new guy around."

"Indeed, he's an interesting one."

"Mhm, im just hoping he doesn't end up making our situation worse than it already is."

"Indeed. Though, he could end up being healthy for this place."

"Hopefully, yeah." Vzark continues eating. 

Kanashimi seems to be nearly done already. "Bet you can't eat more than I can." 

Vzark simply looks at Kana. "You sure about that? I havent eaten much for a while so you can bet your ass I can eat more."

"Oh I'm dead sure about that."

Vzark simply blinks before instantly starting to eat again, faster than before.

She doubles her own rate, finishing very quickly. Tanoshimi sighs, before giving them both a new helping.

"Dig in my little piggies," She mutters.

Vzark continues to eat as he moves onto the next helping, eating faster to keep up with Kana.

She just doubles her pace again.

Vzark doubles his pace as well, reaching the exact same pace as Kana.

She finishes just before him, but Tanoshimi just gives the rest to Nezumi and herself.

"No more, that was more than you needed."

"Damn, alright...dont expect to win again if it happens once more, just saying."

"I look forward to it, humpty dumpty."

"I don't know whether you're calling me an egg or someone who falls a lot."

"Heh, use imagination. Next time, you'll cry from sheer agony of defeat. And stomach aches."

"Suuuuuuuuuuuure. I wont say I wont feel the pain of stomach aches next time, but I can assure no tears of defeat will be shed from me."

Nezumi looks at Tanoshimi. "Are they having a lover's quarrel?"

Vzark flushes red just a bit before turning away. "No Nezumi, nothing like that."

"Saw that."

Vzark gives his best attempt at a poker face. "No idea what you're talking about.."

"Embarassed as a bear with its paw in the cookie jar."

"First of all that's a false accusation, and second of all shouldn't it be paw in the honey jar?" His latter statement clearly seems to be an attempt to change the subject.

Kanashimi gets up, and begins walking into another room.

Vzark slightly tilts his head as she walks off. "Did I say something wrong...?"

"She's just done with dinner purple goose." Nezumi says, still eating.

"How many nicknames do you have for me at this point?" Vzark sits back, already done.

"Dunno, not counting, Saint Nick."

"You see I understand purple goose, not so much Saint Nick. I'd make my own nicknames for you but eh....not too good on that department."

"You're done eating right? Make yourself at home." Tanoshimi says.

Vzark nods, giving a faint smile. "Thank you again, Tano." He gets up and pushes his chair in, leaving the room and looking around the tower.

Kanashimi appears to have gone off to another room, he is walking into a living room of sorts.

"And I thought my place was big." He looks at himself and tilts his head. "Maybe I should switch out of this armor at some point." 

"Yeah, you smell like a rat's arse in it." Kanashimi says from behind him. 

"Didnt know you took the time to sniff rats asses. And I wash the armor and myself when ever I can, thank you very much." Vzark turns to her, impulsively fixing his hair. "Its a nice place to live, by the way."

"It's a run down tower, like everything else. Guess you wouldn't know would ya, ya hermit."

"Being a hermit like I apparently am means you get to see whats all around and I can say that this place is better than some of the towers I've been in. Run down or not it could definitely be a lot worse."

"It is ok. Leaks are a problem, not to mention drafts. ......And rats. So many rats."

"Thats actually one of the reasons i've been making dragons." Vzark quietly laughs. "The rats never learn, it seems."

"Nezumi loves to play with them. They're gross."

"I'd understand playing with an actual pet rat. You know, one not riddled with sickness. To me they're more annoying than gross, I really don't understand how they get into the strangest places."

"Eating holes, mainly. They'll eat anything."

"Funny how we're all capable of insane feats, but not capable of solving a damned rat infestation. Thats probably the least of our problems though."

"Nezumi has convinced them to only hang on the lower levels."

"Remind me to avoid the lower levels then. Last thing I need is rats in my hair while I'm sleeping." Vzark sits down, thinking for a split second. "Wow I don't remember the last time I slept, actually."

"You should probably do that. Right after you have a bath."

"I dont think I smell that bad, but yeah I probably should. Wheres the bathroom?"

She silently points in the direction of it.

"Thanks, see you in a bit then." Vzark starts walking towards where she points, letting out a deep breath.

He finds a fairly acceptable shower to use.

He walks into the room with the shower and closes the door, removing his armor and clothes before stepping in and beginning to wash, while quietly singing in german.

"Oh Vzark siiiiiiiiiings in the showerrrrrrrrrr....! I bet he eats the soap and drinks the shampooooooooo!" He can hear Nezumi chirping.

He quietly scoffs. "Fuuuuunny. And I bet you use the dish soap to make smoothies."

He hears in another room a flushing sound, and the water turns ice cold in the shower.

Vzark moves just enough in the shower to move awag from the stream of water, giving a quiet growl. "I'd prefer if I wasn't turned into an ice pop!"

He hears giggling from both Nezumi and Kanashimi.

He changes the temperature back to something manageable. "You're itching for me to get back at you, just wait. You can giggle all you want now." Vzark smiles as he eventually finishes, and starts to dry himself.

"We're so scared of the lord of stutters!"

"What she said!" Nezumi parrots Kanashimi.

"Didn't know I was going to end up living with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, just saying." He takes time to eventually exit the shower room, oddly coming out wearing a basic white T-shirt, black hoodie, gray pants and black boots. 

Neither of the two can be seen or heard. 

"Didnt know the Tweedles were ghosts either." Vzark softly mumbles to himself, putting his hands in his pockets as he walks away, counting.

On the couch in the living room, Tanoshimi sits, massaging her temples. "The girls went to their bedrooms."

"Thought so." He tilts his head and goes to the couch, sitting down as well. "Stressed out?"

"Headache. There was a discussion in the community about the future of our kind."

"Didnt know we had one." Vzark gives an awkard laugh. "I understand the headache though."

"There was question as to if we should allow ourselves to propagate. In otherwords, breed. There is some discussion that it may be better if we die off rather than continue our kind."

Vzark seems to sulk in the couch. "I dont want your headache to get worse, but im curious. What do you think?"

"Why should we punish ourselves and doom our children to a future of loneliness on a barren, miserable crag that can hardly be called a island?"

He seems to mumble something. "I'm not actually sure what i'd say to that question. It'd be always nice if we could leave but as you already know that...isn't exactly an option.."

"I hope you come to a conclusion to that question sometime. It wouldn't be good if you still had doubts if Kanashimi let you get close to her. Decisiveness child, remember it."

Vzark sits up just a bit. "Right...its healthy for no one to just sit around second guessing things. Still hope theres a chance of things turning out better, though. Who knows."

"It'll be a challenge for us all. This generation, and the next, and the next. We have a long road before we can make a real life for ourselves."

"Would you have done anything differently before all of this?"

"There isn't really a point in asking such questions. For that matter, I couldn't have done anything really. Not while White controlled us."

Vzark opens his mouth to say something but quickly closes it, biting his tongue. "Verdammt!" He stays quiet for some more time before pushing back into the couch. "Yeah you're right, no point to it. I think im going to rest my eyes for a bit, where am I staying again?"

"In any of the bedrooms you care to aside from where the girls sleep. Knock on each one three times before entering, that's the rule."

"See you in the morning then." Vzark walks away and soon finds one of the bedrooms, knocks three times and after getting no response walks in. "Probably the longest day i've had in a long time..."

A simple bed, dresser, and closet are present.

He eventually gets ready for bed and gets in, quickly drifting asleep, dreaming of nothing.

Come morning, the first thing he sees is Nezumi sitting on his chest, her crimson red eyes very close to him if not filling his vision.

He barely processes his situation before his eyes widen, but still too groggy to yell. "Nezumi get off, what the hell are you doing in my room?"

"Good morning. Kanashimi wanted to see you."

Vzark blinks. "Okay, thanks for sending the message but know you dont need to be so close. Morning, by the way."

"Also breakfast is ready."

"Oh, okay. I'll be out in a second." Vzark gets up and sets Nezumi down, giving a gesture for her to leave.

She giggles and runs out.

"Such a strange little girl.." He gets properly dressed and heads out to where everyone else is, seeming to look for Kana.

She is found at the table, eating oatmeal and bananas.

He gives a faint wave. "Morning, Nezumi said you wanted to see me...?"

Kanashimi gives him a strange look. "....Noooooo?" She then blinks and suddenly glares at Nezumi, who giggles and runs, as Kanashimi starts chasing her. "Oh you little shit! Come here!"

"....Oh." Vzark seems a bit disheartened but shakes it off after Kanashimi runs after Nezumi and goes to see what he can get for breakfast.

There is a huge pile of pancakes with syrup and butter.

Vzark smiles before grabbing a plate and putting a large quantity of pancakes on it, and goes to sit while he starts eating, humming happily.

"You're in a good mood," Tanoshimi remarks as she is making bacon. Above them they can hear the rapid footsteps of the two sisters.

He looks up to Tanoshimi and barely stops humming. "Good mood, could have been better though. Its because of the pancakes though, Its been a while since I've actually had a good breakfast. I'm not the best cook, and after a while omelettes get boring."

"I'm glad they made you happy." She looks up. "If they break something I'm putting them to work on tower repairs."

"They really complete each other, its weird but oddly comforting. As destructive as it can get, it's still good to see that they're lively."

"Heartwarming sure, destructive and annoying."

Vzark can't help but laugh as he eats. "At least you've been able to live with it."

"Whatever you say."

So what do you think you're going to do today?" 

"More meetings. Need to go in a few minutes. Stay out of trouble or I'll rip off your family jewels." 

Vzark chokes on a pancake and pounds his chest in response. "U-understood, one hundred percent."

"Very good. I must be going." She gets up to leave, and heads to the door. "You eat as much as you want, you're still young. ...Then for our kind, so am I."

Vzark gives a nod as she leaves and continues eating, eventually finishing and getting up, putting his dishes into the sink and leaves the kitchen.

Entering the living room, he sees Nezumi tied up with Kanashimi boredly tickling her bare foot with a feather, the younger sister crying from laughing so hard.

"Uh...." Vzark blinks and slowly walks in. "Having fun there?"

"Not at all. Just paying her back in spades for that dirty trick."

"Tri-Oh, yeah." Vzark's face shifts to something a bit disheartened but he quickly hides it. "Seems like she's taking the punishment well."

After a moment she silently stops and looks at Vzark, her red eyes gain slanted pupils.

"So, judging from your reaction, I'd say it wasn't based on just a mere tease if there's such a black aura about you now."

"Oh that's uh..that's not it, mind just wandered..." Vzark looks away, tapping his fingers against his legs.

Kanashimi decks him in the jaw. "Consider the fact I can visually see emotions in the form of energy before you lie to me. That pisses me off."

Vzark puts his hand to his jaw. "Fucking hell, okay, okay. You dont need to hit me. But fine, maybe not a mere tease."

"So what is it then? You like making things more difficult than they are don't you?"

"I never want to, Im not trying to purposely make things like that. They just turn out to be, I dont know."

"Whatever." Nezumi appears to have passed out. "Well, guess that worked too well."

"I doubt she was able to breathe during that whole thing, so i'd expect that."

Kanashimi looks at the feather, then at Vzark, slowly.

He takes a slow step back. "You wouldn't."

She gives him a slow grin before pouncing on him, wielding the feather to great proficiency. "Come here!"

Vzark nearly yelps as she pounces, trying to resist her. "ERBARME DICH!"

"What's that? More? Ok!" She tickles with her hands now.

Vzark can barely make any words as he laughs uncontrollably, rocking and squirming 

She releases him after a few minutes. "Anyway, you should lighten up." She says, helping him up.

Vzark smiles as she helps him up. "..Thanks, that actually helped. Sorry if I'm being a downer."

"Don't be sorry, just do better."

"Right, right. Oh by the way I was wondering, do you want to do anything? Doesnt matter what, just something fun."

She gives him a look. "Clarify what you have in mind."

"Well, nothing specific. A game? Hell even just talking is fine, we don't usually talk too much."

"Usually I wouldn't talk to you, but mom brought you here, so that changes it."

"Am I that off putting?" Vzark's tone seems to have more than just sarcasm. "Questions are fine."

"Considering you for the longest time kept shuffling about like a vagabond and were more awkward than fitting a beach ball through the eye of a pin needle..."

"Alright, I get it. And I didn't really think anyone would want me to stay." Vzark lets out a breath of air. "Nevermind that though, I'm done with that. As for the awkwardness...we'll have to see."

Kanashimi gives him a look. "I honestly just thought you were a weird homeless stalker is what I chalked your visits up to, I'll be honest. In any case, we got chores to do. Mom's been having us repair the tower."

"Honesty is appreciated...but still a bit mean. And alright, whats the first place that needs to be fixed?"

"The top."

"Lead the way then."

She starts walking up a flight of stairs.

Vzark follows suit. "So how badly damaged is the top exactly?"

"The top is part of the very bottom of the tower. These towers were huge before they were destroyed."

"Guess we have a lot of work to do then. Have you attempted to fix them before?"

"We've been working on it for months."

"Jeez. Well, Rome wasn't built in a day..."

"Hmm, don't know much about Rome."

"I remember being taught about it when I was human. The Roman Empire was an empire among the most successful empires in the history of earth. They conquered a large portion of europe, but fell to a variety of things such as disease. The saying Rome wasn't built in a day goes from the Roman Empire taking quite a time to completely finish."

"...Ah." They reach a place where scaffolds can be seen above, and soon they are in an open air section of the tower, with the roof clearly not finished. A staircase in progress can be seen, and wooden beams can be seen as supports. Oddly they seem to look as if they had been grown into their place rather than constructed.

"Why does the construction look so strange?"

"I made saplings grow in some soil I managed to find into those shapes. They're living plants."

"I think I could use aura to make it grow faster, of that would help."

"I already manipulate it with Aether. I can handle it."

"Still, im not going to sit around doing nothing. What do you want me to do?"

"Put finished bricks down where the support is finished."

"Alright." Vzark starts placing bricks where the support is already complete.

Kanashimi is working on finishing the floor and parts of the wall's supports.

He continues to place brick as he glances over to Kana occasionally. "Hey, what was your human life like?"

"I was bullied for being in a successful family and was mugged constantly by my classmates. They even broke out of jail just because they wanted to settle the score after my parents found out."

"...Oh. Sorry to hear. I mean.. at least you had family, right?"

"...Yeah." Kanashimi looks away. "Prefer not to talk about it."

"Alright, and I understand. Mine...wasn't desirable."

She grunts, and seems to have finished the base of the new floor.

Vzark himself is nearly finished setting the brick down. "That was pretty quick."

"Not really." There is still half of the section of tower's walls left to go, and Kanashimi begins to grow the supports for that half. "It's not bad progress."

He continue to lay brick down as the supports grow.

Eventually the walls are finished, and Kanashimi begins putting in the main flooring as well as begins the final touches of the stairway.

"It seems to be turning out pretty well."

"One almost done, many to go."

"Greaaaaaaaaaat. If only I could teach dragons to do this for us..."

"Oh hush, work is work. Bellyaching doesn't make it go away."

"True but it still makes me feel better." He finishes up bricking the supports of the stairway.

"Breaktime then, we can relax for a couple minutes."

Vzark creates a chair made of wood and sits down, fixing his hair. "Do you think the others attempt to do repairs at all?"

"I'm sure the community mom runs does. Others, who knows."

He sits back, thinking. "Do you know how to play any instruments?"

"Not really."

"Have any of them ever caught your ear?"

"Again, not really."

Vzark takes a second before starting to combine various materials together from thin air, eventually making what appears to be a makeshift guitar. "Mind if I try to play then?"

"Knock yourself out."

Vzark nods and seems to test out the guitar by strumming a few times, and taking time to tune it before actually starting. It starts off slow and nothing special, but eventually starts to get faster and faster, becoming more elaborate and almost darker as it goes on. Vzark seems lost in his own world.

Kanashimi listens but doesn't visibly react.

He continues playing, seeming happy with himself and content, but clearly makes a mistake or two. "Ah damnit. Not the best player, been a while."

"You're fine."

"Fine, but fine isn't good enough for me. I'll probably find time to practice here and there."

"You should. Practice makes perfect."

Vzark smiles and no nods, dispelling the guitar into air. "Should we get back to work then?"

She shrugs. "Don't be too eager. It's not even lunchtime." She takes a small pack on her waist and opens it, revealing some round balls, which she begins to juggle.

Vzark tilts his head slightly, somewhat intrigued. "You can juggle?"

"Yeah. I have good reflexes and awareness."

"That I could guess, didn't think you'd be the kind of person to juggle though. Still pretty cool, mind showing me?"

"It's really simple really... just have good eye to hand coordination. Though since you're a clutz of course this task is beyond you," She ribs him, sticking her tongue out at him.

"You want to bet on that?" Vzark creates three balls made of aura.

Kanashimi smirks. "That's cheating. Man up."

"Ah, you never specified whether I could use balls of aura or not. But fine, I'll play fair. Toss me some."

"There's no point. Energy doesn't have weight. It's like training wheels." She tosses him some, they appear to weigh similar to billiard balls.

Vzark gets used to the weight by throwing them up and down a bit, before attempting to juggle. 

Kanashimi watches him practice. 

He clearly messes up a few times, but starts to get the hang of it. "See, not that ha-" One of the balls slips out of his hand and nails him in the foot. "Fucks sake!"

Kanashimi giggles. 

"Glad to know my pain is your joy. But alright, maybe it is a bit difficult."

"Your toes aren't broken are they? Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it."

Vzark smiles and continues. "Guess all of us have lots of time to practice simple things like juggling with the way things are, so that's a nice side to it all."

"Uh huh." She leans against the wall and closes her eyes.

His face seems to flush ever so slightly as he soon puts the balls down.

"Are you sick or something?"

"Sick...? OH, no no, of course not. No need to worry." Vzark gets up quickly to hide his face, looking around. "Great view, right?"

She laughs. "Unless we somehow started floating up and out of the tower, there isn't much to look at but wall."

Vzark seems to make an embarrassed face. "R-right. Still it's a uh...pretty nice wall."

Kanashimi opens her eyes, slightly cross. "Look here."

He seems hesitant but looks to her. "Something wrong...?"

He gets kicked in the face. "Pull yourself together man. I mean really. It's like you evolved into a raw fount of nerves. Come on, we got work to do. I'll make you something to eat when we're done."

Vzark recovers quickly and just nods. "...Thanks. And I...oh never mind, no need to try and justify my anxiety. You're right, let's get on with this."

Kanashimi begins to walk up the staircase, and begins to grow a new base for the next floor.

"Tell me when I should start laying down bricks." He remains at the ready.

She starts making the supporting structure, then indicates him to place bricks to help the structure.

He starts to place the bricks down once more, seemingly at a faster pace than before.

She finishes the supporting structure and begins working on the inital support beams for the wall.

He keeps on laying bricks down, humming silently to himself.

"That's enough, the walls aren't ready."

"Gotcha, what gave you the idea to build the supports by growing it anyway?"

"Thought it would be easier than cutting trees, which we basically have none of anyway."

"Yeah, place would look a lot nicer if we did."

"How about some damn grass? Rock, rock, oh look, more rock."

"Nah, its not just all rock. We've got rock AND vermin. Nothing looks better than dull rock and the occasional rat scurrying around."

"This place sucks..."

"Completely. But hey, nothing stoping us from trying to make it slightly less sucky. Im sure we can figure out how to make this place support natural life in the next century or so."

"...Gods I keep forgetting that. I keep expecting I'm gonna be an old lady some day."

"Dont know if not getting old is a blessing or a curse at this point. I mean, no wrinkles."

"Wouldn't have to worry for a while anyway. Only twenty anyway."

"Twenty four here, so yeah we've got quite some time for us left. Time wise everything feels....skewed, though. Like memories aren't in order."

"I've got most of mine. Not all of them though. Don't remember my birthdays.

Vzark hesitates. "I have...most. I remember friends, parties, school, family...." He seems to start to shake, taking heavier breaths. "God why did I ever want to know what my life used to be.."

"Eh, calm down there chief. No sense worrying about it now."

Vzark can barely nod. "I know, no use. I just...cant stop seeing their faces. All of them. One after the other, twisted and then gone." Vzark starts muttering in german, but quickly snaps out of it. "...Sorry. Now I have a headache, I really shouldn't be thinking about it."

Kanashimi finally starts making the rest of the wall's structure, and indicates for him to keep placing brick.

He takes one more breath before continuing laying down brick. "Sorry if I made anything awkward."

"Apologizing is about the only awkward thing in this conversation thus far."

"I should have just cut my loses and kept quiet then, shouldn't I have?"

"Quit worrying. When you worry is when you get awkward."

"Hard to quit habits like worrying, but i'll try."

"Don't try, do."

"Alright, alright. I will. Don't kick me in the back if that doesn't happen though."

"But I will kick you in the face for encouragement."

"Encouragement with a side of concussion is always welcomed, of course." 

For a while they continue their work, but eventually Vzark notices Kana has started napping.

He raises a brow, soon finishing his side of the work. "Guess it has been a long day." He quietly approaches her, unsure of what to do.

A strange bird made of paper begins flapping down toward them.

"Hm?" He reaches for the paper bird and grabs it, unfolding it.

The paper bird was an animated love letter forged by Kagerou, as Vzark has become very familiar with his handwriting, directed toward Kana.

His eye twitches as he incinerates the bird. "....Deja vu. I'd rather a false love letter not ruin any of my chances."

Vzark hears a large amount of fluttering above him.

"Not now, my God..." He tries to silently destroy the sources of fluttering coming towards him, not wanting to wake Kana up.

More paper birds are descending toward them, a whole flock of a hundred birds.

"I'm going to kill him." He continues his attempts to get rid of all the paper birds with fire, clearly annoyed.

Ash rains down on them like snow, and no more birds show up.

"Ashes to ashes, fuck you Kagerou." Vzark sighs and glances back to Kana.

She appears to be sleeping silently.

"Heavy sleeper it seems. Wonder if they dream." Vzark taps his fingers on his thigh and sits down, seeming to start to rest himself.

After a while, Kanashimi's eyes slowly open, and she silently looks at Vzark.

He looks to be in his own world before double taking back to Kana, giving a little wave. "Rest well?"

"Uh huh," She responds, stretching.

"Didn't think we'd get so much work done today, the tiredness is only kicking in now. Are we done for today?"

"No, but it's lunch time."

"Oh okay, probably for the best, need more energy." Vzark appears to be preoccupied with something in his mind.

She begins walking down the tower. "Come on, I said I'd cook."

"Oh, right. That'd be greatly appreciated actually." He faintly smiles and walks down behind her.

New State of Affairs Edit

Drake and White continue traveling to the tower, and White appears to have fallen silent.

Drake looks over at Shinwa. "Everything alright?"

"Fine." They arrive at the door of the tower, and White knocks. "You all home?"

Drake sees the door creak open slightly, and he can see Nezumi peek out from the door.

"...Wow, that's a pretty young person living here... Your fucking experiments, White..."

She doesn't reply, but looks at Nezumi instead. "Hello Nezumi, your mother home?"

The door opens wider and Kanashimi stands next to Nezumi, giving White a deathglare.

"Might as well be," She mutters.

Drake glances at both Nezumi and Kanashimi before looking around the base of the tower. 

Vzark seems to peer from behind both Kana and Nez. "...Oh."

After looking at the three, Drake simply circles the tower, applying arcane runes and patterns around it.

"I want to make this place more bearable for all of us, I want to see if Nezumi can help." She stares Kanashimi down as well.

After a long, tense moment, Kanashimi spits. "Fine. You do anything to her, I'll hamstring you."

Vzark simply eyes White warily, clear vindictiveness in his eyes. "What exactly does making this place more bearable entail?"

Drake shouts from the other side of the tower. "It entails safety from giant fucking storms from tearing this place apart, for starters!"

"....Ah. Didn't seem like the type to help..." Vzark mutters under his breath.

Her pupils become thin to some extent, becoming almost complete slits. "I hope you remember the fact I have supernatural hearing, Vzark. For that matter, I also hope you understand that I could kill you by sitting on you, so please don't tempt me. Or not enchanting your tower to be anti hurricane. Good luck with that."

Vzark squints. "Why are you being so defensive about him? If anything I thought you two would be at each others throats."

Her pupils widen slightly now. "I see, I assumed that was directed at me. Carry on, abuse him as you please." She says this with a smirk, and begins to walk off, Nezumi follows her.

A few thoughts speed by in his mind. "I'll probably go talk to Drake in a bit, what do you make of this Kana?"

"What do you mean?"

"As in how do you feel about this. Last thing I expected was Drake and White helping us with the tower."

"We're not helping you with the tower..." Drake responds as he comes full circle, his eyes gaze towards Vzark. "We're setting up a dome that is able to keep storms and the such out."

Kanashimi looks at Vzark. "About what I expected, to be honest. She doesn't think about a one, but a whole."

"And is there a problem with that?" At this point, Drake stands up and looks directly at Kanashimi.

"Why so defensive?"

"Because I can easy make this arcane circle into an explosive trap with a simple exchange of a few runes... So drop the smartmouth, ok?"

"Putting a dome around it in turn helps the tower, less chance of it being obliterated. So technically, you're helping with the tower. Also You've no authority to stop anyone here from speaking their mind. No one ever has."

Drake only chuckles and turns his head towards Vzark. "We'll see for that... Besides, I would love to see you try and stop me."

Kanashimi gives Drake a look. "You wouldn't be able to touch the tower, not with me here. Quit acting like that, I was simply asking you why you were acting like I just-" She pauses to snicker quietly, then continues "-Insulted your girlfriend. There's nothing wrong about her modus operandi save for she doesn't consider individuals not critical to her."

Kanashimi then looks at Vzark. "Picking apart someone's words doesn't help your situation." She then looks back at Drake.

"Threaten me or my home again, and you'll wish you weren't a magus."

The runes on Drake's eyes glow red as the tower slowly shakes but stops after a moment. "Try me, carrot top..." He glances over at Shinwa. "We done here?"

White looks back at him. "You idiot. Take those runes off, there's no point to them. We'll do it at the center."

Kanashimi silently places her foot slightly forward at the same time as the runes turn red, and Drake's spellwork backfires and he is repelled from the tower to White's side, the tower remains unaffected.

"No magician tolerates a threat to their own home. For that matter, none forgets to trap their grounds against malicious intentions."

Drake simply distorts back next to Shinwa. "...Then why exactly are we here? Besides, it would make more sense as to have each tower be a sort of spine for the dome."

"We were here for Nezumi. Now we go to the center. The barrier is less of a barrier and more of a trap. The spell uses the storms as its trigger and energy."

"...And we need her why?"

"Don't question me. I want to see if her powers can speed something up. Also, don't pick fights with Kanashimi."

"Yeahsurewhatever... Well this better be worth it otherwise your cache of ice cream is going to be a puddle."

"That's ok, I have you for back up desert." She continues walking to the center with Nezumi, who looks back at Drake with her wide, childlike red eyes.

He glances down at her and notices the eyes. "...I am not going to get used to seeing people who look like me..."

"She and Kanashimi are nearly completely genetically identical to your own genome. They just happen to be female." White says in a nonchalant manner.

"I don't remember being this innocent at Nezumi's age... But I can certainly see Kanashimi being like me... I'm not sure if I like that."

"Well they aren't you, they just happen to bear semblance and overall genetics. Kana was the first Eta, so I based her mostly off of you."

"D'awww, how flattering of you, I'll be sure to model my first lab creation after you." He responds in a teasing yet slightly sarcastic tone.

She simply turns and gives him another of her strange smiles.

"...You still never told me why you gave me that smile earlier."

She doesn't answer, instead she finishes walking to the center and begins to draw a magic circle with a claw into the stone.

"So what exactly do you need me to do then, if we're making this as a trap rather than a full on barrier."

"Find me pure copper metal."

"...Pure copper... Yeah sure, I'll just refine some ore I'll have in my HSC..." He sighs and his wings stretch out. "I'll go out and grabs some, alright?"

"Be back soon. We wouldn't want you to get caught in a twister."

He pats Shinwa on the head. "You don't need to worry about me, anyways..." He takes flight and leaves the island, only to arrive about fourty five minutes back with a literal minecart filled with pure copper behind him. "You'd be surprise for what they would trade gold here for..."

"Impressive. I suppose it is time to get to work."

"...You haven't exactly said what you wanted with this metal."

"Conductor metal. Consider it part of a massive battery or lightning rod." She glances at the copper. "Suppose an expedition to the foundry will be required then."

"Not exactly... I mean, if we're making all this into a giant lightning rod, then I could start making or refining parts right now."

"We're going to need more copper is all. But yes, you can get started on that."

"...Ok then." Using his spells, strength and assorted abilities, Drake begins arranging and forming parts for the lightning rod.

White disappears in a flash of light.

He continues to work on the parts, occasionally looking at Nezumi.

She looks back at him quietly, blinking slightly.

"...Why exactly were you brought along..."

"I knew you'd ask that."

"Huh... You do speak then, well indulge me, what do you have to offer?"

"Very likely White wants me to attempt to terraform the island."

"Alright then... All this to protect us from storms and such, doesn't it seem a bit much?"

"Wiring for an electrical system for the island, powered by lightning and wind."

"...And how exactly has she been powering this island beforehand?"

"She hasn't. The island has been without electricity for months."

"...Then how has she been able to have literal tons of ice cream... How exactly does anyone cook around here?"

"Magic, of course. It isn't that hard."

"...I assume it's somehow the same with plumbing but anyways..." He just continues to work on the parts.

"We can't use it all that often because we have to power these things ourselves."

"Well I guess it's either bothersome or people can't power them all the time... But still, that's slightly... Odd."

She takes to fiddling with some rocks, and White returns with a large pile twice as tall as them worth of copper.

"Welcome back." Drake says, finishing off the parts.

"Aye." She gets to work on a magic circle.

"So now seems as good of a time to ask, what's up with Nezumi?"

"She seems perfectly fine."

After a short moment of silence, Drake just makes the most blank expression as he looks at Shinwa then Nezumi before looking down and sighing. "Ooooooh it's going to be like this..." He tilts his head back up to Shinwa. "So, what else needs to be done."

"I need to complete this magic circle, then I'll be done with preparations once the copper has been laid into the island."

"Ok let me rephrase, what can I do?"

"Help me put the copper in the ground. Start by making a large circle along the borders of the island. That's important."

Unsure of how to exactly interpret her instruction, Drake simply flies off to the edge of the island and begins making a small trench that soon goes full circle around the island.

Put the copper in the ground, then bury it. Like you would a pipe, geez...

Drake blinks before sighing. "Right, forgot you could do that... Also there's a lot more to electronics than copper... But whatever." He starts doing as such, gathering the required copper by telekinisis and placing it into the trenches before covering it up with earth.

I realize that Ryunexo, don't patronize me.

"...How many times do I have to tell you, it's Drake."

She seems to mentally send him one of her strange smiles.

"I will melt your ice cream... So what's next."

He receives a mental diagram of the complete island's circle layout. The rest of the circle needs to be made. Keep up the good work... ...Ryunexo.

"..." He begins working with the diagram, laying down the copper as he goes until he's almost finished. "Oh and Shinwa...Drake gives her a mental flick on her nose. 

Oh, in that case I won't make you food from Cyanic then... what a shame.

"I know how to cook food from Cyanic... Also how would you know."

Give me credit Ryunexo, I probed your mind while you were out of it.

"...What else did you see."

Now why would I answer that? 

"...Actually I have a lot of questions during my time in that pod... But I'll ask them later." He finishes off the copper and covers it all up. 

Back at the circle White drew, she presses her hands together and all along the copper lines, a large white light begins to emit from the ground.

"Right, there's that done." He flies back to Shinwa. "So, we done yet?"

Her eyes are closed, and her hands are still together. "Still molding the lines, need a few minutes."

"Alright... Well if you don't mind me." He flicks his hand up and the earth besides Drake raises up and forms into a shape similar to a lawn chair, he lies down on it and relaxes.

After tilting her head to one side in curiosity, Nezumi mimics the action next to him.

Drake looks over at her, slowly shaking his head before closing his eyes to rest.

After a little while, White finishes, then looks at Nezumi and Drake. "Peas in a pod I see."

He lets out a small chuckle. "Apparently so... I could get you a resting rock too."

"Not interested."

"All I heard was interested." In one quick moment, Drake flicks his hand up, causing the earth underneath Shinwa to sprout up, forming into a similar structure as the one he is relaxing on. "You're welcome."

She makes a yelp of surprise, and uses her wings to balance herself.

"Just relax." The earth slowly reaches up to her and forms in such a way that she's able to lay down on it.

She spits fire in a small burst shortly after it settles, looking quite disgruntled. "Manhandling me..."

"Technically it's earthhandling you." He responds in a teasing manner.


"Are you going to sit down or not?"

She grumbles.

He just sighs. "White, please, take a small rest."

"I'm not some prissy delicate flower that needs to be handled with a napkin and tip toeing about. I can handle one little spell."

After a moment Drake gives an annoyed growl and the earth lowers back. "That's not what I meant but suit yourself." He puts his hands behind his head to rest on then closes his eyes, making a small yawn.

She looks at Nezumi. "Would you mind conversing with me regarding some plans for the island?" 

Nezumi tilts her head but walks over to her and the two begin to discuss amongst themselves for a while, at a fair distance.

Meanwhile Drake just dozes off, his arms slump off the rock and he seems rather comfortable.

After a while of discussion, White looks back at Drake, and then smirks, as she whispers a magic spell that ties back his hair with a giant pink bow. Nezumi starts giggling. 

Soon after Corruption seeps up from out of Drake and takes the bow off before going back inside, leaving Drake to sleep peacefully.

White seems to scribble a note on a notepad, then returns to continue talking to Nezumi, and a little while afterward, Drake feels something brush against his foot.

He lets out a small growl and sits up, glaring at whatever is by his feet.

He sees a small green sprout shooting up from between the rocks, it is brushing up against his foot as it grows, and there are other similar sprouts appearing in a circle around Nezumi.

"...What the hell are you two doing."

"Really Ryunexo, must you be so daft? I only said multiple times we were trying to make the island more bearable for living."

He blankly stares at Shinwa. "...I'm going back to the tower." He stands up then flies towards the center tower.

"You shouldn't be so mean to Christmas Tree."

"...You and your names... I'm not apologizing if that's what you..."

Nezumi is now staring at White, folding her arms. "I won't help you with your plants if you don't."

White grimaces. "You're way too stubborn... I already know that much." She sucks in a breath and walks after Drake, Nezumi simply watches her go.

As Drake flies up to the bedroom, he turns his head and sees Shinwa. "What now?"

"She seems to believe that it was mean of me what I said to you, so I am apologizing."

He just blinks. "...Ok? I don't exactly... Yeah I'm slightly confused."

"...So... you're not... upset."

"No, I'm not upset, tired however... Very."

"...How about I come with you then?"


"I'm tired as well. Do you have some objection to that?"

"And what about Nezumi, you'll just leave her there?"

White points back toward the Tower, and Nezumi seems to have already crossed the distance and is just now closing the door.

"She gets around."

"Oh... Ok then." He goes through the window of the bedroom and simply falls face first onto the bed, a content sigh is muffled by the pillows, as is his voice. "Much more comfortable than rock..."

White simply walks through the door instead, then comes up from the stairs, then comes and sits down next to him, and opens a book and begins reading.

Once more Drake's voice is muffled. "What'cha reading?"

"Principles of Reflection. A book on reaching inner peace."

"Does someone really need a book to tell them how to have inner peace?"

She responds by laying down on him as she reads.

He slightly squirms. "Must you do that?"

"No, but I should say that questioning someone who has no answers and is willing to find them is a bit rude."

"Right right, sorry..." He tries to squirm once more but to no avail, but soon slightly wraps his tail around Shinwa.

She pauses at the contact, blinking quietly.

After a bit of silence... "...I feel so lost."

Drake only makes a chuckle. "I know, that's why it's funny." He says in a teasing tone.

"..." She silently tosses the book into a wall, making a loud slam.

The sudden noise caues Drake to jump, his tail unwrapping itself as his head pops up. "What the hell, Shinwa?"

She silently jumps up into the air, turning full dragon mid air, and lands in a large bowl like bed in the floor across the room, the impact causes an intense earthquake for a few brief moments. She then curls up in the bowl with a growl.

In the sudden earthquake, Drake falls off of the bed and almost instantly stands back up, looking directly at Shinwa. "What the fuck was that?!"

A large black cloud of smoke from her nostrils fills the room, a grunt is the only response.

After the smoke clears up, Drake's expression goes from annoyed to calm as he walks up to Shinwa, hands in his pockets.

She doesn't respond.

Drake approaches the bowl then looks up at Shinwa, he then steps into the bowl and lays down against her body. He sighs. "Sorry if I annoyed you."

She makes a light rumble, but allows him to lay against her, after a while, a wing drapes over him.

He gives out a content rumble of his own as he actually snuggles up to her, his head resting on her paw.

She is still sleeping later that evening when he wakes up.

He manages to slide away from the bowl and after taking a glance at her, Drake stretches his wings and flies out through the window. Heading off to the shore of the island, he spends a good hour or so trying to catch the very same fish Shinwa was hunting for last time. Eventually he manages a catch and flies back into the room, walking up to her, he dangles the fish in front of her nose.

She starts sniffing in her sleep.

He begins to sway the fish from left to right, seemingly teasing her.

Her large mouth begins to open slowly.

"About time you wake up, Shinny." He lightly tosses the fish into her mouth.

Her maw closes down with a snap the moment it hits her tongue.

"...Aaaaaaaaaaand still asleep..." He looks at the bowl like bed and smirks, walking over to the other side, he attempts to push Shinwa out of her bed.

She makes grumbles while sleeping.

"God... Dammit... MOVE!" He pushes as hard as he can and flaps his wings once, causing both Shinwa and Drake to go flying from one side of the room to the other.

She lets out a deafening roar as she crashes, her tail slamming angrily into the ground.

"MORNING SUNSHINE!" Drake exclaims in an all too happy tone.

She looks about ready to maul him.

"If you attack me now, I will make sure to kill off every one of those red fishes you like in a two mile radius." He responds, a smug grin on his face.

She seems to become eerily calm, and seems to be releasing a large quantity of smoke from her nostrils, but appears to be doing nothing else.

"Oh... I thought you would be a lot more angry..." He slowly blinks and looks around. "...Ok what have you done?"

Very soon, the smoke gets so thick and heavy he has trouble breathing, much less seeing.

"There we go..." He exits through the window by feeling around the room and then hovers just outside, waiting for the smoke to clear up.

Soon after a huge fireball rushes through the window, and when it dissipates, the smoke is gone, and White is sleeping once more, the large bed they normally slept in is gone, nothing but a pile of ash remains.

He hovers back in and groans. "...You need to be more active... How do you even maintain that body figure if all you do is fucking sleep?"

She opens an eye halfway, then seems to snort, as though amused.

"..." Drake just rolls his eyes and sits down, leaning against the wall.

"I burn my calories without even trying."

"...If that was a joke I swear to God."

"Or what? If you do that, I'll just have to wash your mouth with soap."

"...You wouldn't dare."

"This is being said to the dragon who casually experimented with humans to create angelic beings to destroy a planet."

In response Drake just sticks his tongue out before opening his HSC, glancing through all his items, he pulls out a tattered and dusty book. He wipes off the dust with one hand and opens it to a random page and begins reading.

While he does this, she just watches him for a bit, then when his attention is diverted, she stalks up to him silently, then breaths hot air down his neck.

Rather than be alarmed, he just shudders at the sudden heat and looks over his shoulder. "Yes?"

To his surprise, his face is greeted by a sandpaper rough tongue to the cheek.

Drake's only expression is slight confusion as he simply pats Shinwa on the nose, unsure of how else to react to that.

She lumbers away after a moment, and eventually she resumes a humanoid form, but doesn't speak, merely wandering off into the inner depths of the tower.

"Oh no no no." He puts the book down and stands up, walking after her. "You can't just do that and not give a reason to why - where are you even going?"

She only merely pauses to look back at him with a smile before literally walking up the wall and onto a section of walkways higher up, then continues going.

With a few flaps of his wings, he flies up to the walkway and continues to follow her.

She seems to have no aim or agenda to the path she is walking.

He flies next to her, eventually leaning a bit too much and collides into her.

She rolls and manages to get back to her feet in one movement, then looks back at him.

"...Can I help you?"

"Nah, just thought I'd return the favour." He quickly plants a small kiss on her cheek before wizzing off into the distance before White could even register what happened.

She quietly turns away and continues walking until she comes to a stained glass window, and sits down, quietly basking in the light.

Meanwhile Drake ends up on top of the tower once more, looking around.

Not much is happening, though the area where Nezumi was previously standing seems to have broken down into black dirt, in a perfect circle. Kagerou can be seen navigating the crags on his lonesome.

"How... Quiet." He slowly flies around, passing over the circle of dirt and eventually over Kagerou.

The chaos engine seems to ignore him.

He shrugs it off and flies off to the different towers.

He notices a woman near the community of CE's with purple eyes and white hair, sitting on the top of a more complete tower.

With nothing else to do, Drake hovers up behind her, sitting on the opposite side of the roof. 

She tilts her head in his direction, silent until... "You shouldn't sneak up on me like that."

"I didn't plan on scaring you or anything, calm down."

She has an odd smile. "Few things scare me. As one of her former guards, I have a tendency to stab what lurks behind me."

"Huh, so she experimented on her guards as well... Chaos Engine I assume?"

In response she flares her large angelic wings.

"...Yep, Chaos Engine." He eventually looks over at the woman. "Name?"


"Huh... Odd name, so how long have you been a CE for then?"

"Since the start of the war. She became desperate for an ace, so she started looking to us, her veteran knights. I was one of the survivors. The process of transformation is not meant for non humans."

"...Non human...? So I'm not familiar with Earth or Fantasy for that matter so... Non human, you seem human to me."

She smirks. "I was a shapeshifter before I was a CE." Before his eyes, she changes into a more feminine Drake for a moment, winking before turning back into her prior self. "I'm not capable of changing my gender though."

Drake just slowly blinks. "...Please never shapeshift into me again." He shakes his head in slight confusion before returning to topic. "So that's both you and her who are shapeshifters... Actually that's another thing I want to ask; if you're a shapeshifter... What is your original form? Or is that something you claim on your own?"

"That would be a more exciting question to ask if it was White you asked. I was born with this visage, if that is what you ask."

"Oh, that's fine. Besides Shi-- White is resting I think..." He looks down at the other Chaos Engines. "...So if you were one of her guards, then you must have seen me in the tube right?"

"I was her personal guard of the main tower. Seperate division. The only time I ever really saw you was when my operation was done, when my dna was warped by yours and scores of others. Why?"

"Well she wasn't really all that open to go into detail with what she did to me in there... I know I was in there for a while and that most, if not every Chaos Engine here has my dna but that's all I got so I just wanted to know more."

"You were basically just a resource that was harvested. I think she visited the room every once and a while, but didn't do much."

"Oh... Lovely, well it makes sense... I guess it's nice to have my dna in others." Not even a moment passes as Drake's face slowly goes red and he sinks his face into his hands. "I meant becuase of the experimentation."

"Well Kanashimi and Nezumi were basically genetically rearranged into *ahem* essentially female 'Drakes', so I suppose they are literally your children in an... atypical fashion."

"Of course she fucking would... Well that explains why they look like me the most out of the others."

"They're probably the most stable CE type she made of us Etas."

"Making something stable using my dna doesn't seem... Right."

"The *most* stable. Besides the point, what are you doing?"

"Right now? Nothing really, just bored."

"Why have you been engaging with the lady as you have?

"...Excuse me?"

"You appear to have been awfully... ...affectionate toward her of late. The both of you, for that matter."

"Still keeping an eye on her then... Besides why should I tell you?"

"Because I'll curse you if you don't." Her eyes are now alight with a ghostly glow.

The runes in Drake's eyes glow red as a seemingly warning sign but soon dim, but for a smirk to emerge instead. "First of all, to curse someone's possible crush? A bit selfish don't you think? But anyways, she seemed like someone who needed help... And since everyone else was busy with whatever they do, I'd decided to be the one who helps her."

"So you have feelings for her?" She asks, not intimidated.

"If you can call it that."

"I see. Well, I'll be watching..." She disappears in smoke.

"...Ok then." He looks down at the community of Chaos Engines, unsure of what to do now.

He sees Tanoshimi consulting the others, they appear exhausted. Nearby is a tower they have been repairing.

"They're really putting in effort to regenerate this island aren't they..." He flies over to the other tower, flying through the gaps and generally inspecting it.

The tower seems halfway complete, it is one of only three actually standing.

He eventually relaxes in one of the gaps, his head peering out to see the rest of the Chaos Engines.

They appear to be discussing something in great earnest.

Drake eventually lets out a yawn, deciding to help repair the tower in his own special way... Once the tower is covered in runes, it slowly begins to build itself as Drake is just there looking through his HSC once more.

One of them seems to notice him, a woman with similar features to him, but very distinct grey purple eyes, dressed in a simple brown robe.

"What is it?" He calls out without shifting gaze.

She returns attention to the others.

He simply shrugs and continues to watch the tower repair itself brick by brick.

When it finishes, she looks back at him, and seems to excuse herself and approaches.

"Once more, what is it?"

"Do you know whose home you just repaired?"

"I'm gonna do a potshot and say Kado's tower."

"Who? ...Oh. No, it's mine, actually. Come inside."

"Oh... Ok then." He simply rolls through the only gap left in the tower before it covers up, only to poke his head out. "And now?" 

She walks in, the bottom half has maintained living quarters and a small kitchen. "You can dine with your pet dragon later. Since you did something for me, I'll treat you as thanks." 

"...Pet dragon... Ok first of all, who are you? Second of all, that's quite the assumption for you to make."

"Oh my apologies, I didn't realize it was the reverse. My name is Sukimu, a Chaos Engine. Tea?"

"And third of all, I'm not her pet." Drake's tone is instantly hostile.

She makes no comment, nor does her temperance change, she merely keeps making tea.

"Any preference of food? Meat or veggie lover?"

"I'm not hungry."

"Is that because I insulted your little dragon?"

Drake simply sighs and punches a brick out of the tower in frustration. "I will tear this place down as quickly as I built it."

"You'd better get used to it. Your existence in the bottle was a mercy. We had to live with her and what she did. We lost our lives because of her, and for what, some half assed plan of redemption? She could have simply left us well enough alone and still had done just fine. I won't mince my words just because you want to play lovebird with the one who ruined my life."

After a moment of thought, Drake speaks out. "You weren't the only one who's life was ruined because of her - I was a mercenary doing what I loved, living a life I enjoyed,  me coming here essentially retired me whether or not I wanted to or not. And I've seen the sorta things war does to people, trust me, so I'm probably more tolerant to hear what White did than you... Speaking of which, you realise that right now, she's still trying to redeem her actions. That's more than likely the reason your still around, I don't doubt it would be hard to get rid of you - after all, she could have left you alone and she would have been fine, right?" His response seems to be dished out in an insulting tone, before relaxing. "And yeah, tea would be nice."

She stiffly pours tea in a cup for him. "You shouldn't have to redeem yourself in life. And there's only so much you can forgive... ...especially when that someone ordered you to kill, abduct, and transform children into more of our kind, simply to make more soldiers. ...And then to watch as those children were slain before your eyes, and you know in your heart you're the reason they're dead."

She shakily exhales. "Defend her honor if you wish. Who am I to judge someone's taste, after all. I wish you luck in that regard. ...So how is your new life?" She says, trying to distance herself from the topic, more for her own sake than anything.

"The new life is... Interesting, but it shouldn't take long to get used too, I mean... Work with what you're given, right?" Drake takes the cup and slightly raises it before taking a sip and leaning against the furniture. "Well, I guess since I'm done here, I need to get going. The pet dragon isn't going to look after herself." Drake says, imitating Sukimu's voice before finishing the drink and placing it on the side. "Thanks for the drink, by the way."

"...And thank you for repairing my home." She replies.

"Anything for an outcast like me, I suppose." And with that, Drake eventually exits the tower and makes his way back to Shinwa's tower.

He doesn't immediately find her, as she is in a remote part of the tower, with a stained glass window, seemingly sitting and sunbasking, with her eyes closed.

"Alright then, guess she's doing... Dragon things." He looks around before noticing his own smell, his expression changing to slight disgust. "Ok, I need a shower, no way in Hell I'm having this stench on me." He makes his way to the bathroom, tossing his jacket to the side before entering. A few moments later, hot water can be heard as Drake showers himself

Shinwa slowly wakes up after he leaves, walking down to the main living area. She hears the water and decides to wait outside the door quietly, sitting down and looking at the entrance intently.

Sooner rather than later, the water stops and the door creaks open. Drake, wrapped with towels and his clothes thrown over his shoulder walks out but recedes suddenly upon seeing Shinwa right in front. "Ah! Oh... Hey." He quickly catches his breath. "You shouldn't wait outside like that, it's a bit creepy."

"Old habits. You don't care when you share a public bathhouse most of your life with the village."

Drake's response is just a blink. "But... This is YOUR tower, your home." After a moment, Drake walks past Shinwa. "Just gonna throw these into a washer."

"It is? Never really felt like home to me." She remarks casually as she begins to walk into the shower area.

As Drake puts his clothes in the wash, it suddenly hits him. "...Shit... That's my only pair..." He looks down at the towels wrapped around him and sighs. "Guess I'll have to wait." He turns and makes his way around the tower, reading his spell book in the meantime.

Shinwa soon returns, slipping into bed after her shower, discarding her towels as she enters the sheets. She takes a book from the bedside and begins to read for a while, getting cozy.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, a hungry Drake wonders the fridge and freezer for food. "Oh nice, ice crea-- ...Which ones... Did I spike. Fuck." It takes him a few moments before he cautiously grabs one of the tubs, two bowls and spoons. "Oh God please be clean." Eventually Shinwa hears a knock. "Hey, got some food and... Well, I guess you'll see."

Her eyes widen as she looks toward the door, already smelling the icecream, but also afraid to move. Eventually she disregards her momentary distress and allows him to enter, keeping herself well covered, putting away the book.

"I'm staying in bed for now." She says simply, hoping to avoid getting up.

"...Ok then." Drake stares blankly at the door, before sighing and turning around, pushing himself into the door to open it. Once he turns around, he sees Shinwa and his head traces to the bathroom door where he can see the splayed out towels. At this point you can see a bit of colour drain from his face. "...Ok what the fuck am I supposed to do here."

"I don't know what that means. This is my bedroom after all, but if you wish to clean after my mess I won't stop you." She lays her head on her pillow.

"I thought you said you brought food?"

Drake rolls his eyes as he sits on the bed. "I'm not cleaning behind you, and yes, I did..." He scoops some of the ice cream into a bowl and passes it her way. "Here."

She sniffs it briefly before beginning to ingest some. "Of all the individuals I've met, I never expected any to look past the surface. ...Yet you of all of them are the one to prove me wrong... ...I wonder why..." She ponders.

"It'd be hypocritical of me to call someone like you a menace if all I did was to look at the surface... Hate to bring it up now but it's the type of stigma I'd get back home... A child mercenary, most people would see that as menacing, yet they don't know a thing about me - the same thing could apply to you." He takes a bite out of his own ice cream.

She blinks. "Your words baring wisdom surprise me considering your rash behavior when you first arrived. You truly are paradoxical a being, Ryunexo."

Drake blinks in response. "I just realised that you were joking what you just said, wow I feel stupid..." He awkwardly laughs. "But thanks Shinwa, and by the way it's... Nevermind."

She continues to eat her icecream, her tail now poking out of the sheets, silently swishing. She readjusts herself in bed for comfort.

While they're both eating, the tip of Drake's tail silently wraps around Shinwa's all while he's unaware. "Y'know, we don't even have this on Cyanic. I remembered being stationed on a different planet for a while, they had food like this. I guess this place isn't as bad as everyone out there would make it out to be." He says, smiling.

"I suppose being my Tank Boy has its advantages, doesn't it?" She says with her usual faint smile.

"I suppose so... Hmm, so, why do you do those strange smiles?" Drake asks, turning his head towards Shinwa.

"Because it's fun watching your face wrinkle up in confusion," She mimics his face after one of her smiles, before flashing him yet another, this one slightly more on the nose in terms of teases.

His eyes narrow but his soft smile turns into a small grin as he casually flicks a bit of ice cream, landing directly on Shinwa's nose. He chuckles to himself. "A bit childish but I guess it could be paypack for the strange smiles." 

She tries to lick it off her nose, becoming vexed in the attempted. 

Drake goes quiet for a moment before speaking up. "...Here, let me help." He leans in and kisses Shinwa's nose in an 'attempt' to get rid of the ice cream, once more while Drake's tail slightly tightens around Shinwa's.

Her eyes widen slightly before she smiles and kisses him straight on the lips, her tail coiling around his in turn equally tight.

Instead of retracting, Drake embraces the kiss, leaning in closer and closing his eyes. His tail fully coiled around hers and wings covering them both.

She pulls him into the blankets, her face becoming rosy as he continues the kiss, her body heating up inside, radiating out to him in gentle waves of warmth.

Drake traces Shinwa's body with his hands before he momentarily breaks off the kiss to look at her, his eyes clearly indicating that he's lost in a lovestruck world of ecstasy. His smile only grows as he leans in again to deeply kiss his draconic lover.

She presses against him tightly and allows him to explore her body, her desire growing all the while, before joining with him for much of the late hours of the day, her body still deeply entwined with his own by the time they sleep, her face nestled next to his, her radient heat keeping the nestmates warm and comfortable well into the next morning.

Antics Edit

Meanwhile, Kanashimi goes inside, and appears to be cutting pork with a hatchet.

Vzark soon follows in, seeming curious. "So what did you have in mind to cook?"


"Oh Pork is nice, don't often eat it so it should be good. Thanks."

"You're welcome, have a seat."

He sits down, clearly eagar. "Why did White take Nezumi anyway?"

"Nezumi has special gifts, she was... ...useful in the war if you don't remember."

Vzark nods. "I tend to force myself to shut out most things that happened during the war. But yes, I remember. Aether Manipulation is extremely useful, don't know if the same can be said for Nether in our current situation."

"I don't imagine the storm shield was what she wanted my sister for, it was probably something related to the condition of the island. She wouldn't have asked for Nezumi to help with that spell, she'd probably have asked me or mom."

"I suppose so, but that always raises the question of if it's regarding the condition, why didn't she tell us? At this point its strange to keep secrets."

She begins to add various spices to the meat.

He waits silently, humming to himself while looking lost in thought.

Kanashimi soon finishes and puts a plate with corn and potatoes on his plate along with a main serving of pork.

"Thanks again." He starts to eat at an average pace, looking caught up on something.

Kanashimi pretends to not notice, and fixes herself a plate.

"Have you ever wondered what i'd be like if we were on the other side of the war?"

"Not really no."

"Well, I kinda do. No reason to, but I do anyway. Its not important though." Vzark continues eating.

"I don't really think philosophically and all to begin with."

"I like to a lot, it may not answer questions but it kinda helps me cope with stuff. Even if it's pessimistic at times."

"You're like the crown prince of pessimism."

"Hey, at least I'm a prince of something. I'll take what I can get at this point." Vzark smiles and laughs.

Kanashimi rolls her eyes and digs into her food.

Vzark also continues eating and eventually finishes. "Hey Kana I kinda...need to talk to you about something. Do you mind?"

She gives him a questioning look, and shrugs.

Vzark seems instantly nervous. "Alrightt uh, fucking hell how do I say this....I dont want to fuck this up so im just going to say it. "Kana I kinda have feelings for you."

Kana blinks, not registering what he said properly. "....Huh?"

Vzark slumps, not wanting to speak again. "Do I have to say more...? Sorry, okay. I like you. Romantically..."

She seems to start stuttering incoherently.

"Um.. Kana? Are you okay?" Vzark is visibly concerned, getting up a bit.

"Whatlikeakissahugacasualstareorgirlfriendorororor..." She blurbs, then looks around, quite distressed. "OHMYIHAVESOMETHINGTODOWOULDYOULOOKATTHETIMEBYE!" In a shower of angel feathers she disappears in a burst.

Vzark has a seemingly blank stare as Kana dissapears. "...Oh god." Vzark curses at himself in german as he cleans up from eating. "...I need to talk to Tano..."

A redish feather slowly drifts onto his nose from the flurry of feathers.

He stops cursing and promptly grabs the red feather. "Hell, anyone would do at this point...did I fuck up? Oh god..." He then quickly rushes out of the room, and then tower, heading straight for where Tano and the others are at an extremely fast speed.

Over in the community, Tanoshimi is overseeing some work on fixing a broken tower.

"TANO!" Vzark flies over and nearly crashes into the building as he stops. "Jesus, fuck that was close, look sorry, I flew here as fast as I could because things went down and imfreakingoutandihavenoideawhattodobecausethisissomethingnewtome-" Vzark continues to talk faster and faster.

She takes one look at him, claps her hands together, and the next thing he knows, he's laying in a cot, freezing cold. "Sorry, that was a bit rough, needed to cool you down. Literally. Now. Slowly, calmly, and quietly. What's wrong?"

Vzark yelps and jumps up from the cold, but collects himself. "Okay,okay, I'm good. Thank you. Sorry it's just I don't really know what to do. I told Kana I had feelings for her, she started stuttering and suddenly disappeared like nothing. I don't know if what I did was good, or bad, or...I don't know!"

Tanoshimi seems to grimace. "That would be much like her... the only thing wrong with romance is execution and timing. I'm afraid you've slipped into the hornet's nest, Vzark. A nest whose name is loving women. I believe I did tell you to be patient and let her warm up to you first, or something like that. Kanashimi doesn't know how to deal with men. She also doesn't know how to express her feminine side, it makes her uncomfortable. Surely you noticed her choice of clothing is less than... pretty and more... rugged...?"

"Well, yes but I didn't think much of it. God I've overlooked everything." He slumps and swings his head back. "And aaaauuugh I hate hornets!...Thats not relevant. Fucks sake I said I was okay but apparently I lied. I might have ruined my chances at this point, I always fuck up things like this.."

"Nothing is guarenteed, especially up to a point. Set back yes, doomed, no. However since it is my daughter, I must largely allow you to find your answers on your own. Take your time, for the strongest blaze burns out the quickest. Such is the affair of love. Oh, and I'd try to be a bit... ....ahhhhh... 'slow' in regards toward your approach. One foothold at a time. That is all I will tell you. Figure the rest out yourself."

Vzark opens his mouth to seemingly go on a tangent but holds it in and breathes. "Okay, thank you Tano. I just really needed someone to talk to. Ill take your advice to heart. Tell everyone here I said hello, by the way." Vzark waves and takes off, heading back to the tower.

She quietly waves him off. "You're free to speak your mind you know."

Vzark just barely catches what she says as he flies off, and mumbles to himself. "If I did that things wouldn't be so "nice"..." 

She watches him fly off, then turns and sighs. "Biting his tongue like he does will only hurt him in the long run..." 

Meanwhile, Vzark comes back to the tower, and notices Kanashimi's door has grown roots and embedded itself into the wall, preventing it from being opened, and thorns can be seen all over it. 

"Uhhh....shit. Thats uh...not good. Kana, if you're in there and you can hear me, im sorry. I'll doing...things." Vzark shuffles off and puts his head to a wall, hitting against it a few times. "Why me." 

A root smacks him in the face after he does this enough times, it seems to have sprouted from the wall in response to his banging. The root then grows two miniature muscled arms in the universal hands on hips pose.

Vzark merely glances at the root before sighing, poking it and making it instantly decay and disintegrate. "I'll stop. Sorry. I'm going to go rest my head for a bit, so i'll be out of your hair for a while. See you then, maybe." Vzark slumps off to his room, heading inside and laying down on the bed, thinking.

After some time, he sees a purple light flickering in his room.

He slowly gets up after furrowing his brow, investigating the purple light. "Ungerade..."

When he gets up, he is able to see a cat made of pure energy, which seems to have noticed him, and is now sitting at the edge of his bed, staring at him with lavender eyes.

"How'd you get here little one?" He moves towards the cat, inspecting it. "Did someone make you?"

It jumps onto his head in response.

"...I'm just gonna call you Cheshire for the time being. You're a purple, and a cat, what else would I call you?" Vzark remains quiet for a second. "Why am I talking to a cat?"

The cat tilts its head at Vzark, its tail flicking playfully.

"You're lucky I have a weakness for cats anyway." He pets the cat, leaving it on his head and walking out of his room, stretching. "Someone misplace their cat recently?"

Kanashimi by this time is in the main room, and notices the cat. "...Ah, that's Nezumi's. She made it a while ago."

"Its rather well done, and its kinda adorable." He picks it up, petting it in his arms. "...How are you doing?"

"Whydoyouask, I'mfinewhywouldn'tIbe?"

"Just...making sure. I mean, you kinda up and left when...I said what I said. And even now you're....oh nevermind, sorry" He keeps his distance, not wanting to intrude.


" did hear what I said, right? And if somethings wrong im up for talking about it." Vzark makes his way to the main room.

Kanashimi appears to have her face buried into a book, her fingers are clenching the book extremely tightly, and they are shaking.

"Kana seriously if what I said was wrong please tell me, I'll...I'll apologize immediately, you really don't seem okay.."

"....I'm fine."

"I don't want to make you uncomfortable, let that be known. If you ever feel like that then tell me and...I'll leave you be, I suppose."

"...Just shut up and sit down..."

He nods and walks over to her, sitting down. "....Its a pretty cute cat, Nezumi did a good job."

"She tends to do so a lot..." She is still reading, but seems less tense.

"I've noticed, but hey if shes your sister of course shes going to do well." Vzark smiles.

"She is gifted with the Aether. As am I, but in... ...other areas."

"To be honest I dont actually know anything about Aether. Im the opposite actually. Vzark holds his hand slightly up and dark whisps form around it, almost seemingly like an abyss if peered into it. He quickly gets rid of them. "Nether, to be specific."

Kanashimi still have her book up. "Yes, I know. We fought alongside each other in a war, remember? I had plenty of time to get to know what powers you had."

"...Yeah, sorry. I tend to shut the war. Its good that you're able to use Aether to benefit us even now though, especially regarding making the supports with living wood."

"I only use it if it's convenient. I see no reason to indulge in it."

"Well, for one it could be fun. You could learn things you never knew before, and isn't that alone enough? At least, in my case it is. Plus it's pretty cool."

"Bleh. Education. Learning. Gross."

"Pft. I like learning, always have. Agree to disagree then."

"What are you, a grey old professor?" 

"No, just a straight A student. I don't like stupid people anyway, so I couldn't be a professor." Vzark laughs, clearly joking. "And besides, what else is there to do for fun?"

Kanashimi lowers the book and tosses a mud pie in his face.

"....I can't tell whos the child, you or Nezumi." Vzark gives a snarky smirk before cleaning off the mud, creating fabric and wiping off any remaining mud. "I guess that's your answer though."

He's promptly smacked in the face by another one, a giggle rings out from Kanashimi shortly afterward.

"If you want to play dirty, by all means." Vzark has all the mud come off of his face and flings it into hers. "Don't know if you're ready for this though."

Kanashimi tilts her head and it whips around and flies toward him. "You were saying?"

He creates a small wall out of aura and the mud bounces off back at Kanashimi. "Guess you are then, put a little more effort than tilting your head though."

She yawns as it comes toward her, and it gets sucked into her mouth, causing a brief flash of blue light. She then looks at Vzark and smirks.

"...That's just unsanitary." Vzark can't help but laugh. "Whatever works though." Vzark morphs the aura into earth and then mud, quickly flinging it at her once more.

She does the same thing again, then opens her mouth again and shoots two at Vzark, he then realizes she had redirected his attacks.

He dodges both, creating more mud and flinging at her body instead of her face this time. "That's still unsanitary."

"I don't see how, it's just wet dirt."

"Eh, just what I think. And if you want to be technical like that, then its dirty."

"Dirt won't kill you, germophobe."

"No it won't, buuuuut it will leave a mess in the room....oh." Vzark looks around to see if any of the mud has hit the actual walls.

The walls seem to be covered in dirt.

"...You're gonna help me clean this up before Tano gets here, right?"

Kanashimi smiles. "The mess hasn't even begun."

Vzark gulps. "Oh god. But alright, if you insist. Come on, hit me."

She starts spawning a mad barrage of dozens and dozens of mudballs.

He dodges majority of them, occasionally putting up a small aura wall to deflect some back at Kana. "I got a really bad feeling we're gonna regret making a mess..."

She manages to deflect his deflects fairly well.

Vzark deflects back what she deflects, almost making a large scale game of pong. "Hey, what kind of music do you like by the way?"

"I don't know."

"Well, what types of music have you heard?"

"...I don't know."

"If I could show examples I would, buuut I doubt I could play more than two types."

"Right then..." The next blob is grey and denser.

"Got a trick up your sleeve?" Vzark cautiously reflects the blob back, waiting for something different.

The reflect fails, and it sticks to his arm and hardens, he realizes it is cement.

"Reaaaaal funny." Vzark removes all of the oxygen from the cement and it crumbles to nothing. "Fortunately I know a thing or two when it comes to chemicals."

She gives him a disappointed look. "Welp. That was a wasted effort."

"No one to blame but yourself there." He gives a seemingly cocky smirk.


"So has the mess begun yet or do you have any other tricks?"

"..." Something begins dripping on his forehead.

He squints and takes a stepback, wiping his forehead and looking up.

Water with a distinct brown color is beginning to flood from a portal, and it smells like... ...sewage.

Vzark instantly teleports out of the area, leaving behind "NOPE" in purple flames.

Kanashimi smirks. "I win."

The nope turns into "TOO FAR".

The water stops. "Afraid of a little water?"

The words turn into "WHEN ITS SHIT, YEAH." 

"It's fine now, calm down." 

He cautiously teleports back. "Still smells. That was playing dirty...literally, and you know it."

"Well you did ask if I had any more tricks."

"Usually sewage isn't a trick people go for... "

"Well I'm not most people."

"....True but it's still gross. We should probably clean up now."

A green light begins emitting from Kanashimi.

"Guessing you're doing just that?"

The green light reverts the room to the state they had found it, leaving not trace of smell or sight of their nonsense. 

"Ah good, it's like nothing happened. But yeah fine, I'll give you this win."

She turns and walks off down the hall.

He blinks before walking after her. "So... What now?"

"About time for work again."

"Oh, okay. "

She makes her way to the tower, and begins weaving more wood, this time into what appears to be furniture.

"So what should I do this time?"

"Learn how to make glass."

"Simple." Vzark creates sand, and in an instant the sand flashes into a bright light and when the flash is over, the sand is now glass.

"Now make them windows."

"On it." Vzark starts morphing the glass and starts to walk away. "Actually, any specific design?"

"Just regular windows Pinky."

He continues to walk off. "Pinky? The fuck is that supposed to mean..." He starts getting to work on the windows.

Kanashimi continues making various furniture and improving the living arrangements.

"If we had a TV it'd almost resemble a normal human house."

"Right... I'm sure I'm the same quality as factory made..." She grunts.

"I think you're better quality than that..." Vzark mumbles.

"I don't speak rock troll."

"I uh...said you're furniture is pretty quality."

"..." She seems to balk at the word 'pretty', and finishes rather hastily. 

"Good job, I should be done with these windows soon."

She grunts, moving onto carpeting the floors.

"Everything alright..?"

"Uh huh..." She grunts again.

He shrugs as he continues working on the windows, finishing quickly. "What do you think?"

"Fit to be in a cathedral."

"Thanks. Hmm I actually always liked the architecture of cathedrals..."

"..." She says nothing, continuing her work.

"I've never actually been in a cathedral. I've only seen them from the outside. I remember me and my family being christian, but churches for christians are a lot less....grandeur."

"White's place was based on one I think actually."

"Wait, really? Jeez and I never knew. Cathedrals look just as good on the inside as they do on the outside then."

"I think I heard one of the guards once mention a movie theater in there. Can't be sure if he was ribbing me or not."

"A movie theater? No fucking way. If at any point we have the resources we should build one. I mean, there aren't any movies least like an amphitheater of sorts."

"I think we have more pressing matters."

"Maybe, but I think entertainment is a pretty pressing matter."

"How about having food or sustainable water sources?"

"Well yeah of course, that goes without saying."

"Considering the majority of our soil is rock..."

"I never said a movie theater was number one priority."

"Right..." She finishes, and has a seat on the floor.

"Why not try out the furniture you just made rather than the floor?"

"Because I haven't felt carpet since I was taken."

".....Ah. Reasonable argument..." Vzark stands there for a bit before sitting down himself.

He doesn't notice this at first, but Kanashimi soon falls asleep.

He wonders as why shes been quiet before getting up and sees shes asleep. "Oh. Do I wake her up or...?"

She keeps sleeping, her hair falls into her face.

"Guess i'll continue for her." He starts working on furniture similar in design to the ones she made.

She continues to sleep.

Vzark looks back to her before stopping. "....Already took my chances before, guess I can again..." He walks over to her and makes a couch nearby, picks her up and places her on it gently.

She doesn't appear to have been disturbed, and is now snoring quietly.

"Oh, that...wasn't so bad. Thought she'd jump up and drop kick me." He smiles and continues quietly working.

By the time he finishes, her ponytail has come loose, letting her waist long hair fall freely.

"Wow I...never realized how long her hair was." After staring a bit he quickly reddens and turns away. 

He soon after hears her shift on the couch. 

"Awake, Kana?"

She appears to be getting into an upright position.

"Good to see you up, I decided to finish the rest of the furniture while you were resting."

"....Ah...? Oh.... goood.... ....good work..."

"The couch you're on doesn't have to be permanent by the way. Lazy positioning."

"...Huh...?" She glances at the couch. "...How'd I... how'd I get here...?"

"Oh I uh...moved you."

"...Oh. ....Thanks, I uh... ...guess?"

"No problem, if you're still groggy take your time."

She yawns, exposing her slightly elongated and pointed teeth as she does.

"You seem to do that pretty often actually, dont get enough sleep?"


"Well, I mean you tend to just fall asleep pretty quickly without a word."

"...There isn't much else to do really..."

"If you're not creative, maybe. If there wasn't anything to do I would have been insane by now."

"I never was a get up and go at em'. I just stayed home."

"I actually was surprisingly active. Didn't like sports, but I had...siblings, who did. So I was pretty much forced to."


"Kinda wonder what'd be like if...they were still around. Im not really thinking about the circumstances, but it'd be interesting if they" 

Kanashimi just blinks.

"Sorry I'm droning on, aren't I?"

She shakes her head. "I just... don't understand."

"Hm? In what way?"

"What that is like. Having a family like that."

"Well, it was kinda...complete. I had twin sisters and an older brother. The sisters were pretty different, one being more extroverted and charismatic, the other being more introverted. My brother was a huge idol to me, he was kinda like my dad in the way of always being there for others. We all looked out for each other and...well, its something I miss. I feel like us Chaos Engines don't have as strong as a kinship as that."

"Probably because we have nothing in common."

"Maybe, but you dont need to have things in common to feel kinship. You just need...I don't know how to explain it."

She stretches, her wings extending to their full wingspan.

"How was your family for you? You don't have to answer if you don't want to."

"...It was... ...comfortable. Nezumi was a spoiled little brat who was always getting herself in trouble with those big innocent brown puppy eyes of hers, she'd get right back out of it. As for mom and dad? They were... nice. I didn't tell them about my problems though. Dad's probably dead though."

"Well, at least most of you are together. And a lot of kids tend to keep secrets from parents, I know I did."


"But anyways, are we done here or do you want to continue?"

"I'm done for now..."

"Alright. Gonna head back to sleep or did you have something in mind?"

"Not really."

".....Are you hungry? I might as well repay the favor."

"...I guess? If you're volunteering to make dinner for us."

"Yeah sure, im not too bad of a cook. If you guys want anything specific I could give it a shot."

She opens her mouth showing her teeth. "Meat as main preferably." 

"Gotcha, I'll see what I can do." Vzark smiles.

She gets up and begins to stretch.

"I'll probably stick to easier meats like pork, beef or chicken, if thats alright. Not too good with fish."

She just walks off, long red and white hair swaying with her movements.

He catches himself staring again before he leaves as well and heads to the kitchen.

Kanashimi meanwhile heads out of the tower and appears to be flying around.

Vzark heads to the kitchen and starts grabbing various types of meats, and starts cooking different dishes.

Kanashimi meanwhile is having fun with various aerial tricks and stunts, cackling as she flies.

After sometime, Vzark finishes with various dishes such as filet mignon.

Kanashimi is now roosting on the top of the tower, whistling.

"This should be a good amount of food. Gonna have to wait for everyone to get her though. Might as well get Kana." Vzark starts walking away from the kitchen.

Kanashimi smells the food and starts crawling down the wall, and sneaks her head through the window while he's not looking, sniffing.

"Kana....? Where are you?" He continues looking around.

She attempts to fly in silently after him.

He faintly picks up on something near him, and looks around.

Kanashimi freezes, her hand close to the food.

Vzark has a blank look on his face. "Move one more inch to the food before dinner time and I will be very disappointed."

"...Dang it."

"....Although there is an appetizer of a grilled chicken platter with brocoli to your left that no one would question if it went missing."

Her head whips toward the location of the chicken.

"Its just sitting there, waiting to be eaten by a hungry Chaos Engine...."

She dives into it, eating it greedily.

"Alright there, slow down. Rather not have you choke." Vzark smiles. "But that's all you're getting till dinner, be patient."

They hear the door open downstairs.

"I'll go check who that is. Don't you dare lay a finger on everything else." Vzark starts heading downstairs.

Tanoshimi is walking through the door, looking tired. 

"Oh jeez. You alright?"

"The white haired tank boy decided to give us trouble."

"Greaaat. Well, I saved you some more energy by cooking dinner so you have some time to rest."

"...Thank you." She gives him a warm embrace, hand patting his head softly.

Vzark slowly hugs her back. "You're...welcome. I don't know if Nezumi is here yet, but Kana is."

Vzark feels a tug on his shirt.

He raises a brow and looks down.

Nezumi is standing next to him, looking up at him.

"...Guess she is here. How did you even...? Nevermind."

"I've been here. I'm hungry."

"Then I suppose dinner time is now. If Kana hasn't eaten everything, that is." 

Nezumi is already gone, and Tanoshimi smiles a bit. "Never enough food." 

"Nope. Im not sure the food will be as good as yours but I consider myself decent." Vzark starts heading upstairs.

Tano follows him at a leisurely pace.

He enters the kitchen, going over to the food.

She follows suit, sitting next to Nezumi and Kana.

He starts to serve everyone the food before getting himself some and sitting down. 

Kanashimi is tearing into the meal, Nezumi is eating quietly.

Vzark starts eating as well at a medium pace, occasionally looking up.

Something small flies into his forehead, Nezumi seems to not be interested in the peas on her plate.

Vzark blinks and flicks the pea back.

She continues flicking them away from her, now the only thing she hasn't eaten.

He continues, seemingly ignoring her.

Nezmui's cheeks puff out in protest.

Vzark smiles in amusement.

She quietly pours the peas onto the floor.

Vzark sighs.

Nezumi is now happily finishing the rest of her food.

"Least shes eating the rest." Vulkas softly smiles to himself as he continues eating, and nearly finishes. 

Nezumi soon leaves the table after finishing her food, Kanashimi has finished and is leaning back in her chair.

Vzark finishes as well and looks to Tano. "I can clean the plates if you need me to, by the way."

"That would be helpful, thank you."

Vzark nods and gets up to grab everyones dirty plates, walking over to the kitchen sink and starts washing them.

Kanashimi slinks off to another part of the house.

He works at a pretty fast pace, almost rushing after Kanashimi slips off. He whistles to himself and after sometime he finishes and goes to his room.

In the other room, he can hear noises as though Kanashimi is within it, doing something.

"Alright thats WAY too noisy to be something normal." Vzark walks over to the other room and seemingly opens the door without thinking. "Shit I should have knocked."

He opens it just in time for him to see her take her jacket off, revealing a simple black short tanktop with a zipper underneath, and throws it on the bed. He can see more of the gold colored tatoo running down her chest on the left, wrapping around her shoulders and down her arms in complex three banded patterns.

She turns and flushes a bit upon seeing him.


Vzark stands there wide eyed and slowly turning red, closing the door quickly. "I SWEAR TO WHATEVER GODS THERE ARE STILL AROUND IN THIS FORTRESS IT WAS AN ACCIDENT."

"...Come in, Vzark... I was just taking my jacket off."

".....Oh." Vzark slowly opens the door and heads inside, closing it behind him. "Guess I overreacted." He still looks red.

"I mean I'm not naked, and I don't mind as long as you don't... ....stare.

"Yeah, yeah of course." He looks away for a bit. "I actually kinda wanted to talk for a bit. If that's fine."

"...? Ok...?"

Vzark takes a deep breath. "Alright, Im going to make sure I dont do anything stupid regarding....'us', and try not to move slow. I just want to make sure that I haven't fucked up at all."

"....?" She seems baffled.

"I mean, you were extremely flustered and avoided me for a bit when I told you know."

"..." She gives him an odd look. "Romance wierds me out. Ignoring the fact that I hardly even really know you."

"I can understand how strange it'd be for someone you barely know confess to you. I probably should have waited but I rushed. Im not going to push you to do anything."

"I don't even understand why you... ....'like me'."

"Im not going to stand here and pretend its a movie where the guy says cheesy things to explain himself, its not something I can really completely explain either without twisting my own tongue and looking like an idiot....again. I "

She just looks confused. "...Still don't get it. I mean, we fought in the war, but besides that, how long have we really known each other?"

"I don't know. And I guess you're right, not long enough. That doesn't mean I can't feel the way I do."

"..." She just sits down on her bed. "...Can we uh... about something other than... ...romance?"

"Sure, yeah. Sorry. Something on your mind?"

"I just want to talk about something else. Anything else."

"Alright. Well, do you know how the others have been doing? I haven't had a sustained visit for them in a while."

"...Sorta? I mean, I don't really care too much and I stay at home mostly. They're generally alright."

"How come you guys never set up shop with them? I mean I never really settled myself but...still."

"Nezumi doesn't like to be woken, and things are not quiet out there."

"Yeah, from what i've seen I don't really think sleep is possible. Whatever noises they make don't make for good bedtime stories."

"...I'm confused by what that means."

"It was a joke, don't worry about it."

"Ha ha. You're the real crown prince of humor."

"Thought I was already the crown prince of pessimism. My head isnt big enough to fit two crowns." Vzark creates two purple flaming crowns above his head, stacked on top of each other. "Unless I do that."

"That was sarcasm, Vzark."

"I know. I just turned your sarcasm into an opprtunity to make floating crowns. Which are awesome."

She makes three, crimson crowns on hers. "Red is better."

Vzark creates smaller floating crowns on the points of his already existing floating crowns. "Red is a nice color but it will never top purple."

Kanashimi smiles. "Gee, I didn't know you were the fairy princess." His flaming crowns have been turned bubblegum pink.

Vzark turns the crowns back to purple and steals Kanshimi's crowns, turning them purple as well. "I've decided to dethrone you for such insubordination."

Kanashimi smirks as they become firecrackers and start exploding in his face.

"First mud and now firecrackers. Think i've had enough things being thrown in my face." Vzark laughs.

"I got more where that came from."

"I don't doubt it, but im not gonna back down. Geben Sie Ihr Bestes, rot." Vzark smiles

Kanashimi seems to grow an evil grin, as something smelling like rotten eggs can be smelled.

Vzark's face scrunches up as he smells it. "Oh god what did you do?"

He feels a familiar dripping.

"OKAY AGAIN, TOO FAR!" Vzark transmutates the waste into simple water and shudders. "Seriously thats completely gross."

Kanashimi cackles, then lays down on her bed, plopping her head against her pillow.

Vzark flicks a small fireball at her, not burning or hurting at all. "Rudest on the highest degree."

She breaths smoke at him in turn.

He waves the smoke away. "Anyways im gonna head back to my room. Need to sort my stuff out still."


He gives a simple wave and leaves the room, walking to his own. "Didn't get socked but I did get shit on me...still counting as a win."

He eventually hears snoring from the other room.

"Wow that was...insanely quick." He goes into his own room and sits down on the bed, thinking to himself before starting to get ready for sleep.


Later that morning, he feels something on his chest laying on him.

He groggily tries to sit up before realizing it and looks at whats on his chest.

Nezumi's eyes are filling his vision once again, wide, innocent red orbs. "Good morning Peacock Whisperer~" She greets him.

Vzark quickly gets up. "Nezumi seriously you can't keep doing that. Jesus."

"Kana is making pancakes and bacon, using her own special syrup."

"Alright, give me a second I need to get ready for the day. Also Peacock Whispers? You're really getting creative."

She hugs his head before leaping off and leaving the room at a sprint.

He seems rather confused by the gesture. "I swear I dont understand kids." He starts getting ready before heading out to the kitchen.

He smells the food long before he gets there.

He seems rather enticed by it, eagar for breakfast.

Kana can be seen cooking as he enters, wearing only the black tanktop and her shorts she always wears. He is able to see that the patterns on her body form into a large circle on her back, and also her belly.

He tilts his head, only really taking a good look at the patterns now, before stopping. "Didnt know you could make pancakes."

"I'm not useless."

"Never thought you were, plus I saw you in the war." 

"Hrmm." She finishes a plate. 

"They smell really good though, and Nezumi mentioned something about a special syrup."

"Yeeep." She hands him a plate, and then sits down at the stable and eats.

He sits down as well and starts eating, clearly enjoying it. "It has seriously been too long before i've had good food like this, thanks."

"...You're welcome?"

He keeps to himself while hes eating, albeit really unsure what to say before he finishes eating.

Nezumi can be seen skipping out of the tower.

"Is she allowed to leave like that...?"

"I'm sure it's fine."

He raises an eyebrow, not completely convinced. "Eh...."

"Check on her if you're worried.'

He takes a good long second to think about it. "....Fuck it knowing me im going to end up thinking she walked off a tower." Vzark gets up and heads in the direction Nezumi walked.

He finds her in the center of the island, and to his surprise, the area has a small oasis with a faint amount of litchins, grasses, and small saplings growing in the cracks. Nezumi seems to be humming, green energy radiating off her and seemingly feeding the growth of the area.

Vzark sees wideyed and speaks in an exasperated voice. "Es gibt absolut keinen verdammten weg..." He slowly walks over to her, although being more caught up by the flora.

She pays no attention.

"Nezumi did this?"

"Uh huh," She says, not really paying attention to him still, focused on a flower.

He walks over to her and crouches down, looking at the flower as well. "Do Kana and Tano know?"

"Is it important?"

"I cant say for sure, but you managing to do this can give at least some hope we can make this place a better home."

"Well it was the white lady's idea..."

"Oh, so is this what she came over for?" Vzark seems surprised.

"Yeah. She also said something about electricity... I wasn't paying attention."

Vzark laughs a little. "That's fine. Did she say anything about how long this whole project will take?"

"No... I like plants anyway."

"Which one of these plants is your favorite then?"

"It's just grass... no flowers yet."

"I wish I could help with that, but this...isn't my specialty."

"It's ok. It's my hobby..."

"Its a good hobby, im pretty eagar to see what you make after a while. Who knows, maybe we'll have some actual living trees."

Nezumi keeps playing with the plants.

"I'll leave you to continue, just wanted to make sure you were alright." Vzark leaves back to the tower.

Kanashimi has finished eating and is now reading a book while laying on the couch.

Vzark walks over to her. "Wanna guess what Nezumi was doing?"

"What?" She doesn't move her book.

"Apparently the thing White wanted her to do was start working on bringing foliage back to this place. She's growing her own little garden. Its only grass as of now though."

"I see. Figured it was that or future sight."

"She mentioned something about White wanting electricity as well so theres bound to be some progress with that."

"Ah, I see." She is still reading.

"Hmph. Oh, almost forgot. She said something about planning to prank you. It involved frogs?"

"I'll just put some snakes in her room in exchange," She says, nonchalantly.

Vzark sighs before quickly kissing Kana.

"AHHHHHH!" Kanashimi seems to leap into the ceiling in fright, before crashing back down on the sofa, bewildered and presses a hand to her cheek. "Did you... ....just... kiss me...?"

Vzark only now seems to realize the situation. ""

She seems to turn a bit red. "...I... ...don't know how to think."

"I had the impulse, sorry. Wanted your attention..."

She seems to be very surprised, if not mellow, far from his impression of what was going to happen. "...Uh... ok..." She still seems bewildered, though it doesn't seem as though she is bewildered at him.

Vzark seems to relax after being on edge when she hasn't actually acted out in anger. "The uh....frog thing wasn't true, by the way."

"It wasn't really a concern of mine, lie or not."

"Just...making sure. You're alright, right?"

"Yes..." After a while she speaks again. "I thought it would feel... ...weird."

" didn't feel weird then?"

"...I guess not...?"

Vzark looks rather red and puts his hood up in response. 

"Hey, keep that down. If I have to feel awkward, you do too." 

He quietly laughs and pulls down the hood. "You could have punched me and it would have been less awkward."

She silently raises a fist.

"Wait no shit hold on that doesn't mean its cool to punch me."

She extends her hand in a claw like fashion, and an aura of magic starts pulling him closer, a wicked smile on her face.


When he gets closer, she reaches out to him and grabs him.

He seems to prepare for the worst.

He gets a kiss straight on the cheek, then Kanashimi disappears in a burst of flames.

Vzark seems extremely dumbfounded and stands in silence for a bit aftershe leaves, flopping onto the couch. "Oh my god." He then seems to start freaking out happily while spewing loud german.

Nezumi returns, puzzled by the noise.

He quickly stops after noticing Nezumi, only barely holding back his happiness. "Sorry, just uh....practicing german...."

She does not seem to buy it, but doesn't inquire.

He silently smiles and rests on the couch for a bit more. 

Nezumi meanwhile wanders off into another part of the tower.

"For once in awhile its really starting to seem things could be going well. If I don't jinx it, fucking hell."

He sees Tanoshimi walking out to the exit.

He gets up, still clearly happy. "Oh, Tano! How have you been doing?"

"Well. Heading off to the community."

"How have things been going over there anyway?"

"Slow. Still trying to come to a decision on if our race should breed."

"Guessing its still a standstill between opinions. No ones mind has been changed yet?"


"Doesn't seem like a lot is going to get done with that predicament in the way."

"It's a delicate issue. We were destroyers once. Does the world really need us to remain?"

"We've nothing left to destroy, this place is already gone to piss. And hell do you think the world really still remembers us?"

"I hope you didn't forget that we were the ones who were driving them to the brink. Admonition is the only reason we are in this predicament. Of course they haven't forgotten."

"They're not going to go out of their way to come back and finally snuff us out. Whether we continue a generation or not wouldn't concern them."

Tano gives him a odd look before leaving. "Have a good day."

"You too..." He feels somewhat off after her abrupt leaving.

For a while, things are quiet until... "...Huh, so Tsundere Girl's shell broke. I'll be damned."

He seems taken by surprise by the voice before realizing who it is. "Fucking hell when did you even get here, why are you even here?"

"Oh I was around long enough to see you sing like a bird. I assume that's what the German was at least. And how ironic how the purple haired joybird wants to ask me why I'm even here when he made it his buisness to poke his nose into everyone else's buisness."

"I dont randomly enter peoples homes without permission. You're being way too hypocritical right now."

"No, you just stalked people. Anyway. How's the bluejay feeling?"

"I didn't fucking stalk anybody. And if your'e going to ask questions can you not use your nicknames? It starts to make things confusing."

"Uggh... I'm teasing you, you realize that right? Anyway, seriously how was it?" Kagerou seems exasperated. "You're so strung up I could play you like a violin."

"Just because its teasing doesn't make it any less annoying." He crosses his arms. "....It was wonderful."

"Like I said, strung up. And I'm glad things are finally not so stupid. You're the teeniest bit less tense. Oh, here, before I change my mind." He gives Vzark a large white bag.

"Try giving her those."

He raises a brow before cautiously checking the large white bag. 

The bags appear to have chocolate squares. 

He looks back at Kagerou. "....Thanks."

He winks, disappearing.

Vzark quickly eats one of the chocolates to make sure they're fine.

In the center is a caramel core.

"Not spiders, good." He gives a breath of relief.

A rock smacks into his head. I heard that jackass!

Vzark growls. "YOU KNOW I HAVE TRUST ISSUES!" He grumbles before leaving to find Kana.

He doesn't find her anywhere on the island, though eventually investigating the craggy shore reveals her clothes lying on a rock near the beach.

"Uh..." Vzark investigates the area further, seeming somewhat distracted.

Getting close to the water, Kanashimi's head can be seen coming out of the water. She looks at Vzark, a mix of emotions are in her eyes.

He seems a bit flustered. "Shit, shit sorry! Wrong time..." Vzark continues to talk and trip over his words.

"You do realize... ...the water is... ...quite... ...foggy... right?"

"Well, yes but....its the principle of it....I guess..."

"I could always stand up you know."

He starts to redden more than ever. "I mean, I-I cant exactly stop you....from doing that...." He sets the bag down.

"Hmm. Cool off Vzark. What's the bag?"

He takes a breath and calms down. "Its chocolate, they're for you." 

"...How on earth did you get...?" 

"Magic. All you need to know." He gives somewhat of a cheeky grin.

She tilts her head to one side with a frown, then starts swimming toward shore.

He seems a bit nervous but takes a breath and calms down, picking the bag up and walking towards her.

She stops at the shallows, parts of her can be seen vaguely. She silently points at a tall, wide rock, as if she wants him to go behind it.

Vzark nods and walks over to the rock, simply waiting behind it.

After a while and a small burst of heat, Kana makes a sharp whistle.

He leaves the rock, oddly not seeming as awkward or nervous as usual.

Kanashimi is wearing her black tanktop and shorts, looking at him evenly.

"Like I said I have chocolate for you. Its caramel core."

"..." She stares at the bag. "...Gimmie."

He hands over the bag.

She opens it and starts eating some of the chocolate. "This is the best chocolate I've ever had...!"

He seems extremely relieved despite trying it himself earlier. ""Really glad you like it."

She pauses and offers him one.

He seems just a little hesistant before giving in and taking the one she offered. "Thanks, actually."

She starts walking toward the center area of the island.

He seems somewhat confused, following after her.

She doesn't seem to mind him following, seemingly just strolling.

"Don't want to ruin the nice walk but....I'm a bit confused at where we are as of now."

"...Middle of nowhere."

He seems to put on an exasperated look. "Thats...not what I meant, but I was curious about that as well. I meant where we are. As...people."

She gives him a quizzical look.

He sighs. "I'm asking where we are romantically. I mean there's....clearly something."

She blinks, then he can see her skin turn a shade of red.

He seems to sound a bit sincere after noticing. "I know the romantic word isn't appealing to you but its killing me thinking about it. Ignoring this just maes me even more of a mess than I usually am. I just want to have some sort of...confirmation." 

"I don't even know you that well, how am I...! ..." She blurts, then looks at the chocolate bag, conflicted and confused.

Vzark sighs, clearly showing signs of slight woe. "Alright. Don't worry, I understand. Whats been happening has been going really fast and almost out of nowhere and its....unfair of me to try to push that onto you. I'll keep it slow, I wont make any...moves. But of course I still want to talk with you, of course. How else can you get to know me?" He gives an awkward smile.

She says nothing, still red.

He sighs quietly before hugging her.

She stiffens like a board, but very gradually seems to relax.

"If its what its worth I still enjoyed all of this." He stops hugging her, smiling a little less awkwardly.

She mumbles faintly.

"Still want some sort of reassurance. Can't quite hear what you're saying."

"...Thanks..." She grunts.

"See you later, then. Don't want to make this anymore awkward."

"...Sure." She walks off.

Vzark sprouts wings and flies away, seemingly mulling over things as he heads back into the direction of the tower.

She wanders about, toward the community.

He stops on a ruined tower, seemingly taking a break to just rest.

He hears liquid pouring into a cup behind him.

He seems extremely wary and instantly turns around.

Kagerou is drinking out of a beer mug.

Vzark sighs, clearly annoyed. "I don't understand how you always end up finding out where I am."

"Call it hunches." He extends a mug. "Want some?"

He looks at Kagerou and is clearly hesitant before giving in and taking the mug offered. "Sure."

It appears to be some manner of beer.

Vzark seems to let out a slight laugh. "Funny. I remember my older brother letting me drink his beer. I mean, the drinking age was sixteen and I was fourteen but still."

Kagerou just takes a swig.

"Do you remember anything? From when we were human?"

"Big evil blob of darkness. Wouldn't know." He says nonchalantly.

"To be honest that's probably for the best." He continues to drink from the mug. "How the fuck did you manage to get chocolate by the way?"

He sips more beer. "Made it."

"It was really good. Didn't think you could do that."

"A bit insulting putting it like that."

"Oh come on. I don't think anyone could make chocolate to begin with. You really think people would expect that from you?"

"You hardly stopped to consider anything about me besides considering me an asshole."

"You never made a real attempt to not be an asshole around me."

"Is it being an asshole or just having a bit of fun?"

"Its both. Your fun happens to be dickish whenever it involves me."

"If that's what you think."

"Name one time where you've attempted to have fun regarding me in a way that doesn't involve ruining my mood."

"You don't know how to have fun is your problem."

"Apologies if I don't find violent tag fun."

"Stick in the mud..." He drinks more beer.

"I'd rather be a stick in the mud then a shattered stick. Besides, you can have fun without bringing someone else pain. Play an instrument, or some shit."

"It sounds like someone isn't grateful for the chocolate."

"Im grateful for that, just not for the things between us before it. It might be the beer talking but there are times I do wish we could have had a better relationship. During the war we were considerable power houses."

"You mean how you turned grown men into shrilling vixens out of fear and I butchered them like pigs...?"

"Well if you want to put it in a gruesome way, yes. Fear and violence goes hand in hand. Fear drives people to madness and brutality, and violence drives fear into people."

"Alrighty then. Anyway. Funny enough, considering I know all the ways to create conflict, I should have enough credence when I say conflict of the heart is probably the most visceral. You're not going to win the fight if your heart is meek. Stay strong, keep the course pointed straight ahead, and don't fear the possibilities, bend them so they are either mice or you the lion."

Kagerou takes another swig. "I'm sad. Don't think I can keep this stuff down. What a shame."

Vzark takes a second to respond, thinking to himself. "I'm not afraid of things anymore. Not White, not you, not myself, and certainly not possibilities. Too late to back down at this point." Vzark takes another swig as well. "And I can keep drinking, just means more for me."

"Is this newfound bravery a result of the past few seconds? Either way, we'll see about that. A man may shout in bluster, but a woman's devilish charms brings them back to the low."

"No, no. Ive just got a low alcohol tolarance and im extremely tipsy right now. I lied about me being able to keep drinking."

"Ermhmm. In that case, probably should escort you home before you end up embarassing yourself. Tano wouldn't be pleased also if you threw up on the carpets."

"Mmmmmmmhm." Vzark stretches, putting the drink down. "Ill aim for....something else if it happens."

Kagerou helps Vzark onto his feet, slinging his arm over his shoulder. "Let's go loverboy."

"Tsk. Thats loverMAN. Im twenty four. Calling me loverboy..." Vzark slowly walks, clearly focusing hard.

Kagerou helps him to the door of the residence, and then knocks, with Kanashimi opening the door and looking surprised.

"We had a drink or two to calm his nerves," Kagerou explains.

"Im always calm. Always. Im the Eta of Calm. CALM."

"He's also the Eta of Drunkards," Kagerou comments as Kanashimi shifts Vzark's weight onto her and off of Kagerou.

"Thank you," She says to him.

"No problem, I don't get to clean vomit anymore."

Kanashimi glowers at him, and Kagerou just shuffles along.

She looks at Vzark. "It's bed for you."

Vzark seems to pull away from her like a child. "Nooooooooooooooooooo. Bed is for the weak. For...FOR THE WEAK."

"I can always kick the drunk out of you."

Vzark lets out an extremely long sigh. ".....I'll go to bed. Under ONE condition. Accept the fact that you're cool." Vzark stays quiet before blinking. "Wait that'd be easy..."

"I think the word you're looking for is hot." She says with a faint smirk, now dragging Vzark along.

"YES! That, thats the riiiiight word. Accept the fact that you are hot." He ends up dozing off for a second before waking up again.

Kanashimi just teleports them to his room and sets him down on the bed. "If you get up now or before the hang over, I'll crush your dingily bits." She warns, before disappearing, the door closing behind her.

"You didn't accept it yeeeeet..." Vzark flops down onto the bed, slowly passing out.

Kanashimi, in her own room, groans. "I can't tell if I'm impressed or embarrassed that Drunk Vzark has more nerve than Somber Vzark..."

Vzark eventually falls asleep, quietly snoring and mumbling to himself.

Early in the morning, Kanashimi comes in to check on Vzark.

He is sprawled out on his bed, completely knocked out.

She takes a chair, and sits down, watching him.

It takes a bit for him to stir, slowly getting up and letting out a groan. "Ugh. Too much pounding." He rubs at his temples, only just noticing Kana. "....Morning."

She quietly smiles. "How's the head?"

"Like scissors are in my brain. Remind me to not drink." He sits up. "I didn't do anything stupid, right?"

"You did demand I accept the fact I was hot. You'd know if you did anything more than that."

"...Oh yeah. I guess I could have said worse..." His eyes widen a bit. "No one else saw me like that, right? Don't think it would have been good if a kid like Nezumi saw that..."

"Just Kagerou. I did tell Mom though."

"Did she have that typical dissapointed look on her face?"

Kana only smiles.

Vzark seems a tad unsure. "As much as I like your smile it only makes me nervous."

Kanashimi walks up to him quietly, then sits down in front of his bed, looking face to face with him.

"She's fine, though she would have made you clean yourself and room up if you puked. More importantly... do I really make that big of an impact on you?"

"Well, yeah. I don't want to say anything uncomfortable so i'll just leave it at that."

He realizes she is giving him a disapproving look. "Don't drink yourself silly on my account. I don't know when you started feeling this way about me or why, but don't do that again." 

She straightens up. "Think you can hold anything down solid?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry. Poor decision on my part. I promise I wont do it again." Vzark sighs. "And I think I can. Hopefully."

"Then what do you want to eat?"

"I always saw my parents eating eggs after they had a hangover so that, I suppose."

She shrugs. "Alright." She walks out.

Vzark stays in his room, head still hurtin as he eventually gets up, walking out into the living room.

Kanashimi seems to notice somehow and barks, "Back in bed or at least lay down on the couch!"

Vzark groans. "Dont yell please, too loud." He walks over to the couch and slowly lays down.

"I'll yell to next Sunday!" She barks further. Vzark can smell the eggs.

"You're going to be the death of me..." He is enticed by the smell, but doesn't get up.

A plate of eggs hovers to him.

He sits up, getting a little dizzy from getting up too fast. "That really was a bad idea..."

"Take your time," She calls from the other room.

He walks over slowly, entering the kitchen.

Kanashimi is sitting down by the island, eating eggs of her own.

Vzark takes a plate and finds a spot to eat at, and begins eating.

She gives him a pointed look for getting up, but continues eating.

He sticks his tongue out at her after finishing his first bite.

"Don't make me burn that food."

He quietly continues eating, on the defensive due to being very hungry. After he finishes, he slowly gets up, and walks back to the couch.

Kanashimi soon finishes her breakfast and then puts on her jacket, walking out of the tower.

"If I find out you were up and about while I was gone, I'll cage you in a thorn patch!" She warns as she leaves.

"I get it, stop yelling. I'll lay here and....think." Vzark lays down onto the couch, waving goodbye.

Eventually he sees Nezumi walk in, and sits down next to him.

"Morning Nezumi. Doing well?"

"As opposed to you, indeed, chili liver."

Vzark slowly turns to Nezumi. "Do you know what happened too...?"

"You're sick, obviously."

Vzark blinks. "Yeah, it sucks. Thankfully there's no cough but its mainly a headache and stuffy nose."

She crawls up toward his head.

He seems a bit confused. "Something up?"

She puts a hand on his head, and green energy begins washing over it.

He sits still, guessing as to what shes doing and waits for it to be over.

He feels most of the headache has lifted, but not all.

Vzark looks better, free from most of the pain the headache brought. "So much better. Thanks."

"It's not a problem."

"How's your garden going?"

"Ok... still no flowers."

"Im sure at some point flowers will grow, you're very talented too so it should end up being easier for you." He creates a flower out of aura. "This is really the best I can do. Its fake so im sure the real thing will be wonderful."

"It will take a long time... ...not enough soil."

"I guess the wait will only make the reward sweeter then?" Vzark shrugs.


"Well, if you keep being pessimistic about your garden you'll end up like me. Doubt you want that."

Nezumi quietly hugs his head, then skips off toward her room.

He quietly smiles. "Good kid." He puts his arms up over his eyes, and starts to doze away.

When he finally wakes up again, red eyes fill his vision.

He seems a bit startled, almost forgetting where he was. "Mor-wait no, not morning."

"Feeling better zombie?" Kana asks, and Vzark realizes she's sitting on him.

He chokes on his on words, flushing a little red before taking a breath. "Yes, actually. Nezumi took away my headache, and dont worry she just thought I was sick." Vzark seems a little distracted.

"That's nice of her. Also you're getting that weird antsy energy about you again."

"Sorry I...just had a thought." He remains silent awhile before speaking up. "I want to go back home. And....maybe show you what its like."

She blinks. "Huh?"

Vzark attempts to sit up, before flopping back down. "I want to show you what germany is like. And I want to see how much its changed."

"Uh.... uh... ...sure? ...We'll have to ask Mom... ...last time I walked out on her without telling, she exploded..."

Vzark seems a bit excited. "Should I ask her or you? Or both of us? When should we ask her?" He continues rambling.

"When she gets here."

"Okay, alright. We'll...we'll wait then." His eyes dart to the side before looking back to Kana. "What do you know about Germany actually? If anything, I mean."

"Not much."

"Then itll be a learning experience as well as going out." Vzark yawns. "Actually, where are you from?"

"Uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh.... ...I think England? I can't remember. Mom is English-Asian though."

"I always wanted to go to England. Dad never liked the English though. Dunno why." He shrugs.

"Can I get you anything or are you alright?"

"Im alright, healing from Nez combined with sleep helped. Im a tad dizzy though but thats it, thank you." He blinks. "Although im a bit cold."

Kana smirks, then begins to lay on top of him, her inner fire warming him with the contact with her body.

He reddens even more before smiling. "Thank you." He seems to snuggly keep still.

Kanashimi makes a blanket appear over them and covers them up well. She rests her head on his chest. "I was tired anyway, could use a nap."

Vzark softly nods. "I-im fine with napping again, too..." He gently wraps his arms around her, albeit slowly as if hes testing his boundaries."

She doesn't really resist.

He slowly falls asleep once more, sleeping less restlessly than usual.

Kanashimi just remains silent while he sleeps.

He shifts somewhat while he sleeps, getting comfortble, and Kanashimi starts to notice that hes pulling her closer as hes resting.

She makes no comment, though she blushes and looks away.

Hes essentially holding onto her like a teddy bear, a quiet smirk on his face.

She is quickly turning tomato red.

He does nothing else, silently sleeping with the sparse murmur. 

She eventually dozes off as well.

He doesn't move much in his sleep, and for once his sleep isn't broken.

She meanwhile sleeps a bit more fitfully.

Moving Ever Onward Edit

After sometime, Vzark wakes up oddly well rested.

She remains asleep.

For the sake of not waking her up, he didn't move but eventually started to get embaressed, especailly after the paranoia got to him of someone possibly seeing them like this.

She rolls in her sleep, ending up on top of him with her head on his chest. Vzark starts to hear small footsteps.

He only just barely heard the footsteps. "Oh no."

He sees the tiny energy kitten come across the corner quietly.

He feels a wave of relief hit him, relaxing again. "Its just the kitten, phew."

And that's when Nezumi silently walks around the corner after the kitten, looking at Vzark briefly before walking into the kitchen, kitten close behind.

His eyes go wide open, hoping she didnt notice anything as he remained quiet. After a moment he gently nudged Kana to wake her up.

Nezumi quietly pokes her head back in, snapping a photo before skipping off. Kanashimi doesn't seem easily woken.

Vzark nearly yelped in panic when he saw Nezumi take a picture, nudging Kanashimi a tad harder. "Kana I really need you to wake up.."

She starts snoring, though he can start to hear stomach growls.

He laid there for a moment, mentally screaming. "This is my unpleasent but also pleasent hell."

She licks her lips, as though dreaming of food of some sort.

"Kana if you wake up I'll cook you something to eat." He nudged her again, trying to gently sit up.

"Mmmmm...?" She faintly rouses to a degree, her eyes starting to crack open.

"Rise and shine sleepy head. Im surprised your own stomach growling didnt wake you up. Do you want me to make you something?"

She yawns, her hair has significant bed head.

"Oh and uh, one thing....Nezumi may or may have not taken a picture."

Her first attempt at getting up results in her flopping back down into him sluggishly.

He grunts when she flops back down, lying his head back. "Kana as much as i'd like it we can't stay here forever."

She grumbles, sitting up quietly, just enough for him to wiggle free.

He sits up as best as he can, fixing his hair which is a bit of a mess. "Better, just a liiiiitttle more though."

She flops down onto her back, away from him, and appears like she may doze off again.

Vzark sits up and stretches, before looking back at Kana. "Rest well." He walks off to where he saw Nezumi, trying to find her. 

He has very little success, though he can hear her throughout the tower. 

He starts to get a little annoyed, puffing his cheeks out and sitting down somewhere. "That girl is going to be the death of me. That is, if Nez doesnt show the picture to Tano; that will probably kill me first..."

He hears Kanashimi yawning, and getting up and about at last.

He sits back up, and fixes his hair again. He abandons the search for Nezumi, hoping for the best as he walks towards where he hears Kanashimi.

Kanashimi still seems groggy, but appears to be otherwise awake.

"You know, the fact that you seem to be a sound sleeper makes me pretty jealous."

"Sleep is bliss... waking hours is pain..."

"And in between is a mix of both, usually. I'm usually not too crazy about sleep but under certain circumstances I miss it twenty four seven."

She sleepily makes her way toward the kitchen, stumbling a bit.

Vzark raises a brow. "Probably should help in case she hurts herself while half asleep." He walked after her.

She manages to seat herself at the table.

"Need me to make something for you Kana?"

She slouches and nods.

"Anything specific or will you just take anything at this point?" He starts looking through the kitchen supplies.


"Not sure how I didn't expect you to say that." He looked in the fridge and took out raw bacon strips, getting the pan and stove ready as he started to cook them.

She sniffs the air faintly as she smells the bacon, seeming to perk her spirits.

He continues cooking, waiting for them to get crispy. "Honestly the smell enough is probably all id need to keep me going through the day."

She seems more focused, now on the bacon than anything.

He finishes cooking, putting the bacon onto two plates, grabs both and hands one to Kanashimi. "There you go." He sits down and starts to eat.

She practically starts tearing into the bacon immediately.

"Dont choke, I like bacon too but I like breathing more." He takes his time with his bacon, despite his hunger.

This clearly doesn't appeal to her center of reasoning, as she scarfs up more bacon with abandon.

He shrugs and pays no mind, waiting to finish the piece hes eating before speaking. "You know, if we do end up going to Germany and its not as different as it was when I was there we could probably find some really good Bratwurst, its a type of sausage."

"Tell me more about this sausage."

Vzark seems happy that shes interested. "Well, generally it depends on the area of germany you're in. I lived in Augsburg, and from my memory I usually ate Bratwurst with mustard, saurkraut and a pretzel. The Bratwurst itself had a lot of flavor and I remember it being kinda sweet."

"Huh, the pretzel would sound appetizing..."

"Hopefully its still a thing. I mean, its apparently been around since the romans so I doubt it'd dissapear now."

"Who's the Romans?"

Vzark blinks, but he doesn't make much of a reaction other than blinking so he doesn't embarrass her. "Well, in Europe, which is a continent, the Romans were an extremely large and powerful empire that was in control of a good chunk of Europe for a long time. Until they were hit with plague and they split in two due to....reasons. They're just a really really old empire."

"I know what Europe is. It's right next to Asia where my mom's ancestry is from."

"Yep, and just making sure. Apparently germanic tribes added to the downfall of the Roman empire, which is kinda funny."

"...Ah." She chews on more bacon, stretching her wings.

He finishes his bacon, not really giving himself much to begin with. "Right, so if I see Tano soon i'll ask her about leaving."

"Alright..." She finishes, heading to another part of the tower.

He gets up and walks away, looking for Tanoshimi. "Really hope she says yes..."

He hears noises coming from one of the rooms.

He fixates on the noise, heading towards the source.

He hears Tanoshimi humming in the room he narrows in on, but he can distinctly hear the sound of cloth rustling.

He doesnt think much about the rustling cloth, slowly walking in. "Tano, is that you? Sorry Ive been looking for you."

A sensation of freezing fire blasts him back out as Tanoshimi barks, "GIVE ME A MINUTE Báichī!"

He was wide eyed, refraining from even going near the room as he was blasted out. ".....Uh..."

After a noticeably audible amount of grumbling and even more loud rustlings, Tanoshimi comes out of her room, holding back a scowl.

"Next time, knock and wait for permission. The next time your eyes will get burned out. Now, what do you want?"

Vzark speaks as if he has a knot in his throat, still flabbergasted from the little outburst. He cleared his throat. "Again uh, sorry. But I wanted to know if you'd be fine if I left the fortress to go to germany....with Kana."

"Took you this long? Don't know why you didn't just wing it. Would have been good for her to stretch her wings, metaphorically speaking."

He seems a little confused. "I mean, I don't want to make her uncomfortable by rushing anything and we thought it'd be better to have permission to leave than just going. But uh...thanks?"

"Well if you had at least sent me a message letting me know, that would have been fine, and I would have been rather upset if you just up and disappeared. You need less caution (of the romantic), and more caution (of paying attention when a woman is getting dressed)."

He was about to retort, before he thinks back to when he walked in in Kana, she had a point. "Alright. I'll keep in mind to keep you updated with things and I'll uh, direct my paranoia to that instead I suppose. Thank you Tano."

"Don't mention it. No really, don't. Now run off, I have work this afternoon, I'd like to get there on time."

"Oh, yeah sorry, of course. I shouldn't halt you, have a good day." He walks off, feeling a little giddy.

She walks off to another part of the Tower.

He walks away as well, deciding to spend some time alone as he creates a guitar, practicing. "Might as well do something productive."

In a room above, Kanashimi listens as she sits on her bed quietly.

He practices slowly, tempted to try singing but he doesn't, instead doing a rather complicated tune.

Kanashimi quietly takes out her sword and begins sharpening and polishing the weapon.

After a moment, he stops and changes the tune, before quietly singing in german. His singing isnt amazing, but well enough to be considered good.

I wonder if he's doing that on purpose to try and impress me? She mildly wonders, before doing some practice with her blade.

He continues, nearly forgetting words as he gets a little louder.

Kanashimi continues with her practice, getting into a sort of zen.

He quickly dies down and stops singing, and the song slows down and stops. He dissipates the guitar as he starts walking again.

Kanashimi sheathes the sword, putting it up on a wall mount, before practicing fighting stances and positions.

Vzark whistles as he walks on, deciding he should probably tell Kana that they have permission to leave.

Eventually as he walks, he can start hearing muffled explosions from her room.

"Oh boy." He walks to her room and knocks. 

An explosion opens the door for him, and Kanashimi is standing in the center of the plain room, a neutral expression even as her fist remains in the position she had made when lobbing the 'attack'. 


"Probably not the best place to practice that." He walked in, with a small smile on his face. "I got to talk to Tano, and she said she was okay with us leaving. Just a matter of when we wanna go."

"I'd prefer to not to wait so long that we find out if I can grow old and wrinkley."

"Yeah no of course, if you're willing we can go as soon as today or tomorrow."

"Bleh. Maybe we can start this evening."

He nods, smiling more. "I'd like that. Just find me or i'll find you and we can leave."

"Ehh, on second thought, lead the way."

He smiles widely, clearly excited. "Alright, sweet!" He turns and starts walking in the direction of the gate.

She follows him quietly.

"I'm uh, just hoping I remember how to use the gate, honestly."

She stretches her wings a bit. "Gotta start flying if we are gonna go to the gate."

"Oh, yeah, whoops." Vzark sprouts his wings, stretching them as well as he starts to hover up.

She flies up after him without a word, though she smirks faintly.

He heads in the direction of where they need to go. "Most of me is hoping that my german is still good enough to understand what the locals are saying."

"You better have it good still, I'm walking blind here."

He laughs. "Dont worry, im sure we'll be fine." 

"Hmmph." She scoffs.

Vzark and Kana eventually reach the fantasy gate, and Vzark lands, kind of staring at the gate. "Never really thought i'd be using this thing again."

Kanashimi smirks before pushing him through without warning, following behind a moment later.

He was taken quite off guard, nearly stumbling when hes through the gate, but catches himself before he can be seen tripping. "Rude."

Kanashimi is right behind him, covering her grin with a hand. "Opps."

He rolls his eyes, smiling. "Right, lets go." He starts flying again.

She flies after him. 

Vzark speeds up, trying to get there as fast as possible.

"Hey, I'm not a fighter jet!" Kanashimi grumbles.

He laughs. "Sorry, I've just been really looking forward to this.'

"Gee, I had no idea."

He rolls his eyes. "Maybe you'll end up just as excited as I am about germany."

"I believe in showing, not telling. Think it's a good idea coming out here again?"

He thinks for a second. "Honestly, not sure. But we can handle it if anything were to go wrong. Tano would kill me if something bad happened."

"Ma would probably roast your danglies and serve them to you barbecue style," Kanashimi teases.

Vzark blinks. "Well thats just crude. Did not need to imagine that."

"You are very welcome."

He scoffs. "But yeah, I don't think anything bad will happen, for once."

"Last time you said that, we got attacked by CRAzy's. Not too keen to relive the experience." She flies a bit faster.

"That was ONE time, its not like freaking godzilla is going to come from the sky and crush us."

"Do you not remember that Kaiju?"

Vzark rolls his eyes. "Okay fine I admit when I say something positive things tend to go wrong."

"No, when you jinx things they go wrong."

"Am I just supposed to always say and think things wont go right? That's how I was before and i'd rather not be a debbie downer again."

"Nah, just don't go 'it's not like...' because the last couple of times you said that, immediately after it actually happened. You must have both sides of luck. ...Though we did get some sick Kaiju scale armor out of that one time, so I guess it pans out."

"To be fair i'd rather have both sides of luck than just bad luck, so thats good. And yeah the Kaiju armor was pretty cool, shame I don't have mine anymore."

Kanashimi looks away for a moment before speaking up again. "How much longer is this gonna take?"

"Uh.....We'll see?"

"Vzzzzzaaarrrrkkkk.... you better know where we're gooooiiiinnggg..."

He seems a little frantic. "Of course I know where im going! Im not stupid enough to just fly out and hope I find germany."

"...We're lost, aren't we?"

"I know where it is, just give me some time. If you panic for no reason then i'll panic for no reason."


Time passes as they eventually cross into europe, with having taken a good amount of breaks in between flying to catch their breath and eat and random assorted places. They come across England, which Vzark doesn't recognize at first. "I wanna say we've reached the UK but im not entirely sure..."

"...You're still lost aren't you."

"Less lost than before, to be fair."

She grumbles a bit but doesn't say anything else.

Vzark starts to notice things as they fly across the landscape. "Wait hold on, yeah, we're in England! I remember having a geography class that told us a lot about the landscapes of nearby countries. We're definitely in England." He seems relieved.

"You owe me a feast, I haven't flown this much since the war."

"I'll create some money and we can stop somewhere to eat, don't worry. Wherever you'd like and whatever food you'd like, I promise." He laughs a bit.

"...Do you really think we should be out here...?"

His voice gets a bit more serious. "I mean, I guess its dangerous, but we're not here to hurt anybody. I dont even think any of the chaos engines right now harbor any real hatred for humanity right now. And if we're spotted or something goes wrong, im sure we can handle it, we're both tough. Dont worry about it."

"We're only alive because the masked dick opted to spare us in exchange for us signing the treaty to not set foot on human territory. Do you think he'll find out?"

"I don't think he has a reason to be in Germany or England, does he? Its not li-....okay I wont say but like, its unlikely."

"I almost instinctively slapped you. Good catch."

"I'll slip up at some point, and you'll probably be there to hit me." 

"You bet I will..."

He rolls his eyes. "Anyway, do you want to stop somewhere in England to eat or keep powering through to Germany?"


"Pft. Thought so." He landed where there weren't many people, and started to look around.

She follows suit, hiding her wings.

"Right so I know...nothing about England other than landscape, so heres to hoping we find a good restaurant." Vzark sneakily creates a few gold coins. "That should work."

She follows his lead, watching the crowd in case of being noticed.

He looks back to her occasionally. "You know, if you worry about looking suspicious you'll end up looking more suspicious."

"You have purple hair." She hisses lowly.

He rolls his eyes. "Hair dye exists, they'll just think im weird." He spots what he assumes to be a steakhouse and makes his way to it.

She follows, interested. "You know they banned that a while ago, right? I can probably make a cloaking spell if you give me somewhere private to do it..."

He sighs. "Fine. Just know I dont feel to happy about needing to hide my hair color." He changes direction a bit, finding something similar to an alleyway where the crowd has gotten awfully thinner.

Kanashimi mutters some arcane spells, and both their hair colors are hidden, Kana's white is made plain red, and his black.

"I'm not happy about it either, unless you want a CRAzy to show up."

"Its not li-" He closes his mouth. "...I'm only realizing now how much I actually say that..."

"Let's get going, hungry."

He nods, walking back to where he saw the steakhouse, entering it and asking for a table for two, in which he and Kana are both led to one.

She sits down and looks at the menu.

We can't possibly order enough food without looking suspicious. No human eats like a Chaos Engine.

"Okay, then how about we order some extra food to go and say its for our friends who are waiting for us at their house?"

"And they won't find it odd when we don't get into a car? We should just visit a few restaurants. Sample local cooking, that sorta thing."

He shrugs. "I guess that works, its a win win."

"Now feeeeeed meeeeee..." She drools.

"That's uh, not exactly how it works. You have to choose what you want from the menu."

"Steak, I want steak! With barbaque, and french fries, so many french fries... Extra salty!"

He seems a little amused. "You're lucky its a steakhouse. I'll probably get ribs, and you'll have to specify to the waiter as to which way you want the steak cooked."

"...Well done."

"Alright, now we wait."  Moments later a waiter comes by and asks what they want. Vzark asks for ribs and a soda.

Kanashimi places her order, eager to eat.

Vzark seems a little nervous like always, almost scanning the restaurant before looking back to Kanashimi, a little embarrassed. 

Kanashimi sees this and pinches his nose with a neutral expression. "Relax Caffeine Man." 

His nose scrunches up in response. "Sorry, sorry. Gotta reeelaaaax."

"Keep it up and I will consider not pulling your nose."

He rolls his eyes. After a bit there food is brought to the table, and Vzark immediately starts eating.

She tears into the food like a hyena, and after a bite or two, she looks at him.

"I know you didn't just roll your eyes at me."

"I have no idea what you're talking about." 

"Keep talking Jolly Rancher. I'll knock those teeth out." 

He motions his mouth being zip closed as he continues to eat, silently smiling.

It takes very little time for her to tear apart most of her meal.

Vzark takes a little bit longer than Kanashimi, but looks rather happy once hes done.

"If you smile any bigger, I'm sure you'll turn into Cheshire Cat."

"I think I'm allowed to smile once in awhile."

"Hrm. Still hungry... restaurant?" Kanashimi's hunger truly knows no bounds.

He laughs. "You're serious? We havent even hit germany yet, think you can wait to eat there?"

"I'm deadly serioussssss... ...I'm thinking bacon. All of the bacon."

He rolls his eyes, despite her threat she gave him earlier. "Doubt theres a place thats just for bacon."

"Fine, but I still want bacon. As long as they have bacon I will eat it."

He nods. "Theres bacon in germany, come on, I really want to show you what its like!"

"The bacon?"

He puffs his cheeks out. "No, germany! I mean, the bacon too yeah but mostly germany."

"Well what are we waiting for?" She rockets off into the air.

"Wait, hold on!" He quickly follows after her, laughing to himself.

"Too bad slow bloom pansy!" She flies in circles around him.

He rolls his eyes once more, shaking his head. "Come on, we're wasting time Kana!"

"Fiiiiiiiine." She settles into a speed more on his level, giving him a few pouting looks but not pressing the issue further.

After Morning Edit

Shinwa soon exits her deep sleep cycle and feels the intimateness of her body against Drake's, but doesn't proceed to move, rather, enjoying the closeness and warmth she hasn't felt since... ...she doesn't allow her thoughts to drift too far, knowing what dark abyss lurks there. After an hour or two, she gently kisses Drake's lips.

Drake slowly stirs upon feeling the kiss, his eyes slowly opening to Shinwa and her typical smile. He smiles and kisses in return, wrapping an arm around her. "Morning Shinwa... Sleep well?" He asks, still waking up.

"Better than I have in a long time. ...Though it may be how good it felt afterwards, you be the judge of that..." She brushes up against him for a more intimate cuddle.

For once, Drake blushes at the remark, seemingly lost for words before scrambling something together. "Eheheh... So it's safe to say it was great for both of us." 

"Is that so?" She smiles faintly, leaning her head against him. 

Drake doesn't utter a word, instead kissing her forehead, tightening his hug.

She makes a faint moan. "Mmmm... ...I don't want to get out of bed... ...especially now. It's nice and warm... ...and comfortable with you."

"Well... I usually have a morning plan to keep to - but I think I can postpone it, at least until someone shows up."

"Then how about I provide some in bed breakfast?" She says with a wink.

Drake laughs and sits up slightly. "I'm starting to feel rude by just sitting by... I'll help."

Two huge plates of pancakes, eggs, and bacon appearate by their heads. "No need, taken care of."

Once the plates reaches their laps, Drake examines the food. "...Earth food is still so alien to me but if it tastes good then who cares?" One of the pieces of bacon hovers up and enters his mouth, after a moment, he smiles. "And unsurprisingly, it tastes good. Thank you."

"You're welcome. How about a kiss for the chef?"

As if on que, all of the food hovers high enough that it gives Drake enough room to practically pounce on Shinwa, planting a passionate kiss on her lips while doing so.

Her cheeks become rosy red as she returns the kiss, her eyes lighting up. "You seem like you're still awfully playful~" She teases as she plays with his hair.

"Well..." One of his hands carefully caresses Shinwa's cheek, his eyes faintly glowing as well. "Ferals are known to have a lot of... Excess energy." His smile turns coy as he lets out an innocent sounding snigger.

She hums as he strokes her cheek, leaning into him. "Perhaps later you can help me with that excess energy, my arm is stiff, it feels unfamiliar having been without it for so long." She moves her restored arm, though it is noticeably unresponsive compared with the intact original.

Drake sits up, letting Shinwa have some space to move around a bit more freely. "Aha... Yeah, it may take a bit for your body to adjust that it has its arm back, take all the time you need." His eyes glance up at the still hovering food. "Once we finish eating breakfast, we'll go do... Whatever it is we need to do, alright?"

She yawns, before beginning to sit up as well. She appears to have grown golden horns as well as soft patches of scales, particularly where his touch had been most recent, explaining why she had felt so soft to him before. She grabs some more food and begins to eat, not before wrapping her blanket to keep her body warm.

Without seeming rude, he simply admires his new partner, a soft smile everpresent on his face before he tucks in with his own food - Finishing soon after.

She takes a bit more to finish, eating to savor her meal. When she is finished, she quietly gets up and begins to dress herself, he notices she has trouble putting her almost lame arm into the proper sleeve.

After wrapping himself up with the cover, he reaches over and adjusts the sleeve so that the arm can go through smoothly. "There, that should help." Drake says in a pleased tone.

She slowly bends the limb, looking at it before grunting as a faint 'pop' can be heard in her shoulder, and she seems to have gotten it a tad looser.

She adjusts her clothing a bit, before slowly nodding. She then looks at Drake. "Shall we?"

Shinwa can see Drake shudder as he heard the 'pop', but he looks up at her and smiles. "Give me a second... My only pair of clothes were left to dry downstairs." Drake then leans back over and grabs one of the towels sprawled about on the floor, wraps it around himself and leaves the room - coming back within moments dressed with his jacket over his shoulder. "Ok, I'm ready now."

She offers her hand to him.

He reaches out and takes it, his tail swaying from side to side ever so slightly. "...So, what do we need to do today?"

"Well, strength conditioning for this arm. I was thinking catching boulders outside would help make it more limber. You can help with that, can't you?"

Drake, stretching his wings and arms out, nods. "That shouldn't be too much of an issue, if you want to wait a bit I could get something set up."

The Home Country Edit

It takes some time to actually reach the specific part of Germany he wanted to take her to, but after a while they finally reach Dresden. The city of Dresden was rather grand and striking, and Vzark can't help but stop to take it all in. "Welp, this is it." He has a bright smile on his face, a smile he hasn't worn in quite some time.

"...Well it is impressive. You look rather chipper." Kanashimi remarks.

He nods, and rubs the back of his head. "It just...brings back memories, is all. Good and....and bad."

"Ah. ...So tired..." Kanashimi wheezes.

He turns to her, crossing his arms. "What do you mean tired? We finally got here, there so much to see!"

"We flew from America. I'm tiiiireeeed. We can stay as long as we waaaaaant..." She moans.

He pouts, and sighs. "If you really want to rest, fine."

"We can do stuff all day tomorrow! What's the big deal with relaxing?"

"Nothing, I guess." He sighs again. "Just ignore me, I'm being an idiot. You're right, tomorrow's another day."

"I wanna stay at a nice hotel. Stony towers suck."

He rolled his eyes. "Its practically all stony towers here, but they aren't like that on the inside."

"You know what I mean."

"Yeah yeah I understand. Im sure we can find somewhere more...modern."

Kanashimi yawns. "I haven't flown this much in a long time..."

"Neither have I but, im not all that tired." He steps forward and looks around. "If I remember correctly, theres a pretty fancy hotel in that direction."

"Take me before I faint..."

"Am I going to have to carry you? Don't be lazy, come on."

Kanashimi gives him a coy look. "Maybe you will. Don't tell me you don't like the idea of carrying your maiden to safe passage?" She says, before following him.

He tilts his head slightly as a nod of sorts. "Maybe I would. Does said maiden need it, though?"

"No no... no...zzzzzz...." Kanashimi begins to drift to sleep.

He scoffs, and flies to her, swooping her up in his arms and carrying her bridal style. "Silly." He sticks his tongue out a little bit.

She snores quietly in his arms on the way down.

He does his best to not jolt her as they make their way, rather gentle as he carries her.

As she gets deeper into sleep, she starts mumbling.

He furrows his brow, shamelessly leaning in just to hear.

"Waiiiit... I don't wanna wears the pink dress..."

He holds in his laughter, snorting a bit. "You muuuuust wear the pink dreeessss."

"But I wanna wear the red swimsuit..."

Vzark blinks, and holds a blank expression. ".....Wear the red swimsuit."

"...What colored underwear... am I wearing now...?" She mutters.

With a test of will, he doesn't check.

"..." She seems to have stopped muttering.

He shrugs, grinning as he eventually reaches the hotel.

She starts her characteristic snoring.

His grin stops, replaced with a rather unsurprised look as he walks inside, and manages to book a room.

While heading to the room, he feels Kanashimi's teeth bite into his arm.

"Food." She appears to be sleep eating his arm.

He just ignores her. He enters the room, which was rather fancy for a hotel, placing her gently onto the bed and sitting down on a chair.

Kanashimi sleeps on, gnawing her pillow in her sleep. "Eat marshmallow... ...all marshmallows..."

He starts getting sleepy as well, eventually dozing off into the chair.

When he gets up, he can still hear Kanashimi snoring.

He sighs and gets up, walking over and poking her cheek. 

She snorts, snapping at his finger with her teeth in her sleep.

"Ow!" He pulls his finger back, grumpily whining. "Come on Kana, seriously? I need to show you germany...."

She moans, her eyes cracking open, her stomach growling in greeting. "Maybe we can start by showing me some German Sausage? ...Or any other breakfast foods?"

A deep blush hits his face, until he realizes what she meant. "YEAH, UH. SURE."

"Quit with the tingly emotions shit tinkerbell..." Kanashimi slurs, still half asleep.

He pouts angrily a bit, crossing his arms. "Just get up soon, I know you'd probably end up sleeping all day."

She slips out of bed, quite literally, sliding onto the floor, eyes cracked open with sleep still in her eyes. She quietly rubs them, moaning. After a minute she manages to sit up and points a finger toward her chest, an orange flame appearing, but then she pauses, seeing Vzark.

"...Uh, need to you either vacate or avert your eyes."

He blinked a few times, the blush still remaining as he quickly turned around. "Shit, uh, right. Sorry. Tell me when its fine to look."

A woosh of flame is heard, and Kanashimi sits behind him in what appears to be normal clothing for a human, her hair simply red while her eyes are a reddish brown. "...You can turn around."

He nods, turning around and staring for a solid second. "....Should um...I do something similar? Disguising myself, I mean."

"Would make sense." She eyes him in return.

"Right, yeah." He glows purple for a second, and after its gone his clothes are rather normal, his eyes are green and his hair is black with purple tips. "Just so it looks dyed."