Yomi Saiho
"It's time to play doll house!"
No. 15
Darkaria's Doll Collector
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date May 26
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color Light Green
Hair Color Light Blue
Height 4'5(Dolls)

5'1(Real Body)

Blood type O
Age Dolls

2(Chronologically) 14(Biologically)

Real Body 16

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Health Healthy
Affiliation Darkaria Kingdom, 15 Darkaria Knights
Weapons Umbrella, Sewing Needles, Scissors, String, Dolls
Species Human(Witch)
Base of Operations Darkaria Kingdom
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Previous Occupation(s) Unknown
Current Occupation 15 Darkaria Knights, Darkaria Couture
Abilities Enhanced Durability/Invulnerability, Enhanced Senses, Super Speed, Doll Manipulation, Hypnosis, Dimension Creation, Flight
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Partner Various Dolls
Team 15 Darkaria Knights
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single


Yomi was born as an orphan in a small village. Every day she would suffer from loneliness, then she stumbled upon a stuffed rabbit. She would always play with it and pretend it was a person and some kids would make fun of her, but she would always seek comfort in her stuffed friend. After a while she noticed that it started moving, as well as speaking, on it's own and it explained that Yomi's magic allowed to be 'alive'. After realizing she can animate dolls she started gathering other stuffed animals, and with enough practice, brought them to life without much effort. When she showed the other kids they were at first amazed but due to them picking on her before the dolls began terrorizing them. Due to this the villagers began labeling her as a witch so they sought help to get rid of her.

She was then confronted by Kohaku and Kimahara, who received the job from Tsubaki due to Kohaku and Kimahara easily relating to her, and asked to have a talk with her. Fearing that they were there to kill Yomi the dolls began attacking them both, but they were easily subdued. Kohaku and Kimahara explained that they weren't there to kill her instead to take her to Darkaria so she can have a home, though hesitant she accepted as long she can take her dolls with her and they said yes.

After arriving in Darkaria she was immediately put into the Darkaria Orphanage with other abandoned children. She was at first timid due to her dolls being a little overprotective, but the kids were very nice to her so she opened up to them along with her dolls and started playing with the kids. After a while she wanted to be useful to Darkaria for giving her a home, so she asked Kimahara what she should do. In response Kimahara told her, "Do something you like to do.", and after a while of thinking about it she decided to create clothes for Darkaria. After learning to sew and create clothing and with permission, from Tsubaki despite being under-aged, she opened up a clothing store where not only she makes clothing for the general public, but also made specialty clothing for the 15 Darkaria Knights, Darkaria Army, Darkaria Police Force, and Darkaria Laboratory. She then figured out that another way to be helpful to Darkaria is to become one the 15 Darkaria Knights, so after developing her own style she made it into the fifteenth rank of the Knights. Out of all the Knights she's the youngest to join.

Sometime after her joining the Knights she contracted a fatal disease with a cure that's extremely difficult to find, so she created a doll that resembled her as she was and her real body was put into a stagnation tube courtesy of Inumuta.


Yomi is a small girl that has light blue hair that hang over her shoulders and light green ribbons, with yellow trim sewed on by green thread and large red button, tied at the ends, and large green eyes. She wears a calf lengthened light green jacket, with yellow trim sewed on with blue thread, with large pockets, large red buttons, and an oversize hood that is always on her head. Under the jacket she wears light blue overall shorts with red thread sewed onto the edges, and underneath is a burgundy colored, quarter sleeved, body suit that has yellow thread along the arms and legs. On her feet are large light green ankle high boots with the upper parts folded over, to reveal yellow coloring underneath, and tied with red thread. When not doing missions and at her store she wears a frilly dress with various green colors, the same body suit, same shoes, same hair ribbons, and a cream colored apron with pink hearts.

Her real appearance is a standard sixteen year old girl but has long hair reaching the floor and wears a full body suit with various medical wires attached, and a breathing mask.


The Yomi doll(s) are generally cheerful and playful. Everywhere she goes she's always looking for someone to play with. Despite her playfulness she does fulfill her orders down to a 't', and never disobeys orders. She also enjoys her job in making and providing clothes, she'll even give clothes to poor people wherever she goes. In battle she still carries her air of playfulness and always cheers for both sides when her dolls are fighting her opponents. She also dislikes the fact that almost everyone she meets thinks she's weak due to her being only No. 15 of the Darkaria Knights.

The Yomi dolls are very protective of their creator and will protect her even if it ends up with them being destroyed.


Super Speed

Expert Close Combat

Expert Swordsmanship

Enhanced Durability/Invulnerability

Enhanced Endurance

Energy Manipulation/Sensory

Doll Manipulation/Creation

Personality Implanting/Manipulation



Dimension Creation

Cloth Manipulation


Yomi carries a large sewing needle that she uses for sword combat, a pair of pink scissors, that she also uses for sword combat, that can cut through anything. She has a pink umbrella that she uses a broom to help her fly around, and varies cloths. She keeps these supplies in a large backpack that she carries when on missions.