Yami Izayoi
Isn't there anyone who can satisfy my appetite?
Darkaria's Battle Demon
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date May 16
Family Uknown Father
Status Alive
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Burgundy
Height 6'4
Blood type O
Age 34
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Health Healthy
Affiliation Darkaria Army, 15 Darkaria Knights
Weapons Sword
Species Oni
Base of Operations Darkaria Kingdom
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Previous Occupation(s) Unknown
Current Occupation Darkaria Army
Abilities Supernatural Strength, Super Speed, Expert Swordsmanship
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Partner Kagura Yoshimori
Team Darkaria Army
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single


Yami is part of the Izayoi clan, a clan that has been long standing friends with the Watanuki clan, so due to this Yami is Tsubaki's closest friend. During his youth he would join in Tsubaki's training seasons to help him, and himself, get stronger. During Tsubaki's rebellion against his father, Yami, Zaraki, Shiroyuki, and some of the other first generation 15 Darkaria Knights helped Tsubaki. After they emerged victorious, Tsubaki moved the entire Darkaria Kingdom to another dimension, where Yami became the new leader of the Darkaria Army and No.2 of the 15 Darkaria Knights.


Yami has messy burgundy hair and yellow eyes. He wears a black body suit under black armor with yellow lining, and a red cape. The armor on his shoulders, knees, and elbows have three small spikes on them.


He's generally known as a violent fighter, but his actions tend to be for the best. Yamimaru lives for battle and enjoys a good fight more than anything to the point where he will hold back to make fights last longer. Despite is brutal nature in battle he will stop fighting when his opponent is too injured to fight back as he does not wish to fight "weaklings who can't fight anymore". He'll only feel obligated to deal a finishing blow when someone refuses to end their fight with him. He does show great respect to those who can defeat him and those who can push him to his limits. Despite how he thrives for battle, he does have emotions, as he always considers Tsubaki his best and closest friend and always knows what he is thinking. He in fact talks to Tsubaki without honorifics due to their close friendship. He has a long standing rivalry with Shiroyuki on their views on fighting, but he still respects her and her skills. He also values the lives of his men, and as such earns his men's respect and undying loyalty.


Supernatural Strength

Super Speed

Enhanced Durability/Invulnerability

Enhanced Endurance

Enhanced Senses

Divinity Immunity

Expert Swordsmanship

Fire Magic/Manipulation/Martial Arts

Lightning Magic/Manipulation/Martial Arts

Weapon Summoning/Manipulation/De-Summon


Yami keeps various bladed weapons in a separate pocket dimension, but his mostly used one has a tear drop shaped blade. He also has the god slaying sword Kusanagi no Tsurugi given to him by Kushinada. He can only use it when his restriction seal is released.