Xiao Lupa-Levian
"Nature, what must you tell?"
The Phantom Wolf
The Beast Tamer
The Wolf Shaman
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date Unknown
Family Nero, Children
Status Alive
Eye Color Brown, Grey(transformed)
Hair Color Brown
Height 160-298 Cm
Blood type L
Age Unknown
Weight 39-76 Kg
Health Great
Affiliation Neutral
Species Werewolf(Pure blood)
Base of Operations Kaster
Weapons Totem of Elders, Claws of Lupus, Wolves' Bane
Current Occupation None
Fighting Style Wild Wolf, Feral Spirit, Beast Dance
Partner Nero(Husband)
Team None
Relatives Children, Xi Clan
Marital Status Married

Xiao is an old friend of Aeon's from the planet Kaster. She is married to Nero, also referred to as the Great Leviathan.


Xiao was born into the Xi Clan of Werewolves as a simple beast tamer's daughter. For many years, she dreamed solely of leaving the clan and exploring the world, dreams that would introduce her to Aeon, Astra and her future husband Nero.


Xiao, daughter of Macao, son of Markha. Born as the daughter of a simple beast tamer in a simple tribe of Werewolves, Xiao's life was equally simple. Each day would consist of bonding with nature and beasts within the tribe in one way or another, cementing her connection and understanding of the world around her. That changed when her coming of age ceremony began.


To the Xi clan, the coming of age ceremony was key in determining one's future in the tribe and each year it would change to accommodate the changes in the world around them. The year of Xiao's ceremony was one with a single trial: Survive in the outside world for several years before returning to the tribe. Many of the adults of the clan saw this as a reworded banishment sentence, but the leader of the Xi clan would not be persuaded to change the trial in the slightest. Thus, with some reluctance did Xiao leave the tribe along with others her age to explore the vast world of Kaster.

A Chance MeetingEdit

Xiao's travels took her to the major forests and towns of Kaster, long before it was developed into a technologically advanced world. Where ever she went, she would attract odd stares and other foul looks by the people, occasionally having to fight off the less than savory people whom followed her. The simple days of her life had ended and were replaced by hectic days where enemies laid in wait beyond every shadow and every turn. It was during such a time that Xiao met a certain person who enamored her as he investigated the strange killings occurring around Kaster per order of the king. Xiao world accompany the person on his investigation, leading to her meeting the enigmatic and powerful Nero, the then rival of Noah and later informant and close friend to both. Together, the three of them and the phantom armor accompanying them would discover that the perpetrator of the bizarre murders was none other than the king himself as he performed an eldritch ritual for power beyond comprehension. Now knowing too much, the trio was branded as a group of criminals of the gravest offense and hunted through the civilized areas of Kaster by the king's elite guard.

The trio fled for months, moving from town to town in a hurry as the elites continued to pursue them for false crimes against the king. This chase would lead to a full confrontation with the elite guard, a victory that would result in Xiao's capture while securing an escape route for Noah and Nero.

Some time later, Xiao, under the King's influence, would encounter Noah, Nero and Astra before being freed from his control and helping the trio defeat the king. She would then start a family with Nero.


Xiao is rather spirited person, but is equal parts softspoken. It is hard to read her, not because she lacks emotion, but because she often hides her emotions out of fear of overwhelming the other party with them. Only around Nero and close friends can she cut loose, revealing a fun loving and energetic self that mixes spirit with relaxation.


Xiao has dark brown hair and tanned complexion. Her eyes are brown and tribal tattoos spread from her back to her shoulders. She wears the traditional garb of the Xi clan, A fur lined tunic and skirt with detached sleeves with boots and bone wristlets.

When in werewolf form, Xiao does not fully transform, but rather gains lupine ears and a tail, wilder hair and fur over more important parts of her body, with razor sharp claws and fangs.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Godslayer's BodyEdit

Xiao's strength comes from an era in which facing gods was common, thus her strength, defense, speed, intellect and magical capacity are suited for such. Similarly, her regenerative capabilities are far beyond that of beings from the present.

Lunar BondEdit

Xiao has a strong affinity for the Moon of Kaster, to the point were she can call upon its power in her time of need to draw out her ancestral power.

Tribal MagicEdit

Xiao is a practitioner of the Lupa Clan's magic, giving her many physical enhancement spells along with highly damaging spirit magic that calls upon her ancestors' power. As a member of the Xi family, this power is weakened in exchange for more powerful physical traits.

Beast ReactionEdit

Xiao's reaction speed is quite easily in a class of its own, allowing her to dodge nearly everything thrown at her while in Kasterian form. In Werewolf form, this reaction speed is multiplied sevenfold.

Animal AffinityEdit

Xiao, as the daughter of a beast tamer, has an affinity for wild beasts, particularly those of high intellect. Through simple words and suggestion, Xiao can tame the most ferocious beasts and make them as docile as sheep.

Lunar CryEdit

Xiao's howl in werewolf form. Calls down the blessing of the moon on her allies.

Lunar SongEdit


Lunar CallEdit



An offensive and defensive tribal magic that calls the power of moon to either make an instantaneous attack or heal those in need.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Elder TotemEdit

A once ordinary staff carved with the totems and spirit animals of the Xi clan. Less of a weapon and more of a magical catalyst that allows for Xiao's full power to be realized in the mortal realm as opposed to the spirit realm. Timeless and harder than diamond, this staff is one of a kind.

Claw of LupusEdit

A weapon passed down in Xiao's family. Sharper than razors and durable enough to survive being embedded in rock, the Claw of Lupus represents the other side to Xiao's prowess as a Beast Tamer: A Beast Hunter.

Wolves BaneEdit

Less of a weapon and more of a tool, this bizarre belt, in exchange for limiting her transformation, severely weakens shapeshifters and any others with the proclivity to alter their shape at will and traps them in their base form.



Xaio's werewolf transformation is limited due to her use of the Wolves Bane, making the only changes tail growth, lupine ear growth, lengthening of nails and sharpening of fangs. Here eye color also changes from brown to grey and she fur over more important parts of her form.

Moon CaressedEdit

While transformed, Xiao may feel the need to call upon the power of her bond with Kaster's moon, shifting her back to her human form barring the additional ears and tail, but also creating red and gold glowing marks that intertwine with the tattoos upon her form.

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