This is a simple list of rules and notes for creating characters and what rules will govern them regardless of strength or power.

Newcomer Guidelines

These guidelines apply to users who are fresh to the wiki, in terms of the span of a few months. These rules exist to better the introductory phase for new users, and may be extended to longer periods depending on how prepared we feel the user is to handle bigger roles.

God / Boss Characters

Due to past experiences, we feel that newcomers to the wiki should not have access to this type of character, as the vast majority of newcomers either abuse the powers of them, find themselves grossly unable to handle characters of a similar 'tier', or get ignored due to lack of association with the rest of the cast. For better roleplay experiences, we ask that you start with starter level powers and work your way up. When we feel you are ready to handle the responsibility, this will be unlocked.

Villain Guidelines

Villain characters are allowed so long as they have a proper foil (an opposing protagonist) whom has history and reason to engage them. A villain by themselves is often ignored and is less valuable than if they possess a clear connection to others to tie them together with the rest of the wiki. If you do not wish to create a protagonist character, you must at the very least establish a proper relationship with another character who can fill that role. Be sure that more or less equal footing is established- -a planet killer is a poor opponent for a character who can hardly destroy a bus.

Drama/Outside Drama

We understand that you may have issues with some of our members or staff at some point in your stay, but we strongly urge you to show respect to all members of TZ. If you cannot be respectful of the peace, regardless of the personal issues you have with others, it will not be tolerated. This is not an endorsement of their actions but rather our putting our foot down in regards to being host to a battlefield when others are trying to enjoy themselves.

Outside Drama meanwhile is not tolerated here, and if your intention is to cause strife from the start or to bring outside issues into our community from another, we will show you the door. If you have an issue with someone personally, take it up with them in private messages. The wiki and its associated sites are to never be used to merely contact someone, if you've been blocked/banned by them, chances are, they don't want to talk to you here or there.

God Modding

Auto Hit

Also known as Closed Attacks. Basically, this is saying that all of your attacks will hit the opponent no matter what. This is both boring as all can get and is unfair towards the opponent, especially if on equal ground. There are exceptions, but those are case by case and must be discussed with an admin and the opposing party. Outside of the exceptions, Auto Hits may exist in limited quantities, but not every attack can be an Auto Hit.

Auto Dodge

This makes the battle take way too long as nobody gets hit. It gets boring after a while and nobody can dodge everything, it is impossible, even for those who can shift between planes and dimensions at whim. That being said, if someone moves much faster than you or has an evasion based skill set, don't expect a lot of attacks to hit or expect that avoiding attacks will be harder. A good ratio is generally one hit for every four to six dodges. Being hit does not mean game over, so please do not play as if it does in combat.

Indomitable Nature

Losing happens. Even extremely strong characters, like Aeon and Alara can be defeated, albeit after a long struggle requiring problem solving and strategy. TL:DR: Not all battles can be won and not all winnable battles will be easy.

Sock Puppetting

Basically: Don't create pages for characters that you are going to kill off two seconds later to make another more powerful. You can create characters that lack pages even if they are unimportant, but only create pages for characters that you will use for awhile. This helps deal with an overabundance of pages and keeps things mostly tidy. Additionally, you cannot control another's character(i.e. you can't write them attacking your character or deciding to stand still). This is a tricky rule to follow with psionic abilities such as mind control, but an easy way to put this is you cannot write that someone you are fighting decides to jump off a cliff or into a volcano out of the blue. You can manipulate them into doing so, but you can't outright write that they do it without the opposing side's consent. It should be noted that if the opponent is hit by an effect that will cause them detriment, you can apply that effect as often as needed.

Foil Characters

Do not create characters solely to oppose another person's characters, period. You can create the antithesis of a character personality and ability wise, but if they are ONLY there to fight or oppose the character they are opposite of, they are not allowed. It is for this reason that Omni- abilities are banned without admin permission and proving that one can handle power well. The sole loophole to this is creating a foil that accentuates the character the foil is opposite of, rather than opposes them because they negate each other or whatever thoughts go into making counter characters. Using a foil to accent a character is fine, but no other type of foil will be tolerated.

Generally Unstated (De Facto) Rules

Omni- Skills

Omni-powers without reasons are a no go. This does not apply to Omni-Resistance, since it does not count as an Omni- skill, rather it is a glorified name for a stately level of resistance to all sources of harm, low or high.

Creativity Pt. 1

While creativity is fine, pulling things out of your rear to prevent loss is not.


Some abilities have no easy counter and are thus very difficult to cancel or negate. Some abilities have NO counter or foil ability due to uniqueness and thus must be avoided or prevented before they start.

Closed Attacks

Closed Attacks do not exist unless there is set up and the opposition does not either take a hint and either attempt to cancel it or escape. That being said, if there are multiple set up pieces in place leading to a closed attack and none are prevented, a Closed Attack may not be stopped if the correct skill set is not present.

"Power Struggles"

Ask questions about abilities before you decide an ability trumps it. Unless you have more than a reasonable doubt, do not assume. This goes both ways and if no consensus can be reached, explain the full extent of your ability and compare the magnitudes of the effects. If they are equal, use a neutral intermediary to decide. If one surpasses the other, the surpassing force wins, but the losing side has rights unless otherwise stated.

Creativity Pt.2

If an ability is not on a character page, it is fine to add it later, but it should not be a spur of the moment addition, rather a planned one.


Unless it is copyrighted, you can use any species or mixture of species for characters or races. If it is a custom species, you are allowed to create a page for the species in the event someone else wants to use it- rather this is almost an obligation.