Shinwa Dragonclaw
A Light Reborn
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date {{{birth date}}}
Family Kado (Brother), Kake(Brother), Kuchi(Sister), Kyoshi(Father), Sabireta (Mother)
Status Alive
Eye Color Lavender, Gold
Hair Color White
Height -
Blood type None
Age 0 (Spirit) 50 (Shapeshifter)
Weight 0
Health Well
Affiliation Admonition, Volmond, Phoenix (Former)
Weapons Light Slayer
Species Shapeshifter - Dragon - Spirit
Base of Operations Volmond's Domain
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) Leader of Phoenix
Current Occupation Light Slayer of Admonition
Abilities Light Manipulation, Spirituality
Fighting Style Dragon's Claw, Lucid Dreams, Sightless Death, Solar Storm, Asian Martial Arts
Partner Volmond, Kagayaki, Naki
Team -
Relatives Kado, Sabireta, White, Kake, Kuchi
Marital Status Volmond (Close Partner)

Fight Theme

Info Edit

Shinwa is the former leader of Phoenix, reborn as a positive spirit wanting to atone for her sins. She is the sister of Kado Spiritwood.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Shinwa appears to possess simple dresses when not in combat scenarios, with long white hair and gold or purple eyes, depending on her fancy or mood. When pulled into battle, she dons a mysterious dragon like armor that nullifies her presence to even the most powerful of beings.

Shinwa is generally a kind person, but when faced with her duty, becomes sullen and of a dour temperament. This makes reasoning with her extremely difficult if one is seen as a hindrance or nuisance, interactions with her require extremely diplomatic temperaments lest any chance of a common ground burst into flame. She genuinely loves her closest allies and friends, and will not forsake them save for the more dire of circumstances. She carries a deeply founded sense of failure and self loathing, for all of her deeds and her actions. She feels this way the strongest when dealing with her love life and her family.

She appears to have reverted to a state of mind similar to before her negative and positive spiritual beings no longer aligned and split apart, leaving it uncertain how she will respond towards her comrades old and new.

History Edit

Shinwa was born in the East Flora region along with her sister and brother Kuchi and Kake, as well as her mother Sabireta and her father Kyoshi. It would not be until she was in her thirties that her brother Kado would be born, and from there, her life would fall apart. Soon after her baby brother's birth, Shinwa was contacted by the organization Phoenix with regards to a apprenticeship. Not interested, Shinwa declined. Shortly after, she began an engagement with Furue, a local villager who she had loved for years before. When her brother Kado was three, Shinwa was again contacted by Phoenix, this time with a dire warning: if she did not join, then in the future Kado would grow up into a monster, a being would would cause much strife in the worlds.

Fearful of this outcome, Shinwa fearfully accepted their request, and began training in secret to become one of their members. When Kado was five years old, Shinwa prepared to leave for a final time. However, Furue picked up on her distress and once he learned the truth, attempted to stop Shinwa. In her great anxiety and desperation, Shinwa accidentally killed Furue with a shove to his chest, previously unaware of the true strength of her dragon nature.

From then on, she would become the leader of Phoenix, White VIII, and prepared to shape Kado's life in such a way that he would never become that monster, instead, a hero. Soon after her plan neared its conclusion, a being named Volmond, whose words and affections began to change her, until the truth was revealed to her: Kado never would have become what she had been warned of, in fact, her actions would lead to the creation of that 'monster' she so feared. Torn by the revelation and the change in her life thanks to Volmond, her soul tore in two, resulting in the being that is now, and her dark half, White VIII.

In recent times, a choice she made resulted in a binding contract between her and the mysterious Omega, resulting in her current mission to reverse the creation of Roka.

Relations Edit

Volmond Edit

Shinwa loves Volmond dearly, and would defend him readily if the need called for it. She remains unsure of where exactly she truly stands with him, but is willing to be patient, trusting that time will allow him to open up more to her.

With the state of affairs Shinwa is in, she cannot engage with the outside world, and even if she could, she now is in an abyss of doubt and self loathing. She finds the prospect of Volmond seeing her like this to be unbearable.

Kado Edit

Fighting to restore some semblance of her old family, Kado was at the heart of her desire for redemption. With Kado gone, her heart has fallen into an abyss of despair and self loathing, hating herself for her mistakes that led to his downfall.

Obi/Obidah Edit

Shinwa does not particularly respect Obi, particularly when he becomes antagonistic to Volmond. As she is a more serious kind of leader, their personalities tend to clash. She will readily intervene in their disputes, and is not afraid to show any grievances she has with Obi.

Powers Edit

Esocentric Light Manipulation Edit

  • Kugelblitz
  • Mirage and Illusion - One of White's most infamous move sets, she can create false images of herself that deceive her opponent, and can create clones that explode on contact.
  • Supernova - White's most powerful Light based move, twin of Implosion.
  • Implosion - Matter in an area is condensed into a star's core, and obliterated.
  • Light Speed - White can move at and past the speed of light with ease.

Lambda / Goddess Abilities Edit

  • Evolution Manipulation - White has gained the aspect of Evolution, allowing her to dictate the power of others, useless with purely energy beings. The physical form of a energy being can still be weakened. She can either enhance or devolve a being.
  • Armor Skin - White's skin has become so strong it is like a suit of armor, all but the strongest weapons will be made useless. Protects against ordinary weapons and low to mid tier weaponry, fire and forms of heat, high resistance to blunt attacks.
  • Personal Domain - White is able to establish a single region of land as her own personal dominion, in the presence of which the authority of other beings, specifically in her presence, becomes second rank to her own, greatly weakening any Aspect or Avatar present in her dominion. Current Dominion is Yosai Fortress.
  • Erasure
  • Ether Manipulation
  • Aether Manipulation
  • Nether Manipulation
  • Primal Shield - A high class Lambda trait, it acts as a basic buffer for all manner of attacks or intrusions on the being who unlocks this trait, making all forms of offense greatly weakened. The ability to do damage to the being using this technique requires obscene levels of damage to even break the shield. Passive.
  • Divinity
  • Solar Aspect - White has a strong affinity with the sun, empowered by its mere presence.

Spiritual Power Edit

As a spirit, White is largely immune to true physical damage, all wounds sustained are superficial if not pointless, as she exists truly in energy form. She is able by default to manipulate her surroundings, the spiritual balance around her, and the souls of others. Only energy attacks can deal permanent damage.

  • Negative Energy Manipulation - White's spiritual powers allow her to control and manipulate the negative aspects of virtually everything, from emotions, thoughts, and aggression in general.
  • Dominance - White possesses the aspect of Dominance, allowing her to dominate her opposition with little effort, be it mentally or in combat.

Natural Abilities/Powers Edit

  • Supreme Swordsmanship - White possesses swordsmanship unrivaled by most, further honed by Hypercompetence, she can even cut what normally would be considered uncuttable.

Satsujin no Kōsaku Edit

A form of Kinjutsu that hones high skill, efficiency, and speed to form nigh one hit kill techniques, and requires extreme training and dedication to master. Untrained individuals attempting to mimic or master the skill will suffer extreme tunnel vision and sensory overload trying to operate at the speed and precision of this series of abilities.

Tenants of Satsujin no Kōsaku

  1. Your sword must be sharp, so must your training never cease.
  2. Fight by honor and restraint, so that only the worthy meet your absolute blade.
  3. Waste not your sword on an undeserving enemy.
  4. Be swift, be just, never cruel. Your enemy should die without humiliation and pain.
  5. Act, do not think. Your heart, forged in fire and pure conviction, knows the correct course of your blade.
  6. Death is the ultimate punishment. Do not inflict it needlessly.
  7. Never forget your victim. Show them honor and never forget, but never condemn yourself.
  • Technology Mastery - White can access and use any machine with excessive ease, as well as build most machines far beyond average understanding.
  • Magic Mastery - White has a profound understanding of magic and its functions, able to cast a huge assortment of spells.
  • Science Mastery - White has an advanced understanding of various branches of science and their application.
  • Deception Mastery - White's silver tongue is legend, she is able to corrupt individuals into serving her through carefully calculated lies, always having a failsafe to ensure once someone is caught up in her web of lies, they will remain trapped.
  • Transcendent Eye - An ocular power passed down in White's bloodline, this power is the superior version of Drake's Temporal Sight and the Chaos Engine's Mythologic Adaption. White is able to see past any obstruction, border, or otherwise inhibiting factor related to vision. Additonally White can analyze phenomena with such precision and speed that not even Lightspeed Users can actually keep up with her reflexes, awareness, or accuracy. This vision makes her borderline Hyper competent, as it allows her to understand almost anything she sees in mere nanoseconds. Like Mythologic Adaption, she possesses the ability to copy perfectly a technique used against her, regardless of race, its ability to do so is almost unrestricted, it would take a truly legendary defense to nullify this ocular power's copy ability.

Unlike the Temporal Sight, White is unable to see time, though this is because it has not reached its final level of development.

  • Dragon Breath
  • Renegade - The ability to move through anything, including attacks, restrictions, and obstructions. A combination of light speed, spacial warping, and self manipulation.
  • Runaway Force - White becomes stronger with every successful strike to her enemies, and as long as she is dominating the battlefield, will exponentially grow faster, stronger, and more resistant to damage.
  • Dimensional Interference - White can break the various boundaries of the world, using space itself as a weapon, and can even cause dimensional collapse at will. She can use this to cancel out teleportation, portals, and other means of spacial travel. Special version of spacial manipulation borne of unique knowledge of the mechanics of space.
  • Tribune - A power lying dormant within White. Connected to Void Call, it is essentially the release of White's full power in such concentrated bursts that living things caught within the impact area are either obliterated or forced to evolve to inhuman levels to survive. An innate power since her birth, White stores over 60% to 80% of her aura and lifeforce, using techniques of the Fairies of Moonlight Clan to avoid Tribune's secondary effect, Void Call.

Shielding and other means of blocking are essentially useless in this zone, as the combination of void and aura make defenses easily penetrated. The best course of action is to either not trigger this ability or flee at the first sign of it.

Forms Edit

Dragon Edit

She can take the form of a massive white dragon, with the added ability of combining fire with her light abilities.

Light Phoenix Mode Edit

She takes the form of a massive dragon whose form is made of countless twinkling lights, but is deceptively a solid form that emits powerful light radiation, strong enough to melt metal in her immediate proximity. The true range of its powers are so far unknown.

Spirit Form Edit

Ultimate Form Edit

Has a secret form, which was unlocked just before she was split from Shinwa.