Vzark Ryddias
Is something wrong...?
Eta of Fear
Eta Ares 467
The Butcher of Hope
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Alive and Active
Eye Color Violet
Hair Color Black, Purple Highlights
Height 6'2"
Blood type F-
Age 18 (Human) 0 (CE)
Weight 191 Lbs
Health Excellent
Affiliation Phoenix
Species Chaos Engine (Archangel, Endlos, Aetherborn, Cyanican, Machine, Spirit)
Base of Operations Yosai Fortress
Weapons Novas Wrath
Current Occupation Eta Knight
Fighting Style Various
Partner Nezumi, Eta Knights
Team Eta Knights
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single

Appearance and Personality Edit

Vzark is easily irritable and paranoid, often letting his darker thoughts get to him. However regardless of his thoughts, he never gives up on specific goals and will never let anything go unfinished. He holds strong grudges to others, but to those he finds helpful he will remain loyal to the end, seeing them as family. He picks up on things very quickly, and often enjoys them the moment he learns things. Hes usually always seeking knowledge, constantly asking questions whenever he can. He has an innate urge to gain power and strength, to soar above all without even realizing it at times. He will usually stand back from confrontations before and or instead of rushing in, taking time to analyze a situation. Under pressure or out of his element he either falls under intense stress, or acts aloof. 

Vzark is a tall and muscular male, with dark purple hair and Violet eyes. He usually wears heavy armor when in battle, and rarely shows his face. When not wearing armor, he wears a black baggy hoodie with white fur along the hood, and a white undershirt. his pants are gray in color and have a fairly simple design, akin to cargo pants, for shoes he wears hiking boots. Although, he is almost never seen wearing his casual wear. His armor is dark gray in color, and rather jagged looking. It's awfully heavy but to Vzark it is completely light weight. Its made of Elementium, and is heavily resistant to the elements.

History Edit

Powers Edit

Chaos Engine Physiology (Eta Class) Edit

Chaos Engine Mode
Chaos Drive
Mythological Adaptation
Order of DNA: Archangel, Machine, Endlos, Aetherborn, Cyanican, Spirit.

Magnetism Manipulation Edit

Vzark can manipulate and change the very laws of Magnetics to the way he sees fit.

Explosion ManipulationEdit

Vzark can induce and create explosions with as much force as he wants. The explosions can be used in tandem with his physical attacks and weapons, granting them the force of an explosion. After intense training, Vzark's physical attacks can now of the force of explosions without even using this ability.

Illusion Manipulation Edit

Vzark can create Illusions to fool his enemies. The Illusions can either be physical, or incorporeal.

Aura Manipulation Edit

Vzark can manipulate Aura, the spiritual life force of beings.

Gravity Manipulation Edit

Vzark can manipulate gravity for a variety of affects, whether it be by inducing pressure or force, lifting things up akin to telekinesis, making gravitational fields, or anything of the sort.

Sharpness Manipulation Edit

Vzark can manipulate the sharpness of any object he sees fit.

Maser Manipulation Edit

Vzark can manipulate Maser: An energy of modified atomic proportions, via combining electromagnetism, radiation, and microwaves to create extremely devastating and lethal energy. With this, h can disintegrate almost everything.

Elemental Manipulation- Solids, Gases, Liquids, Plasmas Edit

Along with the natural elements such as Fire, Wind, Earth, and Water, Vzark can manipulate forms of elements. This can include blood, acid, plant matter, gas, anything that could fall under an Element.

Fusionism - Elements Edit

Vzark can fuse and mix together any element.

Ultimate Fighter Edit

Vzark is a highly skilled warrior, and an extremely powerful fighter.

Self Power Immunity Edit

Vzark can choose among one of his powers to be immune to during a fight. Is not a passive ability and must be activated.

Fear Aspect (Primary)Edit

Vzark's aspect is fear. He embodies fear, is empowered by it, and can induce it in nearly everyway imaginable.

Death Aspect (Secondary)Edit

Vzark's less proimnant aspect is Death. He is empowered by death and can induce it to an extent, and nighly embodies it.


Vzark is extremely adept at numerous amounts of various fields. 

Forms Edit

Aura Dragon Edit

Vzark's Aura Dragon is dark purple in color, and in the shape of a crude, jagged wyvern. His speed and offense is increased insanely in this form, and it grants various buffs. In this form, Vzark will seem to occasionally "glitch", showing twisted and horrifying images of him and the surrounding area. Those who witness these images under go mass amounts of paranoia and terror. Under this fear induced state, they will take even more damage from Vzark.

Weapons Edit

Novas Wrath Edit

An Orange broadsword of an energy like material, with a jet black handle. It seems to be covered in runic symbols across the entire blade. It curves along the edge and gets wider towards the base compared to the tip, and has a two handed grip. Despite this, Vzark can use it as a one handed sword. The blade is exceptionally sharp, but has enough force and mass to crush as well as slice. It leaves a yellow green tracer whenever it moves, and seems to cut the very air when being slashed. the sword itself drastically enhances the users speed, agility, and reflexes, allowing the user to become a whirlwind of attacks with the sword. It has a special circumstance, every time a battle begins with this sword, if the user is attacked first, the user will always be able to deflect or dodge the hit, and quickly counter. Its also able to slash a persons body, but stop the effect of the cut in time, and "activate" all the cuts at once, starting the effect of the slash. The sword can also absorb energy or heat based attacks, and unleash them in a strong and overwhelming blast.

Trivia Edit

  • Vzark does not enjoy serving White, but he reluctantly stays loyal due to knowing shes the reason he exists.
  • When training, Vzark seems almost masochistic, putting his body under extensive train to become as strong as he possibly can.
  • When Vzark was human, his full name was "Vladan Fleischer". Vladen rougly means "rule", and or "ruling" in Slovakian, while "Fleischer" means Butcher in German. His name fully translated is "Ruling Butcher"
  • Vzark as a human was half German, and half Slovakian. 
  • The name "Vzark" derives from his title of being a past murderer when he was human, as he was called "The Villain's Ark".