Vulkas Iradrek
Vulkas Iradrek(V1)
"The ebb and flow between torture"
The Astral Dragon
The Bleeding Soul
The Virtuoso of Echo
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Family Nobuyuki(Uncle), Nyusatsu(Grandmother), Hadari(Grandfather)
Status Alive and Active
Eye Color Gold (Normal), Blue (Golem State), Purple (Kitsune State), Green (Fae State), Red (Phoenix State)
Hair Color Black
Height 6'
Blood type Unknown
Age 35
Weight Unknown
Health Perfect
Affiliation Echo, Adel
Species Spirit-Dragonid-???
Base of Operations Echo
Weapons Twilight Siphon, Shift of Planes
Current Occupation Traveller
Fighting Style Dance of Ire, Stance of the Ancients, Flow of Four
Partner None
Team None
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single
Vulkas Iradrek is a Spirit Dragonid Hybrid who currently resides on Echo. As of now, he has been freed from the Clan Lords, and is continuing his own path. Various accounts have been made of him seen throughout Echo and various lands, however none truly know his motives and or goals. He is the most experienced manipulator of the Astral plane and its aspects, which has given him somewhat unwanted attention.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Vulkas is a fairly muscular and tall male, standing at seven feet tall. His hair is dark black and long, and he has golden eyes. His skin is fairly pale, and is covered in a blue marking that runs along his entire body due to being a Positive Spirit. Although being extremely old at eight hundred years, his appearance is of someone who would seem to be in their late twenties. His outfit is primarily black, and loose fitted. He wears a short cloth like coat that has a white outline, and a thin white sash underneath it going across his chest. His shirt is long sleeved has a white part that reaches up to his neck, covering it. he has a short white cape that connects with two silver rings through a piece of white cloth. He wears a large belt that has a white outline and a white piece of white going through it, held by a silver ring. The belt has a piece of long black cloth that drapes down. Along with this, it has short cloth draping across his thighs with a white outline. His pants are loose and a darker black than the rest of his clothes, tucked in tightly into gray boots. he wears white globes and bracers.

Vulkas is a very silent and calculating person, preferring to be alone rather than in a larger group. He dislikes those who are loud and childish, often tending to lose his temper as hes around them. Other than these moments, he is generally calm, spending most of his time reading, mediating, or training in various fighting styles. He finds great importance into whatever his goal is, doing everything he can to reach it. He is determined to finish whatever would be on his mind, letting none get in his way. Like mentioned before, he occasionally has times where his temper is lost, and after losing it has a harder time putting it under control. He prefers to be passive, but will not hesitate to attack and defend himself from those against him. Despite his off putting nature, he can be quite kind and supportive of those he sees as close. Hes willing to lend out a hand for those who need it. Throughout his years despite preferring to away from large groups, he's always finding himself lonely, despite never being alone. To those closer to him it's clear his show of seeming fine alone is somewhat a lie.



Spirit (Positive, Diligence) PhysiologyEdit

Dragonid PhysiologyEdit

Positive Forces ManipulationEdit

Being a positive spirit, Vulkas can manipulate most aspects that fit in under positivity.

Ambient Energy ManipulationEdit

Vulkas can absorb and take on the energy of the surrounding environment to use as an extension of himself or empower him and his abilities.

Lightside ViewEdit

Vulkas can show the good and positive side to anyone he wishes.

Symbol MagicEdit

Vulkas can create various runes that can form on any surface, resulting in a large pool of effects. There are few limitations to the effects, ranging from simple animals being summoned for periods of time, or creating large tsunamis. 


Vulkas can bind and seal objects or beings into other objects, able to free and release the sealed subject whenever needed. Based on what the object or person is, the sealing might take longer to cast.

Conceptual Element ManipulationEdit

Not only can Vulkas manipulate the elements, but he can manipulate the very way they work. They are much stronger than their normal, or esoteric variations. 

Astral ManipulationEdit

Vulkas can manipulate the Astral Plane to how he needs it, ranging from creating Astral versions of himself, seeing things that would normally be impossible for all to see, or even trapping others in the Astral Plane. He can also teleport his physical self to wherever his Astral Self is, resulting in a variation of teleportation. 

Intimidating EyeEdit

Vulkas is able to weaken and or intimidate others with just a look. However, he is also able to charm people instead of intimidate them.

Seismic Force ManipulationEdit

Vulkas can create earthquakes and manipulate their effects to his whim.

Soul Manipulation Edit

Vulkas can manipulate the very essence of a soul, resulting in a large amount of unknown affects. 

True SightEdit

Vulkas has full True Sight. He is able to see through all falsehoods told to him, nulling any methods of trickery. He can see his parallel selves to allow him to see various changes, however can only see the events that led up to the changes once the time of divergence has passed. he is also immune to any and all forms of psychic and or mental attacks on him. 

Spirit HandEdit

A form of telekinesis all Spirits have access to. Its an extension of the Spirit, allowing them to pick up and move people or objects as if using telekinesis. 

Pain SupressionEdit

Vulkas can suppress and or numb pain completely, whether to himself or others. 

Illusion AwarenessEdit

Vulkas is always aware of what is real and what is fake, able to see through any Illusion. 

Speed CancellationEdit

Vulkas can negate any aspect of someones speed. This covers velocity, momentum, and other aspects regarding speed. This can leave someone perfectly still and immobile. 


Having Dragonid blood gives Vulkas Omni Resistance to an extent. Things like Incendiary Bombs, Positive Lightning, Hoarfrost, Pile Bunkers, Tempests, Unfiltered True Light, Unfiltered True Darkness, and Tides or stronger are required to do damage. equired for damage.

Dragon MagicEdit

Vulkas the ability to use magic revolving around dragons, whether casting spells of draconic energy, making parts of him draconic in look and power, or enhancing his physical capabilities to those of a dragon. 

Supernatural ConditionEdit

Every aspect of Vulkas is to the point of the extreme, such as Intelligence, Endurance, Speed, Agility, and the such. 

Single Power Use InducementEdit

Vulkas can force people to use a single power at a time. Vulkas needs to have seen the power in use in order to make it so they can only use that power for the time being.


Twilight SiphonEdit

A Kusarigama that is jet black that glows a nearly blinding white light. On the blade of the kama are white runes, and the weight at the end has various spiked crystals, made up of an unknown, extremely durable material. These crystals can be taken off and shattered to replenish the users health, energy, stamina, mana, etc, if the user cannot do so themselves.The blade drains and siphons energy from those who it hits, giving the energy and stamina to Vulkas as he fights. It can be used as an extension of his powers. Those who attempt to wield the weapon who aren't Vulkas will find their very soul and life force being drained, eventually dying. It seems to have more potential, but it is not unlocked. Its origin comes from Vulkas being given to it by an unknown entity, assumed to be some sort of judge for the dead.

Shift of PlanesEdit

A black colored Violin with various designs. On the very back is an eye that is blue in color. On the right side appear to be jagged designs in a sickly green, and on the left side appears to be swirls in the color of crimson red. The bow itself used to play the violin is a shining yellow, almost like gold. The Violin is of unknown origin to all but Vulkas, and is clearly a powerful tool and instrument to those who sense it. Its full abilities and potential are unknown, however it is said the effects are based on the tune of a song played. These abilities include Rejecting or Restoring unwanted effects or forms of damage from reality, Distorting or Resetting unwanted things from reality, or making something completely Null or Void from reality. Strange forces seem to be associated with this Violin, as once again, depending on the tune played Vulkas can call upon the powers of the Astral Lords that follow him.


Resistance StatesEdit

Vulkas has the ability to take on four forms, each themed around a specific mythological creature that gives it extreme and omni defense to the specified type of damage the state is meant for.

Golem -  In this state, Vulkas is immune to all forms of kinetic damage, covering pressure, as well as knockback. His eyes turn blue, and he seems to almost have a blue stone like aura.

Kitsune -  In this state, Vulkas is immune to various forms of magic, making any magic effects casted onto him null. His eyes turn purple and he gains nine purple medium sized aura fox tails, as well as purple aura fox ears.

Fae -  In this state, Vulkas is immune to energy attacks, whether it be psychic energy, draconic, chemical, spiritual, or anything of the sort. His eyes turn green, and he gains green colored aura insect wings.

Phoenix - In this state, Vulkas is immune to all of the elements, doing no damage to him at all. His eyes turn red, and he gains red phoenix aura wings on his back, as well as a red colored aura tail of feathers.

Blood DragonEdit

"When a dragonid feels a certain level of anger and hatred, the complex internal systems within them activate and transform them into a psuedo-dragon state. In this state, their height increases and they grow long prehensile tails along with layers of dragon scales and claws. Their facial structures become those of dragons, but lack eyes and horns aside from natural ridges in plating. In more extreme cases or cases where the dragonid's dragon blood is very strong, the dragonid may grow wings and transform into blood dragons, dragons with the sole purpose of leaving nothing but destruction and death in their wake as part of their unabating wrath. The amount of anger required to cause this transformation is dependent on the person as is the duration of the transformation." Vulkas has a hard time  not entering this form, as he has a very hard time controlling his anger at times. 

Astral ShellEdit

A form Vulkas has yet to even enter. His body becomes blinding orange light, but retains his body outline, but it looks whispy and is constantly shifting. His eyes become pure white light, and every move he makes leaves a trail of opalescent color that seems to defy natural laws, almost looking like minor ripples in reality. His power is completely unreadable by any means, and his nature becomes so unreadable that he seems to be from a completely different dimension. He gains many different new and strange abilities that are unknown to everyone, including Vulkas.