All live by the sword, so shall they die. That is our world.
Eta of the Blade
The Impartial Sword
Seeker for the Hunt
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date -
Family Unknown
Status Well
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height -
Blood type -
Age  ???
Weight -
Health Impeccable
Affiliation Phoenix(Organization)
Species Chaos Engine
Base of Operations Yosai Fortress
Weapons Ender & Loa
Current Occupation Eta Knights
Fighting Style -
Partner None
Team Eta Knights
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single

Vulda is a mysterious Chaos Engine who serves White as one of the Eta Knights.

Appearance and Personality Edit

No Name

History Edit

No Name

Powers Edit

Sword Mastery Edit

Parallel Slicing Edit

His attacks can attack in parallel movements, making a horizontal slash, a vertical slash, and diagonal slashes to all have many layered attacks, making the range of his attacks unpredictable.

Perpendicular Slicing Edit

Similar in mechanics to Parallel Slicing, Vulda can attack with perpendicular cuts, making it much harder to evade his attacks.

No Name Edit

Vulda is a term applied out of universe to this being, as names are not normally applicable or last long for him. No Name is the force or ability that resides within Vulda that destroys the name of himself, his attacks, and his surroundings, preventing association with anything he is or does, such as attacks, his name, personality, memory, and various other things.

Nameless Force Edit

Attacks Vulda uses channel No Name, making it impossible to remember his actual attacks, and can also temporarily impart No Name unto his enemies.

Nameless Strike Edit

Vulda strikes the names of his enemy, causing them to lose any names associated with them, depending on the severity of the strike, the more disastrous the application will be. Minor scrapes and cuts result in very temporary losses, while the more severe injuries can cause abilities, memories, and other such named instances to become damaged or completely removed.

Phantom Cutter Edit

Those who are dead are not beyond the reach of Vulda or his blade, making all forms of intangibility and nullifers useless.

Origin Cutter Edit

Vulda cuts the very origin of a person's being, causing them to become unstable and fragment into countless pieces, some sentient, others will merely fade into nothing.

Fade Will Edit

Vulda collapses the will and mind of his opponent, while sparing them, they essentially become a potato without a consciousness.

Necroblade Edit

Vulda can turn the living into the undead, and the undead into the living.

Tranquil State Edit

Vulda exists in a constant emotional void, and can impart this force unto others. The effectiveness of aggressive individuals toward him drops dramatically, while those Vulda takes under his wing become practically untouchable. A great amount of will is required to surpass this force.

Chi Manipulation Edit

Vulda can control the chi of others to great extent.

Aura Manipulation Edit

Vulda has the power to control auras of generally any kind, and has a particularly annoying ability of eating them as well, gaining their attributes while dismissing their weaknesses.

Nullforce Edit

Vulda can nullify the properties of something or someone, and force them to zero. This can range from countless things, from powers, objects, concepts, and many more. Vulda prefers to use this in ironic fashions, and rarely lethal.

Splinter Slash Edit

Vulda's strikes will occasionally splinter into explosions of space rending additional slices that burst in random directions, making mincemeat out of those struck. Vulda is fond of doing this to barriers, shields, and other defensive structures. Also people.

Onyx Edit

Unknown, presumed to be his most dangerous ability.

Armor Skin Edit

Vulda is essentially immune to all forms of conventional weaponry and requires special weapons of very high caliber to even dent his defense. Then again, Vulda mostly punishes those weaker than him, rather than take full advantage of his power and snuffing them out.

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