Vorah Nung is an Ayakashi (Vampire-Yokai (Raiju-class)) aswell as former war veteran. He now serves as a Weapon for the M.C.CP


Birth and ChildhoodEdit

In 1844 a widowed Prussian Baroness fled to Japan, to avoid a trial for witchcraft that she knew she would loose. Once in Japan, she continued her witchcraft, more secretly then in she had in Schleswig, until 1846, when she died in labor. Her son was taken in by a wealthy childless couple. He was taught all the things the child of a wealthy couple should be: reading, writing, swordsmanship, and mathematics.

The Lost YearsEdit

On an unnatural whim, in 1864 he sailed east arriving in Chile. Short on money, he became a mercenary, fighting in the Chincha Islands War. After a few months he headed to Paraguay, were he fought in the Paraguayan War, until 1869. When he sailed to his final destination, Prussia. The Franco-Prussian War had just broken out in July of 1870. Vorah fought for the Prussians. When the War ended, the next year, Vorah felt lost. He wandered through Europe till 1872 when he joined the Third Carlist War as a mercenary, until he was shot through the chest, in 1874, he had been left in the battled field, assumed dead. 

The Journey to HomeEdit

When he awoke, Vorah had virtually no memory of the last ten years, and only one goal, to find his way back to Japan. Over the course of one year he wandered through Europe, the Middle East, and China. Eventually taking a boat to Japan, near the end of 1875. 


Vorah puts off a serious, cold atmosphere around him. He is stern and dutiful to his job as soldier.Years of continued war-fare gave him tatical experience and has made him very vigilant. He is often reclusive but ont hesitate to be around others if he needs or is asked to. He generally is a team-player. His time on numerous battlefields give him a sense of teamwork.


Vorah stands about 6'4", has a lean build, light cyan skin, and long, dark blue, hair. He has red eyes, and his canine teeth are fairly long. His finger nails are pointed and he has a bullet scar on the center of his chest. He normaly wears a tight, black, jumpsuit, combat boots, a tactical vest, and fingerless gloves.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Smoke BreathEdit

Vorah can exhale a concealing blue smoke.

Focus StrikeEdit

 A powerful particle accelerated punch, it's charge time slightly slow, and it's a bit inacurate, but can pierce straight through a brick wall.

Hallucionations Edit

Because he is part Yokai, Vorah can induce vivid and horrifing hallucionations. He only uses this when he needs to, because he doesn't like the way it feels.

Supernatural Reflexes Edit

 Vorah's reaction time is far faster a normal human's.

Physical Peak StrengthEdit

Vorah is capable of lifting 700 lbs and 1,000 under extreme conditions (i.e. adrenaline, rage, life threatening danger.)

Firearms Mastery  Edit

Vorah has been using firearms for over 100 years, he has achieved a great mastery using them. He is incredibly accurate and proficient with them and can use virtually any discharge based weapon with at least mild proficiency.

Swordsmanship  Edit

Vorah trained with swords when he was young, and used them some what frequently in his early mercenary years. He scarcely uses swords now, but he is capable of holding his own, may it be breifly, against most opponents.

Decelerated Aging Edit

Due to his history and anatomy his aging is vastly decelerated, allowing him to live and stay in his prime, long after a normal person would of died.

Will To Survive Edit

Vorah can survive from all but the most gruesome of injuries, not because of an exelerated healing factor, but because of an abillity to live in spite of those wounds.

Nicotine Addiction Edit

Vorah is a smoker, and will be on edge if he doesn't have a cigerette every few hours.

'Hunger' For Blood Edit

Vorah, being a vampire, has a natural craving to drink blood, to suplement an iron deficiency. Vorah dislikes drinking blood, complaining that "It's gross." and can go with out feeding for weeks, and even then, he can usually curve his need for blood with iron tablets.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

  • Vorah's Twin .45 Colts - Black semi-automatic handguns, usually equipped with silencers. They're assumed to be antiques.


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