Itami the Corrupt Will
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You have already lost.
The Universe's Pain
Concept of Pain
Withering Figure
Important Information
Gender Any
Birth Date Existed since life began.
Family None
Status Nonexistence
Eye Color Any
Hair Color Any
Height No True Height
Blood type None
Age Infinite
Weight No True Weight
Health Ethereal
Affiliation Antagonist
Weapons Pain, Negative Energy, Matter, Any
Species Concept, Embodiment, Unknown
Base of Operations Nonexistence
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) -
Current Occupation Unknown
Abilities Unknown
Fighting Style Unknown
Partner None
Team None
Relatives None
Marital Status None

A being whose power and true scale have largely remained mystery, this mysterious being's mere presence may be a sign of disaster looming just over the horizon.

But will anyone listen to the signs...?

Theme Edit

History Edit

Void God has existed alongside disparity and negativity from the beginning, in fact, it IS all of those things, summarized in one word: pain. Pain of the mind, of the body, and of the soul. Either a manifestation of the Universe's own will, a byproduct of the consequence of all living and dead things themselves, none are truly sure.

Much of history has seen no trace of this being, and indeed, until the birth of the Mythos, it lacked a nucleus to its infinite maelstrom of emotions. Thanks however to actions which would lead Myth and Man to wars that last even today, that all changed, and with that change, Void God was finally self aware.

And it was filled with fury. Fury toward insignificant beings who had given it form and purpose, to all those who selfishly hurt others for their own gain. For simply just being alive, and forced to endure its own existence perpetually. And so began eons of wrathful scheming, which would inevitably conclude with untold destruction.

While unconfirmed, some suspect an even more ancient, unbendable force empowers this dark being's actions.

Powers Edit

Obsolescence Edit

The ability to dead zone or otherwise make useless anything targeted or in a radius of Void God's choice, it is said to lack conceivable limits, save for what Void God wills it to possess.

Universal/Life Infestation Edit

Void God is an ancient force made living, and exists in all those who have lived, and all those who has suffered. Of all of these, any may be chosen to bear its full unconquerable fury, and suffer unspeakable torment as it takes over everything they are and could ever be.

Those branded by its essence are damned to become one with and augment its nigh endless power as its Avatars.

Avatar Creation Edit

If the infection of a being with its his essence grows to a certain stage, they become consumed and transform into an extension of his will, their powers fuse with his own.

Reality Crash Edit

When its full power is unleashed, Void God's presence destabilizes the universe and disrupts reality at even the most basic of levels. Ranging from altering the laws of the universe to out right damaging or obliterating them, Void God's presence is a dark omen of doom.

Negative Cascade Edit

When Void God emerges, it brings an unstoppable wave of pain into reality that will drive all but the strongest utterly mad, if not outright destroy their minds beyond salvation.

Nonexistence Edit

The dark being is capable of writing out those that oppose him from existence itself.

Reign of Chaos Edit

Void God seizes command of its puppets, the Kanjo Gods, and uses their vast influence to augment absolute command of the eight primary elements and becomes immune to their power.

Reality Collapse Edit

Reality itself collapses at the full height of Void God's power, ushering madness and disorder at levels none could dream of in their most twisted nightmares. While the effect is only immediate in Void God's immediate vicinity, if unchecked, all of Reality will be crushed before his might.

Positive Sensitivity Edit

Void God is weak to positive forces, but only on incredibly vast scales. This is not a means to defeat, only impede his power. Conversely, Void God is empowered by any and all pain, even to himself. Conventional combat will make him stronger.

Pact of the Infinite Edit

Void God is unaffected by time, in fact, it would seem at a first glance it commands it. However, this is a force it draws upon from elsewhere, indicating a higher power commands its actions. Similarly, the being is able to ignore the authority of Chaos, Order, and to an extent, Balance.

This however appears to degrade the more powerful its Avatars grow, suggesting as it becomes more desperate, so too is more of its aide taken from it, eventually in theory leaving it vulnerable. This power appears to be a manifestation of infinite possibility itself.

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Kal'ull The Forgotten Son

Minor Edit

The Avatars seen when a Chained/Haunting Specter is seen, the Red Chaos is their being after losing their corporeal form. There are an innumerable amount of these.

Kal'ull [Alias: The Epitaph] (Sealed) Edit

Sealed on Earth

Taore (Unsealed) Edit

Sealed on Echo

Oykua The Mother

Oykua [Alias: The Mother] (Unsealed) Edit

Origin: Echo

Azul (Dark Azula): [Alias: The Arbiter] (Unsealed) Edit

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The Hakaishin, Arbiter of Nonexistence

Unknown Location