The Vitae Gods are a group of different entities that were created to balance out their specific element, each within their own tiers. All of the Vitae Gods were created by Arcanum. There are two sectors between the Vitae Gods due to their hostility towards each other; The Umbra Sector and the Luxinare Sector, both named after their respective Vitae God.

List of Luxinare Sector Vitae Gods Edit

Deitatem Terno Gods Edit

  • Tempus - The Vitae God of Time.
  • Liberum - The Vitae God of Space.
  • Alacer - The Vitae God of Life.
  • Vitale - The Vitae Goddess of Spirits.

Primum Terno Gods Edit

  • Luxinare - The Vitae God of Light.
  • Reliqua - The Vitae Goddess of Peace.
  • Adustio - The Vitae God of Day.
  • Alitura - The Vitae God of Nature.
  • Cogita - The Vitae God of Thought.

Secundo Terno Gods Edit

  • Infernus - The Vitae God of Fire.
  • Lymphis - The Vitae Goddess of Water.
  • Murex - The Vitae God of Earth.
  • Ventus - The Vitae God of Wind.

Tertio Terno Edit

  • Glacies - The Vitae Goddess of Ice.
  • Avium - The Vitae God of Sand.
  • Sonitus - The Vitae Goddess of Sound.

List of Umbra Sector Vitae Gods Edit

Deitatem Terno Gods Edit

  • Mortus - The Vitae God of Death.
  • Umbra - The Vitae God of Darkness.

Primum Terno Gods Edit

  • Noxia - The Vitae God of Pain.
  • Arctos - The Vitae God of Night.

Secundo Terno Gods Edit

  • Venenum - The Vitae Goddess of Poison.
  • Tonitrua - The Vitae God of Lightning.

Heroa Gods Edit

Heroa Gods (Or simply called Heroas) are children of Vitae Gods, their name is derived from the Latin term "Demigod", meaning a son or daughter of a god, there are numerous Heroa Gods shown throughout the universe.

Known Heroa Gods Edit

  • Daikeim - Son of Luxinare and Reliqua.
  • Melina - Daughter of Luxinare and Reliqua.
  • Kazuki - Son of Luxinare and Reliqua.
  • Rythai - Son of Lymphis and Avium.
  • Asylux - Son of Lymphis and Avium

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