If you're wondering why Chaos is currently inactive on the Wiki, know that it's because any motivation Chaos had towards this place is dead. Not dead because of lack of interest, but because of the additudes of two members. Until one of them realizes that people in question can react at their own levels and don't always want "advice" shoved down their throats because of their outlook on the world around them- In fact said person contributes heavily to that outlook- and the other gets a better grasp on their temper when things don't pan out their way- at the very least not having a mad fit, at the most reigning in the temper altogether- Chaos refuses to edit anything related to them.

Additionally, Chaos would prefer it if said parties would stop going through an intermediary to try and get Chaos to return. It will not work and only serves to annoy Chaos and the intermediary. If Chaos does not respond, try again or leave Chaos be and do NOT write walls of text to Chaos as they will be ignored.