Due to the recent influx of characters with Omni- abilities without valid explanation other than "They were born with them" or "Their parents were..." ALL characters with Omni- abilities made within the past month and from now on will need to be additionally reviewed by an Admin. If the page and creator does not give a valid reason denoting why character xyz has the ability other than to help out in a storyline, they will LOSE the ability, end of story. While this may seem unfair to those of you who have such characters, it is even more unfair to flaunt that your character has Omni(Fill in the blank) and mess with the storylines or characters that others have established because you want to beat the bad guy or prove your character's superiority. In RP you don't need to be all powerful to have fun, you just need creativity and the drive to weave a story with others. You will NOT win everything, so don't try to tip the odds in your favor by trying to make one character the big bad, I can assure you, you'll regret it if you don't know who or what you are dealing with.

Note: If anyone tries to sneak an Omni- ability back onto their character if it was removed or onto a new character because they don't want to follow the rules, there will be consequences.