Notice: This message is directed at every inactive user and or user affected by the recent changes. The Clean Up Crew is doing its job and will continue to do so until further notice.

If you've been paying attention, the number of pages on the Wiki has dropped and changes have been made to pages. This is because of the continued work of the present team in cleaning up the wiki, namely because of the deletion of pages. We are in the process of deleting pages from inactive users or that serve no purpose on the Wiki as it is presently(i.e. Old Guidelines or year old character pages with to recent edits to them by their creators, if said creators are inactive or otherwise gone from the wiki). There are currently two types of deletion on the Wiki: Deletion and Repurposing.

Deletion is just as it sounds, being the erasure of a page from the wiki, dropping the total page count, etc. What isn't stated is the fact that this is the more easily reversed process of the two because deleted pages can be restored if your status is high enough on the Wiki. This is not the case with Repurposing pages.

Repurposing pages means deleting all of their content, renaming them and adding in new content. This is already less simple to reverse than Deletion is, but becomes more difficult when the name space change is set in stone by the Wiki, deleting it, and making ot more difficult to restore. On a minor note, the Wiki's page number remains the same and no other changes occur other than a modified "This Page was Deleted" Message if no redirect link was left.

Aside from that, some pages are being Reformatted to fit the page set up of the current Wiki Standards for character pages and the like. If a page is reformed, well... Its fate will remain in the air until further notice or creator activity.

That is all. Any comments had can be posted here or on my Wall, to each I will respond to with what haste I can muster.