As most of you know, we've been discussing reorganizing TZ and giving it a fresher set of regulations, guidelines, support for newer members, etc. While this is going on, I'd like to ask that any smaller issues aside from editing for grammar and uniform style be posted here in the comments below so that they can be fixed ASAP if you are unable to fix the issue yourself or if the issue requires more than one person to properly resolve. To do so, list your issue and explain the cause(Be specific). Here's an example and a real issue in one:

Issue: Cannot update Wiki Navigation to replace Top 10 in the Omniverse section with Top Ten section and include both Top 10 list:Top Ten in the TZverse(Standard) and Top 10 list:Top Ten Dungeons Top Ten List pages.

Reason: Any edit to wiki Navigation on mobile results in an error message that reads "Second Level Menu is too large, please shorten your edit" regardless of adding information, replacing information or deleting information. A proper computer is required to update the Navigation.