The War Arc will be drastically reformmated and changed given several unfortunate circumstances, and much of my future content is being suspended or locked off until such time I deem it worth my time investing in them.

I am giving full notice that beyond this point in story, I am going to distance my involvement in the story and its happenings, and have no plans to participate in major arcs with a main character, to be clear, by the end of the 'final battle', I will have no main character and I will not likely designate one again for the far foreseeable future, until such time that I feel it worthwhile participating on that scale.

I will continue playing my various side character roles but will seek to avoid dragging them into the main storyline, they will continue to serve as sideline characters to help give life to TZ's world. Please respect my decision and do not ask me to particpate in future story arcs as a major character, I have no interest.

I wish things were different, but this is the way it has to be until the problems this wiki has can be sorted out. This is because of a toxic, disrespectful, and overall unpleasant atmesphere that I need a break away from.

I thank everyone for their patience with the lack of progress and direction, hopefully the story will be in better hands in the future.

Currently the final battle is about to begin, involving Haler, myself, and Kameron Esters. After this battle, the war will slowly ebb away into an unsteady peace, with the fates of all parties questionable. The battles will likely be between White Loyalists, Earth's Defenders, and those among Phoenix / the Chaos Engines who choose to seek their own paths. 

I will not divulge or discuss the impending events, but I have considered them well and hope you all enjoy this ending, for better or worse, this is the best I can give you all given our cirumstances.