I will stress how important...

It is for you to tell me anything regarding character personality, appearance, etc. It's very much difficult to make a design for a character I know nothing about when I have nothing to go on. I could always wing it, but then you lose the personal touch you'd prefer. So far I have done Zane's, and have been meaning to do DP's for a little while now. The other ones I know almost nothing about right now, so if your character is A. A pillar character, and B, the main cast, I'd like to have all the descriptions if you can this next week. If I don't see any effort done once Friday is hit (next, not this week's), well I may start guessing. And trust me. If I have to guess, sucks ta be your character.

I more or less have DP's info, so I think I'm good to start his. The rest of them... that would be a no. (And another thing, PLEASE write these descriptions of your characters in your bios for now on...)

Characters in TZ I have done:




Kado (User Character)


Zane (rough sketch)


As for anyone else who wants a custom done character design... well... -_- What do you think? Same rules apply, but once I start this colored manga, I ain't taking requests. Those things take 3-5 hours a comic, and that's not counting DRAWING them (which can take forever to get right)