Characters who have not finished their respective story arcs and roleplays tying into the War of Worlds may not participate, and the longer theytake to complete said stories, the later they will be put into the story. Each character is given their own missions, and they should focus on completing their mission rather than intervening at random. Missions being abandoned for another count as victories for the enemy. Roleplays will be done with Missions, in which players/their characters, depending on their affiliations, are granted story missions to complete. These range from sabotage, battlefields, survival encounters, boss eliminations, espionage, and more.

The route the war takes is purely dependant on the actions roleplayers take, so every loss and victory will add up. Boss Battles exist in multiple varieties and scale differently for each boss character. Bare in mind you cannot directly challenge the majority of the Bosses on your own: they are designed to be fought in groups, thus Boss Missions are locked until the appropriate time to challenge them. Defeating Bosses has a tremendous impact on the route of battle.

Certain abilities and actions can 'break' these boss battles, and unlock a Secret Boss, making ones life infinitely more difficult. Caution should be used when one has access to said abilities and actions. While Permadeath is a thing in this arc, bare in mind the best route achieved in the War arc is the one that one that will count toward canon.

If a total failure event happens, the roleplay will be reset and started before the point of failure. A defeated Character may not return until a Reset has occured. Resets will happen based on my judgement, which boils down to 'Did things happen that just break everything and result in a total failure event?' if so, Reset. If not, you're still dead. Reckless individuals may want to carefully plan their actions for this reason.

Questions and concerns should be posted in comments.

Regular Level Bosses

Eta Knights

(In combinations of two or more)

Nephelam Dragons

Special Warriors

Major Bosses












Phoenix Slayers

[Kake, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Toma, White, Torrent, Unknown]

The Eight Avatars

Secret Bosses

[What, did you think I was telling?]

Can be triggered through Bad Endings on missions and artifically breaking the difficulty of certain bosses. Not reccomended to engage these ones.

End Bosses

[Challengable only on Siege of Yosai Event]


Omega Azula