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    So to start off, the comparisons in this article and topic are being presented as an example of themes, techniques, and different points of view in writing. I ask that the owners of the characters take this article with understanding.

    Unlike the distinction of Good vs Evil, a Sympathetic Character is not always a good person, and an Unsympathic Character is not always an evil one. This is an effective way to add an element of grey to black and white story set ups, and have been used in countless mediums. 

    A Sympathic Character can be defined as a character who may have noticable flaws that cast a negative light on their morality or behavior in general, but are redeemed through some manner of their personality, actions, or mentality.

    An exampl…

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    Given the repeated interest in the subject, I am calling for everyone to make a list of things they would like to see in the story remodel/retcon. My current idea is to make a seperate space in the wiki, like a Retcon RP page where we can iron out the new details in RP and then transplant them to where they would properly belong, that way we have a centralized operation where we know everything is if needed for reference.

    A general concencus on the subject matter should be reached before a retcon / remodel of a part of the story can be approved. Please provide your list in the comments of this blog for convinence. I will add mine at a later date.

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    The War Arc will be drastically reformmated and changed given several unfortunate circumstances, and much of my future content is being suspended or locked off until such time I deem it worth my time investing in them.

    I am giving full notice that beyond this point in story, I am going to distance my involvement in the story and its happenings, and have no plans to participate in major arcs with a main character, to be clear, by the end of the 'final battle', I will have no main character and I will not likely designate one again for the far foreseeable future, until such time that I feel it worthwhile participating on that scale.

    I will continue playing my various side character roles but will seek to avoid dragging them into the main story…

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    Characters who have not finished their respective story arcs and roleplays tying into the War of Worlds may not participate, and the longer theytake to complete said stories, the later they will be put into the story. Each character is given their own missions, and they should focus on completing their mission rather than intervening at random. Missions being abandoned for another count as victories for the enemy. Roleplays will be done with Missions, in which players/their characters, depending on their affiliations, are granted story missions to complete. These range from sabotage, battlefields, survival encounters, boss eliminations, espionage, and more.

    The route the war takes is purely dependant on the actions roleplayers ta…

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  • Axis of Destruction

    It is my current decision to permenantly ban all alternate accounts aside from Drake Ryunexo. The ban for this alternate account will be released on the same day as Dragon Kid's primary account. However, all of the following accounts have been permenantly banned from chat:

    Populus Tacita


    Axis of Creation

    Smaxis of Destruction

    Anakin Angstwalker

    Super Sadness

    Dr Salt and Dr Pepper

    All listed accounts are not to be seen or used again, they will be struck with a new permenant ban. Any staff who wish to reverse this decision should consult Axis of Destruction before taking action. 

    Offense: Attempted Alt Abuse, Attempted Evading a Ban, Misconduct in Chat, Spam, Harassment

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