Portrayed by expansive skylines and concrete jungles, urban is comprised of cities and densely populated areas, often with more modern structures and more industrialization to fit the theme.

Adapting to Change Edit

Give or take an hour, the two new arrivals finally make their way to civilisation - a bit taken back by how... Primitive everything is compared to the environment they're accustomed to. Daikeim takes this moment to look at Drake.

"Well, hopefully they're not as hostile as the people we got... Introduced to." Daikeim then looks back at the citizens. "...We'll need to change our clothes as well, we'd stick out with this on."

Drake rolls his eyes. "I'd argue with you but I'm starving, fine - let's change into something more discreet and then we eat?"

"Yes, then we eat." A sigh escapes Daikeim's mouth as he begins walking the streets, scanning for a suitable place to enter.

Amongst some of the buildings there's one that says "Davy Jone's Locker."

"Well, guess there's no better place to start." Drake eyes the sign before entering the building, Daikeim following behind.

Inside the building, it looks like a decrepit street with graffiti on the walls. The clothes are hung on racks and organized by shirts, pants and accessories, they even have novelties.

"Alright then... I guess I'll go one way and you go the other." Drake suggests before heading off, leaving Daikeim to simply wonder. Give or take a few tens of minutes, the two arrive back - Drake already with an outfit he prefers.

"Black jacket, white shirt, black jeans... Very simplistic, aren't you?" Daikeim says with a grin. "So now we pay..."

"Oh don't give me that crap, blue boy." Drake replies back, smirking. "And yeah, we do-- ...Oh, right. Currency." He looks around and notices the changing rooms, he turns to look back at Daikeim and gestures towards the room. 

The expression on Daikeim's face is best described as disapproving but Drake drags him into the same cubicle with him. "Ok so, why don't we just wear this stuff and get the fuck out?"

"Because I think tags are still a thing on here, so we'd get caught." After a moment of thinking, Daikeim looks at the clothes he and Drake are wearing. "Maybe we could sneakfully 'trade' this stuff?"

"Sounds like a plan... Now get out of my cubicle and let me change." Responds an already undressing Drake, taking off his jacket before shoving Daikeim out, leaving him to go into the next room over.

The two later exit, dressed in their new attire, Drake meanwhile grabs the old sets and looks around before placing the clothing onto the shelves. "Alrighty, now can we get out?"

Daikeim silently nods as the two begin to exit the building.

A voice calls behind them "Hey you two."

The two immediately stop, Daikeim sighing. "Alright then, your call."

"You fucker." Drake cuts Daikeim a look and turns his head towards the voice. "Uh, yeah?"

They turn to a middle-aged man sitting behind a register counter, "You two need anything?"

"Oh, sorry - we're newcomers to the city and we're just touring, sadly we have no money to buy anything." Drake replies while forcing a innocent smile.

"Well welcome to town. Um feel free to browse around. Let me know if you need anything."

"Thanks! We'll grab something to eat then we'll come back." After a short wave, Drake turns and the two leave the building. "We are never going back into that damned place."

"I noticed... Well, before we get something to eat, we need to get this place's currency." Daikeim stops and looks around, turning his head down one high street. "I'll go up that way, you go down the opposite way - see what we can get, ok?"

Drake nods towards Daikeim. "Alright, you'll probably know where to find me." And with that, the two split, heading their own ways throughout the city.

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