We are the Universal Investigation Unit. We are an organization that operates by gathering information on the various events and persons of interest throughout the universe without being invasive or involved with those whom we watch. Our information is confidential and secured from prying eyes, so privacy is kept after information is acquired.

Normally, we would not involve others in our quest for knowledge, but as of late we have been encountering special individuals with almost nothing known about them and with little we can uncover without direct intervention with the persons in question. For that reason, we have begun to place "bounties" on information on the specific persons of interest, with generous monetary rewards or rewards of different kinds based on the informant's preference. The identity of our informants and ourselves shall remain a secret known only to us, so reverse bounty hunting is stymied.

In the event that you require information on those from another Universe, please seek our sister organizations in other universes(LIU, RIU, HIU, CIU, IIU, MIU, etc). We are available in every hour of the day, and will not hesitate to provide our service.

Services Edit

The UIU offers a broad range of services outside of its Information Gathering. These services range from anonymity to damage repairs to life advice and counseling and the list continues to expand. Most services of the UIU are only available to members or informants, but there are both exceptions and restrictions depending on the request or service provided. For a more detailed explanation, please contact the UIU at your earliest convenience.

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