Tsuchigumo Moiiretsu
"Caught like a fly to a spiders web."
Darkaria's Web Master
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date February 6
Family Unamed Mother

Unamed Father Unamed Younger Siblings

Status Alive
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Light Purple
Height 5'6
Blood type O
Age 23
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Health Healthy
Affiliation 15 Darkaria Knights
Weapons Golden Claws, Spider Silk
Species Human/Spider Yokai
Base of Operations Darkaria Kingdom
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Previous Occupation(s) Unknown
Current Occupation 15 Darkaria Knights
Abilities Super Speed, Spider Silk, Camouflage, Darkness Manipulation,
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Partner None
Team 15 Darkaria Knights
Relatives Unamed Mother

Unamed Father Unamed Younger Siblings

Marital Status Single


Tsuchigumo and his clan of spider yokai we're assassins for hire on Earth. During the terror of humans versus Myths, they we're constantly asked by Myths to carry out assassinations against the apposing side, to the point where most died from exhaustion including his father. Having enough of this senseless fighting, they decided to act on their own will and assassinate those on both sides who continued to egg on the war. This caused both Myths and humans to target them and where bent on killing them. During their escape, Tsuchigumo decided to hold off the opposing forces to let his family escape. Though his mother was reluctant, he insisted to the point mother had to be dragged away by some of the other clan members. Due to it being night time, Tsuchigumo easily took down the opposing forces to where some that survived were afraid and retreated. After he reunited with the others, they kept moving from place to place so they could avoid detection.

One day, they were approached by Tsubaki. He asked for Tsuchigumo, though his family members were reluctant as they though he was gonna kill him, but Tsuchigumo approached without fear. Tsubaki explained that he saw what Tsuchigumo was capable of and wanted him and his clan to be a comrades of Darkaria, and in return he would offer them full protection. Tsuchigumo and his clan accepted the offer. After a few months of Tsubaki winning the fight against his father and moving Darkaria to another dimension, Tsuchigumo became strong enough to become the new No.9 of the 15 Darkaria Knights.


He has light purple hair that frames his face, and purple eyes. His hair also hide other eyes that are also black in color. He wears a purple jacket with light purple lining and black straps, two on each arm, and a large black belt, underneath he has a spinning stool that stores his web. He wears black gloves that have golden claws at the end of each finger with thick web strings attached to each one. He wears grey pants with three black straps on each leg, and black boots.


Tsuchigumo is a cool, calculated, intelligent, and usually quiet to where he'll only talk when he needs to. He's the only 15 Darkaria Knight that prefers to fight at night due to his families long line of work that usually occur at night. Despite this he can usually appear in anywhere in Darkaria at daytime. He loves taking care of the spiders that his family raise and take of, he also cares a lot about his family to where he'll even sacrifice himself to ensure their safety. Also, due to what happened to his father, he hates senseless violence.


Super Human Speed

Expert Close Combat

Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Durability/Invulnerability

Enhanced Endurance

Enhanced Senses

Spider Silk Manipulation

Construct Creation

Night Vision/Multiple Vision

Darkness Magic/Manipulation/Mimicry

Poison Magic/Manipulation/Immunity


Spider Summon/Manipulation

Vibration Sense


His main weapons are spider silk, and golden claws that he use to scratch opponents. The golden claws are also coated with poison.