Tsubaki Watanuki
As long as you have darkness in your heart, you can never defeat me.
Lord of Darkaria
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date April 3
Family Hózuki Watanuki(Father)

Sakura Watanuki(Mother) Ajisai Watanuki(Older Brother) Umemaru Watanuki(Younger Brother)

Status Alive
Eye Color Black/Red
Hair Color Black/Grey
Height 6'0
Blood type A
Age 31
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Health Healthy
Affiliation Darkaria Kingdom, 15 Knights
Weapons Tsukuyomi's Katana, Black kunai
Species Demon (Incubus Blade)
Base of Operations Darkaria Kingdom
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Previous Occupation(s) Unknown
Current Occupation 13th Head, Lord of Darkaria
Abilities Super Human Strength, Super Human Speed, Shadow Magic, Darkness Magic, Divinity Immunity, Hair Manipulation, Illusion Magic, Transformation, Pocket Dimension Creation, Seal Placement
Fighting Style Swordplay, Demon's Wrath
Partner Kinkaku and Ginkaku
Team 15 Darkaria Knights
Marital Status Single

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Tsubaki is the 13th head of the lead clan of the Darkaria Kingdom. As the next successor, he had been put through rigorous, merciless, and dangerous training. He has even been punished for doing something wrong during said training. During training, he encounters the two albino vampire twins Kinkaku and Ginkaku, who tried to drink his blood without him noticing but caught them with his shadows. Immediately noting how they'll be valuable comrades, he asks they become his servants. Though they take this as an insult and escape his shadows and attack him again, but to no avail as he defeated them single handedly within a few minutes. Seeing they're no match they accept his offer and swore loyalty to him on the condition they get a drink of his blood every month, without hesitation he accepts and brands them as servants.

During this time, the Darkaria Kingdom was having a war with human kind, which Tsubaki disapproved of. He tried to reason with his father who started the whole thing but he wouldn't listen. So when it was time for himself to take the throne, and knowing his father would want him to continue the war, he created the 15 Darkaria Knights by uniting powerful creatures that agree with Tsubaki in stopping the war but they kept it a secret. His father approved of the concept of the 15 Darkaria Knights and added six more without Tsubaki's approval, which somewhat hindered his plan since these six wanted to continue the war irregardless if Tsubaki became lord, but the other members told Tsubaki not to fear as they have strength in numbers and the people. When the day came when Tsubaki was crowned the new Lord of Darkaria, he immediately put his plan of betraying his father into motion. So a long standing battle began between those who sided with Tsubaki and those who sided with his father.

After one day, Tsubaki and his allies emerged victorious. He gave his father a chance to surrender to start over, but he was immediately attacked by fallen angels. His father revealed he knew regardless that Tsubaki would betray him, so he came up with a back up plan, but since it came into action a little later than expected he would have to hold of on fighting back. The fallen angels took him and his other subordinates away to a currently unknown location. Soon after, Tsubaki's first task was to rekindle the friendship between Darkaria and humans, which managed to succed, but some humans believed other wise. So in order to convince them, some of the still loyal 15 Darkaria Knights decided to become nomadic vagabonds for Darkaria to bring about peace, as well as seek redemption for the human lives they have taken. Tsubaki agreed, and after words he transported the entire Darkaria Kingdom into another dimension as precaution against future attacks either by humans or his father.

After which during one of his shadow viewings, Tsubaki comes across a fallen angel torturing two Dragonians, Kohaku and Kimahara. Seeing as how they could be useful as comrades due to their species being powerful and rare, he waited until one of them breaked and asked for power. After the years of witnessing their torture, he felt bad in waiting for so long that Tsubaki wanted to get them out immediately, but Kohaku immediately asked for help in rescuing his sister from getting raped. After hearing his plea, he went into Kohaku's subconscious to talk to him. After explaining what he had been doing this whole time, Kohaku gets ticked at Tsubaki for waiting this long and not doing anything. Although due to the circumstances, Kohaku decided to let it go for now and just asked again for help. Tsubaki agreed on the condition that Kohaku and Kimahara become his servants, which Kohaku immediately agreed. After granting Kohaku power and watching him kill the fallen angel, Tsubaki used shadow teleportation to bring them to Darkaria. After they swore loyalty to him, despite not needing Kohaku's bitter attitude, he branded them on the back their necks with his family brand, marking them as his servants.


Tsubaki has black narrow eyes that'll turn red when angry or is fighting. Has black slicked back waist length hair with a cow lick. Tsubaki wears a Darkaria military coat draped over his shoulders, a black suit with a white under shirt and a red tie and black dress shoes. During battle he wears a light grey body suit with tail coats and black armor plates.


Tsubaki is generally cool, calm, and collected in most situations. There are only a few times that Tsubaki will be angry: when teased to much, seeing high class individuals abuse their power, anyone who uses innocent people or his own comrades as shields or blackmail. He always view the Darkaria soldiers and the 15 Darkaria Knights as valuable and irreplaceable comrades, but he does not take failure lightly due to him having high regard to their skills and abilities. He always show respect regardless if they're an enemy or a commoner. He does have great pride in his status and power, but isn't cocky enough to boast. On rare occasions, he has a little playful and on most occasions has a comforting side. Though he does tolerate disobedience to a certain degree he'll warn people by whipping him with a shadow as a warning, most often Kohaku is on receiving end. He also usually does shadow viewings when he's bored to see things outside the kingdom due to the fact that he rarely leaves the palace or kingdom. He does have a long standing friendship with Yami since they were kids, and as such doesn't mind Yami only calling him by his name without any honorifics.

Abilities and Skills

Super Human Strength

Super Human Speed

Enhanced Durability/Invulnerability

Enhanced Endurance

Expert Swordsmanship

Shadow Magic/Manipulation/Martial Arts/Mimicry

Darkness Magic/Manipulation/Martial Arts/Mimicry

Illusion Magic

Curse Infliction

Hair Manipulation


Pocket Dimension Creation

Seal Creation/Placement

Divinity Immunity


Familiar Summoning

Elemental Magic/Manipulation/Martial Arts/Mimicry

Weapons and Equipment

His main weapon of choice a katana sword that's a form taken by Akatsuki. It has a black blade, black and gold outlined guard shaped into a semi circle with three diamonds, and a black hilt with a red tassel attached at the end. He also carries hidden black kunai.