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Welcome to Transcending Zenith!

Welcome to the Transcending Zenith Role Play Wiki. This is a wiki related to the project by the same name and is accessible and open to anyone. Here, you can role play as a being of nearly all imaginable sort, ranging from a fallen angel to a lost god to even a regular person. The only real limits are your creativity and how you interact with others, building your character's relationships and depth as you do so.

Please enjoy your visit, and if you are interested in joining, just be sure to read the site rules and character guidelines lower on the page. If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask one of the staff or experienced members.

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As the actual backstory and etc of the site is too big to fit in this box, please redirect yourselves to Transcending Zenith: Summary and Side Stories and Sagas. Thank you.

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This website is to transfer most Legacy information from here to there, if there is something that you can't find on here - Try heading over here!