Notice: Currently WIP until feedback from other parties involved in the Lore can input their say. Spoilers/inconsistent Lore may be ahead.

A general summary of events in the series, may or may not remain canon depending on how the series changes.

Creation of Existence and Mythos [Need Verification / Full Details]

Before creation took place God created beings called Zenith, which are beings of whose very thoughts came into existence, before then proceeding to create the world, and mankind in turn. But at some point humans were exiled from God's Garden and were left on their own. As they were then, however, they would not survive as they lacked imagination and, by extension, the initiative and vision to create and progress. As a gift, the Zenith gave humanity one of their newborn, an incredibly rare occurrence for the higher race. The child dispersed itself into the minds of every man across the planet and man was gifted with imagination.

However imagination gave rise to mythical beings. Mans combined beliefs in their fears and superstitions brought mythology into being. Though in the early days of man, they weren't as numerous.

With the coming of the Great Flood, Myths of that era tried to flee. They came across a enourmous gate and as they entered, went into another world just for them. This world was known as Fantasy.

Some myths who did not appear until after the Great Flood lived among men as an insert to their paganism, where their superstions and religous beliefs took hold on their societies.Soon enough, men could turn into wolfs, fairies flew from tree to tree, womanly spirits occupied the streams, and dragons hoarded treasures.By the time of the modern era, Myths were feared by humans for their power. The final nail was driven when a stray group of Endlos came through the gate into Earth. Man's fear was confirmed and war broke out. Which sparked the Reality-Fantasy War, the end result of which caused current tensions.

Agencies were created to contain and restrain Mythic kind or outright eliminate them, while Myths either hate humanity and wish their destruction, or seek to live in peace or simply want isolation.

Primeval History

Even before sentience was achieved in the universe, there was conflict. To put it simply, the onset of energy was the birth of all conflict as it brought about self contradiction. From this one could say the concepts of Chaos and Order were derived in their most primitive forms: Degradation and Advancement. These two forces waged what would have been considered a war had their been any lives, with constructs born and destroyed endlessly and repeatedly until the Great Will deign that a force to counteract both of them was desired, thus bringing about Balance. With this third, impartial force now in existence, life could finally be brought into the universes, albeit unsteadily with the still wild conflict raging about. It wasn't until these forces developed Avatars of War to wage their ceaseless battle, that life became truly viable and sentience could be properly implemented in 'lower' lifeforms.

From here, the course of history should be clear on the outer layer. Below said layer, Chaos and Order, throttled by Balance, continued their war, burning through different Avatars and growing stronger as time went by, to the point where Balance was forced to fragment their power to conserve life in the universes. With this more Avatars of War, albeit weaker than before, were born at the same time, each governing a different portion of either force. To contend with this, Balance divided itself as well and, for the sake of not destroying the reason for it being, restricted its own power. As a final precaution, the Veil was brought into being by the combination of the will of all universes and the Balance Fragments' power, further limiting the power of the various Avatars of Chaos and Order as well as all other beings that would strive to reach similar levels of power. That being said, the Veil remained imperfect, as not everything could be bound by its dampening effects, namely the fragments of Balance that strayed and became what could be called Void, Oblivion, Lucidity and Zero, each infinite in their own capacity, and those that could transcend even the will of the universes. Some deities claim that magic, not the manifestation of a god's power or the movement of nature through nameless elementals and spirits, dubbed Manipulation, was born from this conflict and the subsequent attempts at mediation.

It should be noted that, over time, the Avatars of Chaos and Order degraded and grew weaker than their original, older counter parts, the current incarnations being not nearly as imposing as their predecessors, regardless of what terrifying capabilities they hold in the present, in fact the [[Original Schism]] Asherah and the [[Original Unifier]] Alun could be considered incomprehensible, incalculable monsters compared to their "descendants," even if their power is capable of shaping and directly moving the universe.

The Sedition [If Sedition is completely removed, delete this]

Current Events / The Phoenix Era

During the events of the Reality / Fantasy War, a gate was opened to another realm known as Echo, from this gate eight mighty beings known as the Elemental Warlords stepped forth into Earth and laid siege to much of the world, only to be defeated by mysterious swordsmen known as Phoenix. Despite their valiance, they were betrayed by the forces of Earth and their two leaders, Hadari and Nyusatsu would be divided by their passions, Hadari desired revenge while Nyusatsu desired peace. The two lovers engaged in battle and the end result would see Hadari defeated.

In the present era, the Eighth generation of Phoenix has emerged, desiring to destroy humanity and the world, lead by the Enigmatic White the Eighth. Betrayed by his kinsmen, the wielder of the Dark Slayer Kado desires revenge to this day and now is one of the main opponents of Phoenix itself, meanwhile countless others have been drawn into Phoenix's rampage across the realms, from aliens from another world to cosmic beings and great destroyers of worlds, and even beings from the Void itself now pay close attention to events as they unfold. Only time will tell if Phoenix will fall.

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