Leader of Transcending Order and the most vengeful of them all. He believes that God fears them because they were meant to take his place and destroy all in-betweens and conjoin them into one. His hatred for the divine and the wretched makes him stronger then everyone else in the group.


The oldest in the group and the most disciplined, he trained everyone in TO and is the most ferousious in his technique.


Is possibly the most neutral of the group and basically the order's representative and is Regal's son.


She is the most light-hearted out of the group and is in a relationship with Medaris.


The tallest of the group and the muscle, is mostly quite and observant. He attacks with great strength and even greater speed.


She is very observant, but converses fairly well amongst her comrades. She is very cautious of the mainy outcome of their battles and serves as one of Regal's best students.


Arguably the fastest out of the group and probably the most impulsive. Best at mach speed with his attacks able to cut through virtually anything.


Thee newest member of the order. He has only just begun to learn about the power he posseses, making him a mystery amongst the other members.

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