This is the Earth training area for the main Characters of the story. Here you can find clon

Training Complex

es of Dark Prynce, Zane, and Shiner, as well as all of the main characters familiars. You can train here as well, if you get a training ticket from Osiris. Random creatures may appear here and request to battle.


Training AreaEdit

  • Training Slot 1
  • Training Slot 2
  • Training Slot 3

    Inside the Training Complex

  • Training Slot 4

Battle AreaEdit

  • Battle Slot 1
  • Battle Slot 2
  • Battle Slot 3
  • Battle Slot 4
  • Battle Slot 5


Training Area



  • Training Slot 1
  • Training Slot 2
  • Training Slot 3

Battle AreaEdit

  • Battle Slot 1
  • Battle Slot 2
  • Battle Slot 3
  • Battle Slot 4


Demgel vs Guardian of the ComplexEdit

"Who are you and why are you here?" Guardian says.

"My buiseness here is no concern to you. But what you should bbe concerned about is your well-being. It's simple, Let me pass. I mean no harm whatsoever."

"Your words seem true, but I still must test your strength."

  • Smashes the ground causing cracks and rocks to show all around. He then charges and sets down a broadsword in front of him.
  • Demgel runs a few steps forward and jumps over him.

"If its gonna be one of those "All brawn, no Brain" battles I might not even try. I tell you once more, I have not come to harm nobody." "Your words are wise, I must ask if you are able to protect this Complex incase of mine or my master's ownfall. Do you accept?"

"Ofcourse. You are above all very honorable. I accept"

"Then I here by give you admittance into the Complex."

"Thank you." Walks into the Complex. "Holy Crap. Nice place here."

"Welcome to a the Complex. I am Sym, the Electronic Guidance system created by Dark Prynce. Is there anything you need?"

"Yeah, Do you have a room? I feel like a bit tired after a fight I got into at a cemetery and I need to clean myself and my wounds. Seriously, my blood is dripping on the floor."

Lucime: What are you doing here!?

  • walking up 
  • Demgel turns around

"Oh, I am looking for a room. I need to get myself cleaned up before I bleed out. Can you show me to a room?"

Rolles her eyes " I guess"

  • starts walking away
  • Demgel follows

Thoughts*" She must be irratated by something. I wonder if i could help in anyway."

  • flips her hair to the side

"I haven't seen you around yet. My Name is Lucime. Who are you?"

My name is Demgel. Nice to meet you Lucime."

""How did you get in here?"

"The Guardian let me pass. I simply told him I don't intend to hurt anybody"

"You can't be all bad then"

"So, where is my room? And I hope not"

  • Is a bit conceredn of his Demon nature

Lucime looks and sound anoyied. "Can't you be patient!?"

"Sorry. Didn't mean to be hasty. It's been a long day for me."

Lucime rolls her eyes. "You can't complain!" 

"Sorry. For annoying you."

  • Thoguhts* "*sigh* I'm not making it any better on here. I just need to be quite."

"Well then, I'd like to welcome you to the Complex. I hear you've had quite the day." Dark Prynce walks out of the shadows and hands Demgel some bandages.

"Thank you."

  • Raps the bandages arounds his was and part of his chest,

"So, you must be the Dark Prince I have heard rumors about."

  • Twitches slightly.

"Yes I am. You must be Demgel." Dark Prynce says with a smirk.

"I was showing him to his room." Lucime said. "I have not heard of him before"

"That's fine, I'll be taking him under my wing." Dark Prynce states as he looks towards Lucime. "It's okay, you can go and rest for a while. You've been through a lot lately. Both of you."

"It was still nice meeting you, Lucime. Sorry for annoying you."

Rolls eyes. "Whatever!"

"Sorry about her attitude. We just recently got back from a battle and her boyfriend was killed by my opposite. She's not really keen on Nephalems right now." Dark Prynce says leading Demgel to the end of the hallway. "It's not much, but it should do until we renovate it."

  • Opens a door to a luch room with a king size bed and a master bathroom. It also had a flat screen T.V, a bulletin board, and a super computer.

" Whats a Nephalem?"

"A hybrid between a Demon and and Angel. I'm a Nephalem, which is why I'm considering training you."

"Huh, no wonder they were hunting me."

"Sadly, things happen. So you already have more missions to complete. A satanisst cult is forming that is disturbing the balance. You need to take them out."

"Hmm. Ok, I'll do so, but while i'm out doing that, you must to speak to Father Divine. He told me not to trust anybody, but you can trust him. I'm off."

  • Goes off after the Sect of Satan


Lucime is sitting in the park looking sad twords the sky. 

  • Med pos up in front of Lucime's face

"Hey! What's your problem get all sad and crappy on my pal like that, huh?

"Get out of my face. What do you want for me!?" lucime says annoyied 

"He just want a room so he can take a rest from all the crap he's been through today. Oh, oh i see. You wanna go don't ya?

  • gets into a boxing fighting stance and pretends he's punching Lucime
  • Leg pops up

"Med, stop. Don't you see that she's mourning?"

  • Leg pats Lucime's face

'What's wrong, dear?"

"What's wrong is that this girl needs a get her ass whooped, thats what!"

"Med, sit down!"

"Make me woman!"

  • Leg punches Med in the face
  • Med is dizzy

"Is that all you got?"

  • Leg punches Med in the face again
  • Med falls down and is rendered unconscious

"Now, tell me what's wrong."

"Why do you care!" Looks away from them

"Because, I'm an angel. I'm suppose to care. I also don't like to see people sad. Let me try to cheer you up."

Looks like she's about to cry. "I doubt you could cheer me up" tears begin to form 

"Atleast let me try. See, yuor shedding tears and makes me want to cry aswell. Its still my job as angel to tend to your sorrows"

"And its my job not to care, and I could care less about your sorrow, and I don't cheer people up unless they pay me. And if they don't, i'll just laugh in their face. HAHAHA!"

"Shut up, Med! What is wrong with you?"

"I'm a demon! What do you expect from me, woman?"

"You could atleast show the least bit of sensitivity."



"Yep. If you pay me"


"Sorry, dear. Tell me what's the matter."

"Sure, tell her but not me, she's charity, i'm the fucking IRS."

Lucime closes her eyes to try to ignore them.

"Just tell me what's bothering you, dear."

With a sigh Lucime tells them. " Someone i loved died recently" eyes bigin to fill with tears 

"Awww. I know how that's like."

"I do, but do you see me cry about it? Hell no!"

Lucime begins to growl. "Then do you want me to MAKE you cry!"

"Go  ahead, ya big-tittied vampire slut!"

  • Med gets back up and gets back in his boxing fighting stance

"I'm tired of you, Med"

  • Leg makes Med dissapear

"Sorry about him, deary. It's in his nature to be that way. Continue."

"Whatever....." Lucime rolls her eyes 

"I know that your upset, but you acting this way only troubles you more and the people around you."

Her Eyes Glow slightly. "I can be Trouble if you want me too"

"No, no need for that. Hmmmm. I know. How about I tell you a story?"

"What kind of story" Lucime looks curious

"It's a story on how I too, lost someone I loved. It was in Heaven. I was an accountant for God at the time and the strongest female angel in Heaven aswell"

Rolls her eyes. "When do this become interesting"

"In 1-2 minutes. If you find the slaghter of a thousand angels intersting. So, I had a good friend who a looked upon as my little brother, Benginus. He was an accountant-in-training. I can remmber the hilarious times he accidetally, counted the birds instead of the angels that were doing their jobs. And the times we'd walk around taking attendance nad he would complain that his feet hurt and his hands were cramping. But he was also very fiesty and often times envied the higher ranking angels. This concerend me, because there is no reason to envy . Basically, rank didn't matter among us, neither did sin. That was when Lucifer came to rise. Over the past few years, he has put himself above all others, including God. He reveled in his praise from the other angels for his magnificence and  became over-confident. He also resented God for his higher praise and power. Benginus, admired him, maybe a little too much. Lucifer could have been the reason of Benginus' ferouciuous actions. I have spoken to him about his actions I have noticed, but he rebuked them. That was the day he decided to take the thrown for his own and this, is what you might call the exciting part. Do you still want me to continue?"

"Why not I have nothing else to do"

"Ok, So like I said. Lucifer went out and decieved the angels of Heaven. No angel nver knew sin. We lived in a world where the things on Earth never existed, especially the same thing that caused us to be torn apart from God. Lucifer's tales of lies about God, sing us, trapping us. Never giving us freedom. It was getting out of hand. God was aware of this and spoke to Lucifer numerous of times, but Lucifer rebuked him. Benginus also in the midst of Lucifer's lies, started to believe them. This conceredn me even more. The more we try to resume to our jobs, Benginus would sneak off and spread these lies of deceit against God. Days later, Lucifer and 1/3 of Heaven's angels went up to God and wished for him to step down. God did not respond to Lucifer's request. Lucifer then came to the conclusionthat a war must be fought. Starting the Angels Wars. I was summoned to be a soldier for the first time in Heaven, violence, killing my friends, the death of peace, all because of one being's wrong. We fought for what seemed like an eternity. Heaven fell apart in the midst of it nd fire rose from the ashes. One day, during battle, me and Gabriel had killed a band of Lucifer's followers who had brutally slaghtered 5 angel children, 2 warriors, and an accountant. They attempted to attack us, but me and Gabriel put up a shield that could shatter anyone like glass, upon contact. The followers ahd shattered upon hitting the shield and blew away with the wind along with the ashes of ruin. After we slew them, I had ran into Benginus, who I have not seen during the Beginning of this war. Benginus said that he was kidnapped by Lucifer, so he could do the smaller jobs. Me and Gabriel took him to our refuge. I was so happy to see him again and he was happy to see me. Atleast, so I though. Sory if i'm boring you, dear."

Looking at her. "What did your friend do?"

"Well, back at our refuge. We had went to sleep from a hard-days work. I had a dream of a foul ravens slaughtering doves. Then vultures came down to pick at the flesh. I had a second dream. A dove was flying, as free as the sky. It flew past a bloody skull in a crevis in a mountain. When the dove flew by, barbewire came from the skulls mouth and entangled the dove. The dove bled and was in great pain, it still tried to fly away but to no avail. The dove couldn't stand the pain and the bleeding any longer and it finally.Gave.Out. Benginus woke me up from my slumber and before me I saw angels and the followers of Lucifer engaged in battle. I didn't undertsand on how the followers found us. We were well hidden from view for anyone, but God to see us. It was horrifinng. Angels were struck fell to the ground and then the deceived came down aswell and started to repeatedly cut them again. Just like in my dream."

"Sold out?"

"Don't worry. We're almost done. This is the most tragic part. I had launched myself into the fray, but was ultimately defeated. I had to pretend I was dead unlit they had left."

Rolls her eyes. "That was the ending!? really!?" Lucime said annoyied.

"No, Benginus had woken me up and the cost was clear. I was severely injuriered. He said he had protected me form a follower that was about to strike me again. Benginus had completely compacitated him. He told me he had found a refuge not far. He helped me up and we went on our way to the new refuge. This refuge wasnt the one you would have expected it to be."

Looking nicer. "What was it!?"

"The new refuge was occupied, but by the enemy. There I saw the Legion and Satan sitting on his throne. Was this a set up? Did Benginus accidentally get the wrong information about this refuge? I tried to find an explanation, but before I could. I realized I was stabbed in the back...literally."

"Thats a terrible friend!" 

"He had stabbed me from behind with a sword. My own friend who I though of as a brother, had turned against me. He was deceived by Lucifer and has helped him in the raid against the refuge and had brought me there to join them. I had refuse, and Benginus was ordered to kill me, which he reluctantly accepted. Me, nearly at the edge of dying, fought Benginus, now known as Immitis, meaning Ruthless. It was heart breaking fighting my friend to the death. Rage, Anger, Hatred, and Fury gleamed in his eyes. I had tried to talk him out of it, but he rebuked and claimed that Lucifer was more of a father to him than God was. His fighing was well commendable, as I was about to fall short and let Benginus make the finishing blow, God had opend a wormhole and the angels of Heaven marched the Legion out of Heaven along with Lucifer, including Benginus. Benginus made one last attempt to get back onto the platform of Heaven. I had realized there was no saving him. I jumped of the out each of Heaven toward Benginus and struck him down. I was now falling into the Universe but Gabriel caught me and took me back onto Heaven. I mourned for the life of my friend, for that very day.'

Lucime looks sad and sorry. "That so sad......." She looked at her. "I'm sorry i was mean to you. I was just really sad about my boyfriend dieing." 

"We all get sad, deary. The only thing that can make us better is to strive for a better future and reflect on the good that the person who meant everything to us did. See now? You more beautfiul than all the stars in the galaxy. Don't let the death of your beloved, trouble you, but instead, let it reflect upon you,  to strive for a better future. This is what a tell Demgel nearly everday."

Lucime with tears in her eye looks to the sky and smiles. "Yea..... you're right" 

  • Leg hugs Lucime' face

"Why did this have to happen though!?" lucime can't help but cry

"Because of of the evil in this world. So much evil pollutes it, it becomes dangerous to do good. But when I look up into the sky, I still see a gleaming Sun, a dove and a rainbow. This is God's promise for Hope. Never give it up, Lucime."


"Don'y Now come now, let us enjoy the rest of our day."

  • Flies near the vast, green hills

"We can still talk some more, if you want?"

"i'll stay here for a little while........" 

"Ok, Whatever makes you feel better. If you need me just simply say my name."

  • Flies off into the hills

The AssaultEdit

  • Demgel makes it to the bridgeway to the Complex but suddenly collapses and his blood flows into the water.


  • Leg is in a field sniffing some flowers


  • Leg is shocked

"Demy? Don't worry, let me get help."

  • teleports in front of Lucime

"Deary, I need your help right now."

Lucime looks up surprized. "What's Wrong!"

"It's Demy, he is severely wounded and he can't get up, he's loosing blood fast and if not treated soo he might blackout. And I can't have my Demy Gely going dead on me."

"What do you need me to do!?"

"We need to go back to the Complex and fix him up. I believe hes till has his badages. Come on."

  • put her hand on Lucime's face and both of them telport to the Complex

"Do you see him, deary?"

"W-W-What happened!?"

"I don't know. He said he needed help and his voice sounded weak. Do you know what happend?"

"That's why I was asking you. Well, we need to get him to the medical bay quick."

  • Walks over and lifts up Demgel with ease. She then starts running towards a white hallway.

Lucime looks worried. "Will hew be okay?"

Medical BayEdit

Super Epic Violin Orchestra Music
  • Lucime sets Demgel on a bed quickly and patches up his wounds, which soon begin to heal.
  • Demgel is breathing slowly
  • Demgel then slwoly wakes up

"Leg? Lucime? Am I dying?"

"Lucime I hope not, I can't deal with friends dying anymore."

  • Hugs Demgel tightly.

"You just rest until you're fully healed."

"Thanks. I'm still sorry about this morning."

"Don't worry about it, I've some time to think and I'm calmer now."

"All she needed was a story time."

  • Demgel smiles

"Heh, story time."

  • a miniture earthquake shakes the room
  • a water mass is looking through the window

"Demgel, why is there a mass of water outside the window?"

"This can't be good! You wait here!" Runs to the window to look out

  • Demgel looks outside

"Chaos? Chaos?!CHAOOOOS!"

  • Jumps out of the window at the water mass with his scythe at hand.

"No Demy, Not yet."

  • Demgel cuts the mass' shoulder

"Wait! You still have to heal!!!" 

  • Demgel proceeds to fight the water mass
  • the mass attempts to grab Demgel
  • Demgel jumps into the air and power dives on top of the mass' head, forcing it back into the water

"Well, he's going to need help."

  • Jumps out the window and pulls out her anti-tank cannon and shoots the mass repeatedly pushing it further into the water.


  • launches at the mass
  • the mass smacks him through the Complex, then turns it attention to Lucime

"What Do You want!!!!" 

  • lands and rushes at the mass shooting forward trying to make a hole to get inside it
  • the mass is uneffected and grabs Lucime
  • the mass proceeds to squeeze Lucime
  • Lucime struggles and tries to get it to let her go


  • the scythe pertrudes through the mass' eye
  • the mass seems to be in pain
  • Demgel lands on the bridgeway to the Complex
  • Med appears

"I'm back, bitches!"


  • Leg imediately puts her hands over her mouth

"Sorry God"

"While I was away, I did some research on this big-tittied vampire slut and found out that she can absole the blood of a perons blood. So all we need to do is have her drink some of the boy's blood. Then maybe she can be useful." 

Lucime continues to stuggle. "LET.....ME......GO!!!!!"


  • launches at the mas and cut of the hand that is holding Lucime and grabs Lucime before she hits the water and both of them land on the bridgeway.

"Thank you.....Now you can put me down"

  • Demgel puts Lucime down

"Deary, It appears that if you both are to defeat this thing, you must drink some of Demy's blood.

Lucime Looks annoyied."Don't think i can handle myself"

"I know you can, but we cant stop this thing from destroying this place if we dont go along with this."


  • Lucime bites Demgel
  • Demgel feels a litle sting

"How do you feel, deary."

Lucime opens her eyes and they are now red, "I feel like you are taking too long!"

"If we are done with the blood donation, let's get him!"

  • launches at the mass and cuts his way through its body.

"Hey, you guys doing good down there? And that thing about to tip my building over?!"

Lucime look up. "Prynce you're back!"

"Yeah, and I come back to see this amorphous blob trying to ruin my artifacts and house! Not a welcome return."

  • Blasts the mass with a dark beam, sending it flying.

"Since your back, how about giving us an assist."

  • fires a ball of energy at the mass' face
  • the mass crushe one end of the bridgeway and procceeds to swipe his hand across the bridgeway, destroying it
  • Demgel grabs Lucime and flies into the air.
  • The mass looks at Demgel, Lucime, and Dark Prynce.
  • The mass finlly pushes the tower over with one hand
  • The mass launches itself t everyone and tackles them into the water
  • The mass proceeds to drown them in the water

"I don't know why you think this will work?"

  • Punches the mass and sends it rocketing out of the water. He appears above it, grabs it with one hand and sends it crashing down on the fallen tower.
  • The mass arises
  • The mass goes away into the distance

"Well that was just fantastic. I'm going to go after it and ask it, politely, to fix my Complex."

  • Chases after the mass.
  • The mass is going at high speed back toward the Tundra
  • Demge follows the mass aswell
  • Lucime quickly follows the pair

Dark Prynce and DemgelEdit

  • Spends about a few seconds rebuilding the Complex.

"So Demgel, I have a new mission for you."

"Yes, what is it?"

"I need your help in storming Hell. There's something there that we need."

  • a little nervous.

"If I can handle the Circles of Death, I can surely handle a lving fireplace."

  • pulls out Death's Scythe

"Where do we start?"

"I like that attitude. Just follow me through here and we'll be at the first pillar."

  • Opens a wormhole.
  • Demgel looks down and sees firey skulls and damned souls


"Oh come on, it's not that bad."

  • Dives into the wormhole.
  • is about to dive into the wormhole, but quickly turns back around and kisses Lucime on the cheek.

"What was that for?"

  • Blushes.

"I felt like I needed to thank you. And I still feel sorry this morning."

  • smiles


  • jumps into the wormhole


  • Leg is excited

"Sooo, My little Demy kissed you."

  • pats the the cheek where Demgel kissed Lucime

"How sweet."

"Yeah i guess." 

  • Med is a bit agitated

" I say he's far to good for her."

Lucime growls "Whats that saposed to mean!!?" 

"Med! How rude of you! Are little boy might actually have found love."

"Woman, He only kissed her to say "Thanks for saving my ass!"

"If you knew we can both sense Demy's feeling right now."

"Ok, let's see if the boy does like her then!"


  • Both close their eyes for a second
  • Med is silent


"Go to Hell"

"Sorry, but I'm an angel."

  • Med goes away

"Whats his problem!" Lucime turns her head

"He hates being wrong, just like me."

"ok then.....?" 

  • Both hear a whirling sound
  • A helicopter lands and soldiers come out of the helicopter
  • a blonde man wearing a black trench coat, a black tank top,  black jeans, and black shoes comes out of the helicopter while smoking a Blu cigarette.
  • Soldiers point their guns at Lucime

"Guns down, boys."

  • soldiers put their guns down
  • man exhales some smoke
  • has a qwirky smile

"I got this."

  • makes his way toward Lucime

"Who are you and what do you want?" Lucime said calmly

"Awwwwwww snap, ain't nit Lil' Red Lucy. How's it been girl?"

  • slaps Lucime on the back

"Hell...... but then you showed up so it's worse" Lucime look away from him

"Aww, that ain't a nice way to greet an ol' frein'"

  • takes another smoke
  • exales the smoke

"Who said we were friends....."

  • has more of a dissapointed look on his face

"Don't you remember me?"


"Man, that blood rage screwed you up more than I remembered"

  • takes another smoke

"What are you talking about" a deep red heavy aura surounds her. 


"Wow, it really screwed you up didnt't it? Now you don't remember shit now."

"Well, where's Demy? I know he's here. I can smell his sent all over the place. Fire and Blood. Ridiculous."

  • Takes another smoke
  • exales the smoke

"Why do you care?"

"Well, I was sent to kill him and this here Complex. Well, since the boy ain't here, I'll just go ahead and destroy this here Come-plex. Man, this place looks like some kind of fuckin' resort or some shit."

  • makes his way toward the Complex

"No.....! dont hurt him" Grabs the man

"Ahhh, It's nice to know you still have feelins' for the boy."

  • back-hand slaps Lucime off him

"Stop! NOW!" 

  • eyes glow

"You guys always did have a thing for each other."

  • takes another smoke
  • exales the smoke

" Deary, Demy's blood still remains dormaint within you. You can use it to fight this bad man."

Lucime growls. "Why do you do this!?"

"Hey, girl. I'm only doin' my job."

  • takes another smoke
  • exales the smoke

"Besides, when was the last time I got to fight anyone? Oh, I don't know maybe a couple of hundred years. 400 years to be exact. Besides, I knew this day was coming."

"I...I Won't Let You!!!" Lucime punches the man 

  • man is affected alittle
  • removes Lucime's fist from his face
  • sniffs the air

"Ah, you have some of the boy's blood. Well, pray that it will help ya. Because your gonna be fighitn' the teacher."

"I dont want to fight you...." Lucime looked deturmined. she closes her eyes to think "If only Zane was here" a small tear forms in her eyes 

  • a figure with black wings w/ a red ouline appears and lands infront of Lucime

"Well, i'll be the Devil's Uncle.It's you."


  • reveals Demgel standing in front of Lucime with his scythe at hand

"Not who i was hoping for but still it's good to see you" Lucime smiles slightly

"Hm. Nice to see you too." Smiles back at her.

  • turns his attention back to the man

"Who are you and what is your purpose of being here? Hitting Lucime?"

  • is a little angry

"Well, looky here. It's little Demy. Shit boy have you grown? When you were just little boy your hair looked like some kind of Hworewrang, now you look like some kind of fuckin' Jin Kuzama. Sooo, have you and the girl mated yet?"

Lucime looks surprised. " He only kissed me once...... on the cheek" 

".......That's it? Th-thats it? Back at the M.C.C.P you guys were like hidn' your love for each other. But, then again you two did attempt to kiss each other but I would come in and screw up the moment. Ah, good times. Good times."

"Sooo. Still didn't asnwer my quetion."

"Boy, did anyone tell you not to quetion your teachers?"

"Teacher? What are you.."

  • has a flashback with the man

"Who are you?"

  • man looks to his lef then his right

"Me? Ok, My name is Jonas Iscariot McVienel or you can just call me Jim. And I'm the one who's gonna send you back to school"

  • rush at Demgel at unbelievable speed and head butts Demgel in the face
  • Demgel flies across the ground on his feet
  • stops himself with his scythe
  • wipes his nose

"I've been waitn' for this day."

"You have, have you?"

"I have trained your for years, both of you. Were my top students. And now, I get to tussle with my Number 1 student or should I say Number 1 weapon."

  • Demgel runs at Jonas at top speed with his sythe at hand
  • attempts to strike him in the head
  • Jonas catches it

"Is that all you got, boy?"


  • throws a few blades into Jonas
  • Jonas is bleeding but instead is still smiling
  • Demgel kicks Jonas in the face
  • Jonas flies across the field
  • Jonas stops himself
  • Demgel runs toward Jonas
  • Jonas runs towards Demgel
  • Both ingage into hand to hand combat

"Do you ever wonder who you were? What you were like before? What you were meant to be?"

"I ponder the same questions everday. But I dont mind not nowing. As long as my new fond friends is safe."


  • Jonas gains the upper hand and beats Demgel

"These people aren't your friends. They only want your abilities so they can get you to do their dirty work. your only a hired gun to them."

"Sorry, I couldn't here on the sound of your sucky accent."

  • Demgel kicks Jonas in the face
  • Jonas steps back a few feet back
  • wipes the blood off his face

"Heh, I remembered on how I taught you to make good comebacks."

"You remeber alot of stuff."

"You better your balls I do. Like.."

  • kicks Demgel in his left side so hard he cracks 3 of his ribs
  • Demgel is in great pain


"Like how you leave your lefts side open."

  • Demgel attempts to punch Jonas in the face
  • Jonas catches it
  • puts his hand on Dmgel's leftside
  • breaks 2 more of his ribs
  • Demgel is in greater pain


"Come now,boy. I expected you to be stronger than that."

  • Demgel pulls out some silver pellets out of his pockets and throws them at Jonas
  • gas fills the air around Jonas

"You think smoke can stiop me,boy?"

  • inhales all the gas and blows some of it out
  • after the gas clears, reavealing Demgel wearing bandages around his mouth area

"That wasn't smoke."

  • Jonas comes to sudden realization

"Oh shit."

  • starts to cough violantely
  • falls to his knees
  • collapeses to the ground

"Any last words, Jonas?"

"Yea, Since when did I teach you to use gas pellets?"

  • quickly falls unconscious

"I guess you didn't teach me everything."

  • Demgel unwraps the badages from his mouth
  • carries Jonas to the Medical Bay
  • ties Jonas to bed with his bandages
  • Jonas wakes up afterwards

"Whoa....da fuck am I?"

  • looks down and sees he's tied to a bed

"Holy fuck, boy? Now you know how to tie knots too?"

"Now tell us what you know."

"Hm, quite demanding. Ok, I'll tell ya if ya give me ma cigarette."

  • Demgel takes a Blu cigarette
  • shoves it in Jonas' mouth

"Damn boy. not so hard."

  • takes a smoke
  • exhales the smoke from the side of his mouth

"Now what do you want!?" Lucime said impaciently

"Like I said before, Red. It's not what I want, it's what my tempo boss wants. The only thing I want is to fight ma star pupil. Good thinking,boy. but this fight isn't over, and I think it's scaling fartha' beyond an ordinary fight."

"you're not in a position to do much. besides if you try to get out i will stop you"

"Hm, I find it a good thing you guys forgot about me. Now you wont see what's comin' next. But, enough about me. So how have you two benn doin'? It's been about 5 years since I last saw you, you know. I'm still shocked you two ain't an idem yet. After all you two have been through, you two have to start all over again. That must suck for ya' both.'

" I actually had a great boyfriend..." She looks down. "if he was here you would die if you tried to hurt me!"

"Oooooooh, I see. No memories, new life. I see. Well, I totally doubt your boyfirend coul've done anything. And I'm saying this out of pure fact. You see I know who Zane Shade is. A descendant of the Dragon Realm royal blood. We have watched his progress hear on Earth. We weren't able to record his status after he left to Aeaon's Realm. He resides now in Aether. He would have been a good asset to the M.C.C.P. But sadly, he is just as worthless to us now as a dead piece of grass. Sweep it off onto the concrete and it'll just blow away into the wind. Forgotten. Heheh."

"Oh so you think you can beat him? a dragon god......" Lucime laughs. "Your funny! you know that. but the jokes are over! Now tell me what we want to know before i decide to kill you!" Eyes glow red. 

"HeheheHAHAHAGHHA. Nothings really changed about you, huh Red? Your still the lil'bitch we now. Never did listen to a single shit we said. But, hey. Its ok. Atleast your the bitch we all know and love. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

  • Demgel puts his hand on Lucime's shoulder

"Calm down. He's only trying to get under your skin. A person like this can bring down nation beyond nations just by saying words that pierce like swords."

"You obiously dont know Zane" she laughs. " Though he can back up his words" 

"Oh, I do. Like I said we've been watching him since birth and sense then made a serum, a serum that can enable anyones powers for 2 hours. It has proven to work non absolutely anyone and anything. Including angels themselves. But you obviously dont know me. I have killed thouseands of them with my bear hands. At one point I nearly killed the greek Gods including your mother. Could a dragonborn do that? Has he fought thousands of armies beyond his own power and has not walked unscathed? From what we've recorded he has done noen of those. He even had trouble beeting Evelyn. I have beating her non-stop on countless occassions. Or about Osiris. I fought him twice and he met is ultimate defeat. What of Umbras? We can all agree he was to hard-headed. That was probably one of my easiest victories. Don't see whant you find in a piece of trash like him. Or why he would go out with a bitch like you. Ridiculous isn't it?"

"Hey, I'm not really fond of you calling her that."

"Oooooh. I'm sorry. Let me call her by something more deserivng. Mother Fucker.

  • Demgel flips the bed over
  • Jonas lands on his face

"Well balls"

"Don't call her that again."

"Oh you think you can beat him. i'd like to see you try" Lucime laughs mockingly almost evily. "You were beaten by a gas pelet. Something that Zane would easily avoid. He's smarter fast and stronger than you." 

"Oh, i've seen him fight. I know I can beat him. If you want to see me kill your boyfriend agai, don't be bitching again like you were before."

"Man, shut up."

  • Demgel picks the bed up and slams it to the ground
  • Jonas' nose is bleeding

"Damn it, boy!"

"Tell us what you know now, or I'll just leave with Lucime."

"Oh really? What's the best she can do, give me a blowjob?"

  • Demgel is distugusted of the idea


"Or what a tiity fuck? Serieously, Red. Since when did your breast get that big? You can make a guy crazy with dose thangs. You might as well had hit new bra size.Heheh."

Lucime looks surprsed,mad and blushes. She grabs her chest and turns away not saying anything

"Dude, just shut up. J-J-just That Oh my gosh, no. Your just distgusting.No."

  • pats Lucime on the back

"Come on, Let's go."

  • Both leave the room

"Oh, wait. Can you alteast flip me back over?"


"Mane, you guys suck."

  • outside

"I'm sorry about Jonas, Lucime."

Lucime still blushing. "L...Lets just get this over with"

"Ok. Don't let him get under your skin like that. Your a strong girl in and out, show him that strength that you have and you can send him shaking in his boots."

  • gentely smile at Lucime

Smiles back but stops and looks down.

  • Demgel put his hands on Lucime's shoulder

"I know how much Zane meant to you. I wish I knew him too, He must have been a great men. Jonas is only being Jonas, which is plain stupid. I'm pretty sure Zane can mop the floor with Jonas and his smug-ass."

"easily" Lucime smiles a bit

  • Demgel smiles slightly

"Come on."

  • heads back into Jonas' room

"Oh, back to flip me over, eh?"

"Tell us what you know about us, now."

"Or we'll beat it out of you"

"Awwwww snap. Epic threats up in here. But no."

"Please tell us about are origins."

"Well, since you ever so nicely asked, I'll tell you. Sit down children. It's epic origing storytime with Uncle Jonas."

Lucime rolls her eyes "Oh Please..."

"Let me start with on how mythical creatures entered the world. It all started with an Endlos migration. they ventured into the mystical forests of thw Wilerness and found a gate way now called Gate NO.1 or the Gate to Reality. They entered and there we stumbled into the world of Reality. Unfortunately we were not welcomed as Reality's residence feared our powers and then started and all out war against each other. As well, other forbidden races entered throught the gate. They were sent to Realm of Fantsy, because of unintension. Once they entered Reality everone feared them. God attempted to wash us away during the Flood, but we found the gate that lead us to a mystical world where we were free. Up until now. Since we entered and started the war, the residents of Reality set up agencies. they were there to protect both humanity and mythos (Residents of Fantasy). Some of us signed up and became great asssets to humanity and mythos-kind. those who did not sign up  were often feared by humanity and were known as free-myths. Thus, we are where we are today, scattered."

"Now, Unto Chapter 1: The Son of Good and Evil."

Lucime rolles her eyes. "Oh great! cant you just cut to the chase?"

"Man Red, get your pannies out of a bunch. I got this."

"One day, while me and a few other of the M.C.C.P's finest weopons were fighting succubus' and afterwards we went back to our facility. Nice place. It was my birthday that day. I could totally had cared less, but Weopon Maxima gave me a present anyway. It was a tooth from the Alpha Werewolf i had edfeated when I was a pup. We called to a new mission. They said an unoticable being was attacking a small village and reducing it to rubble. Everyone got there and we were spamming the shit out of everything we had. The being looked like a cross between angel and demon. It was one of those, "WTF!" moments. I was riding in one of our jets, and managed to get a few hits on it, but it didn't do jack crap because afterwards I was knocked out the sky an I landed into a building. I was rendered unconsious. After I had woken up,  the M.C.C.P had evacuated the area. They said the being had disappeared, they had pressumed it dead. I was on my way to getting out of the village, until I ran into you know who."

"Prynce? Or Demgel?"

"Lil' ol' Demy here."

  • Demgel's eyes widen a bit

"He was a bit scared, but he kept his underwear dry. He had totally no idea where he was and who he was. All he knew was his name and that he had woken up and only remebers seeing me. I told him I would get him out of the village alive. as we walke among the rubble, I was attacked by a succubus. I was having trouble holding back, because I don't like surprises. Demy ran up to the beast, got out a shiny necklace that had a cros and a pentegon int the middle and cursed that thing to Hell. I brought him back and the Adminastrator was uneasy about him. He evetually tried to test his abilities by subgecting him to extreme torment that would make other cry within moments time.Demy held in there strong he was afraid all right, but wasn't afraidn to the point of breaking. He was just merely confused. Demy's powers were going haywire. I had attempted to stop the Adminastrator, but I was outclassed by him. But the Adminastrator didn't know that the rooms were locking dowwn. He was stuck in the room with that boy and the boy let of a huge blck explosion that destroyed more than half of the facilitly."

Lucime playfully pushes Demgel. "anyways whats next?"

  • Demgel smiles

"Anyway, afterwards we took him in. He became my first student. I trained him in a good prtion of martial arts and armed combat. I tought him every martial arts I knew, which was about 37. I trained him in all the known hand held weopons there were, both one-handed and two-handed. I had trained him in every singel world ending scenarion. World-Wide Blackout, WW3, New Ice Age, Rise of the Machines, hell even the Zombie Apocalypse. I had him read on all the mythos there were and find a weakspot. He was well trained. but, I knew that one day, there would be a day where I would have to fight him. He may have been my star student, but he did have his own opinons about life. He was a bit too soft hearted and sometimes he was just plain heartless. He was one of the greatest assets of the M.C.C.P."

"Until Zane came along and if you could have controlled him you would have and awesome weapon. But you failed at that so now he is a valued ally, A great person and boyfriend. And can easily kill you and Demy" She says and looks at Demgel "No offence" and smiles 

  • Demgel smiles

"I have no doubt in my mind"

"Well, know its on to Chapter 2: The...

  • Med pos in

"Big-titied vampire slut!"

  • Demgel back-hand slpas him into a wall
  • Med is dizzy
  • Leg pops up

"Demy, you are so awesome."

  • teleports wit Med

"Sorry about him. Continue."

"Chapter 2: The Charsimatic Lunatic."

"During this time we had two new members: Arachne and Umbras. Arachne was good, "whatver" kind of gal', and Umbras kinda challengened Demgel's leadership. There was a vampire blood raging in a village and took out some of the personel. Once we have gotten there, nearly everyone was dead. We had tried to attack you but you were too quick. Arachne already reconized you and imediately didnt want to fight you. But your lust for blood clouded all sense of reasoning from your mind. Me and Umbras wanted to kill you, feeling your were far to dangerous. Arachne pleaded with Demy to try an alternative. He did. He used himself as bait. You bit him and once you sucked his blood, you had an emotional wave of Demy's thoughts. Who was he? Where did he come from? The memories of his missions. the meoreis of his trainig, The memories of his arrival at the M.C.C.P. The feelings of doing good and doing bad. All of it was to much for you to handle and you finally collapsed. We took you back to the M.C.C.P and you fully recovered. Arachne ran up to you and hugged you. Me and Umbras went to go get coffee for  job well done. Demy on the other hand you only said "thank you". We accepted you to the team afterwards."

"Your missing some one then. Umbras was in Zane's head where's Zane?"

"Oh, we did. I knew him better as Umbras at the time. We had created him in hopes of him being are greatest asset and he was. The reason why I told you I could beat him, was also because I trained him myself. We called him Arma Draconis."

"Scince then he trained with Prynce and Aeon there is no way you can beat him" 

"We'll see."

"Keep going."

"Ok, afterwards, you guys were a great team. Grat friends you two were. But there was this one day, you were walikg up to Lucime,heheh, then you accidentally tripped on Umbras' foot and feel into Lucime's breat. Heheh. She imediately slpped you sooo hard, it left a mark on the side of your face! HAHA, even when you touched it, it would hurt so mcuh! HAHAHA. I took a picture of you with that mark on your face and put it on My Facebook page. i got over 100,000 likes that day.HAHAHAGAGHAHA"

Lucime blushes more and looks at Demgel. She scoots away one step and grabs her chest.

"Dude, not cool."

"Hey man your the one who wanted the story."

"I fucking hate you, Umbras."

"Heh, I wouldn't blame you. He hated you too. Now back to the story. After Lucy gave ya' the biggest slap in history,  you decided to make it up to her. By making deep-fired chocolate cookies. I know it sounds wierd."

"And greasy."

"Hey man, It's fied. They were basically a ball with a cookie outside and the chocolate was inside. You gave some to Lucime and she was imediately addicted. You said you were sorry, but still was upset at you. You were called to a mission to do by yourself. Arachne and Umbras wear calling sick since the last mission and you were the only one possibly strong and willing to do it."

"What about you?"

"I had more important things to do."

  • has a flashback of Jonas drinking coffee

"So drinking coffee was more important than helping me?"

"Hey man, If you haven't noticed. I am a Werepyre. If I didn't get the blood I needed, my blood rage would be 10 times worst than Lucy's. Coffeee serves as a substitute."

"It Does!? We need a coffie maker!" 

"Don't worry,  Red. Cigarettes also work as my substitue. But, doesn't mean it will work forever. For you we had to hold a national blood bank and afterwards give it to you. It was like that with sustainin' you. Demy's mission was to kill a Kaiju that was terrorizing a town in the Middle East. He went and the battle was amaizng. I was watching it on the television, then you saw it. We got to the part where he was getting pwoned so badly, everyone started to shed tears. That kaiju was ripping him apart. Then his went red and he was whoopin' that thing's ass like no tomorra'. After he defeated it, he came back and you were huggin' him and woudn't let go and then she forgave you."

Lucime slowly smiles. 

  • Demgel puts his hand on Lucime's shoulder


"Then you guys had romantic fellings for each other. Every day it seemded you guys risked your lives for one another. When you always were sent to do missions by yourslef, Demy, sheed always feel like it was unfair that you who'd risk your life everyday and you never complained. You simply told her, "I do it for you and everyone else." Quote that he put you first, Red."

Lucime looks down. then up at Demgel. Then down again with a slight tear forming

  • Demgel wipes the tear from Lucime's eye

"Be strong. That is what Zane would want."

"Now here is where you guys story ends. One day Lucime aske do off leaving the place, somewhere that was peaceful. She aske you to go with and you said sure. But one day, a mass of earth attacked the place. All personel were to assault the bastard. Are efforts were great, yet fruitless. The mass shattered the facility and debris showered over us. We were all beuried under it all and a good portion off us were unconscious. When you woke up, you saw Red bleeding immensley and when you put your head against her breast to hear a heat-beat you heard nothin'. Believin' that she was dead you let off a huge explosion, that not only destroy the mass but also the entire facility. Half-off us survived it. After the explosion, the mass took you away and left the facility. You must have disperesed your memeories during the explosion. Lucy did indeed infact survive, but when we told her that he was possibly dead, she wept and fasted. She refused to have any blood that we gave her and never gone on any missions with us sense. This later showed to be a mistake, as one day she blood raged again, due to her not having any blood. She had killed what was left of the personel and due to too much blood clouding her mind, it must have jogged up her memory completely. And thus, we left you out in the widlerness, by youself. We were forced to rebuild and etc. The End."


Lucime looks surprised. "You abandoned me!?!? Why would you do that!?"

"I didn't want to, Red. Remember? Your mourning caused you to blood rage. We couldn't let that happen again. I'm truly sorry. I'm sorry too, Demy."

"....There's alot of things people can't take, but we can only move forward."

  • Demgel turns to Lucime

"Lucime, I'm sorry for..."

  • Leg and Med and come out of nowhere wrestling
  • Demgel trips over them and lands on Lucime
  • realizes he had kissed her


Lucime looks at Demgel who was still on her. She starts blushing and smiles  slightly 

  • Demgel gets up

"I know i've said this the hundreth time today, but I am sooo sorry about that."

"Heck, I don't have too."

  • Med dissapears

"Come back here, fool!"

  • Leg goes after Med

Lucime stands up. "What was that about" 

"I honsetly don't know. They fight nearly all the time, and most of the time I don't know why?"

"do you mind flippin' me back over?"

"Eh, Sure."

  • Demgel flips the bed back over

"Thanks, now I can lay in a bed the way it's supposed to be laid in."

"I need to be going back to Hell. Dark Prynce is still waiting for me in the 3rd Circle. Do you think you can handle yourself around Jonas?"

"I think i can handle him" Lucime pulled Demgel and kisses his cheek "bye" 

  • Demgel kisses Lucime's forehead


  • runs off back to Hell

"I find it touchin' to see you two like that again. But seriously Red, he's a good boy. He threw his life away to protect you and us."

"Why do you work for them....?"

"I do it it because I feel like I owe them a favor. They were the ones who took me in after all. When I was just a small pup, I had blood raged on my home, just like you. I tried not to feast off of anyone, so I stuck to a diet of animals. I couldn't suck all the blood from dem' animals, because the villages need them too. I went 2 weeks without blood. Every liquid I saw was blood. I couldn't take it, then, I finally snapped like a twig. I went killing and ripping up everyone. It wasn't until M.C.C.P had came and contained me. That blood rage made me also forget who I was. That's why I stayed because I had no where to go and why I took Demy in when I found him. The M.C.C.P took care of me, trained me, educated me, supplied me. I dedicated my life to them for what the had done for me. The same way Demy protected you and us and now he protects you and them."

"What about us? Weren't we like family?"

"Ofcourse we were, more than you coulda' imagine. But families will go through some tuff shit. And that tuff shit can tear a family apart."

"Well what will it take to fix it?"

"Not sure if nothing can."

"Well they tried to kill us..... I Dont want that to happen again...... Zane and prynce and every one else cares about us."

"But there are some who dont want us here"

"What do you mean us?"

"Hey, it's what you said. Not me."

"We're a team. And from the way it sounds is you were a team member too, So why don't you help us out."

"Like I said, Red. I'm not sure if they let me off the hook that easy. I am sworn to my favor. It has to stay that way, until I am of no use."

"Well then don't be useful."

"Sorry, Red. I have a reputation to keep. I am looked upon as a leader, an answer. If I stop being that, who will they look for, for hope?"

"Who should the look to. Because i don't care"

"Anyone with enough experience as me. Let me ask you this. Who do you look upon for hope and leadership?"

"Myself and my friends"

"And what would happen if that was taken away from you?"

  • Demgel comes back

"Back. Don't know why, but I felt like I needed to be here."

*Lucime looks at him. "Nice to have you back." She smiles

"Thanks, Lucime. I'm glad to see your still alright."

"Hey there, boy. How goes things? You've only been gone for like what? 5 minutes."

"Really? It felt like 15."

"Well, Lil' Red Lucy wants us to be family, again."

  • Demgel is uncertain about the idea

"That actually would be nice I guess."

"I'm saying that you need to stop trying to kill us, Cuz we would have to kill you."

"Heh, Demy only survived because he used cheap tatics."

"What if you fight the guy you can't beat!? Like Zane or Prynce!? What then!" Lucime almost yells

"Then maybe, just maybe... I would still win! HA!"

"If Lucime says they can beat you, then I bet my entire life that they can. They went through alot to end up where they are and if not by now, can simply kill you if so."

"You speak highly of them."

  • eyes tensify

"I do. "

"Sadly, you speak that on Lucy's behalf"

"And you speak too soon"

"That's why, I only speak what I know, base off of fact."

"Or at least pure lies."

"Oh, like your life?"

  • Demgel clutches his fist tightly

"Should we leave him here? Tied up?" Lucime grabs Demgel's arm

"Go ahead, boy. Leave. You are getting good at that."

  • Demgel clutches his fist tighter
  • eyes tensify more

Lucime pulls out her gun and points it at his head. "You wanna keep talking!?" Her eyes glow slightly red

"Ah, the gun. The Language of Tomorrow. Do you think, you'll get any where with that? All it does is kill people everyday. Isn't that right Demy?"

  • Demgel remembers all the people he had killed with his pistol
  • loosens his fist
  • has more of an upset tone on his face

"Thought so."

"why don't you just shut up...." Lucime turns her head

"I would if there wasn't anyone bitching about how much they hate themselve for being who they are."

  • Demgel sighs and leaves the room

"Heheh. Look's like he isn't as far away as much of being a bitch than you, Red."

Lucime looks surprised and then quickly mad. Lucime punches him in the face and follows Demgel outside

"You hit like a bitch too."

  • Demgel is standing outside the Complex

"Hey.." Lucime said as walking outside


  • looks out into the waters

Lucime stands next to him grabs his hand and lays her head on him. "Why is he that way?"

"I guess he was brought up that way. In some ways me and him are alike."

"Zane is a lot like that but at least he is nice most of the time"

  • looks down

"He's right though. All I've ever done was kill, destroy, torment, dominate. I can't stop and revel in it, even when I know it destroys my soul, I can't stop doing it. I can't stop helping poeple who need it because I feel a sense for remorse. I make it right for them, but nothing goes well for me afterwards, except a good-feeling. And all I've ever done is walk across lands, just waiting to be filled with blood."

  • looks kin of depressed

"What am I?"

  • looks at Lucime
  • strokes his fingers across her hair

"I'm sorry, Lucime."

Lucime looks up at Demgel and smiles. "We all have done stuff that we regret. What changes us is what we wanna do in the future,Your a good person don't let him get in your head"


Lucime hugs his arm tightly. "Don't let the past hold you back"

  • smiles slightly

"I know i've known you for a day but there is some thing I feel like I should've said years ago."

Lucime looks up "What is it?"


  • hears a whirling noise

"Do you here that?"

"Yea but you were saying something?"

"I lo..."

  • whirling gets louder

"Seriously, what is that?"

  • wind starts blowing in harshly
  • Demgel sees a black w/ helicopter
  • The helicopter fires missiles at the Complex
  • Demgel watches the missiles fly toward the Complex in disbelief

"The fuck?"

  • missiles hit the Complex causing numerous explosions
  • Helicopter then starts shooting at Demgel and Lucime
  • Demgel grabs Lucimes wrist and runs off the bridge way
  • stops and pulls out his pistols and starts shooting

Lucime pulls out her gun Aims at the helicopter and shoots it down "That all?"


  • a needle w/ pinkish fluid in it, injects inside both Demgel and Lucime
  • pulls out the empty needle

"The fuck was that?"



"Yep, me"

  • takes a smoke of a Blu cigarette
  • exhales the smoke

Lucime turns around. "How did you get out?"

"I turned into a bat and flew out. Could've broken out at anytime but didnt want to spoil the fun."

"Why? Why are doing this?"

"Man, you guys neva' listen do ya'? It's my job. Don't think of it as an assault. Think of it as my Merry Christmas to you."

  • Demgel is enraged
  • runs at Jonas and attempts to punch him
  • Jonas dodges epically
  • then elbows Demgel in the back
  • Demgel is unconscious

"Heh. It actually worked. Your not the only one with smarts, boy."

  • takes another smoke
  • exhales some of the smoke

"What was that?"

"It is a artificial serum that completely takes away your powers for 2 hours. I didn't think It was possible, but hey, It is. Look at him"

  • Kicks him Demgel in his side

"Completely weak. He always was."

"But why!? What do you plan to do with us!?"

  • Jonas walks up to her and puts his hands on her shoulders

"It's not what I plan on doing with you. It's what they want to do with you."

"What!? Don't turn us over!?

"Sorry, Red"

  • knocks her out with a his elbow

"Im only doing my job. Holy Jesus im tired of saying that."


  • Demgel is laying in bed with bandages rapped around his entire upper body
  • is still breathing slowly

"You feeling better yet kid? You took a pretty bad beating, but you're healing fine."

  • has one eye cracked open

" Who"

"I'm Shiner, has Pryncey talked about me much or was it all business on his end?"

"I don't believe he's mentioned you...I have been sent to do a few things...for him here and there. And...Pryncey?"

"Wow, he really hasn't mentioned me. Well it's a nickname I gave him when we first met. We're getting married soon, did he invite you?"

"Don't think he brought it up....Your a lucky woman to be marrying Prynce....and he's a lucky man for marrying someone like you."

"Aw, thanks. You seem pretty nice yourself. You got any girl in your sites?"


  • mildly smiles

"There is one."

  • smile quickly fades

"Oh no. Lucime."

  • quickly gets up

"Don't worry, Lucy's fine. She's just getting some food cooking."

  • Lucime walks in with a tray full of food and almost drops it when she sees Demgel standing.

"Demgel, you're okay!"

  • smiles
  • runs up and hugs her tightly, despite the fact it hurts him

"You are too."

"I was worried, you've been asleep for a few days and a few times your heart beat increased to the point you almost had a heart attack. What did you see when you were comatose?"

"I saw..."

  • has a few flashbacks of his previous life at the M.C.C.P

"Us, back in tour days at the M.C.C.P. We were like family. no longer stands."

"You used to work for the M.C.C.P? Do you know Umbras and Arachne?"

"We both did. We were a team. All of us. It was just like what....Jonas said."

"You mean that jerk I didn't get to go all out on? Well, I guess things change huh?"

"I suppose so....I-Im glad your alright,Lucime."

"Same to you. So, what did you find for the wedding Shiner?"

"The most beautiful planet that we can rent out. You'll love it there! Oh, Demgel, here's some food."

  • Hands Demgel a turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce and a pitcher of lemonade.
  • eats it all within 1-2 minutes

"Thank you."

"You're welcome, there's more in case you get hungry again. I guess I'll leave you two here. Before I go though, do you know where Pryncey is?"

"I believe he is in the 6th Circle of Hell. I had left to come back here afterwards."

"Okay, I think it's about time I saw my fiance. It's been a few weeks and he owes me a spar."

"No...wait.... i need to go back as wellll."

"Seeing as I know how this argument would turn out, take this medicine and come with me, you're in a state where the pill will heal all of your damage."

  • Opens a dimensional portal and walks through.
  • takes the pill and makes his way toward the portal

Return from HellEdit

"So, I'll go cook us a post Christmas feast, you guys can start cleaning up the Complex."

  • Dark Prynce heads for the kitchen.
  • Leg pops out

"YEEEEY! I love Christmas! Oh, I have to get presents for everybody."

  • goes off
  • Med comes out of nowhere with covers and a case of Red Bull

"What are you doing Med?"

"What does it look like im doing? Im staying at my place until the "Gay ol' times" blows over. Oh, hey can you do me a favor?"


"Man, why not?"

"Because I know how you are. No."

"Man, fuck you."

  • Med disappears

"I'm going to go help Pryncey with dinner. I don't think he wants to be there alone."

"Okay, see you later Shiner."

  • Lucime starts lifting up some broken walls and putting them in place."
  • Demgel starts helping Lucime with fixing the rubble

"Wow, fought a undead imp. Destroyed a Satanist cult, and fought 7 Archfiend Kaisers and you can forget time."

"Yeah don't forget the M.C.C.P. coming here and taking us away."

"Oh yea, there was that too. Sorry about that. To tell you the truth, this is the first Christmas I have ever had."

  • Lucime drops some rubble

"What! This is unacceptable, we can't just have Christmas Dinner now. I'll send Shiner a message."

  • Sends a ball of fire to the kitchen.
  • Hears a scream from the kitchen.

"Pryncey! This can't just be any old Christmas dinner! It needs to be a feast!"

"Well, I didn't think it would be that loud."

"Me neither. All I said was it was my first Christmas."

"Yeah, but I really wanted to make it special for you."

  • Finishes the last wall and walks into her room.

"Come on in."

  • walks into her room

"Nice room. What is that you want to show me?"

"Nothing, just thought you might want to sit down. So, what do you want for Christmas?"

  • Demgel smiles

"I already have it."

  • Lucime blushes then looks down

"It's going to be the same without everybody here."

  • As if on cue, Arachne and Evelyn bust through her door with Umbras and Osiris.
  • Umbras and Osiris drag Demgel out of the room.
  • Arachne and Evelyn drag Lucime out of the room.


"W da fuck are you people?"

"We live here."

"They're friends of mine. We all live here with Shiner and Dark Prynce."

"Holy Jesus. Alot of people. It's"

  • Leg pops with presents


  • Leg gives everyone a single present

"Thanks, we don't even know you, but you got us some presents." Umbras says a big grin on his face. "I'm Umbras, Demonic Dragon at your service."

"Thank you. I'm Arachne, spider queen demi-god here to help."

"I'm Osiris, death god of egypt, fallen angel of this complex."

"I'm Evelyn, the time controlling avian demi-god if you've ever known one."

"Wow, nice to meet you all and..wait...Is one of you named Umbras?"

"Yeah, that would be me. Usually people say their names when they meet new people."

Zane walks in and sees everyone. "Whats going on here?

Lori following Zane into the door. "So this is where you live..? Its nice" She smiles and looks at everyone. "Hi there." She waves "I'm Lori"

Umbras and Lucime runup to Zane with surprise. "ZANE'S ALIVE!"

"You son of a..."

  • is about to punch Umbras in the face but stops

"You know what, never mind."

  • turns toward Zane

"You must be Zane. Lucime has spoken highly of you."

Zane smiles "Really now" Zane hugs Lucime

"Hm. Yes she has. My name is Demgel."

Zane kisses the top of her head. "Well welcome to the team"

  • Jonas and the Adminastrator stands outside

"Nice reunion they're havin' huh, Admin?"

  • takes a smoke from his cigarette

"It will be their last. It is clear now that Mythos kind is taking their toll on man. We will be effective immediately."

"Let me ask you. Why do we protect man? We're Mythos too, ya' now."

"We were a mistake, Jonas. We were never intended to intermingle with man. I place it upon myself that we keep our kind in check and if necessary eradicate them."

"A little extreme dont you think?"

"Anything to keep the balance."

"Eh, suite yourself."

"I'm sorry, what was that about keeping the balance that you plan on doing?"

  • Dark Prynce jumps down from the roof

"OOOOH, shiiit. I think he spotted us, Admin."

"Hm. It appears so."

  • turns toward Dark Prynce

"You are Dark Prynce, am I right?"

"Of course, the one and o-. Yes, I'm Dark Prynce. Why are you spying on us? We just want to celebrate Christmas."

"Oh, don't think about it as spying. Think of it as seeing how things are. And I must say, its going better than 4th of July Barbeque. Besides, we woulda been celebratin' tooo, but today went from Good Shit to shiiiit."

"How so, you break into my Complex, trash the place trying to take Demgel and Lucime, get your headquarters destroyed by my fiance, and your forces crippled because of it while I had to go through to get this and stop Satan from escaping into Purgatory. You know, I wanted to get you guys a Christmas present as a truce, but really, spying?"

"First off: We didnt break into your Complex. The boy and the girl let me in. Second: Your "fiance" didn't destroy our facility, some man in a hood did it. Third: Thanks for thinkin' about us. And finally, we aren't spying we're simply checking up on the boy. He looks pretty happy. it's an occasion we see him having a good time. Gives us a warm and glad feelin' in our hearts."

"Well, thanks for properly informing me. I just have one question before I give you your gift. Can you describe the man in hooded cloak."

"Well if he's in a hood then good chances are we dont know what he looks like. All we know is his cloak is black with a white outline around the end of his cloak. And we had a little glimpse that the bastards skin is dark blue. Like one of dem' Avatars. Not the bald kid, the one with the blue people. Right now we have seen him riding along with infected Endlos. We have no current status on his whereabouts so keep watch."

"Hmmmm, he sounds like someone I know, except his skin is blue. I don't this I've seen or met him, but I'll keep a lookout. Now for your gifts. This is a peice of the abyss, anything that touches it will be sent to a pocket dimension that acts as a prison. The second gift, is enough money to rebuild your facilities. I know what you want to do, just don't hurt my team unless neccessary."

"Ah thanks. Im taking the abyssal gift thingy."

  • takes the piece of the abyss

"So far as you know it is necessary. Thank you none the less, but we have already moved underground we will stay there for safety precautions. For, now enjoy yourself while you can. I have feeling it maybe our last."

"If it is, so be it. Goodbye."

"See ya's"


  • Both Jonas and The Administrator walk away

Back in the complex

"This is for you, Demy."

  • Leg hands him a acoustic guitar with a bow on it

"Wow, Leg. Thanks."

"I always said that music is Gods gift to us to give back to him. You can express your feelings in song."

"Hmm, well' let me try it. Hey, Lucime do you mind if we go back to your room?"

"Not at all, let's go." (Lucime)

"Sweet, new guy's a musician." (Umbras)

"It's been a while since we heard live music. Come on, let's go." (Arachne)

  • goes into Lucime's room
  • Demgel sits on Lucimes bed with his guitar at hand

"Mind singing with me?"

"No problem." (Lucime)

"Oh, my sister has the most beautiful singing voice. I'm glad I get to hear it again."(Arachne)

One Life Left To Lose - Acoustic demo

"I heard you guys from the kitchen, and I have to say, it's pretty amazing. Well, when you guys are ready, the feast is done and staying warm." (Dark Prynce)

"FOOD!" (Umbras)

"I need to make sure he doesn't each everything." (Arachne)

"If he's eating, I'm eating." (Osiris)

  • Demgel gets up
  • strokes his fingers across Lucime's hair and heads down stairs
  • Leg hangs a missile toe over the entrance to the kitchen
  • Evelyn and Osiris stop underneath and kiss
  • Umbras and Arachne stop before it and go around
  • Demgel is about to go under it
  • Med quickly comes out of nowhere and burns the missile toe
  • Burnt missile toe falls in front of Demgel's feet

"Hm. Da fuck is this?"

  • picks it up and the missile toe quickly turns to ashes

"Nevermind then."

  • Walks into the kitchen.
  • A table full of foods from all around the world and enough of it to feed an army.

"I didn't know what you guys wanted and was too busy to ask, so I made this for you." (Dark Prynce)

"Also, he got bored and wanted to keep cooking." (Shiner)

"Awwww snap. it all looks amazing."

  • Demgel says his grace before he eats


  • Grabs a plate off food
  • and starts gauging down him food and even eats some of the bones of some of it
  • Umbras does the same and they look at each other and nod.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" (Umbras)

"If it's what I think you two are doing, don't even think about leaving me out of it." (Dark Prynce)

"I will devour this meal before you can scarf down a crumb!" (Osiris)

  • Demgel continues to eat more of the food

"Then you guys better go ahead and hurry."

  • Dark Prynce swallows 5 plates of food in under a second
  • Umbras scarfs down food faster than he can load it
  • Osiris is having difficulty keeping up.
  • Demgel continues to eat with no problem

"I love food right now."

  • Within minutes all the food is gone and the girls are still on their first plate.

"I told you we should've cooked more, Shiner." (Dark Prynce)

"I didn't know you guys would get into an eating contest." (Shiner)

"Thanks for the food, it was wonderful." (Arachne)

"It was alright." (Evelyn)

"I could've been better." (Umbras)

"You enjoyed it though, Umbras." (Dark Prynce)

"That I did. Now, who's up for some sparring?" (Umbras)

"Thanks for the food. I dont remember eating ever since i woke up. And wont mind sparring with you Umbras if it gives me an excuse to punch your face in."

"You really think you can punch my face in you lowly little brat?"

"Little brat? I am an inch taller than you."

"That's besides the point, I'll beat you without breaking a sweat."

"We can just see about that wont we?"

  • Leaves to finish Demgel's last mission (Portal opened and they all fell through)
  • Return from Realm of Reversed
  • Demgel and Umbras continue to argue.
  • a giant-black comes in breaking through the roof
  • The nad lands in between Demgel and Umbras
  • Demgel is confused

"Da fuck?"

  • looks up and sees an infected Endlos
  • Umbras kicks it back through the roof

"Hey Prynce, what was that?" (Umbras)

  • the Endlos shakes its hand in pain
  • The man with a hooded robe is on its shoulder

"Kill them."

  • the Endlos tears off the entire roof covering and drops it in the water
  • Demgel spawns out his blades from the sleeves his coat
  • Dark Prynce goes after the hooded man
  • Umbras flinches his arm and the Endlos starts to bleed.
  • Lucime starts shooting at the Endlos
  • Shiner runs up the Endlos and begins to slice it's everywhere.
  • black air blows out The Endlos'
  • The hooded man's hand is surrounded by cold air
  • He then starts firing ice shards at them all
  • The Endlos punches the kitchen part of the complex down, destroying the entire section'
  • Dark Prynce takes the damage from the ice shards to protect everyone.
  • Shiner fires nether flames at the Endlos
  • Lucime switches to incendiary/flash rounds and keeps shooting
  • Umbras is flicking his hands around erratically making large slices in the Endlos
  • Osiris and Evelyn team punch the hooded man
  • Dark Prynce fires a bright flash blinding the Endlos.
  • The Endlos steps back in pain
  • Demgel tackles the hooded man unto the bridge-way
  • Both standup
  • The hooded man lifts up his hand and causes a blizzard to insue
  • The hooded man fires a ice shard at Lori
  • Demgel runs right in front of her and is instantly frozen
  • The hooded man commands the Endlos to take Demgel
  • Endlos picks up Demgel
  • The blizzard gets more furious an then it suddenly disappears with no trace of the hooded man, the Endlos, or Demgel
  • Dark Prynce closes his eyes and darkness swarms the complex.

"I can't find him, but I found something more troubling. We need to go to Aeon." (Dark Prynce)

"But what about Demgel?" (Lucime)

"He can take care of himself. We already know that. This thing threatens to destroy the entire universe, so I'm going to Aeon. If you want to join, come with me. If you think Demgel needs you, go ahead, I won't stop you. Just know that, once we leave, you're on your own." (Dark Prynce)

(Start of Season 4)

Way of TimeEdit

  • Demgel returns back to the complex only to find it mildy destroyed and is shrouded with dark gloomy skies with little to now sunlight shining from the clouds
  • Demgel heads into the complex and finds the inside completely demolished
  • He looks in all the rooms and finds them empty and in a complete mess
  • Demgel then makes it to Lucime's room and finds a picture of her on the floor
  • He looks at it for a while then puts it in his coat pocket
  • Demgel heads into his room which seems to be untouched and heads toward his bed and sits on his bed
  • A bright red light flashes before Demgel
  • It reveals to be a a 20-year old male wearing a hooded short-sleeved robe and has pointed red hair
  • Demgel is shocked

"Who the hell are you?"

"I am Kaos."

"Chaos? Chaos?!CHAAOOOOOS!"

  • Demgel pulls out Death's Scythe
  • Sythe turns into a spear and extends toward Kaos
  • Kaos catches it between his 2 fingers

"I am not CH-aos, I am K-aos. With a K. I am the reincarnate of the real Chaos."

"You are still my enemy!"

"Whatever for? My previos counterpart has not wronged you in anyway. He simply died trying to save man."

"He nearly killed us!"

"That wasn't him. He was dead before that."

"How do I know you are not deceiving me?"

"You don't."

  • Demgel calms down and pulls the Scythe away.

"What brings you here?"

"I am here to tell you great tragedy is upon us like rain in a storm. This is the coming of the final days of the beings of fantasy and man. It all rests upon you and your friends."

"How ever so?"

"Everything has been revolving around you. Who you are and What you are."

  • Demgel is angered at the thought and punches the wall

"Don't remind me."

"There are many outcomes that will come from all this. The possibilities of destiny all depend upon actions and reactions."

"I don't believe in destiny."

"Hmm. Your right. Destiny is determined by God, so id fate. In the end, there is a future for everyone."

"There is no future for me."

"Ah, so you think."

  • Demgel's closet door opens
  • Demgel walks into a closet filled with pictures from top-to-bottom
  • Demgel sees one Dark Prynce and Shiner having their first child
  • Demgel sees another one with the fall of Heaven
  • Demgel sees another one with him and his friends are fighting a monstrous beast
  • Demgel then stumbles across one particular picture and slowly takes it of the wall


  • The picture shows Demgel and Lucime having been just happily married

"What is this?"

"What is what?"

"I just met Lucime yesterday!"

"And you are saying you do not have any feelings for her?"

  • Demgel remains silent then looks away

"Because if I remember correctly. You were going to reveal your feelings for her, before the M.C.C.P took you and Lucime away."

"how do you know this?"

"I only know everything of this world. I know their fates and what is to come and possibly come. That picture is an example of your future."

  • Demgel looks at the picture one last time
  • Demgel looks up and sees Kaos has disappeared and the closet is completely empty
  • Ashley arrives at the complex and opens its doors with her magic


  • Demgel sputs the picture in his pocket

"Ashley? Is that you?"

  • She smiles and walks over to him

"What are you doing in a place so dark all alone? You're not in here trying to scare yourself are you?"

  • Demgel shakes his head

"No. We were attacked by a black giant called an Endlos. It was being controoled by a man named Van Valeric who took me after I saved a girl named Lori. He took me away to the Tundras and explained my "destiny". I escaped an came here. Everyone must have went looking for me. Now that I'm back I have nowhere to go."

"Maybe I can help you."

  • She opens a portal to the Earth

"I can take you to Earth if you desire, us dragons can go through any realm and location as we see fit."

"Isn't this place Earth?

  • Ashley pauses to sense the environment around her

"Ah, yeah it is. Then why can't you simply leave this place?"

"I don't know how. And I didnt know i could."

"What is there some kind of magic over you? Why can't you just leave like a normal person?"

  • She tilts her head

"you speak to me as if im supposed to know how to do this. I just found out what I was yesterday. I dont know anything but destruction."

  • What you were? she thought to herself

"So then, if you are a destruction master. Let us blow a hole out of here and get going, we have other things we can do rather than just sit here all day."

  • Demgel looks at the emblem Dark Prynce gave him

"Wait, I have an idea."

  • Demgel outs has the emblem in pray motion
  • The skies turn grey and hints of light shine from the clouds. A giant opening of clear skies open above Demgels head and particles of light come down on him. The emblem shines bigger and the particles form into a portal that leads to Dragon realm.
  • Ashley looks at the realm curiously

"And that is? What exactly?

  • Demgel sees dragons flying everywhere

"I believe its where dragons live or something like that."

  • Ashley sees the dragons flying about and frowns slightly but does so when Demgel isn't looking

"I don't know if this is a good idea. Dragons have a hierarchy and we're not apart of it."

  • She wasn't hesitant out of fear, but rather respect for her elder's traditions as she looked at Demgel

"But if you're going, I'm coming with you."

  • Demgel smiles

"I wont push you into anything you don't want to do. If you dont wanna come with me, it's alright. All I know is that I need to find away to stop Van Valeric."

"You're not ditching me this time Demgel, I'm coming with you and whoever this Van person is, I'll help you stop him."

  • Demgel smiles once more

"Thanks, Ashley."

  • Jumps through the portal and is falling from the sky swarming with dragons
  • Demgel manages to land on one
  • The realm is kinda midnight dark and is pretty rocky
  • Demgel looks down and sees some dragons resting and taking care of their hatchlings
  • Ashley jumped and landed right behind Demgel, and since she almost fell off she ended up wrapping her arms around Demgel's waist (like riding a motor cycle) to regain her balance. She then realized what she was doing and blushed but didn't let go for fear of falling.

"We should be careful here, Dragon's can sense the presence of other dragons. And well, I'm not exactly human either."

  • She whispered to him so that the dragon they were riding on couldn't hear

"Im not human at all. We're all the same. Nothing to be ashamed about

  • For the first time Ashley didn't feel alone and she leaned against Demgel without even noticing what she was doing

"Good, then let's see if we can't steer this dragon."

  • She forms an ice-spike in her hand and stabs the beast in the shoulder and murmurs something in Dragon Language

"As I command you shall move, less your wings be cut off and your abilities leave you."

  • She suddenly became very serious towards the beast


Futuristic bedroom

Zane Shade's Bedroom


Dark Prynce and Shiner's Bedroom


Lucime's Bedroom

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