Even the tallest mountain will be eroded by the wind. Lost in the endless sands of time.
The Lone Wolf
The Wind's Roar
The Storm's Fury
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date -
Family Unknown - Deceased
Status Deceased
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Grey, Black
Height -
Blood type A+
Age 37
Weight -
Health Deceased
Affiliation Phoenix
Weapons Wind Slayer
Species Shapeshifter - Elf
Base of Operations Yosai Fortress
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) -
Current Occupation None
Abilities Wind Manipulation
Fighting Style The Roar of Wind, Unending Cascade, Howling Moon, The Wolf's Fang
Partner Kagerou
Team Phoenix
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single

One of the elite members of Phoenix, Torrent was calculating, cunning, and precise.

Extremely analytical, he took into account personality, appearance, and the background of an opponent to quickly ascertain their weaknesses. While Kado learned much of his skills from Hiroshi, he did not learn them as well as Torrent, who perfectly understood and relished the combat training with ease. However, his lessons on morals and ethics, in life and in combat were largely lost to Torrent, but Kado always was ready to learn these codes of honor, something which constantly amuses Torrent. He was one of the Trimasters, wielder of the Wind Slayer.

He was a Shapeshifter-Elf Hybrid.

His sword's spirit was Kitakaze, the Wind Warlord.


A recruit like Kado, he once had a family, before they met their untimely deaths at the hands of raiders on their village, he being the only surviving clansmen, having killed off his attackers with nothing but a knife made from the ribs of one of his own siblings.

Phoenix found him covered in dried blood, and quickly found him eager to be trained in any combat art he could manage, perhaps one of their most strict students, his desire for blood could make even the veteran members of Phoenix shudder. With the other recruits, he largely held with disinterest, but he curiously found a rival in Kado, who was everything he wasn't. Frail, weak... and stubborn. While Torrent would realize when a battle was lost, or when told to do something, he would immediately take appropriate action. Kado would never back off from a fight with Torrent, and would readily defy an order, even if it meant being disciplined for his actions.

He took over the role of Wind Slayer after the death of the former master, just months after Kado's assumed death at the hands of his masters.


Torrent is extremely reserved, but give him a opportunity to attack, he is psychopathic and relentless in battle, ready to tear apart an enemy who earns the bite of his sword. His personality shifts like the wind, one moment he will be silent, but if anything in a conversation interests him, he will immediately jump in, even if it's not his business. He likes to solve puzzles and riddles, few being able to best him when it comes to wit and logic, quite literally able to end a conflict without so much as lifting a finger, though he can just as easily provoke a heavy brawl with the same tongue. He avoids fighting if it conflicts with the mission, and only fights when told to, and will not back off unless told to. He always follows orders, regardless of whatever thoughts he may have about his mission.


Wind Slayer

Torrent is capable of controlling the very air itself, and is one of the most formidable of members of Phoenix, capable of destroying oxygen, carbon dioxide, and various other gases in the atmosphere. He has a high range of abilities, including the ability to identify a target just by the vibrations they send off in the air.

Vibration Sense

Torrent can sense anything moving within the air around him, enough so a sniper would have no chance of ever even getting a bead on him.


Torrent can break apart into air molecules, but cannot return to full form if part of his body is contained within something like a vacuum.

Ravaging Tornado

Torrent can create large F5 tornadoes at will, the vortexes completely under his control and direction.

Straight Line Wind

A massive burst of wind that is strong enough to tear apart tanks, armored cars, and other armored vehicles and objects. Objects caught in this wind can be turned into projectiles that can impale things they would never be capable of going through at other speeds.

Pressure Blast

Torrent adjusts the air pressure abruptly, allowing him to cripple and even injure his average enemies just by increasing or decreasing the air pressure in the area.

Pack of Wind

The winds form into the shapes of a pack of wolves, and descend upon his enemy.

Wrath of the Hurricane

A ability that creates one of the most powerful natural disasters man can encounter on Earth, regardless of location. Can cause massive destruction to buildings, and can cause mass flooding.

Devour Atmosphere

His most devastating attack, when he allows Wind Slayer to unleash its full capacity, it can literally drain the air needed to breath out of a entire region in as little as thirty minutes. He is forbidden to use this move without direct authorization from White herself.

Martial Arts Expert

His skill with martial arts is equal to Kado's, but is more refined and accurate, as well as stronger.

Tri Wolf FANG

A sequence of moves that target the heart, lungs, and leg muscles, which is potentially able to cause heart and lung failure, and can occasionally sever the muscles allowing for running in the legs. His slowest move, requires him to sneak on an enemy.

Sword-hand of Wind

A karate chop empowered by the strength of the wind, strong enough to replicate the edge of a sword.


Wind Phoenix Mode

Torrent can gather together an apparition of a dire wolf of clouds and mist, but beware as the claws and fangs are still very much capable of ripping someone to shreds. He becomes incredibly fast in this state.