Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date -
Family Unnamed Father

Unnamed Mother

Rotaru (Sister)

Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 6'4
Blood type -
Age 32
Weight 185
Health Great
Affiliation Mythological Phenomena Department

The Enforcers

Weapons Echanted Katanas
Species Yokai (Tengu-class)
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Previous Occupation(s) -
Current Occupation M.P.D. Agent
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Fighting Style -
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Team The Enforcers
Relatives Unnamed Father

Unnamed Mother Rotaru (Sister)

Marital Status Single

Personality Edit

Torikku is a simple-minded and kinded-hearted individual. He usually comes of as aloof and not quite bright in most circumstances, but occasionally does show an enhanced level of understanding. Tori can often times be easily distracted by certain things. He also scares easily, usually anything that could hurt and or kill him, he is most definitely afraid of. Besides that, he lacks basic intuition, having someone to actually give him and objective in order for him to follow through, but once he does, he is fully dedicated; with the only thing still stopping him is his distracted mind and his fears.

History Edit

Torriku's life was simple, as a son of a fruit seller. Though through-out his life, he's never had any real friends, resulting him to talk to animals in nature. But things changed when age struck his mother and father, paralyzing them. Torriku vowed to provide for his parents and little sister, taking up his father's fruit cart. After a few his father's fruit cart wasn't getting him enough profit to keep his family afloat. So he thought of going to Earth to make enough profit for his family, but do to no form of training, ventured off to find someone to train him, thus coming across the Scyther: Tafadzwa. For an entire year, he trained under the Way of the Arcane. After that year, he decided it was time to finally head to Earth.

Abilities and Skills Edit

Aerial Adaptation Edit

Claw Retraction Edit

Enhanced Agility Edit

Enhanced Lung Capacity Edit

Enhanced Reflexes Edit

Flight/Wing Manifestation Edit

Hollow Skeleton Edit

Enhanced Bite Edit

Enhanced Intelligence (occasionally) Edit

Enhanced Memory (occasionally) Edit

Enhanced Vision Edit

Environmental Adaptation Edit

Enhanced Speed Edit

Enhanced Strength Edit

Enhanced Swordsmanship Edit

Shapeshifting Edit

Short-range Teleportation Edit

Arcane MagicEdit



Tori sees Clare as his best friend on Earth and upholds his job to be beside her at all times. Even though Clare has often voiced her indifferences towards him on some occasions, he still wants to bring her happiness in anyway he can; which inclines him to follow anything she tells him to do, even if it's self-harm. He will always try to make Clare's life easier, though deep down he is afraid of her as he is for her

The EnforcersEdit

Tori regards them all in the same way as he does Clare and holds a high level of respect for them and the work they do.


Tori adores Aimi, as even though he enjoys the company of his comrades; it does feel at times they can get annoyed with his behavior. With Aimi, he doesn't have to worry on upsetting anyone and have a good time playing and teaching his newest friend.


Tori holds a great level of respect towards his mentor, even though Tafadzwa has voiced his indifference towards Tori's naivity and simple-mindedness, and has treated him as nuisance for the majority of their time together. though Tori usually takes it as him being grumpy all the time.


  • Despite what many people believe, Tori doesn't have a real name. His parents were dumbfounded when it came to naming him and have simply left him unnamed for years. He got his name from Tafadzwa because he regarded Tori's proposal to be his pupil as "the greatest trick anyone has pulled on him", to his dismay, Tori wasn't kidding.
  • Clare actually constitues as the first friend Tori has ever made. As for the majority of his life, he was isolated from the rest of society, and only befriended inanimate objects, like Mr. Quackers;and consumable organisms like worms and catapillars.
  • Tori has worn the same baggy, raggedy torn up clothes for 3 years straight.
  • Tori doesn't really know his colors and has them swapped around.
  • It is unknown why Tori comes off as more bird-brained than regular Tengus, who are actually rather smart, cunning, and rather tricky; and even artistic and valiable warriors. Tori on the other hand doesn't quite fit the fit the description like most would expect from a Tengu.
  • Tori likes bathing in mud.
  • Tori sees all bird speacies as his "bretheren.
  • Tori is a very touchy person. Usually toching anything that looks appealing to him.

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