An angel in for a martyr
Weapon Blaque
The Artificial Angel
The Holy Sin
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Family Obi (Adoptive Father),Akami (Adoptive Sister),Segura (Adoptive Brother), Reveryn (Adoptive Brother)
Status Active
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dark Blue
Height 5'7
Blood type -
Age -
Weight -
Health Outstanding
Affiliation The Junkyosha Party
Species Second-Gen
Base of Operations The Slums (formerly)
Weapons -
Current Occupation Martyr/Protector
Fighting Style -
Partner Akami,Segura,Reveryn,Kado
Team The Frontliners
Relatives None
Marital Status Single

Torem is the protector of all those whoe reside in The Slums, as well as serves as Obi's "personal" assistant.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Torem is a Variante, so by default, she is formless. But most people mostly identify her as a tall female with blue short hair and sharp blue eyes. She has a muscular build and wears black and white gloves and a checkered armband. She doesn't wear clothing, but uses her Variante powers to manifest some sort of covering from her neck to her feet; covering ever par of her body except her head and arms. She also bears angel wing "tatoos" on her arms.

Torem's personality comes off as disinterested, annoyed, or just disconnected. She usually is a reclusive individual, usually only keeping to herself and rarely interacts with anyone unless its her fellow Frontliners. Torem may come off as a heartless individual but she cares tenderly for the residents of The Slums, though she isn't afraid to voice her adversity to kids and pre-teens alike; but atleast she's honest about her feelings.


Not much is knowns about her, aside that she as a Weapon created by the M.C.C.P. Over time, she began to question her existence and duties; and soon defect through unknown means

Abilities and SkillsEdit


Obi Edit

The most torturous relationship Torem's ever had. Torem is stuck being Obi's company. Whether it be maid, waiter, or special services; she is always doing the trivially annoying jobs because of Obi and has felt the greatest levels of discomfort around him, especially when he teasingly flirts with her. Torem doesn't hate Obi but if he were to die, she would feel a fresh air of freedom.

Akami Edit

Torem doesn't mind Akami, though her determination for her dream does irk her some times. Torem finds Akami to be of decent company, even though she can be abit talkative, but it isn't like she would have anything to say. Torem and Akami work just well as sisters, as they do teammates

Segura Edit

Torem and Segura don't say much to each other, but they do tend to work well due to their similar mentalities. The only thing setting them apart is their attitudes. Torem is more accepting but vigilant, whereas Segura is very distrusting and paranoid; something most of the Frontliners have a problem with.

Reveryn Edit

The most heartful relationship Torem has. Reveryn is like the brightness to Torem's heart. Reveryn is the only one that managed to make her smile with his friendly personality and make her blush from his modest compliments. to her, Reveryn was the first person to make her feel happiness and would do anything to keep the world from taking him away from her. He is without a doubt the best thing to happen to her.


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