The RP Page for the Phoenix War Arc.

Doom Arrives

In one of the MPD Security facilities, a security station is maintaining surveillance of the Gates. Every thirty minutes a check is done to validate the safety of the Gates and the areas around them. Everything has been continuing as normal until...

"Alert, massive fluctuations typical of a large host moving into the Gates has been detected. Recommended Action: Send an Alert to all Agencies and the Government. Repeat. Massive fluctuations typical of a large host moving into the Gates has been detected. Level Five Threat."

"Someone call the President! This one his huge!"

The overseer of the station begins to phone the President on the emergency line.


The President: *picks up* Yes...

"Sir, we're picking up a Level Five event in the Gates! We think something big is trying to get through!"

The President: *takes a deep breath and sighs* Alright...I'll alert the other Agencies.

"We've already sent an automated alert signal. Should we make a national alert or regional?"

The President: Yes, send a national alert immediately. It's that time...

All across the nation, sirens begin to blare, with the following message:

"Alert, Level Five Threat Detected From the Gates. High Level Threat From Fantasy Detected. Repeat. Level Five Threat Detected From the Gates. Seek Shelter immediately. All Agencies prepare for a possible national emergency."

Everyone across the nation hurry to get to whatever shelter is available while the Agencies begin to get their equipment together for what comes at them.

The security station continues to monitor the situation, but another alert catches their attention.

"Detecting a gigantic anomaly above Arizona! The spacial disturbance is bigger than a whole fucking city! What the hell is this?!"

"Mr. President, there's sensor readings of a huge disturbance above Arizona bigger than a city!"

The President: Leave it to the Administrator...He's already there...

"...Sir, I don't... ...What is that thing...?" Something like dread and awe comes across the phone.

The President: What is it now? Is it them?

"...Sir, what looks like a flying fortress just dropped in over Arizona. It's...'s huge! Bigger than New York City at least!"

The President: *rubs his temple* This cannot be happening...Today of all days...Then you know what to do. Have everyone prepare and stand by.

"...You've got to be kidding me! President, order an evacuation of the capital! It seems to be firing at your location!"

The President: *is alarmed* What?!

"It's a high level energy pulse being charged by some sort of weapon! We're scrambling fighters to try and do something about it, but I don't think it'll be enough! Sending a request to the main branch for authorization for an orbital drop bombardment!"

The President: *gets up and leaves the office with his bodyguards*

As The President is making way out of the White House he tells everyone else to evacuate quickly. Everyone scrambles and hurries to make it out of the building.

In the horizon, a staticy white light seems to be barreling in their direction.

The President: Qucikly, everyone get out! We have to move!

Everyone makes it outside including the President. everyone continues to run across the Capital Yard as fast as they can.

As the President makes it past the lawn, suddenly a huge white static blasts everything behind him, throwing him forward and slamming him into a far building.

Looking back, he can see no sign of the staff, or the capital building itself, all that's left is an ominous void.

He goes to stand, but falls down, realizing one of his legs was destroyed in the blast.

The President: *groans in pain* All of it...All of them...Are gone... *tries to get up again but falls.* Gah! *pants* H-hello?!... Anybody?!...*begins to crawl*

A sonic boom overhead can be heard, as off in the distance, a large military style fighter jet seems to be screaming toward the site of the incident, eventually slowing down and landing nearby, and its dropdown ramp opens up, MPD officers in riot gear pour out and grab ahold of him.

"He's wounded! Get him to headquarters!" The officers begin carrying him to the plane.

The President: *continues to groan in pain*

They bandage his leg up, giving him painkillers as they board the plane. Upon securing him, the plan takes off.

The President: Quick! You must alert...The public...They need to know...

"Already transmitting an alert to get everyone into shelters."

The President: *continues to pant* Please, deliver us...

The plane eventually lands at the MPD headquarters, where a huge platoon of armored guards stand in a line to the bunker.

The President: Bring me, Isaac...Bring him here to me...

"Your safety is our priority sir. He's at the bunker already."

The President: Then you know what to tell him.

"You can tell him when you get there." They begin escorting the President to the bunker.

The President: *grumbles and groans*

After a while they reach the central chamber of the bunker, with the full roster of Directors present, Issac at the center of them, all seated.

The President: Isaac, I need you to send your personnel and search for Judah. Once you've found him, bring him to this bunker...If he's alive that is...

"...Judah...?" Issac says slowly.

The President: That man with blue-blocker goggles and has a stroke. He walks with a cane...Has a goatee. One of your fincial contributers.

Issac rubs his eyes. "Oh... right... ...forgive me, I'm tired." He types some commands on a keyboard.

"The order has been sent."

The President: Well, I'm tired and broken, but aside from us having a...Rather bad day so far, we must ensure the security of our government while we're down here. Granted there are very few probabilities that we'll be safe here through the entirety of this situation, as well as the possibilities of any of the candidates might still be living after this, but we must have a plan nonetheless. As you've all may have heard, the Representative Cabinet has been taken down and now we must assign new candidates to the seats. Any suggestions as to whom we trust to allow them to have a position in a seat?

"I'm sure I have very little business with that, Mr. President. Last I checked you were pretty cozy with the MCCP in the political arena. I'm sure you'd love to hear what they have to say over some backwater science facility dabbling in unpopular politics and economics." Issac says evenly. "We only serve the Washington-Oregon-California sector of the country after all."

The President: If I were any cozier, The Administrator would've been your president...Besides...Haven't you seen the broadcast...It is clear now that the M.C.C.P slowly succeeds from our control...Depsite, what you may feel, we all have our ways of solving our problems...You can't stop the other from what what he does just by telling him it's wrong...You have to prove him wrong... Despite this, the matter requires all of our opinions...It is a pivitol matter.

The impassive look fades, with a slightly jaded one taking its place. "No I haven't, President. I've been busy keeping the streets safe because of your fear. I don't have a television anyway. News? I know about that before even the news channels do. What point is there? Besides the point. You're the one who let that happen. You gave them as much authority as they have, so this is on you. The one thing you and the MCCP can't do that I can, is actually back my words with my actions. 

If you want my opinion, use common sense for once in your life and stop banking on one plan. The MCCP was doomed to fail, you should have seen that much." Issac closes his laptop.

"Anything else before I oversee the handling of the situation at the Gates?" 

The President: Have your men positioned and engage whatever might come out. I banked on the M.C.C.P because of you and every other agency decided to take the backseat to useless! The M.C.C.P have always been ready for action. I aswell the other have banked on them because of their long line of success through-out its entirety. But current events have pushed them...Especially knowing my true allegiance...I do wish I had not given them as much power as I did...But the others...They watch me...They look for anything that would get me kicked out of office...The people will voice who they want to be in charge...someone who will meet their wants. I can name a couple they would voice...I might not back my own words, but the M.C.C.P can...They will...It's too much to envision what they could pull off on their own terms. Being in charge of a hateful nation isn't the easiest job, Isaac. Especially not if I can't voice my own opinion directly to the public without having to get assaulted again.

Some of the other Directors seem to be indignant about his words.

"I've dealt with just a hateful public as you, fool. Maybe that just comes from you not putting your boots on the ground once in a blue moon. Seattle was hell before I took command. Watch your words President, or I'll have you find another person's bunker to hide in." He says coldly. "I'm the sole reason Seattle is how it is now. Like it or not, I've done more than you in terms of combating the hate of this nation."

He stands up. "You know fully well that the Kurk Family has a heavy hand in Pro Mythic politics. If you really want my opinion, ask my father or anyone in our family who has connections, which is essentially all of them. Oh, and by the way. Most of my funding is from my family, not you. We stick together. Government funding couldn't even keep our bills payed."

He walks out, without another word, and most of the other directors leave, save for a green haired man. He and the majority of the Directors present seemed unfamiliar to the President.

The President: *puts his hand over his face out of stress*

"You did sort of had that coming," The man seems to speak with a robotic text to voice communicator. "Issac and you both have similar problems, believe it or not. You should try not to alienate those who are doing everything they can under their circumstances."

The President: I wouldn't have to if I had more options...Not with these unsatisfied people.And a man who once ruled this world...Or was going to...It has always been my fault. I'm doing a shoddy job of doing it.

A man with a walking cane and blue-blocker goggles slowly enters the bunker


The President: *turns towards the man* Judah...My friend...How are you?

Judah: Forget about me, sir. I heard what had happened to the Capitol Grounds on my way here. It looks like your in deep thought.

The President: I am...I want to ensure our possible future. When mankind manages to make it out of this situation...

Judah: I've seen darker ours, believe it or not. This will blow over just like the rest. *begins to walk around the bunker*

The President: You talk of this moment like it's some mere storm.

Judah: In my eyes, it is....Wars always change. Stakes will always be high despite possible circumstances. But you mentioned about ensuring our future. How would you plan to do that?

The President: I was trying to start off with possible candidates for representation, but the other agency directors wouldn't-

Judah: Comply? What for?

The President: They were upset about my over-reliance of the M.C.C.P., my Representatives being anti-Mythology, and my cowardice...

Judah: They are at fault aswell. There were no other options. Not one that could've appeased the people or provided another method of dealing with our problem. They back-seated themselves and the M.C.C.P took advantage of that.

The President: And the privileges I gave them...

Judah: Not quiet. They don't ask for much unless it to increase their effectiveness. Everyone gets pushed to the edge, Mr.President and these Third Worlders have pushed them. Hm. After this the Act might not be approved. Everyone will expect it to happen regardless. Other agencies antagonize the M.C.C.P for their approach. In my honest opinion, they have no room to talk with their lack of inactivity and input into this problem. They've had to work solo for decades with no help from any agency.

The President: That doesn't excuse their behavior and actions when it comes to taking on the myths!

Judah: What behavior? I see them doing their job just fine.

The President: Endangering human live?

Judah: Now I know their talk has gotten to you. When it comes to any mythic threat the situation is already dire.Too many casualties to count. The M.C.C.P are simply countering that the same amount of force they are. You see, I don't understand why they want to look at the M.C.C.P so critically when they are the only ones out in the field utilizing the threat. I don't see anyone else doing that. I don't see any other pro-myth politicians stepping up for  representation. I don't see what they could've offered to the field in the first place. And I diffinately don't see why they're so ignorant of the importance of our leader's life. If anything, their the reason you're in this corner. There was no one there to back you up but the M.C.C.P.

The President: .........

Judah: They followed you dutifully too. Have they ever failed you or the public?

The President: .........

Judah: And when have you noticed the difference in their behavior?

The President: ........

Judah: See there? You are too easily persuaded. Especially by the young minds such as these. Who don't know that 'good' is subjective to their ideals.But you've been playing your cards all wrong, Mr.President, but I can't say you didn't try to do your best for your nation. The same with the M.C.C.P.

The President: Why do you support the M.C.C.P so much?

Judah: Those who work deserve praise in my eyes. They've never failed me or this nation before and their the only ones who will do whatever it takes to secure humanity. They put in effort and progress in their work. More progress than the others. Even with the M.P.Ds rise in the technological field, they have yet to contribute much. Besides me and that agency are the same. We're the only ones who will back you up. You see? Every other director from every other agency left you out to dry. Again. Yet me and the M.C.C.P are here.

The President: *shakes his head slowly* The M.C.C.P...They grow out of my grasp...

Judah: Oh. Right. I've heard... That must've been a hard break for you. Here. *reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out some Tic-Tacs* Darn only two left...You want one?

The President: *eyes Judah for a moment before putting his hand out*

Judah: *puts a Tic-Tac in his hand*

The President: *pops the the Tic-Tac in his mouth*

Judah: Since I'm here, I can give you some suggestions on who to choose and it won't be one-sided.

The President: You promise?

Judah: You have my word.

"Mr. President." A voice says from behind him, the intensity strong enough to send shivers down their spines. The green haired man is standing right there.

"It is quite rude to speak of someone standing right next to you. Might I point out that while the MCCP is suspected of breaking and enter our facility and causing critical damage to our off shore facility, engaging in conduct that is self serving, bleeding agents left and right practically on a daily basis at this point, all but committed treason against the nation itself, and even now has failed to respond to the crisis at the gates, we the MPD have remained dutiful in our efforts since Issac came into authority here, and not only forewarned well in advance of a high level attack on the nation, but rescued you from imminent death, sheltered you in one of our highest level facilities, and even now have repelled several assaults across the three Gates, and even more recently repelled a titanic giant from advancing onto our land!

Our cause has been the defense of this nation and will remain so. Mock our dedication and you will pay dearly for it. We brought stability and order back into our assigned territory and have reasonably prospered since, with an influx of those who are eager to serve our cause in the last few months. Not only are we growing, but we intend to serve our country with our finest resources. Something that not even you and your buddies over in the MCCP can hope to dream of, Judah."

Lux walks toward them. "I sense only the highest order of complacency in the MCCP, non of the resolve and strength of the past. But that's another matter for another day. Let us worry about the task at hand, gentlemen. If you really need to ask Issac political advice, you're asking the wrong branch of the tree. Speak with his father on that one. Hmm, look who it is who just checked in. Interesting. It seems Professor Issac Den Kurk of the Northeast Academy has arrived. I wonder who called him in. Oh wait. I did."

A door in the bunker opens, and a man with greying blonde hair and goatee and faint wrinkles walks through, wearing a trench coat and bullet proof vest underneath. He appears to carry a suitcase, and simply sits down at the table.

"Lux and Issac inform me you need some advice, Mr. President. I have many portfolios of able bodied minds who would love the opportunity to serve their country. All of well documented backgrounds and the highest prestige of our school."

The President: *ushers him to proceed*

The Frontlines [Day 1]

Outside one of the three Gates to Fantasy, multiple MPD jets land and begin setting up a defensive position around the gate, establishing turrets, sniper outposts, as well as several command centers. Issac soon is situated in one of them, with the Enforcers gathered around.

"Listen up everyone. You are going to need to give it your all today. Stick together and work as a team. We don't know what to expect so stay sharp."

"Understood!" Most of the Enforcers bark.

"Any questions before you get to your stations?"

Arnak remains silent.

Torikkumasuta: *raises hand*

"Yes Tori?"

Torikkumasuta: When is lunchtime?

"Worry about that later. In any case, be aware that we've called the other Agencies to get ready and in position, they should arrive in a few hours."

Torikkumasuta: *raises hand*

Arnak squints and shows clear anger when other Agencies are mentioned. "The MCCP wouldn't happen to be among these others Agencies, would they?"

"They will and unless you want to have problems I'd lie on the side of caution."

Arnak growls and nods.

Torikkumasuta: Will we also have a bathroom break?

"If you feel it appropriate, piss on the enemy if it bothers you that much." Issac says. "No more questions. Dismissed."

Arnak sticks with the others as they are dismissed.

Isa walks to the front defenses, as does Simon and Leo. Clare hangs back a bit however, and Issac is overseeing the entire operation.

Arnak joins Isa, Simon, and Leo on the frontlines, dusting off his coat.

"Nervous or excited?" Isa asks.

"Excited. I've never once felt nervous. This seems quite the big deal and will likely be my biggest challenge yet." He smiles. "Its going to be a lovely day."

Isa doesn't seem to share the same sentiments, and seems focused on the gate in front of them. Surrounding the gate is a sense of tension which steadily builds as if something was approaching.

Arnak simply waits to see what could come from the gate, occasionally looking back to Isa and feeling strange.

For the first hour, nothing happens but the air remains tense. Then...

Abruptly and without warning, several huge fireballs burst forth from the Gate and scream toward the assembled forces.

"Here they come!" A soldier shots, as several MPD officers dive out of the way before the fireballs can strike and explode on them.

Arnak quickly looks to the direction of where the fireballs came from, turning his hands into massive razor sharp claws. 

Emerging from the gate is a large platoon of energy shield wielding warriors in white armor, behind them appear to be a line of magic casters who launch another volley at the MPD. Behind them is at least forty rows of heavily armored sword wielders.

Arnak tilts his head. "They seem rather primitive." Arnak creates a wall of psychic energy to try to block some of the fireball volley.

"They look different from before. It looks like a new metal armor type... they were red as well last. ...Odd."

The magic casters seem to hang back as the more heavily armed units move in, and soon the Phoenix troops start to charge with the shield wall to lead.

Arnak changes his claw hands back to normal, but then enforces them with bone like tissue that make them look somewhat larger and almost as if he was wearing gauntlets. "This should work better against shields."

The shield line crashes straight into him and several of the others, some are repelled by gunfire and counters from some of the Enforcers.

Arnak smashes his fist straight into the shields, repelling the ones closest to him back.

Torikkumasuta: *flies towards the white troops, trying to cut down as many as he can with his blades*

The magic casters launch fireballs at him, disrupting his flight path.

Torikkumasuta: *flies upward and has the tang of his blades face downward at the magic casters*

The tangs of both blades are tinged with shimmering light until a slabs of light extend from the two blades and heads downwards towards the magic casters

Arnak steps back and sends out a wave of orange energy, and a lot of the shields infront of him suddenly fizzle out, destroying the energy.

The spellcasters seem to glide unnaturally and evade Tori's attacks, now launching lightning at him, using the blades as a conduit.

Meanwhile the sheild wielders whip out katanas with a savage red light and several begin attacking him with high speed slashes. As one is about to slash his calf, Isa joins in with a psychic blade, blocking the strike.

"Got your back!"

All of the attacks instantly heal as Arnak's body reforms, and grins. ""Thank you." His whole body covers itself in dense bone like tissue, looking almost like armor as one arm turns into a large blade, and the other a clawed hand. "Lets repay that." He launches into some of the former shield wielders, cutting them down.

Some of them manage to dodge, while Isa gets a few extra. The ones that get back perform a hand gesture at Arnak, and the places where he was slashed detonate in loud bursts of fire.

As the smoke from the bursts of fire dissipate, he comes out completely unscathed, except for his coat. He looks down and his eyes glow a blood red as he looks back up to the survivors. "You're going to WISH you died at birth." He launches himself onto one of them, finding an opening in their armor and digging into their flesh, and onces hes done with the first he continues moving on to others.

At this time, Simon surges forward, his swipes with his halberd send rows of enemies flying thanks to Arnak's charge momentarily distracting some of the other enemies, and a lion's roar is heard as Leo changes into a lion and charges a soldier, sinking his fangs directly into the victim's face.

Clare meanwhile has gone in mano e mano with her fists, breaking jaws, ribs, occasionally striking the family buisness without mercy, her armor like skin protecting her from their blades.

Torikkumasuta: *flies over the soldiers*

His feathers begin to float down, but the feathers are gleaming red and by the time they land, small explosions go off.

Tori's attack is intercepted by the lightning, and he receives a full hit and is knocked to the ground from the jolt.

Torikkumasuta: Aayyyyeeeeeeeeee! *spins out of control and plumets to the ground*

A black tendril latches onto Tori and pulls him safely to the ground behind Arnak, where the tendril was coming from his back. "Stay to the ground, birdie."

Torikkumasuta: Birdman down...Birdman down...Need...Medic...

"Look somewhere else for one!" Arnak grabs one of the enemies heads and rips it open with his hands. "IM PREOCCUPIED!"

Tori is shot in the arm by a green needle, and when he looks in the direction of its origin, he sees the genetic scientist armed with a sniper rifle. Tori can feel the damage ebbing away.

Torikkumasuta: I-I think...I think I've seen you somewhere before...

Issac observes the battlefield. "..."

Meanwhile a series of soldiers have appeared on higher ground, bearing sniper rifles, and are now taking pot shots at various targets.

Arnak retreats ever so slightly to see how the fight is going.

One of the snipers seems to take notice of him, and a laser can be felt pointed at him as they take aim. The Enforcers are doing well, but their men are barely able to protect themselves against the stronger Myths. They seem like they may soon tire, and fatalities may start occurring if they aren't given enough protection.

Arnak remains still regardless of the snipers, noticing the lasers and a very slight shimmer is seen around him as he spots some of the lesspowerful men struggling against stronger enemies.

A shot is fired at Arnak and Tori from two snipers, while the others are shooting at random targets. They appear to be shooting two bullets at once.

The sniper that shoots at Arnak finds their bullet to be reflected and shot back at them at an even higher speed. Arnak smirks and makes his way to support the soldiers.

Torikkumasuta: *performs some hand seals and a spherical force field surrounds him*

The other snipers take note and begin focusing Arnak. Meanwhile, Isa continues fighting the enemy soldiers, and Simon is dueling with a few as well. The line on both ends seems pretty stable.

Arnak dodges between sniper bullets, occasionally sending some back in close calls. "I assumed this to be more difficult. It appears to be an equally matched skirmish..."

A few have wisened to him, and seem to switch out their ammo with something else.

Torikkumasuta: *tries to navigate through the crowdedness* 

Arnak keeps wary of the snipers as he keeps moving and assisting in the frontal defense.

One of the snipers fire at him, the beam resulting from it causes everything in the line to ignite into white flames.

"For FUCKS SAKE." Arnak teleports out of the area and closer to the snipers, making his way towards them.

The ones that see him crouch in a strange stance and draw pairs of hellish red daggers.

Arnak growls and near the ones that spot him, shadow like whips pop up and start lashing at them.

They spring into the air and lunge at him with almost snake like movements.

Arnak does his best to dodge their attacks at they lunge at him while a dark purple haze emits from his mouth and soon starts to fill the area, blurrying the attackers vision and if inhaled, burning their lungs.

They appear to have gas masks on, largely ignoring the attack and continue their vicious assault. The move seems to have lessened casualties.

Arnak manages to grab one by the head and smashes it constantly into he ground before throwing the body at a different attacker.

One gets hit but the last one gets close and personal and begins swiping at him with the daggers.

Arnak makes it his focus to dodge the dadgers, eventually being able to grab hold of their arm and stab one of the daggers into his attacker.

The enemy screams as they explode into red ash. With the last of the snipers defeated, the MPD is able to focus on pushing back the enemy a bit, but they eventually entrench themselves with the aide of their spellcasters.

Arnak goes back down to the front line, assisting the MPD with the spellcasters.

The spellcasters start to show signs of strain.

Arnak starts to laugh. "Oh my, its funny. I expected more but it seems these mages are just going to die horribly!" He continues laughing.

A good number of soldiers start to retreat back into the portal, or off to the sides. Meanwhile Arnak can sense something large is moving through it.

He slowly stops laughing as he senses something large coming towards them. "This... Is a cause for concern." He starts warning people to move back.

"What's wrong?" Simon asks, standing next to him.

"Something is coming. That little army they sent wasn't the last of this attack. It's something very big and I REALLY am going to get pissed."

"Right then. Form up!" He calls to the Enforcers, causing them to all group up. "Let's hope this doesn't end bad."

Torrikkumauta: Squac-!*falls to ground then scurries to his feet* Here!

"It doesn't seem like we have much time to prepare for whatevers coming. Just means a proper challenge." Arnak turns one of his arms into a tendril like spiked whip.

Suddenly a gigantic demon's head emerges from the gate, and soon the rest of him follows, garbed in unholy armor, yet his six pairs of wings are pure gold. He appears more on the lean side, with a slight muscular build. An aura of red fire surrounds him.

"So... you are the ones who defy us... very well. We shall do battle."

He stands up fully, having to lean to walk through the gate, towering high above them. Arnak gets the sense that despite its demonic appearance, there appears to be a noble air about the being.

"I am Yogan, Familiar of Abeni, one of Phoenix's greatest Lambdas! Who shall step for the first bout?"

Arnak's eyes shine with wonder, excitement, ferosity, and caution at the same time in a mere matter of moments. "This giant is much larger than the one I faced in the Oni Tower... And making it fall will be even more satisfying." He turns to the other Enforcers. "However I am not mad enough to assault this one alone."

"You may have a Queen in this gambit but no other."

Arnak sucks his teeth as he hears what Yogan says before looking to Isa. "I'd prefer if you were to assist me then."

"It has been decided." A ring of fire seperates Arnak and Isa from the others, anyone near the Gate besides Yogan, Arnak, and Isa are rejected from the area and moved outside of the ring.

"Now we play." Things turn black, then Arnak and Isa find themselves standing in a strange large field with white and black squares, surrounded by six stone statue like creatures in a ring, with Yogan on the opposite side of the field, with equal numbers of pawns.

"Do you understand what this is?" He asks. "If not, I will explain the rules, as it would only be fair."

Arnak clearly doesn't understand but looks rather curious as he shakes his head.

"How truly pathetic it is that man is so... very well. This is a very liberal form of chess. Since you know it not, adapting established rules to new may be easier on your mind. You are a King. You can move in any direction. Once. You can attack any adjacent enemy on an adjacent square. However, you are not allowed to bring yourself into checkmate. In other words, you cannot move in a way that will get you killed with my next move. Your Queen can move in any direction you command of her as many as you desire. Pawns may only move two spaces on their first turn, and from then on, move only one space. Those are the rock formations.

Now here is the challenge. Hit me three times to best me in this fight, and I shall withdraw. However, every pawn defeated on the opposing side lets the vanquisher upgrade their pawn to become more powerful. Besides that, there is only one thing to keep in mind. There will be traps."

The chessboard a few spaces ahead of them begins to flash from green to red randomly, until they stop and the chessboard returns to normal.

"Pawns will be destroyed immediately if they hit a trap. However the trap will also be destroyed. Pawns will respawn on your turn, but you only have six units besides your Queen at any time as well as yourself. Understand?"

"Its a rather...trivial and strange way to fight but yes, I understand."

I am well aware of my enemy and their limitations... I will never fight at full power until my mistress does so as well.

Black or white? Yogan asks.

"Black. White is too distracting."

"Then I move first." One of his pawns makes two moves forward. "I have made my move. Feel free to move as many as you wish."

Arnak squints as he moves two pawns, one a single space forward and the other two spaces.

When the other moves the two spaces, it hits a red mark that was previously invisible, and causes meteors to fall from the sky and strike random squares, one hits the space of the second pawn and destroys it.

Arnak puts on a face of disappointment and anger.

Yogan moves a pawn toward the space vacated by the pawn, once he does so, a new pawn appears in Arnak's side.

Arnak takes a moment to think before moving pawns in an oddly defensive configuration.

Yogan moves a space forward.

Arnak starts playing in a way where he appears to be trying to draw out Yogan's pieces one by one.

One of the pawns maneuvers toward one of Arnak's, just out of range.

Arnak moves his pawns that are near Yogan's piece in such a manner that most moves will end up in the piece being taken.

Another pawn is moved, further away than the other pieces, into the middle but away from Arnak's pawns. A green light flashes about it, and it seems to animate and draw a bow, shooting one of Arnak's pawns before resuming its idle pose, though it changes into a knight like statue instead.

"Knights can 'warp' forward and backward in an L pattern." Yogan informs him, before ending his turn. 

Arnak 's face twists into discontempt. "You couldn't have explained this to me BEFORE the game?"

"I explained that units can evolve, and resolved to explain them as they come. Green tiles when hit give a free action that can be used, well, freely. They're mixed with the traps."

Arnak groans as he starts adjusting his pawns with the Knight in consideration, taking a risk and moving one of his pawns towards the middle.

The pawn trips a red tile, and suddenly a red flare like light flies up, and begins randomly zipping around the battlefield, each time it bounces off something, two more appear, until madness begins to ensue and both sides start taking hits.


The lights all abruptly stop and explode all at once, blowing up every single pawn on both sides, leaving Isa, Arnak, and Yogan awkwardly staring at each other.

Yogan seems dumbstruck. "I was... ...sure I removed that one."

Arnak's eye twitches. ".....You've got to be fucking KIDDING."

Yogan moves off to the left.

Arnak squints before moving Isa towards Yogan, and tells her to attack him.

Yogan snarls as she scores a hit, then the board flickers, and both sides have reset, though the damage to Yogan remains. Two pawns move forward on his end.

Arnak smiles while he arranges pawns on the offense this time, moving two of his pawns forward as well.

One of the pawns hits a green square and Arnak is presented with the opportunity to use a Chaos Action.

Arnak hesitantly accepts the use of the Chaos Action, and the pawn that landed on the space seems to throw out magic spells that take out two of the enemy pawns before turning into a Bishop.

One of his pawns move forward, only to explode in a pillar of fire, leaving Yogan to scowl.

Arnak moves his bishop back while moving forward another of his pawns.

One of Yogan's replenishes, and Yogan has a pawn move toward the center.

Arnak does the same with the pawn he moved before.

Yogan narrows his eyes before moving his pawn forward, and the tile glows red before an absurd number of flare like lights begin rocketing about the arena again, even faster. This one seems different though, as each piece on the board has a green glow.

Arnak's eyes widen. "What. The fuck. Have you done?"

Both side's pawns essentially annihilate each other, Arnak's Bishop is reduced to one health and Arnak takes a sting from one of the stray lights, but finally the chaos ends, though Arnak and Isa still have Chaos Actions.

Arnak pats himself down when everything settles down. He uses one of the Chaos actions and suddenly his Bishop starts rushing towards Yogan, causing damage to him and remaining enemy pawns.

Yogan sweeps his sword, obliterating the Bishop with his swipe after being hit.

Arnak lets out a laugh.

Yogan seems to growl with agitation. The board resets.

"So, if I get one last hit on you, the game is over?"

"That is correct..."

Arnak flicks a fireball at Yogan. "I win."

The demon gives him a seething look as he is hit, and disappears, soon after the plane they are in collapses on itself, sending them back to the location they were before.

Isa looks at him with a weary smile. "...You did it!" The MPD seems to have quickly cleaned up house since they had disappeared, and are now entrenched, waiting for what comes next.

Arnak falls into a triumphant laughing fit. "Never said that was against the rules. Least things appear to have....gone stagnant."

The gate seems to surge with more energy again.

Arnak's eye twitches. "Isa I think it's time to see whether a bullet to the head will kill me because I'm going to attempt suicide if the energy I sense turns out to be more assholes."

A white haired woman with pale violet eyes and a long brown robe with twin black longswords walks out of the gate, seeming to draw recognition from the vast majority of MPD, though Arnak remembers her from somewhere else...

"....Hold on. Something isn't connecting to the pieces here. How is she with them when...?" Arnak is extremely confused.

She extends a pair of six wings and lunges forward toward the group, swords drawn at high speed.

"MOVE YOUR ASSES AND GET OUT OF HER WAY!" Arnak snaps his fingers as multiple explosions occur next to the woman.

She retaliates with a shockwave that sends them all flying.

Arnak quickly recovers from the shockwave, looking to the other Enforcers.

The sound of choppers whiring and metal moving across the ground can be heard coming from behind

The Enforcers have gotten back on their feet, Clare looks particuarly angry. Meanwhile the woman is merely watching the scene unfold now.

"So, they've come."

Tanks, moving turrets, automatons, and multiple soldiers wearing different uniforms and carrying different types of equipment begin to flood themeselves amongst the number of the M.P.D.

Issac looks at the advancing agencies. "Glad you all showed up. Listen. I want that one captured. Alive. Can we manage that?"

While he says this, Clare recklessly charges the newcomer. "You!"

Arnak scoffs. "The fuck is she doing?"

Something latches onto Clare's leg as she's running.

"Anything particular you are trying to find out of this thing, Isaac?"

"...Confirming a hypothesis on the nature of these creatures. They're not naturally made. Another, more advanced version was confirmed to have assaulted the White House a while back during one of the President's speeches. ...If I'm right, this woman in particular was... ...human. Human, and one of my own agents. I'd like to know for sure."

Tori grabbing Clare's leg distracts her long enough to be impaled in the lung.

"Gu-" She coughs up blood.

"Clare!" Issac yells. "Don't just stand there, do something!" He yells to the others.

Isa rushes in with a flurry of psychic attacks, forcing the angelic being to retreat and done a strange robotic armor.

Arnak makes himself larger than usual and makes extremely strong and heavy bone like growths on his hands, launching himself into the fray.

Torikkumasuta: Oh no, Claaare! *tries to get up as quickly as he can and tries to carry her away

The other soldiers begins to fire bac while some begin to hastily set up the equipment they've brought. Some help Torikkumasuta carry Clare away to a safer distance. They begin to use the medical equipment to heal Clare's wound

The angelic figure seems to ignore Isa and Arnak and is blitzing for Clare.

Torikkumasuta: Oh no! *instinctively covers Clare with his body and performs some hand seals which encases them both in an impenetrable dome*

She leaps into the air and grabs the dome, shattering it like glass, before blasting Tori aside with a shockwave and picking up Clare, choking her.

Torikkumasuta: *gets up and flies himself at the angelic woman and tackles her*

She slashes at him with her spare hand and sword.

Torikkumasuta: *blocks with his own two katanas and charges back at her*

A long tendril like blade whip pasts Tori, wrapping around the angelic figure and quickly pulling her away and another tendril grows from that tendril starts to lash at the hand chocking Clare, making sure not to accidentally hit Clare.

She suddenly drops her longsword, causing a burst of violet slashes to engulf Tori and Arnak.

Arnak quickly heals from the violet slashes and uses the tendrils to slam himself into the woman, but before impact making his body have even more density and mass to it.

Torikkumasuta: *is rolling along the ground squacking in pain*

She is forced to drop Clare, rolling along the ground before getting back up, her headpiece sparks and her red lights flicker.

Arnak takes note and digs his feet into the ground, launching himself at an even faster speed at the woman again.

This time she is ready and blasts him with a powerful shockwave.

Arnak quickly reacts to the shockwave by creating gigantic wings to make it so he isnt blasted back far, and flaps them extremely hard, causing large amount of bone like spikes to shoot out from them towards the woman.

She abruptly launches a towering fireball straight for him.

Arnak fires a somewhat darkened stream of water towards the fireball, completely dousing it as the water oddly almost corrupts the fire as it makes contact.

Torikkumasuta: *grabs one of his cut katanas and flies towards the woman and stabs her in the back*

She seems to freeze, before a pillar of light engulfs her, deflecting both side's attacks.

Arnak eyes turn from oragne to red. "Come the fuck on, why can't she just go down?"

The armor retracts, revealing the woman once more. She appears to be shocked as a voice speaks.

"Well, I believe that's enough toying around. Time for the main event. You've done well thus far Sukimu."

"Toying. Around. Call it toying around and I fucking assure you the only thing I'll be toying around with is that woman's head."

He only hears laughter.

"That voice... the leader of Phoenix..." Issac mutters. "Keep on the look out!" He barks.

"No need for that... but did you really think that paltry invasion force was the real deal? Or did it not occur to you..."

Arnak squints before growling. "Considering you had a giant who could have decimated our front lines to nothing play a fucking stupid trivial game I'm going to say no, it wasn't the real deal."

High above Arizona, the floating fortress suddenly begins to extend thousands upon thousands of cannons, all aimed in various directions.

"Now then... shall I introduce you to the true might of Phoenix? I will give you all one last chance. Surrender peacefully or I will take my sweet time razing everything man has created."

Arnak looks to Isaac. "Not my call."

Issac glowers. "Nor mine."

"Very well then..."

At the fortress itself, Vzark and the scores of Chaos Engines aboard stand before White, pods awaiting them all to be loaded into cannons.

"Go forth to victory."

Vzark quickly rushes to one of the pods, getting inside. "I think I can get used to this, actually."

The cannons begin to fire the pods all across Earth, they slam into countless metropolitan and suburban areas, causing panic to those who had not yet sought shelter. A great number of these pods scream into the battlefield where the MPD and other Agencies have gathered, all around the protected Sukimu.

Most of the agencies including MPD are dumbfounded.

"...What on earth...?"

Arnak prepares himself for the worst as the pods land in the battlefield. "Is the plan still to capture her, Isaac? Or am I allowed to take...drastic measures now?"

Suddenly the pods begin to shake as the inhabitants inside them begin to break free.

"Going to need an answer Isaac."

"If you can, please spare her. She was one of our own." One of the pods break free.

Vzark emerges from the pod, clad in jagged black armor, adjusting his helmet ever so slightly before looking to see the enemy infront of him and then back to Sukimu. "This is going to take a while..."

Arnak grins. "No, it really wont."

Sukimu appears to be grimacing in pain as strange purple crystal growths begin forming on her skin and small horns are growing.

"Please no!" She screams

"Accept my reward."

Meanwhile the other pods are breaking free, and soon Kagerou, Silent Angel, Koruda, Nezumi, Lyre, Tanoshimi, and a male with long brown hair, brown eyes, walks out with light armor and robes adorning them. They appear to be carrying a longsword behind their back.

Kagerou seems to size Arnak up. "I have a feeling this one will be fun to play with. Vzark! What say we do some teamwork! I'll even let you be my sidekick!" He calls out with a grin.

Vzark groans. "I'm fine with teamwork but if it means you doing your annoying hero villain and sidekick bullshit then no."

Arnak is noticably getting annoyed.

Clare's normally blue eye turns a pale, dangerous yellow, and Arnak sees her grow metaliic, silver colored scales on her neck and face, a haunted expression of rage on her face at the sight of Sukimu's pain.

Vzark outs his hand on his sheathed Novas Wrath. "Who're we going for first, then?"

Kagerou has already taken out his chainblade and is attacking Arnak with an overhead slash.

Arnak quickly dodges and retaliates by forming his arm into a blade and quickly taking a lunge with it at Kagerou's stomach.

Kagerou inhales sharply, a white light glowing briefly in his chest before he lets out a jet of white flames at Arnaks' face.

Arnak headbutts Kagerou straight into the bridge of his nose, which oddly enough sends Kagerou back quite a bit. Arnak's face is notably scorched and his eyes look like hes about to go into a frenzy as his burns heal.

As Kagerou flies back, he makes an odd gesture toward Arnak and he feels very heavy all of a sudden.

Arnak changes his mass to offset the sudden change in heaviness, looking to the other Enforcers. "As much as i'd love to im not going to be fighting these assholes alone."

Simon appears to engage with Silent Angel, who greets the challenge with his spear idily. Clark has launched herself in a craze toward Sukimu, Leo has turned lion and lets out a loud roar as he charges toward Vzark. Isa appears to be in a duel with the brown haired CE. Kagerou launches a bolt of lightning at Arnak.

Issac appears to be hanging back, looking at one of the pods yet to open further back in Phoenix's line. "...Something about that one worries me..." He mutters.

Arnak counters the lightning bolt with one of his own before looking to Isaac. "Then we kil-...INCAPACITATE them before that one opens."

Vzark leaps over the charging lion, creating an intense wave of fire at the lion.

The lion simply rolls out of the way, while something incredibly heavy and metallic crashes into Vzark, tearing its teeth into his arm, snarling viciously.

Sukimu suddenly lets out a violent cry of pain as an explosion of violet light erupts from her, blasting anyone close by away.

Kagerou begins slashing at Arnak in a mad, almost unpredictable fighting pattern. Meanwhile, another group of pods open, turning into what look like giant tanks with four legs, and a single, very large cannon on their front. Some begin to lock onto targets, one of which is Tori.

The attacker finds that Vzark is suddenly gone and a powerful slice hits it in the back, with a glowing marking being left behind.

Arnak eventually yells in rage as in the blink of an eye he crouches and sweeps Kagerou off his feet with a kick, quickly standing up and punching him square in the nose. His eyes are noticably red as he pounces onto Kagerou, snarling and barring his teeth.

Flares are shot into the air by special cannons set up by one of the agencies and spread apart into different flares which descend towards the opposing force

The quad tanks aim at the cannons and let loose blasts of light which with just one of the shots, decimates several squads of the agencies with their blast. The other shots begin to rain down on the other cannons, and one is fired on Tori.

The metalic attacker appears to be some sort of caninid machine, which recieved little to no damage from the attack, and turns and opens its mouth, releasing a cone of ultrasound causing intensive pain to anyone within the blast of the cone.

Kagerou is able to bar Arnak's attacks with the same amount of speed, he begins to spark with electricity as he continues his relentless attacks, the electricity making sharp crackling sounds, eventually creating a disorienting noise.

The mark on the robots back gflows as a small star like sphere appears, creating a bright mini explosion that knocks it straight into the ground, abruptly stopping the noise.

The disorientating noise only sends Arnak into even more of an enraged frenzy, causing his attacks to become even faster and stronger as he digs his teeth into Kagerou's shoulder.

Torikumasuta: *sees the flare coming at him* SWAAAAAAAA-! *flies out the way*

Black spike erupt from Kagerou's shoulder as Arnak attempts to bite him, impaling Arnak's jaws and parts of his head.

"Hmm, wonder if I make it worse...?" Kagerou ponders, as the lightning now travels into Arnak's body via the spikes.

Arnak's body doesnt respond to the electricity at all, seeming unphased by it as Arnak pulls his head off the spikes, quickly healing as he juts his claed hands into Kagerou's arm. "LET ME FUCKING DESTROY YOU, YOU BASTARD!"

Kagerou deforms into a black cloud and reappears a bit further off, now cackling with a dark edge as he reforms, his blue eyes starting to turn red. "Oh, this is going to be a fun war..."

From the aftermath of the explosion comes an amythest colored being encrusted in crystal, bearing six wings of lavender light, and an overall dragonic knight sort of appearance. She now appears to have six arms, each with its own black greatsword, each having a violet glow. She begins to approach Clare silently.

The mechanical canine is transported away, but soon following it appears a woman in black armor with red lights on the leggings and arms, with long black hair and blue eyes, over which is a white labcoat.

She scowls at Vzark, before pointing a strange cannon in his direction. "You hurt my precious creation. My name is Geira. Now you die." She fires a beam of high speed right light at Vzark with a scowl.

Horns seem to be poking out of Arnak's head now. "KEEP LAUGHING YOU UNDERDEVELOPED EXCUSE FOR EXISTANCE!" He bares his teeth once more as he launches himself into the ground, dissapearing.

Vzark quickly sprouts large wings and flies out of the way, and once the beam fires he divebombs Geira, aiming his sword at her neck.

Kagerou simply flies up into the air and drops a huge boulder down at the location.

Meanwhile, Geira simply blocks with one of her armored arms, which point small gun muzzles at him and begin rapidly firing bullets at him.

Arnak bursts out of the ground before the boulder can hit, crashing straight through the boulder and destroying it, slamming his fist into Kagerou.

Vzark ducks under the gunfire and knocks her arm in such a way that the muzzles are aimed at one of her robots.

The bullets harmlessly deflect off the canine, and it turns and blasts Vzark across the battle field with an ion discharge from a cannon in its mouth.

Vzark uses his sword to absorb the ion discharge, and the sword glows as Vzark jumps back and sends out a wave of Novic energy hits both the canine and woman, blasting them back instead.

Simon, who has been watching Vzark, suddenly deflects one of Silent Angel's affliction spears in Vzark's direction towards his back while he is doing this.

Geira takes out another cannon, which pulses green, causing her to flinch, before a huge green burst overrides the Novic energy and barrels straight into Vzark's chest with a mighty discharge.

The Vzark that was hit with the spear and discharge fades away like sand. Vzark is no where to be seen.

Sukimu flies at Clare, and suddenly encases herself and Clare in a huge violet crystal, though Sukimu still seems able to move, and begins to choke Clare again.

Arnak takes notice and diverts his attention to the crystal, starting to run towards them as Vzark suddenly intervenes from nowhere, descending from the sky and taking a swing at Arnak, who dodges. 

Clare's body begins to grow white scales, at the same time, her eyepatch falls off, revealing her yellow eye, which causes Sukimu to start.

Arnak notices Sukimu's reaction and creates a shadow whip that starts violently lashing and crashing against the crystal, causing Vzark to rush Arnak, slicing through his arm that quickly re attaches and heals, where Arnak counters by turning his arm into a large blade, bringing it down onto Vzark who blocks with his sword.

The crystal, not of Arnak's doing, suddenly shatters as Sukimu staggers back, howling in some form of agony. Vzark hears in his head...

Automatic Distress Signal from the Eta Sukimu Unit detected. Unknown anomaly causing communication interference.

Vzark gets distracted for a moment, and Arnak leaps onto him, biting at his face while Vzark quickly pushes him off before Arnak can do any damage, moving towards Sukimu and looking to the other Etas. Meanwhile, Arnak continues his pursuit, sending out like bone like spear projectiles at Vzark, who deflects them with his sword.

As Vzark gets close, his mind is bombarded with fuzzy data akin to images, images like memories, Sukimu's memories, painful and bombastic, exploding through both minds with incredible violence. His own CE system begins to blare exceptionally loud warnings and alerts, trying to shut it out and drive him away.

Vzark grimaces as he quickly moves back. "Christ, what the fuck is going on?"

Arnak seems confused as well by the panic.

The two of them pick up a massive energy surge beginning as she starts to scream in agony at a pitch almost inconceivable, the sense of danger is looming at incredible heights.

Arnak growls before teleporting to a safer distance, while Vzark sprouts wings and flies to a safe distance as well.

A huge burst of violet light erupts from the location, turning nearly everything within the blast radius into pure crystal. In the center is a hunched over Sukimu, rasping uncontrollably. She slowly rights herself, only to free upon seeing Clare.

"....Clare...?!" She croaks in dismay, using a voice Vzark is not familiar with as she gapes at the petrified statue that was Clare.

Vzark sheathes his sword, but remains cautious as he slowly descends to the ground. "This is a definite problem.

Arnak remains far away.

Suddenly a crazed look comes over Sukimu, and she suddenly locks her gaze on Lux, before letting out an earth splitting roar of feral rage, taking on a nearly completely bepedal dragonic form, which charges Lux at blinding speed, the two hurtling toward a far distance city and are soon out of sight.

Kagerou grimaces. "Uuuuuuuugh. A Lambda going insane of all things. Of all of the worst things to clean up after... Pleaaaaaase tell me we don't have to deal with that..."

"Can't White shut her down? I don't think we're equipped to fight a Lambda and deal with an entire army right now." Vzark looks to the enemy in the distance.

Suddenly a long 'BANG!' issues forth from the unopened pod in the center of the battlefield, a large punch indention can be seen on the surface bulging outward.

Issac can be seen grimacing. Meanwhile Isa and generally most of the Enforcers seem alarmed.

Vzark crosses his arms. "I stand corrected."

Issac sucks in a breath as a few more punches cause the door to fly off its hinges and sail right over the Agencies and MPD, and a red light begins pouring out.

Arnak scowls. "Enough with this useless tension for fucks sake...."

A woman clad in red armor, wearing a demonic helm steps forth, a large greatsword on her back and bears six wings.

Issac narrows his eyes at the sight of her.

"All of you, spread out to the neighboring cities and prepare for occupation. I'll handle these." She addresses the other Chaos Engines.

Vzark nods. "Lady White could you send my dragon through the gate please?"

No need. Sending it from the fortress.

Issac stares at the woman as the CEs begin to depart. "...All of you, leave now and stop them. They can't be allowed to take the cities."

Arnak creates bone like spikes on his body. "Im after the one in black armor." Arnak creates wings of his own and flies after Vzark, who is already long gone.

Abeni narrows her eyes, before launching a huge punch at Issac and the MPD, but to everyone's surprise, Issac manages to block it with his bare hands, though he pants afterwards.

"Go you idiots! I'll be fine!" Reluctantly, the MPD begins to scatter.

Vzark reaches the outskirts of the city he was told to capture, noticing Arnak speeding towards him. When Arnak reaches Vzark, he puts his hands together and brings them down onto Vzark, who turns backwards and kicks in the air to block Arnak's attack. The two descend to the ground quickly, where Arnak lashes out at Vzark, who blocks every blow and smashes his fist into Arnak, sending him flying back as he digs his hands and feet into the ground to stop himself. He gets up and creates a bladed tail. "As much as destruction can be appealing to the eye, I don't think i'll be allowing you to take that city."

Vzark puts his hand to his swords handle, looking down ever so slightly. "You're getting really fucking annoying. Im trying my best to do well and if you make me slip up you're REALLY not gonna like the consequences i'll dish out."

Vzark jumps up into the sky and a large flying reptilian figure can be seen making its way towards both fighters, soon being able to be seen as a large white and gold dragon that Vzark lands on. The dragon roars a powerful screech as it flies idly in the sky. "You really, really won't like it." 

Arnak tilts his head. "Absolute. Fucking. BULLSHIT. I'LL SEND YOU AND YOUR DRAGON TO THE DARKEST PITS OF HELL!" He quickly darts up to the dragon, who breathes blazing white hot fire at Arnak, who rushes straight through it, coming out of it above the dragon scorching as he turns his arm intoa large spear like spike, divebombing the dragon, who takes evasive maneuvers by flying out of the way and smacking Arnak with their tail, who shoots the spike straight at the dragons wing. It shakes it off and roars in response, shaking trees from below. Arnak stabalizes himself in the air and fires an Onyx Blast into the air, which explodes, causing thousands of smaller Onyx Blasts to rain from the sky onto the dragon.

Vzark unsheathes Novas Wrath and absorbs some of the Onyx Blasts, causing his sword to glow as he swings it forward, unleashing a large wave of Novic Energy at Arnak, slicing a large portion of his body that quickly starts to heal. He can see in the distance that the horns on Arnak's head are growing larger. He creates two serpent like monsters out of aura that fly out and crash into Arnak, tossing him around like a toy.

Arnak roars and a strange red hellish symbol appears behind him, shattering the aura serpents as he suddenly appears above the dragon, where another hellish symbol appears in his hands, where demonic energy spews out from them, slamming into the dragon and hitting Vzark. "BE GONE YOU WRETCHED BASTARDS!" The dragon roars as its sent completely down into the ground, creating a shockwave as it collides. After the attack ends, Vzark is seen somewhat crouched over as he stands back up and looks at the sky, seeing Arnak with a massive grin. 

Vzark put his hand to his forehead. "He really thought that did something." The dragon quickly gets up unscathed and flies towards Arnak, getting ready to send out another wave of blazing fire, where a enraged Arnak sends out anover blast of demonic energy into the dragons mouth, which seems to increase the fires power, making an explosion inside the dragons throat. The explosion causes the dragon to nearly fall right out of the sky, but flies back up at the last second. 

"Think I figured out your little geckos weakness." Arnak flies straight towards the dragon, but is promptly smacked by its tail.

Vzark starts laughing. "Doesn't mean you don't have to account for its strengths." 

"GO FUCK YOURSELF!" Arnak's shadow rises from the ground as a complete clone of himself, and they both dart in different directions, flanking the dragon from different sides. The clone deliberately starts attacking the dragon with various attacks, doing no damage but starting to irritate the dragon. Meanwhile, Arnak seems to be waiting for the dragon to open its mouth.

Vzark takes notice and sends out waves of Novic Fire from his sword in Arnak's direction, who angrily dodges them while spewing a constant stream of curses. Eventually the dragon opens its mouth and snaps down onto the shadow clone, causing it to disperse and roars in anger and annoyance.

Arnak teleports infront of it and creates a barrage of psychic spikes that fly straight into the dragons mouth, overwhelming it and eventually making it fall to the ground, defeated. Vzark flies up before it collides. "Motherfucker! You're NOT RUINING THIS FOR ME!" In the blink of an eye Arnak suddenly feels a rush of sharp pain and sees Vzark infront of him, with his sword impaling him straight through the chest. Arnak grabs the sword as it starts to glow, causing an explosion of Novic Fire to envelop Arnak, leaving Vzark unscathed as he sheathes his sword, starting to walk off as a heavily injured Arnak is lying on the floor. 

"So much for a last stand." Vzark sighs as a foot slams into the side of his head, slamming him into the ground. Behind him is a fully healed Arnak, with bloodshot red eyes and large horns. 

"Not yet. NOT YET. NOT UNTIL YOU KNEEL!" Arnak swipes at Vzark with large claws, but finds himself being countered by Vzark who is now standing up again, slicing into his shoulder. Despite this, Arnak just lets loose on Vzark, slashing at every part of his being, surprisingly doing damage despite Vzark's armor. He grabs him by the neck and jumps up, slamming him into the ground, making his helmet come off as Arnak kicks him across the ground, sending him tumbling. He gets up to a maniacally laughing Arnak, who headbutts him.

Vzark stumbles as he gets up, his head bloodied from Arnak's barrage, breathing heavily. "You said you'd send me to hell. Still feels like im on earth, you'll have to try harder." He puts his sword onto his shoulder. " keep getting stronger. Nothing I can do but cut you down now before....I get overwhelmed." Vzark's voice seems strained, almost unsure of himself. Arnak is idly watching, hands twitching.

"YOU'RE QUIVERING. DON'T TRY TO BE TOUGH WHEN YOU'RE SHAKING LIKE A SAD BITCH!" Arnak speeds towards him and quickly spins, slamming his tail into Vzark who blocks it before uppercutting Arnak. 

"I said, TRY. HARDER." Vzark is noticably getting angrier, and as this happens Arnak's speed and strength increases once more. Vzark flies back to create distance between the two. "Im ending this here." A sinister dark purple aura begins to form around Vzark, taking the shape of a terrible, and terrifying dragon. Arnak's entire being is filled with fear, but he only grins like a madman as he appears infront of Vzark, about to stab his eyes with his claws but is parralyzed with fear, violently yelling. His mouth begins to glow as hellish energy begins to spew forward at Vzark, searing his skin. He responds by slamming a powerful punch into Arnak's stomach, sending him flying as he smacks into a tree, spewing up blood. Vzark starts walking towards him, however his aura dragon form breaks, and he collapses to the ground on one knee, breathing heavily.

"You....kneeled." Arnak starts laughing maniacly as Vzark punches him in the face, knocking him out cold. He wipes any blood off his face as he walks over to where his helmet is, dusting it off and putting it on, setting his sights for the city he was ordered to capture. 


Across the battlefield, various CEs and agencies are fighting one another, though soon after the fighting begins, they are interrupted by two colossal blasts coming from the area around the games.

The soldiers fighting Vzark are stunned. "What could make such a powerful attack?!"

Vzark looks to the source of the noise. "If you must know id say general was the reason for one of those blasts. As for the other...?"

As the smoke settles from the burst, Abeni stands stunned. Issac is standing, perfectly fine, while everything around him smolders from the friction of her attack, yet he seems virtually untouched.

"Hmm. Try something else."

"Don't mock me!"

Another impact shakes the whole region.

"Hey I know I'm meant to kill you and take your city but I REALLY want to watch how that fight goes. Temporary truce?" Vzark crosses his arms.

"I know you took down a whole city block and all... but really? You've got to try harder than that." Issac says impartially.

As Abeni goes to punch at him again, he sidesteps and suddenly kicks her into a mountain, causing it to be obliterated by the impact.

Vzark takes a seat on the ground. "Fucking christ. How are they managing that?"

Abeni comes soaring out of the dust cloud, throwing numerous punches, growing more irrate by the second. Issac's expression doesn't change, even as Abeni's punches miss and like giant meteors, cause huge explosions behind him. Yet he casually and nonchalantly is dodging, until he suddenly sidesteps her again, punching her straight in the stomach and sending her flying over Vzark and the city in general, crashing into a skyscraper. Vzark can see him approaching the city in an idle pace.

Vzark stands up as Abeni flies over head, before looking to the approaching Isaac. "Shit." He takes a defensive stance and prepares for the worst.

Vzark sees Issac take out some sort of communicator, but he can't hear what Issac says. He soon puts it away and continues walking foward.

"You seem scared. I don't know why, I'm a non combatant normally. Feeling rather rusty today." He says, still fairly distant.

I'm not scared. You don't even know what it really means to be scared. Not yet, at least." Vzark looks to the enemy soldiers nearby, back to the skyscraper Abeni hit and then back to Isaac.

"Your general is strong, it must be even slightly worrying to see that happen." His eyes, previously just staring ahead, are now focusing in on Vzark, and he feels an odd intensity that makes his neck hairs raise. Oddly looking at Issac with this look is giving Vzark a vibe akin to Abeni.

"She's probably trying to get her head cleared up, so while she takes a moment, I think it's time for an examination."

Vzark seems to get oddly aggrivated by the vibe hes getting from Isaac. "Abeni has been one of the only ones I've known to truly care for me. I'm not going to let her down here. I'll take a final stand for her while she gets ready if it's the last thing I do, and I know she wont let me fall here." Vzark smiles under his helmet. "You're not even close to matching the severity Abeni gives off."

Issac seems to close the gap between them while in midstep, moving an impossible amount of distance, a huge gust of wind nearly blows Vzark back, they're now face to face, and Issac raps Vzark's helm hard with a finger.

"Oi, you should ditch that thing. You'll get hurt."

Vzark remains still, hand already down to the handle of his sword. Vzark's eyes can be seen strongly through the visor of his helmet. "You should ditch the tie, could get caught and choke you."

When Issac's finger next taps the metal, a lightning bolt is discharged into Vzark and he gets sent flying back a bit from the sheer power of the voltage.

"Hooligans wearing metal armor in this day and age. What are they thinking besides volunteering as mobile lightning rods?" He says, nonchalantly. "Question, kid. Where do you come from?"

The shock itself does not damage, and the pushback from the bolt ends up being less than Isaac expects. "You don't have Ele- nevermind. And I'm not sure. Does it matter?"

"Hmm, so you do have a defense against elements. Just had to check." The development seems to not faze the human at all. The scientist seems to be scanning Vzark, as if looking for something.

"That armor is annoying, take it off. You know what will happen if I decide I need to remove it myself."

"Your voice is annoying, please shut the fuck up. But I might take off the armor if you just surrender yourself, your army, and your cities. Good deal?"

For some reason, Issac smirks. "Oh, I'm not scared of you. In fact, you should be very afraid of me. You have no idea who you're dealing with." He doesn't move, save for his hand, which he extends toward Vzark.

"If I had to guess... you're German."

Vzark tilts his head slightly but takes a step back after seeing various strange and unknown flashbacks in his mind. ".....Im....half German half....Slovakian? What does that mean.. ?"

Without warning, his helmet comes soaring off his head, and lands in Issac's hand.

"Opps. Think it blew off. What a shame." While he says this, a slight smile appears on his face, the shadow of awareness in his eyes as he observes the reaction.

The smile grows into a faint grin. "So then... how are you made?"

Vzark scowls. "Give me back my helmet, and you're not getting any more meaningless information from me you prick."

Issac notes a nearby AMU. "Fetch!" He tosses the helmet at the machine, and it catches it, running off at top speeds. Issac has a most unholy smirk.

"Maybe if you give me more 'meaningless information' I'll let you have it back."

"Fuck you! Wretched metal dogs, almost as wretched as you. You're NOT getting anything else from me."

Issac studies him intensely. "Something different about you. The others all seem to have a consistent theme. Something special, perhaps? Or just coincidence...? Maybe the white and red haired ones all are related...? ...Wouldn't want to see that family reunion."

Issac starts approaching him again, this time a more serious air. "Oh pipe down and let me examine you. So childish these days..."

"You're the one that keeps talking and going on about examaning me, the fuck am I supposed to do? Lay down quietly? You're a filthy fucking creep." Vzark takes a few steps back.

Issac suddenly closes the gap and kicks him in the stomach, sending him tumbling onto the ground, but no lethal force was applied, though it does end up stinging pretty hard when he tries to get up.

Suddenly before the kick can connect, Vzark is behind Isaac with his sword drawn, but refrains from attacking. Vzark takes a large jump back. "You really are a ripe cunt, you know that? Ficken schlampe." Vzark blinks. "What did I just say?"

As he jumps back, Issac grabs his neck and slams him to the ground, smashing his foot into his stomach.

"It's called German. It's a language from Earth. Now it really is obvious. You really were one of us. I just have one more burning question..."

Vzark creates a controlled explosion that blasts Isaac off of him. "Take your question and shove it down your throat."

Issac blocks it with his arms, and even then, he seems only minorly roughed up. "...That's not the best you can do. You're not fighting like your heart is in it, are you?"

"If I fought like my heart is in it you'd only use that as an opportunity to gather data, wouldn't you?"

"If you were fighting me sincerely, then you'd be casting doubt on my theories. However your hesitation and reluctance to fight has only provided me with more data than you realize."

Before Vzark can react, Issac is gone, only to appear behind him and is striking at the back of Vzark's neck.

"Let's confirm something."

Vzark's CE mode activates and he immediately jets off into the distance.

Issac watches him fly off. "Well, that pretty much confirmed it." He glances toward the skyscraper as it glows crimson red.

"...Annnnnnnnd round two," He mutters, as he barely dodges a beam of crimson light.

Vzark lands far off into the distance and his CE mode deactivates. He comes out of it extremely angry, before yelling and creating a gigantic explosion, devastating the land around him and leaving a massive crater as he lies down inside of it. "...Wonder what other germans were like. Or Slovakians..."

In the distance, more frequent and aggressive explosions can be heard off in the distance.

Vzark slowly gets up, putting his hand to his head. "I want my helmet..."

The battle between Abeni and Issac has sped dramatically, both in a flurry of movements. Finally, Abeni nearly punches him, but he is almost too slow to evade, and he grimaces.

"Finally, you look like you're slowing down a tad." Abeni remarks.

Vzark simply watches from afar, waiting for the end result.

The two continue the punch fest, when finally Abeni unleashes a huge wave of fire, catching Issac off guard and knocking him near Arnak. He manages to douse the flames, but is still harmed.

"...That stung..." He looks at Arnak and puts a hand on him, beginning to heal him. "Snap out of it."

Arnak slowly begins to wake, mumbling softly to himself. "....The fuck...fuck happened?" As Arnak gets up his memory backs to him and he clearly gets angry. "I took out that fucking dragon for nothing? Absolutely fucking bullshit." He looks to Isaac. "You're looking worse than I do."

"Hardly. A light singe won't ruin my day. ...There. Get going out of the area, and help the other agents if you can in getting them and the populace out of here. They will regret this day."

Arnak hesitantly nods. "Ill also make sure no one else has gotten themselves killed. Don't be a dumbass and try not to die." Arnak creates wings and flies off, speaking quietly. "Isa best be doing well."

"...He does realize I'm his boss right...?" He says as he dodges another powerful wave of fire, barely.

"Quite cruel hearted aren't you? ...Though your face is familiar some how, it's bugging me."

"Can't imagine how." Abeni coldly retorts, sending another fire wave.

Arnak looks for one of the other Enforcers.

Meanwhile Issac and Abeni continue their duel, though Issac is quickly starting to tire after a few more hits.

"...Your face... it's bugging me now too..." Abeni growls. "Who are you?"

"Just a partially deaf man." Issac replies non nonchalantly.

Abeni delivers a punch straight to Issac's stomach, and sends him hurtling into a crumpled heap, blood pooling from the site of impact.

"Finally that bastard is down..."

She hears chuckling. "...Still alive?"

Vzark has been sitting down and watching the fight in its entirety. "Guess its over." he gets up and fixes his hair, slowly making his way to the scene of the fight.

Issac struggles to his feet, but has a strange smile on his face. "Good fight, but I'll take my winner's trophy now. No hard feelings, might want to look up," He remarks, before he and the still transforming Clare disappear in a flicker of movement, meanwhile, Abeni draws a blank, and eventually starts to look up.

Vzark stops walking and looks up as well, sucking in his teeth.

High in the sky, a faint 'light' streaks across the sky, while a second, much brighter and larger one barrels at them, upon seeing it, Abeni instinctively creates a barrier of sigils, but then pales when she realizes Vzark would be left exposed, and so instead, dives to tackle him to the ground, placing herself on top of him as a shield, just as the payload from the orbital satellite smashes into the ground at maximum terminal velocity, creating a huge thermal detonation and shockwave that causes massive damage to all of the surrounding cities, flat out killing several hundred Chaos Engines caught up in the blast.

After the light, heat, and shockwaves calm down, Vzark's ears are completely shot, blood pouring from them. Aside from an incredibly sore sensation across his body, he feels largely intact. Then he feels drops of blood dripping onto his face, from what looks like an incredibly injured Abeni. She coughs up blood next to his head and collapses on top of him, most of her armor shattered and part of her spine shattered, the missile had struck her directly.

Vzark feels chills throughout his entire body when Abeni collapses, barely able to speak in shock from what happened. When he does start to scream, he can barely hear himself through the ringing in his ears. "ABENI!" He attempts to get up and after a few failed tries, lifts her off of him and gently sets her back onto the ground, afraid of causing any more damage to her. He can barely make out any words when he continues to yell, a few sentences such as "WHAT THE FUCK HAVE THEY DONE?" and "PLEASE BE OKAY" being mixed together in pure distress.

All around him, the battlefield is ablaze from the thermal blast, bodies are strewn across the shattered battlefield. He notices a white light appearing not too far away.

Vzark takes a short glance at the white light, before carefully and gently picking up Abeni with some difficulty, his body still almost unresponsive from the shock. "Don't leave me..."

The white light fades, revealing White and Nezumi, who walks up and leviates Abeni, before gliding off with her, a healing aura around Abeni.

White meanwhile looks at Vzark, and taps his head, the bleeding stops and his hearing is restored, along with a light amount of healing.

"Return to the Gate and await further instructions," She say, immediately turning and heading off toward one of the destroyed cities.

Vzark almost gives a delayed reaction and nods. He sprouts wings runs off, and sprouts wings, flying and making his way back to the gate. He notices his dragon flying overhead in a different direction, towards the flying fortress. He eventually makes his way back to the gate, staying rather quiet as he walks through the encampment.

A Cat's Nine Lives

Arnak soon finds Leo brawling with Kagerou, who seems quite bored and is clearly toying with Leo, who is getting rather pissed despite his visually evident wounds.

"Least this one doesn't have a fucking dragon. Arnak quickly reaches the fight between the two. "Doesn't look like things are going too well here."

"Wanna lend me some help? This lunatic seems more your piece of work than mine." Leo huffs.

"Gonna be honest. Got my fucking shit kicked in by some purple haired cunt. I need some stress relief so i'll be glad to help you fuck this bastard up."

"Ahh!" He ducks from a rather bored punch from Kagerou, more meant to end the fight out of sheer boredom.

Arnak cracks his neck as shadow like tendrils whip out of the ground and start slashing towards Kagerou, in which Arnak gets Leo to step back as he fills the area with a dense purple mist.

"Oh, it's the other short fuse. Let's have a bang, eh?" He says, slashing the tendrils with his blade while blowing away the mist from him.

By the time the mist is gone, Arnak is already in front of him and about to slam his elbow into the side of Kagerou's neck.

Kagerou grins and blocks with the flat of his blade. "Oh what's your name villain? I never asked."

Arnak sucks in his teeth. "Things aren't that black and white you dumb fuck."

"That's not very nice..." He says as a jolt of electricity pops through the blade.

The electricity does nothing to Arnak and he headbutts Kagerou, pushing him back as Arnak creates a sword of his own out of his hand. 

Kagerou doesn't seem affected, and instead lobs a fireball at him. 

Arnak creates a barrier of psychic energy to block the attack, rushing Kagerou as he swings his sword arm at his shoulder.

Kagerou ducks to the side and stabs at his side. 

Arnak covers the side of where he was hit in a hard bone like armor, retaliating by grabbing Kagerou's arm and throwing him onto the ground.

Kagerou rolls and easily rights himself, still smirking. "Not bad..."

"Keep acting like you're evaluating me and you'll find your organs spilled from your body so help me!" Arnak snaps and multiple small explosions occur around Kagerou.

"Oooooo fiesty." Kagerou cuts the explosions apart, launching sound waves of high pitch at Arnak.

Arnak clearly responds baddly to the sound waves, and his horns grow larger as he eyes get more bloodshot. He slams his foot into the ground, causing a large shockwave in Kagerou's direction, shooting up stone straight at Kagerou.

Kagerou slams his foot into the ground as well, canceling it. "Such a grumpy tiger~" He taunts.

"Such an annoying cunt!" He waves his hand across and various psychic blades appear, darting towards Kagerou.

He smiles, and the blades warp and implode before reaching him.

"Buaaak buaaaak bauwk bauwk!" Kagerou clucks. He readies his two blades for an attack.

Arnak's horns start to grow even larger as he rushes Kagerou, bone like armor covering his flesh as he pounces at him.

Kagerou parrys his blows.

With every blow Kagerou parries, Arnak's attacks noticably gets faster and faster, eventually starting to break through Kagerou's defense.

To Arnak's surprise, Kagerou's defense remain solid in spite of the speed increase, and Kagerou stops merely blocked and begins making counters, first small, but then Arnak has to jump back to avoid a slash to the neck.

As soon as he can, Arnak rushes back in, with his speed still continously increasing, not only that but he starts creating two pairs of extra arms to help him attack.

Kagerou swats him aside with an enlarged black hand into a nearby hill, and just as he is about to charge, Leo lets out a roar and kicks Kagerou straight in the jaw, completely dislocating it and causing a significant amount of blood to pour from his mouth, the Chaos Engine lets out a deep, dark growl, a black cloud of energy surrounding him.

Arnak just laughs maniacally as he gets up and sees the blood pour out, horns growing ever larger. As quickly as possible, he stands his ground and small tendrils enter the ground and pop out onto where the blood splattered, absorbing and taking in the blood.

About this time, the jaw realigns itself seemingly by its own accord, and the black aura of energy gains a red tint as Kagerou disintegrates both blood and tendrils with white fire with a blast from his mouth, and a blood red humanoid dragon towers in Kagerou's place, he can hardly see the CE within. A low growl emits from him as he closes the distance with blinding speed and swipes him with his powerful arms, blowing back Leo and Arnak through a building or two, and about this time, the light of teleportation magic can be seen on the roof of a distant building...

Dagger of Ice

In one of the surrounding cities, hail begins to fall, causing severe damage to buildings and vehicles, easily bruising those who don't take shelter.

A tall figure walks out of one of the buildings and looks up. A large chunk of hail seeming to curve in the air away from him.

Above the city, a white armored figure stands on a slab of ice, the storm seems to originate from him.

"All humans and myths of this city: you now belong to Phoenix. Resist, and you will be punished." At his words, a towering wall of spiked ice erupts around the whole city. Around the tall figure, the majority of people are being knocked out by the hail.

"Everyone, get inside a building, and those who can try and help those who can't." The figure hurries towards those who have fallen and as he runs nobody around him get hit by any hail. He picks up one unconscious person and carries them into the nearby shelter of a clothing store.

Some of the hail in the vicinity begins changing into small icy daggers at even higher speeds.

None of the daggers ever touch the figure, they seem to just bend away from him like he is in an impenetrable bubble. This bubble starts to appear over those who are unconscious. "Please, anyone who can carry someone, do it. We need to get these people to safety," he calls to people.

The armored figure above seems to notice, suddenly kicks the slab into the city, dispensing a huge blizzard upon the whole city. The tall figure finds himself slowing down as ice begins to form on his shoes.

"So that's how you want to play?" The tall figure bends over double for a few seconds, before the blizzard around him suddenly explodes outwards and all snow is forced back into the air by eight feet and all the unconscious people within his vision are suddenly lifted and pushed towards shelter. The figure then slumps to the ground as the blizzard is able to continue swirling around him.

The figure is now speeding toward him, launching a dark looking bolt of energy, which silently races at him at incredible speed, fast even for his heightened senses.

The figure on the ground shifts ever so slightly to the left at the same moment a manhole cover hits the energy bolt midair. "I wonder what this will do."

The manhole slams into the ground next to the tall figure with such force that it makes a small crater and shakes the whole street, meanwhile the figure from the air has landed, growing six angelic wings.

"I told you will be punished for resistance." His hand is on his sword, an arctic gale blowing straight at the tall figure.

"Saving innocent lives counts as resistance? My apologies, I had no idea." A small smirk starts growing on his face as he thrusts out a hand towards the white man. "My name is Maxim Cale. It is a pleasure to meet you."

The angelic being's eyes narrow. "...Are you mocking me...?"

"Only if you wish me to be. I simply offer you a chance to show you aren't an all out bad person." Maxim smiles fully. "A chance to prove you show respect to those you attack rather than just a hateful destroyer."

His eyes narrow at Maxim, before he slashes at him with a huge wave of ice blades from a icy shortsword.

"Good and evil have nothing to do with this conflict. In such as word as this, there are only survivors."

He attempts to deflect all the ice blades away while simultaneously pushing his own body as far back as he can.

The winged being surges forth at incredible speed, moving progressively faster and faster at an abnormal rate. At the same time, he fires more strange dark orbs at Maxim, a deadly serious expression on his face.

Maxim narrows his eyes slightly and suddenly all the snow and ice in the area converges to create a barrier in between the two.

The first orb hits and causes the barrier to collapse, just as the second propels itself forward still toward Maxim. Maxim also notices there are two of the angelic being now, identical in weight and overall energy signature, moving at the same time.

When the barrier shatters the Maxim is nowhere in sight.

The being doesn't stop. "No human can move that quickly, nice try." A large shadow begins to loom over several blocks.

Some snow is packed to form the words Not without Telekinesis, no along with a winking face.

The being closes his eyes. "Gods but humans are dense..." He says as a huge increase in mass inexplicably occurs in a huge area, slowing Maxim to a walking speed if not even slower.

"You'd be surprised, we can be very versatile and definitely persistent." He waves from a nearby second floor window.

The looming darkness gets heavier, around that time, the building begins to shake, as does many others, as cracks begin to form on them and the streets. Lyre silently looks up at him, as part of the ceiling caves in the building Maxim is hiding in.

Maxim runs to the other side of the building as fast as he can, blasts a glass pane out of a window and jumps through it.

The building collapses almost immediately after, followed by the thunderous collapse of countless buildings within the area, all in a perfect circle spanning several blocks, the angelic being at the center.

It is now midnight black even though it is supposed to be mid day.

"They should hire you for demolition crews, you are very effective." Maxim keeps on the move.

A massive ice meteor slams into the area, entombing a large section of the city in huge sheets of ice. The angelic being appears on the very top of the ice flow, looking rather bored.

"Figured he would at least look up."

A large chunk of the meteor cracks off as it lands and Maxim is left unscathed. "I don't need to look at things to know they are happening. Why do you think I was running as far as I could?"

The angelic being suddenly flickers and disappears.

"I don't suppose you could satisfy my curiosity while we fight?" Maxim is moving his head around quickly to view as much of the area as possible.

An intensive feeling of cold looms behind him.

Maxim turns around and jabs a hand straight forward into the intensive cold area.

An incredibly cold, painful sensation tears through his whole arm and most of his body as an icy blade rips through his hand and lower arm. He feels the arm in question go completely cold and limp.

Maxim's jaw visibly strains due to the pain. "Th-that was a bad idea then." He puts his other hand up to his neck and loosens his tie slightly.

The angelic being is already advancing again with his shortswords.

As his opponent nears Maxim's hand suddenly moves in a precise and well practiced gesture ending with his tie wrapped around his enemy's neck with Maxim behind him.

They flinch, before narrowing their eyes and strange, black armor encloses around the being, giving them a twisted appearance and forcing Maxim to release him as they fire a strange cannon blast at them, destroying anything in the blast's path.

Maxim pushes himself to the ground and rolls to the side as he narrowly avoids the attack. "You are really starting to annoy me now. And I hate being annoyed with things I don't even know the name of." He glares at the ankles of his opponent and he pulls at them as hard as he can with telekinesis.

"Intensifying Absorption Field." The being says in a mechanical voice as a strange energy envelops and begins expanding rapidly around them, eating away at anything it touches.

Maxim rolls to the side again and using the momentum pushes himself up into a crouched position, then he fires a strong telekinetic blast towards his opponent and pushes him sideways to redirect the attack.

The sphere of energy isn't budged, instead it seems to warp and distort the attack itself before tearing it apart and growing larger. The sphere seems to be causing very significant rippling in even the air and ground, as though the image of the world was being distorted akin to an event horizon.

"Starting to wish I'd taken astrophysics instead of nano-materials." Maxim mutters to himself. He uses his telekinesis to try and push everything out of the sphere's path. "If this thing can't eat anything, it won't grow. I hope."

The armor has parted, revealing a strange cannon, which seems to be absorbing the energy field, a high pitched hum is audible.

"If it can part.." Maxim uses his Telekinesis to push the armor back together in an attempt to crush the cannon.

The cannon has not been affected, his telekinesis is starting to be dulled or even blocked by an opposing force. The cannon has almost completely absorbed the energy.

"Life was so much simpler when all I had to worry about was the laws that managed atoms and how they connected." Maxim takes a moment to examine his injured hand.

Something seems to roughly shove him to one side as a massive beam blasts where he would have been mere seconds ago, and when the blast dissipates, a shimmering void can be seen in the air where the beam was.

A woman with bluish hair drops down next to him, holding a sheathed sword in hand. "Go, get the civilians out of here! This entire city needs to be evacuated immediately!"

"About time someone showed up to help." Maxim straight away goes to usher civilians away from the city, getting able bodied people to help the weak and injured.

Further behind, the woman seems to be fighting off the attack with some success, though she seems to be attacking with invisible strikes, and her blade is drawn, only no actual blade is visible, just a hilt.

"This day keeps getting weirder and weirder." Maxim continues to get as many out of the city as possible while applying his medical knowledge to help as many as he can.

The woman holds the strange angelic being for a while off, until finally she is launched back by a barrage of ice boulders, nearby Maxim.

Having gotten most civilians to move away from the city, Maxim rushes to the woman's side. "You alright?"

"....Peachy..." She grumbles. "He's strong."

"Definitely not just some thug. What do you suggest doing?" Maxim helps the woman to her feet.

"Holding out for a while longer. I assume Issac has a plan to deal with the invaders. Can you cover me?"

"Bastard broke my tie so I'm weaponless. I could just throw stuff at him though." A bunch of rubble starts floating up.

"Really would be helpful." She grips her bladeless weapon's hilt tight.

"Yes ma'am!" Maxim salutes and then starts throwing the rubble towards their opponent.

The angelic being seems to be very annoyed and slices the boulders, only to dodge the girl's attacks.

Maxim continues to throw everything he can pick up at the being. "Just surrender already! I'm getting tired of fighting." His face starts to frown.

Isa's attacks finally land a hit on his wings, knocking him down for a moment.

In that moment Maxim slams down a huge piece of a wall onto the being. "Stay down!"

Isa looks at the wall as it starts to budge. "Think it's a good time to move out before he gets out."

"Ok, you're the boss." Maxim follows the woman's lead. "By the way, my name's Maxim."

She swiftly and efficiently makes her way through the city. "Officer Isa A. Lee of the MPD."

Maxim keeps up and uses his telekinesis to move blockages out of their way. "Oh, full titles? Uh. Dr. Maxim Cale, PhD."

"Do you live around here?"

"Nope, I technically live in China, but I haven't been home in 8 months."

"China, huh?"

"It's where I met my wife. But, I'd rather not say anymore. Painful memories." Maxim puts on a sad smile towards Isa.

She shrugs. "Don't expect you to."

They make it a decent way out toward the city's edge when they hear a loud boom from the direction of where they left.

"Damn, that guy is tough. I've never seen anything like it."

"Indeed... there's many of them in the battlefield... we're getting reports of strikes all across the world."

"There's more of them? I hope you guys have a plan to stop these guys."

"Figure out what they are for one..."

"You don't know what they are? That's very reassuring."

"They're a very new threat. The Director has a few ideas."

"So, it's be preferable to keep any bodies, or if possible capture them for further study?"

"Ideally but easier said than done."

"Then one of the first things we need to find out, is how to subdue one."

"Our first task is getting away. This one is stubborn."

"Do you think getting out of the streets would be wise?" Maxim points towards a nearby subway entrance.

"We can try, if it gets us out of the city."

"I memorised the layout of this city and its underground network. I doubt we can get outside the ice wall using the subway alone but it could make the journey to the edge a lot quicker if the tunnels aren't blocked. Plus we wouldn't be directly visible to our icy adversary."

Another loud bang can be heard. "Then let's go."

"Alright." Maxim goes straight down into the subway towards the tracks. "I looked up the infastructure of the city before visiting, and there are three ways we can get to the edge of the city from this station. Straight down the train tracks taking the 5th door on the left, continuing down the tracks, or taking the 8th door on the left in the opposite direction."

"Go as you wish. I'll follow."

Maxim heads down the tunnel and turns at the 5th door to open it. "This leads to a service tunnel and acts as a shortcut to the next track over."

They can hear banging above ground, Isa simply follows him, casually surveying the area.

"Reckon he's looking for us? Or is someone else kicking his ass?"

"Probably looking." She replies simply. "...I wonder..."

Maxim attempts to open a door but it doesn't move. "What's up?" He places a hand against the door and it suddenly splinters into pieces. "One day I'll actually bother to learn how to lockpick."

"Wondering about a particular one. It resembled a... old friend."

"Hmmm. Mimicry based on opponent memory?"

"I doubt it. It felt... ...odd. Like she was there, but heavily... ...repressed. I don't know how to explain it."

"Sounds more like it was engineered to be like your friend, which suggests prior knowledge of you, or they used your friend as a template."

She just shakes her head and keeps moving on.

"Sorry, I'm just thinking out loud here." 

She doesn't respond as she walks, as another loud bang can be heard.

"Think he'll find us?" *Maxim glances up at the roof of the tunnel.

A wave of frosty air drifts in their direction. "Let's hurry."

"We are almost to the furthest point in the tunnels, so we will have to surface soon."

"Right." She seems eager to leave.

They reach a large bend in the tunnel that seems to go back on itself. "This is the furthest point from the center of the city that we can reach from the tunnels. just around this bend is a door leading to a service tunnel for the sewers nearby, we can use a ladder just inside to climb out. Or, we could just blast straight up and climb out here. Your choice."

"I'd prefer not to attract attention."

"Ok, to the sewer hatch!" Maxim leads Isa towards the service door.

She follows Maxim, glancing behind her a few times.

Trying to open the door fails. "Don't suppose you know how to quietly open locked doors?"

Isa unsheathes her 'blade' and begins cutting through it.

Maxim appears relieved. "Stealth was never my strong suit."

"You learn a thing or two."

"Hopefully I will learn learn soon. I'll read a book on it."

"Some things can only be learned in the heat of the moment." She succeeds in breaking open the door.

"I suppose so. I haven't really had to deal with combat before a few months ago." He walks through the door and turns the corner, finding a ladder which he tests the strength of with one hand.

The ladder seems sturdy enough, and in the distance, they can hear the roof collapse in a loud boom.

Maxim climbs to the top of the ladder and places his hand against the manhole cover at the top. "Thought it would be. No matter." A muffled crunching is heard and the cover slowly lifts up, cascading snow and ice down onto Maxim.

Isa follows quickly, but below they can see ice growing on the walls.

Maxim moves his head around quickly and sprints across the snow towards the nearest building, leaving a few compacted snow footprints for Isa to walk on.

An explosion of spiked ice erupts behind them, shaking the ground.

Maxim speaks to Isa in a low voice. "I think he's closer than we first thought, any ideas?"

Before she can say anything, the enemy bursts from the ice and charges, sword extended. However, before he can reach them, he is cleaved across the chest by a huge halberd, and is forced to retreat further away, snarling. The owner of the halberd stands in front of them, a tall white haired man with a black cloak over his uniform, which is clearly of the same make as Isa's.

"You two alright?" He says, not looking back at them.

Maxim looks to Isa. "I think so. You two know each other?"

"He is Officer Simon. One of my fellows at the MPD."

Simon despite severely wounding the enemy, also seems like he is quite battered. He is keeping a firm eye on the enemy ahead, who is clutching their wounded chest.

"Ah, thought something like that would be the case." He looks towards the newcomer. "You look like you've been in fight already."

"Yes, a much stronger one as well. I don't believe this one is cut out for enduring an attack like that."

The enemy flickers and disappears in a flash of light.

"Yup, he's gone."

Maxim looks down at his injured arm. "Still left a damn mark though."

"We should get out of here. The boss has something big planned."

"The boss?" Maxim looks intrigued.

"Issac Kurk, the director. We don't have time, we need to go." Simon says, walking off.

"You don't mind if I come along with you guys?"

"The invitation was assumed."

"Oh good, I don't really want to find out if Jack Frost comes back."

Isa follow Simon onward.

Maxim follows them both.

Crystal Wrath

Explosions rock the city as Lux evades a huge crystal blade that demolishes a skyscraper.

"Persistent... why do you hunt me down with such vengeance?"

Another blast rocks the area, as Sukimu chases after him with a roar.

A man get in her way and wraps his hands around to hold her still.

'Stop! Please! It You know it doesn't have to be like this!'

"He's the one!!! The one!!! He did this to her!!!" Sukimu roars, thrashing with incredible power to send shockwaves throughout the city block.

The man continues to hold her still the best he can

'Then his time will come, but it is not today.'

She begins to scream in feral rage, and begins to glow incredibly brightly.

"There aren't a lot of things I can say to make you stop. You have choices to make, but I don't want to see you like this...'

A massive violet blast engulfs the city block, encasing it in violet crystal.

"What more do you want me to do...'

She charges one more at Lux with a crystal greatsword, roaring in blind fury.

The man grabs the hand that is holding the handle and stops her. He then taps her hip and she falls to the ground.

'No more...Please...Cease for my sake...'

She spasms from the attack and forces herself up, unleashing a huge shockwave causing large damage to countless buildings and sending Lux flying.

The man grabs her from behind and has her in a full nelson

Her body grows violet crystal spikes.

The man sprouts wings from his back and begins to emit a blinding glow. A pillar of the same light shine down from above Sukimu and the violet crystals around her break off. She finds herself unable to move.

Sukimu lets out another feral scream, this one more desperate, as the organ on her back begins to sprout her armor.

Sukimu begins to slowly levitate in mid-air until a loud booming voice comes from the sky, "Be Free..."

She seems to start hyperventilating.

"You need not to be afraid, my child..."

"Have to... have to... have to..." She tries desperately to break free.

An tranquil feeling comes over her and she soon finds herself loosing consciousness

World on Cusp of Madness

Across the desert landscape, distant explosions can be heard, echoing like peals of thunder, faint flickers of elemental power and various other magical abilities can be seen broadcasting their ire for their enemies. Two figures faint in the distance can be seen dueling, mere faint specks in the backdrop of the harsh sands.

Within the skies, a sleekly designed ship is looming over the battlefield however easily out of range from any form of attack, it seemed to arrived out of nowhere yet made no sound or notice of its arrival. Within the ship, in the command center there are two people looking at a semi-transparent screen projected onto the windscreen. It's showing videos, images and text about Earth itself and on a seperate screen, is displaying the battle below. One of the men, dressed in a full black suit with light armour plating with yellow detail is examining the battle, eventually sighing. 

"So we finally find a suitable place and it seemed our information is wrong, unless this is just a small skirmish... Your thoughts on this?" The man in the suit seemed to be asking the other man beside him.

The man beside him, notably less armored but wearing a flak jacket like vest, dressed in black and a few teal accents whistles in sight of the fight. He quickly tightens his pony tail and inputs a few commands into a holographic interface on his brace. "Probably nothing too big. Although theres definitely quite a bit of power from the two, don't you think?" He scratches the back of his neck. "We should probably take a look. Besides, its been boring with you on this ship."

"I don't think we have a choice but to check, and I'm glad you value our friendship." The man responds, a tone of humour as he orders some of the crew to cloak the entire ship. The man opens up a compartment which contains a powerful looking magnum, he picks it up and loads it up with ammo. "Be sure that we are far enough from the combat, I want you to see through your scope and to define any possible targets."

"Don't need to tell me to do that, been itching to see the world through my baby. I mean, a new world. You get the idea." The man presses a button on his interface coming from his bracer once again, and a rather high tech looking sniper rifle materialzes from it.  "As for targets I don't think anyone but those two madmen fighting would be out here though. This place sucks."

"Hey, don't judge this planet for this place only, they have lovely customs like..." The man looks at the screen, what's currently displayed should not be spoken about and causes the man to reluctantly sigh. "Yeah, this place may not be worth it but we have a job to do."

"This planets currently in some sort of racial crisis, don't know what lovely customs you're on about. But I'll be damned if I'm gonna fuck up the first job ever on this planet. When we go back home I'm gonna brag. Nonstop." He lets out a laugh. "You ready?"

"Oh I can't wait, I'll be sure to drown myself in alcohol to cancel out the noice. I'm ready."

"That shit'll kill you, just watch." He teleports them both down to the skirmish a reasonable distance away.

The man opens up a device that's implanted on his glasses, he sifts through information while looking around. "Keep an eye on the main two, ok?"

"Mmmmmmmhm." Nihil crouches and looks into the scope of his Fallen-Angel, tracking the fight.

After a few more moments, the man looks in shock as he turns his head towards the massive explosion that just happened in the city. "...Well that's unexpected, Nihil, aim your scope towards the city, tell me what you can see."

"Didn't even get a chance to see the other two, but fine." Nihil turns towards the city and checks it out with his Fallen-Angel, noticing the three extremely powerful figures absolutely devestating the city and each other. "....Can we go to a different planet?"

"It took us two years to get here, I don't think we have a choice." The man pulls out a small device similar to the Holographic Storage Cube except it's a small handheld device, much like a watch. After a moment or two, the device digitises a small drone to keep track of the current fight in the battlefield. "You still didn't tell me what you're seeing."

Nihil sighs. "I'm seeing three monstrous people annihiliating a city and each other. There's....something familar, about them."

"Hmm..." After a few moments, the man starts walking towards the city, giving a 'come on' gesture to Nihil. 

Nihil takes a running start before jumping up, a black and teal hoverboard materealizing beneath his feet. He cruises down towards Razeth and the city.

After a moment, they notice the light and the city being eaten by darkness. Razeth slightly staggers back to fully grasp what he's seeing before continuing to walk. "...I can tell by what you meant by familiar."

Meanwhile, in the nearby city that's currently being used as a playground for Arnak and Kagerou, Drake appears on one of the taller buildings, giving him a complete view of both the battlefield and this little fight. "Right... I'm here now, so now what do I do?" He sees Arnak and Kagerou fighting, and a dark smirk grows on Drake's face. "Or rather... Who do I kill." His wings stretch out as he clenches his fists.

Arnak continues his laughter. "WHAT A FUCKING WONDERFUL RUSH!" A similar dark aura to Kagerou's is forming around Arnak.

Kagerou slashes him, still at a great distance, with a cutting edge of light.

Arnak uses a shield of shadow that shatters the light, and completely enters the primitive state, rushing Kagerou once more.

Kagerou chuckles darkly. "You have no idea whose powers you're messing with..." Arnak's vision begins to turn red.

Arnak leaves a tendril that separates off of him and has it dig into the ground, giving him constant vision of the area. A large black hand similar to the one Kagerou swatted with him before grabs his face and slams him into the ground.

The tendril does nothing, as a sensation akin to static takes over his mind before he can hit Kagerou, and when he snaps back to awareness, the black hand has impaled Leo in the stomach, who is coughing up a lot of blood.

While Kagerou is reveling in his power, a small pebble is launched and smacks the back of his head.

Kagerou hardly seems to really care, more focused on Arnak. "I'll deal with you later, old coot."

Drake audibly sighs and lands behind Kagerou by a few feet, he glances at Arnak, noticing the Primitive state then looks at Kagerou who's also in the same state. "So it's not the egotistical bastard, but rather the poor imitation who I'll have to kill..." Drake suddenly appears right behind Kagerou, his voice changed. "And like you've mastered what was given to you." One quick telekinetic strike later and Kagerou is blasted forward so that he's between Drake and Arnak. 

Kagerou flies up onto a building, his red dragonic eyes narrowing, a black silhouette against the blue sky. "Couldn't wait another minute then? That's just like you, Drake."

Arnak rips his hand from Leo and glares at the new contender.  He surprisingly is able to keep control of his mind in Primitive state, speaking. "Don't FUCKING INTERFERE."

Drake looks at Arnak and lightly chuckles. "That's a neat little trick you have there... And I don't like going into this often but." A faint black aura forms over Drake, his eyes clearly showing through as Drake's voice shifts. "Nothing. Beats the original... Now I suggest you stay out of this now, this is between Kagerou and I, unless you want to get hurt as well." 

Arnak only laughs. "You've made a mistake coming here. You're letting me gain an even better version of this form? FUCKING FANTASTIC!" Arnak's dark aura creates another hand and they start clapping.

Arnak is sent into the ground briefly until a large crater devastating the surrounding city blocks blows him back out from the force of Kagerou's drop kick on his head.

"Weak." Kagerou flies above the devastation.

Arnak teleports out of the way and behind Kagerou before the kick can connect. "Slow." 

A large hand grabs him from Kagerou's back and begins slamming him multiple times across the city, a number of craters dot the landscape after this.

Before Arnak can be smashed the first time, a red demonic symbol appears on Kagerou and suddenly Arnak and Kagerou switch positions, with Arnak slamming him countless times as Kagerou intended.

The two feel an oddly powerful pulling force, before they can react, they're suddenly being launched towards Drake, who's smirking as his claws extend outwards. "Pathetic." Just as the two get close enough, he impales one claw in each of their chests. He then throws the two into the same building then slowly raises his hand up before throwing it down, causing the entire building to collapse in on itself and to bury both Kagerou and Arnak under it.

Kagerou emerges rather quickly, the building being repelled from his body. "How do you plan on beating me this time 'daddy'? Going to hide behind another angel? Hmm, don't sense one."

The entire building rubble incinerates in a hellish flame, turning into ash as Arnak rises from it. Arnak growls as the ash gains a large red marking over it, similar to the one that was on Kagerou and it suddenly all rises and starts flying towards Drake, morphing into pure demonic energy.

Drake visually glitches as he counters with a large enough wave of primordial chaos, altering the demonic energy into kinetic and chemical energy... Which promptly causes a massive explosion, Drake suddenly flies through the smoke and dives down on Kagerou.

Kagerou blocks with his sword, and his aura begins to blacken.

"Do you mind not being a cunt and make your mind up?"

A sick smile can be seen as Drake's eyes narrow and Drake grabs the blade and yanks upwards, leaving Kagerou's side exposed as Drake quickly spinkicks his side. 

Kagerou lurches back from the blow, but the aura completely blackens and a large black claw rakes Drake's face.

Drake jumps back but is still clipped by the attack, he sees a few drops of blood before looking at Kagerou. "That's cute..." The face slowly heals, as does the shredded hand as he smirks once more. "I think I miss the other one... At least his ramblings were entertaining, you on the other hand." Drake's lunges forward and strikes Kagerou once more, a jab across the cheek then an open palm strike to the chest. Kagerou's aura slightly distorts at the collisions. "Are just plain rude..."

Kagerou moves distinctly faster with his sword and blocks the jab and strike to cheek and chest.

"You seem to forget you needed a baby to save your ass from a beat down. The high and mighty act doesn't suit you."

A sudden slash across Kagerou's chest spurts out a bit of blood, Kurai tightly gripped in Drake's right hand as he laughs. "What's more embarassing, me needing the baby to win? Or the person who was beaten by the baby? And trust me, it won't be the same this time." Drake and his aura splits in two as he quickly turns to one side of Kagerou while the aura throws a threw strikes, taking the chance, Drake once more attempts to impale and slice Kagerou in two.

As Drake and his aura split, Kagerou doesn't aim at them, but rather, the ground, and a massive explosion of superheated plasma erupts from the epiccenter, scorching both Arnak and Drake as it sends both flying, a good section of the city section they were in devastated.

Kagerou stands in the blast center with a heavy shroud of Primitive, looking as though it is developing into a draconic figure.

Arnak is able to snap his fingers, and with the added power of Primitive he is able to destroy the superheated plasma that would otherwise hit him with gigantic explosions. He seems extremely angry, likely due to the fact he was out of the fighting. Arnak mimics the same draconic figure with his primitive quickly speeding towards Kagerou and creating arm blades coated with demonic energy and begins slashing at Kagerou.

Kagerou strangely turns blue.

In one of the higher floors in one of the few standing skyscrapers, Drake dislodges himself from some furniture and walks to the edge, he sees Kagerou changing colour and sighs before jumping down.

Arnak continues his attack but for a split second turns red, and a small shimmer of light is barely seen through it.

All around Kagerou for a significant distance turns white, and then a large swath of the city in the direction of what looks like a sword swing begins to glow white as well, before a thermal blast engulfs the area around Kagerou and the area affected by the slash, followed by a huge kinetic force that powderizes the buildings hit and sends them crashing into the remaining parts of the city, while essentially the entire city is up in flames from the raw thermal heatwave.

Arnak teleports away before it hits.

Kagerou lets out a low growl before letting out a powerful roar, taking off at supersonic speeds into the air in search for him, flattening what little buildings stood in his immediate vicinity with the force of the take off.

As Kagerou is flying, Drake speeds above him and puts Kagerou into a full nelson lock. "Like hell I'll I'm letting you get away!" Drake's tail wraps around Kagerou's legs and the two suddenly dive down straight into the ruins of one of the skyscrapers.

"I'm impressed, you aren't fooling around like before. Goooood~" Kagerou shocks him with powerful lightning. "But don't you think we should save this for when we kill the runt~?"

"Why would I fool around with the bastard that prevented me from saving her..." The lighting surges around Drake, he's visibly flinching at the shock and eventually lets go, standing back up to glare at Kagerou. "Cut the shit and stand up."

He does, lightning still sparking off him. "Who...? Oh, the fairy. Orders are orders cap'n."

Drake's gaze unfixes, his hand tightly grips Kurai as he unsheathes the blade. "How pathetic, following orders like a drone..." 

"Besides old man cap'n. I get the killer side from you. If you'd like, you can have White stick a lovely dodad in your neck, see how much you preach about being a drone then."

"Funny you say that, because there is a way for you to not be a drone... However that does mean killing you and then reviving you." Drake suddenly speeds towards Kagerou.

Kagerou side steps and attacks with spikes of concrete.

As the concrete is swung at Drake, he slashes it in half with Kurai then lariats Kagerou.

While he takes the hit, Kagerou returns fire and kicks Drake in the throat with his heel.

The kick forces Drake to take a couple of steps back before growling and rugby tackling Kagerou through another concrete collum and to the floor, delivering punch after punch.

Kagerou kicks Drake in the stomach after their land, huge claws forming out of his fists as he punches back at Drake.

After a few direct hits from Kagerou, Drake's tail wraps around Kagerou and tosses him around then throws him up into the air. This gives Drake the chance the jump up and slam his knee directly into the chest before grabbing him by the neck and diving down into a steel bar that's sticking up.

Kagerou chuckles darkly. "Trying to die together? Romanticism is for weebs. You can die though." Black spikes impale Drake in kind.

Drake's eyes suddenly widen but slowly narrow back down, then he faintly smiles before spewing the blood from Drake's mouth onto Kagerou's face, blinding him for the moment. With a clenched fist, Drake strikes down on Kagerou's face, passing through the aura.

Kagerou just smirks at him. "Not that it's my buisness really, but how exactly do you intend to save that girl? White fucked her up you know. Shame really, if I could control myself, she'd be my kind of girl too. Heh heh. Poor bastard you."

"Watch your fucking mouth, kid." Drake slowly stands up, holding Kagerou with his tail once more. The tail squeezes some blood out of Kagerou before throwing him across the floor again.

Kagerou flickers, then reappears next to Drake and punches him straight off the skyscraper and down onto the ground, and causes him to land on Arnak.

Arnak quickly looks up and punches Drake straight in the spine, sending him back up in the air, where Arnak leaps up to and is about to bite Drake's neck.

Drake quickly turns and instinctively puts his arm out in front, making Arnak bite that instead. He then headbutts Arnak and grabs both his arms, Drake places one knee against Arnak's chest and falls straight back down.

A large grin appears on Arnak's face, and suddenly Drake can realize that the primitive he was using is now exactly like Drake's. Arnak laughs the whole way down and takes the knee. He grabs his face and quickly gets up, smashing it into the ground.

A few seconds pass before Drake handsprings back onto his feet, he looks at Arnak. "Another fake..." He growls and rushes towards Arnak, kicking up and launching debris at him while doing so.

Arnak snaps his fingers and creates multiple gigantic explosions that occur right infront of Drake, with some shattering space and creating glass like cracks, where demonic like arms start reaching out and grabbing at Drake from them.

Within a few seconds, a massive shadowy aura grabs the arms, keeping all of them restrained while Drake visually glitches and coats his hands in some sort of chaotic energy. He sprints rather animalistically and jumps in the air, only to dive down and slash at Arnak with his claws.

Arnak does the same and blocks with his own chaotic energy coated arms.

Drake picks Arnak up and powerbombs him through some concrete then attempts to grab Arnak's leg.

Right before Drake grabs his leg, Arnak teleports behind Drake and suplexes him into the ground, getting his head stuck as he turns around and lifts him out, throwing him into a building.

The building slowly begins to shake before large pieces of it is launched right towards Arnak, including steel bars and chucks of concrete.

Arnak releases a wave of chaotic energy that turns some of the large pieces of building into water, where Arnak uses it to smash into Drake.

Within seconds, a wall of concrete forms high and strong enough to block the water all while Drake has jumped over the entire construct. He simply points at Arnak as in return, a wave of darkness blankets the entire area, nothing can be seen.

Over the darkness and high in the sky, a violet light akin to a star glows.

Arnak gets even more irritated by something else intruding upon the battle, but leaps over the wave of darkness onto a building, holding onto the side.

The darkness seemingly growls, it rumbling across the city as it rapidly creeps up every building, consuming everything.

The light seems to send a shaft of violet light toward a part of the darkness, where Kagerou stands, hacking the darkness around him apart with his iridescent blade.

Two red glowing eyes pierce the soul of Kagerou as Drake emerges from the darkness. "You won't win this." He says, blankly.

Kagerou only grins. "You know what's the best part about the darkness?"

Drake doesn't respond and instead draws his blade, his gaze fixated to Kagerou.

"It stares back," Kagerou remarks as a cloud of darkness surrounds him as well, before striking at Drake with both cloud and sword.

Making a few evasive maneuvers to avoid the strikes, Drake slashes and slices the darkness in the direction of Kagerou. This causes light to almost instantly come in its place and cuts Kagerou while filling up the gaps.

Although it was a light cut, the hit seems to deal a significantly higher amount of damage than Drake expected and Kagerou melds into the darkness and reappears further away, attacking with a huge wave of darkness.

Drake begins to spin the blade around, making precise cuts and slashes that demolish the darkness and restore it with light, the darkness quickly evaporating.

Kagerou slams his foot into the ground, causing steel spikes to erupt at Drake's location.

The spikes impale and pierce Drake entirely, stopping him in his tracks. He looks at the spikes then looks back up to Kagerou, no response.

"What's the matter? Having a little trouble?"

Once more, no response.

"Fine then, die without last words." Kagerou charges a sphere of light in his hands.

The spikes that are imbedded in Drake begin to disolve and the area goes completely black again. Suddenly streaks of light slash past and through Kagerou, the gaps quickly show Drake smirking as Kurai faintly glows. "You don't have control over my fate... And you don't have control over yourself." Kagerou feels paralysed, unable to move as Drake's voice echoes wthin his mind. 

A strange white spark of electricity seems to jolt about Kagerou in response.

Drake sniggers as he walks up to Kagerou. "Don't worry... As much as it strains me to say, I prefer the persona that hides this piece of scum." Drake takes a moment to think, before looking directly into Kagerou's eyes. "This is payback for stopping me... Farewell." 

He walks behind Kagerou and places his fingertips on the back of the neck (but not touching the organ) and begins to cast a healing spell. But within a microsecond, Drake and Kagerou visually distort and the organ disappears, gone, erased from existance. In it's place is a massive wound, this is when the runes and arcane circles on Drake glow brightly as he instantly begins to rapidly heal the wound and the damage removing the organ did.

Kagerou seems limp, as if the strings of a puppet were cut loose. It takes him a moment to detect the life force of the Chaos Engine, which seems stable but in shock at the sudden freedom.

Only a few steps are taken so that Drake is in front of the Chaos Engine, he sits down against some rubble and looks at the newly released Engine.

Kagerou eventually falls forward on his face, unconscious, and can be heard snoring.

"...How typical." Drake lightly smiles as he exits the Primitive State, the darkness still around them but a small area clear. "Let's hope this worked..."

The violet light lands on top of one of the standing skyscrapers.

Arnak has a slight tinge of curiousity of the light that nearly overwhelms him, but he looks back down and sees the two enemies he was fighting. He leaps down from the building and lands nearby Drake and Kagerou. He notices Kagerou and the ground and sneers. "That was MY opponent. MY FUCKING OPPONENT."

Drake, having been slightly tired by the fight, gets up, giving Arnak a glare. "Then congrats... I just saved your sorry ass from devastation."

Arnak roars and oddly a slight shift in body shape is seen, before quickly reforming back to what it was. A barrage of psychic arrows appears behind Arnak and they all start duplicating. Arnak himself jumps back and has all of the arrows fly after Drake.

As the arrows fly close, Drake distorts and raises his hand, causing the arrows to distort and change trajectory. He then rushes in close, his eyes flared up before straight kicking him into the air. "Don't fuck... With this God."

Arnak laughs as he falls back down, teleporting behind Drake and taking steps back. "This power I gained from you was strong, but I refuse to believe that this is all the power a true god has. You're fucking NOTHING." Arnak continues to laugh.

Both are frozen in place as the violet light appears between them.

"I think that's quiet enough," A familiar woman's voice to Arnak speaks out.

Drake's slightly twitches as he can recognise the soul. "...Another Chaos Engine? ...Kagerou's backup?"

A crystaline woman with a variety of horns, crystal spikes, and overal violet hue stands before them, bearing a vague vissage to Drake's own, yet less so compared to other Chaos Engines he has seen. To Arnak, she looks like across between the sniper who he fought before, but also a bit like her old Chaos Engine form, a marriage of the two appearances.

"I would have, had it not been for Heaven intervening and freeing me. I'm here to help my former comrades, and you, by extension. Also, new guy." She directs her attention to Arnak. "I would suggest getting the survivors out of this city. A rather powerful weapon is about to be fired into the area. That is what Issac would have wanted you to do."

Arnak is clearly aggravated but he growls and sighs. "Fine." It is also noticeable that his primitive aura is starting to fade away.

"Ok... While this is nice and all, I would like it if I wasn't stuck here..."

"Only if you behave and listen to what I have to say. The both of you."

The force restraining them releases them, though the violet CE watches them sternly.

"Thought I had fucking survivors to save, but whatever." By now Arnak's primitive is now gone.

Drake walks over to Kagerou, picking him up and proping him against some debris, he places a shielded dome around Kagerou before looking around. He hears a faint humming noise and turns his head towards it, Kurai reappearing in Drake's hand as he prepares for what's about to approach.

"I was asking the both of you to behave, be on your way Arnak. Drake, what do you intend to do now?"

Arnak growls as he walks off, flipping them both off as he teleports away to start gathering survivors. Before doing so however, he searches for Leo.

He finds Leo on the ground, bleeding out.

Arnak curses under his breath. "Fucking white haired cunt." He puts his hand onto the wound and attempts to heal the wound, closing the entry and mending any broken bones or ruptured organs.

Meanwhile, Drake grips his blade as he approaches the faint humming noise, giving a small moment to wait, he quickly turns the corner and points the blade right at whoever is there.

Nihil stops and keeps a straight face before smiling. "Since when did you start using a sword, brother?"

Drake's eyes widen completely, instead of sheathing the sword, he lowers his arm and just looks in awe. "No fucking way."

Behind Nihil, Razeth peers over his shoulder and also smiling. "Well, that certainly explains the chaotic nature of the city." 

Nihil hops off his hoverboard and it detematerializes into his H.U.B. "It doesnt explain the uh....highly charming lady in the sky, however."

Drake looks over at Sukimu then quickly back to Nihil and Razeth. "Very quick to change the topic, aren't you?" He laughs and walks back to Sukimu, he points out the passed out Kagerou and Sukimu. "These are my 'children', Kagerou and... Hmm, I don't think I actually know your name."

Sukimu looks at him bewildered. "I am Sukimu, but I don't recall being sired by you."

"You can say the same to Silent Angel, Kagerou and Kanashimi... In fact most of the first batch ETAs are the closest related to me, so by extend, even if you don't recall, you're my daughter." Drake says.

Razeth's head turns towards Kagerou, then at Sukimu, then at Drake. "...Drake, you seem... Way too young to have 'children' this old, what exactly happened?"

Drake just laughs once more. "I'll tell you when we have the time."

Nihil seems a bit dumbstruck after the child bit. "I...I dont want to know."

"Too bad! Telling you anyways!" Drake seems a bit... Too happy about this, but recomposes himself quickly. "Ok... So Sukimu, you're here to help?"

She looks at Drake with an odd look. "Silent Angel told me of your hate for White. Do you want a chance to stop her?"

Drake sheathes Kurai and simply nods.

"Then you need to strike at the heart of the power she wields."

"Sounds easy enough, how do we do it?" Drake asks.

At this point, Razeth raises an eyebrow and cuts Drake an odd look. "We?"

"Yes, we."

"There is a Chaos Engine White created that extends control to all CEs. If you can disable her, you can break her army."

"Hold on." Nihil looks to Drake. "We're only here by coincidence, we didnt even know you were here. I'd rather not get dragged into whatever this is."

Drake just gives Nihil a strange, slightly psychotic smile before looking at Sukimu once more. "Alright, so who is the Chaos Engine and how do we break her?"

"Her name is Nezumi and you only have to get rid of the organ."

"Oh... That's rather straight forward, any complications?"

"She is a Lambda, and is rather competent, and given the infamous legend of how you have failed in many forward assaults, she will see that coming. She will need to be attacked from behind."

Nihl facepalms. "You have SO much explaining to do Drake. I dont know what a Lambda is but i'll try to give support if I really have to."

"Yeah, I will... But first of all." Drake lightly punches both Nihil's and Razeth's arm. "That! Was for not sending me a postcard!" 

Razeth flinches slightly and then rubs his arm. "Trust me, if we knew you were here, then we would have sent drinks as well. But it's nice to see you too, Drake." Razeth then looks at Nihil. "And we were here to seek out a place for refugees... I guess if Drake keeps persisting, we may as well help him in making this location habitable."

"There is one thing to mention, you likely met her in your last battle with Silent Angel, after which White finished you off. She is a clone of Kanashimi, though I never met the girl. She is vastly different from the Kanashimi you would likely be familiar with. There are those who cares about her, so please don't try to kill her."

"A clone of Kana... Heh, nothing beats the originals." Drake then looks at Kagerou. "Besides, does it look like I want to kill my children? However, I can't promise that they'll be alive after I'm done."

All around them is the sound of warfare echoing throughout the land.

"...The battle is heavy upon the humans..."

Nihil is silently listening to the conversation, seeming confused in certain aspects but getting the basic idea. "Quick question. Who's the mother, Drake?"

All three can see Drake's face slowly turn red from either embarassment or anger, after a moment of silence he raises his voice. "OKLETSGOHELPTHEHUMANSSHALLWEAWESOME."

Nihil blinks. ".....Okay. We'll...go help the humans." He looks to Razeth and shrugs.

The Spear of Holy, The Spear of Demons

Far off in another city, Silent Angel and Simon's Spear and Halberd clash, shaking the buildings surrounding them. Various craters surround the battlefield, though who made them is unclear as the two seem equally matched.

Nihil walks with the others towards the far off city, already seeing the battle. "Do you even have a plan? At all? Any of you?"

"Silent is a powerful endurant being but much less fire power." Sukimu responds.

"That...isn't exactly a plan. Good theres less of a chance of us dying, I probably can figure out some way to bypass that endurance." Nihil sighs. "Still can't believe this."

"I won't blame you if you desire to flee." Sukimu says. "The only thing against this one is pressure him until his defenses crack."

"Fuck that. I may be a marksman usually but I'm not fleeing the area when things get hot. Just annoyed that me and Razeth have been suddenly dragged into this from the left side field."

Sukimu looks at him. "If you shoot Simon, my former comrade, I will shoot you. Just making that clear. Now Drake, are you ready?"

Nihil raises his eyebrow. "What does that even ahve to do with anything I just said? Okay, whatever."

Drake just sighs. "Silent Angel... Right. His endurance has a limit, that much I'm sure." He looks over at Nihil and Razeth. "And if I were to give you two advice; stay away from him if you can, I wouldn't be lying if I said he couldn't make you sick to the point of incapacitation."

Razeth nods. "Then what do you suggest?"

"Hard to say... Say, you're still able to do those barriers?" Drake asks, looking at the battle.

After a moment, Razeth smiles once more and swipes his hand, a faint green overshield is applied on Drake.

"Good, Nihil, you taking shots or getting up close?"

"I'll stick from afar for now, the people fighting up close can't do much then I'll join in." Nihil materializes his Z801 Fallen-Angel.

Razeth looks at some data from the drone he left earlier, then looks at the fight. "...And what do you plan on doing, Drake?"

"Easy. I'm gonna piss him off." Drake responds, oddly too eager about it.

Sukimu is surrounded in violet light for a moment, before emerging in something similar to an Aura Dragon, composed of heavy plate armor with a broad form. At her waist are two broadswords that look to be composed of a black iron. Without warning, she charges toward the battle at incredible speeds.

Nihil sighs. "I hate it when people play hero sometimes." He jumps up and his hoverboard materializes beneath him, and he flies up into the sky to get a better view of the situation, taking aim at Silent Angel.

"Razeth, do what you do best." And before Razeth can respond, Drake flies off after Sukimu.

Razeth just rolls his eyes and seems to be contacting someone, telling them information.

Silent Angel notices the approach, and shoves Simon aside before charging, but then a massive crystal blade descends from the sky, forcing him to retreat. He then unexpectedly disappears, reappearing behind Nihil, stabbing at him with a emerald colored spear, only for it to shatter when it strikes a violet shield, causing him to back off just as it sprouts violet blades, with Sukimu kicking him toward Drake.

When the emerald colored spear shatters, a piece of it noticbly just fades through Nihil, and the whites of his eyes have turned black, he looks back at Sukimu. "I would have been fine, but next time make sure he doesn't actually get an inch near me." Nihil quickly moves away, firing an oddly fast barrage of shots from his sniper at all of Silent Angel's vitals.

Drake distorts and appears in front of Silent Angel, already implanting his knee into Silent Angel's stomach. He then encases Silent Angel in rock then throws his hand down, basically burying him under the earth. "And it's nice to see your sorry ass as well..."

Both the attacks from Drake and Nihil seem to create some faint 'cracks' in the air around Silent Angel, but after being buried in the earth, a sickly hue comes over the broken ground, and it begins to melt in sickly green slush.

"Guess i'll just conserve some power here." Nihil presses a button on his sniper and fires at the sickly green slush, an icy like trail noticbly following the bullet. As it impacts the ground, the slush quickly begins to freeze over.

Almost immediately, the ground heaves from a mighty force that makes it buldge outward.

Nihil moves back from the area and waits for SA to pop from the ground, and begins to use telepathy to communicate with the others. "Once his defense breaks, I can put him to sleep with a special bullet. The effect is extremely potent, even if he has high endurance. Besides, I can just fire more if one isn't enough."

The ground is shattered by another blow, and a huge cloud of green acid broils around Silent Angel.

"I'll tell you when, Nihil... I need to get back at him." Drake responds before looking at Silent Angel, his wings stretch out as Drake flies up and smirks. He grasps his hands together and moves them apart, generating an arc of chaotic energy and then launches it towards Silent Angel.

He flickers, appearing next to Drake and attacking with a poison spear, only for a violet shield to shatter it once more. Silent Angel angrily jumps back, launching green high energy spears that detonate on impact, but also begins to dodge as huge crystal swords rain down on him from Sukimu, keeping his aim from being accurate.

Using the chaos manipulation, Drake transmutes the spears into seamless debris as he closes in on Silent Angel. Just as he gets close enough, Drake flickers and reappears above Silent Angel and kicks directly down onto his skull.

Silent Angel blocks with a kick of his own, then punches at Drake's stomach.

When Silent Angel uses a kick to block, Nihil fires multiple shots at his leg, and then his fist and arm when he punches Drake.

Silent Angel's barrier cracks faintly from the shots.

Taking the chance, Drake grabs Silent Angel's leg and throws him over himself before stomping down on the chest.

He feels a burning sensation after grabbing Silent Angel, and he can see his skin blackening. Meanwhile Silent Angel crashes into the ground, causing a huge explosion of green gas to fill the battlefield.

Nihil quickly creates a void like warp in the battlefield that instantly begins to suck up the green gas. "Hold your breath!"

The gas implodes on itself and where Silent Angel landed is a dark horned entity with faint green outlines, Silent Angel's Aura Dragon. It flickers before ramming into Drake, and begins pummeling him with blows in rage, the barrier surrounding him begins to crack under pressure.

After a few punches, a similar aura forms around Drake as he roars with enough force to at least push Silent Angel's Aura Dragon away. Drake stands and growls, the area around them cracking away. "Alright then, if you're going that far, let's have some fun..."

Nihil puffs out his cheeks. "Mind giving me an Aura Dragon? Since it seems everyone and their mother has that now." Nihil continues taking shots at Silent Angel, testing to see if he is still able to damage his defenses.

Silent Angel stands guard with a emerald sickly blade.

Likewise, Drake draws Kurai but doesn't move, and with a taunting tone. "Kanashimi says hi."

"And Nihil says KEEP FIGHTING!" Nihil communicates to Drake telepathically again, clearly wanting them to continue the battle.

Silent Angel growls. "You know no limit... ...why are you here?" He dodges a strike from Simon, only to be kicked in the face, then angrily swats him into a building. "I'M TALKING HERE!" He roars.

Drake flickers and appears in front of Silent Angel, Kurai already swung at him. "Because... I can do what I want, when I want, how I want to whoever I please, but I'll tell you if you survive."

Their blades clash in mid air, just standing near him makes Drake feel dizzy. Sukimu attacks from behind, and Silent Angel takes a step back, the nausea subsiding.

Drake once more charges towards Silent Angel, not giving him a chance to catch his breath. He swings once more, this time straight down.

Silent Angel blocks again, though this time Sukimu manages to cut his Aura a bit, but it repairs quickly enough.

While Silent Angel blocks Kurai, Shizuka quickly materializes in Drake's other hand as he slashes upwards across Silent Angel's chest. He then straight kicks Silent Angel away before following up with a flurry of bladed attacks.

Silent Angel hisses in anger, then a huge acidic cloud broils around him.

"Little bastard..." Drake jumps back and relaxes his stance. "You know, if you want to be free from White. I could get you killed and then revive you... Although I don't like deja vu." Drake says in that taunting tone once more.

"So much for a 'father'." He replies coldy. "Even if she was truly brought back, she deserves better."

Drake paints himself a frown. "Awww, I'm not that bad of a father... You'd be surprised at what I've done, believe it or not."

An acidic spear is his only response.

Drake ducks under the spear then entirely covers the floor with darkness, it suddenly ribbons out and wraps around Silent Angel. "Oh Silent Angel... I thought the mercenary blood in you would have taught you respect." Drake's eyes narrow as the darkness squeezes Silent Angel, causing cracks in his aura. "Apparently not."

Nihil rolls his eyes. He starts focusing fire into the cracks made in his aura, attempting to break it even further.

Silent Angel creates a spear, but immediately detonates it, shattering the darkness, then hurls an energy spear at Nihil.

Nihil quickly fires an explosive shot at the energy spear before it reaches him, and moves back from the danger.

A ring of spears appears around Silent Angel, before wildly firing at Drake and Nihil, and he appears to keep making new ones to replenish the ring.

"Tch." Nihil keeps avoiding the spears, shooting through the gaps in between them, albiet at a slower pace.

The spears that land begin to detonate in large explosions.

Drake counters with walls of darkness that block the spears then speeds towards Silent Angel again, this time a tidal wave of darkness following him. 

Silent Angel merely takes a stance with his sword.

As the wave of darkness comes close, Silent Angel notices multiple black figures that are all charging at him from multiple directions. He then sees Drake smirk before sinking into the darkness, letting the figures do his work.

Silent Angel is surrounded by a dense, black fog.

The figures all get engulfed in flames, brandishing their own blades as they all hack away at Silent Angel.

The moment they get in contact with the fog, they rip apart in horrid screams, bursting like air balloons. The ones that wisely avoid the fog are cut down by Silent Angel or narrowly avoid so.

The remaining figures all jump back and get in a stance. Inside Silent Angel's head, he can hear Drake laughing then pictures of Kanashimi's corpse flashes in his head. "It was a shame seeing her like that, I swear I could have seen the lost hope in her eyes."

Silent Angel's face is stone. He moves to launch more spears, but then Sukimu slashes at him with a violet crystal blade, which while nothing immediately happens, he narrows his eyes as a gust of wind blows everyone back, and most of the group can feel a much lesser pressure coming off Silent Angel.

"Now..." The original Drake emerges from the darkness behind Silent Angel, such as Corruption forms in front of Silent Angel. The two brandish Kurai and slash his back and chest at the same time at different angles, before engulfing Silent Angel in flames.

Silent Angel's form turns to mist, and the area grows incredibly foggy.

Corruption jumps away and Drake flies up, staying clear of the fog. High enough to see the city and eventually hovering next to Nihil. "So... This is interesting isn't it?."

In the effort to fly up, he travels in an arc through the fog and crashes into Nihil at the end, though looking through the fog, he's not sure how far he actually moved, but he feels an incredibly powerful headache.

Nihil heals his own mind and the headache immediately goes away. "Can you NOT lead the enemy to me?" He notices that the fog is actually coming from his mind, and clears it by using psychic light.

However it isn't as easy for Drake, his tribal markings glow green but it takes a bit longer due to the headache causing Drake to lose focus. "Ow ow ow OW OW OW OW! OK YOU FUCKING DIE WHERE YOU STAND!" Drake coats himself in black flames and arcs of chaotic energy move around him and he throws a small sphere down at Silent Angel, only to quickly change size to the size of a house but retaining the insane speed.

An terrifying roar emits from behind the sphere, and Nihil sees Silent Angel's form begin to warp, along with his surroundings.

Drake's pupils shrink as he floats back, his claws extend but a voice speaks to him. "Remember, keep him alive. We'll want him on our side when we go to Yosai." The tips of Drake's claws drip a purple liquid as he nods. "I'm very aware..."

The sphere suddenly begins to erode as a huge black pillar erupts into the sky from Silent Angel's location, though something even darker seems apparent, as though something blacker than black, darker than the deepest darkness was lurking behind the pillar of energy. Drake is able to see piercing acid green eyes glowing at him from within the dark.

Drake spins Kurai around as he stares down the eyes, a bit shaken back but he smirks. "I control, create and destroy darkness... You won't be any different, son.

The pillar subsides, and a faint green sickly aura is all that illuminates Silent Angel's dark form, but even that hardly helps, he appears so dark his features are lost, almost looking like a 2-D silhouette. He seems to rise in stature, and Drake is able to determine he was kneeling down, but now standing up, Silent Angel's vague black form stands nearly 16ft, towering over them, soon dwarfed by equally dark wings.  

His form seems to resemble a tall pillar of darkness, with long curled horns traveling in a horizontal direction, with long hair. If he has arms and legs, Drake is unable to see them. The head, as best as he can make out, almost looks like the shape of a dragon's skull. 

Nihil groans. "Well isn't this dandy. Looks wise I've seen worse but I imagine the looks aren't the worst part."

"It's over the top, isn't it?" Drake replies, but then laughs as he looks at Silent Angel. "It's like you're doing this to try and kill me."

A huge black form strikes Drake and sends him hurtling through the air, the impact site feels as though it burns.

"Heh... Yeah, that's what I thought. And this is only his Aura Dragon..." Drake stands and flies out from the crash site, he takes a moment to look around, seeing who's actually here before focusing on Silent Angel. "Alright then, I'll act like I'm going to kill you." Within a second, Drake is already in the black form's... 'Face'(?), his eyes pure red as he growls. Before Drake's own aura shifts into a pure black dragon who bites down on the form and throws him through a building.

The form that had struck Drake seems to actually have been the form's hand. With unnatural movement, the tall being twists and turns out of the way, stabbing with a huge aura spear.

While the spear pierces the dragon, it just misses Drake. The dragon retaliates by lunging at the entirety of the form, repeatedly clawing, scratching, biting and just managing to keep it to the floor.

"Starting to have a feeling that I'm gonna have to start doing more than just sniping." Nihil takes a few more shots as he waits for confirmation if he should start doing further support.

The dragon's form begins to rapidly dissolve due to direct contact with the being, as does the ground, causing a pool of acid to grow.

The dragon growls as the green acid turns purple, and is soaked up it, healing itself. Drake's voice echos in a taunting manner. "Thanks... I wasn't expecting to use that."

The being's chest glows ominously.

"Great..." The dragon flies a considerable distance away from the being, perching itself on a building.

It lets out a giant wave of green fire in a huge sweeping motion.

To counter, a tidal wave of black flames crashes over the green blazes. With the dragon taking to the skies and launches down a literal meteor strike.

The shadowy being flickers up to where the dragon is, and begins barraging it with rapid pace attacks. Meanwhile, Sukimu flies up and begins raining down crystal blades at it.

Drake peers through the dragon and wraps the being in primordial darkness, keeping it in place as the crystal blades crash down.

It makes a violet roar that shatters the darkness and crystals.

While then dragon is fighting the being, Drake himself flickers next to Sukimu. "So... Any ideas on how to shut him down?"

"The organ would be the most effective way..."

"I don't want to kill him though."

"And did you kill Kagerou?"

"Kagerou isn't a sixteen feet 2D looking monster who's able to shatter crystal and darkness just by talking... So I don't exactly know how to approach this."

"I'll keep him busy." She glows violet again.

"If you say so..." Drake flickers away, letting Sukimu do what she needs to do.

She summons her black broadswords, which start to possess the same glow. She then rushes forward, while Silent Angel seems to warp as he moves in response.

She clashes blades with him multiple times, before pointing her broadswords toward the ground, and a huge storm of violet slashes begin spinning wildly in every direction at high speed, slashing Silent Angel thousands of times, who lets out an intense roar that shatters the ground below.

Continuing her momentum, she slashes his chest open with an upward thrust, causing yet another high intensity roar.

"Ok... Here goes..." Drake flickers behind Silent Angel, his runes all glowing green but himself distorts. He quickly encases Silent Angel in darkness and goes in with erasing the organ from existence then instantly begins to repair the wound. "Sukimu if you can heal NOW WOULD BE FANTASTIC."

"I'm not a healer, Drake."

Drake rolls his eyes as both him and Silent Angel glow green, a moment passes before Drake falls back onto the floor and catches his breath. "Fuck that takes a lot out..."

Sukimu catches him. "Easy there."

"Thanks... But what about him?" 

Nihil puts his sniper away and hovers back down to the others. "Thats your decision. I'm just gonna go along with the ride and help out here and there."

Razeth eventually makes his way over, looking at Silent Angel then at Drake. "Well... You two certainly look alike, good work."

"As always... So that leaves... Nezumi."

Silent Angel descends in a massive firey ball toward the ground, but just as it hits, a sphere of water catches and extinguishes him, leaving behind a rather battered Silent Angel in his normal form. The source of the sphere is none other than Kagerou, who had woken up and broken free of his crystal cage.

"Just had to leave me out of the party, huh?"

Nihil raises an eyebrow. "Don't know what kind of part involves fighting random people you don't know." He turns to Drake. "Guessing he's also yours?"

Drake stands back up, his wings folding in as Drake's own wounds heal. An odd smile on his face. "Yup... Razeth and Nihil Ryunexo, meet your Nephew. Kagerou Ryunexo."

"Oh, more of you huh Drake? White must be desperate."

"...Kagerou don't make me regret keeping you alive."

Nihil seems to be having busy thoughts in his mind, but brings himself back to the conversation. "Razeth, do we have enough space in the ship for everybody here and more?"

Razeth nods. "We should, even as a scouting ship we could house more than enough, why?"

"Just wondering." Nihil looks to the knocked out Silent Angel. "So you're sure he's not going to attack us when he wakes up?"

"Between Kagerou, Sukimu, you, Razeth and I? It's unlikely."

"Alright, but if you're wrong you owe me." Nihil starts typing things into his H.U.B. "So, we're going after someone called Nezumi?"

"Mhmm... Another one of mine." Drake casually answers. "Clone of my first, apparently an upgrade, going to be a bitch to deal with."

Simon pulls himself from the rubble and groans, then approaches the group. "My thanks. I will assisting my comrades now. I wish you all luck." He disappears in a blur of motion.

Nihil blinks. "To be honest I kinda forgot about him."

Drake just rolls his eyes, looking at Sukimu. "Are we going to deal with her right now? Or do we get a break yet?"

"I need to locate her, so for now, yes."

"Oh thank God." Drake just leans against some debris, taking a moment to breathe.

A small droid materialzes out from Nihil's H.U.B into his hand, and after pressing a few buttons on his H.U.B he throws the droid into the air, and it starts quickly darting around the area, seemingly scanning for information. "Might as well let that run while we wait."

Razeth takes a seat down, opening his own HUB. He seems to be contacting people from the ship, soon a drone uncloaks behind him and begins to send information to Razeth's HUB. Drake slowly blinks. "...The hell are those?"

Nihil grins. "I call them runners. They're pretty versatile little things, whether it comes to delivering messages, gathering infdormation, security and defense, etc etc. Basically they do the stuff we're too lazy to do."

"I meant your holographic bracer... But I guess your little robotic... Bugs, are nice too."

Razeth chuckles. "Holographic Utility Braces, the direct upgrade to your HSC. It got handed out to the military a year after you left, handy as anything."

"Meh, I'll keep to my HSC, thanks... So, why are you two here?" Drake asks.

"Oh, well, after the war. The public weren't exactly happy with the damages and opted to leave the planet entirely, a bit of an exaggeration but who are we to judge? But anyways, groups, militaries and others were tasked with finding other planets which could be suitable candidates for--"

"Wait so Cyanicans are coming here?" Drake cuts Razeth off, his expression changed to pure surprise.

Nihil makes a face. "Possibly. Although with the state things currently appear to be in Earth might not be so suitable at the moment after all."

"Well there's Fantasy and Echo." Drake casually chimes out.

Razeth's head turns towards Drake, puzzled. "Fantasy and what now?"

"Fantasy and Echo, two realms that sorta just hang around Earth, granted, none is safe because of this war that's going on. But afterwards, Cyanicans are more than welcome of staying around... Not like they'd mess with us anyways."

Far off in the sky, they see a faint light streak by, followed closely by what looks like a metallic rod superheating as it falls, landing in the center of the battlefield where Abeni and Issac had been battling, causing a tremendous explosion whose shockwaves race across the land, straight toward their location.

Nihil looks to the oncoming shockwave and his eyes widen. "....Get close." The whites of his eyes turn black as his markings glow, and a wall of spirits seem to form around them all, swirling around at an extremely fast pace, screams all around. 

"...This is fucking freaky..." Drake remarks, slightly concerned about the sudden mass of spirits.

They all suddenly combine into one green, transluscent wall of spirits and stop moving and screaming. Nihil's markings are giving off green light. "We should be fine."

The shockwaves soon begin to die down. Kagerou and Sukimu do not seem particularly shaken. Silent Angel seems to still be out cold.

Nihil takes down the barrier  and his markings and eyes turn back to normal. "Thats enough."

Sukimu's eyes widen at the destruction. "...The Orbital Defense Array..."

Nihil sights "One war after another it seems. Looks like your war is getting close to being as bad as ours was."

"Quite the remark, Nihil." Razeth says, only for Drake to sigh. 

"Well, he ain't exactly wrong." Drake looks over at the impact zone. "...Do we really need to go visit it or can we just relax here?"

"I see no reason to."

"Good." From underneath Drake, a curved chair-lke object forms underneath him made from the eartth. He takes a sigh of relief and closes his eyes for a moment. He takes a moment to look into his HSC, he takes a glance around at the others. "Give me a minute guys."

"Where are you going exactly, inside your HSC?" Razeth jokes. 

"Yeah, I am." He gives a slight nod then disappears into his HSC, which just dandily floats there. Leaving Razeth speechless, only for Drake to arrive back, blinking. 

"Drake, what did you just do?"

"Umm... Visiting other places?" Drake says, even himself is puzzled, he then mumbles. "Seriously, who fucking names themselves Freedom Fighters... What a joke."

Razeth just gives a light laugh. "...Haven't changed much..."

Sukimu and Kagerou stand silent, the two don't seem to be very close.

"Oh cheer up you two."

Kagerou seems to eye Nihil and Razeth for a while.

Razeth notices, closing his HUB. He offers a handshake. "So you're a Ryunexo?"

Kagerou smirks and takes the hand. "'Parrently, though I could also be a Dragonclaw if we consider White my 'mother'."

"And we're NOT!" Drake raises his voice. "Besides, you chose the last name so it shows whose you prefer."

Nihil is cleaning his boots. "Last time I checked people aren't born Ryunexo. Well, unless you're a Feral I guess. Either way I think it's something you're brought into. Like something you earn."

"Well I don't see Kagerou having red eyes, even though he does have my Feral DNA... Huh, never noticed." Drake says, Razeth looks at both the Chaos Engines.

"So, you guys are Chaos Engines? What exactly is that?"

Kagerou's eyes flash red at Drake as he tosses Drake a smirk. "Imagine a whole bunch of mythical and divine and in general supernatural beings, all blended together into a smoothie. A bunch of world ending smoothies."

Kagerou points at Sukimu. "She's a Lambda Class, several generations above Etas, which is what I am. Etas are when Drake got added to the desert options menu."

"Oh alright, so it isn't what I thought then. That's nice, but also very... Mad scientisty. Having said that I'm assuming your creator made you for the sole purpose of destruction?"

"She's a contributor, but not the originator of the project. Been going on for a while now. Think she's more about perfection of species, think she started shifting gears toward something else besides just destruction."

"Ha, highly doubt it..." Drake sits up. "White's nothing but a piece of shit, sure, she wanted 'peace' but it's all smoke and horribly distorted mirrors." 

"I believe she would say 'the man hidden in the shadows, or the man standing in the light yet unknown by all?'" Kagerou replies with a shrug.  

"Implying there's someone above her... Oh well, doesn't matter. She won't live to see them once I go to Yosai."

Kagerou giggles. "Oh, that's not what I meant. But interesting to see how that goes."

"Haven't seen this much hostility for one person in a while, Drake. Care to explain."


Nihil finishes cleaning his boots and pats down any dust on his jacket. "Riiiight. Honestly here probably isn't the best place to wait and sit around if its a battlefield. We could go back to our ship."

A Trial to Come

A cold wind blows through the area, and for some reason, the group feels as though someone is beckoning their attention from the site of the explosion, and approaching their location.

Nihil groans. "Is that someone on our side or...?"

Drake's eyes quickly turn animalistic as he stands up. "It means that you're not going back to your ship..." He then walks towards the site.

Razeth just sighs and talks into his HUB. "Find a place to place the ship, keep it in cloak until otherwise noted." Soon after, Razeth catches up with Drake.

In a rustle of wind, ahead of them fades in a woman in a white cloak and robes, walking casually toward them.

"So now I know who has been making such a big disturbance..."

Suddenly Drake's anger flares up, his runes glow a dark red as darkness seeps out of him, all forming spikes that aim at her. "You have got some fucking nerve..."

She flickers, and stands behind them. "Some nerve. That's my line to you, trying to steal my subjects..."

She smiles. "I see you visited a eye tattoo parlor. I hope the blindness suits you well."

Razeth takes a few steps back. "...Is this the--"

"Yeah... It is." Drake takes a few steps towards her, he unsheaths Kurai and tightly holds on. "So then, couldn't see who was doing this from the comfort of your own little castle?"

"Oh, I could tell, I just wondered how such a weak one such as yourself could have done this much damage all on your lonesome." She doesn't draw her sword.

"Cut the bullshit, you know as well as I do. Now if you're expecting them back? Not happening."

"Interesting talk. Where did you get that power when before you were so weak?" She replies.

"It doesn't matter to you." Responding in a harsh tone. "Now get the fuck away or I put you down right here right now."

She smiles, but it is far from sincere. "So you dove into that place, huh? ...Why am I not surprised? How pathetic of you."

"Pathetic of me? Coming from the bastard that enslaves people, forces them into their own subjects, kidnapping and fusing them together with a Kanjo God? AND I'M PATHETIC?!" Drake begins walking straight towards her with no delay, the darkness following him.

White's smile is a little more genuine now. "Have I made you mad, Tank Boy?" She speaks in an inflection of Noriko's voice.

"DIE!Drake instantly appears in front of White, his hand wrapped around her throat. He begins to throttle her then headbutts her.

He feels an intense coldness as she seems to seep through and past him, appearing behind him to stab him in the back.

Just as she tries, a projectile gets shot into her arm and Drake quickly sprouts black spikes which speeds towards her.

She only smiles. "Is that it? The same old thing as ever?" She seems to literally walk through the spikes instead of avoiding them, seemingly unharmed. She casually twirls her blade before slicing the next bullet from Razeth in two.

White feels a quick drain as Drake turns and punches her dead in the face. "FUCK YOUR INTANGIBILITY!Within moments, White is hoisted up in a torrent of water as Razeth fires even more bullets into her.

White grabs his fist and twists it until his arm breaks, then roundhouse kicks him to the ground, the water parts around her without touching her, before it is blown apart by an invisible force. She then looks at Razeth, disappearing briefly before appearing behind him, glowing white as she attacks with some manner of martial art, the image of a dragon appearing around her in a circle.

Razeth quickly puts both hands out in front of him and White is forced to a stop, he takes a few steps back. "That. Was too close."

Drake stands back up growls as his arm repairs itself. He encases White in a cocoon of darkness and rapidly condenses it, all while the area around them shakes.

A few moments later, they hear tsking nearby, with White sitting on a boulder.

A green light quickly travels toward them, materializing into Nihil. "Yeah Razeth I uh...don't think bullets will work too well here." Nihil cracks his neck as his scelera turns black, and giant skeleton like arms appear to cover his own, a large ghostly skeletal figure behind him. "Maybe punching will?"

Razeth sighs as his skins turns carbon black and an overshield made of pure telekinetic forces appears on him. "Very well, I guess being tactical has been thrown out the window."

Drake stands between the two his wings stretching out as the darkness forms demon-like spikes around him. "You don't stand a fucking chance... Nihil, Razeth, we're going to make this princess bitch pay.

Around this time, he sees a strange rippling behind her. She slowly stands, and then Drake feels a strange sensation from her that he's unfamiliar with.

Without a second passing, White is already launched into the floor, a crater around her. None of the three have even moved in real time.

The area immediately beneath White is cracked severely, while the rest of the crater forms naturally. She seems impressed. "So you actually have learned a thing or two."

She dusts herself off before closing her eyes. "But it seems like a few more things are in order." The section of ground finally gives way, and she lands on her feet as though slowed by parachute. The rippling behind her is even stronger. Dragonic horns extend from her skull.

Nihil puts on a clearly annoyed look. "I already don't wanna do this. Just wanted to come here, do some scans, and rest in the ship." He puffs out his cheeks in defiance. 

"I'll keep her distracted... Flank her when you can." White is suddenly knocked back by a punch to the gut before she sees Drake right in front of her. More brusies and marks appear on her as she is battered on all sides by Drake who is basically transparent at this point.


White's True Being is glimpsed...

Before Drake can strike her, he and everything around her freezes, as an incredibly dark energy emits from White, potent enough to obscure her in both living and spiritual levels. He feels a baleful presence, followed by an equally powerful gaze from the depths of the darkness, as though daring him to make another move. Soon it makes itself known as a faint dark figure with white details, just looking at it fills Drake with the deepest terror he has ever felt in his life. The level of unnatural energy emitting off it is enough to put witnessing the fate of Noriko a million times over into the realm of insignificance, and indeed Drake would find fewer things far more terrifying than it.

Then it speaks...

"Don't tell me this is the first time seeing it for you? I thought you were a 'god'?" The voice of White speaks from the horrible thing.

In mere moments, everything comes rushing back into motion as an incredible explosion of pure malevolent life energy erupts from White's being, so caustic the very ground melts into unnatural compounds for miles around, and all nearby become incredibly ill. As Drake recovers from the blast, he realizes that was no attack, but merely for a mere instant, the full release of White's own Aura. And it had shook him to its very core. However he seemed to have been the only one to get the full force of her release, Nihil and Razeth only sensed a vague 'wrongness' in the energy.

And then, Drake realizes that White is standing right behind him, and his stomach is pouring gallons of blood from an open wound. Her blade is clearly drawn, yet at no point did he sense 'movement' in any form. She had simply stopped standing in the crater, and ended up in that position.

Nihil sucks his teeth. "Doesn't look like ghost fists will work either." Nihil materializes a black button and presses a button on it, and it transforms into a rather large and intricate spear. The ghost arms behind him replicate this and materialize their own spear. "Maybe a ghost spear will?"

White disappears in a flash of blue hexagons, before appearing above them, wielding what looks to be very simple white guns, akin to shotguns in size and form, and aims at Nihil.

Nihil quickly rolls out of the way before having the ghost's spear suddenly grow in length, attempting to strike at White.

She disappears in the same fashion before shooting at him with both at the same time, sending blue balls of plasma like energy at him, before disappearing and shooting at him from behind as well.

The ghost behind Nihil send out what appears to be tangible spirits that fly into the plasma shots, taking the blow for Nihil and protecting him. Nihil takes a quick running start before jumping up and beginning a roundhouse, before dissapearing into a green like mist that quickly transports next to White, where he is mid roundhouse and about to slam his foot into her side.

She instead of making an evasive manuever, takes a strange stance, before glowing golden and strange glowing gigantic hands strike him back with their palms, while not hurting him, are able to push him back with significant ease. Razeth and Drake seem unaware of what had struck Nihil back.

Nihil gives a slight grin after being pushed back. "Think you can keep up with that?" He rushes towards her again and the ghost suddenly releases a flurry of punches in her direction, aiming at every part of her.

The stomach heals quickly, with assistance from Razeth. Drake just glances at White and Nihil. "Her Eye is going to be a pain to deal with... I need to think, Corruption, take control." With that, Drake's head slumps down, before his eyes go pitch black and his draconic parts turn demonic instead.

Razeth takes a look at the fight, obviously feeling a tad underpowered until a voice speaks to him. '"Huh, so you do have some darkness..." Razeth seems alarmed but knows the voice and sighs. "What are you doing in my head?" He asks before a small little shield appears on his left forearm. '"Helping you through technicalities, now I'm going to give you what I know about the shield, ok? Ok." 'Within a moment, Razeth recieves a mental shock of sorts before looking at the shield once more. 

Corruption looks at Razeth. "We better go quickly, Razeth." With that, Corruption flickers and disappears, leaving Razeth.

"Well let's get this over with, Blados." The shield turns into a gauntlet and a swarm of microshields swish and flutter around Razeth, he smirks then catches up with the others. All while Corruption is using a variety of elements to restrain White, letting Nihil hit all his marks.

White closes her eyes. "This is stupid." Before their eyes, she turns into a white mist and vanishes. However, her presence, as well as the strange rippling that was behind her remains.

Nihil blinks as the ghost goes away. "Well thats lame." He looks to the others before sighing. "Really hope this wont become a game of hide and seek."

The rippling field suddenly surges up into the sky, and just before it fades out of view, the whole of the sky shatters like glass, and white fireballs begin to rain down, causing massive explosions everywhere they hit.

It doesn't take long before there is a black dome around the three, the white fire not even leaving a scratch as Razeth's shield has quickly changed back to its base form. 

Drake, Nihil, and Razeth all feel an incredibly overpowering sensation slam into them as an incredibly bright light explodes into being at the edge of the atmosphere, the same force as the one Drake had felt, only now all three are fully aware of its potency. All other light seems to be being sucked into the light itself.

Nihil looks away from the bright light as a strane orb of what appears to be a void like energy appears in his hand, and he pushes his hand upwards, starting to divert the light and suck in the light itself rather than letting the light be sucked in by what White caused.

In practically an instant, all light vanishes, save for the light that had appeared. Now that all other lights has gone, they can see the light is shaped like an armored coccoon with wings, with a demonic, dragonic head with six small angel wings protruding from its back.

Nihil gets rid of the void orb in his hand. "...Huh. That's going onto the list of one of the weirdest things I've seen. If its armored I doubt this thing is gonna go down too easy."

"THEN BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF IT UNTIL IT BLEEDS MERCY. THEN BEAT THE FUCK OUT OF IT SOME MORE!" Drake echos in his own mind, causing Corruption to sigh. "We'll possibly have to wait for an opening... Either that, or we do listen to the man screaming in his own head right now." The overwhelming darkness seems to lurch around Corruption, seemingly all under his control.

The light seems to be getting brighter and denser, until suddenly it lets loose a massive burst of light in all directions from it, and the area beings to sky rocket in temperature, the air in front of the blast wave igniting as the wave of light roars toward them.

Suddenly, multiple ghost like clones of Nihil surround both him and the others, all creating void orbs in their hands that they all throw up, and they start to expand into a giant wave, turning into a floating shiekd that starts sucking in the wave of light, keeping them safe from harm.

By sucking the light closer to them, Nihil ends up blasting them with solar radiation akin to that if they were standing directly in front of a star. However Razeth's natural intuition saves them as he creates overshields on his allies, protecting them from the radiation entirely.

Corruption notices the oncoming attack, Drake quickly takes control and suddenly everything slows down to a stand-still. He takes a moment just to admire the freezeframe of reality, before teleporting to the location of Silent Angel and Kagerou, picking them both up and taking them to the ship Razeth and Nihil arrived in. He then does the same with Sukimu and arrives back to the others, but instead of resuming to what he does, he pauses one moment before smirking. "I wonder..."

He flickers out then reappears with more of him from future periods of time, all of them surround the creature and through their own abilities, attempt to reduce its defences to nothing, only for six gigantic beings of white static to surround the being and absorb the attacks, all of which devour the other Drakes, which let out horrid nightmarish screams that escalate in pitch and tone until it becomes static like the rest. A seventh, smaller being of static appears before Drake, only to wave its hand and return the flow of time to normal, but the figures and it remain. The figure then solidifies into a male with long brown hair in a ponytail with a mysterious sensation about him. He appears to be a Chaos Engine, but very very different from the ones he is used to...

The creature begins to take on a humanoid form, its armor and body melting until it rearranges into a pristine, alien version of White, whose aura chills them to the bone as she takes the form of a eight winged being with perfect proportions but pure black eyes, with a third eye upon her forehead, the one whose sight is the origin of all Chaos Engines and their innate gifts. Encrusted into her chest is a strange white pearl. She seems to give Drake an odd smile.

Nihil looks at everything before him for a second before all of his clones disappear. "Right, I give up. Fuck that."

White looks at Drake for a moment, before an odd golden glow surrounds him and he disappears. She looks at Nihil and Razeth for a moment.

"Fun playing with you while it lasted. However, it's rather time that I break this cycle once and for all. Oh, and welcome to Earth." With that, she flaps her wings and begins soaring into the sky, followed closely by the figures that had come to her defense.

Something suddenly falls on Nihil's head, an odd black square and Drake's Shadow Pistol.

Nihil grabs the both of them, not entirely sure what just went down. "...What happened to Drake?"

Razeth, looking equally perplexed just turns his head to Nihil. "I have no idea, honestly I feel a bit lost..."

Kagerou steps near, having been watching this. "Knowing the past inclinations of White, we're probably not seeing him any time soon." He seems not as bothered about the situation.

Meanwhile Sukimu is still looking after Silent Angel, who is taking his time recovering, it seems.

Nihil seems far more shellshocked. "I'm sorry what? The fuck do you mean we're not seeing him anytime soon? Me and Razeth suddenly find out one of our fucking childhood friends has been here all along and he's just fucking gone now?"

"As much as I'd tell Nihil to calm down, he does have a point - This does seem a little too much like bullshit."

"Either she has plans for him or he's gonna be ten feet under. There's not much to be done at this point. Besides don't cha have some kinda mission or something to be doing...?" His indifference is as clear as the sun in the midst of a hot summer day.

Nihil grits his teeth, his markings glowing green. However, they quickly subdue as Nihil takes a deep breath. "....I guess you're right. There's too much on the line for...reunions."

"Besides, as harsh as it sounds... We did believe that for years he was gone for good, so this wouldn't be the first time so who knows?"

"I will be going this way." Kagerou walks off, meanwhile Silent Angel seems to be rousing from slumber.

Nihil opens his H.U.B, putting both the shadow pistol and the black cube into it. Nihil takes a good look around before speaking. "What are we going to do now then? We're stuck in a war, should we go back to the ship and wait for it to be over?" He looks over to Silent Angel. "Oh dear."

Razeth takes a seat and ponders. "Well, we still have a job to do here... And waiting in the ship would take up too much time, so I guess we have to rough the storm. So to speak." Razeth eyes cross over to the awaking Silent Angel, then back to Nihil. "Maybe it wouldn't hurt as to ask Drake's children if they could assist, right?"

Nihil puffs out his cheeks in considerate defiance, but sighs and walks over to Silent Angel. "....Whats up?"

Silent Angel seems unfocused if not woozy, his gaze distant as if his head was clouded. "Who are you...?" He slurs, clearly out of it from the battle before.

Nihil smiles and extends a hand to help him up from his slumber. "Name's Nihil. You're uh, one of Drake's psuedo-kids, yeah?"

His gaze seems to slowly sharpen as he rouses from the aftereffects of the battle.

"...Drake... ...That was more a self imposed idealism of his. In the end one could see his true colors for what they were. I'm no son of his." Silent Angel says curtly.

Nihil seems a little taken aback. "...Ooooookay. Well, could you fill us in on whats going on and who we should be helping if not you?"

"The world is plagued by fighting like this. People who use others, people who hate anyone not like them... really at the end of the day, the world is full of such things, with the few innocent left to wallow in the muck. Such is the world you have been brought into. I cannot tell you what to do, but I can say that you should be prepared for hardship all the same." His eyes narrow.

"I certainly believe it has just begun."

Nihil has somewhat of a blank expression on his face. "Didnt expect you to get poetic on me, but okay."

"Interspecies conflict lasting eons has lead to current state of chaos and war. Does that dumb it down? There is no side I can recommend, since all have been warped. Allow yourself whatever side you care to join, they are all equally bankrupt of sense."

"That I can wrap my head around, and if thats the case why are you even taking part of it?"

"Mind control has a large part to do with my participation in this world's affairs until the present."

"...If you're fighting for the side that's literally mind controlling you to work for them I doubt that's the side I wanna be on."

"The fight with Drake changed a few things." He responds, beginning to sit up.

"Drake tends to change a lot of stuff, for better or for worse." Nihil shrugs. "Still, you're under mind control though."

Razeth looks at the two then pinches the bridge of his nose then focuses on Nihil. "So, what do we do then? We can't continue what we need to do until these whole thing is over. If there is somewhere safe enough for the ship to land then we can start posthaste but otherwise we're stuck."

Silent Angel looks at Nihil with a cast iron expression. "I was under mind control. If I wasn't, my acid spears would be raining down upon you lot."

Kagerou warps in a cloud of shadow next to Nihil. "You know, I might know a place, but it's only a rumor. Of course, it's not free. Hit me up with something strong to drink, I'm terribly bored and I hear drinking is a passtime some humans call fun."

Nihil seems a little dumbstruck. "...All you want is alcohol? Well, okay." Nihil opens up his H.U.B and in a moment, a strange looking bottle materializes from it into Nihil's hand. "This is from my planet, its probably a little stronger than earth is used to."

"Oooooh, I like the sound of that. White never let me drink, this is so liberating!" Kagerou seems strangely excited by the prospect of this.

Nihil hands it to Kagerou. "I suggest being careful, I can't really handle the stuff so I don't really like drinking."

He starts downing the bottle without any particular restraint.

Nihil just watches, a little impressed.

After a distinctive hiccup, Kagerou tosses the bottle, the whole thing empty and shattering off in the distance.

"Right, off we gooooo!" Kagerou starts exaggeratedly marching off in a particular direction. "Everybody march!"

Nihil quickly turns back to Razeth, swirling his finger in a circle towards his head, pointing at Kagerou with his other hand. Despite this, he follows.

Ad Meliora

As White soars out of Earth's atmosphere, the Guardians accompanying her take note of a strange series of red cracks growing along her body. To them, however, their origin is quite clear.

"My lady, I submit that it is not yet time, please withhold some of your power...!" Vulda is cut off by a red energy blade from White's hand, which causes him and the other Guardians to disintegrate.

"I cannot have you in my way." She states flatly, before proceeding, only to be blocked by a barrier. Behind it, stands a group of seven cloaked figures, in front stands a man in a yellow cloak she so dearly despises.

"I don't remember giving you permission to come this way, dear White," Eien remarks from behind the barrier.

In response, White's being ripples, before the barrier bends and shatters, dissolving a barrier that had been previously unnoticed around the planet.

Eien grows a curious grin. "I see, so an outcome I thought impossible has arisen. Very curious. And you're sure about this? You can never go back once you have..."

He places a hand on his sword hilt. "But of course you've already made up your mind then?"

White gives him a flat look. "Why else would I be here, Grand Yellow Phoenix?"

He smirks. "Don't call me that, it sounds silly coming from you, respecting your elders isn't your thing."

The other cloaked figures begin to fade. "If all is as you have foreseen, then we will depart this plane and seek one not yet desolate of potential. We await your accompaniment." With that, they disappear.

Eien extends his hand toward White. "Well then, I'm curious to see what dance this White will do in defiance of her established role. Entertain me."

White draws her sword, while Eien remains motionless.

"This time, the world won't be twisted by you and your deceptions." White says, a hint of wrath in her voice.

"A bit too late to say considering the state it has been bent into."

And with that, their swords clash, though neither side hardly presses for the kill, the two silently feel each other out. And then... a pair of strikes to any other seeming the same meet, and a grand nova of light and energy erupts between their blades, blinding all within the solar system.

Again, and again, the two clash with mighty blasts of power shaking the solar system. While White seems to be delivering lethal intent, Eien seems to casually glide and tilt out of her way, yet gives her no room for error. Indeed, soon she feels her initiative fail and she is now quickly falling on the defensive. Without warning, he speeds up drastically and cuts from top to bottom across her body.

CLASS--EXSPHERE NOSURGE Extended (Ar Nosurge- Ode To An Unborn Star)

CLASS--EXSPHERE NOSURGE Extended (Ar Nosurge- Ode To An Unborn Star)

She howls with the furious sting of his blade, as it ate a portion of her being. With the pain and fury of the blow, White begins to spasm and jerk with feral agony, as the red cracks being to rip open, and sinister energy begins to blanket her. Her jaws widen and elongate in an inhuman fashion, and her body is beginning to reformat into some manner of dragonic abomination, with her cries of feral pain deepening into the shrieks of a monster.

She begins to feel herself ebb away as the deep, unending abyss at the core of her soul finally begins to break free, and the mutated White, now colossal in comparison to Eien, lets out a feral roar before charging Eien, every leap and bound of her void corrupted form shattering time and space around her.

Eien only eyes her neutrally. "So, that's the extent of your will power? What an utter joke."

He slashes at the monster that White had become, only to be surprised when his blade bounces off without so much as a scratch. He faintly smiles, before sheathing his blade, as she resumes her assault with countless roars and screams, raking and mauling, yet still just shy of him. Finally, she strikes, only for her own attack to bounce off, much like his did against her armored form.

And then his fist slams into her chest, shattering the corrupt being's form and temporarily dispelling its hold over White's being, whose bare, tattered form sails into the cosmos, as she painfully begins to reform her humanoid form, with Eien soaring ahead of her at light speed. She eventually manages to stop herself, as she wheezes, black blood oozing from her body.

As she attempts to stand, she collapses, looking up at Eien, who now stands over her, sword at the ready to execute her.

With a vicious snarl, she knocks his sword away with a kick, and lets out a bellowing roar as her form turns into a kind of white static, her head becoming dragonic while she grows six clawed arms and six wings, with white armor appearing over her in an ornate fashion. The two begin to clash, this time with far greater force, in the space between stars. With every one of her strikes, utilizing every ounce of martial arts knowledge to her arsenal, a white dragonic form accompanies, biting, ripping, and tearing at Eien, who retaliates with equal force, with an eagle and its mighty wings buffeting her and her attacks.

Their attacks become intense enough to passively shatter the space around them in a perpetual state, while they also begin to weave powerful magics that bombard each other with curses, dispels, and massive aoes that utterly devastate the area. Finally they both hit each other, taking severe wounds to the chest.

Eien appears to be utterly unfazed, while White's breath is labored. "I remain unconvinced," Eien remarks as the red cracks begin to spread once more. White growls, and the cracks appear as though they are being forced back by an invisible hand.

"You still resist your purpose in this universe. You know it's not possible."

"Bite me." Her six arms begin to channel a massive white star over her head.

"...So you're going with that, huh?"

Eien doesn't move as a colossal star is formed, then rises into the space above White, then begins to split into thousands upon thousands of spheres, which all ignite in glorious multicolored bursts of light, igniting into stars of the same size as before, which all hurl themselves upon Eien, who only stands there as the stars all collapse into him, resulting in an explosion that can be felt throughout the galaxy as a massive Hypernova is born.

From the colossal nebula that is born emerges an unscathed, unimpressed Eien.

"Regular old Starkiller. And here I thought you actually had potential all this time. Is that really the best you can do, White?" A multicolored glow surrounds him as all around them and their battlefield, brand new infant stars are being born, casting the region of space into an almost soft, angelic light.

"Let me show you something a bit more impressive..." Without moving a red star forms above Eien's head, inconceivably giant compared to the single star she had manifested, or any of the stars now present in the area, so big in fact is this star, that it begins devouring much of the other stars.

"Let me show you a real Starkiller." The red star begins to burst into thousands of smaller stars, completely surrounding White before expanding into the same size as the original.

"Starkiller Betelgeuse." A hypernova that completely dwarves the previous one takes place, shaking the galaxy to impossible levels. However, soon after it begins, it begins to shrink, until bellowing at Eien at impossible speeds, though once again, he seems largely unaffected, though he emits a minor amount of steam afterwards.

White is barely standing, having completely redirected the blast with Light Slayer, though incredibly drained by her attempt.

"I will admit, for your skill, an admirable performance. Still..." What seems like lightning from across the universe begins to blast into White.

"Sekai Sandā." She fails to hear his words, drowned out by her own screams, when the blast finally subsides, White is left drained and motionless, the red cracks now spreading across her form without resistance, once again altering her form, disfiguring her.

"What a petty thrall you are. Why don't you understand that this is your purpose? To become a shell for the corruption of this universe, what perpetuates this pathetic world? To remake this world into your owner's true desire, its own image..."

He begins to walk up to her, a cocky smile on his obscured face.


Vzark. Vzark hears White address him sharply in his head.

He was a little startled by it, taking time to relax himself in the encampment.Something needed from me?

Check on Abeni and report to me her condition immediately.

"Okay, on it." Vzark started looking for Abeni, trying to find her as fast as possible.

He finds her with Nezumi, resting, but looking stable and overall much better than earlier.

Vzark let out a loud breath of relief. "Oh thank god you're okay. Sorry I was really worried." He quickly remembered what he was told to do. "Shes stable and doesn't look hurt, but she deems to be resting still."

Well get her ready to go in a few minutes. The fate of the universe - -no all of them, will depend on it. Once you get her standing, meet with Azula and the rest of those I've chosen for this final mission. I do not care about you all, I will make that clear. However, I need you for one last mission. You must stop my brother.

Vzark raised a brow, not quite understanding as to what has happened to make everything so urgent, but he complied. "Alright. I'll do whatever I can." He looked to Abeni. "Abeni, will you be back in fighting condition soon? I have orders from White to get you up and ready."

She groans, before standing up, with a minor protest from Nezumi.

"I'm as good as I'll be."

Vzark looked extremely worried, before shaking it off. "Thank you for saving me, by the way. I was...scared that you were.." He didn't finish his sentence. "Nevermind. We have something to do. Good to see you Nezumi. Thanks for helping Abeni."

"It's my duty," She says simply.

Abeni just shrugs. "If you had gotten hurt, no injury would hurt nearly as bad." She replies. "I assume it's serious if she needs me."

"Apparently the fate of the universe depends on it." He puts his hand on the handle of his sword, preparing to leave. "Guess we're off then."

Nezumi steps forward with Abeni, as though coming with them. Soon after, Abeni's generals appear as well, and Moegara pinches Vzark's cheeks lightly. "I guess it's a bonding experience!" She chirps.

Vzark gets a feeling of embarrassment and slight irritation. "I'm scared by what you classify bonding experiences as..." 

"Nothing like fighting for our lives to bring people closer together!"

He was going to retort, but reconsidered what he was going to say. "Actually, yeah, you're right. Just, none of you die, okay? I'll try to do the same."

He sees a black armored Azula silently walking towards them, a deeply grim air about her.

Vzark seemed a little worried, but wary at the same time.

When she arrives, Torrent, Toma, and Kake all arrive as well, though Kake seems oddly quiet.

"......Ready...?" Azula seems barely able to speak.

Vzark takes one last good look at everybody else there, before taking a deep breath, and nodding his head.

Azula's power grabs hold of them, and together they're pulled off into dark space...

Vzark's mind is flooded with a mass of paranoid thoughts, all moving too fast for him to even settle on fully thinking about one.


D-d-damn it all... I... I might not... ....make it this time... ...At least, I have them keeping things in check... ...will it be...?

White hardly notices as Eien presses his sword against her neck, her body being defiled and twisted into a monstrous shape, and she can feel her will ebbing away, being replaced by an almost impossibly vast force too great for her to stop on her own.

I really have bitten off more than... ... ...Well, listen to myself... ...I'm pathetic... pathetic! PATHETIC!

White bites his blade and rips it out of his grasp, standing wobbly and unbalanced by her disfigured body, letting out a shrill scream as her hands become titanic claws, and she blindly rakes at him in desperate madness, hoping to score even a nick on him before her will is absorbed completely, yet with simple kicks, blocks, and parrys, Eien casually avoids her advances, and soon pins her hideous form to the ground with a foot, pressing it hard against her jaw.

"What a circus you've performed," Eien says dully, the extent of his disinterest fully beginning to show. "You are not better than swine to be butchered by muddy peasants in my eyes."

She wheezes and gasps, becoming too weak to move, yet a fire still burns at her core, even as the horrible corruption she had faced all of her life continues to fill her desecrated body. With an awful groan, distorted by the dark void consuming her, she makes a final attempt to right herself, before Eien stomps on her neck, crushing it in bloody paste, leaving only a croaking from her.

"Weak, miserably weak."

The fire still burns, almost as agonizing as the force from beyond.

As her vision blurs out, a pale white figure seems to flicker in and out of her sight, as though somehow beckoning her consciousness, the fire now a roaring flame in her mind.

She pulls her consciousness toward it, and it begins to solidify, and the figure seems to regard her with interest, before suddenly the pain of corruption fades away in her mind, leaving only the presence of fire and the mysterious figure standing before her.

Yet, she knows exactly who, or rather, what stands before her.

She never believed it possible for her to be able to perceive it of all things, for she knew it to be something beyond anything and everything.

Fate itself stands before White. But she knew it had another name...

The Omega.

A reality in which you stand before me... how far you have come in defiance of destiny... but can you shoulder the consequences of your efforts now, at your final hour? Are you ready to accept, full heartedly, your true fate?

In the waking world, White musters the fire within and forces Eien off, who only shakes his head before cracking his neck before moving toward her once more. She meekly glances at her corrupted form, the greatest of ultimatums before her, but either way, she knew one thing.

She would merely be a slave, no matter her choice. But a choice had to be made.

Eien pauses, as White begins to hobble to her feet, and she clutches her chest.

"Stay. Down." He growls. "You're making yourself more pathetic by the second!"

Without warning, she extends her now dragonic hands to her chest and extends her claws, raking into her own chest with a horrid howl of anguish, yet she continues to tear into herself, an astonished Eien looks on as she seems to begin to rip herself open, revealing the very core of her being, which is all but consumed in shadowy corruption. With a fierce howl, she completes the deed and rips herself open, and then seizes the corruption by her malformed hands, pulling as hard as she can, trying to tear it from what little of her soul remains, despite the agonizing pain that makes her screams ring out even louder into the emptiness of space.

"...You're mad." Eien says, eyes widened out of astonishment.

The fire burns all the stronger, the only thing she can hold on to through the pain.

And you're sure about this?

I know what I'm fucking doing!

With a horrible cry, she rips the corruption that had festered inside of her for fifty years out of her body and soul, screaming in even more agony, in order to tear out the corruption, she had to rip out the very thing it fed on, her negativity. As her soul begins to wither away, her body crumbling to dust, the fire erupts into an inferno, finally manifesting as a pure white flame that consumes her form, obscuring her from view. Eien only watches as all of her life force ebbs into nothingness, then waits for a time, then slowly begins to walk away.

I thought you were taught never to turn your back on your opponent! White's voice rings clear in his head, and he is not even able to react before a glowing white blade impales his heart.

"But you... ...died...! I saw.... I saw it!" He hisses.

"You're not entirely incorrect on that front." White responds, her expression like steel, unmoving.

"You're such a pain in the ass. Be a good puppet and die already." He tries to hit her, but she catches his blow with her hand.

"You can't kill what doesn't exist, dear Eien." She gives him a faint smile.

"Your experience would indicate other-"

"I'm not talking about that kind of meager force. Something more... ...endless."

Their blows crash together, yet it is Eien who is sent flying instead. A silver glow of power surrounds her.

So this is your power. I'm beginning to understand why it fears you, She remarks to a new presence within her mind.

You cannot begin to imagine just how far that rabbit hole extends. But I will show you more nonetheless.

Sen no Kiseki II OST - E.O

Sen no Kiseki II OST - E.O.V

White's form grows a magnificent set of armor, one with her body yet uncomparably elegant, like that of the Lord of the Dead, or a prime ruler of the cosmos, fit for the grandest of warriors. And she knows she deserves it not.

She reaches deep into the abyss that has become her empty being, one without soul or identity, held together only by Fate itself. And Shinwa answers.


The power she brings forth could level the cosmos, and the excitement couldn't be more clear on Eien's face.

"To think you've been holding out on me! What a delicious treat! Come! Let me crush you with despair all the same!"

White sprouts grand angelic wings, while her feet are now mighty talons that rip space-time as they tear toward Eien, her mighty tail whips around in tandem with the march of her stride. She pulls forth a greatsword, much unlike her usual fighting style. Her golden horns are inscribed with runes of the deepest void, the darkest depths, and the most tranquil of abyss'. Her power radiates like an unstoppable eruption of the mightiest volcano, but yet Eien is bewildered: there is no source, only an infinite cascade. How could she wield such a power, and he could not sense it?

A matter for another time, as he unleashes the depths of his power, one that ripples throughout the fabric of the world, a shockwave that announces a power greater or beyond that of the grand total of life it self. His being glows with golden, nigh infinite power, his hair stands on end in spikes as the sheer power reverberates throughout his being. His whole being creaks with the strain, and he delights in feeling his limits tested for the first time in so long.

"Let us see the ultimate better party, whose extents truly are limitless!"

In the Wake

Vzark finds himself in the middle of a large grassy meadow, with Nezumi asleep and laying on top of him. Far distant muffled explosions of fighting can be heard far away.

He slowly stirs, part of him not even wanting to get up at all. "Did...what happened?" He holds Nezumi and gently places her to the side of him, slowly sitting up and looking around.

The action seems to have made her stir. The area they are in seems safe for the moment, but the intensity of the fighting elsewhere indicates that if they leave this area, they probably won't have any time to relax.

Vzark blinks. "You know what, no. Fuck that, I just want a minute or two to not be in the midst of chaos." He turns to Nezumi, remembering the moment where they shared a slight connection, and turning a little red. "....I didn't get to tell you that I was glad to see you, by the way."

"...Me too..." She makes a tiny yawn, her face scrunching slightly as she does so in an almost cute manner. She quietly looks around, before causing Wicker to appear once more, cradling the cat.

Vzark smiles, stretching slightly. "And im glad to see him, too." He looks around again. "I really dont want to bother with whatever that fighting is..."

She looks off in the direction of the fighting. "...The network is offline. The hivemind is broken, and now pandemonium rules our ranks."

Vzark sighs and lays back down. "Are...are we free, then? Is that just it?" Is it all over?"

"The control has ended, but in exchange, division has been sown. Chaos Engine fights Chaos Engine, fights Man, fights Myth. Our cornerstone is gone. Survival of the fittest says only the strong will survive from here on..."

He puts his hands to his face. "So much for a promotion." He sits back up, resting his head on Nezumi's shoulder. "What do you think we should do? Find Abeni or Azula?"

Nezumi seems to look away. "...We should stay away from Azula..."

He furrows his brow. "Well, alright. Abeni then. Just give the word when you're ready to uh...confront the fucking mess thats going on."

She nuzzles up against him. "I'm not ready..."

He quietly laughs. "Good, cause neither am I. Everything that happened recently was just a little too much. Lets just take some time for...for us, maybe?" He puts his hand over hers.

"...For us...?" She remains motionless, her lambda form grows out, as though summoned from releasing her tension.

Vzark huffs gently. "I kinda mean, uh...geez I don't know how to phrase this.....I want to figure out what we are, to each other."

"You have always been... ...perplexing..." She mutters, sinking more of her weight into him.

Vzark stays silent for a moment. "If im perplexing, should I just explain myself? How im feeling I mean." Vzark clearly seems nervous.

"You can try..."

He practically starts cuddling with her at this point. "...Nezumi, whenever im around you I find it harder and harder to contain my joy and my want to be with you." He takes a moment to breathe. "You make me happy and I can only hope that I make you happy, too."

"How do I make you happy...?"

Vzark cant help but smile when hes speaking. "I feel like you're the only one I really have a deep connection with. I get along with Abeni and shes close to me but I just feel like you're special. You're fine with taking time to deal with me and from what I can tell you enjoy my company."

"..." She seems to fall silent.

He sighs. "I understand if you don't really get what im saying but I don't know what to do or say to explain myself any further." He seems a little disheartened. 

He hears her stomach growl quite audibly, her silence broken by a small 'eep' of discomfort, he just realizes that she's had a slight look of discomfort for a little bit now.

Vzark shakes his head. "Look, im sorry. I shouldn't have dumped all of that onto you. Just....pretend I didn't say anything, im sorry."

He feels her start to grip him tight. "...Hungry."

Vzark sits up slightly. "...Well, come on. Lets see if we can get some food then."


He seems a little surprised. "You don't have to say sorry, don't worry. I just...overstepped my boundaries, is all."

"I made you think I didn't understand what you said or that I dismissed you... ...I just didn't want to bother you with trivial bodily needs."

He relaxes again. "...Yeah, actually. Part of me feels selfish for that though, I don't want everything to just be about me. And it'll take a lot more for you to bother me, especially when its just because you're hungry. Thank you, though." A small smile creeps on his face.

She gives him a weak smile in return.

He doesnt say anything for a moment, but rather suddenly he kisses her on the cheek. "VZARK WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"

She quietly tilts her head, before silently kissing his lips in return.

Vzark takes a good few seconds to process what just happened, his mind essentially rebooting. His entire face flushes the most red its ever been, and he cant even make out any words.

She just stares at him with her wide, impartial soft red eyes with a mostly straight faced expression. He hears another gurgle from her stomach.

"...You can thank me with dinner. And ten courses of dessert..."

His surprise turns into a large smile, and he nods. "Ye-yeah, sounds like a good deal to me. If you're ready then we can start leaving now." He seems much more energized than before.

She nods quietly, but doesn't move.

Vzark picks her up and just carries her, taking a deep breath and starting to walk.

Her head quietly rests against his chest. "I want to try something called pork..."

"Pork is good, depends in what way you want it though. I'm pretty sure the most common way though is just pork chops."

"I will eat everything."

Vzark laughs. "I know, but I have a feeling that'll change once you find something you dislike. Lets hope that doesn't happen though."

"I will eat all of the pork."

"I'll time you and we'll see how long that takes. Maybe if you manage to do it pretty quickly I can try to find some dessert."

"I will eat all of the dessert."

Vzark shakes his head. "Part of me believes you can eat that me food but the other is worried you'll stuff yourself so much that you'll explode."

"I would be eating bare minimum calorie intake for optimal function."

"Thats what they all say, until they're one hundred times neck deep in triple chocolate cake." 

"I could eat seven triple layered buttermilk frosting coated cakes and four tubs of neopolitan icecream and be no closer to our species' needed intake requirements. Thankfully below minimum bares no consequence except mild annoyances of the stomach region..." 

Vzark tilts his head. "....Maybe im not eating enough. Could that make me stressed out all the time?" 

"Release the beast Vzark, release the beast."

Vzark lets loose a good laugh. "Maybe one day, how about I release half the beast today instead?"

"Fly me away to the food... I'm hungry...."

"Alright, alright." Vzark sprouts wings and takes off, actively avoiding any confrontation. "I'd really rather not get caught up in that right now. Food is the highest priority, right?"

"Yes... all those who deny food will burn."

"Look at all those people, busy fighting and wasting time that could be spent eating. It really is a shame." He smiles. "....Im not going to rain down fire from above though."

She just silently watches the scene below for a while.

Vzark spots a place to eat, slowing down. "There, see that?" He points to what he's looking at.

She quietly nods.

"If my vision hasn't gone to shit im gonna assume thats a barbacue restaurant based on the grill on the window, they'll probably have pork."


"Ready to land, then?"

She lightly gnaws on his ear.

He rolls his eyes. "Thats a yes." He finds a place rather secluded from people, and descends.

She stays in his arms for the present.

He looks at Nezumi. "Gonna have to walk for now, best we dont attract attention, right?"

She reluctantly gets down.

"I'll pick you up again later, promise." He grabs her hand and starts walking.

She walks with him, abet slowly.

They eventually reach the restaurant, and he walks inside, clearly trying not to catch too much attention. "Its weird how not so long ago it seemed like the entire fate of literally everything rested on our hands."

"..." She is looking around the resturant, seemingly captivated.

They're seated, and Vzark starts sifting through the menu. "This is really strange. Its been so long since i've been in a restaurant."

"...I hardly know what that is..."

"Well, you're in one now. I have a feeling you're going to end up liking them. Just wait."

She appears to do just that.

A waiter comes over and asks what they would like to drink. Vzark just asks for a water, and he gestures to the page of drinks on the menu towards Nezumi.

"What is... ...Sprite?" She asks, confused.

"I'm pretty sure its a carbonated drink. It kinda faaaintly tastes like lemon but not really."

She hesitantly orders the Sprite.

The waiter writes down the drinks and walks off. "Now we've just gotta look through the actual food menu."

Nezumi seems confused by the names of all of the foods.

Vzark flips the page to the entrees, pointing to the porkchops. "There you go."

She seems to drool, but completely freezes when it comes time to order food and silently shies away from the waiter toward Vzark.

He orders for her, asking for the pork chops as well as ribs for himself. The waiter promptly walks away. "I know how you feel. I still feel a little uncomfortable when waiters come to ask for my order."

She pretty much is firmly pressed against him by the time the food arrives.

Vzark says thank you to the waiter, who places Nezumi's food infront of her. Vzark smiles and seemingly waits for Nezumi to try her food.

She seems to stare it down for a moment. "So little..." The portions are rather significant for a normal human's stomach...

"You can always order more. Although we might get weird looks from other people, I guess."

She begins to gnaw on the food rather slowly.

He starts eating his own food, as a means of encouraging her to eat.

She continues to eat very slowly, much like she did with her apple back in Yosai.

He lets her take her time, not wanting to embarrass her.

She eats for an exceedingly long time before finishing.

He had finished much quicker than she did. "Well, what do you think?"

"Acceptable flavor. ...Still hungry." Her stomach gurgles.

"Like I said, we can order more. Want to order more pork or do you want to try something else?"

"Ice... cream..."

He scratches his chin. "I'm not sure if they'll have that here. We can leave and find somewhere else that might, though."

She tilts her head quietly.

"Plus, if we find a place that specifically specializes in Ice Cream theres more variety for you to choose from."

"Ice cream away..."

Vzark nods. "Then we just...have to pay." Vzark thinks for a moment before looking around, sneakily shaping aura into the form of money, then casting a strong illusion on it. "There we go. Its temporary but uh....whatever."

She tilts her head slightly but says nothing.

He waves the waiter over and asks for the check, and after a moment he gets it, putting the "cash" in the slot, as well as putting a tip. "Right, lets go."

She quietly follows him.

He looks around, starting to get annoyed at his inability to find a place before spotting one in the distance.

Nezumi follows after, trailing just behind him.

They enter the shop, which seems rather small. There is a large selection of ice creams to choose from, all behind glass with their names of the flavor listed infront on labels.

Nezumi seems enthralled, practically pressing her face against the glass as she looks at them all.

Vzark laughs internally, looking along with her before settling on plain chocolate.

She seems to anguish over the choices.

"Try something new. Well, Im assuming most of it is new but try something that sounds the best to you."

"Everything..." She is actually drooling.

"You can mix and match scoops, like you can order a cone with multiple different types."

"Pick for meeeeeee..."

Vzark looks through, before pointing. "Try Rocky Road."

"Rocky... ...road...?" She asks, her head at maximum tilt.

"Its chocolate, marshmallows and nuts."


Vzark orders a cone for her, hands some "money" he made prior to the person running the shop and gives the cone to Nezumi.

She seems to regard the cone for a moment before biting half of the scoop away in one bite.

Vzark seems a tad worried. "Will you get brainfreeze if you eat that quickly...?"

She starts holding her head in pain, whimpering for a bit, then abruptly eats the rest in another big gulp, with the same result. She then proceeds to eat the cone.

Vzark blinks. "That takes more bravery than anything ive seen recently."

"Mooooooore. I want to try mooooooore."

Vzark looks at whats available before pointing once again. "Maybe Mint Chocolate?'

She nods quietly.

Vzark orders another cone, this time Mint Chocolate Chip before handng it to Nezumi. "Maybe slower this time? You're not suggested to eat it all in one gulp."

Her mouth has already opened wide by the time he finished saying that.

He scratches his chin. "Trust me, if you keep getting brainfreezes you're going to end up not liking ice cream. Try slowly."

She ends up dropping her icecream when a pair of sonic booms roar overhead, shaking the area.

Vzark's eye twitches, extremely annoyed. "You can't be fucking serious. He grabs Nezumi by the arm and walks out, looking to the sky.

Two large fireballs are streaking across the sky, a red and blue one.

Vzark gauges the fire balls and instantly recognizes the two by their power. "Uh Nezumi, im really sorry to cut this short but I think its best if we investigate that."


Vzark starts walking towards the direction of the fireballs at a rather fast pace, not sprouting wings until they get to a rather secluded and far away area.

The fireballs quickly spread far apart from each other, to the point he would only be able to head toward one.

Vzark thinks about it, before heading towards the blue fireball.

It is not until several hours later that the fireball, just barely visible on the horizon, begins to dramatically plummet toward the ground.

Vzark quickens the pace hes going at, seeming rather worried.

When he is within a much closer proximity, the blue fireball slams into the ground just off the horizon, unleashing a massive blue firestorm across the landscape, blowing him back for almost thirty minutes, before finally it calms down, contained to a massive impact crater, in which the storm of fire rages like a primordial entity. The flames do not appear to be dying down anytime soon.

Vzark's worrying is replaced with irritation until the storm dies down, and he continues walking towards the impact crater, albeit rather carefully.

As the firestorm continues, Vzark thinks he can hear helicopters whirling overhead.

Vzark starts to get anxious. "Fucks sake, this is grabbing too much attention..."

A whole brigade of helicopters is now circling the area, with the emblem and lettering of the M.P.D. They appear to have minigun turret platforms on their sides, all of which are manned. Spotlights are trained on both the massive firestorm and Nezumi and Vzark.

Vzark grits his teeth, staring at the various helicopters. "Do we have a plan of action, Nezumi?"

"Their show of force is probably merited. We could leave."

He bites his lip. "But we can't just leave Azula, especially after everything thats happened. The last thing she needs is to be without friends."


He breathes deeply. "We should stay. Im not going to abandon anyone."

"Then you lead." The helicopters seem to divide into two groups, one around them, and one around the crater.

Vzark straightens his posture, eyeing the group that begins to surround him, slowly taking a step forward.

"This is the MPD Armored Aerial Unit! You are under arrest. Resistance will be met with lethal force! You are charged with Warcrimes Against Humanity! Repeat! You are under arrest. Resistance will be met with lethal force!"

Vzark bites his lip. "....If you let us retrieve our friends, we promise to do no harm to you."

"All subjects will be detained! If you do not comply lethal force will be used!"

Vzark looks to Nezumi, shaking his head. "One last fight, I guess." Vzark takes a defensive stance.

Foot soldiers begin to drop from the helicopters, covered in heavy battle armor.

Vzark creates various dense orbs of aura which he fires towards the foot soldiers.

At that moment, the crater surges with a huge wave of blue fire that knocks everyone back. In the epicenter stands Azula, whose form swirls and churns with huge waves of Destructive Fire, on her knees.

Stand down... there's nothing for me anymore. A wave of anguish and mourning follows the voice that enters his head.

Vzark tries his best to fight back the anguish. "Azula please, I'm sorry that you've lost so much but there's still so much left for you."

Just leave me with them... they won't hurt me.

Vzark seems frustrated. "That's not what I'm afraid of! I don't want you to hurt yourself by making us leave."

The soldiers continue despite the pelting of the aura bolts.

Hurt myself? How could anything hurt me, after everything? My heart is dead.

Vzark creates various aura barriers to slam into them. "If you dont take a chance to save yourself then you'll be doing even more damage."

"...Save myself? From what exactly? There is nothing left to save. ...But plenty left to burn."

The sun begins to rise in the horizon, beginning to shine on Azula, which seems to impart a strange effect upon her, her blue flames and form beginning to shine with a harsh crimson light instead. The pressure in the air increases and the ground begins to crack.

"I believe our lady is experiencing a crisis of purpose and meaning. Reason is long past." Moegara's voice rings in Vzark's head.

Vzark seems rather stressed. "Then what the fuck are we supposed to do?"

 Vzark then hears Ryoka's voice in his head."We stop her. However and whatever it takes. We cannot allow Lady Azula to jeopardize the future of this planet."

Vzark blinks. "Im sorry, you expect me to stop THAT?!"

Vzark then hears Sylles' voice in his head. "Well not by yourself. Stand your ground with us, Purple One."

"My name's Vzark god damnit. But message recieved. I uh, don't know if i'll be able to pull much weight but fine."

Sylles: Any and all hands will be appreciated for this battle we find ourselves engaged in.

As the light around her grows stronger, they notice a host of golden chains beginning to shackle her in massive numbers, as though trying to hold her back, they can tell she is clearly straining.

No more... no more...! I'll burn it all down... ...that's what you made me for anyways White... ...why deny my purpose anymore? You took everything from me, and now you want to play like you are on our side?! I'll burn it down.. burn it all... burn... burn... burn...!

Vzark appears extremely worried, both for himself and the sanity of his now chained friend. "Azula please! You can't lose sight of everything like this!" Vzark is getting increasingly angrier, creating chains of aura to help.

Without warning, Azula lets out a feral scream as her left arm rips through both types of chains, the landscape on the left side of her as well as the air itself cracks and shatters, a wild malestrom of destructive energy is blowing uncontrollably.

Moegara releases a huge fireball at Azula. "Shall you burn your own sister? Or have you really become that deprived?"

Nezumi releases a barrage of blue flame swords at her as well. "Even I can see others look up to you, Azula. You need to release your emotions."

"Shut the hell up! You know nothing! Look up to me? Because of what?! You place those selfish ideals of me upon me, you have no right! I'm not a leader, I'm not some damn goddess for you all to drivel and fall over yourselves for! I was a damn human! ...No... ...not even that... ...just cattle for an organization who viewed others as nothing more than toys for their own gain! What have I lost sight of Vzark? Is it some fake ideal of me you presumed was the real me? I'm nothing but a selfish woman with her own desires... ...but I'm not even allowed that because to you I'm some perfect leader, some damn goddess that White placed on a pedestal for you! Does it hurt to see the veil lifted from your eyes?! Because I certainly can quite see it... there's nothing in this world... NOTHING! ...nothing that can't be taken away... can't cherish anything in this world..."

Vzark grimaces at the sight of the destruction being caused. "None of us need a fucking leader Azula! I doubt any of us, and if I can't speak for them, I never thought or saw you as just a leader! I saw you, and still see you as my friend! As my family! Im sorry about what you've lost, about what we've all lost, but that can't be stopped! It's over and there's nothing that can be done about it! If you keep with this destruction you're just going to take away even more things! You know what that pain feels like! I haven't been around long but there's already so much I fucking cherish, I don't care if one day it'll be lost! The days I get to experience with the things I cherish now are enough!"

He charges up various blasts of maser energy, throwing them haphazardly at Azula in extreme passion. Theres more to his words and actions than just passion. Theres anger, and even fear.

"All we want from you is someone to be with and hold dear to ourselves! YOU'RE TEARING YOURSELF APART!" He fires an even stronger blast this time, with even more fear.

Ryoka calls forth thunder and hailstorms alike and attempts to strike Azula down with lightning and ice

The thunder and and hailstorms warp and shatter in her presence, as she begins to break the second chain, screaming.

Her form is beginning to change, the landscape around them cracking and even some parts are lifting in their entirety from the ground. She seems to be taking on a strangely grand form, her wings blazing with crimson fire. The crimson light is growing, as if the presence of the sun is empowering her. The area trembles with her agitation. Her black CE armor is growing over her, the crimson light giving her a ghoulish appearance.

Vzark seems unsure on how to react at this point, and braces for the worst.

Solare Iudex Azul

Sister... don't you think this flower is pretty? Illia presents Azalea with a beautiful pink flower.

It's... ...lovely...

Just like you, right? Illia holds the simple four petaled flower to her eldest sister.

Just like... me...?

Yeah, you're the most pretty woman in the village!

Do you really believe that...? ...What does it matter when the package has no value on the inside?

...Huh? You're not making any sense Azalea... Did something happen at work...?

...A business partner would not continue selling to me because I 'have no spark'. I work as hard as I can to get this shop afloat and apparently that's not enough for anyone...

I think you have all the power in the world, Azalea! You have a big heart, you just haven't let it show yet.

...You say the oddest things, my little sister.

The lot of them are blasted away by a mighty flare of golden fire, and a completely armored version of Azula, imbued with a strange golden hue levitates in the air. Most of the MPD agents and their vehicles are damaged. In her hands is a black and gold greatsword.

"Come take your pretentious ideals to the grave then. If you think you're going to change my mind when the truth of this horrible world is laid bare, that's you're problem."

Vzark seems to lose his conviction. "I can't fight this."

Nezumi puts a hand on Vzark's shoulder. We have to do this. For our friend.

Vzark says nothing and remains still for a second, placing a hand on the handle of Novas Wrath. "...I understand."

Azula waves her hand towards them and a massive wave of gold fire rages towards them, but Moegara breathes a cone of frost, freezing it. Jumping on top of the frozen wave is Yasei, who unsheathes her sword. Launching herself at Azula with a gold and silver aura, which causes Azula to block the attack and blow her back with a flap of her wings.

Vzark creates a small explosion at his feet, launching himself towards Azula, creating spikes of aura that orbit him.

She begins to move to counter him, but she is strangely moving very slow.

Vzark takes advantage and sends the spikes crashing down at her to stop her counter even further, drawing Nova's Wrath and slashing across her chest. 

The spikes shatter upon impact, leaving only minor dents, his sword cut scrapes and sparks across her armor, he doesn't quite breach it. However, he does send her flying with the force, as if her movement was slowed but their effect on her momentum is unaffected, if not amplified.

Vzark looks a little confused, but quickly looks back at the others, smiles brightly and gives a thumbs up before turning back and charging Novas Wrarth with Novic energy. 

Yasei stands next to him with the same aura, and then stabs his side with a dagger, though oddly enough he only ends up feeling an extreme sense of hyperactivity and energy. 

He jumps a bit at the initial rush, but quickly begins charging up even more energy in Novas Wrath than before, unleashing a massive wave of Novic energy that hurdles towards Azula.

Azula unleashes a massive violet wave of destructive power toward them, dwarfing his own in size with a slash with the black and gold weapon. As it gets closer, Abeni seems to awaken, struggling to her feet.

"Aaand im dead."

Abeni stands in the way, slashing at the energy wave with a greatly weakened swing compared to Azula's, nethertheless she stands her ground as the wave slams into her blade, pushing her back and causing no shortage of pain in the effort to shield Vzark.

Vzark appears rather shocked. "Abeni, thank you! I'm sorry you constantly have to risk your life for mine, I don't want this to become a pattern."

"Stop apologizing. You're not the one who has lost their damn mind." Abeni struggles against the force of the attack, before being blown back, the rest of the attack dispersed, but just barely.

Azula could not look more angry if she tried. She begins to run toward Abeni, and Abeni herself begins to run at her sister, their swords clashing together. Between them on the ground is a charred, barely discernible pink four petaled flower.

"You have a lot of nerve striking at your big sister," The maddened Azula jeers.

"You have a lot of nerve talking like that when you're striking out at those who love you." Abeni returns.

"I understand your pain, but you're burning yourself out as well... ...just look." Abeni pulls the withered plant from the charred soil.

"Is this really all you want to be...?"

Vzark grips his sword tighter as he charges towards the two sisters, attempting to support Abeni.

Azula screams and the three are flung back, massive orbs of destructive energy surging around her.

"Just disappear already!"

"What's making you hurt this time, Azalea...?" A voice rings out, which makes Azula freeze, turning pale as if she's seen a ghost. A faint green light begins to glow between Azula and Abeni.

Vzark peers rather curiously towards the green light.

What appears to be a female form is beginning to form amidst the light, with a face similar to that of Abeni and Azula, but far, far younger. She appears to have a sad expression on her face.

"Why are you hurting Kyra, big sister?" The female speaks, the hurt in her voice matching her face. Vzark cannot help but be mesmerized by the girl's beauty, in spite of himself trying to focus on the situation at hand.

Vzark appears to be confused both by the emotions he's feeling and the current situation.

Azula stumbles back, petrified as the female fully manifests, possessing green scales, iridescent hair, and a great mass of plants and flowers serving as clothing. Six angelic wings sprout from her back, shrouded in Ether. Her eyes are yellow, and she bares much resemblance to Abeni and Azula, to the point Vzark comes to the conclusion that she must be related in some way. As Azula stares at this newcomer, he can see that her strength is crumbling away, and an onset of deep despair and misery is setting in, replacing the rage and anguish of madness.

"Oh Gurin..." She weeps, before collapsing on the ground, empty of resolve and will.

Vzark sheathes Novas Wrath, tilting his head only getting more and more confused. "...I've lost track of the situation."

Abeni looks at the female, apparently named Gurin. "...You're back..." Abeni rushes up to hug the green Lambda tearfully.

Vzark just looks back to Nezumi with a dumbfounded look on his face. He turns back to what appears to be a family reunion and slowly approaches.

The girl named Gurin looks at him as he approaches. He cannot tell if the look she is giving him is purely friendly or if she is checking him out.

"..." She doesn't say anything.

Abeni eventually looks over at him, and with a cracked, strained voice, Abeni manages, "This is my youngest sister Gurin. She disappeared from the Fortress quite some time ago and ever since I was deathly worried..."

Vzark seems a little surprised but attempts to give his best greeting possible. "Oh. Huh. Well, good to meet you Gurin. You uh, kinda appeared at a strange time."

She only meekly nods in return.

Moegara meanwhile stretches. "Well, mission accomplished. Now time to find those friends or whatever that girl was talking about. Hey green girl, have you seen another Lambda, a fox girl, and an elf boy?"

She blinks before nodding.

"Alright, thanks." Moegara disappears in flames and a faint twinkling of snow.

Vzark sits down, seemingly tired. He appears that he doesn't want to be rude, so he just waits for the sisters to finish.

Moegara pops into view with a blue skin toned Lambda with deer like horns, an elven male, and a timid black furred Kitsune girl.

"Found them!" She disappears with them just as quickly.

Meanwhile Abeni waves him and Nezumi off, indicating she wants to be alone with her sisters.

Vzark nods, and gets up, turning around as he walks over to Nezumi. "Problem solved?"

"Who knows..." Nezumi says, watching the three.

He looks to Nezumi, hesitantly leaning in and giving a quick kiss on her cheek. "Who cares."

The girl named Gurin appears to say something to Abeni, who gravely nods before disappearing with Azula. She then turns and begins approaching Vzark silently.

He seems just ever so slightly annoyed as watches her approach him. "Guess the problem isn't, solved?"

"...I was just going to let you know thank you for being there for Azalea." She says in a subtly aggravated tone when she hears him say this.

He scratches the back of his neck, clearly feeling a little bad for what he said. "Yeah, uh....sorry. Long day, is all. Im glad I could be there for your sister. Im guessing you mean Azula? Thats what we know her by."

She is about to say something, but then Vzark notices Nezumi eying Gurin, particularly her figure only barely cover effectively by the plant growth wrapped around it, almost in a jealous manner.

"Are you trying to seduce my purple dinosaur?" She says in her usual manner, but wraps her arms around Vzark possesively.

Gurin merely blinks and turns a slight shade of red.

Vzark chokes on spit and air, smiling nervously and shaking his head. "Nezumi, its okay! I really doubt thats what they're here for."

"Why else would such a woman with an amazonian form and scantly clad 'clothing' approach you?"

Vzark cannot help but feel the razor edge amount of jealousy emitting off of Nezumi, though Vzark inadvertinatly notices that Azula and Abeni weren't exactly role model women either in that regard.

He can't help but flush quite a bit at the situation. "Oh jeez...J-just, im not that easily taken! You don't need to worry. Besides, Azula and Abeni were never a problem!"

A Drop of Poison

Moegara shifts in and out of the shadows, snaking her way toward the city center of one of the nearby cities closest to the Gate. She and the other Shadows had long identified this as a key strategic point for securing the Chaos Engine race, especially after the predicted fall of White. They hadn't expected White to just abandon control, but that just means their plans could begin sooner.

That being said, she couldn't just march in guns blazing. A great many MCCP agents are stationed in this city especially after the first wave occurred, and a direct confrontation with so many CRAzys and troops would be costly. ...But if those resources were converted... ...they would have the superior advantage in future fights for autonomy.

Moegara, for that reason, was selected to take control of the government here and slowly convert their population into faithful followers of Abeni's rule, for indeed the Five Shadows also agreed that Abeni would be the best possible leader for the people in the power vacuum, and they had a feeling that Abeni would accept, given her selfless nature.

...But how to do it? Moegara decided to simply take control of their leader, and have them take the fall for the city's eventually consumption into Chaos Engines. Moegara was more familiar with that than executions and impersonations.

She slips into the capital building, invisible, and slowly creeps into the center room, where the mayor appears to be belittling her next victim, if not outright blackmailing them.

...This one's heart... just screams perfect pawn to me...

Moegara begins to wait, hoping the Mayor's stuttering victim will get out soon.

Man: You cannot do this! Do you know how many people are out there with no homes?

Mayor: *is nonchalantly writing on a piece of paper* Yes, I know.

Man: Then you know that the Manna House atleast provides people with the means to get by. Food is essential and you refusing to let us take in donation will run us down! Especially since you raised our taxes! That are already paid for!

Mayor: Yea, I know that too. Look, times are very much scarce. And we need to provide for everyone, not just the suffering!

Man: How much do the well-off need?

Mayor: Well enough I can feed myself.

Man: I don't even know what that means!

Mayor: Oh? Well maybe you might understand this. *slides the man the paper she was writing on*

The man takes the paper and skims it for a moment before he begins to sweat

Man: I .... I don't understand what this means...

Mayor: Oh you know. You just don't want to believe it. But do believe that if you do not pay your due, you will be incarcerated for tax evasion. Do I make myself clear.

The man looks up at the paper and looks at the mayor who flashes him a smile

Man: What you're asking me is impossible...

Mayor: Then you better start selling whatever donations you get, my friend. Food isn't cheap you know? But your life is. And trust me. I will take it. So I better. Have. My money.

Man: ...Yes, ma'am.

The man gives the mayor back the paper. He then gets up and leaves the office.

Mayor: *puts her hands behind her head* I am going to eat good tonight.

Moegara smiles.

Oh this one is good, she takes after me in a way. Oh this will be good. Well, time to flaunt my skills. And a one, two, three...

"Good morning there, Mora Shotam, you certainly have what it takes, I must say. You remind me of myself, in fact. Are you free? I have a business proposition you cannot pass up." Moegara speaks aloud, still invisible, projecting her voice to come from all directions in the room, yet nowhere at the same time, giving her voice a mystical, omnipresent quality to inflate the significance of her presence to the mere mortal, as though the Mayor had been graced with the presence of a divine being.

Mora jumps up at the sudden at the sudden presence of this voice. She scans the room only to find nothing but emptiness.

Mora: W-who are you? Who's there!?....GUARDS!

"They can't hear you love, but do not be afraid... ...Because I will grant all that you desire. But you must first hear me out, so calm down."

Mora: *breathes deeply* Ok...W-what do you want?...

"To make you a goddess. Already you rule this town under your thumb, but surely one as ambitious as you want more, I can hear your soul crave for it."

Moegara manifests herself in the chair, revealing more of her angelic nature to soften the impression but only enough to make it clear that she is not to be trifled with.

"And in truth, as with all such offerings, I request something in return, your service, mainly. You see, I am but a fragment of a greater age of beings, ones who dominated the stars. I do not wish to be the last of my kind, so I need a suitable race compatible with my own. In short... me turn your city, and you will be a God-Queen, and your people will worship you as such, mere drones before a mighty one such as you... a city of gold, one that will make all eyes turn to you and you alone..."

Moegara gives her a kind smile. "And I shall maketh you, Mora Shotam, my eternal star, whose glory I will nurture for all of your days."

Mora: I mean...Not that the offer doesn't sound good. But..You know...There is nothing stopping me from accepting your offer. So why not?

Moegara opens her arms. "Then come to me, Mora. Embrace me so that I might impart my blessing unto you. I swear this oath: you will be reborn, and live a glorious future, with me at your side." The much larger, powerful woman feeds Mora with courage to approach her, knowing full well her size would make Mora skittish to approach.

Mora stretches her arms out as she slowly approaches Moegara, still somewhat skeptical about all of what she was doing. But it has gotten to the point that maybe she was just bored of playing a game she was good at. Now it was time for something to try out. That and she isn't really big on intimate contact with strangers, but she manages to pull through and embrace Moegara

Moegara returns the embrace, the sensation feels to Mora like the familiar, warm embrace of a mother. Almost immediately upon doing so, a mild explosion of power surges through Mora and throughout the room, blowing books out of their shelves, the outburst quickly being quelled as the power begins to swell like a storm inside of her, a strange sensation of pleasure filling her as she is molded by Moegara into a Chaos Engine not unlike her, with a similar body and form, though her horns are far smaller, almost imp like by comparison. Her body begins to turn into a huge mass of wind, but is soon contained by a shell of beautiful diamond, flesh eventually weaving over the form until only her tail, horns, and wings bear the crystalline structure. A single huge diamond grows in place of her heart on her chest, heavily imbued with the power of wind.

When Moegara releases her, she imparts a timebomb on Mora's soul, set to completely reoriginate her soul and turn her into a new person- -at Moegara's word. She then silently turns toward a light watching them closely, while Mora falls unconscious from the ordeal.

I won't hurt her, I promise. In fact, I rather look at humans like little children... ...just not yet full grown. I made an oath: she will be reborn, and live a glorious life. But that wicked woman she is now shall be punished for her crimes, and once she has- -I'll give her a new life and treat her as my own. So now you know my game, angel.

Mmmmm.Id rather the father take care of her punishment, but for all I know, he might be working through you. But I am keeping close on you.

No need. Of course, anything I could do is nothing compared to whatever horrors the pit would have in store for her. I'd know, being a former sucubus that was the daughter of a sucubus... Meh. 

Moegara quietly watches Mora, waiting for her pawn to wake, and for her plans to begin.

Mora abruptly wakes up gasping for air

"You're awake," Moegara speaks normally now to build familiarity. "Why don't you rest a bit, and treat yourself to dinner before we discuss what you are to do to complete our pact? You have a lot of work ahead of you, but it will be worth it in the end, my sweet." Moegara alters her appearance to appear as a secretary to Mora, to not cause suspicion while in Mora's presence.

Mora: Who...Who are you supposed to be?

"Your secretary. At least until the city is totally under your thrall. It wouldn't do for a being such as myself being seen associated with you. It might... ...make people suspicious. My name is Moegara, but please refer to me as Celica until such time as your reign is assured. Now, eat your fill, you will be starving quite soon, and not the exaggerative kind, the death by starvation kind. Eat up." Moegara creates a bountiful buffet for Mora to gorge herself with.

"Once you are done eating, we will address your first task toward attaining your absolute power."

Mora looks at Moegara before she goes and begins to prepare herself some of the food laid out in front of her, still somewhat abit off-put by all that's just happened.

Moegara allows her to finish her food before she does or says anything, preferring her subject to speak first.

Mora finishes her food. Though she doesn't feel full, she doesn't exactly feel hungry neither.

Mora: So. What do you have planned for me?

Moegara unveils a glass tube filled with a strange pale green liquid, a lime sort of color. "As I said. You must turn your city, your people, into your subjects, your thralls. By turning them into our species, you as their alpha will be able to enslave them. You are to be the God-Queen of our race."

She indicates the liquid container. "This is the key to all of that. We will start with a slow burn- -tell your farmers that this is a new brand of fertilizer and have it sprayed onto the crops of the entire city. Everyone who eats of those crops will be turned. It will be far slower and more painful than your rebirth, and most will be hospitalized. While that is happening, you will also tell the water treatment companies here to use this chemical to remove unsafe contaminants from the water supply, and ensure the entire population is transformed into your slaves." She smiles. 

"But first perhaps a lesson in exerting your newfound powers... demonstrate what you will be capable of at the height of your power." She spreads her arms. "You will turn everyone into our species in this building, and then subjugate them, break their wills until they exist to please your every desire."

She glances at the phone on Mora's desk. "Call someone in here to practice on."

Mora takes the phone and puts in a number. A few moments later, the man that was in her office before came in

Man: Yes, Ms. Shotam?

Mora: Hello, I hope I didn't disrupt you. More than I did today.

Man: Well I was half way across town when you called. What is it? More demands?

Mora: Why yes, there is. Bow to me.

Man: ...Teh. This is a joke. It's bad enough I gotta take orders from in general, but I ain't kissin' your foot any fur-

The man feels and intense pressure pushing him down to ground. It's like gravity is puhing against him.

Man: Gaaaaaaah! W-what?! You! Y-you're one of them, aren't!?

More: Oh no. I'm much more than that.

The man lands on his knees but the forst is still pushing him down until he's hunched over.

Man: W-what do you waaaaaant!

More: Well you finished the bowing part. Why don't you kiss my foot. *places her foot out*

The man reluctantly kisses it.

Mora: *smirks* Good boy. Now.

Mora pulls her foot back and kicks the man in the face sending blood across the floor and a took falls to the floor. Mora picks it up and examines it with amusement. The man is breathing heavily.

Man: You...I hope you rot in hell, Mora Shotam!

Mora: I'm afraid I'm long ways from that. But you aren't though.

The force increases and the man finds himself laying flat on the floor. He can feel his flesh and bones slowly flattening from the intense pressure. The man begins to scream in agony and grind his teeth. Mora simply summons a chair, sits in it, grabs a breadroll and begins to eat it with a vicious smile. Mora places her foot on the man's head as tears stream down his face.

More: You all thought you were under my foot before. Hoeny, you haven't seen nothin' yet. Heheheheh.

The man yells out in pain once more

Remember that he is your practice subject for transformation. Don't kill him.

Mora: *graons* Fine fine.

The  pressure being felt on the man ceases as he is engulfed in light. The man can feel himself changing beyond that of a physical and spiritual scale

Good. Break down his mind, turn him into your thrall. Make his every waking desire to be your pleasure and service.

Mora: You know, I always viewed you self-righteous pricks annoying. As any hard-working individual like myself would see. And see where my hard work got me? Power to do what I did to you and far much more. Where did your good deeds get you, hmmm? A skeleton turned paperweight. No normally. The rule of survival is for the strong to devour the weak. But since I'm beyond strong, I will do more than just devour you. I will grace you with what I have.

Man: W-what...What would I do...With all that power...? Nothing...!

Mora: Oooohhh my urge to just waste you is strooong. You simply have no initiative. That's why you're where you are now. Under my foot. But become like me and you might have the one thing you've always wanted.

Man: ...What I've always wanted, huh...Then do it...Make me...Like you...

Mora: *snaps her fingers*

Now the rest of this building. Make everyone in here your servant.

Mora: All who reside in this building, come to me.

Soon all of her staff come into her office and wait.

Mora: Kneel.

Staff: Yes ma'am.

All of her staff soon bend on one knee

Mora: You all will serve me for now on and for the rest of your lives.

Staff: Yes ma'am.

Moegara mentally applauded Mora. Now do as I instructed, corrupt this city.

Mora: Right.

Mora grabs the phone and puts in a number.

Farmer: Hello?

Mora: Yes, this is Mora Shotam.

Farmer: Oh! Hello mayor. What can I do you for?

Mora: There's some new fertilizer I want you all to use for our crops.

Farmer: Ok. What is it?

Mora: It's a new kind of fertilizer that will not only graw our crops quicker, but make them far more nutrient aswell.

Farmer: Hm...Well if it's something new then you already know I'm going to have to test it out myself first before I give it out.

Mora: Understood. I'll send you some. Goodbye. *hangs up* It's done.

"Call them. All of them. Slip it in without them knowing. The entire food supply must be contaminated. Then attack the water supply so that no one will escape the plague of evolution."

Mora: Goodness. Abit of an extremist, aren't you?

"Says the one who is becoming a god-queen under my tutorship."

Mora: Then let me enlighten you on something. When it comes to putting someone under your thumb, you gotta come off subtly. That and you ease yourself in to the minds of those under you. Convince them. Prove to them. And they will accept willingly. Until it's too late that is. Trust me, when it comes to plans like these, it requires some time. What, you expect results within a day?

"Mind control. Also, you know how long it took you to turn?" Moegara responds simply. "Trust me, once this happens, it will happen fast. If you don't make a foundation for success as soon as possible, building your castle on unstable ground will lead to ruin almost immediately. With your power, planning, effort, not a bit of it is required. Steal away their minds and bodies, and they will be puppets for your eternal pleasure. If you muck around and wait, people will start turning and will quickly figure out who did it."

She leans in and slides her finger across Mora's neck. "And there goes the God-Queen, just like that."

Mora: I turned because I am a opportunist. Everyone else here are idiots. Reason why I'm in this position of power in the first place. I find it alot more enternaing to watch them ruin their own lives through their stupidity than just robbing people of their will and mind. Besides, I can easily say a Myth took control of me and forced me to do all that I did. They'd believe it too. *smirks* Trust me. I know how this alll works. 10 years I've stood in this office unchallenged and undistubred. And now? I'm practically invincible. Thanks to you. You'll get your results. My way.

Moegara only smiles as the scene begins to warp into something truly mortifying, a field of demonic woman tormenting and seducing the spirits of countless men and demons, with a mighty pit lord standing atop the scene from an ivory throne, Moegara appearing with Mora in hand, grabbed by the very roots of her hair and very much unable to move against the might of the far stronger, more seasoned Lambda.

"Oh hey boss, nice to see you~" She gives him a sly, playful wink. "It's been too long. So listen, you being the master of basic bitches, and myself having recently taken on the practice of making basic bitches... ...What do you say you show your most recent stock what happens to disobedient cattle with this little girl here?" She gives a terrifying grin full of needle sharp teeth at Mora.

Mora: Heyheyhey! I  didn't say I wasn't going to do it. I was just telling you we need a separate approach. Cause if you were going to all Gun-ho on this plan, you could've easily had done it yourself.

Moegara gives her a playful look. "Ho~ how scared you seem. Too bad you didn't think about the consequences of that sooner~ if you would, boss man?"

"I don't know? Don't you need her for something?"

Mora: Yes! Yes she did! But since I'm not rolling over to her will like I made everyone else in my capitol building, she's already so keen to off me! I'm teelling you! Gun! Ho!

"No no, there are no guns down here in Hell. Hoes? Sure. Plenty. I mean you're looking at them right now. But come here right quick, Moegara."

Moegara simply looks at Mora. "Oh I'm not gonna have you killed, no, I'm just asking my former boss if he'd kindly teach you a lesson before we resume our buisness. Besides, it'll be educational for you, seeing what fate you'd have for your ceaseless sins early. What with likely becoming the one on the bottom, like all of those other hogs down there."

She looks back up at him. "That depends, are you looking for a taste of the good old nectar or are you going to sing Baby Come Back?"

"Maaaybe the latter?" He flashes a nervously impish smile

"Sorry bub, but I'm not looking for a demotion."

"Well." Begins to whisper in Moegara's ear. "I would say let her have her fun. It'll make her fall all the more satisfying when you kick the chair from under her. Plus it'd be a waste ofr resources to get rid of her so quickly. She may have used only a portion of the power you gave her, she still prefers to take steps to power, rather than an elevator. Give her abit longer and she will embrace all of what she is. Besides if you cared so much about your position, then you probably should've done all of this yourself. But it's all just a suggestion. Unless you still want me to throw'er in with the hoes."

"History is already in motion. Regardless of what she thinks, I have already secured my desired outcome."

She shows him a vision of the city, undergoing a plague of transformations as the vast majority of the population painfully begins to transform.

"Soon because of her incompetence, her failure to double up and refusal to obey my instructions will cultimate in an assault on the central governance." Moegara smiles.

"The dominos fall..."

She smacks him away, annoyed. "If you would allow for a few hours of torment, my buisness will be done and she will bare witness to the fruit of her folly."

She gives a wicked grin. "Watching oneself perish is a very effective means of destroying one's self worth, don't you think?"

"I think you need that you need a chill pill..." Rubs the side of his face.

Mora: Right.

"But if you think this will set her straight then I'll allow it."

Mora: Fuck damn it...

Moegara chuckles. "Make her your swine."

"I am going to enjoy them lips of yours. So. Fine." Licks his lips in anticipation.

Mora: *narrows her eyes*

"Drop her below with the rest and I'll show her a good time."

Moegara grabs Mora and begins to slowly, agonizingly drain her of her Lambda self, turning her once more into a human. She then tosses her into the pits.

"How long before she becomes one of your succubi?" She asks as the fiends of the fields descend upon Mora. "I bet she won't hold out for more than a few hours."

"She might last longer seeing how she was so stubborn not to even apologize or beg for mercy. I'll give her six hours at the most."

"Well, I can suspend her attachment to time here, so she could spend an eternity and her life before would be waiting her return even still. It matters not how long it takes, only that she learns the place of such swine as her."

"Yea yea yea. The wicked be damned. So what all will you do now?"

"Oh, probably oversee things. Then head back and take that city for my lady. I look forward to giving her my report of success."

"Alright then. Make her proud and take care."

"Your lack of scheming is making me suspicious." She simply oversees Mora's punishment for the rest of the time. "

Eh. It's good to take a break from scheming from time to time. Especially when you've used up all of your good ones."

Moegara waits until Mora has been thoroughly broken, then has her drug before her.

"Well, my newborn succubi, have we learned our place? Or do you need an additional time out?" Moegara's presence seems to restore Mora's clarity, at the cost of the weight of her torment crashing upon her shoulders once more, having been lost in the mindless abandon of a succubus.

"You....made...your point..."

Moegara doesn't offer any reaction this time, instead she points to a mirror like object.

"Good, because I want this next lesson to stick with you for what little time you have left."

Mora looks into it to see an image of the city hall being besieged and overrun by a furious townspeople, who rampage inside and overwhelm the staff, heading directly for her room. When they barge in, Mora sees herself being assaulted by the townsfolk, who spit, curse, and beat her again and again, until she stops moving, the ground soaked in her blood.

Moegara tsks. "Well, it looks like the real price of your actions came to pass. Oh, did you think you were here in the flesh? No, just your soul. Well, now you don't have a body, and your judgement will be nigh. So little Mora, what will it be? Shall I make you mine, or will you accept that endless torment I gifted you? It's your choice. Be reborn as my daughter in all things, or live eternity in the life of a swine."

Already Mora can feel herself beginning to be pulled back into the Pits, slowly but steadily, she feels the latter option taking hold of her, and soon she won't have a choice at all. She is completely at Moegara's mercy.

" I ...accept."

"Good girl. It will be painless."

Moegara takes ahold of Mora, and with her own DNA, alters her into a child with similar features and appearance to Moegara herself. With a soft pat on the head, she completes Mora's transformation, admiring her handiwork with the newborn child Lambda. She gives a small nod to her former master.

"If you ever feel like doing something more with your existence, feel free to pledge fealty to my lady." She disappears in a swirl of fire, leaving the pit lord behind.


Moegara appears in the wreckage of the city hall, holding the sleeping reborn Mora.

"I kept my word, Angel," She intones, before moving to take advantage of Mora's removal from power. She arrives at the footsteps of the capital building and coughs, grabbing their attention.

"I see I'm not the only one affected by this curse. Me and my daughter have had a hellish night. I found an encampment of beings like us who have offered guardianship over us from the Agencies so long as I was allowed to be their representative of the rest of the city. We don't have many other options, do we?"

"It is the best option. But I warn you, do not take her to the Pits again. She was not supposed to go down there unti she had died."

"That won't be a problem, she's as pure as a newborn, I would know, I ate her corruption."

Moegara sets about uniting the populace into rebuilding the damage from the riot, and slowly begins changing them into proper citizens under Chaos Engine rule, including slowly warping their minds into believing they were always Chaos Engines. However, the surviving humans she visits in person.

"Ah, finally found you lot. I apologize if you feared for your lives, but I promise under our law you will be treated as equals to us. I will even offer a chance to become one of us willingly, but if you decline, I will understand. If living with us or becoming one of us is not to your taste, I will let you leave with an escort to the nearest human city, so that you might live in peace."

Some of the survivors agree to join her in hopes this new law is better than the former they had to live under. The others decline being skeptical of the situation and want to remove themselves from it."

Moegara keeps her word and allows them safe passage to a nearby city. The rest of them she either inducts into the new society as Chaos Engines or allows them to retain their humanity based on their choice. She then begins to oversee the reconstruction of the city into a fortress city, enhanced into a city of jewels and wealth over the course of the first few months, a city soon made out of precious metals.

She also begins to rear Mora as her child, making sure to educate her in the ways of magic, swordplay, and politics, grooming her as her successor and to carefully reformat her to lead a better life than she lead as a human. After an extended period of time, she hears reports of two individuals crossing the plains outside of her city, and goes to investigate...

A Division, a Separation

The wind howls, and two figures struggle through a devastated beach, beautiful shores devastated by the recent calamities plaguing the land. On a distant cliff, Arnak observes the two that he identifies as Clare and Sukimu. After the group had reassembled back at the main headquarters, Arnak was tasked with finding and bringing the two back to HQ. Issac is in the area too, but hanging further back in case things get out of hand.

Clare is depending on Sukimu for support, and despite Sukimu's lack of strength, she is giving it her all in order to keep them safe.

"...Aracelis..." Clare begins, but Sukimu interrupts her.

"No, say nothing. This is my fault, and so I'm going to protect you. I'm going to find a way to save you from this fate."

"You don't have to be so... hard on myself. ...My problems are my own."

"You wouldn't have these problems if I was just there for you... ...if I wasn't that bitch's pawn... ...I've made everything worse... ...please just let me have this. I need to redeem myself for all of this..."

With a quiet but deep sigh he watches from afar, narrowing his eyes at the two. "Might as well hope this shit gets done quick..." He descends from the cliff, cracking his neck as he slowly makes his way to the two.

It doesn't take long for Sukimu to notice him, and she takes a neutral stance, watching him approach, though she does keep Clare behind her.

He eventually stops at a reasonable distance, digging some tendrils from the back of his leg into the ground without the two knowing. "Gonna have to bring you two both with me."

Sukimu narrows her eyes. "What is that supposed to mean...? We can return to headquarters ourselves, thank you. Or is that an order of yours, and what possible reason would Issac have to give it?"

He groans, crossing his arms. "Just doing my job. He wasn't all that clear. Just that you two are coming with me- now."

...Issac would never issue this kind of order unless he was intending to... ...fool! There has to be another way!

Sukimu grabs Clare's arm and flies up into the air.

"You're going to contain us, aren't you?!" She growls. "Clare doesn't deserve this life! I'm not going to let him lock up his own cousin!"

"S-Sukimu! Please calm down!" Clare protests.

"TO HELL WITH THAT!" She snaps. "I won't rest until she is saved, and neither you or that dumbass is stopping me!"

He growls, a tendril suddenly shooting out and up into the sky, wrapping tightly around Sukimu's leg. "Watch your fucking tongue, before I tear it out. I don't care about family drama, you're coming with me."

Something occurs to Sukimu after a moment. Oi, angel. If you're really my guardian, then help me, could really use some divine providence for once.

"You no need to put me to the test, Arcelis. Ask and I will see what I can do for you." A voice says as a magnificent light shines and takes form of a winged-humanoid being. The being looks at Sukimu and sees that she's caught be the tendril. The angel touches the tendril and it begins to burn away. He places his arms under Sukimu's armpits to pull her way as the tendrils continue to burn away. "Was that the providence you wanted?"

Fair enough. She tightens her grip on Clare and pulls her closer. I can't allow her to suffer anymore. I won't allow it.

The being looks at Clare for a moment, "Do you want me to take her?" the being asks in a sincere tone.

Arnak grits his teeth, the tendril cutting off from him as he turns his hands and fingers into blade-like claws.  "The fuck kind of show are you all putting on here? Divine intervention or not, you're not stopping me!" He outstretches his hands, the claws growing into whip like tendrils that aim towards the three, attempting to either cut them or grab them.

Sukimu's arm points toward Arnak and grows a large violet crystal blade which launches toward the tendrils and Arnak.

"Get lost! If the Agency won't save Clare, I'm saving her on my own!"

The tendrils merely twist and turn to get past the blade, as Arnak darts to the side, creating orbiting shields of psychic energy around him. "I couldn't care about who's saving who!"

"Arcelis, I understand you want to save your friend, but how will you go about doing that?" the angel asks

There are Lambdas far older and powerful than myself. Surely they can teach me how to save her. They must have a way...

Sukimu launches a shower of jagged crystals to pierce and slash the tendrils and at Arnak.

"I'm not certain if going to them is the wisest action... " says the angel in a worried tone evident in his voice

I don't have options right now, plus the majority of the ones I have relations with should sympathize. It's my best bet. I can't trust Issac right now. Not with Lux breathing down his neck. There's about to be an internal power struggle, I can sense it. We have to keep Chaos Engines out of the MPD's hands.

"I'm not all for bets, but if this the choice you see fit, then I will not stop you..." the angel says, still very much worried

The shields orbit and block the crystals that would have hit him, with the tendrils finally being destroyed as he morphs his hands back, snapping and causes medium sized explosions all around them.

Sukimu glows, and the explosions around her warp unnaturally as if some sort of distortion was twisting and pulling them from her location, greatly warping and weakening their impact, the three are not harmed in the slightest.

"Shouldn't you do something productive like hunt down the rest of Phoenix? Do you think they will just sit around while we're playing this dumb game?"

"Quit the damn chatter!" A hellish symbol appears behind him, glowing a blood red and firing countless giant arrows at them, coated in demonic flames.

Sukimu narrows her eyes as a violent barrier appears over her and Clare, the arrows colliding with the barrier.

"A little help, we need to get away."

The arrows continue to rain down, but it appears that Arnak is melding multiple together, forming a spike-like arrow of a massive size, surging with hellish energy and aimed straight for the barrier.

The angel pulls Sukimu close to him and covers them both woth his large glowing wings. When the arrows make contact, they break into glowing white glass-like shards that stay stationary in the air. The angel then uncovers Sukimu from under his wings.

Heirs of the Void (New Saga)/ The End of Phoenix (Final Battle)