The Firing Mechanism and Central Control Tower

The Spear of God is a colossal battlestation and superweapon controlled by Phoenix, and is the center focus of the War of Worlds campaign. It is a complex system created from the joint efforts of White and Eien, and can utterly Annihilate worlds, deities, and transcendent beings.

Powering the Spear Edit

The Spear of God can only be interfaced by a member of Phoenix who possesses absolute command of the organization, and even then, a special key is required to access its systems and order a firing sequence, this key cannot be replicated, merely passed along. White is currently the known operator.

The Spear's source of power comes from two sources, the Time-Space Continuum, and raw Chaos. However, it would appear it is not capable of harnessing Chaos by itself, and appears to have receivers which suggests it can be transmitted. The purpose of Chaos Engines, and the source of their name, is to fuel this superweapon's firing mechanism, as the Time-Space conversion units concentrate on cloaking and its barrier, and cannot support the main weapon directly.

Systems and Armaments Edit

The Spear of God has many components, and they are split into the following parts.

Central Cannon and Control Center Edit

The main weapon is a powerful Absolute Piercing mechanism that delivers Instant Transmission strikes onto targets. When fired at maximum power in a focused nanoprecise manner, entire pantheons can be felled in a singular motion. While those stronger than deities may not be destroyed, they will wish it so, as the system has several counters to even conceptual beings, to deliver enough damage to make even some of the strongest beings conceivable have concerns for their wellbeing.

A control center resides just above the mechanism for precise manual aiming and energy management.

Power Complex Edit

Shield Generator Edit

Cloaking Field Edit

Multiversal Lock On System Edit

The Spear of God resides outside the domain of any universe, hovering outside them in the place between places. The weapon system is able to target any being present in the universes, as well as the same space as it. This system allows the weapon to hit its target instantaneously without any form or means of warning, and strikes instantaneously. The 'beam' it 'fires' is merely the result of the light given off from the intensity of its activation.

Chrono-Drive Edit

Anti Conceptual Armor Edit

The system itself is covered in armor that protects it from direct conceptual strikes, regardless of who sends them. A physical force is required beyond even the transcended to seriously damage the facility.

Defensive Annihilation Turrets Edit

Anti Conceptual Intercept Satellites [ACIS] Edit

The main defense system for beings that enter its area or send attacks in its direction, the ACIS is composed of seven satellites that aggressively shut down conceptual powers, high level magic, and other high level threats to the system. They are composed of similar armors to the main facility.

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