Another Chance Edit

Kado sits alone outside the Party, his mask on, a prominent crack can be seen on it from the events of the Siege. He says not a word, but gazes off to the east.

Akami: *slowly walks up to Kado* What's on your mind now, Avo?

"..." He says nothing, looking at the setting sun.

Akami: *sits down next to him. Her face has a large gash across her face, her hair somewhat shorter than usual, and her right arm is casted. She looks at the sunset and smiles* The most beautiful sight in the world, isn't it?

"...A meadow of every color flower, the most heavenly birds in choir, and the most perfect of skies, would mean nothing to me right now." He says very quietly.

Akami: *her smile fades* I apologize, Kado...That you couldn't save her...And there is nothing more I can say that will make you forgive yourself for not making it up to her...Sometimes you just wind up saving everyone else except for the person you want save...But I'm still proud of you.*reaches with her left hand and touches his shoulder* For giving it your all. *stands to her feet and begins to walk off*

Kado remains there until the sun has completely fallen, then silently retreats inside.

Back at in The Slums, there are wounded laid out across the rubble of their home. Not a a single house stands and no water runs. Only a few huts remain and a small water fall trickles through the rocks. People light small candles to see what they're doing.

Kado looks about for a moment, before heading in deeper.

Kado travels through a tunnel and after a good while comes to the other side, where the ground is smooth pavement and he looks around at what looks like a section of an empty ally. There is a two-story make-shift house.

"..." He looks it over.

There he sees a neon sight light up on the side saying 'Vacation Home'. The house looks sturdy, though the only concer is the way the second floor is shifter half-way off the bottom floor. There he hear coughing.


Obi: Shhhh, it's the blonde. If we ignore 'em he'll go away.Edit

Akami: Dad, you do know Segs is right beside you, right?

Obi: ....Damn. Alright, Alright. COME IN, FAGGOT!

Kado quietly opens the door. "Love you too gramps."

Once Kado enters, he realizes that the house is alot stuffier than it looks outside. There he sees pillows, plastic crates, and tin plate sheets taking up most of the space. In front of him is a rusty-looking ladder.

Kado ignores the ladder and just jumps straight up and onto the next floor.

On the top floor, Kado sees Akami, Segura, and Obi sitting on the ground. Segura has his forehead wrapped in bandaesaswell as his arms and legs. Obi on the other hand is hooked up to a respirator and some of his left side is covered in some vile black and pink fluid. Behind the three are 2 sets of bunk beds, though under the bottom of one of the bunk beds is a freezer.

"Hmm, knew I should have brought you that iced tea stuff you liked. Not looking so hot chief."

Obi: 'Course not.

Segura: He's dying...

Obi: Fuck you, I ain't dyin'! Not yet. And I was going to tell him myself! Whenever it concerned him...

Kado sighs. "I apologize for being the bane of your existence Obi." He makes a distinct effort to avoid the phrase Obi doesn't like, not wanting to deal with the drama.

Obi: Did you give me cancer?

"No. You still act like I am."

Obi: Well you didn't. I don't treat you like cancer cause cancer can't be treated. Atleast not my kind anyway. I treat you like a blonde. Stupid. But not as stupid when you first waltzed up in here.

Akami: Heh, even Obi's proud of you.

Obi: 'ey man, let's not go too far with that noise. I'm saying he did alright.

"...If you say so."

Torem comes through the door, mildly bruised. "We're back!'

Arnak appears to slowly walk into the room with everyone else, seemingly oddly fine compared to everyone else.

Obi: What is it you got?

Torem: We're going to be stuck down here for awhile. We lack the numbers to get us any form of income from the surface. We'll have to count on Kabuki and the Guilty Titans to provide for us for awhile.

Obi: Anything else?

"Things are still absolutely shitty, but I think you know that already." Arnak makes an exasperated sigh as he sits down.

Obi: Well duh.

Torem: I made you a sandwhich. *gives Obi a peanut-butter and jelly sandwhich*

Obi: Yaaaaay! *removes his respirator, takes the sandwich and begeins to munch it down* Thanks.

Segura: So dad. Next move?

Obi: Fuck you, I'm eating.

"Im surprised you're still even capable of eating."

Obi: Fuck cancer, I'm eating. *finishes the sandwhich*

Torem: How is he?

Obi: *looks over at the cooler, then looks back at Torem* Chillin'. *smiles*

Torem: *gives Obi some what of an mad face*

Obi: Bitch! *gets up in a flash and is up close in Torem's face* You tryin' to give me some look?!

Torem: ...No sir.

Obi: You better not. Now make me another sandwhich... *slowly walks backwards to his spot and sits down. Put's his respirator back on*

Torem: *turns and jumps down to the first floor*

Akami: To be honest dad, that was- *takes a look at Obi and sees him with a facial express that just says 'I dare you'. She is taken back by this look*

Obi: You have something to say to me, Red...?

Akami: *turns and looks away from Obi's gaze* No sir...

Obi: Uh huh...*looks away* That's what I thought... 

Kado eyes Akami for a moment, before looking at Obi. "Is this really the right time? If you all are too busy matching dicks, I'll be helping with repairs. The lord knows they need help out there." 

Obi: Why measure when everyone knows mine is the biggest. Besides, the city was abandoned anyway. Trying to fix it woldn't do much. We brought everyone we could back down to The Slums. The M.C.C.P are scouting out damages across the whole world. Their Grand Salvaging...That's why I've decided...We need to move. Away from here and 600 miles north...Then 800 northeast...If I'm not mistaken...

Akami: Why can't we go over to The Copper Diamonds? They're much closer.

Obi: They took a hit too. Enough for them to be taking on water. They're rebuilding because it can be done. But not this though. We took a very massive hit, one we can't come back from I'm afraid. So we go to the other orginization left standing: The Guilty Titans. Not only that, The M.C.C.P will still start to scower about for any 'terrorist' groups or any armed forces. The Copper Diamonds are one of them. Not a good place for our sick and wounded and not a good position to them neither. We'd just be a distraction for their problem too. The Guilty Titans are the only oens that will give us what we need and places to stay.

"Hmm. I can repair damage to the underground readily enough, as well as restore our vital areas to buy time if needed."

"I'll be joining Kado with his repairs then, might as well make some use of me. And to humor you Obi, you already know I can manipulate my body so regardless I will have the biggest." Arnak gives a strange laugh, before his face quickly reverts back to its serious tone. 

Obi: As much as I like the sound of that, I'm going to have to say no. And when I mean 'no', I mean hell no. To your idea and to anyone who believes they have a bigger dick than me. We  maybe able to repair everything but the M.C.C.P. well just come strollin' around here and recking it all. And due to the information from these cassette tapes. *mations to a box filled with cassette tapes* We basically fucked ourselves over and now tanks to cotdamn freakin' aliens, the M.C.C.P will be back on the ball and packin' the heat. They're not going to let up once we find us...We...Are their mercy...Well we will be if we stay here. We are the partially able bodies that could combat them, but even if we did it wouldn't be enough to beat them. They will forever have the numbers that we don't and the fire-power to back up those numbers. I want to stay here...*sigh* but staying here is too risky. I don't care you guys think otherwise, I am not going to test those waters.

Arnak simply glances over to Obi, clearly thinking. "So what, you propose we just suddenly up and vanish without a trace? In what universe will the M.C.C.P not be able to find us regardless?"

"He's worried about the wrong things. But whatever. I'll just see to it that people aren't dropping dead like flies at the very least."

Obi: At the very least, you can tell them they have two days to pack their stuff up, cause we ain't stayin' here no more.

"It takes three days just for people to get off their asses here. But okay, let's see how this turns out. If anything there's clearly a few of us who can carry the weight of the others." Arnak's body seems to oddly shift as he stretches. "Either way im bored so I'm still going with you Kado."

"Whatever." He walks off.

Akami: Dad, do you really think it's the best for us to--

Obi: Bitch, are you questioning me?! *has his hand ready to swing*

Akami: No sir!

Obi: ...And yes, I am a hundreds precent sho'... We will just end up dead. We need to regroupd elsewhere. Not here. I know you don't want to leave, but atleast we stayed somwhere longer than just a day. But now, it's time for us to be moving again. We lost just about everything and everyone. We have to focus on getting back on our feet and working ourselves up from there.

Akami: *sighS* Yes sir.

Obi: This. Is for the best. We'll come back. Someday. You guys need to get packin' too. Take whatever clothes that isn't torn or burnt and take it with you.

Arnak dissapears with a shadow like flicker as he reappears next to Kado, slowly emerging from a nearby shadow as he walks beside him. "Are you ever going to fix that shatter in your veil?"

A flicker of red lightning like energy is Kado's only response apart from a grunt. He quietly approaches an elderly person and begins healing them with a soft blue light.

Torem walks by with a sandwhich in her hand, grumbling to herself

Arnak does nothing but sneer to himself as he idly looks to Torem, but shakes his head and waves. "Mind giving us a hand? Healing isn't exactly my...forte."

Torem: I'll come back when I give Obi his damned sandwhich...

"Obi comes first..." Kado grumbles to Arnak. "You might as well assume if they're doing something for Obi, he won't appreciate the delay."

"Like I said, I'm surprised that old fucker hasn't died yet. Strange how everyone still bends to his senile whims still."

"...If you're going to talk shit, then you should probably can it."

"Oh no im not talking shit, im saying what I truly believe. How else can someone act such a way and not be senile? But I digress."  Arnak turns his hand into a bladed claw, quickly flexing his fingers around out of boredom. "How did you end up with Obi and everyone else anyway? I was never curious enough to ask."

"I ended up here because I was just another shithead like you. Don't talk crap about them, any of them. You haven't been here long enough to deserve that right."

Arnak merely laughs. "Would you rather me lie and be all nice and sweet like some sort of tiny fae? I may be a demon but in this specific case i'd rather speak the truth on what I think. I know that majority if not all people here have been through devastating things, you can see it in their eyes." He teleports onto a nearby roof, crouching down. "Dark, broken eyes."

Obi: *is sitting next to Arnak while eating a sandwhich* Da' Fuck are you doing up here?

Arnak grins and melds into a shadow on the floor, saying nothing to Obi as he appears back next to Kado. "I saw a few other people that appeared weak that seem to be of assistance in that direction." Arnak points left.

Torem: *jogs up behind them* Here. You said left?

Arnak nods. "I pointed, to be exact. But yes, left. You should likely head there before me and Kado do, Kado seems a bit occupied still at the moment with this unfortunate creature."

Torem: They're people. And if we do our part they won't have to be unfortunate. *jogs towards the other injured*

"Animals, people, myths, monsters, regardless of name they're all creatures. Its just that some are less of a creature than others." He seems to eye the person Kado is helping, but diverts his attnetion to Torem jogging away.

Kado finishes and moves on to the next injured person, working tirelessly.

Arnak eyes him for a moment before sighing. "...How can I assist these cr....people?"

"Heal whatever injuries they have, if you can't, see if you can stitch said injuries, if not, comfort them, be it via talking, amusement, whatever. Just don't stand around waiting for orders, just do what you think will help."

Arnak walks over to someone on the ground nearby, crouches down and touches the persons arm, and slowly a large gash on their shoulder begins to reform and heal.

'Thanks, hurts some though.'

"Better than nothing." He stands up and warps onto a building, looking around for more people.

Arnack sees nothing but scraps and rubble. All he can see is a jet flying high in the sky.

Kado manages to heal at least thirty additional people before retreating to rest.

Obi: *is laying on the freezer still hooked up to his respirator* Welcome back, faggot. Diner is on your bed. If you aren't hungry, give it to me and i'll put it up.

Kado doesn't acknowledge the insult, instead he heads for the bed and the food.

Obi: Did you tell everyone what I said?

"I'm not a messenger bird. There are more wounded than I can count, once we have bodies that are actually able, that's different." He sits down to eat.

"If I told them now there'd be a mad frenzy to get ready before they were actually capable of it. At the very least if someone is trampled by the time I'm done, they'll at least be able to get back up and not get flat out killed. Riot prevention one o one."

Obi: You take them for wussies. Once they're patched up, they're back up like roaches you try to kill but still keep movin'. They aren't like those softies up there. This is nothing for them, trust me.

"Precaution is my style. Carelessness is something I'm not fond of becoming. Even a single man down is another we can't easily replace."

Obi: Saying this like we're preparing to go to war.

"You're talking like there won't be. Things at this rate aren't going to change. ...Not even what we all went through, or her... ....her death will change that. Sure we've done a few things to try and set things on a different path...."

Obi: All thing work together for good. There was never a moment this shelter witnesses a bad day, even if it looked like it was. Thing was we got though it together.


Obi: Kado, you can do two things. Wimp out or jump with us. Either way, we're leaving.

"I refuse to leave anyone behind. Enough has been lost as is."

Obi: Who the hell said anything about that? *looks at the freezer under him* Was it you?

"You did, insinuating that I was 'wimping out'. The only thing I have said is my doubts that our course of action of late won't have the effect we want. Look at the destruction. It's everywhere. They will still blame myths even if we were the ones who helped stop the worst of it all. ...I'm only looking out for those around me Obi. You say they will be fine, but you can't make blanket statements like that and expect good results. If a single person falls behind and gets hurt or worse because I missed or assumed they were fine, that's a failure on my part. I've already failed enough people."

Obi: And you still talk like you're the only one here. No one is getting left behind. Not while I'm still throwin' this party.

"Hmmph." He finishes his meal, then begins to walk out.

Obi: Tell Torem to give me some miiiilk!

"Not messenger bird." He walks out, smacking the wall with his hand, and a portal opens up above Obi and drops a milk carton on him.

Obi: Thaaaaank you. *begins to chug milk down*

Arnak seems to be thinking in a corner of the room, his hand morphing slightly.

Akami: What all are you thinking about?

Segura: Contemplating our our weaknesses...?

Akami: Segura. Get out of here with your noise.

"No, I thought about that much much long ago. Just how...easily things have changed."

Akami: The life is like clay. You can mold it however you want it.

Segura: Yomething like you should know what it feels like.

Akami: Didn't I tell you to take a hike?

"No, you see clay hardens. At that point you can no longer mold it. When will be the time when this life hardens?" 

Akami: The clay hardens, but atleast by that time you would made the life the way you wanted. Molding isn't the easiest when you don't know what you want.

"Did you know?"

Akami: About you?

"No, did you know what you want when you were molding the clay?"

Akami: Yes. Yes I did. I wanted a world. My world. Without the slightest bit of hatred for differences. One where no one have to suffer for taking or not taking sides. A world that has to be fought for.

"And even though you knew what you wanted, and the clay wasnt hardened, did you get what you wanted? No, you didn't."

Akami: Not yet. But I will. I just have to keep going and keep patient.

"And how long til your clay hardens? Months? Weeks? Days? Your goal is selfish in nature, and thats the truth."

Akami: It's not selfish when everyone here shares the same dream.

"I dont think everyone and their mother here has that EXACT same goal. Even so if you did you're all being selfish together. You want a perfect world for yourselves."

Akami: Nothing is ever perfect.There others out there too, but they're afraid of voicing out of fear of everyone else. Let me ask you, if we're so selfish, then why are you hear? Besides Obi taking you in?

"Because selfish people flock together. Im the only one here that accepts their selfishness."

Akami: So does Torem and Obi.

"Obi is a madman and Torem is....Torem."

Akami: Obi is your boss and Torem...Yea, she's Torem.

"Just because hes my *boss* doesn't mean I have to like him. You can't deny that he has mutliple screws loose. That'd just be ignorance."

Akami: I always saw at whoever called him a madman or crazy was scared of him.

"Everyone should be afraid of a madman. A madman doesn't know when to stop. A madman can and will get everyone close to them killed. If you're not afraid of him you're just as mad as he is."

Akami: Weellll...I have been with him for several decades. At this point, it wouldn't matter.

"Then you've been crazy for several decades. But fine." He continues morphing his hand into various shapes.

Akami: You still need to be helping the injured.

"I've never been the one to heal people. I either harm them or remove the already dead."

Akami: Then find the dead bodies and bring them to the Yard

Arnak shrugs and dissapears in a black flash.

Akami: Man, it is SO strange having another you around,Torem.


Akami: Did I tell you it was also strange having another Segura around too?

Torem: Ha. *turns around and resumes her business*

Akami: That was one stale-ass laugh.

Arnak scoffs. "Thats the point."

Akami: Don't you have bodies to be dragging, sir?

"You'll be among them if you call me sir again."

Akami: Bruh. I know you ain't threatning me. If so, then square up.

"Killing you would make me happier but i'd rather not have people on my ass again."

The two can hear moaning coming their way, until they see Obi riding on a segway coming their direction, slumped over the handle and looking rather sickly.

Obi: Uuuuuuughhhhh. Man...If y'all both don't shut up, Imma get on all y'alls asses...*coguhs*

Obi accidentally runs over one of the sick with his segway.

Obi: Oh my apologies holmes. I didn't see you there.

Arnak rolls his eyes, and his fingers turn bladelike, bit he shifts them back to normal. "Stupid old man."

Obi: Yea yes I've heard it all before...Try something new and I might give you a treat or some shit...But I need y'all to stop being a bunch of incompetent shits and get your jobs done!

Akami: Yes sir.

Obi: Don't let me catch you with your jobs not done... We've got no time to be loligargling...*rides off past them*

Arnak growls. "I dont understand how anyone can tolarate that ugly shit stain."

Arnak meets firey green fist to his face and is sent flying up through the roof and out onto the surface

Akami's fist is pointed upward and is smoking. She retracts her hand and walks off

Akami: They're all gonna learn, Torem.

Torem: I know.

Akami: They will.

Torem: I know.

Arnak lands on Akami, slamming an extremely hard knee onto the base of her neck, slamming her straight into the ground, grabbing her head and slamming it down twice before getting up. "Maybe you should learn TO NEVER FUCKING TOUCH ME AGAIN."

Akami: *smirks deviously*

Akami brings her leg back and kicks Arnak in his face. She then twist herself out of his grasp and punches him in his gut. From there it's a flury of punches and kicks. Some he can barely see coming as she's hitting him high, middle, and low in no particular order until Arnak bumps into a wall and finds several dents in his body

Akami: Or what? Is the big bad muck monster gonna tear my head off. *she says this in a mocking manner with her lips in a perked smirk*

Arnak blocks the first kick, expecting a retaliation and tanks the rest of the hits. The reason there are dents in his body was because he was morphing his body to actually quickly retract and dodge the hits, and his body quickly morphs back to normal. "I was thinking more so I'd rip your limbs off and shove them in your ass." He arm turned into a giant blade. "I dont even fucking care if the rest of your little troupe comes for me. You need to be put in your FUCKING place."

Akami: Ummmm... Above you? *smiles*

The air around Arnak shimmered, cracking his neck.

Akami: We can finish this later. If you don't want to be told what to do, then you shouldn't have come. I didn't think that picking up a few bodies would be so hard for one the more "top tier" myths.

"Its the prospect that you all follow orders without question like dogs on a leash that pisses me off. You're all mindless and are too afraid to say something out of line. The fuck is that old man gonna do about it? Clean up the bodies yourself, intemperate worm." Arnak vanished.

Akami: Torem...Why how did Segura become so contagious?

Torem: I think it only affects the ill-minded.

Obi: *is riding back the way he came, still slumped over the segway handle* Did I just hear insubordination!?

Akami: Yes sir.

Obi: Damn kids can't do nothin' right!

Akami: Do you wan't me to get the-

Obi: No! That's what he wants. What I want is those bodies down here! And it's clear you can trust a newb to do a jack-lick of nothing aside from bitching! I'll go do it myself! *sits himself up and kicks the segway over*

Obi is out on the surface. The city with barely afew buildings standing lay in the surroundings of broken stone and metal shards. The sky says it's almost dawn. The sun is close to rising. Obi begins to scower around on all fours looking for whatever bodies. In noe less than three minutes, he's already got ahold of three bodies.

Obi: Too sicks to be doing this shit...*cough**cough*

Obi hacks something up out of his throught and spits out a pink and black wad of some sort. Obi wipes his mouth.

Obi: Gross...You'd think with all these kids, one of them would do their job right, but nooooo. It takes a 200-year-old man to do it...*cough*

Obi continues to look out for more bodies until he looks back at the rising sun again. Obi squints his eyes some to get a better view. In the distance, he swears he can see something black in the center. Obi drops the bodies and forms hands into the shape of binoculars. Upon closer expection, he can see a hunched over figure linger towards his direction. A rather large one to. It's arms dangling and its sharp eyes glowing. Obi removes his hands and the surprise.

Obi: Noooo...Ffffffucking way!

Obi runs off with the bodies

At the Ratchet Shack.

Akami, Segura, and Torem stand infront of Obi, who is squating down on a chained up freezer.

Segura: So you're sure it's coming here?

Obi: Yes yes it is! I already told you!

Segura: Why would we it becoming our way?

Torem: The M.C.C.P must not be wasting anymore time trying to find us. We're in a weakened state and they see it as their only chance at nabbing us.

Akami: Then that thing must be a scout if it's the only one. So if Dad saw it that far and it's still walking, then it might get here at high noon. Especially at that sluggish pace.

Torem: So what do we do?

Akami: Pfft. Easy. We evacuate everyone before it get's hear.

Segura: But what about it's sight range? By the time it arrives and we've have already gone, it can still spot us.

Torem: That and I can't teleport at the moment.

Akami: You can make your arms larger to hold more people at a time. I can intercept and stall it.

Segura: That's also risky. They spot you, that thing will relay the message back to the M.C.C.P. and we don't how far off they are.

Torem: Damn! That and we're baracaded in, remember? We can't risk going out into the surface! The CRAzy will spot us far too easily.

Segura: Wait? Then where's Kado and Male Torem?

Torem: *glares at Segura* Do you really wanna go there?

Segura: His name is too ridiculous for me to say.

Akami: Whatever the case is, we can only hope they're not in the city. Enough waiting around. We got our plan. You two start clearing a passage way and once you do, get everyone out of hear. I'll go and hold the CRAzy back.

Torem: Hold up, Akami! Your current condition won't do if you're gonna fight it. I need to heal you up first.

Akami: If it means I'll last longer against it, then go on ahead.

Torem outstretches her arms and archs them. A circle of light surrounds Akami.

Obi: Man you guys are dramatic. Me and Segs are gonna get started on them rocks. *walks out*

Segura: *walks off behind him*

Torem: Are you sure you want to go through with this? Not doubting your skills but I am the guardian.

Akami: And I'm the leader. Everyone here is my responsibility anyways.

Torem: I mean, I might have a better chance at taking care of the CRAzy.

Akami: And you have a better chance at getting everyone out of hear quick enough.

Torem: I'm saying this because of our numbers. There aren't much of us now and I don't want to see who all will be left if we can't get away in time.

Akami: Awwww look at you getting all worried and such.

Torem: Not about the kids though. Those grubby little bastards and still die for all I care. Not that their futues much promise in my eyes.

Akami: *kicks Torem in her leg*

Torem: *flinches* I'm not apologizing...

Akami: You done yet?

Torem: Yea. I'm done.

The circle dome around Akami disappears. Akami removes the sash holding her broken arm up. She moves her arm around and finds it fully functional again.

Akami: Thanks, Torem.

Torem: Try not die.

Akami: Awww is that you being concerned over me? Awwww siiiis! *hugs Torem*

Torem: *awkwardly hugs Akami back* Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Akami: *begins to sway* Caaan you feel the looove to-niiight?

Torem: Aaaand it's over. *breaks the embrace*

Akami: Alright alright.

Arnak is relatively nearby, laying down on a building. Oddly enough, he seems to be able to hear everything being said.

This is CRAzy Edit

Akami is standing on the surface and sees a silhouette of the CRAzy off into the distance. It seems to be a mile or two away. She adjust her chaos gauntlets. Torem is standing beside Akami several feet away. Her boy turned toward Akami's but her eyes glance at the silhouette of the CRAzy as the sun begins to rise over head. The CRAzy's metallic figure comes into view as dust blows past it's clawed talon-like feet.

Torem: So, what do you think your chances are?

Akami: I don't know. Never fought one of these things before.

Torem: *slowly buries her face in her hand, then raises her head* Hey Akami,  you mind giving me a hug? Like a real hug?

Akami: Man, all my hugs are real.Come 'ere! *goes over and hugs Torem*

Torem: *actually returns the hug ina more heart-felt manner*

Akami: Huh? I don't think I ever felt you hug this passionately, sis.

Torem: Yea well this one...Is special. *turns and looks back at the CRAzy**whispers* Goodbye, sis...I sure am gonna miss you...

Akami: What was that, Torem?

Torem: I just said I love you.

Akami: Awww! I love you too, sis. *breaks away from the hug* Well, I'm off. Tell Dad I won't let anyone down! *runs off towards the approaching CRAzy*

Torem: I'm not too sure about that, sis... *turns and heads back to The Slums*

Once she enters there are some individuals waiting for her, some of which look rather raggedy. Segura is amongst them

Torem: Alright everyone, Akami has gone to intercept the CRAzy. This is our chance to try to pry our way out of here before it can detect us. My presence can't hide us anymore, so we need to get as far away from her as possible before it enters the city.

Segura: The M.C.C.P may not be too far behind it.

Torem: That's right. We need to muster up all the power we can to get out of here and gun it. So let's get to work.

Akami is running across the vast, flat desert of her home. The whiteish sand blowing against her and the Sun almost making it towards the middle of the clear blue sky above.

Arnak slowly walks up to Torem and Segura, understanding the urgency of everything going on. "Im half expecting you all to just ditch me here."

Segura: If we could claw ourselves fast enough to do that.

Torem: I'm also half expecting you to help us.

Torem morphs her arm into a giant black monstrous form. She begins to remove the rubble blocking one of the exits. The other begin to do the same with either their hands or with magic of some sort.

Arnak just looks at them, clearly dissapointed. "Move out of the way." He gets everyone out of the way from the rubble, as he outstretches his hand, a dark energy emitting from it that quickly and suddenly falls over the rubble, completely corroding it as it all disintegrates. He stops the energy and dopes a small bow rather sarcastically.

As they continue down a little they see their still some more rubble in their way.

Segura: All of the exits are too congested. Reason why it was gonna take us longer than normal.

Akami is still running.

Akami: This is it. Everyone is counting on me to stall the CRAzy. I never fought one before, but I heared they were no joke. Hopefully my years of fighitng experience pays off.

Akami finally comes to a stop and waits. For a moment it's just a huge gust of wind blowing past her. She can hear mechanical stomps being taken, as a large shadowy figure comes into view. This hulking figure comes closer and closer, with only its sharp light eyes being visible. Akami stands firm as the dust continues to blow past her and begins to raise her head at the figure as it now towers over her. The sun is finally set is overhead, revealing the CRAzy.

CRAzy: Mytho Detected. Species: Dragon-Human. Command: Combat.

The CRAzy lets out a mechanical roar that can be heard across the sandy landscape

Torem: That must be it. Start bringing the sick and injured. We'll continue to pave way.

The others quickly begin to do so.

Arnak works away at the rubble, before growling. "Theres no way someone like Akami will be able to hold that mechanical beast for long. You really have that much faith in her?""

Torem: Strange how your concerened about her, when you had no gripe in wanting to kill her. Unless you just want to know if she'll die.

"Im not concerned about her. If she doesnt do her job and dies, then both the beast and the MCCP will find us quicker."

Torem: *shakes her head in uncertainty* She'll provide a good enough distraction. That's all I can say.

The CRAzy lifts its fist the air  as it blocks the view of the sun and slams it down at Akami.' Akami jumps in the air to her right, dodging the CRAzy's fist. Befor she knew it the CRAzy is already in front of her. Akami barely gets a chance to make eye contact with it before the CRAzy back hands her away into a skyscraper. Akami lays on the floor for a momment, covered in glass and wooddust. She slowly begins to get on her knees. Her body already feeling already winded from the single blow she just took. A blow she didn't see coming nor block in time she did.

Akami: This...Is gonna be alot harder than I-

The CRAzy punches the skyscraper thrusting it's entire arm into it. Akami comes flying out the other end. Akami skids across the ground until eventually coming at a stop. She lies there for a moment, her body feeling the aching pain across her body. She's tanked her fair-share of blows before, but she didn't think there would be none stronger thant the previous ones. The skyscraper collapses and and dust floats up from the wreckage. The CRAzy walks out from the huge accumulation of dust and walks up to Akami.

CRAzy: *roars while shakking his fist rampidly up and down*

Arnak could hear the force of the CRAzy's attacks, laughing. "I could withstand that. But Akami, no. Shes dead."

Torem: *grumbles*

The CRAzy pulls it's fist back and thrust it down ontop of Akami. Akami blocks the punch with her forearm but it digs her knees deeper into the ground. She grinds her teeth in behind. Before she knows it she sees another fist coming toward her at ground level. Akami blocks with her free arm but she's launched into the sky before she can realize she had just been uppercut.

Akami: Ooooh shit! Oh shishishishishishishit! Oooooh shit!

After a long moment, Akami begins to fall back towards the ground.

Akami: Damn wind resistance! Can do anything at this speed without hurting myself any further!

Something dashes past Akami going up.

Akami: Wha...

Akami looks to see the CRAzys giant form blocking the Sun. Thr CRAzy the immeadiatly spin-rushes her and delievers a roundhouse elbow. Akami manages to blocks but she can feel the fracture of her forearms before she is sent fly down full force and into the ground. Akami can feel it. Her arms are weak and her body wont be able take much more of the force. Especially at that sort of speed. Before she could think any further the the CRAzys fist pummles her deeper into the ground as it lands.

Arnak growls as he hears and feels the impact of the fist hitting the ground. "Is she even doing anything to save herself? Fuck it. Im going." Arnak quickly turned away, walking off.

Torem: *grabs Arnak by his shoulder* We can't. Not just yet. We have yet to get ourselves out of here. Give a little bit more time and if she's still not doing well...Or if there is no other way to get out of here without immerging ourselves onto the surface...We will go and help her.

Arnak growls even louder. "Ten minutes. I'll give her ten minutes."

The CRAzy lets out swing after swing at Akami, forcing her further and further into the ground. Akami is is on her knees and arms, trying to push herself up only to be met with blow after blow. Her knees and arms are bleeding exponentially and her back might give out she she doesn't do something. Her eyes are watering and she feels like screaming out but holds it in and thinks to herself.

Akami: Centuries...It took me centuries to make my dream come true...Our dream...I won't let them take it away from us like this...We are not going to let this hate win!

Akami blocks the last blow with both of her broken forearms causing the earth around her to break. Akami grinds her teeth in pain but slowly gets on her feet while lifting the CRAzy's hand. The CRAzy retracts it's hand and clenches it. Akami turns to look at the CRAzy. Here eyes flaring with determination and restlessness. The CRAzy throws a punch at Akami, but Akami throws a punch of her own; and they both collide fist, Akami feeling the damage in her arm increasing. The rubble around them jumps for a moment, almost still in time before they bother throw another punch at each other. And another. And another, And another. Until it becomes a flurry of punches connecting almost sound like someone is dampening the recoil on a massive gun. Akami feel her bones hurting more and more, almost like she's trying to turn them into dust. Her knuckles are about to receive the same treatment as her forearms. But Akami will push her body to whatever limit it takes to protect everything she has lived for. For peace. For justice.For love. For them. Her family. Akami doesn't even realize that she was clenching down on her teeth so hard, she had cracked one of her molars staight down the middle. Her gauntlets are burning with green flames like a mass bond fire as she and the CRAzy continues to connect blows. The CRAzy throws one more punch at Akami, but Akami jumps over it and is now running along it's arm. The CRAzy tries to back-hand her, but Akami jumps and hoists herself over it's and and into the air. Akami pulls both of her arms back and thrust foreward as she descends ontop of the CRAzy's head and punches it with her fist, forcing the CRAzy's feet to submerge completely into the ground.

Everyone stops for a moment at the sound of Akami's first hit on the CRAzy.

Segura: Damn...

Arnak scoffs. "One solid hit wont change the tide of the battle."

Torem: That's not what he was implying...

The CRAzy lifts one foot of the ground. Akami notices and begins to repeatedly punch it in it's head as hard as she can. Her arms ar bleedy profusely at this point. The CRAzy lifts it other foot out of the ground and picks up Akami. Akami tries to punch herself free, but to no avail. That was when she can feel the unmeaseruably searing pain in her arms that her punches weren't gonna do anymore. The CRAzy opens its hand and punches Akami. Itpulls it's arm back and punches Akami again before tossing her up into the air and as she descends; rams her with it's shoulder, sending her flying into the city. Akami's tears fly out of her eyes. Her ribs are all but broken. Her arms are dust at this point. She can feel her chest caving in on her hear. Her back is on the verge of breaking. And her skull might be fractured. Her only ally now were here legs, and she didn't know how long they would last. She manages to lift her head up just in time to see that the CRAzy flying towards her. It must've launched itself at her. It's mouth agape and a orange light comes shooting out of it's mouth and engulfs Akami.


Akami finally hits the ground and skids across it for a moment. Akami forcably opens her eyes. Everything burns.

Akami: ...Burns...

Akami slowly looks at her arms and sees that it's been scorched terrbily. She can't feel her other arm. She goes to reach her face. She touches it and she immediately feels a painful sting. A huge gust of winds a rubble fly up towards her and feels some of the rocks puncture her molten flesh. Akami slowly looks up and sees the CRAzy staring down at her, it's mouth slightly open to where she can see that orange light glowing.

CRAzy: *growls*

Akami wearily gets to her feet and tries to run, her legs feeling like her arms. She never had to run in ages. The only time she ever had to run...was when there was something no one could handle on their own. She is then met with a fist punching her into the ground.

CRAzy: *pulls it's fist back and breathes raspily*

Akami can't move anymore. She never liked using that word, but it was the only one that came to her mind. This isn't what she had expected. She wasn't expecting too much or too little, but she sure wasn't expecting this. This machine had her pinned the moment it walked up to her. She didn't even put a dent in it. She may not have used all of her techniques, but none of them would've worked on it. They were all meant for bodily combat. Not against machinery. Not against a monster built to kill people like her. Centuries of experience. She fought with her hands. She fought with guns. She fought with beings the size of this thing, but somehow, she couldn't beat it...This wasn't like the her opponents during the Siege...But is this all she could do? She looked around and saw multiple skyscrapers surrounding her and the CRAzy...They were in the city...

Akami: I...I fai-

Akami suddenly feels an immensely scorching pain hit her in the back, then mulitple explosions go off all around her until one big one engulfs her


The slums rumble and shake. Before they know it, rubble begins to fall and some has already being crushed by the rocks. Everyone is yelling and screaming. Some to try to save one another, but their efforts become obsolete as they too get crushed by the debris

Torem: *tries to block some of the rocks with her giant monster hand*

Segura: *rushes in and slices some of the rocks with his katana*

Arnaks body releases a demonic energy that shatters any rocks that would hit her. "I think her ten minutes are up."

Seugra: It's only been five but he's right. We have to go save her.

Torem: *looks behind her and sees the exit has been reblocked* Then let's go save the Boss Lady.

Akami looks up at the sun from below the hundred foot crater she is in. Her eye barely open. Her legs are gone. Her arm is gone. She thinks aside of her face is gone. She wouldn't know. She doesn't have a mirror. As she looks at the sun.It looks like it barely moved ever since it set itself in the middle of the sky. Almost like it was anticipating this moment ever since dawn and wanted to get a get a front row seat to see her die. She admitted it. She was going to die today. There isn't much she can fight back with, nor does she have the strenght to keep going. Only enough to attempt to climb out; but not enough to keep fighting that thing. The CRAzy looks down at her from over the edge, blocking the sun with it's horned head. It's sharp eyes gleaming down at her like a predator nailing it's prey. Akami has never been this scared since the day 'it' took Obi away. She can remember her entire life from her waking to see Obi's face to seeing the CRAzy's. So many great times. So many nightmares. So many good friends. They ones that never went away or stabbed her in the back. In the end, her life felt well-lived. She can here Obi saying to her. 'Dreams never die, but not every dream is meant to come true. Someone should've told that to Martin, heheheh.'

Akami: I'm...Sorry...Truly I am...I wasn't...Strong enough..*a tear rolls down her eye*

The CRAzy opens its mouth and an orange light radiates from inside

A foot smashes into its jaw, welding the metal shut with the force, causing the orange light to cause internal damage to the CRAzy instead.

"Didn't I tell you Agencies I would tear you limb from limb if I caught you skulking around my family?" Kado stands in its way, arms folded. He proceeds to kick it again, denting its face and sending it a fair distance away. The earth around Akami fills in Akami's wounds, ceasing the bleeding and providing temporary relief.

"I'll take some time to fix you up better later."

Akami doesnt say anything.

Segura and Torem arrive. Torem waste no time and picks Akami up.

Torem: C'mon. Let's go. Segura, you stay and help Kado. I'm not wasting anymore chances with that thing.

Torem returns back to the Slums

The dent in the CRAzy's face buffs itself out as it turns to look at both Kado and Segura.

Segura walks up next to Kado with his sword ready

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