The Mythological Phenomena Department (M.P.D) is a scientific venture Agency dedicated to the understanding of any abnormal phenomena in the relation to Mythos and Hyper/Superhumans. They practice a more humanitarian and unbiased method of Containment, and are known to be the most 'clean' Agency to register with. They specialize in scientific research regarding weapons, defense, and containment methods, as well as being an Agency known for promoting understanding and logical approaches to the 'Mythos Problem'.

The Department Edit

Whatever Ayakashi was expecting, he did not expect what found when he arrived at the M.P.D. Headquarters. A large university like building sprawls out in front of him, no flat out obvious measures of security seem to be in place. Upon arriving on the grounds, a group of thirty security personal arrive to greet him. One of them, a captain, looks Ayakashi over for a moment.

"You're the visitor from M.C.C.P?" He asks in a strict, but non hostile tone.

Ayakasi: I am, sir.

The captain nods. "I see then, Mr. Issac doesn't like to be kept waiting. Come with me." The captain leads him inside, and the interior only seems to reinforce the university or college feel, rather than a containment facility or a Mythic test lab. Everything seems surprisingly open and not hidden.

Ayakashi: Clean place you got here.

"This place ain't all roses and smiles either. Under the facility there is a large labortory and below even that, there's a containment facility for the... ...uncooperative ones. If the bill is passed, this Agency will probably be the most fair of the lot to sign up for. At least the most clean. They're more interested in subjects they don't have good information on, so if you're a Myth with some special power, they'd probably take a shining to ya. I don't know specifics, but from what I understand, you could drop a nuclear warhead on this facility and it wouldn't dent the defenses of the facilities below. What this Agency lacks in numbers, it has a surplus of brilliant minds."

The captain leads Ayakashi to an elevator, after they reach the top, they appear to be in an office sector. At the end of the hall, there is a sign that says, 'Director and Head Scientist, Issac Kurk'.

"He's waiting inside. Don't worry, he doesn't bite. But he is a bit off."

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Issac Kurk, Head of The M.P.D Agency

Ayakashi: So is The Admin. but then again, that's an understatement. *enters the office*

Upon entering, he sees a complicatedly messy large office, with a blonde haired brown eyed man working diligently. Without even looking up, he takes a yardstick and taps a rather comfortable chair.

"Sit down, it's softer, and I'm not deaf in that ear." He says shortly.

Ayakashi: Something a great man named Willy Wonka once said. *sits in the chair* I was told you had questions for me, sir?

"Correcto. Also, it's Issac, not 'Sir'. The only people who say 'Sir' are the people begging for their job after I catch them eating ice cream when they're supposed to be giving lectures. I don't pay those old geezers to sit there and eat ice cream. I pay them to be professors and teach, racism be damned.

Now, tell me in exquisite detail your encounter with Inga. Mannerisims, behavior, how she moved, habits, anything. She's a top class interest at this facility and I'm personally interested in her case. Namely how a mere human can be born with what is estentially a logical form of omnipotence, minus being omnipotent." He says in an impatient voice, snapping his fingers immediately after finishing speaking, as though to say, 'hurry up'.

Ayakashi: As far as I know half her moves were improvised and the other half planned, so she was abit hesitant to act with messing herself up, so she was rather thorough. Another I find personally, is that she feels that she is abit clingy to family. Overall she looked calm but I felt her unease, as if trying to fly under the radar before and even after she had made herself known, but I can also see she relies to much on her own abilities, cause even after she had escaped us twice, she did not return from where she came, but she still continued to look over her shoulder. She holds a grudge a against us for the hunt. She is temperamental aswell as to be so rash to throw meteors at things when I told her no harm would come to her. So that also leaves room for her being somewhat mentally insecure.

Issac tsks. "The thing about someone like Inga, if I've read my research well enough, is that what may seem like plain old random moves, is actually always a coordinated plan. With the ability to see far in advance what anyone is going to do, not only is Inga not rash, but is actually according to theory, a master tactician. How exactly did she use her powers, offensive or defensive?

As for the grudge, that would make sense, considering the incidents have been repeatedly M.C.C.P. and other Agencies being attacked or involved. But like I said, what may seem rash to you is probably a calculated move. Causality users have to know the cause and effect of any action. As far as I'm aware. If that is the case, don't you think that the whole time, it was you who were being rash, considering your target? If someone can tell what you're going to do and what effects it will have, they could completely decimate your offensive.

But... I don't think it's perfect. Her defenses I mean. Don't you think it's strange how she didn't just didn't stop the events from happening? Like simply undoing the soldiers coming before they even came? Or you for that matter. If she had a perfect system, she could effectively counter any offensive before it began. Don't you think so?"

Ayakashi: I believe she knew what would become of any action, then why did she come here despite the trouble her presence would cause? For me, she can be the smartest tactician in the universe, but that doesn't mean she thinks things threw they you she does. That's something called 'carelessness', but like I said before, she relies too much on her powers. Also I feel like you know more than I do about your target, and you weren't even out there, nor were you recording it, cuase if you were, you would've known what to do and I wouldn't be here.

"The investigation of Inga Kankei and the power of Causality has been ongoing since the War started, kid. She's kinda big game. You know about Exima? She's probably more dangerous than him. I'm not the only one who's been studying this. I'm lucky to have gotten my hands on the information that I know. However the knowledge we have on Inga is limited at best. We don't know how she thinks, plans, or her weaknesses. I'm largely projecting you see. We know what Causality is, it's just we don't know how it works. If we did, I would have gotten the girl by now.

With something as lethal as her power, she only needs to react, to think. ...That's a thought... ...anyway. You didn't answer the question about what specific moves she did. She had to have been doing some manner of attack."

Ayakashi: She was defensive more than she was offensive.

"Interesting. Out of curiosity, was she always looking at you?"

Ayakashi: For all I know, she could've been doing that then, now, and later.

Issac flashes him an irritated look. "I mean, physically, was she constantly looking in your direction?"

Ayakashi: Yes. Probably to see if I would sniff her out and bring her in.

"...I see. And yes, you can smack him now, Clare." The hard end of a heavy book smashes him in the head, his assailant a woman in a black

Clare Kurk, Secretary and Elite Enforcer

business suit with white gloves, white hair, and turquoise eyes. She looks at him with contempt, then walks to Issac's side.

"Oh, sorry. This is Clare Kurk, my secretary. She's my cousin. And she hates Myths. She's brilliant, but was going to waste her talents on cooking school. I could not stand that for a moment, so I arranged for her to be enrolled as an Agent. Now not only is she becoming a genius, she's also incredibly strong too, one of my best Enforcers. Oh, and sorry about the book. I was afraid she was going to pull a switchblade on you or something. She's got... ...temper problems."

Ayakashi: It will take more than a book. If I weren't a weapon for an agency, especially as strict as the one I work, I would've torn her to bits the moment that book touches the surface of my skin. So that must be some raw contempt, almost like Exima contempt, only less controlled.

"Well, you're just lucky she's not allowed to be armed while off duty. It's more like stress relief. Also, if you did kill her, you would be joining her in the after life very soon, might I just say. Don't blame her though, her upbringing was... tragic, and we'll leave it at that. 

Though honestly, Clare can hold her own with some of the best of em'. She may be human, but I can promise you, this Agency's humans have perks. Some pretty big ones. I'll leave it at that."

Issac thinks for a moment. "*sigh* In any case, you are free to go. If you would LIKE to look around, you may, though Clare must escort you."

Clare glares at him. "Why should I have to walk the animals?"

Issac gives her a cool look. "Clare, I swear I'll modify you again."

She narrows her eyes. "You wouldn't dare..."

Issac has a smirk. "I wouldn't huh? Well, watch yourself for the next week."

She reluctantly looks at Ayakashi. "...I am told to give you a tour of the facility, if you so wish to linger." She says in an irritated flat tone. 

Ayakashi: Sure thing. If it postpones me from having to scolded before The Admin. before I get back. 

"This is revenge for the book, isn't it?" She grumbles. 

Issac has a mischievous smile. "Have fun, kiddies." He says as they walk out. 

Ayakashi: You can start showing me from this floor, up.

"Up is the Board of Director's area. No admittance," She says dully. "I doubt you would want to be on this floor either, it's full of just offices. The floor below us is the General Public Education Center, it is aimed at enlightenment regarding Myths and to create more understanding of what the Myths actually are. It has some interest value." She says as she walks. Were it not for her strict and open dislike tightening her expression, Clare would actually be more lovely in appearance.

Ayakashi: It's obvious what we are. Just monsters from children stories.

Clare rolls her eyes. "No you're not. Dragons have been cited in the Bible, not to mention I very much doubt children would come up with the idea of Dryads. I'm pretty sure that was the fault of some desperate men wanting a lovely lady. Though who knows? One thing is for sure though, don't even start with the degrading self crap, it's my job to do that, not you. You go on and just be your good natural self, you know, the kind that eats children and kills innocent civilians for sport.

We also have the Mythos Education Wing. Like we need beasts to know how to count to ten..." She mutters.


Officer Simon L. Johnson

"Oi, Clare. Quit the bad talk. He's our guest. Do I need to report you to Issac about bad behavior? You know what he's going to do if you disobey him again, right?"

Clare rolls her eyes. "Oh, you. Simon, mind your own business." She addresses a man with white hair and grey eyes. He wears a white vest with a long black jacket with orange designs on the ends. He wields a large spear or javelin type weapon. He appears to be human, but rather strong, as the javelin is heavy looking. He eyes Ayakashi with a neutral gaze.

"I'm Officer Simon Lee Johnson. Simon for short. Another of the Enforcers here. However, I follow regulations. All officers are to be impartial..."

"...In all manner of on duty operations. Which, does not count when I'm working my main job, Simon."

Simon just shakes his head. "She's really a good person, once you can get past her prickly attitude."

Ayakashi: Sounds like you'll need a jack-hammer to get through that wall. Maybe even something stronger than that.

Simon begins to walk off. "Behave, Clare. You know, considering the modification Issac did to you as punishment for your past behavior, you should really tone it down. Take care." He walks out of sight.

Clare watches him go, then rubs her temples. "Anything I've described of interest, or are you going to keep wasting my time?"

Ayakashi: Do you have like a training room of sorts?

Clare looks at him. "Well yes, in the Facility. You're not one of our agents, so no. Definitely not allowed."

Ayakashi: I know. Just wanted to see if you had one.

"Well, we do. We have a gymnasium, but it's not for combat training." She adds.

Ayakashi: Then just for regular exercise then?

"Yes, that's right. Why, do you want to go there? As long as you don't break any of the equipment with super strength or something, I don't see why that wouldn't be allowed."

Ayakashi: Please, I wouldn't break if I couldn't pay for it.

"Well, if you want to, it's down this hall." She points to the far end of the hallway. "I am sure you're at least somewhat capable of finding the way out on your own, or are you going to need me to take you out? If not, I need to catch up to work."

Ayakashi: You go ahead, I'll find my way around. *begins to makes his way down the hallway, then stops and turns and walks the other way* On second thought, I need to get back to the facility. There are more things that need to be done and the talk is over. I'll be on my way. Thanks for the tour *walks out of the building*

After he leaves...

"Secretary Clare, please report to my office, now. I have some things I want to discuss with you."

Clare rolls her eyes, then makes her way back to Issac's office, and sees the rest of the Enforcers.

"What's the occasion?"

Issac looks at her calmly. "We're going on a hunt for the witch of causality, Inga Kankei."

Phone rings

His face looks exasperated. "One second..." He picks the phone up and makes his trademark double tap.

"Can I help you sir? Was about to debrief for a mission. Is this important?"

The President: Yes it is. I have called to inquire that all agencies are to cease any form mythic containing activity as of now. Due to recent events, Neo Pangea and its defenses are allying itself with the Admonition to fight back against the organization responsible for the near destruction of our dear nation. I repeat: You are to cease any mythic containing activity as of now. That is all. *hangs up*

Issac remains silent, holding the phone in a tight grip. "Oh you did not just do that you little... ....ffffffff....."

"He hung up on you again?"

Issac's eye twitches. "Oh, yes he did... *cough* well, only one thing to dooooooo...." He casually starts typing on a computer.

The President's Office...

An email pops up on his computer screen with a: ":D" in the message box. As he watches, hundreds of the emails begin popping up in seconds, until his computer crashes. When it reboots, the following message says:

"Next time, don't hang up."

The computer has no further issues.

An email pops up on his computer saying: I'll stop hanging up when you become President of The Nation. P.S. I have a laptop too.

"Ok Captain Rude" Is his response.

He turns to his gathered agents. "Well, good news and bad news. Bad news is, we're not to go hunting Myths. The good news is: he said nothing about criminals or hyperhumans. So, in other news, we're still a go on the operation."

"You do know he's going to get mad at you..." Clare mumbles.

"Yes, but considering I keep out of the red, have not been responsible for questionable morality related experiments, and mostly do what I'm told, he ain't got much to complain about. Besides, it's a matter of public security and research. Now here's my thesis..." He begins to explain the current information as well as strategy to deal with Inga, but shuts off all electronics just in case a tap or wire is in the room, to avoid any prying eyes.

The Hunt Edit

Clare and Simon get off of a boat, somewhere in the northern territories. They stand by the entrance to the docks, waiting for the other members who would be joining them... specifically, the one they refer to as the Weapon Agent. The agent in question had earned the name, due to him being one of the strongest Myth Enforcers in the employ of the M.P.D.

"When's he going to get here?" Clare asks Simon in annoyance.

"Last I heard, he was bringing a new recruit."

"Great, last thing I need is a newbie messing up this operation." Clare says sourly.

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Director/Doctor Lux R. Sigel

A paper airplane bonks Clare in the head.

"What the- where did this come from?" Out of curiosity, she opens it to find a message saying, 'We're here.'

She looks off in the direction of the plane's trajectory to find a man with long green hair and ice blue eyes and a tux and light brown tie, wearing a soft smile. He has a notepad in his hands, which have white gloves. He quickly scrawls a message and throws another plane. This one reads:

"I am Lux R. Sigel. Doctor Lux, Director Lux, which ever suits you best. I bring a new recruit who will be joining us today."

A figure wearing a tengu crow mask with ragged and dirty clothes with crow wings coming out from his back appears from the shadows of the plane.

The doctor looks at him, then back at the others a few times, before making a quiet sigh. He takes out a device and starts typing, and a robotic voice soon says, "Would you please mind introducing yourself? Also, didn't I tell you to get some decent clothing?"

Clare looks at the figure cautiously. "...Who, or what is that?"

The doctor tsks. "The new recruit. ....If he would gladly speak, it would be appreciated." He types.

The figure removes the mask and reveals a handsome man with brown hair. The mans simply smiles and waves. 'Go-ni-chi-wa', fellow enforcers! My name is Torikkumasutā. *puts his mask back on* And your names are?

Simon looks him over for a moment. "Officer Simon Lee Johnson of 1st Division. My partner is one of the Elites, Clare Kurk. From what I gather, you're a Myth right?"

Torikkumasutā: Yulp. Sure am. Yokai-Tengu class. A crow tengu to be precise, not those long-nosed looking fools like the rest. Nice to meet you, partners. *puts his hands out for a hand shake*

Simon takes the hand readily. "Please to meet you, but I'll warn you Tor- ....Can I just call you Tori? You have a really long name, no offense. Also, you'll have to forgive Clare. ...She's racist against Myths, she only puts up with them long enough to work with them. Don't expect her to warm up to you."

Doctor Lux types again. "Well it's unfortunate that is the case, as Mr. Torikkumasuta is the replacement partner for Miss Clare. He's being transferred from my Division, he lives closer to the First Division than the Second, so it's easier on us and him for him to be assigned here."

Clare's face seems to fall with his words slightly.


"A problem?" The Doctor asks, the way he responds somehow conveys aggravation.

"...No sir."

Torikkumasutā: I am not particularly here to make friends, but to do a job. If she does not require me to be around her, I will respect her space and steer clear of it.

"Issac and I expect you to get along. Your job requires you to trust, respect, and cooperate with your partner, regardless of opinion. This mission in particular is of high importance to the M.P.D, so you'd better put aside differences." He sternly replies with his machine.

Clare looks like she wants to protest, but doesn't. "...Understood sir. I will... ...try my best."

"Good. Start by standing next to each other."

She reluctantly stands next to Tori.

"Alright then, so you are aware, we will probably have one or two more agents joining us today, so please wait a little longer." The Doctor nods with approval.

Torikkumasutā: Sure thing, Mr. Lux

Clare stands silently for a while, before eventually looking at the Tengu. "What's your story?" She asks reluctantly.

Torikkumasutā: Not much. My mom tried to eat me before I had hatched, but my father stopped her. They were in a tight space for business. My father owned a fruit stand and everyone loved my father. He was a people person and I would always be proud to be his son, but as I grew, I started gaining new interests, such as what is happening on earth and traveling to new sights, plus my family isn't doing well financially anymore, due to my parents growing old. Father paralyzed and my mother has arthritis in the arms. I do this job for the sake of providing for them. But before I could come here, I needed the proper training and on my travels, I encountered the Scyther, a master of the arcane arts. He trained me for 'round about a year in the Way of the Arcane, that and my twin tanto katanas. Now I'm here to support my family, while at the same time fulfilling my ambitions and while helping M.P.D fulfill theirs.

Clare thinks for a moment. "Sounds like you've got some good training. Glad to know that my partner isn't incompetent."

Torikkumasutā: What of your story then? Assuming you're in the mood to tell me.


After a while of waiting though, a slight slip of her attitude seems to occur.

"I'll tell you, but I don't want any pity. If you monsters could have emotions, that is. Got it?"

Torikkumasutā: Sure thing, partner.

"...I am the cousin of the First Division's leader and head of the entire Department, Issac. But before I was a part of the organization, I lived with my parents. Five years ago, a Myth entered our home and killed my parents. He then came after me, I tried to hide in my closet, but he found me anyway. When I ran away, he called out to me with my name. I didn't want to stay in that house. I wanted to run. Get away from my parent's killer. Yet he had this beautiful gentle aura, it intoxicated my mind and bewitched me into a peaceful state of mind, it took away all my strength and will to fight.

When he thoroughly had bewitched my mind, he revealed his true self, a vile being with strange angel like wings. He was black as oil, had a shiny skin like it too. There was... some kind of tail which he stung me with, and afterwards he released me from the aura and allowed me to run, but he followed. He was playing cat and mouse. This continued for several minutes, until to my horror, I began to change. He had infected me, you see, with a power to become a Myth. To my horror, I was becoming a... thing like him. ...If it wasn't for my cousin... ...I don't know what would have happened. But since then I've been with the D.M.P. Issac refuses to let me live my own life, he keeps me at the facility.

....And every year since the incident, it takes less time for a Mythic Transformation to occur. It mainly happens in fights with a Myth, if it weren't for my control collar, I'd probably start morphing on sight with a Myth."

"...The Virus Incident. We've not heard of such a power. To this day, Agent Tori, Clare's case has been a top priority. We haven't told any other Agency this incident happened. If they did, they're probably sieze Clare and try to find out for themselves about the Westlake Virus. From what we can tell, it a Variante." Doctor Lux speaks up with his device.

Torikkumasutā: Variantes, the morphing shadows. Did you know their bodies are far more malleable than any Myth on the planet naturally? Well might already know that...nevermind.

Simon facepalms as Clare's face tightens. "Well, cue the death threats..."


Secondary Officer Isa A. Lee

Clare's eyes instead whip toward Simon. "Hey, quiet. I don't need you to give me a reputation."

"That's true, her reputation speaks for herself," A girl's voice speaks out. The group turns to see a girl with bluish black hair and an officer's uniform, with a katana strapped to her back.

"I'm Isa A. Lee, Secondary Officer of First Division. Oh, and this charming fellow is my partner, we named him Leo. He's a Junior Officer, like you, Tori. Behavior problems, not so much ability issues."

The blond haired man with cat ears scowls. Unlike the other officers, he's not taken any effort to go in a uniform. Blazing gold eyes size Tori up.

"Sup, birdy?" He jeers, earning a swift smack from Isa.

"Ow! I told you to stop smacking me like that!"

"I told you to stop being rude, you'll never get anywhere like that."


Dishonorable Junior Officer Leo

Torikkumasutā: No need. I am basically a birdman if you think my physiology. I mean come on, I'm wearing a katasaru mask for goodness sake. Couldn't be more obivous.

"Spare the rod, spoil the child."

"HEY!" Leo retorts with a snarl.

"You going to deny it? Then stop acting like one."


"Anyway, we're here, so what's the mission? It's not usual that a full Enforcement Squad is called out. What's the occasion?"

Doctor Lux starts typing.

"Today's mission is the capture of Inga Kankei, authorized by Director Issac Kurk. You will receive a telepathic message concerning your role in this joint operation."

Clare, Tori. You will be the first pair leading the assault on the Dread Witch. Understand that the Witch has the power of Causality, so beware going in big. Your role is distraction, while our main offensive sets the stage. If we do this right, Inga won't even be aware of what's happening to her until she has already been subdued. We're hoping to do this quietly. Don't disclose any strategy or your role to anyone other than your partner. Do what you feel is nessisary, but do not stay longer than needed. Each team is to pull out once I specifically instruct them to. Understood?

His voice comes across in their minds as an equally robotic tone as his device.

I understand, Director Lux.

Torikkumasutā: Yes sir, Mr. Lux.

Alright everyone. You've gotten your orders. We'll be flying overhead to the target, who was sighted recently in this city. Once we've found her, you will be sky diving down to a nearby location. 

Everyone, proceed to the plane.

Torikkumasutā: *boards the plane first*

Clare and the others join him, and begin preparing. Clare is seen strapping on body armor and selecting what look like experimental weaponry.

Torikkumasutā: *simply meditates as a light outlines his body*

As the others begin their preperations, the plane takes off and after a while, begins to circle the city. A tense few moments go by, with no signs of the target. Finally, the Doctor indicates a person walking through the empty streets, the sun has only just risen, and most people are still sleeping.

"Our target, Inga Kankei, the Witch of Causality. Pink hair and eyes. Like we were informed of. Clare, Tori, make your way to her after sky diving to the adjacent city block. We don't want her to see you. Not until you're on the ground."

Clare sighs. "I hate sky diving... ...wait, why doesn't my uniform have a parachute?"

The doctor smiles. "Ol' Issac gave you wings a few days ago."

"What?" Clare growls sharply.

Torikkumasutā: Parachutes? Hmmm... they sound bland and safe. *opens the hatch and is launched out into the sky above the city*

"Reckless idiot."

"Off you go now," The doctor playfully pushes Clare out, she tumbles and flails about for a few minutes, before glowing blue wings rip out of her back into being, slowing her descent.

It takes her a moment to relax, however. "I hate when people modify me without telling me..." She grumbles, slowly attempting to control her wings.

Torikkumasutā: *lands in an alley and adjust his mask*

Clare ends up landing in a tree, and gets her wings caught in branches, and starts struggling.

"Oh of all the...!" She grunts, then gives up after a minute or so.

Torikkumasutā: Now to lower suspicion. *takes off his mask and clothes until he's only wearing his sumo underwear and pulls out a Chinese sitar* Torikkutime. *puts his mask back on and heads out into the streets*

"Oi! Help me get down from here!" She snaps. "And put your clothes back on!!!"

Torikkumasutā: *looks up into the tree* Oh, hey partner! *waves* Do you like what you see? *does a model pose*

Her face burns scarlet for a moment, and a knife impales itself in his mask, the blade stoping just short of his eye.

"Put your clothes on and help me out of this tree already! What if someone sees you like that?!"

Torikkumasutā: Come now, partner. No need to point knives at each other (unless ordered to). Then they'll be speechless cause they'll be to busy marveling at my body or look at me oddly. They'll see me as some foreign weirdo entertainer. I'll blend right in. Well...more or less, but they won't suspect much of me.

She gives him a pointed look. "And everyone sees wierd people wearing masks and cloaks these days too. You're a public officer, you don't need to blend in, except in recon. This isn't recon. Plus looking at you like that is weird ok, so put the damn clothes on!"

The wings, still snagged on the branches, are starting to get pulled to the point it's starting to hurt her.

"Ow ow ow!"

Torikkumasutā: It's called 'stealth'. The less she knows, the better chance we have. I am to keep and eye on her without her suspecting she is being watched or followed. Cause if we watch her from the shadows or the rooftops, she's gonna get the feeling she's being followed, thus, putting her guard up. We want to surprise her as possible. The more she's off guard, the better chance we can bring her in. My blending in will only keep her guard down even more. One moment longer. Whether it's recon or not, a mission is a mission. You must succeed in any means necessary. *kicks the tree from the base and Clare falls to the ground* You hanging in a tree for one would cause her to be suspicious. *turns and walks away* You watch her the way you do, and I'll be watching her from the crowd like a hawk...or like a crow for that matter.

"...Ow! ...Geez, why did I get landed with the newbie? And a MYTH on top of it... great... You know, it's also called TEAMWORK!"

She catches up and grabs him.

"We aren't the capture force. Obviously, there seems to be an underlying plan the Doctor came up with, and he's sending us in waves. Put your clothes on and get ready to engage, that's an order, junior officer Tori. Plus, no sane person runs around naked like that, not to mention there's no crowd right now, it's just now sunrise. People are still sleeping. We still have to find her, so some caution is nessisary. And if you think you can back talk me, remember who is the Elite, and who is the guy just starting out in this Division. Now come on, we have a witch to fight."

She cocks her guns and loads them, then peeks out at the streets. "Not over here, good. Let's go."

Torikkumasutā: It's ok, my sitar. We'll play another day. *puts his clothes back on and follows behind her*

They carefully look over various alleys, and then eventually after stepping out into another main street, they hear a tap of feet as someone lands on the ground behind them.

"It seems the Agencies really are are trying to try my patience." A soft woman's voice speaks up.

Torikkumasutā: Oh look, she found us. Probably shouldn't have be walking out in the open like we did.

"I knew you were here the moment you landed. You removing your clothing drew my attention immediately."

"We were looking for her anyway, what does it matter?" She turns, to see a girl with pink hair and eyes.

"Wha? Well, I guess appearances aren't everything, aren't they, Dread Witch?" She says as she points her guns at the witch.

Torikkumasutā: Not every witch has to have warts on her face or have a crooked nose. And I doubt gns will do any good, that or their not ordinary guns.

Clare notices the witch is observing their weapons, as though analyzing unseen data.

"Huh... like the boss implied."

Torikkumasutā: Could you blame her? Who wouldn't study their opponent's arsenal?

"She isn't just studying the arsenal... She's observing our future moves..."

Torikkumasutā: Hm. I feel like their should've been a better plan than us confronting her head-on.

"Too late now, eh? Shut up and let's get started." She fires a burst of energy from her gun, and Inga dodges with surprising speed, but makes no counter attack, and Clare continues the attack.

Torikkumasutā: *shrugs and his body glows a darkish blue. He rushes Inga and throws a series of kicks and punches at mach speed, but can't manage to touch her until one of his punches manages slide past her face*

She ducks past the last punch and slides in toward him, then manuvers off to one side, and when he turns to face her, he feels a sharp cut on his cheek, and he realizes she's stolen his katana.

Torikkumasutā: *licks the blood off his cheek* Huh..I imagined my blood to be alot, whatever...*pulls out his other katana*

Inga leaps back as a grenade lands near her, then rolls away from a series of beam shots from Clare. Inga scales up a building, coming to a rest on top of the roof. She looks at Clare intently.

More to this one than is let on... there is a seed of corruption, one she violently detests... if I made it grow, her mind would collapse and allow me to dominate her. The other...

Her eyes rest on him, analyzing him.

Torikkumasutā: Hm. Might need to ask her for my katana back.

A few arcane glyphs begin appearing around Inga, and they begin to fling themselves at Tori, exploding on impact with any physical object.

Torikkumasutā: *raises his hand at the glyphs and they circle around him. The glyphs turns into darts and begin to fling themselves back at Inga*

Inga makes a shield of glass, which deflects the darts before shattering.

Torikkumasutā: Now that I've found you. Would you be so kindly as to return my katana? Assuming you are kind.

"No, I rather think I'll hold on to it, thanks for the present." She says with a coy, mocking smile.

Torikkumasutā: Eh. I know spells. I can just conjure up a new one. Go ahead, keep it. your welcome.

Without warning, a fireball detonates right on him, blowing him into a building.

"So do I. Only I cast more or less in an instant." She ducks from a punch from Clare, then repeatedly dodges a volley of them.

"You have a lot of bitterness in you. You're human, but only just. Something holds your infection back, doesn't it?"

Clare flinches and in that moment of weakness Inga delivers a nasty blow to Clare's stomach, and she crashes into a wall.

She knows even that? That ability is just wrong...

Torikkumasutā: *is about to dive bomb Inga*

She jumps up to him and with a wind enhanced kick, smashes him into Clare, who just recovered from the impact.

"OW!" She yelps.

Clare realizes that it's just Torikkumasutā's clothes but not Torikkumasutā.

Torikkumasutā: *comes up from behind Inga and pegs her in the back of the neck with the heel of his foot, making her hit the ground. He lands on top of her with a great crash* Ta-da! *steps off Inga* If you plan on shooting her, now's the time partner.

Just as he lands, she disappears and they suddenly exchange places, him on the ground and her standing unaffected, just as Clare shoots him in the lung.

Inga teleports back up to the rooftop.

"Silly fool."

Torikkumasutā: *is right behind her* No. I'm Torikkumasutā.

Inga claps her hands together, and a hurricane level wind flattens several whole city blocks and blows them away.

As Inga dusts herself off, she is suddenly impaled by a massive spear, Simon standing behind her.

"...More...?" Inga coughs up blood, gasping.

"I slipped in while you were distracted with the two of them."

"I see... no wonder, they were just the distraction." She pulls herself free of his weapon with a gasp, teleporting to the other end of the blast zone.

Simon helps the two to their feet.

"You two alright?" He asks.

Torikkumasutā: *laughs* Terrific! *brushes himself off*

Simon nods, then sprints after Inga, to her amazement, he closes the distance in mere moments and suddenly smashes her into a building before she can react to his speed, leaving her stunned for a moment, before pulling out of the wall and dodging just in time as Simon stabs the area she just was.

He's fast... almost too fast...!

Torikkumasutā: So we just leave it up to him then?

Clare looks at the shot wound. "You ok? Sorry that I shot at you partner. As for the question, we should try and help however we can. We don't know what she'll do next."

Torikkumasutā: *looks at Clare all confused* What shot? *looks at his bleeding chest* You mean this one?

"Umm, you didn't notice you got shot?"

Torikkumasutā: I was to busy trying to distract the target, if she wasn't already distracted enough. *strokes his hair back, noting to his body*

Clare smacks his mask. "We got more important things to do than worry about your looks. And did you take your clothes off again?! What are you trying to do, be a perv and a monster?"

Torikkumasutā: It's called self-esteem. Besides, positivity is healthy for the heart and mind. Also, monsters go 'Roar!' I go 'Wheeee!' As for a perv...what is that? Does it have something to do with my body?

"...You know, I would say something about that, but I'm not." She says as a massive fireball nearly strikes them.

Inga has stepped up her attacks, launching fireballs and various spells, lighting, wind, fire, earth, the elements are all flying as she battles with Simon, having some difficulty holding him off with his speed.

Torikkumasutā: Heh. Look at 'em go! I can literally see blurs! Ah it hurts my eyes just to watch!...Ow!

Inga scowls as she gets laceriated off and on by Simon's blades, then finally creates a shockwave and repels him. She puts her hands to the ground, and a massive summoning circle forms.

Torikkumasutā: Never liked circles. *land outside the circle and puts his hand on the circle and blue light spreads all across the summoning the circle*

A spark of arcane magic zaps him the moment he touches it, launching him back. A massive sphere of lava, metal, and earth begins to grow at a massive rate, quickly becoming larger than most of the buildings in the area.

Clare looks spooked.

"Is that... what I think it is?!"

Torikkumasutā: *rubs his head* Ow...

The Enforcers regroup, Simon looks up at the sphere as it becomes a massive metalic dragon with molten lava pouring out of its skeletonal body, anything flammable in a mile ignites in flames as it roars to life. Inga floats harmlessly to its head, unaffected by its extreme heat. She gives them an insane glare, her eyes have turned red.

"Die..." She growls.

"Well this just got much more difficult," Simon sighs.

"She summoned that thing? Isn't that the same creature that created several new volcanoes not too long ago?" Clare gapes. 

Torikkumasutā: *looks at the beast* Gojira? 

"...What's that?" She asks Tori.  

Torikkumasutā: The King of Monsters...  

Clare seems distracted. "Sir, with all due respect, I do not want to turn into that thing!!!" She snaps, as though talking to someone.

Torikkumasutā: I would be so honored to turn into him...*gets on his knees and begins to bow at Hitomara* All Hail, Gojira. All Hail, Gojira..

She glares at him. "That isn't a famous legendary beast of Japan or whatever, that's a psychopathic volcanic dragon that blew up several cities!"

Torikkumasutā: That is exactly what Gojira would do! Only know he's being used by the witch. *shakes his fist at Inga* Release Gojira, you vile woman!

The dragon suddenly lets out a massive blast of pure lava at the Enforcers.

"I am Hitomara, and I obey the Dread Witch of my own desire! I will burn everything!"

Torikkumasutā: *shields them in an energy field* By Goodness graciousness! She's possessed him! We must defeat her and free Gojira!

Clare slowly thinks. "Wait, Godzilla? Are you talking about Godzilla? Godzilla doesn't exist, those were just movies!" Hitomara sends a wave of lava at them again.

She looks up at him and twitches. "Gah! Issac, you bastard! You really did turn my collar off, didn't you?!" She moans in pain, as large metallic scales begin to grow out of her skin, blood trickles from her scales as they grow out of her skin, and she gnashes her teeth, which are visibly sharpening and elongating. Besides the pain, there is obvious anger in her eyes, as her body is changing against her will.

Torikkumasutā: Partner! What's happening to you?

"Didn't I tell you?" Her voice has a edge of a dragonic growl to it, and large metal horns are growing out of her skull, her finger nails are ripping out long and large, becoming metal as they grow, her hands and feet become monsterous in form, the metal growing thick, too big for human hands.

"This is what that bastard did to me all those years ago," She growls, her eyes begining to glow red. "He infected me so that when I look at Myths, my body begins to change to become that type of Myth. It gets faster, more painful, and lasts longer each year that passes. The scales should have taken thirty minutes, by last year's standards."

A large metal tail grows out of her pants, and the back of her shirt rips open to reveal massive dragonic wings.

"This is why I hate Myths, because they made me a freak like them!!!" She roars, her voice less human, mostly dragon, with a rumble of fire. She begins coughing up burning blood, as her insides begin to melt into molten rock, most of her skin has become pure white metal scales, under them a red hot glow is begining. The air is hotter around her now. Clare's transformation has made her appear almost a perfect blend of humanoid and dragon, and she's growing larger too.

Torikkumasutā: Not all of us are like that. I mean despite your bitterness towards us, I was still willing to work with you. I'm sorry this had to happen to you, but you probably don't desire any sympathy from a myth. I'm just letting you know, that myths and humans have more in common than you think. There's always a good and there's always a bad.

What's left of her now tattered clothing burns away, as her transformation slows down then stops. The interior of her body glows with a hot molten glow, she rumbles with her pain and rage.

She looks back at Tori angrily. "Monsters are monsters. That's all I am now. A monster meekly trying to retain the humanity she already lost. There is nothing worth loving in a monster." She growls, then launches up at the dragon in a feral roar.

The dragon laughs with amusement. "I see a powerful spirit within thee... thy is not born of the fire, but thy possesses its spirit... I am delighted!" He roars in turn, letting out blasts of fire and lava at the Dragon-Clare, who seems unaffected by the blasts, and furiously begins clawing at its face.

Hitomara manages to swat her away, and attempts to stomp on her, but she manages to hold up his foot, and with a mighty roar of her own, manages to toss him aside into the nearest standing buildings, a colossal strength in her small in comparison form.

Torikkumasutā: Sorry, Gojira! We'll free you, I swear! *runs over to Clare's side* Is the plan to still fight them head-on?

The dragon gets up rather quickly and roars, though there is an impression that it was an amused laugh.

Inga meanwhile has a small smile of amusement, which suddenly changes as she unexpectedly has a tired look and is for some reason looking like she's struggling to stay on her feet.

Clare reflexively swats Tori with her talons, nearly breaking his ribs when he gets too close. She makes no intellegible answer, instead merely launches herself toward the dragon again, in a breserker rage.

Simon runs up to Tori.

"She's probably going to be like that and worse, if she has a stage two change. She has a poor control over herself when she becomes creatures like dragons, the savage side is too strong for her to handle."

"Come on, we'll come from the side." 

Torikkumasutā: Alright I'll be right there...just let me crawl there first....*begins to crawl* 

Simon pauses and holds Tori still, then takes strange bandages and begins applying them to Tori's chest. 

"Sit here for about five minutes and let them heal you. Then we'll go." 

Torikkumasutā: Sure thing, 2nd partner... 

Inga looks strangely as though she is starting to doze off, her head nodding.

W...what is...? I'm... so....

Inga barely manages to dodge from Leo, who kicks Hitomara into the ground with extrodinary force, who suddenly is unsummoned. Isa soon joins him on the ground.

"Well, looks like the beast has been unleashed!" Leo cackles when he sees the transformed Clare, who has grown even bigger and is starting to undergo a second stage of evolution into a full dragon, occasional groans echo from her as she changes.


Inga lands on the ground, stumbling a bit. Her body is barely able to stand correctly, so great is the mysterious effect on her. Her eyes look like they are becoming listless.

Torikkumasutā: Die, witch, die....Free Gojira...Ow....

A strange pink energy starts flickering around the witch, but it falls apart and dissipates, as Inga begins to teer and finally collapses, eyes momentarily full of fear, before slowly beginning to close, and Doctor Lux appears from the shadows, smirking when he sees the collapsed witch.

"Good work, everyone. I knew if she paid too much attention to the battle, she wouldn't notice the sleeping gas I was pumping into her. By the time she realized something was wrong, it was too late... I had already caused her mind to sleep... she fought of course, but her mind was too unfocused to reunited its efforts in time. Now we possess the Witch of Causality... let's take this one back to the Division." He picks Inga up, placing a Inhibitor on her neck, then opens her mouth and injects a massive blast of gas into her mouth, as she makes a final desperate cry, before she is fully put to sleep by the Doctor's gas, falling into a very deep sleep.

The plane descends, and opens up to allow them to board. Clare seems to be returning to human form, slowly, though her clothes remain gone. She has reverted to her dragon-human stage 1 form, and that form is slowly breaking up, slowly revealing human skin as the transformation begins its slow and painful reversal.

Torikkumasutā: Be free, Gojira...Be free...*looks over at Clare* Welcome back, partner.

Her scales and teeth revert to normal, but Clare looks at her hands and feet, which remain clawed and taloned. Her large horns remain on her head still, as well as her wings and tail.

"I've not been back since I first transformed... ....and someone please get me clothes before I die of embarassment..."

The doctor throws a uniform at Tori. "Dress her and be quick about it." Clare's face burns deep red. He places Inga into a special capsule and attaches a breathing tube connected to large containers of the gas, which begins to pump more at a steady rate into her. The capsule closes, concealing her from view.

Torikkumasutā: Ummm....isn't she old enough to dress herself?

"That uniform is made for dragonic Myths. It fits differently than for a human. She won't know how to put it on. You'll have to help her. Stop whining, besides, she's not as mentally sound as she appears..."

Clare is staring at her mutated body, particularly her tail, trembling with revulsion.

"Do it before she has a breakdown and starts trying to unprofessionally have surgery done on that tail."

Torikkumasutā: Why do that when I can simply cut it off? Alright...let's finish this...

After Clare is reluctantly assisted into her clothes, she immediately retreats from everyone else and stays at lonest corner of the plane, curled up and silently crying.

The others get in, and the plane prepares to take off.

Torikkumasutā: *gets his mask clothes and katanas and heads aboard the ship. He sees Clare in the corner and goes up to her* It's ok, partner. Remember that your part of a team that's here for you. I guess I'll leave you to hae some 'you time' *goes over to his seat*

First Week Edit

The Enforcers stand in Issac's office, and dismisses them one by one. Issac has Clare stay in the room while he asks Tori his report of his first assignment and his thoughts and opinions on his new partner.

Torikkumasutā: Overall, the mission was awesome! HAHA! I can't believe you guys do this for a living! I'm utterly thrilled! My partner is abit hasty, she has a few problems regarding her transformation, she's all around a fine and decent partner.

This doesn't appear to have been the answer Issac was expecting, as he raises an eyebrow, then looks at Clare. He then looks back at Tori.

"Err... you sure you don't have any, errr... complaints? Comments about behavior? Anything like that? Any concerns, even a question or two? Also, speak in this direction," He taps toward one side of him. "I only hear out of that ear."

Torikkumasutā: What's to complain about? I flippin' saw Gojira! Who would complain about seeing Gojira? But if anything, my partner seems to have abit of a issue with what's she's become and such. But regarding question, I only have 2. 1. What do you plan on doing with the witch? And 2. Do you have a training room?

"We intend to study Inga Kankei's power, if possible. It is our intention to contain her, and prevent her from being a menace to society any further. She has caused too much chaos this past week alone. This week was a great triumph for the organization, and I have no doubt the Admin will seeth with rage this day that it was our lesser funded organization that values and respects its fewer staff that triumphed, while his organization bumbled around like the buffoons they are. I may just have a drink to celebrate. Then mockingly call him and taunt him, rub it in a little. Then get somber and feel the regret later.

As for the second question, yes, Simon should still be close by, he can take you to the training facility."

Torikkumasutā: Ok. Thank you Mr. Isaac. *gets up and leaves the office*

Issac looks toward Clare. "See yourself to the surgery room, I'll be down to help get you back to normal soon, ok?"

She quietly nods.

"Listen, I promise, I'll find a way to fix this, or at least, make it easier to control. Have faith in me, alright?"

She tearfully nods again, then departs, not saying a word to Tori, too emotionally fragile to speak.

Simon watches her go. "A troubled one, she is... take care of her, aye?"

Torikkumasutā: *thumbs up* Sure thing, 2nd partner. Hey partner, wait up! *walks after Clare*

She quietly stops, but does not turn to acknowledge him or speak. Her tail swishes in discomfort.

Torikkumasutā: I know you're going through a very tough moment, but you don't have to go through it alone. I'm not doing this particular to be liked, but because we're partners and partners will always have each others back.

"...Why are you trying to be kind to me, when it will get you nowhere? I hate you, yet you feel compassion for me, at least sympathy. Should you not hate me in kind? You do not know what I'm going through is like, so how could you begin to understand what I'm going through?" He tail swings in agitation, her fists clench when she feels it moving.

"I can't stand it... ...what this curse does to me... cousin says whenever I change, a small part of my DNA is altered. This horns, these claws, this horrid, wretched tail, when I changed back, they stuck... they became a part of me. Do you know how reviling it is to have who you are slowly twisted and altered against your will?"

Torikkumasutā: Almost. I had two human parents, both biological, yet I was cursed myself and turned I was into a birdman. I had to come to terms with who I was, because instead of seeing it as a curse, I saw it as a gift. To use to serve others. Sure it I may not like what I am, but i could use it to benefit others who may really need someone like me.

"Who needs a freak in this world...?" She says, he suspects though that she said that more at herself, than at him.

Torikkumasutā: *smiles* You'll be surprised. We certainly need one to keep Gojira from destroying us and nothing can stop Gojira, but you did. So the imagine the good for others instead of the bad for yourself.

"...I'm not as generous as you. I don't want this power. I want it gone. I don't want to keep living in fear like this. I'm safe inside this agency, but if I were to step outside, and tell someone what I am... what I've become.... they wouldn't show compassion. They'd label me a monster and try to destroy me. I can't live my life like this. I want to be happy, not living in fear that if I ever marry, the man I love will find out my secret and kill me. That my friends around me that I care and love will turn on me and shoot me to death.

I didn't stop that monster, the monster inside me did. And I want it gone."

Issac comes out of his office, and pats her on the shoulder. "Come on, let's go Clare."

As he walks her away, he pauses and looks back at Tori. "I'm going to take her to have her draconian features removed, it'll take a few hours. When I'm done, I'd like to have a private talk, alright? Meet me back at my office in three hours."

Torikkumasutā: Yes sir, Mr.Isaac. I'll see you later, partner...*walks the opposite direction*

Simon offers to take him to the training room. "I could use the practice too."

Torikkumasutā: *smiles* Thanks, 2nd partner.

"It's Simon. And you're welcome. It's my job to lift you up if Clare tears you down. She's a good person once you get to know her. Give it time. She's just stubborn." He says, walking down to the lower levels.

Torikkumasutā: I understand. It hurts to see humans having to suffer because of certain myths.

"Indeed. Clare's case is exceptionally troublesome. 'The Variante Virus' case... there has not been a trace or sign of that monster. We have asked around the other Agencies, but they don't know either. It's just... vanished."

Torikkumasutā: Vanished you say? What does the virus do per se?

"Apparently it goes around and infects humans with its stinger, causing them to undergo transformations like you saw in our battle with the dragon earlier. Clare is the only confirmed victim, we don't know if there are more. Every year, Clare's transformations become longer, more painful, and as of the last two years, have left artifacts in her dna and altered her body. Before, tails would just retract. Now, the tail is literally just well, her tail. She has to have DNA modification and heavy surgery to remove the alterations. In a few years, it may get to the point that Clare will get stuck in a Mythic form, and... ...become a Myth. You see, her hostility is really... ...fear. Fear of what she'll become."

Torikkumasutā: And she doesn't hate myths. She hates the man that turned her into one.

"She hates Myths, but she is also afraid of them. The hatred, is probably actually a byproduct of her fear. She is afraid of Myths. Because she doesn't want to become one. That fear makes her hate them. You can only really and truly kill her hatred when you have killed her fear. And well... ...that isn't so easy."

He arrives at a large metal door. "This is the entrance to the second facility. Pay attention, it's like a maze." He begins guiding Tori through toward the agent's training area.

Torikkumasutā: *is sketching the map as he follows Simon*

Simon eventually opens a series of steel double doors, revealing a huge training room, pure white marble floors, and a light grey concrete for the walls. The room is bright and well lit, many kinds of training equipment can be found, some agents are sparing.

Torikkumasutā: *shields his eyes from the brightness of the training room* Aaaaggghhh!...It's so bright!...It's like I'm starring up at the Sun!...

"It's not that bad... Oh look, Isa is training." 

The agent can be seen in the distance, practicing with her katana. Only, it has no blade. However, all of the combat dummies are being sliced to ribbons as she attacks.

Torikkumasutā: My god...her blade's invisible...

"There actually is no blade. The handle is a focus point. You see, she can cut things with her mind."

Torikkumasutā: *gasp in astonishment* She's a telepath...

"That's not all. Watch." Several cannons appear, and launch cannon balls at her, but they stop dead instantly at 60 feet from her, dropping harmlessly to the floor.

Torikkumasutā: Oh My Gosh! She can repel metal by using her miiind! WHAAAAAAAT!?

"You're like a kid being shown an action movie for the first time."

Torikkumasutā: A movie? I don't know what that is, but it sounds like an advance play of sorts.

"...You're one of those guys huh? It's ok, we can go sometime. Don't worry, as a member of this Agency, anyone registered or an agent can largely live a free lifestyle, so I can take you, and arrest anyone who tries anything."

Torikkumasutā: Wheee! Thanks, 2nd partner!

Simon chuckles as Isa walks over. "Oh hey, how's it going? You're Tori, right?"

Torikkumasutā: Yes, yes I am. And you must by my 3rd partner. *holds out his hand for a handshake*

"Isa, it's ok to refer to each other by name." She takes his hand and shakes it firmly.

Torikkumasutā: I know.

"Then why don't you? Don't be afraid to treat us like friends. We're comrades, after all. Oh, duck."

Torikkumasutā: *ducks like she says*

Leo goes flying by and crashes into a wall.

"You're welcome." Isa says, shaking her head at Leo.

Torikkumasutā: I can stand up now, right?

She helps him up. "Is there any training you'd like to do since you're here?"

Torikkumasutā: Anything that will keep me sharp.

"You could try the combat dummies."

Torikkumasutā: Ok then. *takes his tanto katanas and preform fast flight attacks on the dummies, so fast that he nearly becomes a blur*

Isa watches for a bit, then looks at Simon. "What do you think?"

Simon looks down at her. "Hmm?"

"You know, about....?"

It takes him a moment to realize. "Ooooh... right... that. Too early to tell. Issac's making a gamble, but the two might go together well. Only time can tell..."

The two watch Tori for a bit longer.

Torikkumasutā: *after he's done, the dummies fall apart into evenly cut cubes* Done. I think the dummies should be made of stronger material though.

Simon presses a button, and new dummies appear, made of a powerful kind of steel.

Torikkumasutā: Whoa. My wish has been granted.

"Have at it new guy!" Isa cheers him on.

Torikkumasutā: *spread his wings and haves at the dummies*

98hese ones seem to be intellegent and are slowly adapting to his attacks.

Torikkumasutā: Neat. Self-adapting. You guys might aswell have everything

Leo walks over to Simon. "Can? Oh please, let me do it!"

Simon sighs. "...Yes, you can do it."

"HELL YEAH, MISSILE STRIKE, BITCH!" He cackles with glee, as missile launchers start firing at Tori.

Torikkumasutā: *flies around dodging and cutting the missiles down while still getting a few hits on the dummies* Wheeeee!

After a few hours, an announcer speaks up. "Alright everyone, training facility is closing for the evening, good work everyone. It'll be open again at six A.M."

Isa pats him on the back. "Good job mate, you showed those dummies. Although, the missiles were unnecessary."

Torikkumasutā: Thank you, 3rd par-I mean...Isa.

"No problem. Let's head up, Clare should be almost ready to come out."


Issac finishes the complex DNA and physical surgery at last, the removed limbs and parts taken to a private sector dedicated to the Virus case. He gives his cousin a quiet hug.

"...Clare." He begins finally. "You know I'm only trying to look out for you, right?"

"....I know that... it's just..."

He hushes her. "You wanted to live a better life than this, I know. I meant to tell you this sooner, but now is probably a better time than any. Clare, from the latest study, we've found that the likelyhood we can cure you at this stage of your infection is basically... ...none. The rate of prevalence over your own DNA is now too big. I'm sorry. We can't cure it now. But we can put the monster who did this to you to justice. ...Just.... ...give me time.

I know it's hard news to swallow... ...but I can say that we can help you control and cope with this power. Make it so you no longer involuntarily transform, and we can finally do away with the collar. We just need more time for research. We'll figure it out. I promise. Now, go rest up for the night. We got a long week ahead of us, yes?"

She silently nods. "Ok..."

She gets up, and puts on her uniform, then walks out slowly of the medical room.

"..." He watches her leave, then glances at the shadow lurking in the room. "I know you're there, Lux. We need to talk."

"Clever as always... what might this be about?"

"..." He turns to face the doctor hidden in the shadows...


"Agent Tori, may I see you in the office?" Issac's voice rings out over the intercom, just as Clare walks up into view from the lower corridors, looking tired, and now without her draconian features, though she is heavily bandaged still.

At the office

Torikkumasutā:*comes through the door* Here! You wanted to see me, Mr. Isaac?

"Please remember to sit on the side I'm not deaf at. It helps. Yes, I wanted to talk to you about Clare. Specifically why I assigned you to her. Have a seat."

Torikkumasutā: *sits near his good side* Yes? What about her? Is she going to be alright?

Issac sighs. "Overall, yes. At this rate, however, Clare's condition is basically permanent. Incurable, for her in fact. We can treat it so that she can maintain control over her self, but that's going to be about it. In a few years, the condition will reach full potency. But that's not why I had you come here to talk about. You see, I picked you on purpose. You're very forgiving and kind, you've been very patient with Clare. And that was what I was looking for when I picked her next partner. I also specifically was looking for Myth partners. It is very likely in the next few years, she may become a Myth before we can find a way to stabilize her. I wanted to prepare her mentally to accept that, but I also wanted to save her from her hate of Myths, her fear of them.

I want you to be there for her, because I don't want to see what will happen if she cannot accept her new self, if it ever comes to that. Be a friend for my cousin. She needs someone she can depend on. I'm hoping that someone will be you. This is a personal request, not a official one. Help my cousin. I don't want to see her destroy herself."

Torikkumasutā: Then you can definitely count on me, sir. *holds his hand out for a hand shake*

"...Thank you." He shakes his hand softly. "See yourself to bed, there's a long week ahead."

Torikkumasutā: A long fun week I might add.*joyfully smiles* Goodnight, Mr. Isaac. *leaves the office*

Mystery of the Virus Edit

After he leaves and goes to bed, things are largely quiet, until later in the night he is woken from his comfortable bed by a strange noise outside his door, a strange figure's shadow passes by his door.

Torikkumasutā: *checks outside the door for the shadowy figure*

He sees off in the distance something entering Clare's room, whatever it was was not human.

Torikkumasutā: *whispers* Psst! Clare...*slowly and quietly follows the figure*

When he enters her room, he sees Clare fast asleep, but towering right over her is a horrid black creature, dark and black as night, with a faint sheen to its skin. Light blue wings are folded up against its back, glowing softly. Its hair has a sheen of every color, both features contrasting the black creature. It has a long ropy scorpion like tail, which hangs dangerously low to her chest, as though it is about to impale her.

Torikkumasutā: *takes his tanto katanas out instantly* Leave her be...

It whirls its head toward him, the only hint of eyes on its dark face is two white pinpricks, which start at him, then it flies out of the room's window with a screech. Clare doesn't seem to wake up, in fact she is somehow deep in sleep, despite the danger that had been looming.

Torikkumasutā: *runs up to the window and watches the beast fly away. He turns back towards Clare* What did it want with you, partner?

Clare doesn't respond, and Tori eventually realizes there is a smell of a gas in the air, and feels incredibly sleepy, as though any minute he'd himself fall asleep right on the spot.

Torikkumasutā: *yawns and immediately falls asleep on the side of the bed*

Tori wakes up later that morning, waking to find Clare sleeping peacefully, though he is trapped by her arms, which have wrapped around him as if he were a teddy bear. Her head is resting right next to him, her expression peaceful. She looks much different when she is awake and hostile.

Torikkumasutā: *slightly smiles at the sight. He rolls out of her arms and replaces himself with a pillow, then quietly leaves her room*

She soon wakes up, though doesn't move, her body aching.

....It's like... ...that one time...

She narrows her eyes and clenches her teeth as her sapphire blue wings grow out of her body.

She sniffs, and picks up a smell coming off her and the pillow.

"...Tori....." She grumbles. "But more importantly... ....him...."

She gets dressed for the day, and heads out of her room.

In the dining hall, Tori is with Simon, eating, when out of nowhere a gust of wind blows and Clare flaps down near them, holding a tray. Tori is surprised to see her strange, luminous sapphire colored wings. They look angelic, yet not. She gives him an odd look.

Torikkumasutā: Ugghh...Morning, partner...Sleep good?

"I don't know, did I? I sure smelled you in my room, so why don't you tell me?"

Simon sighs. "It's the morning, don't fight."

"I want to know why he was laying on my bed!"

Torikkumasutā: A variante was snooped into your room, but once I slipped in; it flew out your window. The gas that was used to capture the witch was in your room and I fell asleep instantly.

The two look at each other, and then at Tori, and then he soon finds himself back in Issac's office, having to explain to him what happened.

"...So... you're saying... that a variante was... her room? ....What were its features?"

Torikkumasutā: It was symbiote-like no doubt. Had a scorpion-like tail had wings like Clare did this morning. And it had hair like that of the rainbow, yet i complemented its overall cover.

"...That was... ....the Variante Virus. The same creature that infected Clare. ...We've not seen a trace of it in five years... why now...? Tori. At all times, I want you by Clare's side. No exceptions."

Torikkumasutā: I wouldn't be a good partner if I wasn't by her side, sir.

"I mean twenty four seven. Tell her that's a direct order to her to allow it. But use sense about it. Don't go in the bathrooms and... you get it, right?"

Torikkumasutā: Oh I understand. Certain privacies, gotcha.

"Dismissed. Oh, and if her skin starts turning, black, call me. And I mean, coal black."

Torikkumasutā: *nods* Yes sir. *leaves the office*

Clare is found furiously training in the training room.

Torikkumasutā: Sorry for snooping in your room partner. Had to find out what that thing was.

"No... ...thank you. You saved me, more than you'd understand."

Torikkumasutā: So you're not upset at?

"Well, yes. Given what could have happened... seems petty to be angry with you. Even if you were sleeping in my bed."

Torikkumasutā: Either that or I sleep on the floor, right?

"I would prefer the floor oh so much."

Torikkumasutā: Oh then...sorry about that too. It was just that I was near your bed when I fell asleep.

"Like I said... don't worry about it... just make sure it doesn't happen again."

Torikkumasutā: Sure thing. Also, Mr. Isaac said I must stay by your side 24/7 unless in the bathroom.


Torikkumasutā: I know, right! We get to hangout and stuff even after we do our missions!

Clare ducks into the punch of a dummy, getting knocked out.

Torikkumasutā: Oh snap, Clare! *rushes to her* You alright, partner?

"...." She is still unconscious.

Torikkumasutā: Oh dang..Ummm...*picks Clare up and carries her into her room and lays her on her bed*

Clare wakes up a few minutes later. "Oww. Oh, that was actually on purpose."

Torikkumasutā: Why would you do that? Just to skip out on our next mission?

She smirks. "No, it was deliberate protest against the last thing you said to me."

Torikkumasutā: I assumed you would be more glad about that.

"You know I still hate you, right?"

Torikkumasutā: Does it matter me. not one bit. *smiles*

She sighs. "You are an odd one, you know that?"

Torikkumasutā: I was told that was a good thing.

"...So you're going to follow me no matter where I go, right?"

Torikkumasutā: Basically so. As I was told.

"....Oh look! A worm!"

Torikkumasutā: I may be birdman, doesn't mean I do what other birds would. Besides, I find worms too adorable to eat. Plus, it's this place is too clean for even a roach to be found here, much less a worm in a building. Sorry partner, but that was pretty weak and stereotypical I might add.

Clare looks burned out. "....I really am stuck with you. Damn it."

She gets up off the bed, and begins to walk out. "Well, might as well make our rounds for the day. It's almost time for my or rather, our patrol. Get ready."

Torikkumasutā: Yaaay patrol! What's that?

"We patrol the area under the designation of the First Division. Keep the peace between men and myths. We act as a neutral police force, in the sense that we don't arrest Myths on the spot, rather if they actually cause public disturbance. People who call us without a legitimate crime can be heavily fined."

Torikkumasutā: As far as I've been told, their hasn't been any local authorities in decades.

"We try to fill that role. Both Myths attacking our cities and corruption rotting them within are equal threat. We stepped up to put an end to it."

Torikkumasutā: So have the M.C.C.P. Now everyone has a mechanical beast for a pet.

"I seriously doubt those giant machines have honestly solved anything. In fact, you could argue it just makes shit worse. Grab a uniform and badge from the locker room, I already have mine." She points to an officer's locker room.

Torikkumasutā: Awwwww....*goes into the locker room and after a few minutes comes* Uggghhh...I don't like it''s so constricting...

"Oh stop whining. You ready?"

Torikkumasutā: The faster we get this done, the faster I can get out of this uniform.

They walk out of the facility, and begin their rounds around the city.


Issac and Doctor Lux stand before a large containment chamber.

"I think it's time we properly spoke with Miss Inga, don't you?" The Doctor speaks up.

"...Yes, let's just get this over with." The door opens, revealing a heavily restrained Inga Kankei.

"Ah, Inga... I would like to speak with you about an arrangement... if you would be willing to hear me out..." Issac begins.


Exima: *is in the wilderness, simply looking into the distance* What...

The Administrator: *is standing behind him* I just came by to inform you that the witch has been captured by the M.P.D

Exima: Hmmm...Why tell me this...

The Administrator: I know you have more of a deeper connection and on another scale, their just like us, so you'll now what they'll do to her and I also know what you'll do for family.

Exima: And I know you hate competition.

The Administrator: I hate children showing up their elders. One slip up by one of my best and the M.P.D, of all of the other agencies, make the catch everyone has thought had been forgotten. One mistake...that made us look like fools! They'll think we're loosing our touch...We're too far ahead to loose now.

Exima: So are you doing this for me or for yourself?

The Administrator: Hopefully both of us can gain something out of this. *disappears into Exima's shadow*

Exima: *skates off into the vastness of the wilderness towards the city the Enforcer's first mission*


After hours of no progress, except if multiple breakouts and revisions to the security could be counted as progress, Issac slams his hands on his desk.

"I don't think I've met a more tenicious human than her! ONE slip up, and she's loose! We've even tried mind control, and her Causality still causes damage! ...We're never going to get anywhere!" He snaps.

"Sir, with all due respect, perhaps we need to try something else." Doctor Lux speaks up.

"Something else, like what?! We've tried everything! She's no use if she's in her sleep induced state, and if she's not, she tries to destroy anything in sight! What do you suppose we do?" He growls.

"Simple. If we cannot get her to willingly let us experiment, then we must find subjects who will." Lux says calmly.

"...Like who? There are no other recorded users of Causality! We have only her!"

"...Then we'll just have to make some, won't we?" Lux says with a smile.

"...What....? ....What do you mean by that....?" Issac says, bewildered by Lux's statement.

"It's obvious. We take her, and make new subjects. Ones that will not defy us, ones that can be taught to be obedient, even with their great power."

"...Anyone with that degree of power would not hesitate to use it for their own gain. No one could use it reasonably- ...except kids. They can be innocent minded, easier to control... ....but we could only do it with.... .....Lux, we can't do that!"

"Why not?" Lux asks simply.

"It's morally wrong. Do you realize what we would have to do in order to have viable children with Causality? Grafting it is not a concievable option, we hardly know what makes what happen with her anyway. Cloning would only be as useful as making there be double the pain. Not an option, considering the equipment she's blown up. ...Which leaves... ...natural children. ...Sired from Inga herself. She would never consent to it. We only perform experiments with willing participants, this is a moral ground we can't cross, Lux!"

"No one has to know. My division is the Underground Research Division after all. We focus on research the public wouldn't be too ready to accept right away, this wouldn't be much of a stretch, thinking about it... and plus, she's a criminal. Who cares about criminals?"

"....Lux, I forbid it. Don't you dare even try that! If we cannot figure out how to wield Causality, fine by me, we will not cross that line! That's an order!"

"...As you... ...wish." Lux hisses the last word, then disappears.

Issac rubs his head. "...I have to put Causality off the board. We have to focus on a Containment policy for now on. Inga Kankei is too dangerous... ...I can't allow my integrety to be compromised.

The Director checks his calls. "...He didn't send one back. ...I would hope he isn't taking this seriously. After all, it's our job to protect the public. Infighting would be detremential to everyone."


Clare and Tori are making their rounds, when Clare notices a Myth being beaten by several humans, and stops quietly, not moving, just watching for a minute.

Myth: *takes notice of Clare and extends his arm towards her*

She looks at him impartially, and after a moment raises her gun and shoots, the shot just missing one of the human's heads. The spot on the wall where the shot hit still glows molten red.

"Attention, you three! If you don't want that to be what your heads look like, stand down now." She yells sternly.

"Jokes on you, lady. I was thinking the exact same look would look great on him. " Points a gun at the Myth.

The Myth simply closes his eyes waiting to die

Torikkumasutā: Hey partner, I heard noises, what's goin'- Oh My God, that's dude gotta gun! *immediately takes out his tanto katana and throws it at the guy cutting his wrist off*

The others run away while the one guy is yelling in agony

"Get the other two." She says to Tori. She approaches the other and handcuffs him.

"Listen up asshole, when an officer tells you to stop, you stop. You're lucky I didn't kill you. You're under arrest for disobeying a direct order from a public officer, assault and battery, and prohibited use of firearms, and disturbing the peace. You can't get away with public violence in this town, punk."

"Don't see why you choose now to stop us."

She promptly knocks him out, ignoring him. She looks at the Myth.

"Are you a registered Myth with an Agency?" She inquires.

The Myth simply shakes his head. "N-no ma'am. I'm just a civilian here, I swear..."

Torikkumasutā: *comes back with one of the humans who happens to be missing a leg* I caught this guy. Threw my katana at 'em and hacked his leg off, so you can guess it was pretty easy.

"Well here's the deal, sir. We won't come after you unless you've committed a crime, but the problem is, other Agencies will. So, the only way we can protect you any further is if you register with us. Your lifestyle doesn't have to actually change, but we have you on a register which is sent to any agency that would otherwise nab you, so they are not permitted to come after you, and only we have authority to deal with you. Plus in the future, if you have problems you can call our emergency number and we will take care of you as soon as possible. You still have to go with us to the Facility for the registration, but after that you can go home."

'Y-yes ma'am...Th-thank you."

Torikkumasutā: We really need to get you cleaned up, dude. You're bleedin' like crazy.

Clare largely doesn't show any interest in the Myth, instead looking around. "Why didn't you grab the others?"

Torikkumasutā: They all ran into traffic and got hit. They won't be goin' nowhere.

"Well are they dead, or unconscious? You should have brought them regardless, unless they're going to the hospital."

Torikkumasutā: I maybe a myth, but Ican only lift so much. I only got two hands and their are like what 7 of those guys? 5 got hit by the traffic. I can say two or 3 might die and the others got away. Well we can't stop every criminal, can we?

She just sighs. "Great. Let's take these folks back to headquarters."

Torikkumasutā: Sure thing! *grabs hold of the injured Myth and head back to the facility*

At the facility, Clare takes the Myth through registration, then enters the interrogation room, where the individuals captured are cuffed to their chairs.

"Let's have a talk, shall we?"

"On why we were beating a Myth up? Isn't it obvious? He's a freak, plus he came walking dow our street without payin' the fee."

Torikkumasutā: *whispers to Clare* Thugs own streets?

"Now listen here, and I hope you pay attention. There is a reason man established Agencies, and it's not so that punks like you can beat up Myths. Allow me to educate you on something. You're lucky. If that was the wrong Myth, you would be dead right now. If that was a dragon? He'd eat you for his breakfast, and move on. Or flambe you. Or both. There are plenty of Myths that could kill you without even trying. It is not your place, nor within your right to go about trying to prove how 'tough' you are by trying to beat up Myths. Do you know how many people I've seen killed because they mess with the wrong one? Too many to tell. While you stay in jail for... I don't know, six months, a year, two years, I want you to understand something. It is my job, and the rest of our agent's jobs to keep the streets safe. From Myths, and scumbags like you. You aren't tough. You aren't clever. And you're going to get killed if you keep being stupid.

Also, don't get me wrong, I don't like Myths either. This isn't me being some activist. It's high time order was put back on our streets, and that's why I'm here. To clean both kinds of trash, you and Myths. Now, I hope you think on that while you rot."

She chains them up and begins escorting them to the prison sector.

Torikkumasutā: Good job, partner! *has his hand up for a high-five*

"I've got two thugs in hand cuffs, busy at the moment."

Torikkumasutā: Oh yea, that's right. But good job anyway! *thumbs up*

After locking away the perps, Clare sighs. "Long day ahead of us, it's time for the city border patrol. You know, to keep an eye out for suspicious activity."

Torikkumasutā: Gotcha. Then let's get to it.

After taking a bus to the edge of the city, the two agents begin patrolling the border of the city, keeping an eye out for suspicious activity.

Meeting-Up Edit

Clare and Torikkumasutā patrol a marketplace.

Torikkumasutā: So how much longer do we continue patrolling?

"Til' the sun goes down, bird face." She replies.

Torikkumasutā: I'm not wearing my mask, you know.

"Whatever, bird face." She says with a smirk.

Above the market, a woman lays on a roof, quietly resting in the light of the sun.

Torikkumasutā: If only I had my father's fruit cart, I'd be a thousandnair in a market like this.

"Please stop reminiscing. I hate reminiscing."

Torikkumasutā: Is it because you don't have anything to reminisce about?

"..." She says nothing, but her expression hardens.

Torikkumasutā: Ah, I see. Well we don't have to reminisce. We can have a generic converstation, like real friends do. Hmmm. Ah, I got it! What is your favorite color?

"..." Clare notices the woman just as she walks off the roof and out of sight.

"...Black. ...The color of mourning." She she mutters.

Torikkumasutā: Wow, that's deeep. I imagined you liked black, because it made everything else look cool, but I still respect your decision. Hmmm. My favorite color would! Cause green is the color of all life on Earth, even the little specks of it that's left and it represents freedom, to spread your wings and soar. *his wings appear from his back*

Everyone takes notice and simply stare at Torikkumasutā

"...*cough* Umm, Tori, please don't do that in public."

Torikkumasutā: Do what?

"You just spread your wings again. They're staring."

Torikkumasutā: I did? *looks behind him and see his wings are fully spread* Oh snap, they are. *look at the people are staring* Ummmmmm. Hiiiii. *smiles and waves*

Some of the shop keeps take out their guns while others arm themselves fruits, rocks, sticks

Torikkumasutā: Uuuuuuhhhmmmmm. I'm not a Myth....Imma cosplayer, don't worry, we were on our way to the park to show off our costumes so wee can role-play there. Don't be alarmed, the wings are apart of the costume.

The crowd sort of lower their weapons and simply ease their stares

Torikkumasutā: Sorry for the misunderstanding, the wings are an invention of mine. I didn't mean to set them off.

The crowd put their weapons and arms away and continue going along with their business

Torikkumasutā: Whew. I was about to be fresh kill right there.

"I would have arrested and or started shooting. You know you could also have used, 'I'm a cop'."

Torikkumasutā: Heh. In this world, they simply don't care. A myth is a myth, no matter what authority they are under. Besides, I doubt you could arrest everyon in the market. *smiles*

"I'd probably kill the majority of them instead."

Torikkumasutā: But that's not our job, is it?

"Well, under the 'self defense' clause, I'd be in the clear. Besides, no way in hell I would let a comrade get killed. ...Not like... ...never mind."

Torikkumasutā: That means alot to me, partner. But we can't stray away from our directive, unless absolutely necessary. Besides, it's not really self-defense if their attacking me and not you.

"Use of deadly force allows retaliation with deadly force," She cites. "Still within my rights. If someone aims to kill you, you kill them first. Got it?"

She looks back at the roof, and for a moment Tori almost sees a bitter expression in her eyes, before she starts walking again.

"Let's go, we've got places to be."

Torikkumasutā: Poor Clare. So troubled about the past. It must not have been well. It's a good thing I can be her friend when she truly needs one.

After a while, the sun begins to set, and Clare sits down on a park bench. "Let me rest a moment, then we'll head back."

Torikkumasutā: Sure thing, partner. Take as much rest as you need.

She looks at him after a moment. "...They told you that you're my partner's replacement, right?"

Torikkumasutā: Huh...They might have probably have hinted that but I can see why that's the reason I'm here.

"...This is something I would not normally talk about, but I'm going to make an exception. This time. ...I'm going to tell you... ...what happened to my partner, and why you're even here now because of it."

Torikkumasutā: Ok. *sits on the bench next to Clare* I'm all ears, partner.

"A month or so ago, the invasion of Phoenix began. The whole world was scrambling to try and overcome the invaders. On patrol one day, my partner, she... ...she was always determined to help those who couldn't help themselves. ...When the invaders arrived, she didn't call for back up, or run. Instead, she stood her ground after she realized they were attacking an elementary school with over five hundred kids. ...She held them off until every last teacher and student was safe and out of that building.

...She was  never seen again. They likely killed her in the most brutal ways imaginable. She, til the very end, never forgot her duty. She even saved a few myths from the invaders, even though she was human like I. She didn't hate them like I did, but she wasn't a fan. She died, performing her duty. ...And so, in memory, I remember my duty before my feelings. ...It's the least I can do for her. I put up with Myths, who I hate, with being assigned a Myth as a partner, because it's my job, because that's what she would have wanted from me. ...I learned a lot from her."

Torikkumasutā: I bet you did. I know I was the last person you would have wanted to work with, but it's alot to know you had such an astounding friend byt your side. I know I'm supposed to be her replacement, but replacing someone like that is hard to do. I know I can't simply can't replace the person that she was, but I will give my condolences and friendship. That's as much as i can give.

Clare shakes her head. "I told you not to pity me."

Torikkumasutā: If you didn't want me to pity you, then you shouldn't have told me the story.

"I told you it so you would understand why I put up with you. I didn't ask for pity. Don't think we're freinds or something like that." Tori can see she's going to be a tough nut to crack.

Torikkumasutā: I already knew why you had to put up with me, well half of it. No matter what you say or think, I'll be whenever you need a friend.

Clare gets up. "Let's go. We shouldn't be out after dark."

Torikkumasutā: Sure thing, partner. *gets up from the bench*

On the way back, Clare seems to watch the shadows of the dark alleys with almost a paranoid level of fear, something he didn't notice before.

Torikkumasutā: You ok there, partner? You look rather uneasy. It'sok if you're scared of the dark, I'm scared of the dark too. You don't know what creepy-crawlies might come out and pop-up in your face or some crazed mad man will come out and start beating you to death or worst. Supernatural forces of the darkness.

He notices her strange blue wings begin to slowly sprout. "...I'm not afraid of the dark... ...I'm afraid of..."

Torikkumasutā: You mean the thing that lurks in the darkness?

"Yes... ...that monster. ...I always feel as though it's watching me, waiting. Waiting for me to lower my guard." She shudders, the wings grow a bit more.

Torikkumasutā: Are we gonna fight it or are we gonna make a run for home?

She looks around nervously. "...It's not here. I don't think...." She out of the blue clings to Tori, the true extent of her fear finally showing.

"Y-you know the rest of the way, r-right? I-I can't lead anymore."

Torikkumasutā: Sure do. *takes out his note pad* I drew a map. *wraps his arm around Clare's waste and takes flight into the night sky*

As Tori flies to the facility, he thinks once or twice he can see a strange figure flying behind them, but when he turns it is gone.

Torikkumasutā: Hmmm..I always was paranoid when it came to the nighttime.

Upon reaching the facility, Clare seems to relax. "...Th-thank you..." 

Far above, unseen on a skyscraper, a strange female figure with metalic armor and wings looks down on them, watching silently.

Torikkumasutā: *happily whistles all the way to his quarters*

Clare follows him to her quarters, quietly laying down on her bed.

Torikkumasutā: *slips into his old attire and sits in a chair. He takes a pocket bible out and begins to silently read*

After a while, Clare falls asleep, though she is noticably feverish.

Torikkumasutā: *takes notice* Hey, you alright? You seems rather sickly.

He notices her wingspan has grown double her own length, and her nails are unusually long.

"...He's in the area again... body reacts to his presence." She groans.

Torikkumasutā: Can't we deal with him or is he too out of our league?

"...I can't fight him. ...I can't explain why. Every time I just... become docile. Meek as a lamb. I feel like I couldn't even move a finger if I wanted to in his presence. I don't even have any real emotions, it's just all... ...numb and foggy. As for you, well... ...he's incredibly vicious."

Torikkumasutā: Well it's a good thing opposites cancel each other out, right? *gleefully smiles*

She gives him a weak but telling look. "It's not funny..." She coughs. " let me sleep..."

Torikkumasutā: How can you sleep when he's around?

Her eyes flutter as exhaustion grips her. "...that's why you're here, right...?" She murmurs. 

Torikkumasutā: Hmmmm...Yea, your right.

One of her wings extend off the bed, exposing the side she isn't occupying. "...You can share the bed... ...just no touching. Or I'll destroy your family jewels."

Torikkumasutā: My family isn't that rich, but I can sleep in the chair. You need the extra space more than I do after all. I want to immediately spring up, whenever he get's too close.

"...You know something..." She says as she falls asleep, "That's so pathetic it's cute."

Torikkumasutā: My mother would say that to, when i would stay by her bedside when she went to sleep. I said "I'll protect you fromt he monster under the bed."

She says nothing, having fallen asleep. Outside her window, the stars are out.

Torikkumasutā: *is looking out the window looking for any constellations* There's the Little Dipper (as always),there's Cancer. Heheh, Cancer. Oh look, Orion's out. Neat.

The night passes with no incident.

Torikkumasutā: *is doing bicycle kicks on the floor*

Clare doesn't appear to be showing any sign of waking. He notices there is a steady light coming from her wings, and as she shifts in her sleep, he notices her hands have become clawed, her claws black. Even her feet have small little claws growing.

Torikkumasutā: Is she...transforming in her sleep?

She winces, then groans as she wakes up. "Uggh... my whole body aches..."

Torikkumasutā: I bet it does. That transformation looked painful as hell. It's a good thing you were asleep.

She looks confused, then sees her hands. "...It's that time of year again... ...I always sense him around this time of year, and every time this season, my body starts to become like him, until a whole week passes where Issac locks me up, as it always makes its intent clear to get to me."

Torikkumasutā: That they wanna make sure you don't go on a bloody rampage?

"No... It's to keep me safe from it. ...In the week that I become like it, it tries everything in its power to find me. It even acts in broad daylight. ...If I'm not keep in one of the high security vaults, it will get to me and..." She pales. "...You don't want to know what it will do." She looks naueous at the thought.

Torikkumasutā: Ok, I'll take your word for it. Soooo what now?

She closes her eyes. "I won't be fit for duty much longer. Please tell the boss that... annual sickness has come back. ...And if you could keep me company... would be nice."

Torikkumasutā: Do I tell him now or later?

"...Now please. ...I need to be alone."

Torikkumasutā:: Ok sure thing. *runs all the way to Isaac's Office* Mr. Issac, I need to tell you something!

He looks up. "Yes, what is it?"

Torikkumasutā: It's's that time.

"...I see. Thank you. We'll make preperations." Issac looks out a window, and frowns.

Torikkumasutā: I also want to ask if I could still accompany her during confinement.

"...Yes-" Suddenly an alarm begins blaring. Issac's eyes narrow.

"High Class Divine Being detected."

Torikkumasutā: Oh boy, stuff is happening. Ummmm where do I go?

Issac slowly gets out of his chair. "Come with me." He begins walking much faster than Tori imagined he could out the door.

Torikkumasutā: *begins to jog in order to keep up with Isaac* Man, is the procedure this bad...or even necessary?

"If you refer to the alarm, it's not a drill. We're under attack. Attention all personal, we are under attack." He says as a explosion goes off somewhere in the facility.

Torikkumasutā: Ok, why is all this happening all of a sudden? Everything was quiet and suttle and now alarms, explosion, etc. and everything!

"Don't ask me."

A blast suddenly tears open the nearby wall, and from the opening emerges a strange female figure in armor, with six metallic wings. In her hand are two black longswords.

Torikkumasutā: My God...Angels do come from Hell...

"Focus please." He says as the intruder slices at the Director, but to Tori's surprise, he catches the blade between his fingers, not the least concerned.

Torikkumasutā: What in the name of Arcania is GOING ON!?!?! *puts his hands on his head in panic*

The being turns and slashes at Tori.

Torikkumasutā: *is dodging to the best of his ability while backing away* No No No No No No No No! *blocks one of the slashes and it leave a huge bloody cut in his forearm* Arrrgghh!

"Fight back you idiot, or did you not come armed?" Issac snaps, drawing a gun.

Torikkumasutā: I have my arms! Surprisingly! I don't do well when things just happen so fast!

"Where is your sword fool?!" He says, shooting the attacker away. The shots hit its armor plating in the head region, and damages it, causing it to fly away, but it goes somewhere else in the facility.

"This is going to be a problem... ...that was an agent of Phoenix."

Torikkumasutā: Isn't that the organization that attempted to wipe out humanity?

"Yes. And clearly they had more firepower than they were letting on. ...wait... what direction of the facility did it go?"

Torikkumasutā: I think it went east, from where we're facing

"...It went toward the personal quarters... ...check on Clare."

Torikkumasutā: Yes sir. *flies back down the hallway towards his quarters. He crashes through the door* Partner! *hits the wall*

She is standing at the window, her wings limp. She appears to be looking outside, and doesn't seem to respond. He notices a small black tail forming.

Torikkumasutā: We gotta get out of here, an angel from Hell is coming this way!

"...I don't care... I just want it to end anyway..." Her voice seems messed up.

Torikkumasutā: Ok, that's pretty messed up but looke Clare. You're not yourself. You can get through this. You got people who are trying the best to help you. You can't give up. Certainly not now.

"....Issac knows he can't save me. ...He told you that, didn't he?"

Torikkumasutā: He told me, doesn't mean I believe it. He may not be able to save you, but you can be saved. I know it

"..." Without a word further, Clare jumps out the window into open air...

...and begins falling.

Torikkumasutā: *catches her by her leg* Clare! What in the name of all Hell is the matter with you?! Life isn't that bad, that you have to off yourself like this.! I'm telling you, that you can get through this! You just have to hang in there. A little! Bit! Longeeer!

"Let me die! I can't live as a monster! I can't live like this!!!" She screeches. "Every year it gets worse and worse! It'll keep growing until I'm no longer myself! I can't live knowing that!"

Torikkumasutā: Like us myths...we live everyday where we're not wanted....where we were never supposed to be, but are...we live everyday knowing that when we die...we can never go to Heaven...we don't know where we'lll end up when God returns...maybe nowhere...where everyday we're beaten, killed, exploited, shunned, all of it. All because others think we're something that we're not. Don't just die because of yourself. Atleast do something worth while, while you're still human. So atleast you can't say you didn't do anything useful in your lifetime.

She suddenly slips out of his grasp, and she falls, but right as she is about to hit the ground, someone grabs her and lands her gently to the ground, then looks up at him.

It is the mysterious angel that began attacking the facility earlier.

Torikkumasutā: *is frozen for a moment and forces a smile out of nervousness* Would you be so kind as to returnmy partner...please...

She reaches out her hand toward him, and suddenly an immense wave of energy begins pulling him toward her at a fast rate, and she materializes a purple blade of energy to impale him as he comes flying, but just as she is about to, she instead grabs him by the throat and holds him up in the air, looking up at him.

".....Part.....ner.....?" Her voice is strained and robotic.

Torikkumasutā: *swallows his fear* Ummm...yea..a partner...someone who always has your back when you need them, sort of like a friend, but...not know..

"....She is.... ...your part....ner.....?"

Torikkumasutā: Yes, yes I am. She had one before me, but she died epically and heroicly.

"....There are no such things as heroes." Her voice becomes stronger, less robotic, but much colder, and her grip tightens fiercely. 

Torikkumasutā: Her former partner certainly sounded like one! Oh gosh!

Clare begins to groan, having been briefly unconscious. "...Hmm... ...that voice...?"

Torikkumasutā: If you are going to kill me...atleast give me a chance to say good-bye to my family...

"...A-A...Aracelis? that... you...?"

The angel's grip freezes, neither releasing him nor strengthening. Out of nowhere, she lets out a fierce howl of pain, and violently throws Tori aside, thrashing about in blind pain.


Torikkumasutā: *picks himself up* Wh-what's happening to her...

Clare seems to fully come to. "W-what the...?! What is that thing?"

The armor around the being begins to retract, revealing a woman with white hair, and six glowing gold wings, her face obscure. She still howls in pain. She appears to wear some manner of simple robes.

Torikkumasutā: *is stunned by the appearance of the woman* The angel...she's...human...

After a minute or two, the other agents start to arrive along with Issac, just as the woman lifts her head, revealing her face, dark greyish purple eyes glare at the assembling agents.

"Who are you?" She snarls. Simon, Clare, Issac, Isa, and Lux seem floored when they see the woman's face.

Issac stares at her. "Impossible..."

Torikkumasutā: I know right? Angels can turn into people.

"No... you can't be... Arac-"

BOOM! A kinetic wave blasts them away from her before he can complete the word.

"...Tori... ...that woman... ....looks like Clare's old partner. ...Aracelis."

Torikkumasutā: Pretty name for a pretty woman....Oooowww...

"...Where were you hurt? ...Also, she doesn't look the same as she once did, but the face... ...she just looks too much like her. We have to detain her at any cost. Find out for sure. Find out what she is."

Torikkumasutā: Is she still angel from Hell? Or a clone...?

"I don't know what she is... ...but I don't think an angel from hell can summon fire from heaven." He remarks as the woman stretches her hand to the sky, and the ground below Tori and Issac glows.

Torikkumasutā: Oh Gosh! *make some formations with his hands and both of them are incased in a blue bubble*

Just in time, as a massive pillar of golden fire blasts their location.

"...I think she's done. Uh oh, here comes another." He says as the ground glows again.

The bubble begins to crack up

Torikkumasutā: Come on, man. Hold it...concentrate...

BOOM! Another pillar strikes.

The bubble is half way until it's completely broken

Torikkumasutā: Come now, Torikku. Focus...

The bubble slowly begins to repair the cracks

Torikkumasutā: Hurry up...

The woman's eyes glow and she whips her hands forth, the bubble bursting instantly. She follows up with a fire blast, but nothing happens. Tori looks to see that Issac has raised his hand, stopping the fireball with his barehands, with no effects to him.

Torikkumasutā:'re gonna be on your own, Mr Isaac...*his head immediately gushes with blood, straight down the middle of his head and he falls unconscious*

The director places a hand on Tori's head, using healing energy. As the woman attacks, Simon knocks her away with a swipe of his halberd.

"I got this chief!"

Tori's wound is healed but he is still unconscious from the effect

Simon is repelled by the angel, who charges, only to be blocked by Isa and her telepathic barrier.

"Arac-" She tries to speak, but is punched in the gut.

"I don't know who you claim to be, but I am Sukimu! Enough of this!" She fires a shockwave, knocking everyone aside. She then begins to channel a massive pillar of fire to purge the whole of the facility.

She can feel some sort of feeling over her solder, as if someone is holding her back. Then something in her mind say 'Don't', though it doesn't sound like her own voice.

She glances behind her, but doesn't stop.

All of a sudden she zones out and a bright light shines before her. She can see a hand reaching ou to her from above. 'It doesn't have to be this way.'

She pulls away, having to cancel the attack to do so, and her CE armor engages. "Unfortunately, it does. You, you're from before, aren't you?"

The hand comes forward, pulling forth a body behind it. An angel appears before her with glowing wings. "Didn't think you would have remembered. After all, you never knew I was there before."

"You attacked me. You escaped with knowledge of what I am to Heaven. How could I not remember the time I tried to kill you? Stop following me, Angel."

"Can't. I am only to follow God's commands, not yours. And he commanded me to watch over you."

"....Vu~ōparukirāsaikuron..." She intones as she summons her long black iron longswords, the angel can see phantom blades form briefly around her, before becoming faint streaks of light flickering about her.

"It doesn't have to be this way. I know you are at the biding of a The Witch, but salvation will be-fall upon you and all of those defiled by her ambitions."

A purple aura shaped like dragonic armor surrounds her, and she suddenly charges, slashing with both longswords.

The angel summons and angelic sword and it transforms into a doulbe-bladed sword and blocks with amazing proficiency.

She flicks her wrist, creating a shockwave that repels him back, then charges while he is prone.

The longsword get's caught in the circular handle of the angelic sword and the two opposing blades come together and cuts through the longsword where they meet.

The streaks follow the stab of Sukimu's blade and impale the angel right under the heart a total of six times before withdrawing, the blade simply regenerates.

White dust-like particles flow out of the angel's body. The sword returns back to double-edged and begins to spin all by itself. It also begins to rotate around the angel faste and faster until all can be seen is a white cyclone.

She twirls her longswords, then stabs them into the ground, the blades slashing in every direction in a violent perfect sphere, tearing into the cyclone with ease.

The angel flies up above. "I don't understand why you insist that I should die."

"Because my mistress wills it. Why do you care?"

" Because if I am to surely die, then I sure am going to miss you."

"...?! What are you talking about? I don't know you!" She snaps, and suddenly a gravity well starts pulling him down.

"But I know you, ever since you came into being, I have watched over you"

She glances at the recovering Agents, then at the Angel, then abruptly flies off at high speed.

Torikkumasutā: *is mumbling in his sleep* Uggghhh...Darn the Man-Crabs...

After flying up to about cloud level, a panel opens in her chest, revealing a cannon, which begins to charge as a sphere of energy begins to draw in matter at a vicious rate.

"Temporal Anomaly detected." The security system blares.

"You know how this will end, Aracelis. I don't want anymore harm to inflict you."

"Ejecting foreign presence." She says in her robotic voice as sparks surround her, cleansing her mind of intrusions.

4 separate divine lights can be seen back on the ground in the center below her

"....Chaos Drive initiated."

The lights huddle together and a fifth light appears in the middle of the four

She begins firing at the facility.

Her shots just simply disappear when they get too close to the facility, like they just got smaller and smaller and finally just disappeared.

"...Banish." She intones, dispelling all beings of other worlds and realms to their origin out of the city.

The lights still remain. But Torikkumasutā has vanished.

"..." The area of the entire city begins to rumble.

The are begins to fall apart as the lights take the form of four winged beings. They  diesappear, then reapppear and stand just outside the shockwayve. One on each side. The fifth light remains in the center.

She suddenly closes her wings and dives down toward the city, much of the energy she absorbed still trapped in her body.

The angels instantly close the shockwave and return to the center where the fifth light is. The light then turns into a pillar of light and it traps Sukimu. She can no longer move, like time stopped, but her mind is conscious. The light shine brighter from the bottom up, turning into a large beam, completely enveloping her in divine light that carries her far beyond the night skies.

The light pillar disappears and so has Sukimu. The winged beings also fade away.

Sukimu is floating uncontiously through space, just outside the rim of the Earth's atmosphere.

She plummets down, though she falls slowly enough to avoid death, landing in an isolated part of the countryside somewhere beyond the city.

A being made of divine light stands over her and they both disappear.

Sukimu slowly begins to become conscious and she finds herself in a nicely made bed but a single light is light above her.

She starts, waking up and wildly observing her surroundings.

"Nice of you to wake up. It's good to see that the fall hasn't damaged you."

"...!" She scrambles out of the bed.

"Why be so alarmed when no harm will come to you?"

She strangely calms after a moment, then starts to grow transparent.

"Why are you so content of leaving? Where else do you have to go?"

"I don't know who you are," She begins, her voice fading in and out, "But whoever you knew back then is gone. I am Sukimu. And no one can set us free." She disappears.

Sukimu can still hear his voice. "God can. It's only a matter of time before the Witch falls. And who you are now and before makes no difference. I still have been with you and still will."

No response. Meanwhile, Issac ponders all that has happened in his office. After a while, he begins dialing a number.

"....Mr. President. I'd like to report that... ...the Mythological Phenomena Department is now personally involved in this war. ...Consider us in."

The President: You were in either way, but if you mean more motivated in this war, then I am glad to hear. Prepare whatever way you can when the time arrives. Await further orders until then.

"Yes. ...I will have... ...something ready in time for our march." He says, his voice oddly steeled, his relaxed tone most common with him gone.

The President: Mind telling me, where this sudden motivation came from?

"...Do you remember the being that attacked the White House?"

The President: Depends. Which one?

"The Archangel. The one with the mechanical armor. I believe it was red in color."

The President: Oh, the one who landed the final blow. Yes, I know. You encountered her too?

"...No. ...President. There are more of those things. One attacked my facility. I don't know how we survived it. ...But the thing is... ...I think these things are made. Not born. ...And when I say that... ...I mean they are made from humans. ...Hasn't there been a mass reporting of missing persons since the invasion ended? ...There's something fishy. The reason I think this Mr. President... because the one that attacked my facility, it bore the semblance of a agent that went missing during the invasion. It's not just a matter of mistaken identity. My cameras mistook her as the agent in question briefly. They matched her face exactly with the agent's face.

...What ever these things are President, there's one thing I'm sure of. There's more than what we've recently seen. Much more."

The President: Well then, it's a good thing we're going to deal with it.

"Very well. I will speak with you at a later date. I have work to do."

The President: Don't we all. Goodbye, Isaac.

"Goodbye." The director shuts off his phone, then pages Lux.

"...Lux. ...We have work to do."

"........I couldn't be happier to hear. Meet me in Division 2."

"I'll get on the jet now."

"See you then."

Issac gets up and begins walking to the lowest levels of the facility.


Exima: *enters a dark office* Here.

The Administrator: Glad you could arrive and such a short notice, though I do think you could have gotten hear alot faster.

Exima: *hands him stand of pink hair* This belongs to her.

The Administrator: *takes the strand and looks at it for a moment* It will take alot of time to work with such little resource, but it will do.

Exima: You still plan on prove yourself

The Administrator: I've been doing so for years now. But when another agency captures a catch I couldn't catch myself, that puts me on a very low position. I can afford to loose what I have accomplished so far. The human race want an end to this problem...I will give it to them. The Gen. Messiah is our greatest bet yet, but do to the mechanization, it's full potential has been diminished. So a few resources must begin for it to work with with certain things.

Exima: Just remember that you pulling off what you did, will only bring you down.

The Administrator: If I got down, so does every myth on the planet. I test the sample and implement it in anyway I can. I gather my forces to aid another myth in such a cause as to just go against a world-ending organization. Why settle with them when I can destroy them and everyone like them in one setting? We're taking unnecessary risks

Exima: I agree. The fool is choosing sides. He is either with man or for myth. He can't twiddle between both sides and manage to keep himself from getting bloody. What we've done here, there will be no need for an alliance with the enemy. you've got the resources. You got this biggest one of all. Use it. The myths get too full of themselves, thinking we are just worms. that the world belongs to them. That time for such misconceptions, end now.

The Administrator: That much I know. But I'm willing to destroy my kind on a different ground than you. Before you know it, every inch of every plane of existence will be a myth-free multiverse.

Exima: *smiles crookedly* Great to hear.

The Administrator: Very.

For a moment, Exima gets a flash of a woman with pink hair held up in the air by chains on her ankles and wrists, her body covered in some manner of restraint like armor. Her head slowly seems to lift up, as though looking directly at him.

You... An almost inhuman snarl coils and twists into his head.

Exima:....Hmm. If that's all, I will be on my way.

The Administrator: Take care.

Exima: *exits the facility and skates off into the nearest landscape and stops for a moment* What is it you want?

...You are no family of mine... ....traitor... The voice hisses, almost as soon as he hear a large explosion coming back from the direction of the M.C.C.P.

Exima: My famliy died a hundred years ago... *he says coldly*

As the vision begins to flicker and die, he notices two individuals approach her as her head lowers.


The vision disappears.

Exima: Hm? Wh-Oh, right....Them...*skates off once again*

Confined Edit

Inga quietly hangs in the containment chamber, her senses dull, but for a brief moment she had double vision, she was both in the chamber and in an office. After expressing her rage, she limply hangs, seething that Exima had done such a thing to her.

"Kill... I'll... ...kill..." She rasps, barely conscious.

"That's quite alright, but we'll decline." A blonde haired man says below her.

"...Not.... you... yours... ...shall be... special..."

The blonde man ignores her.

"I am surprised though, Issac. I didn't think you would change your mind."

"...People close to me left and right are being harmed. I've three agents out of commission. ...This is possibly my only option now."

Lux hands him a needle. "Would you care to do the honors?" They had not told Inga their intention, and it is this fact up til now that has kept her in the dark as to their plans.

...The sting of the needle tells her everything, and her body convulses from her rage. The whole of the chamber quakes with her fury.

"How long until she produces the specimens?" Issac asks.

"I figure from the growth accelerant and the quality of the donation, we'll be just in time for the war.

"...As for the device?"

"...It's ready. What shall we test it with?"

"...I want to retrieve someone."

"...Interesting. Shall we start?"


Meanwhile in a bamboo forest, there is a small house made of bamboo, dirt, mud brick, and rope

Torikkumasutā: *comes through the front door* Pa, I'm home!

An old man sitting on a vintage couch looks up and sees Torikkumasutā. His face widens with joy. "My boy! Hahahaha!" The man pulls a crank on the side of the coutch and the man plops down in a wheel-chair and a ramp is let down and he rolls out to meet Torikkumasutā. "My dear boy!" Hugs Torikkumasutā. "What brings you back here, son? It was almost like yesterday since you left. Actually I'm close, it was 3 days Erth time since you left. Why are you back so early? I didn't suspect you to be back so soon."

Torikkumasutā: Well some stuff happened. I don't know what, but when I woke up, I found myself in our old forest and so like any person finding themselves in the similar surroundings of home, I did what was natural.

"Heh, I'm glad you could stop by. Your sister has been wanting to see you for awhile."

Torikkumasutā:: Where is she?

"Ah you know. She's away. She's training with Tafadzwa, your master who tught you of those Arcane arts."

Torikkumasutā: Oh yea, she did say she wanted to be just like me. But I can't feel but guilty to have you and Ma unattened like this. You both know you guys can't get around by yourselves anymore. She should've stayed to help you.

"So should you but you went off."

Torikkumasutā: You know I did so to make money for us.

"My fruit cart wasn't enough? I know you went out to explore the horrid world beyond here. I don't see why you bother. Those people out there are just as hateful as the ones here. You shouldn't meddle around in Earthly affairs that consist of humans out-weighting mythological creatures. Well just you and your sister."

Torikkumasutā: I'm sorry, Pa. You know it would be an honor to run your fruit cart and spread it's legacy for generations along our family line, but I still want what's best for you both. You must trust me father.

" I suppose. Come. Sit. Tell me what your new job is like."

Torikkumasutā: *excitedly sits down on a stool* Oh where should I start?

Containment Chamber

Inga shakes and sweats, already feeling a subtle change in her body from the insemination. Countless thoughts race in her head, among them:

Destroy it... rip it from existence before... before it's born...

She collects her energy, preparing to do the deed and deny the scientists their goal, when she looks at herself and pauses.

And does nothing. Something deep in her cold heart stirs when she gazes at her belly, which in a few weeks will grow, nurturing a threat greater than any weapon of war: her own child.

The moment the thought her own child comes in her mind, strangely, a resistance to destroying it grows. And grows. Inga looks away, unable to do it.

....Am I... ...weak? Why can't I do it?


"Really now?"

Torikkumasutā: Yea. Some sort of virus that turns people to myths. So far my partner is the only one diagnosed with it as far as we know. It will only be a matter of time before she becomes full myth. It's a sad way to go out.

"For me it's a taste of her own medicine. Let's see if she hates being a myth now once she becomes one."

Torikkumasutā: It could open her eyes abit but I doubt it. Her changes is the reason she doesn't like myths like you.

"I'm surprised someone like that hasn't tried to kill you, much less avoid you. She almost sounds like that Exima character I've heard about."

Torikkumasutā: Does he share a deep-seated hate for myths like Clare?

"Heh. From what I've heard, he was born to hate myths. Kills them whenever, wherever, whichever. He had staged brutal beatings in which people could particpate in just for sport and raising rallies against the myths. Most uncivilized. The man is crazy as hell, but he's just as unquinchable as it's flames.

Torikkumasutā: Something bad must've happened to him for him to really hate us like that.

"War can make any man hate anything."

Overhead, a breeze kicks up.

Torikkumasutā: What's that breeze?

"I don't know. It's probably the occasional strong winds we get here, every now and then."

Torikkumasutā: Huh. It feels nice. But how is mother.

"Stuck in the bed as always. She's sleep and her birthday is in two more days."

Torikkumasutā: Man, then it's a good thing I ended up here, otherwise I would've missed it! She always loves the cakes I make her....*sigh* One of these days, you and Ma will walk again.

"Ah don't sweat it, son. We'll manage. We've only been paralyzed for 10 years now. Heck, we might even throw an anniversay for it."

Torikkumasutā: Pa...

"My apologize. I just really like your cakes."

Another breeze, and something akin to a bird call can be heard.

"Ok no seriously now, What is that?"

Torikkumasutā: *gasp. stands up from stool* I am being called for...

" Torriku, I know you're a birdman and all, but not every bird call means you've been summoned."

Torikkumasutā: *flies out the door in a haste*

"Ok! Ok, fine just leave me here! Th-that's cool! It's  not like I can't take care of myself! Man...I need a bell pepper..."

Torikkumasutā: *flies through the forest trying to find where the call is coming from* Who calls for me?

An absolutely massive black shadow briefly races overhead, along with a deafening crow cry. 

Torikkumasutā: *digs in his ear* Ow. *follows the direction the shadow went* Have you called me?

The bird seems to have flown high up into the clouds.

Torikkumasutā: *follows the bird up into the clouds* Where is it you lead me fellow, avian-kin?

As soon as he comes above the clouds, a great fog settles in the area, and he cannot find his way down. As he looks up, a massive crow with a crow mask descends upon him, making the same crow noise.

Torikkumasutā: Why have you taken me so high above the Earth?

"...Thou are from Earth... ...a divine force returned thee to this world. ...I assume thy intention is to return? There is one I seek... ...a sister of sorts of thee there that I desire to test... ...I shall take thee upon my trip there. If thy wish is to return."

Torikkumasutā: I don't know. I really want to stay until my Ma's birthday.

"I have ears, hatchling. I shall come again after that time. ...Be ready."

Torikkumasutā: Ugggghhh...*looks left and right, then back at the bird* O-ok?

The bird disappears.

Back at the house

Torikkumasutā: *comes through the door* I apologize for leaving you here, Pa.

"Damn right you are! Going off, leaving me defensless like that. I could've been attacked while you were up and outta here."

Torikkumasutā: A strange spirit called me, father. It was a yokai just like me.

"Another birdman?"

Torikkumasutā: Yea, but far more stonger than I am. Like it was several different yokais at once. It was strange. It wanted me to accompany it to Earth. something about meeting three sisters on the way there.

"Why didn't you go? Your Ma's birthday?"

Torikkumasutā: Yuuuuulp.

"You may be a full grown man, but you still act like a 12 year old."

Torikkumasutā: Ha! I've been twelve for 20 years.

"And notice how bad that sounds."

Torikkumasutā: It's not that bad.

"Your best friend was worm that came out of a rotten apple."

Torikkumasutā: It was so adorable, Pa! The way it wiggles and squirms! Just so harmless it's cute!

"And that's why I didn't want you going out to Earth."

Meanwhile, Inga sleeps, having expended her already limited energy, resting up for the following day.

Exima: *stands right outside the M.P.D's damaged walls and walks into the courtyard*

Almost as soon as he does, multiple guards have manned the entrance and have guns pointed at him.

"State. Your. Buisness." One says sharply.

Exima: One and only chance. Where. Is. Inga Kankei? Be weary of how you answer that.

"I could say the same thing to you, Exima." A voice over the loudspeakers speaks up. "One and only chance. Leave now or be convicted with a felony. Besides, Inga Kankei is no longer here."

Exima: I have all the jurisdiction on all agency grounds and I am to help myself whatever I may acquire from any of them. In other words, I can do whatever and have whatever the hell I want from any agency I choose. And right now, I demand Inga Kankei's whereabouts. Now. The sooner you tell me, the sooner I leave.

"Even if I did tell you, it wouldn't make any difference. She might as well not be on Earth for all intensive purposes. All I can say is she is no longer on the whole of this contienet."

Exima: Earth...Continent...Hm...*turns around stomps off*

"Oh good. Thought I would have to drop a red matter bomb on his ass..."


Torikkumasutā: And then Clare's partner returned as some machine or something, I don't know.

"How do you know it was actually her partner?

Torikkumasutā: They addressed her by name, and Clare said after she saved a school filled with people, the building collapsed on her and she was never seen again. For them to recognize her and she looks the way she does now, it's no doubt someone found her body and turned her into something else.

"What happened?"

Torikkumasutā: Well she whipped my shield like an egg for one and since the shield required my focus, my head burst into blood upon breaking and I was rendered unconscious for the time being. By the time I woke up, I ended up in these familiar woods

"Hm. Sounds like you're having the time of your life."

Torikkumasutā: Heh. Sure am. I should write a book on my adventures!

"...Torikku....You can't read."

Torikkumasutā: I can't?

"You haven't read since you were eight..."

Torikkumasutā: Oh...oh that's bad, isn't it?



Issac picks up his phone. "Oh yeah, Lux? Might want to make the party invite only." He says casually, as he reads data on his computer.

Isaac can feel a slight rumbling. As he wonders what was that, he hears multpile crashes, yelling, gun shots, and alarms.

Issac's eyes move toward the window, and a monsterous lightning bolt blasts the entire courtyard, and he begins walking toward the entrance of the facility, lightning flickering about him.

"Now I'm actually going to kill him."

Exima: *simply stands outside on top of a large pile of dead guards that covers 1/3 of the entire courtyard. All of them dead, either by one hit or literally ripped apart*

Issac takes one look at him, and slowly takes out a metal bat of sorts, and begins quietly approaching Exima. As he gets closer, his footsteps begin to make the ground shake, halfway there it is as if an earthquake is going off.

Exima: *simply stares down at Isaac for a moment. He turns back and slides down the pile of bodies and leaves*

"Come back again, and you'll learn respect real quick, boy." He says simply.

"...Oh, and why are you after Inga? The Admin set this up, or is there personal involvement here?" 

Exima: Depends. How far would you go for family? 

Issac closes his eyes, then opens them again, a flash of light illuminates them, then they are in an underground monitoring room overlooking a containment chamber, from the looks of things it seems almost more secure than an M.C.C.P. chamber. 

"You asked how far would I go? Look down there." 

Exima: *looks down at the chamber* You keeping someone down there?

He sees a woman laying in the chamber, twitching unnaturally as a monsterous transformation is slowly changing her.

"...That is my cousin. Clare. Horrific, is it not? This is a well kept secret of my agency. I would prefer you keep it that way."

Exima: No one to tell it to. Did the monsters do this to her?

"A monster. There is no way to cure her. ...Not that I have found. Yet. She may yet become one herself one day. Would you kill my cousin if that happened?" He asks coldly.

Exima: No doubt I would. If I didn't know she was human.

"And I would destroy you before you could." The light returns, and they are outside, Issac giving Exima a impartial look.

"If you want her that bad, you can wait a while longer. Inga I mean. Until then I have need of her."

Exima: Tell me, would you trust your cousin to the hands of another?

"Let me ask a different question. Why would I even tell you about her? You may have seen one hundred years, but you've learned nothing of them. I'll ask again. If I am a man so concerned for my cousin's safety, why would I tell you she even existed?"

Exima: Only to answer my question. The only difference is that you still havewhat's left of your family in custody, while mine lies in someone elses. Someone I don't know. And with the power she has, it's only natural that I'm doing what I am to retrieve her from those unknown clutches. I don't care how much you reasure me of her saftey, I want her back. She is all I have....the one bit of family I never thought I had that I thought existed. You take one man's everything, you take away his heart....So you can imagine me returning the favor...*he says so ever so darkly* If it's one thing lived without for nearly a hundred years is family, and to finally know that part of it is still alive brings me's in the hands of evil men who could absolutely do anything to her as they imagine if this situation was more reversed. How would you feel?

Issac closes his eyes. "Funny what one's perception of 'evil' is. Not saying in certain cases that would be wrong, but hypocrisy serves no one, Exima. Besides. You act like she's innocent or something. That right there? Funny joke. But I ain't laughing. Cause it's not funny. Perhaps you've overlooked a very critical issue. She's wanted by the law. Something you can't override. That jurisdiction you mentioned? Doesn't apply to my agency."

He steps in right up to Exima and says in his ear in a whisper:

"...Beware Director Lux. If you want your damn sister, that's fine. But understand this. Don't fool with Lux. Don't ever fool with Lux. Second of all... ...your sister is the only salvation my cousin has left. I'm not about to let her go, not until my Clare is saved. And third of all... the only reason you're not dead, is because you and I want to protect something important. Family. You're getting off with a warning. Keep out of my way."

The Director of the Mythological Phenomena Department turns his back on Exima and enters the facility, not before a heavenly light descends upon the mountain of corpses and heals their wounds and restores them to life. An unseen force ejects Exima off the grounds.

Exima: *lands miles away from the facility. He takes a look back.* Unlike you, your cousin can be sister can not...*turns and stomps away*

Issac later calls Lux back.

"So, how was the playmate?" Lux asks slyly.

"You'll get yours, Lux. I wouldn't be coy."

"I wonder~"

Torikkumasutā: *is practicing his reading* Sea. Shells. Sea. Shells. By. The. Sea. Shore.

An owl flies through the window. The owl turns into a 13 year-old girl and she lands on top of  Torikkumasutā.

"Welcome home, Tori! I didn't expect to see you in ages!"

Torikkumasutā: Well things happened and I ended up back here, so I decided to stay until-

"Wow you are dirty all over. When will you change clothes?"

Torikkumasutā: Hopefully never.

"You can't keep wearing dirty clothes after taking a bath."

Torikkumasutā: You don't think I was my clothes?

"Not the way you keep dirtying them up again and again."

Torikkumasutā: Ah whatever? Where's master?

"Here." An old black man walks through the door. He has blind left eye scar, an old lieatard, and is carrying a wooden scythe. "Did you already get fired from your job or did you finally what big mistake it was to head to Earth?"

Torikkumasutā: Neither. I was simply wished here. *gets up* Nice to see you again, master! *attempts to hug him but is stoped when the old man's blade points at his neck*

" Personal space..."

Torikkumasutā: Awwwww.....*folds his arms childishly*

"Why are you back, Tori?"

Torikkumasutā: Well-

"A CE."

Torikkumasutā: What's that that?

"Human abominations created into something...almost undescrible. I just know they are at the bidding of an evil one."

Torikkumasutā: Who?

"A woman."

Torikkumasutā: *gasp* I knew it. No man is capable of such evil. We must stop here!

"But we're not."

Torikkumasutā: Why not?

"Cause I said so. Besides, you're only staying for two days then your going back to Hell."

Torikkumasutā: Y-you mean Earth, right?


Outside, a white fox is briefly seen running across the front lawn.

"You also got a visitor."

Torikkumasutā: Really? Who?

"It's a surpiiiise!"

Torikkumasutā: Ooooohhhh heheheheh. *exits the house*


"Can I go outside too, master?"


"Yaaaaayyyy!" Follows Torikkumasutā outside.

"Those are your children."

"Are they?"

The white fox scampers on through the thick trees, then when it hears Tori, it immediately runs up a tree and hides among the branches.

Torikkumasutā: There it goes! Come sister! Let us follow our surpise visitor. *jumps across the trees with his sister close behind as they search for the white fox*

After rushing through the trees, he eventually goes through some trees, and hears a feral growl. Continuing forward, he is suddenly jumped by a blur of white, which is actually the fox as it suddenly sinks its sharp teeth straight into his face, snarling viciously.

Torikkumasutā: Bad dog! *chomps on the foxes tongue*

Tori's sister kicks the fox of Torikkumasutā and the white fox hits a tree and falls to the ground. The two siblings land. "You alright, Tori?"

Torikkumasutā: Bad dog! Very bad! You know get treat! I just wanted to play, but I guess you think your too good for us.

It lets out a snarl as it gets up, its hairs raised, a strangely cold blast of air ripples from its mouth. Then they notice the two tails.

"Oh oh, I've heard of these kind of yokai before. I think it's called a kitsune."

Torikkumasutā: I know what it is, but why is it here?

Its only response is a fierce snarl. It appears as though this one doesn't have much of an mind to it, until they notice a red spot on its side.

Torikkumasutā:'s wounded. Ritor, what did you do?

Ritoru: I didn't kick it that hard, did I?

Torikkumasutā: How else did it get that wound. In this situation, we know exactly what to do.

Ritou: Put it out of it's misery, make meat out of it, and make a pelt out of it's fur?

Torikkumasutā: We normally would do that, but this time we're gonna help this one.

It makes another snarl, and blade like pillars of ice erupt the moment they try to get close. The wound does not appear to be from a blunt force, but rather, an open slash wound along its side and chest. Its build indicates it is female.

Torikkumasutā: Wai! Stop! We just want to help you!

It makes a growl, then furiously starts digging under the tree and into the root system, disappearing down the tiny hole quickly.

Torikkumasutā and Ritoru look down into the hole.

Ritoru: What now?

Torikkumasutā: We obvioulsy-

Ritoru: Smoke it out?

Torikkumasutā: We would normally do that, but this time were gonna go down after it.

Ritoru: You...sure?

Torikkumasutā: Positive! *jumps into the whole* Wheeeee!

A few seconds later, a vicious snarling begins as the fox begins biting and clawing his face, blasting ice at him as well in a flurry of kicks, screams, and snarls.

Torikkumasutā: Ow ow ow ow! Stop it! I'm trying to flippin' help! Ow! Jesus help!

Ritoru: Y-you need som help down there?

Torikkumasutā: I said 'Jesus help', not you! Ow!

The kitsune elects to start biting lower. Much lower. Around the pelvis, though it seems to be tiring.

Torikkumasutā: *has the kitsune in a head lock with his legs* Heh gotcha. So be still so I can heal you. *writes on the wound with his finger and a rune appears on it. The rune encompasses the wound and after the light disappears, the wound is no longer present* There! See? I told you you didn't have to be afraid. Now let me just...crawl outta here some am I gonna do this....hmmmmm.-

The kitsune begins kicking him in the face, quite a few strikes smash him in the lower jaw, she also flails her tails as well, smacking him in the head.

Torikkumasutā: AAaaarrgghh! What is it you want? I just wanna get outta of the hole! *tries to crawl out of the hole the best he can.*

The kitsune furiously attempts to escape his grasp and stay in the hole.

Torikkumasutā: *finally crawls out the hole breathing heavily with his clothes all scratched up* My God, that this is crazy!

Ritoru: Well there are such things a wild animals.

Torikkumasutā: Oh shush up.

Ritoru: You're the one who went straight down there with it, you a-hole!

They can still hear her snarling and yipping at them.

Torikkumasutā: Ah! *scurries away from the whole and clinges on to his sister's left in fear*

Ritoru: *looks down at him and shakes her head* Man, master would be so disappointed.

After a few minutes, the fox seems to quiet down.

Torikkumasutā: Seriously, what do we do?

Ritoru: Uh go home? There's nothing more for us to do here.

Torikkumasutā: But we cant.

Ritoru: *sigh* Why not?

Torikkumasutā: This isn't some random fox.

Ritoru: Sure it is, we saw it randomly and like the idiots we are we went after it.

Torikkumasutā: There is more to this fox than we know. I just know it.

Ritoru: You also said you're pet worm could talk.

On the other side of the large tree, they see dirt starting to fly.

Ritoru: I think it's getting out from the other side of the tree.

Torikkumasutā: What makes you say that?

It suddenly bursts out of that side and rockets off, wasting no time escaping.

Ritoru: Um, that.

Torikkumasutā: What makes you think it's not gonna come back?

Ritoru: *facepalms* How are you my older brother?

Torikkumasutā: ....Father Time?

Ritoru: *facepalms again*

The fox doesn't appear to return, and they soon decide to return to the house.

"Wonder where the kids are?"

Torikkumasutā and Ritoru come through the front door

"My God, boy. What kinda visitor were you dealing with?!"

Tafadzwa: They we're dealing with a kitsune.

"Oh. Another escaped yokai."

Torikkumasutā: Yea, we followed it to a tree. It was injured so-

"You put it out of it's misery, made meat out of it, and pelted it's fur, right?"

Torikkumasutā: I would noramlly do that, but not this time. I healed it.

Tafadzwa: Without leaving with all those injuries on your body.

Torikkumasutā: Don't worry, it's nothing.

Tafadzwa: *digs his pinky in one of his arm wounds*


Tafadzwa: *takes his pinky out and looks at the blood on it* It is now. *wipes the blood off on Tori's clothes*

Torikkumasutā: *rubs his arm in pain* Ow...

A far ways away, the kitsune sniffs the scent trail of the two, mentally recording the direction they went off to, then sleeps for the rest of the day in a hollowed out tree.

The next day

Torikkumasutā: *sleeps on the couch all bandaged up*

Ritoru: *is asleep on the arm of the couch*

Tafadzwa: *is asleep while balancing on his scythe, like it's a hammock*

Faint noises can now be heard in the kitchen.

Tafadzwa: You're visitor's back...

Torikkumasutā: Ngghh...No mom...please don't eat me..

Tafadzwa: TORI! WAKE UP!


Ritoru: *falls over* Holy hell!

Tafadzwa: Something is in the kitchen. Deal with it.

Torikkumasutā: *moans unhappily* Morning ma-

Tafadzwa: Sorry, still sleeping.

Torikkumasutā: *limps into the kitchen* What am I lookin' for...*rubs his eye*

In the kitchen he sees the kitsune with its head in the food compartment, dragging a big piece of ham. Once it pulls its head out with the ham, it freezes when it sees him. It lowers into a crouch.

Torikkumasutā: *eyes slightly widen with alarm* Ugh...Good morning?

Tafadzwa: I swear to goo God, Torikkumasutā. You might as well be the dumbest myth I have ever trained.

Torikkumasutā: I can speak fluently, thank you very much.

Tafadzwa:...Don't make me get up from my sleep...

He notices something in its eyes he didn't see before yesterday. Fear. Yesterday its eyes were just wild with pain, but it seems to actually be afraid... of him.

Torikkumasutā:'s alright. Your safe here. I'm a yokai just like you, see. *spreads his wings* Wings. *flaps them*

She remains motionless.

Torikkumasutā: Hey, i'll just give you some room to eat, ok? *walks out of the kitchen*

Ritoru: Why is it here?

Torikkumasutā: No where else to go? What do you thing, ma-.

Tafadzwa: Still asleep. *is rocking himself back and forth*

A few moments go by, then Tori hears it eating, once the noise stops, they see its head peek out of the kitchen momentarily, then quietly shrink back into the kitchen.

Torikkumasutā: She must've came from that village. The one were Pa took us away from, when I was about to be born.

Tafadzwa: *sacasticly* Oh how did you ever come to that conclusion?

Torikkumasutā: Well if one were to put two and two together-

Tafadzwa: You say one more word, I will put my foot where you don't want it to be.

Torikkumasutā: Yes master!

The kitsune appears to not be moving from the kitchen, though she doesn't appear to be raiding it either, it's silent in there.

Torikkumasutā: You ok in there? You went quite.

He sees her head cautiously stick out, very much timid.

Torikkumasutā: You ok? You were quite for a moment.

She doesn't move, her grey blue eyes watching him fearfully.

Torikkumasutā: Here. *takes a half eaten chocolate out of his pocket and tosses it to the kitsune*

Tafadzwa: *eye abruptly open* Did you just toss chocolate to that thing?

Torikkumasutā: Yea, why?


Torikkumasutā: *sinks in shame*

Tafadzwa: GO GET IT!

Torikkumasutā: *scurries over to the kitsune and takes the chocolate back, then retreats back to the couch*

Tafadzwa: *looks at Tori and shakes his head in shame* Desceneded from the stupidest bird on Earth...

The kitsune stretches her head out from the kitchen, and sniffs where the chocolate had been, then looks toward Tori curiously.

Torikkumasutā: *nibbles on the chocolate out of sadness*

The kitsune quietly eyes both Tafa and Ritoru, slowly starting to inch forward, keeping to the opposite wall of them.

Tafadzwa: Come now,Ritoru. We have training to do.

Ritoru: Awwww, I haven't eaten breakfast.

Tafadzwa: Food is for those who have-

Ritoru: Worked for it, yea. *gets up* Bye, Torikku. *turns into an owl and flies out the window*

Tafadzwa: Don't accidentally kill the thing while I'm gone. *walks out the front door*

The kitsune watches them leave, then looks back at Tori, then slowly approaches him, once she closes the distance between them, she sits down, looking up at him. He notices a red collar on her neck, which was put on her too tightly.

Torikkumasutā: *looks carefully at it, then unlatches it from around the kitsune's neck* There you go.

Looking at the tag attached, he sees a name. 'Aimi'.

Torikkumasutā: So your name is Aimi, huh?

Out of nowhere, she jumps on top of him and begins furiously licking his face, her tails wag furiously.

Torikkumasutā: *begins to playfully laugh* What's gotten into you? You finally found a friend, huh?

She stops licking his face and playfully nips his nose, then circles around and then lays on him, curling up. When he tries to get up, she makes a growl.

Torikkumasutā: *simply strokes her fur* You must've been through alot back at that village. I wonder what is must've been like...*he trials off at the thought of it*

She eventually closes her eyes and falls asleep on his lap, soothed by him petting her.

Torikkumasutā: *soon he too falls asleep on the couch with his hand on the kitsune's head*

Tori's father comes rolling out in his wheel chair. "Mornin-" Sees Tori sleeping on the couch with the kitsune asleep in his lap. " I swear if you weren't my son, I'd call you a bum."

The kitsune's ears flicker at his voice, and she lifts her head, looking at him with sleepy eyes.

"How did you escape? Snuck out at night, open door, played dead, snuck off while no one was lookin', leash was loose. Heard a bunch of those."

She only whimpers, and lowers her head onto Tori's leg.

"Eh whatever fine. Look, your welcome to stay but no longer than two days. I only got enough food for three, not counting Torikku." Heads into the kitchen and sees the ham bone. "Aaaannd you ate ma' ham... Well we're off to a good start to the morning."

She whimpers again, her ears drop slightly. Her ears suddenly perk up, and she suddenly races outside into the woods.

"Was it something I said?"

Torikkumasutā: *is snoring*

"Had to come back so soon. Couldn't have waited for a month or so to come back."

He hears running, and he soon sees the kitsune has returned with a huge boar kill, and she pushes it onto the porch, then sits down and looks at him with an odd expression, as though she is hoping to appease him in some way.

"Oh...well thanks. No I need to wake Tori so he can come butcher this thing." He grabs a thick book and wheels over to Tori. "Wake up, Tori. You lazy bastard!" Smacks his head with the book.

Torikkumasutā: *abruptly wakes up* AAARRRRGGGGGGHHH!!!

"I need you to got outside and butcher this pig"

Torikkumasutā: *stands up* Yes sir. *takes a cleaver and drags the boar outside*

She looks at his father hopefully, wagging her tails a bit.

Several minutes later

Torikkumasutā: *walks through the door with several severed pieces of ham in his arms* Got'em.

"Good, now give me the leg. You're mother always likes having breakfast prepared before she wakes up."

Torikkumasutā: *hands his father the leg and puts the remaining pieces in the cooling pantry*

Tori's father begins to slice up the leg in multiple cut pieces.

She scampers after Tori, occasionally niping his leg, trying to get attention.

Torikkumasutā: Oh hey there Aimi. *smiles and pets her on the head* How'd you sleep?

She licks his hand, wagging her tails more enthusiastically.

Torikkumasutā: I bet you slept alot better than I did. Atleast you didn't get a book to the head.

Tori's father begins cooking the sliced ham. He is also cooking grits and eggs to go wth the sliced ham

Aimi walks over to the couch and lays on it, closing her eyes.

Several more minutes later

"Done." Fills two bowls with grits, eggs, and ham and puts it on a tray. "Me and your mother will be in the room when you'll need us." Wheels off into his room.

Torikkumasutā: *fills two bowls with grits, eggs, and ham. He takes a fork and heads over to the couch* Here you go, Aimi. *puts a bowl in front of her and sits next her, eating his own bowl* Thanks for the boar too. Breakfast ain't breakfast unless you get protein out of it.

She starts digging in, though afterwards her muzzle is all dirty.

Torikkumasutā: You sure were hungry huh? I haven't even finished my bowl yet. Here. *goes to the kitchen and takes a wash cloth and wipes off Aimi's muzzle* There you go. *looks at his breakfast bowl* Want the rest of mine?

She seems to blink, then shakes her head, a little bit more intelligent of an answer than he would have expected of her.

Torikkumasutā: Alright then. *finishes eating his breakfast bowl* Hmmm...what to do today...hmmmm...Oh yea that's right! Hey Aimi, you wanna help me find a present for my Ma? Her birthday is tomorrow.

Her head tilts, apparently confused.

Torikkumasutā: You know, a gift. Birthday. Do you know anything about those?

She makes a confused whine.

Torikkumasutā: That must be a no. Well don't worry. I'll tell you on the way while we look. *gets up and heads out the door*

She looks about, then curiously starts following him.


Inga flexes her arms, testing the strength of the binds.

My bonds are made for that of a normal human... ...the devices are canceling out my causality from affecting my environment. ....Perhaps...

The restraints suddenly creak violently, as the chains suddenly struggle to hold her. First one, then another, until all the chains snap and the alarms blare.

It is time... escape.

Exima: *eyes widen abruptly. He simply stands and looks up into the sky and crouches down with his hands clasped together over his head* Lord, the only bit of family you have blessed me with is in the hand of another who wants to save his own family through her. Through unknown methods I fear for. Please. What must I do? Walk away or turn back around...*exhales. Stands up and opens his eyes to the skies* When all is out of my hand, you will work it out. *continues to walk off*

Inga begins battling her way through the complex in which she was inprisoned, limping as fast as she can, her belly has grown even more, just enough to impede her movements.

Must... escape...

Exima: *stops once again and lifts his head. He turns around and sees lights gleaming from the clouds back where he came* But is not my place...*looks up into the sky* You're right. I will not turn my back on what I have. If one takes it from me, then I shall take it back. It's all I have before it's gone. *skates toward the gleaming lights.*

Inga continues her escape, now headed toward blast doors, which all start closing, trying to prevent her from accessing the tunnels, ones which lead back to the mainland. They crumble and tear apart as she approaches them, she beats down the guards as they come near her, reaping their souls as she continues her struggle, using them to fuel her body and her child's needs. She lets out a moan of pain, briefly falling on her knees as the child grows again.

No... ...two. Three? She cannot be certain. One one has developed to be recognizable.


Torikkumasutā: And that, Aimi, is what birthdays and presents are.

"Aro?" She yips.

Torikkumasutā: I know. They propably don't teach you this where you come from, but you'll see. When Ma's birthday comes, you'll see what I mean. You might be a visual learner. I wonder what mom would like, but.....where am I suppose to get her present....I simply can't make her one with bamboo or nothing and I'm tired of making cake and not give her a legit gift....hmmm...probably should've thought this through more.

She seems to look up at Tori more, before biting into his leg and sweeping him onto her back, just as she seems to grow much larger, large enough to ride. Without warning, she takes off at high speed through the forest.

Torikkumasutā: *is holding on the best he can* WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Tafadzwa and Ritoru are walkign through the forest until Tori and Aimi fly right past them


Tafadzwa: *his face is still* I seriously hate that boy

Ritoru: *gasp* Master! Hate is such a strong word!

Tafadzwa: It's the right word. Why else would I say it?

The kitsune seems to know where it's going, eventually he notice it climbing up an increasing elevation, until he realizes she is climbing up a mountain range, along a mountain pass.

Torikkumasutā: Where are you taking me that we gotta go so high for?!

She eventually makes her way back down at noon, and they arrive at a city. She looks up at Tori, wagging her tails. The sign on the entryway says 'New Vince'

Torikkumasutā: Huh. Never been here before. Thanks Aimi. *dismounts* Hmmmm...where to start....a store! Duh. *begins walking the streets. After awhile he realizes no one is around* sure this place isn't deserted?

She whines, confused.

Meanwhile, Chaz is trying to appease to the mob

Chaz: Ok listen. No need to get pissed at us about what happened. I mean in all honesty, we were basically setting ourselves for failure with putting a fuse box in that small-ass park over there. I mean come on, gus! A fuse box in a park! Parks are for children! Why would you put a fuse box in park for kids! That's already as dangerous as it is.

Man: Not only that! Whatever that goes wrong with our everyday lives, it's because of you three buffoons, trying to amuse yourselves! Mostly you would put people in the hospital, but now you killed 20 of them from the Black-Out! 20! You left us all vulnerable to the hooligans of the night and now some of our loved ones are dead, injured, or no longer can make a living. Try to sing your way out of this one, cause we're gonna be making you sing a different tune...

Chaz: Well screw you too, old man! Listen, we didn't intend for any of this to happen. Hell, I was unconscious in alley when this happened! These two....yea are legit morons, but they were just playing.

Man: No surprise that even when you play soccer you manage to screw things up.

Chaz: Ok man, you're really making it hard for me to plead my case.

Man: You shot a man of the law!

Chaz: The man was gonna kill me over some past transgressions! I didn't even raise a weapon at him!

Man: Yea but this fool did! *points at Morsel*

Morsel: *digs in his nose with his pinky*

Chaz: You ever heard of self-defense! I'm pretty sure you are allowed to that!

Man: We are fed up with you! That law has let you slip by too much-

Chaz: More like they never came a-knockin' at our doorstep.

Man: Now we're gonna take matters into our own hands!

Chaz: If you makes y'all feel better....we can say sorry to all the dead people at the funeral. Is that good?

Another man walks up to Chaz and slugs him right across the face. Morsel pushes the man back in the mob. Chaz stands up and wipes his face.

Chaz: *sigh* Then there's only one thing we can do now...*out of nowhere, he throws tear gas at the old man's face*

Man: *his eyes are burning* AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGHHHH! *falls to the ground in pain*

Chaz, Tippy and Morsel enter their house


Man: Kill'em!

The mob begins to attack the house with all they've got. Rocks, bullets, malotovs, just about anything.

Chaz: *is ducked down against the wall with an AK-47 in his hand* Man, their hitting us harder than we thought, Morse.

Tippy is in the attic. He get's a T-Shirt launcher and a box filled with cans of tear gas and heads over to the attic window. He loads the first can into the T-shirt launcher and takes aim at the mob. But before he pulls the trigger, he takes out a pair of shades out his back-pocket and puts them on, then begins to shoot at the crowd.

She makes another whine at Tori, urging him to hurry.

Torikkumasutā: What what? What is it? *listens closely and years angry yells and gunshots* Oh My Gosh...Did you just send us into a flippin' warzone!? *exhales* I apologize...I didn't mean to cuss. Come on *starts to sprint*

Chaz: Alright Morse, this is it. It's time to see if 5 years of playing Call of Duty paid off.

Both clasp the others hand and bring each other in and pat each other on the back. They rise up and begin to shoot back at the mob.

Torikkumasutā and Aimi make it just in time to see the riot take place

Torikkumasutā: Whoa...I gotta admit, that is pretty flippin' cool. *exhales* Again...sorry for my language. Is this what you wanted to show me?

She snaps angrily at him, nipping his leg. Apparently not.

Torikkumasutā: No? Ok then. Store first, then we come back to end this madness....or is it the other way around...hmmmm...

Aimi seems to notice a man in particular in the crowd, which begins to make her hair stand straight up, and she begins to snarl.

Torikkumasutā: *takes notice* Hey. *crouches down and pets her head* What is it girl?

She suddenly springs forward with a violent, murderous snarl, and as she slams into the crowd, a huge gust of icy air blows into them, causing anyone she smashes into to get frozen into ice as she rampages straight for the man.

Torikkumasutā: Aimi! *runs into the crowd*

Chaz, Tippy, and Morsel looked surprsed and confused at what just happened

Chaz: What the fuck...

Torikkumasutā: *tackles Aimi and had her in a head-lock* Aimi, what's gotten into you? I've never seen you act like this before. Well actually I had just met you today, so-

She rolls, smashing him onto the ground, just as the man suddenly dons a hood and runs off, and Aimi grows larger than a person and charges off after him, Tori barely able to hang onto her.

Torikkumasutā: Aimi, what's the matter!?

Chaz: ....Uhhhhhhhh....O-ok?....That definitely happened...*sees the crowed diminished* Morse, now's our chance!

Both firing at all that is left of the crowd

Chaz: Tips, get the rocket launcher! Time to blow the motherfuckers away!

Tippy: *drops the T-shirt launcher and gets the grenade launcher and loads it up. He takes aim, pulls the trigger and fires* 

Slow motion

The rocket reads "Solid for Life" and it blows up who ever is left of the mob. The survivors scurries off back into the city.

Chaz: YEAAAAAA! We won, fuckers! HAHAHA! Solid for liiiife! *chest bumps Morsel*

Tippy: *slowly nods with a supposed badass expression*

The man makes it to the edge of the city, and turns, giving the two a mocking salute, and says, "I'll see you later, daughter." He then disappears in a flash of smoke, and Aimi roars with outrage.

Torikkumasutā: *is breathing heavily and let's go with his boy slightly shaking* So...that guy's your father...You must really not like him....Is he the one who did all those bad thing to you back at the village?

She only replys with a snarl, and starts trotting off.

Torikkumasutā: Waaaaiiitt...*falls to his knees in tiredness* What about my Ma's present? Can we atleast get that before we go home?

She stops and makes a growl, then curls up, giving a pointed look to him.

Torikkumasutā: I know you must be very upset...but I know how to make it feel better.

She makes an impatient yip.

Torikkumasutā: *hugs Aimi* Hugs always make things better. Master also told me they can cure cancer.

She makes a small growl. She points her head toward a store.

Torikkumasutā: Oh yea that's right. Thanks Aimi. *goes into the store and gets some cake mix, milk, and eggs. He then begins to look for a present* Present, present, what would be the perfect present? Hmmmm.....

Aimi curls up under a tree, snarling at anyone foolish enough to get close. The band notices from the south a very large group of people in white armor marching toward the city.

Chaz: ooooohhh shiiit. I better there here to take us to jail. We can't fight the fools, boys. We're gonna have to stand now and pray to good God the don't kill us on the spot.

Tippy and Morsel give him a "Are you serious?" look

Chaz: Ooor. We could take this time to go off into the woods of the valley and hideout in our vacation home.

Everyone thumbs up and the head into their room

"OOOOOOrrrrrrrrr, you stay where you are and answer my questions." The voice of a woman says from just outside their room. "And a bit too late for leaving, I already put up my barrier. I know how... 'tricksy' you fools are."

Chaz: I swear we didn't kill anyone this time! Well...not by unintentional trickery that is.

A woman with short violet hair and a long ponytail, with green eyes walks into their room, with two handguns present in her hands, but they aren't pointed up, rather at the ground. Her outfit is standard Azure combat uniform decked with weaponry like combat knifes, a shotgun, and various types of pistol.

She glances at them. "My name is Commander Oliv Walker, Leader of Squad Two. You are officially being detained, and the city is under martial law as approved by the Lord and Lady of New Vince. ...Notice I said 'detained', and not 'arrested'.

....And if I so much as see a finger twitch, I'm blowing your heads off, Chaz, Tippy, Morsel. There's too many bodies on the street outside your house as it is for me to not have my guard up. Now, tell me what happened, I want to hear the full story."

Chaz: *sighs* Weeelllll...

5 minutes later

Chaz: And that is exactly what had happened?

"...And why exactly do you have a stash of lethal weaponry of that level? ....Tear gas is one of many banned items... bombs and anything beyond a pistol also in those lists... ...You know you're in hot water again, right?"

Chaz: Well you see...the way our life is set-up....We have just recently heard that the Azure prison had been compromised by a mechanical beast that had leveled Azure to some degree. Now a few villains are out and about. We are concerned that one inparticular is coming back to...take what's his and pay us what we've earned.

Oliv looks at him impartially. "...If it wasn't for the fact someone has bailed you on this one, you would be arrested and well on the way to jail. ...You're lucky, you understand that, right?"

Chaz: Well no. Reason? The law sucks here And the people have avoided us up until just now. But I still appreciate you for helping us out. But luck is for the superstitious. But close-calls, more legit.

Morsel: *agrees to what he's saying*

They hear footsteps, and Michiko walks through the doorway behind Oliv.

"This fine young lady, the ambassador of the Moonlight Clan has got you off the hook. You're still coming with us to Azure though. You're nothing getting off that easy. You're going to do some work."

Oliv walks out, leaving them with Michiko, who looks at them for a moment, then...

"....I thought I told you to call." She says flatly.

Chaz: Ithought it was only for band-related stuff. Besides, we felt like Noriko would have more important things to do than deal with the likes of commoners who hurt her feelings.

Michiko gives him a look that flattens him like a truck. "You realize we are democratically elected from one of many families, and any family can rise to Royal rank, correct? And besides, if a woman gives you her number, don't act like a pea brain and think you can't just have a normal conversation. .....And another thing..."

Michiko closes her eyes. "She's not at home anymore. She's on the run from Phoenix, last I heard. She and Drake left the palace days ago, and I've not had any word of their present affairs. I came here hoping to find them."

Chaz: Whoa...then we're sorry to hear I wish I had listened Tips about apologizing to her.

Tippy: *nods all snooty like*

She crosses her arms. "I don't believe any of you are in the position to ridicule each other. Now get all of your stuff sorted, you're going to be moving."

Chaz: Ah shit. Where to?

"Azure. You're going to do work for them. Mainly building houses and things like that. You'll be paid for it, and you'll also get to build your own."

Chaz: Oh...well, um...See..umm..we can't move...Well we can, but we don't want to. Don't take this the wrong way, we'll work definitely since our gear is destroyed. We just....can't move away from New Vince, especially now.

"Old rivals out to kill you and so on? Don't give me that. You have better things to do with your life than being harassed by a mob and worrying about old gangs." She says, opening her eyes, her eyes are stern at the present.

Chaz: You don't understand...this one is different. We afraid he might complete his goal, whether Azure is involved or not. The mob thing, we totally had in the bag, but him retuning is...something we've been preparing for. It's not just us, but New Vince as a whole. He practilly owned this city back in the day, just no one knew it. This time, he'll make it known.

Michiko walks right up to him, mere inches away as she gives him a harsh look.

"If an entire organization with more training than any human military could have can't handle it, then don't expect me to believe you can. And you did not have it in the bag."

Chaz: That's the can't handle it...not anymore. We can't leave...not now.

"Hey, come here."

Chaz: Ugh...Ok. *walks over to her* Y-yes?

She proceeds to sucker punch him in the stomach, hard.

"Are you quite deaf? I just told you, if Azure can't handle it, then you can't either. We're done talking about this. The majority of whatever 'handling' you've been doing has been handling your tv remote!" She snaps.

Chaz: *is taken back by what she said* Maybe we're a bunch of couch potatoes or maybe stereotypes are bullshit.

Tippy: *taps Chaz on the shoulder and begins making gestures and movements*

Chaz: Hm. You're might aswell be right.

"......Look, I'm sorry. But I don't want to hear false promises or heroic stupidity from anyone else. ....I'm already having to endure the worry about my sister and Drake. ...Don't give me more to pile on the dung heap." She walks out.

Chaz: We know what it's like, you know. To lose a sibling. We know, we've lost two of them, almost an extra two.


Aimi watches the storefront Tori is in, and yips, wanting him to hurry.

Torikkumasutā: *comes out the store with two bags in his hand* Ok, I'm out. I think I got the perfect present too. Let's go, Aimi.

She makes a growl, then sweeps him up onto her back and rushes off toward home, much faster than before though. Far behind them on a hill overlooking the city, the hooded man watches them leave.

"My daughters... what vile beasts they are... hmmph. ...What shall I do with the next one....?" He walks into the tree line.

Back at the house

Torikkumasutā: *pulls all his ingredients on the table* Alright, now to get to it. You wanna help me, Aimi.

She doesn't respond, instead curled up on the couch, napping.

Torikkumasutā: Um ok. Just me then. *begins to follow his steps at making his mom's favorite fruit cake*

Unseen to Tori, subtle changes begin happening to Aimi's body as he makes the cake, her legs slowly readjust, her forelegs changing into rough humanoid arms, and her front paws become more like hands, her face becoming more of a mix of human and fox. She also has shrunk to a more manageable humanoid size.

Torikkumasutā: *pours the mix in a bowl and puts it in the oven* Ok. Now all is left is to let it bake. *turns around and sees Aimi* Ah! Oh My God! That girl ate Aimi! Fatheeeeeeer!

Tori's father comes rolling out with a crossbow in arms "Whaaaaaa!?"

Torikkumasutā: That girl ate Aimiiii! *falls to his knees and begins to cry*

Tori lowers the crossbow and slaps Tori over the head. "That is Aimi, dammit!"

Torikkumasutā: B-b-b-b-but...

"She's a Yokai, Torikku. She has a beast and human form. Just like you!"

Torikkumasutā: Oh....sorry dad.

Turns and wheels back into his room. "Swear to God I'm too old for this..."

Aimi seems to have not heard anything, her eyes dull. The transition seems to be continuing, with all of the fur on her body retracting slowly, and her body continues to take a more and more refined human shape, until all that is left is her twin fox tails, and her ears. However, she seems to not have any head hair, her head completely bald except for some fuzzy white hair which appears after a few minutes. She appears to be a girl of about 14-16 of age. She curls up her body, cold from the lack of fur or anything to cover her body.

Torikkumasutā: *slowly goes over to Aimi* *pokes her cheek*

She makes a tiny moan in her throat, closing her eyes, tired.

Torikkumasutā: Heh, it sure is. *takes a small box and wraps in gift wrap* My first present to Ma. She is going to love this! Now, I wait for the cake.

12 minutes later


Torikkumasutā: Done! *takes the cake out of the oven and sets it on the counter. Puts whip cream on the top of the cake and finishes off with a raspberry on top of the cream*

Aimi meanwhile starts to shiver.

Torikkumasutā: *takes notice of Aimi's shivering* Cold huh? *takes a blanket from under the couch and throws them over Aimi* That should do it.

After a few minutes, she seems to warm up and stop shivering.

Torikkumasutā: *is asleep against the couch on the floor*

When he wakes up, he find a white fluffy tail in his face.

Torikkumasutā: *swipes the tail from in front of his face and gets up, then stretches. He then walks out sides and breathes*

Tori after a few minutes starts hearing some clanging and rustling coming from the kitchen.

Torikkumasutā: *peeks through the doorway* What?

Aimi can be seen awkwardly rumaging through the kitchen, she appears to have found what she was looking for: a chicken leg. She apparently a. has not been taught to stand on two legs, and b. taught to wear clothes, as the blanket is discarded near the couch. She freezes when she sees Tori.

Torikkumasutā: Um....glad to see you awake? You know if you were hungry you could let me know.

She looks at him wide eyed, and her tails start to wag.

Tori's father comes wheeling in with his crossbow again. "I head a clankin'. Who goes-" Sees Aimi naked and instantly is frantic. "Aaaahhhh! Why is there no clothes on that thing?!"

Torikkumasutā: Well-

" I can take a guess, Torriku! I meant why haven't you clothed her?"

Torikkumasutā: We have no extra clothes, Pa.

"Give her yours! Or atleast wrap the blanket over her!"

Torikkumasutā: Uhhh...Pa.


Torikkumasutā: Your nose...

"What about it?"

Torikkumasutā: It's ummm...bleeding.

"What?" Feels his noses and he sees blood on his hands. He instantly covers his nose. "See what your pet done did!?" Turns around and heads back into his room. "Don't know why I even bother.."

Torikkumasutā: Well you heard pops. *takes off his shirt and puts it on Aimi* There. That should do.

She looks at it curiously, then vainly attempts to scratch with her legs, still unused to her human form.

Torikkumasutā: Not used to being two-legged huh? Hmmm. Come with my outside.

She looks at him, then back on the chicken leg, then determinedly begins munching on it, completely ignoring him.

Torikkumasutā: Alright, I'll wait after you eat.

Even after she finishes the meat, she appears to be trying to gnaw on the bone.

Torikkumasutā: Alright fine, I'll just finish taking my breather. *goes back outside*

She eventually leaves it on the floor, and proceeds to crawl after him, managing to sneak up on him and tackles him to the ground, then stares down at him while on top of him, her tails wagging.

Torikkumasutā: You sure do like surprising me. Heheh.


Torikkumasutā: What are you trying to say?

"Toooo-ooooo... toooo...rrrrrrrrr.... toorrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...." He is starting to get the impression she is trying to mimic speech.

Torikkumasutā: To-ri-kku. Say it with me. To-

"Tooooooooooooooo...." She mimics.

Torikkumasutā: Ri-


Torikkumasutā: Ha! no not 'Toot'. Torikku. To-ri-kku.

"Toot toot!" She says cheerfully, hugging him.

Torikkumasutā: HAHAHA! Oh that's hilarious! Like a train!

She stops hugging him after a while, and simply falls asleep on top of him.

Torikkumasutā: All these naps. I wonder if they're even healthy for us Yokai.

While sleeping, her head comes to a rest on top of his, and after a few minutes he feels her teeth bite his earlobe, she appears to be trying to munch on it.

Torikkumasutā: Owowowowowowowow. *manages to get his ear out from the clutches of her teeth*

"Fuhw fuhw..." She mumbles as she then latches onto his nose.

3 minutes later

Tafadzwa and Ritoru make it to the house

Ritoru: Man, today was long.

Tafadzwa: It was only long because you didn't want train.

Ritoru: It was long because you took a nap.

Tafadzwa: I was meditating

Ritour: That was not meditating! I know the difference, Master!

Tafadzwa: Please, you could tell a raven from a crow.

Ritoru: They looks almost the same.

Tafadzwa: Yes almost. That's why you can't tell the diffrerence. *sees Torikku and Aimi*

Torikkumasutā: Hi Master!

Tafadzwa: She finally reverted to her humanoid state. Must've took time.

Torikkumasutā: Good thing it was a long day. *smiles*

Ritoru: And why are you still shirtless. Don't answer that, I just remembered.

Tori is still having trouble keeping her from biting him.

Torikkumasutā: Ow. She's been sleeping alot lately.

Tafadzwa: Not even a half-beast should be that unproductive. *yanks Aimi of Torikku with his scythe* Isn't it about time for your mother's birthday?

Torikkumasutā: Oh yes, it sure is! *gets up and heads into the house, then takes the fruit cake out of the refrigerator*

Aimi shakes herself, woken up thanks to Tafa's rude awakening.

She looks around for a moment, then looks at Tafa and... "Taffy!" She chirps.

Torikkumasutā: Heheh. Taffy.


Torikkumasutā: Yea huh?

Tafadzwa: Don't you ever take in a stray...ever...

Torikkumasutā: No need to tell  me. *hugs Aimi* Aimi is all I need.

Tafadzwa: And now I feel slightly emotional. Sickening. *heads into the house*

She lets out a squeak when he hugs her, her eyes wide and looking up at him.

Torikkumasutā: You can't be the only one giving out hugs. *smiles and ruffles up her hair*

She roughly grabs ahold of him and gives him a hug in turn, though hers is a bit... strong.

Torikkumasutā: Ah dang it! Why are you always hurting me?

"Hu?" She stops, the hug suddenly more gentle and timid.

Ritoru: Come on, Tori. It's time for Ma's birthday.

Torikkumasutā: Yaaaay! Birthdaaay! *leaps from Aimi's grasp and into the house*

"Toot toot?" She chirps in confusion, then starts crawling after him.

Torikkumasutā: *takes the fruit cake out of the refrigerator and waits by the room* Oh boy, this is it! My first present to mother for her birthday. I feel so non-guilty for all those years haven't given her a present.

Aimi comes crawling in, though her hands and knees are dirty from crawling on the ground.

Torikkumasutā: I bet my Ma can't wait to see you too, Aimi.

Tafadzwa: Just go ahead already.

Torikkumasutā: Ok. *breathes. Then heads into the room* Surpri- *gets shot in the head with and arrow and falls back, unmoving*

Ritru: *is completely shocked* Tori!...Tori No!

Tafadzwa: *tries not not to smile*

Aimi tilts her head to one side, confused.

Pa: *facepalm* That was our son, Suanzu.

Ma: *is holding the crossbow* We have a son?

Pa: Yes.

Ma: Oh...well. He should know that I don't like surprises

Pa: Yea...I'll tell him that when he wakes up.

Aimi crawls toward Tori and looks at him curiously, then starts tickling his face with her tails.

Torikkumasutā: *is still isn't moving*

Tafadzwa: *picks Tori up and tosses him over his shoulder* Looks like your son won't be attending to your birthdat this year, Miss Anzu.

Ma: Today's my birthday?

Pa: Yes.

Ma: How old am I turning?

Pa: 86.

Ma: T-that means I'm young, right.

Pa: *smiles* I wish.

Aimi curiously tilts her head inside the doorway, then looks at Tafa.

"Taffy?" She says, still confused about Tori.

Tafadzwa: *looks at her from the corner of his good eye* He'll live. He'll just be out for awhile.

Torikkumasutā: *mumbles*

She seems to get a slightly bored expression and curls up on the floor, resting her head on her tails.

Tafadzwa: *walks out the door with Torikku and into the wilds*

She proceeds to take a nap, making tiny snores on occasion.

Night Time

Aimi has since migrated to the couch.

A mechanical thump can be heard outside


Inga comes to a rest, curling up in a fetal position, her belly having grown to its full extent and weight. She lets out a weak moan as her triplets kick against her. The last of her body's resources are spent, her growing children are sucking her dry of every last drop of her energy, she hardly is able to steal souls to keep herself energized, and has taken to hiding herself in one of the storage crates, but the hiding place will not last her much longer.

And I had just gotten out of the lower levels... ....they'll find me again soon... ...Too weak... hungry... thirsty...

A series of guns shots and crashing can be heard in the distnace. Inga can even hear yells of retreat in the distance as well as running being drowned by the sounds of multiple sirens

She hardly notices, her fatigue too great, her vision and hearing flickering in and out of focus, at times her vision is completely blurred and her hearing nothing but distant noise.

Before she completely looses focus, she can see a silhouette of a tall masculine figure reach out to her.

She doesn't move, the first time in her life she is resigned to fate, accepting it as meekly as a lamb awaiting slaughter.

The moment she opnes her eyes, she finds herself in a hotel room wit a tray with waffles, eggs, bacon, grapes, yogurt, cereal, and wilk and orange juice in her lap.

She doesn't move, her mind dull and sluggish and taking a while to respond. In her current condition, her entire body feels too heavy for her to so much as lift her fingers. When she finally does gain some of her mental faculties, a mere throaty dry croak is her first utterance, and her head twitches as she vainly tries to move her head.

From the corner of her eye, she can sees a lean man with metal hind legs looking out the patio window

She manages to force her neck to move enough so that her head flops in his direction, making a slight but audible noise, though her eyes look flat and almost lifeless.

The man lifts his head slightly and turns to reveal Exima's face. He simply walks over to Inga, and pours some of the orange juice in her mouth and lets her swallow it steadily and then chops up her waffles

Exima: Gather your strength. You need to eat.

Inga's eyes trail off toward the waffles. She doesn't move, but her eyes come back toward Exima. Ater a moment he can register the tiny flickering questioning look barely detectable in her eyes. There is an unspoken question being asked.

Exima: Those eyes say alot. I did it because you are all I have left. My only family that I haven't had in over a century. I want to atleast enjoy some bit of it before it's gone again.

He hears her breath become louder as her mind continues to regain a hold of itself, a small amount of strength and awareness is in her eyes now. She lies there for a while, her head turning away. After a minute, he sees her attempt to move her body, but she is unable to fully rise and bend herself due to her belly.

"Hel.......p...." Her voice croaks. "Ea...t...."

Exima: *feeds her a piece of waffle*

She remains unable to largely move, and after she has eaten the waffles, she falls asleep, the effort to remain awake thus far too taxing. An hour later, she wakes again, though she has had time to digest and appears to have more energy, remaining awake but not making much of an attempt to interact, her eyes seem closed off now that her awareness has grown stronger.

Exima is nowhere to be seen until she looks up and see shim hanging from the ceiling upside down doing sit-ups

"...Brother... you are going to be an uncle."

Exima: *stops instantly from hearing the word uncle* I know...*unlatches his clawed feet from the ceiling and lands in the chair next to the bed* It would never have happened if I didn't turn my back on you...

"It wouldn't have mattered. I turned my back on you first. And I was right to. After all, what is the worth of family when they sell each other out for a personal vendetta?" She says, then coughs heavily, having used too much force in her voice.

"I considered it, you know. Letting you take care of one... ...but then you betrayed me to them. The kind of people mother fled so that I could live a normal life. The kind of people who took that away from me, for in order to protect her I had to run away. ...The last time I ever saw her. What I would give to see her again... ...and you slandered her and me. For what, Exima?" She coughs again, but refuses to ease herself.

Exima: To avenge them...and others who have underwent the same as I...My family was...but that didn't mean others had to loose theirs too...Sacrifice...My only family for everyone elses they don't have turn out like I did...cause if you think the world is as bad as it is, just imagine everyone else just like me...At this point I'm probably making excuses for myself...A man who fears the light of day, flies under the radar.

She slowly places a hand on her belly. "Avenge mother? Father? Exima... the only people who targeted our family, who has abused our powers, is the people you have been working for from the beginning. The Administrator, the Military, they're who did this to our family. You should be burning them to the ground, avenging our family for what the Agencies, what the Military did to US. The Myths have nothing to do with you. There is no justice or revenge I see. I would be able to understand either.

You're just a thoughtless fool doing whatever will please master, like dog wanting his treat. How long would it take til you abused my daughters, my son? How long before you would twist them like the military and the agencies have twisted you? Everyone else doesn't have the power to control time and space. Everyone else doesn't have the power to will their own destiny into being. But you made that possible, thanks to your thoughtless behavior."

She closes her eyes and turns away, refusing to speak with him further. For hours. When she finally speaks, she says only:

"I was trying to give you a chance to turn back from your blind path. Know that for once, it wasn't Myths, or Agencies, or Militaries that took away your family... took them from yourself. When they're born Exima... remember what they look like, because I won't give you another chances to see them. I shouldn't even give you photographs. I'll raise them so it will be as though you never existed." Her tone is cold, ruthless, but not in the typical way: it is the cold fury of a mother seeking to protect her future children from what she considers a threat. The first real time she had ever displayed emotion for other beings in her life. Since mother.

Exima: It is probably best. There is no right path, especially for a man like me who has seen too much and has come to his own absolution. I do not wish to burden anyone else to something like that. It wasn't the Agencies or the Military that changed me. It was the war...that long terrible war...I had a disliked for the Myths upon our parents death, but my disliked solidified into hatred as the days waged on with countless casualties far worse than the modern attacks...75 years that war waged and 75 years I saw things unbearable to see...I am too far now...and if I resign, the Myths would still attack...but then again I might still be making excuses for myself...I respect your decision...the path I walk is one for my own and no one elses...I may be a blind fool to you, but for me this is necessary...who knows...maybe something good might come out of what I do....Maybe I was destined to be this way for something far carry a burden no one else could carry but me...I often think that...*sighs*...All I have to say... is that apologize for doing this to you...I know it may mean nothing to you...but just know I have never apologized to anyone in 50 years... *gets up from his chair* That goes to show I admit the wrong I have committed...and I know there is nothing more for me to say that would make you forgive me...

"So much for Exima's 'unstoppable will'. If you have the will to be undefeated by any Myth, there's little excuse for you to not apply it in your life. I thought you told me you cared about your family. I guess you don't care enough to want to change for your nephews. For me. For mother, for father, for any of us." She strokes her swollen belly, even as a faint kick can be heard from her.

Exima: Change...It's harder than you think when it comes to me. I wouldn't allow anyone else to carry my torch. My nephews don't deserve to live in a messed up world like this. They should be free to live their lives the way they choose. To believe in whatever they feel is right. To cherish what good is left in this world and not be exploited. This is life. New life. Life that should not be tainted by all this...chaos...This I will make adjustments for.

"..." Inga looks up at the ceiling, then after a minute, a strange, genuine smile cross her face, which breaks out into a weary laugh. "The Admin will have to find a different avenue toward my power after all..."

Exima: The man's hate rivals my own. Notice as he's so content on destroying his own kind because suffered the same loss as we did. His fall draws near, but his legacy will not fall with him.

"Hate as much as he likes. It won't matter. When these children are born, the power of Inga Kankei, the Witch of Causality will be no more." She says, closing her eyes.

Exima: *chuckles* You sound like one of those Power Ranger villains men and your brother used to watch and mother and father were still around. Atleast now he can't call for a refund.

"...what is Power Rangers...?" She asks.

Exima: are favorite childhood show. Had 5 teens with amazing powers given to them by a holographic face and fought countless hordes of evil being led by villain that wanted to take over the Earth. Over the past several years, the series slightly down-grated until finally it got better. They turned it into an anime meant for teenagers and they removed the cliche crap from it and gave it a more serious and more realistic tone to it. You should watch it sometime, cause I know you probably wont like the old ones.

"I'm well over a few hundred years old, Exima... I don't have time for kid shows. For that matter..." She opens her eyes. "I am wanted by the Agencies of the world, and by the government for crimes against state. Such things like television is for those who actually have normal lives. My life will never be normal again."

Exima: My life was normal for 5 years. Afterwards we just had to adapt to our world. Atleast now you don't have to live that way any longer.

"If you are implying that I can finally live in peace, you're wrong."

Exima: Who said anything about living?

"And what do you mean by that?"

Exima: You made it sound like once you gave birth, you'll cease to be. Unless I misinterpreted wrong.

"My powers will cease. Not my being. However, I will indeed no longer be the Witch of Causality."

Exima: Hm. What will you do afterwards?

"What can I do? Did you forget the criminal part?"

Exima: They'll loose interest. You'll lost your powers, so there's nothing they could trace back to get it. And in the event they still want to apprehend you or your children, they'll have to go through me first.

"And the Admin? Do you think he'll give up that easily over such tempting power?"

Exima: I'll fight him too if I have to. I'm not losing you again...

She turns her head from the ceiling, her eyes widened slightly. She momentarily flinches from a spike of pain. "...Why do you care about me? I'm a sister you only knew exist for a few weeks... we don't even believe in the same things... so why? There is no reason to care about me." The pain she is feeling isn't going away, beginning to get stronger.

Exima: *holds her hand* I see it as a blessing. A chance to step away from what for atleast one moment in my life, we're I'm not tormented about the past, cause I have one part of the main thing I missed my entire life. It's me adapting.

"It's... coming...." She makes a hiss of pain.

Exima: Already?

"Growth accelerants... they didn't want to wait a good portion of the year for their experiments." She hisses.

Exima: What do you mean by 'growth accelerants'?

"Not the time to be asking questions..." She groans.

Exima: So your children are ready then?

"One..." Inga hardly is able to speak clearly.

Exima: Alright then. *removes the covers from over her legs* Can you spread your legs?

She does so weakly, the pain she experiences is made worse by the fact she is not used to pain anymore, enhancing the pain more than usual.

Exima: *removes her panties* Whenever your ready, simply begin to push and I'll take care of the rest.

She does so, and as she does, she begins to take on a faint pink glow.

Exima: I think I've got a hold of it. Keep pushing.

She does so, as the process continues her glow begins to flow into the child, and Inga starts losing her strength.

Exima: more time, and that should. Give it all you've this time.

Again she does so, growing very pale in the process. 

Exima: There.

A faint whimper noise can be heard as Exima gives Inga her firstborn child, wrapped in a bathroom towel.

Clinging to the first is a second child, its hand grasped around the firstborn's ankle. Both have a faint pink aura. Inga however looks frail and weak.

Exima: These two alone drained you dry already? I must say though, these two must've had some sort of tussle on who was gonna come out first.

"I'm just... tired... plus I did lose half my power... can I... see...?"

Exima: *goes over to her bedside and gives her one of the babies* Let me get another towel to wrap this one in. *heads into the bathroom*

Inga quietly grasps the baby, looking at her with an incredibly complex expression. Confusion, insecurity, a mix of tenderness and unease. She then after a moment cuddles the infant against her chest, to help it keep warm.

Exima: *comes out of the bathroom with the child wrapped up* Here. *gives Inga the other child*

She takes the other, doing the same for it. "...To think I have two more... ...I don't even know what to name them..." She seems heavily unsure about how she feels

Exima: I have names I can give them. I know it's proabaly hard to grasp that you're a mother now.

"It wouldn't be the same, personal... I feel so... strange..."

Exima: Hm...

"...Is this what it's like to 'feel'?"

Exima:'s conflicting, I know.

"...Brother... ...I know what I said before... but... ...can you...... ...take care of us?"

Exima: I...Of course.

"...I don't know how to live in this world. ...And I won't be able to protect myself from... enemies. ...I've never felt so... fragile... before..."

Exima: This is why I do what I do...for years we've felt this way...nowing there were others that could do away with us whenever they wanted...that...feeling...we all hated...we were so meager in comparison to them...that is no way to live. I will protect you and your kin, until you feel like you can manage by yourself.

One of the children opens their eyes and begins crying, soft little pink eyes scrunched up.

Exima: Hm. I think that one doesn't like the idea of it.

"She just woke up is all." Inga says, rolling her eyes and gently stroking the girl's cheek.

Exima: *goes over to the patio door and simply stares outside*


Exima: Hm? What is it, sister?

"...I'm going to lose my eyes."

Exima: *is slightly shocked by hearing this. After a few seconds, he walks over to her bedside and holds her hand* Then I will be your eyes...

His two young nephews are quietly nestled against her, cuddled up against each other. She looks at them, and again she has a look seems as though she doesn't understand her own feelings for them.

Exima: It's new to you. I know....that these emotions you feel can't be summed up...that you never felt this way before...about all this...It's almost the same way I felt when I met you...that's why I didn't want to ignore those feelings...before it would be too late...

Inga's eyes unfocus for a moment, then get clarity again. "...One of my enemies... when I lose my power, he will come after me and the children. He wants revenge for... what I did to his family. His sister. He is... ....extremely powerful. ...And also..."

Her eyes get momentarily stronger with an almost burning quality to them. "...There is one who will come into being in the coming months, I cannot describe him to you properly, as he is yet to exist, but once he arises, there will be a time where you must face him. I can... only describe him as the Judge of the Ages. The Era Killer. He will judge us all. You will have to face his judgement for all of us. All of humanity. I have just seen this."

Exima: Unless his name is 'God', then I do not fear him. Why are you telling me this?

"Because like God, he's one of the few things that you cannot kill, but he can you."

Exima: There is more to God than simply that. I do not care who this 'Judge' is. I will not let him fill a part he is not meant to play.

"That is not your decision to make, nor your part. You will either prove humanity's worth or fail them. An Era will end, but it may not be humanity's. But an Era will end... regardless of what you do or not do."

Exima: It is not his decision neither. Who is this person you speak of?

"...I do not know. He is... vague. His existence is still not guarenteed, but it is because of actions you have commited that may spark his creation. He is... similar to you in a way. All I can really see is vague impressions. He is clouded. He barely is detectable in the timeline to begin with. Brother, he is the force that has brought down every civilization and era of time. He manifests in each age, either directly or indirectly as a force that brings down an era of history, often triggering a new one."

Exima: Hm...*lets go of her hand and simply thinks for a moment*

"...Think of it this way. He is neither enemy nor ally, he simply is the force determining the end of what must come to an end."

Exima: *he remains silent, still deep in thought*

"...What bitter irony... the hunter has become nothing but a meager lamb..." She muses, taking her two children and cradling them up against her chest softly.

Exima: Shush...*continues to think*

"I'm allowed to talk about myself... ...also, I'm hungry." She says as her stomach gurgles prominently.

Exima: *gets up slowly and walks out* I'l be right back with your food...*closes the door behind him*

Inga watches him go, and tends to her young, even as the first traces of her lights begining to fade begins.

10 minutes late

Exima: *comes back in with a Whataburger bag in his hand* Ever had fast-food?

"Is it food that competes in track racing?" Inga asks quietly.

Exima: No. It's food that prepared for you in under 5 minutes. I got you a chicken sandwhich, with fries and a Sprite. I also have food for the children in this bag. *shows her the other bag in his hand*

"...Dread Witch I may be, I'm not one to eat a Fey. Also they don't have teeth yet, it's only been a few days, they still need... ...milk."

Exima: I know. That's what I got them.

"...I think I can handle that, brother. Just give me the food..."

Exima: I already made it for them before I entered. The drink Sprite is a soft drink not a real Sprite. Dno't ask me why they call it a 'soft drink', I assume it's because unlike any other drink, it has a 'fizz' to it.

"..." She is giving Exima a grumpy look, one all brothers dread: the stubborn sister glare.

Exima: What's the matter with you? Not hungry?

"I am hungry."

Exima: *hands her the food*

While she slowly eats, the baby girl lies beside her, her tiny eyes open, curiously looking at Exima from the safety of her mother's side.

Exima: *is sitting in the chair just staring at the wall*

The girl makes a small cry.

Exima: *breaks his concentration and looks at the child*

Noticing she has his attention, she makes another cry and clumsily reaches her arms out in his direction.

Exima: *slowly picks her up and begins to cradle her in his arms*

She makes a tiny giggle, then lets out a yawn.

Exima: *puts one of his hands in front of the baby*

She makes another giggle and with her small hands grabs one of his fingers.

Exima: *moves his fingers*

She seems to intently go after his fingers.

Exma: *gives a small  smile and pokes her nose*

She giggles again, grabbing his finger and inserting it in her mouth, she seems to be trying to playfully bite him, but she lacks her baby teeth.

Exima: *chuckles* Got my finger, don't you? Don't bite it off now.

"She likes biting." Inga remarks as she takes a small bite out of the burger after sniffing it.

Exima: Might have to give her and her brother a teething toy soon.

"They'll only get teeth after a few months."

Exima: I know. The toy is to help their teeth come in faster.

"...They need clothes." She remarks out of nowhere.

Exima: I'll get them some tomorrow. And a stroller and carrier.


Exima: That and I need to get them a crib.

"..." Inga looks out toward a window.

Exima: You alright, Inga?

"...Brother... look out the window... slowly. And don't attack when you see him."

Exima: *slowly gets up and peeks out the window quietly*

A humanoid figure covered in a large yellow cloak stands on top of a nearby rooftop, Exima's neck hair almost stands up from the unseen gaze of the individual.

Exima: *whispers* That's him?

"He's the enemy I told you about of mine... he's watching me for an opportunity. You can only see him because I've pointed him out... in most cases you won't see him."

Exima: *turns from the window and sits on Inga's bedside*

"If we stay in one area too long, he will eventually make a move. He's never been one to simply wait, but he does have enough cunning to catch you off guard."

Exima: Then we move now. *takes the boy and carries him in his other arm* Can you walk?

"Not right now! He's watching us!" She hisses.

Exima: Then how long do you want us to wait?

She glances at the yellow figure, who gives them a mocking bow.

Exima: Well?

"When Fairy Pants leaves."

Exima: Ok... *sets back down*

The boy starts climbing on his arm.

Exima: Amazing...already this boy wants to start climbing and he hasn't even started crawling yet.

The newborn manages to climb onto his shoulder.

Exima: Adorable. *takes the boy off his shoulder* With a start like that, you can climb mountains at the age of 12.

The boy makes a small cry.

Exima: You hungry?

Inga looks at Exima. "There is a reason I suggested you get diapers."

Exima: Did you suggest that when I left for food?

"I didn't think about it."

Exima: Don't worry. I'll get their diapers and everything else they'll need tomorrow.

"Don't blame me when he pees on you."

Exima: Please. They're sleeping with their mother tonight. *puts the two babies in her arms*

Inga gives him a quiet stare.

Exima: Don't worry. You'll get the hang of it. Maybe you'll be an even better mother to those two than our mother was to us.

"Brave words for an infantile man."

Exima: Don't act like you aren't guilty of the same thing.

"I don't kill out of personal motive which isn't even an honest motive."

Exima: No. You kill for your own survival.

"That isn't personal. You kill because it is personal."

Exima: I kill for a number of reasons. I've past personal. You still want to cling on to your life. Why? What is it you have to live for? You have nothing to go back to and no life to go to. Nothing really to contribute. You kill to sustain yourself and stray away from everyone and your heart is as cold frozen steel. So why keep living, when you have nothing to live for. Even now, it doesn't even seem like you want to live for your newborns.

Inga's usually neutral face slides into a frown, and there is a slight crease forehead as she narrows her eyes slightly.

Exima: *sighs* *gets up* We're simply tired is all. *sits down in the chair* Goodnight, Inga. *turns off the lamps above her*

She doesn't move for several minutes, staring at him with the same expression, before eventually settling in with the two.


The Epicos are getting into bed

Chaz: Damn. I cant believe we got busted for shit that happened on accident. You two just had to be playing soccer in the small park. Hell, did you guys not see the fuse box when you got there?

Tippy: *furiously points Morsel*

Morsel: *shrugs in cunfusion*

Chaz: Doesn't matter now. We left 1/4 of the city vulnerable to crime, 300 people are dead cause of it, He's coming back in town, Buroka is strolling around somewhere, we have to make it up to this city, by dueing community service down in Azure, cutting into our time to find Him and end his sorry life one and for all. *pounds his palm* And all this happened, cause you guys played soccer, in a park, with a fuse box. Worst convinient place to play soccer guys, just sayin'.

Tippy: *makes a bunch of gestures*

Chaz: sucks that Noriko is gone...makes me wish we didn't piss her off the way we did.

Morsel: *smugly flaps his hand down*

Chaz: Morsel, don't be like that. One of these days, someone is going to kick your insensitve ass. Just you wait...*sigh* Man, why did life have to get so hard?

Tippy: *shrugs*

Chaz: Morse, turn off the lights.

Morsel: *leans out of his bed and turn the lamp off*

Chaz: 'Night, bros...

Past and Present Edit

After a couple of days, Inga finally gives Exima the ok to move.

Exima: *nods* *he puts the children in a two-seater stroller and puts a carrying bag over his shoulder*

"We need to be careful, I don't know if he's planning anything."

Exima: Okay. *slowly moves quietly and unlocks the door*

She grips his arm and lets him take the lead, a headache making her head swim.

Exima: *slowly looks out the door and looks both directions, then proceeds to walk towards the elevator*

Inga follows.

They're riding out on the open road in a Hybrid

Exima: Haven't driven a car in 10 years, and I'm surprised that my feet can fit into this thing.

Inga looks about the inside uneasy. "I haven't even been inside one..."

Exima: Woudln't be surprised. How are the kids back there?

The girl is mouthing on the seatbelt, giggling, while the boy appears to be napping. 

Inga shrugs. "Being themselves I would imagine."

Exima: Or atleast doing what babies do. I have a small house in rural Alabama. We can live there.

Inga quietly looks out the window.

Exima: What's on your mind? Or are you just bored?

"..." Her face is hard to read.

Exima: ...Inga?

She looks over at him quietly. "Over eight hundred years, Exima."

Exima: Since you've been away?

"...Since I felt anything. Except for emptiness, that is..."

Exima: Did that ever bother you? Just feeling nothing for anyone else. Not feeling love, joy, fear, hate, happiness, sadness...any of that?

"It was always me versus the world. It will always be me against the world."

Exima: Not anymore. Now, it will be us versus the world.

She looks back out the window.

Exima: This world can do without me for awhile.

Inga oddly enough to Exima, visually looks almost like an ordinary person as she stares out the window. If this wasn't his sister, he probably couldn't have imagined her being dangerous in any way.

Exima: Inga...who was mother? After us?

She doesn't respond, but her eyes narrow subtly, the look in her eyes distant for a moment.

Exima: *sadly sighs and continues driving*

They make past the sign saying 'Welcome to Alabama the Beautiful'

Exima: We're almost there.

"Conflicted." Inga says after a while.

Exima: Hm..runs in the family...I just hope the same thing isn't the case for your young.

Inga doesn't respond right away. "She was loving... ...but overprotective. To the point I hardly knew anything but school and the house."

Exima: I see. Its an understandable reaction

"Mother... she was a bit sad and afraid as well. Sad because she knew she would have to keep me sequestered from the rest of society. Afraid because of what would happen if they learned. ...She was also sad for you two. Even as a little girl, I knew what plagued her."

Exima: *sigh* If only we knew...But like I said, maybe it was for the best...

"She looked a few times, but she stopped after I was five. She didn't want to think about... the 'what ifs'."

Exima: I understand...I wouldn't want her to suffer anymore at our expense...

Inga continues looking out the window quietly.

Exima: *slowly stops the car and steps out in front of it*

"..." Inga looks toward Exima.

Exima: *bends down and has something brown and green in his hand. He gets into the car and puts the brown thing in Inga's hand* Hold this.

She glances at it with a puzzled expression.

A small reptile heads slowly pops out

Exima: That's a box turtle. Crazy thing is out on the road for whatever reason.


Exima: I would hold it, but I can't just set it down in the car. It's get tossed all over the place.

"Ah." She looks back down at the turtle, looking at it with an equally unsure look as she has for her children.

The turtle shrinks back into it's shell

She quietly looks out the window again.

They arrive at at a suburbish area where they park in drive way to their new home

Exima: We're here. *gets out and begins to unpack everything*

She quietly steps out of the vehicle and looks around.

Exima: *opens the door and heads in*

"What do I do with it?" Inga asks regarding the turtle.

Exima: Keep it. It's only a matter of time before they ask for a pet, might aswell give them one now.

"...I don't think a turtle is an appropriate pet for little babies."

Exima: That's why I'm gonna put it in a glass tank, where they can only see it.

"If they can see it, they will try and get it. Then it gets knocked over."

Exima: They are babies, but they can't climb a dresser can they? Not only that, you're the parent. You gotta teach them.

"...Uggh... you don't even understand what kind of mischief a baby can get into..."

Exima: Why, you've had one before?

"Causality lets me cheat. I've seen a few mothers. The little devils can be capable of legendary feats for their size..." She murmurs.

Exima: That's why you train them. Besides, they're gonna have to get pass me first. *sets u

Readaption Edit

Aimi continues to sleep, cold. A thin growth of fur grows over her skin as a counter measure, and she relaxes more, sleeping on her tail as a pillow.

A mechanical thump can be heard outside

Aimi keeps sleeping.

The thumping continues and a bright light passes by the house


Torikkumasutā: *slowly wakes up and looks at the lit night sky* So pretty...*slowly sits up and feels a patch on his head* I think mom was surprised...Well then...I'm done here...Got her a cakeand I got her a present...Now to head back to the house, pack up whatever and get going.

Tafadzwa: Finally. Make sure you stay there longer, and I pray they don't fire your feathered ass from being absent.

Torikkumasutā: Ha! With this sexiness, how can they resist? *poses*

Tafadzwa: *gives a grumpy-looking expression* Just go before I shred you into pieces and feed you to the crows...

Torikkumasutā:: I don't think my brothers would do that, but I'll leave. *flies off* Bye Master!

Tafadzwa: *sigh* What was I thinking when I decided to train a retard for an entire year?

Aimi yawns and wakes up, rubbing her eyes.

A bright light catches her gaze followed by a strange humming.

She looks at it sleepily.

The humming slowly fades and the light goes another direction as Aimi hears mechanical marching fade away

"Toot toot...?"

3 minutes later

Torikkumasutā: *flies through the window and lands on the couch* Made it. Now to pack...wait...I don't have anything to pack...I forgot I've been wearing the same clothes for 3 years straight. So I guess I just leave then...That means I have to fly back...Ugggghhh...Man, I have to admit, that was stupid of me. *sees Aimi* Oh hi, Aimi. didn't expect you to be up this late in the night.

"Too? Leaf?"

Torikkumasutā: Yea leve. I have to go back to my job. They'll be waiting for me and I promised my friend I would stick by her.

He hears a whine, just as she jumps on him, knocking him down, when he looks up at her, her ears are folded down and she's giving him puppy eyes.

Torikkumasutā: Awww. What's wrong? You don't want me to go?

She grips him in a fierce hug, not aware that she has a lot of physical strength. "Nu leaf e ere!"

Torikkumasutā: But I have to leave. They need me back at the Department, but I don't want t eave you here. Hmmmm, what should I do? *thinks for a good minute* I know! Why don't you come with me?

Her ears pop up.

Torikkumasutā: Yea, the two us! That way I can go back at my job,and won't have to leave you behind! We can go on adventures together! Wouldn't that be fun!

Her tail wags.

Torikkumasutā: Come on then! We have no time to waste!

Aimi awkwardly grabs his arm with her hands.

Torikkumasutā: *enters his parent's room* Pa, Ma, I'm leaving now. I'll see you another time.

"Mmmmmmm, Don't get hurt....bring back some milk..."

Torikkumasutā: Gotcha, Pa. *closes the door and heads out the door* Alright Aimi. Follow me! *flies back from where he came from*

Aimi tries to keep up with her awkward crawling.

Tafadzwa: *is sleeping criss-crossed on the blade of his scythe*

Torikkumasutā: *crash lands*

Tafadzwa: How did I know that you were gonna come back?

Torikkumasutā: You are the Master.

Tafadzwa: True enough. *takes his scythe and slashes the thin air, opening the rift back to Earth* Please try to stay away longer.

Torikkumasutā: Wait a moment. Aimi is coming with me too.

They hear a squeal of frustration as Aimi is still a ways off, still crawling like a baby.

Tafadzwa: *scoffs* Even lion pride's have more dignity than that.

Torikkumasutā: Hold up, I'll get her. *flies back the other direction again*

1 minute later

Torikkumasutā: *crash lands. He stands up with Aimi under his arm* Ok we're ready.

Tafadzwa: Just jump through and be on you way.

Torikkumasutā: Ok. Any other words of wisdom before I go, Master.

Tafadzwa: Don't come back until I'm dead.

Torikkumasutā: But Master, you're immortal.

Tafadzwa: That's the idea...

Torikkumasutā: *chuckles* Silly Master. *jumps through the rift*

Torikkumasutā and Aimi make it to the other side as the rift closes behind them.

Torikkumasutā: Here we are, Aimi. Welcome to Earth! *his voice echoes as the both appear to be in the middle of a forested area, with grey skies over head* Isn't it beautiful? *sets Aimi down*


Torikkumasutā: Yes, Earth.Isn't beautiful? *puts on a wide, impish smile*

She looks around, her ears twitching. She then rests her head against his leg.

Torikkumasutā: Ok, I guess we can rest here for now. *sits down*

She quickly gets bored and starts crawling off.

Torikkumasutā: Ok, no rest then. *stands back up* *he picks up Aimi and flies off* Now if I remember correctly, the Agency should be round about 32 miles away. So we'll be there in several minutes or more.

She seems to pale upon noticing the sheer height.

5 minutes later

Torikkumasutā: I believe I can flyyyyy.! I can bird can soaaar! I think about it, every night and day! How i wish I could fly awa-ay!

Aimi starts whimpering. Off in the distance, Tori can hear something like rumbling.

Torikkumasutā: *nearly looses control of his flying for a split second* What, what, what,? What was that? Do you know what that was, Aimi?

A jet black fighter jet screams overhead at ridiculous speed right over them.

Torikkumasutā: *completely panics and both him and Aimi begin to plumit towards the ground below*

Just as they are about to crash into the ground, something catches them.

"Ho ho, if it isn't birdbrain! ....And his... AUGGH! Why does she only have a shirt on?!" Leo howls, dropping them on the ground.

Torikkumasutā: Oh hey, 3rd partner! How have you been lately? Do you like her? Her name is Aimi., we're the best of friends me and her despite me only just meeting her yesterday. Or the day before that...whichever.

"Arrrgghhh! What's wrong with you man?! She's half naked!" Leo hisses. "...Never mind that! Director's gonna want to talk to you bub."

Torikkumasutā: Nakednesss never stopped our ancestors from success! We should be proud of our nudity, right Aimi?

Leo proceeds to choke Tori. "You better pray to the Lord that was just a joke."

Torikkumasutā: *speaks in a raspy voice* I don't understand what's the problem...I ean..we never had a problem with it before...why is it so different now?....

"..." Tori finds his head planted in the ground, while Leo covers her with a large blanket.

"Alright, let's go. ....Wait, why is she crawling on the ground... ....what the... ok, Tori, where the hell did you find this girl? It's like I'm looking like a baby that never learned how to talk or... walk?!"

Torikkumasutā: *he's speaking with his face still in the ground*

Leo yanks him out of the ground and drops him, and picks up Aimi and carries her off. "Let's go bird brain."

Torikkumasutā: Hey! *yanks Aimi out of Leo's grasp* I carry Aimi..*gives him a death stare with an awkward facial expression*

"You can carry her when you are actually responsible for her." He returns a even more nasty stare.

Torikkumasutā: You wouldn't know how responsible I was while I was gone! I was super exponentially responsible! Surprisingly!

Leo flicks Tori on the head, knocking him out, then drags the two back to the MPD, grumbling under his breath the whole way back.

"I should get a promotion...." He grumbles.

Torikkumasutā: *is mumbling in his sleep* Twinkle twinkle little I wonder...Life is but a dream...

Leo deposits them in Tori's quarters, then leaves.

Torikkumasutā: There's three and four, there's six they're eight....Shoving down those loads and freights...Chugging down the country bin....How a lovely day it's been...

Several hours later he feels something laying on him.

Torikkumasutā: *cracks his eyes to see what's on top of him*

He sees Aimi laying on top of him, her head lying down just before his neck.

Torikkumasutā: *strokes her hair back* Friend... *abruptly falls back to sleep*

Aimi tickles his face with a tail.

Torikkumasutā: *begins to silently chuckle in his sleep*

Her twin tails joins the second.

Torikkumasutā: *tirdely tries to swat the tails out of his face*

Her powers of tickling prove too strong.

Torikkumasutā: Heh. Aimi stop it. I have to work in the morning.

She makes a small whine, and squirms.

Torikkumasutā: If I know that sound anywhere. It's the sound of waste release. *gets up* Come with me, I'll teach you how to use the toilet.

She crawls after him, her tails now tucked between her legs and her ears are folded.

Torikkumasutā: *leads Aimi into bathroom stall in the men's room* Ta-da! A toilet. Bask in it's glorious-ness!

She stares at it blankly.

Torikkumasutā: You sit on it and do your thing. Then after you're done, you wipe your toush with these paper towls right next to the toilet and the throw it in the toilet. Don't use alot or else the toilet will flood up when you flush it. Press the silver thing on the side of the toilet to flsh your fickle matter. You got it?

She tilts her head to one side.

Torikkumasutā: Here I'll help you out. *picks Aimi up and sits her on the toilet* Now all you have to do is do your thing. I'll wait just outside. Let me know when you're done. *steps out of the stable*

After a few minutes, he hears scratching of claws from the door.

Torikkumasutā: *walks in* Ok, you are done. Now all you need to do now is flush. *goes into the stable* All you have to do, is press down on this silver lever and you'll be done. You think you can try doing that?

Many awkward moments later, Aimi figures it out and lets out a relieved sigh.

Torikkumasutā: *pats her head* Good girl. Next time, i'll teach you how to wipe your backside.

Tori hears a loud cough behind him.

Torikkumasutā: Wha? *looks behind him*

Simon is standing behind him, arms crossed. "...Tori... you do know the rules about restrooms, right...?"

Torikkumasutā: My apologizes, but Aimi needed to use the restroom and she didn't know how.

"Right... you need to get some sleep... the Director is going to want to debrief you over your... incident."

Torikkumasutā: Sure thing. Come on, Aimi. Let's continue our sleep.

She crawls after Tori.

"Tori, you really need to get her to stop doing that."

Torikkumasutā: Don't worry. I'll teach her how to walk tomorrow.


Torikkumasutā: Right. Come along Aimi. Tomorrow, you'll gradguate from four legs to two.

Aimi follows.

Torikkumasutā: *enters his room and gets under his covers* Goodnight Aimi. *instantly goes to sleep*

Aimi crawls on top of him and goes to sleep.

Torikkumasutā: *mumbles in his sleep*

Early the next morning, he feels a rough shaking. "Wake up."

Torikkumasutā: *tiredly looks up* Wha?

Simon looks down at him. "Get ready, the Director needs a debriefing."

Torikkumasutā: Alright...*gets out from the bed still fully dressed. He pets Aimi on her head and follows Simon out*

"Where were you anyway?"

Torikkumasutā: Back home.

"Right... Thought you should know, Clare has deteriorated completely at this point. Not permanently, but her mind is pretty much absent right now. So... when Issac takes you to see her, just.... ...don't expect much."

Torikkumasutā: Man..I'm such a bad partner. Here I am loligargling around and Clare's loosing herself more and more. I should've came back as soon as possible.

"Don't beat yourself. It is better than not coming at all." They arrive at the elevator doors.

"Besides, she will remember that you still came, even if it was late."

Torikkumasutā: Worst part is...I never gave a thought about her...

The door opens and Simon slugs him in the shoulder. "Kid, if Clare hears you talk about yourself like that, know what she's gonna do?"

Torikkumasutā: Tear me down even more? She doesn't have a very high opinion of me much less who I am.

"What she'll do is hang you by your feet from the top of the flag pole and leave you there until you apologize for being an idiot. Clare cares.... in strange ways, I suppose. I don't know how she feels about you, but I know how she feels about her partners. And trust me, she's never in the mood to hear someone tear themselves down, especially not a partner." He says as they get on the elevator.

Torikkumasutā: *slightly rubs his shoulder*

"Of course, if she still understands people at this point, she probably would maul you if she heard you say those things. In any case, don't beat yourself up. There are worse things in life than making mistakes."

Torikkumasutā: Alright.

The elevator goes up and reveals the office wing. "Go get em'. Oh, and try not to make Issac mad. He's... a bit grumpy."

New Kid to Town Edit

A guard stands at a security booth, idly keeping an eye on the entrance to the campus grounds. Behind him, clean up crews work on cleaning Exima's 'mess'.

An old Hummer vehichle that looks like it'll break any second, with it's chipped brown paint and broken turret, coms speeding up, strait toward the guard before stopping a few feet away. The driver's door opens and the lone passenger steps out. He has armour on, the nametag reading 'Gamma'. He walks up to the guard with no weaponry, with his hands at his side. Even with the armour, the young soldier looks a little plump, yet still strong enough to put up a fight.

The guard quietly fingers his semi automatic rifle, then quickly relays a message over the security channels. "We've got another oddball at the front gate... be advised, could be a problem..."

He then looks at him. "Alright kid, first of all, be lucky I'm not a member of the facility's police division, or I'd have you in a cell for reckless driving. Second of all, what do you want? You can't just drive up to this facility for shits and giggles. We do serious work here."

"I'm here to a pply to be a field cook, and put in my brother's application to be a fighter." Gamma says. He laughs a little at the driving comment. "Never learned how to drive in peacetime, and don't care to."

"Well, start caring, because next time you will get a ticket. And we charge a lot for traffic violations. And err... kid... we're not a military division. Sure, we are an Agency and all, but we do not engage in heavy military activities. Not sure what the point of a field cook would be. I can send a message up to the higher ups to see if they would be interested but..."

"Heh... I have another ability that your 'higher ups' would probably be highly interested in." A shield forms around Gamma, made of clear hexagons in a sphere format. "Give me all you got. Biggest gun, or hit, or whatever."

The guard looks at him for a moment before speaking up on a radio. "We have a confirmed unregistered superhuman on the premises."

The parameter gates close, locking Gamma inside the driveway of the Agency. He can see various troopers appearing from the courtyard beyond the front gate up ahead.

"Heh. Nothing is gonna hit me."

A blonde man appears from behind the front gate. "A bold proclamation, but I doubt it holds truth."

"Director," The guard acknowledges the man.

"Heh. Then give me your worst. The more you stall, the more I work." The shield doubles in density as it collapses closer to Gamma. It moves with Gamma as he walks towards the director.

The shield begins getting disrupted, sputtering and flickering.

"Nice party trick. Really. Kids must love you. But I'd suppose it takes a LOT of concentration to do that. Lets see if you can do that for a hundred people in random places around the world, as well as all the uniformed officers in this complex. No I won't kill them. But I will trap them. And then we can talk without any ristructions, eh? Sound good?" Gamma's shield drops and everyone but him and the director have one instantly around them.

The only response from the Director is millions of volts of electricity emiting from him every second.

Gamma looks a little fearful behind his mask at this point. "How about you remove your hostility, and I'll remove mine, and we can have a smoke? Eh? Sound okay?"

"If you quit testing me, then yes. Remove the shields first, or I will give you a new take on the meaning of: 'A lightning bolt to the face'."

"Do it at the same time?"

"I'm not one to back stab unless I have a good reason."

"Well I don't know you, how should I trust you?"

"Quit stalling." The electricity dulls a small degree.

"You kidding me?! I can't stall! It takes more mental strength than you have to keep these shields going. So drop all the guns please. Or I will crush your linch!! And by linch, I literally mean the food in this place! I can't kill anyone without cause." At this point Gamma doesn't know what to do. The mental stress is giving him panic attacks and his body is locking down. The shields no longer reflect anything, and are very easy to break. It is easy to tell Gamma has little experience using shields on this big of a scale for any amount of time.

"You're the one pinning yourself in a cage. There are no guns, idiot."

Gamma facepalms as all the shields disappear. "I'm a serious idiot..." He sighs and lifts his head. "Still open to my application...?"

"Maybe after you start by apologizing to each and every one of my men."

"Don't worry about lining them up. I will have thanked them for not killing me and apologized by the end of the hour."

"You better start. Three hundred and forty people is a lot in a day."

"Yeah... I'll get started..." Gamma walks up to the first person, then the next.

The Director simply waits for him to finish the whole time without a word.

"Okay, I give up. What did the dumbass do this time?" a new figure says after walking up behind the Director.

"...I will ask that you don't come up behind me." The Director says.

"Didn't mean to do anything wrong bro, just landed behind you about thirty yards and asked who was in charge. They pointed at you. My brother was supposed to hand in our applications... but it seems he did something else." The large man shuffles around a little before opening a beer.

"He decided it would be a prudent idea to test the patience of a Agency that specializes in capture of superhumans, leading up to a needless confrontation that almost ended with a couple million volts of electricity running through his nervous system."

"Eh. Done stupider things I suppose." He takes a sip of his beer. "I'm Omega, by the way, and that's Gamma. I have physical strength stronger than anyone else on this planet, except maybe Demgel." He extends his right hand to the Director.

The Director looks at him and Gamma, then rubs his forehead. "What exactly... are you hoping to do...?"

"Help develop research to get humans to be able to have a fighting chance in case the Mythos ever decide to go against them."

"...And what exactly IS your opinion on them?"

Did he say, 'Demgel?' The Director thinks to himself.

"I am half Mythos, so I really don't think too badly about them. Though, I also think that humans should have a way of defending themselves. Like, if Demgel goes all bloodlust on us, we're fucked."

"...I see. Find a spot in the main hall to wait. I have business to attend to." He turns and walks back inside.

Omega looks around, not knowing where to go. He just sips his beer and goes to Gamma as he apologizes to the last person. "You know where the main hall is bro?" Gamma looks at him puzzled. "No. I have to go get the car." Omega turns to one of the employees, asking him, "Where is the main hall?"

"Theeeee front entrance."

"Oh... Thanks." Omega takes a gulp of his beer before going through the entrance.

A tall man with silver hair and a massive halberd is just leaning against a pillar in the room, eyeing him quietly.

Omega glances at him before taking a seat.

"Your friend cracks under pressure easily." The man remarks.

"Yeah... Gamma is kind of a complete idiot." Omega takes out his next beer.

"By the way, the Director isn't going to like you drinking on the job."

"I ain't hired yet. But thanks for the advice." Omega takes a sip.

"I would take it. Also don't drink when you're talking to him. He takes things seriously. Mostly."

"I do too. But I love my beer too. According to Gamma's suit record of what happened, the Director guy seems to have the power to manipulate all forms of energy? Does this include kinetic and potential?" Omega sets his beer in his lap with his hands.

"I'll leave you to figure that out."

"Hey, the fast way is the hard way. But I ain't in no hurry to get my ass kicked." Omega leans back and takes a sip.

"A musclehead who doesn't consist 90% of brawn. Impressive."

"Heh, I am not like I used to be. I've spent years learning things so I might understand a millionth of what my brother Epsilon says. Smartest guy ever. That's part human, that is. And I'm not all about muscle, if you fight doing nothing but swinging, does your opponent not try to win by simply stepping to the side and making you do more work than is needed? Anyways, you've seen about one percent of how stupid Gamma is. (Yes it gets worse.) And my two other brothers and one sister left us, so someone needs to be the smart one, or at least less stupid one. I could go on for days about how every 'musclehead', as you so kindly put it, needs more brains than you think. So, if you ever have the time, feel free to find me and we could chat about it." He takes another sip. And, something about the beer, I physically can't get drunk. The people who 'made' me the way I am, they didn't want our powers to go to waste. It's more for show."

"Fascinating." The man says dully. "I will say you came at a bad time though..."

Omega crushes the empty can and puts it in a nearby trash can. "May I ask why you say that?"

"It's not my place to say. The Director is having some personal issues at the moment."

"Ah. Well, I'll keep that in mind."

The man gets up and walks off.

"Have a nice day I guess..." Omega says to the disappearing figure.

Very little happens for a couple of hours, until finally a girl with bluish black hair walks up to him, a sword in its sheath is attached to her waist.

"You're one of the guys looking to apply?" She asks.

"Yes ma'am," Omega replies as he stands to greet her. He extends a hand. "Omega is my name, Gamma is my dumb-ass brother that decided to test you guys. Next time, someone PLEASE shoot him..."

She takes it and shakes it lightly. "I apologize about the wait, The Director has been toiling over a personal issue for a while concerning one of our own, it's a confidential case so I'm not allowed to disclose. I can say that it is serious and requires much of his attention. However he's able to take a respite to hear you out. Go get your brother please, Issac's not in a patient mood."

"Alright. I'll make sure to thank him for dealing with us..." Omega pulls his hand up into his ear, pressing the microphone button. "Gamma. Get in here. NOW."

In less than a minute, Gamma shows up running into the hall and accidentally tackling the lady.

He feels something like a repulsive force push him away just as he is about to touch her.

"I assume this is your brother?"

"Yes..." Omega backhands Gamma.

The woman looks at them for a moment. "Before we go see the Director, I should tell you there are a lot of Myths, so if either of you have a problem with them, I would reign yourselves in before we go."

"Yeah... We won't have that problem, right Gamma?"

"Uh, uhm, no sir."

"Good, follow me." She begins to walk off.

Omega follows, dragging Gamma behind them.

She guides them to an elevator, after they go up, they arrive in an office section, at the far end of the hall they see a sign on a door saying, 'Director and Head Scientist, Issac Kurk'.

Omega slams Gamma's head against the wall, nocking him out. He looks at the lady and shrugs. "Eh. Insurance." And he starts to walk towards the office, dragging the unconscious boy behind him.

She looks back at Omega and gives him a frown.

"Either I nock him unconscious, or he fucks up the first chance I've had for a while to do something good." He keeps trekking forward.

The woman just shakes her head and watches them. I don't know if Issac's going to appriciate that.... She thinks to herself.

They come across the entrance, not knowing if they should knock or go in.

"Are you going to sit there twiddling your thumbs all day?" The Director's voice echoes sharply from inside.

"Sorry, sir." Omega responds as he enters, dragging the mumbling body behind him.

The Director is furiously writing away in a journal, his hand's movements very fast. He takes a yardstick without looking up at them and taps two chairs facing one side of him.

"Sit there, my other ear is deaf."

Omega props Gamma up in the seat closest to the entrance, Omega himself sitting as if to watch him. "I would like to apologize for my brother's actions to say the least."

"I would focus on apologizing for knocking him out instead. I would rather talk to someone not drooling."

"And I would like to focus on my application to this organization, sir. I don't have time to twiddle my thumbs and waste on Gamma's dumbassery. I wish to help the humans have a fighting chance at whatever is coming, and I can't do that worrying about him. So if you wish to speak with him don't waste my time." Omega sits back in the chair.

The Director doesn't look up, and continues writing. "Is that how you treat your own blood then?"

Omega chuckles a little. "Heh... You should meet my other siblings," he says, suddenly calm and willing to open up, "they left me to rot, no money and no home. But Gamma stuck by me. I not only owe him for that, but he's my brother. I'd die for him if it came to that. So please don't mistake frustration with misplaced values."

"Hrmm. Well at least you don't lack incompetence in family affairs. Any previous history with Agencies or military? Though most of the second are pretty much out of business with the rise of Agencies these days..."

"H.O.L.E. I am Test: Omega. My brother is Test: Gamma. We have excessive hand-to-hand training and combat situations training. I have strength, and my brother... you've seen his powers first hand." Omega pulls out a beer.

"Hrmm. Criminal record?"

"We aren't even accounted for, so no."


"Breaking things, fixing things, building things, lifting things... And Gamma can cook a delicious meal." Omega opens the can and takes a sip.

"...And drinking problems..." The Director murmurs.

"What was that?" Omega chugs the can.

"You won't be allowed to drink- -especially not to that amount on the job. How are you with following orders?"

"Depends on the orders. I can mop floors, kill people... But I will not do anything stupid like protect some rich shit." He throws the empty can out the window and pulls out his next.

"This is largely a police force organization. At times, that will be your job. Please stop drinking."

Omega finishes this can off and doesn't pull out another. "With all do respect, sir, I really hate rich people. But nonetheless, I will do my best to complete the tasks given to me."

"Surprisingly you get along well with me."

"That's because you aren't a pansy, and you are smart enough to have a good conversation with." Omega taps his metal finger on his armoured knee twice. "I can respect a man like that. It's just most rich people in this world can't hold their own. They'd throw their own baby out the window to save themselves. Also, why do you say 'surprisingly'? Even though I've been told you are worked like a horse you still show polite and curt response to my questions and answers."

"But see, this is what they call 'generalization'. It's something you should avoid, because someone who doesn't have a cool head could get offended. Speaking of offending, if you meet a nekomata named Leo, don't let him bait you into a fight. Or let him get a fight started. He has... attitude problems, and we don't want them getting any worse.

"In any case, before we will take you, we'll have to have tests done."

"What kind of tests?" Omega suspiciously asks.

"Physical, Mental, Paranormal, Educational, Criminal, and Military tests."

"Alright. Wait... Paranormal? What the fuck is Paranormal Testing anyways?"

"Don't worry about it. You only have to worry about the military and mental tests. They may actually cause some manner of harm."

Omega stares blankly through his helmet.

"We have to see if you are strong mentally and can handle full on combat senarios."

"Oh... Sounds reasonable I guess." Omega relaxes as he says this.

A male with blone hair and cat ears, and a lions tail enters the office.

"What is it Leo?" The Director asks.

"Tori is back. Unfortunately, it seems he brought a... ...a... 'pet'."

The Director facepalms.

Omega relaxes back in his chair and waits for the problem to arise and or resolve itself. Gamma snores quietly.

Torikkumasutā: I'm back, Mr. Isaac. I'm sorry it took me so long to return.

"About time... please give me a full report..." The Director says rubbing his forehead.

Torikkumasutā: Well, All I can remember was that someone was attacking the facility single-handedly and I blacked-out somehow. Once I awoke, I found myself back home. I stayed for round about 2 days because of my Ma's birthday. My apologizes by the way for not coming back as soon as possible when I got there. I understand that facility has underwent enough already, but I also brought back another Yokai named Aimi.

"...I see. Tell me about the Yokai."

Torikkumasutā: Well I found her in the forest. She had escaped from a cursed village that do dreadful things to the Yokai. She is very much scared and aggressive and for her age, doesn't know much of anything due to them not educating them except in torment.

"...I see. A cursed village...? Intriguing. What do you mean by for her age she doesn't know much of anything?"

Torikkumasutā: She appears to be in her mid-teens, but she doesn't know how to speak very well nor does she know how to walk on two feet.

"...And hit me with a hammer why don't you...? ...I see. We'll have someone tutor her."

Torikkumasutā: I can help her too. I already taught her first word! Or two words.

"....Right. I'll leave that to the professionals."

Torikkumasutā: *sigh* Alright.

"Is there anything else?"

Torikkumasutā: Well I found another Yokai too, but I followed it, talked to it for a minute, and then it went away. Other than that, nothing else to report.

"Good. Take the new kid for his physical exam in the training hall."

Torikkumasutā: Who me?

"No, the invisible chicken sandwich. Yes, you."

Torikkumasutā: Oh...poor chickens...*turns and sadly leaves the office*

"Tori. Aren't you forgetting someone?" Issac taps his pointer at Omega and Gamma.

Torikkumasutā: Who? *looks at Omega and Gamma and flinches back in surprise* Oh my! Who are they?

"The new kids you're going to take to the training hall to have their exams done. Who I told you to bring with you. Those people. Don't make me repeat myself boy, I'm rather not in the mood. You can see Clare later."

"...NOW GO!" Issac snaps.

Torikkumasutā: Yes sir! *take Omega and Gamma's arms* Come on. *bumps his head on the side of the doorway* Ow! Come on. *pulls them out of the office*

Omega stands up and brushes the person off before Gamma accidently trips on their way out.

Torikkumasutā: *stops* Sorry about that. So what brings you two here?

Omega responds, "You know, normal stuff. Saving the world and stuff. Although Gamma came here to eat food." Gamma snores quietly. "Can we get to the tests?" Omega asks impaitiently.

Torikkumasutā: To be honest, they got the wrong guys to be doing this. I just got recuited about a week ago and they didn't neccisaraly breifed me up anything. So I guess i take you two to the training room?

"I suppose." Omega picks up Gamma.

In the training room

Torikkumasutā: Here we are! The training room! Now I don't know how it works since i've only been here once.

Gamma is over Omega's shoulder at this point. Omega shakes him awake. "What? Is it borito time?" he asks.

"No you dumbass, it's training time." is Omega's response.

A blonde male with orange eyes and cat ears sizes them up. He has lean but powerful muscles, and claws at the tips of his fingers. He smirks.

"You guys new?"

"Yeah" they say in unison as Gamma wipes the sleep from his eyes. They both open and step out of their armour, revealing skin-tight black suits and lean, well-toned bodies. Omega is slightly shorter and has scars everywhere on his body, while Gamma has a trimmed beard and mustache. Omega is completely bald.

The guy cackles. "Heh, then this will be fun."

Omega taps his foot impaitiently.

The guy points at the blank white room behind them. "Step behind the yellow line, and prepare. Survive and maybe we'll consider you acceptable material."

They do as asked

Torikkumasutā: You go, guys! New guys rule!

As he says that, the walls become decorated... ...with machine guns.

The cat man smirks. "Have fun."

Omega puts an energy shield around the two of them, deflecting any bullets coming toward them. "Common!" Omega yells over the chaos, "Give me something to fight already!"

The section they are standing on rises up abruptly and smashes them into the ceiling.

Omega catches the ceiling as Gamma drops his shield to protect himself, neither the shield nor Omega's strength giving way to being smashed.

"NOOOOOO POWERS!" The male yells as he drop kicks the two onto the floor, where spike traps begin randomly activating.

Omega catches the foot and puts him down. "Don't. Hurt. My. BROTHER!" He kicks at the man's shin, with enough speed to break the leg itself. "Got it, little man?"

His strength does little to bother him, Omega's only reward is a fist to the face that rockets him into the other end of the room, whose wall grows spikes.

The punch does little but scratch Omega, moving him few inches away from the spikes. "Just get this over with." he says.

"Hmmph. I already don't like this job, so I don't care if Issac gets mad at me for deliberately failing people. But you, whiny little toadstool, annoy me. Aka, I don't like you. So let me put it this way. Either shut up and put up, or go collect your money at the unemployment center, piece of shit."

A series of missile launchers open up from the floor and ceiling, and fire at Gamma.

Omega jumps over to him, kicking and punching the sides of the missiles away.

Omega hears suspiciously what sounds like a train.

He turns toward the sound, putting Gamma behind him.

A section of the wall opens up, and train tracks appear in the floor just as a massive train barrels at them.

Omega tackles Gamma as they leap out of the way.

The train soars past, as what looks like combat dummies rise out of the ground.

"Oh shiiiit..." Gamma grumbles as Omega gets in a ready stance protecting Gamma.

The combat dummies begin to surround them.

"Awww... chickens! My favorite snack!"

Omega stands back to back with Gamma, both getting ready to fight.

The combat dummies begin to meekly smack into them.

Omega loosens his muscles while Gamma starts panicking, but both keep their composure and stay ready in case the situation turns hostile.

They start getting aggressive and begin punching them, at first meekly but appear to get stronger with every hit. The dummies no longer blindly bump into them.

Omega backs Gamma into a corner, protecting him and remaining non-violent.

"What are you doing?" Gamma asks.

"Just... trust me..."

The blonde casually presses a button, and all of the dummies start attacking with kung fu.

Omega still doesn't fight back, instead relaxing his muscles to decrease the damage. Gamma follows his lead

They now start pulling out chainsaws and laser cannons and begin attacking even more viciously.

Omega punches one hard enough to ram a path through them, then grabs Gamma and runs to the other side.

A buzzer goes off. "Alright I've seen enough. Get yo' carcasses out of here." The blonde barks. "You're supposed to show us what you can do, not how much of a pansy you can be for ten minutes."

"Wanna go, blondie?" Omega snarls.

His cat like eyes dilate. "Oh I would. So much. Unfortunately, I don't think you can handle it. But I hear the circus downtown might be hiring. Oh wait, we don't have one."

"COMMERE YOU!!" Omega yells as Gamma holds him back with a bubble shield.

"Dumbass, you'll get us disqualified." Gamma says.

"Meh, you already are. Can't even prove you can at least fight a bunch of dummies, ya ain't got my vote. Unless you're willing to prove it..."

Gamma lets the suddenly calm Omega go.

"Oh? Chickening out?" The blonde starts laughing, until an invisible force lifts him up and smacks him into a wall.

"Owww.... damn you Isa!"

A girl with blue-black hair and a friendly manner has just walked in. "I see Leo commandeered the training room again."

"What? Who are you?" Omega asks.

"Lsa A. Lee. Secondary Officer. The actual supervisor of these tests. Why don't you show me what you can do by fighting the machines? Once we see your rough combat skills, we'll place you with an actual agent to determine how good you are for combat."

"Fine" they reply in unision. "Lets go."

A battalion of combat dummies appear, this time with full armor, shielding, and laser weapons, including swords and cannons.

Omega and Gamma take them out without even really working for it, with little to no resistance due to the sheer strength and size of their attacks, especially Omega's.

From the first punch onward, the dummies seem to instantly adapt and become less and less vulnerable to their attacks, until Omega's strength becomes basically pointless.

Gamma starts to sweat while Omega still isn't that tired, still hitting in a different place every time. "I can last a while, unlike you," Omega jokes to his brother.

"Please... I need water..." Gamma pants in retaliation.

The girl named Isa continues watching them.

Omega finally hit the last spot available, the middle of the chest, and the dummy shatters, much like glass. He then starts going in the same pattern with more and more strength, barely tapping into his true strength when he breaks a sweat. Gamma sits, pouring buckets.

Isa watches a little bit longer, then presses a buzzer. "Alright then, you two have shown me enough. I'm going to call in Simon."

Omega smirks through his scars. "Do I get to fight more?"

"No, no and no." Gamma pants, " I need food first... And some water...." He passes out.

"We'll let you catch your breath for a little. He's doing something anyway."

"Okay" says the awake one, picking up his tired brother. "During our next fight, will we use powers?"

"You can."

Omega sits his brother down, and approaches Isa. "How long?"

"...Explain what you're asking?"

"How long until I can fight again?" he explains with a smirk.

"When Simon feels like it."

"Suits! Return!" he yells as the two armoured bodies encase the large men once again.

"...Simon, you better not be seriously asleep again." They hear her voice in their heads.

Gamma snores in response as Omega sips on a beer can.

A halberd jabs the beer can as it flies by Omega's head, impaling both the beer and the distant wall. When Omega turns, a man with grey hair with a fairly muscular build stands idly watching them.

"No drinking." He says in an undertone.

"Kid, you just pissed me off." Omega says in response without turning.

"Kid? No, sorry, older." He says dully, from the other side of the room, next to the halberd, which he pulls out of the wall without effort.

"Hmfh." The brute looks at him, his armour closing around him as he puts on his helmet. "Lets dance, grandpa."

"Uh huh. Save the cocky attitude." He hoists the halberd onto his shoulder, and mildly watches Omega with mostly disinterest.

Omega punches the ground in between them, making a trench that encircles him.

The man stabs the halberd into the ceiling, causing it to collapse on top of Omega.

"Destructible terrain tactics will not help you here..."

The brute stands there, the ceiling collapsing around him and shattering into debris after hitting him.

Omega finds himself being turned into a human projectile from a single punch, landing on Gamma and shattering both Gamma's armor and bones, as well as Omega's armor. In the very next move, Omega is impaled in the kidney and flung across the room like a ragdoll, all of this within a mere moment.

Gamma's shield goes around Omega too late for the punch, but saves his own bones as he collapses another sheild as temporary armour, and Omega brushes off the dust. "Common! You call that a punch? Fight like a man! You can do better!" The idiot of the two raises his arms. "Free shot. One punch. PUNCH. Do better." He doesn't even have a bruise.

Suddenly Gamma is struck by a single blow to the back of his head that completely caves his skull in and knocks him out. In the next instant, Omega has been struck five thousand times with double the force and speed from last time, he is unconscious before the five hundredth strike.

Simon says nothing as he walks out.

A shield encases Simon, makes spikes that make him unable to move. "Check. Mate." says the barely conscious Gamma as his shield flickers out and he passes out.

Simon shatters the shield and spikes in one move before they can properly form. "When you spend the majority of your time with a telepath who specializes in sealing and barriers, you learn a few tricks. Yours are nothing to Isa's. You both have a lot to learn what it means to fight and what you must do to survive in battle. The way you are, the world will tear you apart." He walks off.

A groan comes out of Omega, as he weakly stands up. "I ain't done... yet mister..." Blood drips from almost every part of his body.

Simon simply walks out, the door closing behind him. "That's not up to you to decide."

Omega picks up Gamma as the suits fly back to the hummer. "I'll wait in the hummer, where I can get a beer and heal my wounds..."

Isa stops them before they get far. "Medical ward is the other way."

Omega stops, smirking for a split second, and changes direction.

"Don't get that attitude with me..." He feels a sharp push propel him several yards in the proper direction.

They walk to the infirmary.

They are sat down by the doctors who begin treating them for concussions, broken bones, bruises, and various failed organs, and heavy bloodloss.

Omega refuses all help, saying he's fine and will get the proper treatment, also stating that they should focus on his brother.

A man with long green hair merely looks at him, and he passes out in the next minute.

They wake up a few hours later.

The green haired man is standing over them quietly. He writes something down on a notepad then shows them it, and it says,

"You were critically injured, and you should lie down for the next hour, then you can move. Our agent Simon is far stronger than you understand. Regeneration only goes so far. In either case, if you move, I might accidentally break your bones. I am a doctor, but you do not want to try me."

He takes out the paper and puts it in his pocket, then leans against the wall.

"GODDAMNIT!" Yells Omega to the sky, nobody in particular. "We LOST. AGAIN. Fucking hell man..." THe huge boulder has tears in his eyes as he raises his arms to wipe them, but fails. "Goddamnit..."

The green haired man takes out a device and begins typing.

Omega tries to get up, falling back onto the bed in failure.

"Your loss was due to you overestimating your ability in comparison to his. In this world full of unique powers, having immense strength is a commodity. MANY beings of this world have strength such as yours. It is not unique. Do not assume you are the only one at your level. Always assume there is someone stronger, as there likely is. The moment you are overconfident, is the moment you can die." The device says in a robotic voice.

Omega sighs. "I know... I got cocky. I got hasty. He may not be as strong as me, but he is faster and that builds energy as well..."

A New Direction Edit

It is early in the morning, and the sun has yet to rise over the city, a faint orange glow in the sky marks its approaching arrival.

Akra trudged through the city, a hiker backpack tied to her waist and around her shoulders. She was new to the city, but the lack of people in the early morning unnerved her a little bit.

From her bag she pulled out a map, and looked around the tall buildings. MPD... MPD... It should be right around her. with one final turn of her head, the building came into view.

Akra deposited her map into the bag again, shifted the weight on her back, and entered the building.

Something heavy lands on her and roars in her face, a lion. After a minute, it changes in a male with blonde hair and orange eyes.

"Who are you? Definitely haven't smelled you around here before." Voices can be heard from further in the building, likely caused by his roar.

Akra looks around, eyes wide and a bit frantic. She stops and looks the man in the eyes.

"This... This is the MPD, right? Mythological Phenomena Department?" She questions.

"Yeah, who's asking?" He says, his blonde hair bristling.

"Leo, get off her," A guard barks as he comes in.

"Grrrr...." He gets off, glaring as he walks off.

"Can I help you with something?" The guard asks, offering a hand.

Akra grabs the guard's hand, hefting herself back on her feet. After a moment of re-balancing herself from Leo's pounce, she speaks.

"I'm here for a job. My friend tipped me off that you guys help rehabilitate Myths, and I wanted to see if I could help." She gently dusted herself off.

The guard grunts. "You will have to check with Issac, the Director." He indicates the elevator. "He's at the top level. He's been kind of testy lately, keep that in mind."

Akra thanked the guard and quickly made her way for the elevator, warily glancing at Leo along the way. She tapped the button for the top floor and watched the doors close in front of her.

Testy, huh?, She thought to herself, that doesn't sound good... Better try to not get on anybody's nerves if I'm going to get a job here.

Once she gets to the top floor, she sees a hall of various offices, at the far end there is a door with a nameplate: Dr. Issac Kurk, Head Scientist and Director.

She reached for the door handle, but thought otherwise and knocked first. "Mr. Kurk? Are you in?" She called out.

She hears a drawn out sigh.

"I take it you're hear for a job," A tired man's voice says, muffled by the door. "Come in..."

Akra opened the door, closing it gently behind her. "Hello, Mr. Kurk. I'm sorry for disturbing you." She apologized.

He takes a ruler and taps a chair. "That side please, I'm deaf in one ear. Don't worry about it, I haven't been sleeping lately anyhow."

"I'm sorry to hear that." Akra commented, sitting on the edge of the chair because of her pack.

"Please get comfortable, I would rather have you not be distracted." He remarks regarding the pack.

Akra hesitated for half a second, but did slip her pack off and sit back in her seat. She waited for a response from the man patiently.

"Tell me first off, any training or experience in combat prior to coming here, or are you untrained?" He asks.

"I'm self-trained in my Arachnid abilities." She responds. "Other than that I haven't had any formal training."

"So basically none. Alright. Any special skills, and do you have a criminal record?"

"Uhm..." Akra put her head in her hands thoughtfully. "As I mentioned before I am an Arachnid, a scorpion one at that, which allows me to transform into another form... Ah... I'm pretty good at settling things with others... But other than that I guess I'm not really that useful." She shifted uncomfortably in her seat. "No criminal record, I can assure you." She added quickly.

"I see. We'll be putting you through some tests, to understand your capabilities. Physical, Mental, Paranormal, Educational, Criminal, and Military tests are standard ones we run. If what you say is true, the Criminal and Military will be of no coincidence to you. The others are tests designed to test your skill sets and determine if you need any training before taking a official position."

Akra nodded. "That sounds fair. When and where will these be conducted?" She asked. Her tone was professional, but underneath her mask she was grinning. She was almost guaranteed the job, given she lived up to the standards.

"Someone else is currently dealing with the combat trials in the Physical exam, so for now, you can take residence in one of the dorms." He pauses, and tiredly rubs his forehead.

"Besides, I have things to deal with, many things. I don't have time yet for the paperwork. So just rest for now, you probably need if."

"Thank you very much Mr. Kurk. It means a lot to me." She gets up to leave, but hesitates. "Uhm, where are the dorms by the way? I don't want to get lost haha..." She rubbed her hand on her neck embarrassingly.

He closes his eyes. "Just Issac. What's your name?"

Meeting Friends... ...or Partner Again Edit

"Tori, can you see me up front?" Simon calls.

Torikkumasutā: Oh sure, 3rd partner. *reaches Simon* Yes?

Simon has a bundle on his desk. A envelope and a badge of sorts.

"The first is your paycheck. I reckon you deserve it after this week. The second is a badge to get you into Clare's containment chamber. I imagine you want to see her."

Torikkumasutā: Oh yes definitely. *puts the check in his pocket and holds the badge* She's going to be so upset about me being late. Can't keep her waiting much longer. Which way do I go to get there?

"Take all of the elevators and all of the stairs down to the bottom bottom bottom of the facility. Oh, Lux told me to warn you: the Psycho Computer Lady is here."

Torikkumasutā: *his pupils shrink and he slowly works himself to the ground, curls up, and begins to rock back and forth.* Pack...Pack...Kill...Kill...*whimpers in fear*

"He said not to worry, as long as she's focused on the computers downstairs she shouldn't see you."

Torikkumasutā: Lord knows how long that will be! *immediately runs out the room*


The Crazy Robot Lady

After a very long trip, Tori reaches a massive vault door. From behind him though, he hears a distinctive 'click click click!'

of something rather like... metalic claws...

"Oh. It's the crow." A voice speaks up behind him. He turns to see a girl with long black hair and blue eyes, wearing a white labcoat, with black armor plating and cloth. The way she moves indicates she might have prosthetics. Slung on her shoulder is what looks like a cannon with red lights. And with her are what look like dogs, but are actually specialized robots with advanced AI. One of them, with a dented face, growls at him, but the girl lightly taps on its nose and it backs off.

"Don't worry hunnybuns, mommy will take care of you." She looks back at Tori. "I've got bigger catch than you, birdy. So chill your balls." She walks into the next room, where a bunch of computers are being installed.


Her head pops back into view. "Oh, yeah. The badge Muscleman gave you is the key to the vault. Put it in the keyhole." She pops back inside the room.


Torikkumasutā: *slowly makes it to the vault fearfully having his eyes fixed on her and her robots. He unlocks the vault and enters*

He enters a large white room, with no discernible features. In the center of the room is a strange black beast with slick black skin, very much shiny in the light. Its hair is white, but it causes various reflections to bounce off, giving the room a glittery effect as it walks. Its face is difficult to describe, but appears like a cross between a beak and a canine snout, with sharp teeth like protrusions on the exterior, and many countless needle sharp teeth on the inside of its mouth. Its eyes only have a light blue ring like iris, and the whites of the eyes are black, leaving no difference between the pupil. It has a long scorpion like tail, the end long and blade like. It walks on all fours, with sharp claws that look strong enough to rip metal like butter. The beast is distinctly female, having a woman's chest, and bears a light blue pair of energy wings with a wingspan at least double its own size.

It doesn't appear to notice him at first.

Torikkumasutā: Partner? Is that you? It's me! The Birdman! I hope you're not mad at me for me not being here for you when you really needed me, but I'm here now.

With a small growl, its pacing seems to stop, then it turns toward him. Slowly, it starts lumbering toward him, its profile in a low crouch as it approaches.

Torikkumasutā: I know you're upset about the change. How you've become the one thing you hate the most. I know it's not much, but you still have me. I know it's going to be hard to accept the changes, but just know I'll be with you every step of the way. Like real partners should. *goes up to Clare and wraps his arms around her neck and embraces her*

There is an odd rumble like growl from her throat as her clawed limbs push against his chest and knocks him to the ground, where upon immediately laying next to him, though her front feet and her head rest on top of his chest, her sharp predetorial eyes dare him to move.

"Well, that explains why she wasn't sleeping this whole week." A woman's voice remarks on the intercom of the room.

Torikkumasutā: I know, I know you're really mad at me for not being here for you. I'm sorry I didn't try to come back to you, much less think about you. If there's anyway I can make it up to you, I will gladly do it.

Her eyes close and her body presses against him tightly, falling asleep on top of him. Her skin feels rather smooth to the touch, but it is hard like a shell rather than normal skin. Her hair however, is so soft he knows it can't possibly be hair.

Torikkumasutā: *breathes deeply out of relief. He then proceeds to gentley rub her snout*

After a few more hours, Clare remains asleep, though Tori can hear something in the nearby walls, like someone working.

Torikkumasutā: Whose that? *gasp* Maybe it's the crazy robot lady building a new contraption to rip me apart in one hundred different ways! *lets out a small squack of fear*


Mysterious Genetic Scientist

The vault door opens, revealing a newcomer with black and purple hair, and grey blue eyes, wearing a lab coat with a blue shirt. She looks at Tori with mild disinterest, then turns to the mutated Clare and approaches, taking out a needle. She pauses and looks at Tori. 

"I don't suppose you'd let me turn you into a Hydra?" She asks, baring the same voice from the intercom.  

Torikkumasutā: What's a Hydra?

"Multiheaded snake whose heads regrow if they're cut off. Hmm... but that would be boring..." She says, a strange glint in her eyes. "I'd cross your genes with Hydra DNA, and make your heads Crows instead, keep the wings, and I'd have a whole new pet..." She has a slightly unstable smile about her.

"Focus on Clare, please." Issac's voice rings out sharply, and the woman's face falls.

"...Drat." She walks over to Clare and begins lowering the needle to her neck.

Torikkumasutā: What are you doing to Clare?

"I'm the doctor being paid a ten figure salary to keep her from being turned into things. ...Even though I would die to have an infection like this..." She swoons.

"Now shut up and let me do my work. I have to take a blood sample to make sure her pheromones don't get out of control."

Torikkumasutā: Huh. It must be a girl thing then.

"...Why don't I leave you in here with her overnight and don't check? I'm sure nothing bad could happen..."

Torikkumasutā: Well I am supposed to be by her side at all times. I'll tuff it out.

"Heh, good luck with the kids." She starts leaving.

Torikkumasutā: What kids?

"The subject experiences a hormonal instability in its viral form that causes it to seek a partner of the same breed of Variante. If it cannot achieve this once at maximum levels of hormones, it will substitute the primary partner with the next best thing. You."

The woman smirks as she stands on the other side of the door. "Looks like all that money for your parents with have to be spent on rearing a couple of abominations," She says with a smirk, the door beginning to close.

Torikkumasutā: ....So wait....What?...Hold on.....What?

The woman only smiles. "Hmm. The big black monster is stir crazy for a male, and you just so happen to be male. Happy fun times, and voila, in a few days you'll be a daddy, all because you made a stupid comment. Bye now~" She says as the door closes.

Torikkumasutā: Aw...I think I understand why Master warned me not to come here...

After a few moments, he hears laughing.

"I'm just messing with ya! She's fine, I checked before you came in, if anything, she's going to punch when she's back to normal!" He hears cackling for a while, during which Clare makes a rumble in her sleep.

Torikkumasutā: Yay! *hugs Clare* No kids!

She makes a more clear growl this time.

Torikkumasutā: Oh. *air hugs Clare* Yaaaaaay!

He hears a sharp dry rattling sound as her tail starts shaking violently followed by another growl.

Torikkumasutā: Oh! Ummm... (Yayyy!)

She relaxes again with a huff, just barely asleep.

Torikkumasutā: Hmmm...I wonder what Aimi is doing right now? Sucks that I won't be able teach to walk today.

"She is fine... you're not very smart anyway. Aimi is better off with the instructors."

Torikkumasutā: *mumbles to himself* I am to smart...

"Thanks for bringing a teenager with the brain of a baby, you have no idea how annoying that child is."

Torikkumasutā: I wonder if mother liked her gift?...OH no! I didn't give it to her! Darned it!...Oh well. She probably wouldn't have cared. My cake was good enough for her all these years.

For the rest of the night, Clare sleeps on, come morning, Tori wakes before her, finding himself underneath her directly.

Torikkumasutā: *begins to panic*

All he hears is a snore, and then a yawn, though she still sleeps on. The wing covering him as a blanket the whole night lifts off him.

Torikkumasutā: *exhales deeply and quickly crawls away*

He feels the long tail grab his ankle and foot and stops him, as he looks back, she is awake and looking at him. He then hears a strange sound coming from her, which he notices is similar to a laugh, and she rolls her eyes, shaking her head out of what seems like exasperation, then releases him, going back to sleep.

Torikkumasutā: *slowly breathes* Good morning...

The only response is a grunt.

He hears the door start to open.

Torikkumasutā: *slowly gets to his feet and faces the doorway*

The lady from the other day walks through and starts examining Clare. After a moment, she grunts and heads back, and after a few minutes later, she returns with food for Tori.

"Eat up, chump."

Torikkumasutā: Sure thing! *begins to eat off his plate*

She walks off without a word, the door closing behind her.

Torikkumasutā: Bye weird labcoat lady! *continues to eay his breakfast*

While he eats, he is unknowingly being watched by Issac and the woman.

"How is Clare?" Issac asks her.

"Well enough. The data is looking promising. My estimates regarding compatibility seem to be supported by it."

Issac looks at Tori. "Explain."

"Her brainwaves before he arrived were highly agitated, his presence seems to be pacifying her. There is significant improvement, she's even sleeping. I think your hunch was right, you picked a good partner."

"You helped select him."

"True, but credit to you all the same. The experiment is far from over though."

Issac leaves. "Indeed."

The woman continues watching Clare and Tori.

Torikkumasutā: *finishes his food* Mmm. That was good. I wonder if they're gonna have us do anything today?

"No, unless becoming a Crow Headed Hydra sounds like a good time to you."

Torikkumasutā: That does sound compellingly interesting...But I'll think about that another time. What about Aimi?

"Being taught her ABC's."

Torikkumasutā: Lucky..I wish I knew my ABCs...But all I can do is read...

"Something tells me you can't. I don't know what it could be."

Torikkumasutā: Know what could be?

"If you want to see her, you'll have to wait til the end of the day. Class doesn't end til seven."

Torikkumasutā: Ok then. I'll just hang around here with Clare. We can catch up on things.

"...You do that." 

Torikkumasutā: Sure thing. I'll let her sleep abit more.

Clare lets out a yawn, stirring.

Torikkumasutā: *looks over at Clare* Awww. She looks so cute when she sleeps. Like a kitten. I just wanna poke her. *pretends to poke Clare's face* Poke. Heheheh. Poke. Heheheh. Poke. Heheheh

Her head lifts up and she lets out another loud yawn, then looks at him.

Torikkumasutā: *immediately stops and looks off into space with an awkward straight face*

The next moment later she tackles him, then proceeds to sit on his stomach and starts poking his nose with a clawed finger.

"Grr." "Grr." "Grr."

Torikkumasutā: Ow! Ow! Ow! Too sharp! Too sharp!

He hears laughing, and she then lays down, her head coming to a rest on his chest.

Torikkumasutā: *freezes in slight confusion and embaressment. He flushes red*

There is only a snort like laugh from her, then comes a yawn, and she appears to be falling asleep. Again.

Torikkumasutā: Oooohhh I feel weird. I feel soooo weird. Especially in my lower regions. It feeels sort of good, but it still feels weird.


Torikkumasutā: Oh what do I, what do I do? I feel so awkward about his. Ummm...What would normal people do when a pretty lady is laying on you? She's warm ad soft no doubt, but i feel my regions getting bigger and I don't know how to go about his! I don't wanna wake her.

Her claws flex in her sleep, and dig into his chest's skin.

Torikkumasutā: *makes a sharp breath and turns even more red* Stop getting bigger!!!

She makes a yawn, her movement makes her weight shift and fall off him next to him. One of her wings flops down onto his face.

Torikkumasutā: *breathes slowly* That's better...She smells like blueberries...I like blueberries...So weird...

He feels a weird, calming sensation from her wing, some manner of soothing energy emitting from it as it lays on him.

Torikkumasutā: I feel...So tingly inside...And it's not comeing from my regions...It feels...Nice...*falls asleep*

When he wakes up after an unknown amount of time, he hears someone calling his name.




Torikkumasutā: No  mom...I don't want the stale bread...

"Tori!" Someone jumps on him, fiercely hugging him.

Torikkumasutā: *abruptly wakes up and panics* AHHHH! Who is it?! I know kung-jitsu!

He finds himself being lovingly crushed to death by a girl with white hair, white fox ears, blue eyes, white shirt and black shorts, and two rapidly wagging tails.

Torikkumasutā: Who are you?! Me don't know you!

She smiles at him. "Aimi!"

Torikkumasutā: ...Aimi?...You looks so...Adorable. *rubs her hair*

Her tails wag even faster. Clare meanwhile is sleeping just nearby.

Torikkumasutā: *tightly hugs her and puts a wide joyous smile on his face*

He hears a yawn from Clare, as Aimi makes a small yip from the squeeze.

Torikkumasutā: I didn't think they could teach you that fast!


Torikkumasutā: Ok, well they haven't gotten that far yet, but I'm still so proud of you!

There is a small grumble from Clare, she seems to be waking up.

Torikkumasutā: *looks over at Clare* Oh look. Clare's waking up.

She yawns, turns her head, then freezes when she sees Aimi. A moment of silence....

"GRRRRRRRRR......." She snarls.

Torikkumasutā: *waves happily* Morning partner! I hope you're still not made at me!

She makes a venomous hiss at Aimi, her hair bristled up to the point the hairs look like sharp needles. Some kind of acid drips out of her mouth, and her eyes have dilated to small tiny blue rings, almost to a point.

"You.... might want to get the kitsune out of that room."

Torikkumasutā: Oh um...ok. *quickly tosses Aimi out of the room* Bye Aimi. I'll see you another time. *turns towards Clare*

Clare remains in an aggressive stance, not calming down, but she remains standing.

Torikkumasutā: Do you wanna hug? *has his arms outstretched*

She hisses and coils up before resuming laying down.

Torikkumasutā: *hugs Clare from behind* It's ok. No need to be upset now. Everything between us will be alright.

Her tail whips him away from behind, and she refuses contact for the rest of the day.

Torikkumasutā: *is sleeping against the wall* Fruit cake...

Over the next few days, Tori sees gradual changes in Clare's body, she slowly appears to be taking a humanoid form.

Torikkumasutā: *is sitting with his legs cross and attentively looks down at Clare* Poke. *pretends to poke her cheek*

Clare's body is still blackened and hardened like before, but her facial structure as a human is returning, her face is currently more like a small dog's face than human, but her legs, which were previously built in a quadruped manner, have reorganized back into bipedal legs, allowing her to walk upright, though awkwardly and not very long. She tends to sleep even more than usual, when Tori had commented on this to her doctor, she remarked, 'She's in the return phase, thanks to the medicine. It requires a massive amount of her energy to undergo this process.'

Clare seems to be in a deep sleep. Her silvery hair continue to give off multicolored sparkles in the room due to the lighting. Her wings appear to be smaller.

Torikkumasutā: *continues to look down at Clare* Hm. Maybe when you wake up, we can go celebrate with some sherbert. I love sherbert. I bet you'll like it too.

"Mmmmm...." She lets out a moan in her sleep.

Torikkumasutā: Oh. We might celebrate sooner than I thought. *whispers* Yay!

He sees a wince on her face as though she is in pain, and he hears a few distinctive snapping sounds from her body, each one followed by a massive jerking of her body.

Torikkumasutā: *begins to twitch at every sound in disgust*

The scientist comes in. "About time she started producing the antibodies... I was getting bored."

Torikkumasutā: *still twitches as the sounds continue* Uuuughhhh....Poor Clare...

"If you think that's bad, wait til that black hide starts coming off. She'll be raw to the muscle."

Torikkumasutā: Ugghhh...

"And don't forget about the blood! Lot's of blood!" The doctor says with glee.

Torikkumasutā: Uuuugghhhh!

The scientist just laughs as she picks up the moaning Clare.

Torikkumasutā: Where are you taking her now?...

"I wasn't kidding about that stuff. It's gross and I need to put her in the medical ward to get ready for the last phase. It isn't pretty."

Torikkumasutā: S-should I come along?...I am suppose to be by her at all times...

She is at the door, but pauses and looks back. "If you're that loyal I won't stop you. Don't blame me if you get nightmares."

Torikkumasutā: Ok...*slowly follows her* It's alright, partner...It's almost over...

Clare makes a more audible moan of pain, and the doctor just smiles. "Believe me honey, it's not."

Torikkumasutā: It's ok, Clare...Once you're awake, we're gonna celebrate with sherbert and I'm going to give you the greatest hug this world will ever know...And tell you how much I'm sorry and how much I appreciate you...

The doctor takes her into a large labortory and medical area, and sets her down on the bed, just as Tori sees blood oozing from her forehead, as the black hide on her head begins to crack, as her face begins to restructure into a human face.

Torikkumasutā: *tries not to cringe as the process continues*

The breakdown of the hide continues, as more and more blood seeps from her wounds, and medical staff begin fetching buckets to collect the blood before it pools onto the floor. Her moans are becoming wails of pain, as the more major bone structure begin violently rearranging themselves into human forms.

Torikkumasutā: *slowly begins to get dizzy as he continues watching*

The doctors begin operating, removing the rest of the black structure from her body, finally revealing a bloody Clare with incredibly raw new skin. Her long silvery hair had been cut off in the procedure, resulting in a very short length hair. The group of doctors carefully begin taking her to a shower, which begins spraying her with water, removing the large amounts of blood soaking her body. The doctors begin tirelessly wrapping the entirety of her body in thick bandages, even her face, then gently sets her down on a clean bed and covers her up in a sheet.

"Well, I'm just glad that went without... complications..." The female doctor speaks up, sighing.

Torikkumasutā: *has just passed out on the floor*

A few minutes later, Tori gets an electric shock.

Torikkumasutā: *jumps up and waves his arms* KUNGJITSUUUUU!!!

The doctor is holding a cattle prod with a evil smile. "Good, he's up. Ok kid, the procedure is over. She appears in stable condition... ...I just hope 'it' doesn't happen again..." She mutters the last part.

Torikkumasutā: Is it ok to for me to see her then?

The doctor glances nervously at her clipboard, as though reassuring herself. She then looks at the bandaged up Clare.

"Not much to see, I don't care. Don't take off the bandages. Or touch her."

Torikkumasutā: Ok. *goes into the room and sees Clare on the table all wrapped up. He walks over next to her* Awww...I know I can't touch you...But it's so hard because I want to give you the biggest hug in the world right now...*slumps down to the ground is sadness*

The doctor seems to be restless, nervous even. She maintains a strict gaze on Clare.

Torikkumasutā: Hugs make everything better...How long did she have to undergo all of this?

"The operation to get her out of that stuff or..."

Torikkumasutā: How long did she have to live like this?

"Until the day she dies, that creature finally has his way with her, or she becomes a Myth. We ruled out being able to cure her a while ago. The virus keeps changing, evolving with our treatments. Eventually even the control collar, the medication we give her, eventually those will stop working. Issac is working on a list of Myths that would be... most suitable for her to become. Don't tell her that."

Torikkumasutā: Wood elf. Their the closest to human beings. That or Homunculous. But I'm asking 'how long did she have to live like this'. Not 'how long does'.

"Five years. Every year has been a little worse. Last year, her condition worsened greatly. And as we learned this year, she's developing DNA artifacts in her DNA from the Myths she becomes. Remember when she turned into that dragon? I had to saw off that damn tail, the horns, and extensively repair her DNA. But even after all of that, it's still in her system. Just... ...dormant."

Torikkumasutā: ...I don' think the world's biggest hug is going to do it for her...I didn't know it was this bad for her...

"...Yeah... it technically gets a bit worse. Last year she had a genetic destabilization. ...In layman's terms, those said artifacts activated all at once. It was like looking at a human crossbreed of a chimera. ...Much much much more disgusting though."

Torikkumasutā: *begins to rock back and forth*

Tori hears a slight muffled moan from Clare.

Torikkumasutā: Clare? *stares at her from the side of her face*

He starts hearing a ripping sound from her left side, and the bandages seem to be stretching violently on that side, as if something is... growing out of it. Clare's moans have erupted into pained shrieks, as the bulged bandages burst open to reveal a huge dragonic wing which smashes the adjacent bed, and at the same time, she grows her scorpion like tail again, only this time it is joined by a dragon's tail as well. The doctor shoves him out of the room.

"I need the medical staff in here now! It's happening again!"


He watches as the whole ward rushes in, trying to hold down the violently mutating Clare, whose entire body seems to literally be boiling from the number of transformations. Wings grow and retract, she grows multiple limbs, her entire body seemingly at war with itself, as though many countless whole Mythos themselves were trying to grow out of her body, transforming her into a abomination with no rhyme or reason to its growth, all finally put to an end when the doctor stabs a needle into the wailing Clare's neck, and slowly but steadily, the horrid growths begin to retract into her body, but as a result, her skin has become metallic dragonic scales, she bares two large dragon tails, has the muzzle of a lion, and two sets of wings: metallic dragonic, and a pair of black feathered bird wings. The two tails remain from before, her hands and feet morphed into claws. At the end of it all, she brokenly begins weeping.

Torikkumasutā: Clare Oh My Gosh! *moves past the scientist and makes it to Clare's side and wraps his arms around her* Oh my geez. Oh my geez, Oh my geez. Oh my geez. *breathes heavily*

She trembles heavily, not really even noticing. The doctor looks on uncomfortably.

Torikkumasutā: Don't worry, Clare...I'm here...Just like you wanted...And we're gonna celebrate with sherbert and hugs....Hugs make everything better...

The doctor sighs. "Let me fix her up, then let's let her rest. She needs it."

Torikkumasutā: Ooooohhhh...All she's been doing is resting...

"If you think what just happened is a picnic, I'll just grab a sample of her dna and ram it up your ass, you won't complain after you have one of those episodes." She replies in annoyance.

Torikkumasutā: What's resting doing? ...Getting her ready for her next outburst?

"Letting her heal her busted 206 bones, her muscles, grow a new skin, recover from intensive surgery, recover her energy after not sleeping for nearly a week plus the transformations, and let her have a moments peace before she resumes duty." She says, now slightly irate.

Torikkumasutā: And that thing same happens...Over...And over...And over...At this point...I'm rather surprised you haven't put her out of her misery yet...I can't even imagine someone having to live like this and still...Live...

"Clare is stubborn. You should know that much. She refuses to believe there's no way out of this."

Torikkumasutā: Yea...*smiles* She sure is.

The doctor sighs. "Now go, I have to make sure she looks passable as a human again. Go see that kitsune or something."

Torikkumasutā: Yea...Ok...*gets up and exits the room*

When he gets outside the restricted zone, Aimi pounces on him. "Toot toot!" 

Torikkumasutā: Hey Aimi. *rubs her hair*

"Tori! Nom!" She playfully bites his hand.

Torikkumasutā: *smiles* Heh. Ow.

"Feed! Feed!"

Torikkumasutā: Don't remember if they showed me a lunch room. Let's go find it, Aimi.

She yips in response, wagging her tails.

Torikkumasutā: Then let's go! *runs off*

She awkwardly runs after him, having an awkward gait about her.

Torikkumasutā: *grabs her hand and helps her walk*


Torikkumasutā: *chuckles*

They make it to the mess hall

Torikkumasutā: Here we are. Anythig you wanna eat here, Aimi?

"Foooooood!" She moans with drool.

Torikkumasutā: Ok then. *fixes her a decent-sized plate* Here you go. This enough?

She immediately starts stuffing her face, her face right in the food in fact. It is rather obvious she knows nothing of table manners.

Torikkumasutā: Whoa. slow down, Aimi. You need a fork. *hands her a spoon* Here.

She ignores him.

Torikkumasutā: You need some mor help, Aimi. You shove more in you mouth you'll choke.

The only response he gets is a loud burp when she finishes, followed by a giggle.

Torikkumasutā: Still think you could've choked...

She starts gnawing on his fingers with her little sharp teeth.

Torikkumasutā: Don't do that, Aimi! You'll get worms!\

She moves on to his hand, then sinks her teeth into his arm.


She stops with a confused look, then squeezes him with a hug.

Torikkumasutā: *is still abit shaky*

She starts tickling him with her tails.

Torikkumasutā: *chuckles*

She nuzzles her face against his chest, then looks up expectantly, her ears twitching.

Torikkumasutā: Aw.What's wrong?

She rubs against him again, her tails wagging pleadingly.

Torikkumasutā: *rubs head*

Her tails start wagging furiously.

Torikkumasutā: Heheh. *continues to rub her head*

She contently lays against him until finally she falls asleep in his lap.


Torikkumasutā: She's so adorable when she sleeps. *yawns* Huh...I feel rather tired my-*abruptly falls asleep*

Simon watches the two, then lightly shakes his head. "Kids."

Torikkumasutā: But Master...I don't wanna fly off the cliff with my arms..

Simon sighs. "Suppose I should wake him up."

Torikkumasutā: Are you sure the rocks will catch me...

Simon pokes Tori with the edge of his halberd. 

Torikkumasutā: *wakes up squawking*

"Welcome back to consciousness."

Torikkumasutā: I wasn't unconscious. *gets up slowly, not trying to wake Aimi* I was sleep.

"Uh huh."

Torikkumasutā: So what is it you need, 2nd partner?

"How is Clare?"

Torikkumasutā: I don't know...I mean I know but...I just don't know what to say...I want to believe she will be fine but after all that I saw...I can only wonder how long anyone can handle such a transformation for so long...

"Her stubborn will and refusal to accept what is happening to her has prevailed up until now, but I think Issac made the right call bringing Clare here. It's thanks to all of us I think Clare still has a reason to live for. ...And if I may confide in you, I believe you might be the one she really needs. She never asked any of us to be with her, not once."

Torikkumasutā: But she hardly knows me. Why would she want a newby by her side rahter than someone much closer?

"That's not something I can readily explain. Nor am I going to pretend I understand how that girl works. Kurks are never easy people to understand."

Torikkumasutā: Heheh. They must be. Especially if they're willing to hire someone like me.

"Why don't you rest for the of the day? You need a break. I'll let you know when Clare is out."

Torikkumasutā: A break? I spent three days off work and another full day just being in the same room with Clare. I think I've had enough break.

"The big man has been working harder than any of us late. As far as he's concerned, you've been working overtime being with Clare."

Torikkumasutā: But all I did was sit around and watch her sleep.

"You did both her and Issac a favor, more than you understand. Stop arguing and take the break. We won't have much of them for very long anyways... ...what with the war about to hit..."

Torikkumasutā: War you say? Hmm. I think my Master told me something about that before he left. Maybe that's why he told me to come her, to help out.

"Yes... all of the other Agencies are being organized in preparation. Supposedly there's a Mythic organization we're teaming up with. No idea about them at all though. They called themselves Admonition. But seriously, go rest. That's an order."

Torikkumasutā: Urgh. Ok. *picks up Aimi and exits the mess hall, then makes his way to his room*

Once inside, he hears Aimi snore, occasionally making tiny yips in her sleep, her hands and feet paws. She looks as though she is dreaming of chasing something.

Torikkumasutā: Oh Aimi...What do you dream about?

"Aoooooooooo...." She makes a small quiet howl, still sleeping.

Torikkumasutā: *gets into the bed and continues to hug on to her* Tomorrow, we'll just hang around outside. It's boring just hanging about in here.

She turns into a full kitsune in her sleep, and soon is coiled up, resting her head on her two tails, laying beside him.

Torikkumasutā: *rubs her head one last time before soundly falling asleep* Sleep well, Aimi...You too, Clare...

In the morning, when Tori wakes up, he finds a small cup of tea and a note underneath.

Torikkumasutā: *removes the tea and looks at the note*

The note reads: "Hey Tori, when you have time, please visit my room. I... want to talk. -Clare."

Torikkumasutā: *sips his tea, but immediatly sets it down* Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!

Torikkumasutā makes it to Clare's room and knocks on her door.

"....Come in..." He hears her voice.

Torikkumasutā: *enter the room* Morning partner! You doing alright?

Upon entering, he finds that her previously long hair was shaved short, now only an inch long. A large cloth eyepatch covers her right eye. She is wearing a plain shirt and pants, her arms and neck are still wrapped up in bandages, and there is a quiet look of pain in her exposed eye.

"I'm... ...I've been better. Thank you for coming, you didn't have to." She says in a quiet, extremely tired voice.

Torikkumasutā: You aksed me to, so that's what I did. I'm just really relieve that you're finally awake.

She wearily closes her eye, then coughs heavily. "Thank you. I'm sorry you had to... had to see all of that. ...I'm so tired... Cousin won't let me back to duty for a while... he's worried. ....Tori?"

Torikkumasutā: Yes Clare?

She motions for him to come closer, and once he does, she leans forward, and her forehead comes to rest against his chest.

"...I'm scared. I'm starting to lose hope, starting to fear what this curse will do to me... ...I'm so scared... ...I don't know why, I can't even explain myself but... ...being in your presence makes me feel... safe. ...Like this is just a bad dream, and some day it'll finally end... ...I wanted to say thank you. ...and I'm sorry. Sorry for everything I said and did to you. ...I'm telling you this because I don't know how much longer I can survive this nightmare..."

Torikkumasutā: *wraps his arms around her* Aw don't give up now. You've come too far. You survived 5 years of this. Most other wouldn't have finished a whole year. You're without a doubt, the strongest woman I know. Just know now that you don't have to go through this alone. I'm going to be right here by your side. There's no need to be scared cause I'm going to be there with you.

The movement causes the eyepatch to slide off, revealing the skin of her face beneath the eyepatch, mainly around the eye, is blackened and dull, her concealed eye is a dark yellow, and the white of her eye has also turned black. Tears roll down her face.

"...Thank you... so much..."

Torikkumasutā: *looks at her face and smiles warmly* What are partners for?

She quietly returns the hug, a hidden tension slowly evaporates.

Torikkumasutā: Is there anything else you need?

"Later, we can talk about something else later. ...I just need some company for a few more minutes..."

Torikkumasutā: Well you know I'm here.

After a while, Clare lets out a deep breath. "...You saved me, you know... ...I thought I was getting what I deserved, that I was going to lose myself, all alone. ...I thought for sure the curse would finally take me..."

She hugs him tighter, much, much tighter, crying harder.

"...How am I supposed to live with this another year...?"

Torikkumasutā: Well you did survive five other years before hand, only this time you have me by your side. Whenever you feel afraid just think of me. Your good old partner, Tori and my epic sexiness. *dramatically rubs his hair back*

"....Don't push it birdman."

Torikkumasutā: Aw. I thought you found it rather adorable. Alright I won't go any further, but you should really take it easy.

"Your antics are cute, but don't try your luck... I'm not that easy to impress." She says, a bit of her old spirit is back in the air.

Torikkumasutā: Well you've sure impressed me, that's for sure.

"Run along now... I'll be ok."

Torikkumasutā: The Director's orders still stand. I'm not to leave your side.

"It's ok Tori, he actually wants you and Simon to go on patrol." Isa says from above them, standing on the ceiling. It's my turn to keep her safe."

Torikkumasutā: Oh alright, 3rd partner. I'll be on my way then. Take care of yourself, Clare. *exits the room*

"Isa!" She calls out exasperatedly.

Simon is waiting outside, holding Tori's uniform. "Ready?"

Torikkumasutā: *sigh* Ready. *takes his uniform*

"Let's get going then. Don't worry, things shouldn't be too much today."

Torikkumasutā: *strips down and slips into his uniform* Fine by me. Atleast I actually get to work now.

A New Deployment Edit

The two are now patrolling the streets of the city, the people parting way for the two, though it is mainly due to Simon's presence.

Torikkumasutā: *whistles a tune and greets people as they pass by*

Some of the pedestrians acknowledge the two

"So, how is the job working out for you, my little bird man?" Simon asks to Tori.

Torikkumasutā: Not as bad. Wish I got paid before I was sent back home. But it's also a looming feeling that maybe I swhouldn't be here. Like all that is about to happen, I'm not ready for.

"No one is ready for these things. Don't worry, we're never alone." They continue on toward the border of the town, looking for signs of trouble.

Torikkumasutā: Say, what's the name of this city?

"Seattle." They continue their rounds.

A lass walks past them with a lost look on her face, a look of worry.

Simon glances at her from the corner of his eye, then subtly looks at Tori.

Torikkumasutā: You ok, 2nd partner?

"That girl isn't from around here... follow her in the sky, return once you've made sure she's not going to cause trouble. I'm going to maintain my distance." He says all of this low in tone.

Torikkumasutā: Gotcha. *head into an alley*

A crow flies out of the alley and into the sky above

The lass jumps high into the sky, and quickly gets out of the bird's sight by jumping on rooftops and through windows.

A runner, huh? Well, we can rule out 'normal traveler' from the possible descriptions of her with that jumping... better follow.

He follows, covering twice the distance she makes in a single bound.

She stops in her tracks, grabbing the katana on her back.

He lands behind her, the impact crunching the section of rooftop. He doesn't draw his halberd.

"Excuse me, but who are you? Keep the sword in its proper place, your sheath, and we don't have to fight. I just want to know who you are and what you're doing here."

She stays silent, pulling out her katana. It seems to be a simple katana, no markings or special properties, but the katana has a feeling about it, a scary feeling that Simon has not encountered but believes it to be eerily familiar.

"The young ones never learn..." Simon mutters, taking out his halberd and holding it single handed. "I'm rather not interested in a fight, young lady. I have my duties, and if you simply cooperate, this will be done and over with, and you can head on your merry way."

She appears behind him, sheathing her sword and multable deep wounds seem instantly open on his skin.

Her sword doesn't even come close to cutting his fabric when he wheels around and nails her with a force so strong of a punch that the building he stands on shatters into pieces, and rockets her through three whole building complexes, crashing with a large blast.

"I've dealt with your type before. After Isa, your moves are as slow as a glacier." He says nonchalantly.

She catches the fist with the blunt of her blade, and jumps backward, waiting for his next move.

Torikkumasutā: *lands on top of the woman* Ugghh...Mad it...*looks down and sees her* Oh, my apolgies, ma'am!

"It would have been more useful to sneak attack her rather than pleasantly land on her head..."

He swings his halberd while she is distracted, slashing her with a burst of agility that catches her prone, leaving a violent gash on her front.

Torikkumasutā: *is totally shocked* AH! What the heck, 2nd partner! I thought we were going to apprehend her, not have her bleed!

The lady defends against the gash with her sword, making the gash fairly smaller than intended. She grunts and leaps into the air, throwing Tori off of her.

The sword shatters like glass, impaling her with the shrapnel and causing the halberd to get lodged into her chest, directly stabbing her lung.

The halberd is thrown out of her, and the wounds heal as the sword reconstructs. She takes a ready stance.

Simon grabs the halberd and slings it over his shoulder.

"Understand kid, I'm not kidding around." He presses a button on a headpiece of his, which she just now notices. It makes a beeping sort of sound, then nothing else happens.

"You have about five minutes to come quietly, before I get serious."

She falls gracefully, landing before him and sheathing her sword. She kisses his cheek and runs, passing him by and disappearing without a trace into the night sky.

He looks off in the direction she went. "Hrmm. I wonder if the A.M.U.s will catch up with her..."

Torikkumasutā: What are those?

"The robot wolves that scare you."

Torikkumasutā: *pupils shrink as he slowly sits himself on the ground and begins to rock back and forth* Pack...Pack...Kill...Kill...

"They aren't here. They are going after the girl though, we can't just let that go by unchallenged. Still... have to wonder who she is... takes some talent to cut my cloth." He regards the tiny cuts on his cloak.

Torikkumasutā: Must have...Is she a kunoichi?

"Possibly. Perhaps more than that. Who knows? Impressive skills regardless, but her talents, were not fully revealed, I suspect. We will know more if the Anti Myth Units catch up with her and capture her. In the mean time, let's keep an eye out. And to think this was the start of our patrol..."

Torikkumasutā: Oh, so that means we're gonna be here all day, right?

"Yes. It does. Til sundown. You're a member of a public service. You have to get used to it. Let's head back into town for now, and see if anything is going on. Alright?"

Torikkumasutā: *sigh* Alright. *gets to his feet*

After they return to the streets, Simon begins mingling with the crowd.

"How is your day, sir?" He asks a more elderly man.

Elder: Oh just fine. Enjoying as much as I can out life before it ends. With me being this old in this day and age, I constantly ask myself how I'm not dead yet.

"With God's blessing, I would reckon. Any trouble you might have seen or heard in the area? It's our duty to help the people, after all."

Elder Man: Eh. The people be damned. Did see some shadow move by from above. I simply figured it was another officer covering more ground or something like that.

"Hrmm... nothing else? If so, we'll be on our way, apologies for the interruption."

Elder Man: Oh no need. Just makin' myself useful. Lord knows, we the elderly get tired of being pitied by the society.

"Take care then." They continue their patrol.

Torikkumasutā: Bye. *follows Simon*

Elder Man: Bye now. *goes on his way*

Simon continues walking. "So Tori... how's the job feeling for you?"

Torikkumasutā: Believe me, I'm having few second thoughts. Like this is far more than I anticipated.

"Life is more than you anticipate. A bumpy road is life, you just hang on. There are enough good things in life to warrant holding fast against the storm. Think of the good things this has brought you, see if it is worth it in your mind. I can think of a few things that might cross your mind."

Torikkumasutā: Hmmm...I met you guys. That was good. Got to go beyond my home in the forest. I gess that's slightly good.

Simon has a faint smile. "Violet-hair tells me you were having a 'moment' with Clare."

Torikkumasutā: Yes. She talked about how safe she feels around me and she even apologized for some reason. She told me that she's not as strong as she used to be anymore...She doesn't want to keep under going all of this all of the time...I wasn't ready to see what I saw the other day...And I wonder what else I'm not ready for...

"Kid, no one wants to see those things. Even the strongest of us have things that bother us. You have something some people don't. Others to lean on."

Torikkumasutā: Yea, but that's why I like you guys. Y'alls ma' friends. *lightly hugs Simon with a wide smile open on his face*

"Now now. We got work to do. Feel any better?"

Torikkumasutā: Who said I was upset?

"I don't see the stripper crow being insecure as natural."

Torikkumasutā: Don't deny. I am an excellent crow stripper...Whatever that means.

"You strip your clothing and make yourself indecent, and show off. To women. Most people don't approve."

Torikkumasutā: Oh I see. They just can't handle my epic sexyness. *dramatically flings his hair back*

"Don't. Anyway, let's get ready to wrap up the day."

Torikkumasutā: Oh, well that was quick.

"Well there are other people who do shifts as well. Besides, figured you'd want to eat lunch."

Torikkumasutā: Yea. We crow people gotta eat too.

"Let's make our way back. Hmmm?" He turns, looking at a rooftop, then shrugs, and begins walking on.

Torikkumasutā: I wonder what Aimi did today? If she ever woke up that is. She sleeps as if she's a rock. don't sleep.

"Probably still learning. That child has some serious education problems. Where on earth did she come from?"

Torikkumasutā: Some aweful village my parents took me away from. They treat Yokai's so...inhumanely there. I can't image all they had to do to my Aimi during that time. I found her in the woods near my house.

"...What exactly did they do?"

Torikkumasutā: My father didn't fill me in on so much. I can only assume they tortured them, killed them, publicly beat, segregate them. All of that.


Torikkumasutā: What are you thinking?

"Where is your home exactly? I've not really heard of a village with a lot of Yokai."

Torikkumasutā: I live in a bamboo forest, a few miles away from the village.

"...Still haven't heard of such a place on Earth..."

Torikkumasutā: They could have something like that hear. You just gotta look in the right places. It is a big world after all.

They arrive at the front entrance of the facility.

Torikkumasutā: Me so' hungray! *pats his stomach*

"Go on now."

Torikkumasutā: *enters the facility and makes his way to the mess hall*

Simon meanwhile stands at the entrance to the facility, looking out over the city.

Torikkumasutā: *fixes himself a full plate meal, sits down, and begins to eat*

After a while, Isa is seen walking in with Clare leaning against her for support, her eyepatch covering her face again.

Torikkumasutā: *waves at Clare* Hi, parnte- *begins to choke on his food*

Isa helps her sit next to him, then helps him with his choking problem with a distinct chop.

Torikkumasutā: *coughs up his choke wad and catches his breath* Whew...So how was your day?

"As well as you would expect from a recently hospitalized mutant..." She grunts, Isa goes off to get food for her.

Torikkumasutā: An adorable recently hospitalized mutant. *smiles* But what am I to expect from that? Cause you can feel any type of way about all this.

"...You didn't say that, I can't hear you."

Torikkumasutā: Can't hear what? Did I say something wrong?

"CAAAAAAAAN'T. Hear. You. And for the record, I feel like crap. That's how I feel about it. You should try surgery sometime. It's a blast." She says this with sarcasm.

Torikkumasutā: Oh sure if it's a blast. I'll might try it sometime.

Isa comes over with food for Clare. "...She was being sarcastic. You know when she had horns and had to get them removed?"

Torikkumasutā: Was I there for that part? Cause half-way through, I passed out.

"...In anycase, it's a painful process even recovering from surgrey."

Clare begins eating quietly.

Torikkumasutā: Well I am glad your up and about. Were you in your room all day?


Torikkumasutā: Why? And feeling like crap isn't an excuse.

Isa gives him a particular look. "You are giving her crap after what she went through just the other day? For shame."

Torikkumasutā: Ofcourse I'm gving her crap, but it's good crap. She won't get any better if she remains idle like this.

"Here's a deal. Go break all of your little bird bones, tear apart each of your muscles, and then you can preach." Clare hisses.

Torikkumasutā: Ok. *gets up and leaves the mess hall*

Tori, you really need to stop taking everything literally. Isa's voice warns.

Torikkumasutā: I am serious. Don't you see this serious face? *puts on his best serious face*

Let me ask you something. How would you feel if your wings were clipped, or even cut off?

Torikkumasutā: Hmm...I don't know. Um...Hmm...Try it out let's see. *turns around with his wings spread out*

Clare gets up uneasily, and begins approaching, a rather angry look on her face, her hands balled into fists.

Torikkumasutā: *waves at Clare* Hey, partner!

She strikes him in the face with a punch. "I absolutely forbid you to hurt yourself, you stupid worm eating crow!"

Torikkumasutā: *rubs his face in pain* Oowww...And I haven't eaten worms since I was 8...I think...

"Are we clear, Tori?"

Torikkumasutā: *has a sad face* Yes...

"Don't give me that look. What's your deal, are you a masochist or something?"

Torikkumasutā: I just want to understand how you feel...I can't be a good partner if I don't know what you're going through...And I don't know what a masochist is...

"I feel like shit, you're already a good partner, and it's a person who takes pleasure in harming themselves."

Torikkumasutā: I only take pleasure in helping my partner and if getting hurt will make you feel better then I'll do it.

"You hurting yourself neither helps me, nor makes me feel better." She says tiredly, then looks off toward the elevator.

"I have some paperwork I need to fill out soon."

Torikkumasutā: Aw...Okay. i'll still be here whenever you need me.

"We'll chat soon." She walks toward the elevator, Isa watches her go.

Torikkumasutā: *waves* Bye, partner.

Isa sighs.

Torikkumasutā: *turns towards Isa* How was your day, 3rd partner?

"Well... Clare and I mainly just talked."

Torikkumasutā: Oh ok. Nothing else, then?

"Not really, aside from looking at the thing she's working on."

Torikkumasutā: Oh ok. Well, I'm off to find Aimi. O'll see you another time. *walks off*

Isa watches him go. "...Suprised he didn't question the fact I was avoiding mentioning something specific..."

Tori finds Aimi in a class room with an instructor, who appears to be showing her flash cards of words.

Torikkumasutā: Aww. Look at Aimi. She's learning. I wish I could learn my Abcs. and 124s.

Aimi yawns, then falls asleep, much to the dismay of the instructor.

Torikkumasutā: Heh. Even when she's learning she would never miss a chance to take a nap.

The instructor starts poking her with a yard stick.

Torikkumasutā: Heh. Good luck. She's the heaviest sleeper since....You'll never wake her.

The instructor starts poking her even more, a bit harder.

Torikkumasutā: Hm. Now I don't think he should be doing that. Well, let me tell go stop him before he upsets Aimi. *enters the classroom* Excuse me good sir. Do you mind not pokin' my friend? She can might get really irritated if you keep doing that. not to mention it's really rude.

The teacher points to a sign that has his name on it. "Does it say I give a damn?"

Torikkumasutā: Well I mean..You could...Fine I'll just leave you alone then. Bye, Aimi. *leaves the classroom*

"Look in the mirror beakface..." The teacher grumbles, before resuming his attempts to wake, her, finally succeeding.

"Hey, no naps, we're almost done for the day anyway."

Torikkumasutā: *enters his room* Slow day. *takes his clothes off and runs a bath* One more thing. *goes under the sink and gets a rubber duck and some bath gel. He pours just enough soap in the bath and gets in. He sets the rubber ducks on the side of the bath tub as he lays back* Well Mr. Quackers, my day wasn't too bad. We patroled and my partner is doing well, so is Aimi. But it's...the regular old thing again. The occasional insult to my smartness. Just one of those times people's words can get to me. And I end up hating myself for not thinking. It hurts being said that your not smart. I see Aimi learning her Abcs and 124s, yet I can even say the Alphalabets, yet I can read and talk. I know numbers, yet I can't count. I know what shapes look like but I don't know which one's which. That part in itself  does get me too much. People say they don't want me to do everything they tell me, but that's the type of person I am, you know? If someone needs help i'm obligated to help them, right?

The duck sits

Torikkumasutā: Right. *gets a bathing brush and begins to scrub himself with it* Sometimes, I can't always brush off what people say about me, because most of the time it's true. And it hurts even though I don't show it. I just feel like I'm just mat. you know the one that say 'Welcome' on it. People can just walk all over it and rub the dirt off on it, and they don't bother washing it. That's how I feel sometimes. I don't want to wrong my friends. I just wanna help, but I end up annoying them. What do you say, Mr. Quackers?

The duck sits

Torikkumasutā: You're right. That's just the person I am. I may not be smart, but I do mean well. And if people can't figure that out, that's on them! I'm here to serve whoever needs it! Good or Bad, it's who I am. I'm helpful. Not the smarterest, but helpful. I'm going to be a friend to all, even if they don't treat me the same. Thanks, Mr. Quackers.

The duck sits

Torikkumasutā: *picks up the rubber duck* You know exactly what to say to make me feel better. *squeezes the rubber duck, making a quack sound when he does* Heheh.

After a while, he starts hearing a wailing noise going off.

Torikkumasutā: What's that noise, Mr. Quackers. *he squeezes the rubber makingit quack* Tornado Sirens? In Seattle? *squeezes the duck again* Oh my goodness. Then what do we do? *squeezes the duck again* Good Idea, Mr. Quackers! I wish I was as smart as you. *gets out of the tub. He squeezes the duck again* But I don't wanna put my uniform back on. It's so constricting. *he squeezes the duck again* Fine fine. *slips into his uniform and rushes outside*

The winds are absolutely out of control, howling so loud he can hardly hear himself think. The clouds have completely made it dark, making it almost seem like night.


Suddenly a dark shadow even darker than the surrounding darkness flies overhead.


The shadow comes around, and begins getting bigger... and bigger... and bigger...


Suddenly two giant talons grab him and swoop him up off the ground.

Torikkumasutā: *drops the rubber duck* BYE, MR.QUACKERS!

The beast takes him high into the sky, above the clouds, where it drops him.

Torikkumasutā: *speads his wings and begins to flap them* AH! Whew. I'm still alive!

A loud screech can be heard, as a massive white masked crow erupts from the clouds, letting out a trumpeting cry, followed by lightning.

Torikkumasutā: Whoa! No one told me God was a crow? I'm special!

It screeches, then shoots a beam of lightning at him from its mouth.

Torikkumasutā: Oh my gosh! *flies out the way* I'm sorry I haven't prayed today!

The giant masked crow flies at him with its talons outstretched to claw him.

Torikkumasutā: *manages to fly in between its claws and pass through*

It abruptly turns and pelts him with razor sharp feathers.

Torikkumasutā: AH! I've been hit! *has slight trouble getting balance*

A blast of air rushes at him.

Torikkumasutā: *regains his balance and flies under the blast. He then making multiple hand formations and his hand glows white* I'm sorry Crow God. *his fires a beam from inbetween his hands and severes off the crow's foot*

The crow easily dodges and blasts him away with a flap of its wings.

Torikkumasutā: *stops himself in midair and elevates hire and fires the beam again*

It dodges again, and thunder rumbles.

Torikkumasutā: Oh my gosh, what do I do? If only Master were here. *flies up to the crow* Excuse me, Mr. Crow God. Why are so content on killing me?

It now has a giant katana in its beak.

Torikkumasutā: *swallows* Um...That's for me right? Cause as you see, I'm unarmed...

It swings it at him, causing a massive group of tornadoes to rage into being.

Torikkumasutā: *panics* AAAAAHHHHHH!!!

The tornadoes blow him around like a rag doll.

Torikkumasutā: *fights agains the strong wind torrents*

The sword comes at him again.

Torikkumasutā: *squacks and turns into multiple crows upon impact and comes back together behind the masked crow and fires the beam at it from behind*

It wheels around, and the beam hits the mask, reflecting it back toward Tori.

Torikkumasutā: *the beam skims past his face* Ah! *elevates above the masked crow and does multiple hand formations. The sky begins to rain white spears of light onto the masked crow*

It dissolves into mist, and suddenly everything begins to get foggy.

Torikkumasutā: Where did he go? Um...What would Master do? Oh I know! Listen. *listens attentively for any form of sound*

He hears cawing. Lots and lots of cawing.

Torikkumasutā: Huh...If I didn't know any better I'd think I hear more of my brothers.

Suddenly many small black birds begin surrounding him, cawing insistently loud.

Torikkumasutā: Brothers! We weren't supposed to meet until my birthday! What brings you all here? Have you come to aid me with the Crow God?

They start pecking and clawing him, not to mention deafening him with their caws.

Torikkumasutā: Ah! Ah! Ah! Brothers, why has the Crow God turned you against me?

Out of nowhere, the masked crow smashes into him via head at high speed.

Torikkumasutā: *falls from the sky* AAAAAAHHHHHH!!

The bird follows closely behind.

Torikkumasutā: *as he falls, begins to spin, forming a tornado*

With a flap of its wings it creates an equal but opposite rotation, canceling his out.

Torikkumasutā: Oh my gosh! Nothing's working! *gains his balance and begins to just fly all over the place* What should I do? What should I do? What should I do? Uuum....I know! *stops and looks at the masked crow* Mr. Crow God! I wan't to say how deeply sorry I am for wronging you! I shouldn't have ignored your request! I am deeply sorry!

A shower of razor feathers is his answer.

Torikkumasutā: *dodges some of the feathers* Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! *flies out of the way* AHHHHHHHH!!!

A volley of lightning bolts strike at him.

Torikkumasutā: *tries to dodge the bolts the best he can* Why does the Crow God hate me so much!?

Prove thy worth...

Torikkumasutā: How? I can't beat a god.

Show me that you are worthy of mine legacy... Show me the pride that you alone, son of the sky can claim to own. If you do not rise now, you will never rise.

Torikkumasutā: *circles around the masked crow and once he finishes, symbols appear around him and instantly close in on him, causing an explosion*

It is silent for a moment, then it bursts through the cloud, and fires bullets of compressed air at him.

Torikkumasutā: *makes more hand formations and white symbols surround him. The symbols block the air bullets*

Suddenlt a swarm of crows begin attacking him again.

Torikkumasutā: Ah! Ah! Ah! I'm sorry brothers! *turns into a swarm of crows and begins attacking the other crows*

Some of them are disguised, and when struck, are really balls of lightning, which release bursts of electricity.

Torikkumasutā: *is shocked and he forms back into one* AAAAAHHHH!!

The crows continue attacking.

Torikkumasutā: AAAAAHHHHHH!!! *makes more hand formations and symbols surround him, repelling the crows back while shielding him* *pants*

The wind starts blowing harder in an attempt to move him closer to the giant crow.

Torikkumasutā: *his shield wears off* Awwww....

The crow starts jabbing at him with its beak.

Torikkumasutā: *tries to dodge the jabs only to have one of wings caught by the crow* Ah! *a symbol glows on the back of his hand and uppercuts the crow*

The crow sends a volley of wind blades after him.

Torikkumasutā: *does more hand formations and makes a wing contruct to replace his torn wing and gains his balance* *pants* * he summons the shield and the blades disappear upon hitting it*

The crow dives at him, and begins aggressively slashing at him with the katana in its mouth.

Torikkumasutā: *dodges some of the strikes. he flies back, gaining his distance from the maskes crow. When the crow comes in for another strike, he fires the white beam at the sword, cutting it in half. He takes the cut part of the blade and thrust it down through the masked crow's torso*

The crow seems mildly damaged, and simply summons another, and slashes at him with a vast wave of darkness.

Torikkumasutā: *gets knocked back and his uniform gets torn* *cough* So...So tired...

The crow seems to regard him with almost a bored air now.

Torikkumasutā: *pants* I got only one more chance...One more...*does more hand formations as his aura becomes visible* Master warned me that this can be a very dangerous technique....Gotta try it...*he finishes the technique*

Five giant blades surround the masked crown in a circle. No mater it moves the blades follow it

Torikkumasutā: Good-bye, Mr. Crow God...Close!

The blades stab the masked crow all at once and and a a massive explosion of light consumes the masked crow, blowing the darkness away.

Torikkumasutā: *is being consumed by the light* AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! IT'S SO BRIGHT!

After a moment, the crow blasts away the light with a flap of its wings, then slowly disappears, a wind starts carrying Tori off.

Torikkumasutā: Uuuuuggggghhhhhh...Did win...? Mr. Crow God...Are you still there...? Sorry for blowing you up...

He finds himself losing conciousness. 

Torikkumasutā: *falls asleep*

Many hours later, he finds himself awake on his bed.

Torikkumasutā: I'm...Back...Yaaaaaaay...*falls alseep*

After a while, someone sits next to him on the bed.

Torikkumasutā: *mumbles in his sleep*

The person lightly ruffles his hair a bit.

Torikkumasutā: *chuckles* Heh..tickles...

He hears someone sigh quietly.

Torikkumasutā: It's ok, Clare...You don't have to be afraid anymore...Partners 'til death...

He doesn't hear a response.

Torikkumasutā: *soundly sleeps, without saying another word*

The person remains by his side for the remainder of his sleep.

Torikkumasutā: *slowly wakes up* Mmmm...Good sleep.

He gets a poke on the forehead from Clare, who sits beside him.

Torikkumasutā: Oh hey, partner. *sits up* How long have you been here?

"A while."

Torikkumasutā: What for? Did you need something?

"...Yeah, sort of."

Torikkumasutā: What is it then? You know you can always count on me!

"I wanted to show you something." She still has her eyepatch.

Torikkumasutā: Oh yaaaay! What is it?

She offers her hand quietly. "Come with me."

Torikkumasutā: Okay. *takes her hand* Oh my gosh, I can't wait! Should I close my eyes too?

She sighs. "No... you need to be able to see where you're going." She begins to walk him outside, still inside the complex but in a direction he's never been.

Torikkumasutā: *whispers* Oh my gosh this is so exciting! I never been down here before!

She takes them through a security gate, and they are now in a decent sized neighborhood, and Tori sees various myths and humans walking together in broad daylight.

Torikkumasutā: *says 'hi' to the other myths who greet him back*

She continues walking down the sidewalk quietly.

Torikkumasutā: *still giddy with excitement*

She eventually stops walking when she comes to one particular house, and begins walking toward it, digging her hand into her pocket.

Torikkumasutā: Oooohhh. Nice house. Wish my parent's house looked this nice. And it's not made out of bamboo!

She walks up to the door and inserts a key, unlocking it and going inside, motioning him to follow.

Torikkumasutā: *enters the house* Ohboy Ohboy Ohboy Ohboy Oh boy Ohboy! I so can't wait!

She stops once she is in the bare living room. "Here it is. This is it."

Torikkumasutā: *is childly awestruck* Oooohhh. It's so pretty.

"...Tori. Do you want to move in with me? ...I don't want to be alone. I have to leave the barracks, they're too... ...too much."

Torikkumasutā: It would be an honor to stay with you until you recover. No one should ever feel alone. If you need me, then you have me. Partners 'til death!

"...I was hoping... ...longer than that."

Torikkumasutā: Ok sure! I technically don't like my dorm room all that much. Nice beds but not alot space, you know?

"...Thank you Tori."

Torikkumasutā: No problem.

"I don't have the furniture in yet... that's coming later today..."

Torikkumasutā: Oh! Partner, since we're going to be roommates, can I bring a few things over?

"...What things exactly?"

Torikkumasutā: Let's see. My comforter, Mr. Quackers, my uniform uggghhh...My blades, my booklet journal and Aimi.

".....Aimi....?" She sounds noticeably weary of what he just said.

Torikkumasutā: Yea. Can't be without my Aimi.

"...This isn't a big house you know. Maybe at max two bedrooms, but the second room is... ...tiny. It's more like a walk in closet..."

Torikkumasutā: Don't worry, we can make do.

"...I only have a bed and a couch, I don't have anything spare."

Torikkumasutā: Aimi can sleep on the floor.

"...Uggh...." Clare groans, then sighs, defeated. "Fiiiiiiiiiine."

Torikkumasutā: Yaaay! *hugs Clare* Thanks Partner!

The hug makes her face go a bit red for a moment. ...What am I doing... I'm getting wound up because he's bringing some half mutt? ...No, not just some half mutt... a girl half mutt.... ....wait, why the hell do I care?! ...Oh god...

"Eep! T-t-tight! You're squeezing... ...just loosen up a bit!"

Torikkumasutā: Sorry, partner. *lets go* I'm just so excited! *jumps up and down* When should I go get my things?

"...The stuff still intact at my old house will be sent here tomorrow. Bring your stuff then."

Torikkumasutā: Ok. Thanks again partner! *leaves out of the door*


Torikkumasutā: *peers back through the door* Yes Clare?

She gives him a small, quiet hug. "You're starting to rub off on me... but thank you for being... ....a friend."

Torikkumasutā: *smiles happily and returns her hug* Friends 'til death!

"A-Ah! Tight!"

Torikkumasutā: Oh sorry. *lightens his grasp. She notices that he feels rather warm*

"You're a kind idiot. ...Let's go back, alright?"

Torikkumasutā: *let's go* Alright partner. *leaves out the door*

Clare tiredly follows him.

At Tori's room

Torikkumasutā: *takes off his covers from his bed* Take my comfy-tors. *heads into the bathroom and takes his toothpaste and tooth brush * Take my tooooth-bruuush. *and grabs his rubber duck* And always take Mr. Quackers. *squeezes it* Oh and my pillows. *picks up his pillows* Aaaaalright. That should be it.

On her way, Clare pauses to rest, thinking about past events.

Torikkumasutā: *is gleefully walking down the path he came* Hmmm...wait...Oh yea Aimi! Now where wold she be? Hmmmmm... *I'll try that classroom place I found her at. *turns and walks the other direction*

Tori finds Aimi in class, being taught English. "No, not Baa! Bahamas!"


Torikkumasutā: Awww! Adorable as always. *knocks on the door with his face.* May I come in, please?

"Not this kid again..."

Torikkumasutā: Pweeeaase?

"We are having a lesson!"

Torikkumasutā: Awww....Can I atleast watch?

"Squash?" Aimi speaks, raising a squash.

"No! Watch! And no you cannot!"

Torikkumasutā: *pouts* Fine...But I'm not leaving this spot until Aimi comes out...

Half an hour later...

Torikkumasutā: *is still standing but has fallen asleep with his against the door*

Aimi bursts out of the door and tackles in in a gigantic hug.

Torikkumasutā: *begins squeaking frantically*

She yips eagerly in response.

Torikkumasutā: *is panting rather quickly* My goodness, Aimi...Don't jump sleeping folks like that...I could've died...In my shleeep...

She licks his face.

Torikkumasutā: Awwww. I love you too, Aimi. *manages to get up and picks up everything else* Come on, Aimi. We're gonna be staying with the best woman in the world! She happens to be my partner too. *smiles proudfully*

She follows him, still with an awkward waddle of a walk.

Torikkumasutā: Here. *positons Aimi's arm to where her arm is locked with his* We move quicker when we move together. *continues walking with a slightly slower pace for Aimi*

Inquiry Edit

A mailtruck drives by the man's house, and drops off a letter in his mailbox.

A man with wearing blueblocker goggles, long gray-brown swept back hair, and a faded chin curtain exits the house. He is wearing a T-shit and a red pajama pants with mooses on them. He is walking with with a cane to his right side. He seems to be walking good with his right side, but his left side looks stuck, having to swinging his left side with every step. He makes it to the mail box, opens it, and heads back into his house

'No Game Informer today neither. Shame. What's this about?'

The letter he received is from the Mythological Phenomenal Department, with a label saying 'Reimbursement'.

'Hmm. Let's see here.' The man opens the letter and begins to read.

The letter appears to be of the standard fair, thanking him for his contributions to the organization and for furthering research, the standard check is in the envelope, but what catches his eye is the fact the disclosure section and the Division number section is blank, in fact it is completely absent from the form.

'Hmmm. Blank. Well that's rather strange. I don't think I remember them sending me anything with blank like at he end of the disclosure section." The sets the letter down on a counter

The letter does have a phone number for any questions or comments written at the bottom.

'Well. The convinience is real." The man picks up his phone and dials the number on the letter

"Yes?" A man's voice speaks up.

"Yes morning. I um called to see about this...Well. I got a thank you letter this morning from your Agency, but there seems to be blank at the disclosure section of it aswell as a blank Division number. I called to ask what is the meaning of that.

"That does seem odd... what's your case number? It should be printed at the top."


"...Hmm, let's see... .........Oh. I'm sorry sir, we'll have to call you back." There is a click, and then nothing.

'Hm. Alrighty then.'

After a moment, the man comes out wearing a stripped long sleved shirt, black pants and a brown trench coat and is picked up by a handicapped bus, which takes him to Seattle. From there he walks walks all the way with to the facility

A guard notices him and raises a hand. "Sir, how can I help you today?"

'I'm here to speak to your Administrator. You can help me by getting to him.'

"Is there anything specific you need from him...?"

"He doesn't want to speak to me over the phone, so I believe he prefers to speak to me face-to-face. I'm here to clear up a certain matter involving a thank you letter sent to me this morning."

"...Uggh, follow me." He begins walking toward the facility irritably.

The man follows close behind

He takes him to Issac's office. "Better make it quick. There's lot's going on at the moment."

"Much obliged." The man enters the office

A blond man is busy typing, and stops as the man walks in.

"...Do you need something?" The man's voice is the same as in the phone call. "I'm rather busy."

"Oh, but you must not be too busy to atleast clear the air now. After all you weren't to busy to answer the phone. You could've made it less busy on your self if you answered what I asked, but since you didn't, Here I am' The man sits down with his left leg sticking outward 'If you want to get this over with, just tell me what I want to know. It is a simple question after all.' The man takes out the letter out of his trench coat and shows it to Isaac. 'What is this?'

"It's a compensation notice. Like we always issue." Issac says blankly.

'Yes like you always do, but don't you see something rather different about this one?'

"Hmmm. Maybe you can tell me. I am rather tired today..."

'Ok then. There is a blank space in the division number line and the entire desclosure section isn't here. What is the meaning of that?"

Finally Issac sighs. "It is a matter of public and or national security, or that's what the board of Directors has decided, therefore it is classified as a Black Project. Meaning the public is not to be informed or otherwise aware of the details of the experiment and whatever its results were. The only thing at this time that is released is the compensation to the volunteer, that being you, and nothing else. The only person who can overrule our ruling regarding Black Projects is the President himself. I ain't talking otherwise."

'Hm.Alright then. Don't see how you couldn't have told me this over the phone. Would've saved us both some time.'

"Because Director 2 was breathing down my neck about it."

'Then what was it that changed?'

He is smacked in the face with a yardstick. "Please be a little less vague about what you're saying. People might get confused. And also, it's because personal conversations can't be hacked. Phones can."

"Oh, and uh, if we catch you snooping and or sticking your nose into the details of the Black Project, you'll be arrested very quickly."

"Really Isaac? Really? How can I snoop around if I canbarely walk? I have a cane for a reason.

"It is my duty to warn. Besides, you don't see Exima having troubles getting into places he shouldn't be, and he has roller skates for feet practically."

'That's because he has CRAzy legs to get himself around. I have cane. Biiiigg difference.

"Please leave..."

'Ok I'll leave. But know this.' The man kicks Issacs desk at him, pinning him aganist the wall behind him. 'Don't mess with a war vet who has one good leg...' The man walks out of Isaac's office.

The man returns home and undresses himself and puts his pajama's back on. He enters a backroom with a bunch of old memoirs from 1960 and 1970 that are taped on the wall. He plays his old record player and sits in a chair next to it. He simply looks at all of the memoirs for a moment as the song plays. He looks at picture with him and a woman with pink hair in it. He slowly get's up and goes up to the picture and softly puts his hand on the woman in the picture.

He hears something on the news, something about 'strange comets in the sky'.

'Hmm?' Stops the record player and goes into the living room to see what's going on.

On the tv is a live feed of nine comet like objects soaring in the skies, each flying one after the other. The one in the back appears to be slowing to a stop, while the others are continuing their course.

' What is...that?'

The slowing comet comes to a complete stop, and begins shining brightly. The others continue on. The reporters begin to remark how it is hovering over Alabama. 

The man sits silently and watches, completely awe-struck

The media soon begins talking about the origin of the objects, eventually it is learned that they appeared near Jupiter.

'Oh geez, Oooohh, geeez...'

The newscast then seems to be going over rumors heard lately, including an item about a strange couple of sightings of a pink haired girl throughout parts of the nation.

'Pink haired...' The man gets up and goes up to the TV. 'Where? Where?!'

"The last rumored sightings were at Phoenix, Arizona, and Peoria, Illinois. If anyone has further information on any of the rumors we brought forth tonight, please give us a call..."

The man as quickly as he can get's into his car and drives off

As he drives, he begins to hear a loud humming.

'Damn, what are those things?'

The noise continues for the next hour unrelenting.

"Uggh! Damn noise!'

Old and NewEdit

Patrikolos quietly made his way towards the facility's gate, his eyes set and his posture unassuming. He blew a greying hair from his face, grunting in dissatisfaction from the one strand that wouldn't stay neat like the others.

A guard stops him at the gate. "....Can I... help you sir?"

"I believe I have an appointment with one of the higher ups in this organization in regards to a partnership." He flashes an ID card with his name and role in his organization.

"...Alright then...?" He opens the gate tiredly. "Man I don't get paid enough for this. Take the elevator all the way up."

"Will do. Thank you, good sir." Patrikolos enters the elevator, quietly eying an out of place hummer before the doors close and he selects the top floor.

He arrives at an office sector, at the far end of which is a door with the label: Director and Head Scientist, Issac Kurk. A knock on the door grants him a weary sigh.

"...Come in..." The voice responding is male, and very beleaguered.

Patrikolos quietly enters the office.

"I would ask if the day was going well, but that appears to be a waste of time as you are now, Mr. Kurk." He stands at the end of the room, not taking a seat without being granted permission.

"Issac, and have a seat..." He taps a chair with his yardstick. "I'm deaf on the other side..." Issac's desk and immediate surroundings is covered in papers, most of them appear to be research rather than paperwork.

"Very well then." He takes a seat. "I am here seeking a partnership between our organizations, Isaac." He passes the man a card that reads: Regulation and Investigative Operations Team.

"...And what exactly is the goal and aim of this organization, Riot, as well as the partnership?"

"The former being the preservation of peace as much as possible from my stand point. I believe that everyone who lives and breathes as mortal should be weighed on the same scale, even if that means isolating and dealing with the problematic factors." Patrikolos leans forward. "As for the latter, to make both of our lives easier to manage by integrating our forces and uniting them with similar goals as the most primary reason. On a secondary scale, to better manage the work distribution and decrease the overall level of stress by giving the same number of tasks to a greater number of people."

"So... are you perchance suggesting a merger? ...Tell me more about your organization."

"A temporary merger, but one nonetheless," affirms Patrikolos. "In areas with proper, unbiased and uncorrupted, law enforcement agencies, we act as assistants and as more of a Specialized Investigation Unit for the issues that cannot be solved under ordinary means, while in areas lacking them we build up such foundations and guide them. Outside of that, we search for Wanted individuals and detain them and we investigate the less than sensible matters that may occur."

"...I see." He glances at a picture on his desk quietly.

Patrikolos only awaits a response.

"...You say you're looking for wanted individuals?"


"...How exactly safe and secure is your intel? The last thing I'm in the mood for is leaks. I already have enough problems with... ...certain individuals without incompetence. I'm already having to compensate for the M.C.C.P.'s arrogance."

"There won't be a leak unless it's a lure for a trap that has been approved by both ends."

"...I need time to think. I also cannot approve this without speaking with the President. ...Besides that, I have a very specific problem I can't freely discuss... for... ...her safety."

He turns the picture, showing a young woman with white hair, in a black uniform with white gloves, and turquoise eyes.

"...She is my cousin, and she is afflicted by a severe ailment. Of its nature and what caused it, I cannot discuss." He presents a CD.

"I did not ever give you confidential information, and you will not speak of any such information." Issac says quietly. "Furthermore, I will not consider this any further unless her case is unconditionally accepted. Listen to the CD, then afterwards after you understand the information(and not here), forward your response to me in regards to the acceptance or denial of the case. In the meantime, I will speak with the President."

Patrikolos slids the CD into one of the many pockets in his coat and allows a blue aura to cover the article before silently exiting the room with an almost imperceptible nod.

Issac sighs, rubbing his head. "Things have certainly gotten a lot more active lately..."

Patrikolos makes his way to the elevator and sets the first floor as his destination.

He sees a grey haired man with blood covering him walking out of a room, looking annoyed. He wields a rather large halberd, but only gives a slight nod before he vanishes down a corridor.

He returns the nod as he makes his way out of the facility.

Issac returns to his notes, overlooking the details of the Variante Virus case. "...Hold in there Clare..."

Once Patrikolos is far enough away, he vanishes in a blue flash only to appear in an all white space. He removes the disc from his pocket and places it on a white terminal. "Audio."

The disk begins to play back many hours of documented information on a case it refers to as the Variante Virus, from what is described, it is a biologically engineered monster, or at least, is descended from one called a Variante, and has mutated to be able to infect humans with its DNA like a virus, a noted side effect causes the human to undergo horrific transformations seasonally, while later in the condition's development, a chimera like transformation has been recorded occurring in the last two years of the only confirmed victim's life, Clare Kurk. Tons of notes and research are included, but as is mentioned, none of it has been able to cure, only hamper the progress of the condition. As of the most recent year, management has begun looking into a mythic partner for the infected subject to bond with, in case the condition is indeed uncurable, and the only optimal solution be force a transformation to ensure quality of life.

"I see... I may have to shift some weight then." He stops the CD and for the tiniest sliver of a second his pupils slit and his irises gain an orange ring. He places the CD back in his pocket and produces a picture from the same pocket before retracting the space with a word.

"I'll return tomorrow," he says to no one in particular before producing a phone from his pocket. He taps a single key before speaking. "I need those files I requested by yesterday. Send them now if you haven't."

Upon the files arriving, Patrikolos spends the day skimming through them. He sighs and returns to the facility, only to tell the man at the gate to tell the the Head Scientist that the job is underway before leaving. He withdraws his phone from a pocket and presses a single digit. "Segment is still active, no? Send their last active location."

Issac begins going on a long walk, deep in thought. After a while, he stops by an old abandoned apartment building, the place it all began for Clare. After a long while, he returns to the facility and begins calling the President.

The President: Hello?

"It's Issac. I need to talk to you."

The President: Then speak. I'm listening.

"I've been contacted by a group seeking a pact."

The President: A group you say? Who were they?

"A group by the name of Riot. Or the leader, or a representative of them came. In either case, it seems that they wish to aide us. From my understanding, they seem to be a mixed group. Human and otherwise, I only say that because of the man who spoke with me. He seems human, yet there's more to him. I can tell fairly easily there's something more, but not what it is. ...In other news, my cousin's condition is still progressively worse."

The President: My sincerest apologizes for your cousin. I do recommend you ask the other agencies for help and see if they can provide some service to improve her condition, but that's up to you. As for the pact, I'd say hold off on that. I've already struck a deal that's boiling the nation, I don't want it boiling over.

"...No. I would rather trust a ravenous pack of wolves than trust the M.C.C.P and the others. They're not trustworthy in my eyes. Not after the break in at Madhouse. If anything, they'll just try to use her for their sick agendas. This isn't even really a pact that really concerns our major activities. It appears to be more like a internal boost, like a increase of hands. ...Lord knows I need it. Our finances are another thing, but I'm hoping for a good reaction at our Expo..."

The President: Then you'll have to consider that after the Expo. As for the other agencies, as long as you have my approval they have no other choice to to abide. The M.C.C.P in particular is ahead in terms of the mythological anotomy. No doubt they have something that might benefit your needs, but that's if you truly are serious about ailing your cousin's condition.

"They I trust the least. They're all a bunch of ravenous wolves. Don't question my dedication, President. I'm not going to put her into worse hands than where she came from. And if I may be frank, 'ahead' my ass. They are so behind on old ways and thinking the Admin's head is stuck permanently up his hole. Creepy bastard."

The President: The Administrator is very...ominous. But even he has standards to meet. I'll tell you this, maybe you have to trust your "enemies" to get the results. You could put her in worst hands or they might be what yor cousin needs. You may never know unless you give it a try. It is simply just a suggestion. If there's not anything else I must be going. Everyone is pestering me over the Act.

"...You really should know better, President." Issac hangs up.

The President: Hm...Young minds these days. *hangs up his phone*

Detained Edit

The pack pulls Erin through the whole city, until she sees a large college like building looming overhead, the wolves seem to be pulling her there.

She finally makes her move, creating a gun out of cement. It shoots the monster's teeth.

It growls, but its teeth hi remain unaffected. At the building's entrance, she sees someone walk out. Hi "YO! I AM NOT A CHEW TOY!" she yells at the person.

The same man from before, soon stands over her. "Hmm, wondered if they'd catch you. Seems the Robot Lady's invention works." He glances at the pack and their teeth embedded into Erin's skin.

"Oooo... they got rough..." He mutters. He takes out a collar of sorts and places it around Erin's neck, and it seems to drain her ability to use her powers.

"Alright then..." He shoos the pack away from her and grabs her by the arm, lifting her up.

"Let's go inside madam. I'd rather we get this done sooner than later. We're just going to ask questions and register you to the Agency. Then as long as you agree to our set conditions you can go about your buisness as long as you remain in the city. However if you become an Enforcer you can be granted additional autonomy."

He pats her head. "You're quite skilled for your age." He begins walking her to the building, a firm hand on her arm.

She questionably resists. "This some fuckin' joke?! I'm a merc, I can't stay in one fuckin' city. Dumbass."

He pulls her along anyway. "Quite the tongue on you. If I haven't heard of you, and you're not registered to an Agency, it doesn't matter. If it's pay you are after, you will get plenty. If you work for us, at least. Don't count on the M.C.C.P. giving you money. We're more progressive that way."

He pulls her into the building, into a large main hall where people from scientists, librarians, various myths, officers, all roam.

"You remind me of Leo with that language as well. Don't make a scene or you'll make it worse for yourself."

As soon as Erin opens her mouth, the ceiling breaks open in the spot before her and the escort. An angel floats down to the ground before folding his wings away. He has white hair and red eyes, whilst still having a somewhat girlish face. "I'll be taking her now." He says with a smile. "You can't just abduct Myths you know. Your path ends here, I do hope you end up in Heaven though."

"You have to pay for damages now. Not to mention you are either a very dumb angel or are confused." In the next instant, the angel is swatted away with the flat part of Simon's halberd into a wall.

"Where have you been the past couple centuries? Head in the clouds? You'd have to if you don't understand the simple concept of a Mythological Containment Program. She is an unregistered myth, for that matter, she created a public disturbance and has been arrested." He begins spinning his weapon, creating a strong gust of wind.

When the dust clears The angel stands on the tip of the Halberd. "Speed and strength won't win this fight my friend." The glass Tadashi shatters. "Maybe I should introduce myself formally. I am Tadashi Orichimaru. Son of nobody. I am sixty-nine years old, and have much more combat experience than you. I have a tamed Wyvern. And I like Mahjong. Now, may we have a cup of tea?"

"Such statements are worthy of idiots..." The angel's arm is broken. "Besides. I hate tea."

Erin is noticeably absent.

"Trust me, your experience is of little consequence here."

"Quite the temper young one." Tadashi steps to the ground and summons a knife. "I do not like to fight, and my intent is not to kill. Just let the Myths go, and I'll be on my way."

Simon rolls his eyes. "No temper, just annoyance. You are the dumbest- -no, that goes to someone else, second dumbest being I've met in a while."

A set of footsteps can be heard, and a man with light blue eyes and long green hair and wearing a suit steps out of the nearest corridor. 

"Is there an issue, Simon?" A robotic voice speaks from a metal box the man holds.

"Quite, actually. An idiot thinks he's doing the world justice. Apparently he's never heard of police."

The man appears to type something. "It appears then he will have to learn, won't he?"

"I'm quite stubborn. You see, God and the angels have left me to die by the hand of the devils and demons. When corruption is in charge, it's time that someone steps in and saves them? No?" His wings fly out, golden majesty to behold. "It's time that we end this, so shall we? I'm going to miss the Breakfast Special."

Simon and the newcomer look at each other, amused.

"It seems this one is truly stupid... considering the other Agencies..."

Simon looks at the angel with something beyond irritation. "Your priorities are skewed, fool. Talk of corruption? Look to other Agencies, and you'll understand a great deal more than you do now. You are not experienced. You are an infant. Whatever you have experienced, is nothing compared to the real world. Go home, child."

Orichimaru's wings flap, and he rises to the air. 'The green haired one will probably attack me as well, so I'd have to be ready whenever he comes. As well as the weapon... Yes that could be a problem. We'll go under the assumption that the weapon cannot be summoned back, and disarm him. Then we'll beat the green haired one and be on our way with the mercenary for the breakfast special.' he thinks to himself. "Ready when you are."

The angel starts to feel dizzy, incredibly so. 

"Again, you really like talking, don't you?"

"Heh, I just won't breathe if you're going to change the gasses in the air my annoying friend." The Risen Angel smirks.

The man raises his hand toward the angel silently.

The angel looks at the hand, ready for an attack and watching everything around him at the same time. He gets a ready stance.

The angel feels heavier, much heavier. The ability to fly is failing him. At the same time, his hair is starting to stick up.

Tadashi still flies as high as he was, exert little more force. "I assume you're changing the gravity levels? So far it's at fifty times normal earth's gravity. And since my hair is sticking up, I know to be ready for a fast or electrifying attack."

"Incorrect on one count." The angel suddenly loses the ability to fly altogether. The earlier sensation of dizzyness has evolved into horrible pain.

"In order to get away from demons when I was ten... I killed them. From then on I promised never to kill another myth or human. I have done nothing but break your ceiling. I even offered to have tea with you. AND NOW I'M MISSING THE BREAKFAST SPECIAL. You, however have attempted at downing me for a period of time. I won't have it. Any of it." He disappears entirely, and neither opponent can hear his movements. The green hair man can feel a finger on his nose for a split second, then noticing two grenades ticking in his pocket.

Just before he can touch him, the angel loses consciousness. "He really is an idiot. It wasn't gas. It was poison. He inhaled just enough to shut him down for a day."

The green haired man slides the grenades he had into the angel's mouth, then kicks him out the door into the street, where a loud explosion goes off.

A large flapping sound is hear after the explosion, and a white and gold wyvern barges through the front wall, teeth barred. It holds Tadashi in one claw, the other piercing the floor. It roars with great might upon entering.

Another, even louder roar blares, while the green haired man regards the wyvern with a neutral expression.

The wyvern's next roar shakes the ground, splitting sidewalks and breaking glass all over the city in a three mile radius. Tadashi groans. "Tadpole... down boy..." he manages to say, before zonking out again. The wyvern whimpers and nudges Tadashi's almost dead body.

A huge set of jaws grab Tadpole, the jaws belonging to a huge CRAzy many times bigger than it. Soon after, a man with blonde hair walks behind the CRAzy and Tadashi, stopping just behind him.

"Don't eat it. Drop it in the pens. As for the angel, restrain him and put him in Containment Chamber Sub Sector 2-B. I have some choice words for him."

A large hanger door drops open in the courtyard, and the CRAzy drops it inside, the hanger slamming shut behind it. The man grabs the unconscious angel and drags him down deep into the facility, into one of the high security vaults, where he is put on life support.

While all this is happening, Erin finds herself being questioned by a rather nice woman named Isa.

"So what is your name sweetie?" She asks.

"..Ratchel. Who the fuck are you? Where am I?" She looks around.

"Somehow I doubt that's your name, Erin. You're in a standard interrogation room of the Mythological Phenomena Department, home of the Enforcers, dedicated to the research, understanding, and management of supernatural phenomena, ranging from hyperhumans to mythos. We serve as part laboratory, police force, and academic resource to men and myths alike."

"If you know all that then you also saw that I'm picturing you naked right now, huh?"

"You would have to try very hard to bother me sweetie. You get an A. For effort. My name is Isa, Secondary Officer of the Enforcers. Please answer my questions, I'll know if you're lying or avoiding. It usually makes it easier for me to get the information anyway."

"Why did you attack Officer Simon earlier today?"

"I didn't attack anyone. Only robots."

"You know, I can always have you put away in a cell and never let you out. Is that what you'd prefer? Lying will get you locked up. If you're honest, you will be let free after registering. Once there's a history of violence, that's your only choice. So tell me, is that what you want from life, a girl like you, locked away until you're an old ugly woman? Or do you want to be free, like the mercenary you'd rather be? It's up to you. I'm also giving you the choice to have your privacy spared by answering voluntarily. Don't make me be mean."

"So, I'll ask again. Why did you attack him? I know you did, and we both know if you lie you're going to have a very horrible headache after I rip open your mind like how a kid does to their wrapping paper on christmas day."

"He was on my hit list. Of course, I'll try it again if you don't pay off the debt he owes to Lakes Bar + Grill up by the Junk Party." She smiles innocently. "That good enough, Ms Prick?"

"First off I don't know what that second thing you're talking about is, and honestly, you should do your research- -hi Simon," Isa pauses as Simon walks by. A grunt is heard, then he moves on. "-Before you go taking targets. Simon rarely travels farther than outside the city limits, because he's always itching to stay working. Where ever your talking about clearly isn't around here."

"You didn't say I was lying, which means that we're at a standstill of beliefs.

"That is of little concern, your belief. Who was this contact of yours? A tab is not grounds for death."

"It's a mob boss on hard times since a mythos pair destroyed his buildings and bars. The tab is over a million dollars. A little weird, but money is money, I was getting six grand off this hit."

"You're no professional then. You will never see a cent."

Erin sighs. "Please just let me walk away, and we never have to see each other again. How about that? Good enough?"

"And she plays the please card, what a turn of events. Register yourself as a licensed mpd and tell me where I can find this mobster, I'll consider."

"..." She says nothing in response at first, irritation in her eyes and about thirty ways to kill Isa flash through her head. "Fine. But I am not doing the first one. That's a mistake."

"Specifically, a licensed gun for hire. With a main association with us. We may use your services often, and we will pay well. Very well. You'll also have access to experimental weapons and technology."

"... Keep talkin'." She seems quite interested.

"If you prove useful you may be able to recieve modifications of all sorts. Several of our agents were enhanced. We also have spy networks."

"So I would also have a network connection of intelligence?"

"Within reason. Our modification program is also based on the research used to make me. I was a lab born super human. If you so desired, you could become even more powerful than you are. Though, the lady behind that program does like to get carried away."


Isa takes out a sheet of paper. "Sign this form and it will be an official pact."

The pen hovers over the paper for a second, then writes Erin's name.

"Very well. I will take this to the Director and have him put it in our records. In the meantime, do any of those services interest you?"

"I'd like to have a cup of tea with the dingbat anarchist who tried to 'save' me."

"The Director is currently dealing with him."

"Alright, then can I have a look at some of your weapons technology developments?"

"You will have to talk to the lady who makes the robots."

" I do have a few pointers for them... From my first hand experience that is."

"Would you tell a woman how to treat their child?" Isa says, getting up and heading to the door.

"Yes." She says with ease.

"Oh, good luck then," Isa says, and is gone.

"Alright." Erin gets up and peeks into the hallway.

A woman with white hair and a blue eye, with her other eye concealed by an eyepatch and wearing a business suit walks by.

"Would you know where this Robot Lady is?"

"She's occasionally in First Tier if she's not working at Madhouse." She says dully, largely ignoring Erin.

"And where is the First Tier?"

"Down." She continues on.

"Okay...?" Erin enters the hall.

She is gone by the time Erin does so.

Erin sighs, largely lost. "Guess I better start looking." She Begins down the hall, starting her search for the Robot Lady.

In the lowest level of the prison, Tadashi awakens

"Where, where am I?" he says with sleepy eyes.

There are countless sounds of muffled roars, screams, and various other unnerving noises of monstrous creatures coming from all around him.

"Maximum Security Cell 2-28. You're where the worst of the worst get sent. For purposes of demonstration." A man's voice echoes in the room.

"Honestly what you did hardly qualifies for this level of treatment, but I wanted you to get a good show of what we do here. Also, I would reccomend getting a ticket to the Fountain of Common Sense, because you desperately need some. On top of preparing for war against an apocalyptic army of Myths, routing high levels of terrorism in the nation, stopping this city's residents from rioting and killing Myths left and right, multiple break ins, now I have to teach a toddler what reality is."

A man steps forth from the darkness, and Tadashi realizes he can't move or use any of his powers. The man has blonde hair and golden brown eyes, and appears to be wearing a rather decent suit. His expression is that of an angry parent, about to heavily scold a child.

Tadashi bursts out laughing. "HAH! You're expecting me to care what some man in a suit says? I know what reality is, I'm almost at the end of my age, but at the same time I'm willing to listen. Just, can we do this over tea? I missed the breakfast special."

"I'm sorry, deaf in one year. You'll have to speak a tad louder." He says, walking away to a wall.

"If you're trying to hear me I'd assume you wouldn't walk away, my friend."

He pulls the wall open, revealing a source of one of the noises, a huge dragon.

"Ten months ago. This beast came in and tried to burn down the city. The entire city could have been reduced to rubble. We put a stop to it." He closes the wall with a mighty slam.

He walks to another part of the wall, and opens it, revealing a man tied down in heavy chains. "Two months ago, there was a spree of mass murders of Myths. We detained the culprit, and here he remains. He slams the wall shut.

"This is the reality of this world. Men and Myths are at war. They always have. We're the first Agency that's stopped to look at the real problem. We detain those who try to disturb order, and enforce laws that benefit man and myth."

He silently walks over to Tadashi.

"We have over sixty six thousand inmates. Over sixty percent are humans. The other half... ...are Myths and people like you who have no regard for the safety of others, and the order that is necessary to ensure that safety."

"And what happens when that order fails?"

"That's why we Agencies exist. One way or another, we rebuild it. Even by force. As for you, I could let you go, considering your offense is minor by comparison of what could have happened, but I cannot allow a loose cannon fly."

"Yet you let Agencies exist? Talk about loose cannons. The Mythological Containment Program, the Mythological Containment Program to say the least. You will fail, and when you do, the people who know how the world works will take your place." Tadashi smiles. "Now... will I ever get some tea down here? I've wasted enough time. Seriously, missing the Breakfast Special.... God I hate you damn idiots who kidnap people and call it saving them... Anyways, I'm sure you have your duties and you're just trying to convince this aging anarchist of blasphemy of you're 'oh so powerful agency that will help the world'."

"Yes, because you've seen what we do on a daily basis, or what the other Agencies do. Tell me angel, have you seen the children and families I've saved with my program? We are making a difference, far more than people like you and others have done, seeking justice on their own terms. You people do nothing but drive the divide in this land deeper.

You've not seen what atrocities I've seen. Nor do you understand my situation, and just how damn impossible this country's people are. Do you even understand how long I've spent just getting my Agency the ability to treat Myths and men fairly? Or even establish a basic precedent of justice? Step in my shoes for a day and you would beg my forgiveness."

The man begins to walk away.

"You understand nothing. You never will. Oh, and get used to bread and water. Nothing else. Because you will get nothing else."

"I want you to know one thing.... You fucking dumbasses down here think you have it so bad, huh? I may not have seen what you've seen, but you went too far this time. You don't know the hell I've lived, just as well as I don't know yours. So don't undermine my own pain with your own, oh Great One of Fairness and Righteousness." Tadashi puts his head down to rest as the man faces the exit.

The man stops. "Did a myth infect your cousin who is the only damn person you care about and cause her to slowly turn into an abomination, which to this day has no cure? Have you lived in service to people who don't appreciate you, and have been forced to watch for years as crime and hate go unchallenged? Did you watch your parents get slaughtered by humans for no reason other than simply living, and do you now work for the very race that did it? 

Have you watched with pride as that same cousin grew as a person despite her hate for a race who did her harm? Have you watched as she even to this stay still remembers what matters, and fights for both sides? No? Don't tell me you have it bad. You, not having parents who love you... you're a common occurance. I know that story time and time again. Many people I've dealt with have lived your life. And I bare a similar message. Stop being a child and grow up. We are only as powerful as our willingness to put ourselves second and those we serve first. And I serve the people. Every woman and child, even people like you."

He walks out and closes the door behind him.

"soooo... Do I get a roommate or are you going to waste this large room for one angel? And when do we eat?"

There is only deafening silence.

Tadashi sighs. "Guess so." He closes his eyes in order to take a nap.

In the other part of the complex, Erin finally finds the Robot Lady in a hallway.

The woman wears a white lab coat, and is surrounded by the robotic dogs, all of which eye Erin with almost wicked red eyes. The woman has long black hair and appears to be working on computers. The robotic dogs do not let her near, growling like demons.

"What?" The woman asks abrasively, not bothering to turn around.

"I was told that you could show me some technology that hasn't hit any markets." Erin says. "I am Erin, and your dogs almost killed me. Plus, they have some major flaws in their design."

The woman stops, and the dogs open their mouths, large cannons pop out, a high keening noise emitting from them.

Erin walks in front of the lady, lifting one of the dog's paws, showing off the joint. "The joints have lighter materials in them." She covers her had in the steel from the ground and walls around them. After that is complete, she breaks the joint with ease. "See?" The steel is shattered upon impact, but the joint is slightly broke.

The joint is unaffected, and the machine suplexes her so hard her spine cracks in all 24 bones when she lands.

"The AMU are made of heavy duty holy metals and various titanium elements. These machines are the equivalent of a CRAzy, but over forty times harder to hit or damage."

"That wasn't all I did" Erin says as the smoke clears and a titanium wall is made of the dog that had tried to hit her. "Major. Flaws. I could help you fix them though."

A proton cannon from multiple dogs blasts her in the stomach, legs, and one lung. A smell of burning flesh is heavy in the air.

"Protocol Reassembly." The dog begins to reshape itself as though liquid, then snarls. Erin notices a strange cannon like device is now in the woman's hands.

"Any more smart comments, or would you like to find out what happens when I shoot you with a nano-particle cannon that aggressively eats carbon based lifeforms faster than any version of regeneration humanly or otherwise possible?"

Erin Lets the burns continue. "I'm just trying to help you. I was told I could see some techso I came to find you. Took a good thirty minutes." She smiles pathetically through the pain."

"I don't need the help of a little girl. Don't think you can handle the big boy toys. Why don't you have a water soaker instead?"

"..." Erin closes her wounds by manipulating her cells to multiply faster. "You just don't understand that I'm trying to help you old ass, do you?"

"I, one of the top scientists of my entire field of research, do not need a mere hired thug to help me with advanced military grade weaponry far beyond the scope of your intelligence."

With that, the woman walks off and as she does so, tosses Erin a strange gun with a set of blue lights. "Break it, you buy it. Several million dollars into that baby."

My mind is much bigger than you'd expect at first sight the lady's mind hears.

The woman doesn't seem to register the voice, and just walks on, leaving Erin with the gun.

Erin turns and walks the other way, in search of her gear so she can examine the new utensil.

After a while she reaches Ground Floor, just before she gets to the main hall a male with shaggy blonde hair sweeps down from above, his face stoping right in hers.

"I hear you like to rustle people's jimmies. As much as I like pandemonium, leave that to me, I'm the resident troublemaker. Got a name Angelcake?" The male appears to have cat eyes, ears, and a tail. His hair is rather poofy like a mane.

"And who might the lioness be?"

His tail smacks her in the face.

An arm or titanium sprouts from the ground and grabs the tail, breaking one of the bones seemingly on accident. "Please leave me alone. And don't smack me, I'd rather not fight a lioness when her cubs might be watching." The titanium returns to the floor and she walks around the man to the end of the hall, still trying to find her stuff.

Erin feels something collide with her skull, and everything goes back for the next couple of days...

"................You know, you have a nasty habit of picking fights." A man's voice echoes as Erin wakes up. "Leo has a very dangerous temper."

Erin puts a hand to the back of her head. "What asshole hits a lady in the back of the head? He too scared to fight fair?" She groans as she gets up. "Where's my stuff? And the gun?"

The man has blonde hair and golden brown eyes. "Not most important to you, as your skull was fractured and you suffered a concussion. It's good that you didn't fall into a coma or worse. Needless to say I will talk to Leo, but keep in mind that there are some lethal tempers, espeically amongst Mad House. It would be better if you... adapted a mentality of caution."

He gently pats her head. "You should finish healing by the end of the day, but don't stress yourself further. I'll be back later, I have to go the organization's expo today."

"Again, where is my shit? I need it so I can study that gun. And who the fuck are you to give orders?" She looks at him questionably, not trying to offend him.

"I'm the Head Director of the organization, Issac Kurk. You will 'get your shit' when you are cleared to leave. That's one of Mad House's projects, I wouldn't reccomend messing with it until you are healed. ...You never know what sort of device that woman gave you."

"I was just going to slowly and carefully deconstruct and reconstruct it a few times, then fix the flaws..."

"If you do that you will likely die."

"Oh? And why's that?"

"What you have is a prototype Leech Force Morph-Gun. Type 5b0. It works by drawing your life energy. ...I won't say what it uses to power this function, but cracking it open effectively is suicide. Almost nothing she has built doesn't have a drawback to being tampered with. Anti theft/reverse engineering."

"If only that old hag'd teach me how..."

"That old hag is one of our finest minds and I would ask you be respectful of her work and not tamper with it. Be good, alright?" He walks out.

"HEY! WAIT! WHERE'S MY SHIT?!" she yells into the hallway.

From nowhere yet walking toward her as though he was always there, a green haired man places his hand over her mouth and she soon falls asleep.

down in the lowest level of the prison

Tadashi is singing Christmas carols. "...bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way...?"

The cell doors open as a woman in a lab coat walks through, with short messy purple hair, looking at him with largely empty eyes, which slightly light up on seeing him.. In her hand is a loaf of bread and glass of water on a dull platter.

"Meal for the day." She says dully.

"Ah why thank you, my friend. It is kind that you feed your prisoners." He says with a smile. "Mind to join me for the meal? Gets a little lonely..."

"No. In most cases I would be experimenting on you. Issac has strictly prohibited said action. I have no business here." She is already leaving.

"Why has he done so?" he asks

"Because he doesn't like the unethical experimentation of prisoners." The doors close behind her.

"Well, have a nice day." He reaches for the bread, saving the water for the end of the meal.

For a while, all he hears is the sounds and roars of other prisoners.

He focuses on making the bread last, chewing slowly and surely. Once he is finished, he drinks the water slowly, then starts to meditate.

He eventually hears the sound of footsteps.

The angel looks at the door.

A man similar to Issac but much older and with signs of grey in his hair walks in the door, accompanied by armed guards. He seems to be only mildly interested in the angel.

He stands. "Hello. I am Tadashi, and you are?"

"Hmm." The only response is a grunt. He appears to be surveying the prison.

"I suppose you're not one to talk much."

"I don't have anything to say to a terrorist whose mindlessness I have to pay for so my son doesn't have to dig out of his already fragile budget."

"Heh. Funny. Then what is your reasoning to come to my cell if not for company?"

Display of Change Edit

A call for the Enforcers to meet in Issac's office is heard.

Torikkumasutā: *enters the office* First! *falls over, the gets back up*

Clare is soon to follow, most of them have arrived within moments.

"You know the drill, other side." Issac comments, his face is heavy with weariness and frustration.

Torikkumasutā: Oh ok. ummm excuse me. *moves over to the side of the room* There ok.

"Thank you for coming. Our annual Expo is due in the next coming days. You have an important mission: to ensure the security and success of our Expo. Any and all threats should be treated with utmost speed and efficiency. This is an important event for our agency, one important financially and politically."

Torikkumasutā: You can definitely count on us, Mr. Isaac. You have the best of the best on your side.

"You actually sound competent for once. I imagined something along the lines of a joke. ...Maybe it's just my grim demeanor of late. In any case, be ready. You never know what will happen. I don't imagine something would happen but... know what this world is like. Crazy. The people could decide to riot over new policies... you know. Want you all to be ready."

Torikkumasutā: Then we'll have it under control, Mr. Isaac. Is there anything else you need for us to do?

"Nothing else. I would spend the rest of your all's time getting ready."

Torikkumasutā: Ok then. We'll leave you to your solitude. Let us go, fellow Enforcers. *leaps out the room first*

Leo rolls his eyes exasperatedly as he walks out.

Torikkumasutā: *makes it back to Clare's house* Partner, I'm at the house! With all my belongings and such!

Clare doesn't seem to be home, she appears down the road a few minutes later though.

Torikkumasutā: Oh partner there you are. I got all my things and I've set up in the guest room.

"...I see." She says, tired.

Torikkumasutā: I can here the sleepiness in your voice. Do you need me to help?

"..." Her tired eye seems to weigh the options, as she heads to her room.

Torikkumasutā: Let me make it easier for you, partner. *picks up Clare and carries the rest of the way*

Clare doesn't comment, instead seems to start drifting off.

Torikkumasutā: *slowly lets Clare on her bed* Goodnight partneeer. *leaves her room and heads into the guest room* Bedtime for me too! *jumps in the air and strips all of his clothes except his underwear and lands into the bed* Goodnight everyone. *turns off his lamp light and goes to sleep*

Over the next few days, Tori sees a great deal of activity through the facility, lots of metal crates are carted around. Finally, the day of the Expo begins.

Torikkumasutā:: Oooooohhh I wonder what's in these boxes....But what is an Ex-po anyway? It sounds like a strong drink.

Clare seems to have not woken up.

Torikkumasutā: Partner? Partner? You feeling ok? Usually when it's morning time, you get up. *pokes her cheek* Hehehehr. *pokes her cheek again* Hehehehe. *pokes her cheek again* Hehehehehehe.

She stirs in her sleep.

Torikkumasutā: Oh. Ok, no poking. *puts his hands behind his back*

Her eyes start to open, her yellow contrasting her blue.

Torikkumasutā: Oh you're awake partner. I want to tell you that I was not poking your cheek. It was that mainatence guy over there. I told him to leave....Weirdo...

"I know it was you." She says, her tone neutral.

Torikkumasutā: Ha! Me? Pfft. Please, partner. You'd know I would never invade your personal space in your sleep. Hahaha-You have no proof...

"I can smell your touch on my cheek."

Torikkumasutā: ........*smells his fingers* ? *smells his fingers again* But...what? Ho-*smells his fingers again*....What?

"I have been experiencing higher senses ever since... ...Since my eye turned yellow."

Torikkumasutā: *moves her face where he can look at her yellow eye directly* Hmmmmmm... *smiles* It looks pretty.

Clare's face starts burning.

Torikkumasutā: *pokes her cheek* Poke hehehe....Ok it was me who was poking at your face...*is ashamed*

She pulls him down in a soft hug, his touch electrifying to her evolving senses. "Don't be ashamed to be you. Within reason."

Torikkumasutā: Yaaayyy more hugs! *hugs her back* You know you have the best hugs in the world.

"Ooof! -Yes, very nice..."

Torikkumasutā: Oh right, too strong. *loosen up his grip* There we go.

Clare just remains motionless for a moment.

Torikkumasutā: Hey partner. What's an Ex-po?

"...An Exposition. It's where we show the public what we've been working on." She finds it much easier to think now that he asked a question right in the middle of... ...that moment.

Torikkumasutā: Also, what are in the metal boxes? ....It's nothing that'll kill me,right?...

"Within reason."

Torikkumasutā:....*slowly sinks his head into hsi baggy shirt*

She starts tickling his armpits.

Torikkumasutā: Ah! *his head pops out of his shirt* Claaare! I'm trying to hiiide...And that tickles...

She tickles him further, then slowly gets up.

Torikkumasutā: AH! HAHAHAHA! Stop it, Clare! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *squaks* Stop!

She is now walking away. "Let's get ready."

Torikkumasutā: *is catching his breathe* O...Ok...Whoo...comin' partner...*slowly follows behind Clare*

They go to the front of the facility, where the others are gathered. Issac stands before them. "Are you all ready?" He asks.

Torikkumasutā: Yes sir, Mr.Isaac.

He nods, before walking out, a series of buses waiting out front, Issac takes the first bus.

Torikkumasutā: Ooooohhh. Yellow cars.

Clare nudges him with a elbow. "Hurry up and go."

Torikkumasutā: Oh ok. *gets on the second bus* Ok I'm on.

Clare follows him quietly, everyone else seems to have gotten on separate buses. Strangely the bus does not appear to have a driver.

Torikkumasutā: Are we waiting for someone?

The buses all begin to start, but appear to be self driving. Each one begins to drive, all with no drivers, all in a single file line.

Torikkumasutā: OH DEAR CROW GOD, THESE THINGS ARE POSSESSED! *begins to panic, trying to find his way out the various windows of the bus*

"It's just a automated bus. Sit down." Clare says, rolling her exposed eye. She is wearing her eyepatch again.

Torikkumasutā: *clings onto Clare fearfully*

She softly rubs his hair.

Torikkumasutā: Technology is scary...

"It's the name of the game."

Torikkumasutā: It's going to kill everyone...Eventually....

"It's just what we do. Develop technology for the benefit of everyone."

Torikkumasutā: I don't like it...What if....What if they revolt against all sentient beings on Earth?

"My cousin wouldn't approve any project with that kind of risk."

Torikkumasutā: Ambition is a great asset to success...The more infuluence that ambition has on the world, it shapes the future for it...It's still scary...

Clare's breath gradually grows heavier as Tori remains clinged to her, and her body feels hotter. Why is his touch affecting me like this? Is it my newfound sensitivity? Will it ever stop growing?

Torikkumasutā:: *notices she's wearing her eyepatch* Partner, why are you wearing that for?

"...I hate that eye. And people will know the truth about me."

Torikkumasutā: *takes off the eyepatch and looks at Clare* I don't see why, it makes you look beautiful. It's like looking at a mystery. *makes ghost sounds* Besides, if they do know, then let them try to do something. You got your good partner Torikku to stand by your side. *impishly sticks his tongue out ot the side*

She closes her eyes. "Beautiful...? I'm losing myself and becoming a monster. There's nothing beautiful about this."

Torikkumasutā: Only because you're letting your mind tell you that. If you were a monster I wouldn't bother being around your or even say that you looked beautiful. *pokes her cheek* Heheheh. Sorry. Just had to do it.

Tears silently roll down her cheeks.

Torikkumasutā: Clare, I won't pretend I know how you feel. I don't, atleast not on that level. I just want you to know that whatever happens to you, no matter who says what about you. You can always believe that you are still going to be my friend. *wraps his arms around her and rest his had on top of hers*


Torikkumasutā: *strokes her short hair* It's ok be afraid, but don't let your fears play out your life. Don't let the transformation get to your mind. If you do believe that you will turn into a monster, then enjoy all the time you have to be human. Just know that I am no different than any other man. Except I am a birdman. But you understand. That if you turn into a monster, then nothing is actually separating you. We're all the same. Whether they see it or not.

She remains silent for a moment.

Torikkumasutā: Heheh. Your hair feels fuzzy. *rubs his face on her head* Aaaahhhh...That feels so nice...

She bitterly laughs.

Torikkumasutā: *begins to silently laugh with her*

She leans into him, hugging him tight.

Torikkumasutā: *slowly begins to rock her from side to side* Friends 'til death.

She seems to fall asleep after a while.

Torikkumasutā: Sweet dreamns, Clare. Good o' Tori will have your back. *alternates his head around the bus* ....Curses to technolgy...

Eventually the buses come to a stop, Clare is still sleeping, during the trip small blue wings grew out of her back.

Torikkumasutā: *is entranced by the wings* Oooooohhhh....Bluuuueee....*attempts to touch one of her wings*

Clare flinches and wakes up in a sweat, pulling back.

Torikkumasutā: *retacts his hand* I didn't do it! Well, ok I was about to...Your wings were really glowy...

"...Please don't touch those..."

Torikkumasutā: Ok...Sorry...But we're here at the Ex-po!

She silently puts on her eyepatch and gets up. "Alright let's go."

Torikkumasutā: *pouts* I still don't like that you have to put that on...


Torikkumasutā: *mumbles*

She elbows him in the side and walks out.

Torikkumasutā: Ow...*follows Clare outside*

They are at a large convention hall, and there appears to be a lot of people.

Torikkumasutā: Hey look people. So many of them too.

"They're here to see our exposition."

Torikkumasutā: Then it must really be worth it then. I bet what we have to show them is reaaally impressive.

"We have some new technology meant to improve security and defense of the everyday man."

Torikkumasutā: .....And you said that Mr.Isaac wouldn't allow our technology to get out of hand?

"Ok you worry to much. Let's just get inside."

Torikkumasutā: I grew up in a bamboo forest, Ok? And the first time I came in contact with technology was...those things...

"Well as long as you don't hit one again you'll be fine."

Torikkumasutā: All I did was press buttons!

"I doubt that." She walks to the staff room.

Torikkumasutā: I swear, that's all I did! *follows*

Issac is handing out orders for the day's security measures, Clare and Tori are paired again.

Torikkumasutā: *whispers* Yaaaaay!

"You will be on stage duty."

Torikkumasutā: W-what's that?

"The main center of attention."

Torikkumasutā: Hmm...Ok!

"Keep a careful eye out and get ready in case a mob starts."

Torikkumasutā: Watch out for angry people. Gotcha.

"It starts at noon, til then feel free to roam."

Torikkumasutā: Ok-Waaaait a minute...There's nothing here that could potentially kill me, is there?

"Don't touch anything and you won't find out."

Torikkumasutā: Oooooohhh. Ok. I think I can do that. I think. I'll try my best anyway.

"Clare, slap him if he touches things."

"Will do sir."

Torikkumasutā: *is stroking Clare's hand* Oh my gosh, your hands are incredibly soft....*puts her hand on his cheek and begins to rub her hand on his face* Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh.....So nice....

A slap rings out. "Stop being creepy." She walks out.

Torikkumasutā: ...The softnesss went away...Awwww...*follows Clare*

Clare and Tori begin their rounds, surveying the crowd.

Torrikumasuta: *is amazed by the vast amount of people at the convention* Oooooohhhhh...Clare, look at the many people Ooooooohhhh...

"It's no different than any other convention."

Torrikumasuta: I never been to one...It is so pretty...Never seen so many people in one place...

"The novelty will wear off soon. Besides, this many people, undoubtedly an incident or two may come up." Among the various programs presented at the convention, there are panels focused on education regarding Myths such as 'Myths, the Real and Fake' and 'Safety Measures During a Mythic Disaster', as well as some more progressive and conservative oriented panels. There are shops with various defense and security devices and measures, as well as various local artists and businesses.

"Honestly I don't really care for these things."

Torikkumasuta: I wanna say hi to the people...

"Please don't embarrass me Tori, we've got a job."

Torrikumasuta: But Clare, look at all the people! There's a chocolate person, a strawberry person, a vanilla person with small eyes, a sand person, a carmel person. It's a whole flavorable rainbow of people! The eth-...ethn-....ethnic-... It's beautiful...

Clare swats his cheek. "Focus please."

Torikkumasuta: *rubs his cheeck* Ow...

After a couple of hours, the main presentation of the expo begins, and Issac stands on stage. The Enforcers are all within the vicinity.

"Greetings all, I am glad you joined us for the annual MPD Tech Expo. We hope you have had a good time up til now."

Torrikumasuta: We're your biggest fans, Mr.Isaac!

"I know that in recent times things have been hard on the community, and with war time, things are looking bleak. I want you all to know the Mythological Phenomena Department has you all on our minds, man and myth. With the threat of future violence on the horizon, we have been busy working on the completion of a project we have been working on for a long time." Issac gestures for the crazy tech woman to come forward.

"My name is Geira Is, I head Division 2's Advanced Technological Department. For the past couple years we realized that we don't have any advanced protection that doesn't involve putting our soldiers on the front lines to protect the populace. We also realized in the face of a Mythic attack, there would be no quick automatic response time. While the CRAzy is good for the outright destruction of a target, we realized it isn't good for the defense of the people. Thus, we began work on the A.M.U."

A robotic armored dog steps forward as she says the name, sleek, elegant, and powerful in design, this robot was clearly made to impress, what it lacks in the stature of a CRAzy, there is no doubt that it looks like a fighting machine.

"We have been working on the Anti Mythic Unit to bring protection for family, workplace, and national defense. It relies on an unprecidented Mythos Database to quickly adapt to nearly any Mythic encounter, and to quickly subdue the target, with minimal casualties. Oh, and for those with kids..." The robot flickers, then appears to be a real life dog, complete with fur. It lets out a soft bark.

"We made sure it could appear and function as a member of the family, not just a home security device."

The crowd is rather fascinated by the A.M.U's capabilities.

Torikkumasuta: *slowly hides behind Clare*

"We have a ready supply of several thousand, with a limited supply available for civilian distribution, so if this technology interests you, you might want to order and order fast, we will be creating them based on demand. We also accept custom editions for private business."

"Any questions?" Issac asks.

One person raises their hand "Are there any other capabilities your unit can do?"

"It comes equiped with holy armaments, meaning impure entities are no challenge for it. It is capable of using martial arts or forms very similar. They can track a target for almost a whole month, and come armed with ultrasonic weapons that can subdue an enemy even miles from them. They have the ability to identify a Myth with advanced detection software. We also have more civilian purposes, for instance, if they hear glass breaking, they will automatically begin an alert sequence to alert all nearby personal of the noise. They are an all around security measure, meant to subdue, harass, or if needed, kill hostile entities. Does that answer your question?"

Someone else raises their hand "Is there any possibility of these units being hacked?"

"Very, very, very low." Issac replies before Geira can get angry. "They are autonomous AI that act based on guidelines. They're built to naturally resist, counter, and shut down the source of an attack. Put shortly, any contact with their software also allows them to find you. So, even if one could be controlled, the rest of the pack would know and hunt the hacker down. To begin with, each one is initialized to be unique from the others, so each one requires a unique method to bypass them."

Another person raises their hand "How much are things worth?"

"Several grand. They aren't cheap to make. It's like buying a car."

"Eh. Good enough for me."

"Thank you for your questions, if you wish to order, there are application forms outside the convention hall in a booth. Sign them and mail them to us."

Issac pauses for a moment. "In the last couple of years, our agency has grown spectacularly. Some may say it's my leadership that brought us this far, or the people who work every single day with us, but it should be said that the greatest contributers to our success is you all. When I joined the organization, it was a much simpler place, and honestly, I was just an intern. But I've seen so many communities ignored by those in power, ones awash in corruption and crime. I'd like to think we've made great progress as a community.

The MPD has strived to improve this community as best as it can, but we have so much more we have to do before we can all walk on the streets, assured that our children are safe, and that the future is bright. I'd like this city to be a place all walks of life can be safe, and I know with your support, we can one day achieve that. 

Soon this country will be at war again, and the threat of violence is looming once more. I ask that you continue to believe in us and our cause, and never stop moving forward. Hope is something we all need right now. Thank you all for coming."

He bows, then departs the stage.

Everyone claps

Torrikumasuta: *claps* Yaaaay, Mr.Isaac!

Clare shrugs. "It's ok."

Torikkumasuta: So inspirational!

"It's whatever." She shrugs again.

Meanwhile Issac is on the phone with the President. "Wanted to give you an update on a few things."

The President: Ok, what is it?

"Expo is going well so far, there's some interest for the A.M.U. Hopefully with enough time it'll be more popular outside of our region, then we can get some real traction. ...We need a big buyer though otherwise we won't get far with this program. A lot of money was spent developing this thing.

Also, can you have a list sent to me of all of the missing people without a body to bury? I have a theory about those beings that attacked us and the White House."

He then coughs. "So then... ...can I ask why you allied with this group Mr President? It seems unusual to trust a group that no one has even heard about- -and I've done the research. Who was that masked guy that you'd trust him like that? I'm curious."

The President: That man saved my life. He also has ties to this organization that managed to put the world in an even greater disarray. We needed someone who knew what they were doing. If we didn't know, we've been asking for the near extinction of man. But aside from that, the list might be hard to do as there were alot of people who died and with the many corpses, its hard to tell which ones are missing. Besides, who would be taking bodies while the White House was under attack?

"No, not during the White House attack. I mean the missing persons during the last invasion. If that will be too much to deal with, I will ask around the various Agencies and local authorities to find out what I can. I think this subject is of importance. So he is affiliated with the organization? Why is he working with us then?"

The President: Betrayal perhaps? A change in vision? Maybe he has ties here? There are very few reasons to help a stranger, but sometimes you ask yourself. Who would you save? Someone you knew or someone you didn't? A question like that tends to gripe people. I wonder if asked himself that when it came between his organization and a foreign nation.

"...Right. I'll keep that in mind. Do we have any word on the enemy's activity?"

The President: So far none. From the looks of it, they all retreated back to where they had come from. The only thing I know is about their threat of war. That's something the whole world knows.

"Right. In any case, I imagine you have work to do. Let me know if anything comes up."

The President: Oh, and if you're looking for a buyer then try to ask any of the Representatives. Anyone that is left anyway.

"Hrmm. Another time then. I'll keep in touch."

After a long day, everyone is heading home, Clare sits exhaustedly on a bus seat.

Torrikumasuta: *is outside the bus door looking fearful of the bus*

Leo silently kicks him in and locks the bus door so he's stuck inside with Clare.

Torrikumasuta: *is sitting in a seat balled up, looking all over the bus*

Clare is silently sleeping, utterly exhausted.

Torikumasuta: Technology is scary, Technology is scary, Technology is scary, Technology is scary...


Tori hears a dog bark next to him.

Torikkumasuta: SQUACK!!! *flies and its the roof of the bus and falls back down into his seat*

An A.M.U is sitting next to him, wagging its tail.

Torikkumasuta: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! *begins to crawl over seats to reach Clare* CLAAARE! WAKE UP! PLEASE! THERE'S ONE ON THE BUUUS! *clings onto Clare and buries his face in her arm* Make it go away...Make it go away...

She groans.

Torikkumasuta: *squints his eyes, while burying his face further into Clare's arm*

While sleeping, she pulls him into a tight embrace, her cheeks pressing up against his. She's holding him like a child would a teddy.

Torrikumasuta: Mmmmm. Clare's face feels so nice and warm. *slowly begins to rub his face up against Clare's* Ahhhh...So nice...Oh! Don't look at it! *buries his face into Clare's cheek* It smells nice too...

Clare's eyes open. "Why are you being creepy...?"

Torrikumasuta: I'm not being creepy. I'm hiding.

"Please stop rubbing yourself against me. You're gonna make me stink like bird."

Torikkumasuta: But where will I hide?

"If you keep acting like that Tori, they might get confused and mistake you for an enemy, quit freaking out every time they are nearby. Just think of them like police dogs."

Torikkumasuta: But aren't they just as bad?

"What? That's like saying we're bad people."

Torikkumasuta: But dogs aren't people.

"Neither are you, what's your point?"

Torikkumasuta: *looks sad* Awwwwww...Is it because imma birdman...That I can be like people?

"Now how do you think the police dog feels?"

Torikkumasuta: I don't know...But I look like people. Talk like people. Walk like people. How much more people-like do I have to be?

"I don't know anymore than you." She fidgets with her eyepatch.

Torikkumasuta: Ok. Well, I just let you sleep then. *slowly makes his way back to his original spot*

The A.M.U. tilts its head when he gets close.

Torikkumasuta: *stares intently at it until he makes he back into his seat, then turns away*

It continues looking at him.

Torikkumasuta: *looks out the window*

The bus finally arrives at the agency.

Torikkumasuta: *jumps off the bus and lands on the ground*

Clare is still sleeping, too tired.

Torikkumasuta: CLARE! WE"RE HERE!

"..." There seems to be no response.

Torikkumasuta: Ooohhh...Don't wanna go back...But I gotta do it for ma' partner...*runs onto the bus and quickly grabs Clare and carries her off the bus*

She continues to sleep.

"Well, look at the dashing prince with his little princess," Leo jeers.

Torikkumasuta: I am no prince. A prince is a person. Imma birdman. And my partner is- *looks at Clare for a moment* Is she really that small? *looks at her again*

"Hmm, if you're a bird, then that means it's ok for me to eat you, because I'm a cat."

Torikkumasuta: Well I can fly.

"Hmmph. Don't know what's with you liking humans the way you do. It's weird." He leaves.

Torikkumasuta: Bye 3rd partner. *walks into the facility and makes his way to Clare's home*

Clare remains asleep.

Torikkumasuta: *opens the door with his foot* Finally. Now I can set Clare down and take off this terrible uniform.

Clare's hair is now a tiny bit longer, about the length of an average boy's hair.

Torikkumasuta: *sets Clare on her bed and covers her up* Oooohh. Hair. *strokes her hair* Sooooffft...Heheheheheh...

She shifts in her sleep.

Torikkumasuta: Oh right. No creepy. *makes his way out of Clare's room and enters the smaller room* Finally! *takes off his uniform and tosses himself onto the bed and instantly falls asleep*

Early in the morning, there is loud noise heard.

Torikkumasuta: *abruptly wakes up* Wha-! *gets up from his bed and exits his room* Who goes there?

There is sounds of panicked running and shouts. Clare, in the next room, is asleep.

Torikkumasuta: PARTNER! *walks over to Clare's room* CLARE! People are making noises! We need to stop it!

He feels a tap on his shoulder.

Torikkumasuta: Huh? *turns around*

Leo grabs him. "We gotta go, it's important. Don't bring her though."

Torikkumasuta: Ooh ok. What's up with the noise, though?

"Something bad happened downtown."

Torikkumasuta: Really? What happened?

"Not here. Issac is furious though."

Torikkumasuta: Ok. Then lead the way 4th partner.

"Does the concept of names not apply wherever you're from?"

Torikkumasuta: Only named my sister and my pet worm. Oh and Mr. Quackers!....Where is he anyway? *looks around himself*

Infection Spreading Edit

When Tori and most of the Enforcers have arrived at the scene, they find a half mutated human woman naked on the streets, a gunshot has blown her head clean open. Issac is standing over it with a drawn pistol.

Torikkumasuta: *squacks* Shots fired, shots fired! *ducks to the ground*

"Get up Tori." Simon speaks. "This is serious."

Torikkumasuta: *is afraid* Guns...Guns are frickin'  dangerous, man! *slowly gets to his feet*

"So, it is what you thought it was?" Simon asks.

"...Indeed, another victim of the Variante Virus. ...She was pregnant as well, I had to kill her."

Torikkumasuta: Awwwwww... *is sad*

A group of masked men bearing flamethrowers appears from the crowd, and aims at the dead woman's body.

Torikkumasuta: Ooooooohhh... *his face looks all droopy*

The flamethrowers ignite and burn the corpse.

Torikkumasuta: *whimpers as he continues to watch*

A few black slimy creatures attempt to escape the blaze, but are quickly shot and killed by Issac.

Torikkumasuta: *Squints his eyes shut* Make it go away...Make it go away...

"Search the area for any sign of more." Issac commands the group.

Torikkumasuta: Yes sir, Mr. Isaac...*slowly walks off*

The air feels dense and unwelcoming.

Torikkumasuta: *is walking cautiously* Oooohhh I don't like it. Don't it. Don't like it. Don't like it. Ooooooooohhhhh I just don't like it!

As he goes into an alley, he hears faint scampering.

Torikkumasuta: Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhh...W-w-w-whooooo is iiiiitttt?

A large black mass lunges at him.

Torikkumasuta: *sreams in terror as he lunges out of the way*

It is right on his heels, black tendrils flailing wildly.

Torikkumasuta: *begins to panic as he tries to get away* Oh my God. Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod!

It continues to attack.

Torikkumasuta: *manages to get up and tries to run away*

It lashes at him with its tendrils.


No one seems to hear him.

Torkkumasuta; Ooooohhhhh my Goood! *puts his hands together an makes an O-shap and fires a light beam at it*

The beam destroys the creature.

Torikkumasuta: *is breathing heavily*

He hears more noises above him.

Torikkumasuta: *slowly begins to look up*

A whole swarm of the things is crawling down the walls toward him.

Torikkumasuta: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! *spreads he hands apart and there are multiple light daggers, and throws them all  at once at the swarm*

They keep coming.

Torikkumasuta: *tries to make a run for it again*

A huge lion charges in and begins tearing the creatures to shreds.

Torikkumasuta: *is ducking behind a trash can* Make them go away...Make them go away...

"What's the matter? Scared of a few bugs? You're a bird!"

Torikuumasuta: Those weren't bugs....Those weren't bugs...

"They squirm about and are about as squishy, might as well be." The lion continues to tear them apart.

Torikkumasuta: But they tried to...Latch on to me...Like sap...Only you couldn't wash and scrub it off...

Arnak seemingly rushes in, looking around the area and then everyone else. "Fucking hell. Didn't exactly get the memo in time."

Torikkumasuta: *looks at Arnak confusedly* When did you get here?

Arnak gives him a look. "Just now."

Torikkumasuta: Wait, Who are you?

His eye twitches. "Are you fucking serious? Its not like I said my name thousands of times infront of you while a tried to get a child to say it correctly. Its Arnak. Christ."

Torrikumasuta: You're related to Jesus? *bows to Arnak* I am honored.

"You better treat me like im fucking jesus so I dont rip your trachea out." Arnak growls.

Leo leaps up onto the building, half transformed. "Oi, not teh time. We got more wriggly things to kill." He says as a whole swarm of black blob like monsters are beginning to crawl up the walls below.

Arnak notices that black blobs seem familiar to him. He walks over to the edge and sends a wave of fire down the wall.

He hears screeches as some of them are utterly disintegrated.

"Gross buggers aren't they?" Leo remarks.

"They're weak is what they are. Weak little disgraces." Arnak sends down a stronger wave of fire.

The rest react and burrow into the building itself.

"Ugh. This is going to make things harder. The fuckers can't be sensed so it'll be hard to track them down"

Leo smirks. "Who says we have to track em? Let's just knock the building down."

"As much as I'd love to destroy something I cannot help but feel as if the others wouldn't find that too....effective."

"This is highest priority, Issac wants them eliminated without fail."

"Then the building goes down. I'll burn the rubble to make sure."

"Allow me to start!" Leo launches into the air, roaring like a mighty lion, then drops down at high speed with a punch to the roof, causing the building to shatter.

Arnak teleports off the building. "My turn. I suggest you steer clear." Arnak raises his hand forward before demonic symbols start appearing in front of him, and as the building shatters it is set ablaze by hellfire.

The smell of burning flesh can be smelled profusely.

Arnak grins. "This, is the part of the job I like."

They can hear fighting going on else where.

He searches around what remains of the building to make sure nothing else is left before heading to where the fighting is.

He arrives at a scene where several MPD officers are hiding behind an overturned car, and Issac alone is attacking another swarm of abominations, what strikes Arnak is that as Issac is unleashing bolts of lightning from his fingertips, he can see cold, dark, malevolent fury etched in his face, as if looking at cold stone. From the manner in which he is attacking, it seems like he hates these things with every fiber of his being.

Arnak makes his way to the officers. "Why is no one helping him?"

"He said he had it under control. ...And we don't want to get hit by lightning."

"I don't conduct electricity. And fire works better." Arnak gets up and walks a few steps in Isaac's direction.

"What," Issac barks, not looking behind him as he zaps a gas line just as the creatures cross it, blowing up the rest of them.

"As much I'd love the idea of brutally destroying these things, there's a more efficient way to do things."

Issac seems to take a deep breath. "...You're right. I let my personal feelings about this case get in the way of my judgement." With another deep breath he straightens.

"Isa is further north dealing with the last of them."

"I'll assist her." Arnak teleports away, and is seen being on another building, teleporting again north.

Isa, while able to defend herself, is having more trouble with the swarms.

Arnak creates a psychic wall to protect Isa while he jumps down and sends a blast of fire at the swarm closest to her, and gets rid of the wall when he lands. "How is everything going here?"

"Thanks for the help..." She slashes at the swarm that survived the blast, but the slash has very limited effect. "It's not working on these."

"Fire works best. From what I can tell no one else can manipulate fire." He creates a wave of fire at the ones who survived. 

"Issac can, this case is sensitive to him, so if he's not thinking clearly, I really couldn't blame him. Thanks again." 

There seems to be no more left. 

"I noticed. I just 'cleared his mind', I suppose. Regardless it seems like everything is gone here."

"...To think this could happen to Clare... I wonder if Issac will have nightmares about this..." She mutters, not paying attention.

He picks up on her muttering. "You mentioned something about Clare having a condition. Does this have something to do with it?"

"It's why we're here," She speaks up. "These things... they came from someone who suffered Clare's condition. ...Only... ...we weren't there to stop it from..." Isa looks like she wants to vomit. "Making these things. Did you see the woman before you got here?"

"No. All i've seen were these black masses, nothing else."

"Well... ...they were hatched from a woman. ...We call the source of this condition the Variante Virus, as it causes those it infects to turn into Variante and after being impregnated, these things are the end result. ...All previous victims perished from their body being ripped open from the inside."

"Variente much is known regarding Variente's other than the condition this virus creates?"

"Well Varientes to our understanding don't normally have these... ...sort of traits, infecting humans. It must be a mutation or something. I doubt the MCCP would design something like that or even allow it."

"From what I've seen the MCCP tends to hate making mistakes. For their....special little creations to have mutations seems strange."

"That's all we know. Tensions are already high with the attack Exima did on our facility, we suspect MCCP directed it. With a MCCP born threat like this, Issac probably will end up blaming them for what happened to Clare. ...Man the Kurks have it rough."

She sighs. "Let's report back."

Arnak nods, and puts his hand to her arm, teleporting them back to where the others are, and quickly letting go. "The north should be clear now."

Issac sighs. "Good. I'm glad we got this sorted before Clare found out."

A pair of officers approach Issac. "Issac Kurk, Sir! No signs of surviving entities!"

He nods. "Good work."

Every time Clare is mentioned Arnak seems to have gears turning in his head, as if hes been figuring things out constantly throughout the mission. "Considering Clare knowing about this doesn't appear to be ideal i'd think it'd be best if we reached the facility quickly."

"Indeed. I'd rather not leave her unsupervised right now." Issac immediately takes off.

Arnak looks around. "....That was swell."

Isa begins walking down the street to her car.

He seems to follow after her. "I'd like it if I could....ride in your car instead of teleport the whole way."

"I naturally assumed that was already a given." She says, getting in, waiting for him.

Arnak simply nods and gets in the car.

She starts the car, and begins driving off toward the facility. "...I was actually a bit scared. I was worried that for once my ability would have meant nothing and I would get stung... ...and end up like Clare."

"I can't exactly say much that would....make you feel better, but even if the abilities you have aren't suitable for a mission you're doing, and that might mean life or death you still have....others that will likely be there to assist you."

"We don't have a cure for that condition, Arnak. I'd have been in the same boat as Clare if things kept going the way they did."

"I could attempt to...teach you how to manipulate fire. Considering fire is generally their ultimate weakness."

"I'm no good with magic."

"There is another thing I know. I'm not sure if it would still work on this type of variente however. Varientes are generally susceptible to vibrating sounds, either enraging them or soothing them. Its the only thing I'd think could work for you."

"Hmm. I'll take it into account."

"And by the way, at some point I was going to ask you if you could assist me with my powers. Im able to create psychic constructs but I fine tune it."

"I could look into that."

Arnak sits in silence for a bit as they drive. "Its awfully quiet."

She quietly turns on the radio.

"....What is this?"


"Music. Actually I did hear something that could have been music back in the store, but it sounded much more different from this."

"There are different types, which are known as genres."

"What's this genre?"


"It seems....adequate."

"Want to try something else?"

"Sure. Maybe something less....slow?"

She turns the channel to a rock station.

"This is vastly different....I quite like it."

"Ok then." Her usual smile is gone, she seems a tad distracted by her thoughts.

He seems to notice. "Are you fine?"

"...It just bothers me. I wonder how Issac can handle it all... to think that could happen to your own cousin..."

"From what he was doing to those varientes it seems like he can't handle it all."

"I think it was to blow off steam. He is probably represssing a lot of rage and helplessness."

"Understandable. Why is Clare in such a dangerous business anyway if she has a condition like this?"

"The Mythological Phenomena Department is a largely scientific venture. Its resources can easily support the effort to cure her, and its military aspect can help shield her from the mobs and other Agencies if they knew of her. Plus as an agent, no one will think twice about an Agency with an unusual being, that's kind of what they're for, to utilize or contain, so really it's the best place to be."

"For it being the best place it seems to remain an extremely problematic situation." Arnak seems confused with himself after thinking. "....It...seems to be in my best wishes that she recovers." He seems even more confused.

"Though at this point, it seems like we won't be able to cure her. The reason she's paired with Tori is because the condition causes her to change into a Myth that she sees, but the effects are controlled to an extent via a collar. ...If we shut that off and made her look at a specific Myth, that's what she would become. ...If we can't find a way, we'll be forced to use that option."

"Is that option permanent? The last thing I'd want to be is the birdman."

"Well, she'd be a tengu yokai, but yes, we couldn't reverse it at that point. ...Issac would rather her live a happy or comfortable life than living with this agony."

"What has Clare said regarding this? I've only heard what others feel about this, not her herself."

"I don't believe Issac has really told her. Clare and Tori have developed a small kinship over the past few weeks."


"Feeling of closeness or of brotherhood. In a way, it's like friendship."

"Oh. I see. That seems like a...strange 'kinship'. I may not know much about Clare personality wise but it seems unexpected."

"She is what Japanese would call Tsundare. Prickly, but soft on the inside."

"Interesting. I went to Japan actually, nothing but Oni in the area I was in. Also where I had to do one of the most fucking stupid missions ever."

"In any case, Clare is just someone who needs time. In some cases you're similar. You both have your own issues to overcome."

"I....suppose. Don't call me a Tsundere though. I don't like the idea of being soft in the inside."

Isa just smiles, and they eventually pull up to the facility.

He gets out of he car and waits for Isa, putting his hands into his pockets.

She comes out, slinging her purse onto her shoulder and is now walking toward the front.

He follows after her. "The music that was playing in the car, is there anyway someone can easily play it?"

"The guitar and drums, I imagine."

"Those are instruments, yes? How do you learn to play these?"

"Practice I imagine. And someone who plays them."

"Is there something that can allow me to search and learn about these things? A database of sorts?"

"Internet I believe. Issac makes us pay for usage though."

"Internet, that's something I vaguely know. I don't have a computer though."

"You can get one and internet access if you save up money on missions."

"I dont think i'll need to buy much so that shouldn't be difficult. Do certain missions give more pay?"

"I suppose. We have a lull with the activity freeze. We do still patrol for police affairs, which is the standard job. It pays well enough. Specialized missions like this give more though, yes."

"I could patrol a whole area without moving at all. That'd be too easy. But if it pays, it pays. This lull sounds unfortunate."

"Part of our program is to perform a visible service of the law. If criminals see us actively working, they may not risk acting out as much."

"If I was a criminal seeing active patrol would only make me want to challenge it even more. Afterall the first time I did that I ended up taking down a whole organization. No, it'd be much  more exhilerating for criminals to be dropping like flies without them even knowing why."

Isa gives him a patient smile. "No Arnak, killing is not within the rules. First off, how can someone else verify the legitimacy of your claim of someone being a criminal if only you are aware of their guilt? Innocent until proven guilty. In a court of law, not the court of Arnak. Acting out in such a way could get you dismissed or worse."

She sighs. "The majority of criminals are petty thieves and domestic disputes. You should try to capture a offender of the law after obtaining proof of their crime as soon as possible. Killing is not an option unless the threat of death of innocents is immenient."

Arnak throws his head back. "Isa I will be honest. I enjoy your company but If I am told that again im going to test if I am capable of committing suicide." He looks back at Isa. "But fine. No killing. Or brutalizing. Or violently maiming."

"I'll see you later. I need to shower." She walks off into the facility.

After shes gone he mumbles to himself. "I didn't say no ripping and tearing apart."

Did you say something you'd like to say to me?

"No, but I do now. I don't like people snooping in my mind. Even if it is to talk to me. Makes me feel like nothing is private."

He feels a mental pat on the head, then she is gone from his mind.

"....Didn't expect compliance but, good." He walks to his room.

As he does, the fox girl runs past with a large steak hanging from her mouth, Leo in hot pursuit. "GIVE ME BACK MY STEAK YOU MUTT!"

Arnak brandishes a face that can only be described with pure confusion and disdain. "Wonderful."

The pair disappear down the hall, though shouting can be heard faintly as they continue through the facility.

"I sometimes confuse this place between a professional organization and a madmans circus." Arnak scoffs and continues walking while looking at the various people he passes by, wondering what they could be thinking.

As he walks, he eventually is nearly bumped into by Clare.

He seems to be very cautious as he walks by her, moving quite a bit to have ensured they didn't bump into each other and says nothing.

When she passes by him, he can see her exposed eye narrow and twitch slightly, and soon after she seems to rub her covered eye, and walks on.

"Her condition is that sensitive? Thats not going to be good."

She stops after she walks a bit farther. "Hmm. Isa wanted to invite you for a get together later tonight. Just so you know." She continues on.

He stops and turns around. "Get together...sounds.....okay. I'll....keep that in mind." He turns back around and walks on his path while grinning to himself.

He encounters little else during the rest of his walk.

He enters his room and starts reading some of the books he bought to waste the time, before walking back out hours later after remembering what Clare told him.

Simon is nearby and hails him. "Ready?"

".....Ready for what exactly?"

"Clare did tell you about the hang out, yes?"

"....Yes. Mind wandered elsewhere. Where is it going to be anyway?"

"We're going out to a restaurant." 

"I....haven't exactly experimented regarding food so...very well." 

"Follow me, they're waiting." 

Arnak nods and waits for Simon to lead the way before following.

Simon takes him to Isa's car, and gets in the back.

He gets in the car as well and fixes his collar. "What is the name of this restaurant?"

Isa looks back at him. "You'll see."

He furrows his brow from the mystery but sits back in the car as they drive, idly waiting.

They soon pull into a parking lot, and Arnak can smell grilled meat smells.

He seems rather enticed by the smell. "Smells interesting."

"Hometown Grill and Bar." Isa says, before getting out.

He gets out of the car and looks at the restaurant. "Grill and bar....okay."

Simon leads the way in, and they soon are seated and shown a menu.

Arnak skims through the menu, seemingly unsure of what to get.

Most of the others are ordering various steaks, though Isa seems to be going for a cheeseburger, as does Clare.

Arnak orders a steak as well, specifically rare. 

Torikkumasuta: *is dressed casually and is looking at the neon lights in fascination* Oooooooooohhh heheheheheh.

A game of SlamBall is on the television screen with a number of people watching the game.

"Tori. Order." Clare barks, jabbing him in the ribs with her elbow.

Torrikumasuta: Ow! ....Yes, partner....*picks up his menu and begins reading it* Ooo! I want this! *points at the Spaghetti and Meatballs*

"...Tell the waiter like a grown man, not a twelve year old." Clare grumbles.

Torrikumasuta: Ok. Excuse me, waitress.

Waitress: *walks over to their table* Yes, how may I help you today?

Torrikumasuta: I would like to have your spaghetti and meatballs, please.

Waitress: Ok. Will that be all?

Torrikumasuta: A glass of water please.

Waitress: Ok.

Torrikumasuta: And might I add, you look amazing in that attire.

Waitress: Oh this? Thanks, but really it's just a uniform.

Torrikumasuta: Oh don't get me started on uniforms. My uniform is so constricting.

Waitress: Mine's a little loose. Granted I don't like having to tuck my shorts in and I think my rear sticks out abit more than it should.

Torrikumasuta: It looks fine to me.

Waitress: Oh. Why thanks. Bt let me go ahead and tell them your order.

Torrikumasuta: And do bring yourself back. I would like to talk some more.

Waitress. Okay... *walks off still looking at tori for a second before hitting a table, then turns back around heads into the kitchen*

Torrikumasuta: I did it, partner!

Arnak seems dumbfounded by that whole encounter, but shrugs it off. 

"...You literally only had to say glass of water and spaghetti." 

Torrikumasuta: But I said it as an adult. *nods with a victorious smile on his face*

Arnak tunes out Tori and Clare by slowly swirling around the water in his cup before drinking it, seeming disgusted as he puts his water back down.

"You could order an alcholic drink or soda." Isa remarks.

Arnak's head snaps to Isa. "....Oh." He calls over the waiter and asks for a Vodka.

The waitress comes back

Waitress: I placed your order in, sir. It should be read in several minutes.

Torikkumasuta: Well there's no better way to pass the time than to talk. Please, pull up a chair.

Waitress: I'm not sure if can. You knw, with me me working and all.

Torikkumasuta: Then call this a break. Here let me help you out. *gets up and pulls up a chair behnid her* There you go.

Waitress: Umm, thank you. *sits down*

Torikkumasuta: No need. I should be tanking you. Seeing this job can be abit thankless.

Waitress: Heheh. You can say that again.

Torikkumasuta: But let's stat our conversation off with formalities. My name is Torikkumasuta.

Waitress: Trick Master.

Torikkumasuta: Oooh, It's about time someone figured that out.

Waitress: Yea well I am asian. Oh! Dang, I think I just stereotyped myself.

Torikkumasuta: Don't worry. I won't tell anyone. *winks*

Waitress: *chuckles* But your name is a mouthful.

Torikkumasuta: You can call Torikku or as my partners here like to call me Tori.

Waitress: Abit of a girl's name, don't you think?

Torikkumasuta: Then let me be the first man you know with a girl's name.

Waitress: *chuckles* Alright "Tori", my name is Mona. I know, totally isn't asian.

Torikkumasuta: I wouldn't think name should be resticted at nationality.

Mona: My dad was an artist. The Mona Lisa was his favorite piece.

Torikkumasuta: Your father must've had some good tastes.

Mona: You....could say that...Let's just say he had a taste for other things that corolated with his art.

Torikkumasuta: Well my dad had a taste for fruit. He was a fruit seller.

Mona: Really? Sounds simple.

Torikkumasuta: It was. I usually just watched him make the sales. He'd also tell me how to tend to the fruit. He said "Fruit deserve respect".He'd tell me how to treat watermelons and cantelopes. How to hold them firmly between your hands and how to drink from them. How to eat a peach properly. Never be too rough with it. Always eat it gentley as possible. Never be rough with fruit.

Mona: *is flushed red* *cough,cough* I ummm...Need to got check on your food...

Torikkumasuta: Ok, don't want you to get fired, thought you do look pretty hot.

Mona: What?! Oh! *wipes head over her forehead and sees that she's sweating* Oh well, yea. I just wipe myself off some. *rushes off into the kitchen, knocking the chair over*

Torikkumasuta: Nice lady.

"Isa I know I said I dislike the idea of someone digging too deep in ym mind but I need to talk to you without making a commotion. WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT ABOUT?"

Isa looks at Tori. "When she said tell the waiter, she didn't mean carry on a long conversation. She's working. Don't be disrespectful."

Tori is a massive... ...oblivious? Crow.

"I like the term absent minded if Im forced to be....respectfuL Actually its my own mind so who fucking cares." 

Mona: *quickly comes out the kitchen with a bottle of vodka and gives it to Arnak, then rushes back into the kitchen*

Arnak immediately downs the whole bottle in one go, looking perfectly fine and content. "Still enjoyable."

Mona: *comes out with a plate of spaghetti an a glass of water and sets in front of Tori*

Torikkumasuta: Thank you.

Mona: *rushes back into the kitchen*

Torikkumasuta: *looks around the table* So uuuummm...Where the chop-sticks?

Clare glares at him and hands him a fork. "Eat like a normal person bird brain."

Torikkumasuta: Ok umm...*tries to hold the fork but is having some difficulty* You know I need some salt. *reaches over and gets the salt and begins to shake some over his speghetti* Saaaaaaaallllllta. *puts the salt back and tries to hold the fork again, but still has difficulty* Fuck! *thows the fork down and grabs the spaghetti and shoves it all in his mouth*

Clare grunts and orders a sprite. "Oh, and don't talk anymore Tori. I'll order for you."

Torikkumasuta: *has his mouth full* Ok partner.

Waiter: Here's your sprite, ma'am. Does your friends need some napkins?

Torikkumasuta: *is still chewing on the spagheti in his mouth*

"We're fine." She says, adjusting her eye patch and sipping her soda.

Leo smirks. "Awww she has a kiddie drink!"

"Look who is talking, Mr. Thirteen Year Old."

Arnak sits up. "Actually I would like another Vodka."

The SlamBall game is cut off

"What the hell?"

"Did someone change the channel?"

The TV then shows a bird's eye view of a silhouette of a man with white spectacles walking through a dicreped city towards a woman with 'short blue hair with blue eyes and has some sort of dark blue substance over her body from her feet, to her shoulders, to around her neck. Her arms are muscular with golden wing tattoos on both of her arms, with gloves white gloves with black fingers on both of her hands, but her left hand bears a cross.

"Who the heck are those guys?"

"I don't know but I can tell that shit is about to go down'

"Alright time to broadcast this shit. *presses button and the entire window begins recording whhat's happening below* Danm son, I am so hyped right now. Broadcasting World Wide, is M.C.C.P Live! If you guys now us, we have posted several videos of how our missions usaully go. And they go hard. Well today, it's about to go harder! Down there, that black sihlouette of a man, is none other than, the myth,the legend, the stay-at-home guy and ever myths umber 1 nightmare, The Administrator! Whaaaaaaaat?! For real guys, you do not know how hyped I am for this shit! Not only is this the first time we've broadcasted something like this world wide, but this is the first time in probably about centuries that we get to see The Administrator throw down! I sure hope this is worth the wait. Ok, let me just stop rambling right now."

" Oh sit, that's The Administrator? Man, I thought he was black, but I didn't know he was black-black. I mean that is just to black. That's more black than the darkest night.'

"Bruh, you might wanna stop sayin' black or else some other shit is about to go down.'

"My bad."

Arnak's eyes show nothing but disdain as he looks at the TV. "Of course. I apparently haven't been exposed to that fucker enough." He seems to recognize the woman with a cross on her left hand.

As The Administrato walks throught the city, the buildings are envelobed by a sheet of of darkness and they instantly crumble to the ground. The sheet of darkness continues to follow him and the buildings crumble behind him

The audience is astonished

"This chick is wasted. Point Blank. Wasted."

"Straight up, man."

"Hold up, guys. We don't even know if he's gonna fight her."

"Dude, this is man whom we've never seen come out of his own facility. The only reasons I see that he would stay in his facility is he's a coward and is afraid of getting wasted, lets his soldiers do the work cause he's a lazy prick, or has a very destructive power. Which I'm willing to bet is the latter in this situation."

The Administrator stops several feet away from Torem

" Damn dude, We till don't know who that chick is?"

"Maybe a rogue weapon."

"Sounds legit. Near impossible. But legit. I hear the M.C.C.P are pretty clingy to their staf, especially their Weapons."

"Ooo!Ooo! Or that chick is The Admin.'s daughter!"

Everyone looks at him crazy

"Hey man, I'm willin' to bet 10 dollars each to every person in this bar if I'm not right!"

The audience agrees to this and continues watching

Clare takes one look at the tv before shooting it repeatedly with her handgun, utterly destroying it.

Arnak let's out what appears to be a laugh, but stiffles it by drinking more Vodka.

The audience turns to the Enforces some are startled and some are angry

"Damn woman, what's your problem?"

"I think a bullet went straight past my ear!"

"Oh wait guys the thing is still broadcasting on our phones!"

The audience tune into their phones

"Man, they're still standing?"

"Must be a real showdown"

Waiter: Ma,am. I am going to ask you to leave.

Clare looks at her. "I can arrest you for exposing a minor to graphic violence on a public broadcast." She points at Leo.

"He's under eighteen. Besides. I'll pay out of my own tab for the damage. Better not happen again."

She turns and looks back at the angry people. "You have better things to do than watching freaks of nature being savage degenerates, grow up!" She snaps.

A man throws a crumpled napkin at her forehead


"I hope you understand I'm equipped with military hardware, especially guns. The only loser of a projectile match will be you."

"Oh now she's gonna be one of those cops? She just wants and excuse to put the drop on somebody."

Another crumpled napkin is thrown at Clare, this time from the side


She swats it directly back into the owner's head with superhuman speed, then yawns.

"Go back to preschool."

Torikkumasuta: *is on the floor hurt* Owwwww....I never went to school....

"Whose side are you on anyway turkey?!"

"Him never going to school explains too much. And if its ever neccesary i'd love to have an excuse to 'drop somebody' if they're acting like an idiot." Arnak laughs.

Torikkumasuta: Guys...Stop...We're in the wrong here...What were we thinking bringing a 10 year-old to a bar?

"First off, he's thirteen, second of all, he's allowed to be in here, he just can't be at the bar where they serve drinks, or order or be presented any."

Leo silently slurps a coke.

Torikkumasuta: Ok, then why shoot the television because of a broadcast they had no control over? Cause if you didn't want him to se it, we could've sat elsewhere he couldn't see it.

"Unless it's a national or state emergency, there is no reason legally to override public broadcasting. And honestly, I'll NOT shoot the television when the MCCP is held to the same standard I just was. They can do whatever they want, and no one gives a hoot. I do shit they do, and suddenly I'm being booed. I love the hypocrisy, don't you? Besides, I'm gonna pay for it- -and probably give them a better tv while I'm at it. That thing was ancient anyway."

Torikuumasuta: You're getting booed for shooting the television unnecessarily. I mean, that abit unlike you, partner. And I'm still not getting the "hip-hop-cracy" there was now music playing. That and the mos beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life was on that screen...

"Can both of you please shut the fuck up? I think thats neccesary." Arnak drinks the rest of his Vodka. "What Clare did ws fine. Tori, keep eating."

Torikkumasuta: But I'm done.

Isa meanwhile has been sipping some wine, and by this point seems a bit more happy than usual, she can be heard giggling with a carefree absentminded smile.

Arnak takes one glance at Isa before recognizing what's happened to her. "That was faster than expected."

Waiter: We still need you all to leave.

"The only person who is going to leave is you in handcuffs and without a job if you talk back to this police officer again. You need to leave it and drop it before you get in trouble."

Simon looks at Clare, then the Waiter. "Excuse my fellow's temper, but you are the violating party, aside from the MCCP broadcasting an unauthorized transmission in our sector. They don't have jurisdiction in MPD areas, namely, this city and most of Oregon. She can arrest you and or the management for previously mentioned violation of broadcasts regulations. ...Draconian, but still. We won't disturb anyone else. ...Though there WILL be arrests if any more rowdy behavior from the patrons is made."

He makes a meaningful look at the man who throw tissues at Clare.

Arnak just eats his food, finding it very good. "Considering we're staying i'd like another Vodka."

Waiter: I have nothing to do with any of what just happened. I'm just a waiter. We didn't bring in that broadcast. It just popped up. And I'm not sure what regulations you jurisdiction you have but the M.C.C.P have jurisdiction world-wide. But you can take that up with someone else who isn't the guy serving you guys. I'm telling you to leave is because this sort of behavior isn't tolerated hear. That and guns. Granted, you guys maybe the law, but you should not be firing shots here unless someone else pulls out a gun.

Torikkumasuta: Our apologies, dear waiter. We'll gladly leave your vicinity.

Waiter: Please do that.

Clare gives Tori a death glare before returning her attention to the waiter.

"MPD officials may use force to solve violations of law or public unrest. I already explained the violation. Would you rather have me rip the TV out of the wall and throw it in the trash can? I am in the right. Further more, you, are not. You were warned to cease or lose your job and be arrested. What you're doing is called obstruction. Take it up with my boss, not me if you have a problem. Now, are you going to leave us be so we can have a night off celebrating our newcomer, or are you going to be a selfish asshole and rotting in a jailcell? Those are your options."

Clare is fingering her shock baton.

Torikkumasuta: *grabs Clare's arm* No. No violence. We can just go somewhere else to celebrate. This doesn't have to go any further, partner. Let us just go.

Clare wheels around and with her normally blue eye turning a sick yellow right in Tori's face, hisses,

"We are paid to keep these fucking degenerates safe, and the first time in forever we get a chance to relax for an evening, and for just once, they can't just do as they're fucking told!!! If this fuck backtalks me, one more time, they are waking up in the hospital ward of the prison, PERIOD!"

Her blue eye returns to normal, and she stands up and grabs the waiter's arm.

"No, not even waiting for that." She starts dragging the poor waiter off toward the kitchens, and they can hear her bark,

"Fire this waiter and get us a different one!" She comes back, minus a waiter, breathing heavy as she sits down.

Arnak sits back as he pushes forward his Vodka towards Clare. "Drink this."

Torikkumasuta: *gets up and heads outside*

Arnak sighs. "Can we just let him stay outside?"

Leo gets up and walks after him.

"God damnit. I'm just gonna wait til everyone else gets up before I do."

"Heheh, you look handsome Arnny~" Isa giggles drunkenly. Clare rolls her eyes.

Arnak puts on a conflicted face, clearly annoyed by the wrong pronounciation of his name but enjoys the compliment. "Surprised that no one has said it yet."

She then flops up against Clare and starts giggling, and Clare groans.

"Oh. Shes drunk, isn't she? I'm not too familiar with that yet."

"Imagine Isax10, with a sprinkling of lovable fool. Oh, and has no idea what she's saying. Right Isa?"

"Team Arnny is best Arnny...." Isa slurs happily.

"I understand the fact that she doesn't know what shes saying and that shes my partner but being called Arnny is something im starting to hate."

"Annie!" Isa cheers as she scoots over next to him and gives him a strong hug.

"Thats even worse." Arnak is visibly irritated but suffers through it. "Isa you're hugging too strongly. Save that for another time."

Clare seems exasperated. "Welp she's too far gone. Don't order any more alcohol for her, it'll probably end bad."

Isa kisses Arnak, and Simon facepalms.

Arnak sits still for a second, before slowly turning towards Isa with a confused face. "Is that just the alcohol?"

"She has a low tolerance before she gets completely slammed, mainly due to her unique brain functions as a high level telepath. ...She's completely hammered. She kissed me too." Simon grunts.

"Though she never kissed Leo, so that's probably partially an indication."

He seems to give an extremely quick glare at Simon before reverting back to a somewhat confused face. "I could drink eight bottles of Vodka and only get......tipsy. I was told alcohol can be powerful but thats more than I expected."

"Well you're not human, is the thing. She's a human, and biologically altered to have a unique brain more sensitive to telepathic powers. ...And apparently highly receptive to alchohol."

"Sounds fair." Arnak sits back. "What do you think I am, acutally? Species wise."


Arnak shrugs. "Guess i'll have to ask again sometime later in the future. To be honest im not entirely sure myself but I have my speculations."

Isa is still snuggling against Arnak, though closer inspection reveals she has passed out.

He only notices just now, completely forgetting about her. He finds herself looking at her for a bit before looking back up. "You two are still holding up well, at least."

Simon sighs. "Yes... what nonsense tonight has brought..."

"How often are these 'get togethers' in the first place?

"Usually once a month or when we get a new recruit."

"I assume they don't often involve pissy waiters. Unfortunately I do assume they always involve Tori."

"No, Tori hasn't been to one. We're celebrating the two of you."

"I see. If its...any consolation this is interesting and I enjoy it. Although maybe next time it'd be best to go somewhere with less....publicity."

"I doubt we'll come here again. Disgraceful behavior on all parties."

"I assume we'll be leaving soon? Considering Leo and Tori have left and Isa is in...this state.

"Hopefully we will have the last part done before we do. Leo is probably going to drag him back in."

Arnak nods and simply waits, his mind jumping between thoughts from recent events.

Torikkumasuta: *is sitting on the curb of the sidewalk with his chin resting in the palm of his hands*

Leo struts up to him. "You aren't going to be a good sport and help with the warm welcome of our new bub?"

Torikkumasuta: I'll congratulate when we leave.

"Why? Because Clare was using her legal right as a cop to enforce the rules? That's her job, your job. That waiter has no right to interfere in our affairs unless we're actually doing something illegal. She even offered to pay compensations, part of the standard law concerning use of force. What's your problem when Clare is just doing what she is supposed to?"

Torikkumasuta: I don't know, what was her problem for chastising a man doing his job? He had his own set of rules to follow too. That waiter was not in our affairs. He wanted us to leave for damaging property! That didn't need to be damaged in the first place! To me it was irrational, unnecessary, and unprofessional.

"His job is not above our own. Is a guy's job shooting random people someone doesn't like above our own? No? Why is his? And yes, yes he was. It's called Obstruction of Justice or the Law. It's when you get in the way of an officer of the law and they tell you to cease and desist. He did not. That's a crime. Which he committed. So yes, he was in our affairs. I'll be honest though. She didn't need to do it, and frankly it's more of an excuse than anything.

But consider this. Do you really want such a symbol of hate spread like a bloodsport to be something you support? Because that's what she was really doing. She didn't want to hear that hateful event at the same time she's struggling with her own moral dilemmas. Or was your telling her to treat you like an equal and your words just worthless air? Because you're condemning her for standing up for you, and for me. Plus, for fucks sake, this is supposed to be a get together where we all have fun, and we all can build ties together as a team. So fuck your dipshit excuses and get back in there, before I start pluckn' feathers!"

Torikkumasuta: *shakes his head* Let me sit out here for a moment longer.

"One." Leo yanks a feather out of Tori's wing.

Torikkumasuta: *looks at Leo* I lost my wings...

"Shady" BusinessEdit

They make it to the Capital Grounds

Slang: Land on the closest building to your location.

Arnak grunts and lands, quicky getting out of the helicopter. "So, this is the capital. Seems....strange."

Slang: Maybe because it isn't D.C.

"No, no. Its a different feeling.  In the air." Small tendrils come out from under him, and he starts walking in the direction of a fountain.

Slang: Take care. Don't be long.

He gives a quick wave as he walks away, eventually reaching the fountain with the cancer horoscope, investigating it.

The fountain seems dry, the emblem is a bright gold plate.

He puts his hand to the emblem, trying to see if he can activate something.

The contact causes a staircase to slide open. The street around him is deserted.

He takes one look around just for safe measure before entering and going down the staircase.

It quickly closes behind him, and he can hear what sounds like water flowing above him. Below, a white metal paneling lines the walls, the steps are polished marble. Florescent blue lights light the way down.

"Seems quite serene." He continues making his way.

At the bottom, he finds a square room, at the end of which is a desk, with the green haired man sitting behind it. He is quietly watching Arnak approach.

He gets to the desk before making his own chair from metal. "So, im here."

"Indeed you are." He speaks plainly, rather than from his robotic communicator, his voice is soft and eased, very subtle. He smiles before continuing.

"So, does your instincts tell you to break from the collar of the MCCP?"

"My instincts, and my analytical greater judgement. Its....something I don't agree with, the MCCP."

His smile remains. "Anyone may disagree with their employer, does it justify defection? What does your greater judgement tell you?"

"That the MCCP will only be holding me back and trying to be using me as a weapon when it benefits only them.  Staying with them will only hinder my life."

The man closes his eyes. "And so you were naturally pulled after your encounter with me, seeking the betterment of yourself."

He opens his eyes, now a stark yellow. "Tell me, would you prefer a paradigm which offers you a chance at a professional life that will challenge you to use the best of your potential?"

Arnak let's a small grin form across his face. "It seems too good of an offer. I assume there are catches of sorts?" You see, to be completely honest I'm... A violent person. I'd imagine this wouldn't be very good, no?"

"You are not the worst I have seen pass through examinations. By far. And besides, if you were to accept my offer, you would submit yourself to your Alpha or face consequences. Believe me when I say that my existence, much like yours will be upon accepting my offer, depends on utmost secrecy. Should it be known what I am, or for that matter, you, it will endanger the both of us. If you believe this to be a falling out on your part when you could do better, than you will do better."

His yellow eyes glow. "I won't accept anything less than the best one can offer."

He smiles soon after. "After all, our organization and its fighters focus on efficiency and skill. We pride ourselves on it. I suppose you would be interested in your job and what it entails then?"

Arnak laughs to himself, but grins even wider. "Perfectly fine with me. An alpha is always unavoidable, especially for one not at their highest potential. Efficiency, skill, secrecy, sounds just right. I must accept."

"So eager. Very well, you will be working in the First Division, under the Enforcers. It is a task force aimed at the restoration of peace to the streets, even if it means adopting what most would call eccentric measures, such as campaigning for basic rights for Myths."

"Basic rights? I see. Personally I don't think I care very much, but I'd think this would be better than my...."original" purpose. I assume I will be working with others?"

"Yes. We typically assign each member a partner they will be regularly working with. Clare Kurk, Tori, Simon, Isa, and Leo. For your safety and my own, limit your interactions with Clare. I have been trying to make her my... ...mate. I won't explain why or how, simply that she is turning into one of us, and I'd like not to be found out. Can I trust you to keep your trap closed?"

Arnak raises an eyebrow. "Oh? Bit of a romantic are you? I know I have amazing looks but you won't need to worry about me." Arnak grins more. "But yes, your warning has been heeded. "As long as my partner isn't a total mongaloid it should be fine."

"That will be up to the Director."

"And when will I be meeting this Director? Im not sure if its noticable but i'd like to be far from my old "leaders" as soon as possible."

"When we get out and reach the main facility. However, your friend will likely be waiting for you, so it's not as simple as walking out of here."

"No, unfortunately. What do you suggest? Killing him?"

"No, it wouldn't be that simple and would make tracking you a more significant objective due to deliberate mutiny. No, what we'll probably have to do is something a bit more dramatic, and life changing."

"I have a feeling you're going to say something along the lines of faking my own death. Correct, or even more changing?"

"You figured that one out. Good."

"I'll have you know I've grown quite attached to this face so if to not be recognized in the future i'd prefer to wear a mask. Whats our plan of action?"

"I can always arrange for them to be under the impression you're running away from the MCCP. You're not the first runaway. And simple really. You're going to get jumped by a stronger Variante and pulled into the sea, presumed dead."

Arnak holds back a reaction to the word stronger. "...Good enough for me. I'm quite a good actor so it should be believable if we really try. Ready whenever." Arnak gets up.

"I noticed, I am neither underestimating or overestimating. That is the narritive that must be told to the enemy. The key to any victory is deception."

"Then let's open that lock, yes?" Arnak grins, extending his hand out for a handshake.

Lux motions Arnak to follow him, as a dark hallway opens behind him.

Arnak brings his hand back after tilting his head slightly, following after him.

Above ground, Slang hears loud rumbling all of a sudden.

Slang: Hmmm? What is--?

He hear a tremendous roar as what looks like some huge Variante like beast surges from the ground, tearing apart the street and sending people flying in all directions, it lets out a shriek as huge azure wings unfurl and send it hurtling into the sky, and that's when Slang notices what's wrapped in its long segmented tail...

Arnak, in the tail is snarling and clawing at the tail, morphing constantly and yelling obscene words.

The creature flings Arnak down toward the ocean, soaring after him and pummeling him into the ocean as it drops, the two disappear under the waves.

After they've reached a considerable depth, Arnak stops acting and mouths "Bit over the top, dont you think?"

Slang: *eyes are wide open with suprise and confusion* Ummm... *eads towards the helicopter and grabs the com* Have a CRAzy on stand-by please...

He fails to notice anything else happen, aside from a few bubbles.

Lux drags Arnak along in a western direction along the bottom of the ocean.

"I'd almost think this was serene if I wasn't being dragged across the sea. Ohhhh the Admin is going to be furious. Wonder if Slang is going to be punished. He better be."

"We will travel to a sea facility very soon, bare with it."

"Easy for you to say. Anyways, you owe me a new coat. Saltwater will ruin it."

Slang: *makes it towards the edge of the water* Give him 2 minutes.

They soon reach a strange dome structure under the sea, and Lux drags him in a secret door.

"I'm able to walk, you know."

They are in an airlock, the water is now draining from the room. "Well, welcome aboard. Security systems, engage primary cloaking field."

An electric humming can be heard.

Arnak has all of the water soaked into his clothing removed by manipulating it out of it. "Fancier than the MCCP base already."

Once the water has drained, Lux opens the next door. "The MCCP is a joke, struggling to keep up with the new age."

"I may owe my current existance to them but they're all idiots. Arrogant, vile, idiots." Arnak's toen almost seems as if hes cursing them, digging his nails into the palm of his hands.

Slang: Hmmm. Something tells me we've been slandered. 30 more seconds.

Lux guides Arnak down a set of tunnels.

He walks through the tunnels, occasionally looking back to Lux. "You're like me, a variente. How did you end up with the MPD anyway?"

"I wasn't born to the MCCP. My father was a run away."

"Then your father was a smart man too. I'm guessing he's gone, yes?"


"Hmm." He continues making his way through the tunnels.

They are now well beneath the ocean floor, traveling west.

"How much longer til we reach our destination?"

"A while. Use this time to inform me of your skills and flaws. I will work around those to determine your assignment."

"Im highly adaptable to most situations, my favorite of my own abilities are the fact I can manipulate Vectors, use Demonic Magic, and of course one ability I prefer to keep a secret as a trump card. Of course I have more such as teleportation, psychic constructs and organic manipulation, but it'd take much too long to tell you everything I have. Of course, I can always get more powers. If I eat any form of matter from a person I can gain all their abilities and skills knowledge temporarily, but if I fully kill and consume them I gain them permanently. Then standard variente shapeshifting and the such. Im curently unsure if I have any...forms."

"We're in a really long tunnel cross the land and sea to reach the western side of the world. We have time. Our transport will arrive eventually though."

"Very well. I'm not sure if you would have known them, but did you hear anything about some sort of group known as the Legion of Phazon?"


"Then I have no reason to go on."

He begins to hear a noise further ahead.

He focuses his attention to where the noise came from.

Something akin to a bullet seems to rocket down the tunnel toward them, only huge, filling half the tunnel with its size.

Arnak steps out of the way, looking to Lux.

It comes to a screeching stall right in front of them, and Lux opens a door on the side and steps in.

Arnak follows in after him. "Will this take us where we need to be?"


He takes a seat and waits for the vehicle to start.

It starts very quickly, and begins screaming down a western path, sending them down a long journey for the next couple hours.

Lux looks over at him. "Not much is going to happen for a while. I'd settle in for the ride and relax. We also have food and beverage. Feel free to call service."

He tilts his head. "...I've never had actual food before. Don't need it. Although I suppose I could try."

Lux hands him a menu and puts a hat over his head.

Arnak eyes menu before spotting the drinks menu. "Suppose I'll order this Vodka. What is it anyway?"

"A beverage of the alcoholic type. It has side effects on the mind."

"I'm immune to any psychic effects, I'll be fine. I'd like to order it."

"A Vodka for our guest," Lux intones. A while later, a butler comes out and hands him the drink, and promply returns to the section ahead of them.

He inspects it for a few seconds before sipping it and shrugging, quickly downing some of it. "Don't feel different, guess my ability applies to drinks as well." He continues drinking.

"A human can get drunk with only a few drinks... I'd be a bit more careful, I don't have any knowledge of what it does to a Variante."

"Suppose I could be the first variente to get...drunk? Im not sure what the term is but i'd like to see what can affect me and what cant."

"Mental state caused by alchohol."

He finishes the bottle and orders more soon after, and keeps drinking, seemingly unaffected. 

Lux sighs. "This will be educational for the both of us..." 

After quite some time, Arnak starts showing signs of becoming tipsy. "....Something is wrong."

"That would be formentioned side effects mentioned before."

"Its strange. It tastes...interesting but the effect is strange." he stops drinking, and after sometime the effect is gone.

Eventually, the train comes to a stop.

Arnak gets up and when the doors open, gets off the train.

Lux motions for him to stay, and he goes up an elevator.

"I will be discussing things with Issac. Please wait patiently. This may take a while."

Arnak nods and leans on the nearest wall, morphing his hand to various shapes out of boredom.

After a very long while, the elevator door opens.

"Step inside please. You'll be meeting your new boss."

Arnak stops and takes a breath of relief after waiting so long, and steps in.

The elevator rises slowly, and when it finally opens, he steps out into a large, very clean looking facility, with scores of people walking around. Lux is standing by the door.

"Follow me," His robotic voice greets him.

"Lead the way". Arnak looks around at the various people, finding the whole area interesting.

Lux walks him over to another elevator, and opens the door. "Door at the end of the hall. Oh, and don't get him mad. He's also partly deaf."

"Wonderful. Regardless i'll keep both of those in mind." He walks down the hall and knocks on the door.

"Come in..." He hears a man's voice.

He opens the door and looks at the man. "....Good to meet you."

The man called Issac looks very disgruntled, and taps a chair. "Sit there, I'm not deaf on that side."

Arnak sits down, trying to get a read on him. "I'm going to assume Lux already told you a decent amount of information on me."

"Aye. So ignoring the possibility of a MCCP spy, what do you think you can offer us?"

"For one I mentioned this to Lux already but one of the simplest ways to put it is being highly adaptable to most situations. My abilities allow for me to identify the best ways to approach problems. Espionage if its ever needed is also something i'd take pride in."

"I see. Is there anything specific he told you that you think I should know?"

"Not that I can think of. Oh, he told me not to make you mad if that's well worth something."

"...I see. Tell me what kind of partner you prefer."

"I'd generally prefer no nonsense, or rather someone on the...serious side. As well as someone who will...respect my tendencies and not get in the way." His eyes seem to show a deep emotion as he says the last line. "As long as they can coordinate well and not be, hmm...anal about everything it should be fine."

"Define tendencies."

"To be perfectly honest I'm not one who holds much respect for the enemy. You can imagine what this can lead me to do."

"Unless the enemy is clearly attempting to massacre the populace, we believe in a humane approach. Namely capture and depending on the reason for capture, containment. Combat missions where it's do or die, is the only time I'd allow such behavior. Preferably, we'd also like to see most individuals with their limbs intact."

Arnak silently takes a deep breath. "....Very well. I'll make a strong attempt to follow these....guidelines."

"You'll have all of the... 'creativity' you want once the war begins. Side from when we need information.

"Of course. Anything else you need to know from me?"

"How good you are in a fight, but that won't be tested by me."

"Then who will be testing me?"

"You'll find out." The door opens, revealing a tall white haired human male who looks at Arnak silently for a moment.

"You had a recruit you wanted me to test?"

"Ah Simon, show him around will you?"

The man named Simon nods then begins walking back out.

Arnak nods at Isaac and walks out of the office, following Simon. 

Simon walks all the way to a large white training facility, and walks into the very center. 

"I'd rather not waste time, so i'd prefer if training started immediately."

Simon balances a large halberd on his shoulder, then snaps his finger.

Arnak squints before taking a defensive stance and forming his hands into large claws.

"...Whenever you're ready."

Arnak shoots foward various bone like bullets from his hands, eventually running to the side of Simon.

Simon ducks from the bullets while spinning, in such a way that Arnak is running right into the path of his blade.

Arnak teleports out of the way and appears above him, attempting to dive kick him.

Simon catches and throws him aside with his spare hand, driving the halberd into the ground, now having one hand on the staff of the weapon and another free.

"No powers."

Arnak growls as he easily lands on his feet. "Fine." He creates metal gauntlets on his hands, and rushes towards Simon once more.

Simon twirls the halberd at Arnak, blowing him back with a large gust of wind. It occurs to Arnak that in order to do so, the halberd needs to be pretty strong. About this time, various block pillars emerge from the ground, except in a circle around Simon, spanning easily a good distance. 

Arnak quickly rushes towards one of the pillars and smashes his fist into one, breaking the pillar and toppling it in Simon's direction.

He is quickly blown away to the edge of the room, now even farther away than the first time. Simon is quite clearly able to react quickly enough to Arnak.

Arnak starts getting annoyed and angry and as this happens, an increase in his speed is clearly shown as this time he is able to break one of the pillars this time before being blown away.

Simon without warning slashes both pillar and Arnak, still not moving. From where he is standing to the wall there is now a large gash in the floor.

Arnak also notices a slight shift in Simon's stance the moment Arnak gets angry, but nothing happens.

Arnak growls before looking at the other remaining pillars, and to Simon Arnak is gone in a flash and out of his vison. Arnak however, waits silently behind on on the pillars, eye twitching.

Simon's stance shifts slightly again, and his eyes are closed.

Arnak is able to quickly peak at Simon, noticing that his eyes are closed. He slowly and as silent as he can be moves between pillars to go behind Simon.

Simon takes no actions.

Arnak silently picks up a piece of rubble off the ground from the broken pillar and throws it to a farther pillar, keeping on guard.

Eyes still closed, Simon appears to gravitate toward the noise, but then seems to be following the trajectory of the rubble back toward Arnak's direction.

Arnak notices this and almost darts off to another pillar, but breathes and starts moving as quietly as he can. "Might have fucking cost me this."

Simon finishes turning and still eyes closed, slashes with a powerful burst of speed.

Arnak uses the burst of speed as a mask for his own movement, and at the very same time quickly rushes to another pillar before his burst of speed is over. He curses constantly in his head.

Simon seems to pause, before sticking his halberd in the ground, opening his eyes, and clapping his hands once, and the pillars retract.

"Next is agility. Think fast." He says, as panels open in the walls, revealing missles, which begin locking on and firing at him.

"I thought this was training, the fuck is this?" Arnak starts leaping around the area, dodging missile after missile.

A missile smashes into him from behind, and he can hear some manner of cackling.

"I said think fast," Simon says nonchalantly, though not behind the missle strike.

Arnak lets out a yell of anger as he keeps moving, making sure no missiles are ontop of him "DID YOU FUCKING LAUGH?"

"The Nekomata did." He says as more missles keep crashing into him from behind, being thrown back at Arnak by someone laughing from behind.

Arnak is able to start dodging missiles from all sides, and notices the Nekomata that was laughing.

He appears to be a male with blone hair and lion like features, his gold eyes carry a defiant fire in them. Arnak notices him at the same time at the same time all the missles stop, and are replaced by laser cannons.

"Motherfucker." Arnak starts dodging the various lasers coming at him, cursing out the lion like male in his mind.

The ground itself starts raising and lowering at random extents and intervals, as does the ceiling, adding a huge degree of uncertainty to the arena.

"HOW FUCKING CUSTOMIZABLE IS THIS GOD DAMNED ARENA?!" Arnak continues to dodge while thinking and soon decides to make his way towards the lion like male.

He smirks, as the lasers abruptly form a grid formation and begin zooming toward Arnak.

He scowls and quickly makes his way away from the grid, continuing hos bout of dodging, leaping and navigating in the arena.

Eventually the arena stops changing and settles down to its normal self, the Nekomata and Simon walk up to him.

Arnak wipes any debris off his coat. "I swear this fucking thing gets dirtier every hour." He looks to the two. "Was my performance adequate enough?"

"Well enough, though you did get impatient and quick tempered. You'll have to work on that," Simon remarks.

"Trust me if theres a day I dont get tempered easily it'll be the day I die."

"Our missions rely on careful planning. What happens if you get others killed because you acted out of impulse? Every man is part of a greater unit here. This isn't a place where you can ignore the safety of your fellow man."

"I can plan carefully perfectly fine. Acting out of impulse isn't always a damned bad thing. Anything else?"

"Well, you'll have to meet the team."

"I see. Assuming im starting with you two, I know your name is Simon, and your name would be...?" Arnak looks to the other person.

"Leonardis Nevite." He says curtly.

Simon rolls his eyes. "He... not a well mannered individual."

"I couldn't give two shits if he puts elbows on the table to be honest. Arnak." 

"I know. I was debriefed before you arrived." Simon looks to the entrance doors as a black haired girl walks into the room, with a gentle smile present on her face. 

"Ah, Isa, you've come." 

"Of course, this our new arrival?" She responds, giving Arnak a friendly smile. 

He seems put off by Isa's friendly demeanor, but shakes it off. "...Yes, that would be me." He smiles back before extending his hand out to her.

She takes it, baring a firm, honest grip, and shakes. "Isa A. Lee, but Isa for short."

"Good to meet you Isa, just Arnak if you didn't hear." He quickly retracts his hand from the shake.

She seems to give him a slightly confused look, but looks toward the entrance. "I expect SOMEONE IS COMING UP SOON!" She empathizes her words, as though speaking to someone out of sight.

Arnak aises a brow before looking to the entrance himself. "I assume theres more of you, then."

He hears footsteps approach from the hall.

A man wearing baggy tattered clothes skips down the hallway singing to himself until he sees the two

"Helloooo!" The man waves at them

"....Hello there." Arnak titls his head at the man.

Very slowly the other person arrives, bearing white hair, and a single blue eye, the other covered in an eyepatch. Oddly, he can't even sense her presence at all. She seems to eye him rather coldly as she comes out, and doesn't speak. Simons coughs and says,

"Oh, that's Clare."

Arnak eyes her back, remembering whart Lux has said. "...Good to meet you Clare." He looks back to the others. "Isaac had said I'm supposed to get a partner. Has he told any of you yet?"

Simon rolls his shoulders. "He's considering between Isa and I."

"Understandable." Arnak seems relieved. "Didn't quite expect him to actually consider what I said."

"Issac is a master strategist and genius. He considers every asset he has and how it correlates to another."

"If that wasn't the case it'd be an immense cause for concern."

"Isa, Arnak, please see me in the office." Issac's voice rings out in an intercom. 

Isa looks at him. "Well, time to go!" She heads out.

Arnak fixes the collar of his coat before following her. "And so it begins."

They return to Issac's office, who looks up as they enter.

"Ah good. I'll make this short. Arnak, you are Isa's trainee. Isa is normally Simon's partner, but you'll be sharing her in a way for now. Until we find a more suitable candidate."

Arnak nods his head. "I look forward to the missions that will be fought together."

"This isn't all war and fighting. It's also understanding and diplomacy." Issac looks at him with a neutral expression.

"That will be part of her job, to show you how we do things here. Until then, Isa, show him around."

Arnak keeps a blank face while Issac talks until he is finished, giving a small smile. "I understand." He looks to Isa, seemingly waiting.

Isa begins walking down to the elevator. "So what do you think of Mr. Kurk?"

"From what it seems he emits an aura of constant disdain. Its...understandable but not enjoyable. Its better from my previous boss however." His eyes seem to give off a burning anger before he closes them.

"Disdain...? Never seen it like that." The elevator takes them down to the main floor. "So, any questions about what we at MPD do here?"

"I already know that you retrieve myths to keep them safe, I assume. And from what Isaac has said I can see you dont generally resort to violence and generally stick with diplomacy. What happens to the myths that are...contained?

"It depends. Primary goal is rehabilitation and possible reintroduction into society. Maximum level threats are contained indefinitely."

"If they are maximum threats, why are they contained rather that eliminated?"

"Under the theory of Issac, there are forces that can only be contained, never eliminated."

"He has a theory? Three questions then. Whats this theory, and who decides what is a maximum level threat or not? Is there some sort of identification for certain threat levels?"

"There are ten directors who run various facilities across the country. This is the administrative branch and is the most public of the ten. These directors analyze the threats presented by our monitors and give directives based on their experience. Issac believes there are many tiers of power in this world. Including forces that are god like, beyond anything we've yet to see. He believes there are infinite lifeforms and existences beyond Earth's mere and tiny perspective, and that the war with Myths is futile. By infinite lifeforms and existences, he refers to the potential and scale of the Mythos and their species."

Arnak seems impassive. "Then he'd be right. I can't understand why but for me theres this innate...instinct. Maybe not an instinct but a feeling. The fact that there are infinite lifeforms or even godlike forces like Isaac believes almost feels like common knowledge to me. But, that isn't the point. From what I can say a war on Myths seems infinitely pointless." He takes a loud breath. "I suppose I agree whole heartedly. Afterall if there aren't beings stronger than me, I would feel pointless."

"An interesting perspective." The elevator lands, and she begins to direct him through the facility, they soon walk by what looks like classrooms with glass walls facing them. Myths and humans are seen together, learning a lesson. He can see in one classroom what looks like a girl with fox legs, two tails, and a pair of fox ears, all with white fur and hair, and light blue eyes. The instructor seems exasperated, as she seems to possess an almost childlike air.

Arnak seems confused as he sees the classroom, and even more so after seeing the girl. He looks at the other students before looking away and back at Isa. "This facility is strange."

"'Understanding and reason is man's greatest treasure.' That's the saying around here. How can we defend, let alone fight, if we do not teach ourselves about our enemy? How can our enemy fight, knowing nothing of us? Because understanding does not exist, there is no capacity for connection. That is the mission of MPD. To promote reason and understanding between our races, and restore the public safety of our nation."

"I suppose understanding is the best way to prevent negative...stigmas." He seems to be eyeing the areas they pass by. "How did you join this place anyway?"

"I was... born. Or perhaps, created would be a more traditional term. One of the ventures of MPD is to understand superhumans and their nature. I was... the first artifical human to be born on these premises. My parents helped make me, of course, and then raised me like their own daughter. I don't care if I was made in a lab. I'm just happy to be me."

"Then we have something in common. Artificial but better than anything that could be naturally made." His attempt at reassurance comes off a bit strange, and is accompanied by a horrible attempt at a warming smile, showing two rows of razor like teeth. He quickly stops smiling.

She frowns, not at him. "I don't consider myself better, necessarily. People are special, not matter how they express it."

"You may not consider it, but its true. In someway there will always be people that are better than others. Physically, mentally, emotionally, in any matter. Isaac's own theory technically supports this."

The frown hasn't gone away, Arnak notices that the kitsune has noticed Isa and is wagging her tails, much to the instructor's frustration, who has facepalmed.

Arnak seems to let out a quiet laugh, but attempts to hide it. "It'd probably be best if we were to move on."

Isa seems to notice. "Oh, that would be Aimi, a new arrival. Tori found her on his homeworld. ...Apparently her home village does..." Isa seems to pale. ".....Ghastly things to them."

"What you consider ghastly, and what I consider ghastly are likely two completely different things."

"...Moving on then." Isa leads him to a walled section of the facility outside.

"Whats this area for?"

"It's the residences. Clare and Tori live here."

"I see. Is this where I will be living as well then or are there other places?"

"Depends if you buy a place. You usually start in the barracks."

"....Ah. Unfortunately not have that kind of money. I imagine i'll be staying in the barracks for quite some time."

"We have decent pay. I'm sure you'll be able to start yourself off soon."

"....I didn't know we were payed."

"Regular paycheck and everything."

"....Oh. Good, then...." He seems confused, but shrugs it off. "Where do you stay?"

"Barracks, haven't really felt a calling to leave the nest."

"Ah, understandable. I'll have to see what the barracks are like before I think anything."

"Oh, and sorry about Clare. She has a problem with Myths. Though, to be fair, she's developing a soft spot for Tori."

"I didnt expect someone to have a problem with myths to be apart of this facility. And oh? From first glance Tori had seemed....absent minded."

"Well, even fools have their own strange charms to them. And it's more for her protection. She has a condition that has made living as a normal human... ....impossible."

"I see. Although i'd think being a normal human would be boring. But, its not what about I think in this case is it? Regardless I couldn't care. One more person feeling uncomfortable in my presence doesn't matter."

Isa turns and gives him a smile that is somehow bone chilling. "You should be considerate of other people's feelings."

Arnak doesn't know how to react. "I don't know how."

"...What do they teach you anyway...?"

"How to kill. How to not get caught. How to be the perfect weapon to the highest capability possible. And the one I dislike the most, how to follow orders without question, or be punished." Arnak's tone of voice is monotone, yet rage can easily be felt.

"Well there is no instruction manual."

"There wasn't one for learning everything I just said either. How do you think they taught us? By all means though im sure learning to understand feelings is easier. So just give me time."

She pats him on the back, then starts walking toward the facility again. "I'll show you to the barracks."

He seems dumbfounded. "...Right." He follows after her.

She leads him to a wing of the facility with numerous rooms, all with name labels on their doors. "Pick a free one and we'll go from there."

He looks around before opening a door without a label, looking inside.

The room is white, with grey carpet and a decent bed, a few dressors, a closet, and a simple window.

"Its rather...bland. But it'll do me well."

"Well maybe I can take you to the store and help you buy some things."

".....Sure. I'm...I dont exactly know anything about the area or shopping to be fair so I might as well accept."

She shrugs. "I'll be ready in about an hour. I'm in sector A." She walks off.

He seems to stare at her before looking away and looking back at his room. "This....this is more than I expected."

He sees Clare walk past, a tense overall feeling comes off her as she appears to be walking toward Isa, completely avoiding him, going so far as to walk on the other side of the hall. She appears to have a slightly hastened gait, as if she wanted to catch up with Isa.

He stares Clare down as she walks by, wary of why she would be in a hurry to talk to Isa.

The two girls seem to be chatting up a storm, then disappear down the hall, turning a corner.

He raises a brow. "....I guess....gossip? Is that the term....?" Arnak walks into his room and closes the door, sitting down and looking through the window.

The window seems to be facing the community he was shown earlier. He can see some kids playing in the street, some Myths.

Arnak sits and stares a while before getting up and taking his coat off, attempting to clean it. He sees blood soaked into it in some places. "I suppose my past truly is on my sleeves." He remains silent. "....Next time I say something like that im going to see if Varientes can be hanged to death..." He puts his coat back on, fixes his hair and finds himself sitting in boredom for almost an hour, in which he leaves his room and heads to sector A.

He eventually finds her door, which is closed. He can hear humming.

He hesitantly knocks on the door.

He hears hasty noises, then after a moment she opens the door. "Oh hello~" She says, holding something behind her.

He tilts his head. "Hello. Why are you hiding something?"

She suddenly whips out from behind her a brand new coat, one that fits Arnak's style. She appears to be beaming.

He has a surprised look on his face. " got a new coat for me...?" He's clearly happy.

"I noticed your old one was worse for wear, and I wanted to give you a welcoming gift. So I made it myself."

He seems at a loss for words. "I....thank you. Its...more than I expected.....can I try it on?"

"Of course silly, it's yours afterall."

He takes off his coat, and tries the new one Isa made on, seeming quite comfortable, and fixes the collar. "It fits perfectly."

"I'm glad I got the measurements in my head down then. Are you ready then?"

"Yes, just show me where to go and i'll follow." He nods.

She begins leading him out of the facility, and he notices she has a sword hilt strapped to her waist.

He squints his eyes. "Where is the blade of your sword?"

She turns as she walks and smiles, tapping her head.

It takes him a second before realizing. "Oh, a psychic blade then?"


"Suppose that makes sword fighting easier."

"Indeed it does." She opens a car door, and motions for him to get in the back seat.

"...I always pilot." Arnak seems apprehensive before thinking about it and he gets into the back seat."...But not cars..."

"I'm a good driver. Just trust me and relax."

He takes a deep breath. "Perfectly relaxed."

She starts up the car and begins driving, quite smoothly in fact. The soft purr of the engine is quite settling.

Arnak starts seeming more relaxed than usual due to the soft purr, almost tired. 

Isa drives for a bit, then seems to arrive at a shopping center. "We're here," She says, turning off the engine. 

He immediately snaps out of it. "That seemed fairly quick." He gets out of the car and looks at the shopping center.

Isa is out of the car and walking to one of the larger stores. "Coming?"

He nods and follows after her. "I have no idea what to get."

"This place has everything someone could want for decoration." She says, leading him indoors, where an absolute insane amount of product can be seen, the store is enormous.

"Take as long as you need, and don't worry about price too much... I can easily afford what others would cringe at."

".....Huh." He starts looking around the vast store, occasionally staring at certain items such as posters and books before grabbing them.

Isa simply follows him.

Arnak picks up what appears to be a bobble head of a skeleton. "....What is this?"

"A bobble head. I won't comment on taste."

Arnak looks at it for a good while before setting it down. "No point." He continues grabbing books, drawing supplies, posters, and after perusing certain aisles he picks up what appears to be a curved balisong. "I think I have everything i'd like, especially decorative."

"I wasn't aware those were allowed within city limits... I'll have to keep an extra eye out," She comments. "You sure you have everything?"

"Lets hope it is allowed. And yes, I feel like I have everything I need." 

"We're allowed weapons, I just wasn't aware those knifes were cleared by the city. Can't be too surprised, considering the way the country goes. If you're sure, then let's head to the register." 

"Oh. Dont see why certain knives would be disallowed, a knife is a knife." He starts walking in the direction of the register.

She follows him, and when they arrive she presents her id and the cashier seems to accept it as payment, typing in some numbers, and then nods at Isa.

He seems lost as the whole payment goes through but pays it no attention and waits for everything to be done.

Isa finishes, then has Arnak carry what he bought, though she also contributes.

As Arnak carries the stuff he's got to Isa's car, he notices someone driving by on a motorcycle. "...What kind of vehicle is that?"

"It's called a motorcycle."

"A motorcycle....hmm." He continues mulling over the vehicle even when they reach the car.

"I'm not paying for one of those. Helping a new team member get settled is different." She says as nicely as she can, as she gets in the driver seat.

"Understandable."He gets in the back seat and remains quiet for a while. "....It is appreciated."

"It's no trouble."

He sits still as they drive back. "Have the others said anything about me yet?"

"Simon said you have potential but it's held back by your snappy temper. You would have done better against him if you kept a level head. Also Leo was delighted that someone was able to keep up with the arena for once."

Arnak's face seems to twist as he hears snappy, but it quickly fixes as he hears the latter. "That arena was something I didn't account to happen."

"Honestly we don't gossip too much, and if we do, we usually don't get very mean. Not anything we wouldn't say to each other's faces."

"Suppose that builds" 

"That is one way of looking at it. Anything else while we are out?" 

"Don't think so. What we have should be enough to cover up the blankness."

"Ok." She begins driving back to the base.

He simply looks out the window as they go, waiting to return.

She eventually parks in the facility garage.

He gets out of the car and grabs as many bags as he can.

Isa lifts the remaining bags with her mind and helps him carry them to his room.

After they reach it he opens the door and sets the bags down, and starts putting up posters randomly.

She sets the bags down then waves goodbye. "I hope you get settled in soon. See you around!"

He waves back. "...See you." After a while he's put all the posters up and put all the books on a shelf, putting the balisong he got on display on a desk. "Looks much better."

Isa meanwhile is napping on her bed.

Arnak spends some time in his room before leaving to look around.

He eventually notices the white two tailed kitsune girl skipping along the hallway with an awkward gait, as though unused to walking on human feet.

He seems to stare the girl down. "....Still strange."

Her long fox ears seem to twitch, hearing his words, which makes her stop and turn toward him with a curious expression.

He raises his own brow. "....Don't mind me. Just keep...gallavanting."

She quickly seems to be confused by the word, tilting her head, her ears slightly lowered.

"...Skipping. Continue your skipping."

She blinks, then does as prompted.

He quickly sighs and starts morphing his hand out of boredom as he walks.

Further ahead he finds Leo, who seems to have been watching the girl as she ran past him. "...Canines..." He mutters.

He walks up to Leo. "How often do little girls walk around this facility out of nowhere...?"

"She's a special case. Most kids are in the residences, and she is from there too, only she's being taught by the Agency. Apparently until very recently, she's been raised as an animal all her life, this is literally the only education she's ever had. ...She still barks. ...And she's a teenager, not a little girl. That's how underdeveloped the people she's from made her."

"If she was raised like an animal I doubt she could completely lose everything regarding her animal lifestyle." He seems rather serious when saying it.

"Certainly hasn't been easy on the staff. It's like raising a baby."

"If it wasn't like raising a baby there wouldn't be much cause for concern. If it was raising a normal teenager then no one would care."

Off in the distance, they can hear faint yipping, and the sound of Tori getting tackled and laughing.

Arnak walks over to where he hears the noise, crossing his arms.

Torikkumasuta: *is skipping around happily while tossing and catching Some* Heheheheheheh...

"The fu-...what are you doing?"

Torikkumasuta: *looks at Arnak* Oh, helloooo! *Waves but doing so makes him drop Aimi* Oh, sorry about that Aimi. *picks Aimi up and begins to cradle her* My name is Torikkumasuta, but you can call me Tori. And this is Aimi. *Begins to stroke her hair* Stroke. Stroke. Stroke. Stroke.

Arnak mumbles. "Its like raising a baby because people are treating her like one..." He sighs, and speaks up. "Don't think i'd want to say a name that long anyway."

Aimi begins to laugh, though begins to squirm, being too big to comfortably remain held.

Torikkumasuta: *puts Aimi down on the floor* There you go, Aimi.

"Thank..." She says in broken English.

Torikkumasuta: No problem. Are you hungry?

"Hmph." He glances at Aimi before looking back to Tori. "Are you acting as, of sorts then?"

Torikkumasuta: She's ma' best friend. *Hugs Aimi*

".....Right." Arnak fixes his collar before starting to walk away.

"Byyyyyye Arm!" Aimi calls out to Arnak as he goes.

Arnak stops walking before turning around and walking back to the two. "No. Not arm, Arnak." Arna's voice seems strained, as if hes trying to hold back.


Arnak's face stays the same as his eye twitches. "No...Arnak. Ar. Nak."

This essentially goes on ad infinitum as she seems very much incapable of grasping his name.

Arnak morphs his fingers into blades, but quickly morphs them back to normal. "Nevermind." Arnak walks off and drags his hand across his face.

"Byeeeee~" She chirps after him.

He curses a magnitude of words as he leaves, waving back as he walks.

March to Doom Edit

In the early hours of the morning, an announcement blares exceptionally loud:

"All combat personal report to the main hanger. All three Gates have large hosts inbound for Earth. This is not a drill. All combat personal report to the main hanger."

Arnak stops reading and instantly closes his book, not sleeping at all. "Three gates...?" He gets up and readies himself, rushing out of his room.

The other Enforcers can be seen running down the halls, as can be seen many officers in battle armor.

Arnak catches up to the other Enforcers, seeming rather thrilled. "I haven't been here long and this seem already to have gone dire."

Simon looks at him. "It's war. Phoenix has invaded via the gates."

"Phoenix? Sounds pretentious. Let me guess, something happened to them prior to know and they've come back like an actual Phoenix? How creative." Arnak scoffs. "But I do understand war. How will we be getting to these gates?"

"Hopefully soon. They are a huge mythic organization who drove back many of Earth's defenders in their first invasion months ago. They only pulled out because their leader was injured. Now they're ready for round two. We'll be taking the fighter jets."

"Im usually the one piloting the jet. Being the one transported seems interesting for a change. Do we know exactly what we'll be facing?"

"They seem to be primarily an organization of shapeshifters. We have reason to believe they have some sort of experimental race they're creating. Issac believes they are made from humans and infused with some manner of mythic dna."

"Whats with others creating new races? Variente, Superhumans, and whatever these fuckers they're creating are. If I can consume one of them there could be a possibilty of learning what they are."

"We could also find out what they are through capture. If it turns out Issac is correct about his theory, there could be a connection between a huge number of missing person's reports and these beings Phoenix have."

They soon reach the hanger, where numerous large black fighter jets can be seen, many MPD units are boarding them.

Arnak shapeshifts ever so slightly to prepare himself for a fight, making his mouth longer and almost cheshire grin like with even sharper teeth. 

The Enforcers are all beginning to board a jet of their own, already inside is Issac, who is seated toward the front. 

Arnak gets into the jet everyone else is in and ever so slightly his horns can be seen growing larger. "How long will this flight take?"

"We get there when we get there." The hanger door closes and the jet begins to start down the runway, as do many different jets as well.

Arnak simply waits without saying anymore words, occasionally looking to the others to get a read on what they're thinking.

Most of them are tense, Issac seems calm though.

Arnak pulls out a book from his coat. The cover reads The Call of Cthulhu, H.P Lovecraft. He quickly starts reading it, seeming fine.

Out of nowhere, a huge lurch is felt as the plane takes off at incredible speed from the runway into the air, quickly entering supersonic speeds.

The book flies out of Arnak's hand, not expecting it as a somewhat annoyed face pops up. He quickly shapeshifts his arm and grabs the book from afar, sighing and continuing his reading.

"Don't get too comfortable. We should be engaging in the next hours."

"I'll be done before then. And I should be comfortable enough once we get there."

Torikkumasuta: *slowly reaches into his shirt and pulls out a notebook and begins to write* Dear Booklet, We are going on another mission. It feels very serious. Part of me feels afraid. Afraid of what might happen to me. I should be worried about my partners, but they are alot tuffer than I am. I only hope that I do not become a detrement to them while on this mission. Part of feels this sense of doubt within' myself. But that will be explored another time. *closes his booklet and puts it back into his shirt, then pulls out a rubber duck and begins to squeeze it* Heheh.

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