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One of Us, One of Them

This is the group that attacked Dark Prynce and Zane on the first episode.They captured Zane and Shiner when they were kids and tested on them. They do genetic tests on groups of species after capturing them. Founded in 1976, at the sighting of a mysterious occurrence, they swore to protect the Earth from threats of unknown origin, however because of their lack of knowledge, they go by the rule of One of Us, One of Them.

Hidden AgendaEdit

  • Father Divine enters the M.C.C.P

Soldier: Hey, what are you doing here? *points his gun at him*

  • Father Divine continues to walk forward

Soldier: I SAID STOP! *pulls the trigger on his gun but it is jammed* What?

"In a kingdom of mine, there will be know piercing of the skin, for the skin can only take so much."

  • Walks into the office that says "The Administrator"

"Hello, Mr. Administrator"

"Ah, Mr. Divine. I was expecting your arrival sooner or later. What is it that you want?"

"Operation: Endeavour"

"Oh, so im guessing you'll need someone to help do your work?"

"You can say that."

"Ooooh, do I have a something for you. Would you like our Ultima Package?"

"Hmmmmm. Explain."

"The Ultima Package comes with 100 of our finest tanks, 150 boxes of our most powerful ammuniton, 200 of our best  soldiers, and our Number One weapon, Weapon Ultima."


"He is a very advance and highly intelligent being. He is one of our finest mercenaries here. He has defeated numerous armies that could have overpowered him in seconds and is highly skilled in the arts of weaponry."

"Hmmmmmm, dont think that's what i'll need."

  • starts to walk out

"No wait, How about i throw in 2 more packages of our finest mercenaries Maxima Package and  Optima Package."

"Now that is what im talking about."

"Hmmm, I thought you might like it."

  • speak into an intercom

"Attention all personel, Release Weapon Ultima. I repeat release Weapon Ultima

  • in a lab filled with capsules with thousands of hybrids in them
  • a light-dirty blonds man falls out his capsule, down a tube, fully dressed in black
  • puts his face against the glass with a crooked smile


  • personal release him and give him a Blu cigarette.
  • the man lights the cigarette and smokes it
  • a door opens and reveals Father Divine id behind it with a bunch of other soldiers standing behind him
  • Man looks at him for a while

" Well, it looks like dem' blackis were right. Jesus really is black. Or are you God? Because i've seen all dem' pictures of Jesus, when they were really pictures of St. Augustine, shit. He might as well been Jesus' brother for all we now, hehehe."

  • takes another smoke

"Or are you Morgan Freeman form dat Evan Almighty? You sure do look like 'em."

"I am Father Divine. I have a mission for you."

"Well Hell, fire a way hehehe"

"I need you to destroy the Complex. Do you know where that is?"

"Was I born just yesterday?"

  • puts on a smile

"Then here's the key to your helicopter."

"Awww yeah, shits about to go down now!"

  • get into the helicopter

"Come on, boys. Let's go fuck some stuff up! Yeeeeeehaaawww! Whooooo Whooooow!"

  • flies off toward the Complex

Breaking ManEdit

  • Demgel slowly wakes up
  • Finds himself strapped to a chair in the dark
  • finds a collar unto his neck
  • a door opens in front of him
  • light shines as it opens and sees 2 figures
  • Jonas walks in

"Hey boy. Feelin' better?"


"Eh, My kinda response would be 'Good morning, Jonas.' but that could work too."

  • the 2nd figure walks in
  • he is tall, quite slender, shady and wears lightened circular glasses

"How nice to see you again, Demgel. I suppose you might renumber me?"

  • Demgel has a flash back of being strapped to a metal table and seeing a figure looking like that

"You...Your the Administrator."

"Yes, Indeed I am. I suppose your wondering why your here."


"Well, so far. We have encountered the current team you now work for. This team is made up of possiblt the strongest Mythos we have possibly ever seen. We fought them before, but were slaughtered with ease. We were crippled for that day on. And thus, pose as a threat to humanity. We need you to tell us their whereabouts. Can you do that?"


"Well then. Let the pain begin. Jonas, take care of him."

"You don't have to tell me twice."

  • The Administrator leaves the room
  • Jonas puts on a smile
  • cracks his knuckles
  • The Administrator heads into the room next door, while listening to Jonas beating Demgel

"Hello Lucime. nice to see you again as well."

  • sits down at a table

"Where are we?" Lucime looks around.

"Your home. That's where you are. Only your in the 'less' pleasant part of it."

"hmmm my home is the complex that you took me from"

"There's a thing called Memory Lane, Lucime. Let's walk down that path shall we. A long while ago you and your team we call the 'Sedition' had made a wager with our personel and and excepted it. Afterwards, the Sedition completely crippled us that day forth. What I want, Is their whereabouts. Think you can do that?"

"What do you want from me?"

"We want you and your friends dead. Your powers out numbers that of any Mythos we have ever seen, as well as the 'Sedition'. With such power, wht's not to say you'll use it on humanity. Tell me where they are we might consider sparing you and Demgel."

  • still listens to Jonas beating Demgel

"But we protect the people!!! Well also i doubt you could beat them"

"Jonas is doing the beating. Can't you hear it.?"

"Just let him go!!"

"Tell us where your friends are and we will."

"Zane's dead and i don't know where every one else is at"

"No one? Hmm. That'll be a problem won't it. Looks like you two will have to die after all."

"Hello? Anyone home? I've got a note telling me a few friends are here!"

"Da fuck? Jonas take care of this."

  • Jonas stops beating Demgel
  • Demgel's face and body is bleeding and bruised

"It's your lucky day boy. Somethings come up."


"oh and just in case."

  • turns back around and and feels under Demgel's legs

"Healthey legs ya' got here."

  • Kicks his knee dislocating it
  • does the same with the other knee


"Just in case you get any ideas."

  • puts down the wall that seperated Demgel's and Lucime's holding rooms

"Why is there screaming going on inside?"

  • Shiner breaks the wall down and walks inside seeing Lucime and Demgel.

"Whoops, did I do that?"

"Da fuck? You must be the soon to be "Pryncess"

  • Demgel is breathing slowly

"You must be here to save the boy and Red."

"Yeah, you must be here to be beat by me."

"I reckon so."



"Dispose of her."

"Sure thing."

"Better tell your "Prynce" the wedding's off."

  • cracks his knuckles

"Because I dont think he wants a dead corpse for a wife."

  • smirks

"Weird, I didn't think a dead soldier would be good for business."

  • Puts on a pair of gloves.

"Im basically immortal. Can't die. Sorry."

  • takes a smoke from his cigarette
  • exhales the smoke

"But you still feel pain right?"

  • Snaps her fingers and Demgel gets released.

"Like my friend over here?"

  • Demgel is on his knees trying to breath

"Heh, your saving a broken man. Anything broken is useless."

"What's broken can always be fixed."

"He. Not this one."

  • picks Demgel up by the neck

"Ain't that right, Demy?"

  • is silent nd hurt

"Thought so."

  • drops Demgel

"You just don't know how to work Nephalems. Now can we stop with the witty banter, I've been searching for wedding grounds for the past few weeks and I'm dangerously bored."

"Looks like all that might have to become decorations for a funeral then, because your not leaving this place."

"Okay, how's about when I win leave with my friends, I dump your body in space. Into the oblivion you deserve."



"Why is there talking and no blood?"

"Hey, there's blood. Demy's bleedin' all over da place."

"I meant from the intruder."

"Oh. That. Dont worry. I got this."

  • dashes up to Shiner
  • punches her in the nose and gives her a blood nose



"Didn't anyone ever tell you not to hit a girl?"

  • Punts Jonas in the testicles and rips off the Administrator's head before kicking it to Jonas.
  • Jonas feels nothing
  • catches the Administrator's head



"Give me back my head."

  • gives his head back to his body
  • Administrator's body reattaches its head

"Nice kick though. My turn."

  • Kicks Shiner in the face
  • pulls her back by the hair
  • slams her face into the ground
  • and pins her head down with his foot

"Heh, epic dominance."

"I guess you weren't bluffing about that immortality. Well then, time to kick thing up a notch."

  • Kicks Jonas sending him flying off of her
  • Snaps her fingers at the Administrator unleashing a torrent of flames.
  • Punches the ground sending a shock wave through the ground.
  • Administrator jumps into the air avoiding the shockwave
  • Jonas quickly stops himself

"Nice one."

""Quite experienced you are."

"Yeah well, 100,000 years will give that to ya."

  • Punches the air in front of her sending a pressure wave towards Jonas and the Administrator.
  • Both stand firm and are unaffected
  • Administrator kicks Shiner in the face, causing her to fall to the ground

"Oh Jonas"

"Got it."

  • drop kneels her in her side breaking 3 of her ribs

"Don't worry. You got a few extra."

  • elbows Shiner on the other side braking a few more for her ribs
  • Heals the damage and appears unaffected
  • Punches Jonas with extra a bonus of fire and earth shattering his rib cage.
  • is a little hurt but smiles menacingly anyway

"Enough. It's about time we end this."

  • is about to rush toward Shiner, when black giants walk toward the facility

"Da f are those?"

"Those...are supposed to be...Endlos."

"But aren't they supposed to be i dont blue?"

"Yes, yes they are supposed to be."

  • one of them is holding a man with a black hooded cloak
  • the man lifts up his hand and a ferocious blizzard ensues
  • the Endlos start to tear apart the facility

"NOOOOO. Everyone go underground now"

  • grabs Jonas by his collar

"Gather everything you can! Gather the research! Gather the weapons! Gather the hybrids! Nothing gets left behind."


  • Jonas heads back inside the facility

"I wish we could finish this, but apparently we must result to cover. But just remember this. This means War."

  • runs back inside the facility
  • Grabs Demgel and Lucime

"I'm counting on it."


  • The entire M.C.C.P has moved underground
  • The Administrator is sitting at his desk thinking
  • Jonas comes in


  • The Administrator is agitated upon Jonas arrival

"Meee. Your ol' pal, Jonas. How's things goin' for ya', Admin?"

  • The Administrator is silent

"Come on, Admin. We can't just go and start fighin' amongst ourselves and Man. I mean when was the last time we fought?"

"Last time I checked Jonas, we never stopped fighting. We have fought for dominion of this planet for 100,000 years. To this day forth, It ends here."

  • The Administrator gets up from his desk and walks out of his office

"Glad I could help."

  • All personnel gather in a cavern with a waterfall
  • There is a balcony in front of that waterfall
  • The Administrator stands on the balcony and looks amongst the personnel
  • One of the personnel is broadcasting him

"My fellow man, As we all know. It was Goad's given intention to make way for his beloved beings, known as 'Man'. We were made to strive upon this Earth in God's holy intention, but we failed one simple task and that was to not eat of The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. A serpent, or we would like to call "The First Mytho" came from that tree and deceived our dear Father and Mother. Due to there disobedience, they were thrown out of our dear home. Our Father and our Mother were forced to strive for their own in the Barren Earth. They raised children that lived far beyond of that of humans today. Within those days came the Fallen Angels would thought man forbidden sciences that proved beneficial to man as we progressed and overtime we made mate with our Guardians on Earth. And thus, gave birth to 'The Watcher': The first Mytho hybrid. Then, thousands of years later, the people of Noah have indulged in the activates of sin,. This mad God wish he had never created man and was going to wash us away with the Great Flood. He was also going to wipe out the mythos , because they were the result of our sin.But, Noah: a man of God, was chosen to build the Ark and take 2 of every kind of animal and take them aboard the Ark. Then the Flood came and wiped out all the sinful. The Mythos escaped before the Flood happened. The escaped through a gate, that lead them to another world. They found it fitting and the Mythos resigned there and the gate they came through was forgotten and man could start anew. Hundreds, if not thousands of years later. An Endlos migration had rediscovered the gate that lead them to their new home and entered back into this world. mankind were afraid and we attacked immediately. This lead to the Reality vs. Fantasy Event or better known by us, War Between Worlds. The Mythos were to strong for us,but with our combined efforts we were able to push them back into, what is now know as Downation. We sealed the portal entrance by sealing itself.We thought and assured ourselves that the conflict was over, but sadly the Mythos managed to to stay hiden during the war and now roam our very-streets. They yet too still reek havoc upon mankind. The agencies today are here to make sure that the Mytho threat is taken care of and under control, btu not even that is enough as more and more Mythos still run free in our society, causing the deaths of millions. But today, that ends now! I am issuing the Mythos Registration Act. Any mythos must come under an agency. This act assures that any Mytho does not comply under this act will be treated to social segregation and will be terminated if cough breaking the law. I will have this act signed by the President of The United Nations of New Pangea. We will take our home back! This! Is our chance! OF SURVIVAL!"

  • All the personnel chants

"No Mythos, No Mythos, No Mythos."

  • The Admin starts walking back to his office

"Nice speech, Admin."

"Don't lie to me, Jonas. I know you didn't like it."

"Well lets see: You made everyone hate us and now this will lead to the 2nd Event. Yeah."

"Jonas, I take it upon myself that I am responsible for our actions and if so, I will eliminate them if necessary."

"Even your own daughters?"

  • The Administrator is silent for a moment

"Even my daughters."

"That's stone cold, man"

"My daughters are responsible for their actions and if they do anything that dare include harming mankind, then yes I will make that sacrifice."

"...Ok. Just know. You...will be the death of us."

"Then, let it be a miraculous day for man."

  • Jonas walks away
  • The Administrator walks into his office and sits down at his desk
  • he pulls out a picture of Athena, Arachne, and Lucime together. He looks at it for a while, puts it in a frame, and sets it on his desk
  • The Administrator strokes his fingers on the picture and sighs

"Anything to keep the balance."

Infiltration Edit

Kado silently walks through the shadows, his white cloak fluttering silently in the dull wind as he approaches the building, calculating. He then climbs into a tree, silently and effortlessly, until he reaches the very top. His white pupils gleam with light, not day vision, certainly not, but definitely better than these fools patroling the base. He has to give them credit, considering this is the first organization to ever have the guts to attack Azure... not that it was a wise move of course...

"Azure agents, are you in position?"

"Yes sir. We'll be ready to give them their present on cue."

"Good work." Kado smirks behind his mask. "'Time to see if we can make some noise."

He pulls a round object out of his sleeve, and notes a gas tank near the guards.

"Oh trust me, you're going to have a really bad day..."

He throws the fire bomb, and watches as it land inside an open valve.

"Now if you don't mind, panic and assume it's a gas explosion..."

Inside the facility

Agent: We have collected some awkward information about an unknown group of vigilantes in Western and Eastern part of Pangea.

The Administrator: Do they have an explit goal

Agent: Apparently, the have decreased crime rates down to about 59.9%. but where they came from is unknown. Gen. Messiah couldn't tell us anymore.

The Administrator: I see. They're doing pretty good for a newly developed group of unauthorized vigilantes.

Agent: They do not appear Mytho neither. Atleast we dont think they are.We have come to the speculation that they may have come from another realm.

The Administrator: Mytho or not, their presence is unwelcome here. We take care of our realm, not a ban of misfit civilians who wish to hide behind cameras and radars to strike evil down. Thy can do that elsewhere. Here is our responsponsibility. What happens once the world look up to a ban of misfits, instead of trained soldiers who value their kind?

Agent: What action do you prefer we take, Admin?

The Administrator: Capture them and bring them here. If they retaliate...kill them

Agent: Yes, sir. *speaks through the intercom* Attention all personel. We have recieved information from Gen. Messiah that there are unauthorized vigilantes from another realm loose amongst New Pangea. We were shown a small ripple from where they came from by Gen. Messiah. Release Domino Squad and Harlem Squad. There is also a small base of operations here on Earth set up by these vigilantes. Release God Squad. Those are your orders.

Everyone is making haste with their orders

After putting away the unconcious or dead guards,

Kado looks at his men.

"Where is the nearest electric power source?"

"Hold on a moment... got it. Place it here, boss."

Kado walks up to the area they point out, and pulls out a long metallic rod, and thrusts it into the ground.

"As fun as these are to set off, I suggest we get back before we deliver the present."

Kado and his men retreat to a place they won't be seen in, and he silently nods to the man on his left.

"Electro-Magnetic Pulse detonation in three... two... one..."

A massive burst of pure electromagnetic races underground, taking down electric devices as it goes, and toggles the gates open.

"Your bad day starts now."

The facility is shaking and and the lights go out

Agent: The Myth Cells hypersleep are out. Personel reach the Myth Cells and but them all on life-support until life-support is back on. Our communications are jammed. Switching to emergency power. Cannot power the lights. CRAzys are offline. Putting them on charge.

The Administrator: No doubt this is the work of those vigilantes.

Kado listens as many men run through the halls, waiting. A man rushes down the corridor, unable to see him in the shadows. As soon as he is within range, he grabs and silences the man with his hand.

"I won't kill you. That's a promise I will only vaguely keep. The fewer that has to die, the better." He drags the guard into a isolated part of the area, where no guards are roaming, and gives the man a stern warning with his white pupils, daring him to try anything. He strips the man of his weapons, checking hiding places. Once satisfied, he closes the sound-proof door behind him, and straps the legs and arms of the man down.

"For precautionary purposes. Now, let's talk, human. A week ago, my world came under attack by this very agency. The few agents we have had here were merely here to confirm or deny the presence of a dangerous man, presumed to be living in this world. Now then... explain to me what M.C.C.P. is... and what purpose you have for antagonizing a world who had never even looked your way before... either that or we can take you prisoner, kill you... or drug you and leave you locked in here, to be found."

"We contain mythical monsters man has created with their own imaginations. We've had intercourse with them and the hybrids spread like fire. We've had problems with them before and now that they have been escalating, we've been taking more drastic measures. The Act will be issued soon, and hopefully that will put a strain on the Mytho problem. As for you, you stepped into our world and you think you can change things? This isn't home, freak! This is Reality and Reality is pain. Do what you want with me, i'm staying true to this cause."

"Reality huh? Well... unlike some of these other beings here... ...or perhaps like them... I've only heard of such a thing called Fantasy. Children often grow up, wishing to live in a fantasy world... some of us have had to live like you. In my world, peace, happiness... those things many people had to earn... I still haven't found mine... I'm stuck with the nightmares that the ones who called me family gave me... as they tried to murder me.

You call yourself human? Even though you may have had suffering in the past by the hands of those different from you... look where your violence has lead you. Your life hangs in my hands."

He leans into the man's ear. "I've met, lived with, and even worked with humans. Some are even behind the very attack going on now. In my world, we have long learned to live together, humans, elementals, and shapeshiters alike. That is something you will never have, thanks to your hatred. I'm sorry. If you believe your path is just, then our paths will collide again. I'm sorry, but I will relieve your of your tools of fate."

He pulls a katana from his sleeve, and coldly cuts off the man's hands, and then sticks a needle into his arm.

"It's a drug that will ease your pain and will make you sleep for the next forty two hours. It will also stop the bleeding and prevent infection. You are the only person I will have the time to be as merciful to."

He then wipes the blood off his katana with a cloth, and proceeds to leave. As he closes the door, he mutters just loudly enough to hear, "Farewell, misguided man. I hope you see the path that my friends learned to follow long ago."

The man slowly falls asleep."Man is damned for we have sinned and this war, is our punishment. In our responsibility control our world. No one...can make that change."Falls unconscious.

Kado walks down another hall, studying a mental map of the complex. Sighting the location of the cells, he walks into a room, and immediately backtracks into the shadows, crouching as he sights more than five guards.

Damn... did they see me?

One of the guards turn in Kado's direction, shouting, "Who's there?"

Rather than risk a fight with so many, Kado stood with his hands raised and stepped forward, grabbing the other guards' attention, as they all aimed their firearms in his direction.

"What the hell are yo-" the guard was suddenly cut off as one of the others fired a slug from their shotgun into his skull. Before the body hit the floor, the rebelling guard fired shots into another two of his allies, filling the air with red mist, before taking a bullet himself from one of the three remaining guards. As the trio began to argue about what had just occurred, Kalin stepped out of the shadows, and before anyone could react, skewered one guard with a white katana, followed by slashing the other two in half with a single slash from a black katana. Pulling his blade out of the dead guard, allowing the body to fall with a *thud*, Kalin turned to Kado, asking "You alright?"

Kado blinks in surprise, his arms raised. "I'm... ok? Who are you?" He pauses for a moment, then chuckles. "I'm not going to ask how you did that, but you're quite impressive."

"I'm Kalin, nice to meet you. "We should probably get moving" he said, making his way towards the door, but turning back for a moment to say,"My apologies. What's your name?"

Kado relaxes a bit. "I am usually called 'Wildcard' as my street name, but you may call me Kado. May I ask why you are here though? It seems that you're not here on accident." He starts looking the room over, as if searching for something, eventually laying eyes on a computer.


"Well," Kalin said, swiping his blades to clean them of blood before sheathing them. "I came here to get some answers. when I arrived in the area, these men," gesturing at the corpses lying on the ground, "were restraining creatures and forcing them into vehicles."

Closing the door and leaning against the wall, he continued.

"At the time I could not interfere, so I decided to merely observe. I possessed one of the guards and returned here. Not long after, I realized that although these people spoke of protection, their intentions were far from noble. I wanted to save these...mythos, I believe they're called... but until you arrived I had no idea how I was going to do it..."

Kado nods. "I came to a similar conclusion regarding these people after interrogating them. Right now though I need to narrow down an exact path regarding entering and exiting the cells to form a effective escape strategy. However there is a lot of security in this system. Might need a minute. If we're going to work together on this though, I'd like you to do something for me, but you'll have to be in physical contact with me, as there are no other members of my organization present for you to link with."

Standing up straight from the wall, Kalin says "If it will help those poor souls, I will do everything that is within my power to do."

"Hold out your hand." When Kalin gives him a questioning look, he snaps, "Just do it already and make things easier for the two of us." Kalin grips Kado's hand, and feels a strange presence crawl into his mind from Kado, but definitely not him. He can't figure out what it is, but it seems intelligent.

"Personal Kalin reconized. I will now relay all relevant information regarding your operation to any nearby members. Please use this link as much as possible to negate any unnecessary audible conversation. "

"Good. Now, Kalin. Please keep an eye out while I hack into their systems, and determine our next course of action based on the information I gather." Kalin wonders at the origin of this strange mental link, and who is operating it.

"Interesting. you'll have to tell me how you did that later. I haven't experienced something like this since..." Stopping himself mid sentence, he coughs before saying, "Umm, I'll keep watch. Just find what you need quickly."

Kado suddenly swears violently. "Bastards... they're capable of even this...? And they talk about their sins...? Get this... apparently they took and used their Messiah to create... something. It looks like it's heavily guarded... and so is the prison block. ...What should we do?"

His fists clench violently, and he shakes with anger. "I cannot accept these actions... it is one thing to speak of protection, another to attack my homeland... and another as to commit such heinous crimes not only against innocents... but the divine themselves!"

He looks over at Kalin coldly. "I cannot allow this. But we need to choose a target... either the Messiah must be spared from their hideous hypocrisy, or we save the innocents. I fear we will not have time or strength to destroy both targets on our own or even together. ...I'm afraid we may have to commit a unavoidable sin in order to commit even a basic kindness, either way. What do you suggest we do, Kalin?"

"The situation does seem poor, Kado. I have highlighted both routes, and have made calculations for each possible escape route. The choice lies on you both."

"I already made my choice. I came here to save those that have been captured, and save them, I shall." Preparing to leave, Kalin turned to look at Kado. Seeing the anger in his eyes, he simply said, "I may not be able to do it alone, but if I have to go on without your help, I'm still going to try. The rest is up to you." Without another word, Kalin left the room, making his way to the containment area.

A burst of shadow erupts near him, and Kado springs out, already running. "Leave some for me why don't cha? Guilt tripping me like that... makes me feel manipulated..."

He looks ahead. "The containment chamber is straight ahead... don't go in right away, I'll need to make sure of something first." They proceed to the next level, and skid to a stop by the closed sector door.

Kado looks at Kalin. "I have a plan... you might hate me for it though." As Kalin looks on, he sees that Kado is changing form into a guard, complete with full gear and an I.D.

"Now then, prisoner... let's get started. We don't want to keep your cell waiting."

As Kado moved to restrain him, Kalin made his combat attire morph into civilian clothing, his weapons disappearing. "If I am playing the captive, I may as well look the part." he said as he brushed a hand through his hair.

"And don't worry, I won't let you get captured... this is just to make sure we don't get shot right away. Plus, this way ...SHE will be able to get close enough to.... ah... screw with their minds. You'll see what I mean though. When I look at an empty cell, that's your cue to start incapacitating people...Kill if it's necessary."

The Administrator is standing in his office until his phone rings

The Administrator: *picks up phone* Hello?

Jonas: holy crap, Admin! I told ya' I shouldn't have gone on my Vay-Kay. I honestly didn't think that was that important. I felt the puls from here. When I meant her I meant 2 miles away from the facility. Want me to come'on back?

The Administrator: *hangs up the phone*

Kado slams open the door. "I caught this one trying to escape, the intruders must have found where we keep new arrivals!" He kicks Kalin onto the ground in front of him, hard. "I swear I should get a pay raise for all the times I have to deal with these trash!" He pants heavily. "And I think I need to lay off the carbs..." Kalin groans in very real pain. "Oh shut up!" Kado snaps.


"Calm down, you'll blow it."

He puts his boot on Kalin's back. "Where do you want him?"

The guards blink and take a moment to calm their nerves. "Uhhh... Right there..." They indicate a nearby empty cell.

"Perfect... wait for my signal Kalin." He walks Kalin over to the cell, not looking at it, until the last second.

Kalin rips out of Kado's grasp, and possesses the nearest guard, who begins shooting his comrades, and when the guards engage him, they can't help but notice the strange guard is missing. Just when they manage to get an upperhand on Kalin, Kado yells, "DUCK!" As a massive wave of fire rips towards the guards, and Kalin vanishes in not a moment too soon, as a scalding wave of fire burns them up, missing all but one of them. The last guard remaining listens in terror as the flames retract, and a screaming comes from Kado's red colored katana, as it absorbs the flames.

He approaches the guard, and gives him a deadly stare. "How do I unlock the cells?"

Guard: You guys don't know what you're doing! If you release these things it will be the end of humanity, but I guess I couldn't believe a Mytho would understand! *spits in Kado's face*

An activation sound can be heard in the cells and a hybrid is seen slip out of a capsule-like gel container and through a gel tube and falls into a decontamination chamber and is decontaminated. The hybrid breathes heavily and raspy.

"You'll regret coming here soon, freaks." reveals to have pressed an activation remote.

"Oh great." Kalin said as he appeared behind the guard, pulling him closer before throwing him into the empty cell.

"What did he just do?"

The hybrid comes crashing from inside the cell and tackles Kado

Guard: "You like it? I'm pretty sure it likes you!"

The hybrid is choking Kado, when suddenly a strange burst of energy lifts the mythos, and then slams him into the wall.

"Thanks Azula."

"You're welcome."

"But really, I can hold my own." "So when he chokes you again, don't help?" "No I'm not saying that-"

"Focus please." "Right."

Kado whips in a half circle, throwing a dozen knifes at the mythos. "Now, why the anger? You seem awfully anti social!" He yells.

Guard: That's a Defiled Beast. A Shape-shifter-Behemoth hybrid.

The Defiled Beast shape-shifts into a messed up, but still bada** -looking Kado and grabs his neck and proceeds to choke him, while forcing him on his knees."You don't learn your lesson's, do you? Never attack an enemy head on." He shadow melds, walks through the Defiled Beast, and proceeds to pierce his kneecap with Fire Slayer, igniting it to burn its flesh and melt the leg bones. He then jumps away, throwing a smoke bomb at its face.

The Defiled Beast inhales the smoke and pulls Fire slayer out of his kneecap. It then charges at Kado with it.

Kalin appears in the air, ahead of the beast with his left arm enveloped in darknees. He punches the behemoth in the face, knocking it back. As he lands on the ground, Kalins white katana appears in his hand, becoming black as his dark energy coated the blade. He then charges at the hybrid, slashing his injured leg before pressing his blade against the creatures back and thrusting it behind him.

Kado leaps forward, and yanks the Fire Slayer out of its grasp, then sears its throat open, and stabbing it in the stomach, and then retreating close by the guard, whom he gives a dark glare.

"I was planning on letting you live... but I'm afraid that will have to change very soon." He sleaths his Fire Slayer, and pulls out a black katana.

"Kalin, give me a moment to charge this, and keep out of the middle of the room. You don't want to get hit by it, you're a shadow user, correct?"

The Defiled Beast grabs hold of Kado's hand and breaks his wrist upon squeezing it. The Defiled Beast swings Kado into Kalin, slaming them both into a wall.

Another psychic burst blasts the Defiled Beast back, and Kado switches hands, and unsleathes Dark Slayer, which howls as all the darkness condenses into a violent burst, which blasts it towards Kalin, who looks at Kado in alarm.

"Whoops. I assume you have a plan...?" "...Actually yes. Thanks for reminding me."

Kalin opens a dark rift, which the Defiled Beast is propelled towards by the Dark Wave, straight into it. As soon as the energy propels it into the portal, Kado sheathes his sword, just as the darkness about strikes Kalin, disolving at the last second.

The Defiled Beast is holding on the edges of the portal. Its collar comes off and is destroyed upon entering the portal. The portal closes and the Defiled Beast runs off.

Guard: Aw dang.

Kado spies a trash chute and grabs the guard. "I know what I need to do with you." He throws the man down the chute, and watches him fall out of sight.

"That guy gave us more trouble than it was worth."

Kalin looks at him. "What?"

"Are you crazy or something?"

Kado shrugs. "Who knows." "...I need a favor." "What?" "Azula, check for any mind link signals that might be controlling the Mythos, get as many as you can."

"I understand." She concentrates on each individual mythos, and slowly feels for the mental chains imprisoning them. After a moment, she figures out where the signal is coming from, and sends a larger, stronger pulse of mental power straight at the source, shutting it down completely.

"Kado, I estimate you have about seven minutes to free as many as you can." "That's ok, I have an idea to make sure they get out."

Kado accesses the control panel, and starts pressing buttons, until the cells begin to release prisoners. At the same time, several armored men, wearing a blue circle with a thin line cutting it down the middle appear.

"You're just in time. Help us take the collars off as soon as they come out."

Kalin turns towards Kado, his attention occasionally being grabbed by the amount of activity going on around them.

"Friends of yours?" he said, hopping back as a large beast charged past him as several of the new guests struggled to hold onto it's back.

Noticing the area was quickly filling to capacity, Kalin approached a nearby wall and, coating his hand in darkness, punched it, causing a large portion of it to collapse. Kalin then began to focus, blocking out as much noise as possible.

Ummm, hello? Lady in my head? I mean, other... Azula, right? Can you tell everyone to come through this take this party outside? Things are getting a little cramped in here...

"Very well, all of you, FREEZE." The force of the mental command is so strong, not only do they all stop, Kalin's breath is caught in mid breath.

"Please escape outside of the facility, and wait for our men to escort you safely. We will be taking you to a safe location via dimensional rifts. Please do not trample over one another in the way out. Thank you." Azula says calmly but firmly. If any of you would like to try any funny business, rest assured I can and will knock you unconcious, and we can carry you out the hard way."

Kalin marvels at how effective and powerful Azula's power seems to be, and wonders how she can be in contact with so many people at once.

"Wow. Remind me to buy you a drink. And to never get on your  bad side..."

The Administrator: *speaks through the intercom* Initiate Safety 01. Precaution and priority is advised. Release The Bureaucrats * The Admin exits his office and heads toward the cells*

The personnel head toward the cells. On sub-level, 4 chambers open and 4 men wearing black suits and wielding literal switchblades. The y walk out and head toward the cells.

Running back to Kado, Kalin said, "We're bound to have company soon. Get everyone out of here safely. I'll watch your backs and hold them off until you get clear."

Kado thinks for a moment, and watches as the last few hundred or so escape their cells, and begin to approach the improvised doorway.

"Better to let fate's gambling hand take it from here. As much cowardice it may seem, I have no intention of being caught, and if these poor souls desire to be free, they need to step it up a notch." He notes that one of them, a child, is having difficulty walking. He sighs, and picks up the child and her brother.

"However I will not allow those who have not yet fully grown to walk be allowed to suffer. The adults should be fine on their own. But I'm leaving, we need to make sure we got out quickly."

"Azula, tell the men waiting to activate the portals, we're going to rush as many people inside as possible before we get in over our heads. Get them ready." "What if trouble comes and we're not done extracting?" "We'll order them to hold the line as long as possible to ensure others can live. We must make sure as many innocents are spared. And if they try to enter, we'll close the portal and trap them in space, where they'll die a brutal death." "...Understood."

"Alright people, move it, we don't have time to be sitting around admiring the stainless steel walls, let's go!" He yells, and then procceded to walk/run along the others exiting the building. "Kalin, I don't mind you going to stall for time, but don't stick around too long, I don't need anyone's death on my hands because someone wanted to be brave!"

Smiling, He gave Kado an insincere curtsey before turning towards the cell block entrance, drawing Weiss and Schwarz as he moved.

"Dying isn't an option..."

The Admin continues to walk to the cells, while listening to the sound of sirens and current complications over the intercom. The personel rig the doors to the cells with explosives ready to detonate in a minute. The Bureaucrats continue make their way to the cells.In another chamber the drones are activated and start running past The Admin towards the cells.

As Kalin got closer to the door, he began to hear the sound of guns being cocked, no doubt the reinforcements he had predicted.

"Are you sure this is what you want to do "said a voice in his head, one that he recognized immediately.

"Yes I'm sure." He responded, with a lack of kindness in his voice

...Would you like me to apologize? It wouldn't be genuine, you know but I could spit one out for your sake.

No thanks, said Kalin as he began to concentrate on the energy flowing through the facility. Slowly, the lights began to dim as Kalin began to glow with an unnatural light.

Kado rolls his eyes in irritation at Kalin, wondering how on earth the guy hasn't died yet. He carries the two kids out of the base, with the vast majority of the freed captives. Waiting for them is a entire Azure squad, fully armored with advanced combat armor covering their entire bodies, with not a trace of skin to even be suggested. They wield large energy shields on their arms, as well as several counts of energy blades and cannons, meant for utterly annhilating unwanted interference. Several portals are open, and all of the escapees now make their way through them, the only concern now was the few straglers slower than the majority of the Mythos.

"We have the majority of them in the safe house back home, correct?" "Yes sir," A Transport Officer says. "Prepare to close the portals at a moment's notice. We will not allow the enemy to have another foothold in our world. If the enemy appears, begin immediate shut down. If you should fall, we will close the portals off on the other side. Understood?" "Understood sir."

Kado looks at the last escaping Mythos. "Alright then, hurry it up, we'll leave you behind if you don't hurry it up a notch. We are not on a lesuirely time table." The Mythos redouble their efforts, and soon very few if any can be seen still coming up.

"Kalin, I want you to hurry whatever it is you're doing up and get ready to leave now. We're not going to wait much longer, so unless you'd like to find another way to our safehouse, you might want to finish up whatever you're doing. ...For some reason, if you don't hurry, I feel as though you won't have a chance to escape."

The timebomb is at 30 seconds. Every soldier and rone are ready to go in guns blazing The Bureaucrats have made it to the cell door with everyone else. The Admin is behind them all.

The Administrator: Annihilate all threats.

Everyone: Sir, yes, sir! *get their guns ready*

As the countdown dropped closer to zero on the other side of the door, Kalin centered all of the energy he collected into his hands.  As the doors were knocked across the room by the force of the explosion, Kalin fired all of the light into the corridor, causing the lights and a few of the drones to short circuit. As the last of his energy was used up, Kalin faded into the shadows, laughing as he did. "I'm done fighting for today..."

Everyone starts to shoot everything they've got at Kalin. The Bureaucrats engage him. The Admin watches intentively. One of the soldiers shoots Kalin with a needle into his neck, which injects a pinkish serum in him just before he disappears.

As he appears outside the facility, Kalin has a smile on his face, still laughing as he notices a strange sensation at his neck. He reaches up and places a hand on the injection needle. He pulls it out and stares at it as his laugh becomes less enthusiastic.

Werewolf Jonas: *turns towards Kalin and smiles*

Kado races to the location where he felt Kalin appear, having closed the portals with everyone escaping. Now the only problem is... where is he?

He rushes into the forest, and up into the trees, jumping quickly from branch to branch, silently and more agile than anyone else could hope to be. He stops dead on seeing a campfire, and pauses, listening as bickering and yelling can be heard.

Idiots. They're going to get themselves killed with all of this racket. Hopefully though they're not Mythos. If they are, these look like ones I might want to avoid. But should I warn them to move? ...No. Best to remain hidden...

He starts his next jump, but looses his footing. Quickly adjusting his course, he is forced to jump straight into open view, but only for a few breif moments. He doesn't dare look behind him, but instead bolts even faster through the trees, worrying about Kalin's safety.

The figure walks past Kado and smiles briefly and continues to walk away.

Kado senses their approach, and sighs. "Great. I should have been more careful. I'll have to move quickly, if Kalin is in danger, this will only complicate things. I may have to slow them down a bit..." He reaches into his sleeves, and pulls out ten round objects, and throws them randomly as he jumps, hoping that at least one will slow them down.

Interruption Edit

"Did that seriously happen!? God dammit, they'll pay!" Drake slams his fists to the ground in anger. "What do we do now? ...Daikeim, talk man... Hey! What are you doing--" Daikeim interrupts Drake. "Calm down, just take a minute to breathe. We need to make sure we don't get attacked, it'll be best if we just keep moving". Drake questions Daikeim "Why are you so calm?" Daikeim sighed "Just lets get moving..."

Jonas is whistling some western jimes while sitting in a beach chair while using a tanning mirror and wearing sunglasses.

Daikeim and Drake notice Jonas. "The hell, who's that" Daikeim answered "No idea, but right now, he might have some answers to where we are..." Daikeim starts walking towards Jonas, with Drake following behind. "Hey, do you know where we are? Me and my friend are kinda lost."

Jonas: *takes off his sunglasses* Well, I'm not sure if this is obvious, but we're in the God-freakin' forest.*puts his sunglasses back on* Maybe you can't tell because it looks like Skyrim.

Drake: *Approaches Jonas and grabs his shirt and picks him up* The hell is your problem, watch your mouth. If you don't want to be a corpse, you will show a bit of respect. *He lets go and pushes Jonas away*

Jonas: *gets up and fold his sunglasses slowly* "You know...when some one tend to interupt tends to piss me much...that the last guy who did ended up as a pile of knawed-up guts...Now tell me...Why are you interrupting my Vacationes?"

Daikeim: All we want to know is where we are, and I know we're in a forest, we mean planet wise... What is this planet called?

Jonas: It's pronounced E-Arth. You guys have your Extraterrestrial flight tickets or something?

Drake: *Turns to look at Daikeim* Is he serious? *Turns back to look at Jonas* You're serious?

Jonas: Yea. Serious. What? you got space wax in your ear? Or did you two hitch a ride on the Cosmic Express?

Daikeim: More of... Banished from our home planet and was thrown through a portal to this rock...

Jonas: Yea, It's called 'exile', dumbass. *Smokes a Blu cigarette* What did ya guys do?

Drake: Ok, two things. One. We saved our planet from enslavement but was exiled because we were to chaotic on how we did it. Two. I will personally rip out that tongue of yours and cram it between your ribs...

Jonas: Yep. complete dumbasses. *exhales smoke* Who would just save their own planet through chaos? A complete dumbass, that's who. You guys went in their without a plan. It's your own fault your here. Welcome to our own little world, Where reality is pain.

Drake: Ok, that's it! *Clenches his fists and glares at Jonas* You die right here! *Drake sprints at Jonas and punches him between the eyes, sending Jonas flying off his chair and through a couple of trees* There's more where that came from... *A fireball is growing from Drake's hand, he fixes his aim onto Jonas and throws the fireball directly at him*

Inhales that fireball and exhales the smoke. Jonas then looks at his broken sunglasses and folds them. Jonas then drops his cigarette. Jonas looks up at them and his eyes turn pitch black.

Jonas: don't mess with the motha' fuckin' Werepyre. *Jonas disappears*

Drake: Were-what?

Daikeim: It doesn't matter now *He summons the Draconia Blade and prepares himself*. Just make sure you don't die

Drake: Yeah yeah, *Drake covers his hands in fire* don't die. Kill the strange dude, got it.

Jonas: *reappears next to Daikeim and punch him in the face, then grabs his face and slams in into Drakes face sending them flying into a few trees*

Daikeim: Hmph *Daikeim recovers and charges at Jonas and punches him in the stomach, then grabs his neck and throws him to Drake, who elbows Jonas in the face and grabs his legs and slams him down into the ground*

Jonas: *gets up and smiles. Headbutts Daikeim in the face, then pulls him back by the hair. Jonas then proceeds to uppper cut Daikeim in the stomach sending him flying into the air but Jonas still has a hod f his hair. Then Jonas slams him into the ground, stomps on his head and throws him back at Drake*

Daikeim: *Recovers and gets Drake up and turns to look at him*

Drake: Alright *Drake's essence takes shape into a humanoid-dragon aura, complete with wings and a tail that envelopes around Drake, acting like armour* Hehe... *Drake flies at Jonas and uppercuts him into the air, Drake then appears behind him and slams both his fists down on Jonas' back,. Sending him diving into the floor*

Daikeim: My turn *Dark blur dragon wings and tail emerge from Daikeim's body, he turns to look at Jonas and walks over to him and picks him up and kicks him on the side of the head then repeatedly punches him in the chest. Ending off by firing a blast*

Jonas: *skins has a darker tint to it. Jonas grabs Daikeim's arm and crushes it. He then bites on it and rips it off and swallows the arm whole. He then bites Daikeim's neck and takes a deeper bite. He swing him around with his teeeth and finally slams him into the ground. Jonas then turns toward Drake. He disappears.*

Drake: DAMMIT! Ok, this ends... *Drake gets out his spellbook and creates a dome around him, Daikeim and Jonas (Revealing his position)* Found you... *Drake sprints at Jonas while grabbing the Draconia Blade and slashes at his arms and legs, cutting them off* That should keep you away from us *Drake creates a cube around him and Daikeim, they fade away (AKA: Teleported). Along with the cube and dome* Ok... *Drake looks into his spellbook and starts chanting, creating a ring around Daikeim. Which slowly repairs his body*

Daikeim: *Regains his consciousness and he notices his arm slowly coming back* What the...

Drake: Don't struggle, it'll take longer. We got our asses kicked there Daikeim, luckily I was able to get us away.

Daikeim: Thanks, they did give you "The Soul of Revival" for a reason.

Drake: Haha, so what should we do after you're all better?

Daikeim: Best case is to either find help, get away from this place. Or never run into that guy again...

Drake: Alright, this shouldn't take long now *Moments later, Daikeim's arm come back and the marks of his neck are gone*

Daikeim: For now... Lets set up camp *He exits the ring and gathers firewood to create a campfire*

Drake: *Sits down and rests against a tree and sighs*

Daikeim: Right, let me do all the work... *He sets up camp and rests against a tree opposite Drake*

Drake: Fine *He takes out his spellbook and creates a small invisible dome around them, making it impossible for anything to get in. He puts the book away and sleeps*

Daikeim: I just hope the Murr Gods are still looking out for us... *He falls asleep*

Jonas: *arms are still in tact. Looks at the full-moon* Don't mess with the motha fuckin' Werepyre.


A dark figure is standing over both Drake and Daikeim.

Voice: *whipers* Your gods cannot help you here, for you are in the hands of your new gods. After all, why would they look after the exiled?

Not too far from Drake and Daikeim, Seemed to be a person, wearing a hood, though leaning against a tree at the edge of the nearby woods, it appears said person was also standing near a fire.

Daikeim: *Wakes up and notices the dark figure, he then stands up and looks at him* Who are you and what do you want... *Summons the Draconia Blade and gets into a fighting stance* Answer...

Voice: You know...there is a saying we go by...Violence is never the answer. But i know your not one of us.

Daikeim: Who are you, why are you here, and what do you want from us... I don't want to fight...

Voice: You dont. The other might. I would ask you those same questions, but I already know those answers.

Daikeim: And what of you then... I want to know. What do you want *He aims the Draconia Blade at the dark figure and goes into his Half Dragon form*

The dark figure touches the tip of the blade and freezes it and his hand

Daikeim: Hmph *Sets his other hand on fire and puts it near the sword and his hand, melting the ice* Ice isn't very effective against me... *He lowers his sword* I'm guessing you're with the other person then?

Voice: No. That's my friend's pet. I am with no one.

Daikeim: Then you must have a reason for being here...

Voice: I came to welcome you to Earth and I know your predicament.

Daikeim: And you're telling me you have a solution...?

The person from before seemed to have moved closer.

Voice: I know how you can get your revenge on those who have abandoned you.

Daikeim: I don't want revenge on them, I know their reasons and what's best for them and the Cyanicans... I should know since I'm a son to a Murr God, besides, chaos was our only option. The Murr Gods were just gonna let it play out, the Cyanicans were overwhelmed so Drake and I had to do something. If anything, it was our fault... Not there's.

Voice: But I do know some part of you hate's them, whether or not your actions were right. It looks like the pet taught you something. But how do you plan on surviving here? The Murr Gods cannot help you here, for they are the Gods of Cyanic, not of Earth. This planet is a hazard zone for all other race in the universe.

Daikeim takes a while to think.

Daikeim: This is none of your concern.

Voice: It is now. Take my hand and i can help you. *puts out hi hand which reveals to be dark blue*

Luna: COULD YOU KEEP IT DOWN I'M TRYING TO SLEEP! *a beam of purple light suddenly hit the barrier, and would most likely temporarily blind them all.

Sena: Luna, Don't be so aggressive!

This wakes Drake up, he takes a second to look around then react.

Drake: Daikeim... The hell is going on? *He takes out his Shadow Pistol and aims it the figure* Who the hell are you, who fired the beam and finally WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?

Daikeim: I'll explain later... We need to go

Drake: Got it... *Drake makes everyone in the dome except him and Daikeim freeze in time, allowing them to walk away. Once they get far enough, Drake deactivates the dome, allowing anything to move freely again*

Luna: Who the fuck are you two!?

Sena: Luna i think you shou-

Luna: Don't tell me what to do!

Sena: *Sigh*

Angeli, Or rather Luna at this point, is facing the two, As she was outside the dome none of the time stopping would do anything to her.

Daikeim: Hey look Drake, another loud mouth like you

Drake: Shut up Daikeim, and I could ask you the same question. The hell do you want?

Luna: You two and that other person woke me up! Luna. Does not. Like. To. Be. Woken. UP!

Sena: Eh... Sorry, Luna tends to be quite anno-

Luna: Shut up!... Argh! I'm just gonna go to sleep again.

Angeli walks back to the campfire from before and leans against the tree again.

Drake: ...Did she just refer to herself in the third person? Ok, so the only people we've met are insane... If this planet is a mental asylum. I'm gonna kill you.

Daikeim: ...Thanks.

Voice: Still think you can survive? This is a strange new world out here. What my happen to you is uncertain, but what is certain is death. It is your choice. Let me help or you die trying to survive this world.

Drake: I'll go talk to Ms. Mental over there, you deal with that.

Daikeim: You sure?

Drake: Yeah, I trust you'll make the right decision. Anyways *Drake goes over to Angeli and pokes her face* 'Ey, you awake? The hell was with the blasts?! I was asleep too!

Luna wakes up and looks him right in the face, Though not exactly a kind face.

Luna: Get away from me you pedo! I told you not to wake me up! What's your problem you perv!?


Daikeim: Wow, you can hear them from here... Anyways, continue...

Voice: Your friend didn't say he wasn't a perv. You don't know much, but I can tell you what you need to know. I can also give you what you need to survive.

Daikeim: Let me think about it... I'm sure you know where I'll be.

Voice: Ofcourse. We'll be watching over you, Daikeim. You and Drake. *disappears into the shadows of the woods*


Angeli, Or rather Luna, Proceeded to slap Drake with her gloves active, forcing him to be slapped into the ground at mach 5.

Sena: Hey Luna, You probably shouldn't hit reason for-

Luna: Can you just leave me alone now you perv!?

Drake gets back up and glares at Angeli

Drake: *Drake takes out his HSC and gets out a bunch of throwing knives and throws it at Angeli's clothes, pinning her to a tree* Hit me again and the knife goes for your neck... *He also takes some food out of the HSC and takes a bite out of it and walks away*

Daikeim noticed a figure speeding across the trees, he looks back at Drake.

Daikeim: Hm... *He walks over to Drake* What are you gonna do with her? *He points to Angeli*

Drake: Mental case? She's just staying there...

Daikeim: ...Ok, anyways, follow me

Drake: Where we going?

Daikeim: I saw someone above us, now come on *Daikeim goes into his Half Dragon form and follows the figure*

Drake: ...Ok then *Drake goes into his Aura Dragon form and follows Daikeim*

Luna: Grah! I'm gonna track that pervert down and smash his head into the ground!

Angeli proceeds to de-summon the coat, as the only things attached to the tree would be knives and nothing more, She summons the heartbreaker and starts to run after them, though she was far behind them.

Sena: I'm hungry.

Luna: We'll eat later!

Intuition Edit

Daikeim and Drake notices the objects

Daikeim: Watch out! *Daikeim starts dodging the objects*

Drake: Ok ok! *Drake starts dodging them* I don't think this guy wants us to follow...

Daikeim: You think!?

From long behind, a sudden bright light is seen as Angeli flies across the air towards Drake and proceeds to slam down the heartbreaker upon his head, probably making him dizzy or something among those likes.

Sena: I personally think we should just stay away from them and go get some food, I'm starving.

Luna: Shut up Sena! I will only stop once that guy acknowledges that he is a pedophile!

Drake senses Angeli's energy.

Drake: Oh for gods sake, Daikeim, you continue... I'll stay behind for a moment...

Daikeim: Ok then. *Daikeim speeds along, catching up to the figure*

Drake stops and turns around and sees Angeili

Drake: *Sighs and gets a sword and his Shadow Pistol out* This is gonna get some hate...

A howl can be heard in the distant woods

Kado looks back, and almost jumps out of his skin. "How the hell did they catch up with me...? Impressive I'll give them that." I'll have to step it up a notch...

Kado jumps up, and in mid air, disappears. While in tangible, he shapeshifts into a eagle and flies out of the forest, and starts scanning for Kalin's location, focusing in on the sound of the howl.

There's no way he'll know what I'm doing now. He couldn't have seen me once I turned to shadow. I need to hurry though, it won't fool anyone for long.

Angeli was quick enough to respond to him drawing his sword and proceeded to move the heartbreaker to the side and change her direction, she then proceeded to fire a beam of energy right in front of his face, missing and proceeding to land on her back and proceeding to lay on the ground with a slight headache.

Drake: Did... Did that just happen... *Drake draws his sword and gun and goes towards Angeli* Ummm, wanna explain what just happened? C'mon, get up *He grabs Angeli's hand and pulls her up. He then continues walking the direction Daikeim went*

Sena suddenly took control and stopped being dizzy, Sena, Which is essentially just a "Male" personality, would speak in a somewhat different voice though still of the same age as luna.

Sena: Sorry about that, Luna can get a bit aggressive sometimes.

Sena unsummons the heartbreaker and tags along with Drake just cause.


Daikeim: Hm... *He closes his eyes and tries to focus on the figure's energy signature, later finding it and following it* That was pretty clever... I wonder where he's going.

Werewolf Jonas: *runs toward Kalin with snarling teeth*

Kalin turned to the sounds coming from the forest, and tried to teleport away, but soon found that he was unable to do it, or any other form of magic.

Kalin: Damn! The things I get myself into...

Need a hand?


Come on. I promise I won't kill this thing unless it gives us trouble.

I said no!

Please... I don't want to see you get hurt..


Suddenly above them, a bird flaps down and lands on a tree branch, and morphs into the shape of Kado.

"You really are turning out to be a real royal pain. Look, you've even found a new pet to beat you around. Can we please go now before more show up? I can't wait around all day you know."

Daikeim finally catches up to see the event, but hides among the trees to avoid being detected .

Daikeim: Hmm, this will be interesting.


Drake: Dual personality... I want to ask how that works... But right now, I want a temporal treaty with Luna... Psycho has to stop attacking me until this event is over, got it? *Drake begins to fly towards Daikeim*

Sena: Yeah, I'll tell her.

Angeli, As Zena proceeds to fly towards Daikeim as well.

As Jonas clears the forest, Kalin closes his eyes and begins to focus on presence within him. To him, it appeared to be a small flame inside of his body. As he focused harder, Kalin could feel the flame grow larger, and his concentration began to break as it did.

Don't worry. I'll take care of things from here...

Jonas propelled himself at Kalin, reaching out with a giant clawed hand. Just as his hand reached his prey, Kalin's from changed suddenly, and became that of Rose, who grabbed Jonas' hand with a smile.

"And who have we here?"

Werewolf Jonas: *smiles and grabs hold of Roses wrist and twists it* You've got yourself the motha' fuckin' Werepyre. Werewolf for the night anyway

Rose: Awww, it's cute that you believe I might be even a little scared of a giant mutt. *Hits Jonas in the chest with her palm, breaking his grip and knocking him a few feet back* Unfortunately, for both of us, I've seen worse.

Don't mess around, said Kalin from within Rose's mind. Just take him down and let's get out of here.

Rose: But I wanna have fun with the puppy, Kal...

Forget about the puppy...werep...that guy! Worry about keeping me safe, like you said you wanted to do.

Rose:No fun. *sigh* Okay, but that doesn't mean I won't enjoy this while it's happening. *Ignites her hands using fire magic, which also begins to flow out of her eyes, and her back in the form of feathered wings*

Kado angrily stands above them, his curiosity at the change was only trumped by his anger. "I don't appreciate being ignored... Are you seriously going to continue to act so recklessly, even after the fact you were nearly caught by the enemy? Have you no discipline at all?"

He grips his two 'special' katanas, weighing the odds of being able to teleport Kalin/whoever without having to resort to subduing them.

"It would be wise if we simply retreated for now, instead of mindlessly fighting everyone in your damn sight!"

Werewolf Jonas: *smacks Kado to the side making him hit a tree. He then tackles Rose and pins her to a tree* You wanna have fun? Let's have some! *bites Rose's neck and throws her into the air. He then jumps after her and bites her leg and throws her back down, then he finally lands on Rose. He then proceeds to bash her face in.*

Grabbing Jonas' fist, Rose kicked him into the air before flying after him, striking him with multiple punches from her ignited fists, sending him flying further. Grabbing his arm, Rose threw him back towards the ground. As he fell, Rose fired multiple fireballs at him, causing a large explosion.

Kado gets up, and dusts himself off. "Well I won't deny that you are both abnoxious, and pathetically stupid.... werewolf." He looks at Rose. "You and Kalin have gotten me involved with two immortal pains in the asses, so I'll leave you. It's clear to me none of you respect my concern for you.... two... whatever you are, so be it. Find your own way out of this hell hole, though I'm disappointed. I could have used a person like you for our cause. Pathetic you'd waste your life on the likes of this one."

Kado walks out into the trees. "You'll probably not live to regret this. Who ever you are, I wish your soul an easy escape." He vanishes into the shadows of the forest, not bothering to look back at the pointless battle behind him.

Jonas arises with flames on his fur

Werewolf Jonas: Pretty lady likes playing with fire. Sadly, im not the cigarette. *jumps towards Rose and tackles her.

Rose: *Tosses Jonas away before flying into the air* come on, K-mart! Don't be like that...*sighs* Alright Then!!! More Fun For Me!!! *Smashes into the ground, with her foot pressing Jonas' head into the ground. She then leaps backwards, firing another wave of fireballs at Jonas as she does.

You always do this...

Rose:Oh, come on. You don't need to make friends with people like mr.softie.

Go find him.

Rose: Who do yo-

Go FIND him. And apologize...

Rose: I believe the words" it's too late to apologize" really-


Rose: Ok!*Creates a large fireball in her hands before tossing it at Jonas* walking away as it explodes* Buzzkill *To Jonas* It's been fun, puppy. I'd take you home but I don't think I've trained you enough,yet. *sees Dakiem* don't worry though. You'll be in good hands!

Flying off into the forest, Rose stopped at a nearby tree, where Kalin sat, worn out by summoning her.

Rose: Are you coming?

Kalin: No, I just felt like waiting until the wolf man recovered.

Rose: So you liked him, too?

Kalin: No, I did not like him.*stands* Let's find Kado...

Suddenly, a massive wave of water comes out of the forest and blasts Werewolf Jonas away and into a bunch of trees. Daikeim walks out with his clothing coloured black and white, same with his eyes.

Daikeim: You're not the only one with a transformation that takes under a full moon... *Daikeim creates multiple ice shards and they fly at Jonas, impaling his body. He then traps Jonas in a cube filled with water* Let's see if you need air... And if that doesn't kill you, me increasing the water pressure will.

Werewolf Jonas: *howls within the ice breaking it. Jonas sniffs the air* Round 2.*jumps infront of Daikeim* Well looky har'. The dragon kid wants die. *claws grow longer* Here you go, one large serving of death. *bitchslaps Daikeim into a tree* With a side of pain! *jumps into the air and lands on Daikeim* Don't worry, its on the house. *Bashes Daikeims face in.*

Kado feels the footsteps before he hears them, and that's even before he turns to face them, still a good distance away from him just on a hill. His features are darkened by the portal now swirling behind him, the only part of him illuminated is his back. His hair flows with the currents of energy of the portal, constantly on verge of being sucked within. He let's out a sigh.

"Shouldn't you be fighting your puppy, Kalin, or whoever you are?" He says lowly. One of his many flaws, his inability to let the stress of prior events go was already working to drive him to renewed anger. "I have important business to attend to." He looks at Rose with a secret curiosity, pondering how two complete beings could be within one body... fascinating as it was, he hadn't forgotten how reckless Kalin or whoever this person really was had been. And for his line of work... recklessness kills.

Daikeim: You think that will work? You need to learn *He dissolves away into a puddle and appears behind Jonas and stabs him with a ice shard, which proceeds to explode. Daikeim then flies back and creates a small blue and white sphere, he then throws it at Jonas, when it explodes, multiple ice shards come out of it and create deep cuts into Jonas' body* Now... Payback *He walks over to Jonas and knees him in the jaw, breaking his teeth. He then grabs his arm and twists it, dislocating it. Finally, he puts both his hands on Jonas' chest and impales him with two massive ice spikes the emerge from his hands. He grabs Jonas' by the neck and tightens his grip, breaking his airwaves.*

Werewolf Jonas: *shoves his claws into Daikeim's stomach* You gotta love immortalty. *throws Daikeim into the air and when he comes back down kicks him tin the face shattering his skull and sending him fling into a tree* Now to rap this' hoedown up. *is about to launch himself at everyone*

The Administrator: *calls on Jonas' Bluetooth* Jonas, you are needed back at the facilty. Now.

Werewolf Jonas: Fun's over kids. *all of Jonas' wounds heal and the ice on his body melts. He turns around and heads back to the facility*

Rose: You heard the man, he has important business to do *turns around* we'll just be going now...

Kalin: Rose...

Rose: Fine. *turns back to kado* Kado, right? Look, I'm sorry for not being much of a team player. I was kinda born that way. But right now, My friend here is real low on power, and he could use a place to stay that isn't a dark alleyway with mice and stuff... please, help him. 

Kalin: Thank you, Rose.

Rose: you're lucky you're cute.

Kalin: Rose...

Rose: Fine, we'll finish this discussion later...*Disappears in a wave of fire*

Kalin: And that is why I need new friends...*collapses

Kado reaches out and grabs him. "Fine then... since you asked nicely. I'll take you in for a few days... but expect to earn your keep if you intend on staying..." He mutters, and slings him over his shoulder. He walks through the portal, where his men await his return, and let out a gleeful cry welcoming him back.

"Yes yes, I know. Welcome back. You, treat him, and once you determine if he's stable, have him brought to me." "Y--yes sir!" A medic grabs Kalin carefully, and teleports to the clinic ward, where he watches over Kalin as his injuries heal and works to counteract the suppressant in his system. After a few hours pass, Kalin wakes up in a white room, with an armored doctor carefully looking him over, with white armor and blue detail, something he vaugely remembers the various henchmen Kado had worn. The doctor looks pleased to see him awake.

"Good, you're wake. Can you tell me your name?"

"Kalin. *gets out of the bed* Where am I? This doesn't feel like Earth, or that other place..."

Drake manages to get to the area where Daikeim and Jonas were fighting but cannot find him.

Drake: Where the hell... Oh please don't tell me he's died...

Daikeim: *Appears behind Drake and exits his Lunar Novac form*

Drake: *Turns around and starts laughing* Hahaha, you're a crazy son of a bitch. You know that, right?

Daikeim: Heh, yeah yeah... So what do we do now?

Drake: No idea, what about you?

Daikeim: Well, I did see these two people--

Drake: No no no, the last time we went up to someone we didn't know, your arm was missing.

Daikeim: Fair point, well I guess we tour this planet then.

Drake: Oh, we might have a third person coming along.

Daikeim: You hypocrite, wait, the girl?

Drake: Yeah, she's to clumsy. She'll die without us helping, so we might aswell take her with us.

Daikeim: ...I don't think abduction is allowed here...

Drake: *He puts his middle finger up at Daikeim* Screw you.

Voice: It's not abduction if she doesn't belong to anyone. They law here cannot care less about the affairs of Mythological creatures. *the figure appears once more from the dankness* You wanted a tour?

Drake: I'M NOT ABDUCTING ANYONE... *Sighs* Just... Sure, give us a tour of this planet...

Daikeim: Ok then...

The doctor chuckles. "Kado had all the mind to leave you back on Earth, so I'm told. Still, he took you with him anyway. I guess you could say that he has a too kind of a personality. Not to be confused with entirely forgiving. I bet he'll still run you over with whatever you did back on Earth for a couple weeks. Pardon my rambling," He coughs. "You are on Echo, the home world of Azure. You're currently in a rescue shelter operated by us, so no need to worry. Can you stand?"

Kalin: Yep. I'll be just fine from here on out. So long as I never get a taste of another of those suppressor serums. That's what I got hit with, correct? *Doctor nods*

Kalin:Alright then, I'll just have to be more careful from now on. Both of us will. Now, can you take me to my caring host? I'd like to thank him.

Back at the M.C.C.P

The Administrator: *sees Werewolf Jonas walking his way*

Werewolf Jonas: What is it, Admin?

The Administrator: We've been breached, Jonas. An organization known as 'Azure' has freed all our hybrids from the Myth Cells. And since when dont have the Cubicle we cannot replicate them

Werewolf Jonas: So what do you want me to do about it?

The Administrator: Nothing. We'll make sure those who were responsible will be punished.

Werewolf Jonas: Then why am I here?

The Administrator: That.*points down the corridor and the Defiled Beast looks at them* Contain the problem.

The Defiled Beast swallows the arm it has in its mouth and rushes straight at Jonas

Werewolf Jonas: *kills the Defiled beast in one strike* Problem contained.*walks off down the corridor*

Back in the forest

Voice: Take my hand and I will show you what lies here on this world. *puts his hand out*

Daikeim and Drake get out a weapon in one hand, and grabs the dark figure's hand with their other hand.

Drake: Ok then, lets go.

The doctor touches Kalin's shoulder, and Kalin feels a tugging sensation, and they are in a decent office with no windows of any kind, and a large desk. In front of it sits Kado, wearing his same mask again. "Well then, Sleeping Beauty, you finally woke up. Took you only four hours." He nods to the doctor, who quietly disappears. Kado motions for Kalin to come closer, and taps him on the shoulder, appearing in a dark, windowless room without doors or any means of leaving. The only light comes from the walls themselves, which shimmer with a strange blue light.

"Welcome to the primal Echo, home of Azure. This is well... my quarters. Don't ask where it is, no one knows except me." He motions for Kalin to sit.

"I assume you have questions, so now's the time to ask. There are things to be done, but for the moment, I can answer questions as long as they're not too complicated." He sits down on the couch behind him.

Walking over to the one of the lights, Kalin placed his finger into it, drawing out some energy, which he placed in his mouth.

Kalin: I'm not really inquisitive when it comes to matters unimportant to me.*taps head* amnesia. 

However, I believe I have just one thing that I must know about you, and *gestures to the room* all of this? 

Kado tilts his head curiously. "What is it you want to know about me, and 'all this' then?"  

Kalin: Put simply, why are you doing this?

Kado sighs. "If I leave it with, 'Because I want to help those who are downtrodden,' would you be satisfied?"

Kalin: I'm more likely to laugh in your face...*cough* I mean, I believe you. Now then, unless you have any questions for me, we should move along.

Kado shakes his head. "I'd like to explain in detail, but it's a long story and we have urgent buisness to attend to. ...I'd hate to pull you into another fight but... we weren't the first to strike M.C.C.P. They did. They sent a giant machine which has been besieging our city for a few days now. We sent the attack that we met up with you at as a way to decive them of our numbers. We must now prepare to counterattack. What I'd like to ask you Kalin is... will you assist us?"

Kalin: I don't know... I don't think I'm properly dressed for the occasion.*clothes transform into combat attire*  Ok, now I'm ready. After you masked man.

Drake, Daikeim, and the figure are wlking through Line Space, the in-etween of everything

Voice: In the beginning...

The figure gives the rundown of the creation of the universe up until the point to the creation of man.

Voice: Our Father and Mother, Adam and Eve were deceived by the 1st Mytho. They were cast out of Eden and into the Wilderness. Now some of the angels of Heaven pitited man and descended from Heaven to aid man. They had made familes amaonst the human to make the 2nd Mythos: Nephilim. Few millenia afterwards...

The figure tells them about the Zenithians and how the aided mankind after the angels died out. And how afterwards gave man a baby Zenithian which gave man its imagination and later on, man's imagintation gave birth to the Mythos. The mythos were born out of belief and the belief became so strong it literally happened through life occurance.

Voice: Ever since then, Mythos were feared by man, but The Flood came and the Mythos fled to the gateway the led them to a whole nother world. A world without life,death,Hell,pain, or responsibility. Everything Earth could never have. This world was called Fantasy...

The figure tells them how the Mythos reentered Reality and how the Reality vs. Fantasy War began. After the war, the Mythos were pushed back but the Mythos who still resigned in Reality were being hunted down by agencies. Back in Neo York City, the M.C.C.P are taking down a Wyrm causing destruction in Neo York City.

Daikeim: What, why is a Wyrm causing chaos... That doesn't happen on Cyanic *He turns Half Dragon and flies down to the Wyrm to try and calm it*

Drake: *Opens his HSC and takes out a Cyanican sniper rifle and starts to pick of the M.C.C.P in that area* You better know what you're doing...

Soldier 1: What the hell, man?...Mythos? Never seen them before.

Soldier 2: Don't give a shit. shoot'em all!

The figure freezes the soldiers.

Voice: Quite hasty you both are.

The Wyrm lands and hudges both Daikeim and Drake

Voice: It thanks you. These Mythos who reside here in Reality long to return to Fantasy. And some want revenge on man. This one was just going home.

Drake: Daikeim has a soft spots for dragons... As do I

Daikeim: Considering dragons created Cyanic, I'd hope you would. Now, is there anything else that needs to be done?

Voice: We go to a safer haven. Wyrm, can you fly back to the Realm of Fantasy.

The Wyrm lets them ride on its back and flies them to Gate No.1

Drake: The Realm of Fantasy... I wonder if it's like Arcadia...

Daikeim: Arcadia is a literal paradise Drake, I'll be surprised if this tops it.

Voice: Believe me, it is. Here nothing can hurt you. Here only peace resides in this place; not war, only unity. War resided on your planet if I am correct. Here, you will enjoy your exile. You can rest knowing you atleast saved your people. Here, your goning to wish you have gotten exiled sooner, but I doubt that. In other words a paradise, is paradise. But true paradise is Heaven. This is as close as paradise Earth can get.

Daikeim: *Grabs hold of his Soul Stone* How long until we get there... I need to do something quickly...

Drake: Contacting your family? Homesickness is a pain...

Daikeim: Yeah, it is... If I chose to stay here that is.

Voice: You wish to return back to Cyanic? Or at least how your families are doing?

Daikeim: I don't wish to return back to Cyanic, I just need to speak to a couple of people...

Drake: *Whispers to the dark figure* His family haven't been informed about his exile yet so he has to tell them.

Voice: I understand. Family is the only true thing you can trust in a world like this. I know exactly how that is.

Daikeim starts to get impatient...

Daikeim: When are we there!? I demand an answer!

Drake: Daikeim, calm down... We'll be there soon ok?

Voice: Impatience can lead to disaster.

The Wyrm lands infront of the Gate

Voice: We are here. Here lies the Realm of Fantasy, but I warn you, the M.C.C.P have put up a micro-fielded the entrance. Meaning once you go in, you cannot come out.

Daikeim and Drake get off of the Wyrm and walk up to the gate.

Daikeim: Are you sure you want to follow me in? As he said, no way out...

Drake: Yes I am sure, we've been through thick and thin on Cyanic. And here's no different...

Daikeim: Ok... *He opens the gates and goes through*

Drake: Here goes... *He follows Daikeim in*

Voice: Hold up. you'll need this. *conjures a grenade launcher-like canon* This will open the gate on the other side.*lends them the canon*

Drake: *Stops before he enters and catches the cannon* Thanks. *He finally steps in*

Voice: Now, I must warn you about the realm's guardian, Jumbo. Jumbo is not Mytho rather an experiment gone wrong. He was the last thing that was tossed in here after the Reality vs. Fantasy War. He blames the outsiders for casting him in here and wishes nothing for revenge. You need to make sure he never finds that canon or he will wreck havoc on Reality, him and all those who still despise humanity for what they have done.

Drake: Don't worry, he'll never touch this *Drake opens his HSC and puts the cannon in and stores the HSC away* Any other final warnings or messages?

Voice: Jumbo is stronger than the pet you fought. His vengence burns more than fire from Heaven. If you can calm him down,listen to reason, he will no doubt let you pass. He maybe all brawn, but he is not without a brain. He holds a mental connction to all the Mythos in the world, he can call him to his aid whenever he needs them.

Drake: Umm ok, two things. One. Does he do this to all the other Mythos? And two. Where can me and Daikein find him?

Voice: Answer1: Yes, he has a mental link to all Mytho beings in out of Fantasy. Answer 2: No need to find him, he'll find you.

Drake: Ok then... Well anyways, thanks. I got a feeling we'll meet soon.*Drake then walks away to find Daikeim*

Daikeim: *Takes a long sigh and takes off his Soul Stone and holds it tightly, his eyes then flash gold and a portal opens up. Revealing a figure on the other side* I'm surprised you answered... I'm guessing you heard the news?

Figure: Yes, but I don't blame you... You did what you had to do... Infact, the other Murr Gods are thinking about letting you and Drake back.

Daikeim: ...No way, how?!

Figure: Don't worry, I'm sure you want to come back.

Daikeim: I do... But, I can't... This planet...

Figure: What do you mean?

Daikeim: There's a war here... Innocents are in danger, I want to help. And Drake has agreed to assist me.

Figure: Really? That's surprising... Then again, it is what I expect my son to do. Well, just remember that we're here to help, your Soul Stone is vital for your mission here, you know that. Right?

Daikeim: Yes, I must go now... Tell the others I said hi.

Figure: Will do, goodbye now *The portal closes*

Drake finds Daikeim and walks up to him.

Drake: So, how'd it go?

Daikeim: Better than I expected actually... So, what do we do now?

Drake: I guess we just hang around for now...

A shadow flies past Daikeim and Drake

Drake: The hell? What was that?

Sena: Perhaps it was that "Jonas" person.

Angeli seemed to have been away or something among those likes before, but was now back.

Another 1st Day Edit

Ammo: So, what's our mission? *Looks at clipboard Administrator gave them* Seems fun you'll be there. *Smiles and hugs Jonas*

The Administrator: Your task is to immobilize a Puppet who has been causing alot of trouble down in North-East Asia. We have located it down to a cave in the mountains. Bring it back or kill it, whichever or works

Jonas: Sure thing, Admin. *smokes a Blu cigarette*

The Administrator: You are dismissed.

Ammo: YAY! More time with Jony!

Jonas: Alright let's go.

The Administrator: Holdup, Jonas. *lifts Jonas shirt collar and sees a purple bruise it a scratch on it* Remember what I said Jonas. Don't let your love life affect your job.

Jonas: not much for you to worry about, Admin. i got this. *walks off*

Ammo: What was all that about? *Looks worried*

Jonas: It's ok. Admin was just worried about this bruise you gave me. *shows her the purple bruise with scratches over it*

Ammo: Oh, sorry... *Looks at feet, sad*

Jonas: Why? You just gave me the best night I ever had in centuries. *smiles*

Ammo: I got you in trouble... We need to get going. I'll get the ship. *Walks away towards ship.*

Jonas: Hey, you dint get me in trouble. I get in trouble with the Admin all the time. That's why me and him have a close bond. I'm the exceedingly strong and handsome fellow, while he's the dark'n'shady one who sits in the dark all day and when he gets up from his desk, the whole world seems to be comin' at an end.

Ammo: I know someone for him. *Smiles* Belinda the Good Witch. *Starts Flying* So, what's the stratagy?

Jonas: We just go in there and kick its ass. When it comes to singular mythos 9-10 they aren't really expirienced or atleast smart. In any case, this Puppet isn't really intelligent due to it being half Demon and demons have a different way of expressing themeslves than human beings.

Ammo: I trust you. *Smiles and kisses Jonas from her seat*

Meanwhile, in a forest a couple of miles away from the M.C.C.P facility, a portal emerges out of thin air, closing after a figure walks out of it.

Daikeim: Ok... Time to find jumbo... *Daikeim starts jumping from tree to tree towards the facility*

2 dark figures watch Daikeim disappear amongst the trees

Figure: *slowly shakes his head* Im afraid this endeavor is in vain. He cannot change fate. Kaos knew that better than anyone.

Voice: Yes, but Kaos is no longer here. Daikeim can try all he can to free Jumbo, only to find out that he cannot change the choices of others once they have decided.

After a while, Daikeim finally reaches the outskirts of the facility and examines it.

Daikeim: Hm... The M.C.C.P facility... It's best not to go in guns blazing, right now... Stealth is my best approach... *Daikeim takes a small device out of his pocket and smirks* Drake, your little toys might come in handy... *He activates the device, cloaking Daikeim in invisibility, this also hides him from any energy signatures and infa-red. He then tries to find an opening into the facility*

A ship leaves through an opening to the hangar

Daikeim: Perfect. *Daikeim flies into the hangar before it closes, he then stops and looks around. Then continues walking through the facility*

A few soldiers are scouting through the hangars isnoecting the ships

Daikeim: Hm... They're no use to me right now... And I haven't got much time before someone finds out. *Daikeim tries to sense Jumbo's energy signature, but fails* Damn... I guess more exploring it is... *Daikeim walks through the thousands of corridors in hope that one of the rooms contains Jumbo.*

Theres some sort of pounding from within the facility

Daikeim: This better be him... *He goes to the source of the pounding*

The pounding leads to a vault

Daikeim: A vault... *He looks at the five guards outside the vault, he deactivates the device and draws the Draconia Blade and decapitates 2 of the guards. He then kicks one in the neck, breaking it then throws his sword through the other guard's body. He disarms the last guard and aims the gun at him* What's behind the vault...

Guard: A former soldier. He was experimented on a satanic cult. He's like a half man half Quetzalcoatl sort of thing.

Daikeim: Thank you, oh and one more thing... Why all of this? Why are you afraid of Mythos? Why put them through all this suffering?

Gaurd: We asked God the same thing...about humanity...we already knew that answer...

Daikeim: ...They don't deserve this, you treat them like animals... Just open the vault door.

Guard: *scoffs* Another asshole trying to lecture us. *inserts the code '666'*

The vault s unlocking itself and Jumbo flies out and has Daikeim in a head lock, knees Daikeim in the gut and throws him across the corridor was and pins him against the wall

Guard: *over the intercom* We have an intruder all personel guard the corriders

The personel are locked and loaded with serum needles and bazookas. There is one out of the 4 Bureaucrats guarding a corridor along with the personel.

Daikeim looks at Jumbo and sighs, he then headbutts Jumbo, forcing him to let go. He then punches Jumbo in the gut and slams both his fists against his head, stunning him for a minute. Daikeim then turns to look at the guards, who fire at him. The Draconia Blade flies back into Daikeim's hand, and slices the needles and rockets in half. Daikeim then swings the sword in the air, causing a massive energy wave to emerge out of the sword and cut the guards in half. Daikeim then walks over to Jumbo.

Daikeim: Jumbo... You're a Mytho, you defend Fantasy... You were sworn to defeat The Before, but now you're teaming up with them... Why? You're better than this, but if you insist on staying here... *He picks Jumbo up and carries him over his shoulder back into the vault, he puts him down and exits the vault and closes the door and walks away*

Jumbo: Teaming? You are foolish! We mistook you for The Before! You and your brash assumptions!

Daikeim: Oh... My bad. *He opens the vault door* Ok, they would have sent reinforcements. You in the mood for killing more M.C.C.P soldiers? *He grabs his sword and gets in a stance*

Jumbo: FINALLY! *dahses off at Mach 3 speed down the corridors, slaughtering all tat is in his way. Is knocked to the side by a Bureaucrat.*

Daikeim flies at the Bureaucrat and grabs him by the neck and slams him against a wall, he then tightens his grip until the Bureaucrat can't breath. Daikeim then gets his sword and impales the Bureaucrat and drops him, he walks over to Jumbo and helps him up.

The Bureacrat slices Daikeim's head, impales him and throws him into the wall behind him

Jumbo: *twist the Bureaucrats head backwards and pulls it off*

Daikeim: Ugh... *Gets up and looks at his wounds* Mother fucker... *Daikeim coats himself in a green aura that slowly heals his wounds* Ok, lets carry on. *He continues flying down the corridor*

Jumbo: *continues to fly down the corridors at Mach 3 speed and decimate all that fill them* DIIIEEEEEE!!!

Daikeim: Hm... Jumbo, shouldn't we see what the M.C.C.P is doing with the Mythos they kidnap?

Jumbo: They are in chambers in cold sleep. You find the chambers, We will destroy The Before. *dahses on ahead*

Daikeim: Ok... And be careful, I don't want to save you again. *Daikeim starts searching every room to find the chambers, killing any guards he sees*

Jumbo: *stops infront 2 giant-metal doors and rips it open in 5 seconds*

Inside reveals hundred of mythos asleep in gel-capsules, some of those capsules are empty.

Daikeim: Woah... Jumbo, get them out of the capsules, also get then some weapons to defend themselves with... *He notices the empty ones* Hm, Jumbo, you sure they just store them here?

Jumbo: Positive. *punches the control dashboard and all the captive mythos slide out of their capsules*

Daikeim: Ok... Now there's the job of getting them all back to Fantasy without them dying... The hangar! If we can get them to the hanger, we'll find a big enough ship and get them to the Gate. *He looks at the Mythos* But the amount is troubling...

Jumbo: *is communicating with the Mythos telepathically* Come with us. We will take our vengeance on those who have imprisoned us.

The captive Mythos agree

Jumbo: THEN COME! Lead us to the place of flight.

Daikeim: Alright. *Daikeim flies back to the hangar, allowing the Mythos to kill any guards along their way. But suddenly stops moving before they enter* Hold on... *Daikeim's Soul Stone flashes* Damn... They're expecting us... *He prepares himself and tightens his grip on his sword*

Jumbo: The Before will not live! *dahses into the hangar and sees over a thousand soldiers and sees The Admin himself* YOUUUU!

The Administrator: Yes. Me.

Jumbo: *charges at The Admin but every attack goes right through him*

The Administrator: *has Jumbo by the neck and throws him out the hangar*

Daikeim: Dammit... *He looks at The Admin, then at all of the guards* For the Mythos. *Daikeim overcharges the Draconia Blade with energy and fires a massive energy wave at The Admin and guards*

The Administrator: *absorbs the Drocnia energy and fires a black version of it back a Daikeim and the Mythos*

One of the mythos moves in front of Daikeim and absorbs all of it and disperes it into the air. Another lifts up all the ships with a lift of a finger and fling them all at the opening, causing a large explosion.

Daikeim: ...*Sheaths the Draconia and sprints at The Admin and uppercuts him into the air, Daikeim then jumps to the same height and unleashes a barrage of punches into The Admin's chest. Finally slamming his heel down The Admin's head, sending him flying down into the floor*

The Administrator: *appears behind him and grabs him from the back of the neck and lifts him and starts to suck the light out of Daikeim*

Jumbo: *charges at The Admin again*

The Administrator: *puts Daikeim in front of him and Jumbo tackles Daikeim instead of The Admin*

Daikeim: Ugh... *Get Jumbo off of him and gets up. He then flies at The Admin and punches him in the gut, he then appears behind The Admin and slams both his fists against The Admin's neck*

The Administrator: *catches Daikeim's fist and breaks his wrists and flips him over and stomps on his arm, thus breaking it*

Daikeim: Grr... *Daikeim gets up and sweep kicks The Admin over then places one of his feet on The Admin's chest and presses down, cracking his ribs*

Daikeim is starting to literally get pulled into The Admin himself.

Daikeim: The hell!? *He flies out of The Admin's chest and looks at him* You're obviously not human, so tell me... What are you?

The Administrator: The man who's going to make you wish death was an option. *is teaming with a dark aura. The light coming from the blown up opening shines on him and his aura seems to be growing*

Daikeim: Heh... *Daikeim goes into his Solar Novac form* As a DaeMurr God... It's my job to wipe you out. *Daikeim swipes his hand to the left, causing a massive chunck of metal to colide into The Admin*

The Administrator: *the metal turns into darkness and disappears before it touches him. The floor turns into darkness and everyone starts to sink into it*

Daikeim: NO! *Daikeim instantly appears infront of The Admin and kicks him in the side of the head, sending him flying across the room.* This fight is between you and me... Release them from this... NOW!

The Administrator: *reappears behind Daikeim as a formless darkness and engulf him and he returns to his form and Daikeim is starting to fade away within The Admin*

Jumbo: *manages to free himself and flies above everyone and starts spinning around, causing a tornado-like wind to form, sucking all the darkness away into the wind. Jumbo disperses the darkness into the Sun, which the darkness turns the whole Sun black. Jumbo thrust his hand into The Admin and rips Daikeim out of him.*

Daikeim: ...I will not allow this to happen! *Daikeim goes back to his Half Dragon form and glares at The Admin* Darkness... Pure darkness like you should be erased from this world... *Daikeim's Soul Stone flashes gold, Daikeim then creates an energy ball, with the Soul Stone lending energy towards it. It then shines gold* BE GONE! *He throws the light ball at The Admin*

The light ball goes into The Admins body and is consumed

The Administrator: You are no god here. *A black solar flare comes toward the Earth and it flows staight into The Admin*

Daikeim: Jumbo, cover up any openings to the outside. Block the sun from him...

Jumbo: It will not make a difference...He consumes light in and from any form...And the darkness is at his command...We will need a better plan than that...

Daikeim: Damn... *Daikeim clenches his fist* No way we can land a punch on him either, he counters our attacks, absorbs anything we throw at him...

Jumbo: Then we don't run...we escape...*flies into the opening and the others try to follow but they cannot see in the dark*

Daikeim: ...*Daikeim turns to look at the Mythos but then sharply turns his head back* I'm sorry to do this... I promise we will get you out of here...*Daikeim flies up and follows Jumbo*

Jumbo: *looks back and sees no one has followed him* Where are us?

Daikeim appears beside Jumbo but says nothing. He then looks back at the M.C.C.P and sighs, then turns back.

Jumbo: *watches Daikeim leave* Where are you going?

Daikeim: Back... I can't allow this... This is for Fantasy Jumbo, and retreating is going to be your option?

Jumbo: Yes, we do. *Pentagram on his chest glows and 5 sparks are shot out from the vertices of the Pentagram it protrudes the darkness*

The darkness has a giant Pentagram symbol on it and the darkness is transferring itself into Jumbo

The Administrator: Impossible, but indeed smart.

The Sun is no longer black and the other Mythos can see and they fly out of the opening.

Daikeim looks at Jumbo and starts to follow him again.

Daikeim: You're full of surprises... I'm sure the Mythos will thank you greatly. 

Jumbo: *the Pentagram on Jumbo's chest is teaming with a dark aura and appears to causing something to go wrong with Jumbo* 

Daikeim instantly notices this and stops flying and just hovers.

Daikeim: Jumbo, fight it...

Jumbo: *is engulfed in dark flames and yells in pain. He is then taken back into the facility and the opening behind them is shut by the darkness *

Daikeim: ...That thing... He will pay... *Daikeim turns to look at the Mythos* Anyways, lets get you back to Fantasy... *Daikeim starts flying back to Fantasy*

The captive Mythos follow him all the way back to the Gate

5 days later, a portal appears, a figure walks out and the portal closes.

Drake: Ok, time to get his attention. *Drake sets the floor ablaze and write "JONAS! GET YOUR ASS HERE" in fire.*

A few minutes later

Jonas: *looks at the text* Well that's pretty mean.

Drake: Jonas, I need your help... Daikeim and his girlfriend or whatever has been captured by some assholes... Now, I know you would love to kill me and him when you have the chance but listen out. *Drake opens his HSC and a assortment of gems appear* I don't need these, but I hear they sell pretty well on the market. Just... If you accept, do what you can...

Jonas: Money doesnt mean jack to me, but I guess I'll be of assistance if it involves me kickin' some ass. Who are we after?

Drake: Group named Unsung, y'heard of them?

Jonas:...Oh...those bastards...4th largest agency and have the sickest minds in science.... Alot sicker than pg slop mixed with manure...*spits on the ground*

Drake: Good, it's been a while since I've made bitches run for their lives. *He cracks his knuckles* Any idea where their facility is?

Jonas: Somewhere beyond London I reckon'. You thought we were bad, those guys are more jacked up than we are. *spits on the ground again*

Drake: I was just there... Ok then, this'll be fun. *He opens a portal to London* Alright, lets go killer furball.*He steps through the portal*

Jonas: Heh, that's a good one. Killer furball. *steps into the portal*

Back to His RootsEdit

Drake arrives at the M.C.C.P, he gazes at his weapons and smirks.

Drake: Yeah, it's only minor work to entertain me... Now how to get in without the guards shooting me to pieces...

Jonas: Whazz up, guy? *smacks Drake's butt*

Drake: Please... Don't do that to me ever... Anyways... How the hell do we get in the facility?

Jonas: You forget...I work here. I can just waltz on in with you behind and everyone will know your with me.

Drake: *Being sarcastic* Yes, because the people there wouldn't think I'm a Mytho you captured...

Jonas: They will. That's how you get in. *pokes at the side of his head and walks into the center of the field* Jagger. *a light shines from the center* Come on.

Drake: Jagger... What kind of password is that? *He stores his guns away and follows Jonas*

Jonas: An old street name I was givin'. *both go down into a network of corridors. Soldiers rebuilding, testing, and storaging what is left of the M.C.C.P*

Drake: Woah, looks like shit hit the fan here... The fuck happened?

Jonas: Multiple shit is what happened. *stop at a corridor and both get off*

Drake: So, where are we now?

Jonas: Wanna be a mercenary? You gotta talk to The Admin, so follow me. *both head down a few corridors until the reach a door that says "The Administrator"* Here it is. If he says anything that pisses you off. Don't say anything.

Drake: Ok then. *He steps into The Admin's office* Hey... Heard you're hiring mercenaries.

The Administrator: *is doing paper work* I am. You looking to be hired?

Drake: Against agencies, Mythos are off of my clock... I just want to get paid, get killing and get some entertainment from doing so...

The Administrator: Fine by me. Apparently, our money is going into rebuilding this entire facility after it's recent problems, so you wont be paid for a while. I heard of the stir-up down at London. Unsung has been destroyed and it's information might be use full to us. If you get what you can, I can assign you your next mission.

Drake: *He opens his HSC and takes out the samples, test and doctors notes and hands them over to The Admin* Next mission please.

The Administrator: Excellent job. Now you must head back to London to one of their under ground operational labs. I believe something of Dr.Drekavas is there that seems fascinating.

Drake: Ok... Back to London for a third time... *He opens a portal* Any thing I should know before I head off?

The Administrator: Drekavas is a mad man. He loved the idea of evolution and sought to use his unique "imagination" to make that true. Whatever he has back there, might be influential to us in some way.

Drake: Got it... *He steps through the portal and it closes behind him*

Well-deserved Rest Edit

Jonas is at the facility with Ammo in his arms and Drake in the other

Jonas: Crap, hope dem' redcoats don't sue us. *walks down a few corridors until he reaches the Medical*

Jonas: *hands Ammo to a nurse and hands Drake to another nurse* Well, happy to say, we're still alive.

Ameno: J-Jonas... *opens eyes* Jonas... You need... Medi.... Medical.... Attention....... *Looks at Jonas with tearful eyes* C'mon... Please.... Don't try to tuff it out... *closes eyes*

Jonas: I'm a mother-fuckin' Werepyre. I can heal shit like this just like Wolverine. Can't say de' same fer you two. But if it makes you feel better i'll put on a few bandages.

Ameno: You're so cute... When... *smiles and starts getting paler* You're you....

Nurse: She's dying. We need life support over here! We need it fast!

Doctor: We must start procedure. *Gets Ammo on a rolling bed and starts rolling her away*

Jonas: *has some sort of an distraught look on his face* How did I manage to get a chick like her? How are you holdin' up, Drake?

Drake says nothing, he's instead balancing a knife on his finger. Blankly starring at it with his right eye.

Drake: Go... Go to her then, she needs you right now.

Jonas: I will. But I need to give this information to The Admin. first, then I'll come back an stay with her....Actually...The Admin. can wait. *runs after Ammo*

Ameno: Hey... Handsome... Decide to come? *groans with pain as they remove bullets* I'm... Glad you're.... You're...

Jonas: *puts his hand on Ammo's shoulder* I know...I'm the rest of yer' strength until you up and better.

Ameno: Joney, you... you... you.... *grasps Jonas' hand* Joney... *closes eyes and losens grip...*

Nurse: The Administrator has said that once you are healed you need to either return to work, or go into Cryo-stasis. Would you like to stay the night? *Sympathetic smile*

Jonas: Yes, thanks. *pulls up and chair next to Ammo's bed and sits down, while still holding Ammo's hand*

When Jonas wakes up, he has Ameno in his lap, sitting sideways wearing her sheet. Ammo has her head on his neck, and arms around his neck...

Drake: ...*He stands up and throws the knife into the air, he adjusts his clothes then catches the knife. He takes off the bandages that were wrapped around his left eye, and opens his HSC and gets a mechanical device and puts it over his eye* I will not be humiliated like that again... *His eye colour darkens to black and he growls* Fuck what the Mythos say... Anyone who tries to stop me will regret it dearly. *He walks through the multitude of corridors, clenching his fists as he thinks of his defeats, he starts chanting then fades away*

Jonas: Hm. I guess holdin' hands like kinder-gardeners wasn't enough for ya', huh? *holds Ammo*

Ameno: *opens eyes* Hey Joney... Are you... Okay....? Are you... Healed...?

Jonas: I'm fine. See? *show that his body is without injury* Wolverine can go suck on his own log. How are you doin'?

Ameno: I'm... I'm okay... Don't... Worry Joney... The... The... the...

Nurse: Ummm... I dont' think that she's- ah forget it. *Hands Jonas a clipboard* She is barely alive. Surprised she can breath. At this rate, she'll die in 4-5 days if she's lucky. I'd say spend it the way you guys can be together... *He turns and walks out.*

Jonas: *has a sad look in his eyes and crushes the clipboard*

Ameno: Joney.... Joney... If.. I... I'm... Gonna... Gon... Di-.... Die here.... Don't... look... look... Sad.... O- Okay...? *Weak smile that quickly fades*

Jonas: You are not goin' to die, okay....your goin' to be just fine...

Ameno: I... love you... Joney... *weak kiss, then falls back to sleep*

Jonas: *holding her hand tightly* you too, Ameno...

Nurse: *Three hours later* Hey... You want a wheelchair Jonas? You know, for her? *Looks at the pale figure in Jonas' lap*

Jonas: Yea, sure. *puts Ameno in the wheelchair* I promise you'll better...

Ameno: *Jonas starts wheeling her out as she wakes up* Were... Were are we going... Joney? I can't see to... Well...

Jonas: To the 1st place we met..

Ameno: It'll be nice there this time of year... The Maple trees turn pink-leaved in Autum...

Jonas: Yeaaa...that...

Ameno: I can't wait to see the Shrine of Earth again... Don't you remember - the... *Cough* *Cough* the magic there? It's... It's... It's... Said to hold the most magic in the world, that whoever has it could never die...

Jonas:...Give me s second.

At The Admin's Office.

Jonas: Hey Admin, know a place called Shrine of Earth?

The Administrator: Isn't that where you and Ameno went for your 1st outing together?

Jonas: W-What the f- Nevermind. Where is it?

The Administrator: *gives Jonas a map to where it is*

Jonas: man, no one does maps anymore. *leaves the office and is back with Ameno*

Ameno: Okay, now which way is it? ... Oh, East... *Falls asleep*

Jonas: Should've known. Thank God, I got this map. *puts the coordinations in his transporter and and presses the button*

Near End Edit

In the Reception Room

Report 1: There have been numerous sightings of numerous celestial curtains in the sky...

Report 2: Everyone from San Francisco, to Tokyo, to London, to Turkey can see them all...

Report 3: It's like the sky is crack up into the Universe...

Report 4: Religous follows are saying that this is no 2nd coming of Christ...

Receiver: All deployed personnel. Caution is advised.Delay civilians from any sort of panic. We'll be standing by. We'll be watching from here on out. We'll let you know if their is a certain change.

----- Unknown Pocket Dimension

White looks among her many gathered warriors, and at the seated Slayers. She eyes the two empty seats with a taste of disapproval.

She turns to face her men.

"Today is the day man cries out for an end to their damnation they call life. Today is the day man will no longer drown in his misery, nor choke on their hatred. At last, the Earth shall quake and tear down their foundations, the Ocean shall rise up and claim them gentle tombs of water and sand, and the Sky shall forever more sooth them to their final breath...

It is clear to all that humans are ungrateful for the great gifts of the Mythos, from the potential as a society to the aid we ourselves once granted them during their struggle... with our own kin. For them, we tore down the thrones of godly tyrants, and helped turn the tide of their war. Yet they continue treating other beings like vermin.

So now let us apply the ultimate karma upon the humans, let them see the great and terrible toll their hatred and malice has brought upon them... Earth shall be destroyed! Earth shall be burned to the ground! And from the ashes, a NEW Earth shall be born! Such is our destiny... we are the Phoenix, and the fire that shall bring not only Earth's new birth, but our own!

...Destroy... every last one of them..." She chuckles.

"Prepare Phase One."

----M.C.C.P. Reception Room

One agent watching the events of the strange phenomenona chokes out in alarm, as what looks like hundred of portals begin to open up in San Francisco. "Are you seeing this?!" He stammers.

Receiver: *was eating a bag of chips* Hmm? *looks at the screen* Aw crap. *puts the chips down and puts his headphones back on* All personnel in San Francisco prepare yourself. we've picked up multiple portals opening. Prepare your weapons. Back-up is coming.

Suddenly, the Receiver begins to receive countless calls in countless cities of countless portals, just as more agents in the room begin to report the same thing occurring throughout cities across the globe, and it dawns on him that something is very very wrong.

Receiver: Awwwwwww craaaap.

The Administrator: *speaks in a cold, unruling voice.* What is it?

Receiver: *jumps and turns around to see The Admin. behind him* Uhhhhhhhh...Nothing you need to be concerned about sir.

The Administrator: *looks at the Receiver ominously*

Receiver: *is trembling* W-w-weee've been getting portals opening...w-world wide..

The Administrator: *reverts his attention back to the screen*

Receiver: *turns to look at the screen slowly*

From the portals, on every screen, countless armored figures charge out of the portal, their armor black and red, each of the bearing a red bird with what appears to be a cycle symbol emblazoned on their armor. The wave of attackers catch the M.C.C.P. agents completely off guard, not even remotely prepared for the onslaught, and most of their forces are forced back form the surprise strike.

An invasion.

The Administrator: *looks at what's happening a little bit longer then turns and leaves the room*

Receiver: *sighs in relief*

Measures Edit

The figure returns to the facility with a burnt Jonas under his arm. He throws him at the feet of The Admin.

The Administrator: *looks down on Jonas* Next time when your given an order, I suggest you do it or I can't guarantee I send back-up. *looks at the figure* Take him back to the cryo-chambers.

The figure picks up Jonas and carries him to the cryo-chambers.

The Administrator: *enters into a nearby elevator and heads into the sub-levels*

Once he enters the sub-levels, he walks up t a vault at the end of a single hallway.

The Administrator: ...Light Consumer...*vault on locks itself and he enters. Once he enters, there is another singular hallway of light. It leads up to a male wearing a leather zipper-suit with an attached mask in a glass coffin. The label on the coffin reads 'Weapon Optima', it also reads 'Only Administrator access* I never thought I would have to release you...Son.

Son of Darkness Edit

The Administrator waits in the hangar. The rest of The Aero Force comes in the hangar and lands. The pilot comes out and takes his helmet off.

Pilot: Sorry sir. We lost most of our men to a lava monster.

The Administrator: I know. Listen, we're about to deliever a critical blow to the enemy or atleast I hope it will be critical. I need you to fire this capsule. *pats a human-sized metal capsule with metal glider wings on it* And the next portal that opens, fire this capsule.

Pilot: Yes sir.

2 pilots come out and pick up the capsule and puts it into the missile launcher. They take flight and leave

The Administrator: *looks at them leaving* We gave you your warning. Now you will feel the wrath of Earth.

Red is better with Everything Edit

The Administrator: Things have gone far under. *sigh* But that does not excuse us from doing our jobs* is looking at a picture of his wife and 2 daughters *.... One problem at a time though. Jumbo is free from is his mind-control headset. He will no doubt gather an army to destroy humanity or at least what is left of it. I need someone to find him. At least I've got some spares. *speaks over the intercom* Release anyone available from the chambers.

Agent: Yes sir. *heads to the Myth chamber at looks at the capsules to see which Mytho he should release* I'll just go with this one. *press some buttons and the capsule spits out one of them into a large glass tube. Oxygen comes from the vents* Wake up. It's your time.

Aria wakes up naked in the tube, gagging almost immediately. She throws up the capsule fluids onto the floor of the tube, which are built with an expulsion system, so the bile is removed from the tube. Aria continues to cough for a few moments, before falling to the floor of the tube. She sits there in silence for a while, and then says, "What do you want?"

Agent: You're needed. Here. *gets some black leather pants and a black sleeveless shirt and lets her out of the tube* Take these.

Aria: * Steps out of the tube, and walks shakily over to the agent, taking the clothes out of his hands* Thank you. *Looks around the room as she puts on her clothes* So, I'm guessing The Admin sent you down here? Alone?


Aria: Oh nothing... *chuckles to herself for a moment, until her stomach starts to grumble*...(Surprised) Oh! Well, I guess it would be expected, considering how long it's been since I ate. You wouldn't mind if I grabbed a bite before I got back to work, would you?

Agent: Sure thing. *pulls a pack of blood in an I.V. sack from inside his suit* Drink up.

Aria: *Looks at the I.V., and laughs* Oh, that is just adorable. but, you know, I was hoping for something a little more...fresh! *Swipes at the Agent's throat with clawed fingers*

Agent: *ducks his head back* How 'bout no. We gotta cow outside if you want that.

Aria: *sighs with disappointment* Oh you're no fun. However, I must compliment you on your reflexes. You fared better than the last "guest" I entertained down here. Pretty girl. I had lots of fun with her...*Reminisces*Ah...Good times...*Takes the I.V. and sips it, her skin gaining color, and her irises turning red as the blood energized her*

Agent: Tell you the truth, any agent should've been able to dodge a hit like that. I guess some of us see quicker. Anyways, hurry up. The Admin wants you. I'm guessing it might be something really important.

Aria: *Starts moving upstairs* There are some attacks not even the fastest being alive could avoid, like the promises hidden within a simple smile...*walks towards The Admin's office, snatching a pair of glasses off of a nearby Agent on the way. Upon getting there, she enters the room without a word and sits on his desk*

Agent: Here she is,sir.

The Administrator: I can see. Well, Miss Iskaria. I need you to find a some...thing named Jumbo.*a hologram of a man crossed with a Quetzalcoatl shows up* He serves as the unofficial leader of Downation. He was under our control up until a lava elemental destroyed his headset we had wired to his brain.He is a very strong being who is bent on destroying us and humanity and with all this chaos going around, mankind would have no chance against the army he is rallying. I need you to find him and delay him as much as you can.

Aria: Sounds like fun. One quick question: You don't expect me to bring him in, do you? I mean, a few years with out a decent meal does not a full powered Glutton make...

The Administrator: I highly doubt you can consume him. Trust me. He's too big of a bite

Aria: What is with you people and taking the joy out of everything? Fine, I won't eat him, at least not all of him... but what should I do with the rest?

The Administrator: I'm saying you won't be able to take a bite out of him. At all.

Aria:*sighs* Details, details. So, where do I start looking for the guy? If he can still be classified as a man, anymore...

The Administrator: He was one of us at one point. A soldier during the Reality-Fantasy War. There was a gap between that and he must have been taken and ended up turning into an unstoppable force of rage...No...fury.We shot that thing down and tossed him into Downation. He was later driven to insanity and was bent on destroying us if the chance ever arose. I don't know where he could be found. He's likely on the move, so take one of the spare jets and search every inch of the continent. We can have the extinction of mankind on our hands for this.

Aria:*Hops off desk* The end of humanity?! What fiend would take away the main food source of a lovely immortal lady like myself? This shall not stand. Let's go! Leeeeeroy.........Jeeeeeenkins! *Runs out of the office, but returns after a moment* Um, I wouldn't happen to have any backup on this mission, would I?

The Administrator: You'll receive your back-up in a few weeks if the world doesn't end before that. I'm going to assign you a partner soon.

Aria: Great. Thanks. * Runs towards the Hangar Bay* I wanna be as far from here as possible by morning...

Agent: So you think your son is gonna bring one of the squad leaders back? If they're still alive...

The Administrator: He can take all the time he wants finding them. As long as we can get payback out of this. I will be satisfied.

Aria: *Arrives in the requisitions office, walking up to the desk.* Hey. I need the advanced field kit, a jet... and Jonas' bike *smirks*

The Administrator: *tosses her the keys to the vehicles she needs*

Aria:*Catches the keys* Thanks. *Heads to the hangar, where Jonas' motorcycle is prepped for transport on the Jet* Time to get this show on the road... *Boards jet, and takes off*

A Rude Interruption - The BladeEdit

A figure who dawns a white hooded jacket with torn off sleeves, a futuristic looking device over his left eye, while his right eye glows white with crackling of lighting coming off. Easily sneaks his way into one of the foundation's many rooms, eliminating any guards in the same room. He taps the visor of the device and begins talking... "I'm in the compound, pretty crowded but that'll be fixed soon. My target better be here, I don't want to get bored. Yeah yeah, keep the target alive, I get it." Soon after, he taps the visor again and looks around the room. Wiping the blood off of his unusual sword with the corpses, he then grabs a corpse's arm. Quickly transforming into the guard, he exits the room and continues walking. He comes up to an office and walks into it, seeing a dark figure sitting behind a desk.

The Administrator: May I help you.

The figure looks at The Administrator, he then clicks his fingers and any other guard in the room drops dead. "You need to upgrade your security, anyone could just barge in without a care in the world..." The figure transforms back into his normal self. "So you must be my target; The Administrator. Interesting, for someone who defends from unknown entities, you seem to look like an alien."

The Administrator: I'm not the one in a disguise. A true alien who once to get a better look of this world would have to blend in. Sort of how like you are now. Unless you mean 'alien' as in foreigner .

The figure chuckles slightly... "I was in a disguise, but not anymore. But anyways, back to the task at hand." He unsheathes the sword, which a devious smile on his face. "I hope you enjoyed being 'powerful', Admin. Because you're gonna miss it."

The Administrator: ..........*slowly gets up and pushes his desk to the wall* And I hope you enjoyed 'living', because I know you're going to miss it.

"Unless you're stronger than every other soldier here, I highly doubt you'll do much to me..." The figure places a finger on The Administrator's head and sends five thousand volts of lightning throughout his body, crashing him through the wall. The figure walks through the wall, with small lightning surging his left arm. "Ok then, show me what you can do."

The Administrator: *is still standing* Move on. *slowly takes of his glasses*

Blinding lights shines and the voltages of lighting reverts back to The Blade shocking his entire body. The lightning is so intense that The Blade is reduced to his hands and knees and can't get up.

Surprisingly, the figure stands up, with lightning surging throughout his body. "People rely too much on their powers, let's change that." The figure sprints towards The Administrator and plants a device on him, suddenly he is unable to move as he feels like all his energy is drained out of him. The figure smirks and kicks The Administrator down to the floor, after a while, the figure takes the device off and stores it. "These are really handy for these jobs, these scramble you right down to your DNA strands. You're unable to use any powers of any sort, so in basic terms. You're a simple human now, how does it feel?"

The Administrator is able to move now, but is almost drained of all his stamina. The figure just laughs... "Ahaha, don't worry... I won't kill you, although, I heard that being stripped like this is embarrassing... Ah well." The figure transforms into a guard and drops a gas grenade and leaves the room. With the gas knocking The Administrator out. "Target disabled... Let's hope you two will have a time as easy as mine."

The Administrator: *disappears into a puddle of darkness*

A puddle of darkness appears under The Blade and is sinking as he sees he cant get himself out of it. The Administrator reappears in front of the sinking The Blade.

The Administrator: No. Not anymore. No one from this point one doesn't leave the facility alive.

A large,lanky, but monstrous arm rises up from behind The Blade and drowns him down into the puddle. The puddle closes.

The Administrator: *fixes his glasses. He sets his desk back to where it was before and sits down with all the dead bodies surrounding his office floor*

"If only it was that easy to erase me, I'm surprised you counteracted the device. But now that gives me an easy choice, since I have the very essence of you..." The figure reforms from lightning outside the office, looking back at it. He points towards the room, as dark creatures form and swarm the room, the figure taps the visor again. "Change of words, I have the sample, but the target wasn't disabled. Surprisingly he counteracted, I guess the people behind the device didn't think this through. The Blade out." The figure then starts running, turning into a massive bolt of lightning leaving the foundation with ease. He looks at the device with The Administrator's sample within it and laughs, walking into the dense forest that surrounds the facility.

Regrouping Edit

Skana and Jonas walk into the Administrator's office after dropping Sayuri and Ameno at the inferiority.

Skana: What now? Half the group is almost dead, and the other half hates each other.

The Administrator: So far the conduct i just received is unacceptable, especially from you two. Why you decided to go no your own agenda when the world is endanger is beyond me, but our first priority is to take down the threat at hand and worry about our personal businesses later.

Skana: Apologies, sir. Good news: New recruit...

The Administrator: I'll deal with that later. *turns to Jonas* As for you Jonas, I am upmost disappointed at your actions lately. You have disobeyed my orders and have let your guard down. Apparently I have been to soft on you... You have let other matters breach the importance of your job. i have let that drag on too long, Jonas...far too long...I expect more than that from my top Weapon...

Jonas: *bows his head in shame* My apologize, Admin.

The Administrator: No...sadly Jonas...not this time...

Long arms stretch out from inside The Admin, grab Jonas and pulls him into The Admin.

Skana: *Draws Cronos* What the fucking hell?! *Bolts out of the room*

Inside The Admin.

jonas: Holy shit, it's dark. Listen Admin, I know I've been slippin' lately, but I can fix that. Honest to God-I hear something...*sees something pass by him in a flash* Ooooohhhh geez. This ain't gonna be good...*hears whispering* I always wondered what lurked in the darkness....know I'll know. Heh....Oh crap...*whispers grow louder* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Skana: *Bursts into the infirmiry* We gotta go guys. Like, NOW.

Sayuri: What? Why?

Ameno: Where's Jonas?

Skana: I don't know! The Admin like, absorbed hi or some shit. We gotta GO.

Ameno: I don't wanna leave without Jonas.


Ameno: Fine. *Runs towards the office*

Sayuri: You know what I'm going to do.

Skana: Shit. *runs after Ameno*

Sayuri escapes with the help of the doctors.

Skana: *Enters Room* AMENO.

Ameno: Give back Joney!

Skana: We're going to die...

The Administrator: *looks at the ground and their at his feet lies a bloody body with bones and muscles sticking out all over the place, like they were ripped out. The body appears to be slightly moving ad is slightly whispering*

Skana: Whew, his regeneration kicked in... Man that had to hurt... Anyone wanna tell me what the FUCK JUST HAPPENED?

Ameno: *sobs* Joney. Oh Joney what has he done to you?! *Sobs harder while neeling in the pool of blood.

Skana: That's MY question, lass.

Jonas: *is barely breathing* Th-the tore me apart....ripped me open...and started t-to shred everything up....they...ripped me if I were a dead corpse...

Skana: Dude...

Ameno: *At the Admin* You MONSTER! Why would you do this to him? Why?!

The Administrator: Because, of you. He was working just fine until you came and tampered with his system. No I have more trouble than I need to with him. You have all for yourself to blame. Now I have to 'mind-sweep- him so i can get him to function properly again.

Ameno: I won't let you! I WON'T LET YOU! No! No, no no no no no no no NO!

Skana: Stop Ameno. He can kill you!

Ameno: it's worth it! Spare Joney and kill me! Let him remember me!

The Administrator: Sadly not. *Ameno and Skana fall into darkness and disappear from the office* Hopefully, its not too late to fix you. *takes Jonas and drags him out the office*

In the middle of a misty forest

Skana: Man, what did I do? I'm loyal, just creeped the fuck out! Get me outta here!

Ameno: *continues sobbing*

Skana: Ah shit. Where are we?

Ameno: I don't know...

Skana: I gotta get back! That's the best job I ever had for fuck's sake!

Ameno: *Hangs from a tree using a vine*

Skana: NO! Damnit! *Gets her down* Not dead...

Skana flies around until he hits the facility wall.

Skana: ADMIN! ADMIN! OPEN THE HELL UP! Oh great, I lost Ameno... ADMIN! I am you faithful servent! Don't kill me!

The Administrator: What is it you want, Skana?

Skana: I just want my job back. I mean seriously, today is the onl- second time I've ever slipped up. Let me come back, please. This is my best job. If you'd feel more comfortable, Wipe my memory to the time I came back.

The Administrator: What are you talking about Skana? I never fired you. Believe me, I don't fire people...

Skana: Than what was that mossy forest?

The Administrator: I just temporarily kicked you out until I finished mind-sweeping Jonas.

Skana: You may have lost Ameno to that... But still, I'm here to stay. How is your paitient?

The Administrator: Jonas didn't even die. She over-reacted. I was only disciplining the mutt.

Skana: Yessir. Scared me half to death, you did.

The Administrator: A dear shame for Ameno, but hopefully with her not present, Jonas will be ready to get back to work in no time.

Skana: Yessir. So, can the recruit join or not?

The Administrator: We must do a training examination first off. If she succeeds, then we'll see.

Skana: Jonas got mad and broke her legs at the knees. Permission to have her heal first, sir?

The Administrator: Of course. I'll be back in my office.

Skana: Call if you need anything, sir.

The Administrator: Don't worry about me. I have it all under controlled.

Made It Edit

Reveryn makes it to the facility and greets to guards. One is bald and the other has waved back brown hair, both are wearing agents suits, black ties with a small, white M.C.C.P logo pin on their ties and wearing black oval sunglasses. They both also got a bluetooth in their right ear.

Reveryn: What's good, ma' homies. *brings them in and pats them on the back* My name's Beasley Larkin. I'm here to give you..*digs in his bag and gives them his registration papers* My papers.

The two agents scan through the papers for a moment, then look back at Reveryn.

Agent 1: You know the Act hasn't been signed, right?

Reveryn: Yulp.

Agent 2: Then why just register now?

Reveryn: *shrugs* Want to get a head start before then.

Both agents look at each other, then back at Reveryn

Reveryn: *smiles*

Both agents look back at the papers, then they look back up

Agent 1: Come with us.

Are heading down an elevator

Reveryn: So you guys are agents?

Agent 2: Ofcourse

Agent 1: The best agents in this whole facility

Reveryn: You think I have a chance at being just as good as you guys?

Agent 2: *tries not to laugh*

Agent 1: We'll see.

They finally stop at Floor 2. Soldiers are making the final repairs to this level. They begin walking. Reveryn looks around in amazement

Reveryn: Looks all high-techy and shit.

Agent 2: I know right.

The make it down some corridors and finally reach a room. They open it to reveal a gray concrete room with a singe bed and a small dresser and a singe light bulb above.

Agent 1: You stay in here.

Reveryn: *looks at the room in disappointed surprise* Wow...It sure looks...cozy.

Agent: I know right.

Reveryn: *walks into the room*

Agent 1: You are to report in the training area in an hour. Make sure you settle in and what not. *tosses Reveryn a leather jumpsuit with hexagon designs and the M.C.C.P logo on it* Wear this when in training.

Agent 2: Also, we got no A/C. *close the door*

Reveryn: *looks in his room* Aw man. This room is so flippin' depressing! Oh My God! This is so gonna put a damper on my enthusiasm.

54 minutes later

Reveryn: *is trying to put on his leather jumpsuit* Gosh darnit, man! How are you..suppose to flippin'...Put these things on! Whoa! *falls on his back* Ugggghhh! This is so flippin' annoying! And I got like 6 minutes left to get ready and head to the training area. Which I don't know where it is! *tries to put it back on again* When did my life get so hard all of a sudden!

1 minute later

Reveryn: Oh thank the Lord finally! Haha! Took me forever! *looks back at the clock* Now I can spend the extra five minutes looking for the training area. *runs out the room and down the corridors looking for one label 'Training Area'* Dang, dude! All these labels and none of them say- Oh look the Training Area. Epic convenience.

Heads in and there are 9 others standing at prayer attention, horizontally in line,facing the two agents that were outside the facility. Reveryn gets and stands in line with them. They're in a white rooms with large square wall and floor patterns.

Agent 1: Hm. You all managed to make it here before time. Beyond punctuality. Welll, with that let's get started. My name is Agent Juam.

Agent 2: And I am Agent Newborn. God, I can not express to you how cool that sounds.

Agent Juam: If I am correct, you all have been selected to be apart of the new agent program for myths. That's right, you all are the first myths to be selected to be apart of the agent program.

Reveryn: Why the heck should we be agents? I heard even weapons being a higher rank than a flippin' agent. Mane, I should've been an weapon. But then I wasn't created. Damn...Life certainly sucks for me now....

Agent Juam: Today before the day is out, we're gonna see what you can do. First lesson is agility.

a block come up from under them both and the float up above the 10 agents-in-training. The other squares on the wall and floor float from their places and lasers come out and they connect to each other they begin to shift around and rotate.

Agent Juam: Basically our version of parkour. Your objective is to make it to the top. You can swing from the lasers, but they don burn though and the blocks rotate.

Agent Newborn: It's like one of those parts in Super Mario Sunshine with the blacks and then they keep rotating and you wind up falling off to your death.

Reveryn: I love Super Mario Sunshine!

Agent Newborn: I know right! Best Mario Game Ever!

Agent Juam: Training begins now.

Reveryn: See you at the top, loosers! *already beings jumping from block to block, swinging from lasers and everything*

The other agents-in-training are right behind him but some keep falling and some loose their grips on the lasers*

Reveryn: Man, I am doing gooood. This is what happens when you're trained by the most agile..est..person on the planet! *makes it to the block the two agents are standing on* Made it!

Agent Juam: Well done. That was quick amazing.

Agent Newborn: Dude, that was spectacular! It was like your were all Spider-Man or some shit.

Reveryn: *bows in thanks* Why thank you. It 'twas my finest hour.

Agent Newborn: Or finest minute.

Both: *have one hand in the air and there other hand funneling over their mouths* Oooooooooohhhhhhh!

After 10 minutes everyone manages to get up unto the main block

Agent Newborn: Mad, you guys are sloooooow. And you guys are hybrids and this dude's a wood elf. A wood elf. Let me repeat that. Wood elf. And he schooled ya'll.

Agent Juam: Yea, I have to admit, that was quite pitiful. This only goes to show how much training we need to catch up on. Tomorrow we'll be training you all in combat. You are dismissed for tonight.

Reveryn: *jumps from the main block and unto the floor* Alright then! Goodnight! *runs off to his room*

Once he in his room, he jumps into the air and takes off his jumpsuit. He lands on his bed, looking at the ceiling light with a smile, until it slowly fades into a frown.


Made It (to Day 2)Edit

Agent Newborn: *kicks the door open* Wake up, fags.

Reveryn: *is stretched out all over his bed. Moans* God...why did you have to make the morning?

Everyone is standing horizontally in line in prayer attention.

Agent Juam: Ok. today we train you in hand-to-hand.

Reveryn: Damn. I suck at this part.

Agent Juam: We're going to be training you all 37 fightin' styles. So who want's to go first? Beasley?

Reveryn: *shakes his head* Nah, I-I'll everyone else go first.

Agent Juam: *shrugs* Ok. So which one of you wants to go first?

All the other agents-in-training go first against both Juam and Newborn and do fairly well.

Agent Newborn: Alright Beasley. You're next.

Reveryn: *looks to left and to his right then look back at everyone and points at himself in confusion*

Agent Newborn: Yea you. There's no one else here named 'Beasley' but you.

Reveryn: *drops his head down* Damn. Ok. You guys hit me first.

Agent Newborn: *shrugs* Ok.

Agent Juam runs at Reveryn and throws a punch at him but Reveryn tuck and rolls out of the way, but Juam instantly turns around throwing punches at Reveryn but only a few actually hit him. Juam finally knocks Reveryn to the ground.

Reveryn:Ah, Rev down! Oh, I mean uh...Larkin Down!

Agent Juam: Man, get up.

Agent Newborn: Man dude, you suck at this.

Reveryn: I knooooww.

Agent Newborn: Well it's a good thing we're taking this lesson. You did good with the reflexes and the dodging. Now all you need is to fight back.

Reveryn: I can fight good with a bow.

Agent Newborn: Well let's see what you can do then. *he leaves for a moment and gives him a new mechanical bow* Now fight Juam with it.

Reveryn instantly charges at Juam and begins to lay the beatdown on him with his various and fancy attacks, like he's using it as a staff.

Agent Newborn: *is impressed* Ooohhh snap. Yes getting youuuu, Juam! Alright you can stop, Bease.

Reveryn: *stops* Sorry if I was laying it down on ya' to hard.

Agent Juam: *is hurt* Oh no man...that was...pretty damn cool...I actually pretty honored to get my ass handed to like that...that was amazing, but now it's time for training in hand to hand.

They begin to learn numerous martial arts and how to combine fighting techniques and how to use parkour attacks from what they've learned.

Agent Juam: Alright guys, that'll be it for today. You all can go rest up in your quarters until the showers are available. You guys are dismissed and good job today.

Everyone leaves and heads back into their rooms will Reveryn stands outside his with a pout face.

Reveryn: I don't wanna go back into my rooooom! *opens the door and flops face-down on his bed* 'm not looking at you. *looks over at his Bluetooth ans sighs* I wonder how the other guys are doing? Hmmmm...*reaches for his Bluetooth and looks at it. He's tempted to press the button but puts it back on his night stand and gets off his bed, then leaves the room*

Reveryn begins to slowly explore certain areas that might seem suspicious. He sees two agents walk of a heavily lit room. He slowly makes his way to it, he sees schematics on a table and on a board. Schematics that range from the Mephisto Canon to a massively enormous aerial fort. As he scanse more, he sees a peace of paper and a audio tape. The paper labels 'Destroy All Myths'. Reveryn then looks at the audio tape and scans the room for any sign of cameras. After he checks he takes the tape and find the recorder and takes that aswell. He peeks his head out the room and looks down both ways of the hall to make sure no one is coming and heads back to his room. After he enters, he makes sure there is no camera in his room neither. After inspecting his room, he sits down on his bed abd puts the tape into the recorder and listens.

The Administrator: due to the transpiring of events that have occurred in the last few month, It is only a matter of time before they demand the Act to be signed. With that, it gives a free privilege to get ready as we know the Myths will rather fight than to submit to human law. We have conducted numerous plans to slowly make our way to eradicating the entire mythology. We have bee mass producing more and more CRAzys and more drones to pilot them. We've also set up more factories to manufacture out weapons and more testing ground to test those weapons to see if they prove influential against the myths. They are strong and they will only grow stronger. Like a plague. Only this time, there will be no man. The 'Destroy All Myths' plan is simple. Ware making bunkers that lead secretly towards the Free Myth Zone we have made on the other side of the planet.

Reveryn: Free Myth Zone?

The Administrator: Once we have them all there, we release an all out massacre on them. And we release the Father of Good Works. This 2 mile long aerial fort will..*cuts off*

Reveryn: Damn it! Never trust audiotapes. Atleast I know one thing: This could truly mean the end of us is closer than we realized.

Let's Talk Edit

Ayakashi: *puts Reveryn on his bed in his quarters*

Reveryn: Nooohohohohooooo….anywhere but here. Take me to St. Jude, Arab Nation, hell take me to Jersey or even Hell itself, but definitely not here…it’s to muuuuuch…

Ayakashi: Oh shut up. You’re quarters are not that bad.

Reveryn: Dude, it’s like Death lives here!

Ayakashi: Well if you die, we’ll tell him there’s a room for rent.

Reveryn: Well jokes on you, he’s Death. He don’t need a room.

Two doctors bust in and begin setting things up so they can operate on Reveryn

Reveryn: *begins to slightly panic* Oh no, Oh no, Oooohhh No, I am so not ready for this, man! I’m not ready!

Ayakashi: You will be after this. Go ahead. *leaves the room*

Reveryn: Ayakashi, Noooooooo!

The doctors begin to hook him up and once he’s out begins to operate on him.

14 hours later

Reveryn: *begins to wake up* Oh…oh man…my body feels like they’ve been torn to pieces… *sees the room completely dark* My eyes are open, right?

The Administrator: They are indeed. *two circular lights reveal themselves*

Reveryn: Oh dear God…he’s here to question me and shit. Oh God I’m not ready for this either! Oh…hello Mr. Admin. Sir. *vision begins to get all static and blurry as The Admin. Walks up to him* Ah! Ah! Oh God what’s happening?! Eveything is is getting blurry! I can’t see! Oh dear Jesus he’s on to me! He is like soooooo on to me! Paniiiic! Paniiiiiiiic! Aaaahhhhhh!

The Administrator: No need to be alarmed. I’ve simply here to speak to you.

Reveryn:A-about what?

The Administrator: How you ended up at the Mythzonian.

Reveryn: Oh, well you see. I was walking from home right and then before I knew it, I was ambushed by some dude in an Oni mask.

The Administrator: Hm. Well, I’ve taken the liberty to calculate where you live.

Reveryn: Oh…you have?

The Administrator: *sits at the edge of his bed* It takes you 4 days to get to the facility and back to home. Meaning you live somewhere around the northern states and if I’m also not mistaken, you live an scrapped up city. Am I right?

Reveryn: sir…

The Administrator:…. *takes Reveryn’s foot and examines it* You have running feet, Mr. Beasley. If I’m not mistaken you ran most of the way to get here. You must have ran quiet fast and far. Mostly it takes 6 days to reach the facilty by car going 60 miles an hour from where you are. You made it here in 4 days. That’s rather fast and rather impressive I might add.

Reveryn: Ugh…thank you, sir.

The Administrator: But I wonder how fast a lie can leave from your mouth. *breaks Reveryn’s big toe*


The Administrator: Cry to him all you can, but he can’t hear you where you are. *breaks his toe even more*


The Administrator: I can break every inch of your body so fast you wouldn’t know who was doing it. Almost as fast as you can run home and back. That, Mr. Beasley is you fast a lie can slip from your mouth and how much faster you can get hurt from that lie. *stands up and walks out*Let this be a warning that as long as you’re here or out there. I will be watching you and there is no one can avert my sight.

Reveryn: No..No..please…don’t leave me in here.

The Administrator: *closes the door behind him*

Reveryn: OH NOOOO! *begins to cry in agony* I wanna go home….


The Administrator: *makes his way to his office*

Agent: Ah sir. There is a call from the D.M.P. The Head Scientist wishes to speak to you.

The Administrator: *scoffs* Wishing is for dreamers. *makes it to his office and answers the phone* Hello? I heard you wanted to speak to me.

"Ah yes, Administrator. I had some questions for you about a case we picked up. It's regarding the..." The man pauses, as if checking files. "Inga Kankei case. The 'Witch of Causality', as her file nicknames her. I've gotten reports that she's been engaging in fights with various agents of yours, and there is some suspicion going around that she interacted with Exima some time as well. I would appriciate your input on the subject."

The Administrator: Seeing this is more or less your schtick, I have been told that Exima was around her while he was occupied with Jumbo. My soldiers other than that haven't seen any other interaction between them, just encountering Inga alone. Though one of my weapons should have been able to bring her in easily, but apparently something stopped him. You can go ahead and take you crack at her if you want, as long as she is off the streets.

"I see. Admin, I would appreciate battle logs about the battles involving Inga. Like, how your men attacked her, and how she fought. Things like that."

The Administrator: As most witches do, she simply fought with her magix. As for our strategy, we had basically surrounded her in a closed space, but our CRAzy tore off the roof she was under leaving her and opportunity for her to escape. Hope that was useful for you.

"Hmmm... ....perhaps I could interview your... 'Weapon'? I need more definitive data in order to formulate a way to deal with her. Causality is one of the highest tier traits to possess... ...I need as much information as I can. For your trouble, I can see about a Inhibitor that surpresses a Myth's powers, and tracks them. Would that suffice? I am a fair reasonable man, I repay my favors."

The Administrator: If you mean make a few adjustments to the collars we already have then yes.

"Much appreciated. Pleasure doing business. Now if only your ethical stance was up to standard, I would consider working with you more. But I know how much that's likely: like seeing you walk outside, you damn vampire. Have him over when he's next available. The last thing we need is for that woman to start dropping meteors again."

The Administrator: *hangs up and speaks over the intercom* Weapon Ketsueki Menasu, you are needed down at the M.P.D. Get there immediately.


Ayakashi: *enters The Admin.'s office* You wanted to see me, sir?

The Administrator: Yes, for obvious reasons. *gets up from his seat an walks up to Ayakashi* There is no excuse as to how the M.P.D had to get involved, much less know, about the case with the Witch, if you had done you're job properly. There were 3 ways you could've brought her in, yet, you decided to talk her down. When the target does not comply the first time-

Ayakashi: You take them in forcefully.

The Administrator: See? You know this. So why was it so different now?

Ayakashi: *looks at the floor in silence*

The Administrator: You know why you're here, right? To replace a weak link. You also know what happened to that weak link too, right? I broke it off and now it's being fixed so it can function with the rest of the chain. *glares down at him* And you and I both know you don't want to be the next one I need to replace.

Ayakashi:...N-no sir...

The Administrator:.... *makes his over to his desk* In the event you are given another chance, I want you to give it your all. And I'll know if you do. If not *stops*....I'm just going to have to fix you up. Understood?

Ayakashi: Yes, sir...

The Administrator: You may go now.

Ayakashi: *slowly turns and exits the office*

The Administrator: Takashi.

Ayakashi: *turns* Yes, sir?

The Administrator: You know how to do your job. *turns his head to look at him* Do it right.

Ayakashi: *nods and exits*

It Hurts Edit

Reveyn: *is limping around his room on his bad foot, trying to adjust to the pain in his entire body* Ow.Ow.Argh! Damn, why did this have to happen on Christmas? I wonder how my comrades haven't even checked up on me? Or Agent Juam or Agent Newborn. Man...I'm so lonely this hard world....*sigh* Be strong, Rev....your doing it for the'll all be over what you came here to do and be done with it....I wonder where Ayakashi is?

Ayakashi is in the training room punching target drones and jumping from block-to-block, while dodging their laser lines and their energy shot that's bouncing back and forth between the target drones. He is sweating non-stop and is attacking the target drones furiously with one hit after another. The energy shot slides past him several times as he's jumping about. He's getting weary and weak, he's suffering from the burns and the weakness of his body, but he still continues to train.

The Administrator: *speaks over the intercom* Weapon Ketsueki menasu. Please report to my office.

Ayakashi: *walks into the dark office* Yes sir?

The Administrator: Remember when I said, 'in the event you get another chance t the Witch'? Well scratch that...The M.P.D. have her...

Ayakashi: *is stunned to hear of the news* My apologies, sir...If it-

The Administrator: Weren't for you taking the reasoning route, we wouldn't be shamed by these amateurs? Yea. I know. Like I said, you need to bring your A-game if you are to stay number 1. We have been here ever since the demise has left Earth 5 decades ago...There is no way we should have to be shown up like that to a bunch of kids! *slams his desk and breaks in half*

Ayakashi: *bows his head in shame*

The Administrator: Nevertheless...We will have more chances...and when I call you to take those chances...use any and everything you have at you disposal. There is not reason that you couldn't contain a human being with all you've got in your arsenal, plus you 30 years of honing those skills...

Ayakashi:...Yes sir...

The Administrator: There is no more room for failures, Takashi...especially for none that should've been successes...You either give it your all or you give me your me, I could use the snack...

Ayakashi: *is slightly shocked to hear that*

The Administrator: I have a low tolerance for certain things, Takashi...failure is one of them...don't fail me again unless you gave it 100%....

Ayakashi: Yes sir....*exits the office and down the hallway both upset and angry* Damn it..i should've known better than to go easy on a special target. Special or not, a target is still a target. Now I made the agency look like a bunch of elders loosing their touch at what they do best...I need to fix this...I can't fail...not anymore... *enters the training room and takes off his coat and shirt*

A strange sensation befalls the whole of the facility, there is a presence, thick, powerful, enough to set the Admin on edge, a supernatural force has entered the facility, but has made no attempt to announce itself.

The Admin realizes this presence just spiked in his area, and looks in his doorway, and sees a floating white mask appear, ghostly in appearance. It seems to have the shape of an animal. The mask, or rather, whatever being hides behind it, seems to be the source of the disturbance.

The Administrator: As if my day wasn't bad enough...

The mask disappears, and its presence shifts in a different direction, and around that same time, Ayakashi begins to feel the hair on his neck stand up, and the air is incredibly cold.

Ayakashi: W-what...what is that...It' that of a spirit...but none that i've felt before...especially if it can send a coldness like this...Show yourself!

The footsteps of an unseen beast starts to shake the room, the being must be massive. It seems to be circling Ayakashi. Then, out of nowhere, a massive black dog with a white mask materializes inside the room, half the size of the entire training room, its presence terrifying the majority of the agents from the sheer aura.

It says nothing, but lowers its head down toward Ayakashi, revealing its mask's details, which sparks a faint memory of a strange masked ghost just outside his bedroom window as a child, the mere sight had given him nightmares after for days. He realizes this is that same creature, though at its true, full size and power. Its pure black body ripples with darkness, the only thing he can see in the mask are two pinprick like red eyes, which stare him down.



A command, not a voice, appears in his mind. It disappears, yet he senses its presence leaking outside the facility, toward the woods.

Ayakashi: *he heads out towards the woods outside the facility*

At the edge of the woods, he sees the mask, watching him from the tree line. The beast's body is unseen.

Ayakashi: What is it you want of me?

It lets out a howl as it takes form, his Inugami blood stirs at the sound.

Thy art of my blood... ...come into thy true power... come before your progenitor and prove thyself in thy coming of age.

Ayakashi: *walks up to the spirit*

The spirit howls, and the area warps and shifts into a foggy arena, large enough to battle in. He can't sense anything beyond the cloud of fog, the only things there is him and the Masked Spirit. He eventually recalls more about this creature, now that he thinks about it. Whenever a Yokai was killed, the villagers put up heavy anti spirit barriers up in an effort to ward off the wrath of this creature, if it worked or not was unknown, as off and on, people would go missing, and it was generally blamed on the spirit. They also spoke about how it was somehow this creature that put a curse that caused Yokai to be born in the first place.

The Masked Spirit lowers into a combat stance, once again taking the form of an Inugami.

Ayakashi: *transforms into an red and black Inugami*

In mere moments it crosses the distance between them and lets out an earthshattering stomp on Ayakashi.

Ayakashi: *turns into a puddle of blood, then come out of that puddle and rams himself right underneath The Masked Spirit*

It Blinks, appearing across the area, then charges and turns when Ayakashi tries to counter, and instead tail whips him into a tree, then blasts him with a large fireball.

Ayakashi: *tail whips the fireball back at the spirit and lands on his feet*

The masked spirit charges through the fireball, a whirlwind sheilding it from harm and causing the flames to trail along with it, it headbutts him into a tree, the charge also burns him due to the flames, which ignite all around him. It leaps back, now sparking with electricity.

Ayakashi: *absorbs the flames around him, and turns into a fire Inugami. He lunges himself at the masked spirit and performs a chain of fire-tail whip attack son the spirit until he finally finishes off by kicking the masked spirit through a tree*

As soon as he kicks the spirit, it dissolves into wind and lighting, and reforms away from him, and fires multiple lightning bolts.

Ayakashi: *turns into a spining fireball and dodges most of them until he gets his by one and he is knocked into the air*

The spirit howls, and an army of electric wolves descend upon Ayakashi.

Ayakashi: *begins to spin faster and faster and a whirlwind forms and the electric wolves get sucked in and ascend higher and higher above Ayakashi until they are consumed by the furious winds. Ayakashi stops and stares at the masked spirit*

The spirit looks to one side and bites, drawing forth a massive blade of lightning and slashing him, the hilt between its teeth.

Ayakashi: *jumps back and draws forth his specialized twin blades. He holds one in his mouth and one with his tail and exchanges blows in with the masked spirit*

With each stroke of its sword, it sends down hundred of lightning bolts from the sky, mixing kicks, tail whips, and even some very acrobatic moves in its attacks.

Ayakashi: *is dodging the bolts while deftly jumping off of tree-from-tree*

The spirit stops, then suddenly jumps up and impales the ground, creating an area wide explosion of electricity, and momentarily blinding him. When he can see again, there is now a path through the dense fog and trees, the tracks of the spirit have gone along the path.

Ayakashi: *begins to follow the path the spirit left*

He wanders for a while, before he comes out into a massive valley with a large waterfall flowing over a cliff and empting out into a pond, overhead is a massive starry sky with a full moon, and suddenly the smell of the area smells vaguely familiar. The masked spirit is standing on the water of the pond.

Ayakashi: *stares up at the moonfor a moment, then walks out onto the pond where the masked spirit is*

It quietly regards him for a moment.

Doth thee know where thy are?

Ayakashi: Is this...your dwelling?

Indeed. Beyond this valley lies where you were born. But first, a question. Why do you fight?

Ayakashi: It's the only thing I know how to do. And I fight for my superior. And in a way...I fight for my life.

But why do you fight for him?

Ayakashi: I'm in dept to him for giving me refuge and giving me purpose.

One of mine own should carve their own path, not let others lead them. 

Ayakashi: I cannot simply leave for it is impossible. I have become something I cannot come back from. I don't know any other life than the one I live now.

You are my creation. You have survived your upbringing and made it this far. What you were, and what you became is a feat. But you are capable of far greater feats. Of even greater potential. Know that your true power is that of an alpha. The Alpha Wolf tears down the impossible and leads the pack. All of my children still in their tragic lives have yet to realize potential. You are among a very small group who rose beyond. Accept your birthright by the full moon. When you stand under the strength of the moon, your power shall become far greater. As of this battle, you can become infinitely greater. Your mind is your only restraint. Tear them off. And become a true wolf of the Yokai Clan. Perhaps I will one day find the one mean to lead my people. For the moment... are not that chosen one I seek. Farewell, child.

The Great Masked Spirit places a paw on his head, and he feels a magnificent surge of power swell within his blood, before it and the valley disappears, and he stands at the edge of the woods once more.

Ayakashi: *reverts back into his normal form*

The Administrator: *intercom* Weapon Ketsueki menasu. Report to my office. Now.

Ayakashi: *sighs* Yes sir... *heads back towards the base*

Reveryn finally gets a call from Naomi. "H-hello?" Her timid voices comes out.

Reveryn: Oh My God! You cannot BELIEVE how blessed I am to hear your voice!

"Are you doing ok? You sound stressed..."

Reveryn: I am...I really, really am...*begins to groan in slight pain*

"You're not hurt are you?" She asks, worried.

Reveryn:......*begins to silently sob*


Reveryn: It hurts, Naomi....*sinks against the wall* It hurts...everywhere it hurts...the day I left on Christmas night, I was ambushed and taken to the Mythzonian. I had originally went there and saved Kado from Exima if he hadn't told you yet...i was taken back...and Exima was soooooo peeved I had cost him his victory....He put a giant crew in my head, hooks in my head...he broke every bone in my body and was about to kill me....If not for Ayakashi...and The Admin. comes in being suspicious of me and he brakes my it's swollen like the rest of my body and it aches for me to even stand....

"I-I-If you want, you can think of me, I could even let you pet my ears and tail if you want, or I can be in my natural form for you when you get back... since I'm back with the others, I'll call you more ok?"

Reveryn: *sniff* Thanks, Naomi...*wipes away some of his tears* But enough about are you doing?

"O-Oh I'm fine, I got back not too long ago from the trip Obi took us on. Kado's kinda in a rough spot, I don't know if he'll come out of it though. Something's eating him pretty bad. The kids are already playing with my tails again- -H-hey, don't pull on that! It's sensitive- OW!"

Reveryn: *chuckles*I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, I apologize for writing in your hand though, couldn't find any sticky notes.

"Oh don't worry about it, it's not the worst thing I could have happen to me. Besides, it was thoughtful of you. I'm glad you even wrote me a note. And- HEY! Don't make me bite you!"

Reveryn: How was the trip? Obi wasn't too unbearable, was he?

"The trip was... experience for sure. I wish that he bickered less with Shinwa, and we didn't have that demon thing show up, but it was fine besides that."

Reveryn: You guys actually saw the Jersey?

"Saw? We had to put up with that thing for three nights, and get this, he got the thing to drink tea!"

Reveryn: Well....damn...that's pretty impressive, even for Obi.

"How long do you think you'll be there?"

Reveryn: Another week sadly. Can't go anywhere like this. I'll be looking forward to seeing you and everyone else.

"Oh... anyway, I'll miss you Rev, take care. I hope you feel better!"

Reveryn: I will hopefully. You take care of yourself, cutie. Tell everyone I said' hi'.

"I will Rev, see you soon!" She says in a slightly more upbeat tone as she quits the call.

Reveryn: *takes of his Bluetooth and smiles weakly. He continues to limp around his room only this time he's thinking how much it will be worth it to go home and see Naomi and the rest of the Frontliners.*


Ayakashi: *enters the office* Yes sir?

The Administrator: Not to long ago there have been reports of a disturbance befalling on this facility. Some other reports stating you went out towards that presence, am I correct?

Ayakashi: *nods* Yes sir.

The Administrator: Then explain to me what was it.

Ayakashi: I can only say it is the reason why I am even a yokai.

The Administrator: Hmmm...I see...what happened to it.

Ayakshi: I fought it and it simply disappeared.

The Administrator: Hm...and you didn't bother to bring back up or anything?

Ayakashi: I felt like it I could've handle it myself, sir.

The Administrator: Hm...okay. Awkward for you to say that cause I let you deal with the witch yourself and you didn't handle it. Then you go off without any back-up and decided to 'handle' the spirit yourself.

Ayakshi: *feels abit awkward*

The Administrator: *stands* Then let me ask you this...*a thin, monstrous, clawed hand comes out of him and grabs Ayakashi with intense grip*

Ayakashi: *is finding it hard to breathe*

The Administrator: Can you handle this by yourself? *the hand sinks it's hook-like nails into Ayakashi's back and squeezes him tighter*

Ayakashi: *yells in agonizing pain as his spin spine shatters and blood sinks out of his back*

The Administrator: I didn't think you could. You don't do things yourself because you feel could handle it. You've all but shown me that you can't. As of now, you are to work with an accomplice by your side at all times. I'll let you handle things yourself when you can stop trying to prove you can. *the hand squeezes him again and a large crack echoes through the halls. The hand drops Ayakashi who is limp and bleeding* Soldiers!

Two soldiers enter the room. "Yes sir?"

The Administrator: Takes him out of here. He is not to leave the facility unless he is accompanied by an accomplice.

The two soldiers take Ayakashi's body out of the office

The Administrator: *sits back down in his seat*

The NegotiationEdit

On the outskirts of the organization's headquarters, a Phazon ship lands, crushing any trees out of it's way. Two massive doors slide open as the small battalion of five hundred soldiers march out, with Dracorex, Typhoon and Zero stepping out last. Dracorex takes a single look around. "Ok... Three hundred and fifty of you will stay to guard the ship from any hostilties, the rest of you are with me."

They all shout 'Yes sir!' at the same time, which makes Dracorex chuckle slightly, Typhoon laughs. "Back here, am I?"

Zero looks at his younger brother. "Yes, you are, and I assume that our commander would like us to use our codenames, got it, Blade?"

Typhoon nods. "Yes, Mask, so then sir, shall we get moving?"

"Without a doubt, we don't want to keep them waiting, do we?" And without further ado, the three, along with the other one hundred and fifty Phazon troops march along. Their synchronised steps actually causing some vibration inside the organization's base of operations.

The Administraor: *is sitting silently in his office*......No more.....Too many interruptions...My facility is still being fixed and I have absolutely no tolerance for trespassers! *gets up from his desk*

After a moment, Dracorex gives the 'halt' gesutre, and everyone stands still, somehow he expected the arrival and patiently waits.

From the night fog comes a tall, shadowy figure, with only thing visible is a pair of spectacles.

"Uugh... Still makes me shudder when I see him." Typhoon says, with only Dracorex sighing. "Blade, please be kind. We did arrive unannounced as it was, I'm positive this person does not appreciate us here, but regardless, it will be difficult for us to leave." Dracorex looks at the figure and gives a warm smile. "Ah, you must be what they call The Administator, correct?"

The Administrator:.......You are the ones stumbling in the dark. State your business or prepare to be one with it.

"Ah, straight to the point, are we? I can tell that we're very much alike already, Administator. Our goals are similar to yours; an extermination of the kind knowns as Mythos. As from what I've seen, they have been causing this planet massive amounts of damage and grief, so I am sure we can plan something. Hmm, so what is the state of your headquarters here?"

The Administrator: The moment I accept your premonition, the easier it'll be to eradicate mankind.

"No answer for your headquarters, fine. And let's be honest, compared to us, humans aren't worth bothering for. The Mythos on the other hand, are a problem, for both you and me. Besides, you're just doing your job protecting mankind, so if I was against any human, why would I arrive here to negotiate with you?"

The Administrator: Double standard.

"Administrator, take this into consideration. I've already have intel about the state you, your men and your headquarters are in, if the Phazon attacked you now, you couldn't stand a chance now would you? Now think carefully about this, with our aid, not only will you acomplish your goal with exterminating the Mythos, but you can also take out some main targets of both the Legion and the MCCP."

The Administrator: *fixates his glasses* I don't deal with trespassers. And I'm not of fan of Deal or No Deal neither.

The Administrator notices Dracorex's smile fading away, his happy exposure replaced with a empty expression, as if he's looking through The Administrator. "I see... That is quite the shame, Administrator." Dracorex turns and walks back to the Phazon ship, the small battalion, Mask and Blade all march in unison. Only a moment passes by before the ship hovers back up into the skies and takes off.

Back on My FootEdit

Reveryn is in his room walking against the way, limping on his broken foot.

Rever: Man, this hurts...and My broekn body isn't making it any better...Man, Dad's gonna kill me...AND I'M STILL STUCK IN THIS ROOM! Damn! I hate this room!

There is a knock on the door.

Reveryn: Who is it?

Agent Juam: It's Juam and Newborn.

Reveryn: Come in.

The two agents come through his door

Agent Newborn: How you holdin' up, kiddo?

Reveryn: Hurt and slow. And it took you long enough!

Agent: Yea yea, we heard. You got no visitors, but that's sort of why we're here.

Reveryn: to  actually tell me to get better?

Agent Newborn: HA! Fuck no!

Reveryn: Oh...*puts on a sad face*

Agent Juam: The President called, he wants you as his bodyguard until all this commotion over the Act dies down. Before then, we have an assignment for you.

Reveryn: What kind?

Agent Juam: Takedown.

Reveryn: A takedown? But I'm crippled...

Agent Juam: The Admin. says it will be good excersise for your bones. You know, to stretch them out some.

Reveryn: Or get myself paralyzed and killed.

Agent Newborn: Which ever way you see it.

Reveryn: And why be a bodyguard now? Didn't The Admin. tell The President about what happened to me during that Christmas night?

Agent Juam: He said that condition of the agent-in-trainings wasn't anything The President should be bothered with. Besides, The Admin. said you recover quickly, so you can tough it out, right?

Reveryn: That black fucker is trying to kill me! Wow, that sounded racist.

Agent Newborn: You're being sent to Eloy, Arizona.

Reveryn: That's not too far from where The Slums are.

Agent Newborn: The personel there gave as a distress call for a Level 3.

Reveryn: Levl 3? As in an Urban-sized threat?

Agent Newborn: Exactely.

Reveryn: In a town as small as Eloy?

Agent Newborn: There's a pinatentary there for when they find whatever myth skulking around. The simply slam 'em shut inside.

Reveryn: What happened then?

Agent Newborn: One of the myths they had captured got big and done destroyed the pinatentary. It devoured all of its inhabitant and our personel went and tried to stop it to no avail.

Reveryn: Damn...Then what makes you think I can do it?

Agent Juam: We didn't say you could, but The admin. chose you, so tuff luck. You leave in 15. *exits the room*

Reveyn: 15? I's still trying to walk on ma' foot!

Agent Newborn: Don't worry. You'll tough it out. *winks at Reveryn and closes the door behind him* See ya' in the hangar!

Reveryn: *looks up at the cieling*God...why the hell did I make this decision?

Pulling More StopsEdit

In a chamber of frozen looking capsules, one of the, release some figure down a clear tubular shoot and into a clear containment room

The Figure looked around his surroundings and inspected them, not exactly sure of what to think of his situation. He started morphing into various shapes, soon taking a form that he felt was right.

A scientist comes up to the container, with a holographic clipboard in hand.

Scientist: Weapon Savage Fang. You have been awakened.

The figure titled his head at the scientist, inspecting him from afar. He noticed him speaking, and created vocal chords for himself.

Arnak: I ask as to why I have been awakened. As well as where I am, and who you are.

The creature started morphing again, giving himself a larger mouth and razor sharp teeth and claws, as well as a tail.

Scientist: The Administrator will brief you on all that. But before we can let you out, please suit yourself up with your uniform in front of you.

In front of Arnak is a black latex suit with hexagonic patterns and has the M.C.C.P loge on the left side of it.

Arnak looked at the latex suit but didn't do anything, and instead started morphing again. Soon, a direct copy of the suit appeared onto Arnak, as if he had put it on.

Arnak: I believe this would be better. Now, I'd prefer if you'd let me out.

The container opens

Scientist: Follow me. *begins to walk off*

Arnak followed after him, seeming extremely wary and analytic of his surroundings, getting a keen idea of the area he was in.

Arnak: You mentioned someone called The Administrator. Who is this person?

They make it to a door labbled 'The Administrator'

Scientist: You are about to see for yourself. *walks down the other way*

Arnak grunted and opened the door, and entered the room. He looked around, getting a full view of his surroundings.

The office is completely dark. All he sees is a dark figure of a tall and slender man sitting behind a desk and the only lights he sees are coming from a pair of spectacles he's wearing.

The Administrator: Welcome Arnak. Please come in.

Arnak: I would imagine you're this Administrator person, yes? I have a few questions.

Arnak kept looking at the figure, trying to get a read on him.

The Administrator: Then go ahead and ask while you can.

Arnak: One, where exactly am I? Two, What is this place, I assume its some form of organization. Three, what exactly am I? Because compared with these other beings i've seen, im not exactly similar to them. Well, unless I want to look similar to them.

The Administrator: You are at The Mythological Creature Containment Program facility. You are Second Gen. A Variante hybrid and one of our best chances ro resolve  the problem we face, known as Mythology.

Arnak: Mythology? And how does one know what counts as mythology and what doesn't? Im asking so I can be sure in the problem I will be....resolving. Also, how exactly would you like me to resolve this problem?

The Administrator: Anything destroying a city or disrupting society. You'll know them when you see them. You resolve it with force. You subdue them and if they prove too persistent, destroy them.

Arnak: Very well. When exactly will I be starting, and I would appreciate it if you gave me some sort of...synopsis of what is currently going on involving this...organization.

The Administrator: .....We've been compromised more than once...We are currently rebuilding...For the moment all of our activities have been postponed, but that wouldn't stop you from atleast testing out your capabilities.

Arnak: Sounds interesting. I'd like to know the extent of my abilities as well. When exactly do we start?

The Administrator: An army of extraterrestrial trespassers.

Arnak: Alright, and who would this army be? As well as their leader. It'll give me a better idea of what they're like. Im looking forward to doing this.

The Administrator: Their called the Phazon Legion. They came her offering a helping had to our cause, but I don't make deal with trespassers, much less other worldly anomalies. *stands up, revealing his intimidating height* Their leader, I do not know, but I'm confident you'll just kill him in the process.

Arnak notices his height, and makes himself taller than the Administrator, as well as making himself a little more muscular.

Arnak: Consider this "Phazon Legion" taken care of. I assure you that you'll enjoy the results of my attack.

The Administrator: I'd better. I'll tell you know, that I'm not in the very best of moods. So try your best not to screw up.

Arnak: I don't plan on screwing up in anyway, so im sure nothing will happen. Where is this so called Legion? I'd rather get this over with.

The Administrator: They're in the sky right now. We have hanger so take one of our aircrafts. I also must tell you, they've kidnapped one of The Representatives of the Nation. Russia to be more specific.

Arnak: Then I suppose i'll add a tad of "rescue" to this attack then. I'll bring this representative in a most ideal state. I'll be heading to the hanger, any last orders?

The Administrator: If you see anything important, bring it back.

Arnak: Consider the Legion destroyed, and anything of value brought back.

Arnak left the room and looked around, finding directions to the hanger, and headed to it. After a bit, he got inside one of the aircrafts and flew off, heading towards the Legions base


Arnak heads back to The Administrators office as requested, and opens the door. "I believe I was called for?".

The Administrator: You did a phenomenal job on your first mission and I simply want to congratulate you. now we have some our soldiers setting up a sight so our researchers can analyze our new salvage. Hopefully this will prove most useful for what we have planned.

"I assure you, it most certainly will. I....appreciate your thanks. So now, what exactly do I do now that i've "passed the test"?

The Administrator: I don't know. We have a bar/brothel here called 'The Steamy Engine' a few level down. I basically let the keep it around as sort of a reward for them, aswell as chance to atleast enjoy themselves one last time until they die. Get drink, they'll probably congradulate you two in their own way. *sigh* If you catch my drift. Terminolgy these days...

"I....see. I'll be heading down there then, thank you." Arnak left the room and headed downstairs, going into The Steamy Brothel to waste some time.

No Angels and No DemonsEdit

Ayakashi: *is limping through the halls on cruches with bandages tied around his torso area*

As Arnak explores the halls of the MCCP, he spots Ayakashi, and tilts his head. "Guess he was fucked up bad."

Ayakashi: *glances at Arnak* Who are you?

"Hmph. Savage Fang. But I prefer to be called Arnak. And you are?"

Ayakashi: *scans Arnak* Everyone calls me Ayakashi...

Arnak tilts his head. "Its what they call you, but not your name. It isn't my place to state this though. Any reason as to why you seem extremely injured?"

Ayakashi: All I can say is I'm not on good terms with the boss.

"And why would that be?"

Ayakashi: Nothing you really need to know. It's over now.

Weapon Ketsueki Menasu and Weapon Savage Fang report to The Administrator's Office.

Arnak gives a slight snarl,heading over to The Administrators office.

Ayakashi: *follows behind*

At The Admin's Office

The Administrator: We have encountered a problem...

"Do tell, I'm sure it can be handled"

The Administrator: A platoon of soldiers were stationed in Birmingham, England. Their task was to patrol the city as well as other cities in case of another similar incident that happened a few months ago. An explosion went off in an alley and in a gas station. Both of these were believed to be terrorist attacks. While most of the personnel went to go investigate, some others who went into security protocal and surrounded the Birmingham Town Hall. The Representative of Europe, Amelia Butcher was staying there. Most of our personnel in that area were taken down after the explosions happened. When some of the soldiers went to check in on her, her door was locked, but usng their termal visions, they did find this. *turns his TV towards them*

There on the screen are two feminine looking figures. One of them has her hands up and the other has a sniper pointed at her. The woman with her hands begins to make her way towards the door, while the other manages to slip out with amazing quickness.

The Administrator: This was an attempted assassination. Whoever that was casue alot of panic just to reach the Reprentative of Europe but not kill her. Meaning she might have wanted something from her if that was the case. Ms. Butcher is telling us any full details. And right now I have recieved information from one of our CRAzys in Ethiopia. A rogue Weapon has been identified as well as another hybrid. Both of them are chasing after Kavi Duma, Representative of Afrika. Sha'Ta, The Tribal King is accompaning him, so the likely hood of them succeeding is very little. But it is clear that whoever these assassins are, they are after the Representatives. Both of you are assigned to stop them. Kill the other two if you want, but the rogue...Bring her back to me...

"You can expect for the two to be good as dead, the rogue will be retrieved with utmost prescision."

The Administrator: Be cautious. This rogue has been known to be quite direct in combat. That's why I am sending the both of you to Taiwan. Representative Yuga Komi will be waiting for you there.

"She will find out soon enough her directness will be her downfall."Arnak begins to walk away, gesturing Ayakashi to follow.

The Administrator: Ayakashi. A word.

Ayakashi: *turns back around*

The Administrator: You know who this rogue is...

Ayakashi: Yes sir...

The Administrator: If you don't want to be put back in the freezer, I urge you to put aaalll of your sentiments aside and contain the matter. What happened in the past is in the past, but this is your chance to not only erase it but erase the sour mood I'm in. Do not fail me...

Ayakashi: ...Yes sir... *exits the office*r

The Administrator: *looks back at his screen and a picture of Torem is on it with the words: Identiy Confirmed. Alias: Weapon Blaque*

"Are you sure you won't be a...liability with the condition you're in?"

Ayakashi: Myths are fast healers. Besides, by the time we get there I woill already fixed up and ready to get back to work. They should have a helicopter for us at the hangar. Get whatever you might need, it'll take us 3-4 hours to get to Taiwan.

"I already have everything I need. No need to wait. I'll be at the Hangar if you need to prepare." Arnak seems to speed up with ease, heading towards the hangar.

Ayakashi: *follows close behind*

Reveryn: What's good, Ayakashi?

Ayakashi: *turns towards Reveryn* I'm fine.

Reveryn: Man, you got crippled too, huh?

Ayakashi: Yea, but it won't be for long.

Reveryn: I guess you don't really need to tell me who did this to you.

Ayakashi: *sigh* Nope. To be honest, I didn't expect you to be back.

Reveryn: And there you guys go. Doubtin' my skills. Even as cripple I still be stylin'. *smirks*

Ayakashi: Good to see that your back. But you should be heading home.

Reveryn: Oh I am. Gonna get so R and R so these bones can get fixed up. I have along way to go.

Ayakashi: Why don't you take any of the vehicles? You know you can rent one.

Reveryn: You know I could, but I enjoy walking. Taking in a breather and enjoiyng the sites, you know? It's better that way. and maybe I can get ripped while doing it.

Ayakashi: That's a nice thought.

Reveryn: Where are you off to?

Ayakashi: Mission. Protect Representantive Yuga Komi.

Reveryn: Sounds important. You better hop to it. No pun intended.

Ayakashi: No pun taken. See you, Rev. *leaves towards the hangar*

Reveryn: Bye!

As Ayakashi entered the Hangar, he could see Arnak experimenting with various forms, and takes his normal one as he spots Ayakashi. "Are you ready?"

Ayakashi: Yes. You drive. *enters the helicopter*

Arnak followed in after him, sitting in the pilot seat. He then started the helicopter, and took off.

Back OutsideEdit

"Weapon Savage Fang, please report The Administrator's office.'

Arnak sighed and quickly headed back upstairs and headed to the Administrators office, and opened the door. "So what did you call me for?"

The Administrator: There are few more Phazons left. Their still occupied down at the Red Square in Moscow, Russia. go down there and either destroy them or bring them here.

"Understood, i'll be sure to make this quick and easy. If its still this apparent Legion then I should have no problem disposing of them." Arnak headed outside the office and left to head to Red Square.

Punished Edit

Ayakashi and Arnak stand before The Administrator.

The Administrator: It is a shame that I believed that the two of you would suffice in protecting Representative Komi.... And it was also a shame that neither of you were able to apprehend Weapon Blaque....Is there a suitable reason as to why you both failed at both tasks?...

"I could have captured Blaque, but I was outnumbered and heavily at risk. By the time you sent in the CRAzy's, they were already escaping. My thought process was that if I were to die, the chances of them being successful another time would be increased, Its better to take a loss in a battle than to take a loss in a war."

The Administrator: There will be a war if all of The Representatives are dead! You had guaranteed me success and no failures. Now you have slumped on the same level as your partner that stands next to you! I should crush the both of you in my palms! I have decided to give you even more assistance. *press the button on the intercom* Weapon Punished, report to my office.

In less than a minute an Afrikaan male comes in. He's shirtless and lanky in build. He has light blonde dreads in the style of a flat-top. He has a fairly pale complexion, has tattoos on his sides, is only wearing M.C.C.P standard black leather pants, and has black and yellow eyes

He speaks in a raspy Afrikaan voice "You called for me, sir?"

The Administrator: Yes I have. You are to accompany these two on their next mission to Perth, Australia. Representative Alice Spicer is there.

"Yes sir."

The Administrator: This is Weapon Punished.

"Or you can call me Slang." Sticks his hands out and flicks his forked-tongue out with a smile.

Ayakashi: *eyes Slang suspiciously for a moment*

"Sure..Slang. I suppose I underestimated what and who we were up against, but I assure you it will not happen again. If anything does get a little..."unwanted", i'll attempt to contact and call in for some CRAzy's."

The Administrator: I already stationed a platoon of soldiers, drones, and CRAzys. They're are all under your orders. Do. Not. Fail. Now get going.

Slang: Yes sir.

Ayakashi: Yes sir.

"...Yes sir." Arnak begins walking out of the office, gesturing for the others to follow.

Ayakashi and Slang follows behind as they make their way to the hangar

"Okay. This time, we need to make sure we have a formed plan. One of us needs to get the Rep out of the area, obviously. The other two need to stall EVERYONE else, no one can be missed. We either kill, or capture our opponents. If needed I can shift myself and my prescense to be identical to the Rep's, but that puts me at more risk. Im willing to be used as bait, but if they fall for it, CRAzy's MUST be ready to ambush them, while I get out of there. Got it?"

Slang: I will combat the threat. Ayakashi can protect you guised as the Representative. Be cautious now. Variante can easily sniff each other out. So can stall first. Ayakashi stall second. You just play like some cowardly human and run. A CRAzy should be able to get her away easily.

"Alright, fine. You best know what you're doing. And if we do end up saving the rep, don't take all the credit."

Slang: Noooo promises. *grins*

Arnak snarled and looked to Ayakashi, but looked away again. He headed to the hanger, and eventually reached it.

Ayakashi: Who flies this time?

"I will fly again, just keep a little quiet."

Ayakashi: I might not be piloting with you this time. Slang here needs a way to get there. You take him with you and I'll use my Shifter's Mist to get me there.

"Very well." Arnak borded, and got into the pilots seat. 

Slang: *gets into the back* I'll try not to bug you on our way to Perth.

"I appreciate the consideration." Arnak started up the vehicle, and set course for Perth.

Ayakashi: *sighs* Shifter's Mist. *a mist appears behind him and he walks into. The mist disappears*

Time passes and Arnak lands in Perth, and exits the vehicle.

Slang: *exits behind him* Here we are. The Coast Down Under. Representative Spicer and the other personnel should be at the Parliment House.

"Alright, lead the way then"

Slang: *flicks his tongue up in the air and begins walking down the streets of Perth*

Occasionally they notice that some pedestrians are eyeing them

Do you have to keep flicking your tongue? I get it, you're a snake, but you're drawing attention to us"

Slang: That and i am shirtless and lack feet while you display a rather unsettling presence yourself.

"Hmph. Fair point, lets just get this job over with. Wheres Ayakashi?"

Slang: If I am correct, he should be with Representative Spicer at the Parliment House already. We shouldn't be too far now.

"Then lets speed up, they're likely waiting for us." Arnak walked over to a less populated area, and teleported away.

Alice: OhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodohmygod!

Ayakashi: You all the protection you need, Representative Spicer.

Alice: Like hell you do! You guys wouldn't be here if you had succeeded in protecting Komi! This only means that I am done fooor!

Ayakashi: Not this time.

Arnak appeared beside Ayakashi. "Let me guess, they're freaking out?"

Ayakashi: It's the human thing to do, isn't it?

Slang: Oh it sure is.

"Ill let you two deal with this, I'm not quite the people person."

Slang: Remember, Ayakashi takes Alice. You play decoy. I pretend I'm protecting the real Alice.

"Of course, of course. I haven't forgotten our procedure."

New OrdersEdit

The Administrator: *is sitting in his office*

Slang: *enters the office* We're back.

Arnak and Ayakashi come into the office

The Administrator: What. Took you?

Ayakashi: We apologize-

A long, mounstrous hand stretch out and grabs Ayakashi and begins to crush him. The hand is coming from The Administrator, who is not standing to his feet.

The Administrator: I don't want to hear your apologizes, Takashi! I want you to asnwer me! What took you so long to complete your mission?

Ayakashi: We...Accepted a challenge...From the target...

The Administrator: .......You wasted and entire day playing a game with your target..... *instantly tightens his grip*

Ayakashi: *blood erupts from his mouth as he struggles to breathe*

The Administrator: Do you know how long you've been gone!? 4 hours! You left here at 9:40 A.M. I'm not even counting the travel from here to Osaka, I'm counting by the time you arrived and started your mission! Someone of your caliber should've completed that mission within 30 minutes and you had help! You have failed to capture the Witch, you have failed to protect Representative Komi, and you have failed to live up to your namesake! Apparently cryo hasn't taught you anything, nor have my words. If youcan't listen to words, then maybe you listen to whispers.

Ayakashi is immediatley pulled into the Administrator himself. Whispers can be heard. Multiple whispers. They then hear a sharp yell of pain come from Ayakashi, but is drowned by the whispers, which soon die down.

The Administrator: *sits back down*

Arnak is simply listening to the exchange of words and watches what happens to Ayakashi. "Then give us a new mission and allow us to apply ourselves elsewhere."

The Administrator: Ayakashi won't be accompaning you for a while, but I do have a new assignement for you. You and Slang are to look about any of these areas on this list. *gives Arnak a touch-screen clipoard with a list of locations* I need you both to go around and any traces of possible terrorist activities. Once you've checked them, report back. Neautralize any casualties.

Arnak's eyes dilate and glow slightly as he hears the order. He quickly looks through the locations and his jaw is seen as being tense. "Under. Stood. I assume this starts immediately."

The Administrator: Feel free to take a rest if you need it. It is about to get late.

"Sleep will not be a problem for me. With the time I have I shall be training. Are we dismissed?"

The Administrator: Yes. You are dismissed.

Arnak gets up and bods to the Admin, ignoring Slang. Time passes and Arnak has been training intenstively. 

The DiscussionEdit

A few moments passed until a bolt of forked lighting strikes the ground, just off the outskirts of the organizations reach, from the lightning emerges the small ex-Phazon group. Dracorex looks at Typhoon and Zero before turning his head to another direction. "Place the object there, we want it out of harms way for now, besides, I'm hoping that only the plaything notices, but I highly doubt that... So you two, be on your guard." Dracorex simply stands, hands behind his back and waits...

Arnak notices the lightning bolt in the distance, taking note that the weather couldn't possibly make lightning bolts appear out of nowhere. He looks to the distance and spots the various figures, recognizing them slightly. "What...?" He takes a few steps closer, getting a better view of them.

Typhoon's head turns toward Arnak before tilting slightly. "Sir, I think that's him... Nope, I'm positive, how lucky are you?" Dracorex chuckles. "I had to leave valuable lab information to be destroyed twice thanks to the Phazon, my luck is very thin..." He dryly retorts before looking at Arnak in the distance.

Arnak appears much closer to the group than before, clearly on edge. He walks up to them, and squints his eyes. "Hmph. Im not sure how I feel about seeing you again. What exactly do you want...?" Arnak puts his hands behind his back, his eyes darting back to the object behind the others.

Dracorex smiles. "Hello again, Arnak, it's nice to see you again... Now don't think of this as any form of attack, I don't exactly need the attention right now... I've came to talk to you, you can relax if you so wish."

"Whether im going to relax or not will determine on the contents of this apparent talk." He looks back to Dracorex, giving a sly grin. "But please, do go on."

"I see, well follow me." Dracorex begins walking away before notioning Arnak to follow him.

Arnak sneers and begins following him, clearly wary of the others as he examines them while walking. "Where are you leading me exactly?"

"Away from the others, they're unaware why exactly I want to talk to you, plus, if we all went to talk as one, we could be ambushed by your owners... Which reminds me, how do you fare amongst the other creations?"

"Depends. One of them Im not particularly fond of as of now, the other seems to be fine. From what I can gather one of them has failed in the past. Whatever. I suppose we work fine together."

"I see... So you don't feel inferior to them in any sense? I assume you still want to strive to become the strongest pet in that organization, am I correct?" Dracorex casually asks.

"No, I don't." Arnak says this quite snarkily, not pleased. "I wouldn't feel inferior to those I know I can best. And I don't strive to become the strongest pet, I strive to become the strongest owner. Do not talk to me like I am some sort of slave." 

"But I can't possibly talk to you on equal ground, not yet, anyways. That's the thing, no matter how strong you are, you will still follow orders to The Administrator, won't you? Because despite your incredible potential, you're just a lapdog, sure, you have one painful bite, but if you don't sit when you're told to, when you don't jump through hoops, when you don't do tricks? You're put inside a cage, to humiliate you, to scold you or to even put you down... All becuase you have something that anyone else in the organization wants; freedom of will..."

"Im sure you have a reason for attempting to tell me this. You've given me this spheal before. I wont be this so called lapdog for long. What exactly are you getting at?"

"You know I am right, so..." Dracorex suddenly stops and turns to look at Arnak. "I want to give you your true freedom, and the power you deserve."

Arnak stops walking, raising a brow. "...Really. Now, I have a few questions. What makes you inclined to give me this true freedom and how will you do it, what power are we talking about, and why are you even offering this to me?"

"Let's just say that I enjoy chaos as much as you do." He says with a smirk. "So, by giving you freedom, you get to do as you please, I get to weaken the organization, you get your path to power, I get a worthy test for my creature, you get an equal fight. And I'm offering this to you because you possess a potential that can be ultilised almost monsterously... The real question is if you decline this offer, why?"

"Because, I don't trust you, its an easy way out, and theres no telling a definite yes of me getting what I actually desire. But I admit it sounds promising. This creature not too sure about. If I work with you, theres no telling what will happen. Whether I die, live, become a being of immense force and power...nothing is one hundred percent sure of happening. I'm considering your offer, but do know it's not a yes...yet."

"You would be paired to work with the brothers on recon missions and possibly cause some death and damage here and there... The creature won't be able to do anything for a while, but once he is created, you two would be teamed up for the more chaotic missions... And trust me, you will be granted your powers... After all, the best way to eliminate opponents, is to consume them and gain their powers, you know that from exxperience." After a moment, Dracorex chuckles. "Take all the time you need, an opportunity like this is rare, but it's there for you." 

Arnak seems to consider the offer for a moment, before letting a breath out. "The offer will stay on my mind. Keep me updated on this. I'd rather not be left in the dark with anything. Do understand that I will be expecting to see you again...I suggest you expect to see me as well."

Dracorex then nods and takes out a tiny device, placing it on the middle of his palm. "Then take this and place it in your ear, it emits very specific vibrations to the earbones so that you can hear what I say to you, but no one else can hear in our conversations... I've already placed Typhoon, Zero, you and I on a seperate fequency that's interlocked and bounces between a dozen satellites, no one can track our conversations if they were to intercept us."

Arnak takes the device and puts it into his ear, squinting at Dracorex. "You best be right about that, for both of ours sake. Any interceptions would likely cause all of this to fall apart, yes?"

"I think so, but even then, the devices have a failsafe if that were ever to happen... But as you said, nothing is one-hundred percent sure of happening, we simply just have to trust each other..." Suddenly, Dracorex snaps his fingers, and a few moments later, Zero appears beside Dracorex with a freshly dead Myth over his shoulder, the corpse is cladded in rebel clothing and has a few weapons on it. "This is to lower suspicion of the random lightning, can't come back with nothing now can you?" Dracorex says before Zero drops the corpse in front of Arnak. "We will talk again soon." Zero and Dracorex begin to walk back to where the object and Typhoon are.

Arnak nods in response, picking up the body and inspecting it. "Good." He turns and starts to walk off, creating a large spiked tendril on his back, impaling the corpse as he heads back to the facility. 

"Oh... And before you go, are you about to partake in any assignments, missions, anything of the like?" Dracorex says through the earpiece.

"Im unsure, but it is likely that I am. Why?"

"Samples of any... Unique specimens will be very much appreciated." Dracorex says before Vzark can start hearing him commanding the brothers to take the object to somewhere else, with him following suit.

Arnak continues to walk off once more, thinking about what was recently said. 

Oni OccupationEdit

Ayakashi: *is walking down the corridor to The Admin.'s office.*

Arnak is leaning against a wall, seeming to be  testing out powers. He spots Ayakashi, and hesitates. "Hey."

Ayakshi: Come on. The Administrator needs us.

"Of course, like always." Arnak stops leaning and begins walking, making a gesture for Ayakashi to follow as he heads to The Administrators office.

The both enter The Administrator's Office and sees Slang already standing in front of The Admin's desk.

Slang: *smiles* It is nice of you to join me my fellow comrades. You're just in time for the briefing.

"Briefing for what exact mission...?"

The Administrator: There has been a distress call in what used to be Osaka, Japan. It was deemed uninhabitable by the Asian government. The city still leaks toxic fumes through out the city, but apparently it's two neighboring cities: Kobe and Kyoto, have been complaining about a sudden influx of demons and trolls. Oni to be more precise.

"And I imagine you want us to contain and capture them, yes?" 

The Administrator: If you can. I need you to investigate where they're coming from aswell and utilize the source of the influx.

"Shouldn't be too hard, i've been experimenting with some of the other powers I picked up from that Phazon guy. Should turn out quite fun."

The Administrator: Either way, get it done. Call in any reinforcements if any are needed.

"Of course, of course. Do expect us to be early." Arnak begins to walk out, turning to Ayakashi.

Ayakashi: Would it hurt you to take this seriously?

"I am taking this seriously. Its called experimentation. Its always good to test your boundaries. I do everything for a reason. Now, I suggest we get there quickly." 

Ayakashi: *heads towards the hangar* I'll pilot this time.

"Fine. I need time to figure out the rest of these powers anyway." Arnak follows after Ayakashi, eventually getting inside the vehicle once they reach the hangar. 

Ayakashi: *gets into the pilot seat and starts up the helicopter*

Arnak gets in the back, and begins experimenting with various abilities.


Arnak lands in the hangar and gets out of the helicopter, and immediately starts heading towards The Admins office.

Slang: *exits the helicopter, reformed and follows behind him*

He reaches the office and waits for Slang, then knocks and enters.

The Administrator: Back in 12 hours. I assume you went to more than one destination.

Slang: We did not, sir. We wee held up at destination one.

The Administrator: What for?

"We encountered a peculiar man and at some point Slang was heavily injured. We were forced to leave. However, it was not all for naught." Arnak takes out the various things of information he grabbed and puts them on the Admins desk. "Destination one was also largely scorched to the ground due to me."

The Administrator: Impressive. You recovered some our 'stolen' information.

Arnak squints as the Admin speaks and looks over to Slang. "For better or for worse?"

The Administrator: There's still the matter of finding these terrorist. I don't know how they got this information, but these must've been salvaged during the destruction of our first location. I'll transfer these to the Data Archieve.

"I assume we'll have to return sometime later to finish them all off." Arnak thinks for a second. "Although, I do have a request. There is some personal research i've been intrigued in performing. Would it be possible if I could be transported to the Capital of the Nation?" Arnak's tone is unwavering and holds no sign of emotion.

The Administrator: What research are you trying to conduct?

"Mainly research upon my own body, whether it be mentally or physically. Along with powers, of course. There is always the chance of information as well, of course."

The Administrator: All the information you need on your physiology is here.

Slang: Unless you there was something else you were planning on doing?

"There are differences in cases. Regardless on all the info on 'my' physiology here, there are of course things that are still unknown. And I prefer to figure out things on my own." Arnak just glares at Slang. "By the way, this doesnt concern you, worm."

The Administrator: No insults shall be used in this office. What 'unknowns' are there for you to find out?

"Limits, weaknesses, stengths, from what I have aqquired most Varientes are weak to fire. However when it came to me it did absolutely nothing. I want to see if there are other weaknesses I could have. There are always things that change, weaknesses included. There are likely things that you have no idea about. I assure you this is all for our conjoined benefit."

The Administrator: Sound. If fire won't do, then definatley virbating sound waves. It's like a drug to the ears to them, they can get addicted, entrenced in those sounds, but it can also hurt them too if they're to loud, basically driving the Variante mad and animalistic they more they're exposed to the loud sounds. Constant exposure could force the variante off the host.

Arnak's face is still unwavering. "You truly think that's it? And I doubt that's all there is to it. Why is sound a weakness? I want to know the reason to a fault. That way I can start finding ways to push that weakness....into a pit."

The Administrator: Why look any further than the Variante's birthplace? You think there's no answers here?

Slang: I believe he's trying to weasel himself out into other matters.

"Everything cannot be found out just by sticking to things already known alone." Arnak completely ignores Slang at this point.

The Administrator: You haven't looked. And you only found one piece out of a simple observation. If you are going anywhere, then Slang is still to accompany you.  Other than that, you my go.

Arnak simply walks out of the office without saying anything as he heads to the hangar.

Slang: *follows behind him*

They both make it to the hangar and Slang hops in the back seat inside a helicopter

Arnak starts the helicopter and flies to the capital. 

Breaking PointEdit

The Administrator is sitting in his office until an alarms sounds off in his office. His intercom coms in with static and loud noises compsoing of explosions and gunshots

"Sir, It's the terrorists! There he- *static*"

The Adminsstrastor can feel his entire base beggining to rumble. He can then hear the noise getting closer to his room. Soon the news comes on to his computer

"It is apparent that mythology as we know it have grown too numerous to the point where mankind can no longer combat them. Their numbers trump ours 0-100. The days of man-kind from this day forward are numbered."

The Administrator looks at his screen blankly until the noise abruptly stop. Until the door flung off the door hinge and flies right past The Administrator's head and into the wall behind him. The Administrator looks behind him to see the door stuck in the wall, then turns back to see a womanly figure standing infront of a bright light behind her.

The woman walks into The Adminastrator's office. "It looks like you got the memo. You and every other Agency are no longer sufficient. You can't handle us anymore." The woman has short blue hair with blue eyes and has some sort of dark blue substance over her body from her feet, to her shoulders, to around her neck. Her arms are muscular with golden wing tattoos on both of her arms, with gloves white gloves with black fingers on both of her hands, but her left hand bears a cross.

The Administrator: You! *his arms turn into giant,long,skinny, clawed arms.*

"Your work ends here. And so do you."

The Administrator: RAARRGH! *attacks the woman*

The woman dodges The Administrator's attacks and manuevers herself until she's right behind him.

The Administrator: *attempts to back-hand the woman*

The substance on the woman encoat her arm, and enlarges it into a giant-clawed hand, which catches The Administrator's hand. Her other hand turns into a giant-clawed hand too and punchesThe Administrator into the wall, then pulls him to the woman. The woman grabs The Administrator and clutches him in her giant hand. She points The Administrator to the doorway. "Witness the future you lost."

The bright light from the doorway grows brighter and brighter


The light grows so bright that the dark void that was his office is blown away and soon The Administrator himself is consumed by the light


The Administrator: *abrubtly lifts his head from his desk and sees that everything is dark and quiet. Like its always been. He stands up from his seat* GAAAAARRRRHHH!! *throws his desk against the wall*

Two soldiers come into his office

Soldier !: Is everything alright in here, sir?

The Administrator: No. Not today...

Soldier 2: Is there anyway we can help, sir?

The Administrator: Yes...There is.

The Administrator lets some sort of mass fall out from his body. The mass hits the floor and is covered with an uncomortable amount of blood and an even more uncomforable amount of gashes and cuts

The Administrator: Get him fixed uo immediately.

Soldier 1: Yes sir. *goes over to the mass and carries it on his back*

The Administrator: And prepare me a chopper while you're at it.

Soldier 2: A...Chopper, sir?

The Administrator: Did I mumble?

The two soldier look at each other for a moment

Soldier 2: N-no sir.

The Administrator: Then get to it!

Soldier 2: Yes sir.

The two soldiers leave his office

Slang comes in right after the soldiers leave

Slang: I arrived as quickly as possible. *takes note of his desk in the wall* Distressed.

The Administrator: I...I slept...

Slang: What?

The Administrator: You heard me! I slept!

Slang: Th-...That's...Unlike you, sir.

The Adminstrator: What's worse is that I dreamed...

Slang: *eyes widen* Uuuuuuugggghhh......W-what was it about?...

The Administrator: Man's fall...Our fall...My fall...RAAAAAGGHH! *a long-clawed hand punches the desk into stick*

Slang: *steps back abit* It's about our current situation, isn't it?

The Administrator: What else could it be? Decades we stood and we were without failure. But now, we're loosing our luster. My weapons...are They've slacked and have grown sloppy. And this agency had to suffer for it. But not just my weapons, but everyone here! I have put too much of my trust in them...And I haven't used my authority in quite awhile...My presence lingers with them all, but they begin to ease up like nothing will happen to them...So many problems have come from this current work ethic...And now we are risking our reputation and chance to be rid of this world of all myths! Slang, double the soldiers, double the weapons, double everything! They will not get the upper hand on me, none of them will! They will know who it is they should fear most. If they won't fear the name, they will fear the man who created the name. *walks past Slang*

Slang: Where are you going, sir?

The Administrator: That was my first dream, Slang...Dreams are either meaningless or have meaning...and wtih my dream...I am off to debunk mine.. *leaves the office and down the hallway

The Administrator makes his way down several corridors. As he walks, all the personnel notice him walking by. They all continue to watch him go, almost in awe and in fear. They begin to talks amongst themselves about the situation. He get's into a helicopter.

Pilot: Where to, sir?

The Adminstrator: Arizona...

Pilot: Yes sir.

The helicopter ascends and flies out throught the opening doors

Soldier: Damn. I sure do feel sorry for whoever got him in that mood.

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