A mysterious figure connected to Adel after the Incident. He serves as one of her protectors and is on the run from certain forces.


So far there is nothing known about the man in red aside from his connection to Adel. His name and past remain unknown until he deems it fit to reveal them.


The man in red has vibrant red hair, a fair complexion, emerald eyes and an ivory horn in the center of his forehead. he wears ornate red coat over a simple tunic and black trousers, with knee high leather boots with metal clasps on the sides and a large red tricorn hat with withered feathers as its plume. He is fairly tall by human standards and has a lean, muscular build despite looking like a magus.


The man in red is straight forward and secretive, almost infuriatingly so. If he does not deem it the time, he will say nothing about a topic and will ignore further inquiries until the topic is dropped. He does appear to be caring and chooses what battles to fight and what battles to walk away from rather than fighting every battle, verbal or otherwise.



The man in red is currently protecting Adel along with Dagon. Why he is doing this and what the Incident was remains shrouded in mystery for now, something for him to know and for others to be kept in the dark of.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

There are no known skills that the man in red has. It is implied that he is fairly strong at the very least, but that hasn't been expanded upon as of yet.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Thus far, the man in red had not been seen carrying any arms or tools, but this may or may not be the case in the future.

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