The Kanjō Gods are a collective of deity like spirits, or spirits with godly levels of power, the most famous, or infamous, are the main members of this group, more commonly known as the Elemental Warlords. Their known dominion is the world of Echo, or was, before being defeated by Phoenix. The vast majority of the major members are now sealed in Slayers.

Main Kanjō Gods Edit



Kagayaki Edit

Details on separate character page.

Racial Appearance: Dragon

Race: Human - Spirit - Elemental

Signature Animal: Komodo Dragon

Descendant Clans: Light, Prismatic, Sun, Dragonclaw

Status: Sealed

Mikadzukikei Edit

Mikadzukikei is the Goddess of Water on Echo, representing the emotions of Tranquility. She can at will control any form of liquid and water, due to water's abundance, this power makes her possibly one of the strongest members of the Kanjō. She is very peaceful, except if provoked over long periods of time, when her anger can destroy any in her path with relative ease. Like all of her fellow Kanjō Gods, she is effectively immortal. Sealed within Toma's Water Slayer.

She has long silver hair, with grey eyes, though they can be any color she desires. She loves the color blue, and is often seen wearing dresses. Her racial appearance is Nymph, but in reality is a human - spirit - elemental. Her signature animal is the lion.

Respective Elemental Terror: Caess

Descendant Clans: Casca Clan, Water Clan, Steam Clan

Status: Sealed

Kaminari Edit

Konachan-com-125970-barefoot-blonde hair-clouds-fate stay night-green eyes-japanese clothes-namonashi-saber-snow


Kaminari is the Goddess of Lightning on Echo, representing Vitality. She controls lightning, as well as similar forces such as magnetism, and can even control sound. She can easily access or even short circuit technology, and even has various forms of control over brainwaves. She is a rather energetic, usually care free girl, though this excessive energy can also fuel a powerful temper if one is not careful.

She has medium length blonde hair with turquoise eyes, and likes wearing long kimonos, usually either yellow or white. Her racial appearance is fairy but is a human -spirit - elemental. Her signature animal is the eagle. Sealed within Noriko's Lightning Slayer.

Respective Elemental Terror: Razorwind

Descendant Clans: Moonlight, Lightning, Sonic

Status: Sealed

Furīzu Edit



Furīzu is the Goddess of Ice on Echo, representing Apathy. She controls all forms of ice, or even in general any frozen liquid. She can alter the climate by causing extreme drops in temperature. She is rather reserved, quiet, and is shy around others. She can be described as very aloof or detached from the situation at times.

She has grey hair and glowing blue eyes, with a slight grey tint to her skin. She wears garb akin to royalty, mostly grey or a greyish blue color, with some white. Her racial appearance is that of an Endlos, but is a human - spirit - elemental. Her signature animal is the sloth. Sealed within Aoi's Ice Slayer.

Respective Elemental Terror: Caess

Descendant Clans: Ice, Perma

Status: Sealed

Saisei Edit



Saisei is the God of Fire on Echo, representing Passion. He controls all forms of fire, and can control the climate via extreme increases in temperature. A sub branch of his power interestingly is Plasma. He can be extremely aggressive, and has a rather short temper. He is known to be impatient, as well as boastful. Snide comments are a common occurrence with him.

He has red hair and redish orange eyes, often wearing simple clothing. He is noted to have sharp teeth. A little known secret is that he hides his true form, a nine tailed Kitsune, though biologically he is a human - spirit - elemental. His signature animal is the hawk. Sealed within Kado's Fire Slayer.

Respective Elemental Terror: Hitomara

Descendant Clans: Fire, Magma, Plasma, Smoke, Ash, Yokai Village(Curse)

Status: Sealed

Hyōdo Edit



Hyōdo is the God of Earth on Echo, representing Equanimity. He controls the earth and all metals, even magma. His power is potent enough for him to summon meteors from space. Always well mannered, nothing is too much for him to consider or take in, always in a state of mental calm. He is often diplomatic and can see any side of a argument or situation.

He wears a simple white and black kimono, sporting light brown hair and eyes. He is notable for having a fit form, and is never out of shape. His racial appearance can be human or elf, though he is often seen as an average man. He is a human - spirit - elemental. His signature animal is the bear. Sealed within Kado's Earth Slayer.

Respective Elemental Terror: Hitomara

Descendant Clans: Earth, Steel, Northern Elf, New Vince

Status: Sealed

Kitakaze Edit

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Kitakaze is the God of Wind on Echo, representing Defiance. He controls the wind and all gases, and is able to create and control supersonic wind with ease. He can create hot and cold fronts, and completely regulate weather. He is defiant of authority and does as he wishes, seeking to always carve his own path. He believes in trial and error and always keeps a hearty smile, if only to lighten whatever pain he endures.

He has long purple hair and grey eyes, though he has been seen with gold and yellow ones as well. He wears a light white jacket with a purple shirt and black scarf, wearing denim pants. He almost always has a drink ready, be it alcohol or hot chocolate. His racial appearance is an elf, but is a human - spirit - elemental. His signature animal is the wolf. Sealed within Torrent's Wind Slayer.

Respective Elemental Terror: Razorwind

Descendant Clans: Wind, Cloud, Storm, Saberfang

Status: Sealed

De Facto Kanjō Gods Edit

Neo Edit

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Neo is the God of Darkness, representing Negativity. He controls darkness, and can see what is unknown and hidden to all others, and can even see the deepest secrets of the heart. Unlike most of the Kanjō Gods, he is not an independent soul, rather he is a part of Kado. Should he ever become free, he would be entitled to becoming the successor of Kukyo. He is very dark in nature, always aggressive and ready to attack anything and any one, having a particular dislike of his counterpart Ace.

He has short black hair, and is most often seen with red eyes. He wears simple tattered black clothing, and wields Dark Slayer at all times. In his current state he appears more like a dark version of Kado. His racial appearance is a shapeshifter, but is a shapeshifter - spirit - elemental. He currently resides in Kado's soul.

Respective Elemental Terror: Dimrune

Status: Incomplete Soul

Kukyo/Kuria Edit

Read Character Page for info

Racial Appearance: Demon (Former) Angel

Race: Human - Spirit - Elemental (Former)

Signature Animal: Bat

Descendant Clans: North Spirits, Darkness, Twilight, Spiritwood

Status: Free, Mortal

Minor Kanjō Gods Edit

Azayakana Edit

Role: Life Goddess

Status: Active

Descendant Clans: All

Race: Spirit-Dragon

The Black King Edit

Role: Death God

Status: Active

Descendant Clans: Unknown

Race: Spirit

The Nine Fox Winds Edit

A group of nine spirit foxes, according to their rank, they have a certain number of tails, from one to nine. Examples include the dread spirit Sainan, and the wise Shirubā.

Role: Guardians of the Nine Winds of Echo

Status: Active

Race: Yokai Spirit

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