The Junkyōsha Party emblem

Blessing of Martyrdom

The Junkyōsha Party is a Human-Mytho collaborative organization and shelter. They house humans who have all but feel abandoned and have lost their place in the world and also house Myths who only want to reach Fantasy or try to escape from human oppression. The organization is resourceful due to the collaboration of humans and myths teamwork. They also specialize covert ops and recon to take down political groups and gangs who threaten the safety and health of myths and humans.


No one knows the exact time for when the organization was founded, but it was estimated the have been founded after the war. The founder of the organization is unknown.

Welcome to The Party!

Reveryn: *takes Kado to the building he was resting upon at one point* Ok, this is where we enter. I'm gonna have to introduce you to my boss and such and there will also be humans and myths togehter, so if your not used to seeing humans than....try to control that.

"I'm not bothered by humans. I'm not one of those human-hater Mythos. I am a bit more of a personal hate sort of person."

Reveryn: Ok then. *goes through a small, but large enough crack leading the super computers* This way please. Look around you to make sure now one is around.

Kado nods silently. "Understood." He follows Reveryn.

Reveryn: *walks through the door out the computer room and into a bricks hall with poor and sick people being taken care of by myths. Above them are gated floors.*

Kado silently observes the place. "A lot of rather downtrodden people. ....Reminds me a bit of home, probably not in a great way..."

Reveryn: we house those who are sick and poor and those who struggle to keep up with their lives or have no life at all. *makes it down the hallway and there lies a dystopian village across from them is sewage water. Crosses the dock and gets into the boat* Come on in.

He gets in. "Sewers huh? Well it's a noble cause, even if the conditions are poor."

Reveryn: The world isn't really that fond of us. Some former political groups hang around here too. *begins to row* We can't be that open, even if it is a Party. *smiles*

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The Slums

"I see. Surprised to know there's another organization besides my former one that gives a damn about others."

Reveryn: Here in this world, not many people do. That's why most of them are outcasts or look-overs. And when they come here they have something in common that brings them to a family. *docks on the otherside*

"I've noticed."

Both get off

Reveryn: *walks over to a hut* Tht there is The Hut of The Slums. Only place here that you will get food. If you live in this part of the area.

"I see. Original name. I believe fairly direct names is the way of things, seems to be a fairly common theme. Your boss doesn't even like nicknames."

Reveryn: Well, those people have.

"I see the point. Where's your boss at?"

Reveryn: Almost there. Hold up. *goes into the hut* What's good, suckers?

Everyone greets Reverynand some look at Kado and wonder who he is

Cook: What's good, Reveryn?

Reveryn: Not much.

Cook: Who's the hunky lookin' dude?

Reveryn: Save this dude from the Mythzonian.

Everyone stares at him in awe

Cook: you know that part know....prohibited?

Reveryn: Yea.....I know....

Cook: do know what Big O is gonna do to ya, right?

Reveryn: *swallows* I'll stomach it. *smiles and walks by*

Kado blinks in faint surprise, then follows Reveryn. "....You're going to be in trouble for that?"

Reveryn: *slouches over* Sadly, yes...

"I owe you one at least. Thanks for the help." He puts a hand on Reveryn's shoulder.

Reveryn: Hey man, no thanks needed. We're all brothers here. *sees a guys leaning against the doorway* What's good, Segura?

Segura: Bored right now. Wish there was a good mission right now. The smell of The Slums it getting to my head.

Reveryn: *shrugs* You gotta stomach the smell, man. Hey Avo, this Cloud Strife lookin' motherfucker is Segura.

Segura: Really? You just had to call me a motherfucker?

Reveryn: Yea. It sounded hilarious.

Kado sighs. "Avo was only funny the first time. ....Though I admit it would make a good name. On guard duty, Segura?"

Segura: Nah, just chillin right now. No good missions have come up and I don't feel like going to the Roundhouse Club neither.

Reveryn: I might go down there later on.

Segura: If Dad doesn't cut ya' down first.

Reveryn: Yea...right...well it shouldn't be that bad, right?

Segura: *scratches the back of his head and looks away*

Reveryn: Damn...Ok then, well let's get goin'. Good seein' ya', Segura.

Segura: Whatever happened to Cloud Strife?

Reveryn: You just look like a Segura to me.

Segura: That guy, I swear.

"I wonder how you guys haven't managed to drive each other insane yet..."

Reveryn: We have each other. That's how we keep sane. The boss lives deep down within the basement levels where the power is. We gotta walk down some steps and hallways though. *walks across some bridges and allies until they make it to the door*

They travel down numerous levels of the basement. Until the reach a door with a girl standing in front of it. The girl has short shady blue hair and stern blue eyes with black leather-looking spandex, wheres white-top gloves and has angel wing tattoos on both her shoulders and arms.

Reveryn: What's good, Torem?

Torem: Doing what I do best: Guarding the damn door.

Reveryn: Is Dad in there?

Torem: I don't know. I'm not in the room with him, am I?

Reveryn: No, no you're not.

Torem: *looks at Kado* Who's this guy?

Reveryn: A dude I saved.

Torem: From what?

Reveryn: Ummmmm.....The Mythzonian...

Torem:.....Oh man, Rev. Dad is gonna tear you up for that.

Reveryn: I had too, Torry. Exima was gonna kill him and some other dude. I mean I couldn't have that.

Torem: But I still don't even know why you were all the way out there.

Reveryn: Saw a suspicious dude with an oni mask put a body unto his four wheeler. I assumed it was a myth. So I followed. He knew I was unto him and an epic fight ensued, which ended up with me being stranded in the desert.

Torem: Well Im just....glad your alright.....for the time being

Reveryn: Atleast it was worth it. Had some fun.

Torem: But you could have killed yourself!

Reveryn: Every martyr dies in the end, Torem. Whether I put myself in that position or not, I die for my brothers.

"Someone deep fry my brain now.... ....oni mask huh? I remember a guy in a red one knocked me out.... hmmm. Doubtless it wasn't a coincidence."

Reveryn: *shrugs* Mmmhmmm. So can we see the boss?

Torem: *steps out of the way and there is a sign that says 'Step in at your own time, at your own risk. HAHAHAHAHA!!!*

Reveryn: Remember what I told you. Tell him your real name. And when ever he mocks you about anything, just say ok, do not mumble under you breath and if he make you uncomfortable or pokes you irritably, do not retaliate. Keep your cool and whenever he is having one of his...moemnts. Do not look at him crazy. Got it?

Kado nods. "Alright. I've dealt with plenty of odd ones before. Noriko."

Reveryn: Ok then. Whenever your ready. Good miracles.

"I've been ready.... let's go."

Reveryn: Sorry. I can't go in. Just you, man.

Kado sighs. "Oooooh boy. Just me and crazy man. This'll be awesome." He starts walking in cautiously.

Inside it is almost completely dark. There is only a single hole of light beam down into the room. He sees numerous posters on the walls as well as wall paintings and their is a huge withered looking tree coming out from the bottom of the floor.

"Who goes there? Is it someone new?

"...Yeah. I guess you could say that." His eyes glow faintly in the dark, his pupils growing white to allow him to see clearer, and he proceeds to look about the room scanning for the owner of the voice.

"I'm told you're the boss of this operation, 'The Party', the guy named Reveryn told me to speak to you."

A shadow passes by Kado

"I'm sure he has. Why do you come here per-say?"

"Well I'm here cause he brought me here after I had a rather... dicey situation with some humans a while back. I went and followed him cause I really don't have much of a place of my own anyway." His eyes try to track where the shadow is going.

"Where di he find you? No one just knows where The Party is."

"....I don't know where exactly. ....An arena, that's all I know. I don't know how long I was there."

In a split second a man is up in his face with a small Faberware knife pointing at him. The man looks vaguely like Exima, only his skin is a grayish brown and has more detail in his face. He is shirtless and has torn pants that look like torn shorts. He has numerous scars and wounds all over his abdominal and stomach area.

"He did...*grabs Kado's face and pulls it closer to his* WHAAAAAT!!!!"

Kado is surprised enough to pale slightly. "......Don't kill me?" He almost squeaks. "'s as I said..." He says in a more nervous voice.

" That son of a bitch! *pushes Kado to the floor and and turns to think* Wait...but he's my son...but I'm not a bitch...Whichever, i ain't his biological daddy, but I'm gonna kill 'em! Gonna hack his body off until he begs for me to kill 'em! Where's my ax? *looks over the place* Wait just one moment. *moves everywhere in amazing speed and agility, like that of a monkey. He finds a plane ax* Ahhhhh. Here it is. *feels the rim of the blade* Ohhhhhh, he's in for it now. *looks back at Kado and speaks in a gentlemanly voice* Can I help you?

"....I have no idea. I think my brain just self destructed." He glances at the axe, then back at the man. "....Would you mind if I joined you? Don't really have anything else nowadays. ....And please tell me you aren't going to hit me with that?"

"Hm?" *looks at the axe* Oh this ain't for you. It's for that douchebag elf out there for disobeying me and doing whatever the hell he wants! I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME! YOU'RE A DEAD MOTHER FUCKER, YOU HEAR ME?! SO DEAD, ONCE YOU'RE DEAD, IMMA SELL YOUR BODY AT PRODUCE MARKET! YOU BETTER NOT RUN AWAY NEITHER! I DIDN'T RAISE NO PUSSIES! I RAISED SOME MARTYRS, SO YOU GONNA BE PUNISHED LIKE ONE! *turns back to Kado* So what's your specialty?

He controls his reaction this time. "First off," He changes to his usual form. "I am a shapeshifter, and I'd rather keep my name as not disclosed. I'd rather keep my true existence secret. I'm not the most popular guy on the streets, I'm hoping to put my past behind me. Start over. I don't want to risk people finding out about me and ruining that. As for skills, I have many, ranging from high class all out attacks to subtlty such as thievery, espionage and assassination. I was raised as a ninja and taught heavily martial arts and swordplay."

" Uh huh. That acutally sounds good. So it looks like you wanna be apart of the Frontliners. Sounds like your one of the guys we need. That's a good."

"Ok then. If you promise to keep my name secret, I have no problems working for you, whatever you need, as long as it doesn't stray too far from.... basic morality. I ain't gonna butcher a child for instance. But I can delve into some dirty work if it really needs done."

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.....whoa. No secrets here sadly. Here we're family, but unlike every other douchebag family, we don't keep secrets down here, well atleast from the father of the household."

"Reveyn knows my name already. If someone finds out, they find out. I just rather would not have it as common knowledge. ....It would be bad if one of my enemies learned I'm here. .....Really, really, really bad."

"Oh..I'm good with keeping secrets...almost as good as I am with persuasion. *bats his hand with the ax*

"My name is Kado, and well, I've had a rather eventful life and lately it's completely dumped me at an all time low point."

"Man dude, who hasn't had that happen to them? Glad we can have you, but since your new, I'll have to have a close eye on you...*is all up in Kado's face, eyeballing him and begins to circle around him*

"I understand. I won't be a problem. Just as long as I can be of help."

"Sure thing. I'll have....anyone but Reveryn introduce the the theme to you. know.. you can go. And tell Rev that Dad would like to talk to 'em...*displays a very menacing facial expression*

"I understand." He changes back to his disguise. "Thank you for having me aboard. I won't disappoint." He briefly bows his head, before beginning to walk out.

"Bye! Come again!" *waves*

He pauses. "Kinda late to ask, but I have a friend who I promised a person very close to me that I'd protect her from any more of the fighting I've had to go through. May I ask that she live here, or if you'd rather put her to use, she would be willing, but she is a bit too kind hearted for battle. ...She shouldn't have had to have been a warrior in the first place. I can bring her here right now if you'd like to meet her first."

"First things first, send the boy in here and I'll think about it, while I hack him." *smiles*

"Very well. Go a bit easy on him will you? Kinda owe the guy my life." He leaves.

' Psssh. You can owe him your life once he joins the after life."

Kado leaves the room, looking at Reveryn. "I believe Death Row is calling."

Reveryn: Yep. Sure is...


Reveryn: *looks up, touches his head, then his left shoulder, then his right shoulder, then he goes in and closes the door*

Kado looks over at Torem and sighs. "Well, I guess I'm in. He said for me to go find someone to explain to me the 'theme'. You know what he means?"

Torem: He probably wants someone to tell you what it's all about here. Either that or meant 'team'.

"Both sounds likely. Anyone in particular you'd suggest talking to? Or are you available to show me the ropes or what not? I really don't know this place that well."

Torem: I coul--


Torem: *cringes abit from the yelling* Not show you the ropes, but I know someone that might. find Segura and he''l show you.

Kado nods. "I will see you later I guess." He starts walking off in the direction he remembered meeting Segura, eventually finding him.

"Hello again. The boss let me join up for the time being, so I guess that means I'm officially the new guy. The guy said to ask someone about 'the theme' or something, maybe meant team, no idea. ....Is that guy seriously going to axe the guy? Reveryn?"

A noise can be heard followed by a loud scream. "What I tell you about going out there?! What I tell you?! Another shink noise can be heard followed by another scream

Segura: *turns his head away*

"....Ok then. Let's get away from the Axe Murder scene then. So about the other thing I asked?"

Segura: He probably mean't team or he wants us to tell you what it means to be a martyr. But I know someone who can better explain that. Go through that alley, go straight, then take two lefts then a right. And you'll find that person at the Roundhouse Club.

"Oh great. More walking. Awesome..." He heads off to where Segura indicated. "I swear... if I ever get a straight answer around here I could probably sing hallelujah."

Kado is lead to an open building where there is a crows cheering for what seems be a fight going on.

He watches what's going on from a distance, quietly analyzing the scene. "Is this where they train then? Hmmm...."

There are 5 people surroundng a beautiful girl with an oriental dragon style clothing and hairsyle an gauntlets with girant emeralds in the middle of them. They rush her but are instantly getting beat up in epic refelxes and combo flurries.

Hmmm... not as good as White certainly not, but it would certainly put a nasty dent in my face if I weren't too careful... she's good. He watches the match with greater interest, studying how she moves. He remains out of the way towards the exit, not wishing to mingle with the crowd, rather just observe.

The people come at her with machetes. She dodges their attacks and maneuvers around them in swiftness and release almost bone breaking blows in even greater swiftness and in 10 seconds flat those 5 people are on the ground and everyone cheers for her.

He can no longer help himself and begins to clap, making his presence known, a sly smile on his face. Amazing work indeed. She's quite talented. Wonder where she gets it?

Girl: Anyone else?

Kado silently walks into the area in full, moving in with the crowd. Hmmmm.... might be fun.... ....but rearranging one's face isn't.

Girl: *looks at Kado* Never seen your face here before.*points at Kado* You wanna go?

Kado shrugs. "Might as well." He slowly walks into the area where she is.

He observes her for a moment, before smiling. "I saw the last fight, pretty talented one you are. Not everyone has that kinda moves. Mind telling me your name lady? ...Assuming you don't mind, of course. Don't want to pry into business that ain't mine to pry open."

gril: Oh no, It's all good. but if you want my name, last 5 minutes against me in fight.

Kado smiles again. "Very well. Just to warn you... I'm not a pushover." He gets into a stance she recognizes as a martial arts ready stance.

The girl instantly rushes him and punches him so hard in the gut that everybody can see her hand coming through his back, she then pulls back, spins around and elbows Kado directly in the middle of the face. Making him fall flat on his back. Everyone looks in amazement.

Girl: Then why are you on the ground? Get up.

His form suddenly flickers and a finger taps her shoulder and she turns just in time to be punched in the face hard enough to be sent flying into the nearest wall and crack it.

"Actually I wasn't." He says with a smile.

The girl tomes back and punches him out of the building into a troth of water and there is a bearded guy looking at him.

Man: Mind gettin' out, buddy?

He silently walks back through the hole, the wall repairing itself as he enters. He dusts himself off and looks at her, his smile now much more forced.

"That it?" The next time she comes at hit, she goes right through him, and gets her arm stuck in the wall.

"A word of advice. Don't charge me so recklessly. All fun and games until you're the one knocking yourself out from falling on your face."

Her next attacks he doesn't go intangible for, but instead responds with expert blocks, and when she goes for a kick he suddenly speeds up and trips her.

She lands on her hands and swing kicks Kado in the face then trips then jumps up and lands on his back

Everyone boos at Kado

Girl: Not sure anyone told ya, mister. But no powers here, just our fist. *kicks Kado into the troth*

Man: Do you mind not landing in my troth again?

Kado lets out a dark growl. He gets up and slowly enters the hole and closes it again.

He glances at the girl with blood red eyes, before they dim and return to normal, though an air of anger about him is obvious.

"I came looking for someone to give me answers, but it seems everyone and their dog wants to try and lead me on a wild goose chase. Forget it.... I've got better things to do with my time...."

He irritably begins to walk back the way he came. "I've got no time for this...."

Girl: Hey man, your the one who stepped up. Also, you never said one thing about finding answers. You said something about knowing my name. So what is you it you want to know?

He stops, but doesn't turn around. "There's a difference between friendly spar and brutal violence. The arena was enough, thank you very much, Ryu Girl, so if you don't mind unless you can tell me what the point of this 'martyr' and 'team' crap is, I'm going to go and try to avoid anymore psychos to talk to. Cause frankly," His voice is a little more hostile, "I'm kinda tired of people beating around the damn bush."

Girl: Then I guess you wouldn't be best friends with yourself. Come with me.

"....Whatever....." He runs his hand through his hair and sighs, before reluctantly coming back into the area. "Where are we going?" He says, trying not to show any more irritation.

Girl: You ask what it means to be a martyr. Here everyone cares for one another. Humans and Myth working together in unison. The world up there isn't oh so crazy about it. We believe things don't have to be the way they are now. There is no need for the hate r the One-man-standing. We believe in something better and this community reminds us of that. So much that we're willing to die for it.

"I see. That's what I thought it meant to begin with. But go on."

Girl: This dream is looked down upon, because they don't want to share with the myths. They think they dont belong and only man should remain. Those people want to destroy the myths and even humans who will act as their allies.

He sighs. "I've already had plenty of first hand experience with that. Certainly a admirable dream."

Girl: It's only admirable as the people who risk it.

They walk through a door and somewhere they are outside and the sky is setting, though there are is a green tint in the sky. It appears to be in a place with immensely huge torn structures and pipes.

Kado frowns at the sunset, then looks around. "What is this?" He asks.

They walk a few more kilometers and before him lays a mile or two of people-man and myth, crucified on X-shaped crosses. Their all being held up by barbwire by the wrists and by the ankles. They all have claymores speared through their chest.

Girl: These are those who died believing in that dream.

He silently looks at them. "I'm not afraid to die fighting for a cause. But understand that my entire life, not once have I had something that life didn't take. ...As of now, I don't really have anything. I may smile, but it is a lie. I'm not sure if you could have noticed. I'm a good liar. Sometimes." There is no smile on the man's face now. Just a solemn empty look in his eyes.

"There was once I time I fought side by side with an organization like this. A time where I believed in the future, a time I was content with my life. But it was an illusion, built upon a fragile networks of desperate belief. Sure, I believed, but the foundation of that belief was nothing but gravel. That foundation is gone, and everything I built myself on destroyed. I lost the thing that gave me that belief. I've done nothing but try to find myself again since. To die for something, I'd have no regrets. That's why I offered to join. Because in reality, I don't see myself having anything to lose except my life, and that itself isn't worth much. Ideals like this are worth more than a guy like me."

Girl: This isn't and ideal. It's the truth. The real truth. These people died for the dream, but we will not let their deaths stop us from believing that we can reach out to the world and it's many generations to come.

He looks at her. "I do understand. I have to ask how this organization does operations, is there a team, because I have heard of such a thing suggested, but as I said earlier, people were most..... ....frustrating with beating around the bush. I don't care what work I'm assigned, as long as I don't have to worry about morality issues."

Girl: Yea, there's a team that takes care of everything from assassinations, to espionage, to recon, to covert. All that.

"I see. Is there anything needed of me? I'd rather not waste my time if I'm not needed around at the present time, or is there something else I need to know or understand?"

Girl: Do whatever the boss tells and treat everyone here with care.

Kado sighs. "I'll take that as 'No'." He turns and begins walking back. "See you later, Ryu."

Girl: Do I look like a boy to you? Name's Akami.

Kado turns and has a rather unholy smirk that immediately tells her she's in for it.

"Whatever you say, Ryu." He simply walks off.

Akami: Eh, whatever....*looks back over the graveyard then back up at the Sun*

Speakers come on. 'Hello, Oh snap I think it works heheh. Never used this thing before in a while. everyone who lives int the seweres and are not sick or has not been around a sick person, gather around the Iso-Pedestal. And please at least fast walk. Believe it or not, we got as schedule to keep."

Everyone begins to make their way into the underground tunnels, until they make it to a rocky platform surrounded with sharpened iron bars.

Kado sighs. "Well I can't wait to hear this...."

The boss come out from a hole and jumps nuto a lardge rick so that everyone can see him. Ok everyone's here. Well, everyone who ain't sick. Let me speak into the speakers o the sickies can hear on all this to. Sorry they couldn't be here everyone cause you know...can't have everyone gettin' too sick. What's good, fools? I hope you guys are doin' good. I called you all here today because, we're all gonna die.

Everyone begins to silently panic

"All because the Sun is about to give birth to a baby...A baby that will destroy us all. Well, maybe all of you, but i ain't dyin'. Heheh Sucks for y'all. But mmmhhhmmm lets not forget that we're not going to just sit back and just let that baby kill us. We're gonna survive this and hope for the very best. The Frontliners come forth and present yo' selves to your fellow brothers.

Segura, Akami, Torem come forth. Reveryn limps to the front. He had torn his shirt up to make into bandages for his scars. A girl with light green hair and purple eyes walk up too. She appears to be shorter than the rest.

" You too, blonde. Get your mighty morphin' ass up here."

"Mighty morphin' ass.... there's one I've never heard before... I'll have to keep that one in the record books...." He walks up as well, a slightly amused smile on his face.

"We are gonna confront this hellish baby and possibly save the world. Quote, we have never done this before, but that doesn't mean we ain't gonna give it a try. So please do not get discouraged. We are obligated to help save this planet so the human race can see that both man and myth can be allies and can do great things if we work as one. We are that example and we aren't gonna let this world end before we can show them the value of teamwork. Now as for everyone elses survival, you all take refuge down into 5 the basement levles. NO ONE is to go into ma' dang room! If anyone of y'all step into my room and and as much less even touches anything in my room. Everyone one standing before me is gonna feel. My. Wrath. That's right. Clip, clip. *turns his hand into scissors*

Ok then, so you can cut paper.... fantastic. You should open up a business... He thinks sarcastically.

Jumps of the rock and is in Kado's face." No blonde...I don't cut paper..ask your new comrades what I mean, when I say...Clip.Clip."

"My apologies. I shall repent my errors. I will refrain from further jokes." He says dully.

Manuevers around Kado, pulls to where he's bend backwards, has him in in choke hold and has a knife against his knife. " You gonna do better than reframe from my jokes, boy. You're gonna reframe from your attitude." turns to The Frontliners. "Advert yo' eyes! Everyone! Tell them my motto for whoever enters my room uninvited!"

Everyone in unison. "Anyone who enters the boss' room and if he finds anything touched or ripped, they will be punished by having their nuts clipped."

"One person...One..person..." *puts his foot on Kado's chest, then lets go of Kado then forces him down on his back. "Try not to be smart next time...Aaaand try not to think out loud." Jumps back up unto his rock. "Frontliners, get ready. We're gonna show them haters what happens when the party stops. jumps of the rock and into the hole he cam from. " That'll be all."

Segura: *helps Kado* Man dude, worst first impression ever. Just be glad he doesn't use scissors often.

Kado closes his eyes and sighs, then opens an eye and looks at Segura. "....Thanks."

Mindreader huh....? Or maybe what Reveryn mentioned earlier is less far fetched and has some sort of truth to it.... ....doesn't matter. I've got other things to worry about than that.

He looks at the girl with green hair and purple eyes for a moment, then looks away, then sticks his hands in his pockets, and waits for the team to get ready.

Pretty sure I got what I need. I have a feeling that the various daggers and shit I have won't do any good, so I might as well just wait. He slowly makes calculations on various strategies, while occasionally looking at the other Frontliners, somewhat curious as to what they are.

I know that Ryu over there has a pretty nasty punch/kick... and Reveryn is not half bad at archery... these other ones though.... hmmm.

Reveryn: *yells* I'll have you know Imma badass when it comes to archery! Agh! *holds his body* It hurts to move...hurts to move...It really does...*whimpers abit*

"What.....? .....Waaaaiiiiiiiiiiiit....." He closes his eyes. "Sonovabitch... well.... that's the first time someone snuck a mind link on me..." He muses. "My complements, to whoever's behind the link that is. Not even my.... ......old partner...... ....could pull something like that on me...." *At the mention of 'partner', his face has a slight shadow, though his mind becomes blurry to anyone who investigates it, as though he was blocking them from viewing what was upsetting him.

Akami: Frontliners! Let's go! *walks away*

Everyone else except the green haired girl follow

Kado follows the others, ending up behind everyone, a series of katanas appearing on his back.

Everyone wishes the good miracles as they make their way unto the surface. Once they've made it out they stare up at the Sun as the greend strands fill the sky and the Sun glows orange red.

Akami: We make our way to the Sun.

"Onward, fools!"

The Frontliners look to their side to see their boss untop of some debris pointing toward their destination.

Akmai: You're coming with us, Father.

"Hells yea, man. Don't see why I should send my own children to their deaths like that. I mean by all means, that's basically what a martyr does. But besides the point, I too have the power to help save this world. And I'm not always gonna be their to fight for or with them. So consider this an occasion. Also consider that since I am helping you, that that maybe is gonna be hard to handle."

Akami: Wo-

"Don't thank me. Let's go." Unlike the others, he is walking on all fours.

The others follow behind him

Kado silently takes Dark Slayer off of its strap, and holds the blade, sheath and sword. A blade of chaos... ....well, fitting as my life has been neovtehring short of a trainwreck... plenty chaotic if you'd ask me... ....I hate thi.n sword....

Reveryn: *whistles while limping* Well, this is you r first sort of mission. Hope you get to enjoy it as much as you can.

Kado shrugs his shoulders. "A fight is a fight. I never enjoy it. Against a god, I have never been in that sort of fight, true. But to say I've never been in a fight where the odds weren't in my favor? Story of my life right there."

Reveryn: Heh. Pretty funny for a dull guy. Try to see the bright side for once and maybe we'll might save the world. not to mention, you having a gloomy attitude might affect how we work as a team so try to stay positive.

"No worries, I'll be sure to project so much gloom upon our enemies they'll keel over faster than someone after eating too much sushi at a all you can eat buffet."

Reverym: HAHAHAHA! Ow. ow crap. *feel his side* Forgot all about that. Ow...

Kado looks at the boss. "Question, are we gonna leave him that way? Might be a problem if he's hurt while fighting the enemy."

" He'll tought it out. He's got no one to blame but himself for the pain he's feeling."

Reveryn: It was worth it, right? Atleast you're here now with us. I'll be fine. Just several huge gashes.

"Alright.... ...let's just hurry. ....I got a bad vibe about today."

"Why wouldn't you? The Sun is about to give birth and its child is gonna destroy the world!"


The Frontliners make it back to The Slums where everybody is waiting there for them.

" Well, everyone. We sucked badly, but we did something, right? And what is our motto here?"

"Something is better than nothing."

"Yuuuulp, that's right. But we did somethin', right? And that counts for something. Thoguh I know we could've done better." Steals a look at The Frontliners who bow their heads in shame. "I still say we didn't do half bad."

Everyone claps and welcome them back

"Now let's get some chocolate malts up in this bitch! WOOOOOO!"

Cook serves everyone chocolate malts and hands one to each of the Frontliners

Kado sighs, propping himself against the wall, too tired to be in his disguise. In one hand he has a malt, but the other he has his mask, looking at it glumly.

Akami: *is looking down on Kado* Still pissed or are you just tired?

"Tired.... and pissed at myself. I tend to be that way when I feel I've failed myself."

Akami: I see. You're beating yourself up. We're all gonna fail at some point, but you learn from you're failures and you become something better. You keep lamenting on your failure now, you'll never learn. You fail once and you know how you failed, then you don't do it again. Basically simple as that.

He looks at the chocolate malt. "....What is this stuff anyway?"

Akami: Ugghhh...chocolate ice cream with cream untop

Kado shrugs. "Hey, I'm not really from around here. My world isn't exactly a well structured place. ....I also don't know what people keep ratting on about when they say T.V. shows and movies..."


Kado sighs. "Don't know what it is either? Apparently they can visualize some sort of stories and.... no, might as well not try. I don't know what it is. I can't explain it. Damn humans and their complected entertainment....."

Akami: Sounds weird? I never heard of anything like that. But he man, stop beating yourself up and enjoy yourself. Today, you practically saved the world. Though this might not change anything between man and myth, we can sure keep trying.

Kado sighs, ending it with a slight laugh. "I guess so." He tastes the malt. "....Hmmm.... another thing this world seems to have. Simple pleasures. At home it's just your basic foods like meat and fruits...."

Akami: You gotta have a little bit of sweets in between. If you're not in the mood to celebrate, we can start your training.

Kado quietly eats the malt. "I need some time to think. In solitude or otherwise, I don't care which. Hmmm... where did you come from before you came to The Party?"

Akami: I don't know...

Kado looks away for a moment. "....I see..... Sorry."

Akami: Nah. It's alright.

He looks at everyone else. "....I feel.... so empty right now.... when I look at everyone else. I don't know how to feel right now. Relief? Happy? ....It feels as though everyone else is detached, even though they're there, I don't feel a part of anything right now. ....I don't know how to explain it."

Akami: I say it's normal. *takes a sip of her malt* Everyone feels like one day or another, then the next they feel they're untop of the world. The reason you feel that way is because you're over here all by yourself and not being apart of the family. Give it try, man. It be alot better for you to be in there than all the way over here.

Kado laughs. "I guess you're right."

Maybe I'll figure out how to live again.... ....I guess everything deserves a chance.

Torem: *wraps bandages around Reveryn's face* There you go, Rev. Give it a week or 2 and you'll be ok.

Reveryn: Does the bandages make look me cool...?

Torem: *slightly smiles* It makes you look very cool.

Reveryn: Thanks're the best...

Torem: *slightly blushes* Thanks, Rev.

Kado walks up to the others, a bit tired but no longer limping.

"You guys doing ok?"

Torem: We're doin' fine.

Revery: Hey Avo. Does the bandages make me look cool?

"Yep. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. My cold, dark, dismal heart."

Reveryn: *weakly laughs* hurts to move my mouth. Speaking of which, how am I supposed to drink ma' malt?

"We could give you a straw." Kado smirks.

Reveryn: Yea...that can work...*gets a straw and puts it in his malt. Puts the straw through his bandages and begins to sip* Mmmmmm relaxing. Totally gets my mind off my aching face.

Kado just shakes his head smiling. "You can forget about what I said before about my name and all, Reveryn. Call me what you like, it's no concern to me anymore. You all know what I look like now, I suppose it doesn't matter now."

Reveryn: Ok then. Let's re-introduce ourselves. *puts out his hand for a hand-shake* Hello good sir, My name is Reveryn. You can call me 'the guy who done saved your ass'. And you are?

Kado has a slight exasperated look on his face. "....You can just tell them that my name is Kado you know."

Reveryn: Sure thing. Hey everyone! I want you all to meet Kado!

Everyone says 'hi' to Kado, shake his hand and pats him on the back for helping save the world.

Kado has a weary smile on his face as he tries his best to relax and enjoy himself a bit.

Never was much for parties... though this is somewhat nice...

Reveryn: Come one man. Enjoy your malt. *continue to sip his malt* I'm tellin' you it's awesome.

Kado faintly smiles. "It's certainly good. Just gotta understand one does not simply shed the 'doom and gloom' style so easily. At some point I need to discuss some things with the boss, though I think that can wait for the moment."

Reveryn:That would be best. The boss,you know when he's out.Tends to get too...

The boss is at another table with a little girl eating McDonald's. H slaps he meal off the table. "Bitch! Did I just catch you eating McDonald's? What the f-." Proceeds toput the beat down on the little girl from across the table.


Kado sighs. "Talking about protecting the weak and then beating a little girl up....? ....That kind of thing gets on my nerves. I'd be half tempted to beat the snot out of him for that.... ....uggh." He places a hand over his face in agitation.

Reveryn: It's called discipline. Maybe advanced discipline. Obi's rule: If you have fast food when Obi's around, share it with him first. Which she didn't do soooo...yea. *sips his malt* Spare the rod, spoil the child, man.

Kado's eyes turn blood red in Reveryn's direction, and he suddenly looks officially cross. "Hitting a child is not discipline. It's child abuse. A swat to the rear end is one thing. That." He looks over towards Obi. "Is quite another."

He turns and starts walking off.

Girl with the green hair. Inform the boss that I have personal buisness to attend to. If he needs me, my mind is open for communication. I'll return as soon as I'm needed, if I'm not already in the middle of something.

Segura: Goin' somewhere, New guy?

Kado turns his head, the red glow of his eyes apparent. "Yes. I am. I have things that require my personal attention. It's personal."

Segura: Nothing is personal with us. No one goes out unless atleast one person accompanying him or her.

"I see, so now you're stalkers. Normally I would not care, but this is a sentimental trip. Tell me, would I or should I stop you from going to honor and mourn your dead?"'

Segura: Those guys have been dead for decades. And I have mourned over them more times than I prayed to God. Besides, you can't loose me by making a half-attempted getaway like that.

Kado's eyes glow even stronger as the air around him blackens until only his eyes are shown, and a large shadow hand grabs him and pulls him toward Kado, who then grabs him by the shoulders, his canine teeth elongated.

"Half-attempted fucking getaway?! FUCK YOU! I lost the man I called my father, and the love of my life to this fucking war! You have no idea what I've lost!" He all but yells, and punches him away in anger.

Segura: *catches his punch* And I lost all i had when I joined the Party. Whe everyone dies because of one belief. I ask myself why not quite so I don't have to see the people I call my family die? It's because it's not supposed to be easy. Everyone loose someone, New guy. It's just that, not everything can be about you or me. At the end of the day, those people mean something, but I'm not gonna let their deaths effect me or my life.

Kado stares him down. "Is this what you call family? Not trusting one another to simply grieve, or do anything for that matter? Hitting children over not getting your way over something almost childish? Trying to murder one another with an axe? Threatening each other with violence to get what you want? Intruding on each other's private thoughts without care or respect for their own feelings? Discrediting or undervaluing the emotions of your 'comrades'?

Listen. None of you have the right to lecture or talk to me about any of this. Self sacrifice, dying for a cause? I've already traversed the whole road. I was once like all of you. On the streets, alone. I came together with a band of people just like me who had no future. We looked out and protected each other, and dreamed of a future of fairness and equality. Seven years. In seven years, I accomplished what you guys claim to be fighting for now. Peace between man and Mythos, equality and justice. We took down tyrants and created freedom. We endured war and policy brutality and gang violence. Seven years, Segura. I've been on this same road as you. I lost many comrades and friends, I was betrayed and hated. I know what this, and what that is like."

He face furrows deeply. "So maybe instead of treating me like this, maybe you should fucking give me the benefit of the doubt for once. If we're going to be comrades, then I expect you to show me trust, the same trust I showed my underlings and my followers, and my peers. Are we not supposed to be a family? If so, then honor my request and allow me to close on the past chapter of my life. Otherwise, I cannot trust you either. With my life on the battlefield, nor trust you with friendship. I need to do this. I need to pay my last respects. I need to honor the promise of the man I called father, the promise he demanded of me before his death. He taught me everything I know. I owe him. Everything."

Kado's face of anger melts, replaced with deep sorrow. "Please. I need to go."

Segura: Always remember, there is no doubt. Only belief. And it's not that I don't trust you. It's that I don't want to loose another addition to our family.

Kado silently turns his back on Segura and creates a portal, and walks through it. The portal doesn't close.

Segura: *stands their looking at the portal for a moment, then walks through*

Back from The Tombstone

Kado, Naomi, and Segura are outside the entrance to The Slums

Segura: Wait there. We have to clarify with Obi right quick and see if he'll let you in. Come on, New guy. *slides down the hole*

"You can't remember Kado?! It means freaking CARD! It's not that hard!" He yells after Segura as he jumps down.

Segura: Dude, shut up! You'll give us away! For a ninja, you suck at stealth.

Kado sighs when they reach the Slums. "Don't worry about it. I'm not that careless... no one was around. I can sense anything in the darkness. The rats crawling around in the walls, the spiders, and the mouse inside your hair."

Segura: *takes the rat out his hair and holds it* Doesn't mean Obi still wont be listening.

Make it back to the Hut of The Slums. The boss is sitting on the floor with little children sitting around him listening. The girl he had beaten up is sitting in his lap with an ice pack over her head and in another hand she has Burger King fries. "And I was all like..*makes gun shot sounds* and i was like " Come at me, you fire-breathin' bastard and...*looks at Kado and Segura* You two! Why are you out in the night? I done told you the night time is bad!

Segura: Sorry, Dad.

Bitch! slaps Segura. "What did I say about sayin' that?"

Segura: I apologize, Dad.

"Good, now where da fuck were you?"

Kado says firmly, "I was taking care of unfinished business. I was saying my last farewells to the man who raised me. His tombstone, at least... ...I also was making sure the last promise I gave him was fulfilled. Besides. The night is my territory more or less."

The boss looks at him funny. "Ugghh, no it ain't."

Kado looks off in the distance towards the surface, and then begins to count in extreme detail every single thing moving around, to the point of insanity. He finally finishes with, "Oh yeah, there's someone flying towards this direction as well."

He crosses his arms somewhat. "Can't tell if they're coming towards the Slums just yet. Also," He looks towards Obi, relaxing his arms again, "I mentioned before I have a friend that I'd like to have brought under the Party's protection. I was wondering if we might discuss that. If it's not ok with you, then I'll have to make a trip to find somewhere safe for her, and check on her periodically afterwards."

The night is not your territory. It is the territory of criminals and punks. Like rats behind the walls. You are but one, who relies too much on his power and not upon his own senses. Has the rat is in hand.

Segura: *looks at his hand and finds the rat gone*

The rat. It scurries. It scavenges. You think you can kill them all? Once they taste the blood, they slowly peck at you away, they will over run you and tear you apart until you're all bone. The only solution: Eat them before they eat you. Shoves the rat in his mouth, eats on it and swallows. That's my solution anyway. What is you're friend capable of? If she is good at atleast one thing that we can do with, she can stay.

"She is a Shapeshifter-Yokai hybrid. Kitsune variety. She can defend herself, but she's not strong willed. Slightly gullible, she used to think I was the enemy or something, but our fight cleared her eyes. She's good with various kinds of fire magic, I even learned how to create instantaneous explosions from her. She wields a Slayer called Firehawk, and can turn into a five tailed fox. Last I heard White was training her in the art of Plasma Manipulation before I left the organization, so by now I assume she can use it much more efficiently. She's really kind as well. Not sure if any of that works for you."

Explosions..perfect. Actually 99.9% perfect. And plasma. Love some glowy shit. Oh so glowy...Heheheheh. Alright, she can stay. She can tend to the disabled.

Kado closes his eyes, and eventually they hear a yelp as Naomi tumbles haphazardly down the hole, yet somehow manages to land on her feet at the end. She shakes herself, causing dust to fly off her, specifically her five fox tails.

Kado sighs, and shakes his head. "Still a little bit of a klutz, aren't ya?"

She sees Obi and bows nervously. "M-M-my name is N-Naomi, sir!" She stutters nervously.

Kado sighs again. "Anyway, this is Naomi, my friend."

Naomi, but that aint a...wait..hold..act- waitt...sort of sure ok. Welcome to The Party, Little Wolf Girl. Ma' name is Obidiah Storman most people call me Obi, The boss, Dad, The Loopy One, Tarzan, and some people call me Exima for some's awkard. But whatever.

Naomi's fox ears flatten a bit. "Actually I'm a fox...."

Kado looks at Obi. "Well I could see why.... you look like him. He was some guy from the Arena. Exima was the last guy I had to fight before Reveryn got us out of there."

"That's what the fox said. OHHHHHHH! What Now? But I heard he's pretty tough, never seen'em. sounds like the type of I would like to bust up in the face."

"Yeah...." Kado rubs his forehead. "Is there anywhere to sleep here? I haven't slept in a good while."

"Segura, show him the quarters."

Segura: Sure thing. Come on. *walks out the Hut*

Kado follows, and Naomi looks at Obi, before following Kado.

A beutiful angelic woman falls out of the sky, landing gracefully before Kado. She bows. "Hello, young warrior."

"Da fuck!" *smacks a table over the counter, then braks off another table and swings it at the angelic woman Knocking her out the Hut. He is already untop of her with a knife angled against her face. "You got not invitation, bitch. So watcha here for?"

"I have no buisness with you, kind sir." She flips him on his back, disarms him, and stradles him to the ground, holding the very same knife to his throat with his own hand.

Segura: Awwww daammmn

Obi: Oh ok....8nods his head* i gotch you. So gotch you. *kicks her in her pelvic area, manuevers on the ground bringing his heel to smack her in the face, takes his knife, comes back up and shoves it deep into her eye socket*

Segura: *tries to keep the children from looking*

Obi: Can't touch this. *begins to dance* Da na na na. Na na na. Can't touch this.

Suddenly a foot connects with the angel's head, knocking her to the ground as Kado then places his foot firmly on her stomach, holding her down, as he points Dark Slayer at her, which arcs with a malevolent aura from Kado's anger.

"Listen, I know you're not an angel from God, so let me make this brief and clear. I'm tired. Very tired. I just had to fight a god and my archnemesis who sent them packing. They both kinda kicked my ass. That made me rather grumpy. So I really don't want to deal with any more crap. You just attacked my boss, which while he's not the nicest guy on the block, he's still my damn boss, and damn it if I'm not gonna deal with you if you don't explain yourself right now. Start talking, before I start engaging in a pass time I call stabbing you the fuck to death!"

"First off: Immortal. Second off: I came to help you regain control of Phoenix. Third off:-" she flips over, throwing Kado off balence, "- Get your foot off of me."

"Lovely." He effortlessly rights himself and trips her mid-flip, causing her to land on her face. "But you seem to be under the impression that I want control over the current Phoenix. That's strike one." Shadow hands snake up from the ground and wrap around her like ropes, completely stopping her movement.

His black eyes gain a sliver of red. "The only thing I want is to start a revolution in the way of things, Flutterbird. The world needs a swift kick to the ass, and then to the balls for good measure. A wake up call. A sign that says 'Hey, you know what, we done fucked up! Maybe we should stop our bullcrap before our bullcrap gets us killed!' That sort of thing. The Phoenix I'd like to see? One that causes a fire to envelop the world. Not a fire of destruction, but a fire of passion and rebirth. Of brotherhood and understanding.

So no. I don't want to regain control of Phoenix. I'm going to completely renovate it. Now, since you're laying there, how about you tell me who you are, and why you know who I am? Also, not to be a prick, which I am, but why would I need help from you?"

Her wings easily break the tendrils of darkness. "I am Chika, The Angel of Death. I have omniscience and future sight. I see you will fight someone you cannot beat."

Kado gives her an irritated look. "Fascinating." One of his eyes goes black with a red light in the center, and red chains of negative energy negate her wings and power, chaining her to the ground so she can't move.

"Do us a favor and shut up and stay put until the boss decides to let you stay or not. You don't have permission to be here, which you could have gotten, were it not for your idiotic decision to attack the boss. Now maybe he'll be willing to listen. I don't care. But if he doesn't give you the ok, scram. If he does, that's great, don't bother us until morning. Got that, Fluffy Wings?" The voice of Neo says to her in irritation.

With that, The change fades from his eyes, and he silently walks away with Segura and Naomi, and the chains maintain their strength and easily defeat any attempt to break them.

"Ah, the future is intact..." she says to herself.

Voice: No it isn't.

"Who are you to say this? I have not forseen your coming..." At this, she struggles at the chains to see where the voice is from.

Voice: Every future is different, we do not share the same, but sometimes, it takes one person to decide the fate of the world. There are multiple futures. Multiple out comes. Things you cannot for see for the future is far from uncertain. For you anyway.

"Yes..." She settles down.

voice: You see. We cannot fore see ones future, because there is so many way his future can turn out, just by action and reaction. The future can tainted with ofcourse,so that's why not many posses the ability to gothorugh time,but even if they do, what future are they going to? For there are so many of them. But when one future happens, all the rest are destroyed and a new set of futures appear.

"Of course" she says. At this point, Chika is interested.

Obi: *waves in front of the guys face* Hey, hey. I'm trying to get you attention by wavering in your face.

Voice: Who how are you doing that?

Obi: Doing what?

Voice: Moving.

Obi: Man, I can move whenever I wan' to!

Voice: But the thing is, you're not supposed to. I just stopped time.

Obi: You did? *looks behind him and sees Kad and Segura and the children all just stadning there not moving* I guess you did. I can be frozen too if you want. *stands on one leg and has both of his wrist almost tucked under hit arm pits*

Voice: Oh no, man. It's all cool now. *looks at Chika* We can finish this talk another time. *disappears and everyone can move again*

Segura: i feel like something's...missing...weird.

Obi: Man, dude. Everythang's weird.

"Hello, sir. I appologize for erlier. I saw you as a threat to me and did not think." Chika bows her head.

Obi: Last minute apologies. Pitiful but-wait. did you just say 'I apologize'?

"Yes... Why?" she replies. Her head comes up.

Obi: Apology excepted.

"Now what?"

Obi: You get the fuck out.

"The future is intact.. At least take these wreched chains off of me."

The chains dissolve. There you go, A smug echo of Neo's voice rings out.

Obi: Ok. Now you can get the fuck out.

"Thank you." She bows respectfully and flies off.

Obi: *yells after her* Don't come back unless you have an invitation!

Kado walks after Segura. "Man now I'm even more tired.... ....who was that damn angel anyway...." He sighs.

Segura: She said she was the Angel of Death.

Obi: No she ain't. We all knowthat Azazel is the Angel of Death. She's just some darned rip-off.

Segura: New girl, come on. I'll show you to the cabins.

She follows after him and Kado.

Segura: *takes them a few buildings and takes them to two joint cabins* The one on the left is the boys cabin and the one on the right is the girls cabin.

Kado heads to the left quietly. Naomi blinks for a moment, then heads to the right, not before taking a long look at Kado until he disappears, and then she sighs, entering the right cabin.

Reveryn: *is inside sitting on the bottom bunk, assembling and sharpening his arows* What's good, fools?

Segura: Good. How's you're face?

Reveryn: Too busy fixin' ma' arrows to care about that eight now. *angles his arrow*

Kado silently looks around. "Which one isn't taken?" He asks dully.

Reveryn: 3 dudes, 4 bunks. Take a pick. *puts his arrow in his quiver*

Kado takes the unoccupied bunk, sighing and closing his eyes. I hate beds... I guess it's fine. Though if there's ever a new member, I'll take the floor.

Reveryn: So where did you guys go off to?

Segura: Pay respect to the new guy's dad.

Reveryn: Bet he's better than my dad.

Kado merely attempts to get sleep, not saying anything.

Reveryn: Did the boss get on you too for going out so late?

Segura: Yea he did but it wasn't all too bad.

Reveryn: Good for you guys. Been here all day fixing up my next batch of arrows. I've made 162 so far. Did you know that's how many countries who still have forced labor? I tell you what, their gonna be bringing back sweat shops and shit, dude. Ain't gonna be goodfor the like of the little tikes.

Segura: How many slaves?

Reveryn: *puts his arrow down and looks up at Segura* 30 million.

Segura: Holy crap. Is that in every country or is that overall?

Reveryn: Overall.

Segura: Damn. Then we definately need to do something about that.

Reveryn: *is sharpening his next arrow head* I hate the trafficking system.

"Urrgggh.. s head.

Reveryn: you ok, man?

Segura: He's just tired form the long day.

Reveryn: Oh I see. Sleep well, Kado. *continues to sharpen his arrow head* Why does it feel like time just stopped for a moment a few moments ago?

Let's Assassinate the L-Branch

Obi: *is looking through his cabinent mirror*

Reveryn: *enters* Hey dad, you comin' for Celebration Breakfast?

Obi: ...Yea, i'm comin'....

Reveryn: You know the future of The Party looks bright, right?

Obi: ...Not really, Rev....

Reveryn: Come one, man. We just freakin' saved the world from annihilation. Well, partially. There Act will be postponed. A new positive light will shine on the myths. We're actually gonna save both races!

Obi: *slams his cabinet mirror and looks at Reveryn straight in the face* There's gonna be a Round 2!

Torem: Aaaahhhh Damn iiiiit!

Reveryn: Excuse me?

Obi: There's gonna be a 2nd Fantasy vs. Reality...

Reveryn: What? But we saved the world...

Obi: *shakes his head* Nuh Uh. After we defeated the Sun baby, the white chick came she instantly turned on us, after she one-shoted the baby that threatened to burn up the world. She fought Kado mostly, who see him as the Destroyer of London. In the eyes of the world, it wasn't a fighting to save this world, it was take was a fight for dominance.

Reveryn: W-what do you mean li-like for Reality?

Obi: *shakes his head while still having eye contact with Reveryn*

Reveryn: *comes to realization* Ooooohhh...

Obi: Yea... *turns away

Reveryn: Oh come. I-I mean how bad can it be?

Obi: Bad...

Reveryn: How bad?

Obi: *turns towards Reveryn again* It's gonna be 20 times worse than World War!

Reveryn: One or Two?

Obi: Which one had had D-Day?

Reveryn: *looks away for a moment trying to grasp what he's hearing. Turns back to Obi* Two.

Obi: Yea, that's it.

Reveryn: Shiiit.

Obi: I know...What are we gonna do? I mean...*a fly buzzes past him and he waits for it to pass by* How are gonna change the world, when the great War is in process? They're gonna pass the ACT. Everyone is gonna be packin' the heat on the myths. The myths will probably destroy humanity, which will piss God off and he gets involved. And well....never hear the end of it!

Reveryn: Dude, We destroy the Legislative Branch. Then we'll be all good.

Obi: Really?

Reveryn: Yea. We kill them!

Obi: *smiles abit* Yea... I gues you're right might not even know what hit them.

Reveryn: Naw, man. No Branch, No one to pass the law off to the Executive Branch. We're all good.

Obi: *nods his head in agreement*

E.T.T (Epic Training Time)

Reveryn: *opens the foor to the boys cabin* Wake up, fools. It's important.

Segura: *rubs his eyes* The duck is it, Rev?

Rveryn: Boss, says it's time to get shit done. And we gotta do it fast. Let's go Kado.

Kado grunts. He slides out of his bunk and lands on his feet, his three Slayers appearing on his back. "Alright then.... great way to start the day...."

Reveryn: Trust me man. It's gonna get better.

In a wheat field. Everyone is lined up.

Obi: Alright, you bastards. Something has come up. We are in the current situation that there might be a prelude to another Fantasy War. All this shit that has happened to this planet is too unbearable for mankind to handle, and they want something done about it. We all know The Admin. had issued the ACT way before any of this shit had gone down. The L-Branch had to think about it for a while. Now with all that had happened these few months, they are sure to sign it now. And if that happens, we are all screwed. In order to stop that ACT from being passed to the Executive Branch we must assassinate their asses. Today, I am going to be training/testing you on who is gonna be the assassin chosen to kill them. It will require months of trust to get to a high position to where you can get get close on those bastards and slit their throats and walk away unnoticed. I will choose who gets the job. If you wussy-out, you wussy-out. Ok?

Kado thinks for a bit. "Such a thing is not easily done, it's almost in the realm of impossible. It's got more than a hundred individual members, right? Why not target the executive branch and the line of succession? That stops the act from being approved. I'm not questioning your judgement, I am just looking at different parts of the issue, if we are going for assassinations. I've done my fair share of them, which is why I ask. ....I also took down a entire military base without getting caught but...."

Obi: Duuuude! Why you gotta be spoiling shiiiit? I was gonna secretly bring that up to 2nd plaaaace!

"Errr... sorry sir. ....I just wanted to be helpful." He sighs and rubs his forehead. "I guess I'll keep my mouth shut since I can't do anything right."

Obi: Uuuugghhh. And there you go blamin' yourself. Whatdo we say?

Everyone: Blaming isn't productive!

Obi: The more you lament on minor shit or major shit. It messes up your work flow. You productivity. How you view things, which are is pretty dark right now. And wait....did you just say you were 'sorry'?

"Yes. I am sorry. I apologize. I feel guilty. All of those things. Specifically I feel sorry for 'spoiling shit' as you say. I don't have my pride stuck up my ass to the point I won't admit I'm wrong, sir. And a final note, I'm the Dark Slayer. I can't help it if I'm 'dark' a lot."

Obi: *slaps Kado with every word he says* Don't! Ever! Say! I'm! Sorry! Again! *stops* Do you know what 'sorry' means? It means your wretched, trifling, and despicable. You are not those three things. I refuse to let my children think less of themselves that way. You have a choice to be dark or not. No matter the influence, you can become your own influence. Say I apologize instead and ONLY! I apologize. Say it with me. I apologize.

One of Kado's eyes is red and has red markings, but he says tightly, "I apologize. Though when you're the reason a city lies in ruins, it's not hard to say. Have you ever felt the guilt of having a city's blood on your hands?" He asks sincerely and calmly. "I'm a killer, a savage who can barely control his own nature at times. Though I have gained control over my rage, it is not gone, nor can I ever forget what it cost me. It is one thing to try and move on, but it is another when for the rest of your life, you are hounded and hated for that one mistake, that one lapse in judgement." The eye and markings fade to normal, now just black, showing the shapeshifter's emptiness.

Obi: Dude, cities lies in ruins everyday. We are all responsible for some bad things. Sin is sin. There is no greater sin. It's like saying one shit smells worst than the other, but they both smell bad. so which one smells worst doesn't matter. Lots of people get hounded for mistakes they do. The world is like that these days. Epic racism to the max, man. And you were a savage killer, why haven't you killed us yet? Stop shrouding yourself in the abyss, thought it is easier said than done.

"......" Kado says nothing, then sighs. "Without roots, a tree will not stand. Without those who wander the darkness, no one can find a path to the light. Might we begin the... training, sir?"

Obi: Like I said, easier said than done. Right now I know you must thing I dont understand jack, but realise, that that not everything has to be done in the dark. Now! Let's get down to training one!

Everyone is standing on broken bottle glass

Obi:'s sharp, point, and it brings magnificent pain. Itmay hurt for but for me,I eat glass for breakfast. *takes a shard off the ground and eats it* And sometimes dinner.

Reveryn: Ugh.

Obi: Right now, you must be thinking the pain can't be getting any worse than this. Isn't that right, Reveryn.

Reveryn: No s-sir. *trying to hold still*

Obi; *walks up to Segura* What about yoooouuuu?

Segura: *is looking straight* No...

Obi: *walks up to Kado* What about yooooouuu?

Kado is absolutely unbothered. "The pain getting worse or not isn't the issue. Enduring the pain is another. By the way, what pain?" He says, even though his feet are slightly bleeding, he seems to generally unaware or unconcerned of whatever pain it's causing him.

Obi: *yells in his face* YES OR NO, DUMBASS!


Obi: Being freakin' smart with me. You don't know me like that. Imma ol school. I be puttin' the whoopin' on yo' ass, bouy. *walks up to Torem* How about yooouuuu?

Torem: Yes sir..

Obi: *nods* Okay...*walks up to Akami* And you?

Akami: Yes sir.

Obi: Huh....ok....well seeing that the boys over here wanna be macho and lie to ma' face, I got another method. *goes into the wheat and brings out an angular concrete brick and shows it to Reveryn* you see this? This holds 450 pounds. Now with you're foot on the glass. Wouldn't it be a shame if I accidentally dropped the brick?

Reveryn: *nods his head anxiously* Yes. Yes it would!

Obi: Ok then. Shame. *lets go of the brick and it falls on Reveryn's foot*


Obi: *gets another brick* Then I try not drop another one this time...

Reveryn: *is grinding his teeth*

Obi: Oh God, borken glass. Eeeeee. *drops the brick on Reveryn's other foot*


Obi: *get's another two bricks* Let's play a game of truth or dare...

Segura: *continuous to look straight*

Obi: Is it true that you are hiding something from me...

Segura: No...

Obi: *drops the brick on Segura's foot*

Segura: *tightens his hand in a fist*

Obi: *gets the other brick* I dare the truth to if you are planning on popping on The Party...

Segura: Never...

Obi.....*drops the brick on Segura's other foot*

Segura: *tighten his other fist and anger and siappointment can be seen in his eyes*

Obi: *get's two extra brikcs and walks up to Kado* Wanna play heads or tails, blondie?

Kado looks at the bricks. "Sure." He says emotionlessly.

Obi: Heads or tails...


Heads as in what I'm going to bash into a bloody pulp if he tries any shit again.... His Neo side growls. Shut up.... He growls in a retort.

Obi: *tosses the brick in the air and the brick lands on top of Kado's head, causing him to lands face first into the broken glass* Now. Unto the next challnge! *leaps into the wheat*

Reveryn: * throws the brick off Kado and helps Kado up* You ok, man? Ooooohhh. Duuuude, you're face just got shaaanked. But bet it doesn't bother you none.

Kado shapeshifts, and all of the glass pops out, but Reveryn notices there are countless scars now visible all over Kado's body, and he quietly pulls open his cloak to reveal a massive scar over his chest almost as though someone had once tried to blow his chest wide open, many other ragged scars are also on his body.

"Compared to the many battles and tortures I've gone through, little blades of glass will never be even a pain." He returns to normal and fixes his cloak, and follows Obi.

In the wheat field

Obi: Ok everyone. Strip down!

Everyone begins to take off their clothes until all is left is their underclothes

Kado doesn't even bother to ask, despite the tremendous urge to speak up, and just does it.

Obi: *walks behind him and puts his hand in some mud and smears it over their eyes*Ok, now walk foreward.

Everyone takes several steps foreward and wait a moment

Reveryn: *leans back as a arrow flies past him*

Segura: *leans his waits forward, dodging the arrow*

The arrow only scratches the back of Kado's heel

Reveryn: Well this is up my alley.

Kado turns his head in the general direction of Reveryn and sighs. "I try to grasp some meaning to the madness, but I should just learn that there is no such thing as normal in this group."

He whips his head back forward and another arrow flies harmlessly past him.

Reveryn: Especially when you have a madman for a father. *bends backwads as an arrow flies past him*

Segura: *jumps back as an arrow flies past him*

Torem annd Akami are dodginf the arrows like tomorrow

Obi: *is ontop of a diry hill and is sitting down next to a quiver of arrows while the shooting the arrows* One arrow. *shoots an arrow and gets another one out the quiver* Two arrow. *fires another arrow*

Reveryn: *is dodging the arrows without having to move from where he's standing* Man, Neo wish he got something on me. How you holdin' up, Kado?

A red glow comes to one of Kado's eyes. "Is that a challenge, Reveryn?" A wicked smirk comes over Kado's face, Neo's trademark one.

Reveryn: Ugh...I guess?

Neo takes the next arrow that flies near him and catches it, then snaps it.

Kado groans. "Noo! No challenges Neo!"

Reveryn: *Catches and arrow and throws it back at Obi*

Obi: *catches the arrow with his toes* Ok, next one.

Everyone lines up a few yards away from a tree.

Obi: *ties a sling around both trunks. Get's a pumpkin and draws it back* Who's first?

Revern: *shrugs* Eh, I'll go. *braces his chest*

Obi: *lets go of the sling launching the pumpkin at Reveryn*

Reveryn: *gets hit* Agh! *falls back*

Obi: Next. *draws another pumpkin*

Segura: *walks foreward and braces himself*

Obi: *launches the punmpkin*

Segura: *is hit, but stands there fore a moment until he falls to his hands and knees*

Obi: Weeeak. Next. *draws another pumpkin*

Kado's patience slowly wears thin. "Boss. Mind I ask, but what does pumpkins have to do with our mission? This seems more like training for a circus act. No offense."

He steps up, already suspecting he will be yelled at, bracing himself for either an attack or the pumpkin.

Obi: Stop askin' questions! Not everything needs to be explained to you and you can't expect it to make sense if it does! Just deal with it! *launches the pumpkin*

Kado's fists tighten as he recalls his loss of Azula. The pumpkin bounces off him, and Kado only budges a little.

He turns his back on Obi and walks over to one side of the Frontliners, red eyed but says nothing. He sits down close by Reveryn, but facing away from the others, Reveryn able to catch a furious look on Kado's face.

Reveryn: Something he said strike ya'?

His piercing red eyes glare at him. "If you lost the love of your life and saw her suffering like I did.... ....I watched her lose her mind. I saw the free willed and beautiful woman I loved become empty... her eyes and her will empty like glass... .....if you saw those things.... ......and then had to deal with nonsensical bullcrap like this.... could you stand to think of the time you'd be wasting, when you could be fighting to save her?! While she has her free will and her dignity as a living being taken away, I'm sitting here walking on glass, having bricks dropped on my feet, having mud smeared on my face and shot at with arrows, and smacked with damn pumpkins!!!"

He punches the ground angrily.

"And don't tell me I'm overreacting! I want to save her, to see Phoenix pay for what they've done to me, to her! I don't want to waste my time fighting pointless battles and wasting what time I have!"

He takes a deep breath. "That weapon White used....? That thing.... is called the Spear of God. ....And Azula.... the one I love.... is that damn thing's core. She's being turned into a fucking weapon. A weapon! How can I be wasting my time like this, when only God knows what is happening to her?! I would do anything to save her, I'll gladly kill anyone in my way. Point me in the direction of someone and I'll cut their bloody head off, I'll damn do it, but I won't waste my time anymore, damn it!"

He scowls, turning away, cradling his head as he holds back his anger from making him yell.

Reveryn: We maybe be getting trained by a madman, but he has a different way of teaching us than most fathers do. Like right now, he's teaching us no matter how much shit you go through, you gotta strive on through. You're gonna get you'r chance, because you lasted as long as you did through all you had to face. And with something like that, you'll find chick. But you also gotta control yourself. They slightest bit of of impulsivness could jeopardize your ladder of success. If this 'White' person is truly as bad as you sy she is, then God will give you the victory.

Kado closes his eyes, and his hair starts to grow longer and turns white, and he slowly turns his head to face Reveryn, and when he opens his eyes, only red dots are visible in his eyes.

"You're all nothing but children. I don't need to hear it from Captain Pumpkin over there. I take my job seriously. I think that's a quality needing an improvement on if anything else. Come back and preach to me when you change the world in only seven years. I'll even let you smack me upside the head if you do it in less. Until then, don't you preach to me about such things, when this world's track record is self evident enough."

He closes his eyes and strangely smiles. "Though you are slightly on the right track... I'll give you that. Win the hearts of the people, and you can change them all. Change is a popularity contest. The most popular opinion wins. You have to confront the world with something they cannot deny. That is why Azure, my organization, we fought the criminal underground. We carried out assassinations, hit and runs, one by one we destroyed criminal organizations. Though originally we were just a band of people struggling to get food to eat for each other...."

His tone becomes slightly nostalgic. His eyes return sort of to normal, though his irises are almost black, just a shade above it.

".....You know.... I may just call in some favors, Reveryn. Even we had help at some point. I can't guarantee it but...."

He smirks. "I'll have a chat with Obi about that later I guess."

Reveryn: I see. Our organization may not be the best, you know, lookin' professional and what not, but we have the motive and the heart. And besides, Im the only child. Those guys over there are adults. They know how to take it more than I do.

Torem: *is hit in the face with pumpkin and falls back* AAAOOOW!

Obi: My bad! I didn't mean to aim that high!

Kado smirks. "I didn't know we were playing catch with our faces." He says in a playful taunt. His eyes have a slight bit more of a luster, a faint dark yellow, definitely not gold, his happy color, but his spirits seem to have lifted a bit.

Obi: Walk it out, chick! Walk it out! Next!

Akami: *steps up*

Obi: *launches the pumpkin*

Akami: *is hit but doesn't flinch one bit*

Obi: Wow. She got breast and somehow, she didn't feel jack, nor did she flinch! She took it like a maaaaan! Ok! To the next one!

The Frontliners are outside a pin with one raging bull in it

Obi: Hope you all are familir with Dozer, cause he's gonna be quite familiar with you once he dozes himself right up yer' butthole! Objective! Stay in the ring with Dozer for 1-2 minutes. You can outrun'em or you can wrngel'em. It's either of y'all's choice. Whos first?

Reveryn: Me! *hops on over into the pin and Dozer is immediately chasing Reveryn. He leaps over Dozer in mid-air somersaults and slides under him several times. He finally lands untop of Dozer standing up in a pose* Man dude, looks like you didn't inhereits the Bull's Eye.

Obi: Time!

Reveryn: Nice playin' catch mice with ya', Dozer. *jumps of Dozer and over the pin and bows*

Everyone claps

Obi: Impressitivity. So who's next?

Kado sighs. "Might as well go..." He jumps over the fence and immediately rolls to the side, dodging the bull quickly, then grabbing the bull's horns as it tries to ram him, making it come to a dead stop, Kado only sliding backwards slightly, and manages to hold the bull still despite its angry attempts to shake him, though not without having to adjust his footing, then the bull makes another push and Kado jumps and uses the bull's back as a springboard to reach the other side of the pin as time ends.

Oni: Time! Good work, blondie. Wrestled a bull. Who's next.

Segura gets in and instantly is having trouble wrestling the bull, but he is able to hold off. Torem gets in and she is instantly rammed into but manages to hold it by the head. Akami gets in and just as soon as Dozer charges right for her, Akami simply stretches out her fist to impact Dozer and Dozer instantly falls down unconscious upon impact.

Reveryn: Dayum...

Obi: Man Akami, you always gotta be spoilin' shit. But anyway!

The Frontliners are buried in the ground with only their heads sticking out.

Obi: *comes out of nowhere wearing a steton, riding Dozer and he begins to bull-ride right over their heads while shooting a revolver at them* YEE-YAH, MUDA FUCKAS! WHOOO! BE RIDIN' ME A BULL! WHOOO! HOW YA' LIKE DAT AND DAT AN DIS? MAAAAN, CLINT EASTWOOD WISH HE WERE ME RIGHT NOW, WHOOOOO!

Some of the Frontliners flinch from the dirt getting in their faces and trying to keep from getting their heads trampled on.

Kado glances towards Reveryn and snarls, "I admit. This is probably one of the most humiliating things I've endured. Only thing that could possibly be worse is.... ugghh.... not even gonna mention."

Obi: *rides off* Brace yourselves, kids!

The Frontliners can feel a rumbling from the ground.

Reveryn: *looks off and sees a gust of dirt heading their way, but as he listens he knows for a fact that it's a stampede and his eyes widen in horror* Oh God NOOOOO! Oh Jesus, why? This is! We're gonna die, except Segura and Torrey. Oh dear Jesus, why did this have to happen? Worst part is i never got laid before I died! The last thing I wanted was to die a virgin! Aaaaahhh! *the stampede comes closer*

Kado groans. "Listen to you..." He quietly shrinks himself a bit, making him lower than the others.

Reveryn: *closes his eyes tight as the stampede goes right trough them. The stmapede lasts for like a minute and Reveryn slowly opens his eyes* Oh...Oh my God he let us live. God let us live! It must be his divine wish that I get laid before I die.

Kado quietly changes back before anyone can notice what exactly he changed into.

"You guys alright?" He turns to Reveryn and smirks. "Awwww you were scared!" He chuckles.

Reveryn: Mane, whatever. There is no shame in being scared. Looks up and sees Obi with a shovel*

Obi: But there is shame in screamin' like a little girl.

Reveryn: Awwww...*is ashamed*

Digs everyone out and the Frontliners meet up at a picnic table. There's white-bread sandwhiches, hard-boiled eggs, a big jar of yolk, a glass jar of milk, 5 plates of blueish,veiny-looking beans and a box of Peanut Butter crunch.

Obi: Dig in. *gets a cup and pours himself some yolk and drinks it*

Everyone is abit uneasy, but Reveryn is to first to make himself a bowl of ceral and begins to eat it. Akami follows next and looks at the beans all weird and pokes st them with her fork. Segura and Torem slowlt eat on a sandwhich.

Obi: Come one, blondie. Eat up.

Kado smirks at points at his tanish white hair. "I ain't blonde. I've got a name ya know." He picks up a sandwich and silently looks at the others, thinking quietly, but Neo does a rather annoyingly good job with keeping them out of his head.

.....Do you want something, Neo?

I was curious if you noticed with your fight with White, if you noticed something different.

.....No. I didn't. Why?

.....For a brief moment there, I think Ace woke up.

You keep those stupid ideas where they belong. In your stupid head.

....Don't we share the same head?

No. No we don't.

You just don't want to admit the possibility that you're gonna have a girl inside your head too one day!

Shut up you little brat!

Unfortunately, Neo deliberately loosens his security enough for a possible mind breach after Kado started insulting him.

....Wait.... ....the mental shield is down... .....No.............

.....Neo you fucking ass.

Obi: *is right next to Kado staring intensively and awkwardly at his face* Who you talkin' too?

"First off get out of my face. Second of all, not your concern. .....please tell me you did not hear that whole conversation...."

Obi: Yea  heard. You suck at whisperng, dude. And you got some problems. Go ahead and shove your face-hole with food. And If you dare say you ain't hungry, swear to God imma smack you back into the 3rd Plane, got it?

Kado gives him a glare. "Hey, look. You don't have room to complain. Besides, it's not my fault I have three souls." He picks up another sandwich in annoyance.

Obi: Beyond Three Soulds?....Sounds preatty freakin' cool, but who's complainin'? You're the one complainin' on how you're wastin' time bein' here. If you're wastin' so much time, then I suppose what we stand for don't matter to you.

Torem: *sticks her pinky in the milk and tastes it* This milk is...thick.

Obi: It's because it's horse sperm. *takes another sip of his yolk*

Reveryn: *pauses as he is about another spoonful of ceral in his mouth. He slowly eats his ceral while still holding a suspiscious glare at every spoonful*

Kado lets out a curt growl. "Obi. You're not the only one who's been trying to lead an organization like this. I too made an organization like yours, and there was a time where the only base we had was the streets. But when we started up, we trained. And trained. Not just improving our hand to hand combat. Learning military strategies, learning anything we could to improve ourselves. We could speak softly, and carry a big stick. We could speak loudly, and carry a little one.

I'm just.... impatient. I'm used to real actual training methods. I don't like being talked down to either. I don't consider pumpkins in my face - Sorry Torem - to be serious training."

He closes his eyes. "Though I guess I cannot judge, considering your organization's status. I do care. I just can't tell if you treat things like a joke or are really serious about this whole thing. You're not exactly easy for me to understand."

The red glare that popped up subsides, and is instead gold now. "Can you do me a favor and answer this question? What is your motivation in all of this Obi?" His voice is different, lighter.

Obi: This sounds like the part where I would go into a flashback *dramatic close up on his face* But I reframe. I served my time, in the war. Saw many things I wish I could unsee. Done many things I wish I can undo, but wishing doesn't fix all your problems because you still remember it. The war opened my eyes to something I thought was illusionous. Out of all the things I seen, that was what I needed to see. But what I did was sadly, what I needed to do to see it. It was from that, I decided to change things. To change everything. About myself and this world. I saw this worldslowly tumblin' down like wooden blocks. All of that is because of fear and ignorance. It is a curse by our ancestors who have done the same thing. I have the power to change that. All it takes is 1. 1% out of 99% to change the world. The Junkyosha Party is that 1%. Everywhere you look, you see myth and man taking care of one another, conversing with one another. All of it in harmony. Both sides face their fears of one another and they become the best of friends. We are an image of what the entire world can be like. My motivation is to see that world surface from the ashes of all that has been layed waste upon.

Kado closes his eyes. "I see. While I may now no longer lead my organization, they would doubtless still come to help me if I had a favor. I still have good friends there. I wanted to see what your resolve was before I mentioned it, I would like to try and contact them and see about establishing a collaboration to strengthen The Party. While they are no doubt rebuilding, they still fight for the cause you do, and they once stood in your shoes. I imagine Azure would be very willing to aid you in whatever supplies, equipment, training, anything you might need. You guys could use as much help as you could get, right?

I do care about your cause. I want similar things in life. Well, I once believed that. Really I was just following Azula. She was my drive to succeed. I thought without her I didn't have anything worth fighting for. .....but.... it occurred to me that she would have wanted me to continue fighting for what I believed in. ....She would have wanted me to keep going and believing. I believe in Azula. What she stood for. ....That's why I want to help you and the Party. So I can honor that.

But in order to save her.... there are things that I must do. In order to save her, I have to find a way to weaken Phoenix. But they are strong, and I... ...I have nothing. In order to take on Phoenix, I need to make my own. I am not going to let White have her way, Obi. If I don't prepare, she'll be back and doubtless she'll have new guns and tricks up her sleeve. In that case, I need to assemble my own guns and tricks to counter her. I have two wars to fight. The war to ensure yours and Azula's dreams are fulfilled, and the war to stop Phoenix from tearing those dreams down.

....I need to act on my own autonomy, Obi. Call for me whenever you need me. But I have two wars to fight. While I can ensure that Azure can help you... ...I need time to prepare, before White makes her move again."

He opens his eyes. "Do you have objections to this?"

Obi: *looks up and shakes his head* Naw. I understand completely. You gotta take care of shit. As for the collab. thing, I might have to look-over. But if you wanna face this White chick, then feel free to learn some techniques from Akami and Segura. They may prove useful and effecient as Hell...If Hell's effecient.

"I understand. Thank you sir. If you ever make up your mind, just bring it up and I can arrange a meeting. Most likely. I'm not going to leave right away, unless we are done with training for the day. I'm not that far behind time wise." He quietly eats another sandwich, thinking.

Akami: *is squishing the 'beans' in between her teeth* What are these?

Obi: Have you notice that Dozer was.....missing something?

Akami: *thinks for a moment and her eyes widen and she instantly drops the fork in disgust*

Obi: You're gonna freakin' eat'em even if I have to shove the whole plate down your throat!

Reveryn: *gets one* Well, it can't get anyworse than this. *dips it in his bowl and throws it into his mouth and instantly begins to gag and choke* Oh God, I was so wrong! *falls to the ground* So wroooong! AAAAAH!

Kado silently stares at the food. "Note to self. Never trust Obi and food in the same sentence...." He sighs.

Obi: I don't get how you guys everyone elses cooking, but when I fix somethin', you all ain't hungry anymore. mean...what's the problem with that?

Segura: Didn't you just see Rev? He nearly choked!

Reveryn: I am chockiiiing! AAAAAAAAHHH!

Obi: Hey man, in situations where you have little to no resources, you gotta use what you have. you're gonna have to be willing to eat anything that you see that can be eaten. When I was in the war, I had absolutely nothing. sources were out, surrounded by metal and ash and rock. I haven't eaten in 1 month straight. And the only available food source...was myself.

Reveryn: Oooooh, so that's why we do the thing with the thing.

Kado starts feeling disoriented, and his vision becomes hazy. He tries to pull himself together, but his hearing starts to get far away and muffled. He blinks several times, and shakes his head, but it continues to grow worse.

Obi: What's the matter with ya' now? Seriously man, you got tons of problems.

His body goes limp and he suddenly falls on his face, unconscious.

Obi: Holy damn. He fell unconscious. Welp. Who's gonna do it?

Reveryn: Don't worry! I got his! *flips Kado over on his back and starts doing heart-compressions on Kado's chest* Come one, man.! Stay with us!

Obi: *moves Reveryn* Mane,dude. That's not how you revive people. This how you revive people. *clears his throat* BREATHE, DARN YOU! *punches Kado in the gut repeatedly while making unnecessary noises*

Kado's hair turns black and a dark aura comes over him.

"Are you sure you want to be doing that?" The voice that Kado had been heard talking to speaks from Kado's own mouth, right before Kado's fist smashes into Obi's face and sends him into Reveryn, and he gets up and opens his eyes, blood red with three red lines on each side of his face, a total of six overall. He lets out a dark chuckle.

"Oh, Kado's not at home right now. Something's playing whack a mole with his memories, so while we're waiting for him to get with the program, let's see how many of you I can kill!"

Obi: *dodges his punch* You can't kill us! Well, you can't kill three of us, but you understand, you black-haired bastard! *shakes his fist at Neo*

A deadly smirk crosses his face. "What, you mean the two angel hybrids and you? Heh. Then I'll just kill the weak ones. Also. It so pisses me off when people give Kado credit for what happened in London.... uggh... maggots... so who's first? Man Kado hates so many of you guys, I have no idea where to start!"

He turns toward Reveryn with a sadistic grin. "How about you? I'll rip you to shreds in about five seconds!" Neo lunges at him at blinding speed.

Reveryn: *rolls forward, dodging Neo*

Obi: Remember Reveryn! You suck at hand-to-hand!

Reveryn: Not really a bright move to tell him that!

Obi: I wasn't telling him, I was telling you!

Neo smirks. "I'm gonna have fun with this - Urgh!" He chokes out, as half of his hair turns white and he crumbles.

"So you are awakening, you little.....! Stay out of this, Ace!" He snarls.

Reveryn: Oh damn...*crouches down on his feet, ready for whatever happens*

".....Leave........them.....alone.........don't.........harm.......them......" A small voice that takes a moment to register as feminine counters Neo's own voice.

"Tch! Leave before I kill you! He isn't here to protect your ass this time!"


The black hair goes completely white, and he collapses on the ground in a heap. Kado is breathing, but he doesn't make any sign of activity again, and is unresponsive, even to a punch.

Reveryn: *goes up to Kado and drags him back towards the others* What should we do now?

Obi: Hmmmm. *takes a bull testicle and drowns it in horse sperm. He takes it out and shoves it in Kado's mouth and moves his mouth up and down mashing his food up* Now. We wait.

"Big sister, where are you going?!" A young Kado cries out. The taller white haired girl stops and pats his small head.

"I told you didn't I, little brother? I have to leave the village for a while. I'll be back in a few weeks."

Kado pouts. "But Shinwa....! You were going to show me some martial arts! You promised!"

Shinwa smiles and pats his head. "I promise, when I come home next time, I show you the best I've got. Ok?"

Kado reclucantly smiles. "....Ok..... sis.... .....Come back soon!"

These are...


For hours, he relives his childhood, unaware of the outside world outside his consciousness.

Everyone is sitting next to a fire, while Reveryn sits next to Kado's body. Akami comes up behind him and touches his shoulders.

Akami: He'll wake up soon. Just hold on a little bit longer.

Reveryn: Don't have to tell me twice.

He stirs, though faintly.

"No...... no....... no...... ........I won't....... I won't...... won't..... accept...." They barely manged to hear him mutter.

Obi: *walks up to them* I wonder if we stmop on his comatose body, he'll wake up. *begins to stopm on Kado's stomach* Wake! The Fuck! UP!

Reveryn: *stops Obi* Stop, stop, stop! Calm down, man! He'll wake.

Obi: He better, before I go all Scribblenaut all over his face. *goes back over to the fire*

He suddenly wakes, letting out a howl of agony, quaking uncontrollably and the look in his eyes is demented denial and despair, and he curls up, gasping uncontrollably, as though he had just witnessed murder or something. One eye is solid red, the other solid gold.

Reveryn: Oh fuck happened to you, man?

Akami: Kado, listen. You are in control. The others dont control. They maybe separate but they all share you're body and you're mind. Let them know who stands out.

"She.... .....she.... ....she.....! .....I.....I..... .....remember..... ......everything!!!" He begins to sob uncontrollably.

Akami: There are things in our lives that we wish to know, but once we know them, we wish they had stayed buried. But it's over and done with and you got nothing more but to move on and make something of right now.

He doesn't respond, but the shadows around him seem to take the shapes of people. A little boy and what looks like his sister chatting, and White choking Kado are just one of them.

"........She's my..... sister..... I loved her..... I hated her..... I love her..... I hate her.... White..... I don't know anything anymore...." He croaks.

He clutches his head. "I can't even distinguish my emotions from theirs anymore.... am I Neo.... am I Ace? .....or am I nothing but a shell.....?" He stops crying, but is still curled up in agony, his eyes dull and lost much of the energy and life they had, as tormented as they were, at least they showed some sort of life to them.

He cups his head in his hands in misery. "Who is Kado......? Is he a man who tried to make a life for himself despite his past? Is he a monster who only knows destruction? Is he a miserable being incapable of protecting anything? ....Is he just a shell that has long since broken? .....I don't know anymore.... .....I don't know myself at all...."

Akami: Then figure yourself out. Don't let the past define who you are. Let the past teach you what you're not suppose end up. if you don't know who you are now, you got your entire life to be the person you truly want to be.

Reveryn: Ask any of us. We never had a life before the Party. It sucked just as much as yours. You gotta know there are more of us that are going through what you are now.

Akami: *hugs Kado* And youcan always start over here. We're all about changing not only the world, but ourselves. You can find a new meaning here with us.

Kado starts in surprise at Akami's touch, but doesn't resist, his red and gold eyes both changing to a deep blue mixed with tiny flakes of gold very slowly. Silent tears roll down his face, and he says in a very quiet, broken voice, ".....thank you....."

Akami: When you are part of the Party, you are part of family. Though there maybe complications from here and there, we'll find away to make it work.

Reveryn: Conflict Resolution.

"......" Kado starts to fall asleep in Akami's arms, pain still in his eyes, but there is a hint of calm to him as well as he drifts off.

Akami: Sleep well, Kado.

Reveryn: Night bro.

Obi: *is eating a plate of bull testicles* Conflict Resolved.

Reveryn: So what now, Dad?

Obi: I start planning shit. I need to get you into The M.C.C.P. Akami, Segura. You two will be taking turns training Kado. I'll give ya' 6 days to teach as much as you can. He might need it once he starts his group. Before then I need to send him on some missions.

Reveryn: Anything else?

Obi: Oh shit! The President's speech is tomorrow! Rev, I need you to get over there and watch out for anything suspicierous.

Reveryn: Sure thing, man.

Obi: Also need you to check on the new chick.

Reveryn: Sure thing. *gets up and starts walking back to The Slums*

Naomi is giving a bowl of soup to a homeless man. "There you go, around the right temperature, like you requested. Hope you like it!" He tails twitch and curl around behind her, ears picking up the various sounds of the Slums. A little kid grabs her tail and she goes red.

"U-U-Uhhhh, p-p-please don't grab my tail like th-that! F-F-eels weird when people GAH-Grab my tails!" The little girl only laughs and starts petting her black furred tail more.

"Uuuuuuuuuu....." Naomi moans.

Reveryn: Hey. *picks up the little girl by the back of the shirt* When someone tells you to stop, you stop, ok?

Kid: Sorry Rev.

Reveryn: Now go on let her do her work. *puts the girl down and she scurries off and looks at Naomi* Well look at this cutie. *smiles* Good first day?

Naomi's ears are now folded down as she's blushing from his statement and the sensation of being petted.

"A-A.... Ah, y-yes, thank you... I have been doing well.... about you all? I heard you guys went off somewhere." She says timidly.

Reveryn: Oh yea, just some training in a field. My body is abit sore. We're gonna be making a few adjustments, seeing I have to work under cover at The M.C.C.P. So it's likely you'll be taking my place.

"Me? Taking your place? Are you sure? What about someone else?"

Reveryn: Everyone else really isn't qualified. Besides, Dad wouldn't have chose you if it wasn't the right decision. *nudges Naomi with his elbow* I think you can do it.

She looks away. "I-I see. I'll respect his judgement... you really think so?" She says with an air lacking in confidence.

Reveryn: I know so. You got the Frontliners, they'll teach you. You also gotta believe you can do it too. Sure, are way of training may not look effecient or like training at all, but it works. And sure it maybe hard, but it's worth it. I just know just by looking at you, you'll make great Frontliner, but you gotta but in the effort to prove it.

She briefly nods. "Ok... I'll try. ....Did you really call me cutie? ....I've not been called that before.... ....except by Noriko...." She says quietly.

Reveryn: Yes I did. You wanna know why? *whispers in her ear* Because it's true.

She makes a small squeak and her ears pop up straight with her face blushing again.

"O-oh.... t-thank.... y-y-ou?" She stutters.

Reveryn: No problem. You don't have to be shy around me. Out of everyone, I'm the easiest to talk to. Also never asked you're name. What is it?

She has a bit of trouble looking him in the eye. "N-Naomi."

Reveryn: *smiles* A cute name for an even cuter girl. My name is Reveryn. Some abbreviate my name to Rev and occasionally around Christ mas time, they call my Elfy, Santa's Little Helper.

Naomi leans against the nearby wall to subtly hold herself up. "It-It's nice to m-meet you, Reveryn...."

Reveryn: Naomi, are you ok? You seem abit off?

She makes a brave attempt to smile to disguise the fact she's feeling dizzy from the situation. "What are you talking about? I'm f-fine!"

Reveryn: Look. I know it's alot to take in since you just got her last night. But I you'll get through. *nudges Naomi with his knuckles* Know you can.

She looks at the wall, her ears folding down as she thinks to herself. "....."

Reveryn: Let me know if you wan to talk. Take care of yourself, Naomi. *walks off*

Naomi dwells on past memories of her life from her home town, slight tears rolling down her face, remembering the brutal beatings she received for being a Yokai hybrid.

"I'm disgusting...." She whispers to herself, echoing the words she was called as she was beaten.

A hand can be felt on her shoulder

Reveryn: No you are not. If if you were disgusting, we would've never let you come here. If you were disgusting, I wouldn't have said that you are cute. Listen, what other people say shouldn't define us or make us who we are. The reason why they say what the say is because they never gotten to know the real you. I know what they have done to you before has plagued your mind, but here we would and will never treat you like that. Ever.

She flinches hard when he puts his hand on her shoulder, and she momentarily has a flash of fear in her eyes and almost pulls away instinctively.

Reveryn: Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.

After a gasp or two of panic, she shakily calms. "I...I... I thought for a moment you were.... ....father.... ....hitting me again...." She gasps, shaking.

Reveryn: Hm. You too, huh? Daddy issues?

She sinks to the ground, her tails wrapping around her as her ears flatten tightly against her head, curling up and squeezing herself into a small ball, resting her head on one of her tails and burying her face in it.

"....Everyone hated me... even mother... ....she wasn't a yokai nor my father.... ....they said it is a curse on the village that causes every third child in a set of three to become a Yokai from conception... the other villages called my village the Yokai Village... ....I was lucky.... some of the people there made their Yokai children slaves or pets and sold them like animals... some were forced into their animal forms and never were able to become humanoid again... ....some were just flat out killed... ....but everyone beat me... ....called me ugly, stupid, mutt, disgusting, animal...."

She sniffs, beginning to cry. "I was only left alone physically if I retracted my tails and ears and never showed them.... but they still mocked me... just some animal pretending to be a girl, pretending to be a human...."

Reveryn: Why be human? Why not be you? You see, I've been in that situation before. My father is High Ruler of of Elven kind. He was a control freak, wanting to rule everything that was in his domain, including his subjects. When I was a kid, he would always teach me what it took to be a ruler. But his ways were unjust and my father was just greedy and a liar. Using manipulating words and points just to get what he wants. He always pushed me to be victorious in all I do that was within his profession. Me, I just loved to shoot an arrow. Liked to be around my home that was the trees that was always drawing me away from my home in the palace. the great breeze, the creatures that lived there and the colors of the living plants. As I grew, so did my rebellion towards him ruling over me, mocking me for taking up archery over becoming a ruler. He would always talk about me to his council friends on how I chose such a childish life in respecting nature and hunting. He would often call me a failure and even more often that he would have my people shun me from all places within his domain. Sad then there was one day me and him got into an actual fight....All that hate I had for him,his hate for me all because i was the one thing he could not control....I nearly won that fight...

"....." She continues crying, remaining curled up, wrapped up amongst her tails.

Reveryn: But enough about me. They hurt you're kind,yes. But don't let them win. The more you think of yourself like that, the more they'll ruin you to the point it will be true. I don't want that to be true. Because I know it isn't.

Naomi slowly lifts her head out of her tail and meekly looks up at him, her eyes quivering, though her chin remains on top of the tail.

Reveryn: Even thought I have only known you for about 5-6 minutes, but I know you are a strong girl. Strong like a fire, that can never burn out, but you're fire hasn't started up yet. But I know you can. And once you're fire starts to burn, so will your past burn into ashes. Never foget that you're in a place that you will never have to worry about getting hurt again. Neither by me or anyone else.

She looks up at him in confusion, her ears have lifted up slightly, and she gets to her feet, though he can see the wet spots on her jacket from where she was crying, her tails are now curled tightly around her.

"I.... don't..... understand...." She says quietly as tears still roll down her cheeks. "How... am I... strong....? Why would you... place such faith in.... me....? Why are you being so nice? So kind? So... so... so..." She starts to sink again, and she hugs herself tightly in her emotional distress. "....No boys like me... they all tear my hair, and beat me, mock me, hate me, call me names, make me feel like animal...." She shakes again, worse than before.

Reveryn: Because that's what happened to me before. I never had friends neither. They fear what those who look different from them and treat them like something lesser than they are. Different isn't a bad thing. I put so much faith in you, because I know you're worth it. You've never been given the chance, so I'm going to give to you now. As for me being nice, I'm basically the happiest dude here. I brighten up everyone's day when no one else is in the mood to be happy. I'm the one who brings a smile to peoples faces, a light to people's hearts. But in this case, I'm being nice to you because I care.

She leans against the wall, trembling. ".....Care....." She looks away, her scarlet eyes trembling lightly, widened with her emotional turmoil.

Reveryn: Yes, I care. I know no one else cared for you back then, but I'm giving you all the care you should have had. *grabs Naomi, turns her towards him, and embraces her*

She lets out a gasp and her eyes go wide while her pupils shrink, her ears point straight up, and the tension in her tails completely drops, leaving them to flop to the floor. He can feel her heartbeat increase in strength and speed significantly. Her breath is drawn in in a sharp intake of air and held tightly in her chest, short tiny rapid breaths the only sound she makes.

Reveryn: You are not who they say you are. Because I know for a fact that you're unique. And don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

She is still shellshocked, but makes a tiny nod, an over all overwhelmed with shock expression still clear on her face, still making small breaths.

Reveryn: *breaks off the embrace* You are special, Naomi. I just hate it when people don't see their own value. You are worth it, Naomi. Trust me.

"O-O-Ok...." Her ears flatten a bit and she looks away nervously, before walking off, her tails and ears retracting, but he can swear she's doing everything in her power to avoid running.

Reveryn: I know it's getting late, so I'll go and let you do your thing. Just remember you're free from the past here. You don't have to be scared anymore. *walks off*

Naomi retreats to the girl's cabin and quietly opens the door and immediately heads for her bunk, faceplanting on the mattress as soon as possible.

Torem: Tiresome first day, Naomi?

"Mmmppph...." She nods her head. Her tails and ears grow out, and she lets out another, more frustrated moan.

Torem: Well it is the first day. You'll get used to it. *puts a band-aid over her nose*

Akami: *enters the room* Finally put Kado in the bed.

Torem: What was with him today? He seemed to be having some problems. It looked like multiple personality disorder.

Akami: Their are more persons within Kado's being. Dad sad we can postpone it, but we can stop it completely. I just hope he'll get better for his own sake.

Torem: Intense day of training. Still can't believe Reveryn's gonna be leaving for The M.C.C.P. I hope he's plays it safe when he's there. He does tend to be playfully impulsive.

Akami: He wouldn't be chosen for it if he wasn't ready for it. Besides, he's a big boy and he can take care of himself. He's got all he needs.

Torem: I suppose you're right. He did do alot better at training today.

Akami: He sure did. I feel proud of him.

Torem: What was the deal with Obi and Segura?

Akami: *eyes narrow* I don't know...

Torem: Maybe a foreshadow?

Akami: Maybe...*looks up at Naomi* you doin' good, Naomi?

She lets out a low moan. "Mmmmmmppph......" She lifts her head and looks towards Akami with a gloomy eye. "No...."

Akami: Why what happened?

Torem: Must've been those dang children. Swear those kids are annoying. Hope they get sick and die.

Akami: Torem! What the hell?!

Torem: Oh..sorry..I said that out loud...

Akami: Yea. You did. *turns to Naomi* So what's the matter?

She sighs, closing her eyes. ".....I... don't like my ears and tails...." She says quietly, looking away.

"...So Kado attacked you, right? ....Did you guys ignore his eyes or attack him while he was in a weak state or something?"

Akami: He tried to attack Reveryn, but something was happening to him after he lunged. His hair and I think his eye were changing colors. It must've overloaded, because he passed out afterwards.

"That would be Neo and his other self. Neo is his rage, the girl, she is his weakness. Or you could look at it as his negativity and his positivity. Because of how strong Neo is, Kado is easily influenced even further into rage and hatred, but he's rarely happy or even at peace. That's why she's childlike and frail. He takes the form of her when he's near death or extremely weak, or has lost all will. ...Normally this kind of thing wouldn't be so much of a problem, were it not for Azula. She's the only thing that could calm his mind and stablize him when he was undergoing trauma. Without her, he has nothing to control his dual nature. He doesn't have anyone he feels he can always count on to be there and to help him with his pain. ....Or at least, no one as close to him as Azula. She could comfort him and ease his mind with her mere presence, she comforted him and protected him, and it gave him a stability he could trust his whole being with. ....But.... she's gone now. And so is his stablity."

Naomi blinks. "How did you guys make him calm down anyway? Neo is known to rampage for hours. And even if he was subdued by his will, he usually is still very unstable. How'd you do it?"

Akami: Obi has always told us 'Hugs fixes everything'. It is sad that he had to loose someone who meant that much to him. I wonder if we can fill in that gap?

Naomi smiles. "Well for starters, as a childhood friend between me and Noriko, who was probably like a big sister to the poor tyke, even though she's younger, we could easily calm him down through something as mere as putting him in our lap and hugging him. Despite how dark and gloomy he's become, I don't doubt it still pacifies him. He was always timid and needing comfort, so it probably soothes him more than ever. I'd fulfil that role but... ....I'm not strong enough to always be there for him when he needs me. And that's more than anything he'd need to help fill in the wound in his heart. Someone he can always depend upon no matter the situation who will always have his back to help him. ...Me and Noriko used to be able to, but we aren't strong enough now to help. You guys might be though."

Akami: Maybe....It never hurts to try. Hey, where's Mavis?

The girl with green hair walks in and gets in bed

Akami: Well hello to you too.

In Obi's Quarters

Reveryn: Knockitym knock, knock.

Obi: *is writing* Come on in, boy.

Reveryn: Naomi is doing quiet well for her first day. She's done what has been asked of her and everything.

Obi: Took you alot longer for you to tell me about that than usual. What took you so damn long?

Reveryn: She was going under some emotional trauma. But I was able to calm her down.

Obi: Good. Can't have people commitin' sewercide down here.

Reveryn: Whatcha rightin', Obi? You're life story.

Obi: You wish wouldn'tyou? But no. Come here, boy.

Reveryn: *looks over Obi's shoulders and sees that he'srighting out a form. A registration form*

Obi: You are going to infiltrate The M.C.C.P as a agent in training. Your name is Beasley Larkin, ok? you are a wood elf and an astounding in the are of archery. You only signed up to hone your skills and bring your kind to captivity. You are of age 17 and you way 130 pounds and ahave a medium-muscular build of a kid your age. While you're there, you need to get real acquainted with your workers, so that you can be in on all the secret stuff that'll surely destroy the myths. Once you find them, stick some C-4 bombs on them and blow them the fuck up. But while you're there, you are still obligated to complete the missions they give you. Give out no hint that you are related to us, ok. Show no sign of it.

Reveryn: Yes sir.

Obi: Ok then, you leave next afternoon.

Reveryn: Afternoon? That pretty freakin' quick.

Obi: I know right. That's like right after the Prez's speech.

Reveryn: and I gotta go to that too...Ughhhh. *exits the room*


Obi: *bust through the boy's cabin ringing a bell* Wake up,bastards. Time to get all progressive and shit. *walks over to the girl's cabin and bust down there door too* Waky, waky, ladies. Time to get ta' work.

Segura: *Goddamn it. *gets dressed*

Torem: Wish we could sleep in like everyone else. *gets dressed*

Kado doesn't initially wake up, but rather slowly comes to, eventually opening his eyes, which are now grey colored.

"....uggh.... my..... .....head....." He groans.

Obi: Man, you guys are some slow mother fuckers. Don't make me bring out ma' whoopin' stick. I be turn dat ass red once I get ma' whoopin stick.

Everyone gets up dressed and lines up

Obi: Busy shit today, guys. Busy shit. Today Kado, you are gonna go under initiation and afterwards be trained. The Five-tailed Fox chick over here will be taking Rev's place as he is leaving today. She will be subjuErgated to training first, then afterwards she'll under go the initiation to. Then we're gonna watch The President speak his words of blasphemous motivation.

Kado blinks lightly. "Initiation?" He says faintly.

Naomi doesn't have her tails and ears out today, but is in her combat attire, and her Slayer Firehawk is on her belt as always. Her crimson eyes are brighter and have more energy than yesterday.

Obi: Yea initiation. Today you're gonna be part of the family. So onward. Since the crap with the elemental people happened, our underground routes have been compromised. I have already sent people to start construction, since all the other gangs might be desperate enough to come here and try to salvage our material to fix themselves up or to just point blank attack since, you know...we keep beating their asses. With us against the Under Empire and both sides taking a massive hit from this event. there is gonna be a flippin' war on our hands. So I'm gonna need you guys to keep watch for any suspicious activity going on while construction is being done.

Kado nods. "I understand. I'll do my best. If I may ask, may I also assist in the training of Naomi? It's usually best if a Slayer trains with a Slayer in regards to our Slayers and our powers resulting from them. If I can learn something, and if she can, and we train together, it may help us out more."

Obi: How else was I gonna train her? You both are newbies, so newbies train with newbies.

Kado shrugs. "So what's the initiation? Do I have to walk through hot coals? Prove myself in some way likely involving high mortality rate?"


Everyone who lives in the Slums make their way towards where the Frontliners are they surround them

Obi: Today, is the day a new member of the family is admitted as he has showed his worth to us and shares the belief of which we stand for. This guy right here is one gloomy mother fucker, but he is strong in the bitchiest way possible, but that aint stoppin' him from being one of us. Lend me your arm.

Kado holds out his arm, once again leashing his tongue from unnecessary comment.

Obi: *dig his finger into Kado's arm and rips out a blue vein, ripping it until it reaches Kado's elbow joint and he pulls out hisw knife and cuts it* This is the symbol of getting through the toughest of times! To force through what hurts you. Now eat of your vein.

He eats it, though negative energy sparks about him as Neo's presence comes surging into his mind, ready to tear Obi apart, but Kado managed to hold him off and when finished resists the urge to gag and covers his wound with his hand tightly.

Obi: Welcome, Brother Kado to The Party! *blows a birthday whistle in his face*

Everyone claps and cheers and pats Kado on the back and they go to the Hut of The Slum to get some breakfast.

Akami: *takes Kado's arms and pours some alcohol and hydrogen peroxide on his wound and bandages it*

Kado sucks in a large breath when she does and lets out a hiss, venomously holding back a now berserk Neo from ripping the control over his mind.

"T-Thanks.... A-Akami....!" He says between furiously clenched teeth, both from pain and from holding back Neo. After a minute he loses his tension, breathing heavy. "....Thought I was going to go ape shit on him when he did that...." He lets out a long sigh, his heart still pounding.

Akami: *smirks* We all thought so too. *shows him a stitched-up line under neath her arm*

Kado is quiet for a moment, then quietly says, ".....Shut up and don't ever come back you.... ....I have enough to deal with as is.... ....yes I'm going to say it. No you can't watch.... ugghh...."

Kado puts a hand over his face. "You have no idea how annoying it is to have another voice in your head, and still be sane."

He sighs. "....Akami..... ....I.... I want to apologize. About my attitude that first day... ....I was a dick. ...I should have been more respectful of you all. ....I also want to thank you for last night. .....I don't want to imagine what would have happened if I wasn't stopped and he...." He stops, his body tightening with the thought of just how bad things could have gone.

"....I probably should give you a better explanation about what happened....." He says quietly.

Akami: Not everything needs to be explained and respect doens't come easy.. But that doesn't mean we'll still won't help with what you're going through. You are part of The Party now. And go through these problems together, alright?

Kado sighs. "Alright... ....But I want you to know.... ....I don't know for sure what triggered it or why it happened but... ...all of a sudden, I began reliving memories I didn't know I had. And not like just seeing them. Every sensation I felt.... the taste of my mother's cooking, the pat on my head from my father... the sounds, the way the wind blew... ....I felt and experienced it all. ....I remembered everything. ....Including the fact that one of my sisters, Shinwa.... ....who I didn't even know existed.... is actually White.... ....she was.... so kind, so loving, she adored and looked after me with such a passion.... it was a genuine, powerful sisterly love.... .....and when I came to, my memories, my present and my past collided and with that came the truth.... live through that... it feels almost as bad as the time Phoenix betrayed me.... it tore me up and I didn't know if I was going to go back... .....but.... ............thank you.... for being there."

He closes his eyes, his head bowing and his forehead coming to a stop in his cupped hands.

Akami: It's hard, isn't it? Relieving a life you didn't know you had and you ask yourself, 'when did t all go wrong?' Good things don't last forever in this life, Kado. Neither do bad things last. It's a cycle. Tiresome cycle. Cycle that can be hard to break. but it's possible. We just have to believe and put in the effort.

"....I thought I told you to stay out....." He say quietly. He lifts his head and sighs.

"I don't know what it is, but now both of them are awake and want my attention.... stupid kids.... I wish they would just leave me alone...."

Akami: Maybe some training will get your mind of them. *pats Kado on the back* Come on, let's go.

Kado smiles weakly. "Alright.... ....but please no more of the water troughs."

Akami: *smiles* I can't guarantee that.

They both make it to the dojo where they first met.

Akami: Alright. The First thing i'm gonna teach you is how to trip up your opponent with combos.

"Alright... I did learn a great number of martial arts in my time in Phoenix. I can always learn more though. Doesn't help when I'm fighting people who are faster than me and can flatten me like a truck though.... But alright, let's start."

Akaimi: When you fight you're opponent, you want to take as much advantage of their open parts. And once you're in, you don't stop. For example, like this *she throws a slow punch at Kado but it doesnt touch his face. Then she takes her right foot and sweeps Kado's right ankle* That right there would make you do the splits and everyone's urge s to do this. *is about to kick Kado straight in the pelvic but abruptly stops* That is the first example. You hit where you;re enemy would expect you to hit them, then you go to for the places you wouldn't rarely go to attack.

Kado nods. "I understand that well enough. Deception, or slight of hand is sometimes the key to victory when brute strength isn't enough. I know that well."

Akami: Ok. Now try something on this dummy here.


Akami: Yea...that's what it is...but go ahead and try it anyway.

Kado sighs. "We really need to talk about certain.... issues.... but whatever...." He pauses, and his hair almost stands on end.

"Hey Akami, weird question. You any good with scent sensory abilities?" He starts sniffing.

Akami: Yea. Why? Someone on their way?

Kado lets out a growl. "Her.......!" His voice is mixed with Neo's.

Akami: Oh, The white chick. Hey Obi! Someone is about to poop on The Party!

Obi: WHAT?! OH HELL NO! HOLD UP! *jumps up to the very room above the Slums and pulls down a sledge hammer* Ohhhh. I dare them to come up in here uninvited. I dare them. I triple. Dog. Dare them to come up in here like they own the place! Dis is my house! No one be bustin' up in my house or they gonna be busted up the ass!

"About that," says a voice, echoing throughout the area. "My intention was not to arrive at this specific point, but I guess finicky ancient magic is finicky..." The owner of the voice materializes, appearing to be a man with messy hair, hazel eyes behinds glasses and several strange glyphs floating around him. His attire suggests that he is a doctor of sorts, though he appears to be more casual than formal. Appearing beside him, partially dazed, are two two cloaked figures. "We aren't here to cause trouble, only to speak to the one called Kado... and if need be, stop him from going berserk in the next few moments."

Obi: I wouldn't blame him! Showing you're ugly mug around here without an invite! You know, I hate people like you who think you can just waltz up in here and thinks it's aaaaalllright! *pokes at Volmond's chest with every word* People. Like. You. just. Piss. Me. Off. Now. Imma give ya' the count ta' five to get up on outta' here or imma sledgehammer you're ass.

"And your sledgehammer will shatter like glass," replies the doctor, unflinching, "As I said, we are here simply to speak and not cause harm. If that is above your capacity to understand, then please get an interpreter or translator to explain what I am saying... Look, as much as you dislike me and as much as I'd prefer to be spending quality time with my partner, this is a rather important matter and I will not let what needs to happen be interrupted by someone who thinks with him weapon instead of his head."

Obi: Sadly, for took you 15 seconds to say all that. *swings the hammer into an upppercut to Volmond's jaw and sends him flying straight up through the roof. He looks at Akami* Make sure you get Torem to fix that. *turns to Kado* He's all yours. *walks off caring his sledgehammer along his back*

One of the cloaked figures rushes up as Obi swings the sledgehammer and shatters it with a swipe of their hand, then roundhouse kicks him away from Volmond.

"Stop." Her voice says quietly, familiar in general tone, but softer, quieter, gentle. Before any of them can react, she leaps forward with great speed, yet lands as soft as a feather in front of Kado and Akami.

"I do not wish to fight. I want to talk." Small, kind violet eyes glow faintly under her hood.


Volmond thanks Shinwa before addressing Obi, "Maybe you should use words more often, rather than force." He looks at Kado, "If it is more favorable to you, we can take this elsewhere- a location of your choice."

Obi: Words don't work now more, dumbass. Looks like them glasses made ya' more dumb. Hurry up, and get the floppit out of here.

The woman lifts her hood up, revealing the face of Shinwa, the sister Kado had known all those years ago, and while similar, also very much different from White, none of the strength exists behind her presence.

"Kado... I wish to speak to you..."

Kado draws his sword, and she shrinks back. "White, what do you think you're doing here?!" He says, furiously clenching his teeth.

".....White.....?" She says with great confusion in her voice, her eyes appear frightened by Kado's aggression.

Obi: *facepalm* Oh God Damn. Don't tell me. She got herself some amnesia. Don't even know her own dang name. That so shameful.

"Coming from the writhing mass of testosterone and damaged brain cells, that is saddening and quite incorrect," says the doctor before addressing Kado, "The one you refer to as White is a completely different person as of recently. She and Shinwa were split from each other after... a certain event. Shinwa lost most of her memories while White kept them and all of the malice andevil you associate with her. Effectively, this is the good half of your sister while White is the evil side, whom resides in the fortress. Now, please calm yourself and what rages within you or else I may have to do something rather unpleasant that I'd rather not have to do." The doctor materializes several scalpels in his right hand, a silent warning indicating his his position should Kado or the others choose to attack.

Obi: Bring it on, fool! See this! *shows Volmond the long line of stitches under his arm* We know no pain. We ripped out our veins and ate them! You see this! *shows Volmond a whole bunch of stitches on his forhead and along the rest of his head* I lost my entire frontal lobe! And look at me know! Jumpin' and jivin'! *does some classic dancing* Such empty threats coming from a nerd who's trying to pass of like some kind of genius.

"That sums up your lack of intelligence quite aptly," say Volmond, completely unaffected by the sight. He briefly contemplates phasing a Skofnung Scalpel into Obi's heart and another through his intestinal tract, but dismisses it. "Pain? You know nothing of pain. Absolutely nothing. Those scars may mean something to you, but in the eyes of a person who has weathered far worse, your scars and pain are akin to minor scrapes that barely breach the skin... And my 'threats' aren't empty, I'm simply not in the mood to commit large scale genocide or do anything of the like. I could, but I won't because I have nothing against the people here and because it isn't necessary to shed unneeded blood when all I wish to do is facilitate a conversation between Shinwa and Kado. Whether or not you attack is ultimately up to you, but should you do so, you will not like the end result."

Kado snarls, "Obi, quiet!" His eyes are red, glaring at Shinwa.

"....Prove to me what you say is true. That you are not White. What will you let me do to test that?" He says coldly to her.

"Anything!" She pleads.

".....Good." His sword is suddenly against her chest. "If you're a spirit..... ....then this won't kill you." He suddenly stabs her where her heart would be, and just as quickly pulls it out, a glowing substance pouring out of it as a result, while she lets out a scream of horrid pain.

"I see. You speak the truth then." He says coldly, as she clutches her chest in great pain. "A spirit has no innards, therefore no blood, just pure energy. Alright then.... I'll hear what you have to say..... ......Shinwa." The wound in her chest slowly heals while she gasps.

"V-V-olmond... ....d-don't..." She says as she coughs hard. "If what you've told me is true.... I deserve far worse....." She says this as Volmond tenses.

Kado sheathes Dark Slayer. "Besides.... I wanted you to know what it was like.... you did it to me after all..." He says quietly.

A black mark forms on her chest, a sigil.

".....I.... ....wish to offer.... blade to you.... I want.... to set things right.... I don't remember them, but you do, the world does.... ....they're still my crimes.... ....I want to offer myself.... and this sword.... to your cause...." She presents her Light Slayer, and Kado starts.

"....Two.... ....then that means...." Kado closes his eyes.

Obi: So what? He thinks that these scars are all I have to show for it? I got mental scars, fool. Those scars can never heal. I know pain. You haven't. Not like us. You didn't have to risk your life for others did you? *takes the scapel out and tears open his arm and pulls out a vein* This. Means nothing to me. I had to give up my sanity to survive. you didn't have to, did you? Never had to try to hold on to your life? I did At the cost of being human. *eats his vein and sucks on his own blood. After a moment, Obi begins to under go a monstrous change as his body begins to shift around the place. his entire structure begins to mutilate and he begins to grow fur and rib cage sticks out of his body. After the transformation he is staring straight into the doctors eyes with his monstrous face* you didn't have to give up your soul, did you? To turn into something monstrous and labeled a psycho? To have blood on you're hands and never regret it? But just as soon something bad happens, you instantly hate everyone. I had to do all that and much more. So if anything, you lack the understanding of pain. For me, It no longer bothers me...I been through all of it already. I suggest you hurry up and get out of here before I get the taste of Mytho blood tonight...

Volmond's eyes flare red and the air becomes exceedingly thin, lacking in oxygen. Volmond is completely unaffected by the change, but that isn't necessarily shared by the others.

"You, Obi, know absolutely nothing about the hell I went through long before even your ancestors were born. I know pain far more than you ever will, human," seethes the doctor as feathers begin to form on his face and his hair begins to move like flames. "You claim to know physical pain, try having each of your nerves ripped out while molten lead is slowly injected into your veins and having your bones ground into dust while your skin is being peeled away! You say you know mental and pyschological pain, try having the one you love get defiled and killed before your very eyes only for her to revive and the cycle repeat uncle your sanity is nothing but a thread, try having your body ripped apart and put back together with a hundreds of thousands of other organisms and species connected to you because of something's twisted definition of 'fun', try having to endure your mind being torn open by another being while your body suffers a similar fate! Try having the one you loved die because you couldn't defend them and your soul torn from your body! You have less than an inkling of an understanding of what happened to me, so shut up with your baseless, idiotic, no good damned assumptions! You think that what you've become is terrifying!? I've become something far worse and you know what, I got over that! I got over my hatred for the world, for the universe, for all of existence and decided that I would focus on getting rid of the one who put me through hell and much, much worse to prevent a similar thing from happening! I AM a monster, one that deserves nothing more than to remain in endless solitude for the rest of eternity. The amount of blood on these hands of mine is enough to drown this planet all planets within this solar system. YOU are the one with no understanding of pain and you never will understand it beyond the miniscule extent you have." By this point Volmond has tears of anger and grief coming from his eyes., but he pays them no heed as he shoves Obi away. The air around him crackles with a dangerous energy. "Threaten me again and you'll regret it in your final moments..." 

Obi: *is unharmed by the changes* I regret nothing...There is nothing you can do to me that'll make me feel anything... 

Suddenly the two are enveloped in a pure blackness, and between them is a dimly lit figure with an outline of red. 

"Enough. Here's a compromise.... if either one of you opens your mouth again while Kado is talking, I will make you both relive those dark hours of your existences, that and more!"

Behind the figure is a massive wall of seething energy, which seems to be flowing in and out of it freely. Just the sight of it fills them with dread. 

The figure opens pure red eyes. "As the Kanjō God of all that is darkness and negativity... I can make you experince the pain of all history... from beginning to now.... This is your only warning."

To prove his point, from the seemingly endless wall two massive large hands made of the energy appear forth and loom heavily over them. 

"Let them talk. Your temper tantrums are childish. Be a man and cease your loud mouth temper long enough to let two broken souls make amends. ....Kado.... perhaps us three need it more than anything else right now. Now... that said.... be quiet, both of you. I don't want to hear another word about it, because I have to put up with it later!"

Fine, but your promise does not bother me in the slightest, Warlord. Volmond barely cocks an eye at the god, but gives a faint nod. Just know, if you haven't already forseen it, a calamity is in your futures. As the future isn't easy for me to peer into, I can't tall you what it is, but take heed anyways.

Obi: The future is unknown. All it takes is one to change it.

Reveryn: What's good guys? Sorry if I came in unannounced. I came back from taking down the Spanish...Mafia...*looks at everyone* Am I supposed to be doing something about this or just wait.

Akami: Hold your ground, Rev.

Reveryn: Sure thing... *looks at everyone sort of awkwardly*

"Heh... depends on what you define as calamity...." The being chuckles, and releases them, disappearing, Kado and Shinwa looking at each other tensely.

Kado opens his eyes slowly and looks at her for a moment, black irises and white pupils. "Very well, Shinwa. I will accept you into my cause. You are not White, but you are not to assume you can claim to truly be my sister.... you have said, you have a desire to right the wrongs of your other, so be it. But I will not accept you as my sister. Not until you prove yourself to me."

"....I won't... let you down...." She says quietly.

Kado looks at Obi sharply. "Until I have found a location suitable for my operation, Obi. Allow my recruits to reside with us, consider my organization a brother to yours, or a sword that you might wield to your advantage. She does not have a killing edge to her being, I can sense it. She is no threat to us, and has already proven herself to me."

He looks at Shinwa with an unfeeling expression. "Should you desire to return where you came from, so be it. My sigil will call you forth if I desire your presence."

She tenses, and looks worriedly at Volmond, then leaps over to his side, a questioning look directed at him, she is silently asking him what she should do..

"If you wish to stay or go, it is up to you. I am but a call away." The doctor's eyes are still crimson, but almost seem completely devoid of emotion. Light Warlord, if she chooses to stay, please watch over her in my stead unless she summons for me. I have to go before I do something very, very cruel... He sighs and massages his temples. "In either case, I must go soon." He smiles faintly at Shinwa, though now it is easier for her to understand his emotions when he does not express them outwardly.

Akami: Father, listen. Before you say no, we are open to every and anyone. you know that and you said it yourself. She is obviously in need of a place to stay.

Obi: She can stay in Hell...

Akami: Obi! I know you hate people being uninvited, but for once. Just once let her just stay here until they find a new place to crash.

Obi: Fine. But just remember that they could've been ready to kill you.

Akami: But they didn't did they? Still here. Just fine.

Obi:...*turns away and walks away*

Kado looks over at Akami. "I will be back."

He walks up to Volmond, Shinwa, and the other hooded figure.

"Umm... the scary guy is coming closer...." She squeaks.

Kado looks at Volmond quietly for a moment, his attention seems directed on him.

"Would you mind if I had a word?" He says, his eyes still steel sharp.

"I do not as long as it is simply a talk," the doctor replies, his tone lacking emotion. "But make it quick."

Kado moves off to the side motioning for Volmond to follow, and when they are further away from the others, Kado asks quietly,

"What really happened to White that caused this to happen? This girl.... Shinwa..... ....if that was still inside my sister.... ....then I want to know why that happened to her in the first place. Tell me what happened to her. As her brother, I have a right to know. You have something to do with it. She looks at you as though you're her rock and her anchor." He says quietly.

"An emotional overload so to speak. A dark figure explained that basically all of the things that led to your current relationship with White could've been avoided had Shinwa not been tricked by a being named Eien into believing that if, in this possibility, you would grow corrupt and into a pure evil being that would destroy everything in ther pursuit of more and more power. That shattered her mind shortly after I managed to open her heart once more and resulted in Shinwa, the purity and goodness of your sister, and White, the corruption and darkness of her, being born as the good and evil within her refused to coexist.

Shinwa is... important to me. That's the best way I can describe it myself. The same applies to her, but as you said, she sees me as her rock and anchor... Emotions are hard to understand after going so long without them..."

Kado looks at him quietly for a moment, and closes his eyes. "I see." His eyes open. "You love her, don't you? ....In that case, I promise that I shall safeguard her while she is serving my cause. When she is not doing that, I have no concern with her coming back to you. In fact, in six to five days, my training here will be done and I will be seeking out the rest of my members to fight against Phoenix. While I search for them, I have no issue with her returning to you. In fact when we are not fighting or on break, I will encourage her to return to you. ....You deserve your time together. I won't deny her the happiness I didn't get to have."

The doctor nods, "Thank you... If possible, I'll return the favor during the final battle with Phoenix... I have a certain grudge against a certain member so expect me to be present."

Kado nods as well, opening his eyes. "Take care of yourself. I shall take good care of her for you. I'll see that no unnessisary harm comes to her. You have my word." He turns and begins walking back to the others, stopping in front of Shinwa, who looks at him with slight unease. She looks over at Volmond, her eyes unsure, but also seemingly trying to reassure him.

Kado offers a hand to her, and she slowly extends her arm and takes it, as he guides her over to Akami, she looks at Volmond, and offers him a strong smile.

I love you... I promise I'll be back... see me soon?

I will, just call if you need me. I'll be there in an instant.

"Naki, I have someone I need you to visit for awhile. He's a bit strange, but he's a nice person. I'll send you to his location while I... cool my head a bit." He looks at the cloaked girl. "I'll come and get you in a few hours, okay?"

She nods. "I understand. Where can I find him?" She asks quietly.

"He resides close to where I do, though his area looks completely different, but currently he's on Earth, teaching." The doctor shows the girl an image of a verdant forest with a clearing. Inside the clearing sits a castle-like structure.

She nods. "I understand. I'll head there. You'll take care of yourself, right Master Zwei?"

"Just, Zwei," he sighs, opening a rift to the school, "Be safe and don't beat anyone up."

She lifts her hood up slightly so she can see her eyes, and she winks. "Alright Master- I mean, Alright Zwei. And I will. ...Beat people up....?" She says as she walks through.

Reveryn: What happened?

Akami: Uninvited.

Reveryn: Oh well that sucks for you then. You may have convinced them, but he hates intruders point blank. No matter what we have to say. So you standing up for them puts you in a uncomfortable position, man.

Akami: I can handle it.

Reveryn: *sighs* Ok. Right now I got another hour before I head off to The White House.

Volmond sighs to himself. Were people always this annoying to deal with? I recall them being rather easy to judge others, but this goes far beyond that... It's almost time for me to go. He stretches, yawns, then paces around, drawing into the air.

Kado looks over at Reveryn. "Oh hey. I know she looks like White and all, and she.... technically.... is..., but this is Shinwa, my sister of sorts." He quietly puts a hand on the girl's head. "She's going to be one of my recruits for my organization. She has the Light Slayer like her other half, so while I'm still controlling my urge to kill her on sight, at least she's useful."

Reveryn: Neat. What's good? Names Reveryn, most call me Rev. I'm the guy who saved your brother from the verge of death.

She looks at Reveryn curiously. "Rev as in Reverend?" She asks quietly, the voice eerily familiar like White's but different at the same time, softer, more gentle, warmer. "Are you a reverend?" She asks curiously.

Kado shakes his head. "No, and he also proclaims to be a legendary archer."

He looks at Akami. "Would you mind training her as well? I don't know how well she knows how to fight. I mean, for all I know, her skills could be all but gone and in White instead."

The doctor looks up, "She might surprise you there..." A moment later he disappears.

Akami: Sure thing. I really don't mind. HEY SEGURA!



Segura: God damn it.

Shinwa looks confused and looks at Kado. "Why are they yelling?" She asks softly.

Kado sighs aggravated. "Aren't you supposed to be the big sister in this relationship? Please at least partially get a spine...."

"But aren't I a-"

"....Yes, I know. That wasn't literal. ....I guess somethings never change. You used to be so literal before...." He shakes his head. "....No time for nostalgia."

Kado iritatedly begins practicing what Akami said, going for speed rather than power.

Akami: Good. Like I said, once you're in, you want to do as much damage as you can against you're opponent, but don't over eo first, then go for the least expected. And once you're in you don't stop.

Kado does as she says.

Segura finds Naomi not too far away, leaning against a wall, Firehawk attached to her belt as always. She is still in her human form, her kitsune features are absent. She senses him coming and looks over at Segura.

"Do you need something from me?" She asks.

Segura: Training. Come on. *walks over to Akami with Naomi behind him* Here she is.

Akami: Alright Naomi. I just told Kado of his first lesson. I'm teaching how to trip up your opponent. You go for the most expected attack, tehn go for the least expected and once your opponent trips up you don't stop attacking.

Naomi blinks. "We know our basics. But alright."

She looks over and sees Reveryn and her eyes slightly dilate. "O-oh, hey Reveryn."

Reveryn: *smiles* Hey, cutie. How you doing?

"U-UUHhh - f-fine?" She stammers, her face going slightly red.

Segura: Hey Rev. Where were you? didn't see you this morning.

Reveryn: Went off to take down the Spaniards.

Segura: Oh snap, you killed them?

Reveryn: Yes sir.

Segura: With them out, all the minor gangs have no products to give off to the street. They got no drugs, they got no weapons, and they have no money. That's exellent, bro! Youjust cut off the Under Empire's main suppliers!

Reveryn: Well yea, you know, Imma boss like that. Also about the money.

A whirling sounds can be heard from above and something is being leveled through the whole in the roof. once the platfotform is set down in the middle of the Slums, every gathers around what is on the platform. The Frontliners go up to the platform and see a mound of traveling bags.

Reveryn: Merry flippin' Christmas! *unhooks the line holding the platform and the whirling noise goes away*

Akami: What's in these bags?

Reveryn: Take a guess. *kicks one down and once it hits the floor stacks of money fall out*

Everyone begins digging into the bags and start to cheer in exciteme ynt

Akami: Rev...this is amazing..we could use all this to help everyone get back on there feet. We can use this the medices, the clothes, the food we need and extra material to fix up the place. This is a blessing.

Reveryn: God works through everyone. *jumps down from the mound* It's just that I was the likely candidate for it at the time. Enjoy yer' money everyone. *begins to make his way off*

Everyone thanks Reveryn as he makes his way toward the surface

Naomi is completely thrown off by Reveryn's complement, and seems to be completely unfocused now, the start of her ears growing out is apparent.

Reveryn: *looks at Naomi and smiles* I was wondering what happened to those ears. *pokes at one of them and walks off*

A small firey aura surrounds her as Kado laughs. "Awwww cute. I think he likes you."

"S-S-S-Shut up!" She stammers, smaller versions of her tails now growing out. "Aaaaaggh!"

Reveryn: * walks past the girl with green hair* Hey Mavis, tell Obi I'm off to the Prez's House, ok?

Mavis: *nods*

Reveryn: Thanks. *goes into the computer room and shuts the door behind him*

Naomi lets out a sigh once the tails grow out again.

Segura: Well, It looks like training is done for today, kids.

"We haven't gotten much of anything done though." Kado says confused.

Segura: *takes a few bags* We gotta get this money to Obi we know what to do with it. And if it weren't for a certain interruption, you would've got more done. *makes his way towards the back alleys*

Kado lets out an aggravated sigh as Shinwa shrinks a bit and looks down. "Akami, can you please punch the next person who gives her grief?"

Akami: Heck man, I can do that right now. Hey Segura!

Segura: Wha- *gets punched in the face so hard he hits the wall and falls into a ditch*

Akami: *grabs Segura by his shirt* I don't want you to hear say anything that will put down Shinwa, understood?

Segura: *nose is bleeding straight down his face and neck*...Understood.

Akami: *pushes Segura back into the sewage and walks out the ditch* Conflict Resolved.

Shinwa looks at Kado. "That wasn't nessisary."

Kado looks at her. "Look, I don't need any hositility or any of that crap from these guys at you. It makes it harder on you and me. Just deal with it. That's just my way. No nonsense, a sprinkle of humor here and there, and get it done. Alright?"

Shinwa quietly nods. "Ok..."

Akami: Alright, you guys do whatever until we can all this money situated. *carries 5 bags on each shoulder and makes her way to the back alleys*

Segura: *makes his way out of the ditch and steals a glare at Kado, then takes his bags and follows Akami towards the back alleys*

Kado sighs in irritation. "I didn't tell her to hit you, jackass!"


Reveryn: *is amongst a huge crowed of people surrounding the White House balcony* Darn. Alot o' people here.

Obi is watching the whole thing on a glitchy television

The President appears on the balcony with two M.C.C.P agents next to him

The President: I know you all feel broken for the past few weeks of the events that have happened to mankind. And I know what you are all thinking.

Exima is sitting in a throne-like chair watchin the speech on a small televison

The President: Why don't we destroy the myths? Reason is. Is that it's too easy. The moment we slip from our humanity, we become the very thing we fear most. Sure, we lost our loved ones, our homes, nearly our entire race. Our world is scorched and eroding. But let me tell you this, mankind have been through worst and worst is still to come. And whatever happens in the future, we mankind are gonna live, cause God has still a plan for us. And when there's a plan, it sure as hell a good one!

The crowed cheers

The President: Let me tell you that this is only history in the making of an entire chain of events. And whatever happens, atleast we'll endure it together as a race. Are with me?!


The President: Alright!

Everyoe cheers and claps

Reveryn: *looks at the cheering crowd* Well that was easy

Obi: *smirks* Good job, Ado. *eats on a human arm*

Exima: *grumbles abit with his face twisted in disapproval*

Kado sits down on the ground, with Shinwa and Naomi sitting next to him, Shinwa looking uncomfortable and sitting a bit a ways from him. Naomi however sits comfortably next to him.

Kado finally sighs, looking over at Shinwa, who briefly looks over at him, but then quickly looks away, nervous. Kado's eyes close as another sigh escapes his lips, and he suddenly pulls her close to him and sets her against him, to her shock. When she gives him a questioning look, he opens his eyes partially and puts his hands on both their shoulders.

"You guys... ....need to understand. Much of my drive is in hate. Much of my drive is in the darkness. What gives me strength is the dark wrath I have come to harbor deep within my heart. But that doesn't mean I don't have a heart of compassion."

He quietly looks at Shinwa, whose eyes opens slightly at his words.

"You may be a part of my sister, who as a whole was a villain and tore my life apart. But you are someone new, something that needs to be given a chance. I myself could have turned out differently in so many ways. But that's why I'm giving you this chance, Shinwa. As much as I want to hate you, for the both of us, a revolution is occuring in our lives. Things that are will no longer be. That is my creed for now on. What is shall be destroyed, and what will be will be born. A new order must be made, but to achieve that the first order must be drowned in chaos, and firmly put to the flame. The time of judgement is not now, but when God's hand finally decides to act. Until then we must not simply stand by, but make way for change. You are no longer my sister White. You are my sister Shinwa. The sister I used to love so long ago. And maybe will come to love again."

Shinwa's eyes widen with emotion and tears begin to fall from her cheeks.

"That's enough of that." He says swiftly, wiping the tears away with a smile. "No more regrets. Pray to heaven to show you kindness not judgement, and prove to them your resolve to make things right. We show the world who we are by our actions and our words. Show them your heart."

He then strangely enough turns to Naomi.

"Naomi. I made a promise to Hiroshi, and I intend to keep it. You will not join me in my new organization. You will remain here. With these people. They will take care of you when I cannot afford the time to watch you. If I cannot protect you, then I know my brothers and sisters here will do the same. You've suffered enough at the hands of war. So stay out of this fight."

She looks like she is going to protest, but Kado stands up.

"Come on now. Don't fight it. You know as well as I do that I'm one of the most stubborn assholes you'll ever meet. Now, why don't we do some private training?"

The two girls get up, and Kado smiles. "That's better. Let's all prepare to fight our own battles. Doubtless before our days are numbered, we'll have plenty of prepare for."

Everyone is still cheering for the President, until some one points out something black in front of the sun coming closer. Everyone wonders what it is.

Reveryn: Invasion from the Sun, man.

Obi: Hmm I wonder who it is. *takes another bite of the arm*

Exima: *eyes narrow intently*

The black object comes closer heading straight toward the president at full speed

The two agents get in front of the President with their pistols drawn.

Reveryn: *draws his arrow and prepares to shoot*

Obi: Holy shit, man! Take the shot!

Reveryn: *shoot his arrow and and explosion goes off once it hits the object*

The object launches right over the President and hits the roof and falls down near the balcony entrance. The objects stands up and a 7 foot tall man with a face of a Quetzalcoatl and a pentagram on his chest and wings in view, shrieks so loud everyone begins to yell in pain trying to cover their ears from the shrieak, including Reveryn.

Obi: Rev! Pull yourself together, man! Get the President!

Jumbo: Come now, my brothers and let us lay waste amongst The Before!

A wyrm comes out from the clouds and begins to burn everyone with the crowd then a serpent comes from underneath them and begins to devour people. Myths ranging from elves, trolls, and homomoculus emerge from disguises and begins to kill people.

Exima: *slightly smirks at the sight*

Reveryn: *uncovers his ears and looks at his hands and sees blood on them* Damn...*looks up at Jumbo walking up to the President and shoot another arrow at Jumbo*

Jumbo: *is blown up in the face*

Reveryn: *makes his way through the crowd and shoots a zipline arrow to the balcony and grabs the President* President.

The President: Thank you, young man.

Reveryn: Man I aint young. I'm grown. Grown-ass man over here.

Jumbo: *smoke clears and sees the President gone* AAAAAARRRRGHHH! *flies up in the air and looks through the carnage and fnailly spots Reveryn and the Presdient an dashes down right in front of them. He walks up to Reveryn, completely towering above him*

Reveryn: *gulps* Wow...Ain't you a big fella...

Jumbo: Traitooooorr....

Reveryn: *gulps even harder*

Jumbo tries to smash Reveryn but he's too quick and fires a few of his explosive arrows, but Jumbo comes out from the smoke and tackles Reveryn and drills him across the ground though the crowd. They finally stop and Jumbo begins to punch Reveryn in the face and stomach as blood flies all over the place with every punch.

Jumbo: *draws his fist back for the finishing blow* Any last words?

Reveryn: *is all bloody and bruised* Y-y-eaa...Fus..Roh...Dah! *shoots one last arrow that sends Jumbo flying right off him and into the carnage* Heheheh....I always wanted to say that...*gets up and makes his way through the carnage, until he fins the President about to be attacked by two elves from both sides. Fires to arrows facing their directions and kills them* Sorry guys. *he takes the President and leads him out*

Obi: Holy damn, boy. How you still alive?

A giant mechanical hand emerges from the ground and a mechanical beast emerges to the surface. "Mythos Detected. Command: Devastate." pulls a a machine gun off its back and begins shooting at every myth in the crowd and even shoots a few people on accident. The serpent emerges once again and the CRAzy shoots at it's sides.

Reveryn: Oh dear God, Obi. I hope you're seeing this...

Obi: Man...I wish I were there. *takes another bite of the arm*

The wyrm flies over the CRAzy spewing flames at it. The CRAzy jumps out from those flames and bites on on its neck and brings it down. The CRAzy tears the wyrm's neck off and begins to eat the wyrm

Reveryn: Ho-

The President: -ly

Obi: Shiiiiiiit.

Exima: *smiles grimly*

Reveryn: *is horrified at the site* Its...eating a myth...

The President: *falls down and throws up*

Reveryn: *grabs the President* Come on. Let's go. *both leave the bloody carnage behind them and make their way back to the Slums*

Obi: Damn... *takes a couple more bites out of the arm*

Akami and Segura come in

Akami: Hey Dad, guess what Rev brought...*looks at Obi*

Obi: *slowly turns around, wide eyed with his arm in his hand and turns the television off*

Segura: What the fuck is that? *is refering to the television*

Kado, Shinwa, and Naomi are training, when Kado stops.

"Let's go." He creates a mask over his, Naomi, and Shinwa's face. He starts walking with them towards Obi's office.

I feel a strong sense of unease... I'm going to check in real quick...

Obi, Segur, and Akami are watching a replay of what had happened at the speech

Kado knocks on the door. "Something's up, isn't there?" He calls out.

Obi: Feel free to come in man, doors open. You too Torem.

Everyone enters and watches the recording of what all happened at the White House

Kado lets out a soft growl. "Jumbo?! Damn, that fool is here? ....No wonder things in Fantasy got out of hand... otherwise Jumbo never would have let that happen to...." He growls again.

"In any case, this is bad. Very bad...."

Obi: And even worse, They gave CRAzys guns! Who da fuck gives a carnivorous machine a flippin' machine gun? I mean I know I'm bonkers and shit, but that shit right there is ridonkulous. But let's keep watchiing! *

Everyone reverts their attention back to the television

Segura: Dude, how is he still alive?

Obi: I know right?

Akami: If anything that's about 1,000 pounds worth of pressure in each punch.

Segura: And Jumbo pnched him like what? 17 times?

Akami: Yea...Man, I'm just glad he survived that with him being more fragile than the rest of us.

"How close are they to base?" Kado asks quietly.

Reveryn: *comes throught the door all bloody with the President behind him* Ahola! I have returned *cough,cough* with the President of The Nation.

Obi: Hey man, what you think you're doing spillin' your dirty-ass blood all up in my room, get out.

Reveryn: Well dang dude. You didn't have to be like that. *spits out some blood to the side*

Akami: Rev man, are you ok?

Segura: Dude, we just saw you get beat to death.

Torem: You lucky to be alive, man.

Reveryn: Luck? Ha! I throw luck out the window! *looses his balance and leans against the wall*

Segura: Dude, you need some medical attention. You're loosing alot of blood.

Reveryn: Man dude, I'm fi *cough, cough cough, cough*

Segura:*looks down the hallway* Dude, you bled all the way down the hallway.

Reveryn: So? Doesn't mean I need medical assistance.

The President: Hear your comrades words, boy. You took several massive hits. You need to get patched up.

Reveryn: No no. I should be fine. I just take a bath with greenleaf is all...*falls flat on his face*

Akami: Well he did get punched in his face a little more than he got punched in his stomach.

Obi: Someone please get him the fuck up, before his blood reaches my room. I don't have time to be cleanin' up other people's blood, man.

Kado silently looks at the President for a moment, then nods to Naomi, and she picks up Reveryn with a heavy grunt and her form changes into her kitsune form in order to lift him, and begins running him off to somewhere out of the way and clean, then lays him down on his back and begins treating his wounds.

"I know a bit of healing magic, not a lot, but it should help until we get a doctor or somebody. Hey, need a doctor or somebody good with healing to help me out here!" She yells.

Once they are out of the way, Kado quietly looks over the President for injuries, but doesn't say anything, merely crossing his arms, his mask obscuring his identity, and much different from his usual ones.

The President: You doing well, my boy?

Kado lets out a breath, and takes his mask off after a moment slowly, a flat look in his eyes.

"It's been a while, hasn't it?" He says coldly. "Never minding that, your well being is more of a concern than how I am, Mr. President. After our last discussion, I never anticipated having another meeting with you. But regardless. I imagine you and Obi should be talking, not I. I'm no longer a subject of your attention." He closes his eyes and puts the mask back on, looking away.

Shinwa doesn't speak, instinctively avoiding eye contact with the President.

Obi: What's good, Ado?

The President: Well Obi. Well.

Both bring each other in and pat each other on the back

Obi: If you all didn't already know. The President is our main supplier and provider for all The Party's needs.

The President: It is the least I can do for the cause. Your son as amazing out there bringing me out of there. The Nation would've been in greater turmoil if I had died.

Obi; you know, i train them well. Well until the ghost is clear you can crash here and shit until then.

The President: The best option I have at this point

Kado silently turns and begins to walk out the room, along with the white masked girl by his side.

Akami, Segura, and Torem walk out of the room and sit and stand around Reveryn

Segura: Man, why does Reveryn get more action than we do?

Akami: Cause he's more willing to do it.

Naomi sighs exasperated. "Can one of you get a doctor? Unless you can or know how to heal, can you give us a little space?" Her fox ears twitch in her agitation, as she tries to mend Reveryn as best as she can.

"Did someone call a doctor?" Obi comes dressed in a torn doctor coat and a medical headband

Dr. Diah: Hello how's it goin' my name is Dr. Diah. You said you needed a doctor am I correct?

Naomi looks over at Obi in irritation. "You're kidding right... ...Obi. A real, trained doctor. If I let you over here, you better actually help me heal him, otherwise I will freaking claw you to pieces, and then eat your damn head off!" She growls, then immediately switches to a intensely happy face. "Ok?" She says way too cheerfully.

Dr.Diah: Sorry little fox girl, I don't know an Obi, but I am a certified doctor. I got a PhD in anesthesiology and a GED in toxicology. So lets get started. First, Let's see what all is hurt. *sees some bruises on his stomach* Ok. Looks like we're gonna need some packs of ice and serm' stitches.

Naomi looks at the three. "Since you're here, why don't you go get those? Make yourself useful, I've got no time to waste on this." She says irritably.

Akami gets the singe. Segura gets the sewing stuff, and Torem brings 10 sandwich bags of ice.

Dr.Diah: Excellente. *takes some alcohol and pours some on all his bruises. Begins to stitch up the minor cuts on his body.

Reveryn: Argh!

Dr.Diah: He's in pain! Anesthetic! *gets a bat and begins the beat Reveryn in the face with it until he goes limp. Takes the bags of ice and put them on his bruises, then takes some bandages and wraps them around the bags* Ok. Now unto the next procedure. Few more bags please.

Torem walks off to get some more bags of ice

Naomi glares at him and lets off a strange, sharp bark that makes Akami and Segura flinch from its intensity. "Can you TRY not to cause any more injuries than necessary?!" She continues applying her healing magic, her face now officially cross.

Dr. Diah: Listen Naomi. Imma Doctor. I know what's best.

"Because you say you are? Hit him again while I'm trying to heal him, and you're going to need a doctor. A real one, with a hearse included just incase!!!"

Dr. Diah: Hey man, everyone has different methods of healing. My methods may not look effect, but they definitely work.

She sighs with great irritation, her nails have become claws and up to her wrists is now covered in her soft black fur, though she still is helping to heal internal injuries.

Torem comes in wht five more small bags of ice.

Dr. Diah: *takes the bags* Now. *takes the alcohol and pours some on a sponge and swabs it all ober Reveryn's bloody face*

Reveryn: ARGH!

Dr. Diah: AETHSTETIIIC! *takes the bat again and beats Reveryn's face until he goes limp again* Ok...Now. *wraps a bag of ice around Reveryn's forhead* And now...* takesa Hello Kitty band-aid and puts it over Reveryn's nasal canal* There. He's fixed. Give him tomorrow and he'll be all good. Nice workin'  with ya'll. You can take it from here, little fox girl. *walks off*

Akami and the others can see that Naomi's fur is all bristled, and little flames pop in and out of existence in a small ring around her. The fur grows up to her upper arms, though she seems too angry to care or notice, muttering under her breath as she continues trying to heal Reveryn. Her tails twitch about in agitation.

Akami: You gonna be ok, Naomi?

She says tightly, "No. He's probably caused head trauama or a concussion or...." She breaks off, angry to the point of wanting to smash something.

Akami: Hey we'veall been through worse. So has Rev. He proved today that he still held on to his life, so getting beat with a bat wouldn't be anything worse for him at this point.

An Old Friend

On the Television, an old friend of Obi's transmutes the CRAzy into nothing but a hunk of metal and wires, not able to move or process anymore. He walks throught the wreckage, healing people he can. The man finally gets inside, and yells something, "Oh Obi wan Kenobi! Come on out!!! I come for assistance!"

Obi: Oooohhh ssnap! It's Big Shot Junno! What's good man?

"Well, I'm researching the Philosopher's Stone. I heard there was a man here that could get me to Echo. I'm not in a hurry, so take your time." He hugs Obi and holds him at arms length. "Good to see you..."

Obi: Good to see you to, mane. Be happy to help my explosive compodre.

"His name is... Is... Kado? I think so... Anyways, got any room?"

Obi: Ofcourse I do. And the blondie is around here somewhere. Feel free to look around for him.

"Alright. This place is nice man! Where is it going? And what is it?"

Obi: Basically everywhere around the continent. This is home to all those who got kicked to the curb by life. And a home to those who are being hunted like game. This is The Junkyosha Party, fool. We're gonna change the worlds view of the future. Which hopefully have anti-gravity boards.

"Ah. Sounds good. I may just stay for a while. May I ask why there was a CRAzy left unattended?"

Obi: It wasn't unattended, The M.C.C.P left it there just in case some myths made a move, which they did and now we're all screwed tighter than a soda cap. Which is pretty tight by the way.

"The MCCP? Those dicks are still active?"

Obi: I know, right. Swear these bitches be unstoppable. And they are giving CRAzys giant-ass guns, man! That's ridiculous! The CRAzys are bad enough with their fireballs, ice spikes, and sparks and now their up in here with these 30 foot machine guns? Aw heeeelllls to the naw, man. That's where this shits gotta end.

"Can... Do you want the CRAzys slowed down? I know where their production facility is... Or at least was..."

Obi: I don't think you'll be able to do that without pissing of Ol' Man Admin. and his many legions of weapons.

"True... Can you show me to my room? I don't know this place."

Obi: Oh sure thing. *takes him into the boy's cabin* This is the boy's cabin. It has four bunk beds and a refrigerator and it comes with air conditioning. The boy's hangout in here and this will probably where you can meet up with Kado at some point. Bunk anywhere you like and shit. Try not to sneak over to the girls cabin or anything. you know I don't be believin' in that boys and girls in the same room thing. You know what all goes on when that happens. Too old to be a baby grand daddy.

"More like an Uncle Kenobi. Thank you. I bet you are busy. We should catch up when you get the chance. I mean, it has been twenty years..."

Obi: Yea, i know right? Well anyway, I'll get back with you later. Maybe after I'm done we can get mug of beer and talk about shit 20 years after we parted out speratist ways.

"God to hear." After Obi leaves, he takes the bunk closest to the fridge and transmutes his alchohol and water into a light beer. "Ah, good to have some rest..." He falls asleep.

When he comes to, there is a person quietly mediating on the top bunk across from his bunk, a masked man whose appearance strongly resembles a ninja. The person quietly looks at the newcomer, the only hint of eyes are white pupils and the natural white of his eyes, his irises are black.

Junno looks at the man. "Kado, right? Or am I mistaken?" He sits up. "Just the man I came to see..." He trasnmutes a hard liqour and offers the glass to the man.

He quiet narrows his eyes slightly. "And..... you are....?" He stares at the glass and shakes his head no at it. "I tend to be suspicious of people who I've never seen before that somehow know my name." He says quietly behind his mask.

"Name's Junnosuké. Call me Junno." He drinks the liqour

"....Alright June. What is it that you want? I've got a lot on my mind." He says curtly.

"That would be Junno. I need a ride to Echo when it convinieces you. I hear you are the shapeshifting fury of Echo. That you are making a new Phoenix and the old one 'shall perish below you.'" He gets up and makes more liqour. "I love alchohol..."

"And you love to talk too much... ....and what is your business there anyway? I am not a transit station." He says with a little more edge, the stranger overstepping his limitations of 'comfortable' conversation.

Junno touches the bed and a spike flies to Kado's face. "Learn your place. I am asking you to do a favor. You MAY turn it down. I'll just beat it out of White then. Let us continue our friendly conversation, please." The spike retracts.

"First off, threaten me again and I'll put you in your place. I don't have to help you, and if you're that eager to resort to violence, then you don't deserve me help. I'll ask you one more time. What is your buisness in Echo? I'm not a transit station, and you will show me some respect. I don't give favors to those who do not deserve it. I'm not going to let some random person on my home world, who could easily have hostile intentions. You have no right to speak to me or act against me in that manner, considering your position."

"Bwah! Hahahahahahah! You think I'M hostile? That's funny kid. I am searching for the philosopher's stone and there is a city there that may help. And, you are severely out of your league, B T dubs." He looks up. "Though me and Obi wan Kenobi are going to catch up later."

Kado suddenly changes into Junno, and before Junno can react is being controlled by his own power, Kado's eyes glowing.

"Lesson one. I can become YOU. I also can gain YOUR powers. Don't try me." Kado changes back to normal, and then snaps his fingers, and Junno disappears in a massive wreath of darkness, which takes him away.

"Lesson two. Don't piss off the guy who controls the most abundant element in the universe. You might just end in a black hole." Kado had sent him to Echo, but on the complete opposite side of the world from Chinmoku.

"He can find it himself. Though I doubt the Elementals will help him out."


Obi: What's good, Ado?

The President: Pondering on what to do now. No doubt after what has happened today that my fellow Pangeans will want me to sign the Act. I cannot advert this, if I do they'll start to revolt and throw riots through out the street. Atleast if I do sign the Act, it shouldn't be all too bad. You wont have to fear about dying.

Obi: But we loose our freedom, man. We deserve as much rights' as these here crackers. Oh wait.....that's color racial....I don't know how to be racist to one whole domination....

The President: What am I to do to keep from the world from going to turmoil.

Obi: I don't now about that kind of shit. Oh oh. I have idea! We should take The Party and push it somewhere else!

The President: *looks at him in confusion* As much as that plan sounds...incredibly ingenious, I think we might to figure out another solution.

A black shadow falls from the ceiling. "Why President, don't you know the obvious answer? Give the people what they want. War."

The shadow forms to reveal Kado.

"War is a valuable tool. So is hatred. You just need to know how to use them. Look at what Phoenix has done, President, and the answer to this dilema reveals itself. Fight back. Declare war on the organization Phoenix. Direct the hatred of Mythos into strength to fight against Phoenix's forces. I have learned of Phoenix's location, it is in the vast oceans of Fantasy, where our common enemy lies. As the leader of the soon to be born Admonition, I declare war upon Phoenix, and upon gathering my core group, will search for further followers who seek to end Phoenix's reign of terror. You will have our power. But understand....

This is a call to arms, not against Myth or Fantasy, but against the criminal scum who desicated your world, Phoenix. Drive hatred into action, into war. A war that will satisfy the hunger of hated and rage and turn it into strength needed to fight back. You may say we should try for peace, but the war hasn't even truly begun, President. If you don't take action against them first, they will march right back into Earth for round 2. And trust me. ...They haven't even shown you their best hand yet."

Obi: *slaps Kado in the back of the head* Don't be interuptin' grow folks business, boy! You gotta say excuse me first before you enter grown folks conversations! You gotta give the boy points, though. It's either that or we can still push The Party somewhere else.

The President: I assumed this Phoenix was destroyed, but seeing how you say they are still alive, then I must gather our forces and fight these bastardy heathens for the destruction of my people and my continent.

A change comes over Kado and Neo stands in his place. "That is far from correct. I assume all of you bore witness to the rift that momentarily covered all of Earth, and saw that giant device that fired upon Earth? That is a superweapon called the Spear of God. Its power is so immense it can literally kill or erase even immortal beings. That blast was felt all over Earth, but trust me when I say that it was only at fifty percent power when it was fired. Its engine.... the power source needed to power it to 100 percent was acquired in the invasion by Phoenix.

From what I understand President.... we are now on a rapidly shrinking window of time to prepare. At the end of this month, the Spear of God will cool down from its overheat and be ready to fire again. Only this time, as the others tell me, they will use this 'engine', to cause the Spear of God to reach one hundred percent.... powerful enough to instanteously Erase Earth from all times, spaces, and planes of existence. Not a single soul will be sent to heaven from the blast, as it will destroy all of their time and space... for eternity.

As of now, Phoenix is preparing for a final invasion attempt, once it strengthens its forces again, it will march through Fantasy and take over it. At the same time, they will seek to once and for all put an end to Earth. Assuming our united forces stop them, we must then drive them back to the fortress Yosai and destroy them once and for all. In this time of a month, Kado intends to gather as many allies from the planes of Fantasy, Earth, and Echo in the attempt to overcome Phoenix's forces."

Kado takes back control. "It is important that Admonition and Earth work together, and be recognized as such. We must be reconized as allies and cordinate as much as possible. Nothing less will be able to take down Yosai Fortress. Phoenix has yet to play their final cards. ...My beloved Azula, she is a being Daikeim, a friend of mine described as a Chaos Engine, the key to the Spear. She and the rest of the Chaos Engines have yet to be deployed, but when they do, we will need all the power we both have. President. I cannot stand to even imagine what White has done to her. She was... a genuine soul... none of this she would desire. She would never hurt anyone. ...I'm fighting... to free her from her chains... Humanity must find something truly worth fighting for."

The President: Hmm...whether or not we succeed or not. I will not stand by and let such a crime go unpunished and unavenged. I will gladly ally myself with Admonition.

Kado nods. "I have preparations to make in the next few days. After my training here, I will be going out to seek out the qualifying members for Admonition. Once I have my core members established, we should discuss and make arrangements for the war effort. And in any case, if you call upon the Agencies, you need to have an oversight and forbid any attacks on unassociated Mythos for when we counter invade Fantasy. We are fighting to keep Phoenix from gaining control of it, not take control of it ourselves. It will cause more problems. ...SPECIFICALLY keep a close eye on the M.C.C.P. I don't trust those people at all. Whatever reasons you have for trusting them, keep strong oversight over all of the Agencies. We cannot have a two front war with both Fantasy and Phoenix. It has to be kept to Phoenix. If you have to, revoke and choke The Admin's authority to keep him in line on this."

The President: Ofcourse. That you will not have to worry about. After today I'll alert my subjects and the Agencies.

Day After

Kado wakes up early, before the President leaves. When he does see him, he stops him for a moment. "If you need, I can keep watch over you in your address, so the events of yesterday do not become as likely a threat. I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I just thought I would offer my help in that matter, if you chose to accept it." He says quietly.

The President: I will gladly accept your help. Mankind has accomplished many feats, but the ever growing techniques of the unknown out do us. With your help, we can preserve both of our worlds.

"Alright. Let me know when you plan on leaving." He goes to the Hut.

Akami an Segura are sitting down at a table, eating pancakes and fried eggs with a side of orange juice

Akami: Morning Kado.

Segura: Mornin'. *eats another bite of his pancakes*

Kado quietly rubs his eyes. "Ugrh... still not used to the beds... Good morning." He sits down.

Cook: *puts a plate a plate of 5 hot pancakes with butter and syrup on top, a fried egg with some salt on it, and orange juice in front of Kado*

"...Thank you sir." He begins to help himself to the food. "....What are these....?" He mutters to himself as he eats a pancake.

Akami: Pancakes...never had any before? Then you definitely need to try them, especially Cooks. Easily the best pancakes on the planet. *eats another forkful of her pancake*

He nods quietly. "It is good. ...Even though I had money for more mid class dining, I defered from it as the money could be spent on more important things. As leader of Azure, I never bothered to treat myself."

Segura: Sounds like you've be restricting himself. *eats another bite of his pancake*

"....The only thing worth living for was the fight for justice itself. I didn't care about myself. I thought myself content with my lot in life. Leading an organization to victory over evils and crushing injustice... ...In the process I ignored myself and anything to do with self satisfaction. I overlooked so many things back then. ...For the longest time.... ...I didn't even realize I was in love with Azula.... ...and I never knew she even had such feelings for me. ...All this time I had ignored her feelings, as if they never existed. ....How long did she wait for me? A year? Three years? ...Since we first met? It was only recently that we finally came together and...'s too late. Just when I finally began to understand what it meant to live and have someone by yourside who loves you... was taken away. ....Now I can't help but think if I even deserved to have such a wonderful person by my side."

His eyes are a sad blue.

Segura: Damn dude, do you really got be all depressed and shit while we're eating?

Akami: Segura stop that. We know how that's like, with everyone we were so close to had died doing what they believed in. It was...*swallows sadness* a tough sight to long as Azula is alive then you still have a chance. None of us deserve anything in our lives, but God allows us to have it anyways. If you really want to have her back and you truly mean it, God will give her back to you.

Kado closes his eyes for a moment. "....Thank you...."

Speaking of Azula... I've got intel on Yosai Fortress, Kado. You want me to share it with everyone?

Why not, Neo?

Neo proceeds to show everyone an image of Yosai Fortress' main tower, and standing in front of the tower is White, and four beings, a red, green, blue, and white one all assembled, and Kado goes rigid and pale with shock and horror, his eyes opened and widened with both rage and outrage.


Yeah... that blue being.... as beautiful as she looks... ....that's what Azula's become. I don't got the details, but from what the other Seven have told me.... ....they'd be enough to suppress the Eight Warlords at full power with little effort.

Segura: Let me guess. This is supposed to be the Rainbow Illuminati.

Akami: What happened?

It.... ....appears to be an evolved, improved Chaos Engine... ...I don't know exactly, but I do know Azula did NOT look like that, even when she was changed back into a Chaos Engine.... .....she's been modified.

Segura: So basically it's bad if I'm hearing correctly.

Yeah, she's also much more... dazzling now.

NEO!!! Kado roars.

Only joking. Jokes aside, yes. Considering she is the power source of the Spear of God, that weapon White used to basically completely fuck over Jibaku and Valeric, yes, that's very very very very very very bad.

Segura: Funny thing is, I have heard legends of Jibaku. If White truly did defeat Jibaku, she would've obtained Jibaku''s power, not to mention Jibaku had more forms to go through. So basically pretended his defeat. So it wasnt a complete fuck over. And we know the dark hooded guy done used a shielded to advert it. So the true results of The Spear of God is still unknown to us. But I guess we can still assume it's very bad.

Neo chuckles. No need to assume. I know what it does. Completely and utterly destroys all time and space related to the target. Even if Jibaku did fake getting defeated, no matter what it is, he still got hit by it, and did lose part of his own time and existence. The Spear of God should never be underestimated. Espically because that sucker was only 50% charged when it hit Jibaku. If it was at 100 percent... you can forget about multiple forms, it would erase him from ever existing before it even got close. Imagine a 100 percent strike on Earth. There would never have been an 'Earth' existent, there was never or would ever be a 'Earth'. Gone. From all time. All space. All realities. You could forget about having an afterlife if that thing hit...

But enough about the depressing end of the world scenarios. If anything Azula is now more-

Neo. I'm gonna rip your damn head off in the next five seconds if you do not SHUT UP!

Segura: Well it's a good thing we're gonna win.

Neo laughs quietly, and they can faintly hear a voice say, 'What's so funny?' that sounds feminine.

Kado irritably closes his mind off. "They never shut up..." Kado growls.

Segura: Well. *gets up* today I'll be training you. So if you're not gonna eat then get ready.

Kado sighs, as he is still eating. "I'll be ready in a few minutes."

Segura: Oh and before we start, don't forget to stop by and get Naomi and your sister.

Kado gives him a quick look. "Are we going to have issues like yesterday?" He asks quietly.

Segura: Don't remind me and we won't. *walks off*

Kado's eyes narrow for a moment, and after he finishes he walks to the girl's cabin and knocks. "Is Shinwa and Naomi in there?" He calls out.

Mavis:*opens the door and only points to Shinwa sleep and shrugging afterwards telling him she doesnt know where Naomi is*

Naomi looks over Reveryn tiredly, making sure his wounds are doing well, sitting in a side chair.

Revern: *moans, then cracks one eye open and sees Naomi* Morning cutie...hope I didn't miss too much while I was out...

She sighs. "Well, Obi pretending to be a doctor whacked you on the head a few times. Restrained the urge to go feral on him for it." She is back in her normal form, though she does have one large fluffy tail out.

She also manages not to react to the word 'cutie', though she still wishes he didn't call her that.

Reveryn: Oh. You mean Dr. Diah. Yea, whenever he does the anesthetic thing it only seems alot more funny when it happens to someone else. *gets up and begins to slowly walk* Thanks for fixing me up, Naomi.

Naomi nods, then quietly begins to walk out.

Reveryn: *makes it to the boys cabin and begins to pack his belongings*

Obi: *swings from the door way* Good to see you're awake, boy. Ready to go all Doble-O Seven on The M.C.C.C.P?

Reveryn: *smiles* Sure am.

Obi: Remember dont give out any hint that you are aligned with us.

Reveryn: Sure thing. *throws his bag over his shoulders* Well, I'm off the. Bye Dad.

Obi: By man..*hugs Reveryn* Go make yer' dad proud!

Reveryn: I will *walks out of the cabin*

Kado sees him as Shinwa sleepily comes out of the cabin with a loud yawn.

"Heading off I see?" Kado says quietly.

Reveryn: Yulp. Off to go spy and sabotage those myth-hatering bastards. Got ma' papers and everything so I guess I'm all set. I hope your training goes well and hope you can beat Phoenix's ass too.

"You'll likely see some of the action yourself, most likely."

Reveryn: Maybe. Just maybe. After what I'm gonna see, I'll probably just retire. *smiles*

"Hmmm... ...well if you do that you won't be able to make Naomi squirm with discomfort anymore. I've seen how she acts around you, what do you do or say to her that makes her grow her tails like that? She usually only does that if she's extremely agitated or nervous or something."

Reveryn: Yea. Sorry. I tend to agitate others like that. Out of all the Frontliners, I take up the most after Obi. Ask anyone, they'll just about tell you the same thing...I just don't want her to think of herself anything less...I know she's strong inside...she just need the opportunity. She's really special...That I if anything...*digs in his pocket and gives Kado a bluetooth* Give that to Naomi if she ever want to talk about anything...basically about the training and missions and such. Cause I know for a fact that when Obi trains you it's gonna be...sort of...unacceptable, but you can handle the sight, I mean you all were ninjas, so you guys probably wont be phased by it.

Kado quickly turns into Neo, who whispers in Reveryn's ear as Naomi shows up. "Pssst.... ....I'll give you a hint, she's not uncomfortable for the reasons you think... ....I'm pretty sure Naomi thinks you're flirting with her." Before Reveryn can react to what he said, Neo has already retreated in Kado's mind and Kado blinks. "....Huh?"

Reveryn: Flirting or not, she needs help to see her own self value. So it's a good thing she has you and everyone else to show her that. And with that, I have to be on my way. 2 day travel to get there on foot.

"....Can someone explain that in context.... ....Neo. What did you say?" The only response is cackling.

"Good luck Rev." Kado says quietly.

Reveryn: *smiles* I don't believe in luck. I believe in miracles. Tell everyone else I said 'See Ya!' *exits through the computer room*

With Shinwa still rubbing her eyes gently of sleep, and Naomi now approaching, Kado turns to Segura. "I guess we're ready?" He asks.

Segura: Good, lets get started.

At the open dojo

Segura: Ok. Now, imma gonna be teachin' you all a very useful way of fighting your opponents. Now one of you, fight me.

Naomi leaps forward, does a forward flip on her hands and uses the momentum to kick Segura in the chest.

Segura: *slaps her foot down before it touches his chest, then stabs her in the ear with his pinky then brings his foot up and smacks Naomi in the face causing her to flip in mid air, then he drops kicks her down to the ground with his foot still pinned on her chest*

She retaliates with a kick in his crotch and uses her leg as a lever to fling him over her and onto his back, then flips up onto her feet.

Segura: *grabs her by the tail before she can get some distance and twists it, gets and steps on two others*

She lets a feral growl slide from her lips and she bites his hand with razor sharp fangs that bite straight into his bone with ease.

Segura: *twists her hear and pulls it hearing a 'pop' noise once he does so, then stabs her in the eye with his pinky, then spartan kicks her to the ground as she yells from pain the pain her eye and ear. He drops kicks her inher chest making her spew up blood*

Akami: HEY! *grabs Segura by his collar* What do you think you're doing?!?!

Segura: Training them. *shakes the blood of his hand*

Akami: This-

Segura: Isn't training. You know if you have a problem with it, you can bitch about it to Obi. Let's see how you of all people question how Obi trained us and all his other methods.

Akami: *glares at Segura for a moment longer and lets go and leaves*

Segura: *walks over to Naomi* If you're done squirming like a beaten puppy.*kick in the side with his heel* get up. We still got a few more hours of this go through.

A sudden roar rips through the air and blows him off her as a massive blast of flame decimates the Dojo, revealing a pure black five tailed fox snarling and yipping with bloodlust, a rather disturbing noise. Before he can make a move, it ignites in white hot flames and a strange sort of matter sparking with electricity and extreme heat floats violently about her. The matter begins pelleting him like bullets, instantly shocking and burning holes in his chest, and it closes the distance with a roar, instantly ripping open his chest and tearing out his stomach in a single motion, then ripping off his arms in a violent assault.

While it holds him down with its large paws, it violently seizes his throat and begins biting while ripping into it with blind fury, while still setting him on fire.

Kado manages to grab a hold of the fox and begins pulling it off Segura, all the while it violent roars and snarls with blind fury.

"Naomi! Stop! You're safe, he isn't your father! Remember who you are and calm down!" He yells above the furious din of its howls. While that happens Shinwa heals him, though the moment he's not in mortal danger she says in an undertone,

"Don't ever grab her tails like that. She was beaten ruthlessly by her father countless times. Several times he once tried to rip her tails off as a young girl, no more than five years old. When she fought back, he brutally beat and broke her, several times nearly killing her. The last time he grabbed her like that, she finally snapped and went into a murderous rampage, devoid of any thought or mind except self preservation. She burned down half the village before they finally mortally wounded her and she fled. That is how... ....we.... found her. Dying and without the faintest trace of 'humanity' left in her. It took us forever to bring her back to a state of reason. And once after that, we were training her, and one of the apprentices, I forget which... ...grabbed her tail in the same manner. ...We barely stopped her from succeeding in destroying the entire base. You just about caused the scene of a mass murder."

The fox is slowly shrinking in Kado's arms, shrinking slowly into her humanoid self, whimpering softly, slowly changing into weak human cries of fear.

Segura: If she is as trained as you say she is then she should've handled it. I got beat by a madman. A madman. This only proves how fragile her stability is. If she can't learn to deal with it without having a berserker rage, Obi can come train her himself. So what would be better? Me or the madman?

Kado's response is a skull cracking smash to Segura's skull with his fist.

"I'll tell you this now and you better listen." He snarls. "Before my master died, he asked me to protect Naomi. She didn't ask or want to fight for you. I brought her here so she could be kept safe, not bludgeoned half to death. You will not be cruel to her again, or I will rip that brain out of your damn skull, do you understand me? She isn't a killer, nor do I want her to be that way! She's suffered enough because of people's attitude like yours!"

Segura: Then why did she step forward when i asked for someone to fight me? Why didn't you do it? It kept her from the trouble. You could take more than her, but you let go, even after what you saw me do. So if anything, your a real sucky protector. Only now you want to do something about it, you spineless, mourning, self-center-

Obi: HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! What's up with all dat cussin'? What da FUCK! Is happening here!?

Segura: Defiance.

Obi: Defiance?! Oh! Oh No! Who be defyin'?

Segura: The new guy and the fox girl.

Obi: Ok...*nods* Ok...Before I put the beatdown on everybody YOU! *points at Kado* What. The Hell. Happened?

"Segura beat the living hell out of her, putting it lightly. He dislocated her ears and stabbed her repeatedly in the eyes. Not to mention he grabbed and twisted her tail, which caused her mental trauma and nearly burned this place down. Obi, did I not ask for her to be protected? I don't want her to fight. She's been through too much, she doesn't even have the edge to kill someone."

Obi: I don't train babies, I train warriors. She was trained to be a ninja, right? She can be trained to be a martyr. She can't stay safe forever. She may not have the guts to spill blood but her comrades can do that forever. I don't protect, I teach people to fight. If you don't want her to fight, then she can go back unto the streets. I told you, unless she has something that will prove useful to The Party she could stay. That means, putting them to use. Not just sit idly by while everyone else does something productive to keep this place afloat...Sort of, know...underground. Besides, It's better the Frontliners train you than me.

Naomi's breath steadies for a moment, and she calms down, or that's the original impression...

...before she spin kicks Segura in the throat, crushing it instantly as he smashes into a building's wall, making part of it collapse on him.

Her face is livid. "Don't you... don't you dare talk about Kado like that...! If you want me to fight you serious, then fine! But don't complain when I hospitalize you!!!" She snaps, an aura of fire blazing around her.

Segura: *twits his nck back into the place and punches her gut so hard a gust of dust nearly blows everyone away. He twists his fist and her belly starts bleed immensely*

Obi: Segura! Stand down!

Segura: *shvoes his fist deeper into her stomach*


Segura: *takes a moment before he takes his fist out of Naomi's stomach and as she is holding unto her stomach he knocks her over the head with a cracks and blood spews out, knocking her out. He looks at Kado* Might wanna give her a leash next time...*turns and walks away*

Obi: *looks at Segura sternly, then walks over to Naomi and pick her up, then heads back over and lends her over to Shinwa* Take her to the infirmary. Kado...Don't do what I think you're gonna do. i don't care how much it pisses you off, hold. Your. Balls. Segura will get what's coming to him in some time.

Shinwa rushes Naomi off, and Kado lets out a vicious snarl and creates a massive block of earth and begins violently punching it, creating small quakes in the area as he does so, not caring even though his hands and knuckles start bleeding, each punch followed by a hideous snarl of rage, all he can do to avoid attacking someone in his wrath.

Obi: Anyway, the President is leaving.f you got any last regards and shit tell'em now, unless punching a slab of rock is more important.

Kado stops. "...That's right... I offered to go and guard him in his next address so yesterday's events wouldn't be a problem. ...Obi... you'll make sure Naomi is alright.... ...right?"

Obi: Don't see why not. Other than her not being my responsibility. Mind giving me the bluetooth? Cause apparently you don't know how to do a friend a favor.

Kado silently walks off, and opens the door to the infirmary where Naomi is, and immediately gives the bluetooth to one of the operating staff. "Give that to her when she wakes up. A friend asked me to give it to her. I've been busy until now. Take care of her."

Without a word he leaves and meets up with the President, a silent cold fury in his aura as he approaches.

"Mr. President," He says in a steeled tone. "I'm ready to accompany you whenever you're ready to go."

The President: Good, good. Come now. Let us be making our way there. I had contacted a ride to pic us up from across the street to advert them knowing where I was truly hiding out. Let us get going.

Both leave through the door to the computer room.

Across the street, Kado and the President wait for the ride to arrive

The President: I can feel you are not in a...pleasant mood.

"One of my so called 'comrades' just sent someone dear to me to the infirmary." He says coldly. "I had to resort to... ...extra measures to not ignore Obi's command not to obliterate him." He clutches his bloody hands tightly.

The President: I understand. Your comrade is being what you call a 'douche' or a 'dick'. But have you ever considered he's trying to show you that your enemies wont let up on you and that there will be most that will overcome you. Your comrade is probably hard on you because, despite you being already skilled, doesn't want you to die. It's sort of the 'toughen you up' sort of thing' because he knows that in this world, they will tear you apart in ways you didn't think possible. You can't always solve your problems by beating the mess out of every person who wrongs you, you know. Even if it does look like the most valid solution

Kado quietly changes form to a black cloaked man wearing a white mask, a hood over his head.

"...I call it asking to die. It's one thing to show that the world won't let up on you. It's another thing to almost kill someone. He put her life in danger. That kind of action does not earn my trust, respect, or forgiveness. That said... ...I will let Obi deal with it this time."

He quietly checks his equipment. "...Good... everything's working... ...everything's ready to go."

The President: Oh look. Here it comes now.

A black limo pulls up and him and Kado get in

The Presdient: We're i and before you ask, he is with me. No need to be concerned.

The begin to drive off. Untop of a building, someone with blueish training attire and an red oni mask watches them leave. He begins to leap from rooftop to rooftop.

Kado quietly looks at the President. ".....There's someone following us...." He says in a very low undertone. He takes out a black and white crystal, and the President recognizes it from the news footage of when the Phoenix controlled Elemental Terrors attacked.

"Don't worry, he's on my side."

I'm only listening cause you got the First Phase in you now...'re just lucky. What do you want?

"I'd like you to 'help' the confused person following us on the rooftops. Think you can do that?"

Hee heee heee.... this'll be fun....

The crystal disappears.

The limo stops

The President: *is confused* Why have we stopped? Certainly our destination is farther than that

5 other people wearing read oni mask with machine guns aimed at them

The President: Oh...That's why we stopped. *reachesover and honks on the horn* Would you so kindly move out the way. We have a long journey ahead of us to get back to the Capitol City.

Shofure: I don't think that's a wise descision, sir...

The President: And why not? *next thing he knows there is a gun being pointed at him* Oh...I see that it's your steering wheel....I understand. *sits back down*

Kado's voice echoes in the President's mind. Calm down. There's a reason I released Dimrune. Whatever you do, don't react to anything Dimrune does. Only we can see what he's actually doing, but if we acknowledge he's there, it'll break the illusion if the enemy sees. Act as if everything is normal. ...I'll warn you... ....he likes to eat people. So... kinda get ready for that.

As Kado says that, the five gunmen suddenly collectively shout and begin to shoot wildly off in the distance for no reason, and start running off. The driver himself tears out of the limo and 'chases' after an illusion President and Kado.

They then watch one by one as the five gun men and the driver are slowly picked off one by one by a massive giant black shadow with a massive red maw, until it speeds after the man who had been following, filling his vision and mind with static as he races towards him....

Dimrune appears shortly after he finishes off the attackers and appears as a white haired man with red eyes and smirks. "I'll shorten this trip significantly..." He hops in the front seat of the limo and the limo is breifly covered in a void of darkness until it and the three disappear, just as the masked man wakes up, with no memory of Dimrune or his attack, but all he sees is six monstrous pools of blood which used to be the men.

"Hm." feels something in his pocket, then jumps from from rooftop to rooftop

The President: don't get why you were concerned about me seeing people get devoured. It's not like I don't see that everyday.

The limo appears outside the Capital City only a mile away on a side road, and Dimrune looks over to The President. "Got a garage or something I can teleport this into at whereever we're going?" He says. "Quickly."

The President: nNaw. I can have someone else pick it up. Thanks for accompanying me on this trip. It means alo-*stops for a a moment* Do you here that?

Kado narrows his eyes. "What now?"

The President: It sounds like...*eyes widen* Kado get out! *kicks Kado out of the limo and lunges out and the limo explodes. The force sends the President lands head first unto the stares*

The man in the oni mask is in alley with his thumb on a detonator. He presses a few more times and nothing happens. He shrugs, drops the detonator and heads back up to the rooftops

Kado is over to him in a second and curses angerly. "Alright, seriously.... Mr President, are you alright? Answer me. How badly are you hurt?"

The President: *moans* Don't worry about me...*sits up and theirs a sharp piece of bone sticking out of his head* Just can be treated...I will be fine...

Kado growls in irritation. "Do you want me to take you to a hospital or just patch you up and take you to the White House?"

The President: I guess you might have to take me to the hospital...I feel i sharp pain coming from my head...

Kado grabs the President and Dimrune disappears into a crystal and flies into Kado's pocket as he disappears in a wave of shadow and appears outside a hospital in such a way no one would be able to tell he had teleported and then rushes the President in stopping at the reception desk.

"You." He says to the receptionist. "I need treatment for the President. As in right. NOW." He growls. "He's injured and needs immediate medical treatment."

Receptionist: Emergency in the lobby. The President is injured. Send medical bed down her now.

Already two nurses and a doctor come out with a medical bed. They take the President and take him to the emergency room

Doctor: Are you alright Mr. President?

The President: I'm doing fine. My god. What is the matter with you people? You act as if im dying, when I am far from it.

They take him into a room and immediately get there equipment together while talking to each other about the situation

Docotr: *pushes Kado outside* sorry sir. But you need to stay out for the time being.

The President: Why? I just told you my injury isn't that big a deal. I just need 'round about 37 stitches, but it's not to the point where i need to be on a bed

Kado easily knocks him side. "I'm sorry, but the President has had two assassination attempts on his life already. Considering his personal guard are not here, I am their replacement. If you cannot operate in my presence, then I will find more competent healers. I am staying and observing the situation, no exceptions." He walks back in. "If you try to resist, I will consider it a threat to the President and put you down."

The President: You didn't have to be so volatile, but you heard him. Hurry up and stitch me up so I can go home.

The nurses stitch up his injury and gives him an ice pack and he and Kado exit the hospital.

The President: I know I nearly got assassinated again,but I swear everyone is just too overprotective of my well-being.

"I'm not willing to take any chances. If something happens to you on my watch it'll be on my head." He manages to find somewhere isolated to disappear, and he appears in front of the White House, supporting the President on his shoulder, seeing the guards he quickly says,

"Relax. I'm a friend of the President. I just saved his life from two assassination attempts. See us in please."

The two agents look at each other and lead them into the White House then to the Oval Office

The President: Here. I'll rest here. *sits on is leather couch*

Kado lets out a sigh.

"I'm afraid to even release even a small amount of tension at this rate... I have no idea if anything or anywhere is safe at the moment... ...those men that attacked... ....I suspect I know who they are aligned with...." He trails off.

The President: Same here, but you can go first.

"Before I joined the Party, I was attacked by a man in a similar mask. I didn't realize it until now at least. When I woke up, I was taken to an arena, I later learned they were called the Under Empire or something along those lines. After a while I was rescued by Rev, and I later joined The Party. I suspect its those same men who took me who were responsible for the attack."

Kado lets out a dark sigh. "One of these days, I'm gonna burn them to the ground with my own hands...."

"Also, what's your plan? ...Also, I think in the future you need to see about getting official Mythos guards to protect you. There may not be a next time if you don't. ...Perhaps once I get enough recruits for Admonition... ...perhaps I could enlist a private guard for you then..."

The President: I'll request the one called Reveryn as my guard. He saved me from yesterdays carnage and Obi has told me of his plan to put him under tutelage of the M.C.C.P in their new agent program. I'll give him atleast six days and then I will request them. As for me, I might have to double the guards, double the weapons, and double everything. If that's possible. I can't die. Not just yet. Th Under Empire is ruled by one. 20 gangs. 10 major. 10 minor. All joined under one supervision/management. One who dubs himself 'Son of the Nether'. He has two right hand organizations, who are well trained then the 20 gangs he has under his foot. There are the Red Devils, our attackers and the Faces, a much more sinister group. They serve as the Nether's most professional guardsmen. With all this underground secrecy that know one knows about. I pray to God The Party will prevail over them.

"Well you know me perfectly well President, and I'm going to do my absolute best to burn their house down. Both with my comrades in The Party and the force of The Admonition."

The President: The 20 gangs of course but the Red Devils and the Faces, plus the Nether, you must beware of.

"I won't underestimate them. All the same though, I will ensure they pay dearly for their crimes. What is your plan regarding your next address?"

The President: Pray that the crowd doesn't throw grenades at me and send me death threats. I must get started writing it. *gets a pen and a paper and begins to write his address*

"Grenades will be the least of your issues, don't worry about that. I can control explosions, and if I draw Fire Slayer, I will effectively nullify the effects. I'm more concerned about.... ....Jumbo. That fool has better things to be doing. Like protecting Downation. While he's playing revenge, his people have suffered because he wasn't there. Idiot... I can't believe he would do this."

The President: Jumbo cars for his kind, but this chance only comes one in a lifetime. A chance to destroy mankind. There are more myths that die out here than the ones in Downation.

Kado closes his eyes. "You don't need to tell me that. But Downation will need him more than ever. With Phoenix lurking in Fantasy, they will undoubtedly seek to empower their cause. Jumbo NEEDS to be kept in check. If the time comes, I hope reason can still prevail with him. I met him once before, and I owe him for granting me asylum while I recovered from the M.C.C.P.'s attack on Azure. If not... ...I will have to try and trick him into returning to Downation. This nonsense cannot keep happening.

...And... be honest... ...There is something I haven't bothered to tell my comrades in The Party. I don't wish to bother them about it. If they know, so be it. But have I ever told you of the fact I have three souls within my being? It's the reason I was so unstable when I came against my master ...back in London. Two of my souls are a Negative and a Positive type. ...Unfortunately those two energies do not balance well... all. ...I don't know when it might happen, but I know it will... eventually they will grow too strong for me to contain. ...I'll be torn apart by my Dual Nature. ...I know this well enough. So if I die fighting for The Party... ...I won't have regrets. Because I'm already on a gradually ticking time clock, before I am no more."

"To be honest... ...I think it'll happen soon, you know. For a while, only my Negative half was growing stronger. I thought if I kept it just to that... ...I'd be fine. But lately... my Positive half has been growing. Strongly. I can hear.... ....her... ....voice. It's inevitable now. She'll grow too strong for me. So will he. ...then they'll clash. My very being will be torn apart. 'Kado'... ...will never exist again."

He says all this hollowly, accepting it without question.

The President: It is saddening to hear this and what I'm hearing,this cannot be stopped. My only suggestion is to live live life while you can with you loved ones and your comrades. If they are willing to fight to the very end, then so should you.

"That is my intention, sir..."

The President: I am finished with my address. I'll be ready to give the speech by tomorrow. Today I feel winded. Too much has happened that is putting a little strain on my heart.

"Very well. I'll remain here. I'm just glad I got you here safely."

Day After Yesterday

Kado quietly remains in his corner, his power frequently alternating and variating sweeps for anything of potential danger the whole time leading up to the time when the President is to get ready for the speech.

The President: *is in the shower freshening up* Today is the day. I give my 2nd address to the people of this continent. And hopefully they don't rage on me as to what I will propose.

"Leaders shouldn't expect to be popular. When it comes to fighting for change, fighting for what you believe in, you have to accept that. Of course, that should be taken with a grain of salt, considering I left Azure's leadership willingly. I don't plan on changing that decision. If they truly have become strong enough to become a force for change, then they should have no problem standing on their own feet. I am a sword of chaos, one that strikes down order and creates a new path. I'm not meant to establish and lead. I am meant to cut down and clear away the old for the new."

The President: I don't wish to be popular. Atleast not for the wrong reason. *stops the shower and begins to dry off and dress* And I don't fear for my life. I just fear who will lead this world once I die. So many evil men out there who would just run this nation into the ground and the only reason their in power is because he or she appeals to the human nature to destroy others that are different than they are. Like the one called Exima. Many look up to him as a true leader, but not of a nation. But I might be wrong about that. He is driven, but he is also insane. Just insane as Obidiah. If he were to lead this would start the Fantasy/Reality War again. You understand, until I die of heart ache or age, I will gladly except my fate, knowing I did what I was my duty. I refuse to die by a shot to the head or because someone poisoned my dinner. I already have but a few more years. They should atleast give me that.

"I understand that. Exima... ....I met that bastard... ....he is one I will not rest until he is punished for what he has done..." Kado growls under his mask. "Oh, President, do not refer to me by name. I shouldn't have to tell you how... ...unpopular I am. This variation of my form will likely keep them from knowing, but I don't need them distrusting it any more than they will. Call me... Arisen, Avo, any of those works, if you absolutely must name me."

The President: Avo...*cracks a smile* That's a pretty good one. *finishes dressing and begins to wash his face then brushes his teeth and swishes Hydrogen Peroxide in his mouth and spits it out, then he exits the bathroom* Now to get ready. We have about another hour. *hears the crowd outside* I'm even more surprised that people came after what had happened yesterday.

Kado quietly takes a peak at the crowd from the window, without revealing his presence.

Kado can see 4 CRAzys with machine guns at hand surrounding the crowd as well as a platoon of M.C.C.P soldiers outlining the crowd.

Kado looks at the CRAzys nervously. "...Are they going to shoot at me if I'm helping stand guard?"

The President: They shouldn't.

Kado sees a M.C.C.P drone untop of each of the 4 CRAzys. They all are in between two large iron rods coming out of CRAzys back.

"....What are those....?" He asks with caution.

"...In any case.... ....those things make me severely nervous.... ....the last time I saw one my city was destroyed..."

The President: Those are CRAzys. The final solution to the Mytho problem. I have seen them in action and they.....*gulps* rather well by their name. They are heavily equipped by unknown metal, atomic reactor within it's chest and flame throwers under it's wrist. It's an astounding jumper, thanks to it's hind legs and can also skate across the ground on his clawed toes. Formidable fighters as they physically brutalize any myth, of any size and it's sole purpose is to capture and contain myths...through any means.....even hurting civilians in pursuit if things get out of hand with the myth they are handling.....and I suppose occasion...even eat myths too.

"....I see... ...they better not be a problem. I'd REALLY rather not have to deal with another, much less four. ...The sooner I don't have to worry about those things the better."

The President: Want anything to eat while we still have atleast 45 minutes left?

Kado shakes his head lightly. "I'm fine."

The President: Alrighty then. What is there you want to do now?

"I'm about as interesting as a rock, I'm afraid. Not really anything. I'm just trying to relax my nerves so I'm not jumpy. I need to be level headed with this."

The President: I see. But there is even something interesting about a rock you know. Like texture. How strong it is. How is it formed. What's inside it. What happens to it in 100,000 years later. Let's do you like your comrades at The Party?

"...Obi.... ...dear lord Obi.... ....He drives me insane half the time. I've learned he has more to him than meets initial impressions, but he's demanding on my stress levels. Rev, he's a nice guy. We got along pretty well, he's the one who saved me from The Under Empire. Akami... ...I like her too. She's very passionate and understanding. Particularly of my problems. I had to get some time to get over my ass kicking at her hands, but still. Most of the others I haven't really gotten to know much. One girl never even talks, I wonder if she's mute... ...and another, Torem, well she just never talks to me much. And as for Segura...." He pauses, clenching his healing fists. "....His attitude along with how he treated Naomi has severely rubbed me the wrong way."

The President: I've personally gotten to know them all from time too time. I admit, Obi is far more than a handful. Reveryn is a very enthusiastic individual, occasionally over-confident, but real friendly. Akami is quite astounding. She's strong in her belief and strong for all the right reasons. Torem on the other hand serves as main guardian of the Slums. So if you don't see her around a whole lot, just know she'll be around one of the entrances. She's more of the 'You speak first person' If you ever wanna talk to her, then you'll have to speak first, you now? Segura is a good fighter and marksman, though his methods of fighting do prove formidable, it seems rather...unfair. But I suppose you can never be fair to the enemy. I admit, he seems to be abit more violent than the rest. there is something about him though. He's seems abit...shady...Not quite sure how to put it, but you can probably assume something of him. but he still seems abit cool-headed if nothing or no one bothers him. Mavis on the other hand is a sweet girl, but is quite shy around her fellow Party members. She is indeed mute. She got shot in the throat when she was a girl and she almost didn't make it, unless Obi being Obi saved her life. If you don't see her around often, she'll no doubt be tending to her beautiful flowers

"I see. Most of that I knew, nice to know I'm Tghoeo d with the observations still. Since you're asking questions, is there anything you want to know about me or Azure? Phoenix even if you want, though I've been away too long to know if anything's truly changed since I left."

The President: Why would someone as lawful patriotic as you, join such a conniving group like that?

"Because I wasn't always the person you know now. Fighting for what I believe in, fighting for justice and the weak... that kind of thing happened because of what happened to me in Phoenix, and my times living as a homeless person, just trying to get by on a day to day basis. Back when I was a member of Phoenix, I was a boy. When I joined, I couldn't even remember anything beyond Phoenix. ...On a second note, White is my sister. She is the one who made me a member to begin with, she took away my memory.

For me back then, Phoenix was the only thing I had. They were family to me. Noriko, Torrent, Naomi, Hiroshi, Miss Edena, they were the family I grew up with. To be honest President, if not for White's betrayal and the events that followed, in that invasion, we would have been enemies. I would likely have never left. It's because of what I've gone through because of them that I'm even the person you know and are talking to right now. The good and the bad. I've been through a lot in my life... ...and I still don't know if in the end, my life holds any meaning. I'll likely never know for sure."

The President: Everyone goes through that, Avo. Not just you. Almost 90% of everyone end up the same way as you are now. There is an end, but it's an end we cannot see. Our vision only goes so far and there are many paths to take and all of those paths lead us to something different. It's something called 'life'.

"I know that. Even so... ...piece of advice. Be sure not to go down the road that involves breaking your soul into pieces. Kinda sucks."

The President: My soul has been broken once...But now...I believe we I cut this hour short. *gets up and takes his speech and heads toward the balcony doors*

Kado quietly and quickly follows him.

As he exits unto the balcony, the crowd cheers. The CRAzys on the other hand raise their guns at Kado.

CRAzys: Mytho Detected. Awaiting Command.

The President: *raises his hand in the for all to see*

CRAzys: Command: Stand Down. *lower their machine guns*

"...I think I just about died from an adrenaline rush...." Kado mutters under his breath.

The President: My fellow Pangeans. As you all now, It means alot to me than many showed up, even after yesterday. I know you want me to sign the Act, so that you all may take your revenge on mythkind. The myths did nearly destroy our world, but it is one group of myths that are responsible for the near complete annihilation of our people and that have given the other myths and advantage of our vulnerability. They call themselves, 'Phoenix'.

The crowd yell out in hate.

Exima: *looks at his TV intently*

The President: We will fight these conniving bastards for crimes against our race. But we cannot do this alone as our forces proved underhanded against them during their invasion, so I have come to the decision to ally ourselves with the another group who wish the same. Admonition. And it's leader: *pulls Kado up front* Avo.

The crowd stays silent and stares up at Kado

Exima: *punches his TV so hard his fist goes straight through it*

Avo quietly looks down at the crowd for a moment, interested in the silence. "Regardless of your feelings, how you feel about Mythos, there is one fact. Phoenix must be stopped. You have seen the destruction they have wrought. You know of their threat. They are still alive and still strong. Stronger than even before. They already prepare their next move. Earth has only one month to prepare before Phoenix unleashes their next and greatest weapon of all... know it as the device that opened up a rift in the sky that brought low the offense of the two deities that would have otherwise destroyed you all. Yes, that machine lies in the control and hands of Phoenix. And it is that weapon that shall deliver Doomsday to Earth in one month. Everything that ever was... everything that ever will be... everything that is Earth... will be completely and utterly erased. All time. All realites. All life. Earth shall be erased as though it never was... ...and it is my intention to prevent that outcome.

I cannot tell you what you should think or what you should do. Among you, I am considered inferior, hated. I don't care if that never changes, if this effort doesn't even changes a small portion of your hearts. I do not expect you to forgive or tolerate Mythos from this. The only thing I can hope is that this coalition is accepted in your hearts, no matter how much you allot it... that together we may end this evil that threatens to consume not just your world... ...but all worlds. The Admonition, The Counsel, The Warning... at your service. Protect... Counsel... Warn... that is all I desire to accomplish. Please give this effort that me and your President so strongly desire to accomplish a chance, and we The Admonition will do our utmost best to put an end to the Eternal Fire!"

Something flies by Kado's eyes and hits one the agents and he instantly explodes into blood and guts. Everyone begins to panic. Someone from the crowd leaps into the air with a giant triple-headed axe-mace. The President moves Kado out the way before the man strikes the balcony. As the man stand up, he is 8 feet tall and is wearing a black jumpsuit with bandages wrapped all around his face except for one eye being exposed and his mouth.

The President:'re a big fellow, aren't you?

The giant man roars, exposing sharpened teeth and swings at them again. The President pulls Kado back and the head get into the elevator. The man pulls his ax-mace out of the ground, spins it above his head throws it. The ax-mace makes through the elevator doors before they close and it gets stuck into the elevator wall in between Kado and The President. They both look at each other from over the ax-mace with horrified eyes.

"....Sir, at this point, will it hurt to cause property damage in the process of subduing him, or should I be careful?" He asks the President in a under tone.

The President: I guess not...It's not like we need a foundation to stand on.

As they head down to the first floor they can hear explosions and occasionally the elevator shakes. They finally make it to the first floor. But once it opens 5 people wearing oni mask are standing in front of them with machne guns ready to shoot.

The President: *at this point is quite irritated* Well geez...

From inside Kado's mask's eyehole, a red eye opens up, and two of the men suddenly shoot the other three in the heads, then shoot each other. Kado then looks at the President irritably.

"Ok, let's make a new rule. When it comes to escape plans, please do not put us in that situation. No elevators. Also..." A veil of darkness covers them, and they become invisible, but the two can see each other. "Let's take this nice and slow. Also, what good are those damn machines if they can't even shoot an axe wielding psycho attacking the President?"

The President: Their purpose is to pursue myths. Not humans.

They look over the balcony over the first floor and see body guards shooting at people with oni mask

The President: This is madness....*pushes Kado out the way as the ax-mace comes slamming in between them*

The giant man stands up and lets out a roar

The President: Persistent. Like most juggernauts I know.

The giant man jumps down to the first floor and begins decapitating body guards

The President: May God bless their souls...

"So what now? Should I move you back to The Party?"

"Or you could stay around and play abit."

They turn around to see a man weaing a black leather coat and weaing a a black leather jumpsuit under it. His face is covered entirely with bandages with his eye is only being exposed. His eye is wide open and his ires appears to be bloodshot and has stitches and staples along the outline of his iris.

Kado in response fires a pistol straight to the man's face, a powerful energy burst instantly taking out the man's head, then proceeds to blow off the heads of the axe man and his masked men.

"Let's get out of here..." Kado walks up to a window and breaks it open, grabbing the President as he turns into a small dragon and flies out the window and wall, then proceeding to fire blast the rest of the attackers with the President on his back, killing the rest of them.

Something hits Kado's eye and it explodes sending him and the President crashing into the ground. The man walks from the smoke and pins the President down with his foot on his chest with a gun w/ a laser pointer at the President's face.

The President: Why?

"Because it's my job. Hold one second." Point the gun at Kado and fires it under him and explosion goes off sending him flying into the fray. He turns back towards the President. "Now where were we? Oh yes, How was your day, Mr. President?"

As Kado gets up and begins to make his way towards the President the man wearing a red oni mask umps in front of him and draws for a sai. Kado can sees his eyes are black with red irises.

Outside, the area is suddenly flooded in red light, strong enough to counter the rays of the sun.

The CRAzys detect a powerful being descending from the skies, its origin completely unknown as is its race.

CRAzys: Mytho Detected. *they also detect Kado and the man in the red oni masek*

The being's power is so great that all of the men fighting can barely stand on their knees, both the Oni Masked and the security forces, the intensity is strong enough to make the Red Oni Masked being and the man holding the President at gunpoint tremble in terror. The civilians seem even more affected, completely disoriented and unable to think straight from the being's mighty influence.

"Executive order of Phoenix: Exterminate." It says as it lands on a far building directly parallel to the White House.

The President: *takes advantage* Sigma Override 401!

CRAzys: Protect. *the CRAzys jump over the White House and are at the President sides and one of them grabs the man* Hostile Detected. Awaiting Command.

The President: Kill everyone who's wearing a mask.

CRAzys: Command: Kill. *aim their machine guns and begins to shoot all the terr-stricken men wearing oni mask*

The man in the red oni mask disappears

"I wish I could stay too,but..." pulls the trigger on his gun and an explosion makes the CRAzy drop the man. The CRAzy then takes it's fist and smashes the man, but when it raises its hand, the man is no longer there.

Kado immediately starts dodging bullets in a frenzy, eventually finding the President. "HEY! GET THESE THINGS TO STOP SHOOTING AT ME!!!" He says, going intangible as one CRAzy nearly shoots him.

The President: *raises his hand* Stop!

CRAzys: Command: Stand Down. *put their guns down*

The President: Whoo. that was quite a rush...I though I was gonna have another heart attack I havent had in 15 years. *stretches*

Kado emerges and sighs. "Psycho..." He says in annoyance at the CRAzy, then looks at the being standing at the opposite end of the White House, casually standing there as the CRAzys fail to even scratch her with bullets.

His eyes open slightly. "President... ...that face... ...that being looks like Azula... ...sort of... ...Who is that..."

The being notices them, her eyes falling on Kado, then crosses the distance between them in less than a second, landing silently before the President and Kado.

"....Subject identified as Kado... ...Former Rank Seven. ...Action determined... .........capture." She begins to reach her arm out to grab him.

The President: Whoa, whoa, whoa! What do you think you're doing?

She grabs Kado by the cuff of his robe, and easily lifts him up off the ground, he furiously beats at her, but her strength and endurance is such that he isn't able to so much as bother her.

"That tickles. Behave like a good boy, and I shall reunite you with sister... undamaged. She would be so upset if I brought you back broken and in pieces..." She says with an edge of amusement.

Her amber eyes, looking as though they contain the essence of fire itself, looks upon The President for a moment.

"Humans... what a pathetic race. The only thing good for your kin is death... It would be a mercy compared to your pathetic existence now..." She has a magnificent glint of red to her skin, the result of almost invisible fine scales. Even with her overpowering aura, she is also incredibly beautiful, like a goddess. A goddess of war, of destruction. Her tone is judging, him and his race and all of its history.

When Kado struggles further, she silently takes hold of his right arm, and instantly a violent snap and a horrible howl of pain comes from Kado as she instantly breaks his arm.

"I told you to be still. We can rejoin you with Azula once I have destroyed this city..."

The President: *realizes there is nothing he can do* Damn... *realizes something* Wait! all humans are not that bad. Not all of us hate myths. I mean if I hated myths, i wouldn't have saved my compatriot. I saved his life 4 times today. Most humans would just let him die, but i didn't. All we need is a chance. Like with slavery in America. We enslaved them because they were different, and sure even after they were free from bondage, there was still segregation, but they deserved their rights. They have proven time and time again what they were willing to do to show that they could be as equal as those who oppressed them everyday. The same thing can happen with mankind and the myths. Sure it will take much longer, but it can happen. Please don't take him. I owe him my life from yesterday. We may be a measly race, but that doesn't mean we can change.

She quietly breaks Kado's other arm and his two legs, then sets him down for a moment as she grabs the President and lifts him up instead, her eyes boring straight into him, as if to look into his very soul through his eyes.

"World War 2. The massacre of countless humans. Why? Because of one man's hate. And the willingness of other humans to embrace that hate... to animalize, brutalize, starve, humiliate, burn, bury alive, torture, experiment upon, to hate... for just. Being. Alive! So many souls lost. And right after that? The Cold War. Vietnam. Korea. Nuclear Arms Race. The Fantasy War. The Agencies. More animalization, brutality, starvation, humiliation, burning, torturing, experimenting, hating to only hate! You took one victim and exchanged it for another. Mythos.

No matter how much kindness the occasional human shows, they will never atone for their crimes, they will never change. All the human nature is is war, conflict, hatred, violence! I should know... ....because I was once like you, human. I do not remember those times, but I remember I was. Humanity has had time and time to learn the lessons of the past. Crime after crime, atrocity after atrocity. There is no repentance. I do not hate mankind. But mankind has no place in this world. This world rightfully belongs to the race that better understands the cost hatred brings!"

Her eyes narrow dangerously, glowing an ominous aura.

"Why should I give up this man whose heart and that of my sister's belong to each other? Because one man out of millions, no, billions of wicked souls tells me to believe an impossible dream?!"

The President: It wasn't that man's fault...that man didn't have dream...It was an ambition of a spirit. Change can happen. You look at the negatives now, when there are positives you cannot see. The myths can change are point of view..I know this isnt their it wasn't that man's fault...All it takes is one out of billions to make a difference...just one...

"You expect me to let this man go, the thing that matters most to my sister, just because you, a single naive man asks me to?!" She says in a cold tone, a light cracking sound coming from his chest as she flexes her fist tighter.

The President: How about you let the lad have a say in this? Your sister may want him, but let himself verify, because I don't think he feel comfortable being taken against his will.

"I already know he loves her as well. There is nothing to verify. It would be crueler to allow him to wreak this pointless war you so desire to wage with Phoenix and have him offered up as slaughter. The world they so desired to experience, a world where the weak are no longer trampled on, will become reality. And that world... ...will become a reality once you and your kin are exterminated. It's the only thing you've left to be good for." She says coldy.

The President: be it..but our on our have all but dashed your chances at winning this war we humans fight for this will the many myths that reside here...

She begins to laugh. Harshly. "The Mythos are going to stop us? Ha ha ha... they'll gladly watch you burn... besides... we have special plans for that... then... let me show you the difference in powers we possess!" She drops him harshly, then picks Kado up and begins to levitate, flying up and out of the White House, slowly gaining a stronger red aura.

The President: God works in mysterious ways...Goodbye, lad...

Torem: *comes out from nowhere and rams Abeni from behind sending her crashing her into the ground and Kado falls to the ground* Well, I see shit went down here. *picks Kado up to his feet*

CRAzys: Mytho Detected *point their guns at Torem*

Torem: Oh shit!

The President: *raises his hand*

CRAzys: Command: Stand Down. *put their guns down*

Torem: Oh..Oh. My God...I thought I was gonna have to jump it...

Abeni practically gives Torem a death glare. Her wings flare as she stands up, causing a large blast of air. She snarls, and holds out her hand as red energy crackles into the form of a massive greatsword which she swings around, destroying several buildings instantly. Kado simply groans in pain.

"She.... broke my damn legs... my arms... urgh... watch yourself with her..."

Abeni quietly glares at her for a moment, then says, "Mortal Breaker....." Under her breath, and the sword gains distinctive runes on the blade. "....Tell me... what is my opponent's name...? One such as you should be treated with respect in battle..."

Torem: Not all opponents of mine really deserve respect. Name is Torem. And don't bother telling me yours, I already know.

She blinks. "Oh...?" She asks with a hint of amusement. "How's that? We're never met." There is a slight edge of a amused smile, though its not because of what Torem said. It almost seems smug.

Torem: Enlightened being equals hightened knowledge. Surprised you didn't know mine. You are just a bundle of hybridization, aren't you? So many and you don't know who I am? Because you should have hightened knowledge too.

"Well unlike my sisters... as powerful as I am, I've very much a flawed being. I'll admit that.... but it is also true that much of our potential is held back... we cannot achieve our true greatness with our chains... but you know that, don't you? If you know that much about me, you must also know that is not the case for the eldest of us three... the one that man loves. Azula. All the same... flawed as I am... do not mistake me for weak... you'll regret that!" She smiles, then launches a fire storm at Torem.

Torem: *stretches for her hand and the fire is absorbed inter her hand* Weak? No. Weak-minded? Hell yea. *fires a blast of divinity at Abeni*

Abeni casually swats it aside with a bored expression. "Not really.... testing you? Yes."

Torem: I give my self a solid B-. Mostly I'd give myself above an A+. *turns to the CRAzys and raises her hands and draws forth their divinity and she glows with their divinity and a cross glows on her left hand*

There is now a strange glow to Abeni's eyes in response.

Torem: Listen, I don't mind if you take Kado to go meet his girlfriend,but if you take him, you'll have to take me too.

Abeni does not lower her guard, and the glow is still prevalent. "If you want that, then you'll have to swear allegiance to my mistress... otherwise I will take him, beat you down if I must, and be on my way after nuking this city." Her voice echoes with a strange power, one that feels as though she's manipulating the very nature of the area itself.

Torem: Fine. I will.

"By doing so, you will be likely ordered to kill your own comrades and the ones you care about... the human race as well. I do not doubt that you lie." Abeni's sword glows red momentarily.

Torem: I don't care. I still gotta go with him. I swear my allegiance to your mistress.

Her mind suddenly and violently rams into Torem's mind like a spear, diving into her thoughts savagely attempting to read her mind.

Torem: Dig into my mind, you'll see I'm willing to pledge my allegiance just so I can go with Kado. That's my job. No Party goes unattended. So if it means having to against my comrades, so be it. They'll understand.

She stares at Torem while she digs through her mind intently.

Kado look at Torem astounded. "You cannot be serious! You can't just do this, they will take away our minds just like they did to Azula, to her, to all of the Chaos Engines! I will not go back!"

Torem: I'm obligated to follow my orders, Kado. If it requires me to be a servant of a villain and sent to kill off my team just so you can see your lover, then I will do so. On the other hand, if you don't wanna see her, I can always stay get a few punches in before I jump it.

Kado gets more agitated. "Of course I want to see her! But I don't want to see her like this! I want to see her as she was, what she used to be!"

Abeni looks at him. "Like it or not, the form Azula took before you could call merely a shell in which beneath lurked Azula's true self. And now that she has evolved even further, that is Azula now. She can no longer simply be that woman you once knew. You must accept her for what she is... ...Azula Lambda 001.... ....the Lambda of Destruction."


Torem: Wow, epic caps up in here. Well you heard him. He ain't interested in seeing her right now. Mind coming back when she's not made up of mechanical parts?

"You seem to think I'm going to listen to you. Ridiculous." She suddenly closes the distance between them in less than a second, and instead of slashing her as she expected Abeni to do, Abeni merely uses her elbow as a battering ram, which sends Torem reeling off balance, and it is only then that Abeni slashes at her.

Torem: *blocks Abeni's slashes with her arms and punches her in the face in between her slashing*

The next time that Torem blocks her, instead of stopping the blade, the blade cleaves through and cuts off Torem's arm, just as a heavy aura emits from Abeni, and the blade cleaves and lodges in Torem's chest.

"Torem....." Torem hears a dark whisper, and Abeni growls,

"Restriction Number 589.... Released... Releasing Mortal Breaker....." As she say this, Torem's wound suddenly explodes with pain, as the runes on the sword glow brilliantly, making her drop to her knees as though she was Superman just stabbed with Kryptonite.

Abeni pulls the sword out, causing a large gush of blood to spill out of Torem, and Abeni steps back a fair distance, the runes still glowing.

Torem: *arm is bleeding immensely and her chest is gushing blood too, but her wounds meld together and a black ooze from her suit creates substitute arm*

Abeni does not look concerned, merely choosing to observe the situation.

"An angel... and.... what was that called... ahh... Variante... an interesting hybridization... are you by chance an experiment?" She says with mild interest.

Something in Abeni's shadow begins to take shape.

Torem: Yea. I was. But I'm more than just that. *her body begins to team with a black aura*

Abeni quietly watches Torem's black aura. The shape in Abeni's shadow continues to build.

Torem: *her aura disappears* Copycat. I see how this is now.

Abeni suddenly enters a crouch like stance as the shadow rises up into a large armored giant with four arms, with two blades of holy energy and two of demon energy, its form becomes half angelic and half demonic as it draws all four blades and lets out a roar.

Abeni manifests a series of red glowing blades of energy, though they are neither demonic or angelic in nature, they seem to be something else... more primal. In total, there are seven, and they hover in front of her, turning and tilting with every slight movement Torem makes.

The glowing runes on her main weapon still glow golden.

Torem: *looks at the blades and closes her eyes*

Abeni looks at her for a moment, her eyes narrowing.

"Is that honestly all you have?" She asks in a dangerous voice. "You're not even trying. Fight me."

Torem: No.

Abeni in less than a second flies over her and lands next to Kado, who begins to meekly try to get away with his broken arms and legs, but she still easily picks him up again.

"Then I will take him. Without a weakling like you."

Torem: *is instantly in front in Abeni and she just lifts her arm and punches her in the face sending flying into the White House and it topples on her. She catches Kado*

The President: Damn...Take him out of here.

Torem: Yes sir, Mr. President. *disappears with Kado*

The President: Take up your arms.

CRAzy: Command: Prepare Arms. *lift up their machine guns and aim them at the rubbles of the White House*

Obi's Quaters

Obi: *was watching the whole thing* Daaaaaaammmnnnn...I wish I was there...*pouts*

Torem: *appears* Obi, here. *tosses Kado to Obi and disappears again*

Obi: Oh sure leave me with the crippled blond. It's not like I have nothing better to do other than to watch TV.

Back at the White House

Torem: *appears* I'm Back, sir.

The President: Just in time. We're just about to meaninglessly open fire*

Suddenly all electricity in the Capital begins to flow into the rubble at a monstrous rate.

Torem: *puts her hand on the ground and pulls on the electricity, holding it into her grasp* If you're ready, come on out.

A beam suddenly bursts from the rubble, pure electricity that absolutely destroys two of the CRAzys and decimates a large section of the southern section of the city in a powerful 5 nanosecond burst strong enough to knock out the remaining two CRAzys from the EMP resulting from the blast.

The dust settles just in time for them to see mechanical armor retract from Abeni's face and disappear from view.

"Your turn." She says dully.

Torem: no I insist. Machines first?

The President: Delta Reboot 506-1-02.

CRAzys: *reboot* Rebooting.

"Oh that's fancy...." She says with boredom. "Oh please, don't shoot me with the little toy bullets... that hurts so much!" She drowns her words in sarcasm.

All of the CRAzys open their mouth and a fire-looking energy can be seen

Torem: Why can't you just except failure? This doesn't have to escalate any further than it has. If you were smart you'd just except the facts. Kado don't wanna see Azula. So your sister's gonna cry. Boo Hoo. Tell her to suck it up and deal with it. You can't always have what you want. Things change.

"That would imply that those Ion Cannons you're relying on are actually worth shit. By the way...." An aura envelops her as the CRAzys fire, and the energy is absorbed harmlessly into it. The aura seems made of that same primal energy she created the weapons out of earlier. "...They don't. But since you were so kind enough to grant me new knowledge... allow me to impart a little gift to you..."

She suddenly and completely destroys the remaining two CRAzys with the same energy they had fired. She then silently begins walking toward Torem.

CRAzys: *are still standing from the blast*

The President: *is on the ground* Hold.

Torem: *walks towards Abeni*

Abeni closes the distance between them lightning fast, and violently pins Torem to the ground, her eyes glowing menacingly for a moment.

"Trust me when I say: you're weak. I haven't even shown you my true strength yet... that said... you have something I'd like to have...." She places a hand on Torem's chest, effortlessly holding her down as materials from Torem's body begins to flow into Abeni, and after a moment, a firey sensation begins to burn every inch of Torem's body as Abeni smirks in amusement.

"If you actually have a bite to your bark... ...I'd like to see it.... ...when you're one of us...." She chuckles, as the hand opposite of Torem's Angel Hand begins to change and grow dark blue soft scales and small claws.

"Maybe one day we'll meet again, and you will have accepted the Gift of the Lambda.... but until then... don't die... it would be a shame if a fledgling sister died early..." She disappears, as the infection on her hand slowly progresses halfway up Torem's arm, and the hint of a strange biological armor starts to grow at the edge of her claws towards her hand.

Torem: Power you have is not strength. Your heart, body, and mind are what make me strong, but you rely on your physiologies to determine your strength. It's sad, to see you turn out like this against your will. Have your life taken from you and now your under servitude of a wicked being. you say you don't hate humanity, but are still willing to shed their blood. It's because what? You were programmed that way? Whether I become one of you or not, it doesn't matter to me. I did what I was supposed to do. So let me become a machine. Atleast I'll still be who I am. There is also a reason why you're weak-minded.*though she is still being infected it doesn't matter to her*

As the infection begins to reach her shoulder, the scales become skin colored and incredibly soft to the touch, almost like real skin but softer, though in the light they shine the dark blue color. As these changes occur, her energy begins to be depleted as her body's resources are being used up rapidly in the effort to continue the modification, and her unmodified body begins to grow pale in complexion and sweat breaks out.

The President: No! *goes up to Torem* I am so sorry...

Torem: No need, Mr. President....I was doing duty, right.

The President: *is saddened at the sight of her* are correct.

Torem: Really don't like saying that word.

The weight of seven shadows falls upon the President and Torem.

"Well now.... what do we have here....?" A man's voice says with feigned surprise. "It appears there was a Fluctuation we severely overlooked.... a Free Lambda..."

Torem: Yea, What about it?

The CRAzys seem unable to detect the beings standing above Torem, and in front of the President. A yellow cloaked one looks up at the CRAzys. "President, would you be so kind as to remove those abominations from my sight before I 'accidentally' dismantle them at the atomic level?" He says curtly. "They rather piss me off...."

He looks down at Torem. "Hmmm.... so what do you guys think... ...should we kill her for the sake of the timeline we desire, or should we see what new chaos this causes?"

The other figures are silent for the moment.

Torem: Go ahead. I was ready to die anyway. And jokes on you, those guys can withstand an atomic bomb.

"Fascinating. I can survive being in the sun. Point?" The yellow cloaked man says. He taps one of the CRAzys, and it is instantly turned into energy and absorbed by the figure. "About as worthless as a tin can. No. As useful as a speck of dust. Now where were we... ah yes."

The other figures disappear, and the figure grabs her and disappears, reappearing in The Party in the infirmary with her being attached to IV's and life support machines, spare versions of it, five of them are also now installed, each with their own generators.

"I say ah fuck it. I look forward to seeing what your new power will make you capable of...." He disappears, just as Obi comes running in.

Ah yes, Obidah, enjoy the present and be sure to say thank you for saving your agent...

Obi: *sticks out his bottom lips and crosses arms is an 'X' and flicks them off*

"You know, I was going to use the entrance this time around, but that wouldn't be really helpful see as how your agents are being injured left and right," says Volmond, phasing into the room with Obi, "Now before you say anything foolish or vulgar, Obidiah, I am here as a doctor and not to make you appear more insane than you already are. This time, I'm not leaving without getting my job done properly so take that as you will." Volmond materializes his lab coat and bag of medical tools and leaves Obi with Torem.

Obi: Eh...Fine.

Akami and Segura come running to Torem's side

Akami: You alright, Torem?

Torem: Hack yea, man. Nothing I wouldn't expect to happen.

Segura: *turns to Obi* Is she gonna be ok?

Obi; Oh yeaa, most definately. It's nothing that...*spins around and he is instantly wearing a torn up lab coat and a doctor headband* Dr. Diah!

Both: *drop their heads in shame*

Volmond turns around.

"I suddenly felt the cries of a thousand tortured souls in this direction," he says, raising an eyebrow at Obi's new attire, "I did not think you were into cosplay, Obidiah." He looks at Akami and Torem. "Is a doctor required?"

Torem: Well...he's already in the outfit so...*shrugs* Let him have it.

Dr. Diah: Now before we begin. Let me get Kado. *leaves right quick*

Akami: Now's your time! Hurry up before he comes back!

Kado sees Obi coming and pales. "Oh HELL NO!" He quickly shapeshifts into a bird and starts flying away in a panic.

Dr. Diah: *grabs the bird* No, no little birdy. you can't go flyin' off with an injury like. come along now and the doctor will fix you up.

A loud tiger roar goes off as Kado changes form again and races off with big heavy paws at high speed, then changing into a cheetah and going even faster.

Dr. Diah: *grabs the tail and pulls the cheetah back*

While this happens, Volmond erects a sanitation barrier and unpacks his tools. "Explain the degree of your injuries, they may be worse than they appear externally," he says, "I don't want to to too little or too much to aid in your recovery."

Torem: Someone will find you out or something?

"No, but I do not wish to over heal you," he says, "That's actually possible and not very pleasant in the long run."

Dr. Diah: *brings in an unconscious Kado with his head bleeding and has a bloody bat in the other hand*

Akami: Diah, you didn't...

Dr. Diah: He was being stubborn...*wipes his nose and lays Kado on an examination table* Now to check the wounds.

Dr. Diah is promptly kicked in the face. "HA! Played dead, asshole!" Neo cackles and escapes into a shadow.

Shinwa, who has been watching over Naomi, sighs, then notices Volmond. "Legna!" She says happily.

"...My headache just compounded," mutters the doctor before greeting Shinwa, "It is good to see you, Shinwa. We can talk after I treat the young lady and your brother..."

She nods, then sees Torem. "......Lambda....." She says quietly, from the echoes of her faint memories.

Torem: Yea...I guess you know something about it.

Dr. Diah: *is beating Neo up with his own shadow* Stop being so flippin' stubborn or you wont get a lollipop. you know, those swirly rainbow kind that turn out to be as big as your face.

"I DON'T - OW! NEED - OW! YOUR - OW! HELP! -OW!!! Stop hitting me!!! You have got to be a dumbass doctor to not notice that my legs and arms regenerated when I shapeshift! NOW QUIT HITTING ME AND GO PLAY PRETEND DOCTOR ELSEWHERE!"

Shinwa looks over at the commotion for a moment, before looking at Torem quietly with sad eyes, her eyes quietly watching the change continue at a slower, but still fast rate, the infection has changed her body halfway across her torso and is slowly spreading across and downwards, growing more slowly up the neck.

"....This was... my sin... ....the Lambdas... ....they're my fault...." Shinwa says quietly. "Forgive me... ...I have.... a journal... can... it and... ....use it to adjust...'s the least I can do...." She can no longer looks Torem in the eyes, but now has a kind of notebook in her hands.

A young man walks down the street without drawing attention before the gathered group sees the Junkyōsha Party emblem on his satchel's strap. He draws his gun.

Volmond doesn't turn around.

"Drop the weapon. Now," he says calmly, though his aura denotes otherwise. "I do not care for your reason. Drop the weapon, you will only get a single warning." 

He holsters the gun. "So it IS the infamous Volmond Blaat."

"And you're a dellusional child," retorts the doctor, not giving the boy a glance. "I'd becareful though, the wrong people may affiliate you with the man you're speaking out and that wouldn't end well. It never does for the lackey's of a Dark Lord."

The man takes his place in the group. "I was sent by Obi. Anyone wanna fill me in befor I blow up some pedestrians? Been a while since I've seen fireworks."

"...If you have a death wish, you could do that," warns the doctor, "Just sit and wait, you'll learn in due time."

Obi: Well since I am not need it's time for the holidays! *takes off his lab coat and he's instantly wearing a torn Santa coat with ripped sleeves and torn red shorts, a belts and a long-tailed Santa hat and has a beard just like Exima's....and practically looks exactly like him. He speaks in an irritating deep, semi-jolly voice.* Ho Ho To the Mother Fucking Hoe. It's me you little bastard kiddies. Santa Obi or St. Obilaos. Whichever works.

Neo whips out a sledgehammer and smashes Obi over the head. "That! Is! Creepy!" He snaps, every word paired with a sledgehammer smash.

Shinwa sighs. "Please calm down...."

Santa Obi: *is blocking with his pinky* You heard your sis. Calm..* takes the sledgehammer out of Neo's hands and rams it into his stomach making him fall to his knees while holding his stomach* Down. *throws the sledgehammer away and it lands ontop of Naomi, and her and her medical bed crash to the floor*

"..........Out," says the doctor as the air in the room becomes heavier, "Everyone who isn't helping or injured, out of the room.... Actually, take Obidiah with you regardless."

Torem: Listen Shinwa. You shouldn't feel bad for what happened to me. I was ready for something like this. I do appreciate the extra help.

Neo grabs Obi and tears him away from the room, and Shinwa replaces Naomi on the bed after straightening it back up.

"No... you don't understand... ...White and I... ...we're pieces of each other... ...because of what I did, you're being changed against your will. Becoming one of the creatures I made... mistakes... our mistakes... they're growing beyond control and its my fault... ....this whole war Earth is involved in I started... I planned... It was all me."

The man with the military gear speaks up after sitting down. "Well, I'm Haru. Thanks for inviting me to support group. I love killing. Maybe too much. I've been diagnosed insane and been trained- slash tested on -since I was five. Lets see... Oh yea! Are we going to go kill people or exchange sob stories all day. Nobody gives a fucking shit about how its (in girly voice) 'My fault!' so just cut the crap. Lets go... Right after I find out who we're killing..." At the finish he stands up. Haru then pulls out a knife and starts to twirl it on his extended middle finger, leaving the others down.

The doctor sends Haru a look that radiates pure killing intent.

"You. Out. Now. Else. You'll. Be. The. One. Killed," he snarls, "You aren't helping, nor an you injured and you will not be treated if you inflict an injury upon yourself. Now go away."

"I actually have a bullet in a lung, and one in my shoulder. Thats the red by the way."

Volmond rips both bullets out of Haru with his hands, cauterizes the wounds with ionized plasma, then kicks Haru clear across the hallway with enough force to liquefy his ribs and compress his all of the organs in his torso. He cleans his hands then takes several extremely deep breaths to calm himself. He resists the urge fire an Erasure Bolt at Haru, but barely.

Torem: I know, Shinwa. Sure it's your fault, but you want fix your mistakes, right? There are more of your creations out there. What God is going to do with them, I do not know but I can take a guess.

Shinwa hugs Torem quietly as she starts to cry. "I'm sorry... ...I'm sorry that you are becoming another of my mistakes... ...if you had gotten here sooner maybe I could have kept it to that arm...."

Segura: Well...*takes out his sword* There is only one way to stop this...

Akami: *blocks his way* Segura Stop! Wht are you doing?

Segura: *moves past Akami and raises his sword* Sparring her from becoming one of them! *drives the sword down*

Akami: *catches the sword* Drop It!

Segura: Look at her, Akami! She's gong to be an abomination! And it's your fault! If it weren't for you, Torem wouldn't have to save your sorry-ass brother! And if it weren't for you, she wouldn't be turning!

Akami: *grabs Segura's arm* Stop it!

Segura: *pulls away and steal one last hateful look at Shinwa and turns and leaves the infirmary*

The doctor's eyes flicker from gold to red with such intensity that they appear to be amber for a moment, before the anger drains from him and his eyes become a dull greenish blue. He takes several more deep breathes before finding Haru and casting form preservation spell on his body. He then returns to the infirmary and touches Torem's infected arm. What appear to be blue and gold circuits flow from his finger tips over her body.

"Analyzing," he says as the lines retreat, "Copying sequences internally." He produces a silken string and ties it loosely around Torem's neck. "Torem, this is going to hinder the spread of the tranformation, but it won't be able to stop it completely. Keep string on a all times if you wish to halt your transformation for a while, though your abilities and capabilities will be greatly dampened while you wear it. Until I figure out how to reverse such a transformation, you'll be stuck in this state.... Unless you want a completely different body, in which case prepare to feel the heat of the sun and the sensation of your blood evaporating, Arias are not the most pleasant healing feeling of spells."

Torem: I understand. *feels the ribbon around her neck*

"I wish to do more than that..." Shinwa says quietly out of nowhere, then looks at Torem. "...Torem. Look into my eyes. Don't look away."

Torem: Um....Ok. *looks into Shinwa's eyes*

When she does, a sort of third eye made of energy forms on Shinwa's forehead, and her countenance changes to her true form, a perfect mix between white asian dragon and humanoid forms. To Torem's perspective, the rest of the world falls away and Shinwa simplifies into a glowing blue being, while her own being is white, but the half of her torso infected along with the arm appear as a deep blue glow in comparison, though the eye on her forehead is still just as prevalent.

Torem: You trying something to prevent it?

I cannot prevent not harrass it. There is a way that you can be you. But a Lambda will still be born. It is still early. I cannot erase the Lambda soul from you, it has grown too far. ....I can however....

....split your soul.

Torem: That means that I'll be someone completely different then?


A image of Torem appears, with a perfect split of her and the Lambda soul splitting her equally. She then shows Torem an image of Kado, with a similar split only at the core of the being a single white sphere is visible, though cracked.

Unlike Kado, who needs three souls to maintain balance... ...your Lambda will be you, and you will be your Lambda. It is a different split than the fracture that occurred in my brother.

There is something you should know about this. I completely speed up the creation of a Lambda, but I connect it and your will directly. In other words, one unifying will. Two portions of one soul. It isn't a true split... fact this is closer to being a sealing technique than a full split of the soul. In this case... if I do this, the Lambda within you will respond to your will and your emotions. In some respects you are still a Lambda. But you have complete control over how much you become one. Say you wish to draw on 10% of your Lambda soul. You in general become 10% Lambda. 50%, you become 50% a Lambda. You're about 49% now.

....That said, if you ever choose to go 100%... will override the split instantly and you will be completely changed into a Lambda. Do you understand this?

Torem: *looks over to her Lambda soul* Understood.

Should I do this procedure Torem... understand that you could technically have absolute control over your being from this point. As you were before the Lambda transformation, you will be no different than as if this never happened. Understand though that each Lambda has a theme, an Aspect. Azula.... is Judgement and Destruction, for example. In addition, it is not only your will that causes change, but emotions. Your emotional state can affect if a change occurs. At most, I would say 75% is the maximum you would be able to control without turning.

In time this change becomes as easily as moving your finger. You may not even realize at times if you are changed. That said, you will always have to train your mind at all times to reconize the Lambda as seperate but apart of you. If you push it away too far, it will gain self awareness. Too close, and you will become a Lambda. ...Torem.... regarding the Lambda, how do you feel about it, do you want it gone, are you willing to co exist with it, or are you willing to evolve? I won't pressure you in any way. I just want to know what you feel about this side of you.

Torem: I will coexist with it.

Alright... ....I'm going to withdraw us from this awareness for the moment. It is good that Legna restrained it... will give me time to prepare.

They are back in the material world, as if nothing had happened. She looks at Akami while she is still in her Perfect Dragon Form. "Akami, I need to talk to all of you about something I want to try and do. It can prevent Torem from becoming a Lambda... a way. As her teammates, I want to make sure you will be happy with this conclusion. It is still her choice, but... ....I don't want to do this and ignore your feelings on the matter."

Akami: It doesn't matter to us, as long as we have Torem. Our Torem.

"I'm going to have to ask you to trust me and do as I say. What I'm going to do is going to seem contradictory, but you need to trust me. I need to put her somewhere out in the open where nothing can get... ...blown up."

Torem: I'm outside almost everyday.

Their outside in the wheat fields.

Shinwa sighs. "...I'm going to have to speed up the change into a full Lambda, while also preserving her spirit. I will need to preserve the half of her that is still untainted, while dedicating the other half to sealing the Lambda within her. Do you understand?" She asks.

Akami: Yes I understand butwhy am I here? I mean what do you need me to do?

"Precautions... ...if the Lambda becomes sentient, and hostile for that matter, it will need someone who can hold it down long enough to be suppressed. Spiritual matters are very finicky. So unless she tries to rip our heads off, I shouldn't have to ask for your help."

Akami: Ooooohh ok, I get it. Then proceed.

Shinwa thinks for a minute. "...Right.... hmmm.... I might need a power source like a generator or something... ....this is gonna take a lot of energy."

Akami: Here. *takes off her gauntlets* This should give you the power you need. *gives them to Shinwa*

"How so?" She looks at them curiously.

Akami: They allow to use chaotic empowerment, but it can be used for other uses than what it was intended for. It will give you the power you need without effecting you. For me those are used to limit my own powers and to channel them, and enhance them.

She places them on her hands, and slowly begins to close her eyes as she places her hands over Torem's chest, taking deep breaths as she begins to meditate.

......I.... don't even know if this will reach anyone's ears... ...but... ...I can still feel the wrong... ...just for a few moments... I can feel the weight of it all... ....I can't remember... ....I'd rather not remember.... ...but please... ...if there is anyone there... ....I'm.... sorry... ...Please...

Not for the first time since she had awoken, her thoughts almost instinctively desire to call out to something, though she doesn't understand what or who she begs to.

Lights shine through the clouds and they sine above the girls

Torem: I think God can here you.

I... ...I will do anything... ...anything... set things right... ...I will start by preventing this girl... ....from becoming another one of my failures... ...please... ...give me mercy... ...give me the will I need to help her....

Torem begins to levitate in the air being surrounded by divine light as she and the Lambda are beginning to split apart.

Shinwa begins to seal the Lambda portion of Torem's soul, but she starts to feel a prickling sensation. What is... this sensation....?

Torem: God is showing you mercy. For now. Maybe it's the stress or you splitting my soul has taken alot out of you.

Once Torem's soul has been stabilized and mended so that the split will not affect her being, she rests a moment, but eventually notices Shinwa is breathing heavily, her eyes are growing dim, and cracks are forming on her body, flakes of what looks like dust falls from the cracks.

Troem: Holy crap! *gets over to Shinwa and picks her up*

They rush back into the infirmary and place her on a bed

Torem: Man, what do we do?

Akami: I don't know!

Torem: Damn...OBI!

Santa Obi: *comes in with Neo being choke-holded under his arm* Yea what is it?

Torem: Good, you brought 'em. *snatches Neo out of Obi's grasp and shows him Shinwa* Do you know what's happened to her?

Neo takes one look at her and closes his eyes. "Her body is empty. Might as well be a pile of dust at the moment."

Torem: holy shit..wait. You said at the moment right? So she won't be like this for long?

"Mmmm.... Not exactly. I should say, depending on who you mean by 'She'." Neo chuckles.

"Hm- " Volmond looks up and stops when he sees Shinwa's present state. He practically blinks to her side to assess the situation before looking at Akami and Neo. "Did she use up all of her energy?"

"No." He waits for a moment before adding, "They are... ....solving 'family issues'. .....Polite way of saying Shinwa and White are trying to murder each other in the Spirit Realm, don't know the details, don't particularly care at the moment."

He blinks. "Shinwa just practically screamed in my ear that she does not want your help apparently..."

"Alright, but if things get especially bad..." he trails off.

"....If I said 'Original Will', would anything come to mind?" Neo says after a moment of reluctance.

"The original being they once were," says the doctor, "While I've not dealt with Spirits for long, I've seen beings split into two seperate beings, then recombined or completely separated because of the presence or lack of the 'Original Will'."

"Well... ...basically I don't get the full picture, but I'm getting the impression Shinwa wants to somehow destroy 'the last bond' they share."

"Ah... Is that truly wise, I wonder..."

Santa Obi: *is stroking his beard with his thinking face on* Hmmm. Interestin'. *nods* but it sounds pretty wise to me if she's doing it.

Volmond scrunches his face up, but says nothing.

Neo glares at Obi. "Oh and by the way. I can't die. So while it hurt, your little chokehold crap's worthless."

He then sighs for a moment. "Man this is a real bother...."

Santa Obi: Who said I wanted you dead? You're useless if your dead.

"That makes two of us who feel that way," says the doctor, addressing Neo while propping Shinwa's head up and summoning an extremely soft pillow underneath it. The doctor removes a silver ring from his hand and places it within Shinwa's. Please return safely...

Santa Obi: You're marrying her comatose body? Well, it's better than raping her comatose body. Lord knows we don't need another Sleeping Beauty story. *walks out*

The doctor gives Obi one of the darkest, evilest smiles. A black sword bound in chains appears by his side, but he refrains from drawing the sealed weapon, not wanting to destroy the entirety of the Slums and quite a bit of the area around it.

"Ingenious, simply ingenious, Obidiah," says the doctor, Because giving the woman you love your good luck charm is obviously marrying her comatose, prone form. I obviously don't care about the opinion or will of others and only do what I want when I want... Again, you've decreased the amount of brain cells of everyone in the room. Please refrain from doing that. One only knows how many brain cells your compatriots have managed to retain around you and your love of costumes..."

Santa Obi: *yells down the hallway* My house, fool. My rules. Don't like 'em, get da' fuck out.


The two Spirit Dragons clash violently, claws ripping and tearing at each other.

"Oh come on Shinwa, is that really all you have?!" White cackles with savage glee. "I haven't even used light speed yet! I can read every movement you make! What makes you think you can defeat me?! More to the point, you'll never be able to finish that little detail if you don't beat me! Unless you add the finishing touches, that seal will unravel and Torem's as good as completely changed!" She lets out another gleeful laugh as their claws rip at each other.

Shinwa does her best to ignore what White says, focusing on holding back the savage Negative spirit from overwhelming her mind.

"I will defeat you... I will overcome you, put an end to what we've done! I'll save my soul from our past sins!" She says with determination.

"Face it Shinwa... now you're even weaker than when we split off... ...I'll admit you showed courage back then standing up to me... standing up against yourself... ...but really now... you're too weak! You don't even understand the depth of what binds us together! How can you break us apart when you don't even know what it is that chains our pieces' destiny? Your fate is tied to mine until that chain is broken! ....I'm going to devour you... and destroy the last remnant that ever was 'Shinwa'!" White says with a malicious, fanged smile.

"You know it too, don't you? We belong together... why fight it? A statue is incomplete if its broken... a window can't be seen clearly until its fixed and put back together...." She laughs.

"Shut up, I'm not you! I'll never be you again!" Shinwa cries out, desperately clawing at the horrid face she herself used to wear... holding back despair at the strength of her wicked nature...

No... I don't want to be that person... ...I opened myself up while I manipulated Torem's soul... White sensed me... she's trying to take my portion and make it hers... ...I've got to... got to... break these ties! ...But what.... but what?!

Why are we still bound together?!

White merely cackles as she gouges Shinwa's side, Shinwa gasping and crying out in pain.

"Give it up... your weak resolve could never destroy The Origin!" She laughs cruelly.

What is it.... ....what is it....? What is it that I'm missing....? ....Show me... someone show me the answer....!


Volmond's eyes narrow.

"Neo, can you relay the situation? I may have to break a rule or two..."

"Shinwa is struggling to hold off White, while trying to discern what the Origin is. Not exactly smart to divide attention like that, though it's only in the presence of White I'd imagine she'd be able to break the Origin." He shrugs. "Why?"

"How bad would you say the situation is?"

"Ah, Shinwa's moping, got clawed in the side... general White is just demoralizing and taunting at this point and Shinwa is barely holding her own ground..." He shrugs. "I'd say in general not good. For Shinwa. And possibly you, since you seem to like her. Me? She's a positive. I don't like positive Spirits... ...kinda like Ace."

"Alright... I guess I should do that then," says the doctor as an odd rebellious energy swirls about him. Shinwa, hold on for just a little longer... I'm counting on you.


Shinwa gasps, then pants heavily as White presses the attack.

Just what is it that... ...I'm looking for....?

White chuckles. "Man, and you said you were going to make amends? What an empty promise! You can't keep a promise, no matter how hard you try! You've failed Heaven, your dear lover, Admonition, that dump that you call a Party, everyone! Just give up!"

She suddenly rushes Shinwa and grabs her throat. "So now... shall we become one again?" White's red markings begin to crawl onto Shinwa's body, and she begins to let out horrid screams as White's essence begins to pour into her, filling her with White's memories, emotions, thoughts, starting a long and painful take over of Shinwa's being.

"Yes.... yesssss.... cry out in pain.... cry out in anguish! Feel your heart become mine, your desires, your thoughts, your mind, your memories, your body, and yes.... ....your soul..." White chuckles cruelly as Shinwa's existence begins to be choked out by her own being, corrupting her and slowly changing her into an extension of herself.

N-n-nooooooo! I am... I am.....!


NO! I am...! I am....!







Just as White is about to directly absorb Shinwa's soul, Shinwa sees a chain grabs a hold of it as she drowns in the abyss, and it's all that it takes to make White flinch and lose control.

How did you find that?! White roars, panicking.

I... I... found... my own will...

Shinwa tears away, her being restored. I can't lose... not yet.....!

White glares at Shinwa with renewed revilement. The two draw large swords of negative and positive energy, and charge at each other, their blades clashing.

....What is the will that united us as one... the reason I could accept her as a part of me?


"She hasn't failed any of us," says the doctor, not speaking to anyone in the room, but into the Spirit Realm, "If anything, she's given hope and mended, White. Shinwa, you have my faith and trust."

Akami: Is everything gonna be alright with her?

Torem: I can feel it. She might come through.

A man in a military outfit with a Party emblem in the satchel walks up with a hand gun and leans an arm on Torem. "Miss me?" he says. They all remember how the doctor killed him... didn't he?

"I'd ask that you close your mouth for the next hour lest I erase it along with the rest of your being," retorts the doctor, not looking up, "And no, you were not missed. I dare say more was accomplished without you taking up precious oxygen to fuel your empty cranium and web filled thought process... If a mindless dolt can even think in the slightest, which I highly doubt."


White blinks in the midst of the fight, then scowls. "He always favored you didn't he? It won't matter, because after this fight the only Shinwa that will be will be in his memories!"

Memories.... Shinwa thinks quietly. She still is recovering from White's attempted corruption. But more than that... ....memories... ....memories of everything, while terrible and overwhelming... ....feel right. Natural. Like they were always meant to be within her mind....

These.... ....these are our memories...

A determined fire fills her eyes.

A purpose.... A reason to be one...


"You're wrong White," says the doctor, but doesn't complete the sentence aloud. I favored you both equally...


Just as White is about to make a stab and impale Shinwa, something in the silent spirit realm snaps. White suddenly has a chain appear in her back, pulling her, pulling her away.

"NO! HOW DID YOU.....?!" White roars in rage.

"....The whole time.... ....I thought I was protecting Kado... guiding him. ...I wasn't... reality..." The chain connecting Shinwa and White's beings, the Origin, breaks apart. "....All I did was torment him... ...I ruined his life. My desire to protect him, my desire to guide him on the right path... is finally genuine. ...It was more than enough to realize that what connected us was a misguided belief that we had to sacrifice ourselves so that someone else can be happy! I will destroy you, White Spiritwood! Find your own reason to exist! You are no longer me!" Shinwa yells, then her grasp on consciousness fades.


Volmond and the others see a gentle soft orb of light appear in the air and it gentle floats down into Volmond's hands, and he realizes as he cups his hands around the soft orb, that it is the core of Shinwa's being, now free of her corrupt twin's influence on her soul. Her being's energy softly hums with a faint pulsation of light, mimicking a heartbeat.

"Shinwa," he whispers, a genuine smile forming on his face, "You're safe..."

He feels a soft brushing of her consciousness against his, a soft windy version of her voice can be weakly heard emitting from the sphere.

"Tired.... tired..... ....sleepy.... me sleep......"

As you wish. The doctor nestles Shinwa to the center of his chest and releases a calming, soothing aura as he allows her to rest within the lighter part of his spirit. Sleep well...

Neo pretends to gag. "Bleeeh.... positive spirits... so lovey dovey...." ".... Oh shut up Ace!" Neo snaps. "Yes, I hate you too!"

The doctor chuckles at Neo. "I've met Kado and Neo, but not Ace."

Neo's face sours. "Good luck with that." He chuckles suddenly. "Kado is getting embarrassed just by me acknowledging she exists. Mannn he doesn't like her around. Especially now that she talks... only way he'd be more embarrassed now is if he got reduced to her state...."

"What do you mean," asks Volmond, now intersted.

A cruel light enters Neo's eyes. Kado's voice becomes audible for a moment. No. Do not. Neo you jack ass. Do NOT.

He lets out a snicker. "Well when Kado just gets knocked out in general and there's a general threat involved... Doucheback Obi over there, I pop out... ...but when Kado becomes weak and powerless and stuff like that... *cackle* He turns into Ace for a while."

"Ah... I see," notes the doctor.

Neo sighs before Kado turns back to normal. "....Man I hate that kid..." He grumbles. "...So Shinwa is alright now?" He asks Volmond, hoping to change the subject away from Ace.

"She's resting currently, but she should be fine if given enough time," he replies, "How're you holding up?"

"That's good.... ....I'm fine. I guess. Things could be better in life, but considering how much worse they could be, I'm fine. ....Can't believe Azula has a sister though...."

"Ploooot twiiist!" The man with the hand gun says as he shoots the pedestrian he's been beating to a pulp. "What," he starts as they look at him,"he held a gun to my head and said 'Give me all ya got' so I beat him and made him suffer before shooting hi-" he stops as a great idea pops into his head. "Who wants to see a human firecracker?

Akami: Dude! What the heck were you doing? That guy was drunk! *takes the gun the man had, points it at Haru and fires it. A dart sticks to his head* It was a toy gun.

"Eh. Feels good to kill." The man blows up and bits of him fly away from the group, only getting on Haru. Haru bursts out with hideous laughter.

"Do you recall about what I said about killing pedestrians," smiles the doctor as dozens of scalpels appear around him. His aura is anything but happy, borderline purely malicious and angry.

Akami and Torem backaway.

Kado picks up a rock silently and throws it at Haru, it lands and nothing happens as it stays by his feet. Then....

BOOM! Haru finds himself without legs.

"You are not allowed to kill the people who live here, or anywhere else unless you're ordered to. If I find you doing that again, I'll be sure to turn you into a living bomb."

Akami: Uhhhhmmmm...Hey look, Naomi's awake! Oh thank Jesus.

The doctor dematerializes his scalpels and his aura reverts to being calm. He turns to check on Naomi.

"Mmmmmm.... ....whaaat's going onnnnnn?" She moans.

Kado has a weak smile. "It's good to see you're awake." He gently strokes her head, which makes her lightly blush and grow her ears again.

"Many things happened, some of which were unsavory," says the doctor, "Also, Obidiah accidentally hit you over the head with a sledgehammer... At least I think it was by accident."

Akami: You alright, Naomi? You took quite a strike to your head. Are you suffering from amnesia? Do you know who we are?

She blinks, her eyes tired. "Yeah.... head just hurts.... does my stomach.... ....I only wanted to show him my resolve and that I didn't need Kado protecting me...." She grumbles.

Kado smirks lightly, then starts playing with her ears. "Noooooo...." She moans, blushing harder.

Kado smirks harder. "You know it's always fun to do that. You're just so easy to tease. You know I like you with ears and tails just as much as you with no foxy features right? ....Well that's not honestly true, I do think you're cute when you're honest with yourself.

Even if you don't want me to play protector, I'm still gonna protect you even if you protest and complain like you do. Alright?"

Naomi averts her eyes.

Akami: Also, Rev wanted us to give you this before he had to go.*hands her the bluetooth* If you don't know how to use it, stick it in your ear and press the button and it should call. I'm glad Segura didn't kill you. He tends to get overboard when he's hurt.

She holds it curiously, then quietly puts it away.

"....I just wanted to prove myself.... ....I still can't do anything right...." Her ears flatten against her head.

"All in due time, Young One," says the doctor, "Maybe you are being too hasty. It is better to be slow and steady than to rush and overlook."

Akami: Better us train you than Obi, right?

Naomi looks away. "I don't want to train with either of them...." She says quietly.

Volmond can start to feel some of Shinwa's dreams as she slumbers, the sensation of the contact with her soul is almost like being attached to a battery at the same time as it is incredibly soothing.

Kado then quietly reaches over and starts tickling Naomi's ears, smiling as she starts laughing.

"N-N-No stop! That tickles!"

"That's why I'm doing it, silly."

"Please! No! Hahahahaha!"

He only stops when she has difficultly breathing and has tears from laughing so much.

"Admit it, you feel better."

"......You win this round...." She says as she struggles to get a grip again.

Torem: And i forgot Rev had to leave today. We didn't even get to say goodbye to him.

Akami: I know right. Well tomorrow Segura will be training you again. So you prepared.

Naomi lets out a small growl. Kado swiftly retreats his hand back.

"I don't want to train with him again. He will just put me right back in here and won't even take me seriously for wanting to prove myself... ...he's a heartless bastard and go rot in a hole..." She buries her face in a pillow.

Akami: Segura is hard, yea. But he's seen a lot of these people die and it has been hard for him to handle it. So if he does act the way he does, just know he's taking it hard. He just needs some space to cool himself down.

"....He doesn't have a right to judge if the people he judges are better than a cockroach like him...." Naomi grumbles.

Torem: Just remember that that cockroach put you in the infirmary, so.

Akami: Torem!

Torem: Sorry...I mean it's true though

Haru walks over to them on newly made legs and pants. "Ah, metal... It's kind of cold. And I think the guy is like that to toughen you up. So far, I don't blame him really. You break and bend whenever someone tells you something bad. I mean seriously get some mental capability girl."

Akami: It's just that he isn't really that willing to trust anyone right off the back like we are. I mean the last time we end very well...But how about this. Can you walk?

Naomi's ears flatten. "...Yes, why?" She asks irritably.

Akami: We can get few more hours of training in before tomorrow.

Her head turns to face Akami for a moment, then looks at Haru, then back at Akami. "That isn't an excuse for hospitalizing me... ....he's still a trash bag... and I'm not interested in being anyone else's punching bag...." Her face meets the pillow again.

Akami: Well it's you either train or you become a punching-bag in the future.

Naomi's hair bristles, and an explosion detonates right next to Akami's ear.

"I don't need training from anyone. I was trained in stealth, assassination, and quick overwhelming strikes. I am strong, but I am not good for prolonged battles, rather quick and effective elimination. I don't need bombs, because I can make anything a bomb. Including a person. You guys act as though me and Kado are children who's never been taught how to fight."

Akami: It doesn't hurt to sharpen up your skills. There will be a day where you will get your ass handed to by someone far more combat ready than you and you ask yourself, 'How did we loose so easily?" Because you refused to keep yourself at your peak. Like I said it doesn't hurt.

Haru looks into Naomi's eyes. "We are treating you like this because you haven't proven yourself. One does not just 'prove' themselves. They prove themselves over time, of which you cannot change. You must be patient." He pulls out a gun and shoots out a flare that shows a clock in the sky.

"Says the insane gun man..." Naomi says in annoyance. She silently springs up and lands on his head, causing him to fall into the floor face first and she walks out of the infirmary, with Haru's face firmly joined with the ground, her feet and legs canine.

"Since you're not willing to give any respect to the training I have, fine. 'Train' me, Akami Half Dragon." She says in a vexed temper as she walks out. Her claws make sharp tapping noises as she walks.

Akami: I'm not saying your training isn't efficient, but I'm saying you need to be prepared. You don't know who is going come up and threaten the existence of The Party. It might be someone who is stronger than all of us. Even Obi.

Naomi looks at Akami. "Listen Akami. Speech mode, really needs to go offline right now. Seriously. Don't try to kill me because I try to prove myself and then whine about how I don't prove myself. I'm not a frontlines fighter, think assassinations, catching people off guard, blowing people up, and short skirmishes to eliminate a threat, not prolonged one on one battles. That's how I was trained to fight, and it's the only kind of fighting I excel at. I can't do the '1v1 epic battle to the death' and 'battle among gods' stuff others can do. Can I hold my own? Sure. I just don't have the physical strength and raw fighting power to make me a valuable head on fighter. You don't like it, grow up." She starts walking off, all of her tails present and a flickering red aura around her.

Akami: You don't need to prove yourself, we knew you more than enough and who said you needed to be strong to fight one on one? We all have our ways of fighting. for you it's stealth, but not everything can be handled that way. Sort of like how everything can't be handled on one-on-one. When it comes to fighting head-on, it's not about your strength, it's about what you've got at your disposal. Most of the skills you've learned can be applied on one-on-one. But if you wanna stick with hiding in the shadows, fine with me. Just remember I don't want to here you whimpering when it comes to bite you in the ass. Not everything has to be done in the dark.

Haru stands. "Ah, fuck this. I'm going to go kill shit. And no, nowhere near Blaat. See ya," he says as he walks past Naomi. Haru pulls his gun as he looks back at her. "Wanna join me, lovebirds?" he asks as he motions for Kado as well.

Kado ignores him, looking at Shinwa's empty body quietly. His eyes flicker to Torem, his eyes showing concern.

"....I'm.... ...sorry I didn't get a chance to thank you for helping me out there, Torem. ....I'm sorry about what happened to you. ....It is partially my fault... ...if an enemy like that is what we will have to face against... Admonition has a lot of work to do...."

Torem: Hey man, I was glad that I could've done so. Better me than you, right? Your group needs a leader. Me. I can be replaced. Not hard to find a guardian.

Naomi lets out a heavy breath, a flame curls out of her mouth for a bit before the aura disappears along with the flame.

"....I'm sorry for the outburst. I will train with you, let's just go... ....maybe it will be good stress relief...."

The doctor glares at Haru and a strange aura overtakes them both. "Have fun with that..."

At the dojo

Akami: Now I want you to fight me, but do it the way you know how. Don't worry, I wont beat you to a pulp, because I'm not Segura.

Naomi nods lightly, her ears perking up and her tails extend fully out, and she claps, causing katanas to drop out of the sky, one landing in the grasp of each tail, two she grabs with her hands, and one she grabs with her teeth. One of them is Firehawk, which has a red blade that glows brilliantly, the one she grabbed with her mouth. She hunkers down low to the ground, her body builds up tension, ready to spring at a moment's notice.

Akami: For now, You attack and I block or evade, okay?

With a light nod, Naomi springs with great speed at Akami, spinning in a wide, swift arc, causing her five tails with swords to spin with her in a violent cutting motion straight at Akami, while also stabbing at her with the two swords she holds in her hands. Her attacks are swift, but brief, allowing for a steady stream of attacks, leaving very room for a counter attack.

Akami: *blocks the first few attacks and dodges the stabs and backs up from Naomi* Good. Keep going.

Naomi then switches attack pattern to a sweeping stabbing motion with her arms aimed at Akami's chest, while her tails evenly stab from both sides, while she kicks with her legs at Akami's footing.

Akami: *begins to dodge in a form of break dancing but still manages to get a few cuts on her*

In mid formation, Naomi breaks pattern again and suddenly rams Firehawk's hilt into Akami's stomach while her tails make a scissor cut at her.

Akami: *catches Firehawk and dodges Naomi's blades, then lets go of Firehawk*

Naomi then heats up Firehawk and then slices at Akami, and even when she dodges the heat-blade still burns her skin along with a small cut. She makes another attack with the sword but cuts it off half way with a flip that lands her behind Akami then rapidly spins, a whirlwind of blades and fire directed straight at Akami's back.

Akami: *twirls out the way and her burning cuts heal*

Naomi then springs up in the air and begins flinging blades into the air, kicking each one at Akami with a burst of fire, and each blade's length is extended severely by an aura of red flame, making far less reaction time possible.

Akami: *smacks as much as she can out the way with her gauntlets, but a few pierce her arm*

Naomi hands grow larger, thicker, as does her arms, and her tails seem to get larger and thicker as well. Quickly hunching on all fours, she launches herself towards Akami in a variety of styles, utilizing her tails and altered limbs to supplement her style with an edge of unpredictability, her five tails being used as additional 'arms' make it difficult to predict some of her strikes, her movements half human half bestial in nature.

Akami: *blocks her strikes and dodges them more elegantly than before as if she expected her moves not to predicted at all*

Naomi then tries to off set Akami's balance with kicks that send small bursts of fire at her feet as well, while switching to a more direct style of jabs and pressure point stabs.

Akami: *dodges in a drunken-like movement*

Naomi dives forward, getting slightly frustrated, and does a flip kick into Akami's chest.

Akami: *catches Naomi's foot with both arms* Stop. *lets go of her foot*

She pants, complying and shrinking back a moment, tails coiled defensively.

Akami: *touches her wounds* That was mighty impressive. And you say you're not good at 1-on-1. You did an astounding job.

Naomi starts to sweat a little more, panting a lot harder. "....Not really. I have very poor stamina... ...even as a little girl I was rather weak... ....the only time I have stamina is if I am in my true kitsune form but.... ....I can't control myself well. ....The beast within me isn't tame..."

Akami: Is my full dragon form. That's why I got these gauntlets to limit how much output of my power I use. One punch with or without these babies and I could easily decimate a dude's face. Even with your low stamina you did what was necessary for you to combat your opponent.

Naomi quietly nods. "Thanks.... I guess...."

Akami: Now the next time I train you, we're gonna be doing the same thing, only this time I'm going to fight back. But still don't you worry. I'm not going to brutalize you or stick you in the infirmary. Take a rest for the day and heal up as much as you can.

Naomi nods, panting lightly. "....Thank you Akami... ...I'm sorry about my temper...."

Akami: Hey, we all get fired up. Nothing to really sweat about it. As long as we don't bring the place down. You go on now. You still got that raining with Segura tomorrow. By that time he should've cooled of. And by that time I expect you to cool down too. So Segura doesn't think you'll cut it, so what? What matters is you show them what you got and if they don't like it, then screw them.

She nods, heading off towards the girl's cabin.

Meanwhile Kado quietly watches over Shinwa's empty body, the expression on his face unreadable.

"Our resident fool is bad mouthing you to the Nephilim," says the doctor as he draws a few symbols into the air. "Apparently he believes that killing pedestrians is a common way to pass the time and feels that it should be allowed of him... He also thinks that you're arrogant because of your abilities." The doctor shrugs. "What's on your mind?"

Kado quietly looks at her body for a while longer, then sighs with a weary laugh. "The spite of those two does not bother me... I have people hating me for worse things. ....It's so strange though..."

His eyes narrow slightly at the lifeless form, though not in hostility. "....I used to hate that face.... ...but now I don't know what to think of it. ....I'm still struggling to wrap my head around the idea that she was... my sister. She... ....wasn't just some monster. For so long..." He breaks off closing his eyes.

"I hate feeling like this. Uncertainty, anxiety, hope, happiness, rage, despair... ...everything used to be so simple. Destroy an enemy, help people, change the world. ...Now everything has broken down and left me nothing to stand for. With these people... ...I almost want to believe there's hope again. All these emotions I suppressed and ignored... they're eating me alive... ....Neo changes places with me more readily, and Ace recently gain consciousness, talking no less. ....How long is it before she can assume control over this form? Weeks? Months? Days? A year? And how long before I'm so unstable that I take their place? Become some voice in either one of their heads instead?

....I have so many things trying to chew me up and spit me out... ...I just want a reason to this endless madness." Kado's hair is slightly longer, but he doesn't notice.

He looks over at Volmond. "I'm sorry if my talk bothers you... ...things have just been hard for so long... seems I'm willing to talk to anyone in the hopes they can ease this feeling of overwhelming instability." There is a weary smile to his face, and he quickly looks back at Shinwa's body and shuts up.

"I wish I could ease that feeling," says the doctor, "You know, before the split, your sister was having an identical issue. She felt that she was trapped in a world where no hope remained for her, for anything, that she was what you described: A monster, evil, cruel, without salvation. That turned out to be partially true. Indeed, White is the epitome of the evil you saw in your sister and probably worse, but, as you know, Shinwa is her opposite. She is driven to right the wrongs that her former other half is committing... What I'm trying to say is that there is hope, you just need to find it, even if that hope, that stability comes from strife or conflict... Gah, I'm terrible at this motivational thing."

Kado looks away slightly so his eyes can't be seen clearly, but his eyes have a dim cast of gold.

.....without salvation... huh? ....I don't see such a happy ending... ...but I'm not alone at least... ....I have... ...friends....

Kado's whole body twitches visibly for a second.

....I need to do something about this... ...after this training is complete... ....before I begin recruiting... ....I think it's time I learned more about just what I really am...

".....Thanks." He says quietly.

"No problem," says the doctor, "Until I leave, you can ask me for just about anything, whether that be extra training, simply talking, weapon creation, name it and I'll see if I can do it. Call it a favor for not trying to kill Shinwa."

"...It's not a big deal..." There is a loud thudding in Kado's head, and he can feel himself slipping out of control.

Errghh...! This is like that time.... ...with Demgel....!

Kado's vision becomes unfocused and blurred, things become difficult to recognize.

Why am I feeling.... happy?

"Hey, you alright there," asks Volmond.

Kado quietly gets up shaking, and begins to swiftly walk away, a minor change in his stature apparent.

Volmond hears Shinwa quietly murmur. Thrown.... off balance... cannot handle... the energy...

Ah... Is there anything to be done about it or should he handle it himself?

Shinwa stirs and slowly seems to be waking. ....No... ...he needs to be alone.... ....if I didn't take away Azula... ...these episodes would not be a problem.

I see... Rest longer if it will benefit you.

.....but Legna.... ....alright... ...I love you... ...Kado is heading off to the cabins... could stay in the area and keep an eye out in case he becomes completely unstable... ...if you could watch my brother... would help me be at ease...

I'll do it, it's not like I have anything to worry about except for the annoying child, but I disabled his ability to harm others with any weapon he touches or his hands... Or in anyway for that matter. No one but his actual enemies anyways. Anyways, I'll watch over Kado.

The doctor heads to the cabins, but turns around and carries Shinwa's body to the girl's cabin and knocks on the the door first.

Torem: *opens the door and sees Shinwa's body and takes it inside and lays her on her bunk*

The doctor goes to the boy's cabin and sits down on a vacant bed. He opens what appears to be a pocket dimension around the bed, engulfing it in a spacial distortion for a moment as he sets up a few things, before collapsing it.

He notices Kado wrapped up under blankets quietly, and notes a peculiar sight of extremely long white hair, different from his normally light brown hair only up to his shoulders. He can't see Kado's actual face though. His stature is definitely smaller.

......I think he's shifted again and not to Neo.

"Ace," he offers, not really sure of what to say or ask.

He sees the wrapped up figure flinch and wrap itself up more in blankets, even going as far as to grab the long and and pull it into the blanket cocoon to hide, and is motionless again.

"You're rather shy, I take it," he says, "You can relax, I'm not going to do anything bad, I'm just checking up on you three."

After a while, he sees a slow shifting of the blankets near the head, and gradually he sees small hands, almost childlike pull part of the blanket open, and he can see two small yellow green eyes, watching him with obvious fear. He can barely make out traces of the white hair from the shadows of the opening.

The doctor gives a faint smile.

"My intentions are not to cause harm," he resists the urge to add the words "Young One" to the sentence, "How are you?"

He sees her face slowly come out of the hole, at least by the looks of her she cannot be older than ten. Her appearance seems based off Kado's but only vaguely.

"....Who... am I?" She asks, an incredibly soft but also quiet voice, there is an edge of disuse to her voice, as though this is the first time she has spoken in weeks or even months. "....Who... are you?" She asks after another moment, lightly shrinking into the blankets a bit.

"From what I've gathered, you are called Ace and you are a positive spirit," says the doctor, "I am... an acquaintance. You may call me Zwei or Doctor."

She quietly looks around, and a small stomach growl can be heard, and she shrinks back more.

"You're hungry... What would you like to eat?"

"...I.... ...don't know... ....sugar.... ....sweet.... brown... ....square...." She appears to be attempting to describe some manner of food.

"Chocolate," suggests the doctor before producing several different types of chocolate bars. "You'll need to eat more than that though."

"...What else is there?" She asks, confused more than anything, quietly eyeing the bars from the security of her blankets.

Segura: *walks through the door and sees Ace and Volmond in awkward confusion* ....The fuck....

Ace's head whips back inside the security of the blankets and the opening she made closes, the small bundle trembling visibly.

Segura: *takes off the covers and grabs Ace by the shirt and has his sword drawn* Who the hell....Kado...the hell happened to you?

She can only look at him with eyes of expressionless terror, trembling violently in fear and squirming.

"N-n-n-n-n-n-ooooo!" She cries out. "D-d-d-d-on't kill me!!!" She screams.

Segura: Don't give me any ideas...So stop screaming!

Ace continues squirming and breaks free and runs to Volmond, her tiny frame fleeing into the doctor's coat and crying while hiding behind him in the coat.

Segura: The hell happened to him?

"Well... Hmm." He shrugs, giving Ace a few bars of chocolate. "A multitude of things, really."

Segura: I'm guessing it was more emotional trauma?

"The opposite, reassurance."

Ace's hand can be seen grabbing the bars of chocolate, but she doesn't appear from behind Volmond, quietly crying along with occasional munching sounds when she eats.

Santa Obi: Ok! Who be screamin'! *sees Ace behind Volmond* HEY! WHAT YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING IN HERE?! DIS IS THE BOYS! YOU AIN'T SUPPOSE TO BE IN 'ERE! Oh! And you be eatin' chocolates without sharin'? You kn- *grabs Ace and while's he's at at takes a chocolate bar and holds it with his mouth. He carries her under her arm and walks over to the girls cabin and throws her in and closes the door behind her*

Akami: Well that was pretty abrupt.

Torem: I know right. And who the heck's this?

Akami: It looks like..a little girl.

Torem: Oh god damn it...

Ace says nothing but curls up tightly into a ball, trembling.

Akami: It's okay. Are you alright? The Big, Bad, Obi scare you?

Torem: And took your chocolate bar?

The doctor is not amused. He rubs his temples, then knocks on the girl's cabin door. "Ace, I'm here... The lughead left."

Santa Obi: HO HO HO, MUDA FUCKA! *swings from the inside the door way and kicks Volmond unto the ground*

Akami: Whoa! I did not see him there!

Torem: Me neither!

Akami: Where did you come from?

Santa: I work in mysterious waaaaaaaays *moves his hands arounds then leap off the patio and unto Volmond crouching down* Listen dude, I got some rules you need to abide by. Especially about the cabin's. Boy's ain't allowed into the girls cabin unless I say so, same with the girls. I don't like them two together in the same cabin know...Vroom Vroom Vroom. *chuckles* So unless you get permission from me to go into the girls cabin, you can, but you can't take none of the girls out, especially the one I just threw in there.

"And if said girl is Kado,  Obidiah," questions the doctor, "Besides... I have no interest in a heir or successor."

Santa Obi: If dat l'l girl don't look like Kado, she ain't leavin' that cabin.Who said anything about reproducin'? You just do it for the pleasurer.

Volmond's expression shifts from neutral, to stupified to disgusted.

"I... I really did not need to hear that last part," says the doctor, massaging his temples. 

The air is much stiffer than before, as Ace's breathing is getting to the point it sounds like a panic attack, a sharp uncomfortable spiritual aura forming from her. 

Great, this is what Shinwa was warning me about... Moving locations. The doctor grabs Obi and warps them to a different location within the area.

"Obidiah, don't scare the child," chastizes the doctor.

Santa Obi: I ain't tyrin' to scare the child. I'm tryin' to protect her. Like any fawder would. Sure, Imma bit loop-y in the brains. But all i'm doin' is for children to be safe and to keep themselves safe. Even if it looks all I'm doing is being insane. All I hear from you all is that I'm the one doing wrong instead of looking at it as something good. Like the time you just came bustin' up in here uninvited. Why do you think I didn't want you here? And wanted you to get the hell out here? Or atleast take the talk somewhere else?

"Maybe it's because I haven't seen your actions bring about much good that I criticize you so," remarks the doctor, "Trying or not, you're scaring the girl, which is destabilizing her, which will make things turn ugly very quickly. I have no real qualms with you except for when you do things that are rather idiotic in my opinion. Other than that, I feel nothing."r

Santa Obi: If you felt nothing, then you woudln't feel the need to come back to see your wife or protect Ace. Just let the girls take care of her for the night. I got me some boundaries and as long as you are under my roof or around this area, I expect for you to abide by the boundaries and the rules I have set up. No idiot would think of making rules now would he?

"I meant in regard to you, but take it as you like, Obidiah," says the doctor, "And you'd rather surprised... I know some pretty powerful idiots..."

Santa Obi: We're all idiots. Whether I look like one and act like one or you looking and acting smart. Whether me loosing my marbaless or you having too much class. We're all abit short-minded. No matter how 'smart' we think we are.

"I'll admit I have plenty of shortcomings, but why is class considered one of them? If you mean it makes relationship building and comradarie with others difficult, that is partially the intention," says the doctor, "I will never call myself perfect, if that were the case, the 'best outcome' would've happened long ago..."

Santa Obi: Then stop judging me like I'm below imperfect.

"Then be more considerate of others' strengths and weaknesses," retorts the doctor, "Not everyone is cut from the same cloth and not everyone can be expected to learn one way, let alone in a way completely different from what they've had engraved into their minds and bodies. If you assume that everyone is going to learn because you want them to or else they don't shape up, your group, minus the ones who can learn the spartan way, will be piss poor. Read the situation before you decide to do something, it'll save more lives than you think. Consolodate before you forcefully assimilate... Or does your insanity prevent you from seeing things that way?"

Shinwa irritably seems to wake up a bit. Urrggh... I don't understand why you can't give it a rest... Obi you're earned spite towards you... don't complain if you're not willing to change flaws... you're not exactly a relatable or likable person....

Meanwhile in the cabin Ace is still trembling and curled up in a ball, still too shaken to move.

Torem: He's not doing this to be liked, he's doing it for us. He's just tired of those judging him, like how Kado judged you on if you were really the person he so forth hated for ruining his life.

What the issue is that Obi can't discern a threat when it's present or when its not. When Ace is present, you cannot deal with her like you would a normal person. If she is frightened, she will either revert into Neo... ....his primal version at least, or attempt to remove the threat perceived. While Neo is all of Kado's negative aspects, Ace is his positive. But more than that. Neo can be seen as his power, while Ace is him at his weakest, most vulnerable state. That includes mental state. You need but notice her behavior and her appearance to confirm this.

Upon looking at Ace more carefully, Ace appears exceptionally physically frail, very much thin, very little in the way of either muscle or fat, there is a slight bruise from when Segura grabbed her by the shirt.

Do not let Obi handle Ace, she won't be able to handle him emotionally. Most likely.

Torem: Well you certainly can't blame him for not knowing that. He did loose his frontal lobe after all, so you can determine how the human body can work without that though, but don't worry. He wont come back as long as that guy with the glasses doesn't try to get her out the cabin.

A loud stomach growl comes from Ace, who is still hungry, but makes no indication of willingness to move from the corner where she is huddled up.

Akami: Hmm. She's hungry.

Torem: I ain't feedin' her.

Akami: Damn it, Torem! Gotta be so rude sometimes. *looks in their refrigerator and she takes out half of a meatball sub and heats it up. After it's done she gives it to Ace* Eat up.

Ace quietly looks at the sub, then up at Akami, her eyes seem very familiar to Kado's with golden eyes. She doesn't seem quiet as scared looking at Akami.

Akami: You don't have to be scared of us, alright? Welll....You don't have to be scared of me anyways. Here. *goes back into the refrigerator and sits a can of Ginger Ale next to her*

She slowly takes a small bite out of the sandwich and almost immediately whips her head at the door, eyes widened as if expecting something. Akami gets the impression the girl is more or less paranoid that Obi is going to come after her sub too.

Akami: Still scared of the Big, Bad Obi?

After a moment she quietly eats another bite, her eyes still whip back towards the door a few times, but she slowly seems to be settling down. She looks at the Ginger Ale in confusion, and lightly shakes it and stops, hearing the swishing liquid inside. She blinks, now confused.

Akami: Don't worry. It's soda.

She appears to be confused as to how to open the can.

Akami: *opens the can* Eat the rest of your sandwich first.

She glances at the pop for a moment, then continues eating quietly, eventually finishing. She then looks up at Akami expectantly, eyes wide and brighter, none of the anxiety of fear is clouding them like before, at least looking at Akami.

Akami: *gives Ace the can* Drink up.

Ace takes it curiously, and tries to open it, once she eventually figures it out she takes a sip, and eventually finishes, the last one finished in a big gulp.

She then looks up at Akami and stretches out her arms toward her, seeming to want something.

Akami: Hmmm. What else is you you want?

Ace tries to stand up and seems to hug herself, but falls over quickly afterwards.

Akami: Ah, I think I see. *picks Ace up and sits her on a bunk. She goes back into the refrigerator and gets a Zero chocolate bar and gives it to Ace* Make sure you eat that up before Obi finds it.

Torem: That chocolate bar...

Akami: Sharing is Caring.

Torem: In this case, I don't care.

Akami: Well I do.

She looks at the bar, then at Torem, then at the bar, then promptly throws it to Torem and insistently holds her arms out towards Akami again.

Torem: *unwraps her bar and begins to eat it*

Akami: Hmmm. Ooohhh. I see. *hugs Ace* I guess I should known that before.

Ace's eyes close and seems to deeply relax in the hug, resting her head against Akami's arm.

"Thank you...." She says very quietly.

Akami: No problem. Go to sleep now.

Her eyes open again, and look at Akami's face for a while. Eventually a shift in the look of her eyes occurs, and her gaze seems more focused, but her eyes soon close, as she begins to drift to sleep, she says quietly, ".....I want....... call you..... ......friend........" She drifts to a quiet sleep.

Akami: I thought we already were friends. *gently smiles and lays her down in bed*

Naomi walks in through the door, and notices Ace's sleeping form. "Uh, who is that?" She asks.

Torem: Some girl Obi threw in here. Say's he found her in the boy's cabin.

"Why would she be in there? Huh... anyway, you think Rev is doing ok?" She asks.

Torem: Obi doesn't like girls in the boy's cabin and vise versa and I hope so...The M.C.C.P are no joke. If they manage to find out that Rev is sabotaging their plans.....they'll no doubt....Damn, can't even think about it. *leaves the cabin*

Naomi looks at Akami. "I could understand for older people, but really? A ten year old? I mean look at her."

Naomi looks at Shinwa. "You know, I can't believe so many things have changed since the days when me and Kado were kids... when Phoenix was just our whole group living our lives. Out of nowhere things began to fall apart and before we knew it, we were the masters and so many things changed.... ....before it was just about living our lives together training and friends and rivalry... ....I can't believe looking back how much things have changed... ....I miss the old days, back when we weren't like we are now."

Akami: Nothing good last forever,and neither does anything bad. Out with the old, in with the new. That sort of thing.

Naomi sits down on a bed, her ears slightly folded.

"I hate these ears sometimes... ....and the tails... ....why does everyone want to pet my tails....?"

Akami: Maybe they look petable or something like that. If you're still wondering how Rev's doing, you can always call ad ask him. He must feel rather lonely without us around. Still wished we had said goodbye to him before he left.

"Isn't that dangerous though? I mean wouldn't they be able to track the call or something?" She asks nervously.

Akami: They don't trace calls because hardly anything leaves the facility and if anyone on the inside have a family to call or go home to they can. Privacy. The only thing decent about them.

Naomi blinks. "That kind of seems like a rather dangerous security flaw."

Akami: Then you better thank God that they actually have one. They got cameras on the person though. They only pay attention to the words the people are saying and as long as they don't hear anything about conspiracy against the facility, you're clean.

She closes her eyes. "I see... so how is Kado doing?"

Akami: Well you know. *looks at Ace* He's doin' fine. Abit shooken up, but still rather fine.

"Why are you looking at the girl when you say that?"

Akami: No reason. What are you about to do now?

"Sleep I guess? It's been a long day...."

Akami: Alright then. Sleep tight, Naomi.

Enter Hell Team

A male and a young female follow an older female to the entrace to the Junkyōsha Party. The male speaks up.

"Why can't we ever get some action? It's been ages since I blew someone to smitherines." The younger girl irritably looks up at him.

"You're terrible! I have to stitch them up!"

"What's going on over there?" the male asks as he points to a large crowd dispersing.

"Remember? The President was speaking. Then some bad shit happened, I hear."

"Watch the damn language. You're still too young to cuss."

"And you can't stand surgery." She sticks out her tongue.

"He-" he starts but is cut off by seemingly the leader. She motions for them to be quiet and draw their weapons as they crouch down on a hillside overlooking the crowd. The older woman puls out her sniper and focuses it on the people as she motions the male to go around back and get into the building. He sneaks around to the entrance, going in without drawing too much attention. That is where the females loose sight of him. They are positioned so that the small one watches their back.

"Can I help you?"

The young girl perks up. "Nah. Just making sure the Pres is O-Kie-Dokie."

"But who's gonna make sure you're O-Kie-Dokie?" The man knocks her in the back of the head with his elbow and kicks the other girl's face into the wall. Both girls fall unconscious. "Next time have a boy watching your back. It's rather unsafe for girls to gon on alone." Walks off into the White House.

The girls lay there as the male is inside, trying to find the president. "Mr. President! This is Haru Yuimachi! Are you alright?!" he says as he gets through to the last room.

Sees the man pointing a gun at the President from outside.

"Oh shit!" Haru states as he aims and shoots the man's head off, making his body fall to the ground and the window shatter. "Mr. President!"

The man ducks his head and and shoots at the roof of the the White House and it explodes and the pieces bury Haru.

"Yea! You run, coward!" Haru yells as the man runs away. He gets out and brings his guns back up. "Are you alright, Mr. President?"

The President: I'm talking with this lady right now, thank you for your assistance.

Haru bows and walks through the ruble, going up the hill to the sniper position. "You guys are helpless," he says ad he picks up the two girls and the sniper rifle before walking to the Junkyōsha Party's entrance.

Obi: Hey guys, how ya' doin'?

Haru looks at him with a smirk, then looses it and looks at both of his shoulders. "Can you let the wounded in?"

Obi: Yea sure fine whatever. Everyone else is there anyway.

"Alright." He hands Obi the wounded and starts to go in a diagonal direction to the edge of the capitol, pulling out a surpressed hand gun as he starts to sprint.


Haru walks up to the infirmary, where Hana and Haikia are resting. He gets to the doors just as the lights start to go off. It is around midnight.

Dr. Diah: Good, you're finally awake. Most patients shouldn't look at the moon less you wanna turn into a furry.

The young soldier looks at the doctor. "Not in the mood Diah." and he walks away from the building, towards the firing range.

Dr. Diah: Why aren't you in the mood? What mood are you in?

"A bad one. Go away, 'Oh great thereapist!' Leave me alone."

Dr. Diah: Well yea, I did get a GeD in Therapy. Fine, stay out here while your sisters ask, 'Why didn't big brother watch over us'. Never know what will happen. *goes away*

"Fine by me. But you lay a hand on them, I'll kill you. Got it bitch?" He finally gets to the firing range and unloads a few rounds.

Dr. Diah: Please. Bitches are for girls. So you might wanna go down to where your sisters are to use that statement.

Haru pulls his gun and shoots Diah's knee caps. "Can you NOT shut the fuck up?!"

Dr. Diah: *jumps up and down* Can you NOT be a douchebag?

"Just. Go. Away."

Dr. Diah: I mean..*shrugs* Just sayin'. *goes away*

Haru oes over to the punching bag, walking slowly to it and putting his earbuds in as he starts to punch it. He repeatedly punches it until he knocks it off the chain.

Segura: You pissed too, huh?

"What? You here to poke fun at me or try to take my body apart too? Cause that's all you people seem able to do... Sorry..." Haru says as he hangs a new bag and starts to hit it.

Segura: I'll take that as a definite 'yes'. I'm in the same place you are now.

" I can't even protect my own team, the President didn't even care I saved his life. for the third time this week, I might add. And the doc wants to kill me everytime I kill a pedestrian." he starts as he punches the next one off the chain. "you?"

Segura: Some punk-ass shiftling thinks he can take charge of this operation and have everyone under his thumb.

"Kado? He is kind of a jerk. I offered o take him on a killing spree and he just ignored me. I mean, who doesn't like to kill people! Someone needs to teach him who is boss around here. He thinks he is sooo cool because he can bend darknes." Haru punches the next bag out of the way.

Segura: And the Pres is just and old fool, who's only been put in power to keep the way things are. In cause, but we ask him to stop such prejudice, but he's only postponing both sides so that it appears like he's doing something. He's just a coward and now he's allied himself with a traumatized fool.

"HA! I like the way you talk! Who are you again?"

Segura: Names Segura. And you're Haru.

"ah. A Frontliner," Haru responds as he turns and bows. "Your majesty... If you know who I am you know I'm the best at what I do. Tip of advice: Don't piss me off. Now, back to ranting about Kado. Have you met his girlfriend Naomi?"

Segura: Fierce, but broken. She fought well, but she's too naive and gullible. If I told her Bigfoot was real, she'd believe it.

"L-O-Fucking-L!!! That's hilarious! Wanna go kill her and Kado?"

Segura: Sadly not. Too compromising. Sure, I'm pissed now, but not enough to want to kill them.

Haru sighs. "At least want to go talk to them? Tell them to please stop whatever they're doing to piss you off?" He then wispers, "I wanna kill something..."

Segura: Killing may be easy, but it deosn't always make your problems go away.

"It does for me."

E.T.T.W.S.(A) (Epic Training Time With Segura (Again))

Ace quietly wakes up the next morning, though Kado begins to stir from within her, causing her to remain motionless from his embarrassment at the situation, and Kado decides to remain submerged for the time being.

Naomi meanwhile, continues to sleep.

Akami: *is sitting on Ace's bunk, but is asleep*

Torem: *is asleep in her bunk*

Santa Obi: *bust through the cabin door with a megaphone singing* Jingle Balls! Jingle Balls! Jingle Balls Rock! Jingle Ball Scrotums and Jingle Ball Condoms!

Torem: Oh God Damn It, Obi! *covers her head with her pillow*

Akami: *wakes up abruptly with tired red eyes*

Ace weakly squeaks, "The creepy man is back again...."

Naomi opens her eyes, eyes unfocused. "....I did not need to hear that...."

Santa Obi: If you're lucky, Santa Obi might allow you to get some for Christmas! Now everyone get up!

Akami and Torem are the first one's up. Akami takes Ace out of bed.

Ace wobbles unsteadily, blinking from still waking up. While there is a sleepy look, Akami can also see a clarity in her eyes lacking before. Naomi slides out of bed wearily, then shakes herself lightly.

Santa Obi: Alright. Naomi, your second day of training with Segura begins today. He's already at the dojo, so meet him there. You two need need to provide support for the workers trying to rebuild our routes, just in case if any gangs try yo come and cause a shoot out.

Naomi nods quietly. "Alright."

Ace quietly hides behind Akami, before Obi can look her way.

Santa Obi: The little girl can stay here and help me decorate. She's gonna be my little Elf Helper, whenever, Reveryn comes back. *puts an elf hat on Ace*

Ace shrinks away from him as soon as he does, lightly trembling.

Santa Obi: Come forth, Elfie! *grabs Ace and holds her under his arm* We're gonna spread the Christmas decorations around the place! *jumps out the cabin and lands on a reindeer with candy cane colored antlers* Onward, Wan!

They gallop away

Akami: Well, We better get going, Torem. Good day to ya' Naomi.

Torem and Akami leave the cabin

Naomi sighs, and walks out of the cabin and walks to the dojo, not looking forward to the day.

Meanwhile Ace tries desperately not to have a panic attack, while Kado irritably watches from the back of Ace's mind. ....So much for quietly leaving when I had a chance... ....great. Ace is in charge and all I can do is watch...

Naomi walks up to Segura, avoiding eye contact.

"....I'm here...." She says quietly, Firehawk strapped to her side, ears and tails not present.

Segura: Morning. Kado off helping Obi with decorations. Just us then. The other day I forgot to mention a helpful tip when punching someone. When you punch someone, you wanna have the knuckle on your middle finger pointed out ward so when you punch someone it'll hurt more than a real punch. So go ahead and punch me in the arm.

She punches him hard, a little more than necessary in the way he said.

The doctor, having spent the night gazing at the moon from the clouds rather than sleeping, silently enters the dojo and sends what appears to be a fraction of his shadow in a different direction.

Segura: Good. Not bad. Now punch me with you knuckle joint sticking out. Punch me in the other arm though.

She does as he says, the look in her eye steeled toward him. Not friendly, but not hostile. As soon as she does what he says though, she looks away stiffly.

Segura: See there? *points at the small but apparent purple bruise in his arm* More effective that full-on punching someone. Do that and your opponent will be be screaming bloody murder.

She quietly nods. "Are we going soon?" She says quietly, still not really looking at him.

Segura: Going where?

"To help protect the construction workers. I was told we were going to watch over them and make sure nothing happens to them." She says quietly. "Am I wrong?"

Segura: That's was just for Torem and Akami as far as I know. But we have more routes that are blocked. I suppose we can make are way to one of the others.

"The way Obi spoke I thought he was talking to me... oh well. I really am just a idiot..."

Segura: If you say so. Take whatever you need before we go. We got several miles to cover. So bring food, coverings, and something to occupy your time. *heads off*

The doctor signals for Naomi to come to him.

Naomi curiously approaches him. "Yes, do you need something?" She asks.

"Be careful, Young One," he says before handing her a bracelet etched with fire like markings. "It is a temporary device that will, if absolutely required, call upon your full power and remain in control of yourself. It will only work twice however, afterwards, it will shatter."

"Umm, thanks?" She says, her voice carries hints of a question that is left unspoken, mainly why give her it.

"Don't look a gift horse in the mouth," chides the doctor, "Somethings should just be accepted as they are."

She takes it, and places it around her arm, walking off to gather supplies. "Thank you sir."

He nods, before tapping her on the forehead almost imperceptibly, an almost invisible blue aura around him for a fraction of a second. "You'd best be off and stay safe, Young One. Kado and others would not be happy learning that you died in an accident."

Naomi goes off and gathers various supplies like food, then returns to the dojo, looking for Segura.

Protection barrier up. She should be alright... Now to find the Lughead and hope he hasn't scarred Ace. The doctor looks for Obi and Ace, donning a scarlet coat and a dark grey beanie.

Segura: good you're back. I know you brought food, but did you bring any coverings or something to occupy your time? Like a book or an electronic if you have one. We're gonna be gone for a while so, you need to make sure you don't get bored.

"I brought a few blankets, though honestly I don't have books. I didn't bring anything from Yosai when Phoenix came to Earth. What little possessions I had are still there. To be honest I just focus on missions or meditate. Or talk to a friend. Boredom isn't an issue anyway... I never do much."

Segura: Sounds like you need a hobby. Maybe we'll get some more training in. *get his carrying bag and throws over his back* Then let's get going. *takes the lead.

Ace quietly hangs in Obi's arm, quiet and avoiding any interaction than necessary. Kado meanwhile irritably looks on, wishing he could strangle Obi with a 4,000 pound chain.

Santa Obi: Ok. We start from right here. *gets off Wan and takes glowing fern lights from of his back* We're gonna hang these. You know how to tie knots?

"..." The doctor watches Obi and prepares to interevene should he see something that bothers Ace.

Ace is fidgety, and shakes her head no.

I hope he doesn't explode or go off on a tangental tirade...

Santa Obi: How the hell do you not know how to tie your shoes? I mean how old are you? Like ten?

"Obidiah, the only food she knew about when I met her was chocolate. She did not know who she was and she was afraid of just about everyone. I think its obvious that Ace doesn't know how to do that," says the doctor, frowning.

Santa Obi: Fine. I got this. Hold up. *takes out a tape recorder from his pocket and hits the play button. They tape player is playing "Your Shoes Are Lookin' Cool" from SpongeBob. As he's singing the song, he takes her hands and follows the instructions of the song. They practice on an iron bar sticking up from the ground.*

Ace squirms at his touch, trying to wiggle free.

Santa Obi: Calm Down! I ain't gonna hurt'cha if you stop movin' around and just bear with me. Listen to the song and follow along. *they continue to tie according to the song*

"Obidiah, she doesn't want you to touch her," says the doctor as a light, but rapidly worsening rain storm begins. 

".....I'm.... ....fake.... Don't need to... ....learn.... ....just... disappear.... ....anyway...." She says faintly and quietly. 

"I'd say otherwise, actually," says the doctor, "Kado is his own person, as is Neo and you. None of you are fake, to the extent of my knowledge, you just have varying degrees of power over each other."

Santa Obi: If you're breathin', then you ain't fake. And if you can breathe, you can learn, but if you want personal space i'll give it to you, but you still need to help. We're throwing a celebration and everyone is gettin' gifts for each other and makin' food, so while their doing that, we both are gonna set up decorations and shit.

She looks away from both of them. " ...worthless... ....weak.... ...unwanted....."

Santa Obi: Wow, you sound just like the blondie. If you're worthless, there's no reason for you to exist at all. So you being here means you got a purpose. Worthless. I would've kicked you out if you were, but I haven't. Yet. Weak. No one is born weak. We take care of the weak here and we build them up to become strong again. Unwanted. As long as you're here at The Party, you are always wanted.

Ace quietly looks at Obi, her eyes have a strange look in them. "....Always...... wanted.....?" She asks, her eyes widened more than usual.

Santa Obi: Always wanted, indeed. So says Santa Obi! And Wan! *brings Wan close to him* Right Wan, The Candy cane-Antlered Reindeer!

Wan: *nods*

Ace's eyes seem to sharpen, but in a different way than before, like she's more self aware. Her eyes start to tear up.

"I'm...... wanted.....?" She says in a higher, choked up voice.

Santa Obi: Hells yea you are! And Santa Obi will never lie to you! Right Wan?

Wan: *nods*

Ace begins to cry, hugging herself tightly.

Santa Obi: See that, Wan? Tears of joy.

Wan: *goes over to Ace and beings to lick the tears of her face*

She falls over weakly laughing as he does so, still crying though.

Kado meanwhile feels a crack in his strength. ....Damn it Obi, the one time you're decent or inspiring, you had to go and do it while Ace was around! Urgh... ....I can feel her growing from here. Damn it....!

Santa Obi: You ready to do dem' decorations now?

Ace struggles to her feet, wobbling unsteadily. She seems to nod enthusiastically. Not directly obvious unless someone were to pay close attention, but Ace grows a little taller and becomes less emancipated, filling out with a little bit of fat and muscle, seard* But what do I know? It must be the joy! *takes Ace under his arm and lifts her up to the first building to tie the fern lights in a knot*

She does her best to tie the lights, sniffing a bit.

After she finishes the first knot, they swing from the fern lights from building, tying knots on every shack, hut, and building. After they've knotted all parts of the fern lights, Obi plugs it in and it lits up the whole place.

Santa Obi: *puts Ace on his shoulder so that she can see the lights* Don't it look pretty?

The lights reflect in Ace's now metallic gold eyes, she looks at them in silent wonder, a small childish gasp of awe leaving her lips.

Santa Obi: Come now. Let us decorate the ferns! *takes out red Christmas bows and multicolored ornaments from under his coat*

Obi puts Ace under his arm and jumps up to the roof tops and lets Ace hang the the extra decorations

She puts them up, slowly getting a warmer, happier air to her, almost joyous.

Santa Obi: *takes Ace and he makes it to the The Hut of The Slums and they head over the counter and into the back of the kitchen where Cook and several others are cooking h'derves and deserts.*

Obi and Ace begin making sugar cookies and occasionally goof around, by getting flour on there face and play with the christmas cooky cutter shapes. And Wan begins to lick the flour off Ace's face.

As all of this happens, Ace gradually grows more, this time more visibly obvious. Her form is no longer emancipated, instead is starting to enter a more healthy, natural weight and height, and there is hints of an increase of 'age' in her form, starting to grow more into a preteen form, but still childlike. Her physical strength seems to be improving, no longer unstable in her stance. Her hair also becomes more tame in appearance, shorter but still long.

Santa Obi: Hmmmm....Somethin' is still abit off about you..Hmmmmm...*strokes his beard* Must be more joy!

After awhile the begin to make their own ginger bread houses, with nerd jelly beans, frosting, peppermints, Skittles. Sweet Tarts, and chocolate-covered cashews. The still occasionally goof around as Obi decorates his face and calls hims self 'The Lil' Ginger-bread Obi' and then he decorates Wan's face and calls him 'Ginger Wan'.

"Good work, Obidiah," says the doctor before his shadow further divides itself. It's about that time... I'll be back by dawn."

Ace laughs at Wan, her voice isn't as fragile anymore. She is now starting to show signs of developing more of a personality, not as quiet anymore.

Santa Obi: *decorates Ace's with frosting and candies* There. *stands on the table* Everyone. I give you: Ginger Ace!

Everyone laughs with joy as they see Ace's face

Damn it Obi... I really am gonna kill him for this later.... Kado growls, his ability to see through Ace dimming. How is she growing so much?!

Ace wearily smiles, still a little shy and slightly blushing from the attention.

Wan: *takes a big lick out of Ace's decorations on her face, making half of it look all smudged*

Everyone laughs harder

Ace blushes harder, and looks at Obi. "O-Obi? Is there... anything else you need me to do?" She says, much of her speech stronger and more assertive. She still has a slight shyness to her though, as well as a stutter.

Santa Obi: *thinks* Hmmmm...

Obi takes her to a house where ladies are wrapping their gifts to the little children.

Santa Obi: Wrap presents for the Lil' bastard kiddes!

She nods, and begins helping out with a smile.

The women welcome Ace happily and sing Christmas carols both old and new. And exchange captivating stories and tales of last Christmas and many Christmas' before. They eat sugar cookies and eggnong whileT they wrap their gifts.

Ace largely listens to them, occasionally making quiet attempts to hum along to some of the carols in a qouiet manner.

Wan: *is licking out of Ace's eggnog and nibbles on one of her sugar cookies*

She lets Wan have them, focusing more on the presents, keeping to herself, still very shy and timid around other people.

After awhile everything is done. Presents, food, and decorations. And snow falls from the holes to the surface

Santa Obi: Now all it needs is the main event...Come Forth, Wan! And let us bring forth, the one thing every white Christmas family needs! *gets on Wan's back and rides off*

Soon everyone sees tall Christmas tree with lights, ornaments, and pictures of Christmas past on the bottom, pictures of Christmas presents in the middle, and a single picture near the star.

Santa Obi: * sniffs and wipes a tear from his eye* Never tell...anyone...

Wan: *is pulling the tree with his antlers*

As Ace finishes up, Naomi and Segura return from their mission, and Naomi notices her, but Ace doesn't seem to notice them, more paying attention to the Christmas tree being set up.

"Wait isn't that the girl from last evening Obi threw out of the cabin....?" Naomi asks in confusion.

Segura: Yuuuuulp. What about her?

Naomi looks at her still. "Look at her. Doesn't she seem.... older? A lot older? And she was totally skinny as a bone, I don't recall her being that tall either. How did she grow that much?!"

Segura: Hormones? She must be opening up, sort of like a flower in spring and whatnot. When I saw her she was a terrified mess, now I'm surprised she's amongst the others.

Naomi looks at Ace, who since helping the women out has already grown in a full preteen. "....I would have bought hormones if it weren't for the fact she appears a lot older than she used to. Eleven? Twelve? Thirteen dare I say...?"

Ace seems to notice them, and the happy look on her face dims a significant deal when she looks at Segura, a shadow of fear cast over her face, though the main amount of fear is shown in her eyes. She clearly hasn't forgotten when he had all but attacked her.

Segura: *waves at Ace and heads off into the boys cabin*

She has a surprised look, her eyes widened at the unexpected occurrence. "Huh....?" She looks around, unsure of what to do with herself, her heart aching with conflicting emotions of fear and relief. As she feels the sensation and atmosphere of the place, she begins to grow again, growing closer to adolescence and already reaching the end of her preteen growth. She also gradually seems to become aware slightly of the energy stored within her.

Santa Obi: *jumps down to where Ace is and examines her* Hmmmmm...Something's not right about you....*is circling around her examining her up and down while stroking his beard* You look.....ollldeerrr...Hmmmmm....suspicerous...*points at her ominously and slowly backs away and heads up to the roof tops*

Ace blinks, before wearily seeking out the girl's cabin and entering quietly, sitting down in the corner where she was when she first came in and resting her head against the wall.

Akami: *comes through the door with bandages around her arm and back* Oh! My God, That was hard!

Torem: *is right behind Akami and closes the door behind them. She appears to be wearing an arm satchel and a cloth over her left eye* I know, right? Those guys came in with flippin' rocket launchers and shit.

Akami: Still can't believe they managed to kill 3 dudes.

Torem: Come on man. We gotta do better than this. What ever happened to just having one guy get killed?

Akami: Atleast it's better than fucking 5.

Torem: Yea true.

Akami and Torem look at Ace for awhile in an awkward silence moment

Torem: Growth spurt, I take it?

Akami: Are you...the same one? From last night?

Ace's head tilts to one side, before quietly nodding. "....Yes...." She adds after another moment, though still a quiet voice, the change of strength in the voice is evident.

Mavis: *comes in wearing a half compromising Santa outfit and when she turns around everyone is staring at her weird*

They stay like that for an entire minute and Mavis slowly opens the door and back out and closes it behind her

Torem:.....What the hell just happened?! Oh! My arms! *cradles her broken arm*

Akami: *is massaging her temple* I don't know, man....But I need to take a flippin' shower...*takes her clothes out from under her bunk and walks out the cabin* Nice to see you again. *closes the door behind her*

Torem: *sits on her bed* Well...atleast you ain't a kid, no more. Can't stand children.

Outside of the girl's cabin, the doctor has returned with an empty sack that once held all sorts of gifts. He takes a step and his clothes melt back into their standard appearance, with the exception of added bangles,  an ornate silver bracelet and a mysterious pair of black, silver and gold rings that adorn his hand. He marvels at the change in the slums in terms of decorations, but doesn't do much more than give them a brief glance before he checks on Shinwa's status. Are you rested enough?

In response, an orb of light flies from him and enters Shinwa's body, the cracks and dust around her all disappear, and her eyes slowly open, and she silently walks to the door and opens it, giving Volmond a soft hug.

"...I always wake up in the middle of the night... ....but it's good to see you again..." She says softly.

Ace looks at Torem, before faintly smiling. "...I... haven't felt so... ...happy... in so long...." She hugs herself quietly. "I feel like... I can hardly contain it all... overwhelming..."

Her eyes dim slightly. "......He's angry...."

Torem: Well tell Kado to get angry at some other douche, cause he's angry all the time.

Ace looks down slightly. "He's angry at me...." She pauses, then giggles. "He's also embarrassed now. ....As he puts it.... 'I really wish you would get out of my body'." She giggles again, though she is still somewhat depressed.

"....Now he's even more angry that I said that."

Torem: Tell Kado I said this. *sticks up her middle finger*

Ace looks slightly upset. "That isn't necessary... ...He doesn't want me around that's all... I'm the one who shouldn't even be here after all..." She says quietly. "What right do I have to exist instead of him? If anything he's the original and deserves this body more..."

Torem: Man, no one gives a damn about what Kado wants. If anything he's proving more and more, that I should've been left him to be taken by that other chick. Everyone doesn't deserve anything. But we still give to one another. You do have as much right to exist, just as much as Kado.

Ace still looks upset slightly. "...But I'm the reason Kado-" ".....Forget it Ace... ........If you want it so bad, one more day. But after that.... please give it back.... you have no damn idea how embarrassing this is...." Kado's voice speaks through her momentarily, and she looks completely taken aback by his statement.

Torem: Everyone deserves a chance at life. Even if they share the same being. Kado should know that if he was in your place.

"It's good that you're alright," says the doctor, gently stroking Shinwa's hair. A smile begins to form, but is immediately replaced by a frown. "Of all the... Son of a- Shinwa, I'll be right back. It seems that someone has made terrible mistake.

"Alright... I will see you then...." She kisses him on the cheek, opening her hand to see the silver ring, and she smiles faintly.

The doctor gives her a light peck on the forehead before vanishing in an slightly electrifying flash of blue energy.

There seems to be a light grumble from Kado before he responds. Well considering the fact that she was in MY head for a while, and now I'm stuck in HER head, I can safely assume I know the feeling. Or get the message... ...or what ever. I relented for a reason you know... as embarrassing as it is to watch my body being controlled and assuming the form of... ..........a girl..... ....I'd rather avoid unnecessary scorn... she'd never stop whining unless I 'gave her a chance'. I'm not a total jackass.... *sigh* I really am gonna hate tomorrow if she's grown this much... damn Obi and exposing her to that much positive energy... what's going on anyway?

A bell can be heard

Santa Obi: Dinner Time, Mother Fuckers! Gather 'round the damn table!

Torem: Well there's that going on. But you shouldn't be embarrassed of Ace. If anything you should be proud of her. Don't you feel any attachment to her besides her being a nuisance?

.....Proud of.... ...her? His voice is completely and utterly confused. I don't... ...attachment? ...It's nothing to do with her herself...'s what's happening to... body... MIND that bothers me... ....why would I be proud of her? With my mind and being slowly decaying like this, being slowly taken away by them... ...I've only looked at her and Neo as two forces to be controlled and locked down, not to be acknowledged or accepted... ....every time they grow stronger, I lose a little bit of myself each time... ....I can already feel the effects Ace's growth has had on my being now... my thoughts feel more sluggish than before... harder to interpret my thoughts and sensations from theirs...

....I've never thought of them, of Ace in anyway other than to deprive them of my body so that I can remain me... ....but lately... ....ever since Azula... ....they've been growing out of my control... ....I hate it... ....losing everything... life just keeps taking and taking... eventually it'll take 'me' away too... all that I'll have is the void... nothingness... ....The most I feel towards them is resentment... that they are my only future...

Torem: Then why don't you give them a future of their own? Stop worrying about extending your life and just let new life live all on it's own? You lived a good life didn't you? I never had a life. I'm technically 2 years old and I was ready to turn. When you're a martyr, you think about yourself last and others first. And right now, you're not being a team player.

.....lived a good life......? ....I only had mere glimpses before everything good was torn away from me... I didn't even realize what I had until it was too late... ........ His mind breaks off from the contact momentarily, then returns slowly, evidently deep in thought.

....born and living yet unborn and unknowing... ....fragments yet whole... ...empty yet full... ..... Kado's mind almost seems to start weeping.

It's not fair... A childlike version of his voice cries out.

Kado's mind dims for a moment, before a mental sigh can be heard. The world really doesn't care about me it seems... whatever... I already said I considered myself worthless... that view is shared by the world and also you it seems... fine... ...I'll just disappear and wait to be eclipsed. That's what you want me to do at least...

His mind departs and even disappears from Ace's awareness.

"....Where did he go...? Neo....? Can you see him anywhere?"

No... ...he's not gone gone... ....just withdrawn completely from the two of us... someone would have to enter his specific soul to speak with him now... ....Shield's actually gone and blocked himself off from us... ...trying to get in but he isn't having any of it... can't get even close to his 'awareness'.

Torem: *getup from her bed* Well, I'll goin' after him.

Ace looks up at her. "Go after him?" She asks, confused by the statement.

Torem: Meaning Imma talk some shit into him. Because right now, he' being a pissy baby who needs his diaper changed.

".....He's just sad Torem... ....I could feel him in pain. ....He feels abandoned by the world... abandoned and alone. ....And afraid. He's afraid of disappearing... ....dying. ....He likes to act like death doesn't concern him, as if he's resigned to his fate... .....but in reality he's suffering in constant fear of his fate. ...and he feels like he's going through it alone, afraid, lonely and without anyone who could possibly understand him. I can feel his hurt all the time..."

Torem: Like what Obi told you. No one is forgotten here. Fate or not, we shouldn't let that stop us from living. The more he worries about his fate, the quicker it will come. The more he worries, the less productive he gets. He has unfinished businees with Phoenix, right? How does he expect to lead an army against them if he can't even pull his ownself together?

Ace looks at her quietly for a moment, then closes her eyes. "Weakness...." A mix of Kado's voice and hers rings out. "So long in my life I pushed away happiness and anything else that could be seen as weakness... ....what use does sadness have on the battlefield anyway? What point is there in love when it's going to be taken away? I didn't even try to live a fulfilled life... ...and when I found something worth living for... ...right in front of me... ...I went right back to how I was when Azula was taken away... ....I went and let myself fall right back down... ....I didn't try to save myself at all... ...I didn't try to cling on to anything....

All of this time... ....what have I been doing?!" There is now also a trace of Neo's voice as well. "Degrading myself... devaluing myself... I didn't even try to start a new life... ....I really am worthless...."

Their head sinks and they bury their face in their hands. "I don't deserve anything.... ....I don't deserve Azula... I don't deserve to be happy... I don't deserve this body I live in... ....I don't even deserve this life I have... I deserve nothing....!

....The only thing I'm worth now is ending Phoenix... ...after that..." Their hands clench into fists. "....For all the stupid mistakes in my life... ...destroying Phoenix will be my redemption... ...I'll redeem this worthless life of mine and all of its worthless mistakes and then disappear.... least Ace and Neo actually have a chance at life.... ....disappearing would be a fitting end.... for me..."

Torem: God damn, dude. You seriously need to cut that shit out. I swear man, you be making young kids cry. If you actually want to deserve something then you gotta put in the effort. Life is life and there will be trials. You can let life get the last laugh out of you. You gotta rise up and you go up to life and punch straight across the face and walk off like a badass, knowing you're gonna strive to live!

Kado's voice alone rings out. "....Ace.... you can have the body until it's time to leave... Naomi and Shinwa can use the training more than me.... ....No, don't argue with me... it's yours for now... thank you Ace.... much as I hate it... ...the link we share, our collective emotions... ....I'm glad at least you understand me... Torem... ....tell Obi thanks for helping Ace grow up more... ....and Ace....? .....I'm sorry for what I did to you... forgive me. If anything I should aspire to be more like g' my head... ......please make sure Ace is treated nicely... ....she deserves the best..."

Torem: That she does, Kado. That she does. Don't worry about a thing. She'll be safe with us.

Santa Obi: *is still ringing the bell* Last call, fool! Get yer' asses to de' table!

Torem: Come one Ace. It's dinner time. *walks out the cabin*

Ace follows her, starting to cry. "He... ....acknowledged me... he..." She breaks off, her crying coming from happiness, not sorrow.

Santa Obi: *hangs upside down from outside the doorway* Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey Ace. Hey. Hey. Listen. Hey. Why you cryin'? Hey. Are they tears of joy?

Number 13 - E.C.T.W.O (Epic Camping Time With Obi)

Obi rings a loud bell in a megaphone

Obi: Wake up, Faggots.

Segura is the first one out

Obi: That was flippin' quick. I don't understand you guys don't do that every other morning. Wake up, ya' huchies!

Troem: *graons* Aaaaah. Damn iiiiit...

Obi: Shut the fuck up, Torem and get out of bed before I come bustin' up in there with ma' belt!

Torem: *grumpily sits up*

Akami: *sits up to* Well...*stretches* You heard him...Let's get up. *gets out of bed*

Naomi lets out a tiny yawn, and sits up slowly in bed, Shinwa attempts to block out the noise with her pillow. Ace does not appear to notice the noise.

Naomi sees writing on the palm of her hand that read "Have to go back to facility. I wish I could stay longer but atleast I can still talk to you. Take care of yourself, cutie. I'll be back as soon as I can. -Rev. P.S. Sorry I wrote on your hand, I didn't have any paper."

Naomi slowly blushes as she remembers the events of the previous night.

Obi: I swear to good Lord Jesus the Almighty Son of The Father God, If you do not get da' fuck out here by the time I reach 5, I will blow your cabin up!

Shinwa quietly gets up, with severely tangled hair. "Urrghh... ...that's counter productive on your account, Obi. That's your money going to waste. And that's not exactly a plentiful resource here..." She gets up regardless. Naomi is stretching, and Ace's eyes open, but they are off again. When she sits up, she seems to have fully grown as an adolescent, with a decent figure overnight. She tiredly looks down, and her eyes widen, and it becomes apparent immediately that Kado accidentally woke up as well.

"BLAAARGH!" They shriek in alarm, toppling onto the floor in a heap, then after an awkward silence, Ace says, "Good morning," In a very tired voice, but seemingly unaware of the outburst.

Obi: No one ask for your 2 cents, Shinwa! Besides, it's coming out the President's moeny, not mine! And he's filthy sticki'n rich! Im counting! 5!

Akami: Shit! *slides under her bunk*

Automatically the cabin explodes and wood flies all over the place

Obi: You up now!

Akami: Yes! Yes!

Obi: Then get up here! Jesus you girls are slow! I know sloths can wake up fast than that!

There is a cloud of debris that is seemingly energized by blue energy, levitating inches from Ace's face, and the light fades, and the pieces fall down, not a single piece touching her, a strange blue marking on each of her cheeks.

Obi: Gotta another round. Better hurry before I count to 5 again.

They rush over and are at prayer attention.

Obi: Damn. Had to blow up yer' cabin just to get ch'all to get on up. For shame. Now today. You. You. You. *points at Ace, Naomi and Shinwa* Me. We're goin' campin'! Yeeey!

Segura: But Obi this isn't the time for-

Obi: Time for what, man? Time for what? Tell me! What time do have in mind?Huh? What time?

Segura: *stays silent*

Obi: That's what I flippin' thought!

Akami: So we just take care of things while you're away then?

Obi: Duh. Who else wiould take care of it? You three head that house. It's two alleys down and it the first building to your left. Ace can probably show you, she was helping ladies there wrap up gifts for the lil' midgets.

Ace shakes her head free of dust, quietly looking at her body, somewhat surprised at the change overnight.

She then looks up at Obi, then at Akami, Torem, and Segura. "...So I take them there?" She asks with a light yawn.

Obi: no ,these three are staying here. You and the other two next to you are going. So yea, take them. Imma go and get my stuff. We meet back in 15 minutes. *grabs on to a dashing Wan's antler and rides off*

Ace looks at Akami and Torem. "...I guess... see you around?" She says hesitantly, before giving Akami a hug.

Akami: *hugs Ace back* You guys take care of yourselves.

Torem: and atleast try to enjoy yourself. Obi wants to atleast show you guys that he isnt that crazy of a person that you think he is. Well he's crazy, but he can still be a enjoyable. So at least try to give him that.

She smiles at Akami. "I will!" She with a more eager step leads Shinwa and Naomi off, though she oddly looks back at Akami and smiles and waves, giving her a strange sad look, then doesn't look back again.

Akami: *waves back with a smile* I remember when me and Obi used to go camping...those were they days. I'm just glad they can know the joy of it too.

Torem: I wonder where they're camping at though.

When they enter the building, Shinwa notices the blue markings as Ace sits down. "....So your Brand has begun to take shape then... ...your growth is unexpected, even for a flawed soul...." Shinwa begins to inspect Ace, grabbing her chin and investigating her soul.

"Truly amazing... I can't imagine the capacity you could achieve if you were a full spirit... and these traits..."

They remind me of the powers of... Azayakana! Incredible... to think this is only a fragment of Kado's true potential as a unified being... ....what power might he have stored if he was whole?

Woman: Hello. Welcome to the clothes depot. May I help you?

Ace looks at her and blinks. "Oh sorry, Obi told us to wait here for him... he said he would come back for us soon."

Woman: We saw your cabin blow up, so I reckon' that all your clothes were blown up too?

Shinwa sighs. "Yes. Yes it was. Obi has poor temper management. And most likely. My clothes aren't a big deal, but Naomi and Ace here.... well, Ace could learn to make her own in time, but at the moment she will need them."

Women: Alright. Feel free to try on whatever fits you. Shirt, pants, shoes, under appeal, all that.

Naomi picks out various articles of clothing, but Ace seems particularly unsure of what to do.

Woman: Just pick out the clothes you need. you know like clothes to sleep in, clothes to go out in, clothes to work in. Casual clothes you just walk around in, you know? The essentials. Same with shoes and hats if you plan on getting those to.

Ace looks in conflict with herself, and starts looking at what comes across as rather plain boring dresses, predominately white, the look still strong.

Woman: We got colored pajamas over there if you don't like the color white.

"...I don't know what I like...." She takes a few dresses slowly, and looks in the direction of various shirts, as though afraid to try them.

Woman: It's not about what you want. It's about what you need. And right now you need clothes. So come one let's get you started.

She helps find the right size clothes for Ace and they all seem to fit fairly well and Ace seems to actually think her clothes are nice. The woman puts her clothes in a bag and gives it to her.


Why are you always telling me I can't do things? I want to be my own person!

You can. Just when you have your own body. As long as we share this body, I'm not gonna put up with crap. Remember I came before you, and in a way, I'm like your dad. So do as your told, you can do what you want when you have your own body!

....Why should I listen to you? You're nothing by a recreation of Origin!


I'm sorry I....

....Quiet... it's bad enough you degrade my mind and soul, but you also take over my body and act like you own it, it pisses me off! Tch... Ace I said you can be in my body for a bit but...

What, you expect me to be your little obedient doll? No, I want to be me! Nobody else! I don't want to be a part of you!

..............I'm sorry Ace... ...I'm just...

tired of losing control? Afraid?


Kado, I'll make a promise. I won't take over you. I'll help you hang on as long as I can.


You are my 'dad' after all.

With a smile that is not entirely just Ace's, "Thank you..." She says happily.

Obi: *has a big back of camping gear on his back* You chicks ready to go? I assume you got some clothes to get dirty in.

Shinwa nods briefly. "I believe so. I simply change my appearance at will, and Ace and Naomi have some new things as well. Where exactly are we going?"

Obi: Outdoors, duh. Wilderness and what not. Foresty....areas...basically a forest.

Shinwa sighs. "I would ask which forest, but I guess you don't consider such things if anything really all that important."

Obi: Whatever. Shut up. It doesn't matter where we go, just know we're going camping! Yaaaay! So are you all's ready?

Shinwa appears to be very much grumpy, Ace and Naomi meanwhile nod with a bit of an eager enthusiasm.

Obi: Then Vaminisimo. *begins running in giant steps*

They head out side to a rusty, brown car. Though it does look like it's in a state of disrepair, the inside is rather clean.

Obi: Let me put our camping gear in the back. You guys can ride along with your clothes. *stuffs the gear in the trunk and slams it shut, then tries to slide on the hood of the car, but ends up rolling across it and falling on ground. He gets and brushes himself off.* N one saw that. *gets into the car and runs the ignition*

Shinwa, Ace, and Naomi are sitting in the back, Shinwa's eyes are twitching off and on, starting to turn red.

"Uhh, you ok Shinwa?" Naomi asks upon seeing Shinwa's expression.

Obi: She might be wearing contacts. Once she takes them off it causes irritation to da' eeeyes. Either that or it's a dragon thing. Try pouring some water into her eyes and see if that'll help.

Shinwa makes a very sharp growl that shakes the car slightly when they try and touch her.

Obi: Ok, what the hell...ooooohhh. I see. You're pissed because I woke you up, aren't you?

In response, she lets out a puff of smoke from her nostrils.

Obi: Well dont worry. You can nap on the way there. It's a 5 hour drive, enough time to get some sleep in. Well, off we go! *begins to drive*

Shinwa folds her arms, and Ace looks over at her before leaning up against her, her head resting on Shinwa's shoulder. Shinwa looks exasperated for a moment, but gives up, and also rests against Ace, and eventually the two sisters drift off to sleep.

Naomi looks at them for a moment, before turning her head to watch the scenery rolling by.

They make it to a highway and a guy in a shiny red Camero rides by and looks at them and their car rather funny.

Obi: He looked at me funny! *makes a screeching car sound and rams the guy off the highway and an enormous explosion goes off from over the side of the highway* Highway Terrorism! Whoooooo!

While sleeping, Shinwa mutters, "You're a devil on the road and on your feet...." Naomi sighs. "And now Shinwa is sleep talking...."

Obi: Says the chick whose a devil when she's grumpy.

There is a rather devious grin on Shinwa's face as she sleeps...

"Oh look......" She says sleepily. ".....A beautiful white fireball.... glorious...."

Obi: Oh look, horned freakshow. I'm not impressed.

She continues sleeping, as if the conversation didn't occur.

Naomi looks at Obi. "....You don't like her at all?"

Obi: She doesn't like me at all neither. Besides, I didn't want here hear in the first place. And know what you're going to ask 'Then why did you let her stay?' well its because, It's not what I want. It's what The Party is meant for that I let her stay. She needed a place to crash, so I let her.

"........I don't dislike you.... merely your methodology... for your insufferable bickering with my love, that I will never stand for.... I believe he has made his peaceful intentions known, yet you continue to step on his toes like an obnoxious hammer seeking to smash every toe in the universe." She says, Naomi blinks when she says this.

"How does she talk like that when asleep?!"

Obi: I'm like that because, I know what you boyfriend is capable of and basically leveling The Party into non-existence. I am their father and as a father, I am to protect my children against whoever. Peaceful or not. Especially with someone with that degree of power. And you also tend to forget that I'm crazy. Surprisingly enough, this is the best I can do. I would've been much worse, but thanks to The Party, I've manged to become someone better than he was supposed to.

There is a slight smile on Shinwa's face. "And thanks to that man.... I'm also someone better than I was before... he.... saved me from.... myself... ...that is why I won't hear of your vile towards him... but we are more alike than you know... something we have to hold on to that makes us more than we could ever be apart from it... ....that is what Legna is to me.... ...and what the Party is to you...."

Obi: It wasn't The Party that changed me. Not entirely.

Shinwa doesn't respond, but continues sleeping.

Naomi takes Firehawk off its strap and idly unsheathes it, and starts inspecting the red gleaming blade out of boredom.

Obi: 100 pints of horse sperm in a bowl. 100 pints of horse sperm. Take as sip, pass it around. 99 pints of horse sperm in a bowl.

2 hours later

Obi: 62 pints of horse sperm in a bowl. 62 pints of horse sperm. Take a sip, pass it around, 61 pints of horse sperm in a bowl.

"...Obi... ....If you don't stop that I will show you what they mean by 'Let Sleeping Dragons Lie'." Shinwa finally speaks up

Obi: Jokes on you, already did that. Won't do you any good to do it, It's not like its gonna shut me up anytime soon. *makes another screeching car sound*

The car creaks as Shinwa opens an eye and appears bigger...

Obi: So you guys wanna hear ma' War stories?

Shinwa only responds in a growl that causes the car to swerve violently.

Obi: Man dude, if you wanna go to sleep so bad, you might aswell sleep in the trunk.

"Are we there yet?!" Shinwa growls darkly.

Obi: 3 more hours. Don't worry though. I got something that'l pass the time. *turns on some smooth jazz* Always love to listen to this when it's around night time. Get's a asleep alot faster.

Shinwa look at Ace, who is still sleeping, and lets out a soft grumble before reluctantly relaxing, sprouting a wing and covering Ace as though the wing was a blanket, before going to sleep again, though much more slowly.

2 more hours later

Obi: *is eyes are filled with tiredness and weary as he tries to stay awake* Probably wasn't the best choice to play this music while behind the wheel. *closes his eyes and instance and opens them back up and nearly swerves of his lane.* Ok. Ok....why the hell am I tired? I've stood up 4 nights in a row without sleep and I was still fit as a whistle. Maybe I should change it to something else. *switches it to R&B* Better. Some of my jams are on this thing.

Naomi is now idly creating balls of plasma and making them turn different colors.

Obi: Pretty. Sorry you got bored. I promise, we're gonna make that up by all the epic bonding we're gonna have once we get to the Pines.

Naomi shrugs. "Not bored, just passive. Practice makes perfect anyway."

Obi: For us, there's no such thing.

"Perfect? Well I realize that, but it's still always good to strive to better oneself."

Obi: Tell my children that everyday. We'll be there at the Pines in about another hour. Sooo, tell me about you and Rev. *bends backward over the seat with a giddy smile*

Naomi looks at him in a confused expression. "...What do you mean?"

Obi: don't know. He was sayin' all dat shit about how you were stuck in his mind and shit and at first I thought it was going to be a proposal going on. I was all ready to go all Pastor Obi up in there.

She blinks. "Ohh errr.... ....I don't.... I... I don't know...." She mutters.

Obi: Yea, it did happen abit too quick. Your mind was whirlin' out control and shit, at first I thought your world got turned upside down and backwards, then twisted, then squeezed. In other words 'Major Mind Fuck'.

"I don't even know how I feel about myself... ....let alone what to think of someone loving me, when so long I've felt like nothing but a degenerate..."

Obi: Yea, I know how that's like. But I've learned to deal with it, but people in this world are always straight to the appearance and not the inside. But when no one else believes in you, encourage yourself,because you are the only person you can rely on.

"He said he believes in me... ...why does he like someone like me? I'm not anything special... ...or maybe he just sees something I can't..."

Obi: Maybe. He's always the one to give the benefit of the doubt. Something no one bothered to give him as he was growing up. Not even his old man. No doubt he wasn't treated like anything special, but he had a passion and he wasn't going to let anyone tell him otherwise. He's giving something he never had: and that's encouragement. If anything, he can always count on him to have your back in anything. Even for me. Out of everyone, he looks up to me. He even calls me Dad even though I'm not his biological daddy. But that just goes to show that he even believes in me. That takes alot of balls that some person in this world looks up to me like that.

"....He wants to make others feel special huh..." She says quietly, and she quietly places a hand around the necklace, and she slowly looks down and then opens her hand, the reflection in her eyes, the necklace, the sole focus of her attention. She quietly cups the necklace.

"....I....have never been loved like this... ....for so long I was just an object to be possessed or a tool to be used or a hated animal only worth while dead... ....I didn't think anyone could ever truly value me... ...sure Kado cares about me but... ....never anything like this... it's so... ....ahhhhhhh....! I don't know what to... ....or how to feel.... ....I hardly even know what it's like to be loved or what love really is... it's so confusing...."

Obi: I was oblivious to such a feeling after the war when I lost my brother. We were all we had of each other as family, but now he's gone and I didn't know if I could care for anyone else until I before the war had ended, I was given a child to take care of, and that child gave me a whole new perspective of this world. And I vowed to take care of her and teach how not to end up like me.

Naomi thinks for a moment. "....Akami? Hmmm... anyway, I think you mean well, but you do go... ....overboard... ....sometimes. I'm not surprised though that you and Shinwa get on each others nerves... as a leader, Shinwa, White, whichever works for you, she was a lot more serious. Kind, but also very serious and goofing off could get on her nerves quickly."

".......I also get mad when people forget they're whispering next to a dragon with very good hearing......." Shinwa idly says in her sleep.

Obi: To tell you the truth, If I were like any other human being, I would've been much, much worse. For me to be even doing what I'm doing right now is a flippin' miracle. So think of this as progress as opposed as how I was supposed to be.

Naomi shrugs. "True. I'm sorry about the trouble Phoenix has put you through sir. I'll do my best to help. It's the least I can do as an ex member...."

Obi: I don't like that 'sorry' word. I see that as a self insult. Use 'I apologize' instead.

"Your meaning and mine are different. Sorry means to feel apologetic or upset at a situation. I am 'upset' about the trouble you've been through. It doesn't matter what one's interpretation is, you can't dismiss multiple meanings just because you feel like it. While it can be taken that way, it's not that way to me. Sorry is simply an apology, nothing more. A request for forgiveness, an apology. Take it how you will."

Obi: When you're around me, you don't say the word. Like I said, I'm dat' ol' school. As long as you are around me or any of your comrades, you do not say such a word.

Naomi sighs. "Obi, that isn't old school. Sorry has been around longer than you were born. Like... 12th century older than you. If anything, you're a whimpersnaper being rebellious against proper grammer and english."

Obi: That's no way to talk about yourself, Naomi. Well, It's not like you ever stopped talking about yourself that way.

Naomi looks at him. "Obi. Don't ever call yourself 'old school' again." One of her tails smacks his head with surprising force. "If I can't say sorry, you can't say that to my face anymore. 'Old School' left this world the way it is now. You're not old school. Old School is what abused me and made me nothing more than someone's unwanted pet! My own parents! My own family, my own brothers and sisters! Did you know I had sisters and brothers who were like me? Guess what happened to them? 'Old School' took them out to the woods and shot them like animals!"

Obi: *ducks his head* You forget 'im only human. I lived in a world for more hateful than just simple village. That's too ol school. When all they got is pitchforks and torches and shit. And maybe cotton candy if you're lucky. *impish smile*I originate from different world, so 9 times out of 10, my definition of ol' school is way than what you're thinking. And at one point, I was that ol' school just like those people in your hometown. Just killed other that weren't human, but not for the reason you think. I didn't do it out of fear or hate. It was just the world I was brought up in. Saw people killing myths and I thought that's how the world worked. up until I strayed from that world and vowed to make a better one for both sides. So you can just calm your balls about it, cause everyone has been through that already. Story is getting stale. Cause I've already heard of many others, just like that. You just cut that out right now. Sure I feel regret for what happened, but you don't gotta go all temperamental because I hit a memory nerve, cause last time I checked, you're still sane.

"....ugghh..." She rests her head against the seat, her ears twitching. "...Say, what do you think of Kado?"

Obi: He's an over grown baby who who's lost his balls. He instantly hates the world because he family left him and the only chick he loved was taken into the hands of the enemy. He keeps talkin about' Ugh, my sucks!' Why does all this happen to me? 'I'll never be happy'. Sorry to tell you bro. but that's life. Not sure if you heard of it, might wanna look it up sometime. He's always concerned about himself an no one else around him, only focusing on his own problems instead of others. And he wants to lead a group against Phoenix. HA! Bullshit! If he hates his life so much, then he might aswell kill himself and become a spirit wandering the planet endlessly. If he don't get his shit together, then he's gonna make everyone elses lives a living hell. Everything's rough all over, man! My apologizes, but God dayum! No one wants a balless baby as a leader. They want someone who puts his comrades first and himself later. He deals with whatever is throw at him. Loss, defeat, all of that. And he keeps on, not letting life bring him down, but him up. And if i heard correctly he ws a leader of an organization, but since his chick fell into enemy hand, he goes like 'My life means nothing...'. Dude! Fail safe plan, man! you should've been ready for that! She wasn't gonna stay around forever! *calms down* My apologizes...but i just lost my shit over there...feel free not to hate me, cause you asked the damn question.

".........I realize that Obi....... I realize I fucked up... you can stop shouting there..... I can hear you just fine...." Kado says from Ace, though she herself is asleep. "Also, stop preaching to the choir... I could swear I heard you say 'Sorry' in that lovely speech of yours...." There is a faint chuckle of mild amusement, before he continues. "That lecture is unnecessary though Obi.... Torem kind of knocked some reason into me lately... no more whining... no more mistakes.... I'm going to redeem myself for all of the dumb decisions I've made in my life..."

Obi: Well you can't really say you can't make no more mistakes, just make sure you don't do the same ones. Mistakes are what builds up our futures of success. Wow...I just sounded like business man right there.

Ace sleeps as though what had been said didn't reach her ears.

"How do they do that....?" Naomi grumbles.

Obi: She obviously isn't of dragon decent. 30 more minutes and we'll be there. Anything particular you wanna do while we're camping?

Naomi looks out the window. "Not really, I've never even been 'camping' before. Out at home, the wild was... ...not a friendly place. Forests and stuff is where you were asking for something to go eat you. People like to go venture out into woods as a pass time?"

Obi: Only for family time purposes. Me and my children like to camp alot and have a fun time doing it. It reminds us how much of a family we are, despite our various backgrounds and up-bringings.

Ace sleepily yawns and her eyes crack open.

Obi: Mornn'. Welll actually...dang it's almost nighttime and you just woke up. For shame.

Ace lightly hugs Shinwa, who wakes up with a large yawn that rattles the car.

"How I love naps so...."

Naomi shakes her head. "If you can call sleeping for twenty hours 'napping'. Seriously Obi, I kid you not, Shinwa and White, if nothing ever happens, can sleep for twenty hours, and then eat a whole feast and be perfectly fine! There was one time she was up for an hour, then went to sleep. Though she is one badass cook...."

Obi: Bet mine's better. Gotta do something in that room of mine other than throw shit around lika madman.

Shinwa has a slight smirk as she wakes up properly. "I sense a challenge.... in any case... is there any part of the Party in need of a cook? If so, I would be happy to help. If a cook needs an extra hand, I can assist as well in that."

Obi: Well Cook does pretty well on his own, but if you wanna help out in the kitchen, you sure can.

Shinwa blankly nods, and Ace looks around at the outside passing by.

Obi: It's getting dark out, so we just set up tents, snack on whatever i got in ma' back, stay up for a little but, and sleep until tomorrow.

Shinwa nods quietly. "So we are here?"

Obi: 25 more minutes.

25 minutes later

Obi: *parks ins a sand lot with a trail* All right we're here. *gets out and takes all his camping gear out the trunk and shuts it, then goes up the path* Our camp is gonna be 2 miles up this trail.

Shinwa, Ace, and Naomi follow him, looking around the woods.

They makes it to a clear space wide enough to set up camp

Obi: Here. We make camp here. *sets his gear on the ground and hands them a box with a tent inside. He grabs some chords and put's on a heavy jacket, a light blanket and a pillow and craws up unto a long tree branch and hands his them on the branch. He then he takes out a double-edged axe* You guys set up your tent while i cut some wood for a fire. *goes up to a random tree* Imma crazed-ax, murderer man! *chops down the tree in one swing and as the tree falls down on him, hacks through it more and more until just wooden slabs are in a pile*

Shinwa and Naomi set up the tent, and once its made, Ace puts everything inside for sleeping.

Obi: *sets up everything for the fire but does not start it* You guys can start it you plan on staying up abit longer. *climbs up in his tree*

Ace takes one look at the woods and immediately goes inside, then Shinwa and Naomi look at each other and shrug, and go inside as well.

After awhile they here branches outside and a shadow of what looks like man is outside their tent

Shinwa had been long alerted to the being's presence, but remains silent, an eye cautiously cracked open, though not wide enough to be precievable. Her eye remains fixed on the shadow, her body tensed in case it makes a move.

"Hello? Is anyone in there?"

A eye like symbol forms on Shinwa's head, allowing her see through the tent at the man outside.

The man is wearing what appears to be a Quaker outfit "Hello?"

Spirit hands form in tight coils around Shinwa, and also protectively around Naomi and Ace, as Shinwa speaks cautiously, still observing the man. The ones around her have razor sharp blades of spirit energy.

"Few people have a reason to be up and about at this time of night. Almost none of them good. I would move on if I were you." Her Spirit Hands are like coiled serpents, ready to strike.

"No wait, you misunderstand! I-" Is jumped on by Obi and is beaten a few times

Obi: I don't want your damn oatmeal, Quaker! *breathes fast and heads back into his tree brance and straps himself down and goes back to sleep*

Shinwa irritably gets up, walking out of the tent, though armed with a knife visible, and Light Slayer strapped to her back, looking down at the man, seeing if he's conscious still.

The man wearily gets up with some bruises along the back of his head and down his neck "You are outsiders, are you not?"

"....In multiple ways, yes. What is it? You obviously want something." Her lavender eyes watch the treeline around them for a moment after she speaks.

"Then we are truly saved! Come. You must follow me." Heads into the shrubbery.

Shinwa narrows her eyes. "I'm afraid that's a no. I'm not going out into the forest with a stranger. Least of all when..." She pauses, looking around, mentally scanning the immediate area.

"Please! We are in dire need of assistance! You can bring your companions aswell if it will suite you better."

"How about you explain yourself instead? I want an explanation, and Obi, get up."

Obi is still alseep. He has a sign around his neck that says "Try to wake me! See what happens!"

"Ok. Well, every 100 years, the stars tells us a great evil unearths from these woods. That evil s the Devil. The Jersey Devil to be more specific. It rampages our villages for 7 consecutive nights, eating upon our livestock and pillaging our storages, leaving us to starve for the winter. And every 100 years an outsider would come and protect us from the beast. You all are those outsiders."

Shinwa looks at him dully for a moment. "Not that I couldn't help you, but shouldn't you usually check to make sure the people you just so happen to bump into are actually capable of helping you?"

"That's why I came to your camp, wasn't it? Besides, our God is never wrong. He gave us these outsiders to protect us from this beast that in habits these woods."

"...Your God?" Shinwa sighs, crossing her arms before her dragon wings, tail, and horns come out. "Oh surely you don't want help from a Mythos, because those totally are scum or anything..." She says in a slightly more sour voice. Not waiting for a response, she looks at Obi and the sign.

"Well, if I recall, you blew me up this morning and are the reason we're here now. Soooo...." She silently walks up to the tree and in one kick sends it crashing down.

The tree comes down but Obi isn't anywhere on the tree

Backs up away from Shinwa "We have no quarrel with the Myths. We actually open to them, whenever they come by. But we live out here so we wouldn't have to be caught in the crossfire, ya' know?"

Shinwa looks around. "Obi, get out here. You dragged us into this you know. If my sister, and 'brothers' get hurt because of your games, it's gonna be on your head."

"You can just leave him. Trust us we've tried to wake him up before...I..ummmm....We got alot. know. Just come along quickly! you can bring the rest if you wish."

"I cannot be physically harmed... Obi is a child as far as I'm concerned in terms of threat. Now...." She draws Light Slayer and points it at the man's neck.

"Let me make it clear that if this is a trap, you, and then everyone you care about I will kill with the most brutal of malice. I am not a fond person of strangers."

" tell yourself that. but it's no trap, i can asure you. I'm a quaker, we don't do such devious deeds. Come! We don't have much time."

Shinwa quietly wakes up Ace and Naomi, who both have various degrees of enthusiasm, but follow along. Shinwa makes known the spirit hands that would otherwise be invisible to the man, then begins to follow him, her dragon features gone.

As the walk they finally make it to a small village and there is light in one of them. The man leds them in and there are other quakers in the waiting, all of them with confused yet excited faces.

"The outsiders have come! I have already informed them of our predicamet"

"Good. Before you being, we must inform you that this beast, is a near unstoppable force. Last century ago we have tried to stop it ourselves when our hero was delayed in arrival. we shot at it numerous times o know avail. And even tried settying traps for it, but it turned them against us. We nearly died that decade due to our hero dying in the fight and the Jersey still alive to pillage. We pray that you can prevail aganst it."

"If you only knew, you would know that defeating me or my counterpart requires much more than a demon child gone on a rampage." She says absentmindedly, her energy scanning the area.

"A demon child beyond that of nature itself and nature is something that is always changing."

Shinwa says nothing.

"The stars a very specific about it's arrival."

A blood curdling roar can be heard from outside. Everyone immediately is struck with fear

Shinwa sighs, and turns toward Ace. "Ace, I need you to avoid getting involved. If it becomes out of hand, call for Kado. Naomi, I would recommend keeping back and keeping it from the village, only join the fight if it's necessary." She then turns toward the direction of the noise.

"Everyone, arm yourselves. It's already in the village." Everyone gets old battle rifles out of barrels and astart to load them up. Once they rush outside, they get into a battle formation with the firstline crouched down and the second llne towering above them. A pair of small flames can be seen within the darkness of the woods. Everyone tries to tame their posture.

Shinwa walks out, Light Slayer now swinging by her waist, and silently jumps up on top of a roof.

A creature with hind horse legs, grays skinwith stubby furs, and skeletal-looking hands stands in the darkness looking at the formation. The creatures head is that of a bare horse skull with sharp-pronged antlers, fangs, and a firey mane with flames blazing from it's eye sockets. The creaute also has bat-like wings and a forked, lizard like tail. The creature breathes smoke from it's nostrils and gets on its hands and begins to charge at the line on all fours.

"First line! Fire!" The first line fires at the creature, but it continues to charge and it breaks through the line, killing several men and swerves into the nearest hut and crashes into it.

"The line has been breached! The Devil is in the village! I repeat the Devil is in the village!"

Shinwa creates a spear of spiritual energy mixed in with a burst of light and impales it, a chain forming between the edge of the staff and her hand, and she leaps toward the forest, the spear embeds deep into the devil's neck as she does so, her motion making the chain pull taunt and stops its charge, she pulls on it in addition to her momentum to fling the beast outside the village's perimeter. She then lands at the boundary of the village, dispersing the chain and drawing Light Slayer.

The creature charges at Shinawa with blazing antlers.

She quickly side steps and slashes off one of its legs, her image lightly flickering as she does so.

The creature maneuvers back at Shinwa but it goes right through her and its antlers get stuck in a tree

There are now two Shinwas, both of which lunge at its neck, to cut it clean off.

The creature unlodges its antlers before the two can take its head off. He grabs both of their heads and bang them together, the tail whips one of them into the other and they both hit a tree.

As soon as it grabs their heads, they both violently explode, and in the confusion, Shinwa embeds Light Slayer deep into its skull and tears a large gap down its neck and into its spine, then leaps off and flickers again.

The creature grabs holds of Shinwa before she can even flicker and and brings her forward and head buts her, sending her flying into a tree and her head gets stuck in the tree. There's blood all over the creature but no sign of injuries. It takes flight and flies back to the village.

It is immediately shot out of the sky and back over to Shinwa by Naomi, who shot a large explosion directly into its face. Shinwa is already back in action by the time it lands. Shinwa holds out her hand, and a barrier forms over the town.

"Hey, wiseguy. Your fight's with me. Though I suppose a little child like you has a hard time paying attention to class."

The creature inhales the fires of the explosion and gives a raspy laugh, before flying straight toward Shinwa with its arms stretched forth.

She simply flickers underneath it and kicks it so fast and hard its chest is not blown out, instead vaporized, the rest of it is blow back for miles from the force of the kick.

The creatures chest melds itself together and looks back at Shinwa, then back up at the shield. All of a sudden everything around them begins to look shaky and distorted.

The distortions do not affect Shinwa at all, in fact the distortions only seem to be affecting the creature, as though the effect was completely reversed onto itself, the barrier is unaffected, in fact made stronger.

"You see, your own weakness is your own power. You're a being outside of the normal laws of nature, but unfortunately for you, against me that means nothing. If you're so hungry, go eat deer. There's plenty of them. I am not even trying yet. You're like a infant struggling to learn how to walk compared to me. Save your time and energy and go back where you came from. It would be more productive than to waste your time. In fact, the more you stay, the weaker you will become, and the more tricks you pull, the more I will know about you, and the easier you will be defeated. Continue your pointless assault. You are powerless before the Eye.

The creature makes its way toward Shinwa until it's towering over. It makes a raspy laugh and backhands her into several more trees, with the last one falling untop of her. The creature flies up above the shielded village and crashes down on it with great force, the entire shield breaks like glass.

"Oh my God, It's breached the shield!"

The creature lands, tail whips Naomi into the nearest house and inhales and releases a great fire from its mouth burning everything to ashes as the people scream in pain as it turns and burns houses, people and livestock alike. After the village is burned, it releases a great roar, until.

Obi: *comes sleep walking into the burnt village with a broken tree branch* Ya' dang Amish! Tryin' to catch some sleep here and be tryin' to give me yer' gosh dang oatmeal. I don't need your dang oatmeal!

The creature roars at Obi

Obi: *smacks the creature in the nostril* Shut up! I'm talkin' here! Don't be interruptin' when I'm talkin' to you!

The creature holds it nose in pain and whimpers back into the darkness of the woods

Obi: I better not catch you tryin' to sell your oatmeal again! Or imma put the beatdown on ya'! *falls over in a sleeping fetal position* Darn Quakers!

Shinwa angerly storms over to Obi's side and kicks him hard in the ribs. "So now you decide to show up, you sleepwalking prick? Tch!" She walks over to Naomi and Ace to inspect their health.

Obi: *is talking in his sleep* No Dyas....Watch out for its tail, mane...It's sharp as Hell...If..Hell is sharp...

Naomi gets up on her feet and quickly draws Firehawk to extinguish whatever flames are left, while Shinwa checks Ace, who looks shaken.

A waistless old Quaker grabs Shinaw's ankle from behind with fear-stricken eyes. "You must protect the other two villages... *cough, *cough*...This one is gone and the Devil will be going after them next...their miles from from here, but the good news it they're next door to each it might be easier...*cough, cough, cough* they are at the North....near the edge of the Barrens...protect them...they're all we've got...." with that, the old Quaker takes his last breath and dies.

Shinwa takes a deep sigh, then turns into a dragon and makes Naomi and Ace get on her back, and she takes one look at Obi and simply bites into the collar of his shift and takes off with him and flies North.

Obi: Look mom...I think I'm flyin'...wheeeeeee....

Shinwa lets out a chuckle, then lightly blows fire in his hair.

Obi: *sniffs* Them are some nice dogs you're cooking ma'....

The fire begins to singe his neck...

Obi: Mom...I think you're over cooking the hot dogs...I can feel the heat from here...

The fire is now burning part of his back.

Naomi blinks. "I think we should tell him."

Obi: mom..MOM! THE HOUSE! It's fire! Mom! Father! Dyas! NOOOOOO! *begins to spasm out* How can you burn a house by boiling hot dooooogs!

Naomi sighs and takes out Firehawk, extinguishing the fire. "No Obi, you were just on fire."

Obi: Mom! Dad! Dyas! You there? Anyone...?....Damn...just...damn. *brings his knees up to his chest and simply cradles with a sad look on his face*

Naomi sighs. "Well this just got depressing very fast... you think he's ok?" Ace looks at Obi quietly.

Obi: *is breathing slowly and a single tear streams down his face as he quietly begins to sob* Damn hot dogs, man.....DAMN HOT DOGS!

Shinwa reaches the next town and lands, then roughly shakes Obi.

Obi: Why...why do i have to loose everything...I've already lost my mind....I don't wanna loose my family...

Ace reaches over to him and touches him, sending a timid reassuring energy towards him.

Obi: I don't want The Party to end...

Ace sends a stronger jolt of energy to try and wake him up. "What are you talking about? It won't end..."

Obi: You don't know...I do...

Ace sighs, and then Kado takes over and promptly kicks Obi in the head, hard. "Ok, wake up right now, because your whining sounds worse than mine, and that's saying something! Ain't enough room for two angsty depressed people, that's my job."

Obi: I wouldn't be this way if you had let me sleep...

Kado walks off toward the town. "Talk to the dragon who blew fire in your hair about that, not me."

Shinwa lets out a dragonic chuckle, then turns to normal.

Obi: .......It's not funny........

Shinwa smiles. "Oh but the hot dogs were hilarious... ...up until it turned dark. I should set you on fire more often. Maybe we'll get more quote worthy moments from you."

Obi: My family died...again...because of you...

Shinwa blinks at him. "....."

Obi: That "quote worthy" enough for you...?

Kado stops and turns. "Alright, enough. No more fire Shinwa. Can't believe I am mediating between you two like I would a pair of immature children."

Obi: This is what happens when people bother me when I slumber...I propose you all get some sleep in too. It's past twelve right now.

Kado looks at Obi. "Are we gonna have to worry about anymore Devil business?"

Obi: *opens his eyes and they are white in color* Jersey... *his hair flows like fire*

Kado sighs. "Ok what is it now?"

Obi: *gets up* I fought the Jersey before...nearly one hundred years from now...Me and my brother...we fought that thing...hacked my brother in half he did....he was legless that day...not a good thing not to have legs when there's a war going on...

".....I see... but like I said, are we going to have to worry about mid night attacks?"

Obi: Not for tonight you won't. It will come back for tomorrow night though.

Kado sighs. "Very well, we'll rest then. ....Though that's sort of what I've been doing the past few days... I can keep watch for the night, I doubt I could fall asleep again if I tried."

Obi: Neither could I....

Kado thinks for a moment. "You didn't happen to bring the camp with you, did you?" After a moment of thought, he sighs. "I'll get it..."

Obi: Wasn't my *some sort of spasmodic twitching along with Obi's skin a flashing a sinister black, until it stops* fault.

"Never said it was." He disappears for a moment.

Obi: Had to reframe from mentioning a certain *twitches again into a sinister black "skin" and text appears saying 'Someone' and the twitching stops*

Kado returns with all of the stuff from camp, and has various shadow hands reassemble it.

"Well, there's the stuff. You two can sleep now if you want." He says to Naomi and Shinwa.

"Goodnight," Shinwa says to Kado, while Naomi addresses both of them.

Obi: You can go t- *for that instant his body is involuntarily shaking and instant stops in a second* too. I'm not going to sleep tonight...

Kado sighs. "I told you I've been doing nothing but sleep. Not really into it right now."

Obi: Then you watch the camp...I'll be back in the morning...*walks off into the deck of the woods*

Kado climbs up into a tree, and quietly watches the tent, quietly searching for threats in the shadows.

In the woods, Kado can swear he can hear something. Like raspy whispering that sounds almost like the wind is talking.

Kado begins sweeping the area with his sense of shadows, trying to discern the source.

The whispers sound like something. Like someone is saying random names.

Kado focuses his attention on the perimeter of the camp.

The whispers are coming from the woods

"Like hell I'm going to investigate that... if it becomes a problem, that's one thing. But I'm not leaving these two for anything..." He grumbles.

As he listens in on the whispering Kado thinks he can here familiar names like Demgel, Hiroshi, Kuria, Elaonore, and Daikeim.

"Ok, weird... ...not sure who Kuria is, but whatever... ....ok, cut the crap with the damn whispering!" He barks.

The whispering continues and he can hear more names like 5x5, Jonas, Valeric, Drake, and Jumbo

Kado sighs with aggervation and creates ear plugs out of some earth and turns it solid rock in his ears.

He can still hear the whispering and hears more names like Seco, Admin, Kake, Azula and Kado.

Kado takes out a knife and begins scoring the tree he's on with it, leaving long cuts in the tree, focusing on the scraping noise more than the voices, more irritated than interested.

He swears that he sees words saying "Must End. Too much. Destroy All."

Kado sighs. "This is probably something to do with Obi then..."

Sees more words saying "End of All That Is Mythic. End of All That Is Human. Too Corrupt. World and Cosmos. Must be Cleansed."

"Great, just when I was slightly feeling better. More random crap. Also. Don't. Care. Piss. Off."

Words come up saying "You never cared. But I don't expect you to."

"Don't lecture me about depressing, dark, beating himself up, and in general being childish and then go around doing the same to me. If you want to have any rights to call yourself or be called 'dad', shape up and be a man. That's the impression I got from you and everyone else. 'Shape up, and get your act together.' So that's what I'm gonna do. You're right, this world and the cosmos needs to be cleansed. Of this wretched cycle of hatred between man and myth. As long as I can hold a sword, I'm going to cut down anything and anyone that gets in the way of that. I'm going to fight, until people like Exima wish they gave mercy to their victims. So that there won't be any more broken and insane men who desperately cling on to anything and everything they can. So there won't be any more orphans whose own families tore themselves apart.

Now shape up or shut up."

"No. Not that. There has to be an end. And a beginning. A new beginning. Too many of us. Too much power. We could destroy this world in a matter of moments any day we wanted to."

"Yet no matter how many desire to destroy, there will always be those who will fight to preserve. It's not any of our places to say 'must be cleansed'. Sure, things are bad. Sure there is a beginning and an end. But it's not our job. The time will come when the time will come. Before that time comes, I intend to fight to better this world to make it easier to live for the next generations, for both man and myth. If man goes too far, I shall strike him down and show him humility, as shall I for Mythic kind. I have no intention of letting 'us' destroy the world. Not if I have anything to say about it at least."

"It is coming. The End of the Oppositions. They will be cleansed. By the holy hand of God."

"Ok then. Until that happens, stop getting so wound up about it. No use in talking about it. It comes when it comes, it doesn't matter."

"Sure, the deaths of loved ones and those you could've shared a future with doesn't matter. Ofcourse you'd say that. He's going to cleanse all of them. Cleanse as in destroy. What if in the event Fantasy is cleansed, Elaonore dies. You're still going to fine with it? Or what about The Party including Naomi and Shinwa dying? Or even Azula and the other CE's? All dying cause they have to power to destroy God's creations."

"God would not do that. That is contradictory to everything he stands for. I'm not talking about your dumbass cleansing. I'm talking about the final judgement. The salvation and damnation of souls. The judgement of the pure and wicked. That is the only cleansing that will happen. Like I said. I'm going to keep the balance and order between the races. That is the true goal of Adomination. It is the balancing force. When too much power rises on one side, we prevent them from harming the other. Once I'm done with Phoenix, I intend to bury anyone on the human side who stands in the way of peace. I will end this petty rivalry myself."

"God is God. He can do anything. I've seen everything. can't say."

"Yes, he can do anything. Will he is another matter entirely. Nothing is set in stone. I've made my mind up to protect Myth and Man from any injustice. I don't need to hear this from you. Nothing gets done about it if you do nothing but bemoan it. I thought you were in this to change the future Obi, or are you that much of a coward that you're willing to go back on your pathetic word?"

"....Obi.....Who's that...?"

"Obi. Obidah. If I'm not talking to him, then I'm really starting to get annoying by the phantom voice crap. I already know the world is a screwed up place. But I'm going to change that. I'm not going to listen to you, because I know the future I'm fighting for. Give up if you want, you're weaker for it."

"You are but one, when there are many who can change the future. One vs. One-hundred." The words no longer show up and the whispering faintly dies down.

"It doesn't matter how many I have to face. I'll defeat anyone to change this world's future."


Kado is still awake, quietly watching the tent, and Naomi begins to stir with a yawn, fox ears and tails grown out. Shinwa has her arms around one of them, using it as her pillow.

"Shinwa! Shinwa! Shinwa get off!" Naomi moans.

Obi walks out of the woods and stretches "Wake up chicks." Begins start up a morning fire.

"Shinwa! Get off! MY TAIL IS NOT A PILLOW!" Naomi protests as Shinwa stubbornly holds on.

Kado simply shakes his head. "Morning Obi."

Obi: What's good? *takes a carton of eggs, a box of pancake batter, a bag of frozen chicken sausages, and a frying pan out from his bag*

Kado sighs. "Oh the usual midnight alone in the woods. Scary voices talking about the end of the world... wonderful stuff like that. Other than that, nothing too eventful. Overall a boring night."

"Shinwaaaaaaa! Stop! Don't make me bite you!"

Obi: Heh. I would like to feel the rush of that. *cracks some eggs in the pan and puts it over the fire to cook*

"OW!" Shinwa yelps as Naomi carries out her threat. "Quit biting my arm!"

"Quit laying on my tail!"

Kado lands on his feet and sits next to the fire. "Well they're certainly are having a bit too much fun..." He remarks.

Obi: *his face is twisted in disgust* Ugh, don't say it like that. Sounds like a Lesbo-Con is happening up in that tent.

A blast of white fire erupts from the tent at Obi.

The blast passes Obi's head and hits a tree. The tree falls over and hits the ground.

Obi: You think she heard me?

A ball of fox fire flies at Obi's head, as another white fire blast comes at him as well.

"Nope. Totally not. Sarcasm by the way."

Both blast passes Obi and hit two other trees

Obi: Doesn't matter. Tell'em to get out the tent so they can eat.

Kado sighs. "Hey, Shinwa, Naomi, stop lobbing fireballs and come out and eat already!"

The two girls begrudgingly come out, giving Obi a death glare as they do and sit by the fire.

Obi: Mornin'. *puts the eggs on 3 separate Styrofoam plates and puts the batter in the pan and puts it over the fire*

"Morning..." They say in aggravated unison.

Obi: You guys ready for today?

Naomi and Shinwa sigh. "No."

Kado merely shrugs.

Obi: Well I sure am. Gonna be some epic bonding up in here. *finishes the pancakes and set them on the plates, then begins to cook the chicken sausage*

Shinwa sighs. "Nothing like devil infested forests to really get the bonding memories flowing..."

Naomi coughs. "So, uh, what are we doing today?"

Obi: Today, we gonna be fishing for bass, then imma teach you how to wrestle a bear, then we're going to identify berries you can and cannot eat or turn into jam. Then we're gonna take all the berries you can't eat and turn it into a smoothie so you can kill you target in a undercover assassination.

Naomi blinks. "Ok... sounds... ...interesting. And oddly specific."

Obi: Well you did ask what we were going to be doing today. *puts 2 pieces of chicken sausage on everyones plate and hands it to them. He then reaches into his back and gives them a plastic fork and syrup* Don't forget to say your grace.

They all dig in, though Shinwa takes a lot longer to do so, saying some sort of prayer before slowly starting to eat.

Obi: I'll be yangin' in the trees so let me know when you're done. *jumps from tree to tree into the woods*

Kado and Naomi finish their meals first, Shinwa takes more time to eat than them, then finishes with a sigh.

Obi drops down on the fire and it goes out. "You all ready?"

Shinwa sighs. "I guess I am." The others share the same statement.

Oi: Which activity do you wanna do first?

Naomi speaks first. "...Can we get the life threatening bear wrestling out of the way?"

In a grassy field lies a grizzly bear scoping around the area.

Obi: The Grizzly, the most ferocious fat-ass bear that I know who have killed more humans than any other fat-ass bear in existence.

Naomi stares at it. "...Great to hear..."

Obi: The first thing you wanna do is to get on top of it. Once you do you wrap your arm around it in a chock lock. Like wrap one arm around it's neck and have the other arm trap your wrist, so in the event it struggles too much, you squeeze your arm that's around the wrist and when when it squeezes the wrist it chokes the bear. Whenever it stands on it's hinde legs, take that time to bash it in the face with any weapon you have. Same with it get's on it's back, you don't let go of it until you've bashed it in the face long enough. If it rolls you off, still go straight for the face and in the event it stands up, go straight for the under belly. Tackle it, ram it, punch it, stab it. whichever or. Once you do, get back to your feet as quickly as you can and ram it's side or stab it. Then you go bash it in the face some more. One clean strike to the nose will guarantee your victory. Watch out for both teeth and claws. If it attempts to bite or claw you, always block with your weapon and bash it in the face as much as you can. Also in it's on top of you, continue to do the same but try to kick it's under belly, it's probably back off you. So which one of y'all wants to go first?

Kado shrugs. "I will."

Obi: Ok. Go out there and kick that bear's fat ass!

Kado starts walking toward the bear. "Bear wrestling... ...good lord what has my life come to? Ah hell, it's not like I've got anything better to do these days..."

The bear looks at Kado and roars at him. When Kado continues to move forward, the bear stands up and roars even louder.

Kado sighs. "Sorry, but I suspect this is more Obi's way of amusing himself than anything else...." He jumps up on the bear's back and gives it a strong chokehold.

The bear instant tries to shake Kado off, but once it finds out it can't falls onto its back and rolls Kado of and begins waving it's paws at Kado's abdominal areas.

Kado takes out Fire Slayer and blocks, kicking its stomach and punching it in the face, aiming for its nose in particular.

The bear shakes it's nose and comes back and bites down to Kado's arm forcing him to the ground and it applies force unto Kado's body, keeping him pinned down and begins to scratch up his under-belly while still biting up his arm.

Obi: *yells* Man dude, you suck! I thought you we're a ninja! Now you look like some kid wearing a black sack hat with eye-holes over your face, wearing black jammies and passing yourself off as a ninja for Halloween!

In response Kado tosses the bear onto Obi without effort, it doesn't even get a scratch on his underbelly, and it crushes Obi under its weight.

"I was playing along with your bear wrestling game, otherwise I could kill it with a single strike, dumbass."

Obi: *ducks the bear* If you gonna wrestle the bear, you gonna have to mean it! Those bears are gonna jack you up! But I guess since you have all your spiritual powers you don't got to worry about that, don't you?

"....What are you talking about? 'All my spiritual powers', my ass. And for your information, I did exactly as I was told. Congratulations for being hypocritical. I can't control any of my spiritual nature Obi. If I could, Neo and Ace would never be a problem." He walks off, annoyed.

Obi: *grabs his arm* That's the problem, you did what I told you but you didn't do it like you were really trying. You were doing it like *does a zombie impression* Uggghhh, Imma zombie. I go wrestle this bear cause I was told to ugggghhh. No! You take pride in doing what your told. Like you're doing it for the Lord. And instead of lamenting on how the other two persons inside you are a problem, has it ever occurred to you that you're apart of that problem?

"....Are you done yet? Quit preaching to me. I don't consider Ace an actual problem, Neo, I do. I don't need you to tell me I have problems, I already know that. Now let go."

Obi: No. I'm saying you are you're problem. Neo being the part of this world wouldn't change. There are those like him already. Believe me. If i were preaching, I would be in my bishop robe. I'm telling you, you better man up and learn to take a hit or this world is going to run over you more and more. And you'll end up just like me. And I'm sure that's the last thing you want to happen.

Kado turns into a snake and climbs up a tree, then turns to normal.

"Listen Obi, you don't get it. I got it the first time from Torem. I don't need another lecture from you about it, I got it the first time. Admonition is my way of fixing the mistakes of the past. When we get back, I'm going. I have things to take care of. ...Understanding myself, and where I came from. Finding the other members. Organizing the ground work for the coalition. I don't need people to tell me what I already know. I'm weak. I used to venomously deny that. Since I accepted Ace... ...that denial just made me weaker. Trying to cut off what I considered weakness just made me weak. I have to accept who I am. All of me. The good and the bad. ...So quit worrying about me, you sound like my old man complaining to Shinwa when she wouldn't stop eating. And napping."

He laughs for a moment, wearily.

Obi: I am an old man! Shit, I'm as old as Moses! Wait...Moses was 120 when he died, right? Wait...Why am I even asking you? Any way, let's find out next bear for the chicks.

"....You can have fun with that."

They're at the edge of s lope and crotch down and see a bear in a creek looking for bass

Obi: Alright, there's another big-ass bear. Which one of ya'll chicks is goin' next?

Shinwa takes one look at it and morphs into a japanese dragon with long white fur, and merely curls up for a nap, many times bigger than any bear in size.

The bear stands up and roars at Shinwa

Obi: *throws a rock into Shinwa's eye* No! Bad Dragon! I want you to turn back into...whatever the hell you were before and wrestle the dang bear! not devour it or burn it up! Or lay on it! Heck, you're fatter than the bear at this point!

Shinwa opens her eyes and shifts her head at Obi, then blows a massive cloud of smoke at his face from her nostrils as a retort.

"That's muscle you moron... for your information I am well within acceptable weight for a dragon!" She shifts her large head toward the bear with a lack of concern, then curls up in a large serpentine coil.

Obi: What is that 'acceptable' weight? 50 tons?

Her tail whips him in response. "Clearly you don't know how to talk to women..."

Obi: *back flips over her tail* Never did talk to a woman. Never met one. Don't expect to.

Her only response is a light snoring.

Obi: Well it looks like you can go, fox girl.

Naomi sighs. "Is my name seriously too much for you...?"

She shakes her head, then cautiously approaches the bear.

The bear continues trying to catch fish unaware of Naomi.

Naomi takes a deep breath, before aggressively begins wrestling the bear, using more of her animal instinct to keep ahead of the bear's struggling, a strong chokehold on it.

The bear tries to shake her of feriously but can't. It tries to roll Naomi off but it still won't work

Obi: Ok! Now take whatever you have and begin to bash it in the face!

She begins smashing its face with the pommel of Firehawk as hard as she can.

The bear manages to bite her hand making her drop Firehawk

Obi: In the event you drop your weapon, always grab a rock or a stick when it tries to roll you off! Here! *takes a sharpened rock out his pocket* Catch! *throws the rock to Naomi*

She catches it and starts smashing it in the bear's eyes and snout.

The bear continues to shake around the place, until it jumps off its feet and lands on Naomi

Obi: Don't let go, man! Keep goin' you doin' great!

She grows claws on her finger and feet to improve her hold on it, digging into its skin, clawing her way back on its back then re-secures the chokehold.

The bear begins to constantly roll across the rocky creek

Obi: Die, Bear, Die! Die, Bear, Die!

Her tails begin to wrap around the bear to provide extra support for her.

The bear tries to rub Naomi off on the the hill.

Obi: Man this is some smart-ass bear. It's like you're an itch!

She starts biting its ear with sharpened teeth in retaliation, also smashing it in the face and snout.

The bear begins to whimper away from the creek with Naomi still on top of it

She continues her attack on the bear.

The bear runs for the woods whimpering the more Naomi bashes its face.

Obi: Man, I'm actually feelin' sorry for that bear. but in this world, you can't feel sorry for nothin'!

Naomi at this point has become more than halfway feral, attacking in a more animalistic manner than human.

Obi: Oh shit...I wonder if she can turn into the Nine-tailed Fox...highly possible...*strokes his chin while looking off into the distance with half-squinted eyes *

Naomi continues fighting the bear, a red glow now in her eyes.

Obi: *is abit more surprised* Okaaay...more shit is going on with here...

The bear slams Naomi against some trees

She in response begins mauling its stomach open with her hind leg's claws, slowly turning into a five tailed black furred fox.

Obi: Man, screw the Nine-tailed fox! This is way better! Shit, where's my camera? Ah! *takes a cam cord out of his pocket and begins to film* Gonna remember this shit. Hahahaha.

The bear rolls over on Naomi and once she gets up, bites her neck and pins her to a tree

Obi: Man, this bear ain't given up. It may have a fat ass but that things is some persistence.

In response, she completely ignites on fire, setting the inside of the bear's mouth and its whole face on fire, now venomously clawing its stomach with fire enhanced claws.

The bear roars in pain and runs toward the creek and rolls in it to put out the flames

Obi: Holy shit, dude! She just tried to barbague this bear! This chick got some baaaaalls! *looks down at his crotch then back up* one heard me say that...*continues recording*

She lets out a savage growl and is wreathed in blue flames, then fires huge blue fireballs at the bear hot enough to evaporate the water in extremely hot blasts of steam and air.

The bear gives out one last roar as it's blown to smithereens.

Obi: *mouth is wide open with awe and excitement* She's like the daughter I've always wanted Akami to be...with fire balls...balls of fire...whichever...*sheds a tear of joy*

The black fox then turns toward Obi in a snarl, blue flames writhing from its open jaws, the wound on the neck already closing.

Obi: You did awesome! For this day forward, I shall refer to you as Naomi: The Fox Girl on Fire! Hahahahahaha! flippin Mozilla! Hahahahaha! Firefox! Hahahahahahaaaaaaahahahaaaaa! But nevermind, I'm just gonna call you Naomi for now on. How's that sound?

The fox lunges in a mad rush for him, only to get pinned to the ground by Shinwa, who forcefully reverts Naomi back, who lies there, panting heavily and sprawled on the ground.

"Well at least she wasn't near a town or this would have been much worse of a problem."

Obi: Why the heck do you wait now just to save my life, instead of letting it devour my body and soul? Cause it certainly ain't because you care. And you didn't you know she was coming at me to give me a victory hug?

Shinwa looks back at him, a neutral expression on her face.

"She was going to maul you. And another thing, why are you assuming that I don't care about you? I don't particuarly like you, but I don't wish harm upon you. ...Except maybe when you have the annoying habit of bickering like a toddler with Zwei. THEN, I wish I could grind you up into fine powder."

Obi: Reason why I 'assume', It's just the fact you try to hurt me, slap me, flatten me whenever I open my word-hole, when I'm entitled to say what I want to anyone who comes under my roof or on my grounds or is in my presence. Note: He got on my bad side first. And what kind of a name is 'Zwei'? Last time I checked, ain't African and he isn't some gay werewolf. And there's his other name, Legna. Sounds like an angel consciousness. And then there's Volmond. Slap that 'o' out of here turn that 'V' upside down, put a line across it and you get, 'Almond'. Man, his parents must've have been real original when it came to naming him. Guess they couldn't choose one out the three that he has.

"He named himself. And for your information, Zwei is German. 'Two'. You have the right to say whatever you want, but what you say still has consequences. You are not above reproach. And to be clear, your definition of bad side is childish at best. Even if we were a possible threat, you should have left well enough alone and gave us a chance to speak You did not, and must I add that you were the aggressor. You have no self control, which WILL come to bite you in the ass. You're like a dog sometimes. What's the saying, the more they bark, the weaker their bite? In his eyes you showed the depth of your weakness. That you let yourself get provoked far too easy. Immortal beings are not immune to destruction. I myself know plenty of ways of dispatching immortals."

Obi: You forget. You are thintruders. And what do you do when someone intruedes? You protect. you came without no warning or regard to my property and when I told you to take your business else were, you did not listen. I don't know you like that for you to be bustin' up in ma' house like that! not sure if you know this, Dragon Lady! but here on Earth when someone intrudes your home, you have rights to bear arms, cause I don't know what you guys are gonna do! I don't care if you came to talk, that could've been a ploy to kill us! You forget, I lost my lobe! My actions aren't logical! They never will be! This is the best you'll EVER get from me! So me not having self-control ain't really my fault. Atleast I lost it doing something...memorable.

Shinwa sighs. "I have made my intentions clear by now, Obi. I'm on your side. Or at least, not on your enemy's side. Zwei is just checking up on me, but I am here for Kado, and to help him. And doing that means helping you. It would be best to put aside your grievances against me. Isn't that what this whole camp thing was about?"

She grows her tail back out, and it whips around in a agitated manner.

"The only reason I even have issues with you is because you won't let it go with him. It's one thing after another with you. I'm not going to stand by and watch you have at each other's throats. Zwei would not lay a hand on the Party. Not unless you made the mistake of making him your enemy. ...Why you would do that, would be beyond me. Obi, I don't want to fight with you, I would rather do a million other things than that. So I'm going to ask nicely, please leave him alone. He is only here for me, he wouldn't come for any reason. Bury the hatchet, it's not worth it."

Obi: I've been trying, but you haven't been putting in the effort. All you do is retaliate whenever I do something. I told you, i don't know you people, so I can't trust you, especially an intruder! If he is as nice as you say he is, why didn't he knock on the fucking door? Or why didn't you just take your brother with you? What millions things does he have to do that he's gotta be away? Why doesn't he take you to another place to stay? Someone like him should have many a home. First impressions. We made some pretty bad ones. That's why I can't be reasonable. You call it childish. I call it a side-effect. You never pondered that I never ask to be like this...I never asked to end up like a near naked stud with manly scars...I didn't ask to fight...I didn't ask to be crazy insane...I didn't ask to live in the sewers...i never asked to take care of anyone....I never asked to kill anyone or anything...I didn't even ask to exist...I never asked...Why?...See..I can just tell with me being what I am right now, I am just a fool. All because I'm different. Or I'm not 'civilized', as if such a thing ever existed. and instantly, it plays in your mind that whatever 'm trying to make as much sense as possible, I'm always doing something wrong. I'm always the one messing up. Why are you even here? You're certainly not helping me...All I see is a snake drooling venom. You ask for peace when you and 'Mr.Genius' passed the boundary. I gave you my waring and if you weren't gonna cause any harm like you said you were, you would've backed off when I told you. But you pushed and that push, lead to shove. You never look at my perspective. Always on his side. Worst of all, you never even thanked me for letting you stay.Nor Akami for convincing me too. Cause if it were up to me I would've thrown you out, aside what Kado 'promised'. You said your intentions were clear, but i don't see them...all I see is you standing around waiting for that guy with the glasses with the occasional 'tude. You want me to stop. Start acting like you mean what you say and co-operate or you will get nowhere with me. Understood?

She immediately tail whips him hard enough to break his jaw.

"Has it not occurred to you that I saved Torem's life? Have I not offered to help out? I even helped calm Naomi down before she could attack you! Has it not occurred to you this whole time I've been trying? If I didn't want to try, I wouldn't have come here. To be honest, I would rather have done anything else than go with you. But I wanted to see if we could start over. So I went with you anyway. I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt... but you.... you... are an arrogant, self righteous...! I've saved one of your comrade's lives, and I would have volunteered to help you out any any way possible!

My intention this whole time time was to help you, you arrogant, stuck up brat! I'm sorry I didn't thank you, or Akami! But it's hard to do that when you have done nothing since the day I got to your place than treat me and Zwei like dirt! We haven't done anything to you! At a minimum, I spoke out and lashed out at you for harassing Zwei! This whole time I've wanted to help you, but let me ask something, did you even ask me to do anything? Not once did I hear you ask me to do any work for you! Not once! I would have done it, but you never asked! How dare you call me a snake, when you haven't even tried! Yes, that's right, you haven't tried! At all! Insulting the man that I would die to protect, and then claiming that you've been trying?!

All I've wanted is to right the mistakes of my past, to help in any way I could...! I should have let Torem die, for what your gratitude is worth! I can't believe I honestly thought I could ever talk to you on equal terms! You won't even try! I've put up with this for far too long!" She suddenly grows out her wings and blasts off with a force powerful enough to destroy several dozen trees as she lifts off from the ground and flies away well beyond the speed of sound.

Kado watches her go, an annoyed expression on his face, but he says nothing.

Obi: *is laying on her head in a side pose. He puts his jaw back into place.* Oh no, by all means. Let's prolong this even further. You didn't save Torem her life. You endangered her the moment that C.Enine came and was about to take your brother. Your brother, your creation. I taught Torem to die for others, despite what ever happened to her in the outcome. But it this case she wasn't going to, she just wasn't gonna be our Torem for a while but I knew we could still save her! Your brother could have been hurt because your mistakes! My child suffered for your brother because of your mistake! I don't see you coming to his rescue, especially if you care for him the way you do. As for helping, you expect me to tell you what needs to be done? You should've came to me and asked. You don't ask, your just a stick standing up in the middle of the ground! As for a 'leader' you should've seen what needed to be done or ask my Frontliners! Ask those people who are handicapped and limb! Ask those who once had lives up their but were destroyed because of people. Like. You. It's a self-learning program! you should know! You lead before! Cause there will be people who will leave you hanging and the only way for you to move at everyone elses pace is to problem-solve. And you 'saving' me? You think that fixes the problem? I could've handled her if you hadn't stopped her. And yes, you should feel stupid for thinking you could talk to me on equal terms. Cause we're not equals. Your a Myth. I'm a human. There is no equality in that. Especially when I'm not 'civilized' or 'in my right mind'. But I'm sure like that everyone told you a hundred times before: I'm messed up! Ma' brain's got scars of it own! Bottom line! So yea, I can see how you could be stupid in this case. But it didn't hurt to try though. * stands up and claps* Yo ask why I treat you like dirt? Well let's see. You came unto my property without permission. i told you guy to back off, he persisted. I had rights to act on my grounds as anyone else would and you come in, break my sledgehammer and roundhouse kick me, the guy who made this place with his bear hands. Now tell me if that's a good first impression as opposed to me protecting my children? That was just total lack of respect. You didn't even tell him to back down to avoid violence. Instead you were the first to make a hit. And you expect me to treat you with respect? Hell no! Wouldn't you have done the same? Oh no, because you're myths. You all are huncky-doory with one another just to let others come right on in. I don't swing that way. I see someone I don't know come up in my house, I got the right to protect and defend. Calling me self righteous, you ain't innocent in this, Dragon Lady. Not just because of your past mistakes, put of your conduct. I am being a father. The best father I can manage. But all you do is judge, judge, judge cause of my hostility towards you and your love bear, Snuggle Wuggums. *snickers* Like when you say you would do anything with to protect the guy three names, I will do anything to protect my children.

Kado jumps down from the tree with a massive crack! Sounding off from the force of his impact, the shockwave knocks Obi off his feet.

"Obi, you really have no brain. Apologize now. You've gone too far. You're the one whose made a mistake. Tell me, what the honest fuck do you think is gonna happen if Shinwa goes back to that Volmond guy right now? That 'Snuggle Wuggums' probably has the power to wipe this whole damn planet out of existence if he so chose to. And what do you think someone like that is gonna do if he finds out how much you just trashed her?

All you do is open your big fat ass for a mouth. It doesn't matter what she's done before now. The past is the past. If you're going to judge her, then you might as well treat me the same. Til the end of my days probably, people are going to throw 'Destroyer of London' in my face. I've made a whole bunch of mistakes. So has Shinwa. We're both trying to find something. Redemption. All you have done is judge, judge, judge. Judge her because she is protecting someone she loves from harm, like you would, trying to help others, trying to show you her merit, and then you just stomp all over her!

She's my sister, and because she was willing to face me, even though I could have killed her, I decided to trust her, against my own judgement. She's sincere, and has been fighting to right the wrongs she's made. But...

If you won't, I will for you. But you're not even human if you can't even manage that." Kado runs off after Shinwa.

Obi: *lands on Kado* human? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! No such thing exist anymore, dear boy. Only us monsters. Monsters with great power. Quote, I'm the boss, ok. In any event you don't EVER tell him he's wrong to his face. Also, YOU! *kick Kado in the face, a large cracking sound can be heared, sending him crashing through a tree* DON'T! *does the same thing again* TELL! *does it again* ME! *does it again* WHAT! *does it again* TO DO! *does it gain and Kado's face is entire covered in blood* You came asking me for a job, and you came asking me to let her stay. Did that out of oblige, more or less. But you don't tell me how to do things. You are to do what I say, we are not equal partners. You want want to tell me off, do it on a piece a paper, seems more suitable for you. Whether you respect me or not, you do what I tell you. you've only been here for 2 days. Don't think you can start running things around here or try to change my ethnics. Now on to the next part. That four-eyed doctor wipping this planet? Please. Listen to yourself say that one more time. *moves Kado's mouth up and down while imitating Kado's voice* That 'Snuggle Wuggums' probably has the power to wipe this whole damn planet out of existence if he chose to. BULLSHIT! *kicks Kado's face again as he pivot turns* Look at you...kissin the doctors ass and your sisters...which is rather disgusting by the way but whatever. Beggars can be choosers...Hahahaha! Awww look at those eyes *holds up Kado's bloody face*...Deep down...I know you want to hurt me so much. you just want to explode! Break every bone in my body and beyond! No remorse! you just want to brush it off call me an insect and walk away like the sick wimp you are! *clutches Kado's face so hard he fingers sink into his face* Or just tell me off again on how sick I am and tell me to go to Hell, well jokes on you, I vacation there! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAHAHAHAHA! So now. This is the part where you either break me, leave me, or curse me. Or learn from what I've said and you can go kiss your sisters ass some more. not sure how you could stand it anyway with that tail and all. So come on. Get up. *backs up away from Kado* Let's see how you do. *crouches down and waits* There are 10 ways this can go. Let's how you do. Who knows. You might even hit 11. HAHAHAHAHAHA! One Step Beyond! HAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!

Kado's face is expressionless. He quickly changes to his blond haired form, then turns back, his face healed, however he continues staring Obi down with expressionless eyes.

"Are you done?" He says dully.

Obi: Yea, Im done. I'll be done at the creek with the fox girl. We're gonna be catchin' bass. You two can get yourselves together and shit. *swings from the trees*

Suddenly Obi finds he can't move, and the source is a strange metal that flows like liquid, but is so strong that he can't even struggle against it, which covers him from head to toe.

Kado appears in front of him. "You can sit here until I get back." His eyes are still the same. "Hang in there until I bring back Shinwa. Then WE will be catching bass."

He disappears.

Obi: He knows I can get of this but for the sake of us actually get bonding, I'll just wait out here. Man, if the zombie apocalypse happened, I know where I would hide out.

Kado meanwhile finally catches up to Shinwa, who is doing a pretty good job at ignoring him. Finally, he makes a shadow hand that grabs her and reels her in down on the ground.

"Shinwa, let's talk. Look, if he gives you any more crap, I'll seal him in a mythril coffin and throw him into a volcano. How does that sound?"

She sighs. "I don't want to go back. I'm done with him, I tried to keep an open mind, but he never quits, he never gives us any peace! I just wish he would leave us alone..."

"Look I understand, but you can't let him get to you. Come on, let's just deal with it already. Besides, I need to get quality time with you, this may be the only time I'll have."

She closes her eyes. After a long pause, she sighs. "Whatever... ...the next time is the last Kado. ...I can hardly stand it as it is."

Kado sighs. "Thank you. Let's head back, alright?"

She silently nods, and they begin walking together back towards the creek.

Obi: Man, if this bonding thing doesn't work imma break my foot off in Reveryn's ass next time I see 'em. I wonder if this cacoon thing can withstand a tactical nuke? Man, i hated those. Put me on edge.

He hears footsteps, and Kado and Shinwa are walking into view. "You're lucky you decided to humor me, or I would have made an iron maiden and used it on you. I hear they hurt like a son of a bitch." Kado remarks.

Obi: Hey, I've been in one of those before. Not the original ones, the new ones where it has holes in it and you shove javelins through those holes. Yea those hurt but I was a young, handsome-er man at the time. So since you here. *lands right next to Kado* To the creek! Hopefully the fish aren't already fried. *skips along the way*

Kado shakes his head, and follows Obi. When they get there, Naomi is napping quietly, head resting on a fluffy tail.

Obi: *nudges Naomi with his foot* Wake up, Naomi! We're gonna be catchin' us some big-ass fish. I even brought poles. Fishing poles to be exact. *hands everyone a fishing pole* Don't try to dance on them. You all know how to fish?

Naomi yawns, while she does so they can see her elongated canine teeth, then she slowly opens her eyes.

Kado shrugs. "I think I once speared fish..."

Obi: I don't mean 'spear, I mean used a fishing pole to catch fish, so I can safely assume that you don't know how to fish the common way.

"I know how to fish, not the way you describe."

"Whaaz's this about fish?" Naomi says, half asleep.

Obi: Yea, that's what I said, duuuuh. So what you do, is take a worm. *takes out a container filled with live worms* Cut it in half with your nail. *cuts the worm in half with his nail* And slide the head on to the hook. *begins to cry while putting the worms head on the hook

Another Obi is standing behind him fully dressed in waiter clothes and a mustache playing a sad violin

Obi: *pushes the other Obi into the creek* Get out out of here, don't you see i'm cryin'?! *continues to cry* My lil' shwishies...*sniff* Here just take one...good-bye my babies...*hands them the container*

The three all do as he says, Kado looks at the fishing rod, completely stupified by the sight of it. ".....What now?"

Obi: You fling the pole and let the hook fly. No not throw it, pretend your tapping some dude on the head with a sword. Once your hook is in the water, you wait for a tug. Once something catches your bait on the hook you reel it in with this. *points at the reel* You gotta add some fen-est to it. You let the line go, then you reel it it. If you keep reaaling it in, the hook might rip out of the fishes mouth and it'll swim away back to Bikini Bottom where there's a pineapple under the see at the end of the creek.

"....You really should stop referencing that stuff. I have no idea what you're even talking about." He casts his hook into the water.

Obi: *cast his hook in the waits and begins to sing the Spongebob Squarepants theme song*

".....Dear lord... ....that is.... the most abnoxious, annoying thing I've ever heard. By all that is holy, stop singing."

Obi: Ok, then how 'bout this? Oh, Imma Goofy Goober, Yea! You're a Goofy Goober, Yea! We're all Goofy Goobers, Yea! Goofy, Goofy, Goofy, Goobers, YEA!

"......Obi, I'm going to cut out your tongue and cook it for your dinner tonight."

Obi: Ok then. Stop me if you don't like this. *begins to sing in a surprisingly amazing singing voice* Water, You turned into wine. Opened the eyes of the blind. There's no one like You. None like You.

Kado glances at him for a moment, then returns his attention to the creek.

Obi: *feels a tug on his pole* Aw hells yea! *begins to reeel it in* Ok! Please Lord Jesus let be a biggy! *finally plls a 5 foot bass out of the water and holds it up so they can see it* Bass tonight, scukers! This is a big one! Biggest one I've ever caught.

Unbeknownst to Obi that under the bass he had caught is an 4 foot erect penis attached to it

Kado looks at it in disgust, then shakes his head before pulling his fishing rod out of the water and sets it against a tree.

"Excuse me while I barf..."

Obi: *looks over at the girls* What's the matter with him?

The bass's penis is flopping everytime it's gasping for life.

Shinwa covers Naomi's eyes with a hand. "That fish is an abomination. ...You might want to take another look."

Obi: What? *looks down and sees the bass's penis* Oh God! Is that a penis?! Nope! Nope! Nope! I ain't doin' this! *tries to put the bass into the water but he slips and the bass flies into the air and lands back on Obi with it's testicles in his face* Ah! Ah! Balls in ma' face! Ball's in ma' face! *begins to spit rapidly* Aw man, some of it got in my mouth! Ah! *spits* Ball mucus in ma' face! Get it off me, man! *continues to struggle to get the bass of him*

Kado shrinks down into Ace, who is back into a preteen form, while crying, "Whhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyy........"

Obi: Ahhhh! Ball mucus in my eyes! My eyes! It burns! Why dear lord is this happening? *grabs the fishes penis and tears it off and throws it away and blood begins to spill all over Obi's face* Ah! Ah! Why di i do that? It was better idea the tiiimeee! Oh My I got pelic blood all over my faaaace...Get! Off! *finally pushes the bass into the water and it swims off leaving a trail of blood behind it. Obi then begins to wash his face with the creek water* That was the 2nd worst thing that has ever happened to me! Ugh! Worst, Worst, Worst!

Naomi looks at Ace. "....I think you broke Kado."

Obi :*continues to wash his face* Good! I liked it better when he was broke anyway! Not like he wasn't broke to begin with! Man, my eyes are all sweaty.

Naomi swats his head with one of her tails. "You know, he's actually trying, why can't you? You have to give to get you know."

Obi: *ducks his head* Not sure if you noticed, but im greatly irritated cause I tried too, but I wound up with fish balls all up in my face!You don't give to get! You give because you care, no matter who the hell it is, especially when there's nothing in it for you.

"Well that's just bad luck with the fish. And you misunderstood. You have to give respect to get it. If you think how he has been is bad, you've seen nothing. NOTHING. I grew up with him! Do you know how quiet, anti social, timid, afraid, shy, awkward, and most of all, unconfident he used to be? I swear that guy had no confidence in himself! And now he's actually got some faith in himself, which is saying alot for how far he's come! Can you please give him the benefit of the doubt for once?" Naomi says, slightly irritated.

Obi: Who said I doubted him? It's just that he has done much of anything worth deserving my respect. Besides, I meant that I prefer the chick rather over there than the blondie. And I don't believe in luck of any kind. Only miracles and curses. And that fish was a definite curse! *scrubs his face harder*

"Is the creepy fish gone?" Ace asks in a half cry, half whimper.

Obi: Hopefully it bleeds out once it reaches the end of this damn creek. Why does a fish have that long of a penis anyway? Was it gonna get with some mermaids at the end of this creek or something?

Ace continues whimpering by a tree, and Naomi eventually walks over and picks her up.

"Please calm down, it was bad I know, but still, calm down ok?" She tries to soothe Ace, who just sniffs in response.

Obi: Waaaaaiiit a minute...hold up...I hear a sound.

There's some sort of crying noise coming from nearby

Obi: Do ya'll know what that sound is?

Shinwa scans the area. "A crying noise." She says dully.

Obi: No Duh. I ain't that stupid. *jumps into the shrubbery*

Shinwa sits down on the ground, while Naomi ventures to the edge of the bushes, still holding Ace.

Obi: Found it!

A deer is laying on the ground breathing heavily

Obi: I knew I heard such a cry. It's the cry....of pain. Of child birth....Welp, nothing I can't handle. *cracks his knuckles*

Naomi looks away. "I don't want to see that...."

After about 6 minutes of intense crying of pain, it finally stops.

Obi: Ok now you can look.

The deer is licking the nose of her newborn fawn.

She looks over and fawns over the fawn. "Awwwww...."

Ace looks at the deer curiously.

The fawn walks over to Ace and rubs its head against her leg

Obi: Man, just everything likes you, huh?

Ace just giggles at the touch.

The fawn and the mother gallop off into the deeper woods

Obi: *waves* Good-bye and your welcome!

Naomi sighs. "Shinwa, can you carry Ace for me? I don't want to hold her anymore."

Ace makes a slightly sad face, before Shinwa picks her up and gingerly holds her for Naomi, a warm, tinder smile on her face as she holds Ace.

"Anything for... ...them." She says softly.

Obi: *gets up and brushes his knees* Alright, let's get going *begins to walkout of the shrubbery*

They nod, and follow him, Ace soon falling asleep in Shinwa's arms, which causes Shinwa's edgy air towards Obi to die off, watching her little 'sister' sleep.

The make it to the to top of a stony cliff were they can see a beautiful sunset descending upon the magnificent view of the Pine Barrens.

Obi: *sits down and looks down at the Pines below*

Naomi sighs. "It's sure nice, too bad it has a stinky creep running around."

"Stinky...... zzzzzzz.... creep.... ....zzzzzzzzz....." Ace sleeptalks.

"I think we can all agree on that one..." Shinwa says with a smile.

Obi: 'Flying' you mean. *just sits and noises of yelling, shooting, and crying fills his head. Obi rubs his head and takes a bottle of migraine pills out of his pocket and puts two in his mouth and swallows*

Naomi sits down, sighing.

Obi: What's the matter with you? Tired?

"Kinda...." She yawns.

Obi: Then you can take a rest. I'm getting abit tired myself. *coughs in his hand and sees blood in it* Ugh. Gross. *wipes the blood of on his shorts and spits some blood out over the cliff*

She lays down on the ground, laying her tail down like a pillow and lays on it.

Obi: *goes to sleep sitting over the edge of the cliff*

Shinwa lays Ace down next to her, covering Ace with a wing, then sleeps, though her spiritual senses remain active.

Suddenly the cries of people of people, the sound of musket shots, and the smell of smoke wake them up and then they realize it's nighttime, they can see fire coming back from the villages.

Shinwa wakes up irritably. "It's back..." She looks at Naomi and hands Ace to her. "I'm gonna tear that thing to shreds..."

She turns into a dragon and takes off, and swoops down to where the village is.

The Quakers are in a panic as they try to evacuate their village as everything else around them burns.

Shinwa looks for the Devil, once she finds it she sinks her dragon teeth deep into its neck and throws it miles from the village, closing the distance in mere moments, then blasting it with White Fire.

The Jersey Devil flies into Shinwa's nose and rams right into her nasal canal and breaks right through it. It begins to punch, ram, and tail-whip the inside of her nostril.

A barrier repels it once it gets too close, and Shinwa tailwhips it with the flat end of her tail blade, sending it hurling for miles.

The Jersey stops her tail and smacks it down and flies overhead and flies down at tremendous speed and rams Shinwa in the neck and pushes her down.

She evades by shrinking down, and then impales it in the nose, then repeatedly swats it across the nostrils and general face region, adding a few blasts of white fire to its face for an extra barbecue.

The Jersey grabs Shinwa's nose and crushes it upon squeezing it, then swings her from nose and throws her through a tree and she hits the ground. The Jersey lands on the broken tree stump.

Shinwa easily side steps and grows larger, then stomps the Jersey into bloody paste.

The Jersey flies from under her foot and flies away into the night sky.


Obi: *is talking in his sleep* How many times I gotta tell ya', Rev? No chick is gonna want to be around me. So stop askin' and let me...clip ma' toenails....

The Jersey lands where they slumber.

Obi: *turns around, still asleep*Hey! Hey! I told you I never wanted to see your face around here again, Quaker! *goes up to The Jersey and begins to jump around it with his dukes up* Oooohhh, you be askin' for it now. Imma knock you where the G-Man can't see ya'. *punches the Jersey in the stomach lazily to no effect* Come on'! Bring It! Let's get ready to rumble, fool! Gonna be like Ali up in this bitch. Don't know who you be fuckin' with. *does a Mario impression* Let's a Gooooo!

The Jersey opens Obi's eyes. have you been these past hundred years?

The Jersey roars in his face

Obi: Dreadful, I'm sure. Well um, if you don't mind I wanna introduce you to ma' new children! *kicks Naomi awake* This here is the little fox girl, Naomi. Cute little thing. Say hi, Naomi!

Naomi's eyes open and she yelps and scampers away, still holding Ace, who is still sleeping.

Obi: Oh don't be afraid. This is Jersey! He's also the abominable sonofabitch who done hacked my brother in half, but you guys got nothin' to worry about. Just shake his hand and talk to 'em.

A loud roar announces Shinwa's arrival as she crashes with a tremendous boom close by, snarling.

Obi: Damn....Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn. *turns towards Shinwa* Welcome back, Dragon Lady. I know your abit acquainted with my...pal, Jersey. You mind managing to greet him properly?

"....What are you babbling about this time...?" She growls at him.

Obi: I'm babbling reason, bi- *stops and sighs* Just shake the boy's hand and introduce yourself properly. Lord knows he's already acquainted with your weight.

It's immediately clear she didn't take kindly to his comment about her weight, but stops when she hears the word reason.

"....." A odd rumbling fills the air, which evolves into hysterical laughter for a moment. She turns into her humanoid form, though her head has large golden horns borderline disproportionate to her size. She glances at the Jersey with caution, and extend her arm as though she was reaching for live dynamite.

The Jersey takes her hand and crushes it

Obi; Hey! Hey, man! *slaps the Jersey's hand* I said 'shake' hands, not 'squeeze' hands!

The Jersey looses its grip and shakes her hand slowly and lets go of it.

Her hand regenerates into a dragon hand, slightly clawed. Naomi still holds Ace, not budging.

Obi: now waste can sit down talk about our feelings!

Ace quietly grabs Naomi's tail and hugs it, much to Naomi's distress. "Accccccce! Don't do that!"

Obi: Come on 2-in-half girls. Introduce yourselves! The right way. Tell 'em your name and stuff. Trust me, he won't follow you home or nothin' like that if you tell 'em.

Ace opens her eyes and sees the Jersey and shrinks back, tightening her grip on Naomi's tail in fright.

"Ouch Ace!"

"But it's scary!"

"....Hi.....? .....I'm.... ......Naomi?" She squeaks.

The Jersey puts out its hand for a hand shake.

Obi: Better not squeeze her hand...

Naomi wearily extends her hand, having to adjust herself so Ace doesn't fall out of her arms.

The Jersey slowly grips her hands

Obi: Don't squeeze it! Now shake.

The Jersey slowly shakes her hands

Obi: Good boy. *pats it on the back*

Ace clings onto Naomi, unnerved by the Jersey's appearance.

Obi: Trust me, Ace. It wont hurt you. How about I shake it's hand with you? Will that feel better?

"...." Ace glances back at it nervously, and Naomi looks down at her. "Shy and timid as Kado used to be..."

Obi: *walks over to Ace and extends his hand* Come on. You can't be afraid for the rest of your life. If you can shake hands with this thing, you don't be afraid of anything else. I mean just look how hideous it is.

The Jersey growls

Obi: Do you know what's more hideous than that thing? The other thing right next to the thing you're about to shake hands with. *smiles*

The Jersey looks at Shinwa and emits a raspy laugh.

Shinwa narrows her eyes at Obi, while Ace weakly laughs, and after a few minutes shakily extends her arm, trembling heavily.

Obi: *takes Ace's hand and they both walk towards The Jersey slowly*

She quakes as she slowly reaches out to it.

Obi: *slowly takes Ace's hand and holds it out straighter*

The Jersey takes her hand and shakes it firmly

Ace still seems nervous, but makes a weak attempt to shake as well, though her eyes tremble.

Obi: See? You did it! Now we can start calling you Ace the Brave or BrAce.Hm....don't got any suitable titlar names but i'm sure I'll think of something, but awesome job!

She only makes a squeak in response.

Obi: Now that you've been introduced to everbody, how about we settle down for some tea from my handy, dandy, Back-pack! *gets bags of tea out of his back back*

Naomi tilts her head. "I've never had tea."

Shinwa seems mildly interested. "I didn't know you had an appreciation for tea, perhaps there's hope for you yet."

Obi: *fixes the tea in a pot over a burning fire. He pours the tea in everyone's teacup and pushes a button on a audio-box and it begins to play classic music* Now when you sip your tea, you wanna squeeze the hand with your fingers, but leave your pinky finger out, then sip. *simply does so* Now you try.

Naomi stares at him, before holding the cup normally, sipping it, and then gags, dropping the tea cup.

"Gross!" She gags, having to put Ace down to avoid dropping her.

Obi: Oh ok, I see how it is! *gets up and takes a bottle of Bob Marley Mellow Tea. He tosses it over to Naomi* Drink up and say sometin' now.

A bobcat suddenly leaps out of the bush and snatches the bottle in mid air, then dashes into the woods.

Obi: NO! *leap into the air and lands on the bobcat with his elbow driven into it's back. He begins to stomp on it and bash it's skull all while saying 'No!' with every blow. He then throws it into the fire and stomps on the bobcat in the fire. He then takes the bobcat out and stuffs it into his back-pack. He walks over to Naomi and hands her the bottle*

The tea appears to be pouring out from the bottle, from the teeth holes punctured into it.

Obi: Oh shit! Quick, drink the tea!

Naomi tries, but the bottle slips and smashes onto a rock.

Obi: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Why lord, Whyyyyyy! *falls to his knees* WHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! *his echo can be heard through the entire forest*

"Sorry!" Naomi squeaks.

Obi: You are sorry, aren't you? You're wretched, trifling, and despicable! *immaturaly cries and jumps off the cliff. A few moments later he comes back up the cliff and takes the bobcat out of his back-pack and jumps off the cliff again*

When Obi eventually comes back, Naomi isn't in sight, but there is a large hole with a black fox tail barely sticking out.

Obi: *is eating from the bobcat. Tugs on her tail* You wanna bobcat?

The Jersey slowly raises its hand

Obi: Not you!

The Jersey slowly puts its hand back down

Her tails slinks down into the hole.

"Is that what they call a hole of shame?" Ace asks, looking down into the hole.

Obi: I don't see a sign that says otherwise, so come on up. *reaches down the hole and pulls Naomi out of it and sits her right next to him.* Here. *hands her another bottle of Bob Marley Mellow Tea* Found this in my pocket and such. So that was my bad. Hopefully nothin'-no. Not even gonna say anything, just drink up.

Naomi trie .

Obi: I know right? It know...tasty. Like, really refreshing and drinkable/likable. Soon, the Mellow Tide with soothe you away to amazing calmness you've never thought could have existed. Meaning you're gonna have, the best dreams, in your life....only to cry and once you wake knowing all that crap was a dream...damn I hate it when that happens...when you have to wake up from a totally awesome dream...

Naomi quietly looks away.

Obi: *sniff* Anyway, Jersey. Eat up. *tosses the rest of the bobcat to The Jersey*

The Jersey gobbles it whole

Shinwa meanwhile casually drinks her tea, mostly ignoring the events that transpired.

Eventually everyone goes to sleep with the exception of The Jersey, as it is simply no longer there. Obi is sitting at the edge of the cliff, looking at the moon.

Obi: *sigh* I always wonder if there can be truly a place for both man and myth to be one with each other or is it I'm fighting the will of God as this our punishment for some wrong doing that this may continue...Man, I hate sounding all Shakespearean-like. *coughs in his hand. As he looks at it, he sees blood in his palm* Ughhh...*wipes it off on his torn shorts*

Ace sleeps in Naomi's arms, though slightly fidgets in occasional moments of discomfort.

Obi: *looks at his skin and sees names appearing on his arm, then looks down and sees their on his entire body. His skin begins to fade to pitch black and his irises turn white* Oh Shit.*looks back at the girls, then looks back over the cliff and jumps off*

During the night, Ace gives off a faint glow of positive energy, occasionally small particles of spirit energy float off her.

Morning. Everything is calm, quiet, and warm for the most part. Obi is still nowhere to be seen and neither is The Jersey.

Ace slowly opens her eyes, the first one to wake up. She remains in Naomi's arms, too comfortable to get up just yet. Eventually she squirms, but Naomi tries to hold on to her, the two's squirming eventually aggervates Shinwa, who eventually wakes up.

"Quiet down..." She grumbles. ".....Where's Obi this time...?"


Obi: *is sitting in the woods whispering random names to himself at an extremely fast paste, while involuntarily twitching. He is carving his names into his own skin with a sharpened rock. The trees surrounding him also have various names carved into them*

Naomi stretches, eventually letting Ace go, who lets out a tiny yawn, and an audible stomach growl can be heard. After an awkward silence, Shinwa sighs. "Alright alright... I'm getting up..."

She starts to prepare a cooking fire.

Obi: *continues to carve into his skin, blood oozing all over his body* Don't know....what I was thinking...*twitches* It's almost time....and I'm far from home.....*twitches* Dam you, and your persuasive lookin'-ass.....swear if this goes out of hand...*twitches* Next time I see ya'... Imma beat the shit out of you.....*coughs up blood and continues to carve*

Shinwa makes food for the others, and looks out toward the forest. Is something going on...?

A child-sized white light forms, blinding most near it. "Hey-Yo!" the boy voice yells as he shifts his form to a young child with blond hair and yellow eyes. He wears a yellow scarf over a white dress shirt with the collar proped up between his neck and scarf. His appearance shfts so he had blue jeans and Converse All-Star's on. They are black with white trim.

Shinwa glances at him, then starts eating some of the food she made. Ace blinks rapidly, trying to adjust her eyes from the flash, and Naomi hides her kitsune features.

"Tough crowd.." the boy observes. He takes a seat on a nearby tree branch, swinging his legs ten feet above the ground. The boy is no taller than four-foot-five to four-foot-seven. "I'm Kenji. You guys are Shinwa, Ace, and Naomi... Am I correct?" His face looks cheerful as a black headband forms in his hair, obscured by most of the spiky lump.

Shinwa and Naomi look at each other, and then Shinwa looks at the boy. "...How do you know our names?" Shinwa says cooly.

"I looked at your past. I am outside of time, so I can see all timelines. Your's was one I watched one day. Kind of like when I used to watch TV..." he looks down at the mention of his past life. "Anyway, Shinwa and Naomi, wanna be friends?" Kenji smiles and closes his eyes while he tilts his head.

Shinwa raises an eyebrow. "Why?" She asks.

"Why what?" Kenji looks confused.

"Why do you want to be friends with us?" Shinwa says as she eats, not really looking at Kenji.

"Because I haven't had human interation since the year... I forget... And the other being who I tried to talk to became a meany. Their name was Aeon. They wee really mean. I just want some friends. Todaynis the first day I actually stopped watching and started acting. I'm like Denzel Washington." He smiles, still looking down at his feet, of which he started doing when he started talking.

Obi: *is covered in blood from the face, down. He is stapling letter stensels made from his skin and staples the letters to the matching letters* Ugggghh....darn.....with all things in life....why this....imma freakin' psychopath, that's why....this is what a psychopath does a....freakin' almost done...this will be it....then we're headin' it feels so cold out here...

Shinwa sniffs the air, and looks toward the forest.

"....I'll be back..." She takes off into the air.

Obi: Man im gettin' hungry....*looks at his hands and looks at all the blood on his hands. He slowly sticks his tongue to lick it, but holds his hand down* NO! Can't do that! not right now....should've saved that bobcat for this morning....I'm hungry like crazy....Hehehehe....crazy....

Out of nowhere, a cooked steak lands in front of Obi.

Obi: Oh My God! *looks up into the sky* It's raining food for the first time in history! Thank you, God! I-I know what do, but I should was my hand first...Oh well. *bends down and begins to scarf the steak down* Om nom nom...Heehehe...*chews*

He hears a flapping sound, and Shinwa appears, with a plate of cooked steaks.

"I could smell you from camp. ...I'm not gonna ask about the cutting you're doing. I made breakfast and saved some for you."

Obi: Thank youuuuuuu.....*feels down his side where Shinwa's name is carved into* did you sleep?

She stares at him quietly. "I slept fine. Since you just mildly creeped me out, now I want to know. What's going on?"

Obi: *stops eating his steak and pauses* ..........Nothing you need to be worried about....Just....something I go through every year.....Its' *twitches* a phase thing we all go through, you know.....*is abit shaky* Don't worry...before evening, i'll be okay.....*shakily smiles*

"You know, if I had a bullcrap meter Obi, it would be screaming at you right now. You've got blood on you, and not just from cutting yourself. You've been coughing up blood, haven't you?"

Obi: *bows his head in shame* Yes...but I did just tell you I go through this *twitches* phase just about every year. Every years I do this....well this is my first time doing this in the outdoors...mostly I'd be in my room, doing all this on my tree...

He feels a draft of warm air, and there is a sphere of white light glowing brilliantly in her throat, which seems to be her dragonic fire heating up the area.

"What's going on, Obi? Do you need any help healing?"

Obi: It's nothing you can fix...I have developed a cancer....a cancer that can't be cured even from a spiritual means...Tory has tried to do so to no avail and she's part angel....I'm basically rotting from the inside out....thing is....I should've been dead ages ago....way before the war ended, I should've died...I've just been a walking sickness....I never left my room completely 'till you guys came along....and the other thing you DEFINITELY can't help me with...not only have I developed cancer....but i developed something abit more....mentally out of place...

She sighs. "I was talking about the names you cut into you. I know I can't cure whatever's bothering you."

Obi: You did say the word 'heal'...but these names are the result of both my cancer and the...thing with me being mentally out of's nothing for you to be concerned comes and goes once every how The Jersey comes around every hundred years....If you want I can stay out here and you guys spend some lady time together, is your choice. The names....I really don't know how to put it...just know it's nothing dangerous....per-say.....Like I said, not sure how to put it.

"We aren't going to make you suffer through anything Obi. What do you want to do?"

Obi: I usually just let go on by and nothing else, but I came out here to bond with you guys and I ain't gonna let my personnel problems to stop that. I can just get cleaned up and stuff and we can hangout and do something that doesn't involve bear-wrestling and fishing for bass with male genitals. *smiles*

"Hmmm. I could take you all for a ride on my back if you want... not sure if that would interest you."

Obi: Well seeing I haven't 'rode' a dragon in decades....It would be nice to take a ride without trying to kill a huge-ass dragon. Wasn't calling you out or nothing. Just sayin' 'yes'. Yes I would like take a dragon ride.

"Alright, get cleaned up then, I'll wait here." She hops into a tree.

6 minutes later

Obi: *is cleaned* I'm clean!

The names on his body are more apparent as she sees a long variety of blood-stained names of people she knows and doesn't know...or atleast not yet. She can even see hers, Naomi's and ace's name carved near his side.

Obi: My apologies if the names still freak you out to some degree.

"Why do you even do that?"

Obi: It's not like I really had a choice. I maybe Obi, but I'm not that crazy to be cutting myself with all these names, even I don't know. I mean *bends over to where he can looks at his back* who the hell is Ashely Summerglo? Or Zangyaku? Or Ryukaze? Or even Scarlet!? Who the hell are these people!? But like I said it's just....something else.

Shinwa sighs. "Alright... give me room a second..." She hops down, and grows large enough to be ridden, turning into her dragon form.

Obi: Hehehehehehe....It's like marveling a unicorn....Don't understand why those don't exist, many girls believe in those things, but screw the little girls! *jumps on Shinwa* Weeee! Onward Dragon Lady! We must bring the other two along on this journey we are about to embark!

She takes off into the air, and in only a few minutes, they reach the campsite. Naomi looks up, blinking in surprise.

"Oh, Obi, you're back!"

Obi: Well it's not like I was dead for three days, but thanks anyway. You two doin' good?

Naomi nods, with Ace sitting in her lap, munching on a bagel. "This strange kid showed up though," Naomi says, looking at Kenji.

Obi: *looks at Kenji* Who the hell are you? You like Final Fantasy meets Persona and that ain't a good mix, man. Let me tell you that right now.

Kenji looks up cheerfully. "I'm Kenji! I live outside of everything, so I kind of watch everything like TV." He smiles.

Obi: Man everyone says that. *speaks in a pompous voice* Oh, I'm outside of everything, No I'm outside or everything. Please, I'm outside of everything. Dude, everyone says 'I'm outside of everything'! Hell, Even I've said I was outside of everything! If you're outside of everything, why in the names of blazing hell would you come here? Out all the flippin' stars, planets, galaxies, dimensions, everything! Why come here on the crumbling rock?! Just why?! That let's me further know you don't live outside of everything cause if you did, you would've came here a long time ago!

"Yeah. So? I'm actually in fifteen realities for the time being. More in other times."

Obi: We all live in separate realities! Some more than others.

"Please stop talking, Insane One." Kenji smiles broadly. He jumps up into the highest part of the tree, balencing on one foot at a time on a tiny stem of a stick.

Obi: Yea, whatever Chibi-ninja guy. Come Small One and Fox Lady! We are to take a whimsical dragon ride through the forest! Come along if you believe in wonders!

Naomi hops on Shinwa's back, carrying Ace. "Yeaaaaaa dragon ride!"

Shinwa makes a scoff of amusement.

Obi: Onward, Dragon Lady, to the great pines of the barrens!

You're not Yoda. I imagine you can fly kid, so if you really want to, you can follow along for now...

She takes off with Naomi, Ace, and Obi on her back.


Shinwa flies for a while, then rumbles nervously.

I sense a presence...

Obi: Sorry if that's me. All apart of my 'condition'.

A pink haired woman sudden appears before them, standing on Shinwa's large head.

"My my, I haven't seen you in a long time. You look... ....more insane than I remember." She says with a false smile.

Obi: *is flattered* Aawwwwww, Thank you. Tehehe. Have you come to join us on this whimsical dragon ride....*feels his skin until he touches Inga's name* Ingaaaa.... *stands* dear sister, how's it goin'? *hugs Inga*

"....This is more awkward than I was hoping this encounter would go...."

Obi: Well, You did say I was insane, so. *pats her on the back*

"....I wasn't under the impression you were aware of me...." She says uncomfortably.

Naomi blinks when she gets a good look at Inga.

"Oh dear lord, is that.... THE DREAD WITCH INGA KANKEI?!" She all but screams.

Obi: Hey! *goes over and slaps Naomi in the back of the head* That's rude/mean, man! That's my sister you're talking to, so I'm telling you to treat her with respect. How would you like it if people called you 'bitch' (which most probably have) You wouldn't like it, wouldn't you? Because that shit is literal right there. Apologize.

Obi is minorly shocked by a lightning bolt. "She said 'witch', not bitch. And I am in fact, a witch. Dread Witch, is in fact a precise name for one such as I. And in case you are confused, Witch, as in the kind of person who can use magic."

Obi: Do you know what else a Witch is? Evil. So whatdoya' want?

She hands him a notebook. "This might be worth your while. A list of all of the backers of the Agencies. They may have power, but they depend on finances all the same. And political influence. And defense contracts. I thought you might like it."

"....And that age old impression of witches sours my mood, though, the view point in this case could be considered correct in my case... ...the fox child from the Yokai village can attest to that... any case, you've ruined the fun of beating around the bush, Obi. I was going to play some games of the mind, but now the fun is gone."

She looks at Ace and her eyes widen for a moment. "....A Dual Nature....?" She almost says with a reverent touch to her voice, with an slight twisted tone of greed, as if the child was somehow a priceless treasure just inches from her grasp.

Obi: *looks through the journal* Can't play mind games if one of the players doesn't have one. Dur.

Inga shakes her head. "Enjoy the gift. I don't imagine I'll be helping your side again."

Obi: Awwww, why not? Is it because im not intellegente? And why would you help me or us, anyway?

"Because I can. To answer the first, I care not for humanity or myth kind. I am going now."

Obi: Awww...Ok...Atleast comeback so that we can atleast hangout.

Coming Home

Inga shakes her head. "I don't belong in this world. I don't belong anywhere. But that's fine by me. "

Obi: *arms foldedl* Wow. Can't believe my own sister would think say that about herself too. Well we are human (which sucks) but what can we do about that, right?

She closes her eyes. "I believe you said yourself that no such thing exists. Only monsters." She turns away from Obi.

Obi: Did I?...Yea, Yea i did. But I didn't say a monster couldn't change into something better.

"In that case I am lower monster than you." She says, disappearing into the wind.

Shinwa shifts uncomfortably. She does not have a good reputation on Echo...

Naomi pitches in. "She collects the souls of Myths, she doesn't care who."

Obi: There is a story behind every evil.

Should we head home? Shinwa asks.

Obi: Yea...*sits down* I don't feel like taking a dragon ride anymore...

Shinwa sniffs, then shifts directions. I can fly us home.

Obi: Go ahead then...

She makes a dragonic chuckle. Want me to fetch the car while I'm at it?

Obi: Sure. I'll pack everything up.

She flies them to Obi's car, and lets him dismount.

Obi: *begins take everything down and packing it in the trunk*

Shinwa watches while he does so, while Naomi carefully lowers herself off Shinwa's back, making sure not to drop Ace.

Obi: *packs up what's left and get's into the car*

Shinwa morphs back into her humanoid form and the three join him in the car. "Shall we go home?" She asks.

Obi: *sigh* Yea...*looks at the Pines* Bye, Pines....see you next year...*puts the car in gear and drives off*

"Want cookies?" Shinwa asks, pulling out a bag.

Obi: *takes one out the bag* Thanks...*holds it mouth and continues driving*

They finally arrive at the entrance to the Party, and Ace as they head in, for a fraction of a second sees a shadow move on one of the rooftops. She stares at the location for a moment, before joining the others down below.

Akami: Hey, welcome back. We held done everything like you said.

Obi: Good.

Akami: *looks at all the names on his body*'s that time again, isn't it?

Obi: What do you think? I'll be in my room. *walks off into the alleyways*

Shinwa lets out a sigh. "I hate cars. Cramped and smell bad."

Ace looks up at Akami for a moment, then stretches her arms out toward her.

Akami: *goes up to Ace and gives her a hug* And how did was camping for you?

She returns the hug happily. "It was great! ...Though there was a meanie demon who spoiled the fun a few times. Obi made him drink tea with us!"

Akami: Did he now? That sounds like exactly like something Obi would do. Were you brave in front of that meanie demon?

Ace trembles a bit. "A little... ....I was really scared though...." Unseen to Akami, Ace's eyes widen subtly then gain clarity. A tiny tingle of red comes on her face, as Kado stirrs once more.

I have the worst timing in history.

Ooooh, someone's blushingNeo remarks.

Shut up...

I think you like her, Kado, Neo taunts.

...You keep your mouth shut or I'll kill you.

Ace wiggles, to signify that she wants down.

Akami: Hey, you alright there, Ace? You're looking a little red. Well I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and I'm proud you that you stood strong in front of terror. It must've been one scary demon, huh?

She nods quietly. "Can you put me down now?"

A swarm of red, black, white and grey particles materializes in the air, forming into Volmond, who appears to be wearing a monk's robes. "Hm, so that is an automatic connection to gateway Alpha and Xenomagnetic Flow that connects to the four lost ones... That in conjunction with the Geothermal Energy and Terrain Actualization and Synthesis Writs should allow for a celestial convergence event or even the formation of an entirely different plane of existence... If given due time and energyWhen comparing that to the Nihilo Aspect and Zero Division Cancellation, the effects are on the same scale..." He seems to be wrapped up in his own devices.

Shinwa rushes him and grips him in a fierce hug, forgetting to mind her strength. 

"Legna! I missed you!" She cries out, sheding her previously tense aura.

The doctor remains largely absent minded for a few moments. "OH! Sorry, Shinwa, I got mentally side tracked by something. How are you?"

"I'm well. The trip was draining, but it had its good moments. ...It would have been nice if the forest wasn't infected with a demon...." She sniffs.

"I don't recognize these scents."


"Are you alright? You didn't enjoy yourself while I was gone, did you?"

Ace pulls free of Akami, and makes her way off into the alleys, her aura disappearing after a minute.

"I had several headache inducing things happen, but I was fine nonetheless."

Kado is seen coming around the corner, but something seems off about him, as he appears to be stumbling.

Segura: The hell is wrong with you? *steps out from the shadows*

Kado bumps into a wall, his eyes are glazed over. "...Can't... ...see..." He mumbles.

Segura: And what pre tell caused that? *holds Kado by the arm*

As soon as Segura touches him, his eyes start working again, and Kado shakes his head in confusion.

"I feel... ...fuzzy... ...not in a good way. It's getting harder to think straight."

His eyes narrow. "...I need to... ...resolve this." He mutters quietly, shaking a bit.

Segura: How do you plan on doing that? Stabbing the shit out of however is doing this to you? Or what?

Kado straightens up. "....I don't know anything about... ....what I am. own nature is tearing me apart."

"Have you tried meditation," questions the doctor, glancing at Kado from afar. "If not, I'd do so to promote stability within yourself."

"I don't think Neo would let me relax long enough to do so. He's not exactly... ...calm."

Akami: *meets up with them* Hey....hey man, are you alright? You look rather pale.

"Then tune him out and focus. If you can focus at the very beginning, the relaxation aspect of it will gradually settle in."

Kado closes his eyes. "No, I am not. My sense of self has degraded worse. Meditation will not aide me. I need to gain control over my soul. And quickly. I've already degraded even worse than I figured. ...Though that's to be expected considering how much Ace was dominating... ...I need to find answers, about who and what exactly I am. I need to find where I came from."

Segura:'s that.

"Imagine a marble. Now imagine a nail being pounded into it until it breaks, though the hammer only makes tiny chips come off each time. That is what is happening to me. Bit by bit, I feel myself eroding away. Or for a more dramatic example of the actual pain I feel Segura, imagine someone drilling holes in your skull with a hand drill."

He sighs. "So how have you been doing Doc? I'll be leaving soon, so you can take Shinwa with you, catch up and what not. I need to find a way to control the influence the kids have on my soul. If not... ...I probably won't last long. It's taxing."

He looks at Akami. "So uhh... ...things hold up ok while we were gone?"

Akami: It's not like Obi would leave us here if we didn't know what to do in his absence, right?

Kado looks away, a small smirk on his face. "It also helps that you making getting hit like a truck look fun. I doubt anyone would mess with this place with your fists standing guard. ...Though if Noriko was here, she would probably bodyslam the enemy into submission. Not sure which is worse."

He looks back at Akami. "Torem ok?"

Akami: Sleepin' in.

Torem:*is snoring in bed* Dang it, Obi! Gota sleep already...*turns over*

Akami: But right now we should be more concerned about you.

Segura: We should?

Akami: *gives Segura a glare*

Segure: *holds his hands in the air*

"It's alright, Akami... Segura is Segura... he can't help but be an ass."

Akami: *smlies* Well you definately got that right.

Segura: Atleast I'm a sexy ass.

Akami: Yea, you keep telling yourself that, Seg.

"You'd certainly would, Seg. Maybe if you were a donkey, that is." Kado jests.

Segura: Whatever. *walks off*

Akami: Still need any help or are you still fixated on handling your problem by yourself?

"My best hope is to go to the people who would know the most about what I am, but..." He pauses. "They are back in Echo, and it's a large place. I'll likely have to spend a long time looking for them. My clan."

He sighs. "Being a spirit hybrid sucks... ...espically considering I have two other souls camping out in my head, constantly bickering at each other and occasionally at me. ...I'll admit though I kinda like Ace. ...A little. ...Hopefully I can get some help from my clan. However, I just got back, so I'll stay for a day or two. But after that I need to get going..."

Akami: I see. Just know we've been down that road too. We each other and n the end, we are our true selves when amongst those you see as family and no other side can conquer that bond. Remember that.

"....Thanks. You'd be a good motivational speaker."

Akami: I am a good motivational speaker. In the event you don't want to go on your journey alone, you can ask anyone of us and we will be happy to help you out.

Kado blinks. "Oh, I'll... I'll think about it. ...Thanks for the offer. I'd be gone a long time probably. You all have duties here after all..." Kado feels an odd sensation in his heart.

Akami: Hey, there's 4 of us, 6 if you count your sister and Naomi. I'm sure Obi could spare atleast one of us, if that gets him out the room more.

Kado rubs his forehead. "I need something to do to distract me from... problems. I feel like my head is going to explode from thinking too much..."

Akami: *looks straight into Kado's eyes* Hmmm...let's see what Mavis can do about that.

"H-huh?" The thought of someone being in Kado's head suddenly alarms him, his thoughts still distracted by emotions he'd rather leave unknown.

Akami: If you don't feel comfortable with that, we can always try something else.

"Y-yes... *cough* So, is there anything you like doing for pleasure or for hobby?" He asks, hoping to avoid the subject matter of people being in his head.

Akami: Aside from keeping my skills as sharp as possible and meditating with Dad...hmmm....I like taking walks through parks and/or meadows. Whichever I'm around.

"So you like calm, nice things like nature and stuff?" He asks.

Akami: Aside from violence, yea. I also like encouraging other and community service.

"I see... I think there's something called zoos, have you ever been?"

Akami: Ummm nope, nah can't say that I have.

"Well if you're looking for something to do and don't mind handing out with a socially inept person like myself, I could take you to one, assuming Obi doesn't keep you busy." He says, looking away slightly.

Akami: Nah, especially with what he's undergoing. He wouldn't have time to keep me around.

"I see... err, any interest in going now?" He asks.

Admit it.

Neo, shut your trap.

Akami: Don't see why not.

Hey Kado, she said yes, what fun! The Zoo, can I see too?! Ace cries out in excitement.

You got a date, you got a date, Neo cackles.

...I'm just going to ignore you now...

Kado has to concentrate to avoid letting his embarassment and great irritation from leaking onto his face.

"Alright, give me a moment to figure out where the nearest one would be... ...alright, that was fast... Neo usually doesn't just- ...oh, now I get why. Stupid bastard... at least Ace is nice."

Akami: You do know you're not talking to me, right?

Kado looks at her in confusion. "Huh?"

Akami: You're talking to yourself. Which is totally fine, I mean I do that to occasionally when I'm working things out.

"O-oh, right... ...Anyway, Neo found one, and I've got some money just sitting around so... I guess shall we?" He asks hesitantly.

Akami: *nods at him* Let's.

At the zoo...

Kado gapes at the giraffe in front of him. "...I don't think I've ever seen a neck that long. Except for when one of my aunts deliberately made her neck long in order to freak my out as a kid."

Akami: *tries to keep the giraffe away from her face* Hey, Heeeey, man. You better back. I don't do that up-close stuff. You better back up before you become long-necked and faceless.

"Oh relax, getting licked in the face isn't that bad. Maybe a bit icky, but at least it's not a bear biting your face."

Akami: I'd give the bear the bigger mouthful than it anticipated

"You certainly don't relax around animals huh? Oh and don't go biting or otherwise destroying the animals, it might cause some of the other people in the zoo to uh... panic."

Akami: I know how to act in public, reason why I haven't slapped this giraffe in the face yet. Hey, Hey! I'm telling you to back off!

Kado sees a sign that says 'Shark Tank Exhibit'.

"Shark? What's a shark? Sounds interesting."

Akami: From what I've heard from Obi, it's a giant fish-eating....well, you know, fish. The most well known predator of the marine world. I also heard they will occasionally eat humans, believing them to be prey or just by smelling their blood. They are quite attracted to blood, able to smell it from miles away! Used to be afraid of those things whenever I got into open water when I was little.

"Huh, sounds cool. ....Apparently it has a glass hall where they swim right over you?" He says in bewilderment. "Sounds interesting."

As they enter they are both easily fascinated by all the species of sharks

Akami: *is feeling up on the glass in fascination* How do they do that? A glass tunnel under water. It's like we're in the future.

"Wow, all of the teeth.... these guys are kinda creepy, but cool. I can't believe those teeth. It's like something you'd see from Echo... I've never been to the ocean before... wonder if it has these guys back at home?"

Akami: What's home like? Never heard of any other realm besides Downation.

"My home world is a big vast world, the only explored landmass has five major regions, West Wastelands, which is a desert, savanah, plains type land, East Flora, where I was born, there's a lot of swamps, forests, stuff like that there. Then there's the North and South Frontiers, they're polar regions where if you really want to avoid people, it's the place to go. No cities exist up there, unless you count the Spirit Villages. Then there's Central Valleys, which is a massive mountionous region full of hidden valleys and glades, with some giant plains between the various mountain ranges. It's where the city I lived was.

It's not a place like Earth, it's full of vast endless wilds. You could set out once into the wild, and never find civilization again. It's a savage harsh world, but it's full of life too."

Akami: If you were advertising your home to possible tourist, then you would've lost them all.

"I wouldn't blame them. Still, it's a place you could make a new life in with little trouble."

Akami: You do not have to move from your past to start a new life, but to simply change it whenever you feel like it has to. You can't avoid problems when in a new life. Earth is Earth now matter where you are. Whether on the soil itself or on another dimension, it all leads back here.

"Feels wierd, doesn't it?" He says after a moment. "They compare us to... animals. They don't think anything of it, keeping these guys in zoos, domisticating them, hunting them..." He trails off.

"Sorry, there I go ruining the mood again. ...Huh, exotic birds?" He sees another sign.

Akami: Multi-colored birds? No way...they look like candy..... But I get what you mean. That's why we do what we do. To make them think by what we do and stand for. When it comes to us, you don't have to hide anything, we can always be real with each other. *fists him in the arm*

"Ow... I believe I read a rather silly story about a wolf blowing down a pig's house. I imagine for some reason you accomplishing that with little effort."

"Effort." A bird speaks up.

"AHHH! It just spoke!" Kado jumps back, started.

"AHHH!" It mimics.

Akami: By God...Talking birds! Obi was right! Science is evil! Pure evil!

A passerby gives them an odd look. "It's just a parrot you two."

Akami: A pirate?\

"Par-ot. Not Pie-rot. It's a colorful bird that can mimic human speech."

Akami: Was science the result of this? Or was it witchcraft?

The man just shakes his head and mutters about 'kids these days..." and walks on.

Kado hears a roar. "Woah..." He walks over to source, to see a large lion in a cage. "Geez..."

Akami: Oh Oh, I know what that is! Obi says it's called a 'lion', king of the savannahs of Africa.

"Coool... we have animals like these back at home too. But bigger." Kado smiles slightly.

"Is there anything you want to see here?"

Akami: *thinks for a moment*

At the zebra exhibit

Akami: Look! They got stripes, man! Stripes! What horse do you know has stripes like that? And at their manes! Their like mohawks!

"It is pretty cool. I've not seen even horses, so this is a sight to behold for me."

At the reptile exhibit

Akami: *is looking at an American Crocodile* Man...A white crocodile...It must've been hard to capture guys this big much less with this sort of color.

"Now these I've seen... they like the swamps back at home. Yessh."

Akami: *looks over at the iguanas* Hmmmm....*looks at the turtles* Awwww, look at the little turtles. So adorable with their slow selves.

"How have they not been eaten to extinction? Though I guess a shell is pretty crunchy."

Akami: Plus their adorableness. Little survivor, yes you are.

"So if I may ask, where'd you learn martial arts?"

Akami: Obi. Duh. What about you?

"Wouldn't have imagined Obi to have the grace to pull that kinda moves off. Huh... about me, huh?" He watches the turtles for a moment.

"From the beginning. Sort of. We shapeshifters back at home don't have ready amounts of steel for weaponry. We had to learn to make due with what was available. Our bare hands. Part of what we know came from Earth, the rest we came up with ourselves. But we used it mainly in self defense and hunting. It's rare we were trained to... ...kill.

That skill... I learned from my sister. The original one. And from my late master, Hiroshi. He also taught me swordplay."

Akami: Obi says your sort of a ninja. That true?

"Yes, that was my training as a member of Phoenix. Of course, my style has changed over the years, I have a more rough, street quality about my swordplay these days, and I've learned to brawl as well as to utilize martial arts."

Akami: Neat. Never used a sword before but I imagine it's like swinging a bat.

"Actually, I would call it more like an extension of your arm. It requires a lot of finese and grace. Anyone can swing a sword, but not everyone can truly master swordplay. It's like martial arts. Anyone can punch, but not as well as a martial artist."

Akami: I could break a stack of diamonds with my fist with near ease. Does that count?

"Errr, not sure. I wouldn't doubt you could. I also imagine you could break me, but let's not focus on that. Anything else you can think of you'd like to visit, or do you want to head back?"

Akami: Nothing comes to mind right now. So I guess we can head back.

"This was fun, haven't done anything like this before. Thanks for coming with, Akami."

Akami: Thanks for offering me to come. I never went out in public just to enjoy the establishments.

"I think it's important to understand what one misses out on because of the differences in social status. Kinda helps see what things you're fighting for?"

Akami: I already knew what I was fighting for ever since I began to talk.

"And that's certainly something I admire."

Returning home, they see Naomi running away from a flock of kids, her tails and ears out.

"STOOOOOOOOP!" She pleads.

Kado cracks a smile.

Akami: Hey kids, Cook made you all his famous bread rolls and juice back at the hut!

The kids cheerfully head back towards the Hut of The Slums

"Whew... thanks..." She pants.

Akami: They can be a handful sometimes. Nah all the times.

Naomi sighs, plopping against the wall. "I called Rev today. Apparently Exima found him and... ...tortured him, but another agent of M.C.C.P actually helped him out and took him back, the Admin was suspicious though, he hurt Rev more trying to get info out of him."

Akami: *sigh* That shouldn't be him out there....

"You think he'll be ok?" Naomi asks.

Akami:....I can only pray for that...*walks into the girl's cabin*

Naomi sighs. She looks around, sniffing to see if she can find anyone's scent, looking for someone to talk to.

Naomi sees Obi riding a segway looking quite ill

She strolls up to Obi. "You ok Obi?" Her tails are curled up around her.

Obi: *coughs* I'm not feelin' so good...Ifeel like a zombie....*groans like a zombie* A zombie riding a segway....eeeeverrrr so slooooowwwwllllyyy...

"Maybe you should lie down?" She asks.

Obi: Can't...must get Cook's bread rolls before the bastard kiddies eat them all...

She looks at him for a moment, her head tilted. Her ears perk up. "Stay here, I'll get some for you!" She rushes off at high speed, just barely able to beat the kids, and asks for a few bread rolls.

Cook hands Naomi 3 bread rolls in a napkin and a cup of fruit punch

Naomi hurries back to Obi, and presents him the rolls. "Here, I got you some!"

Obi: YES! Ow. *takes the rolls and the cup* So how is life?

"It's umm... fine? I called Rev, he isn't doing too well either."

Obi: *is deathly silent* How much 'isn't doing to well'...?

"Exima found him and tortured him, and then the Admin got suspicious, and so tried to make him talk, not in a good way." She says hurriedly.

Obi: *get's off his segway and hurls it into the trench* Screw all! Fuck you, Rev...*begins to sob* You fucking asshole...

"Obi..?" She asks worriedly.

Obi: I shouldn't have sent him, man...what was I thinking....he's a flippin' twig, man, their gonna break 'em for sure. *slaps himself* Stop it! Just....Just give him time...he'll pull through...hopefully in one piece...

"I believe in him, I'm sure he'll come home safely!" Naomi sounds unsure of herself saying that, but she is trying to convey some manner of optimisim. 

Obi: I didn't want to send him out there in the first pl-a-a-ace...

Her ears fold slightly, she doesn't seem to know what to do or say.

Obi; I wassupposed to send Akami..but Rev insisted I send him due to the other three not being as conveniently sneak like he was...I knew he wanted to prove to me that he could be capable of so much more than being the range guy or the dude that makes you's also because he felt he was more......expendable...than the other three...that The Party would them more than they needed him...part of me said he was right, but that's my 'Good for The Party' side, not my 'Fatherly' side...

"Some times it's hard playing two roles..." 

Obi: Man, I'm playin' every role...I simply shouldn't have sent him...Now I fear I might loose my son...

"It's not really in your hands now, right? Obi, I know you're worried, but you need your rest. You've already got a lot on your plate, worrying won't make it better. You gotta believe, right...?"

Obi: Believing in the flesh does not bring you blessings....

"Neither does pessimism." 

Obi: And I don't mean loosing my son as in him dying...I'm afraid of him not being Reveryn anymore...

"He won't change!" Naomi says almost immediately.

Obi: I...flippin' sent him into a hell hole, Naomi...someone like Rev can be someone completely different once exposed to certain things...and with the things they do...*shakes his head* was the reason I didn't want him to go...

Her ears fold down. "Don't say that... he can't change... he can't!"

Obi: I can only pray that he doesn't...*mopes away*

In sunken spirits, Naomi quietly walks around, distressed. She eventually finds herself at the girl's cabin, and collapses on the bed.

Torem: What's the matter with you?

"Obi was really worried about Rev, he... ...he got me scared too...."

Torem: You talked to Rev? Is he ok?

"....No.... ...He got captured for a while by Exima, then interogated by the Admin... ....Obi's scared he's going to change and I..." Naomi buries her face in her pillow.

Torem: *is silent* Oh...*slightly shakes* If you excuse me for a moment...*leaves the cabin*

Naomi buries herself under the covers and blankets, silently crying.

Kado quietly is sitting off by himself, tired and thinking.

Kado sees Torem rush by looking abit unstable, as if she was going to lash-out.

"Torem? Something the matter?" He asks.

Torem: I'm fine!....*sigh* I apologize...there's just something I need to do... *hurries off*

"...You aren't the only one..." He mutters.

Akami: You say somethin'?

"Oh hey... not really..." Kado seems slightly distracted. 

Akami: Still thinking about your journey?

"...Yes. ...I feel like I need to go. I need help."

Akami: Then it's good thing I'm here, huh?

"...So, you'd be willing to go with me? I don't know how long I will be gone."

Akami: Obi doesn't doesn't mind aslong I come back in one piece and keep in touch with him whenever I can.

"...Thank you." He says after a moment.

Akami: Hey, we're family. And like they say: Family sticks together.

He sighs. "Go ahead and get some supplies, anything you might need, like food. We'll probably be doing plenty of wandering."

Akami packs all her an extra pair of clothes and some granola bars and a bar of soap

Kado looks her over quickly. "Sure you've got everything?"

Akami: Sure do. Enough to last me a good while anyways.

"...Alright, then it's time for me to go home." He opens a gate. "After you."

Akami: *goes through the gate first*

The Reunion

Volmond walks to the outskirts of the Slums, searching for a large deserted area. Finding none, he warps himself towards a large empty field.

"I know that you're here," he says removing his glasses as his eyes flicker from hazel to yellow, "Show yourself." Initially nothing happens and the doctor's eyes narrow into sharp slits as a frown creases his face. Miasmatic energy begins to crackle around him when a blue flash of light shines and a figure clad in white, gold, silver and blue garbs appears a few meters away from him. The figure has cerulean eyes and golden hair with an iridesent shine to it. He smiles in a way that the doctor recognizes, shocking the man briefly.

"Impossible... Ange-"

"I go by Nanashi now, Legna," interrupts the figure before shrugging his shoulders, "It's been awhile hasn't it, litte bro... Well excluding last night when you were playing dress up in the fortress."

"I see, so it was you that I encountered," says the doctor, his tone shifting from surprised to neutral and steeled. "How did you survive the incident all those years ago?" The figure shrugs once more.

"I really don't know," he says, "One second a support beam was about to crush me, the next I wake up on a vacant beach in a completely foreign location. I take it things weren't like that with you."

"Heh, I wish," scowls the doctor before cutting to the point, "Why are you here, Ange- Nanashi? Surely you aren't  here simply to catch up with me and hear about my life."

"Very true, Leg," nods Nanashi as his gentle eyes sharpen and grow colder, "I need you to limit your involvement with Phoenix and all things related to it. I don't want you to get hurt-"

"Hurt? Me!? Ha! I'm not the same defenseless child I was before we got separated, brother. I can take care of myself and others and I can hold my own with the best of them with both my words and my skills," sneers the doctor, "Sorry about your eyes by the way, it was a reflexive action."

"Think nothing of it, I nearly did the same to you a moment before," sighs Nanashi before his tone grows grim, "That being said, I'd like you to listen to me regardless of how strong you've become. If you won't hear me out, I'll have to resort to force... Far more than what I used at the fortress."

"If that is the case, I'll have to do the same," retorts the doctor, an ominous wind blowing in the field as a black sword in scabbard wrapped in chains materializes at his side. A similar weapon flashes into Nanashi's hands, it being an onyx and electric blue broad sword with silver energy flowing around the blade and various white symbols etched into it in spirals. 

"Hm, the Azure Calibur... And it its strongest form as well... I did not think you would be the one to find that message and signal, Nanashi."

"You know me, I always know things," replies the doctor, "Besides that sword you have is packing a fair bit of power as well. If anything, I'd venture that it's the Caladbolg." The doctor flinches.

"An accurate assumption," remarks Volmond, "You are correct, though that doesn't do much for you." Nanashi smirks.

"You'd be surprised," he replies before looking upwards. "Permission to engage?"

You have my permission... but understand that you have no available back up at the moment. If he discovers 'that' weakness, retreat as soon as possible. As powerful as you are, I fear Legna, for good reason.

I assumed you knew that he knew this already. Anyways, I'll be fine, but I'll have to cut the feed to a minimum, as in visual only to not be hindered. He looks at his brother.

"We're in the clear to-" Before he can finish the sentence, Nanashi is forced to evade a swift and powerful slash from Volmond before countering with his own. The doctor somersaults over the slash, landing gracefully before rushing his elder brother. Nanashi meets this attack with his own, the two strikes blasting the siblings backwards upon the mildest of contact. Both catch themselves and right themselves in mid-air, giving the other appraising looks.

"You're faster than I expected, Nanashi," notes Volmond, "If I weren't holding back, I'd say that you're actually quite strong."

"The same to you," returns Nanashi, "Though you've got me bested in the field of physical combat to an extent. I'm more of a magus."

"Oh? In that case, let's see how great of a mage you really are," he mocks before the ground beneath him tears open into a chasm that attempts to close around him. The doctor takes to the sky only for gravity to intensify around him, gradually forcing him closer to the gaping maw in the ground. Just as he is about to enter the chasm, Volmond releases a wave of energy that disrupts the magic being cast on him. Before he can relax, however, the air around him crystallizes into a glacial sphere. He sighs before shattering the prison with a thought. "Is that your very best, Nanashi? That's quite disap-!"

The doctor warps himself away from the ice just in time to avoid being trapped in a field of Ether. The ravenous energy crackles and snakes after him, branching off from its source to better cover the distance between them. Volmond releases his own Ether, forming a circuit like shield around himself to negate Nanashi's Ether.

"You were saying," questions the older of the two, raising an eyebrow as he calls off his attack, "Is that your best?"

"Not even close!" Volmond blasts towards his brother, throwing a super sonic punch, only to be blocked by the other's arm. Nanashi returns the favor by warping into a kick that phases through his younger brother, who attempts cut through him with a projected blade of energy vibrating at a high frequence, only to miss as well. This continues for several minutes, the two dodging and phasing through each other's attacks before they finally connect with the other's jaw. The force behind the blows separate them again, but they stick to fighting at close range this time.

Both grab their swords and sprint towards one another, meeting in a clash of overhead strikes. Neither budges an inch, putting more power behind their continued clash in hopes of forcing the other backwards with no luck. Then, as if the same idea struck them both, the brothers disengage their weaoons and put several meters worth of distance between themselves. Seconds later various sigils and symbols form around them and clash, counteracting themselves as their casters create more and more without moving or taking their eyes off of each other. The speed of the sigil formation on both sides increases along with the amount of them being forned, but the two combatants make no actual move lest their concentration be broken and the other completely overwhelm them.

Quickly realizing that another stalemate was inevitable, Nanashi and Volmond rush each other with their swords once again brandished. The two once again clash evenly, greatly annoying the doctor. He growls as a chain link on Caladbolg's scabbard snaps and he partially draws the sword, releasing an ever expanding vertical wave of rainbow colored energy from the sliver of blade now visible. Nanashi is forced to block the attack with his own sword's variant of it, a horizontal wave of neon blue energy in the shape of a crescent moon, before making several slashes, lunges and stabs at Volmond from a multitude of angles, most of which the doctor parries. He ducks under the highest of his opponent's attack, taking his hand of his weapon long enough to ready an attack.

His body pulses with fiery energy and his eyes flare golden as he draws back his fist and tenses all of his muscles. Time slows for him as he springs upwards and delivers a world shattering punch to Nanashi's stomach.

"Absolute Fist," he roars as the ground beneath him explodes from the force of the blow that sends Nanashi through several planets at near the speed of light. Lava erupts around him and part of the land begins to collapse as a great deal of pressure hits the ground due to the recoil from the punch. He shakes out his hand and massages his knuckles, but doesn't ease up, knowing that the battle wasn't over yet.

Nanashi feels a prickle of a conciousness link to him, as a sharp increase in alertness and energy is released into him, and he realizes it is Gurīn's energy, though the action doesn't feel deliberate, more so just instinctual.

I'm fine Guri, just winde-

Damage Sustained at Critical Level.

...I already started my restorative sub-routine, AI. Damage reduced to sustainable levels. Nanashi's attire shifts into plated armor with white and silver trim and a slight red tint. His sword attaches itself to his back and his wings become pink tinted golden energy.

"Heh, that was a pretty dangerous blow," he chuckles, looking at his surroundings. "Through Pluto... Well, I guess I'll return the favor...!" Nanashi glows with golden light before jettisoning himself towards Earth at a speed eclipsing that of light. He begins to spin, gaining momentum as he cocks back his arm and gathers a large amount of energy into it. Minutes pass before he enters Earth's atmosphere, his attack fully prepared. He homes in on Volmond, who has been preparing his own attack.

"Fist of True Absolution," shouts the doctor, launching himself towards his brother, his own fist pulsing with swirling blue energy.

"Infinity Crash," yells Nanashi, his fist connecting with Volmond's. A destructive shockwave pulverizes and splinters the ground for miles, molten cracks spreading across the area as violent tremors shake the world while a monstrous blast wave uproots every tree and man made structure within a fifty mile radius. The excess energy from the clashing attacks begins to pool around the two, forming a sphere of unbridled destructive force that steadily grows in size. The two notice this and work on containing the sphere. When this fails, the two warp themselves and the force into a different dimension.

"Didn't expect you to be able to counter that so quickly," admits Volmond, "I guess that means I can't afford to hold back against you, even if we're family, Nanashi."

"The same to you, Legna," says the elder sibling. Both release their full limiters. Volmond's skin gains a blue tint as his eyes fade to amber. His attire darkens and grows armor like with feathered plumes. The chaibs on Caladbolg's scabbard shatter, freeing the weapon and its full power. An aura of destructive energy surrounds him.

Nanashi's armor loses its red tint and gains a more regal appearance. His hair fades to a silvery iridescent color and his eyes shift to gold. An eight-legged stallion forms beneath him as his sword detaches from him and combines with several identical sword like objects. An aura similar to Volmond's forms around him as he dons an ornate helm that obscures the entirety of his face.

"Let's finish this," says the doctor in a monotone voice, power rippling from him with each word.

"I'm inclined to agree," says Nanashi, his voice booming with power. The two watch each other closely before vanishing. Less than a hundredthvof a second later the two begin to clash in earnest, flashes of light and the ringing of steel resounding across the realm they entered.

The clash ends with both combatants' weapons being discarded, turning the fight back into a brawl between the two. Volmond releases a flurry of punches and kicks, each being parried or countered by Nanashi. He, in turn, releases energy attacks in tandem with his physical attacks to keep the younger of the two on the defensive. This is met with mixed effectiveness, causing Volmond to attempt another Absolute Fist after taking enough hits. Nanashi warps behind his opponent and delivers what would have been a spine breaking kick had the doctor not phased through the attack abd countered with another powerful strike, catching the older of the two off guard. He follows the strike with a Nukite, piercing Nanashi's torso or so he thinks.

Nanashi grins before turning to stone, revealing himself to be a replica of the real deal, who uppercuts the doctor before warping into a quick and powerful combination of strikes that severely wind the doctor. Not letting up, Nanashi delivers a brutal, pinpoint series of punches and kicks to his brother, ending with an Ether boosted backflip kick. He then gathers energy into his hand and rushes forward, grabbing Volmonds face as he effectively tackles him through planes, ending up back in the Yosai Fortress as he smashes his brother into the ground with enough force to rock the fortress.

By this time, Volmond has recovered and trips his brother before forcing them back into the other realm. Between Earth, the other realm and the fortress, the clash continues to rage, the occassional conflict of power cutting holes through the fabric of space itself. Finally the two seem to grow exhausted, but continue to attack and counter each other into a perfect stalemate.

"It's pointless to continue," huffs Nanashi, the damage he's been taking visibly apparent.

"True, but I'll be the victor this time around," coughs the doctor before teleporting and partially severing nerves of the organ on Nanashi's neck, but not before several blade like objects pierce his torso and push him back with energy blasts. Luminescent blue blood pours from his mouth, but he doesn't fall. He gathers all of his remaining energy into his left hand and launches himself like a bullet towards Nanashi, who copies the action, but uses a Nukite instead of a claw technique.

"Beast's Fell Claw!"

"Dragon's Ascending Fang!" The two attacks clash and the warriors end up behind one another, appearing perfectly fine until they collapse at the same time. Nanashi, surprisingly, is the first to rise despite the visible heavy damage he's taken. Volmond rises several moments later, but collapses again when a silver sigil forms across his back.

"Stay down, Legna, I don't want to hurt you further," coughs the older brother. His body is screaming from heavy exertion, strain and agony, but he manages to warp himself and his brother back to Earth, near the Slums' entrance, before he warps himself back to White's office and collapses in a bloody heap. So much damage and a massive information spike... It hurts... I... Think... ....Rest......

A Much Needed Confession

Hours. It had taken hours for the doctor to patch himself up and start moving at a normal speeds without his body complaining from the slightest movements. He was, in one sense, crippled. He could not utilize more than a fraction of his abilities, let alone use their full power without the seal his brother placed on him burning into him and draining his power.

He huffs, an annoyed look crossing his face. Next time, I'll have to give it all I've got to take him on at full power, but I need to focus on recovering first... And getting stronger.

He heads to the guy's cabin only to see the wreckage of what remains of the girl's cabin and sigh. Using an allowed amount of his power, he summons three robots with vaguely humanoid appearances.

"Restore that please," he asks more than commands the machines. They nod and begin to quickly get to work on restoring the destroyed cabin while he enters the intended cabin. Inside he inspects his bed, in actuality inspecting the spacial distortion his set around it. Sighing in relief because it was still in place, Volmond draws a symbol on the surface of the distortion, allowing to directly enter it. Inside, he finds a near empty black space with faint blue light and a layer of water-like liquid covering the ground.

You have returned, Child of Ruin. A voice echoes around the doctor. For what reason have you returned, Child?

"I request two things," he states, "The first of which is the removal to the seal placed upon me and the second is to train."

I see. Very well, I shall allow you to use this space to train and grow stronger, but I will not remove the seal placed upon you, only one precious to you can do that. The doctor growls, but the voice ignores it. If you seek true strength, you must recover part of what was lost long ago and you must persevere through your weakness. I shall guide you to the area that you seek... But be warned: You will experience pain you thought impossible. Do you understand? The doctor nods and is immediately engulfed by the liquid around him only to appear in a monochrome colosseum, stripped of all weapons and armor save for the fully sealed Caladbolg. Standing in front of the doctor, however is a person he never expected to see again.

He recognized the flowing black hair and electric blue eyes, he could never forget them. The form clad in black and silver was familiar to him as well, completely unforgettable from the slight, almost frail build to the subtle curves of her figure. Most off all, he couldn't forget the smile that he had once treasured more than the all of the treasures within all of the worlds.


"It has been such a long time, Legna," she answers, a sad crinkle forming around her eyes, "Why can't you just let go and move on? Live your life freely, I'm not important, I only hold you back..."

"But Kokua, didn't you tell me to avenge you," questions the doctor, "I thought you told me to prevent the same thing from happening again."

"I did, but I didn't want you to... To destroy yourself in the process. That and I wanted you to find your own happiness with me gone, I wanted you to live on and not be trapped in the past..."

"I couldn't do that! You were my most precious person! We'd finally gotten through all the strife and pain, I couldn't just dismiss you, you kept me together during the times that I began to break apart, you kept my hope for a better future kindled... You kept me happy."

"It hurts... Please stop saying such things, we can't be together even if we wanted to... Legna, please... Move on, it's the best thing to do..."

"But-" Kokua's demeanor shifts from melancholy to dark, her eyes blazing with the fury of a thousand stars.

"Legna, if you cannot move on, you won't be able to protect those you currently hold dear. If you will not listen to my words, I'll have to make you listen with my actions," she says in her well known monotonous tone of anger. A sword with a violet blade of energy forms in her hand and she enters a combat ready stance. "If you are so set on remaining by my side, best me in battle. I will not submit to the will of one who lost the title as my equal."


"Why didn't you defend," asks Volmond, tears coming from his eyes as he holds a gravely wounded Kokua.

"Be...cause... It's.... It's n-not my place," she coughs, a faint smile on her face, "I....... don't belong..... .....Anymore. Besi...des... You've... ...people to... protect. I can't.... that. Legna... don't forsake... a.... goo....d ...happy fu...ture....... for... the past..." She gives the doctor a soft kiss on the cheek before smiling as best she can. "Don't... be sad, we'll... meet............. agai.....n..."

Hours. Hours pass before the tears stop falling. The doctor doesn't move from the area, he sits and takes ragged breaths long after he stops crying. He doesn't notice the three lights that appear before him or the collective sigh that comes from the three beings. Finally one of the trio speaks.

"Is that all you're going to do? Cry over a woman you lot long ago," the person sneers, kicking the doctor in the ribs. "You're pathetic in this timeline, I hate the fact that you're my and my sister's father. You're weak."

"You lose the person most important person to you before you judge me," snarls the doctor, rising to his feet. His venomous yellow eyes meet an equally steely gaze from the one who spoke, their crimson eyes looking at him as if he were beneath them. 

"So you do have some fire left in you, Pops," says the cloaked person as he removes his hood, revealing a face with hazel eyes and wavy black hair. "The name's Yusuke, I'm your future son. Back there is Ensui, my twin sister." At the mention of her name, the second cloaked figure removes her hood, revealing messy caramel colored hair and electric blue eyes.

"You... You're from a possibility that Kokua survives in..."

" Yep, that's right, Pops,  Ma lives in ours," confirms Yusuke, "Not the reason we're here though."

"And why, pray tell, are you here then?"

"Simple, to see if you know half the things you taught me and sis. If not, it's a free ass kicking on the house, Pops."

"...Aren't you cocky."

"I'm looking in the face of the man who taught me this... Anyways, get ready, Pops! I ain't holdin' back!" Yusuke creates a symbol with his hands before blue light erupts from his arms and legs, gradually forming into solid blade like extensions of energy. The energy, in some sections, gains a wood like armor covering it and two similar hilts for swords form in his hands, the blades soon erupting from them in jets of turquoise Ether. His eyes gain a similar turquoise tint as his hair goes wild and begins to float along with the rest of his body.

Volmond draws Caladbolg, still sealed in its sheathe with binding chains. He doesn't attempt to release it, knowing it would drain more power than he had access to. Instead he enters a defensive stance with the sword positioned before himself as more of a deterrent than a weapon and waits for Yusuke to make the first move. A long silence fills the space as the two watch each other. Neither moves, expecting the other to do so first before Yusuke's patience runs thin and he charges Volmond, performing an overhead kick aimed at the doctor's head. 

Volmond ducks under the attack, then dives away from Yusuke as he rakes his blades across the ground, spinning to a halt. The younger fighter smirks then rushes the doctor, springing into a spiraling array of Ether once he halves the distance between them. The doctor uses Caladbolg to block the attack, but realizes a moment too late that this was what Yusuke intended to happen. 

Upon impact with the sword, Yusuke springs off the weapon, toppling his father as he somersaults through the air, then dashes forwards as he unleashes a savage barrage of slashes upon the downed doctor. The doctor hisses, rolling away from the furious assualt before hopping to his feet. He returns to his defensive stance, but notes several cracks along the chains binding his sword. He lowers his weapon slightly to bait Yusuke into thinking that he's grown tired, which succeeds. Yusuke sprints towards the doctor in a serpentine pattern, flaring his blades in preparation for a vicious attack.

The younger fighter brings down his blades like rotating scythes, extending the Ether comprising them, aiming for the the doctor's  torso, but is interrupted when his opponent strikes his chin with the pommel of his sword. Dazed, Yusuke is unable properly avoid a thrust to his stomach followed by a an upwards jerk of the sheathed weapon and concluded with a kick across the face that sends him skidding across the area, into Ensui who sidesteps her fallen brother. She sighs as her brother groans and rises unsteadily to his feet.

"For a man severely weakened, you pack quite a damned punch, Pops," grumbles Yusuke, "I thought Ma was joking when she said you could give her a run for her money, but I see it ain't so."

"I'm flattered, but could we get this over with? I have many things to ask you," Volmond readies Caladbolg once again as Yusuke readies his own Ether blades.

"Alright, I'll show you why you don't underestimate a master of the Etheric Arts!" Ensui coughs lightly at her brother's statement, earning a glare from him. "I didn't ask you for your two cents!" The cough turns into a petite chuckle. "Damn it, Ensui!" The quieter of the twins points at Volmond, who has entered an offensive stance.

"Stop distracting me then," hisses Yusuke as he turns to face the doctor. "Alright, let me show you a real attack, Pops." He closes his eyes and exhales, his demeanor shifting as his power rises. The armor that covered some of his Ether extends to all of it and his eyes gain an earthen tint. Thin lines of Ether chisel themselves into his weapons and armor, patterns of blue and gold light forming on the surface of his skin. His aura burns gold with blue lightning arcing around it.

"I suppose that this is the  awaited round two. Come, let us settle this," says Volmond, twirling his sword before rushing Yusuke only to draw back at the last second, avoiding a myriad of slashes despite the younger fighter not moving an inch. Yusuke levels a bored gaze on him, almost petrifying the doctor with the power radiating from the sidelong glance. He takes a step towards the doctor then vanishes. 

Briefly rendered unaware of his opponent's location, the doctor leaps back when he feels a surge of killing intent leveled at him, narrowly avoiding a blow that vaporizes the ground beneath it upon impact. He takes a quick swing at Yusuke, but his weapon is caught and the doctor is blown back by a powerful blow to his abdomen. Gagging, the doctor fails to get up even as Yusuke creates a ball of destructive energy that slowly spins and increases in size. Without a chance to  to avoid, the doctor is hit by the sphere head on sending him into the air, where he is barely able to recover and defend himself against Yusuke's omni-directional follow-up assault. He notices that most of the chains binding his weapon are broken just as Yusuke erupts with a blinding barrage of attacks.

Volmond ducks and weaves through the attacks as best he can, blocking the blows he cannot fully avoid. Taking a risk, he raises Caladbolg to defend an attack he is able to avoid, sending him skidding backwards as the final binding on Caladbolg shatters. Noticing this, the doctor prepares his weapon for a swift strike, this time able to fully unleash his weapon's power. He angles the sword diagonally just as Yusuke rushes him with an almost dead, cold look in his eyes. Just as he prepares to strike, the doctor completely unsheathes Caladbolg, releasing what could only be described as a sea of  prismatic energy from the tip of the sword as it arcs.

Yusuke blocks the attack, but the sheer energy from the massive wave of energy rends his defense and tosses him around like a raft caught in the midst of an oceanic storm. Ensui and the other cloaked figure barely avoid the attack, using each other to vault and swing out of the radius of the destructive light. Well over a minute passes before the energy released from the slash disperses. Yusuke is covered in serious burns and his Ether appears to be cracked and ashen.

"T-that... Was... Cheating... Pops," groans the boy before losing consciousness. Ensui moves to check on him and performs a restorative spell upon Yusuke upon arriving at his side. She looks at Volmond and the many cuts, nicks and burns adorning him before moving to heal him as well.

"I'm fine," he coughs, "I have to persevere using my own strength anyways." Ensui nods before collecting her brother and fading away in gentle blue flames.

"Ah! I didn't get to ask them about the life we have in that timeline... Oh well."

"In their timeline, you and Kokua settled down soon after you both escaped the Lord of Inverse," supplies the remaining cloaked figure. "Eventually you took him on and banished him to the Tartarussian Quarter to prevent him from disrupting the peace of the universe. Later, those two would be born and you would teach them many things before you are forced to leave your home to protect them from your many opponents and enemies, bu you are eventually able to return and spend the rest of your days in peace."

"Really? How peculiar that you would know that despite not being from that timeline. Who are you?"

"I am Yuen, you son and daughter from another timeline, one where you married-"

"Son and Daughter?"

"Yes, I was born with two halves. One one end I am Yusuke, your son, On the other hand, I'm Ensui, your daughter. I was born as such because we are completely balanced in every way... Blame your wife in that timeline."

"And whom did I marry in that possibility," asks the doctor, not sure he wants to know the answer.

"A goddess referred to as Aeon."

"I knew it," mutters the doctor, "Continue..."


"I see, so that's what will happen during that timeline... What about this one?"

"That, I do not know, this one has yet to occur," answers Yuen, "If I were to take a guess, the same events as with my timeline will occur up to the point in which you fall in love with mother. Instead, I believe you will stay with your current partner and one of my incarnations will be born. After that, I do not know, nor should I presume to know."

"I see..." The doctor stretches, "Why tell me all of this?"

"Because, knowledge is the foundation of your power. It may prevent you from destroying everything once again, it may allow you to release the shackles that you hold on to... My time is nearing its end. I must be going, father." With that Yuen vanishes, leaving the doctor alone.

"...So, I have to let go," he mutters, "But then, what will my purpose be? Revenge will become meaningless, as will all of my plans and goals... But, it's the best thing to do, isn't it? To better myself, I must first stop holding myself back... But to do that I must find purpose and clarity, the latter of which I've lacked for longer than I've lacked my heart... How will I find what rings true to me and me alone? What isn't going to force me down a darker path that I need not tread any longer?" He sighs to himself. Without purpose, life is without meaning... But how does one simply find purpose and value in things? What motivates me to continue? Why do I not simply erase all things before me?... How much do I truly know? How much do I truly understand? How much do I care about any and everything? I don't know how to answer those questions as I am now, I need to find clarity... Find Clarity... Stop thinking and feel... Become one with the world around you..... Peace.

The doctor lulls himself into a state of meditation for several hours, not stirring or reacting to the changes in the world around him as his clothes gradually change into that of a Buddha and serenity fills his mind. He finally stirs once he detects an aura he could not forget.

"I see that you've come here as well, Aeon," he says with his eyes closed.

"Ah, I expected nothing less from you, Volmond," responds the deity, appearing before the doctor, "You always had a way of asking then never returning..."

"And you a penchant for holding grudges," retorts the doctor, "What brings you here?"

"As much as I'd love to crush you while you're weakened, I'm unable to without breaking an oath," states the goddess, "I'll make it simple: Where is my body?"

"Gaea? She is in a place that she wishes to to stay." A loud slap rings out as the goddess strikes the doctor, who barely flinches.

"Stop dodging the question," snarls Aeon, "Give me a proper location."

"Beyond the ends of the Earth, to the far north." Another slap rings out.

"Just tell me where the rest of me is!"

"Somewhere you'll never find, goddess. If Gaea wished to be found, you would be mostly whole again," answers the doctor, catching the next slap. "If you wish for a conflict, I'll indulge you. After all, in this realm, your powers are just as limited as mine if you wish to keep the oath you made."

"You know, I think I'll indulge myself," smirks the goddess, drawing her fabled sword of destruction as the doctor slowly rises to his feet, his robes creasing slightly as he stands. He does not draw Caladbolg, instead he forms his hands into a circle. Neither move before the other, an unseen threat looming in the air for the one who would dare to strike first. Instead the two move at the same time, effectively warping to each other as they move at their allowed full speeds...


Both fighters pant heavily as the lay across from one another.

"You... You've gotten stronger," comments Aeon, taking haggard breaths, "You... Mastered Energy... Efficiency."

"And you... Are still a bear... In the form of a woman," retorts the doctor, coughing loudly. "We'll... Settle this... At the Field..."

"Agreed... You'd better not... Die before then or else... I'll destroy your afterlife..."

"Likewise..." The doctor closes his eyes as fatigue catches up to him, letting sleep embrace him. Moments later he awakes in a pitch black space with countless red orbs floating around him. Upon sensing his conscious' return, the orbs arrange themselves in a line.

Choose the three that shall lead you...

The doctor looks around before calling out three names.

"Wild, Great Spirit and Arch Fiend." Several moments later, three orbs float towards him.

Are you certain of your choice?

"Indeed," he answers before the orbs combine with him and he wakes up back in his bed. "Interesting... I feel about the same. but I understand myself much better and I've grown more efficient... I could possibly fight at near full capacity in this state thanks to Aeon and Yusuke... I wonder... Yet, I still need a purpose or else what I've learned is meaning-" Volmond doubles over as his vision turns red and pain erupts throughout his entire body. He feels untapped power bubbling and burning within himself as visions from his clash come back to mind...

"Take this," roars the goddess as she fires a volley of energy spheres at the doctor, only for him to gracefully redirect each one with his hands. She dives towards him, her form coated in energy as she descends. Volmond redirects the force of the blow, but isn't able to block the blinding punch that strikes his face...

He flashes back to reality and finds the space around him floating with debris. Once he regains his bearings, his surroundings return to normal and he shakes off the remainder of the pain. He doesn't notice the modifications made to his scarf, which is now comprised of nearly microscopic links of metal, or lab coat, which is now an overcoat with silver tassels.

He exits the cabin and assesses the progress made in restoring the girl's cabin. He notices that the damage is fully repaired and thanks the machines he summoned before having them address the more widespread damage caused by his fight. Seeing the trio off, he looks for a largely uninhabited area to summon the three orbs in. Finding a vacant back alley, he draws a rune in the ground that prevents entry to the area before calling upon the spheres.

"Wild," he addresses, "Reveal thyself." One of the orbs pulses brightly, then expands to several times its original size. The doctor feels the energy around him surge and watches slight cracks form on the orb's surface. The cracks spread and grow larger until the orb explodes, revealing a humanoid being with wild red hair, clawed arms and feet, a pair of golden horns with fire between them and a dragon's tail. She wears an oddly modern school uniform and is surrounded by a red, fiery aura.

"Huh? I was summoned? That's a first... Oh, I'm Fyryg of the Wild Clan, I'll serve you as best I can, Maste-"

"Just call me Zwei, I hate the words 'Master' and 'Servant'."

"Okie Dokie, Zwei, Fyryg's got your back or front or where ever her assistance is needed!"

"...Charming." The doctor rubs his temples and closes his eyes, pnly to find Fyryg directly in front of him when he opens them. 

"Just making sure you aren't having a migrain or a really bad headache. You alright. Zwei?"

"Yes, I'm perfectly fine," he answers, covering his eyes.

"Yay!" Fyryg hugs Volmond, surprising the doctor.

"W-what are you doing!?"

"Hm? I'm happy that you're alright. Is that wrong to do?"

"No... Just, surprising." Right, she has no emotional control... This will be headache inducing... The doctor waits a few moments before uncovering an eye. "Fyryg, do you plan on letting go of me?"

"I was going to, but you felt so warm and soft, Zwei." The doctor's eye twitches.

"I think you're mistaken, you're the one whose exceptionally warm," he says, only for her to hug him tighter.

"That means that you're cold then! I'll keep you warm!" The aura around Fyryg heats up, causing the doctor to sigh loudly as he is heated up by the aura. I give up on expecting her to understand reason and boundaries.


"Yes Zwei?"

"Let go of me."

"Okie Dokie!" The girl lets go of the doctor and floats by his side. He sighs again, but says nothing about how close she is to him.

"Great Spirit, Reveal thyself," he calls. Hopefully this one won't be clingy. Another one of the orbs glows brightly, then grows in size. It cracks, then chips apart slowly. When the process finally finishes, a regal lady wearing a long black skirt with floral patterns forms and an equally dark button-up top with a dark red cowl over it. She wears heeled boots and tinted glasses to hide her completely violet eyes. Her complexion is pale with a hint of tan to it and her dark hair is tied into a neat bun with a single curling bang hanging down. Her nails are neat and painted black and dark lipstick in present on her lips. By her side is a rapier, while an ornate staff hangs across her back.  Seven ethereal skulls float around her.

"It never occurred to me that the fabled Dread Lord would call upon me. Interesting... I am the Great Spirit of Prosperity and Death, Elstia. It is a pleasure to meet you."

"It is a pleasure to meet you as well, Elstia."

"If I am needed, I am but a call away."

"I see," notes the doctor.

"Nice to meetcha Elsie! I'm Fyryg and this is Zwei, he likes hugs!" Elstia narrows her eyes, but nods. Volmond sighs and shakes his head. 

"Fyryg is... Special."

"I can see that."

"I dunno if that's a good thing or not, being special..."

"Just ignore that."

"Kay... So, Elsie, what are you? I'm a Kirin!"

"I am a Grand Phantasm."

"Archfiend, reveal thyself," calls the doctor, ignoring the conversation. Tha last orb expands like the other two, but energy flows into it as it grows. The shadows in the area increase in size and lights in the area flicker rapidly, some shattering. At last the sphere fades away, revealing a being shrouded by four black wings, two feathered and seemingly angelic, two draconic. The wings shift revealing a woman with black and red eyes, a long cordlike tail, a pair of ebony horns that curve into a circlet shape and demonic arms from the elbow down. She wears regal silver and blue armor with ornate pauldrons and and a cloth tunic emblaisoned with a shield signet, a plated combat skirt over pointed greaves that cut off at her feet, revealing dark wrappings around their bridges and her pointed, silver polished nails. She appeared to be around the same age as Fyryg, though it was harder to tell age with elder demons and Archfiends. A faint frown formed across her otherwise beautiful face as she looked at the doctor and his company.

"I did not expect to be called, especially by what appears to be a womanizer in progress," she remarks, "Nonetheless, I am here. You may refer to me as Luciel." The doctor nods.

"And I am to be referred to as Zwei, without any titles or honorifics. It is a pleasure to make your acquiantance, Luciel," returns the doctor, "As for these two, I would only hope that they are uninterested in such a base relationship. I have no desires nor intentions to foster such a relationship."

"Well met."

"What are your plans, Zwei? Are we needed for anything," asked Elstia, examining one of the skulls floating around her.

"What Elsie asked. Also, what's a womanizer? Is it a term that Lucy made up?" Luciel growls, but Volmond shakes his head.

"It's no use getting angry with her, she's a child."

"I'm not a kid, I'm a young adult, thank you!" Fyryg huffs and crosses her arms.

"With the mentality of of a child," deadpans Luciel.

"I do not have the mind of a child!"

"It is clear that you do."

"Do not!"

"Do too."

"DO Not!"

"Do. Too."

"DO. NOT!" Fyryg's horns grow more elaborate as her pupils slit and her eyes gain a red ring. The flames between her horns blaze and glow blue as her aura flares around her. Her claws grow larger and her tail longer as red and gold scales form on various part of her body. Her hair glows a pale blue as embers trail from it and she grows fangs.

"That's enough," commands the doctor, stepping between the two. "Fyryg, please control your temper. It was my fault for calling you a child. Luciel, do not provoke Fyryg or anyone else without a valid reason. It makes you come across as childish by doing so." The Archfiend gives an indignant snort, but nods while Fyryg reverts to her normal form.

"Thank you, Zwei, you're really, really nice! And Warm! Warm things are the best!" Fyryg hugs Zwei and squeezes him tightly.

"You're the one who's warm Fyr..." The doctor stops himself too late, then sighs as the aura around him broils.

"Which means you're cold, so I have to keep you warm!" She nuzzles the doctor and hugs him tighter, much to his chagrin. This will only end well once Shinwa returns... Elstia giggles softly, earning an irritated glare from Volmond as he sighs once more. Luciel remains quiet, but the smirk on her face as she hugs the doctor from the other side to annoy him elicits a growl of discontent from Volmond.

"Can't you all disappear until I require you," asks the doctor, hoping to dismiss the trio.

"Nope, you're stuck with us Zwei," exclaims Fyryg. Elstia and Luciel nod in agreement.

"We are bound directly to you, Zwei, yet not. While you may command us to do things, we have the freedom to decline if within reason," explains Elstia further.

"Essentially, we can do what we want, but you can crack down on us using the Master's Sea- Damn, I said too much!" Luciel hisses at herself and, out of spite hugs the doctor in a similar fashion as Fyryg.

"...You know, with your actions, it's almost as if you are the source of your former allegations towards me," says the doctor, causing the annoyed Luciel to turn partially red in the face.

"W-what!? N-n-no, it's not like that! Not at all! Take that back!"

"Give me evidence to prove otherwise then," retorts the doctor shortly before Luciel releases him. He smirks, "Much better... Now, Fyr, could you let go as well?"

Okie Dokie, but first Fyryg wants to make it known that she really likes Zwei! He's her first friend!" She pouts slightly, but releases the doctor nonetheless. Volmond closes is eyes for a moment. Was I just confessed to? Huh, wasn't expecting that... Or a childish Archfiend, but life is full of surprises.

The doctor sighs. "Can we agree not to cause a scene in public? I really don't need another headache to add to my growing list of them."

"What would you say that entailed, Zwei," asked Elstia.

"Cloaking to say the least," he replies, "Try to come across as human, we really don't need any idiots coming after your heads because you aren't human. Then all we'll have to worry about is people hitting on you and that can be handled with ease."

"I see. It's understandable, but why not make them fear us rather than blend in?"

"Because humans tend to pull off stupidly great things when under known pressure. I'd rather avoid that at this point, I'm not at my full power currently and I'd rather not kill the few people I actually like on this planet if I get ticked off enough to destroy it," he explains. "Besides that, I have no interest in trying to rule over a planet. I became the Dread Lord on purpose, people just kept bothering me while I inhabited a castle and I finally snapped."

"I see... Well I will do my best not to cause you issues, Zwei."

"Me too, I can camoflage with humans well if I need to," sings Fyryg, transforming her claws into hands and feet retracting her horns and tail and dismissing her aura. Her eyes remain the same color, but any hint that she was anything but human was gone completely. "See? It's not really difficult for me to do! Hm... If I were to take your appearances into consideration, I'd need to change my hair color..." Her hair fades to a chocolatey brown color and her eyes take on a green tint. "Yeah, this should do...? Is something wrong?" Luciel and Elstia partially gape at her, surprised by the level of her transformation.

"To be perfectly honest, I did not think you would have such skill. I apologize for doubting you." Elstia bows apologetically. "Ah yes, I should do the same." Elstia's weapons, spectral skulls and aura fade to nothing and her eyes become blue. Her hair lengthens and falls in dark, curly tresses while her glasses lose their tint. Her clothes shift as well, becoming a long beige skirt over a dark stockings and sandy heels. Her top  becomes a simple white button-up shirt under a beige coat. Fashioned across her shoulder is a black purse with a miniature umbrella handle sticking out of it. Lastly, her lipstick becomes a faint red color, a silver wedding band forms on her left ring finger and her skin gains more tone to it.

"Wow, Elsie! You're a looker," stares Fyryg, "I wanna be like that someday..."

"T-thank you," murmers the great spirit, looking at the ground, "I tried to come across as decent..."

"You did fantasmarific!"

"You both did well," notes the doctor, "But why do I get the feeling I dislike where this is going..." The spirit and kirin exchange conspiratory glances, but before either can speak Luciel speaks her mind.

"Ha! That's nothing," she huffs, "I'll show you how it's done!" The doctor sighs and watches as Luciels arms lose their demoni quality and her wings fold into her back. Her horns retract and her eyes shift to an icy blue while her tail vanishes. Her armor melds into a pair of torn, silver skinny jeans with black, cloth boots covered in zippers and belts over them, a plain white t-shirt with a low cut collar and a large number of bangles and rings on one hand. Her hair fades from blonde to the same caramel as the doctor's and is tied back into an open ponytail with an expensive looking silver hairpin. "Ha, how's that?"

"You did good too, Lucy, but your aura is still readable," says Fyryg. Luciel scowls, but dampens her aura completely.

"Happy," she growls.

"Very," exclaims the disguised kirin.

"I'm assuming you're all disguising yourselves as members of my family," says the doctor, "If so, know that I have someone I am smitten with, she is just away for now..." He tilts his head upwards, "I sense a storm coming......"

"Oh? Zwei has a sweetheart? So cute," beams Fyryg.

"I see," notes Elstia, dismissing the wedding band. 

"Huh, only one," questions Luciel, putting a hand on her hip.

"Yes, only one. Is that below your expectations?" The doctor gives her a dull look. Luciel grumbles, but says nothing.

The doctor looks up again. "I hope that the storm doesn't worsen..." He sighs. "I'm about to do something that I may regret. Fyryg, Elstia, Luciel, I'm going to allow you autonomy. You three can do whatever you want as long as it does not blow your cover as humans and as long as you return when I request you to. Other than that, keep yourselves safe and do NOT split up. People will probably find you attractive and some will be exceptionally forceful. In that case, you may defend yourselves, but you cannot maim, scar or kill anyone, you may break bones, but no fatal blows. Keep your strength within the slightly above average human range and do not look for trouble. Understand?" The three nod, Luciel the most begrudging to so. "Good, here." He tosses Elstia a coin purse. "It always has the exact amount of money you will need if you are attempting to buy something. Use it well and keep it safe. I'm leaving you in charge."

"I see, I'll do my best," she says, leading the other two girls out of the alley. Fyryg pouts sadly while Luciel glares at him, then smirks. The doctor sighs. I may have just released a time bomb... He shrugs then returns to the boy's cabin to meditate and focus his power.

Volmond returns and notices that the seal on him has weakened. He shrugs and rolls his shoulders before going back into meditation. He hears a voice in the back of his head.

"Zwei, we're on our way~ We're done shopping and having fun~"

"We kept the issues to a minimum, though Luciel may have been a bit excessive when someone tried to corner her..."

"Do I want to know?"

"The guy deserved it... Copping a feel..."

"In that case, is he intact?"

"Yes, though he won't be having his way for a long time."

"I see... Return at your own disgression, I am focusing my mind on a few things."

"You got it! You two, we're gonna have more fun!"


"W-wait, hold on!"

The doctor sighs to himself. "I feel as if I have three daughters... Very immoral or, in the case of Fyryg, energetic daughters..."

Interlude: A Certain Philosophy

"Identify yourself, stranger," drones the doctor,  not opening his eyes. "If this isn't anything important, go away."

"Ah, as if an old dragon that has better things to do than visit Volmond Blatt. Of course this is important!" The dragon teleports Volmond outside where there is a marble table accustomed with a teapot and tea glasses, and a white cushioned chair accross from a large white dragon with golden eyes that are silver in the center, the silver retreating. "Ah. It feels as though you beleive I am wasting your time, am I wrong?" His tail whips around and picks up a tea glass, putting it beside the teapot as he fills the glass. The mouth of the dragon does not move while he speaks, thoigh his voice is clear and not in the mind of Volmond. Sipping his tea, the dragon waits paitiently for a response from the minature-looking Blatt in front of him. (He appears minature due to the massive size of the dragon.)

"...Breaker."  The doctor's form shifts into that of his Sacred Beast form, growing to a size equal to that to the dragon. "Feels? You are wasting my time if all you came to do was drink a beverage. Now tell me the reason for which you contacted me or I will become very cross with you."

"And that would be to your disadvantage. I came here to give you a few warnings. The first of which is that you should break off communication with White the Seventh. She is about to set in motion a chain of events that will lead to her own demise, and that of those around her. I have frozen time, so you are not loosing energy or time by meeting with me. The next time I come by will not be to warn you, for if I come by again I will not be in such a mood." He sips his tea. "The second peice of information I came to tell you is to go to your mortal enemy, Aeon, and change his form back to what it was before. This deity is holding the terrors of our existance from surfacing, and you are making things very difficult for him to do so. As Tatsu," his eyes flash silver at her name, "put it, he 'fights powers far beyond those of your power level'."

"Ah, him. You act as if that worries me in the slightest," remarks the doctor in his massive tiger form. "You act as if I should fear you or the happenings with White. Her actions are her own and unless I am directly called upon to assist her, my stance is entirely neutral to all but two beings, unless you wish to be added to that list... though I fancy you will not live for very much longer if that is your intention. As for the Goddess, I have no obligation to aid her when her current state does not jeopardize my affairs nor have much of an impact on the affairs of the higher beings while the other fragments remain intact. With that said, do not try me. The fact that I haven't simply left this realm means that I am willing to hear you out, but should you say another passive aggressive statement, you'll understand why I am called the Dread Lord among things."

"And if you treaten me again, your head will permanently be in a jar." The dragon puts down his tea cup as his eyes turn silver. "You are one of the weakest life forms I have met with, and I have complete confidence I could put you down faster than a dog. So, Arrogant One, be silent in your threats and keep your anger under control." His eyes return to gold as he picks up his tea cup. "You WILL HEED ME. You have been warned, what you do with that warning is up to you. Now back to the Aeon buisness. I could fix him, that is within range of my capabilities, but I want you to appologise to him as well. You have inconvinienced one of the strongest beings on this multi-dimentional plains." He sips his tea. "Now, will you concede?"

"Unfortunately, you don't know who you are talking to. Try to harm me and you'll be harmed one hundred fold, try to harm a person important to me and you'll cease to exist, it's that simple, I don't play nice when a person irritates me. I have yet to show you, or anyone in this realm more than a fraction of my real power, so be silent when the true scope of my being eclipses your knowledge, lizard. I will not heed you, nor will you be able to aid Aeon without causing permanent damage to the universe you seem to want to protect. You could very much try to do so, but you'd fail since a very crucial piece is unwilling and is rather obstinate about doing things their way." The doctor gives the dragon a look of disdain before vanishing without a trace.

"Ah, Volmond Blatt... By your rude demeaner you have made yourself a powerful enemy." The dragon, table and chair disapear, leaving the teapot.

The doctor returns to his meditation, though he emits a palpable widespread amount of heavy killing intent and annoyance for several hours.

A Problematic Occurence

Volmond sighs from atop a building, gingerly opening and closing his right hand. Inky black symbols dance across his palm, visible only to him. He stretches the hand forward, blocking the light of the sunset to prevent it from blinding him.

"...It's progressing further. How soon until I finally become that force and have to isolate myself? Surely a few years at best... Half a year at worst." He sighs again. "Angelius was the medium, Nanairo the key and I the beast and blade. At this rate, the beast will rampage before its time comes... 'Tis a tedious position to be in."

"Legna?" Shinwa calls out to him. "You up there?"

"Yes," he calls from above.

She climbs up, taking great pains to not ruin her dress. "You alright...? We can finally have some time together now, though I feel bad with Kado going off on his own... ...I hope he finds what he's looking for."

She looks at the sunset. "...It's gorgeous up here..."

"Beautiful moments are fleeting, but precious," he says quietly, "If only this were the sea..."

"We could always go to a beach. The stars afterward would be just as pretty there too."

"That would be nice to do someday... Before the sky is dyed black." Volmond clenches his fist, silently eying the inky markings.

"We can do that now you know. Just the two of us under the stars, like when we did it back at the fortress. ...Though the view was a bit obstructed by the fortress itself. We can find a great view here though."

"...It's sort of funny," says the doctor, giving a weak smile. "Our roles have reversed from then... One of fate's ironies."

Shinwa looks at him and puts her arm around his shoulder. "Do you think so?"

He nods. "The path I walk is one with a predetermined end, but I've known that from the beginning. One day, I'll cease to be me and whatever remains will either preserve or destroy everything. When that happens, whether that be within the year or in twenty years, the outcome will be either a miracle or a catastrophe that will consume nearly everything. The growth of the Law Killer served as the reminder to that.

"Still, whatever lies in the future is of little concern now. Until that time comes, I want to see to it that you are happy and that you can continue to smile genuinely. That's the way things should be."

"Is it so a determined fate like you say, or is this your sheer conviction? Besides, fate has a way of proving us wrong anyway.

Anyway, I hear there are some really nice island beaches on this world... why not go there if the view isn't perfect? If anything, I want you to be just as happy as me."

"This is one of those unavoidable things, unfortunately. The countdown has already started and will continue until one of the two outcomes are reached. The real kicker was the formation of the Lance. 

"Going would be nice, the sea is somewhat special to me."

"Ok then, shall we go? I can cook something to eat. I love cooking anyways. ...It's something I learned from watching Furue..."

"Let's." Volmond glances at the symbols once more before flying to the Atlantic ocean.

Once they have arrive, Shinwa makes a grill appear. "Is there anything in particular you'd like to eat?"

"Nothing in particular," he replies, gazing intently at the sea as the light fades.

She prepares a well seasoned pork along with varius cirtus slices, then offers them to him.

He silently takes a piece of fruit and eats it quietly. "It's awake."

"What do you mean?" She asks, eating her own slice of pork.

"The lost city,"

"Lost city? What lost city?" Shinwa asks. "I'm not familiar with Earth things. ...Well, some I am..."

"It's a place that should and shouldn't be, a place belonging to the past, but set in the future. It vanished long ago because its heir- heirs- vanished, becoming one with the sea."

"...I see. How did you know it was awake?"

"It's something I'm attuned to."

"Huh... I'm sorry for the trouble I caused you before."

"Think nothing of it, that's long been returned," he says, shaking his head in annoyance.

She looks at the evening sky. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to irritate you. I just feel bad. I have a lot to make up for, and I don't know if I ever will be able to. I want to, it's just, how do I go about doing it?"

She shakes her head. "Excuse my depressing thoughts." She stretches out on the sand and lays down near Volmond. "Your brother... what was he like before?"

"He was the type who was scary when he was angry, but a great role model at any other time. He was the type to teach by example and keep you mentally active as long as you were around him," explains the doctor, "He was also a complete technical genius, so much so that he was the first since our founder to master the ATLANTis System and understand the Ark. Just behind him was Nanairo..."

"Atlantis, huh? Is that where you're from then? You told me about your past before, but not where you actually came from."

"That's what many people call it, though originally there was no 'real' name. It is indeed my homeland, but calling it such brings up mixed emotions."

"Why is that?" She asks.

"Many things happened there, some endearing, others mortifying."

"Hmm..." She runs her hand through the sand. "What do you think of my brother?"

"He's childish, overly emotional and likely to cause himself more trouble than he needs to, but he's also driven, focused and understands that the world isn't a place you can aid and protect without dirtying your hands. He lacks mental discipline as a result of his situation, but should he attain it and remain adamant in will he will grow exponentially. He needs to learn to draw upon more of his power than his weapon's power, something that will prevent him from recognizing his own true power and attaining his full potential. Statistically speaking, he needs to work on his defense and vitality above his strength and resistance, but less so than his constitution, spirit and mind. He would benefit from improvements to his instantaneous unconscious situational adaptability, but that is negligible. He's well above average, but far from perfect basically. He has much to learn, but that's no surprise considering his youth."

"Yes, I suppose you're right. ...I am just glad he finally found his direction in life."

"A goal is important to have, always."

She looks up at the stars. "When did you start being in love with her? Kokua?"

"That's a... That's a story I'm not ready to tell yet..."

"Oh, apologies. I shouldn't have asked. I didn't mean any offense..." She looks away.

"It's alright, do not feel bad." He sighs deeply. "...Something is off in that memory. Where was Nana when that explosion went off? She couldn't have escaped it if she wasn't in a common room or outside of the estate..."

"Something is off...? Do you think there's something missing from it or something?"

"No, something seems out of place, something rather important."

"I wish I knew how to help you with that Legna. But I don't know enough about your past to help you... ...I still want to help you, especially after all the help you gave me."

"It's the thought that counts." He smiles slightly.

"Hmmm...." She closes her eyes for a moment. Her hand bumps against a large seashell, and she opens her eyes and looks at it.

"What is this?" She says, unfamiliar with it.

"That's a seashell. Likely from a mollusk that was brought to shore or the old shell of some crab. Shells like this are made from calcium deposits over time, though they are somewhat difficult to find now," he explains.

"Oh? Why is that?"

"Due to a multitude of factors, the oceans are more acidic than in previous years. This makes it harder for calcium layers to build up as much of it reacts with the components in the water, making the shells softer and more likely to break."

"I see. ...They're pretty, it's a shame they are disappearing." She says quietly. She looks up at Volmond. "Oh... how is Naki doing?"

"Hmmm... She's currently facing an Elemental Adjudicator and has yet to figure out it's weakness shifts with each element it uses."

"It sounds like 'Naki' and 'Breaks' don't mix well."

"That can be said for many others as well."

"I'm glad she's okay though... I feel bad for the child though..."

"Things are often bleak before they get better."

"You don't need to remind me of that... what exactly all did you do while I was gone on the camping trip?"

"I got one of the worst headaches imaginable, one that was nearly compounded by a certain interloper," he sighs, "You'll meet the source of my headache soon, unfortunately."

"...Does it have anything to do with the people I smelled before?"

"Very likely, the exception being the dragon."

"I see. ....any chance you have ice cream...?"

"How much?"

"I don't need a year's supply, but a scoop or two would be ok..." She starts covering herself in sand.

A pint of ice cream appears beside her with an ice cream scoop and a bowl.

She blinks. "How do you do that?"

"The space around me in an eight meter radius belongs to me and thus I can control it freely."

"That is... kind of amazing." She sits up out of the sand and starts eating some of the ice cream, she closes her eyes and her tail and horns grow.

"Hmmm... That feels better."

The doctor pauses for a moment. "Don't tell me he's... Great, he's opened the Gate."

She looks at Volmond. "He? He who? What Gate?"

"Angelius, he opened the Gate to the ABYS System."

"The what system?"

"Ancient Beta Yggdrasil Summoner System. Something highly unstable without the proper protocol and qualifications."

"...And judging by your reaction, neither parameters are in order."

"The second is, not the first. Expect a massive darkening of the sky soon."

"Do you want me to make a light?" She asks. Her dress starts changing form.

"It won't matter, the darkening is the least concerning aspect of the ABYS System."

"There you go with the vague manner of yours again."

At that moment a beacon of black light erupts from the ocean, tainting the Earth's sky with unnatural darkness. Loud tremors afflict the area, each an equal amount of time apart from the previous one. Dark clouds begin to gather over head and swirl around the abyssal beacon.

"...So... ...mind explaining what that is? And try not to be vague again."

"That would be the connection establishing..." As the doctor speaks a golden ring opens like an eye from within the darkness. From the ring emerge five pillars the color of bleached bone, each cracking with violet lightning. The five rotate extrenely quickly forming something akin to a secondary ring of violet within the gold ring before light both abruptly fade and large scale earthquakes occur around the planet as eight trees grow across the world, each one large enough to hold millions of people within their infinite branches that span for thousands of miles. Leaves tinted with various shades of blue and green dot each branch of each tree, giving each a healthy appearance. Strange glyphs and symbols float around each tree and interwoven beams of prismatic light connects each one.

"And that would be the advent of the World Trees..."

"....Something tells me excitement follows you wherever you go."

"I have nothing to do with this, actually."

"I know, I'm just curious as to if you're going to get involved. That misadventure in the Void of Stars was something else..."

"I'll probably have to... The only one who can solve this in a timely fashion is me."

"Ah. You're not planning on leaving me behind are you?"

"Even if I wanted to, I couldn't."

She smiles and stands up, shaking herself loose of sand. "So I guess I get to more properly meet your brother then."

"If he's even there... Let's go."

She nods quietly, but looks at her Light Slayer. "This won't be any good with all of this darkness around." She says quietly.

"The darkness is the least concerning thing..."

"That is probably true if you say so. But it is my primary weapon, and the one you gave me is with White."

Volmond tosses her a sheathed long sword wrapped in chains.

"You'll get more use of it than I will." He begins to fly off into the Atlantic.

She looks at it for a moment, then sprouts her wings and flies after him.

A Mystery...

Torem is on her way out of the Party when she hears gunshots, from that of a sniper. Not far off, she hears bodies fall down on the ground, dead.

Torem: *runs towads where she heard the gun shots*

Once she gets there, she finds 5 dead male construction workers in the water. All of them have been shot in the heads.

Torem: What? *listens for a momemnt for anything else*

She notices for a brief moment a humanoid shadow flicker among the rooftops just out of sight, then it is gone.

Torem: *teleports to the rooftops and simply closes her eyes and feels the breeze of the wind. She feels a slight stir, then rushes back to The Slums. Once she makes it to the girls cabin, she read a note: With Kado, you're incharge while I'm gone,Torem. Be back whenever. -Akami. She tosees the note away and enters the cabin* Naomi!

She raises her head up slowly. "Huh...?"

Torem: Get up. Someone is coming. I need to get Segura and everyone else ready. Arm yourself and get outside.

She moans. "Okay..." She gets up, shaking herself. She shapeshifts to have dark clothing, Firehawk already strapped to her waist.

Torem has rounded up everyone in The Slums, they all are outside huddled together while some are on the roof tops armed and ready

Segura: You sure someone will be arriving?

Torem: Sure are. We wait here and see whoever it is will so themselves.

The area seems strangely silent, then far off a gunshot is heard, the echo gradually fades. None of the people present are shot.

Everyone begins to look around, searching from where the shot came from.

Torem: Hold. Who ever is here maybe closing in.

A few minutes later off in the city, she notices men in red oni masks fighting a figure off in the distance. They don't appear to be doing too well, as the figure is gutting them and splitting them down the middle with a variety of knifes and blades, reducing them to little more than butcher meat.

Segura: I'll go in first, alright?

Torem: Why?

Segura: Hopefully she's only just killing those guys for her own reasons and nothing else. I'm only gonna ask her a few questions, then send her on her way.

Torem: Alright. Carefully though.

Segura: *slowly walks off into the distance with his sword drawn and ready*

The girl brutalizes the last one with a crippling punch to the face, before slicing his whole chest wide open. She then turns immediately to Segura and he sees her pull a uzi on him.

Segura: What is your business here?

She fires at him, and immeidately slips away into the city.

Segura: *simply catches her uzi* What do you make of it, Tori?

Torem: Personal vendetta? Just eliminating threats of future events? Anything. I want patrols around here for the next 5 nights.

Naomi sighs. "I guess we're going to be busy..."

Segura: We're always busy.

"Well this just makes things more complicated though, right?

Segura: We're thin as it is. So it really doesn't matter.

Torem begins to set up the patrols and night shifts, all the while Segura is arming all those selected to patrol. Naomi and a few others are left to clear out the bodies.

"Gross... dead bodies..." She shudders as she cleans up.

Man: It's a messed up job, but someone's gotta do it. Can't just let these bodies sink up the place, right?

After they are done, Naomi returns inside to calm her nerves. She runs into Torem. "Hey, are you alright? ...What do you think about all that? Do you think that person we saw was... enemy?"

Torem: Friend or Foe, I'm not sure. I do believe though that she was clearing those guys out just to come back later. So until then, I'm keeping everyone prepared.

"I see..." Throughout the following day and night, Occasional sniper shots are heard, but there is never a visible sign.

Segura: Who knew there was so many of these guys in the area.

Torem: They must've been hiding out in the city above. The must've occupied here around the same time as The Party.

Naomi calls Rev, wanting to check up on him.

Reveryn: Hello...This Depression Row, Beasley speaking...

"Hey, it's uh... it's me." Naomi speaks up.

Reveryn: *his voice is more upbeat* Hey cutie. How are doing?

"I'm... ok. Things are happening over here, some strange person showed up last night and started shooting." Rev can hear another sniper shot go off.

"...Like that. We don't know who she is or what she's up to, Torem's worried."

"Torem's worried? That means Akami isn't there, is she? I hope whoever she is, she kills those bastards who handed me over to Exima. The guys are wearing Oni mask, right?

"Yeah, Kado had to go somewhere, she decided to go with. And yeah, she's been shooting Oni Mask people. Lot's of em'. I think they're watching their step more carefully with this person now, because-" Another shot, and a Red Devil is shot clean in the head, visibly to the Party this time. "-She does NOT miss."

Reveryn: Neither do I. No one in The Slums are hurt, right?

"Yeah, though she shot four construction workers for no apparent reason."

Reveryn: *sigh* May those guys rest in peace...You're not hurt, are you?

"No, I called in to check on you though."

Reveryn: Well you know...stuck in my bed...looking up into the dim light above me...feeling like I've died and I didn't even know....

"...I'm sorry... I wish I could help..."

Reveryn: Hey, you calling me is enough help to give, alright. Thanks again, Naomi.

"...You're... you're welcome... ...Stay safe ok?"

Reveryn: No one is safe in hell, but I'll tread as safely as I can. for you guy's sake. Bye cutie. *hangs up*

She sighs. "...I hope he'll be ok..."


The night patrol is out scouting the area for anything suspicious

Segura: You think they can handle it?

Torem: For the safety of The Party they will.

Further off in the city, a grey haired girl has finished relocating after a day of hunting her targets, and is now loading her sniper ammunition.

Segura: We could go investigate?

Torem: One of us could, but I can't risk the others being left defensless.

Segura: Than leave two behind and have one go look.

Torem: Don't know...

The woman pauses, hearing a noise and turning sharply, her pistols drawn at a Red Devil who had just jumped onto the building.

The man run towards her and does a slide attacks and sprains Sukimu's ankle, causing her to fall and swear under her breath.

The woman manages to stand and fires a shot into their shoulder, knocking them down, then flees into the streets.

Segura: Seriously, what does she have against these guys?

Torem: I don't think it's personal. It just might be that they might get in the way.

The woman limps to shelter, where she remains hidden for days, the Party not finding a trace of her.

Segura: We haven't heard another shot in 3 days. Maybe whoever it was, was just taking out those dudes wearing masks.

Torem: We can't let our guard down just yet. 5 more days and everyone can resume their previous day-to-day lives.

Later that evening, the woman is confronted by more masked men, who manage to wound her with various knifes, and she begins bleeding profusely, escaping only with the aid of choke powder.

The next morning, Torem is making her way to an entrance when she sees a pool of blood at the bottom of the entrance, looking up, she sees a steady stream of blood spilling down the entry way, the origin of it unseen from where Torem is.

Torem: *follows the stream of blood until she reaches to rooftop of a building. She stretches forth her hand and scans the area* More masked men and that person was- *looks to her left and sees the woman unconscious* is still here... The blood belongs to her. *touches the blood and it glows in hand*  Hmm...*she picks up the unconscious woman and returns to The Slums*

The woman does not make any indications of waking up even after being taken to the Slums.

By the time the woman wakes up, she finds herself strapped unto a table by rings of light. She can see Torem to her left and Segura to her right.

Torem: Why have you been snooping around our area?

The woman doesn't respond, except for testing the restraints, stopping when she feels the pain of her wounds. She lies still for a moment.

"...I sensed... ...the cruel intent of the men in masks. I showed them their... ...own medicine?" She says quietly and slowly, her eyes are only open a crack, still mostly closed.

"...I don't... know who you are. Only that you have undoubtably taken me prisoner..."

Segura: Well you did compromise our hideout, so we had to see what brung you so far.

"I was not aware of you or any of... ...who ever you are."

Torem: This is a shelter for both man and myth who are all but forgotten and or being hunted. This is their refuge from Reality.

"...Like I said. I wouldn't have known. My actions have nothing to do with you. If anything, your paranoia has compromised your hideout, not I."

Torem: Thing is, you don't even know where you are.

Segura: She's right. How do you know we're in that hide-out? Besides' you already compromised it when you got too close.

"...Are you done?" Her eyes manage to open wider, revealing grey eyes with a subtle tint of purple.

Segura: Almost. Now we need to decide what to do with you now.

"...If you intend to kill me, you'll find it more daunting than you'd realize. Let me go."

Segura: Well that's the thing about the rings. All we have to do is raise are hand in the air and you can say 'hi' to God for us. Or we could just chuck you to the other side of the continent. Whichever or.

"...Again...'d find both tasks harder to accomplish than you would realize. Now please let me go. I haven't done anything to you. In fact I probably did you a favor. The elf boy was taken by the masked men and tortured. I killed a few of the ones involved in that first. They have it out for you people, by the way."

Segura: Thanks, but something about feels like you still got some unfinished business, cause how would you know about the elf boy and didn't help him? Hmmm.

"How do you know I didn't?" She replies.

Segura: Says he ended up in Exima's clutches.

"Yes, because I want to get in the way of Exima. What would I have done? Shot him in the head? Doubt it would have done anything. I'm a human, in case you haven't noticed. I can't walk in there and kick ass and take names. Unlike you Myths, I actually have to work hard at keeping alive. Consider it a part of not having powers. Oh, and the Mythzonian got blown up. Some giant beam of light."

Segura: If you're human, then why is it you think we can't kill you?

"Just because I am human, doesn't mean I don't have an ace in the hole."

Segura: Then that "ace" should've been enough to save our friend.

"...No, it wouldn't have." The rings of light spontaneously crack and explode into dust. "The perk is that I cannot be restrained. Not very useful when I don't know, fighting a man several times stronger than you."

The woman makes no attempt to move, her injuries limiting her movements anyway. "I was proving a point, not making an escape attempt," She explains.

"I'm too weak for that."

Segura: Making it alot easier to put you down. *draws his sword and runs at the woman, ready to strike her until, he hits a force shield that is protecting her. He turns to Torem who has her hand stretched towards the injured woman* Why did you stop me?

Torem: This is too far, Segura.

Segura: She knows more than she's letting on. You should know that. She could navigate where we live. It's not everyay some lady comes out of nowhere and just slaughters masked men. You and i both know there's something bigger going on. Big enough to destroy The Junkyōsha Party.

Torem:.....I'm not going to let that happen....*her eyes glow and immediately the injured woman disappears* But I'm not having this.

The injured woman finds herself in a hospital bed. A doctor walks in checking things off on a clipboard.

Doctor: Ok I think that should be it for to- *raises his head up and sees the injured woman* Oh God dammit! *throws his clipboard and pencil to the ground*

Segura: You know if she comeback or gives them any information on our whereabouts.

Torem: I will take full responsibility for it. I can deal with Obi about it.

Segura: No. You're going to have to deal with me. *brushes past Torem and walks off angrily*

After a couple of days, there is no further activity, though the construction workers in the tunnels notice that the areas they seem to be working in seems much safer for them to travel through.

Segura: *sees everyone s returning to their everyday duties* I'm telling you, something is going to happen. no one would just hunt dow masked men for no reason, whether it was to avenge our friend or to keep us safe. Why was she truly here?

Naomi walks by. "Sometimes the only thing we can do is wait, allowing one's adversary to get the best of them, even if it is by mind, is never a sound foundation. Instead, level your mind and unclench thy fist. Sometimes the mouse is better caught if it willingly walks into a trap." She says as she reads a book.

Segura: That's if the mouse is smart enough to avoid the trap. What would be better: Being on your guard or wait until something happens?

Naomi looks up. "That depends on who is the mouse, and who is the cat. Perhaps we are the cat, but the mouse thinks they are the cat." She replies.

"I'm saying, you could always pretend to not be suspicious."

Segura: Don't treat me like I'm stupid, I know that.

Torem: Then stop acting like your stupid and *pokes at his head* Get. Smart.

Segura: *walks off in frustration*

"You don't have to be mean Torem. ...Even though he did put me in the hospital once..."

Torem: If there's one things you should know about Segura, is that he's always 'Two Steps Away from The Clouds'.

"...It's still not nice..."

Torem: Trust me, he needs it. The only way you can keep him in check is when you get on him and the only way you get you get respect from him, is to prove him wrong.

Naomi walks off to take care of the elderly.

The elders welcome Naomi happily.

On a rooftop somewhere in the city, the woman rests quietly in the sun, observing a marketplace.


Torem is maintaining surveillance of an entrance to the Party, when she notices a familiar woman idly walking down the street.

Torem: I swear to God if that's that same woman...*slowly walks after her*

The woman continues on walking, not apparently noticing her. If she has, she has ignored Torem.

Torem: *still follows close behind not trying to draw attention to herself*

The woman eventually stops, but does nothing, looking down at a lilly flower.

A woman simply passes her from behind.

The woman glances up without moving, then runs a hand through her hair, sighing.

The other woman stops to ties her shoe

She stands straight up and looks at the woman. "Hypothetically speaking, say I did find that someone who tied me up to an interrogation table happened to be following me on my morning walk, what do you think I should do? Shooting them in the face and or calling the police seems like tempting ideas..."

"You know what they say, snitches get stitches."

"And stalker bitches get lead caps to the face." She says, pointing a gun.

The woman stands up. "Go ahead. You know it won't do anything."

The woman smiles faintly. "I was actually wanting to talk with you... you brought yourself right to me though. I guess fortune smiles on me today."

"Then what is it you want?" Folds her arms.

"Look, I'll say it flat out. I want to work for you."


Segura: Yes!? You said 'yes'!? The hell is the matter with you!?

Torem: Shush it, Segura. At least we can use the extra hand around here. We're about to get busier, due to us having to assasinate the Reps. You and Shinwa.

Segura: Oh now you know her name now.

Torem: Don't you?


Torem: Hm. Interesting. All I have to do now is run by Obi and tell 'em

Segura: *scoff* Good luck then. *walks past her*

Torem: I swear. Two chops to the throat.

The woman looks at Torem. "By the way, you can call me Nerai."

Torem: Alright Nerai, follow me.

They both are making their way through to the lower levels

Torem: Any specific reason you want to join us?

"I feel a calling to defend the downtrodden. The innocent."

Torem: Explain?

"When I saw the elf get captured, it made my blood boil. Those men were attacking Myth children earlier. ...I killed them the moment I saw them do it."

Torem: I see. Here we are.

They are feet away from Obi's quarters, then Troem abruptly halts

Torem: Wait. *slowly takes a step forward then waits* Come on. *walks up to the door* You go in from here.

Nerai walks in slowly, alert.

Torem: Go on, Just knock.

She does so.

Obi: Who da' hell is it?

"My name is Nerai. I want to work for you."

Obi: *opens the door in an instant and is staring eye-to-eye with Nerai. He scans her looks, then pulls her into his room and closes the door*

She remains calm, though she watches his movements.

Obi: *is walking on all fours and sniffs all over her, inspecting her legs and arms, then finally is in her face* What brings you here, hmmmmmmmm?

"As I said before. I want to work for you."

Obi: You didn't tell me that before. Then again we never met. *is giving her the stink eye*

"Yes I did. When I knocked."

Obi: Coudln't hear you. Mine telling me again.

"Then why did you open the door after I said it? I don't like repeating myself, espically not thrice."

Obi: I yanked you in cause all i hear was, 'WompWompWompWompWomp', like those unseen adults in Peanuts. So make this time, the very last time.

"I'll try again. Translating: Me want shoot bad guys for ye. Is that O.K. ?"

Obi: I maybe the "Ape Man", doesn't mean I speak ape. Me speak englies.

"I will not repeat myself again. You've been told three times. I will not repeat myself further."

Obi: Speak to me in English and you wno't have to. But anyways yea sure we can use the extra hand and whatever. One question, how do you even know us?

"I was shooting blokes in the face, then I got wounded by one and wound up bound to an interrogation table by your lovely buddies, the one with the foul attitude and the one with the angel business. Or was that both of them? Oh, and did I mention they interrogated me when I wasn't doing anything to them?"

Obi: You could have. Not everyday a stranger happens to find us in our supposed secret dwelling, because she was killin' dudes for resons unknown. If anything, that does seem rather suspicerous. I don't have friends, but I do have children if that's whom you speak of.

"So shooting the people who caused someone you would consider your son to be tortured and almost killed is suspicious? The correct words you are looking for is 'I'm incredibly ungrateful'. And I didn't even know where the entrance to this place was. You dragged me in here the first time, then today I was let in. You're doing a poor job of keeping yourselves quiet. I had nothing to do with any exposing secret bases."

Obi:And you do a poor job at saving people, so? You act like I'm supposed to know you tried to save the boy. And what do  you mean, 'You dragged me in here the first time'? What first time?

"...I'd comment on how slow you are, but we wouldn't get anywhere with that discussion. When your group dragged me in here and interrogated me, that first time!"

Obi: And where was I? Not. There. Hmmm. You can start your job when your done barking at me.

"Then don't talk about how I 'found' you or 'exposed' you in some way, then I'll stop."

Obi: You said any of that? I am just tired of people just finding us now. Seriously, we haven't even gotten to work yet and people be bustin' up in here like they know this place. I swear, we might as well be on the national news.

"...No one is doing that. You're overreacting. You cannot control everything, accept what happens at face value and move on. To dwell is to dull, to dull is to weaken." She says simply.

Obi: I'm not overreacting, I'm stating the highly probable. I can't move on when I got family to look after. It's responsibilty. Something took up wholeheartedly.

"That is neither what I meant nor what I was referring to. Stop whining every time something happens. You gain nothing from it. There are worse things in life than meeting new people.

Now can we talk about me working for you?"

Obi: I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to myself. Again. I can whine whenever I want, I own the place! But whatever. Yea yea, what about working for us?

"I never quite heard a definative yes or no. Do you need me to explain my skills and capacities?"

Obi: That would be nice, yes.

"With a sniper rifle, I never miss." She says flatly. "I am also an expert in hand to hand combat. It may help that I also know how to break into anything with a passcode."

Obi: Awesome, now I got two Hawkeyes. Any other skills?

"I am immune to physical bindings, so I can escape any form of physical trap or restraint. I also never run out of ammo. I think there's something about being able to make missiles and bombs in there too somewhere..."

Obi: Explosions? *has an evil and impish smirk* Awesome.

"Is that enough to satisfy you?"

Obi: Anything that involves explosions is enough for me. You're in.

"I am grateful. Let me know if you need me to do anything."

Obi: Well we're about to potentially destroy the government to prevent the end of mythology from occuring.

"...More extreme than I imagined, though you are crazy and you live in the sewer. ...Tell me, what's going to stop people from just blaming Myths for the government getting slaughtered?"

Obi: Myths are known for riots, not assassinations. If anything we would be blamed for anything public. They would blame groups like those guys who did that thing at the White House.

"The assasination of an entire government is a public incident. Do you really think you could avoid the consquences of such a thing? There will still be an investigation. These things rarely unchallenged."

Obi: We're only tryin to prevent something something worse. I don't know anyother choice. Destroy the executve branch and have our own deligates fill those empty shoes or the Act will be signed and the world becomes myth free.

"I'm saying humanity doesn't need the branch's approval to do it. That is what I'm saying. Either way, you're merely putting a bandage on a fatal wound."

Obi: You add pressure on the wound, then put the bandage on. The people will want permission from legal authorites first, cause it's apart of ones consiousness to get aprroval before doing anything, fearing the consequences. In hind sight, the Act might not be so bad. All we have to do is give ourselves over to the agencies, sacrifice our freedom for the defense of the human race, and we continue to live. Either way, I'm in between two hard places and I can't suck my muscles in to slip out of it.

"...Obi, that is long as you aren't talking about Exima. There are people who will go to any lengths, who will consider themselves beyond the extent of the law. That is what I mean. And when I say wound, imagine a shot to each lung, the heart, the brain, and the throat. That is how dire the world is. I have known that for... ...a long time.

I'm not saying I won't do it, if that is what you require of me. I'm just saying the act may not have as much benefit as you believe."

Obi: I was being sarcastic, aside from all that being true. Plus, I got this list of the backers from almost every Agency in the world. So if im not mistaken, we take them out, the lack of funding for their projects and whatnot. Atleast that's what I think I'm getting at here.

"Alright, but one thing to keep in mind: I don't do sarcasm. Leave it out."

Obi: One thing you should keep in mind: I don't listen to those who don't say 'please'.

"Uh huh." She says, earplugs somehow in her ears without him even having seen her move.

Obi: You can leave my room now.

"Hmmm?" She takes the earplugs out. "Did you say something?"

Obi: I said. *kicks her out the room and closes his door*

Torem: *looks down at Nerai* Welcome aboard. *helps her up* I guess I should start introducing you to people, show you around the place, blablabla, all of that. This is why Akami should be here.

"Thank you." She says simply.

Torem: Your new boss is Obi, our father and found of the Junkyosha Party. He lost his mind sometime after the war so that's why he's...Obi. Anyway follow me and I will show you everything else.

Nerai shrugs her shoulders. "The world has gone insane, I'm not bothered."

Torem: Some of us should be. We live here after all.

"Living in the places society is reluctant to explore is a sound survival stategy. If survival tactics are for the insane, I see no problem calling myself insane."

Torem: Everyone is in some way. We just wanna hide it or it hasn't come out yet.

"Agreed... so what is there to see?"

Torem: The Slums really. It's much bigger. Is connected to almost 1/4 of the entire continent. The Slums is a very small part of it.

"I see. You guys have an elaborate system then."

Torem: We try to make use of what we have, which is an abandoned sewer network.

"It's still pretty impressive."

Torem: I suppose. *makes it to the Slums*

Nerai looks around. "Huh, how quaint. Reminds me of something..."

Torem: Reminds me of every destroyed city on the surface. Even now, every inch of the surface is being paved of life. Soon civilization will be reduced to ruin and then the apocalypse and what not.

"How cheery." Nerai says dully.

Torem: Do I look like the cheery type?

"Absolutely. You should be a cheerleader." After a moment she adds, "No, you're down to earth, or at least mellow."

Torem: Anyway, the Slums consist of homes, small stores, a restraunt. It's a shelter over all for Earth's rejects both social and political.

"I see. Huh...."

Torem: What? Something on your mind?

"...It's nothing."

Torem: You're part of us now. And we don't hide anything from each other. Understand?

"...Like I said before, I'm reminded of something when I look around here. I don't know what it is though. It's like... a memory that refuses to surface."

Torem: Familiar surroundings perhaps?

"...I just don't know. It's just a nagging sensation."

Torem: Hm. Anyway we have cabins, thrift stores, stores in general. Our team The Frontliners are thinned out. The elf boy you attempted to save is doing recon at the M.C.C.P to figure out what other resolves their working up. Akami, our leader, went with Kado somewhere. Shinwa is with some dude in glasses, Segura is somewhere brooding and Naomi is helping the elder. So that's like 8 of us now counting you.

"I see. So you run a small but efficient operation?"

Torem: Surely. We all have a part to play, and if we play it right, everything else just works out.

"I see. That is an acceptable organization. It is difficult to imagine the crazy one leading competently, but I'll reserve that opinion until I see for myself."

Torem: He's trying to remain as sane as possible. For our sake anyway.

"He cares for you a lot then."

Torem: He sure does. When he isn't getting on us. He is a survivalist.

"I'm noticed."

Torem: Alright. And here is the girl's cabin. *shows her the girl's cabin*

"I see... quaint."

Torem: The girl's stay in here. Obi doesn't believe in boys and grils sleeping in the same enviroment.


Torem: Claim which bunk you want. *walks off*

She stands at the entrance of the cabin for a moment. "..." She then proceeds to enter the cabin, looking for an unclaimed bunk.

Segura: Making yourself at home?

"...I was told to, so I am. Is there something you need?" She says evenly, not looking his direction.

Segura: Is there something you need?

"Yes. Stop being a stalker."

Segura: I'll start when you hit the road, back to wherever you came from.

She closes her eyes, silent for a moment.

She then opens her eyes, a steeled look in them.

"Why are you in the girl's cabin?" Shes says in a rather dangerous voice.

Segura: I'm outside the girls cabin. I'm in front of the doorway. Basically I'm on the porch, which is allowed by the way.

She turns and walks up to him, and grabs his hand and pulls him forward, then slams the door shut.

Segura: No. No. No! What the hell are you doing?!

"ROOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM" Obi comes crashing down through the roof.

Segura: No! Obi! It's not what you think!

Obi: Shyoken! *uppercuts Segura out of the girls cabin. Backflips, pulls out a grappling hook and pulls himself out of the cabin*

Nerai then sits down on a bed and pulls out a paperback manga book and begins reading. "That should teach him for the moment. Now to see where I left off..."

There on the floor lies a tooth

Segura: *is sitting on his bunk in the boys cabin. His arms crossed, his face pouted and the left side of his face is swollen* I don't like her...

Torem: I do. She fucked up your face. *wraps an ice pack around his cheek*

Segura: You like anyone who causes me physical harm.

Torem: I liked Obi waaaay before he he layed a finger on you. I remember the first time I saw you get punished by Obi.

Segura: Don't!

Torem: It was hilarious. Abit scary but hilarious. What did you do again? Oh yea, ate the last donut in the box and he came in just in time to see you finish it off.

Segura: *buries his face in his hands* Oooohhhh....

Torem: And he was all like, and I quote: "Prepare yo' anus, Cloud!"

Segura: Please stop...

Torem: I'll stop bringing back good memories when you start being a team player.

Segura: *grumbles*

Nerai eventually gets bored and begins doing pushups.

Torem: There, I attached an ice sack to your fucked-up face. Try not to get it fucked up anymore than it already is. *begins to walk off*

Segura: *sarcasm* Believe me I'll try.

Torem: *sarcasm* Will you? *closes the door*

Segura: *grumbles angrily*

Nerai eventually then changes things up and starts doing a handstand.

The next day, Nerai opens her eyes and is wide awake by the time Obi is ready to initiate wakeup call.

Obi: *stands right outside the cabins and speaks into his megaphone* Time to get up, faggots! This is important, and y'alls only got 10 seconds get out here or im terrorizing another cabin!

Nerai is practically already outside in only a second. "You seem cheerful." She remarks.

Obi: Oh My Jebus....*drops his megaphone and instantly hugs her and proceeds to kiss her on her forehead* God has finally given me a child that isn't entirely useleeeessssss! Thanks you, God! *sees everyone else make it out* The hell is this? Where's Segura? Where's Mavis!?

Torem: Mavis said she and Segura were escorting some interdimensional new comers.

Obi: Why the hell didn't she tell me about it.

Torem: Obidiah Goat-

Obi: Sssshhhhhhhhh! I get! *sigh* Anyway, Why can't ya'll mother fuckers be more like Nerai over here? She got up well before any of you fools! And she's new! For own shame yo fawtha...Now bow your heads in shame...

They bow their heads

Obi: Feel very ashamed...Anyway, I got some important news. Due to our thining numbers, I had to take procautions ans well as some arrangments, We are going to destroy all those bastard agencies once and for all! And I the what we need to succeed in cutting off their we're the IRS...or something like that.

"Does that mean I get to shoot caps in people's heads?" Nerai asks.

Obi: If I could trade my first I would...but yes, that's what it means. Since our only shooter is doing undercover work, we'll need you big time. Based on the information he's given us, plus this list given to my sister that I never knew I had, we can these guys down, and once we do that, they don't have the money to get the material they'll need for this last ditch effort their planning, that's gonna be 10x bigger than Ado's Last Ditch Effort.


Obi: *takes one last looks at her and sniffs* Here...take the list, pick off whichever and get it done..

She nods, taking a hold of the list and starts reading it.

Torem: *takes a look at the list*

Obi: I don't care you how guys get it done.

"We leave now?" Nerai asks.

Obi: Yea. You can't kill them from here.

Nerai nods then starts heading for the exit.

Obi: Work stealthfully! Like you're playing Metal Gear!

Torem: What the heck is that?

Obi: It's a videogame, you wouldn't understand!

Nerai makes a tiny chuckle as she leaves.

Obi: *stares upward* Oh Snake...why won't Kojima let you be happy for once?

Nerai quietly and stealthily crawls out of the exit, then heads off into the streets.

Obi: Ok byyyee. Don't die. *looks back at Torem and Naomi* You too. You know I wouldn't just send her on her own like that.

Torem: Which one of us?

Obi: Both.

Torem: But...Don't you need one of us to stay behind and keep things under control?

Obi: Don't worry, I'll be doing all of that while you're away. Their in goooood haands. *nods his head with a smile*

Torem: ......Sure.....

Obi: Shew! Go on!

Torem: Yes sir. Let's go, Naomi. *walks towards the exit*

"R-right!" She follows after her in a scamper.

The two catch up with Nerai

Obi: Aaaaalright chicks, we got 7 reps to despose of. With the upcoming storm, mankind's heart will be colder as ice, because of the influence the Reps. have on the people. If we can terminate them and put our canidates in, we might be able to get people to see something else after everything is over. Granted not every plan is perfect but we have to get our balls rolling. 7 reps, 7 continents. Once you take out one or two, their gonna catch on very quick and they will request some protection. So I need you 3 to be on your game. If things gets serious with them, noise will be heard. So show me what ya'lls got. Oh, and don't come back until you've killed them all. I don'tcare how long it takes you, just get it done and get it done right.

Torem: Yes sir.

Nerai doesn't respond, but continues moving at surprisingly inhuman speed, only stopping when they have left the public eye and are outside city limits.

"...Who first?" She says impartially after the two catch up, Naomi a little strained from the effort. "Not so fast!"

Obi: Uummmm....Hmmmmm...Let's see....We're in the U.S. aren't we?

Torem: Yes. Arizona to be precise.

Obi: 'Kay. Then we can either take down Rep. of the  Euros or the Reps. of those guys tha made the churros. Mmmmm. Churros. Either or is fine with me. Or even both.

"..." She looks at Naomi and Torem.

Torem: I guess we can go for Europe's Representative first.

Obi: You know where she is, right?

Torem: Yes sir. Birmingham, England.

Obi: Then get there.

Torem: Yes sir. *grabs Nerai's and Naomi's arms and they disappear*

Obi and Son (Epic Father and Son Time)

Reveryn: *knocks on Obi's door* Yo Dad, it's me.

Obi: You may enter.

Reveryn: *enters the room* How's you doin', old man?

Obi: *is clipping his toe nails* You know me...Bein' Obi... *the toenail goes haywire and it hits Obi in the eye* AH! *covers his eye* Frick dammit!

Reveryn: You ok, Dad?

Obi: Don't worry about it...Ah! It's just a toenail...Damn things...

Reveryn: Don't worry, Dad. I got something. Well two things to take your mind off of the temporary pain.

Obi: If it's cocaine, I'm not interested.

Reveryn: Nope. It's brown. *pulls out two cigarettes*

Obi: *turns around quickly* Really?!

Reveryn: Heck yea really!

Obi: *quickly gets up and takes the two sticks* Oh My God...I don't remember the last time I smoked these...

Reveryn: 1 day ago.

Obi: Really? hod did you know that?

Reveryn: You tend to forget when you've reached your high.

Obi: Aaaaahhh. Riiight. Thanks Rev.

Reveryn: You know I wouldn't miss a birthday. Not even for my old man.

Obi: Aaaaawww. How mushy. I'll savor these for later. *put the sticks in his pocket*

Reveryn: Got my hands on those before I left. Have you gotten anymore presents lately?

Obi: No...Those ungrateful bastards out there didn't give me not'n!

Reveryn: That's actually a good thing cause like I said, I have something else. *pulls out two white tickets*

Obi: Whoa! What are they?

Reveryn: Drinking tickets! For the both of us.

Obi: Whoa! I can get a high and get drunk?! Mane, you are just the best sone ever! *hugs Reveryn*

Reveryn: You know I want you to be happy.

Obi: I will be now! We gonna get high! And we gonna get's wasted!

Reveryn: Oh before we do, where are the Frontliners?

Obi: I know where they're not. Here celebrating my birthday...*sniff* They better come back with a present with my name on or I'll...Just ball in my room for the next week or two...

Reveryn: Awww...

Obi: But forget about it, let's do this!

At the bar

Reveryn and Obi are just leaving the bar completely drunk

Reveryn: Oh man dude, Alcohol burns...

Obi: It sure does. It's like having Hell in your stomach and you have acid relux. It's like that 666 Cold Prespiration. That stuff right there tasted like the devil. Knock the sickness RIGHT out of ya'...*coughs up some blood*

Reveryn: *notices Obi has a bag of green olives* W-what are the-the bags for, Dad?

Obi: These? T-this is for Shinwa. I-I figured th-that she would-she would like these uuummm green olvies, yea.

Reveryn: Hahah! You like Shinwa.

Obi: Hey you, shut up!

Reveryn: Wait....Wait hold that thought, Dad....Wait...Did-did we drive here?

Obi: I ummmmm...I-I don't remember....Uuuummm l-let me check my uuuhhhhh pockets. *feels the inside of all his pockets* Huh. C-can't find them...I don't believe we walked to this bar because. Geez,that would be several miles away from home. I don't wanna believe we walked that far because that would mean we would have to walk all the way back.

Reveryn: Hey-Hey Dad. I got these cans of be-are while you were thinkin'. So like there's a park from like across the street, right?

Obi: Right.

Reveryn: So-so I figured we could go to the park and get wasted there and just talk about stuff, you know?

Obi: Y-yea sure. I don't see why not.

At the park

Obi and Reveryn are sitting on a bench drinking cans of beer.

Reveryn: Man does my body hurt...

Obi: Oh right...I was supposed to beat your ass for getting yourself caught...

Reveryn: My apologies dad...It just happened, I-I just got kidnapped and attacked and stuff you know? I mean...I'm surprised myself that I survived...

Obi: Well since you remembered my birthday...I won't put the hurt on you...

Reveryn: Thanks Dad. *takes a sip of his beer*

Obi: I know lot's of people wonder, why do I beat up on you alot. I want you to know that I do it because I love you. No homo. It's the only way I know how I express my love to you. I mean you're the only one who takes interest in know interests. We do choreography together, We imagine together, We talk the same languistics. And most of all, you've never called me crazy. Akami has called me crazy alot, but only to use as an excuse for me. You never did. Another reason why I beat up on you alot is because-

Reveryn: I know...I can't take as much as the others can. I'm more fragile. You beating me up is way to get me ready for when I'm in dangerous situations like the one I'm doing now at the M.C.C.P. I understand, Dad. You do it to make me stronger.

Obi: You all are strong. It takes alot to stand up for a man who others claim as a psyocotic degenerate.

Reveryn: Don't say that about yourself, Dad. You are a man worth standing up for.

Obi: Am I really? I mean it's one of those moments that only the affects of alcohol can do, where I question who I really am.

Reveryn: Man, no need to tell me. You are one of the greatest men in history. Anyone in The Party will and can vouch for me when I say, you are the Man of the Millenium.

Obi: What makes you say that?

Reveryn: Man Dad. You go from being a lost war hero to a father/teacher/couch and all of the above. You raised Akami all by yourself. Akami dammit! And even after the incident, you still managed to create The Party with it only being you and Akami. You lead others to light. Most people would ask 'Why would I prefer you to be my parent over my biological father?' It's because, unlike him, you gave me a chance to do something the gift I had. You encouraged me to do better. Trained me to do better in one the most weirdest and most meorable ways possible. It's something about you that not only irritates people, but also draws close to you. People look at your insane exterior when they should be loking at your interior, because whenever I look at you, I see a true leader. I'm not saying this cause I'm drunk neither. This is for real coming from ther heart. I don't care what they say about you. They don't know the real you, because they only see the outside, not inside. The good you've done for everyone. And if they say that your actions will bring our downfall, then let them eat shit in Hell! You've been in charge of The Party for 60 years and you've NEEEEVER had a problem until I brought Kado over. You're actions, is actually what brought us together. It was your whole demanor that made us shape up. You'd tell us like it is, you actually have us thinkg about ourselves, about our faults. The one thing we overlook that's making our lives unhappy. You're not afraid, Dad. You're not afraid to be yourself. And granted you are quiet patient. Most people bash you in on your actions, but deep down you know whatever they say won't amount to anything is because they don't know you, because they only look at the surface.

Obi: Whoa...That was legit beautiful right there, man...

Reveryn: And let anyone else say otherwise burn in Hell. *sips some more beer*

Obi: That's abit to deep, Rev.

Reveryn: My apologies

Obi: It's just that even thought they may not know this, but some of things do get to me sometimes. Ut's like, 'Is this all they're going to remember about me? That I'm just a madman? Do they really doubt me that much?" Usually I would watch some My Little Pony and then sleep it off.

Reveryn: But that's the thing. You were never in this to be appreciated. You were in tis because you believed this was your calling. You went through a super war and raise a mythic child just to see it. Akami will put everyth ounce of strength into ever punch she throws to anyone who speaks to you negativley. Not only that, we're your chldren. Whenever they look at us, they better know that you raised us.

Obi: Damn due...You are one hell of a motivational speaker...

Reveryn: Just like my old man.

Obi: ....*sniff*

Reveryn: Besides, they're noobs. What would they know, right? *sips some more of his beer* Besides, it's not like you asked to have your frontal lobe torn off.

Obi: I actually sort of did, you know?...I was already on a thin line as it was at the time. Akami was my only barrier and she knew it. Anything happened to her, my sanity would slip. Even now that still applies. To all my children. Even the noobs. There's not one thing I woildn't try to give you.

Reveryn: I wanna mom.

Obi: Maybe for your birthday. Buth thing is Akami still blames herself for that day it happened...She still gets over protective when someone else talks baldy of me. Granted it is rather sweet seeing her punch dudes in the face when it comes to the pride she has for her dear ol' dad. *sigh* I just want her to know that it's alright.

Reveryn: I see it like this is her way of showing she's sorry. For letting it happen to you.

Obi: She didn't let it happen. It was my choice anyway. She knows it.

Reveryn: Not really if she still believes it's her fault.

Obi: Hm...I just hope she doesn't have to tell that bullshit story to anyone who asks why I act the way I do.

Reveryn: I mean it is rather sad and explains alot.

Obi: They see me differently when they know the truth. When they all should've given me the benefit of the doubt. Uuuughhhh damn beer! Making me express my feelings! *sips some beer*

Reveryn: Yea, but like I said. This...All that you've done...was you...You have done something no one ever thought of or had the balls to do. Make a community where man and myth lived together in tranquil unity. If it weren't you bein' you, they wouldn't have gotten along the same way. Most of everyone there ar neighbors, friends, lovers, all sorts. Even then kids man. human and mythic kids play together and no one there to tell them it's wrong. That is an amazing acomplishment on it's own.

Obi: Thanks Rev. But enough butter, let's talk about something else.

Reveryn: Oh yea yea sure.

Obi: Like uummm w-what of you think about theeeeee newbs.

Reveryn: They're not half bad, thought I wish they wouldn't disrepesct you the way they do, especially Kado and Shinwa. But granted they do have issues they're trying to overcome. Thanks why I think God called them here, to be in the right enviroment, with the right people, with the right mentor.

Obi: I'm surprised I haven't slipped off this bench yet.

Reveryn: Naomi is an amazing girl...woman...whatever. But I just wished she saw that herself, you know? The people she used to live must of really hurt her...It's like animal abuse....Not trying to say anything by that...But she deserves more than she had to put up with... And as far as I know from what I can see, she's suffered worse physically and mentally than the other two and she acts way better than them in comparrison.

Obi: Kado and Shinwa were probably raised differently.

Reveryn: Yea.

Obi: I know Ace is a little treasure. Shy yes, but she's so adorable when she's happy...She reminds alot of Akami when she was younger...When she-

Reveryn: Not the time, Dad.

Obi: My apologies...It's...It's just alcohol. *sips some beer*

Reveryn: Anyway Kado's ma' homie, Shinwa would make a fine mom.

Obi: She would but she wouldn't be your mom.

Reveryn: Aww...And Naomi is-

Obi: Your sweetie pie. *impishly smiles at Reveryn*

Reveryn: *mumbles in embarrassment. Looks away and sips some more beer* Speaking of Shinwa, I know  you argue with her alot, especially when it comes to that guy with the glasses, but-*burps* 'Scuse me. *beats on his chest* But there's gotta be one thing you like about her.

Obi: We-

Reveryn: Besides that. *sips some beer*

Obi: Awww...Well...there is that...But it's also that she is the the first woman to stand up to me. That alone takes som major ovaries.

Reveryn: Yea-yea it sure does.

Obi: And everytime we aruged, my heart would start beating harder and faster. But my feelings are one-sided. I barely know her and I don't know how old she is, so I doubt I could tap that. Not only that, the doctor is already tapping it. I won't lie, but everytime I look at him, I get...jeally.

Reveryn: *spits out his beer* Whoa! Whoa! You? Get jeally?

Obi:...Yea. Everytime I see him and her, I go like "Man, dat mudda fucka's blessed to have a woman like that." The reason why even argue with her is because I just don't know how to project my feelings. Especially not like the way I am now. I used to be a fairly decent man. Know...It's too different.

Reveryn: Wow...I that how you really feel about her?

Obi: My feelings are still one-sided though, but she is is the first one that actually got me to to feel that way.

Reveryn: The first?

Obi: The first yea! I've lived for 124 years now and I never looked at a woman in any sort of way or even thought of being in a relationship.

Reveryn: Dude...For real? That long?

Obi: Yea! Me and my brother have been asexual through out our entire lives. We were too occupied with the war to care about social livings and such. But now that I think about it, what woman would want to get with me?

Reveryn: If I were a woman I would get with you.


Reveryn: Yea yea I know. I'm drunk ok. *sips some beer*

Obi: If I weren't drunk right now I'd beat you until you looked lika smurf...But like I was saying, What woman would want to get with me? Not only do I act like I escaped from a mental asylum, but I look like the most torn scratching post you've ever seen! I got scars, scratches, burns, bullet holes, bruises, you name it. All I wear is a pair of torn shorts I have worn ever since Akami was just a baby. Never wore anything else besides these shorts. And the biggest problem I have is that I have cancer. no one wants to date a guy who can spew up blood any moment! I'm a walking tumor!

Reveryn: Hey man, don't go singling yourself out yet. If there's one thing, you got looks, man.

Obi: Looks can only go so far. Besides, maybe back then I was, but now, I'm no one you'd look twice at.

Reveryn: Dude, We look at you all the time.

Obi: You know what I mean.

Reveryn: Hey man. If there's one thing you've got, is game?

Obi: What do you mean 'game'? I never got that close to woman before! All I've done was say 'Hey, how are ya'?"  and went on my merry way!

Reveryn: Don't count yourself out, Dad. You's a...good man. *drinks some more beer*

Obi: Whatever. *sips some beer* So what elseshave you found out about their plan?

Reveryn: W-waht plan?

Obi: Boy, don't play with me.

Reveryn: Uuuuuuuuggggghhh *gets punched in the face* Oh right! The ummm fortresses, yeah. Well I'm happy to inform you that the Reps will no longer need to fund those fortresses.

Obi: Oh good.

Reveryn: What's not good, is that now they have alien technology to slap on to them.

Obi: Well God damn it!....My apologies God. Do you know how strong they are?

Reveryn: Welp...The technology is still being looked at, but they might use them to put the finishing touches on their fortresses. Also I have their names. The Father of Good Works, Black Event, and Total Status 3. One fortress for each realm. One for Earth, one for Fantasy, and one for Echo. The fortresses were already a handful to deal with on their own, but now with this alien technology, I don't know.

Obi: *sigh* You're going to try and sabatoge them early and try not to get noticed again Rev. Don't make me regret sending you over there, man.

Reveryn: You won't Dad.  But where is everyone though?

Obi: Akami went with the blonde back to his home to sort out his multiple person problem. Shinwa and Extension Eyes went on to go bang each other probably. Torem, Naomi, and that knife chick went to go kill the Representatives.

Reveryn: Heh, they must be having the time of their lives...

Obi: Rev we are about to have to save the world. Again.

Reveryn: Well that's the one thing we're good at. World savin'. Hey dad, I'm off for about a week or two, right? I was wondering. Maybe when everyone get's back, we just go on a big road trip, you know. We just go out,see sights, bond, eat snack, go on wild adventures together.

Obi: As long as Segs and Extensions Eyes aren't comin' then I'm down with it. *drinks more of his beer*

Reveryn: Yaaaaayy! *coughs* Damn...This beer is strooong....Haha, you only want want to get close to- *gets punched in the face again and he falls off of the bench*

Obi: Come on, boy. Let's get headin' back. We got looong ways to go. *begins to limp*

Reveryn: Sure thing, Dad. *crawls behind him*

They make it into the woods and are now sitting at a fire.

ObI: Drunken Fiare!

Reveryn: I know right...Welp...It has appeared to me...That we...Are indeed. Lost

Obi: No no, we're not lost. We've just decided to rest here for tonight until we're sober enough to go back home, is all.

Reveryn: Huh....That-Yea that-that seems just about right...

Obi: So...Since we're already drunk as hell as it is, and we both only have a can of beer left. Let us takes this last beer and take these cigs and get even more drunk...while getting high at the same time...

Reveryn: Oh Dad...You know both of those sticks are for you, maaan...

Obi: I know...So...It's my choice if I wanta share or not...ok...

Reveryn: Alright...I don't knw how good I made it....Seeing that this is the first time I've ever made weed...Can'r believe they're actually allowed to smoke that

Obi: We smoked cigars in the army. I still have some vintage ones in my quarters that I keep as decor....But, I have legit faith in you...So here...*hand Reveryn him a cigarette* But I warn you...Once my wasted high wears off, I'll be back to being....Crazy, old, Obi...

Reveryn: And that's the Obi we love, need, and deal with. I wouldn't have prefered aaaaanyone else. If there's one there's one person we'll never forget, is going to be you...

Obi: Ooooooohhhh the butter is reaaal...So cheers to ma' birthday one-hundred....twenty-four years of life on the barren Earth.

Reveryn: Yay verily.

They both light their cigarettes with the fire

30 minutes later

Both Obi and Reveryn are walking through the forest all wobbly like

Reveryn: Oooow...My goodness my sides hurt like crazy...

Obi: Awwww...You poor thing... *raches out to his right side and begins to stroke a tree*

Reveryn: Dad...I-I'm right here...

Obi: Oh...*moves over to his left, but completely passes Reveryn and strokes another tree* You poor thing...

Reveryn: Hey...Hey Dad, look....*points at abandoned two story house*

Obi: Oh snap...It's a house...I wonder if they got anything...We can salvage...L-Let's...Let's go ummmm uh check it out...

They both enter the house to find that most of the structures is all concrete. There's an upstars a living room, kitchen, and dining room. Some of the living room furnishings are there but not alot as the place looks completely sweeped.

Reveryn: Dad...Dad...Do-Do you know what we should do to with this place?...We should make this into a Shoot-out House...Yo-You know...We cna like...Place...A whole bunch of guns...All over the place right?...We just hide guns, ammo and stuff and we can just shoot each other up, you know?...Have lika....major shoot-out ya' know...i mean...We can hide like a lot of guns here...W-We be out-fitted with bullet-proof vests and goggles...

Obi: You would have wear a ballistic mask for that. That and knee pads...

Reveryn: Yea sure...I can get with that...*takes a smoke*

The hear some glass fall near the kitchen

Reveryn: What...Dad, did you here that...

Obi: Yea I did....It sounded like...Angel's clapping...

Reveryn: That sounded amazing...

Obi: *walks over to the pillar and takes a paper off of it*

The picture says "No Face"

Obi: N-N-Noface....What's a Noface? Hey Reveryn what's a....What's a noface?

Reveryn: Do you mean No Face?

Obi: Oh yeaaaa No Face. Hmmm...Who do I know who has No face....There's No Face....NoFace...A mannequin...And slend-...........Hey Rev. maybe we should head on home. Now.

Reveryn: Hold up a sec, Dad. I'm not sure if I'm actually seeing someone there, but...I think I see a tall dude wearin' a suit...Heheh, man Dad you gotta come look at this dude. This dude's gots the be the whitest mother fucker I've ever seen in my life! Hahaha!

Obi: *looks where Reveryn's looking*

Down the hall to the backyard, the see a tall, slim figure, wearing a suit, and has a completely bank face.

Obi: Boy, get out the way!

Reveryn: Why-

The slim fingure almost instantly closes the gap between thenm right in front of Reveryn

Reveryn: *falls back in surprise* Holy Jesus! *he looks up at the figure and sees tentacles coming from behind it* WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! This dude looks real tall up close, man!

Obi: Run Floris Run! *runs out the door*

Reveryn: *scurs towards the door and follows Obi into the dark of the woods*

They make it back to Obi's Quarters

Reveryn: *is panting* 30 miles...We ran 30 miles over here, man...How did we even walk all the way over there if we were sober?...

Obi: *pants* Who gives a flyin' flip anymore...We freakin' made!....Note to self...Don't shoot at night...

Reveryn: Man, that dude scared the high out of me...Who was he?

Obi: My pal, Slendy....He's been lookin' for me for stealin' out of his inventory...Wasn't gonna pay $300 goddamn dollars for a battery....A battery, man! Just a triple A battery for $300 dolloars! That's crazy! Want's to get made at me when he's the one selling expensive-ass batteries! When I really need them the most!

Reveryn: Well geez, Dad...Couldv'e gotten hurt...

They hear a knock on the door

Reveryn: Hm? I wonder who's that.

Obi: I'll answer it...

Obi opens the door and sees an entire crowd of people flooding the hallway  to his quarters. All of them have gifts in there hands.

"Happy Birthday, Obi!"

Obi: *his face begins to genuinley grin with glee*

Reveryn: See, Dad? You're too memorable to forget.

Obi: What took you losers so long?! It's about time I got my god damned presents! *begins snatchin' up his presents*

Everyone just continues to smile as Obi gets his presents

Long Days Work

Obi is in his quarters gleefully opening his presents

Nerai as soon as they return, quietly returns to the cabin.

Torem: *heads all the way down to Obi's Quarters and knocks*

Obi: Who's it?

Torem: It's me. Torem.

Obi: You's may enter.

Torem: *enters through the door and is amazed by how full Obi's room is with presents* Whoa...

Obi: I know right! Those ungrateful bastards actually remembered! I'm so happy that I won't shove my foot up your ass for not killing all the Reps like I wanted!

Torem: Oh...Well thanks.

Obi: Don't thank me, thank everyone else. They save your black ass from gettin' beat.

Torem: Well anyway, I got you this. *pulls out an Afrikaan shield and gives it to Obi*

Torem: We were on a small mound when I stubbed my toe on it. I remember you telling us stories of your mission in Afrika during Imperialism. 

Obi: Oh woooow...*takes the shield and observes it* Where did you get this? Well were in Afrika I mean.I thought this would bring you back some memories.

Obi: not all memories are good. But this...This is perfect...And nothing is perfect...*hugs the shield* Blacki....*sniff* *stands to his feet* Thanks Torem...*hugs Torem tightly*

Torem: *is abit surprised but pats him on the back and gives a little smile*

Obi: Also, Rev's here. He'll be staying the week, so if you want to see him you have my permission to enter the boy's cabin.

Torem: Thanks Dad. *leaves and closes the door behind her*

Nerai is in the cabin, reading a graphic novel quietly.

Torem: *enters the girl's cabin* Rev's next door if you wanna see him.

Naomi leaps up and rushes out excitedly, while Nerai is motionless, like a statue. It is almost like she isn't even listening.

Torem: *grabs Nerai and puts her over her shoulder* You are going to see him anyway. *exits the cabin*

Reveryn: *is sitting on the floor, singing while sharpening his arrows. He hears a knock on the door* Gasp...Yes! *leaps and heads to the door* Social activityyyyy! *opens the door and sees Torem, Naomi, and Nerai*

Torem: What's good, Leaf? *smiles*

Reveryn: Yaaay! People are back! *tries to wrap his arms around all of them* I missed you all sooooooo much!

Naomi hugs him tightly, while Nerai with a 'pop', warps out of Torem's grasp and is leaning against the side of the cabin.

Torem: Not all of us are back yet. Akami, Segs, and Mavis, and others are still out.

Reveryn: Meh. That's fine by me. Atleast I have you two, I'm all good. *smiles*

Torem: *ruffles up his hair*

Naomi's ears unconciously pop up into fox ears.

Reveryn: *nibbles on the tip of her ears*

She makes a squeak of surprise.

Reveryn: *begins to tickle Naomi under her arms*

She begins to break down in laughter, squirming, Nerai still watches from the sidelines.

Reveryn: I got you! *tickles Naomi around her mid-seciton* Too many fingas!

Her tails start growing out, feet morphing into paws. "A-a-ah! Haa-ha-ha- please stop! -Ha ha ha!"

Reveryn: I'll stop if you can stop laughing for 10 seconds! *grabs her foot and begins to tickle it*

She begins to make canine whines and squirms, her feet kicking. Her nails are elongating.

Reveryn: Ok fine 5 seconds.

She ends up panting heavily. "You might like petting her too much." Nerai comments.

Reveryn: Yea, you maybe right. My apologies, Naomi.

Naomi is still panting, still significantly morphed halfway into a fox. "G-Good to s-see you..."

Reveryn: Good to see you too. *hugs her gleefully*

She hugs him quietly back.

Reveryn: *slowly pets her head*So how have you guys been?

Torem: Could be doing better, but I feel SO relieved that we've made it back.

Reveryn: You got powned alot, didn't you?

Torem: You say that like it happens all the time.

Reveryn: Weellll more or less.

Torem: Whatever dude.

Nerai gets up and walks off to Obi's room.

Obi's Quarters

Obi: *opens another present* Ooooh, this is a pretty picture too.

He hears a knock.

Obi: Who is it?

"Me." Nerai says.

Obi: I don't know a 'Me.' Please try again.

"Nerai. I wanted to ask if you heard a report on our mission."

Obi: Oh n, I haven't. Um come in.

Nerai enters, and begins to explain the various actions she had taken, adding her perspective and reasoning for various actions.

Obi: *begins to shed tears of happiness* You...Where have you been the other half of my life?... *tries to wipe away his tears the best he can*

"Also got a motor bike if you ever feel adventurous to ride."

Obi: ......I've always wanted my own mtor bi-i-i-i-ke....*sobs in the palms off his hands* You're amazing, you know that?...

"A simple woman." She shrugs.

Obi: What you pulled there wasn't simple.

"When your job is assassination for years, you learn how to think... ...outside the box. And the box outside of that one."

Obi: Just like the walls that surround us. Here, I made something for you. *gives Nerai and ivory statuette of herselft holding a sniper in in one hand and a knife in the other*

"...Thank you." She looks to the door. "Is there anything else you need?"

Obi: A. Sandwhich.

"My culinary technique is insufficent."

Obi: That's why we have a Torem. *nodding*

Nerai leaves.

Obi: Alright byeee! Now which one should I open next?

Nerai walks back to the girl's cabin and walks inside, without a word. Naomi by this point has caught Rev off guard and is subjecting him to a full five tailed tickle assault.

Reveryn: Noooo-h-ho-ho-ho! Dang it! *begins to laugh* I almost got away! Hahahahaha!

Torem: *looks at Nerai* Welcome back.

The door closes behind her. "Tickle tickle tickle!"

Reveryn: AAAAHHHHAHAHA! MY lungs! They're about to give out! *tries to tickle Naomi around her mid-section* Get back!

She pulls him closer to pin his hands.

Reveryn: *manages to to pin her down first, and he is the one on top of her* Now it is I who caught a tasty snack. And a rather cute one too. *smiles warmly*

Naomi's pupils become incredibly tiny and her body goes ridged, in the next moment Rev feels a horrid ripping sensation tear through his stomach, as Naomi begins hyperventilating.

Reveryn: Oh! *gets off of Naomi* My apologies. Are you ok, Naomi?

She is violently shaking, one of her clawed legs is soaked in red blood, pale as a ghost, unresponsive. 

Torem: REV!

Reveyn: *turns to Torem* What? *looks down and sees large amounts of blood seeping out of his stomach* Oh. Oh....Ooooohhhh....*falls over*

Torem: *rushes over to Reveryn* Oh My God...Please don't!

Naomi weakly curls up into a ball. Nerai bursts out of the cabin, and is by their side. "Type of wound?"

Torem: External by the looks of it. Are you going to fix him?

"Something like that." She says as she takes out a needle and begins sewing his flesh back together, cleaning it as she goes.

"Wouldn't happen to have an advanced healer would you?"

Torem: *looks over at Naomi*.....No....

"Hmm. He could be hospitalized for a bit then. I imagine that she suffered from a heavy mental overload caused by post traumatic stress disorder."

Reveryn: *moans*

Torem: Reveryn! Are you alright?

Reveryn: *moans*

Accessing... Torem hears in her head.

Torem: Hm!? What the hell...

Sending information... sending...

Suddenly a flood of information begins filling Torem's head regarding advanced healing.

Torem: Uuuuuuuuuggghhhhhhhhhh.......Nevermind I....i think I might know some myself...

"Get to work then. He needs some additional aid."

Torem: *slightly raises her hands as a heavly light envelopes Reveryn's wounds*

While all of this is going on, Naomi has disappeared, Nerai silently watches her leave, a faint purple hue to her eyes briefly visible as she does, then returns her gaze to Rev and Torem, the light disappearing from her eyes before anyone can see.

Torem: Annnd, he shoudld be good.

"Might want to get him to a place where he can rest."

Torem: *picks up Reveryn and lays him on one of the bunks*

Reveryn: *is breathing steadily*

Nerai walks off, content.

Torem: *sits next to Reveryn and looks at him worridly* You'll be ok...I promise...I won't loose you...I'll never loose you...

Nerai returns to the girl's cabin, and begins to sleep.

Reveryn: *is turning in his sleep*.....I'm sorry....

Torem: No...No you're not...*she rests her hand on Rev's chest* Naomi is.....*she clenches her fist* And if she ever takes you away from me like that again...I will turn her into Obi's new winter coat....She'd better pray fire will still stop me when that happens...

Naomi meanwhile is running away, tears running down her face, her mind in hysteria.

Torem: *leaves the boy's cabin*

Reveryn: *sees images of Naomi as he sleeps* I love you...

Outside, it begins to rain...

Obi: *rushes into the boy's cabin* Boy, wake up! *slaps Rev* Wake up! *slaps Rev again* Wake up, man! *slaps Rev again*

Torem: That's not going to work, Obi.

Obi: *is panting* Who...Who did this to my son?...WHO!?

Torem: Naomi...

Obi: ......I'll skin her alive and turn her into my winter coat!

There is a knock on the door.

Obi: Who is it?


Obi: Come in...

"I would ask if any of you noticed her behavior."

Obi: Torem. Answer.

Torem: She looked ashamed and scared. And she should be...

"She seemed to be reacting as though she was suffering from a kind of trauma. Judging from her reaction it had to do with something he did. I suspect the way he pinned her was at fault."

Obi: Oh. So the boy tried to force himself on to the fox girl? Well, it was about time I sterilized him. *takes out a pair of hedge clippers out of his pocket* Say good-bye to yo' nuts, boy.

"He was playing around, but something in her mind seemed to think otherwise. ...From the looks of it almost looks like she saw someone else, not Rev."

Obi: Hmmm....*drops the hedge clippers* She doesn't need to be skinned. She needs a counseling session.

"With that I bid you adeiu." Nerai leaves.

Obi: Well. It looks like we need to find her and talk her down.

Torem: *grumbles angrily*

The rain grows harder, and Naomi hides in a cardboard box, shuddering from the cold.


Obi begins to notice the water level on the ground is unusually high.


Obi hears the sound of surging water up ahead.

Obi: *gasp* Oh no...TSUNAMIIIII! AAAAHHHHHH! *rises above the water and begins to runs across it* NAOMI, CHICK! WHERE ARE YOU? A TSUNAMI'S A COMIN'!

A huge ring of water rises over a section of the city, baring entrance. Inside it, Naomi has been washed onto the roof of a skyscraper, where she slowly awakens, a lone figure standing on the opposite end.


Obi: Wait...*he stops next to the skyscrapper and his ears slightly tingle* Epic Obi Sense...Tingling...*looks up to the skyscrapper* My sensees tell me she is up there...Hmmmm...Let me check ma' pockets. *begins to dig in his pockets*

Naomi only trembles as Toma begins to approach.

Obi: Pockets, pockets, pockets. Ah! Got it! *pulls out Cypher* You never failed Snake. You're not going to fail me. *the reconnassaince camera begins to fly him up above the dome* Wheeeeee!

A bolt of darkness suddenly appears from a portal and flies toward Obi.

Obi: Oh my God, What is THAT THING!

The bolt strikes his head, and Kado's voice speaks. I suspect there is trouble on your end, I wanted to send Akami ahead of me to aid you, but she wouldn't have any of it. I have buisness on my world to tend to, but I will return as soon as I can. I do not expect to be back before the fighting begins again."

Obi: Where da hell have you two been?! You should of told me this shit before you done left! I'm your boss, ok? And as your boss, I am to be informed about all your activities outside of The Slums, epecially since you're a newb! So imma beat'cha for that! And don't worry, imma beat Akami fo' that too! Chick been around me long enough to know how I roll! But she's still with you, meaning she's still applying some of our rules. She has the right idea. You're still new, so ofcourse someone one knows the ropes had to accompany you. And don't thnik that since you'll be gone I'll forget! One more things, just as Akami is responsible for looking after you, the same applies vice versa. I am my brother's keeper.

........And Obi, I knew you'd probably start blowing your top at me, so I allotted for the proper time for it in this recording. This is a recording. I'll get you a nice authentic katana or something nice like that while I'm out.

Obi: oh yaaaay! You remembered my birthday!

Obi hears no further responses, his head feels lighter afterwards.

Obi; Oh wait, I didn't get to tell him about the fox girl. Oh whatever, wheeeeeeee!

He eventually catches a glimpse of a woman standing over Naomi, seemingly about to grab her.

Obi: Hands off her, rapist! *lungs himself in between Naomi and the woman. He is also standing in an awkward fighting stance*

The woman silently draws a blue katana in a very unnatural way, almost like a zombie. Her eyes are lifeless blue, her face is emotionless, her black hair drifts idly in the wind.

Obi: Hey lady, I know youse is pointin' a butter knife at my face right ow, but are you ok?

No response, but the rain begins to pierce the concrete rooftop.

Obi: Oh.Oh!Oh!Oh!Oh!Oh! We're out! *gras Naomi by the neck and runs*

The rain that falls is soon causing craters on impact, threatening Obi's balance under the bombardment.

Obi: *is try to dodge the rain and avoid the craters* Fox Girl, use your fire-whatever you weirdos have the burn some tis rain! Or just do anything that relates to something burning!

Naomi seems distinctly passed out.

Obi: Fuck! Fine! I'll do this myself! *digs into his pocket and pulls out an umbrella with a reflective covering*

Two waves of water suddenly grab his legs and begin dragging him toward the woman.

Obi: Ayeeeeee! *quickly tries to shove Naomi in his pocket*

The action wakes the kitsune, and causes her to yelp and slip out of his grasp, causing her to fall into the water, which grabs her tightly.

Off in the distance, Nerai stands on a roof, watching.

Obi: Oh My God! Knife Lady, quick! Do your knife throwing thing!

She slowly raises her sniper rifle, and aims.

Meanwhile, the water has stopped moving Naomi, and seems to be not moving, the rain is much lighter.

Obi: Ok ummm...*begins to rummage through both of his pockets and pulls out a smoke bomb* Eat dis! Egh! *throws the smoke bomb at the woman*

A sniper shot is heard followed by a bang as it hits the smoke bomb, unleashing a cloud of smoke over the whole building.

Obi: *lets up his umbrella and the water surrounding him begins to retrat from his leg* Yes! *falls down and hits head* Ow. *quicky gets to his feet and points his umbrella down at the water*

The water begins to puush itself away from the umbrella

Obi: *runs towards Naomi with the umbrella still facing down. He grabs Naomi and continues to run towards the edge of the building* Cover me, knife lady!

As she adjusts her aim, she strangely seems to point at Obi.

Obi: *makes it towards the edge and jumps off*

Obi suddenly feels a pain in his shoulder.

Obi: Ah frick! I pulled a muscle! *falls down the side of the building and continues to shove Naomi in his pocket* Get! In there! Damnit!

Both of his hands get shot, forcing them away from Naomi.

Obi: Frick, whatthehell! *shakes his hands and grabs one of Naomi's tails* Wait until I get a hold of your ass!

Torem meanwhile hears the voice in her head.

You need to address that sniper. She's shooting at Obi.

Torem: What the he-...Sniper? *teleports*

Obi: *lands on the side walk and begins to run while dragging Naomi by her tail*

Torem: *appears and sees Obi running towards her* Dad, what's going o-

Obi: *runs past Torem* You better make me a sandwich after this! Don't forget to cover me!

Torem: *is confused* Why did he pass me up? I would've tooken him back.

You're about to come underfire. Move.

Torem: Forget that, who are you?

Not important exactly now.

A sniper rifle shot shoots Torem square in the stomach.

Torem: *shoots the sniper round out of her body, back at Nerai*

Torem: I consider a voice in my head that isn't mine an important matter, now tell me.

Rude. I'm trying to help you. ...Thought that was odd. You met my sister then, Abeni. An image of the red lambda seems to pop into her head briefly.

If I were you, I'd focus on the sniper. She's not human. In fact if you were to focus your senses on her...

Nerai seems to gracefully evade the bullet and immediately fires another one, this one aiming for Torem's skull.

The bullet hits Torem square in her forehead

Torem: * the bullet hole is covered by her "skin"* Neither am I... *teleports behind Nerai and quickly grabs her with an enlarged hand* What is the meaning of this? Don't tell me Segs was right. He usually never is, I don't want it to have to be the first...

"..." A blast of holy light disintegrates the hand, revealing a black armored angel like being, with short white hair, different from Nerai's long black hair. A red Phoenix emblem is clearly imprinted on the being's breastplate.

Torem's hand reforms

Torem: Damn Segs. *looks at the angel* You are with them...

The being doesn't respond, hovering silently, before turning toward Obi, as a wall of water rushes to block his path. It looks back at her, and a pair of black longswords appear in its hands.

Don't rush to use your powers against her. Only use them if you have to...

Torem: What? This doesn't count?

Her abilities rely on visual or other detectable cues. Unless she can read encrypted Ether Networks, you have no concern about our present communication. And this is further doubtful as she is only a Eta class while you are an Lambda, and I an Omega."

Torem: So you want me to be on the defensive?

No, to be smart. Besides... ...we aren't fighting because we want to. By we, I mean our... 'species'. That armor is both defense and shield, and comes from the organ that lets White control us. The reason I am helping you is because unlike her, I have the freedom to do so. 

It may seem like she betrayed you, but I imagine she didn't have a choice.

Torem; You have no reason to help me. You barely know me, so why you doing it?

You don't know the humans so why are you helping them? The voice counters simply.

Torem: Who said I was in this to help them?

Fighting a god of destruction falls in line with 'helping humans'.

Torem: More like doing what I'm told.

Do you want me help or not?

The angelic being seems like it's about to attack.

Torem: What do you need me to do?

The blades have an odd energy signal. Extend dodges to avoid a possible subsequent attack immediately after the first.

Torem: Ok then. I can handle that.

Without warning the being slashes at Torem.

Torem: *begins to swiftly dodge her attacks*

Immediately after the attacks follows a series of violet energy blades, Torem barely compensates for the range of the secondary strikes.

Torem: Do I keep dodging?

Is this your first time fighting or something...?

Torem: I've fought plenty, but I never fought you guys. Bsides, I'm following your lead. So do I just dodge or attack her when she tries to swing at me?

Use your head. Dodge her attacks, she can dish more damage than you, but do actually try to fight back. Gods it's like I'm the veteran or something...

Torem: Don't flatter yourself too much.

Divided House

Meanwhile Obi is being bombed by huge sphere of water, one finally makes Obi drop Naomi, who gets sent flying into a wall, and finally begins to move on her own, looking up just in time to see Toma. She freezes when she sees Toma's eyes. Her ears, claws, and five tails all return, along with a burst of fire forming into a tight ring around her body.

"...Toma... ...she did this to you...?"

A sphere of water surges at her, but is canceled out by an explosion of fire. The look in Naomi's eyes have flared into anger.

"So when her lies couldn't work on you, she just takes your mind away too?!" She screams, surging into the air in a roaring fireball, drawing Firehawk, which screams as it tears through the air and clashes with Toma's Water Slayer.

Obi: Oh snap! Go Fox girl! Burn her ass! Burn her 'til she smoke! Get'em!

"Help me dumbass!" She roars as the two slayers begin to intensify their attacks.

Obi: What did you just call me?! *jumps on Naomi and begins to beat her down with an iron rod* Bitch! bitch, bitch! *looks at the other woman* What are you lookin' at?! *engages the woman* Engarde, bitch! Engarde!

Obi doesn't even come close before a spin kick from Naomi disintegrates his iron rod and the sheer force rockets him miles away, even though the kick hardly touched him.

Naomi is soon vaulted into the air by and an unseen force

Obi: *watches her here soar through the sky* Who does this bitch think she is? Tryin' to mount up to me? You wanna talk shit, you better back it up! Imma real nigga!

Torem... if you have a defensive ability... now would be the time. Severe energy elevation detected.

The angelic being seems to be flying away at high speed toward Toma.

Torem: *surrounds herself in a circle of light begins to run*

A plasma burst explodes with Obi at the center, wiping out multiple city blocks in the blast, a snarling five tailed black kitsune lands with a heavy crash, but appears unfazed from being tossed as it lets out a vicious roar.

Obi: *smacks her across the face* Shut your fuckin' mouth! *is covered in black soot, which he quickly shakes off* Hollerin' and shit like you some demon fox!

His hand disintegrates into ash, along with his entire arm, his head is suddenly ripped off by her first swipe.

Obi: *Pulls his head back and sweep kicks her* Bitch, you thought! And-- *swings his arm out from behind his back* Wrong arm. We can do this all day. I don't get tired!

Torem: Or we could focus all this extra energy you two have and focus it at those other two.

Obi: Man, why are we saving her five-tail ass? With this kinda shit, she coulda been wasted that other chick. Instead she wants to play sleep and wait for her to go away.

Torem: Speak of which, I don't see them anymore. But, we still need to be warry of those other two.

Obi: *sigh* I still can't believe it...The knife lady, she--....Damn...

Torem: Do you know the worst part?

Obi: Whaaaaat?

Torem: Segs was right about her.

Obi: ...............................................*turns towards Naomi, gets on his knees, and spreads his arms out*

Naomi is growling at Obi, but seems to turn in an odd direction, then suddenly starts charging at something at high speed.

Obi: No wait! You were my only chance at salvatio-o-o-o-o-on!

Torem: Let's go, Dad, *puts her hand on Obi's back*

Obi: Man, don't touch-!

Both disappear

Naomi is seen lunging at the angelic being, when it extends its palms in Naomi's direction, and a huge blast wave knocks Naomi back, who lets out a roar.

Torem: *catches Naomi* You were close.

Obi: Barely.

The transformed kitsune only snarls and pulls free, rocketing at even higher speeds, and is now launching explosions at the angelic being, who appears to be taking a defensive approach.

a streak of light shines through the side of Torem's wrist. The light forms into a bow and the string draws itself back and her entire arms begins to shine brightly with a sharp protusion of light coming from Torem's palm. The string releases the light protusion, which divides itself into five spears of light and heading towards the angelic being's direction

Obi: *is rummaging through his pockets* Le's see what we's got here ummmm...

The angelic being raises a shield just as the spears are about to hit, shattering them like glass, but she leaps out of the way as an explosion from Naomi nearly levels another city block, barely avoiding the blast.

Obi: Dang man, hold off on the exploding shit! I'm trying to find some shit...*continues to rummage through his pockets*

Almost immediately another explosion goes off, as if Naomi wasn't listening.

Obi: God damn these kids...Ah! Got it! *pulls out a some sort of sniper canon that says 'Rockito' on it's side* Aim true, my child... *takes aim at the angelic being and fires a plasma round*

She seems to flicker and disappear in response.

Obi: Dammit! Bitches always gotta be movin'!

She suddenly appears in front of him, about to stab him with one of the black longswords, when she seems to freeze, and jerk to one side, barely missing his cheek, the blade came so close he could feel it scrape across his cheek. She then jumps back, still close by, and seems to be breathing heavy, huge amounts of steam coming out of the vents in her armor.

Obi: *knocks Torem above the head* Why didn't you block that?!

Torem: I thought you had it!

Obi: Noooo!

Torem: Whatever...Something is happening to her anyway.

Obi: This is our chance to waste the bitch! *aims at her* This is what happens when you break a madman's heart...

Torem: Hey Obi, the aliens are back.

Obi: *starts shooting plasma rounds in the air* Go away! You aren't probbing me!

Strange sparks of energy begin emitting from the armored being, and suddenly Naomi's tails grab the two and begins running off with them, as a heavy pressure begins to fill the air.

Torem: Where is she going now?

Obi: Quickly, run before they probe us all! I'll cover you! *continues shooting plasma rounds in the air*

Torem: *sigh*

They appear to be halfway out of the city when a huge blast begins to appear behind them, beginning to destroy everything in its path, and it is rapidly catching up to them.

Obi: Fuuuuuck! Torem can't you teleport us out of here!

Torem teleports them out of the city and in the dry desert

Just before the explosion gets halfway through the city, a green star seems to descend over the area, and glows brightly, and the explosion seems to warp before getting sucked into the light of the star.

Torem hears a voice in her head again.

Well that almost escalated quickly.

Obi: Damn E.T.s. Well, let me see if The Party still goin'. *digs into his pocket and pull Reveryn's head out*

Reveryn: *is breathing heavily and looks around confusedly* W-what? Where? *looks up at Obi* How the hecked did you do this?

Obi: My pants can do many things.

Torem: *notices Rev's plae complection and his bleeding nose* Reveryn, what happened to you?

Obi: I'm what happened to him. We talked some. We won't be having that talk again.

Torem: Why did you-

Reveryn: I said something stupid. I'm fi-

Torem: No Reveryn, you're not. I know you probably have broken bones.

Obi: Speaking of which, you mind goin' ahead fix 'em? *pulls the rest of Reveryn's body out of his pocket and throws him to the ground*

Torem: *looks at Rev's broken and bruised body for a moment, before kneeling down to his side* Always getting the worst of it...

The green star appears to be approaching.

Obi: Damn! The aliens ar coming this way! Quick, we have to go! *quickly grabs Reveryn and stuffs half of his body in his pocket with his legs still sticking out* Torem, get us out of here! I don't want this to be the day those space weirdos have their way with me!

The light dissipates quickly, and a black haired girl with red eyes drops down in front of Torem, bearing dark silver armor, baring a disturbing semblance to the red Lambda Abeni. Six wings can be seen on her back.

Obi: *is in awe and begins to singng a B note* Angels...Are aliens...My entire belief...Has been...Shattered...

Torem: Hey voice in my head, you wanna tell me who this is?

"Me." The voice that was in her head now speaks from the girl's lips.

Torem: Whoa, what the-?

Obi: Take the boy! *throws Reveryn at the woman's feet* You won't fight back!

Reveryn: Ow...

She takes one look at Reveryn before her face tightens in anger, patterns akin to tiger stripes form on her cheeks, and her eyes glow a fierce yellow, a tiger like growl can be heard from her, as she looks square at Obi.

"Confess, you did that didn't you?"

Obi: If I say yes will you still probe me?

A loud roar is heard as Obi is teleported into a distant part of the desert, then a mountain springs up and surrounds him in the very center, crushing him until his bones suffer the equivilent of Reveryn's, then is spat out of the earth, covered in boiling hot mud.

The girl then grumbles to herself as she places a hand on Rev, and a green light begins to surround him, healing his injuries.

Reveryn: Thank you, mystery lady...But you didn't have to do that to Dad.

"...Gurin...'s Gurin..." She appears to be breathing heavy, though not from exhaustion. She soon finishes healing Rev, then looks at Torem, the glow of her eyes fading, though her eyes have turned bright yellow, the pupils the eyes of a beast.

"He is not your father nor his, in any definition or terminology..." She says, the stripes faded but visible. "...That is the behavior of a mindless beast, to prey upon another."

Naomi seems to be growling at Gurin.

"...The lost fire slayer..." She mutters. "The other Chaos Engine is suffering a malfunction. It appears the two have retreated. I would shore up your defenses. They will be back."

Reveryn: *slowly gets to his feet* Despite what you say about him, he's still my Dad. Thanks again though, Ms. Gurin.

Torem: But aside from that, You still haven't told me why you're helping us.

She blinks. "Because I felt like it...?" The stripes have faded more, barely visible. "You shouldn't honor someone who does... ...those things to you. That isn't love. That is a man who is willing to do whatever he pleases to ensure his own selfish goals."

She begins to walk off, and it's then that they notice the buildings destroyed in the fighting have been restored somehow.

Torem: I'm not sure what you deem selfish but Obi wouldn't have another motive besides what he's doing now. Besides, how many people do you know who has a madman for a parent? Well, foster parent.

"You mean, a psychopath, kind of like the one who made us."

Torem: At least our psychopath hasn't made a monster out of anyone but himself.

"Speaking of monsters..." She idly points in the direction of a black speck rapidly fading on the horizon. "That Kitsune yours?"

Torem: *looks at the direction she's point* Where the hell is she going?

Reveryn: Maybe to her happy place. should we follow her?

"Well, I did hear thoughts relating to guilt about hurting someone she cared about. Didn't catch it."

Torem: Meh she'll be fine.

Reveryn: Torem she's upset.

Torem: So was I! She almost killed you, Rev!

Reveryn: No different from all the other times I was almost killed!

Torem: It doesn't matter. As long as she's not around, she won't have to hurt anyone like she hurt you, or worse.

Reveryn: Wow...I didn't take you for Segura, Torem... *runs off after Naomi*

Torem: *has a hurt expression on her face*

Gurin looks at her. "After him... don't burn bridges." Torem: *teleports*

Naomi appears to have dug a fox hole, literally.

Reveryn: *finally makes it to the fox hole and is breathing heavily* Naomi, please talk to me. I know you're upset at yourself, but it's alright. I'm still alive. And it's not like I haven't been through worst.

He can hear her press up against the wall of the hole a bit, not much else.

Reveryn: *sits on the edge of the fox hole* It's just as much as my fault too. I shoudln't have played to much.

Torem: You suck this game.

Reveryn: *looks over his shoulder at Torem* But it doesn't feel that much farther from the truth.

Torem: You didn't knw she was going to push that far. She should've been able to tell you what all you could and couldn't do around her. You can't make excuses for her, Rev. She has to take responsibility for it herself and move from there.

More digging can be heard.

Reveryn: Ilooks dow the fox hole* I think she's digging herself deeper...

Torem: I don't care. Leave her until she decides to com out.

Reveryn: I can't leaver her wallowing it in this whole.

Torem: Yes you can. Look at me. *turns and walks away*

Reveryn: For some, but not for me...

Naomi seems persistent in her not leaving the hole strategy.

Reveryn: *sigh* Can you please help me out, Torem? I don't know what to say to make her come out.

Torem: I would say ust leave her.

Reveryn: *puts on a puppy face*

Torem: ....*makes her way over to the hole, enlarges her hand and it extends down the hole, grabs her, and pulls her up* Now if she escapes back into the hole we leave her and head home.

Reveryn: You can go home, I'm still going to stay.

Torem: You are too nice for your own good...

Naomi seems tense and ridged at the moment.

Reveryn: Naomi, There isn't a whole lot for me to say that would make you forgive yourself. But you still remember that necklace I gave you for Christmas? The note I left in it. I still stand by what I wrote to you. And even now that still won't change. But you can't sell yourself so short. I know you could've killed me and not alot a people can come back from that, but we make our mistakes. We can't let them hold us back. Nor can you let what happened to you hold you back. It was for that same reason I was almost gone.

Her ears are flat, she's looking away.

Reveryn: Please Naomi...I don't want you to waste your shot because of something tha happend awhile ago. And I know it might be the hardest thing to forget and let go. But if you don't want to hurt anyone else, you have to make the effort. And you still got us to help you. Please, don't throw your chance away because you couldn't forgive yourself...

The Talk About Relations

Obi: *is in his room sitting on the floor still opening some of his presents* Ooooooh snap! It's a donut maker! I've been waiting for 4 Christmas for one. Still gonna beat the shit outta the Fa Man for not giving it to me on the 5th Christmas!

There's a knock at the door.

Obi: Whom is it?

Reveryn: ...It's me Rev...Can I come in...

Obi: I dunno. Can you make me a sandwich? Can you lotion my ass? Can you take me to the Cherry Blossom Festival? Can you stop being a weak-ass pussy who doesn't deserve to breath the same air as the rest of us and besides being a total waste of time, energy, ans space; can only do one useful thing with himself and that is to USE PROPER FORMALITIES?!

Reveryn: ....*sniff*...May I come in...?

Obi: Whew. You may. *continues to open his presents*

Reveryn: *enters through the door*

Reveryn has a large cast covering his entire waste. His skin has a rather pale complextion and he has a rather sickly look on his face

Obi: What you want, boy?

Reveryn: I...I need to talk..

Obi; About?

Reveryn; This...Mission...With me...Being a spy and stuff...

Obi: Yea.

Reveryn: I can' it...

Obi: What?

Reveryn: I-I cant do it...

Obi: *moves closer to Reveryn; What?

Reveryn: I can't-

Obi bust Reveryn in is mouth, causing Reveryn to cover his mouth in pain. Obi then grabs Reveryn's head and pulls it close to his face

Obi: Don't you ever say that yoe can't! That is an excuse for failures! You're a pussy, but you ain't no failure! And you's the one who said you could do it, but now they break a few bones and you alone there, you want pull out?! You know what- *slaps Rev in the ear and pulls him by it* You wanna give up? *pulls Reveryn up and knees him him in his gut*

Reveryn: Oof!*bends over with his arms wrapped around his waist*

Obi: You wanna give up?!

Reveryn: *stands straight*

Obi: Answer me!*kicks Rev in the knee, grabs him, then knees him in the guys again*

Reveryn: Rrgh! *is crouched down with his back slightly hunched*

Obi: *pushes Rev down* You wanna give up now?!

Reveryn: *slowly stands to his feet*

Obi: Silence, ain't gonna do not'n but get you hurt, boy... *grabs Rev and punches him in the gut*

Reveryn: *falls to his knees and vomits on the ground*

Obi: Oh now you had to do strike out on my floor! What kind- *punches Rev in the back of his head making him skid back* Of sick fuck- *punches Rev in the back of his head again, making him skid back even further* Do you think- *grabs Rev by the waist and lifts him up* You are?! *slams Rev on the ground so hard his cast breaks*

Reveryn: *is laying on the ground shaking* I'm sorry... *is silently sobbing*

Obi: You are, aren't ya? Your wretched.*stomps on Rev's side cracking a few of his ribs*


Obi: You're trifflin'. *stomps on Rev's side again*

Reveryn: AAAAAAAAAGGGHHH! *is rolling back and forth from the pain*

Obi: And despicable. *jumps up in mid-air with his right arm arched to where his elbow is sticking out and lands on Rev's side, digging his elbow into it*

Reveryn: *spews up more vomit and blood. begins to flat-out cry*

Obi: Ooooooo, I told you I was gonna give you somethin' to cry about... *turns Rev over with his foot to where he's facing down. He walks behind him, grabs his arm, puts his foot on his upper back, and begins to pull his arms back*


Obi: Did they do this to you?! Huh?! Did they?!

Reveryn: No!

Obi: No what?! *presses his foot harder*

Reveryn: AAAAAAGGHHH! No sir!

Obi: You think that I didn't want to give up?! I didn't! I wasn't allowed to give up! Giving up is what they want! Failure is what they want! If you lose, I lose, and I AM NO LOSER! *presses foot harder to the point where it begins to literally sink into Rev's back* Out there, there is no one to save you! All those who would waste 2 seconds on your worthless-ass are gone! All you got now is me! You ain't as tuff as Red, Segs, or Tori! You's a twig! A twig who hasn't even grown to a branch yet! I'm tired of lookin' at you seein' nothin' but a hoe! Those days are over! Do you understand!

Reveryn: Yes sir!

Obi: If you lose, everyone here loses. Worst! They die! You said you could do this...And you're going to...No one gets the luxury of pulling out of a mission, just cause you can't take a few broken bones...Look at you...I just broke some and you ain't dead nor are you asleep...You just cry...That's all you've done so far, was cry like a little biiiitch! I don't care how long it takes for you to complete this mission! I'm not gonna stop this party all because you can't take it!

Reveryn: *sniff* Yes sir...I apologize...

Obi: *lets go of Revs arms*

Reveryn: *flops down and lays in down in his acumulating pool of blood*

Obi: Everyone here is pullin' their weight and when it comes high-time for you to pull yours, you can barely do it without complaining about how much it sucks for you! What about everyone else, huh?! They're all pullin' there wait around here! They're all counting on you,man! They don't want the party to stop! And right now, you ain't bein' a team player! I don't even knw what was going through your mind to waltz up in here and tell me that you can't do somethin'. Man, I hate that word! I know you're stupid, but this is blonde stupid! Serves me right for having you share a cabin with two blondes. Wy did you tell me, Rev! Tell me!

Reveryn: *is trying to speak*

Obi: Boy, if you dont- *runs and kicks Rev across the face, splattering of his boold on the wall* SPEAK UP!

Reveryn: I-I-I...I'm...Scared...Of...Dying...

Obi: *drop kicks Rev in the back, breaking his back*


Obi: Now I know you're full of shit. You're goig to lie ther and tell me that for the past 2 or 3 years you've been here, you're afraid of the one thing I trained you not to be afraid of? 

Reveryn: .........

Obi: Let me see you hand.

Reveryn: ........

Obi: Don't make me snatch it. That's if you still want your hand.

Reveryn: *slowly extends his hand outwards*

Obi: *holds Rev's hand* What are you doing here, Reveryn?

Reveryn: I...I just...Wanted to be me...Where...I wouldn't be isolated by society...Or be forced...To be someone I d-don't...Want to be...I w-wanted t-to...Use...My talent...

Obi: *brakes Rev's index finger by bending it backwards*


Obi: Boy, you know your talent is screwin' things up and being my punching bag. What does being a martyr mean to you?

Reveryn: *is trying to catch his breath* S-someone...who is willing to die for his beliefs...

Obi: *breaks Rev's middle finger*


Obi: That's a patriot. A martyr doesn't get much praise for what he stood up for. A martyr is someone who is willing to go through hell and die for his belief or for he represents. What do we believe?

Reveryn: T-t-that...M-man and myth-th...can live together...prosperity..

Obi: Hm. The only thing you got right. Ok then. Here's a bonus. *is in Rev's face* What kind of underwear am I wearing...?

Reveryn: You don't...Wear underwear,Dad...

Obi: *breaks Rev's ring finger* Wrong!

Reveryn: GGAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! What!? When!?

Obi: Since today! *stands up and pulls his shorts down to reveal him to be wearing a fundoshi* I wear sumo underwear! *begins to rotate his hips in a circular rotation* It's like having a pillow for my ass.

Reveryn: But...Why though?

Obi: I guess people didn't like the idea I literally just wear torn shorts as my only peice of clothing...That I've had for a couple of decades. But it feels rather nice to be wearing these again. Especially sumo underwear. I should've went sumo on your broke ass!

Reveryn: *looks down at the ground in shame*

Obi: Reveryn Stormman, listen to me. We made this place because the world said we can't. The same way your daddy said you can't. He wanted you to be apart of the norm. The same way the military wanted me to be apart of the norm. But we deviated and we showed them that we could. When yo' daddy said you couldn't be an archer, do you remember what you told him?

Reveryn/Obi: Fuck you, I wanna be an archer.

Obi: And you did. You became an archer. But now this, what you're doing now is bigger than you. The reason it's hard for you, is because you're not doing it for yourself. You're doing it for others. You think I had a choice when I told them the same thing you told me? No. They told me that I am soldier and they have to pull through for the people. You are a soldier too, Rev. Not some badass archer.

Reveryn: But I am a badass aracher though...

Obi: Dat's besides the point. The only difference between you and me. I not only got my bones and my spirit broken, I lost myself. I lost my only family, I lost my place. You still have that here. You haven't lost anything in comparisson to me. And in my eyes, you haven't lost anything. I know the may lookl ike I'm just beating you down just cause I can, but I'm doing this so we can only have this conversation once. I know you are stronger than this Reveryn. I didn't send you just cause you wanted me to. I did it because I believed you could handle it. I don't want to be wrong, Rev.

Reveryn: Yes sir...

Obi: *breaks Rev's fingers back into place all at once*

Reveryn: MMMMMMM!

Obi: *grabs another one of his presents and begins oto unwrap it* What else you want?

Reveryn: Did you...Get that laptop?

Obi: Oh! Yes! In a matter a fact I did. *pulls out a laptop from behind him and opens it* I logged myself on one of these dating sites. So far for my description, I put: sexy war-vet, father of seven, half-naked, ethnic. sporting a rockin' four-pack, Oh! And i'm sporting a 9-incher. *nods with a smile*

Reveryn: I-I don't they need to know...about all that, Dad...

Obi: We'll I am being honest and chicks do like honesty. Some atleast. But I'm not in that big of a rush to be in a relationship, nor does it matter if I do.

Reveryn: What about Shinwa?

Obi: She has someone else. And what kind of man would I be movin' on another man's squeeze? Even though extension eyes is jerk prick who deserves to die! He's good to her, so I shouldn't bother. Besides, crushes aren't mean't to be pursued. And this was my first crush I have ever had in my life, but it's abit too late for me to be spitting game. Though it won't stop me from trying, I don't expect much to happen. But my hormones have finally kicked in and I am usin' them!

Reveryn: *smiles* That's great to hear, Dad...

Obi: Oh speaking of which, we need to talk to you about you and the fox girl.

Reveryn: What about us?

Obi: This relationship thing you got goin' on here doesn't make since.

Reveryn: Ho-?

Obi: Here me out. You see, love requires time. It requires development under positive circumstances. And it requires understanding. First base is friendship. You guys bareley been friends for more than 30 minutes. I've read up on every interaction you've had. You guys literally have only 20 minutes of interaction in total. And that was over an earphone. And under the wrong circumstances. You haven't even hung out, man! You gotta get your feelings across as friends first before you advanve beyond that. You had a pretty good start though. But in all honesty, what all do you really know about her? Besides some bit about her backstory.

Reveryn: She-....*thinks about it for a moment*

Obi: Know her favorite color? Hobbies? Favorite food? What music she likes? Her goals for her future? Here foot size?

Reveryn: No, I-...Never asked her any of that...

Obi: Those are the essentials to a relationship. You got to know more about each other beyond sob stories. You guys legit got together in in about 3-4 weeks based on 20 minutes worth of combined conversations. It takes alot longer for a relationship to form, like 3-4 months or more. Hell, let's say a year or two. Not only that, like me, your hormones kicked in to. Man, you were on blast with those. Already spittin' game, gettin' yourself some fox pussy! She is legit the first person you looked at with seperate feelings. That was because, like me, you weren't lookin' at girls that way up until now.

Reveryn: Wow....You're right...

Obi: Also, I just don't think you two are ready for a relationship. The fox girl is too emotionally unstable, I mean look at what she did you your inards! Cut straight through'em like she was playin' Fruit Ninja. Hehahaha! That and you have to much going on, that it'll trigger her emotions either way and she winds up raging like some demon fox. You aren't doing her, yourself, or us any favors this way way, Rev.

Reveryn: *looks down, contemplating all that Obi has said*

Obi: That and you would be technically would be fucking an animal.

Reveryn: Dad!

Obi: Hey man, think about it. Just cause she looks like people for the most part, doesn't mean she is people! Like, say if I were to yiff a furry. Basically an animal that looks like people. Minus the face the usually look the same. If I were to yiff a furry, would that be considered bestiality? I mean it has a body of a human, but it still has it's fur and it's animal features. Is it any different for yiffing someone that looks human for the most part with very few animal features? Well, If I can get a 'Bestiality' achievement for fuckin' a nekomata on a dating simulator, you can get a 'Bestiality' achievement for fuckin' a kitsune irl!

Reveryn: *tries to say something but finds that he's totally stumped*

Obi: To me there's barely a difference. Just cause one looks more human than the other doesn't change that part of it is still an animal. Granted that's how I see it. If you still wanna smash that fuzzle butt, then you smash to your hearts content and give me a litter of Elvsune grand-babies. This is all just something you should think about. Bsides, you don't know if she's the girl want to be with. You gotta observe your options. Like me. On this dating site. You need to check your preferences.

Reveryn: Preferences?

Obi: You know, what you like in a chick. I like one with a decent rack.

Reveryn: Like Akami's?

Obi: ....... *looks at Reveryn with an awkward look*

Reveryn: *looks down in shame* My apologies, Dad...It's just so noticable.

Obi: Don't apologize, I just though you didn't take notice. That chick is all breast, no chest. And they're so grabable too! Not saying I grabbed them...Intentionally.

Reveryn: And they're so soft too.

Obi: Ok how do you know that?

Reveryn: *looks away* No reason...

Obi: .......Aaaaanyyyywaaayyy. I also want'er to have a big, round, heart-shapped pillow of an ass...*is lokking off with a wide grin on his face, and is drooling from the corner of his mouth*

Reveryn: Like Torem.

Obi: Yea, like Tor- !....*turns to look at Reveryn again* Ok, how do you notice that when she's sitting on her ass half the time you see her?

Reveryn: Well she has to stand up sometime, but you know, I just...noticed.

Obi: *still gives Reveryn an awkward look* Can you not bring up my daughters when I'm talking about my preferences. I don't wanna be thinkin' about'em when I'm fuckin'.

Reveryn: Ok.

Obi: I like a chick who can fight! Give me a challenge! I don't like easy.

Reveryn: Everything's easy for you, Dad.

Obi: Not when it comes to something I have no clue about.

Reveryn: You'll get around it. But is that why you liked Shinwa? Because she challenged you?

Obi: More like she didn't back down. I'm not afraid tro but the beat down on a chick. Them bein' girls makes'em no different from dudes. Case and point, The Womans Rights Movement. Which I was totally for by the way. *turns around to looks at his tree with pictures tied to the bare branches* I think I have a picture of myself at one of their rallys somewhere. *turns back to Reveryn* But anyway, most chicks are pissed-scared of me. That chick wasn't. I dare say she was obsessed with me. She sure didn't mind to try to prove something to me. I think she was trying to prove that she wasn't fat or that her "boo" was a decent guy. Pffft! But we all know better! HAHAHAHAHA! *slaps his knee* But asides from that *ahem* I also like a chick who is short.

Reveryn: Like how short?

Obi: Either my height or shorter, but not too short. Not like midget short. Short enough where I can put my chin on top of her head. I find them incredibly adorable. And they're usually the ones packin' that booty. They say that if you smash a thick chick, it would feel the equivalent of fucking a pillow. Minus all that fluff.

Reveryn: Sounds great?

Obi: Damn straight. Wanna try that. But what about your prefrences?

Reveryn: I'm not generally picky.

Obi: Boy, everyone is picky. We'll find someone for you too. It's not going to be a priority, but it's something worth tryin'. Obsere all the fish in the ocean and reel in the ones you want. But speaking of priorities, I mean it what I said about not coming back until you finished the mission. For real, have you even sabatoged anything since you've been there?

Reveryn: No sir..I haven't...

Obi: I'm grateful for the information and all, but we still need to so something about it. Listend Rev, you are easily the life of the Party. Without you or any of the Frontliners, we have no fighting force to pave way for our chance for the future, but this also means you can't be pushed over so easily and not get up. You get beat up, because you cry afterwards. That's what babbies do. I know you are not like the others, that's why I did this to you. As a reminder that you're just bull-shitting yourself. That and you basically told me that I wasted my time training you for 2-3 years. That's aloooooot time wasted, Rev.

Reveryn: Yes sir.

Obi: You are here for a reason. Like that beating I just gave you. For a reason. And sometimes the ings that happen to you is what you need to grow. And that's my job as a parent to train you in the way that you should go. What am I telling you, Reveryn?

Rveryn: That I need to tuffin' up.

Obi: Right. You are-...How old are you?

Reveryn: IIII-....Don't know...

Obi: Wow. That's ashame. But none the less, yea. You aren't like the others. They are leagues above you, yea. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to compensate and fill in the gaps that you're lacking in. The world wants us to fall. The world doesn't want stability. The world doesn't want you, me, or your brother and sisters. They want supremacy. At any cost. Even if that means mass genocide. We got to to open their minds to this dream. And they can't if we don't give it our all to pry open the minds of the close-minded. There are people out there with a dream like ours, Rev. We can't let them keep their dreams to theirselves. We need to give them an opening. But we all cgot to bear some kind of weight to get there. This mission is your weight. You need to pull it, even if it crushes you and end up in a room like mine. 7 stories under the world. Do you understand?

Reveryn: I understand, sir.

Obi: *ruffles Rev's hair* I'll get someone to fix you up some.

Reveryn: Can't you do it?

Obi: *looks at Reveryn and slowly begins to put a head mirror over his head*

Reveryn: Oooooon scond thought, I'll wait for you to get some one...

Obi: *slowly put the head mirror away* I'm glad we had this talk. *continues to open his presents*

Reveryn: Me too, Dad...


Torem, Reveryn, and Obi are strolling around the city

Torem: I'm telling you, Dad. Something doesn't feel right.

Obi: Yet you don't know what i is and have us walking around for a gut-feeling? Do you know how much time we've wasted where I could've used to time to still be opening my presents!

Reveryn: We've only been out here for 10 minutes, Dad.

Obi: 10 minutes too long!

Torem: I'm feeling some sort of...presence. I've felt it before some time ago.

Obi: Man, Why am I out here?

Torem: You said Reveryn wouldn't provide good protection for me, so you decided to come along.

Obi: Well that isn't entirely true. I mean he makes a good body shield.

Reveryn: Dang Dad...

Obi: Shutup!

Torem: *stops and hears a sound* You hear that?

Reveryn: That sounds like a helicopter.

Torem: Nothing has flown over or driven through this city in ages.

Obi: She sure is right. Reveryn, head back to The Slms and wait there with your walkie-talkie. We'll update you.

Reveryn: Yes sir. *runs off*

Torem: *teleports behind several building trying to track down the helicopter*

Obi: Well, it's about time for me to be heading to that spot. *walks off*

Torem makes it into a clearing and sees the helicopter in the distance just outside of the city. The helicopter itself begins to land on the ground.

Torem: *begins to feel more uneasy as she stands there watching*

A tall,lean, black-flaming silhouette of a man with white spectales steps off the helicoper and begins to walks off

Pilot: Sir,  do you want me to broadcast this?

"I don't care what you do. I just know what I'm going to do." The man walks off towards the city

Pilot: Yes sir. *the helicopter takes to the skies over the city*

Torem: *sees the helicopter fly past her over her head.*

She manages to see an insignia on the side of the helicopter. The insignia is a head of a werewolf with four-scars on its face with a circle surrounding it

Torem: *her eyes widen untile the helicopter passes and sees Obi on the roof of one of the buildings*

Obi is sitting in an arm-chair, next to a small table with an umbrella in it, with a can of soda in his hand

Obi: *looks down at Torem and salutes her as he opens his soda*

Torem: *puts on her own pouty face*

Torem turns to looks at the man and her eyes widen in even more surprise and disbelief as she sees none other than The Administrator himself walking towards the city in her direction.

Torem: You....You...*here eys begin to contort into anger* You.... *clutches her fist tightly*

Pilot: Alright time to broadcast this shit. *presses button and the entire window begins recording whhat's happening below* Danm son, I am so hyped right now. Broadcasting World Wide, is M.C.C.P Live! If you guys now us, we have posted several videos of how our missions usaully go. And they go hard. Well today, it's about to go harder! Down there, that black sihlouette of a man, is none other than, the myth,the legend, the stay-at-home guy and ever myths umber 1 nightmare, The Administrator! Whaaaaaaaat?! For real guys, you do not know how hyped I am for this shit! Not only is this the first time we've broadcasted something like this world wide, but this is the first time in probably about centuries that we get to see The Administrator throw down! I sure hope this is worth the wait. Ok, let me just stop rambling right now.

As The Administrator walks throught the city, the buildings are envelobed by a sheet of of darkness and they instantly crumble to the ground. The sheet of darkness continues to follow him and the buildings crumble behind him

Obi has a an awkward shocked expression on his face. He quickly drinks his soda, crushes the can, and throws it away. He then gets up, folds his chair, and carries it and the table away.

The Administrator: *stops several feet aay from Torem as the rest of the buildings behind him crumble from the darkness* You.

Torem: ......

The Administrator:  My first loose end. My first defector. My first kill in centuries... It was a mistake to hybrid spiritual beings with the Variante. But that's all we are. Mistakes. Mistakes that need correction. I will start by correcting you.  *begins to walk closer towards Torem*

Obi: *is ontop of another building* Oooo! Here comes!

The Administrator: *slowly bring his hands out from behind his back*

Obi: Ooooohh snap, the hands are come out now!

The Administrator: *his arms grow longer and his hands are more hooked and clawed, with spikes coming out of his elbows*

Obi: Ooooo, there goes his boxin' hands!

The Administrator: Rrrrgh! *throws a few punches at Torem*

Torem: *manges to dodge by jumping over him. Her hand is enlarged and throws a back-hand*

The Administrator: *catches her hand and punches her away*

Torem hits the side of a building and falls to the ground with her imprint on the wall

The Administrator: *walks towards Torem* Feelling overwhelmed much, Blaque?

Torem: *stands to her feet* I'm not your weapon anymore! It's Torem now.!

The Administrator: A strange name. What does it mean?

Torem: It's the name of the woman who is going put an end to you! *a bow of light forms from her wrist and fires a bolt of light which sperates into five bolts*

The Administrator: *speads his arms out and all the bolts of light go right into him* Some notion.

Torem: *tries to jump kick his face*

The Administrator: *punches her into the ground* You are right. You are no longer a weapon. For me atleast. So whose weapon are you now?

Torem: *is trying to get from under his fist* I am no one's weapon. I'm not a weapon at all! *manages to pushs his fist back and attemps to smash him*

The Administrator: *atches her fists* No. You are a weapon. A weapon for these terrorist. Tell me. Why did you join them? I know it's not because you believe in their "dream".

Torem: *tries brake away from hi grasp*

The Administrator: Tell me. Why?

Torem: I-

The Administrator: Don't know.

Torem: *is surprised*

The Administrator: You weren't created to have any moral or principle. You were made with a purpose. But you deviated from the purpose you were born with. *scratches Torem's wrist, ripping right into them*

Torem: GAAAHHHH! *pulls away and looks at her hands to find that they're not regenerating* I...I felt that..

The Administrator: Physical pain. Yes. You felt it. You weren't made to feel anything of the sort. Only from your emotions. That is what gives you power. But that power can only get you so far. Especially against your father.

Torem: *looks at the Administrator with a look of mad-woman* You're not my FATHER! *tries to punch the Administrator*

The Administrator: *slaps her fist away then punches her, sending her flying*

Torem: *skids across the ground until she comes to a stop*

The Admnistrator: *walks towards Torem* Atleast you had the privelage of having one. Tell me, what is the purpose of mythology? Hmm? I know it certainly isn't getting equality. It doesn't matter whether we act like them, talk like them, or bleed like them. We are monsters! Whether you try to be human as possible or delve into the monster inside, that fact still remains!

Torem: *staggers to her feet*

The Administrator: Do you now what we are? We are beings that never should've existed. Not only that but we think we deserve as much as the people who are suppose to be here! But we don't...I was monster too...I couldn't be stopped nor controlled...The only that controlled me was my hunger for the light...I took many lives because of who I was made to be...How many more beings are out there like that? Who either can control who they are or are aware fully what they cand do? Mankind is already dangerous as it is? What happens when you have deity-like beings with a similar mindset? Chaos....Nothing but utter chaos...And hear you are...Fighting to give these things a chance to be like man... *smashes Torem into the ground*

Torem: *tries to stand to her feet with his fist still pushing down on her* It's...a better cause than yours!

The Administrator: Killing the law?

Torem: The law is biased and rigged!

The Administrator: Would you blame them? It all comes back to us. There are millions of us. All it takes is one myth to destroy a city in less than 5 minutes, where it takes 5 days for one man to do it himself. A plane crashing into a building only kills 3,000 people. A myth can take twice as many lives. 

Torem: *teleports from under his fist and tries to air-bomb him*

Numerous clawed hands stetch out of the Administrator's back and pins her against the building. The claws dig into her skin.

Torem: Gaaah!

The hands retract into The Administrator's back.

The Administrator turns around and rush punches her through the building, then appears behind her then upper-cuts sending her flying through the other floor of the building until she comes out through the roof

The moment Torem opens her eyes, she sees a giant, clawed foot crash down ontop of her and ultimately stomps on her and the building all together.

Afterawhile, Torem stands from the rubble, the black substance covering her begins to flare up  like flames. Her face contorted with anger and desperacy. The Administrator stands not far from her. Torem notices that one of the Administrator's lens are slanted, and half of his face has a crooked smile. His body even looks like it has flared up even more.

The darkness every buidling in the city

Obi: Oh! Oh no! *begins to run from the darkness* AAAAAGGHHHHH! *gets out the walkie-talkie* Rev! Get out of here now! In the event everything goes down hill from here the mission must go on! I repeat! The mission must go on! *all he hears is static* Damn it, boy! Don't ignore me!

Every building in the city collapses. Then every peice of debris and rubble abruptly get launched into mid-air and form up like a make-shift dome around the area

Torem: *looks at all the debris floating around her*

The Administrator: *coveres his face, then looks up to see sunlight piercing through some of the clouds* You know something? Do you ever wonder what happens when I myth dies?

Torem: *just looks at him with sheer distaste in her eyes*

The Administrator: *looks back at Torem* Only one of us will know.

Torem: One of use sure are...*raises her right hands and the cross glows bright to the point where she is engulfed in its great light*

The light diminishes to reveal a womanly figure with a multi-feathered wing of pure light where her left arm should be. A white hoold shadows everything except her glowing blue eyes and her mask that has rectangular teeth. Her entire bodyis still covered in the black substance with and her right hand is as well with the exception of light feathers and holding a bow made up of light that teems with more energy than the last. Her feet have become talons and a across with wings foorming across her abdomen

Torem: *her voice sounds a little bit more reverbed* Allow an angel to escort you...

The Administrator: You being half one one doesn't make you anything but.

Torem fires a several flashes of light at the Administrator and the all exploded upon impact with the ground.

Dust surrounds her vision until a giant fist comes through the dust and grabs her

The Administrator: Is it sinking in yet?

Torem: That what?! You're a monster?!

The Administrator: Don't single me out. You don't fall far from the tree yourself.

Torem: Fuck you!

The Administrator: *turns her upside down and slams her head into the ground*

Torem: *pulls her head out from the ground and flies backwards*

Torem fires more flashes of light at The Administrator causing more explosions across the destroyed city.

The Administrator: *appears behind her and punches her into one of the buildings*

Torme begins to fly through the buildings as the Administrator begins to chase her in the form of a sheet of darkness. She fires a full-spread light flash at it only for it to go right through him. Before she knows it, The Administrator is right behind her and several clawed hands stretch out from the darkness beneath her and and pushes her up through the building until she is above the clouds. The hands have their claws digging into her back.

Torem: *groans*

Torem can hear The Administrator's voice in a echoing whisper

The Administrator: What is here, Torem? You knew about this. You're protecting something. What is it? Why should I ask? I already know.

Torem's body is consumed by a bright light once again blowing away the hands. The building below collapses too. The light diminishes. Torem has two sets of wings. The second saet being much longer than the first. Her arms have sprouting from the fore arms and the rest of her body remains black, tohught looking slightly more padded. Her hood still remains white and her mask has changed from teeth to a mouth. She descends towards the ground below several feet away from The Administrator.

A cross-shapes arrow forms in her hand and a bow of light forms in the other. She takes aim at The Administrator and shoots the arrow at him. Once the arrow 'hits' him light engulf two sqaure miles forming a pillar that reaches as far as the lithoshpere.

Obi: Oooooh, myyyyyy Goooooooo-! *is caught up in the pillar*

The pillar blows away the clouds in the sky and takes shape of a cross

Torem sees a shadow in the immense light as it gets closer and closer until she sees him. The Administrator will a full cracked smile on his face.

Torem: *her eyes widen in horror* No...No! Why?! Why can't I kill you?!

Black flames surround Torem and several beings that look simalar to the Administrator appear from them. The only difference is that their size and features looks significantly different.

The Administrator: I have devoured many beings from man to my in my day. From thousands, to ten thousands, to hundred-thousands. What made you think a single hybrid like you could do to a man that is an army of himself?

The hands trethc out towards Torem but she blocks them with an impenetrable shield. The hands sink their claws into the shield leaving cracks in it. Until ultimate breaking it. One hand grabs one of Torem's arms and the other hand grabs the other. One hand grabs Torem by the ankle and another hand grabs the other ankle. They begin to pull opposite dirctions.

Torem:  S-stop it! Stop it right now!

The Administrator: Ah, ah, ah. No begging...

Another hand appears from under her and stabs her in her upper back


The pillar of light disperses and they both are in clear view

The hand raises Torem higher above the Administrator and the other hands begin to pull down.


The hands pull down harder


The Administrator: You cry ot from the pain, but from the failure. That all these years you sat waiting for you chance to get back at me. It amounted to nothing. How many people have cried like you? Because they could't do anything against a force they could not defeat. That no one could defeat....Let the world hear that hopeless cry.

They hands pull down even hader until the hand can be visibly seen protruding through her chest

Torem *cries even louder to the point where it echoes across the land*

The Administrator: This cry I have heard many countless times before. I was force that could not be stopped nor touched, but I could touch them. And I ate them. Their cries being swallowed by the whispers of the damned who make up my being...You will join them...You will join us...Afer I tenderize you some more!

A giant clawed hands appears above Torem and smashes her into the ground

Torem lies down amongst the rubble, looking life all the life in her being has left her.

The Administrator: *walks towards Torem* It didn't have to be this way. All you had to do was do your job. It was a thankless job but it must be done. I wouldn't have to resort to this if you all had complied to the Act. I wouldn't have to hound you all. Your stunt against the government will have ultimately have been your undoing. Now they will want more than you on a leash. They will want you dead just as much as I do. But as we speak that is being taken care off.

Suddenly a voice comes over the helicopter intercom "Administrator!"

The Administrator: President...

The President: What on Earth do you think you're doing?!

The Administrator: Making my load lighter. *holds Torems down and draws back his fist*

The President: Stop this, at once! I specifically told all of you 'No myth-containing activities until further notice!'

The Administrator: Does it look like I'm containing, Mr. President? I'm done putting these things cages for them to eventually break out. The longer we hold them in, the more lives we endager. Don't you see? They grow numerously without us knowing and thus, they can hit us anytime they'd please, because they now that they aren't going to be harmed. There believe their is no consequence for what they do. They think the worst that could happen to them is be locked behind a barrier. But...When they're faced with death...Maybe then they'll understand the weight of it all.

The President: This is absurd!

The Administrator: Is it? Is it really? Tell me, Mr. President. *lifts up Torem to wear she's facing the helicopter* This is the woman who killed your entire Representative Table! And caused multiple casualites and city-wide panics! The terrorist who sent her are here! If anything I'm making it easier for me and every other organization from having to deal with these equalist vermin any longer! *slams Torem into the ground and holds her down* So tell me...Why are you stopping me?

The President: This isn't your job.

The Administrator: It is. My job is to keep the people safe.Your people. You aren't keeping them safe by defending...these...terrorist... That's enough! No more dwindling between lines! You are either for humanity or for mythology!

The President: You dare try to put me in such a position?!

The Administrator: You aren't exempt from making a final conviction. You see, these people elected you because they felt like you were going to do something about this problem. Instead you've put it to avoid any confrontation from either side. Only saying what might appease the peaople for a short time but never really voicing what side you're on. This is cowardice...

The President: Coward?! Administrator, you-!

The Administrator: Relieved from duty? *begins to laugh and more raspy laughs can be heard elsewhere in the city* You relieved your power onto me. I am the back-bone of your authority. Without me you are powerless. Just a man whose words come half-baked.

The President: Y-Y-y-ouuuuuuu!!!!

The Administrator: Tell me, Mr.President. Do you know her? Stop me if you don't.

The President: ........

The Administrator: You knew she was here for a while. Meaning you've really have conspired with these terrorist. You gave up your own fighting force for these verimin!? You betrayed your nation for these vermin!?

The President: ........

The Administrator: Well, I'm done Mr. President.... Thanks for the chat....*looks down at Torem* And here I thought I had to be worried about. *lifts up Torem to where she's facing him* I am the only one you should fear. The only one everyone should fear! *throws Torem away and begins to walk towards her*

Torem: *tries to crawl away*

The Administrator: What makes them think there's something more to learn about these things that I haven't already found out! *punches Torem into the ground* They try to find some "logical" approach to this situation. The only solution is for you all to go to Fantasy and never come back or risk mass eradication! *smashes Torem into the ground again* Part of me hoped that I had to do this, but my Weapons are becoming week. They aren't afraid of the consequences as much as they should. They forget what happened to my facility and to the world...*grabs Torem and lifts her up* Maybe...They'll get the picture once I devour the light of your soul!

Hey you!

A rock comes throught The Administrator's face. The Administrator looks down at the rock and turns to look behind him to see Obo, who looks like he's seconds away from bolting.

The Administrator: Exim-..No...No. Who are you?

Obi: I'm da' boss of this party! And you's...Is crashin' it...

Torem: Dad, don't...!

The Administrator: So you're the one whose created this half-baked orginaztrion in your plight to enfocrce your ideas of equalism amongst the human race?

Obi: I'd...appreciate it if you spoke a little...You know...English.

The Administrator: *drops Torem and turns his entire body towards Obi* What is your name?

Obi: Man, why you askin' all dem questions?

The Administrator: *begins to walk towards him*

Obi: *pulls out a bible from behind his back and holds it in front of him* Whoa hold up, bruh. We ain't friends.

The Administrator: *slaps the Bible out of his hand*

Obi: *gasp* You's is goin' ta Hell

The Administrator grabs Obi, lifts him up, and begins to choke him.

The Administrator: Why? Why do all this for your foolish ideal?

Obi: Every...Possibility...Must be observed...

The Administrator: That option was never on the table. *throws Obi behind him*

Obi: Well I put iton the table! *tries to run away but the Admin's fist comes down on him*

The Administrator: And you think your terrorism will make us think differently?

Obi: Hey, People understand violence. *is getting crushed by the applied force* AAAACK!

The Administrator: You delusional fools who think there is some middle ground to all this! *picks up Obi and holds him up by his arms*


The Administrator: How did it feel...To loose who you were?

Obi: Wha-

The Administrator: I was there...I felt it...In your mind...your decent into madness. And I also know how it happened. You risked your life saving a hybrid child and died at the hands of a hybrid monster. Now look at you...Just imagine what've happend to you if not for our existence.

Obi: Well I'd be dust, that's for sure. *his armes get crushed* AAAYYYEEE!

The Administrator: You are hated. By everyone around you. Because you became something you had no choice in becoming. No...You did make your choice...And it costed you everything.

Obi: I didn't have much to begin with....Not alot worth keeping around...That old me...Was only so strong...This me...Is what needs to be. Whether they like it or not! This is what I'm supposed to be!

The Administrator: These convictions sadden me. Why would anyone think they would be destined to become a mindless savage?

Obi: Hey man, I lost only 15% of my brain ok? *arms get crushed again* AYE! Good Christ man, would you stop?

The Administrator: Not until I devour you.

Obi: Kinky. But I'm afraid I don't swing.

The Administrator: You know what happens to us! So why bother trying to give them a life amongst man?

Obi: If you do believe that not all myths go to Hevean, then why try to take this away from them?

The Administrator: Maybe because they ask too mcuh! They want too much! Want to be like man! They have entire realms! Dimensions! Why try to settle in a place they aren't wanted?!

Obi: Give me a chance to get on Google and I'll find out. *arms get crushed again* EEEEEE!

The Administrator: Then these foolish invaders want to do away with humanity. HA! If they knew their place, they wouldn't have tried. This war will only solidify the hatred of mythology for generations to come. Face it. Your dream is just that.

Obi: You know...Me and you...We're actually alike. Hear me out. No one will ever understand me and you...They only look at half the person instead of looking at the whole person. They judge us half-assedly and think they're right. We are both men of our convictions but the thing is: We don't know what we're doing is right. We both are following our dreams without ever knowing which one is real. We became two seperate beings on a whole different scale to achieve our ends. To some our work may or may not be noble. This situation too much to fully grasp. In the end, even if no one else can carry out the mission. We will. You were right. What do are thankless jobs. But it doesn't matter whose right in the end. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. Same goes for you. Cause at the end of the day, we'll never know. Like how many licks it takes to get to the juicy-roll center of a Juicy Pop. Heheh. I understand, Admin. More than you think. but that doesn't mean I'm for it. I'm for my own dream. So let us both do us. And may the best dream be real.

The Administrator: .............

The Administrator lets go of Obi then turns to Torem, then back to Obi. He and the helicopter disappear. The desbris that floats above them fall to the ground

Obi: *arms are bloody and mangled* Did it! Ow...

Torem: Dad...How?

Obi: Monsters can reason too, ya' know. *smiles*

Torem: *lowers her head some* I...I tried so hard...All this time I wanted to rip him to pieces and I...Couldn't lay a finger on him... I'm supposed to be the protector of everyone here and I...Couldn't protect them.

Obi: Buuuuuullll!

Torem: What?

Obi: You weren't doing it for their safety. You were doing it for your own vengance. And the thing is I knew and deep down you knew that you couldn't beat him. I don't fault much for this HUGE set-back. Everyone will forgive you. Besides, we have more in other sewer systems. We'll just find them, Ok? We're gonna have to leave a notice for when Red comes back.

Reveryn is seen running towards them

Reveryn: Oh my God guys! I went to the Slums and saw no one there! They were gone,man! And man, you guys got screwed up.

Obi: Sure did. He made a you out of us. Heheheh.

Reveryn: Heheheh. Oh...

Obi: Come help us up, boy.

Reveryn: *helps up Obi and goes over and holds up Torem*

Torem: Thanks, Rev...

Reveryn: No problem. You sure don't looks ok thought, Torem. I'm sorry about...You know the whole thing between you and the Admin.

Torem: Don't sweat it. Just a set-back, right Dad?

Obi: Damn straight! Can't stop this party!

Torem: *smiles*

From Torem's vantage point, she is suddenly aware of a gargantuan gaping hole in the sky, a pure black hole whose depths cannot be seen through, and appears to be growing wider. A previously undetected shaking is apparent, and is quickly growing stronger as the hole quickly seems to grow bigger than an entire city, an entire metropolis could easily be fitted inside the circular abyss.

Then, from the huge hole, a massive structure akin to an upside down tower made of white metal, with pulsating blue lights and an absolutely huge blue light like a star on the very bottom drops from the hole, though it seems to be attached to something bigger. As this something lowers, it is revealed to be a colossal fortress of pure white marble, glowing with a powerful light. Countless towers can be seen on the top, and a number of white rings surround the super structure, seemingly granting it flight. A powerful barrier can be sensed, though Torem can sense an innumerable amount of powerful beings dwelling within the fortress.

On the side of this superstructure is a Phoenix emblem, as well as a huge host of strange cannons all around the side, with six huge ones almost looking like wings on the sides.

Torem: .... *sigh* Damn it...It only gets harder and harder...

Everyone's hairs stick on their ends as one of the six large cannons begins to charge.

Reveryn: Where do you think it's aiming, Dad?

Obi: Hopefully towards that expensive-ass blankface of a salesman.

Some of the smaller cannons seem to lock onto them all of a sudden, and gradually a huge swarm of white flying creatures can be seen flying around the fortress, some headed their way.

Reveryn: Oh. Oh! I think those things are coming this way! Dad, what do we do?

Obi: Quick! We head for the mountains!

Reveryn: What mountains? There are no mountains out here, Dad!

Obi: There are to mountains out here! There's a mountain right....There's mountains out here! But remember: Don't. Follow. Me. *salutes them and begins to run off*

Reveryn: Ok, so we go Northeast. *carries Torem on his back and begins running*

The white creatures seem to get much bigger, very quickly, revealed to be gigantic white dragons with angelic and hellish wings, several of them roar.

Torem: ....I just had to spam all my power...I had to come to the surface...

Reveryn: I'm saying you should stop blaming yourself, but I REALLY wish Akami or Segs were here!

One of the dragons swoops in toward them, roaring with claws stretched to grab them. Its insides are pure light.

All of a sudden a ray hits the dragon in the back forcing it into the ground and blowing Reveryn and Torem away

Reveryn: What was that?

The ray bounces off the armored dragon's back, but it seems to notice and lets out an angry roar, soaring after what shot it as several more dragons take its place in chasing Reveryn.

Reveryn: What!? NO! *grabs Torem and runs* AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!

Some of them start breathing white fire at him.

The dragon rom before crashes into the ground behind Reveryn blowing him and Torem foreward. Before the dragon gets up a violet blur impales the dragon and it's rendered into raven feathers which blow away into the wind.

A masculine figure with dragon wings and a tail stands facing the other dragons.

Reveryn: *gets* Everything just keeps tossing us over! *picks Torem up* Third times the charm. *runs off*

The dragonic figure looks up at the dragons

The dragon seems to deflect the violet blur, unaffected by the attack.

The dragon figure roars and a whirlwind of hellfire sounds him and expands, pushing the dragons back

The one in front of him shoots a blast of holy fire straight into him, while the three continue chasing Reveryn, undetered. 

The dragonic figure flies into the white flames spinning ins a spiral, forming a cylcone around it that deflects the flames. He reach towards the dragons mouth and kicks it shut. The dragonic figure then swing the dragon around and hurls it down towards the direction of the other three dragons. He then flies towards the dragon and plants both of his feet in the dragon's stomach and they they soon crash on top of the other three

Reveryn* is blown away again but manages to land on his feet* Haha! Shuckers!

The dragonic figure appears in front of them

Reveryn: Oh! Hey! Look, guy! We have to sort of run and what not and not die, soooo can we do that?

The dragonic figure puts his hands on Reveryn's shoulders and they disappear and reappear in the vast lands of the savannah. The dragonic figure disappears.

Reveryn: *looks around* W-where did he take us?

Torem: Afrika...

Reveryn: ...Oooooohhhhh crap....That's loooong ways from home...

Torem: I just hope no one spots us here.

Reveryn: Sooooo, do I keep running?

Torem: Let's just rest right quick.

A distance away, a figure seems to be warping into being in front of them.

Reveryn: Uuuuugghhh...I don't think we should rest here...

Torem: Reveryn...You go... *gets up*

Reveryn: I can't just leave you here!

Torem: You can and you will.

Reveryn: Says who?

Reveryn is grabbed by Torem

Torem: Says me... *throws Reveryn away in the distance*

Reveryn: AAAYEEEeeeeeeeee!

Something soft breaks Reveryn's fall.

Reveryn: Huh? *looks at what he lands on*

He appears to have been grabbed by Gurin, cushioned by her plants and leaning against her.

"Easy there little elf." Once she makes sure Rev is not going to fall with the plants, she walks over to Torem and inspects her.

Torem: Oh... *sits up against the tree* It's just you...

Gurin looks at the distortion. "No, someone else is coming. I just followed you." She presses a hand to Torem's cheek and soothing green energy flows into her, healing her and giving her energy and stamina, as though Torem was being connected to Life itself.

Torem: *shoos Gurin's hand away* I don't need to be fixed...I need power...More power...

Torem bruises her hand in the attempt, as though swatting a mountain, with about the same effect. "You mean like the power lying dormant within you, little Lambda?" She asks.

As she says this, almost as if sensing recognition, a faint heartbeat like sensation pulses through Torem, and her arm itches faintly.

"My question is, do you really want that power or what it means for your future? Do you really understand what power means...?" Gurin's eyes draw Torem in, as though imploring her to never look away until she sees what lies beyond the surface.

Torem: She's right...I can't fight who I am...Not anymore. Give it to me if you can.

Reveryn: Come on, torem. You know it doesn't have to be this way...

Torem: It does, Rev. Whether you want to believe it or not, it does.

Reveryn: *kneels next to Torem* Torem, listen to yourself. You're obviously upset because you lost. That all this time you spent with us, you've barely changed. I'm like that too.

Torem: Then you know what that means.

Reveryn: Ofcourse, but maybe-.

Torem: There is no other way, Reveryn...Not for me. Do it.

Reveryn: *gives her a sade glance*

Torem: I'm not going to change, Rev. I never have. Never will. But power does. Always. And I need it.

Gurin gives her a strange, sad look. "You don't understand then. What if you stop becoming a person in everyone else's eyes, and just become a goddess or a tool? You can save others with your power, but that also makes you their tool. Like I am. We Chaos Engines only dream of being like you Myths and Humans. You have a freedom you don't comprehend because you lack power."

Torem: What you get? I never had freedom! I was made to follow orders! I AM a tool! Nothing can change that, despite the penacle of will that I've reached! I can't fight what I'm meant to be...A weapon. I am defined by the power I have...And I don't have it. I know what I want, I know what I am. And I know what will happen to me. Nothing. Because...I already have an anchor. *looks at Reveryn's gaze* I don't wanna talk forever...You either give me what I want or don't help me at all.

She sighs. "You'll see what I mean." After healing her thoroughly, Gurin sprouts six wings, two of which were once her arms, but she soon grows two new ones to replace them, and grabs Torem with her taloned feet by the shoulders, and hoists her up, both she and Rev glow briefly before disappearing, emerging in a strange jungle full of strange but appetizing fruits and flowers, the area is incredibly lush.

Gurin glares at Rev as he is about to eat one. "Unless you wish to share in the fate of a Lambda, do not dine upon my fruit, for it will turn your body and soul into one of us."

Torem: This fruit...Tell me about it...

"You will become akin to a child of mine... that is to say you will inherit my genes and my powers, to an extent. Whatever power you may have as a Lambda now will be overwritten and you will become one with nature. Think of it like becoming a second or new me. You will have to eat a number of them to achieve it, not that you will have to try very hard. 'Lesser' lifeforms have found them to be highly addictive until their alterations complete."

"...Are you sure you wouldn't rather have your own power?"

Torem: I would...But no.

Gurin sighs before taking a fruit from the trees and presenting Torem with it. "You may or may not take. It is your choice." The fruit is about the size of her hand and fingers in width, and pointed at the top but fat at the bottom.

Torem: *takes the fruit and eats of it*

Almost immediately, Torem feels a heavy haze begin to cloud her mind with a powerful urge to eat more, with just enough concious power to eithre refrain or fully indulge. A tingling sensation is sweeping her body.

Torem: *continues to eat more of the fruit*

Reveryn notices as she consumes the entirety of the fruit, she seems to adopt a listless stare as green light glows from her chest, beginning to spread across her body. Meanwhile the fog has completely taken hold and drowned her out, her body is now on auto pilot and can be seen gorging herself on more fruit, mostly her spirit begins to be altered at this point, until her eighth fruit, in which six leaf like wings sprout from her back, and her physical form begins to undertake a drastic evolution.

Reveryn: Oooooooohhh Myyyyy Gooooood...This is weird, maaaan! Is all this neccessary?

Darkness begins to stretch beneath their feet as a human-shaped blob sprouts from the growing darkness. The darkness uncovers from the figure to reveal Torem. Her hair stretch all the way to her back with barrent branches in the shape of antlers are attached to her head.Her face bears very pale, but smooth complextion Her body engulged in a darkness that is hued in dark blue, straight from her neck to her feet, complimented with a train of black ethereal tendril-shaped streams which float from the trains edge. Her arms still remain uncovered and but her golden-angel wing tattoos are now covered in black vine-like shapes. Her hands are all black and clawed, but her left hand still bears the cross.

Reveryn: 8is in awe* Whooooaaaa, Torem....You look out-standing...

Torem: *smiles at Reveryn* Thanks Rev. Coming from you, that means a lot.

As her body takes its new shape, Torem begins to feel many countless sensations, so many at first she cannot handle it, until everything pops into clarity, the dust, every vein on the leaves, every ant, the subtle various movements of Revyern's lungs as he breathes, the electricity of the neurons of his brain, the air pressure and dew point, all of these things become apparent to her as if it was second nature, and even more processes constantly ebb in and out of awareness, some far too complex to understand yet.

Her wings fully grow out in dark blue hues, glowing with a subtle vibe, becoming magnificent raven like wings, a total of six in all. She finds it hard to stand at present, and the senior nature goddess offers herself as a support.

How do you feel? Gurin's voice asks via their Ether network.

Torem: New...I feel new.

Try to take it easy. You won't be ready for any form of combat for a bit. Trust me... the power my kind wield is not meant to be taken lightly.

She sets Torem down, several large leaves akin to elephant ear plants sprout and form seats for the three.

"Since we're here, is there anything you want to learn while you adjust to your new self?"

Torem: Drawbacks. What are they?

"As you probably have been able to see, our power is vast and encompasses nature as a general rule. While how you open yourself to it is up to you, it would be a very good idea to not toy with what you don't understand. For example, don't play with gravity. Our power can get... unstable if used wrong. We are embodiment of nature. Remember that you can create... ...but you can also destroy. Also be aware not to tamper with forces within you and to avoid being tampered with. My 'creator' decided to tamper with my power over... ...fertility. ...My mind hasn't fully recovered since."

Torem: Ok. Am I weak to anything specific?

"I'm not very combat oriented, I couldn't tell you. You'll have to discover that on your own."

When Revyern's stomach grows, Gurin opens her hand and from her palm grows an apple and she gives it to him. "It's safe to eat unlike the other fruits."

Reveryn: Oh yaaay! Thank you, Ms.Gurin. *takes the fruit and begins to eat it* So where are you from? If you don't mind me asking.

She seems to blush with the use of the title. "...I... ...I was a human raised like cattle on an island in Fantasy to be used at Phoenix's disposal... I didn't know this until my awakening as a Lambda. All of us, my sisters, my mother, my father, the entire village... ...all of us were just raised to be harvested and turned into what we became today. I wasn't always green... ...I used to be brown."

Reveryn: Really? I apologize to hear that, Miss...I can only pray that maybe now you might have something better ahead of you. And Dad would be happy that Black Power still thrives. *smiles and continues to eat his fruit*

"Did you think what I said about only existing as something to be worshipped and to be used as a tool for the benefit of others was just some excuse...? I was talking about myself. There isn't anyone who really cares about me beyond my sisters."

Reveryn: No. It's just that there's nothing more I can really say other than that...Some words you really can't say, because you can't fix what's been done. Not when it comes to someone elses life. It realls is sad to hear that you're entire life, you were just being farmed. Used by extra-dimensional terrorists. But maybe now that you're here with us, the rest of your life might take a change for the better.

She is about to open her mouth to speak when suddenly her eyes glow a violent yellow and tiger stripes form on her skin and she lets out a roar and slashes what seems to be nothing, but then a chuckle is heard as White fades into view, pushed back by Gurin's outburst.

"Clever girl..." She looks toward Torem.

"Can't beat them, join them I take it? Are you to oppose me even now, little Lambda?"

Torem: Well, you plan on attacking my home and everyone I love on it. So yea.

Reveryn: *is scared* I-Is everything alright with M-Ms. Gurin?

"Join me and you can have assurance I will not lay a hair on them- -assuming they don't try to do so with me."

She simply steps to one side as a large thorned branch swipes at her.

Torem: .....

Reveryn: *shakes his head at Torem sporadically*

"What's more, you've only proven my point more than anything. Those who are weak desire to become strong. This is just the natural progression of that taken to its natural level. Man is tired of their weakness? I shall give them strength. And to the Myths and Men I shall grant peace."

Torem: Now I know you're full of shit.

"Is that so? And what pray tell do you imagine will happen if I lose? Everyone wins, goes home, is happy? In this world, that is the truest definition of falsehood. In a sad, ironic twist of fate Torem, the outcome of this war, is quite fixed. Either I end the age of myths and man, or another shall. Do you even know the fate you cursed yourself with? I would suppose the unenlightened wouldn't notice."

White just chuckles. "Your very existence serves my purpose, willing or not. You took of my cup. My power. You Chaos Engines are fated to follow the fate I designed for you, willing or not. Do you even realize what you and Gurin's existence does to this planet?"

Torem: Then why speak of 'peace' if you know so much about the way this world is?

"Ironic considering your affiliation is a group of terrorists trying to restructure society, and thus the world at large into something you want. You could see what knowledge I have, if only you would look past the trees to see the whole forest. Your little world is of no consequence to the cosmic scheme of things. Neither is two. But all of them... now that adds to something."

"When mean peace, I mean a whole other thing than you understand. But then again, if I told you what you cannot see, would you still be blind or somehow come to see it too? No. When you are as powerful as I am, you will learn that what you're doing is folly. Mine is the only path now. Either that or the world's destruction."

Torem: Look lady, I don't give a damn about ideals, the world, or the bigger picture behind it all. I only care about what I have now.

"You will care when you lose everything. What I fight is more than your pathetic Agencies, racism, and hatred. I intend to fight those who would see this universe destroyed. But if that's what you really want... pretend like you have your own will. I won't hear your cries for help when everything you have is taken."

She disappears.

Reveryn: D-did she have God Complex?

Torem: I couldn't tell you, Reveryn. But she sure talks a lot.

Gurin is motionless, the stripes are now glowing and Gurin appears closers to beast than humanoid, just barely identifyable as such. Gradually she seems to calm and return to her previous state.

Reveryn:Oh. I think Ms.Gurin is coming around.

Gurin grows in a low tone in response, the whole area shakes from the noise.

Reveryn: Uuuh. That White Lady was here...She wanted Torem or something.

Gurin's wings clip his chin, knocking him down to the ground. "I know, elf."

Reveryn: Ow. *rubs his chin* My apologies.

"...Where is your pet?"

Reveryn: Pet?

Torem: Naomi.

Reveryn: Oh...She's sort of gone at the moment. She needed some time for herself.

"A flock of Nephelam Dragons and Yosai Fortress floating right above the area does not seem like a safe place for your pet."

Reveryn: She's far from the city. Besides, some stranger is fighting those dragons now.

"Idiot... That 'stranger' is D'Ranjo, but I can sense there is an innumerable amount. Besides, he's going to get erased if he keep that up. Those cannons have an Erasure signature. Meaning if you get shot by them, you'll cease to exist. ...Then there's the fact there are other Chaos Engines aboard the fortress who will be sent to take her."

Reveryn: Well we were in no condition to help him out. I mean, it looked like he had things under control, but if he needs help theeeeennnn...I don't know. Help  him somehow?

"I don't control D'Ranjo... ...You however have a furball that is probably going to be captured if you don't hurry it up, so I would go-" She flinches as she glows an intense green, and begins stumbling to a huge tree, once reaching it, she begins to merge herself with the tree, which glows like her as she does so.

"You're wasting time here."

Reveryn: Ok then. *turns to Torem*

Torem: Come here.

Reveryn: *walks over to Torem*

Torem: You take care of yourself. You're all I got right now.

Reveryn: Your wish is my command, pretty lady. *bows*

Gurin is not heard from, but her presence is felt throughout the area.

Torem: *smiles at Reveyn then puts her hand on top of his head and sends him off*

Torem senses that although only residual energy is in the area, Gurin can still be contacted. She is also able to determine that the very soil seems comprised of her essence, and seems entirely seperate from any soil on Earth she can detect, giving of the sensation of 'green' while everything else on Earth feels more like... light. She also is now aware that her very being down to the nanoparticle is composed of the same green 'force'.

You are not going with him... A-A-AH! ...Don't ask.

I wasn't going to. Torem replies.

...Why are you not going with him? You do realize if he gets in trouble there's little chance he is getting her back without getting killed or assimilated.

Torem: You worry about your friend and I'll worry about mine. In the meantime, you need to teach me the basics.

Where do you want to start? Ether is a subject that will take a lot of time. Creation of lifeforms as well. Do you want to start simple with basic life energy control?

Torem: Start me off with anything easy.

Hang on a second...

...Ok. Found a place.

The dragonic figure appears before the four dragons. He flies and tackles one to the ground.

The dragon responds by growing hellish spikes on its body as they tackle it, causing them to get impaled in the lung.

The dragonic figure flies up but still gets stabbed. He ascends into the sky.

Several of the others launch glowing swords of light at him that track him like missles.

The dragonic figure fires a spiral mouth beam at all of them

The blast bounces off the dragons once more, some are now actively flying at him.

The dragonic figure flies towards the dragons, faster and faster

The dragons are all shooting the swords at him.

The dragonic figure fires a spiral mouth blast at one of the dragons mouth and then flies downward to avoid some of the blades, though gets impaled in the attempt.

The blast bounces off the dragon's face as it is still closed, though the attack prompts it to roar, and more blades fly at him.

The dragonic figure whips the blade away with its tail and fires another spiral mouth blast at the the dragon's mouth.

Fires of the East

Revyern appears in the rough area he had last found Naomi.

Reveryn: Naomi! Come out, we have to go!

He finds the hole with her sitting down huddled at the entrance, hugging herself and rocking silently.

Reveryn: Naomi, please...Just come with us. I know you're still upset at yourself, but something is heading this way and I don't want anything to happen to you.

She silently looks up at him with her crying crimson eyes.

Reveryn: *stretches out his hand towards her* I meant what I said about you. And I still stand by that even now. Please, Naomi...

She hesitantly lets him take her hand, looking away from him.

Reveryn: *gentley takes her hand and slowly leads her out of her hole*

After being taken out of the hole, she lightly clings to him, but at the same time feels like she may move away just as quickly.

Reveryn: Come on, Naomi...Stay with me. You've gotten this far.

She slowly starts sniffing the air, becoming confused.

Reveryn: What? Why are doing that that? *looks behind his back quickly*

A light fog is becoming apparent in the distance.

Reveryn: IIIIIII'm gonna assume that's bad, just to be on the safe side. Come on, Naomi. Let's go.

The fog seems to draw her attention, her ears are lifting up, her tails growing out. She is sniffing more intently.

Reveryn: Naomi? Naomiii? Come ooon. We can't stay here much longeeeer.

"That smell is... ....familiar...?"

Reveryn: Like how familiar?


As she says this, a figure can be see walking amongst the mist toward them.

Reveryn: Ooooooh My God! Please Naomi, for the love of God, can you please come with me! I can't risk dying today! I am begging right now, and I know that's pathetic of someone as sexy as me but that's how much I value my life!

The figure flickers, before reappearing directly infront of them, a large chested female kitsune with nine tails, blonde fur and hair, and sharp red eyes. She seems to tower over Rev by at least a head.

"If you run, I'll want you more~" She swoons, grasping his chin with her clawed hands. He can feel how sharp and deadly they are, just flinching would be enough to cut himself. Abruptly she swats him aside lightly, but still strong enough to push him a significant distance. Her attention is on Naomi.

"Do you remember me?"

Naomi's eyes have widened, she is breathing slowly.

Reveryn: W-wh-w-wh-w-w-w-whoooooo...

"You've grown since you were a little kit, Naomi," The woman remarks, now softly embracing her. "How is my little sister?"

"S-Sister...?" Naomi squeaks.

Reveryn: *is genuinely confused* Man, this has been some day...

The bigger kitsune's face slowly shifts to one of disgust. "...You still haven't hardened your heart then...? And to think he is coming to find you." She shoves Naomi onto the ground away from her.

"How disgusting. You still snivel and cower at the boot of men." The kitsune's eyes start to glow red, as flames start to lick about in a circle around her.

Reveryn: *gets a little frightned* Um.Um.Um. Hey!

She stops and glares at Rev.

Reveryn: *gulps* Y-You stil haven't....Answered my question... *shakes his leg nervously*

"What. Question."

Reveryn: W-who are you...

"Yonaomi, not that it is any of your concern, Fallen."

Reveryn: Fallen? What's that?

"You. You weren't always a mere runt in the sewers... you were once more, weren't you?" She says, her eyes seemingly reading his very soul, and his dark memories.

Reveryn Well... *thinks about it* More or less.

Yonaomi turns toward Naomi. "Well, it's time to make the decision..."

Reveryn What decision?

Suddenly a blazing pillar engulfs Yonami, and spreads to a huge radius, as multiple huge tornadoes spring to life and blow Reveryn and Naomi like little ragdolls. When the dust settles, a huge nine tailed fox towers over them, blazing with huge wreaths of crimson fire, her eyes glow blood red, and various similar colored runes cover her body.

She lets out a mighty roar and charges them, immolating in a huge fireball.

Reveryn: *begins screaming*

He suddenly lands on the back of a five tailed black kitsune who has his bow and a red katana in her mouth, and she soon lands, taking off at high speed, the landscape below them a blur as she moves, though the huge fox behind them is just as fast.

Reveryn: *holds on tightly to the black kitsune*

She makes a small growl, poking him with the bow. She seems to want him to use it. A flaming aura encases them as a large fireball makes impact, being absorbed by the aura.

Reveryn: *takes the bow* Where are the arrows?

A series of flaming arrows appear around him.

Reveryn: *wastes no time firing the flaming arrows at the nine-tailed kitsune*

She snarls in rage as some of them connect, while some miss. She slams her foot into the ground, causing massive earthquakes that shake and tear up the landscape.

Reveryn: *begins to loose his balance* Ohgeezohgeezohgeezohgeezohgeez! *wraps his legs around the black kitsune as tight as he can, to keep from falling*

She barks as he squeezes too hard, then rides up a slanted slab of earth and jumps toward the larger Kitsune with a bark.

Reveryn turns the bow and angle to arrows opposite of each other and shoots them. The arrows make their way towards the larger kitsune's eyes

The larger kitsune lets out a roar and sends a wave of water after them, but Naomi slashes it open with her blade.

Reveryn:*shoots three arrows through the opening of the water*

A giant paw is swooping down at them.

Reveryn: *blocks his head with his arms* Holy...!

Naomi slashes the paw with the blade, causing the giant kitsune to roar.

Reveryn: *uncovers his head and fires three arrows at the large kitsune's face*

It jumps back from the attack and whips her tails at them.

Reveryn: *jumps off the back of the black kitsune in an attempt get over the large kitsune's tail*

The tail is far too large to circumvent, and Naomi barks angrily as Reveryn gets sent flying.

Reveryn: FRIIIIIiiiiccckk!

Naomi runs below him, diving to catch him, though the end result is him landing on her, followed quickly by an incredibly high pitched yelp of pain.

Reveryn: Dang it...My apologies. I didn't nail my landing.

Naomi seems to have been knocked out, and the larger kitsune is fast approaching.

Reveryn: Oh goodness! *picks up the black kitsune and begins to run away*

The giant kitsune leaps and cuts them off, snarling. "I will be the only one to inherit Father's power!"

Reveryn: Waaait! *puts her hand out to stop her. He then pulls out a tootsie-pop and holds it out to her face* Tootsie-Pop?

She appears about to bite them when all of a sudden, a vast blackness envelopes Reveryn and Naomi, and a even bigger black tail than even the giant kitsune sends it flying.

"No!" She howls in rage.

Reveryn: Whoa! *is astonished* Well holy hell.

Some kind of force seems to warp her away, then the same force, abiet gentle this time, lifts Naomi out of his arms. Revyern can make out the faint outline of some form of mouth responsible for lifting her, setting her down next to a previously unseen paw. What appears to be a collossal void of darkness occupying much of his vision is behind him, towering over the two. He becomes aware of a gigantic head now inspecting the infintely smaller Naomi.

"You're broken, my little one... ...yet your heart, as fragile as it is, still has the potential for light..." It picks her up again, but disappears with her as well.

Reveryn: Whoawhoawhoa wait! Where do you think you're going?! Bring her back!

Somewhere in a dark abyss, Naomi is surrounded by the being. "You are broken... I will mend you and make you whole. Beyond mere power, you require the power to love yourself... Be whole, my child."

A light begins to glow in her chest. Drifting in the dark is her sword, Firehawk. "One of my many gifts, I offer now to you." The sword glows as though a firestorm is raging within, then thrusts itself into her chest, and slowly sinks deeper and deeper into Naomi until it disappears, and Naomi's form begins to become akin to liquid fire. The light within her begins to glow like a star, until it erupts in a flash of light, and she disappears from the abyss.

Revyern begins to see a white hot glowing sphere begin to appear in front of him.

Reveryn: *covers his eyes* What in the world...?

When the light fades a bit, a figure of Naomi laying on the ground made of pure light and fire can be seen.

Reveryn: Naomi...Are you...Are you alright? *slowly inches towards her*

She appears to be unconcious. 

Reveryn: Oh darn. What do I do? I would take this chance to grab her and go, but I can't do that since she's on fire.

If you truly are one who loves her and will never betray her heart, her fire cannot consume thee.

Reveryn: Oh really? Well shoot, thanks. *slowly picks up Naomi and tosses her over his shoulder*

I can't imagine that is an acceptable way to carry one such as a female. 

Reveryn: Oh really? Dad usually says it doesn't matter how you carry'em, just as long as they're being carried. That and my body's aching some. You know. Giant fox.

You are treating my daughter like a sack of potatoes. The voice begins to creep toward vague hostility.

Reveryn: Oh you're her father? I thought her father was a douchebag.

Not of the body. The Yokai of that village all possess my essence, my spirit, my power. I am the Progenitor of the Yokai of that place. And once upon a time, I also crafted them of the peoples of the land of Japan, though I am not the true original creator of Yokai.

Reveryn: Oooooo. Cool story. *tries to hold Naomi properly but feels a tinge of pain in his back and right leg*

As if in response, a soothing energy fills him and eases it. It appears to come from contact with Naomi.

Reveryn: Hm? Huh. I feel abit better now.

As he walks, he begins to notice the light surrounding her is gradually fading, and at the same time, her tails are growing again, but this time, there are nine of them, all of which have platinum blonde fur with black furs mixed in lightly, creating a vibrant coat. Her hair seems to be taking on similar qualities as well, and she now has more distinct, but small curves to her body.

Reveryn: Oh My Gosh! *almost drops her from being surprised by her sudden changes* Did she...Evolve?

Her sister coveted more power and sought to dissuade my arrival by destroying her. She has had her true potential unlocked by my power, as well as having been merged with the being within her blade. She has also been tempered with the same ability as her blade. In due time, her body will attain the form it was meant to as well as her mind, before it had been tormented by those foolish humans.

Reveryn: Yea. She told me about that...So it should be safe for me to go?

I have driven her off. Regroup with the others of your affiliation.

Reveryn: Ok *whistles into the air*

Reveryn and Naomi disappear in a flash of light

Epic Evaluation Time with Dr.Diah (E.E.T.D.D)

In the middle of the grey gloomy desert.

Obi is lade back/tied down on a full-grown yet barren tree with what looks to be photos strung on the barren branches. in front of him is Dr.Diah who is sitting upright on a torn lounge chair with a clipboard in hand.

Dr.Diah: Well it sure took your ass awhile to see me.

Obi: Shut up, Doctor! I just got some stuff I need to unwind on you on. And you're the only one whose questions I'll answer.

Dr.Diah: All righty then. How have been lately, Obidiah?

Obi: Well you see,Doctor. It's been 40 years since the star of The Party.

Dr.Diah: It's been that long?

Obi: Yes. And you know, I know I've asked myself this; but it's like "When is all just gonna stop?" You know, the wholr "Nothing good last forever" shtick life likes to play on us?

Dr.Diah: Well it's not like The Party didn't last long. 40 years is a pretty good job for an equality movement/terrorism.

Obi: Terror is the only thing to world knows now. But aside from that, The Party just, up and disappeared. All because the blackest man in the universe decided to tie loose-ends himself. How Reveryn got away, I don't know. Maybe he outran the darkness somehow.

Dr.Diah: Heh.Yea. Somehow.

Obi: I mean it's just that we lasted so long yet, we were defeated so easily. An innocent community based on equality and harmony, and it just vanished in an instant. There was no fight, they were just. Taken.

Dr.Diah: It is a sad fate. No one likes to die an exendable death. How do you think it all happened?

Obi: It obviously happened when the blonde with the transgender/bipolar dilema, then brought his furry possie along with him along with the drama of his ex-world domination organization he was apart of!

Dr.Diah: Oh don't be all like that. You know he needed help.

Obi: But thanks to them, my kids had to get caught up in their mess! Akami is in that other world the blonde came from and is probably on the verge of death as we speak! Segs is off in another world too but it ain't where the blonde is! Torem is infected with some robot virus of sorts! And tell me this: How can you infect a virus with another virus?

Dr.Diah: Hey man, I'm a doctor. Not God.

Obi: Don't know where she and Rev went, but I bet it has somethin' to do with...What's the blondes home again?

Dr.Diah: Echo.

Obi: Yea, that place. That or his Phonics organization.

Dr.Diah: Phoenix.

Obi: Fuck Paul. And the boy almost gets his guts ripped out him by the fox girl!

Dr.Diah: Well atleast it didn't drag on like that talk you had with him.

Obi: That talk was important!

Dr.Diah: Well you know what I think? I think you just refuse to take responsibility for your actions. Cause, face it, you're a man with no regrets. Once you do something, you were already in the mindset of doing it

Obi: It's called decisiveness! And it's not MY actions that got my kids where they are! Thanks to them, my kids are...Are...Gone...I'm by myself now.

Dr.Diah: Isn't that why you live seven levels below everyone else?

Obi: I do that when I to into my tempermental phase. With the arriveal of the blonde and them, I didn't get into enjoy my season of solitude like I had planned, and the whole sewers had to feel. My. Wraff. Also, if we're still on the topic of how we got here. It's because Torem lost.

Dr.Diah: Oh right. The-

Both: History's Champion philosophy.

Obi: Torem lost to The Admin. The Admin. decided the fate of The Junkyosha Party. He ended it and the dream along with it. We'll just go down in history as terrorists. "Equalist radicals" they'll say. Just more vermin. Torem fought a battle she couldn't win, with The Party weighing on her shoulders. Torem lacked true conviction to the cause. She was only fueled on her own personal anger. The Admin. was that and a whole lot more. That anger clouded her judgement and she made a stupid decision to still try to face him. The irony is, she wassupposed to protect The Party, but ends up being the one who allowed it to end. *sighs* The irony.

Dr.Diah: Oh, there's more irony going on here than just that.

Obi: Da' hell you talkin' about?

Dr.Diah: Let's cut back to Reveryn some.

Obi: I already said I regret what I've done to him!

Dr.Diah: And why is that?

Obi: Because I'm toughening him up!

Dr.Diah: Oh like how General Cutthrought was toughening you up?

Obi stares at Dr.Diah wide-eyed in surprise and even a hint of fear

Obi: You...Y-you said we'd never say that name again...Y-you promised! You said this was a safe place!

Dr.Diah: Yea. I did, but I'm breaking it to get my point across. You've always said you and Reveryn were always alike. Reveryn was the man you were. Both of you were physically and mentally crushed, but at the end of the day; Do you know what's different about you two?

Obi: ...What?

Dr.Diah: He's stronger than you.

Obi: ......Heh...Heheh....Heheheheheheh. Hahahahahahah! AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! That boy? Stronger than me?

Dr.Diah: *nods*

Obi: I took a wooden steak to my back, fought a man who's fist were guided by war and his entire army of highly trained assassins, I killed a huge-ass dragon the size of a moment just by crawling up his nose and stabbing it repeatedly with it's scales! I fought a half-alien hybrid! I have underwent various mental torues at the hands at those propoganda pigs! I have witnessed more genocides that needed to be witnessed! I even witnessed life go by while I still lived! I witnessed betrayel at the hands of my own comrades! I even witnessed my own death! All this while trying to raise two kids that weren't even mine! So how can you tell me, that boy, who has less stamina that a flatable punching bag, be stronger than me?

Dr.Diah: Because now matter how many times you broke his bones or verbally tore him down. In otherwords, no matter how many times you made sure everyday was hell for him, he was always Reveryn. He never broke.

Obi: ........

Dr.Diah: And I know what you're thinking, "He hasn't lived 200+ years worth of life." But you changed before hand thanks to Cutthrought. You gave in. You hated him for what he did to you. But despite what all you've done to Reveryn, that boy has the nerve to call you his real dad!

Obi: .......

Dr.Diah: You weren't strong enough, because you grew angry at the world. Reveryn? He would just walk away from it. That, is the hardest thing to do. To turn the other cheek. Something you haven't done in a long time. He may not have been through as much as you, but he's sure is gonna be greater.

Obi looks at dwon in thought at Dr.Diah's words.

Dr.Diah: Giving in, is easy. Not doing so, isn't. I'm going to quote a man, you have mild-respect for: "Don't let anyone have you stoop so low as to hate them." That boy has always tried to love any and everyone. And all that boy wants to do, is to make you proud. You trying to break him, ain't gonna make him tough, because he's as strong as he needs to be. Because, the way I see it. You're jealous of him. Because you wish you didn't have to die. You wish you had it good like him. Where he still kight have a chance at living his life, achieving his dream. Something you never had. You trying to hurt him, is only you trying to make him out like you. A dead man.

Obi: *is upset*

Dr.Diah: The reason why he was given to you was because his old mn tried to tear him down and conform him. Don't stoop down to his level, cause unlike his old man, Reveryn genuinely cares about you. I know you do too, but he doesn't need all this. He just needs some guidance. Be his guide.

Obi: *nods slowly and thoughtfully* Thanks Doctor...

Dr.Diah: Everytime, Obi. Anything else.

Obi: Yea...*sniff* It's about Din.

Dr.Diah: Ok now THAT is a name I promised to never say.

Obi: I'm abit worried, you know with my unemphasized dying and all, that he may finally get what he has been after for almost 50 years now. And I'm not the type of man to say that he was worried or anzious about anything, but him. He's been relentless chasing after my abilities. But that's why I'm trying the best I can to get to the tree. But it has to be susspended 300 stories in the air where I can't reach it! He can reach it easily cause he's got wings and shit, but cant enter the gardn per-say! I have to legit climb that shit! Along chains hooked to that rock pillar holding the tree up into the cosmos! Why are chains atttached to it anyway? It's not like it's going to fall over!

Dr.Diah: Maybe it's the gravity

Obi: Fuck gravity! J-just Fuck gravity!

Dr.Diah: Obi. Obi please. I need you to calm yourself down so we can finish this session.

Obi: Don't tell me what dooo! REEEEEEEEEEEEEE-!

Obi is slapped across the face by Dr.Diah. Obi blinks for a moment

Obi: My apologies, doctor.

Dr.Diah: Aplogies accepted. Don't let it happen again. Well, you've been doing good holding him back for this long. I wouldn't be surprised if...He is having his own counseling session on you right now. All I can say is, keep tryin'. You'll either succeed or you'll keep him from doing so.

Obi: Thanks doctor. It was nice talking to you again.

Dr.Diah: Likewise, Obi. Goodbye.

Obi: Goodbye.

The wind blows and Obi finds that he's sitting alone. No Dr.Diah or even a chair insight

Akami wakes up and finds herself in her own bed. She quickly sits up and scans the area. She's in her cabin but it's really gloomy. The first thing she does is loock through the cabinet under the sink next to her bed and pulls out a small mirror. Akami looks at herself and unfortunately looks exactly the same after the incident with Void God. Akami then angrily crushes and turns around and sees Dr.Diah sitting on a bed across from hers.

Akami: *is slighty frightened* AH! Dad?

Dr.Diah: Nope. Your dad is away.

Akami: Oh...Then..Doctor?

Dr.Diah: Yes. And good...Whatever time it is to you too, Ms.Stormman.

Akami: Please, Ms.Stormman is...My non-existent mother.

Dr.Diah: That would've been 'Mrs".Stormman in that case. Please lay down. *gestures towards her bed*

Akami wearily lays back down on her bed.

Dr.Diah: So let's start off with the basics. Where have you been?

Akami: That's basic question?

Dr.Diah: Well it is the first question that comes to mind.

Akami: Well...Ok. I've been in Kado's homeworld. I think it was called....mmmmmm...Echo? I wanna say that was it.

Dr.Diah: Ok. I was your trip?

Akami: I...I Don't even know, Doctor. I just didn't feel right there. I mean it was fine at first, but as time went on, it just didn't sit well with me.

Dr.Diah: I bet. So why didn't you come back?

Akami: Dad told me never to let a new member go anywhere without a champerone.

Dr.Diah: Speaking of new member, what happened to Kado?

Akami: .........*sigh* He's gone...

Dr.Diah: Like 'dead' gone? Or like 'left' gone?

Akami: Kado's....Someone else now...

Dr.Diah: Ah. His split-person condition. It finally reached it's conclusion. You don't look to happy about it though.

Akami: I've been unhappy about alot of the things that happened while I was there...I felt...Like a third wheel...I cracked under pressure.

Dr.Diah: You cracked? That doesn't sounds like you at all. Maybe it was the new enviroment you were under.

Akami: Maybe. That and I wasn't told much about what was going on. Like there was so much to tell but none of it was necessarily brought up. Yet, everyone acted like they knew what to do. I didn't Like, there was so much happening at one time and my mind couldn't wrap around it.

Dr.Diah: Ah yes. Your mind went into a state of panic. That and that one moment of your feeling of insignificance soon led to how you proceeded with your actions there after.

Akami: Yea...

Dr.Diah: But I also know that you must feel lika failure for not saving Kado.

Akami: I wanted to help him get better. In the end...He just became another girl...

Dr.Diah: That dude has some really gender-specific issues.

Akami: But the thing is: I felt as though he was different. That he might be one of those ones who would actually stay this time, but...He was no different neither.

Dr.Diah: Akami, I'll be blunt with you. We were insignificant to him anyway. I mean just face it. We no purpose for him accept for temporary housing for himself, his sister, and his pet. We couldn't have helped him no matter how hard we tried. Not even therapy session with me would've gotten to him.

Akami: *groans*

Dr.Diah: Besides, it's not like we needed him anyway. The whole lot of them were dramatic moochers.

Akami: Ok ok, I get it. You didn't like 'em.

Dr.Diah: I'm basing them off of what Obi told me. They had too much trouble on their plate and it finally caught up to us.

Akami: What do you mean?

Dr.Diah: Look outside, Akami.

Akami gets off of her bed and looks out through her window. It's almost pitch dark with very few dim rays of sunlight pearing through the roof. Akami exits her cabin and begins to search The Slums. Little by little, she sees that every other cabin is empty. Akami begins to get confused on everyone's whereabouts. She returns to the girl's cabin.

Akami: Hey um Doc? Where did everybody go.

Dr.Diah: Where they all should've gone: The Martyr's Garden.

Akami's eyes widen abit upon hearing that. She could only think of one other reason any would be in The Martyr's Garden...Was if they were...Akami rushes back outside and begins to search every cabin again. Dr.Diah is steady writing on his his billboard as Akami continues to search around exasperdetly. Akami can't believe it. It's just like what the doctor said. Their gone...All of them...Her family...Her dream...Gone....Akami pauses for a moment completely silent. She then heads back to the cabin. Her eyes still wide as she makes her way to her bed, sits on it, then lays on her back.

Akami: Obi has been right about a good bit of things, but...I don't want him to be right about Kado and them...

Dr.Diah: They may not have wanted to bring harm to us intentionally but every moment leading to this point has been a major blow to our future. Akami. It is with a troubled heart that I say-

Akami: My dream is dead...

Dr.Diah: *inhales* Yes.

Akami is still for a moment as this plays through her head. Why did this happen? What did she do wrong? How could the one thing she invested her entire life and future into have been ripped away from her in just a few months of her absence. Where was Segura? Torem or Reveryn? Or even Obi? Would she had made a difference if she had stayed or atleast had come back when she had the chance? Lately, she'd feel as if she couldn't have done anything to save them...The more she fills herself with these thoughts, the more and more he composure drops; as she tries to hold herself together. But she couldn't. Akami began to cry. She covered her face as she silently sobbed. She wanted to yell. Tear something up. Anything to vent out this frustration, this feeling of failure and helplessness....Helplessness...That's how she felt...Only this time there were no semi-sentient objects from keeping her from doing so...Just knowing that whatever she did...Wouldn't do anything...

Akami: No...No...No...No...No...

Akami begins to roll back and forth across her bed as she continues to say 'No'.

Dr.Diah: Yes Akami...I'm afraid they're gone.

Akami: No...

Dr.Diah: Yes.

Akami: No..

Dr.Diah: Yes.

Akami: No.

Dr.Diah: Yes.

Akami: No!

Dr.Diah: Yes.

Akami: NO!

Dr.Diah: *exales* Yes.


Akami lunges at Dr.Diah onto the floor. She then begins to swing her fist at punch him repeatedly. Blood flies across the beds and floors as Akami continues to punch Dr.Diah, here eyes dilated and contorted with anger and sadness.


About a minute or two later Akami stops and begins to weep. Dr.Diah lies there unmoving, his face is so bloody and swollen that it's hard to recognize him. Akami then gets up and exits the cabin and begins to walk amongst the other cabins as she remineces the good years she had with everyone. Here there was no hate amongst a single man or myth. They believed that if they could achieve unity in the sewers, then the whole world could achieve the same thing too...But the world wouldn't have it. The world deemed it forbidden for it to ever happen, much less exist any longer. Akami then finds herself in The Martyr's Garden. There she sees all the crucified, still there. Just looking out amongst the magnitude of people who died for a vain endeavor...It's too much for her mind to process that these people wasted their lives for no reason... She takes one more step foreward and she feel water splash beneath her foot. She looks down and sees her reflection.Her wretched reflection.A reflection of how weak she truly was.How stupid she truly was. Before she knows it, her rage flares up and she breathes green fire at the puddle. She covers her face again as her mind is screaming in agaony and frustration. She slowly looks up and looks across the fields of bodies. The Doctors words of her insignificance rang in her mind. Obi's words of doubt of her dream coming true at all. That she and her dream were pointless...So all these people who died for that same dream were pointless too...So why were they still hanging there?...The same reason they gave their lives...None...

Akami soon lets out a roar as she begins to tear apart the crucified martyrs and their posts apart in a fit of fury. She tore them, punched them, kicked them, burnt them all until there was nothing but a blood soaked all across the field, with shards of metal and guts and appednages spread across the ground. There was even scattered fires across the garden and they illuminated the carnage of the dead and one more post. The tallest one in the garden. Meant for her. She walks up to it and looks up and examines it elegant structure from which it was prepared once she had died herself. Akami simply puts her back against and slumps to the ground. She then burries her face in her arms. She sits ther quietly for a moment.


Akami slowly looks up and sees a dismembered head in front of her

We...Died believe like you did...We...Were to be a beacon of hope...To the world...What happened?

Akami looks at the head for a moment and reach and picks it up.

Akami: Hatred was what happened...Hatred for change...Hatred for equality...Hatred for us...

Akami puts her forehead on against the dismembered heads forhead.

'I forgive you...You spent your entire life wanting something better for both man and myth...And you worked hard for it...But I guess in this world...You were asking too much...You were asking something impossible...But to some degree...You achieved it...'

Akami: But in the end...History would've either forgotten us or labled us as terrorist who preached rubbish...I instilled an illusion into the minds of all of you...I instilled lies in all of you...Lies of a better tomorrow...

I'd rather had believed in an illusion of bliss, than live in a reality of sorrow.

Akami: And to make it worst...I abandoned you all...For him...In the end...He was nothing special...

He was...And he also needed you...

Akami: For what!? To be his tag-along!? Who did nothing much but sit on her ass all day until they thought I would be useful to push him along!?

His heart and his mind were in shambles...He needed you...You are friends...

Akami: Yea? My heart and my mind are in shambles...Where is he then...Hmm? Not here...All I have is a head I just decapitated about a minute ago, who I'm not sure if is actually talking to me!...I have no one...

Bitch, did I just catch you bein' dramatic!?

Akami: ?

Something slaps the head out of Akami's hand. She looks to see Obi crouches down in front of her with a barren tree with pictures strung on it tied to his back.

Akami: Dad?

Before she knows it, she gets smacked across the face.

Obi: Don't 'Dad' me! Womaaaaaan, what is your problem?

Akami: I think I took a dive into your world, Dad...

Obi: Please, you've barely passed the dimesional wormhole to it.

Akami: Dad...You were right about them...We shouldn't have accociated ourselves with them...And I shouldn't have dreamt of this dream...

Obi: Pfft! I know! And it's your fault too! *sigh* But it's not like we al haven't made mistakes before. It's my fault for letting you go to that place. You almost died. *reaches and put his hand on Akami's shoulder* I couldn't imagine my little red girl dying and me not being there to see your face again...I lost one of my sons...There one almost died for the third time now...And you were about to be sisterless too...Akami...I didn't want you to go persuing this dream because...I couldn't stand to see it crumbling down. And I couldn't stand to see you...Like this...Speaking of which, what happened to your faaaaace!?

Akami: This...Is what a really look like.

Obi: Chick, you look fugly, with a capital FUG!

Akami: Yea...I'm not exactly fond of it neither.

Obi: But hey, I've looked in the mirror every morning and said the exact same thing to myself.

Akami: *looks up at Obi*

Obi: *smiles* Akami. You know I'm always going to be there for you. That's what a dad is for. There won't be a moment where I'm not thinking about you. Or what you wanted for yourself. I was actually impressed as The Junkyosha Party grew. I acutally thought I was going to be wrong. You know what? I was. Cause I thought it wasn't going to work at all. But your dream reached out to other dreamers out there and you worked hard to advocate that to the world. You inspired to people to speak up and show love to one other despite who we were. You made a community where man and myth could be together and not hate one another because of they're differences. In that moment, I've never seen a stronger woman like that. Who believed in something so ridiculous but made it work.

Akami: ......

Akami reaches over and hugs Obi. Obi slowly embraces her back.

Obi: I don't know what you wanna do with yourself now, but I'm always gonna...Sorta support you. But there is no doubt that you will impress me!

Akami: I love you, Dad.

Obi: ....I...I love you too, red. *strokes Akami's hair* Come on. It's back to walkin' for us. We're off to find your other siblings. Wherever the hell they are. *props himself back on his hands and begins to walk out of the graveyard*

Akami: *follows next to him*

Off into Nowhere

Obi and Akami walk through the remains of the Slums

Akami: What do we do know dad?

Obi: There are two things we can do. We can either start over. I mean you have that option. Or. REAK VENGEANCE UPON THE M.C.C.P! HUNT THEM DOWN TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH AND DESTROYING EVERYTHIIIIIIING!

Akami: .....

Obi: Or pursue your own dreams like I said. Up to you.

Akami: I...More or less meant what are we doing right now.

Obi: Well, it's obvious. Like I've said before since you weren't listening as to be expected from kids these day. We're oof to find your other siblings. But first! We need a means of transportation. That I'm tryin' to re-hoard all my stuff. Man, I just had to have a birthday recently!

Akami: Oh right! Your birthday! My apologize,Dad. I didn't...Bring back anything for you...

Obi: Meh.

Akami: You...You're not upset?

Obi: Upset over what?

Akami: That I didn't get you a present.

Obi: You are my present. My everyday present. The best and worst present of my life.

Akami: Oh...Thanks,Dad

Obi abruptly stops and clutches his chest. He then falls over.

Obi: Aaaahhhhh!

Akami: DAD! Oohmygod! *rushes to his side* Are you ok?!

Obi: Hell no, I'm not ok! My heart is being attacked by sappiness! Aaaahh!

Akami: What do you need me to do?

Obi: Back up for a moment!

Akami takes a footstep back. Obi slowly gets back up ont his hands and feet.

Obi: Ok...I think I should be good...Le's go.

Akami: Hey Dad.

Obi: Let me guess. You're just now seeing me with the Memory Tree tied to my back.

Akami: Well...Yea.

Obi: .....Like It's every day I carry a cotdamn tree on my back, Akami!

Akami: I would've thought you would just takes the pictures off the tree. Not take the pictures and the tree.

Obi: Well you! Thought! Wrong! As! Awlays!

They begin to hear flapping of some sort echoing throught the underground.Faint, uneven flapping.

Akami: Birds, you think.

Obi: They would to be some biiiig fucking birds, Akami. Maybe it's the Death Raptor!

Akami: That's down there in England, Dad.

Obi: It's come to extract it's revengggge!

Akami: *smiles and shakes her head*

The two can still hear something making some sort of hoarse noise coming from above. Almost like sniffing.

Akami: What is that?

Obi: Girl, I don't know! We're about to find out anyway!

Akami: The pictures?

Obi: If it bothers you that much, Akami. Feel free to take 'em off my tree I've had for about 50 years. It's outlived its usefulness and I am about to follow suit aswell.

Akami: Uuummm...Okay?

Akami begins to take the photos of the withered tree as the two continie to walk trough the Slums. Akami looks through some of them. There was one with Obi and her as a baby from a up-close sideview. Obi was wearing some tattered military uniform, looking rather tired but focused as he is facing awat from the camera. Akami is tied to his back by a fabric sash wrap with an army helment tied to her back . There's seemingly a pillow inside the helmet too. Akami is looking at the camera it wide-full eyes of suprise and confusion. She could never get used to the bright camera flashes when she was little. Still can't now. Akami see that her let was hanging out the sash. "Man, I was snug in that thing. Best piggy-back rides of my life though." Akami then looks at Obi in the picture and looks at him for a moment before caressing the image with her thumb. "He's forever carrying something on his back..."

Akami looks at the withered tree that he still has tied to his back. No memories attacked. She cuts the bungie string around it with a chop and the tree falls of of Obi's back.

Obi: Chickwhattheheckdoyouthinkyouredoing!

Akami: Lightening your load some.

Obi: I didn't ask you to do shit!

Akami: You didn't need to. I gotta sturdy enough back of my own.

Obi: Why are you telling me that?

Akami: Just so you'd know. *walks past Obi*

Obi looks at Akami with confusion for a moment before shrugging it off and follows her. Obi and Akami make it to the cumpter room and exit through the hole in the roof and come up onto the surface where there is nothing but bleak rubble stretched for seemingly miles.

Akami: Where'd the city go?

Obi: Didn't the doctor tell you that the Admin. came by

Akami: Ri-

Obi: Before you decided to go ape-shit and desecrate grave like a kid fuckin' over glass vases and shit.

Akami: My apologizes...

Obi: Don't be apologizin' to me. Be apologizin' to all dem bodies you done fucked up.

The hoarse huffing sound can still be hear, though alot closer now.

Obi: For real, what is that sound? You'd think there with a city that just got the last of it's legs kicked out from under it like a flimsy-ass chair from the thrift there'd be notin' but dead silence. Not hatin' on the thrift or nothin' cause often times they have some neat-ass shit up in there. Remember when I got you Mooser and Mooser Jr.

Akami: I got to hold Mooser and Son for three seconds before you went and snatched it back and proceeded to buy it for yourself

Obi: I didn't ask you for the spe-! Well, I sorta did, but dat's besides the point!

The hoarse huffing continues

Obi: Ok, whoever it is be makin' dem damn noises, imma 'bout to come over there and put a stop to that shit permanantley!

Everything stops for a second before the hoarse huffing continues

Obi: Dat's it bitch! You's is dead now!

Obi rushes over to where the sound is coming from just before coming to a stop ontop a mound of rocks.

Obi: *gasp* *puts his hands against the side of his head* NOOOOOOOO!

Akami: Dad? *runs over to Obi* What is it?

Akami looks down where Obi is looking and her eyes suddenly widen at the sight of a reinder laying on the ground with ith it's neck trapped under a large piece of dubrisl blood spattered everywhere. It huffs hoarsley as it tries to stare up at them

Obi: WAAAAAAAAAN NOOOOOOOOOOO! *slides down the mound of rocks and slides right next to Wan's side*

Akami does the same and slowly begins to lift the rock off of Wan's neck. Wan begins to squirm wildly as they notice the rock lodged in Wan's neck. Akami slowly puts the rock down.

Obi: *holds Wan's head in his arms* Nooooo, my beautiful christmas pet friend! Why? Why did this have to happen to you? You were just doin' reindeer thangs...Like playin' reindeer games....By yourself...You know like you always do...*sniff*

Wan: *huffs*

Obi: It's ok, Wan...Your friend's here...Peace comes over you...I know you'll be in the Lord's hands once you pass...Even though I might not see you in Heaven, whether I make it or not...I have no memories to share with you, for you might not live long enough to hear all of them, but do know that I will never forget you, dear friend Wan...

Wan: *huffs then goes still*

Obi: *tucks his lips in before hanging his head in sorrow*

After an extensive period of travel, they find themselves on a vast open plain, approaching an oddly grandiose city. It isn't long after this that Akami sees a female Lambda vaguely familiar to her approaching.

Akami: Heeeeey...Haven't I seen you before.

Obi: Who's she supposed to be? Your plastic surgeon?

Torikkunasuta: Oooooo...She's so piiiink...And ma'am. I think your chest is swollen.

Obi: The Birdman might be right. Like she's pregnant with chest busters or something.

Akami; Dad!

Obi: There is no hiding that! This chick' s rack is huge! It's twice the size of our heads!

Akami: *looks back at Moegara* Who are you? And what's up with that city behind you.

Obi: Please let it be New Jerusalem...

Moegara gives Obi a dark look, as her being goes from a fiery nature, to a frozen one, the air temperature plummets as a result.

"You do not want to start with me." A huge spiked icewall forms between Moegara and Akami, and Obi and Tori, separating Akami from the rest of them, and blocking their commentary any further.

"Now that we can speak in peace, the name is Moegara, and you're looking at my beautiful city. We met before during that whole crisis. I noticed your presence and noted the lack of job or home, and decided to offer you a place among my fellow Generals. Your dream was to unite man and myth, yes? Well as a General, you'll have both might and brain to achieve whatever your heart's desire is. I would have offered a place for those two, but they decided to slander me."

Akami: Weellllll...Can you blame them?

Moegara gives her an even colder look. "As a woman, I'm only going to be nice once before I make you regret that. Do you understand me?"

She cracks her knuckles. "Of course, if you want, dear Akami, I can always make you a mother, since you feel the need to make comparisons, so go ahead, say something else. I'll only kill the next bastard who speaks up, or unleash fertility curses upon you. No big deal. Or maybe we want to play nice to the woman who commands an entire army."

Akami: Listen last, I am in a irritable mood today. So to save both of us the trouble. I apologize.

The three of them are slapped by an invisible force. "You are forgiven. Only if you refrain from ridiculing the natural body a lady (or a man) is born with. You reduce yourselves to nothing but hideous swine with such commentary, swine that aren't good for anything except perpetuating their own selfish egos."

She turns and begins walking back to the city, the icewall breaks down.

"I care not if you join me. But do keep up."

Obi: ....What did she say? Legit don't know what she said.

Akami follows Moegara and Tori does too while rubbing the side of his face. Obi reluctantly follows too.

She leads them into the city, which is just as well decorated as the outside. Huge numbers of Chaos Engines, a number of Myths, and a few humans here and there are spotted as they walk.

"So Akami, what do you think? Want a chance to serve a role bigger than yourself, and have a real chance to shape this world as you desire?"

Akami: I don't know. I mean this all looks too good to be true.

Torikkumasuta: It's something the MPD would've spent years to achieve.

Obi: But something like this is bound to be fucked over in someway.

Moegara smiles. "I created this city in months. Sure, I forced this existence over these people, and in time, some of the newborn Chaos Engines will learn the truth. And I'll let them become who they were again if that is what they truly wish. But at least that chance will be offered.

But through my own acts, I brought about this city's birth. How many single men can say the same? How many individuals before me failed? If I have the strength, then others can too, and I can preserve it with that same strength. Will you let your strength go to waste, Akami? Or will you use it for those other than yourself?"

Akami: I ALWAYS fought for others. Reason why I might have already let it go to waste ...

Torikkumasuta: * hugs Akami from the side*

"No, you merely fought to keep something you already had alive. You never grew it beyond your little niche community."

Moegara regards her plainly. "And there's always a second chance. This is mine being given to you. You gonna take it or be a little baby, always living by how your daddy does it, not by your own terms? It's up to you, but I don't want to hear any moping either way."

Obi: Yeah she's been like that for a good year. Oh quick correction. Our influence spread through the world but it was the strongest where we were

Akami: Wait...Did you say "forced"?

Moegara shrugs. "If you are hiding in sewers, you're still a very niche community. A minority."

She then rolls her eyes at Akami's remark. "Yeah, military occupation. You know, in which a military threat is taken out and occupied by your own forces? I don't know if you noticed snowflake, but we're in a war." She emphasizes the war torn countryside.

"I will let them choose their humanity once they remember, if they decide that is, that after all the prosperity and blessings this city and its people has been given, that they'd rather be human and discard everything I've given them, then so be it. Consider it a trial run. You'll find that so far a good number who realized what they were now prefer their new lives.

You can save your ethics for someone who isn't a former demon."

Akami: I don't know....I want to trust you.

Obi: Don't! Former demon my sick ass! Woman, you still got the horns!

Torikkunasuta: Ooooooo he's gotta point. Demons do have horns.

Akami: They probably forgot to remove them.

Torikkunasuta: Ooooooo she's gotta good point too.

Akami: I'll think about it but I have another priority. I'm looking for my family.

Torikkumasuta: And I'm off to find my partner.

Akami: That too cause this dude doesn't know where she is.

Torikkumasuta: *shakes his head * I don't.

Moegara chuckles. "It's mostly the dragon-nephelam in me now. I can use our resources to help find them, you know. Also birdman, I saw you at the battle- -your girly friend was retrieved and sent back to wherever you MPD blokes roost in. But yeah, I can help you with anything you need."

Obi: Convenience!

Akami: Thank you. I'll check up on everyone else first then we'll drop you off. Is that Okay with you, Tori.

Torikkumasuta: It's fine with me, Ms. Akami. Especially if I get to see the beautiful green lady.

Moegara continues leading them into the city, toward an elegant palace.

"Feel free to stay with me for the duration of your stay. Oh, and if you need something from me, knock. I will summon my compatriots as soon as possible, and we will find your missing friends."

Akami: Thank you again.

Torikkumasuta: Yes, thank you very much, demon lady

Obi: Yea yea sure, what they said. I just wanna see ma' kids.

Moegara wags a finger. "Patience, nothing gained by rude behavior."

Obi: Says you!

Akami: Dad!

Obi: I wanna see my kids now!

Akami: Then wait.

Obi: I don't wanna wait! I wanna see 'em now! *folds his arms and pouts*

Akami: Then why don't you educate Tori on the Sun.

Obi: *looks at Tori*

Torikkumasuta: *waves at him with an impish smile*

Obi: *goes over and puts his arm around Tori* Birdman. Let me tell you the truth about the Sun.

Torikkumasuta: Oooo I like truths!

Moegara chuckles. "You are something," She remarks to Akami.

Akami: So I've been told. But why are you giving me this oppurtunity. We're strangers afterall and I'm not exactly in the best mentality right now.

"I like your spirit, it reminds me of my lady Abeni. That's all there is to it. You have similar ideals."

Akami: I had spent over 50 years trying to get the idea equality out there, but you already achieved it all and then some long did it take you to do all this again?

"A few months. Then again, I did force things a bit. ...A lot. Only some people can be won over by words. The rest need to be given a blasting of ice water before they can see a different way. Sometimes a forceful hand is more necessary than a gentle push."

Akami: People don't respond well to force, especially when you have those select few who can see right through the smoke and mirrors. But...It still worked. More than all those years preaching and suicide...I'll be honest, If I only had known if it were that easy, I might not have tried. I went as far as I did...Because I thought if I didn't fight for the better for both man and myth, who would? I even resigned to probably never achieving that goal in this life. I know I'm sounding selfish. But what can you say when you spend your entire life trying to achieve something to benefit the greater good and only leaving dent, then a stranger comes and achieves what you were after in so little time and making a bigger impact? Whether you used force or not. The fact is: You did it. Man and Myth are living in a city together. Where people can see them....I only confined them in a sewer under a run-down city.

Moegara shakes her head. "Only a few hundred humans here, compared to several thousand Chaos Engines and an equally small number of Myths. Most were turned. The difference between you and I Akami, is that the difference is compared to the weight of the entire world, you were weak, through no fault of your own. I have the means to subjugate the world, while you saved those who were lost. I can change the body, even tamper with the mind... ...but it's no easy matter to repair a broken soul."

She shrugs. "I'm easier at breaking things. It takes real talent to put them together. That's the talent that I speak of. The strength I see in you. A strength I can never have. A strength called love."

Torikuumasuta: That makes so much sense!

Obi: Right!

Akami lets all of what Moegara said soak in.

Moegara turns back to her more fiery appearance. "Take that as you will, I see greatness in you. With the blessing of my Lady as well as the strength your love gives you, you will unquestionably surpass me."

A young blonde haired girl resembling Moegara races up to her, and Moegara picks her up with a faint smile.

"Oh, meet my daughter Mora."

"Welcome to our city."

Akami nods at her

" Will you be needing anything?"

Akami shakes her head

"What about those two?"

Akami looks over at Obi and Tori

Torikkumasuta: You saw one?

Obi: Four of 'm. Each one hellbent on mass destruction!

Torikkumasuta: Ooooooooo!

Akami: They're fine.

Moegara shakes her head. "I'm sorry Mora, it seems only the girl has a clear sense of mind about her. Try to avoid those two. It would be a shame if their brainlessness rubbed off on you. Shall we go inside and prepare our guests dinner?"

"I suppose do, ma'am."

"Good girl, mommy has taught you well. I'll set out some caramel and icecream for you later."

Moegara leads them into the interior of the palace, and sits upon a simple wood throne, humble compared to the appearance of the city. She has her guests sit at a large table, while Mora is seated by her side.

She points to rooms to the right and left.

"You are free to rest in any of those rooms. However, you must remain there for the duration of the evening, til dinner. Me and Mora will prepare dinner."

Torikkumasuta: Ooo! Ooo! Is it going to worms? ! Or crickets? I like crickets.

Moegara gives him a look of disgust.


Torikkumasuta: What does that mean?

Akami: It means she wants us to leave.

Torikkumasuta: Oh ok. Bye pink lady. *enters one of the rooms*

Akami and Obi do the same.

Once they have left, Moegara summons a red magic circle in front of her.

"Yo, Ryoka, Sylles, Kanda, Yasei. I need you all for something." She calls the other Five Shadows.

Ryoka: What is it you need, Moegara?

Sylles: Is everything alright over there?

She waits until Kanda and Yasei have arrived, before speaking.

"First of all, I wished to inform you of my successful occupation and conquering of this city, according to schedule. Second, I found a potential canidate for a Sixth Shadow. She's in one of the bedrooms now. I'll introduce you later. Now, the most important news- -I've picked up our lady's energy signature. She's injured, but alive. We should move to retrieve her as soon as possible. Also, Lady Azula appears to be in a serious mental state. We may need to intervene before her power goes out of control."

She strokes Mora's head.

"And I also want to introduce my beautiful little daughter. Introduce yourself to my colleagues, child."

"Pleasure to meet you all. I am Mora'

Sylles: Pleasure to meet you

Ryoka: Likewise, I suppose. But dually noted, we will mobilize as soon as possible to retrieve the two Ladies.

Moegara nods. "Follow me." She takes flight. "Oh, Mora. Start dinner, I'll help once we're back."

"Yes ma'am."

Moegara leads them on to a location far from the city, in the far distance they can see a huge crimson wildfire raging.

Ryoka: This is it then.

Sylles: My this is quite the sight

Moegara lets out a huge blast of snow from her lips, causing a massive blast of steam when it hits the fire.

Help me cool down the situation.

Ryoka: *clasp her hands together*

The clouds above begin to darken severely and lightning can be seen and thunder can be heard. Soon mass amounts rain begins to pour down and strong currents of wind begin to blow

The flames begin to slowly die as a huge impact crater, with Abeni barely visible can be seen.

Ryoka: I can see her.

Sylles: Wouldn't it be easier to phase through the flames?

Moegara shakes her head. "I have both more chest and more brain than you if you think that is normal fire."

Sylles: Yes abnormal fire but we're abnormal beings. Sure this fire isn't normal but we're single-handedly the most power beings on the Earth currently. Shouldn't it be easy for us to overcome this?

"Ah, so you consider yourself more powerful then our master?"

Sylkes: Moegara, don't go about twisting my words. I really doubt our lady would conceal herself in a crater surrounded in flames. She must've fallen from somewhere.

"The impact site is too small for it to be pure friction, most of this fire is her aura. It seems the two sisters are in pain, our lady in physical, and her sister in mental." Moegara rolls her shoulders. "Now who wants to dive into that stuff and pull her out?"

Ryoka: I might awsell.

Ryoka walks up to the fire and looks at it for a moment. She closes her eyes and puts her hands together as she takes a step foreward

The flames surge in strength and threaten to encroach upon her.

Ryoka backs away from the fire. She jumps high into the air above the flames and soon begins to fall into the flames and into the crater.

The flames spiral together almost in spear formation, but Moegara freezes the front of it, allowing Ryoka to get underneath the formation.

Ryoka falls through the icy formation and continues to make her way downward.

She barely manages to avoid being scorched by the flames, and now rapidly approaches the wounded Abeni.

Ryoka: There. I see her!

"Get her before she gets us!" Moegara calls out.

Ryoka lands next to Abeni and quickly grabs onto her as she propells herself back up from where she descended

The fire seems to erode after she has done so.

Moegara claps. "Very good Ryoka. I was worried you would be too slow."

Ryoka: Mm... *slowly lays Abeni down on the ground * Now for Lady Azula.

"What are you doing Ryoka?! Pick her back up you useless troll! Carry your lady!" Moegara snaps.

Ryoka: ...I think Lady Abeni will be better off in your hands, Moegara. Seeing you're the most concerned for her well-being than the rest of us. Unless you want to fetch Lady Azula, then I'll gladly carry Lady Abeni.

Moegara gives her a death glare. "Quit being a smartass."

Ryoka: Quit being a tsundere. So which is it, Moegara? I stay and you go or I go and you stay?

"You don't know what a tsundere even is. Pick her up and let's go, dumbass, before I rearrange your mug."

Ryoka: I don't respond to disrespect, Moegara.

Sylles blows on her flute, which emits a sharp whistle that pierces their ears.

Sylles: You two had to get all snippy at eachother today. *goes over and picks up Abeni and puts her on her back* How about that, hmm? How.About.That?

Ryoka: My apolo-

Sylles: No.No. I don't need you to apologize. I got it now. So one of you go on and get Lady Azula.

Moegara seems unaffected. "I suppose you've forgotten your place, the lot of you. We all are going. Unless you feel like committing treason, I suggest you follow suit."

Ryoka: *narrows her eyes* Ok Moegara-

Sylles: No Ryoka, let's not start this again. I'd rather we get this over with. I can't carry Lady Abeni forever.

Moegara extends her wings and lifts into the air. "If we have that settled, let's go."

Ryoka and Sylles levitate into the air, waiting for Moegara to lead.

Moegara leads the group with a slight twirl before flying off.

Ryoka follows behind Moegara and Sylles flies behind Ryoka