The beginning of a massive invasion of Earth by the Anti Human Organization, Phoenix. Caused massive destruction across the whole of the world. This is a recording of the events that took place. ~Eien

The Invasion Begins Edit

n the Reception Room

Report 1: There have been numerous sightings of numerous celestial curtains in the sky...

Report 2: Everyone from San Francisco, to Tokyo, to London, to Turkey can see them all...

Report 3: It's like the sky is crack up into the Universe...

Report 4: Religous follows are saying that this is no 2nd coming of Christ...

Receiver: All deployed personnel. Caution is advised.Delay civilians from any sort of panic. We'll be standing by. We'll be watching from here on out. We'll let you know if their is a certain change.

----- Unknown Pocket Dimension

White looks among her many gathered warriors, and at the seated Slayers. She eyes the two empty seats with a taste of disapproval.

She turns to face her men.

"Today is the day man cries out for an end to their damnation they call life. Today is the day man will no longer drown in his misery, nor choke on their hatred. At last, the Earth shall quake and tear down their foundations, the Ocean shall rise up and claim them gentle tombs of water and sand, and the Sky shall forever more sooth them to their final breath...

It is clear to all that humans are ungrateful for the great gifts of the Mythos, from the potential as a society to the aid we ourselves once granted them during their struggle... with our own kin. For them, we tore down the thrones of godly tyrants, and helped turn the tide of their war. Yet they continue treating other beings like vermin.

So now let us apply the ultimate karma upon the humans, let them see the great and terrible toll their hatred and malice has brought upon them... Earth shall be destroyed! Earth shall be burned to the ground! And from the ashes, a NEW Earth shall be born! Such is our destiny... we are the Phoenix, and the fire that shall bring not only Earth's new birth, but our own!

...Destroy... every last one of them..." She chuckles.

"Prepare Phase One."

----M.C.C.P. Reception Room

One agent watching the events of the strange phenomenona chokes out in alarm, as what looks like hundred of portals begin to open up in San Francisco. "Are you seeing this?!" He stammers.

Receiver: *was eating a bag of chips* Hmm? *looks at the screen* Aw crap. *puts the chips down and puts his headphones back on* All personnel in San Francisco prepare yourself. we've picked up multiple portals opening. Prepare your weapons. Back-up is coming.

Suddenly, the Receiver begins to receive countless calls in countless cities of countless portals, just as more agents in the room begin to report the same thing occurring throughout cities across the globe, and it dawns on him that something is very very wrong.

Receiver: Awwwwwww craaaap.

The Administrator: *speaks in a cold, unruling voice.* What is it?

Receiver: *jumps and turns around to see The Admin. behind him* Uhhhhhhhh...Nothing you need to be concerned about sir.

The Administrator: *looks at the Receiver ominously*

Receiver: *is trembling* W-w-weee've been getting portals opening...w-world wide..

The Administrator: *reverts his attention back to the screen*

Receiver: *turns to look at the screen slowly*

From the portals, on every screen, countless armored figures charge out of the portal, their armor black and red, each of the bearing a red bird with what appears to be a cycle symbol emblazoned on their armor. The wave of attackers catch the M.C.C.P. agents completely off guard, not even remotely prepared for the onslaught, and most of their forces are forced back form the surprise strike.

An invasion.

The Administrator: *looks at what's happening a little bit longer then turns and leaves the room*

Receiver: *sighs in relief*

Ameno and Jonas stare up into the sky, the unusual sight of the aurora borealis filling the sky both amazing and somewhat disturbing.

Jonas: Hm. Well dat ain't right.

An M.C.C.P. soldier runs up to them. "We just got news from command, apparently these lights are being caused by some sort of massive energy increase related to portals, which are causing an unknown army of what appear to be.... ninjas and elementals to appear, the majority of our forces are out matched and outnumbered, even with reinforcements!"

Jonas: Shoot, man. Then let the Myths handle this. I gotta do somethin' about Ameno. Tell Admin to release one of his other Weapons he has in his basement. I'm unavailable.

Suddenly a massive portal opens right next to them, and hundreds of black and red enemy troops erupt forth, each of them with a red bird emblem on their chest-plates. Their front line forces charge with energy shields, and they lock sight with Jonas, Ameno, and the soldier.

"C-crap! I don't wanna die!" The soldier yells as the army begins to form a large circle around the three, their rear side also erecting shields from their arms to avoid being flanked. After more than at least 500 hundred of these troops arrive, a single man with dark irises and white pupils emerges, wielding a strange sword.

"Well well well... if it isn't Jonas McVienel... I hear you're quite the big shot in M.C.C.P..." He chuckles. "A werepyre... thought I'd only see those in a bad fan fiction of Twilight."

Jonas: Man, everyone's a sucker for Twilight. But you don know that things gonna happen with Jacob and Bella's child. A bit pedophilic if you ask me.

The man chuckles. "Oh I know alright... say wolfly, you wouldn't happen to have seen a young man wearing a mask and eyes like mine now would ya?"

Jonas: Nah, don't believe I have.

The man covers his face with his hand. "How unfortunate. I was hoping he would accept our invitation. ...It seems the Dark Phoenix really is a traitor."

He looks up and sees Ameno. "Say now... who's this pretty little girl anyhow?" Jonas can tell from just looking in this man's eyes that while this man seems at ease and more or less carefree at the moment, his eyes hold a dangerous energy to them. The potential for him to become a threat seems high.

Jonas: This has a 'No touchin' policy'. If you are smart and not big asshole, you should respect the policy.

As if there was an unspoken signal, the troops surrounding them begin to move out, leaving the four standing there.

The man smiles, not reassuring Jonas. "Oh trust me little wolf. I don't care about touchin' nothing." He pauses, sniffing the air suddenly. "What is that scent I smell... seems... familiar..."

Jonas: Is it the guy yer lookin' fer?

The man looks back toward them. "No."

Before he can even blink, the man suddenly has Ameno unconscious in his grasp, standing before him as though he hadn't moved. "I just found an unbounded elemental!" He cackles.

He blocks Jonas's first attack with ease, his sword able to withstand Jonas's strength.

"Aww calm down there wolfy... it's only a measly Earth Elemental. They're not worth anyone's time..." He chuckles. Some of his men return, and erect a red barrier infront of Jonas, blocking him off from the man.

He sets Ameno down carefully, and looks at his men. "Prepare to summon the beast." They, nod, and begin some kind of spell.

Jonas angerly punches the barrier, but it refuses to give.

Jonas: Fine...just give me a moment. *takes off his coat. His vision becomes sharply impared. His arms grow longer and he starts growing hair and his face changes ito that of a wolf. He gets taller, finally after the transformation is complete, he roars. In a few moments he braks the barrier in a single strike and in a even more few moments decapitates all of the soldiers and is know face to face with the man* Warned you about the policy.

The man, unimpressed, suddenly stabs Ameno in the chest, and her body solidifies and turns to stone, then slowly crumbles into the sword, it beginning to take a green glow as it absorbs her. When finished, he brandishes the sword at Jonas.

"Look how beautiful her soul's glow is... would you like to see her power?" He suddenly creates a massive wall of earth and slams it into Jonas, sending him crashing into a wall, and he covers himself in an armor of metal and earth.

"Now what's the fuss? She was only an elemental... yet you're losing your head. But don't worry. She's alive."

"...But if you kill me, you will doom her soul to being trapped within the sword for eternity."

Jonas: *is angry, but reverts back* Fine...take her.

The man cackles. "Here's a little compensation prize!" He claps his hands together, and a massive mound of earth rises up behind him, slowly becoming the rough shape of a dragon's skeleton. Within it, something like molten lava begins to form, and the shape begins to turn metallic. The metal dragon skeleton's skull eyes begin to glow with a dark red light, and as it completely fills with lava, it let's out a monsterous roar.

"Say hello to my friend Hitomara... I'm sure you'll get quite acquainted with each other... with you in his stomach."

The man rushes off, and the dragon he called Hitomara suddenly rips apart the two buildings next to it by extending its wings, and it charges Jonas, maws opened to devour him.

Jonas: *simply steps back and the dragons mouth hits the ground instead* Missed.

The dragon's eyes flare, and suddenly Jonas is blown far back by a massive blast of hot air, one which nearly burns his skin, and everything in the blast radius has erupted into flames in seconds. The dragon lifts its head up and swallows the earth, and then spits it back out as a sphere of pure refined molten earth and minerals at him.

Jonas: *dodges them with ease without even moving his feet* Missed again.*his skin begins healing but not fast*

The dragon leaps over to him in a quick flurry of movement, and as it comes near him, he feels his whole body and everything else where it lands ignite from the intensity of its heat. It then breathes a stream of fire at Jonas's face.

Jonas: *takes step out the way and the steam blows past his face* Man, you are not a good mover, are ya?

A jet flies over head and releases a metal capsule with glider wings. The capsule unscrews itself and a figure falls out of it. The figure takes flight and stops right above Hitomara.

Jonas: *looks at the figure* What da?

The dragon suddenly dives into the earth, as it does so what could only can be described as a volcanic eruption blasts both Jonas and the figure away with an explosion of lava, gas, earth, and fire. The explosion continues for a good five minutes, and the radius continues to grow until it has decimated an entire city block. When it finally stops, there is a large mound with a huge pool of lava writhing to the surface.

Jonas: Rrrrggh! There is too much shit going on to begin with! *is coughing due to the gas in the air*

The figure waits above for Hitomara.

Suddenly the whole of the area surges, a violent movement that begins to cause earthquakes, tearing down multiple buildings around him, and large cracks rip across the ground, as a swelling in the ground begins to take a shape Jonas had only read about in books, and seen on television. A volcano.

The cone suddenly lets out a violent explosion that deafens him and begins to rain lava and ash on the area, the eruption bombarding the city's buildings with huge chunks of rock.

Jonas: Well guess wht? It keeps getting worse! *jumps back while dodging a few rocks. Gets to higher ground and looks at all the lava*

The volcano quiets, only to be ripped apart by yet another explosion, only from its side instead. A huge ravaging ball of fire, gas, ash, and magma rips out, and Hitomara flies out, even bigger than before, the blast slamming into the city and decimating several city blocks in mere moments, and blowing huge clouds of ash and gas into the rest. Hitomara himself slams into Jonas full force his unbelievably hot body once again burning Jonas, and sends him flying towards a skyscraper.

Jonas: *is laying on his back inside the building, burning* It's a good thing i took my coat off...

the figure has a shin in a shape of a Pentagram, that shoots 5 sparks at Hitomara. The Pentagram symbol can be seen on Hitomara as waves of heat are fllowing into the figure. The lava starts to disappear the same with Hitomara.

Jonas suddenly sees the light of Hitomara's eyes dim, and then its body suddenly violently explodes, sending metal shrapnel into the figure and Jonas's entire body, and raining even more lava and metal into the city.


The figure is hit too, but just simply removes it from his body. Boost at Mach 5 speed and grabs Jonas and flies off while avoiding molten metal rain.

The man watches the figure leave. "So they have Jumbo as well huh...?" He holds a red crystal in his hand, a small metal band with a red light glows like fire in it. A small growl of anger ripples from the crystal.

"Ah shut up you scaly beast." He looks about at all of the destruction and smiles. "Ya didn't wipe it completely out, that's unfortunate. But..." He has a dark smile on his face now. "I still have this beautiful new sword..." He holds the sword up to the sky, admiring its soft green glow.

"Now now little lady... if you behave, I might let you take physical form for a while."

He sighs.

"Ah well. Tomorrow's a whole new day to destroy another city." He disappears into a portal, along with the various Phoenix troops, who leave to rest for the night.

Some time later, Another portal appears, this one a large gate that appears out of thin air. It opens, and Kalin runs out, wearing a white steel bracer on his left arm.

Kalin looks around, seeing the destruction left behind, and sighs.

"Dammit! Too late!" He says before absorbing the remnants of fire and lava he sees, before coughing in disgust. "What IS that? It smells like cigars, and... Burnt dog fur. Puppy, not you too..." Kalin opens another portal and runs into it, leaving the area quiet once again.

The figure returns to the facility with a burnt Jonas under his arm. He throws him at the feet of The Admin.

The Administrator: *looks down on Jonas* Next time when your given an order, I suggest you do it or I can't guarantee I send back-up. *looks at the figure* Take him back to the cryo-chambers.

The figure picks up Jonas and carries him to the cryo-chambers.

The Administrator: *enters into a nearby elevator and heads into the sub-levels*

Once he enters the sub-levels, he walks up t a vault at the end of a single hallway.

The Administrator: ...Light Consumer...*vault on locks itself and he enters. Once he enters, there is another singular hallway of light. It leads up to a male wearing a leather zipper-suit with an attached mask in a glass coffin. The label on the coffin reads 'Weapon Optima', it also reads 'Only Administrator access* I never thought I would have to release you...Son.

Eve of Battle 1 Edit

Naomi walks through the many halls of Yosai, and eventually comes to the meeting room. With a deep breath, she opens the doors to find Hiroshi, White, Torrent, and Aoi discussing the organization's next moves.

White looks up to see her, and a faint smile crosses her face. "What are you doing here, Naomi? Shouldn't you be getting your rest for our incursion onto Earth in the next few days?"

"...I...I couldn't sleep. I've just been... You see I... ...I've been worrying about..."

White has a knowing look on her face. "Oh I see. You're worried about him, aren't you?"

Aoi remains looking down at the map as always.

Hiroshi: Shame the boy took this little test abit too seriously. He complains over how things used to be. All he had to do was take our hand and it could've been that way again.

White looks at him, then at Naomi. "We did find him at one point, Naomi, and we offered him a second chance. However he sunk too low into his desire to obtain power. Out of mercy I gave him one more chance, but seeing as he hasn't responded, or perhaps can't respond, it is doubtless we will have to deal with him in our mission to bring redemption to the world."

Torrent chuckles. "Oh I don't mind that at all. I'm sort of looking forward to seeing how far the runt of the pack has come since he left us so long ago."

Hiroshi: Ofcourse you are. You've been at his neck ever since you two were just apprentices.

Torrent smirks. "Let's not forget that it was he who did the challenging. I just did it so the little kid would shut up."

Naomi clutches her chest, still obviously not at ease. "I just... I don't want to fight him... ...not after all we..."

Hiroshi: Hush child. It will be ok. You do not have to fight the boy along with us. We might have something else for you to do. Might is most definate.

Aoi looks up quietly. "Kukyo is free." All members present whirl their heads towards her.

Hiroshi:...How could this be? Has she devoured the boys soul?

"No. He still lives. But Kukyo has be undeniably freed. I cannot see properly, but it is a powerful being whose doing caused this. It appears though as though Kado... willingly released her."

White blinks. "He allowed Kukyo to be set free?"

Torrent closes his eyes. "If Kukyo is free, we must be wary. She could come for us."

Hiroshi: Definitely: What she is doing with her freedom is unknown, whether its too take the happiness of those who are wrong or to destroy us for the past events.

They suddenly hear roars and screams from the Warlords assembled at the fortress, almost triumphant in nature. "They rejoice. They must have picked it up as well. If Kukyo is free we must be cautious now. Without her darkness, those who are powerful enough will be able to sense us." She is about to return to her quiet nature, when she looks up again.

"Kado has also learned of the invasion. From what I understand there is discussion on the matter between the nations, though it seems Kado has his mind set on going. He will no doubt have to wait for his men to arrive to Chinmoku in order to transport troops, he will not risk another attack from the M.C.C.P. Though Chinmoku may not support Azure, seeing they do not like violence to begin with."

Hiroshi: Will it be likely for them to make an exception?

"Maybe. The future is not that clear right now. Too much at stake is going on." She returns her attention to the map.

White stretches. "What will be will be. For now we should rest. If you cannot sleep, try to stay to your wards."

Naomi still appears upset, and Hiroshi understands too well that her compassion for Kado hasn't died, unfortunately his betrayal to the organization clearly only makes her heart ache worse. She had always been the most unable to properly handle her emotions.

Hiroshi: Listen child. Maybe you should stay up with us, if it will take your mind off these problems.

White sighs. "Not to be insensitive... but this was supposed to be a private meeting Hiroshi."

From behind her, Noriko appears. "Whatcha doing?" She says in her playful tone. White sighs. "Or at least it was one..."

From her anxiety, Naomi's ears and tails sprout, and she ends up burying her face in one of the black furred tails. "Awwwww! Naomi's cute again!" Noriko cheers.

Hiroshi: *moans in disgust at Noriko*

Noriko looks at him blankly. "What?"

Aoi sighs, and looks at Noriko. "You've got more energy than usual, Noriko."

"Energy is my middle name! Besides, we get to do something for the first time in forever! These next few days could go so much faster!"

White closes her eyes. "I see you're enthusiastic to join the battle as well."

Noriko nods. "Besides, I want to see how much little Dark Boy has grown!" She looks at Torrent. "...Don't even." He sighs with exasperation.

Hisroshi: *cracks a smile at Torrent*

As Toma comes in, White just lays her head on the table. "...Fine. We might as well discuss the pairings for the battle. Everyone, get seated. ...Noriko, no funny buisness, understand?"

Noriko puffs her cheeks. "Can I at least sit next to Torrent?"



White looks up and glares at her with dragonic eyes, and she quickly sits down.

Hiroshi: For one, I believe we should all spread out within the fortress. I also feel that not everyone needs to be paired up.

"I refer to when we move out to enact the Trimaster Plan, Hiroshi. As you know, Kado is likely to attempt to intervene. I know that you all may not value him as a serious threat. Understand though you all received the same instruction. Of all of the members, only me and Hiroshi remain from the old roster.

I do not want to take any chances. I think it is best if each of the Trimasters has a additional member standing by to keep guard, to allow them to carry out their part. It is too dangerous for underestimating at this point. We can't take chances."

Hiroshi: The boy is driven by his hatred for us an will release the same rage that caused his own downfall, that might be our own. Though he is rage driven, he's not above thinking.

"I will be assigning Naomi to Hiroshi, Aoi to Toma, and..." She hesitantly looks at Noriko, whose face lights up. "...Noriko with Torrent." Torrent groans.

Aoi looks at White. "...Are you sure about my selection? Might it be better for me to stand guard over the fortress?"

Hiroshi: As long as it proves to be effective. What is your reasoning for this?

Aoi blankly states, "I do not like conflict. You know that more than anyone, Hiroshi. Fighting to me is a pointless affair that is better spent avoided. I will do as asked, but I would rather guard the security of the homefront rather than enter the battlefield."

Hiroshi: Hmm. We can't have any mistakes happening out there, and it is possible that he might have set up a strategy where he comes through the front will another division comes through somewhere else. Heh, listen to myslef. I sound paranoid. Fine. You guard.

"Thank you."

Naomi lifts her head up, one of her tails brushes against Toma's face, who just laughs. "I must say it's been a while since Naomi showed her true form." She looks at Naomi. "You should be this way more often."

"..." Naomi silently looks away.

"Don't be that way, I'm serious. You always feel all tense when you're hiding it."

Hiroshi: No matter where you hide, your enemy will find you. It is best to face him where he can see you. In otherwords, Kado will show us no mercy if we are to make one mistake. So get ready.

Naomi's tails wrap around her, her habit when she is trying to comfort herself. "He's that far gone...?"

Hiroshi: I'm afraid he's gone even farther...*tuns his back from the others and has his hands tied behind his back*

Naomi eventually looks at White. "...May I be dismissed?"

White nods.

She gets up, and walks out, Toma and Noriko watch her leave.

Torrent sighs. "This is why I think emotions are pointless..."

Hiroshi: They keep us from reaching our goals...That's why we toss ours aside for the greater good of Phoenix.

"Says the man who tried to drill his ethics and codes of conduct in battle into my head. The only thing that matters is embedding your sword into your enemy's heart, the killing blows. Pretty words and respect do not win battles."

Hiroshi: And that attitude will lead you at your enemies blade...Besides, didn't a certain 'baby' you mention somewhat prevented a battle with Kukyo?

"If I meet an enemy's blade, I will simply destroy them. Kill or be killed. And as for him, last I heard he committed suicide. Only proves my point. Emotions and ethics just lead to your own demise."

Hiroshi: But here are those who have a strong will. It is easier said than done to not to fall at the enemies blade.

Noriko shakes her head. "Ok I give up, this is getting pretty boring hearing you two chatter like old men." She looks at Hiroshi and laughs. "Well, one of you is at least actually old."

She gets up and runs out, not bothering to wait for permission.

Toma just shakes her head. "She really has her head on too loose."

Hiroshi: Then I just make a big enough screw-driver to scew it back in. Real tight.

White sighs. "Best if we get some rest. We have more supervision of the proceedings tomorrow. Dismissed."

Hiroshi: *leaves the room with has hands still tied behind his back*

As he leaves the room, he sees Naomi perched on the rooftop of one of the buildings that surround the courtyard, staring up at the moon, appearing deep in thought. She briefly turns towards him, he can tell she was crying. She turns back to the moon, curled up in a fetal position.

Hiroshi: You understand we don't want to do this. We have to, to unsure Echo's safety from destructive forces. The boy that you nce thought s your friend, no longer exist. Only an empty shell of a man. *walks off*

Naomi eventually walks off to her ward, once in her room, she weakly goes to sleep, still crying.

Within White's private chambers, she ponders the day's events. Soon enough we'll see the destruction of humanity. Regardless if he intervenes, we will no doubt prevail.

The Second Day Edit

M.C.C.P are waiting around the world for the portals to re-open

Soldier: *peaks into his walkie-talkie* Everything seems to be good here. We've set around basic perimeters and defenses around a few of the world's largest cities, out of the debris from smaller buildings. We also have hiding holes, to keep from enemy sight. The debris from yesterday will help us with stealth, with there being alot of junk and all. We're all set and ready.

The Administrator: Good. Prepare too shoot on sight.

Soldier: Yes sir.

Suddenly, a single red crystal appears out of a small portal in front of the soldier and the M.C.C.P. In three other cities, similar crystals are seen. From the red one, the Soldier swears he can hear a heartbeat. And around the crystal seems to be a metal band with a red light, similar in appearance to a mind control unit the M.C.C.P uses.

Soldier: I don't remember us subjecting a crystal for mind control. I can also hear a beating... Everyone step back.

Everyone stands behind their debris defenses and wait to see what happens

A sudden roar rips through the air as a wave of energy blasts forth from the red crystal, and suddenly it rises into the air, as it does, glass, metal, concrete, stone, dirt, all begin to fly toward the crystal at a violent rate, and some of the skyscrapers nearby begin to rumble ominously as their structural integrity begins to fail.

The other crystals begin to activate as well, one causing a massive flood out of nowhere, another creating a thunderstorm, and yet another begins drowning them out in darkness.

Soldier: Aw crap! We forgot to shoot on site. Well, we done screwed up. Everyone stand by. Get ready, it's almost about time.

The soldiers hide out under the debris and under that debris are tunnels filled with people who lived in cities and suburban areas, all of them huddled together and panicking. Some want food, others are sick due to climate change, other have already died of it and are being used as part of defenses.

The cloud of material around the red crystal suddenly condenses and turns red, and takes the form of a dragon skeleton, which begins to turn pure metal, and the soldier realizes that this is the same dragon that caused a volcanic eruption that they defeated... only apparently they didn't.

Soldier: Holy...crap. *speaks in his walkie-talkie to Aero Force* Concentrate all available firepower on that thing.

Pilot: Target locked and engaged.

2 tint planes with 'Aero' written on the side in blue text fly from around the dragon and fire their missles and energy-based firepower at it.

The dragon causes the ground to split open, rupturing open the tunnels below. It then launches the red crystal straight into a skyscraper, and they can see it tear through several more before it disappears into a neighborhood on the other side of the business section. The missiles hit the now inanimate dragon, but some miss and enter the crack below, detonating within the tunnels themselves.

Explosions fill the tunnels and everyone in there dies and turn to ash. Screams can be hard mixed with the crackling of fire. One soldier makes it out severely burnt.

Soldier: AAAAAAArrrrggghhhh! AAAAArr! UUAAARGGH! Send back now!

Pilot: Sorry. All personel around the world are occupied with the similar problem. There is not much help from The M.C.C.P due to recent attacks. And all the hybrids have escaped. There is nothing we can do.

Soldier: *is breathing hard until he finally passes out*

Five sparks hit Hitomara and and heat waves start flowing into a familiar figure.


In another city, a different crystal finishes gathering its energy, and the wind and lightning condenses into a massive wolf, which howls in rage and scatters the assembled forces with ease, knocking out the power as it chases after them, its howls sending gusts of wind tearing at houses and buildings.

On the side on a collapsing building, a figure slides down watching the wolf before jumping off and landing beside the fallen troops, he takes a look around at the injured and sighs.

Drake: Guys aren't worth much in battle, are you? Then again, I wouldn't want to fight that if I were you... *He smirks* Good thing I'm not you guys.

Drake looks up to a damaged building near the raging wolf, with a snigger. Drake goes into his Aura Dragon form and flies up onto the roof of said house, fire surges around Drake's hand as it condenses into a big fireball. He fixes his arm onto the wolf's side and blasts the fireball into it.

The wolf roars, jumping back from Drake, it lands with a mighty crash and sends asphalt flying into the air. It opens its mouth with a mighty howl, and discharges a massive lightning bolt straight at Drake, the electricity arcing as it goes, exploding cars and even a gas station as it flies at Drake.

Drake: This.. Is gonna hurt. *Drake forms an X with his arms infront of him as the lightning bolt strikes Drake to shield himself, despite this. He is blasted back into a side of the building, as the smoke clears, Drake is seen with lightning shaped marks on his arms. Drake focuses his sight on the beast and growls* Ok then... Might aswell not play around anymore!

Drake sets himself ablaze and flies towards the wolf, charging another fireball. But grows in size the closer Drake gets to the beast, just before he collides. Drake slams the fireball against the beast's face, causing the fireball to explode on impact and sending the wolf crashing through a couple of buildings. Drake lands ontop of a roof and smirks.

A massive burst of lightning erupts from the buildings, and suddenly the wolf appears in front of him, much closer and moving far too fast to dodge. The wolf grabs ahold of his arm, and begins to violently shake him, and then tosses him, tearing open his hand and damaging his bones. While Drake is still airborne, the wolf grows larger again and jumps on top of him, and begins mauling his chest with lightning claws, the strikes sending lightning coursing through his body, and after multiple rakes, it jumps off him, and lands a few yards away, and lets out a howl that sends lightning flowing through it and short circuits the city's power.

Drake: *Gets up and looks at his hand and chest, he then growls once again* Fine, you want to fight like an animal... *Drake's voice changes* Then a fight like an animal it shall be...

Drake's eyes turn animalistic, he grows dragon fang, claws, black dragon wings and tail. His wounds slowly repairing themselves, Drake glares at the wolf and roars. Drake jumps into the air and creates a black fireball, he then flies down and slams the fireball against it's back, causing it to quickly collapse. Drake then lands infront and stares down the wolf as red lightning surges throughout Drake's hand.

Drake: Roar again you son of a bitch... I dare you.

In response, a long wolf howl goes off, and the skies turn dark, and it starts raining, and thunder rumbles. In the distance, Drake can see a wall cloud approaching quickly.

The wolf springs up, and as quickly as lightning, jumps into the sky, and begins running straight up, and then races over towards the wall cloud. It comes to a stop at the edge of the cloud, and looks back at Drake. It then lets out a second, even more powerful howl, and from the clouds descend several massive tornadoes, the collective number more than enough to block the horizon, and they begin tearing straight for Drake, all the while wiping up trees, houses, buildings, cars, and Drake swears he sees a cow fly by. The massive winds slowly begin to tug at Drake as the massive wind storms approach menacingly.

Drake: Wind and lightning... Hmph.

Tribal markings appear on Drake as he starts chanting, fire begins to envelope around Drake and form into a massive creature of it's own. A dragon condensed in fire lets out a massive roar powerful enough for the wolf to feel it, the dragon then flies up into the sky above the storm and looks down. Seeing the wolf behind the wall of chaos that travels through the city, the dragon flies straight down and lands perfectly. Sending out a massive shockwave that causes the storm to quickly dissipate, the dragon focuses it's eyes on the wolf and roars one more time before charging at the wolf behind the ruined skyscrapers. The dragon solidifies and bites hold onto one of the crumbling towers and smashes into the wolf.

The wolf disperses in a massive gust of wind and blast of lightning, and Drake notices a glowing object falling rapidly towards the ground.

Drake flies out of the dragon's chest as the dragon disburses into fire and fades away, Drake managed to catch the glowing object. As he land, he inspects the object and notices the metal band.

Drake: Hmm.. They had these back at the M.C.C.P, pretty touch to get off aswell... *Drake's fingers glows white and as he taps the band, it dissipates into dust. Drake places the object down and falls back onto some debris and breathes heavily, losing his aura and tribal markings* Damn... That took way much energy than it should. *He looks at the object with a puzzled expression* What the hell are you anyways?

The object begins making a sound as though it were a heart, and with a crackle of electricity the wolf takes form again, but more on the lines of a real wolf's size.

"I am the Elemental Terror Razorwind. I have been a captive elemental for a number of years, enslaved to the ones who have been attacking this world. They are Phoenix, an organization that once hunted elementals as beings that violate the natural order. There are three other such Terrors, all of them enslaved. Our old masters created us to be their ultimate weapon, but the time of their rule has long since ended.

Long have we four sought to be free from our imprisonment. I fear that if all four of us were summoned to battle, it will be a great task for your forces to defeat us. On that note, I wish to thank you. What is your name?" The wolf speaks to Drake's surprise, the voice echoing and sounding purely artificial, but distinctly male. The voice arcs and hums with electric undertones, implying its electric nature further.

Drake: It talks... Well, he talks... My name is Drake Ryunexo. *Drake looks up to the sky and sighs* So... Three others under the control of an organization called Phoenix. I see why you guys are named Terrors, anyways... Do you know where I could find the other three?

"I indeed sense the other three, though they are on the key compass directions. North, South, and West. As I said, I must thank you for releasing me from my chains. I must warn you that only one other of my fellow Terrors are in any way... friendly. Hitomara and Dimrune by nature are extremely violent, and would likely attack regardless of affiliation if given an opportunity." The wolf opens its mouth, and what looks like a crystal shard comes out and floats into Drake's hand.

"It is a shard of my living Core, the most powerful of elementals do not need anything but a simple vessel to contain their consciousness. It has it's great advantages... and its great flaws. If you need me, I will come. It is a small portion of my core, and I will hear your request should you speak to me. Caess is the Water/Ice member of the Four, if you seek to stop the rest of us, it would be possibly prudent to acquire her support as well."

Drake: Caess is next... Ok, thank you Razorwind. This will be very helpful, oh and one more thing. Phoenix, do they have a base of operations?

Razorwind nods. "Yes. I do know that Phoenix resides in a massive fortress complex called Yosai Fortress. It lies in Fantasy, however it is guarded by the same masters that created us, who are also imprisoned by Phoenix. To attempt to penetrate their defenses... I fear that it would be pretty much a suicide mission. It is at least as large as one of these human cities, if not maybe bigger, with many sections. I could not tell you what methods they use to protect themselves, nor how they create portals on such a scale. It does occur to me you have met one of them before though."

Drake: *Thinks for a minute* The one with the mask, once and only in Fantasy... If Yosai Fortess is located in Fantasy, this will cause trouble. But for now, we need to free the rest of the Terrors... *He stands up and looks at the sun before facing North, while still clenching hold of the shard* North it is then. *He starts walking*

In Shanghi, India

Van Valer:*waits near the Taj Mahal. Looks up into the sky and sees a glimmering green light that looks like green stands of light coming a loose* I will be waiting for your arrival, dear ally.

A raspy laughter can be heard in an echo

The city remains awfully quiet where Hitomara had attacked, no sign of him has even registered for about two hours.

Pilot: We have no sight of it. We recommend all personnel to keep watchful eye out for any firebeast.

All other soldiers check in to confirm

The whole city suddenly undergoes a massive quake, and a ring of earth around the entire city suddenly collapses, revealing a massive seething lake of magma beneath the entire city.

Pilot: Nevermind, found it. Alright all Aero Force, get into formation.

3 other planes appear bside each other

Pilot: It's time to fire the Mephisto Canon.

All of the planes are charging up red photon

Pilot: Wait for it..

From behind the planes, they hear an explosion, and suddenly one of the planes is grabbed by a dragonic head made of stone and magma, and the beast begins violently shaking the plane, before tossing it into a skyscraper. They hear roaring, as more dragon heads begin to emerge from the magma lake.

Pilot: Alright. Let's get as far as we can away from that thing, then we circle back around. *the get in a far enough distance from Hitomara, then circle back around*

Pilot: Fire!

All 4 of the planes fire the Mephisto Canon at Hitomara's head, only blowing up 3 of them

More heads rise, and begin firing molten streams of metal at the planes, one of the beams slices through a plane's wing, and sends it spinning towards the ground.

Pilot: Well that's bull. We're gonna have to turn back around. We're heading back to base.

The last 2 planes turn around and fly away.

Hitomara's heads turn towards Jumbo, and make a menacing series of growls. Liquid metal flows out of their mouths, sizzling down into the streets below.

Jumbo: *lands and looks at all the lava oozing across the streets. He spreads his wings and flaps the so hard it causes debris to fly into the lava, but the lava itself is no longer hot, but rather cool*

A chuckle comes from the dragon's mouths. "You should not have brought your pet a second time. You have not even come close to comprehending the power of the Eternal Eruption." A strange voice echoes, clearly not dragonic in nature.

Jumbo: *flies up to where he is face-to-face with Hitomara*

The dragon's eyes are looking at him, but the gaze lacks any hint of actual awareness. Just like Jumbo, it is not acting of its own will. The dragon snaps at Jumbo, several other heads either biting as well or blasting at him with molten metal beams.

Jumbo: *is unaffected as he continues to stay where he was*

The dragon heads all curve away from him, curved back, as though how a snake would coil its head in preparation to strike, but more on the lines of caution. Small red glowing cracks begin to show on their stone bodies.

Jumbo: *his control head-set has been burned off. Regains his thought* The Before....*looks at Hitomara* You....join us...I can feel you are one of us...*stops* The Before control this one too...

The eyes of some of the heads seem to flicker between dull and suddenly alive, and one makes a faint statement before falling silent once more. "Beware.... red" The head that spoke explodes, and the neck that had supported it crashes to the ground.

Jumbo: We cannot be drained, for we are one. *sees the of shining light come from the crystal. flies up to it ad touches it with his hand, then grabs with his other hand and begins pulling* Nothing will stop us...

The dragon's long earthen neck whips backward in attempt to move away from him, at the same time, the whole of the neck begins to crystalize, and the red crystals begin growing on Jumbo's hands and lower arms, drawn by Jumbo's power. The other dragon heads crystalize and begin shooting red crystals at him as well.

Jumbo: *continues to pull, even though red crystals are being chucked at him* Nothing will stop us! *pulls harder*

Jumbo can feel the red crystal itself begin to try and pull back, heating up intensely and even causing lava to begin rising within the hollow of the neck.

Jumbo: *is pulling harder* NOTHIIIIING!!!

The crystal finally gives way, and as it comes out, the dragon heads all give off a horrid scream, and collapse. The whole city itself seems to violently lurch with the crystal's removal. The crystal begins to violently flash red, as it lies helplessly in Jumbo's hand, despite the temperatures, the metal band remains firm around the crystal, not even melted an inch.

Jumbo: *is breathing heavily, until he sees the metal band around the crystal* Is this it? *grabs hold of it and begins to pull it*

As he pulls it off, it lets out a short energy pulse, likely signaling the removal of the device.

Gradually, Jumbo can feel an very old presence of a consciousness begin to stir in the crystal.

Jumbo: live inside...this is your heart...bound by your oppressors...No longer will you be. *puts the crystal on the ground, pins it down with his foot, then grabs the band with both hands. He pulls straight up, ripping the band completely off. Jumbo falls back and breathes slowly*

The crystal begins to sink into the ground, warping the ground as it goes, and once a large mound has formed, begins to take Hitomara's previous shape, metal and lava take shape once more.

Hitomara's eyes burn into being, now full of vibrant and deadly energy.

"Free... at last... free...! I shall ravage Phoenix with my vengeance...!" Hitomara pauses, and looks down. "Who are you...?" The metal dragon's voice says in a bubbling, hissing sort of sound, mixed with a dragon's usual tone.

The dragon senses soldiers coming, and it idly smashes its tail against them, smashing them dead instantly.

Jumbo: *gets up* They call us Jumbo...You are free now as am I...It's time....*is breathing excitedly* Decades...DECADES...COME FORTH BROTHERS!!! *flies off in an instant*

Hitomara instead looks towards the North, where he senses Caess, and to the South where he senses Dimrune.

"So that's the game they play..." Hitomara growls, and suddenly takes flight, a wave of fire trailing after him as he soars into the air, flapping his giant wings, billowing his way to the North, where his fellow Terrors still wait for freedom.

Overwhelmed Edit

The soldiers all retreat up stairs, as massive floodwaters ravage the streets below, as the giant of ice and water slowly proceeds through the city. It stretches its hand towards the sky, and giant hail begins to slam into the buildings, crushing the roofs that still remain above water, and smashing holes into the tall buildings.

"D-damn, what are these things?! And four different monsters? Just who could be behind all of this?" One yells.

Another calls command. "We're getting our asses handed to us out here! What's the situation in the other cities?"

A figure appears behind one of the soldiers in a flash of light. "Pretty much the same as here, although not as damp...hold on." he said as a wave of water ascended the stairs towards the individuals grouped on the landing. The figure encased his arm in a black aura, and punched the wave as it reached them. The water splashed against the walls as the wave broke, and receded back down the stairs. The figure, Kalin, then opened a portal behind him as he turned to the soldiers. " Head back to base, and tell your boss to send me some backup, not more of you useless folk. One of those Mythos he still has locked up, and yes, he still has some. Also, tell him I intend to pay him back for that damn tranquilizer..."

Soldier: Yeah, uhhh sure..Thanks again.*Enters the portal, which returns him to M.C.C.P. Headquarters *

Kalin: Alright, then. Let's see what I'm up against...*Runs up to the roof of the building, taking in the situation* Oh, so someone's obviously let loose a fire elemental around here...

A giant wave of water crashes against the building, and from behind a building steps a massive humanoid made of ice, and flowing from it is the source of all of the water.

It turns, and its light blue eyes notice him.

Kalin: ...Or not. Hey big guy! I don't want to hurt ya, but you look like you may want to hurt me, so I'll act under the assumption that I'm right. *The armor of his bracer expands covering his body in a white armor. He then draws Weiss, which morphs from a katana to a long sword.* Come on, then. Let's fight! *Charges a wave of light in his blade, and sweeping it through the air, sends a light energy slash at the giant.*

Suddenly a mass of water appears out of nowhere, and it solidifies into ice, blocking the attack. The giant raises its hand, and needle thin shards of ice whip at Kalin's face at insane speeds, looking like mere beams of light they travel so fast.

Kalin expertly deflects most of the shards, although a few make it past, piercing him in the openings in his armor. Kalin subconsciously increases his temperature, melting the ice rapidly as he begins to heal.

Kalin charges at the elemental, propelling him self towards the barrier of ice with waves of fire. As he lands, he twirls before sending another two waves at the water being.

A wall of water rises up, and extinguishes the flames. The temperature of the region begins to drop significantly, and Kalin can soon see his own breath.

Kalin laughs. "Giving me the cold shoulder, eh? Sorry, but that won't work out quite how you imagined..." he said as the temperature in his immediate area shot up extremely quickly, evaporating the ice beneath him in a flash. As he fell from the platform, a pair of black wings with dark red feathers extended from his back. He then fired a black wave of energy at the being as he regained his balance.

The giant literally melts in a great rush of water, and disappears into the giant floodwaters below.

A large whip of water rises out of the waters, and with great force, slams into Kalin's chest and he feels his ribs snap under the force, and he is sent flying into multiple skyscrapers.

Recovering from the hit, Kalin flies towards the waters below, prepared to strike at it again, before stopping just short of the waters.

"Maybe... We don't have to fight, despite the fact that my next decision was to erase this entire city along with you. I think, this once, I can think with the heart and mind of a true spirit of valour..." As he finishes speaking, Kalin's wings disappear, and he falls into the waters beneath him. Suddenly, ripples of white light emanate from where he fell, as Kalin attempted to calm the spirit. "I hope this works," he thought as he floated through the water. "It's either this, or leveling this place."

He sees a strange crystal glowing blue in the water deep below him, a metal band around its surface with a red light blinking. His efforts to contact the spirit completely fail, an outside force easily casting aside Kalin's attempt to communicate.

Strange fish appear to be swimming in the water, with long sharp teeth. Piranhas. Their beady eyes fixate on him.

"Not a chance in hell that you're bitting me!" Kalin thought as he sent a wave of fire at the fish. With the added property of destruction from his dark energy, the fire managed to move through the water without being extinguished. The fish were incinerated almost instantly, with some avoiding the flame and charging toward him. Turning to the strange crystal near him, Kalin reached out with light, creating a construct of a gauntlet which grasped the gem. Kalin proceeded to swim away from the remaining fish, as the construct lined up with his arm to allow him to retrieve the gem.

Kalin begins to slow down, first slowly, then at an escalating rate. Everything seems heavier, until he can no longer move through the water at all, and he begins to sink, just as the water around him visibly begins to crystalize, becoming ice. The ice forms around the gauntlet of light and distorts it until it breaks apart, and the crystal freely moves away from him, just as all of the water turns into pure ice, entombing him in the ice. The ice literally freezes to the point where Kalin cannot even turn his head, and he quickly begins to loose oxygen.

For a few moments, the shell of ice begins to sink deeper and deeper into the ocean of water, when suddenly, Kalin unleashes a burst of darkness flame that shatters the ice block. After a moment taken to recover, Kalin envelops himself in light, and disappears, reappearing near the crystal. Gripping it in his hand, Kalin inspects the gem a bit more closely. Realizing that the metal band is of different origins than the crystal itself, Kalin closes his hand into a fist, and creates a small dark flame in his hand that destroys the band. "I wonder what that will do" he thought as he flew out of the water.

The crystal begins to hum with a tranquil soothing sound, and it flashes with blue light very slowly, and he can gradually feel a presence stir within the crystal, though very guarded and cautious towards him, the contact barely touching his mind, ready to retreat at the slightest threat.

"Oh? So have we all pulled ourselves together?" Kalin said with a gentle laugh. "Don't worry, I'm not trying to hurt you anymore. I would like to know abit about you, if that's alright." He said, as a warm, bright aura enveloped him.

The crystal drops out of Kalin's hand and falls into the water below, and the giant reforms, appearing feminine in appearance this time, a mix of surging water and chunks of ice. The waters around it recede and eventually vanish, though a section of it remains around her immediate proximity.

"I am Caess of the four Elemental Terrors of Echo. For many years now we have been imprisoned by ones who call themselves 'Phoenix.' The same group is behind this widescale attack on this world. The fact that I sense the others here as well tells me that Phoenix intends to cause massive chaos to this world."

" Straight to the point when you have a body, huh? Well, the attack is no surprise to me. The fact that you're from echo, on the other hand... I think I know what to do next." Landing on the building he arrived in, Kalin said, " Caess, was it? I am headed to Echo at the moment. If you'd like, I could take you back, as well," He said as he turned towards another horizon. "Or you could wait for...whatever that is."

Caess looks towards the South. "Not yet. One more remains a slave. We cannot leave without him. Our aid is necessary to stop Dimrune."

"I know that when you say "we", you mean you and the rest of the elemental giants club, but I can't stand to miss a real fight... I blame a former friend of mine for that. I can get you there pretty fast if you can shrink. In the meantime..." As Kalin speaks, two gateways open, one that leads to Echo, another shifting to multiple locations as Kalin attempts to find any remaining rampaging terrors. As he concentrates on the shifting portal, his shadow slips into the portal to Echo, as his left pupil goes completely black. Kalin closes his left eye, and turns back towards Caess. "So then, what do you say?"

Caess looks down on him. "Duck."

A massive roar fills the air, as a dragon standing taller than any single building in the city lands on the ground, magma pouring out of its skeletal structure, sending many buildings toppling from the strength of his landing. It turns towards them, giant glowing eyes glaring down at them.

"Caess... who is this mongrel...? Shall I eat him?"

Caess says calmly, "I would prefer you didn't."

"Where is Razorwind?"

"Somewhere to the east of us. I expect him and his companion to be arriving soon."

"You look familiar." Kalin said, looking up at the dragon with a smirk." I beat the crap out of you once. Well, not me; a friend. And... Not you either; another friend who looked like you. Either way, it is nice to meet you... And if you ever consider eating me, I'll spill your insides across half the planet..." he finished, a smile sharing room on his face with a dark expression.

The earth shakes and several more skyscrapers crack ominously, the ground splitting as Hitomara lets out a low growl.

"If you ever refer to that little shapeshifter again, I promise you this. You. Will. Regret it." Hitomara snarls, lava pouring down and out of his mouth, one of the streams falling near Kalin and making the temperature incredibly hot.

Caess edges away from Hitomara. "It would be most unwise to provoke Hitomara. I would not mention such things to him again. He is... easy to turn on even allies. A degree of respect is required when dealing with him."

Hitomara chomps at the side of a skyscraper, and chews it up effortlessly, then swallows it, the metal and glass quickly breaking down into more molten material.

Kali steps back himself, growing a pair of white wings, and floating upward towards Caess' shoulder, where he takes a seat." I'll just stay here, then. If ya' don't mind. So, I've only seen a small amount of Echo. What's it like there?

"One part of Echo is mostly within Reality, while the other half lies in Fantasy. The middle region is covered by vast mountains, which protected the East from the savage weather of the West. The east is covered by countless forests, swamps, and jungles. The world is more savage, but in a way, the life is still quite tranquil at times. ...Though beings like Hitomara like to have too much fun. Putting it one way."

Casess closes her eyes. "We have not been there for more than fifty years..."

"Well, look at it this way: The sooner you guy save your friend, the sooner you can go back home." Smiling, Kalin tapped her shoulder with his hand, causing ripples across the surface of her body. "And I'll tell you what: I still intend to head back over to Echo. The SHAPESHIFTER! is mixed up in some personal problems at the moment, so he could use a hand. So I guess, when this battle is over, I could take you, all of you, back home. Sound good?"

Hitomara growls, but does not let himself get baited, opting to smash another skyscraper with his tail instead, faint yells of surprise ring out from the soldiers in that area.

Caess looks at Hitomara. "Can you please stop wrecking things?"

"Is he always so much fun?" Kalin asks, the joy of watching the dragon rage around the city almost enough to remind him of Rose. "Um, I... I'm sorry, big guy. I won't mention that guy again." He said, his head bowed in apparent shame. "Hey, were there ever more than just the four of you?" Kalin asked Caess.

"There has always been the four of us. Our masters, the Elemental Warlords, and our creators, have been locked away for many years. The same organization that forced us into servitude also defeated our masters, who ravaged much of Echo and Earth at one time. If you met the one who defeated Hitomara, Dark Phoenix, then you already know the method by which the masters were sealed. The Eight Elemental Slayers. Two wielded by the Dark Phoenix, Kado of the Spiritwood Tribe."

Drake glances at the destroyed city, taking notice of the dragon and the giant. Drake crates a wave of fire under him, 'surfing' ontop of it towards said city. He opens his hand and looks at the crystal, he then rolls his eyes and begins talking to it.

Drake: So... Are them two the other Terrors?

A faint crack of lightning can be head, and Razorwind appears next to Drake. "Yes. Hitomara, the Eternal Eruption, and Caessa, the Veiled Frost. It would appear a Mythos is on Caess's shoulder. Peculiar. She doesn't normally like to socialize with other beings. Though I suppose in these circumstances that can't be helped right now. I suppose that just leaves Dimrune, Terror of Death."

Drake: *Chuckles* Terror of Death, sounds cuddly, makes ya' wanna hug him... Hmm, I wonder who the Mytho is. *The wave speeds up* So, Dimrune... How difficult will he be to stop? That's if these two won't attack me instantly...

"That depends. Dimrune likes to use mental warfare to destroy his enemy's morale. He likes to deceive, to trick. To even have a chance of freeing him, we will have to get up close and personal, which is for us... a massive disadvantage. He can completely control light and darkness, to distort the senses to his will. He cannot be deceived, as he has full range of senses. If you lie in the light, he will know you are there. But if you hide in the darkness, you will be just as easily found. No matter where on the battlefield, he is capable of knowing and anticipating most attacks. There are few who can figure out his games."

Drake: *Sighs* So pretty damn difficult, ok then... Besides, getting up close and personal is my kinda skill, it shouldn't be that hard for me. But I'll probably soon regret those words, so. *They soon enter the city* Let's get aquainted with your friends here, shall we?

Hitomara turns his head as they enter and lets out a growl, and they can hear his voice clearly from the distance.

"Wonderful... another two legged mongrel. Hmmm... though I taste dragon's energy. Razorwind, you always seem to pick up the most interesting of characters to associate with..."

"Pretty intricate language coming from the mighty Hitomara." Razorwind retorts.

"And just when I was going to enjoy this reunion... now I want to bury you 70 feet under."

Drake: *Looks up at Hitomara and smirks* That is one big bastard... Give me a minute Razorwind. *He goes into his Half Dragon form and flies up to Hitomara, hovering only a couple of feet away* So you must be Hitomara, nice to see another dragon around here with an attitude. the name's Drake, pleasure to meet you.

Hitomara looks at Drake and eyes him. He opens his mouth and blasts DK back with a powerful gust of hot air, blowing him away back towards Razorwind, who suppresses a chuckle.

Drake: *Laughs* Yep, attitude... So I was told there was Dimrune to deal with... Why are we waiting here? We are prepared right? Or are we waiting on another? 'Cause I see that Hitomara is all by himself, does he need company? *Smriks*

Hitomara lets out a growl, which in sync with it comes a small earthquake. "We don't need help from the likes of some miniature dragon and a boy with an attitude problem. Come along if you wish, but I will not tolerate your tongue a second time." Hitomara takes off, a blast of hot air smashes into them as his wings flap and he heads off towards the south, Razorwind races off in the air, and Caess begins to surge forth like a massive tidal wave.

Drake: Ok... Me, stop pissing him off, ok? Ok... *He turns towards Razorwind and flies up to him, keeping the same speed as Razorwind* Ok, so we're heading south?

Kalin leaps from Caess' shoulder, launching himself forward with a jet of flames beneath his feet to land on Drake's back for a moment. As he jumps again, Kalin yells "Not exactly, dragon boy!" Propelling himself with another burst of energy, Kalin appears suspended in mid air with his arms outstretched as he creates a gate. The gate takes the appearance of a giant door, which opens into a vortex of energy as the party approaches.

Kalin and Drake vs Aoi Edit

Drake: Ow... Anyways, *He looks at the vortex* going through there... You sure this'll take us there?

Suddenly a massive wall of ice rises up and covers up the vortex, and a symbol meaning 'sealed' appears in the ice.

Atop the pillar of ice, a tall woman with light grey complexion and long black hair, with glowing blue eyes stands, silently staring down on them.

"My apoloigizes... but I'm afraid you won't be fighting Dimrune today. You see..."

Nineteen other women, all the same as the original appear. "WE have buisness with you."

Drake looks at the women, with a slight smirk on his face. He then speaks up, giving out a cocky and confident tone to his voice. Despite being a bit childish about the whole affair.

Drake: Twenty skimpy dressed women are challenging a fight with us, how stupid could you be? I don't care how many of you there are, I'll take all of you out! *He points to one of them and laughs* Except you, I'll take you out... To dinner.

Hitomara, Razorwind, and Caess aren't so amused. "...That's Aoi... the Ice Slayer of Phoenix." They growl.

The main one looks down at Drake and Kalin. "I will give you one chance to leave... or suffer the consequences of your actions."

Drake: *Sighs* You people are no fun... Hmph. *Drake's hands set ablaze* So, a Phoenix member... This'll be fun, although... *He reverts back to his Aura Dragon form* Ok, ladies first. *He smirks*

Kalin: "So you've got one of those nifty swords, huh? As much as I'd like to take it from you, I don't think we have much time for that. Let's get this over with." *Creates walls of darkness that separate everyone into groups; Razorwind and Drake with 10 of the copies, Hitomara with another 5, and Kalin and Caess with the remaining 5 bodies, one of which Kalin assumed to be the real one.

The one he assumes is the real one smiles with amusement. "I'm not that easy to corner... but since you are so gracious to allow me to recapture the Terrors... I shall."

Suddenly massive pillars of ice engulf Hitomara, Caess, and Razorwind, who all let out shrieks of terror.

Kalin and Drake move to melt the ice, but she tsks. "No you don't. Melt the ice and you will melt them as well."

The five he had trapped with Hitomara walk through the darkness to where Kalin is, cracks in their bodies. As they come out, they simply heal and disappear, leaving Drake and Kalin with an equal number of enemies.

"We aren't some random lunatics. We have the power and the will to crush this world. Your interference means nothing in comparison to the collective might of the Phoenix. Strike us down? So what? The swords will find new masters, and begin the cycle again. We truly are the Phoenix. You've made the wrong enemy. This is our justice. The justice that others would be too meek to take up for themselves. Justice... for all."

Drake: Ugh, you're already boring me with that shit talk just then... So, I got ten... You have ten, seems fair. *Drake summons a sword out of fire and aims it towards one of the copies* You first! *Drake flies towards the copy and slams the handle of the sword against her neck, causing her to stop breathing for a moment. During this moment, Drake grabs a hold of her arm and impales her through her stomach. He then throws the copy towards the other copies* Hmph, so much for a challenge...

The copy gets up, the hole still there, with water trinkling out of the body.

"You're right. So much for a challenge." It says emotionlessly. It draws its sword, and the temperature around Drake plummets. The ground beneath Drake's feet turns to ice, and it begins snowing, each time the snow touches the wound, it closes even more. On Kalin's side, the ground also freezes, and the same weather occurs.

"I promise you, a simple stab to the stomach won't even slow one of us down."

Drake: *Laughs* It wasn't meant to kill you...

Drake sets himself ablaze, keeping him warming and melting the ice. Drake charges towards the copy and punches her in the gut, causing her to spit out blood. Drake then creates a fireball and blasts it against her back, Drake focuses his gaze on the other copies. He gains tribal marks all over his body as he begins chanting, his eyes now glowing white. The wounded copy gets sealed in a small dome no bigger than she is.

Drake: So... Let's start.

  • Kalin whistles in surprise at the sudden development *

Kalin: 10 to 1. Meh, those odds seem fair enough to me.

  • A black substance falls from his eye, as multiple copies of Kalin appear from the shadows, 10 appearing for each clone of the Ice slayer, some brandishing swords, others engulfed in magic flames, and others still coated in more darkness. Kalin stretches out his arm, as the cursed blade, Masamune, appears in his hand*

Kalin: You're not the only one here with power...*charges a dark flame at the tip of his sword, and sweeps outwards towards his opponent*

The ice on the ground rises up and blocks the dark flame, and a massive gale of razor sharp ice blasts Kalin and his clones, many of the clones being ripped to shreds by the bombardment, leaving only nine total clones and Kalin himself standing. The air temperature beings to plummet every passing second.

On Drake's end, despite the fact he heated up with fire, the fire's warmth fails and dies, replaced by a savage cold that despite any magic he uses, simply is blown away by the harsh winter cold. The nine draw their swords, and the cold only strengthens. He starts feeling a sensation as though razor sharp blades were coursing through his body, serious burning can be felt all over him.

Drake: Mother... Fuckers. Too cold, to do anything...Too much pain... Ok, time to get primal... *Drake's aura and eye colour changes to a dark gray, the nine senses the dark energy manifesting, growing, taking control of Drake. His eyes turn animalistic, he gains sharpened teeth and claws, he focus his glare at the nine and growls. Sounding demonic in the process, his sword changes shape and gains a black aura around it aswell. He then tightens his grip on the handle and slowly walks towards them.*

Kalin: *senses a surge of dark energy nearby and smirks* I guess somebody just let loose. Well, there isn't much to worry about here, except her*looks towards Caess* oh well.*looks towards Aoi while moving towards Caess* Hey, you don't mind if I get comfortable myself, do you? *Hits Caess' frozen body, causing her to shatter. He grabs her crystal and places it into his pocket.* Sorry about that. You're safer in there than you are out here. Now then...This is the first time I'm using this against a worthy opponent, so I hope you feel proud of yourself.*suddenly, 5 of Kalin's copies return to shadows, and they proceed to envelop him, until there is no distinction between the darkness and its master. Kalin opens both of his eyes, which glow with an unnatural red. The shadows that appear as his hands are sharpened at the ends, and Kalin's hair has a black spiked style to it. Gripping his blade tightly, he turns to the remaining clones, emitting a low growl from his featureless face as a signal for them to leave. Refocusing on the enemy, Kalin gets into a crouched position, preparing to strike.

She points at his pocket. "I rather am proud of myself. Proud that you just blatantly ignored what I just told you and killed Caess. I told you that if you tried to melt the ice, you would also melt them. Perhaps you should have also considered the possibility that would apply to shattering the ice. Don't believe me? Look? That is what your powers bring you! Death!"

He looks, and his pocket is absolutely drenched, and he empties out his pockets in a panic to see Caess's crystal dull and lifeless, very slowly melting in his hand.

"But... tell me... you probably have lost someone else too... look what you've accomplished. Nothing but the extermination of those you care for and protect. A meaningless existence wouldn't you say? She was freewalf with his blade. After being split, and unable to repair itself, the clone fell to pieces. Kalin immediately extended his arm, which literally stretched out to grab hold of another clone like a whip. Dragging it into range, he decapitated it with a roar. The third and fourth, he grabbed with both arms, smashed them together, tossed them into the air, and slashed them both with Masamune before blasting them to dust with a wave of darkness. *

  • Kalin did all of this in an instant, moving like the shadows he had fused with. As he landed he turned, and launched himself at the lone slayer, prepared to finish their battle

She smirks, and easily side steps Kalin, easily grabbing the remnant of Caess's crystal from Kalin's hand. As he turns to attack her, her eyes glow and Caess's crystal begins to grow and slowly return to a glow.

On Drake's end, he suddenly sees his clones disappear.

She smiles. "I was never here... and we've already won this fight. Dimrune has been extracted in advance, and now I have possession of Caess once more." She straps a metal band onto Caess's crystal, and a red light appears on it. She suddenly billows away into snow, along with Caess's crystal. "Your weakness... is the inability to recognize the powers of your enemies. Nor their weaknesses. Against us... you stand no chance. I foresee that you shall likely bare witness to the deaths of everything that matters to you. And just like today... it will be your fault." Her voice disappears into the wind, and Hitomara and Razorwind are freed from the ice.

"Drake... are you alright?" Razorwind asks.

Drake lowers two fingers, causing the walls of darkness to fade away. As he looks back, he sees two of the three Terrors, he looks towards Kalin speaking with a more feral tone.

Drake: Caess, what happened to her?

Kalin: *he lets out another growl* Gone... *He returns to normal* and Dimrune as well... Aghhhh! *slashes the giant seal with masamune, causing it to fall apart* It was a trick! It was obvious, and yet I still fell for it!

Razorwind looks at Kalin. "It is unfortunate. It would have been safer to avoid a confrontation with Aoi. But you could not have known the formidible powess of Phoenix. You haven't encountered them before. ...Unless you count Dark Phoenix. But he operates differently, as I'm sure you came to know from your time with him. Do not blame yourself. We should have advised you against confronting her. We should have informed you more of the organization. You came without any intel, that isn't your fault. I assume most would assume in that situation that Aoi really was there. So do not blame yourself. We will have other chances. Phoenix will not likely hold back any weapon in their arsenal if it means eliminating a threat such as you. Dimrune and Caess WILL be deployed again. They are too useful to them not to."

Hitomara looks at Razorwind. "You certainly like to talk a lot, don't you?"

Kalin: I'm sure you meant that to be encouraging, but I am not sure whether or not another fight is something I want. *Wipes the black substance from his eye* But I guess I may have no choice. I made a promise to take you guys home; all of you. If I have to fight to do it, then I will. I just have to get stronger first. *Opens a smaller portal for himself* Go wherever you need to prepare for what comes next. I will do the same. Good luck to you. *enters the portal*

Drake: *Opens a portal of his own, he then turns to look at Hitomara and Razorwind* Razrowind, Phoenix's headquaters is in Fantasy... Correct?

Razorwind lets out a soft growl. "Yes. But what do you intend to do? Storm the fortress? Suicide. We don't even know where in Fantasy it is."

Drake: I'll just trace that girl's energy signature, simple as... As for everything else, yeah... I know... *He sighs* If you ever find someone named Daikeim, tell him the news... *He turns towards the portal and steps through, with the portal closing afterwards*

Razorwind lets out a deep sigh. "This will not end well..."

Hitomara growls. "So be it. A fool is a fool."

Eve of Battle 2 Edit

The man concentrates on the summoning spell that binds Hitomara to the man's will, allowing him to control the titanic beast's every action. The strange being that continually harassed Hitomara would have to be taken care of.

He looks at his twin blade sword, and the dull green glow marking the existence of the spirit of the girl he had imprisoned. A shame White ordered us to rely on the Terrors for now. I was looking forward to coating my sword with the blood of the humans... ah well.

{Inside the sword, a pich black room with no floors, walls or even celings is encasing little Ameno}

Ameno: *Tears stream down her face* This must be Hell... MUST be! When will Jonas come? When will he save me? And what demonic jackass soul would do this?! WHO DID THIS?!!!

She hears a rough man's voice growl out from the void. "Shut up already, stupid elemental." The voice seems clearly irritated. "I'm trying to focus on something here."

Ameno: Is.. Is there anyone... Here? Anyone?

"No, I'm just a voice in your dumb skull. Yes. The more important question you should have asked is 'Who are you'?" The voice replies.

Ameno: Who- Who are you?

Suddenly sensations begin to rush back to her, and she lays collapsed next to a gruff, battle scarred man. His lower jaw is replaced by a steel one looking as though a literal jaw bone, and three long gashes on each side of his face only add to his savage appearance. In his hands he holds two brutal looking swords, and she feels a strange connection to them, as though they were... apart of her.

"I am Ripjaw. Or at least, that's the name I earned for myself." He says in the same primal, rough voice as she had heard a moment ago, now only more solid and firm than before.

"Now will you cease your idle chatter and allow your master to focus?"

Ameno: I think I'll call you 'Metal Mouth'! *She smiles* And do you need any help? Looks like you do...

"You can start by keeping your mouth shut. I need to concentrate. You may not damage or touch anything, and you must stay within my line of sight. Call me metal mouth again and I will replace your jaw with one and see how you like it." He closes his eyes. "And that's not an idle threat."

A woman in white robes walks by. "Progress report, Ripjaw?" She says coldly.

"Hitomara is engaged with that baboon at the moment. I'm counting on the enemy to blindly assume they have the upper hand. That technique is a problem, but I know to watch for it. Soon I'll play my own deck of cards."

Ameno: Ooh, Ooh! Who're we fighting? Can I kill 'em Ripy?

He sighs. "We already have Hitomara destroying the M.C.C.P. defenses, and we have already defeated Weapon Ultima, or Jonas as you know him. Unless you wish to turn against your own, you would not volunteer."

The woman stares at Ripjaw. "Who is this?"

Ripjaw jumps. "...An elemental I bound to my blade, my lady."

"...Why did you not inform me of this?"

Ripjaw bows his head in her direction. "You were in a meeting with the others. I had to wait..."

She closes her eyes. "Very well then." She leaves.

Ameno: I only cared about Joney. If he is out of the way, can I please try out this new power? *Waves hand and a chunkof the floor comes up, molding into a Ripjaw statue*

He grips his sword hilt tighter, and she collapses onto her knees in a forced bow. The statue falls apart.

"You will only do as I say. Nothing more. Nothing less. If you disobey my orders, I will take away your form and you shall remain my mindless blade."

Ameno: ... *Looks at thebroken statue* ... You ... Broke it ... *A tear falls to the statue, turning it to mud*

"I will do worse to you, wretch, if you disobey me and do not stop talking."

Ameno: Sorry... One tip though - It's better to have friends to drink with, than enimies to clash with... Sorry, sir... *Bows in respect*

He ignores her. He stands up suddenly, swearing violently. "Get back in your sword. I have to report this to my lady."

Αmeno: Yes sir. *vanishes into the sword* Back to the void... Back to torture...

"Stop whining or I will make it so you can't even think without my consent." He growls. She notices that she is now partially sharing his vision and hearing, and hears him describing the details of the battle he had been overseeing to the woman in white.

Ameno: Who is that? She looks nice. *Attempts a smile*

A man's voice echoes from the left, and a man with a cloth mask and a fur coat stares at Ripjaw. "Why have you not restrained her conciousness completely? It is standard procedure."

"I was hoping to use her as leverage against Weapon Ulitma of M.C.C.P. He won't dare hurt me as long as I have her as a leash for the mangy mutt."

Hiroshi: That 'mutt' would have destroyed us, if we had met him personally. Actually, he would have decapitated a limb. Dogs tend to be rather savage when a stranger comes to close, so it's only best that we steer clear from them.

"Hmmph. I ain't scared of any dog. I didn't get this metal jaw and these scars from nothing. When you present me with a dog that can do what Hitomara did to me when I first tried to catch him, I'll be scared of em'."

Torrent looks at Hiroshi. "A pride comes before a fall, would you not say so, Master?"

Ameno: Why do you people keep treating me like a slave? I used to have a life! i had a job and a lover...

Hiroshi: Your words are lost on us, for we do not show sympathy towards our captives.

Torrent looks at the blade. "Do us all a favor and shut her up. I have no desire to hear your sword's chatter."

Ripjaw growls. "Neither do I. You in there, quiet or I won't allow you to see or hear. If you wish to converse, do so when it is helpful in combat. I suspect the ground troops will need to return to continue the fight in place of the Terrors. To think Hitomara would be defeated... ridiculous."

Hiroshi: Whoever did so must have been quite the specimen. I wonder if the Chaos Engine can be more capable than that.

Ameno: *Thinks to herself for a good minute..* Hey, could it have been Admin? He can consume anything...

A very distinctive growl comes from the woman in white. Her eyes appear dragonic, and she stares directly at Hiroshi with them.

"Hiroshi. Do not speak of it. Rest assured Hiroshi, that if used at full capacity, it could completely destroy that puny world. The powers of it are beyond any mere experiment of the M.C.C.P. But have I made myself clear? No one is to speak of that. It's forbidden for a reason."

A tall woman next to the white woman speaks up quietly. "It was the one named Jumbo. Apparently Hitomara broke the mind control device that controlled him and Jumbo in turn broke Hitomara's."

Hiroshi: Amusing and interesting. But hold on. With Hitomara free, he will surely try to seek revenge on us.

White has a smug look on her face. "What do we have to fear? Hitomara cannot access this world without our portals, and even so, the Warlords will quickly strike him down. It would be like handing himself on a silver platter back into our hands. Hitomara may be a brute, but I am aware that he also carries a degree of awareness when it comes to self preservation. If it means avoiding falling into our hands, he won't make such a mistake."

Hiroshi: And what of the other 3?

"I don't see why you concern yourself with them. It was no difficult task to capture them to begin with. If they prove to cause problems, we can always just destroy them. We wield a force far greater than the Terrors. We command their very creators. We do not have a need to fear them. In fact... I say we move dates to tomorrow."

Hiroshi: Are you sure that is wise? My apologizes aswell. I am being quiet paranoid. Only because we cannot tolerate failure.

She closes her eyes, and has a smile on her face. "One moment please."

After several long minutes, she opens her eyes. "Kado is coming tommorow. And he's bringing.... Azula with him. Azure moves to come to Earth's aid tomorrow. If we act and move ourselves into position preemptively, we won't have to worry about Azure focusing in on our portals to wait for us to appear in person."

Hiroshi: That sounds good, but why do I have the feeling something...horrid is coming?

Aoi sighs. "It could be that the fates do not smile upon us. I cannot see what the future will bring, but perhaps it is because we are doomed to failure. Or perhaps another catastrophe is getting ready to occur besides the one we will deal to Earth."

Hiroshi: Highly possible. We are so close. It will only take a little while longer and the plan will be complete.

Ameno: I'm going to sleep. Wake me if you guys need help! *The sword's glow dims, as Ameno dreams of happiness in the void*

Naomi walks into the meeting hall, looking very tired.

White looks at Ripjaw and quietly says, "Dismissed." Ripjaw bows his head and leaves.

Torrent looks at Hiroshi. "I see someone didn't take another someone's advice to rest..."

Hiroshi: If it keeps her consciousness from going against the plan .

Torrent sighs. "Still, a tired mind is a feeble mind. And on the battlefield such mentality is fatal. Even if disillusioned, it is never best to risk losses when it can be avoided. Every member is valuable, for the sake of the efficency of the organization's strength. It's bad enough we lost the Fire Slayer to Kado."

Hiroshi: That is too much overkill. They're is enough of as it is. I'm not sure who all the boy will bring,but I know it wont be much for us to handle.

Torrent looks at Hiroshi, looks at White, and leans in to Hiroshi's ear. "If the boy has brought Azula into this, you know that the only one capable of stopping her is White, you realize that? What if she gets involved in one of the battles? Did you think about what would happen if she got involved, or did that slip your mind?"

Hiroshi: *mildly smirks* That's what I'm counting on.

"You forget how the boss is. She could care less about our safety, and only about the mission. She wouldn't come to our aid... let's face it, unless it was I who was on the receiving end of it."

White looks towards them. "I can still hear you know."

Hiroshi: *looks at Torrent* How can you not be as silent as the winds you control?

White sighs. "Let's pretend for a moment that you didn't forget that I'm a half dragon and have rather good hearing, and that you are sitting right next to me."

Hiroshi: *facepalms in shame*

Toma looks up from her book. "Caess is freed. Some Mythos defeated her. Not sure what kind."

Hiroshi: These 'Mythos' are proving a much bigger dent in our plans than we expected.

White closes her eyes. "Very well. We will go at midnight, not by portals, but a slower route they cannot trace. Tomorrow we will prepare to enact the plan." She looks at Aoi. "I ask of you to send Ice Emissaries to slow them down. We will prepare to extract Dimrune while you hold them off."

Aoi nods slowly, and huge chunks of ice flow from her body, 20 splitting off and crashing into the ground. They slowly shift into the form of Aoi, even taking on skin, eyes, and hair, even the exact clothing Aoi wears, each with a mock version of Ice Slayer. They all turn towards Aoi expectantly.

"Go now." She says quietly, and the clones immediately disappear.

Hiroshi: Is there anything else that needs to be done?

"Not unless someone wants to entertain Noriko."

Hiroshi: *is shocked and points at Torrent* Torrent!

"Absolutely not. I would rather play with a hungry lion."

Hiroshi: I called not it, so you know.

"I'ma right behind you, ya know." Noriko says from behind their chairs.

Hiroshi: *is surprised and disgusted* Gah! *jumps back* Why are we so close together?

"You were leaning back in your chair. I was just bored anyhow. SO, who wants to play... tag?"

Torrent coughs. "Oh, I have to be going somewhere."

"That's ok, we can play tag on the way!" *Touches Torrent's back, sending shockwave down his spine. "You're it."

Torrent gives her an angry look. "I told you not to do that!"

Hiroshi: What are you going to do about that, Torrent? Let her get away? Let her play you like that?

"What are you talking about old man?" Torrent sighs in irritation.

Hiroshi: Your letting her poke you around. She wants to play a game. Wouldn't you like to beat her at it?

Torrent sighs. "The best way to 'win' her games is to ignore her. I won't be baited by her so easily.

Hiroshi: She will never stop. Not matter how much you annoy her, you know she's there. And the only way to make her go away is to walk away or beat her at her own game. Or even wait until she leaves.

"Hmmph." Torrent disappears in a rush of wind, and Noriko looks at Hiroshi. "How are you doing today Master Hiroshi?"

Hiroshi: *swallows deeply* ...fine. H-*nearly gags* How about you?

"I would feel better if you would relax, Master." She sits down where Torrent sat, and looks at him. "Naomi has been rather off the past few days."

Hiroshi: I know. She is plagued with dreams of the boy. I fear it may compromise her conscientious about the plan. Or it might lead her into a unstable state of mind to where we will all be in a terrible situation.

She looks at Hiroshi in a way he doesn't recognize.

"Can we talk alone for a moment, Master?"

Hiroshi: *is a bit concerned and confused, unaware of what's he supposed to expect knowing Noriko*...Suuure.

She suddenly grabs his arm, and everything appears to stand still for a breif moment of time, before a brilliant light envelopes his vision for another second, and everything comes back in a split second, yet he feels absolutely breathless for a solid 3 minutes: she had just traveled using lightning.

When he catches his breath, he looks around and sees they are on one of the many tall spires of the fortress. Noriko is sparking with electricity, a quiet hum of energy around her.

"I admit I must seem like an airhead with plenty of drive to make most people's head spin. Perhaps I am. But I'm not stupid. I knew Kado for many years, we all did. I knew that what White told us didn't make sense when she first told us what happened. I kept quiet about it, and just went with things. But then it kept going. The things she told us, never added up.

I eventually did digging, Master. I don't particularly like what I found out. I'll serve like always master, but I'm telling you now I'm through with watching little Naomi cry herself to sleep every night because of some lie you told her. And frankly, you're one to talk about salvation. You're half human. And don't bullshit me. I know. I learned that little jewel years ago. I want you to pull Naomi out of this operation. Permanently." She says all of this in a tone very alien to Hiroshi: angry. Noriko never got mad at anyone before. Not even as a child. Especially not like this.

Hiroshi: Frankly, this surprises men. You of all people, so care-free, actually caring. I must say I'm impressed, but you've only scratched the surface. I maybe part human, but their is dominance. I'm more elemental than i am human. If you want to pull Naomi out of the operation, then go ahead. Just remember, like it or not: The boy dies.

"I know a lot more than you think. And have it your way. But you have to get down on your own. Bye." She disappears in a bolt of lightning. He looks down at how far down solid ground is, and cannot help but recall his slight fear of heights.

Hiroshi: What does she take me for? I'm the freakin' Earth Slayer. *a floating rock platform comes from beneath him and begins to make his way back to the castle*

Torrent walks on the air beside him. "So how was your little playdate with Blonde Disaster?" Torrent chuckles mockingly.

Hiroshi: She knows.

"What, just now realized that? And here I thought I couldn't keep up with her games. She's a damn good actress ya know."

Hiroshi: Damn it all. I'm not sure what she intends to do with that knowledge, it my jeopardize the plan.

Torrent chuckles. "You're really out of the information loop then. Aoi has reported multiple times suspicious activity over in the secret archives. White and Aoi eventually caught on to the fact it was Noriko, but we haven't done anything because as far as we know, the only thing she really has done is self educating herself on the organization. Frankly we weren't surprised when we found out she was looking for information. Lightning strikes on a whim. Where it will strike is unknown. But as long as proper caution is exercised, it usually will never strike a single man in his lifetime. It is only the fools who stand clear out in the open with no caution that are struck by lightning.

This whole thing has been going on for years, the issue with Noriko. She has gone off to Earth countless times. I would swear that she actually is employed in multiple private security firms and possibly even a movie actress, though those details aren't confirmed. I think it's more of a desire to be independant from the pack. All wolves eventually either join the pack or find one they belong in. It's just a rule of nature."

Hiroshi: Hmmm, I might as well be a paranoid old man after all.

"It is never a bad thing to be cautious. It is another thing to allow caution to prevent action or to create undue suspicion of others. Caution allows one to see the enemy at the face value and even deeper with practice, but too much ails the mind and creates fractures.

We should head back, do you not agree? Or would you like to try your hand at chess? Who knows? They do say 100 times is the charm."

Hiroshi: What do you think I'm doing? I' heading back there now.

"Pity. I was rather hoping to have some entertainment today. Ah well."

They notice one of Aoi's ice clones walking towards the central palace from the portal gate, holding a crystal with a icy blue tone, behind her a group of soldiers carry a black crystal.

Hiroshi: I presume that is Caess, is it not? And the other is Dimrune?

Torrent nods. "Appears so. I take it that extraction was successful. I'm curious how she managed to recapture Caess."

Hiroshi: Obviously, she did not run when she had the chance.

The clone of Aoi and the men disappear, and only a few minutes later, she appears to everyone of the major members.

"One of the Mythos that freed one of the Terrors intends to try and free Caess and Dimrune. I have foreseen their demise, but it is still better to be ready. Please report to the main hall for instruction from our Lady White." She disappears again.

Hiroshi: What is the extent of these Mythos' power, that they can wield the ability to combat the Terrors, just like we can and succeed in defeating them?

Torrent looks at him. "No time for questions. When Aoi sees something in the future, it usually means it is imminent. We should go now and stop asking questions to thin air."

Hiroshi: Hm. *heads into the main room where all the major members are*

All five of the others have assembled, White seems to have a particularly amused smile.

"It would appear someone has finally come to gallantly die before us." She chuckles.

Hiroshi: Hmm it appears so, but surely we cannot observe him before he get's involved?

"He serves the enemy. The only way he will be permitted to live is in chains. And that won't be willingly. Prepare to unleash the Avatars. He shall know the true meaning of our power."

Hiroshi: Yes White. Send forth the Avatars.

The Enemy Edit

Drake appears on what appears to be a long tiered walkway, with a portal ring behind him. Ahead in the distance he can see a long courtyard, but the entire place he feels is dead silent, he cannot pick up any signs of life anywhere.

Drake: *Takes a look around then continues walking towards the courtyard* Hmm... Well this was unexpected, this looks like any other fortress... Then again, knowing what happened back then. Ugh, I need to focus... *He takes another look around before sighing in annoyance* Where the hell is everyone!?

A slow rumble is his reply, as something moves along the tops of the high sections of the fortress roofs. A single loud footstep can be heard.

Drake: So there are people here then... Wonder who's first... *He turns his head towards the source of the footstep*

He first thinks it is merely a part of the building, but as he looks closer, he realizes he's staring at a whole toe... of a dragon. He looks up, and sees a massive dragon of pure light staring him down, larger than even Hitomara, coiled among the many countless roofs of the fortress's complex weaving structure.

Drake: *Growls before focusing his sight on the dragon's head* You first then...

Drake flies up until he is at eye level with the dragon's, waiting for the dragon's attack.

The dragon suddenly flickers out of sight.

Drake: The hell... *Drake clenches his fists and turns his head, looking for the dragon*

As soon as he turns his head, the force of a mountain crashing into him smashes him and sends him flying clear over the sea, where he eventually smashes into a large outcroping of rock. He looks back to see the dragon still where it was, its tail had smacked into him, and it appears to be staring at him.

Drake: *Roars* DIE! *He flies towards the dragon at high speeds, with a silhouette of a large dragon covering Drake and mimicking his movements. The moment Drake reaches the dragon, he extends his arm out to the side and claws the dragon across the chest, drawing a large amount of blood in the process. Drake glares at the wounded dragon with the look of bloodlust stained in Drake's eyes*

The dragon makes an amused laughing sound. The wound vanishes, as if it was never there. The dragon opens its mouth, and a massive beam of pure light blasts Drake, sending him flying back into the cliff...

which is now even closer to the fortress than before. Suddenly something like a massive hand picks him up between two fingers, and lifts him up, and he realizes he's staring at a massive giant towering above the entire fortress, its earthen face blanking staring at him.

Drake places his hands between the giant's finger and pushes them apart, standing on it's hand. Drake begins to sprint up the arm, with each step causing cracks on the arm itself. Reaching the shoulder, dark energy channels into Drake's hand, who jumps up and slams his fist against the side of the giant's head. Causing it to stagger, also creating more cracks on the giant.

The giant effortlessly rights itself, and the cracks disappear, and the giant becomes a colossus of pure metal. The metal suddenly rises up, and bonds with Drake's body, completely immobilizing him, he finds he cannot break it, it seems to not be any metal he's ever encountered before. Suddenly he is pulled off by the hand of the giant, and he is thrown back over the fortress. Above him, something vaguely shaped like a bird made of every color of electricity flies over and grabs him with its talons, shocking ever cell in his body with more voltage than a lightning bolt.

Drake endures the pain for a short while before coughing up blood, Drake fades away in black fire and reappears ontop of one of the rooftops. With his whole arm raised into the air, conjuring a massive black sphere with black lightning discharging and surging around it, he throws it towards the bird. Colliding with it and causing it to blast into one of the many towers, making it collapse ontop of it.

Drake: ...Who's next.

The earth giant throws a pike of the strange metal at him, and at the same time, the bird appears and shocks the pike with the same lightning Drake had fired at it, only purified, just as the pike rams into Drake's lung and shocks him with his own attack.

Drake staggers back before looking at the pike and seeing more blood drip from the wound, he pulls the pike out and stabs it into the floor. Revealing the dark energy resembling fire emitting from the hole, the three creatures notice Drake's sudden energy change. Pure black dragon wings and tail form, with Drake's aura becoming more unstable and animalistic and changing to black also. Drake roars again, causing the entire fortress to shake for a moment, as the energy corrupts Drake even further. He appears infront of the bird and grabs it's wing and throws it towards the giant, firing a massive black fireball that explodes on impact. Causing the two to get push back a considerable amount, Drake then focuses on the dragon and growls once again. Flying towards him and grabbing both of it's fangs and swinging it around, then slams it into some more towers before dropping it down.

A screech comes from behind him, and he is set on fire by the grasp of a massive phoenix, which then tosses him straight into the air, where out in the ocean a huge giant of pure ice rises from the ocean and blasts him with a massive burst of ice, freezing his front half and partially his blood, making every thought process sluggish. From behind him, the phoenix blasts his back with an inferno ten times hotter than his black flames.

Drake roars once again, causing a shockwave which shatters the ice and extinguishes the flames. He glances over at the ice giant and the phoenix before narrowing his eye sight towards the ice giant, he flies past the phoenix and slams his feet against the ice giant's chest and bounces off. Hovering between them, the ice giant and phoenix fire their respective element at Drake. Drake flies upwards, completely dodging the attack and causing the fire to melt through the ice and into the ice giant. Drake then glares at the phoenix, having a slight laughter that sounds feral and demonic...

The illusion shatters, and his reflexes fail him as he is blasted a second time by the two beings, this time his efforts to repel their attacks fail completely, and the blasts punish him for five minutes straight. He plummets, only to be extinguished by a huge wave of water, and a massive gale of wind, the wind blowing him straight into the ocean.

The ocean splits in two as Drake is in the center, as he points towards the creatures. Multiple dark figures, covered in tribal markings that also share resemble their counterparts burst out of the ocean and fires a massive dark energy beam towards the creatures. Blasting them all away from the fortress, Drake jumps ontop of the fortress' roof and charges two energy spheres in his hands, with the dragons charging dark energy in their mouths. All of them including Drake fire, with the power overwhelming the creatures, Drake laughs as the dragons fade away in black fire.

The entities remain unaffected, as far as he can tell. A lion made of water rises from the ocean, and a wolf of wind appears as well, seven total entities encircling him. They all appear to have some kind of glowing markings brighter than the rest of their bodies. Suddenly, Drake is in a massive black void, with nothing but the seven encircled around him. They begin to charge massive beams, the energy concentration far greater than Drake's entire being. Just as they fire, they appear to dim and defuse a large amount of energy out of no where, before firing each one straight at him, too fast and too powerful to dodge. Before the beams even reach him, the sheer energy density blows away his form, leaving him exposed to the pure power onrushing him.

White watches from the courtyard as a massive explosion of pure energy rips open the sky, deafening everything with its pure almighty power.

She watches as a figure falls from the heavens, and eventually lands at her feet, unconscious, almost with a pulse, his heart on its final beats. The seven descend from the skies, and return to their respective positions of the fortress.

"Well fought, Drake Ryunexo... such power has its use... even if you shall exist in a mere vegetative state... for all of the concern of the world of the living... you have indeed died..." She smiles. "A death worthy of such a brave spirit. But in secret... I shall know the truth of your eternal unwaking slumber..."

She nods to Aoi, who touches Drake, but her power only stabilizes his heart, nothing more. White attaches a strange metal braclet, which begins bonding with his DNA. A green light flicks on, and Drake's powers are sealed.

White picks him up, and carries him down into the deepest dungeons of Yosai, where an angelic figure sleeps, surrounded by preserved various Mythos, such as an Endlos, a Spirit, and even a Aetherborn.

She places him within one of the preservation chambers, and activates the seal, entombing Drake with the rest of the beings.

She looks at him with a malevolent smile. "From you, we will finally perfect the Chaos Engine. Thank you for donating yourself to our cause... your sacrafice is not in vain." She chuckles darkly. "I will record your battle within my memory for all time... it was most poetic."

Drake comprehends and hears none of this, trapped within a comatose state.

Son of Darkness Edit

The Administrator waits in the hangar. The rest of The Aero Force comes in the hangar and lands. The pilot comes out and takes his helmet off.

Pilot: Sorry sir. We lost most of our men to a lava monster.

The Administrator: I know. Listen, we're about to deliever a critical blow to the enemy or atleast I hope it will be critical. I need you to fire this capsule. *pats a human-sized metal capsule with metal glider wings on it* And the next portal that opens, fire this capsule.

Pilot: Yes sir.

2 pilots come out and pick up the capsule and puts it into the missile launcher. They take flight and leave

The Administrator: *looks at them leaving* We gave you your warning. Now you will feel the wrath of Earth.

The Dusk Before Red Dawn Edit

White looks among the gathered members of Phoenix. "It's almost time. Are you all ready to go?"

Hiroshi: We've based almost our entire existence on the plan. There is no doubt that we are ready.

White closes her eyes. "Alright then. Once you are on Earth, you will wait for your phase to begin. Hiroshi will make his move only when I tell him to. Caution must be taken. That goes for the rest of the Trimasters. None of you engage unless it is Kado himself, or any other significant threat we have discovered thus far. Understood?"

Hiroshi: *bows in acknowledgement* Understood, White.

A brilliant light envelops them, and they feel themselves slowly disappearing.

"Good luck to you all." White says, and they disappear, leaving only Aoi and White behind.

"...We shall stay and observe."

2nd Meeting Edit

The representatives are all conversing on how will they mange to combat the invading forces and will come of the Earth, with low fundings for reconstruction.

"...So things are as bad as they told me... huh?" A presence becomes apparent to them, and the president looks up to see the same masked man as they had encountered last time, though this time his mask is missing, showing his rather young face. He looks at the reps, and mentally prepares himself for the insults and other talk he had heard before.

Rep. 2: I knew it had something to do with you!

Rep. 5: Your world couldn't have left us alone.

Rep. 3: Do you have any idea how much will have to be done if this ever ends?

Rep. 2: Our families, homes, children and loved ones die, not cause of the Mythos anymore, but of soldiers from your world!

Rep. 3: Your world could handle us. Why call on an invasion on us? It's not like our attack your city did anything.

The President: All of you, quiet. Our friend has something to say.

Rep. 2: Friend!?

The President: *gives Rep 2 a stern look, then looks back Kado* What is it?

While they had been yelling at him, a red line that seems familiar from the time he had caused destruction in London formed, but he lets out a breath and it fades, only the president catches it.

Kado holds out a red bird emblem. "The soldiers you've seen... they have this emblem, am I correct? That is not our emblem. It is an organization named Phoenix. ...I was a former member, until they tried to have me killed twelve years ago. Ever since, I have sought to put them down."

He looks at them. "I realize I tainted my honor back at London. I fully admit responsibility. But that was not why I came there. Earlier, I left after a mention of someone named 'Earth Slayer'. He is one of the senior members of Phoenix. He was my master. I had already known they had a hatred of humanity, so I sought to intervene before he could do anything. ...My efforts were in vain and he drew the monster of my heart forth. ...He knew me too well. After all... that thing... was born inside of my soul because of Phoenix.

But if you think what's going on right now is bad... you have no fucking idea what you're in for. The invasion right now is only the very beginning. Phoenix intends to wipe humanity out. Once and for all. If I have not made it clear to you before, my mission, as is Azure's, is to protect the innocent and the weak. We have no intention of allowing them to continue their plan any further."

The President: We will accept any form of help at this point. Our own forces grow weaker and only ones fairing this invasion are the mythos.

Kado closes his eyes. "Please inform your agencies to not start fights when we arrive. Our troops are a union of humans and mythos. It would not help matters if they complicated the situation. All of our members will be wearing their armored uniforms, with no exceptions.

...And pretty much the real reason I have come here... is to announce that this was my last act as leader of Azure. I announced my decision to end my office at the Echo World Summit. And now I seal that pact with this meeting."

All the reps. clap except for The President.

Rep. 2: Maybe now a moresaneperson can lead your nation away from unasked retaliation. Don't you know how much right we have to retaliate against you and your world?

The President: We have the right, yes. But we're not going to use it.

Rep. 2: *is morally confused*

The President: I trust that this man will fix the problem.

Rep. 2: This same man who decimated all of London because of his hatred for one man?!

The President: I admit, that action was rather disappointing to see coming from a man of such honor like you. But I'm will to look past that as the same will happen right now. We will not retaliate against your world for this.

The reps. are silently debating over this.

Kado looks at someone out of sight. A woman suddenly appears. "This is Azula, she is the new leader of Azure, and was formerly my assistant." He looks at them, and back at her. "...And she cannot speak verbally. She can speak with her mind, but she won't access your mind unless you giver her permission otherwise. She is the one who is projecting me at the moment."

Rep. 2: Hopefully, she isnt asrecklessas you are.

The President: Enough of that. It is an honor to meet you, Miss Azula.

Rep. 2: *is once again morally confused* An hono--

The President: Yes! An honor...*looks back at Rep. 2 more menacingly*

Rep. 2: *slouches in his seat*

Azula looks in the Rep's direction for a moment, and eventually her voice rings in their minds, though it is focused strictly on the very outskirts of their minds.

"An honor to meet you as well. Mr. President. It is a shame that the rest of your colleges feel the need to disrespect a national ambassador in a diplomatic setting. Even if we are Mythos, we still command your respect, as we give you ours. Do not take me lightly, Representative. I will not put up with your tongue, unlike Kado. I'm not here to be enemies or to be hostile. I just think it's unprofessional of someone like you letting charged emotions rule your judgement.

Azure will be providing you support as soon as we can muster our forces. And as for reconstruction, I cannot guarantee it but we can call on favors from the other nations to provide you with relief. We do not wish to be hostile with you. But for the sake of relations between Azure and your world, it would be best if you thought about redefining your attitudes, if only for the sake of diplomatic progress."

The President: I definately agree. We should not let these hardships harden our hearts and minds. What say you, Representatives of Neo Pangea?

The Representatives stand and agree. Rep. 2 takes awhile then finally stands in agreement.

The President: We appreciate your help. May God be with you.

Suddenly a white figure appears, though a projection as well. "Ahhhh Kado, you still adore these little animals? Touching. More like disgusting." Kado's eyes narrow dangerously. "White...!" He growls.

She smirks. "That reminds me... my little Dark Phoenix, you never did give me your response... ...surely you don't really want to fight us?"

Kado snarls. "What are you talking about?"

White smirks again. "Why my invitation to rejoin us. There is no need for family to fight one another! I'm sincere dear Kado, we had to make sure you truly were ready... the rigors of being the Dark Phoenix are demanding... as you know now. But you're alive! You survived your test! We all wish you to come back... and sweep out these rats!"

Kado growls. "Bullshit. Get out of here. When I see you, I'll put my blade through you and end this war of yours."

She frowns, only lightly. "You'll reconsider soon enough." She looks at the President and Representatives. "Oh hey, morerats." She disappears.

Kado lets out an aggravated growl. The marking seems to be back, along with a second one burning across his right cheek. He looks at Azula. "Be more careful about your mind links Azula. That could have ended bad."

"You don't need to tell me that. ...I apologize about that unwelcome interruption... that was the leader of Phoenix."

The President: The only thing I saw was a rat with wings. Put a sword through her neck, if you wish. Just make sure you get it on tape while your at it. *smiles evilly abit*

Kado makes an attempt at a smile, but gives up. He turns his head, even as some of the reps notice the markings. "We will begin preparations as soon as possible, Mr. President. But just so you know... this will not be an easily won battle... even with our help. The main members of Phoenix are nothing like what you've encountered so far."

The Preisdent: I see. But I have a deeper feeling that the current predicament we are facing isngoing to be the real problem.

Everyone is confused on what he's talking about.

Kado frowns.Does he know of that Destruction god guy...?

"Elaborate." He says shortly.

The President: It's rather heard to explain, but I can just...feelit. Like something is coming to ravage this world until neither forces are left

Kado sighs. "I was told by someone named Van that a 'god' of destruction has been incensed by the invasion. If that's true..." Kado pauses, then sighs.

"It must certainly be great for those Mythos with actual power..." He freezes. "Would there happen to be a very violent metal dragon capable of creating volcanoes?"

The President: We have received report about it. Yes.

Kado groans. "Hitomara... why does it always have to be that dragon? I swear that is the one monster I wouldn't mind dropping into the ocean. He was such a pain back on Echo. I wondered where he went."

The President: It's unclear, but you might wanna check the more larger cities. There is also more reports saying their could e more of those beings out there.

Azula is seen idly messing with her hair, and the president notices the odd lump on the back of her neck, he had been mildly curious before, but now he wonders what sort of Mythos she might be.

The President: Are you a myth too?

Azula and Kado exchange looks. They seem to be having a silent argument between them, and Azula finally says,"You did make me the leader, did you not?" "..." "That's what I thought."

She turns towards them."In one way, you could say I am. However, despite the efforts of our scientists, what I am, and where my powers come from are all unknowns. Even the M.C.C.P's CRAzy was unable to identify me. This is usually SSS Class information. We don't normally share those kinds of details."

The President: A myth, that isn't recognized...That is quite strange. We've discovered nearly any and every possible hybrid on this planet, but you are the only unknown. It's quite....worrisome

Azula closes her eyes."The only known genetic material that was identified was human. However, it seems to make up only a small section of my dna, the rest are sections of unknown sequences.'re not the only one who worries about that fact. It's only one of the many reasons our organization has me listed as the only SSS Class Mythos in our rank system."

The President: I'm only worried of what you're capable of.

Azula lowers her head."I know. But good relationships cannot be established with fear. Are there Mythos that will use their powers for their own gain? Yes. Will I ever do such a thing? No. Those who do not fear their power will inevitably bring down everyone, including themselves."

Kado looks at her, and then at the Reps and the President. "It's one of the many philosophies you'll hear on Echo. 'Those who do not fear their power will be destroyed by their power. Those who fear their power will instead rely on their fellow man and together build society.' It's also a founding principle of Azure. We trust rather than fear. Those who would harm society... well they are punished as they should."

Azula looks at them."...I must make this last thing known as well. While we are compiled and will help you... at the same time, there is a clash of ideologies here. We're overlooking them for the sake of the greater good, overlooking our past history, and despite our own problems."

She closes her eyes."I cannot and will not guarantee we will come to your aid again, should another invasion like this happen. It is of my understanding that Phoenix in the old days protected humanity in the Fantasy War from their own world, and their efforts to protect you were instead of being respected... were treated with the same hatred as the rest of the Mythos. The saviors turned the hunted. And now, look where history has lead us. Do you see why I have this stance? What will happen when this is all over? Will you just go back to what you've done before, and turn on us as well as you did with Phoenix?"

The President: Not likely. Not as long as I rule this Nation.

She closes her eyes."...Very well. I will leave it at that for now. We have preparations to do."

The President: We'll be waiting for your arrival. God Bless.

The images of Kado and Azula flicker and disappear.

Preparations Edit

Kado looks up and turns towards Seco, Avalia, and Gobble. "Well, they know we'll be coming. It's time to get ready. Azula, please contact all appropriately ranked members of Vigilante Squads and any available A.H.D.S. agents. Tell them to prepare all of the necessary supplies for a full class war."

Azula nods, and closes her eyes.

Kado sighs. "As for you three, wait for the A.H.D.S. squads to arrive. Oliv will make sure you are all equipped for the fight ahead."

Seco: Sure thing.

Gobble: *is still reading*

"Oh, so I see the soldiers have found a new cause..." a voice said as the temperature in the area dropped a few degrees. "You've obviously been busy, Ninja boy."

Kado pauses, and slowly turns around. "...Kalin? It certainly has been a while."

Azula looks towards Kalin."It is a pleasant surprise to see you, Kalin. What have you been up to all this time?"

"sigh. So much for a suprise." The temperature in the area began to rise again as a black mass collected in the center of the room. The mass created a humanoid form before receding, leaving Kalin behind. "Hey guys, lady." He said, nodding to azula. "To answer your question, I have been searching for answers. I even managed to find them, if not without a cost... But after the day was done, and I prepared to rest my head, a new question popped up." He said, holding out his hand to reveal a black orb. Allowing it to drop to the floor, Kalin stepped sideways as the sphere expanded. It began to morph into various scenes from Kalin's memory, including the initial invasion, as well as his fight with Caess. "The question was simple: What the FUCK is going on around here?"

Kado looks about. "Well... you could say that my past is now coming back and determined to kill everything. A lot has been going on, to be honest."

"You don't say." Kalin said sarcastically. "So I'm guessing you've already begun some form of contingency plan, correct? Earth could probably use it sometime soon, you know, before everyone dies...(sighs) Despite that, it is good to see you guys again. If I were there, I'd grab you all up and hug you...oh what the heck!"

Shadows envelop everyone in the area and trap them in a tight grip as they are all pulled to Kalin, who stands there with his arms open wide.

After the hug, Kado blinks in surprise. "Well that was unexpected, but it's great to see you as well. We're actually preparing to come and assist Earth, but it will be a few hours before Azure is ready to mobilize. For us it should take about an hour or two more, but for Earth is probably been several hours since we communicated with them."

Well, as much as I'd like to join you, I have a mission of my own. Some pretty big friends of yours are sitting around, preparing to save an ally whose under the control of the enemy. I said I'd tag along and do what I could."

Seco: A good friend of yours im guessing. Is he gonna help too?

"Perhaps. Not sure. We'll see you soon if you're not staying, Kal."

Gobble: *lifts his head* Hey guys...this maybe weird...but why do I feel like shit's about to go down, besides the shit thats already about to go down.

Kado sighs. "Probably cause the end of the world is coming."

Gobble: Duh. I know that. But its something else. Something even worse than the end of the world. Can you imagine something like that?

"Doubtful. Hell comes to mind though. Regardless. It's almost time to go."

Seco: Alright. *looks at Avalia and Gobble* You heard him. Get ready.

Gobble: Can I bring the book?

Seco: *walks over to Gobble and slaps the book out of his hand* No. *grabs him by the collar and pulls with everyone else*

Gobble: Aw man! You could've let me save my page!

The forces of Azure are finally summoned to the city, and there appears to be a few armored vehicles with them.

Kado turns towards Gobble, Avalia, and Seco. "Time to armor up. The vehicles are to supply you with weapons, any you need, as well as standard issue body armor."

Gobble: Aw snap! Is it gonna be like Halo!

Seco: *slaps Gobble in the back of the head*

Gobble: *rubs the back of his head* Owww...

Kado rolls his eyes. "Go check it out and see what you guys like. We have more than plenty."

The others head down to the armory

Gobble: *looks at the braces* Can't believe he had these bound to our DNA. He culd've atleast taken these off of us by now.

Seco; I don't think the would have work. They will regrow everytime.

Gobble: I still say it was uncalled for.

Seco: So was us coming here in the first place.

One of the A.H.D.S. troopers stationed there chuckles. "We can turn the braces off and allow you to use full power if we deem it necessary. However while we fully invented a way to make a suppression device unable to be removed, we have yet to find a way that works both ways. We got bazookas, grenades, assault rifles... take what you want with you, but just understand they're not necessarily your weapons, Azure agents just rent out guns from the supply houses, so kindly don't lose them if possible. Then you have to pay for it."

Gobble: Would you kindly...Errrgghh.

Seco: Thank you. *enters the supply house with Avalia and Gobble right behind him*

Gobble: *looks at the trooper* Would you kindly...*walks in the supply house*

Kado himself walks in and grabs a few things, then looks over at a collection of masks, and looks some over, eventually settling on one with red stripes on the sides, with the Azure logo on the forehead, and puts it on.

The others take armor and guns. Gobble gets 2 akimbo shot guns and a chain gun. Avalia: Get's a sniper and assault rifle. Seco only gets a assault rifle and a pistol.

"Well... pretty much time to go. You ready?"

Gobble: You asked us that about 40 times already. And it's always been 40 yeses to that answer.

Kado closes his eyes. "Then let's head out to the portal chambers."

Seco: We're right behind you. Lead the way.

Kado meets up with Azula, where the troops are all assembled, and Seco can only roughly imagine how many soldiers are actually present, seeing as they stretch out of sight into some of the streets, but at least 5,000 alone are present in the courtyard. Oliv sees Seco and beckons them to join her and her partner, who eyes Seco with a guarded look.

Seco and the others stand beside Oliv

The Grand Eye stand infront of a large ring, and his head bows. Blue lights begin to flicker on the ring.

Gobble: *whispers* This might the time where he reveals that he really is God the Father.

Seco: Doubt it though.

"Lord of Creation, guide these soldiers home, regardless if it is to Heaven or to their homes here on this world. May they fulfill the destiny they were meant to." The Grand Eye says softly.

The portal's lights glow solid.

He turns to the gathered army. "Good luck to you all. May you return safely." He steps aside, and the portal opens.

"Focus on the destinations you wish to arrive in. You will appear without fail."

Gobble: Where are we going, old man.

Seco: Where ever Kado is going. We're with him, arent we not?

Gobble: Yea, your right. Where'd he go, anyway?

Kado and Azula stand at the front of the army, and Kado bows and steps aside from her, and she takes the front, the significance of the gesture not lost on the crowd. A slight somber air fills the crowd, and Azula turns to face the crowd.

"Have no fear in your hearts. We fight for what's right. Our cause is stronger than any sword the enemy may throw at us. Remember the sacrifices of those gone, who fought for the ideals we the living still cherish, which shall one day be made reality. Today we shall show a hate torn world what the strength of brotherhood can be. Let us go and show them who we are, and pave the way for the azure skies to once more be free of clouds."

gobble: *a tear forms in his eye* That was so beautiful, mane. All it needed was an epic song to play in the background.

Kado looks at Oliv. "Team Oliv, please step forward." As Oliv and her partner begin to walk towards the front, Kado looks at Seco, Gooble, and Avalia. "That includes you three."

Gobble: What us? *shrugs* Ok.

Seco and the others walk toward the front aswell

Kado looks at the five once they've assembled. "We will be dealing with the main members of the organization, Azula shall lead the main forces against the ground forces of Phoenix."

Gobble: Wai-wai-wai-wai-wait. You send us to fight the guys you all consider as unrivaled gods of nature?

Avalia: Does it matter? It's an order and we are obligated to do it.

Gobble: It sounds more like marching toward our death than taking orders.

Seco: Your glad someone is actually leading us.

Kado rolls his eyes and sighs. "The seven- six members of Phoenix aren't gods. They're all shapeshifters with Slayers. The sword's spirits however pretty much are 'unrivaled gods of nature'. And yes,we'regoing to fight them. As in, you, Avalia, Seco, Oliv, Jason, and myself."

Gobble: *is excited* Oooohhhh snap! You got Jason Vorhees up in here? Were's he at?

Oliv's partner sighs. "Permission to smack the life out of him?" Oliv looks at him. "Permission denied."

Gobble: Psst. Kado. Not sure if you noticed...but that aint Jason Vorhees.

Seco: *hit Gobble on the side of his head the butt of his assualt rifle* Shut up, now!

Gobble: *is whimpering in pain* But he isn't, dad..

Seco: hits Gobble on the head again* What did I say?

Gobble: *looks down* He isn't...

Kado sighs. "Let's not do that alright?" Kado looks at Azula."Can you find any of the Phoenix members on Earth for me?"

Azula concentrates for a minute."Found one."

She sends the data to Kado, who now has a darker cast to his eyes. "Alright then guys. Stay close behind me." He walks through the portal.

Seco, Avalia, and Gobble follows Kado through the portal

Osaka, Japan: Countdown to Chaos Edit

Hiroshi and Naomi appear in Osaka. The atmosphere appears to be green from the toxicity that was exposed to the air from the attack by Phoenix. The town seems to have been evacuated due to the toxicity. City buildings appear to be only half-destroyed and still falling aparte.

Hiroshi: *sniffs the air* The air reeks of poison.

Naomi wrinkles her nose. "Do you suppose igniting the fumes would do any good?"

Hiroshi: I would presume so. It is only best we dont light a spark or anything like that.

She frowns. "Think it will cause us any health issues?"

Hiroshi: Please, The earth is my air. We should have no problems.

Naomi sighs. "Do you think we will run into Kado?"

Hiroshi: Hopefully. But if we dont, the others will.

Naomi clutches her chest. "...Don't worry master... I won't let him get in your way."

Hiroshi: No. I wont let him get in your way. Your mind has been abit offset on the the plan and more on the boy. Listen, if you do not wish to fight him, you do not have too. You already pained by his turn to darkness. Don't hurt yourself even further by fighting him, when you know you could never hurt him.

"I have to do this. I have to... or I'll never be able to live with it... it's because of the past that I have to do this. To protect my memories of him... I can't let him sink any lower."

Hiroshi: You do what you must. It will be your own doing, if you once again receive a broken heart.

"It's better... than to live with regrets of not stopping him... just because I'm afraid."

Hiroshi: Being afraid is ok. It shows that you want to live, but are you willing to show how much you value your life?

"I don't care. I don't care if I die. You don't really care anyway Master. Torrent and Kado were always your favorites. If I died it would be of no consequence to you."

Hiroshi: I value all my students. But I only value those who do not look down upon themselves. Besides, I feel more comfortable around those two because they were boys and im not really used to training girls. The only thing that separates you fropm those two, is that you are gentle. The other two are far too violent. You only seek to right your wrongs instead of continuing to do so. You may not be like the rest of us, but what's wrong with being unique? Jusr remembered you are still loved and valued by me and by Phoenix. Remember that.

Naomi looks at the sunrise slowly appearing over the ocean. "...It's beautiful isn't it? Even though the air is polluted, at least the glory of the sun isn't touched."

Hiroshi: *looks at the Sun carefually and sees green strands of light coming aloose. The Sun also appears to be getting darker as in more sunspots* Unusual.

Suddenly a group of five people appear at the coastline, and when Hiroshi sees a familiar masked figure, he looks over to warn Naomi not to engage, but she has already long charged out of earshot towards the group.

He realizes that she wouldn't know about Kado's current appearance... and would be at a very dangerous disadvantage.

Hiroshi: *summons a rock block to block her path* Stop child. Not yet.

Kado whips his head toward the noise, and sees the block.

"Guys. Search the rest of the city. I got this section covered."

He charges towards the block of stone, flickering with shadows.

The block slams itself into Kado and into the water

Gobble: HAHA! He got powned by a rock.

Kado rushes out of the rock, a pure shadow. He sees Naomi and stops in front of her, his shadow form rippling.

"...Who are you?" He looks at her Slayer. "...I see you have a Fire type. Are you supposed to be some sort of replacement for the old Fire Slayer?" His eyes narrow.

"...Who are you people?" The girl in turn asks.

"We are agents of Azure. We've come to put an end to you and the rest of Phoenix."

The two regard each other, circling until both strike at once, their swords clashing, Kado drawn two normal katanas.

"...I don't care who you are, I won't let you interfere with my master!" She growls.

"So Master Hiroshi is here then? I figured that attack was his. You shouldn't give away your position, old man!" He yells.

The two clash, neither gaining an advantage.

Gobble: Awww snap. This is so coool. I wonder what we do now.

A large pillar of earth come from beneath them and hoist them up above Osaka

Gobble: Aw crap. I didn't se that coming.

Seco: None of us did. *looks over the edge and sees the entire city* We're approximately 450 feet above ground level.

Gobble: What are we doing up here then?

Hiroshi: *is floating on a singel pile of earth* Cause I brought you here.

Gobble: Aw cool. I'ts an old man. What's up, old man?

Seco: Are you one of them? One of Phoenix?

Hiroshi: Yes I am. And you must be Kado's underlings.

Gobble: Not really underlings, more like captives that have yet to be given their freedom for that other place.

Hiroshi: Well then, let me be the first to welcome you home. But sadly it's under quarantine. And infestation called 'humanity' has torn up this home. So we're here to take care of the problem. *lands on the pillar*

Gobble: Oh, wel thanks man. Here I wanna give ya' somethin' for your hard work. *puts something in Hiroshi's hand and pullsa ring out and runs back*

Hiroshi: *opens his hand and sees a grenade, that immediately blows up in his face*

Hiroshi looks up from a rooftop below them. "Is that all the best you can do?"

Gobble: No, you just dropped your tip.

Hiroshi: *looks down at another grenade and it bows up in his face* Amusing...Your really amusing.

Gobble: *bows* Why thank you. I try my best everyday.*grins*

Hiroshi: *is irritated. Summons shards made of glass and they turn into razors and launches them*

Begin to fire at the glass shards. The glass shards disappear, but stalagmites come from from under them.

Gobble: * jumps up and is balancing on a stalagmite* Oh thank god. My balls nearly died.

Hiroshi: *appears infront off Seco*

Seco: *swings his rifle at the side oh Hiroshi's head*

Hiroshi: *is unaffected and takes the rifle, breaks it in half and smacks Seco's ears with the broken halves*

Seco: *puts his hands over his ears* ARGH!

Hiroshi: *punches Seco in the face and stomps on the ground and a dull-headed stalagmite comes out from the ground and his Seco directly in the face, knocking him off and over the edge*

Seco: *hits the water*

Down below, it looks as though the girl has struck Kado with an explosion, and he appears to lie helpless. She gets too close however, and Kado grabs her arm and throws her into a building. He gets up, though his mask appears to be cracked and beginning to crumble.

"Who are you?! Why didn't that kill you?!" She gasps, getting back to her feet. Such reflexes and skill... how could he be that good?

A red katana slips out of his sleeves, and into his grasp. She distinctly remembers the sword.

"I would think you would have already heard of me. After all, I was a former member of the organization..." He draws the red blade of Fire Slayer.

"Wait... no that can't be... you're....?!" She gasps.

"I am the Dark Phoenix. My name is Kado. And I will destroy every last one of Phoenix."

"...So it was all true then..." She starts crying. "Everything they told me... you really have fallen into darkness... it's all true...!" She sobs, and Kado gets an irritated air.

"I don't know what you're rambling about. Either get out of my way and tell me where Hiroshi is or stop acting like a sniveling child. This is war, not a sob story." He says coldly. He sheathes his sword, much to Hiroshi's surprise.

"I'm not going to attack someone who doesn't have the guts to strike back. Where is he?"

"..." She remains silent.

Meanwhile, Avalia and Gobble are firing at Hiroshi who is blocking the shots with pebble after pebble.

Hiroshi: *summons a rock wall and sends it moving towards them.

Avalia and Gobble climbe over the wall, but Hiroshi sends wave of moving earth towards them. Gobble jumps over, but Avalia is sent over the edge, but she grabs side of the pillar.

Gobble: Good job guy. Your really having us move. Best work out I had in ages. *starts stretching*

Hiroshi: The 'workout' hasn't even started. *gestures Gobble to fight him*

Gobble: Sure thing, old man. *sprints toward Hiroshi*

She stands up. "...Just stop Kado. Give up on this whole revenge thing. Is power really that important to you...? ...We're trying to save the worldfrom the sins of the people! It's not too late to turn back...! You can join us, you can help us!"

Kado closes his eyes. A heavy sigh of anger comes from behind his mask. "Revenge...? Power...? Don't talk like you know me. You must be delusional like the rest. Saving the world from sin? ...Who are you people to talk...? Who are you people to judge... you're part of the problem."

She gets a defiant look. "No! We're fixing everything! No more suffering! The world will be made pure of sin!"

She pauses, tears streaming down her face. "And I do know you... don't you remember anything...?"

"I don't know you. All I know is you're some girl who clearly has just been told a bunch of empty lies until she blindly accepted them." He hears Hiroshi's battle.

"So that's where he is. I'm done wasting my time here. I have to put an end to all of this." He turns and walks away towards the noise.

"...Don't you turn your back on me... not... not... NOT AGAIN!" She roars, and charges him with her sword. Kado wheels around and grabs it with his hand, a trinkle of blood runs down it, but he manages to stop it with only a slight cut.

"You're going to have to do a lot better than that. Don't waste any more of my time. I don't want to fight someone who doesn't have a true motive. Hiroshi and the others I know have a set clear mind. They know what they want. ...You do not. You will not beat me. Whoever you are, this is pointless. I'm going to fight him. Do not get in my way."

She suddenly strikes him in the face, breaking his mask effortlessly and slams him into the wall.


Gobble: *slides across the ground on his back, severly bruised* Ow, ow,ow,ow,ow,ow.

Hiroshi: There is no stopping Phoenix.

Gobble: We're not stopping...We're stalling....I think...

Hiroshi: *stomps on the ground and Gobble is immediately thrown over the edge and into the water* Foolish. *disappears*

Kado struggles out of the wall, Naomi about to make an attack when she sees his face and freezes again. Though years had passed, she could guess him to be... almost the same face. Though she knew better. There had been many years between his betrayal and now. His eyes remain black and emotionless as before, not even a hint of recognition in his face.

I have no choice... I really do have to end it... he doesn't see me at all. ...Is he really that far gone?

She feels her tails grow out, and her ears change, as well as an increase of power and speed. If I can just nail him before he can react I...

"...You... you... you've got to be kidding me... ...This has to be a joke.... right...?" Kado coughs, leaning against Fire Slayer as a support, until he stands upright, a floored expression on his face.

The look in his eyes. Realization. Remembrance. Recollection. She can clearly see it in his eyes.

He stumbles backwards. "No... this is..." He studies her with an expression of either denial or awe.

"...T-t-those damn ears... those tails... are you... ...N-N-Naomi?!" He stammers.

"K-Kado?" She whispers in shock and awe. "Is it... really the real you...?"

Kado closes his eyes. "...Naomi... so it is you. It... has been a long time. ...But there is no other me. I have to stop Phoenix, Naomi. They're not saving the world, Naomi. They're going to destroy everything. The men. The women. The children. All of them. They don't care about families or innocents. They'll kill them all."

Naomi takes a step back. "No, you're wrong, we're doing this for the good of all-"

Kado sighs. "Did White tell you this?"

"What do you mean-"

"She's been lying to you. About everything. I didn't choose to leave Phoenix. You were kept in the dark. You need to hear the truth. The real truth."

"I...." She trails off.

"They tried to have me killed, Naomi. If it wasn't for Fire Slayer, I would have died that day."

"But they said-"

"...That I killed her? No. She saved me from death. She raised me back to health, and taught me all she could, before sending me off to the city. For a while, it really was about revenge. But things have changed. I'm not doing this for revenge. One of the things most important to me that I learned while in exile was that the strong oppress the weak. Ever since then, I've made it my goal to end that cycle. And now that path has lead me back here Naomi. Phoenix will kill everyone, children, human, Mythos, anyone they can to get what they want. They don't care about who is innocent or guilty. They just want to destroy humanity. Naomi... please... I know you have a kind heart... let's not do this. I have to stop them. This is how it has to be. Please..."

She looks at him with a sad look, her whole body trembling. "I..." Her ears fold, confusion tearing her apart, he could feel it.

He walks up to her and embraces her, the warm feeling shocking Naomi, she could feel his sincerity and compassion. He was still the same person she knew before... perhaps colder... but his heart at the bottom of it all... was still there. She drops her sword.

Oliv and Jason manage to drag the three out of the water. "Alright, now who needs CPR, or are we all good here?" He says in a gruff voice.

Kado senses Hiroshi coming, and he turns his head to face him. A slight aura of shadow envelops him instinctively.

"Nice to see you again, Master. ...Leave her out of this. If you seek to draw blood, only draw it from me. I'm your enemy."

She looks down from Hiroshi. "...Is what he said true...? Are you really going to wipe them all out...? Even the people who didn't do anything wrong?" She trembles. "Tell me the truth, master!" She yells.

Hiroshi: If one suffers, all suffers. Man's heart, no matter how good they turn out to be have a seed of darkness within their hearts. They have spread that seed down from generation to generation and ore trees of evil grow from those seeds, constantly growing form the ever exceeding evil. Man has done too many wrongs to right, but that's nothing Phoenix can't fix.

Kado narrows his eyes. "Two wrongs don't make a right, Hiroshi. An evil brings an evil. You have no idea what your actions will bring. I will not allow you all to destroy the future."

Naomi clings to Kado. "...I'm sorry master... but that isn't right. To judge everyone for something they never did and might never do... I can't accept that... ...I don't want to be lied to anymore." She closes her eyes, and Kado suddenly buckles, and Hiroshi can see the seal controlling part of Kado's Dark Slayer and the seals preventing him from using the Fire Slayer both fail at once, and a surge of power erupts from Kado, a golden aura mixed with a stronger black aura emerges.

"...You... what is this feeling...?" Kado can feel the new energy flowing through him. He flexes his hand, and a thick layer of shadow covers it.

"...Is this part of my sword's power...?" He looks toward Hiroshi.

"Master. Let us take the battle else where. The only person you need fight is me. I don't want to worry about collateral damage when I should be dedicating my energy to fighting you. And I know you would rather I give it my all in a fight than be distracted. No interference, no sly tricks. Honor on honor, cause against cause. I fight for justice, and you fight for yours. Though since I'm on the subject, will you consider standing down? Or will you not see my reason? Bloodshed is the last resort of a true warrior."

Hiroshi: A warrior lives to shed blood, boy. It's where the blood comes from that counts. Besides, what's wrong with fighting here? It seems like a good setting to me. *teleports them both to the other side of Osaka* It isn't much but it will do. *pulls out Earth Slayer and points it at Kado* It is time for your final lesson, on what it truly means to be a warrior.

He draws Fire Slayer and Dark Slayer, and Hiroshi notices for the first time its new appearance, how much lively and fully of energy it seems.

Kado smiles. "That last battle of ours... I want to thank you, Master. I thought everything I knew was set. I thought I knew myself. It caused me a great deal of pain... but in the end... I've rediscovered myself. ...One last thing. Is what you're fighting for... is it what you truly believe in? Is this cause what you truly believe is right?"

Hiroshi: Im this world, there is not right and wrong, well atleast we refuse to see what is right and what is wrong. I never questioned the destiny of Phoenix, the family I was born into. There is no true way to find out who you are truly mean't to be. But today, we're going to see who's going to live to find that out. *gets in stance*

Kado smiles. "I respect you for that. I'm still proud to call you my master." He shifts into stance as well. "After all, I learned to fight for what I believed in.... I learned everything, all the best from you. May the best man win... Master Hiroshi."

A quiet wind blows.

Hiroshi: *positions his feet and sprints towards Kado*

When he strikes at Kado, Kado's first strike is light and nimble, quickly deflecting Hiroshi's blade, and then immediately following up with a second strike pushing just past the blade and pushing it up so a block would be ineffective, and aims narrowly at the armpit area. In his second movement, Kado's other sword comes in for a attack more directly at Hiroshi's chest. As he moves out of the way in time, he estimates that Kado's fighting style is still dual swords, but a bit more calculated and savage, probably a style picked up from a rough life on the streets.

Hiroshi: *maneuvers backward in a dance-like motion only getting mildy hurt*

Kado's swords hum with a vibrant energy, they seem to want to be let loose in full, not held back. Kado bullrushes Hiroshi and smashes into his chest with his elbow, and breaks Hiroshi's footing, suddenly coming in with violent powerful strokes, one traveling along the ground and making a small split appear in the ground then just shyly missing his chest.

Hiroshi: *hits Kado in the face with the handle, breaking his nose, then elbows him in his neck, causing him to stagger back. He hits the ground with Earth slayer and giant stalagmites stikle out of the ground*

Kado goes transparent and jumps back, and slashes the stalagmites with Dark Slayer, the blade cutting through the stone like butter. He smiles, and the shadows crawl all over his body, and seem to gain a solid form, rippling with energy. He clutches Fire Slayer tighter, and an aura of flames ignites the armor of shadows. He raises the sword at Hiroshi, and a ripple of energy travels down the blade until it is let loose in a condensed explosion right on Hiroshi.

Hiroshi: *puts up a metal barrier and blocks the explosion. He stabs the metal barrier multiple times sending metal spike shards at Kado*

Kado frowns, and raises his hand. A aura of shadow surrounds the spikes and they suddenly reverse direction, and go straight through the metal and tear out on Hiroshi's side, the attack catching him off guard and several spike embed deep in his body before he manages to dodge the others.

Hiroshi: *absorbs the metal spikes that pierced him and it heals his wounds*

Kado extends his arm and hand towards Hiroshi, and a shadow hand extends from his reaching hand and straight at Hiroshi's throat, which then whips him up into the air and tosses him, while Kado sends another explosion straight up at Hiroshi, it detonating right in front of Hiroshi and sends him smashing into a building.

The building starts to bend and begins to take bodily form. The building fires a sharpened iron bam at Kado and also fires glass and metal shards at Kado aswell*

Kado manages to dodge most of the projectiles, though a shard or two manages to cut him, he winces at the contact, and moves out of the way.

"Heh, Earth Phoenix Mode huh? You know what they say, the bigger they are the harder they fall. But that's too cliche as it is... tch!" A sudden pain comes over him, and he feels a sense of pure anger building.

Oh no, not you... not right now... GO AWAY! I don't need you! He growls.

Kado dodges another attack from Hiroshi, and notes all of the pollution in the air. I wonder how much of that is flammable... if there's enough... maybe I could blast him right out.

He begins charging his Slayers, while watching for any sign of Hiroshi's next attack.

Hiroshi emerges from the building with armor made of earth and steel, with glass formed in shapes of ancient markings that are glowing green. Behind him are evenly cut glowing glass shards floating in lineament in a form of wings. He is also wearing a metal mask with glowing green glass lenses.

Hiroshi: Well boy. It has been an honor ighting you, but Phoenix destiny is clear, whether your with us or not. We will triumph. *throws Earth Slayer at Kado. The Slayer spins and becomes a whirlwinds of leaves.*

A spinning whirlwind of rapid slicing comes in between Kado and Earth Slayer, deflecting it into the air.

Hiroshi: *catches Earth Slayer* What the-- *looks down at a figure wearing a long-tailed leather coat*

Kado jumps away from the figure, his swords raised in a defensive manner, shadow armor thicker and the fire even stronger. "Who are you?" Two red marks can be seen on his left cheek.

The figure partially turns his head towards Kado with hard light-brown eyes.

"The guy who just saved you ass." *looks back at Hiroshi "Now get back*. *snaps his fingers and a single flame is lit on his thumb. He lift his hand in the air and blows the flame, causing fire to spread into the sky*

The sky literally explodes into fields of fire, consuming Hiroshi.

Hiroshi: *is being cosumed by the numerous explosions* AAAAAAARRRGGGGGHHHH!

After awhile the skies are clear buy smoky. Hiroshi falls down on the building. He continues to crash down until he hits the first floor and everything else just falls untop of him

Kado growls. "Excuse me? What makes you think that a bunch of fucking leaves is a threat to me?! And who the hell are you? I was handling myself just fine. What makes you think I needed your help?!"

A chibi demon pops up in Kado's face

"Hey man, don't be given shit to the boy! That thing was going straight for your neck! You were gonna be the new Sleepin' Hollow it if it weren't for him, so stop poutin' like a bitch!"

A chibi female angel pops up

"I must agree with him on this one. You could be a little bit grateful"

"A little bit?!"

"Guys, its ok. I didn't do this for thanks anyway. It's hard to know when I'm doing the right or wrong thing. I tend to make alot of mistakes anyway." *turns all the way to look at Kado* My name is Demgel, The Son of Good and Evil"

The demon is still in Kado's face

"So you better respect that, you masked piece of--!" *is pushed out the way by the angel

"sorry about him. He rages alot. My name is Leg and blob thing is Med."

"And you better respect that too!"

Kado's face darkens with recollection, as well as anger at the demon getting in his face. The red markings on his face now have an ominous red glow.

"...Demgel...? As in Demgel of the Sedition...?" The name does not seem to ease his guard, perhaps only making him more guarded.

Demgel: Yea, of the the Sedition. A name given by the authorities. We'rea group of Mythos who are being hunted by the M.C.C.P and deal with world threats and other world threats. Right now I don't know where everyone else is.

Med: Psh. It's not like we needed them anyway.

Kado sighs with irritation. "Not to be rude, but I seriously didn't need help. I may not be as powerful as someone like you, but I can hold my own just fine." One of the marks slides and disappears, the other one now dull colored, and he starts to walk towards the building where Hiroshi fell.

Demgel: It's fine. It's not like I'm wanted anyway.

Leg: That's not true. Your wanted by us.

Demgel: It's not the same by being wanted by an actual person. Besides, I'm not even sure what I'm capable off. I have all this power, but it still not enough. Atleast, not enough on a Nephalem standard.

Med: If Nephalem's have one.

Suddenly the ground heaves as the Earth Phoenix Mode activates again, and it towers high above them defiantly. "It will take a lot more than that to stop me."

Kado looks up at him, and then turns toward Demgel. "Say... that fire trick... do me a favor... do that at me... that is... if you can make it as powerful as last time." He points his red sword at Demgel. "Unless that was a one time gig. In that case, I'd be disappointed."

Demgel: Since your actually asking for my help, sure. *snaps his finger and a small white flame appears. He blows the fire at Kado*

Kado straightens his arm and the sword seems to absorb the fire with a howl as though the fire itself was screaming. Afterwards, it glows with a fierce red glow.

Suddenly a stone fist smashes Kado, and at first Demgel is surprised, but Kado simply slips right out and dusts himself off, then jumps onto the arm, his figure blackened and rippling as he rushes up the arm.

Hiroshi: Come at m, boy!

the fist turns to rubble then reassembles above Kado and swat him to the ground

Demgel: *cuts the fist in half through the wrist*

Kado lands nimbly on his feet, and wings made of fire laced with dark fire edges appear, and he soars up and lands on the giant's shoulder, and stabs straight into the stone, sending a heavily concentrated blast straight into the structure of the giant, blowing it to pieces and sending Hiroshi soaring, landing with a violent tumble and rolling for several feet, landing on his head, chest, legs, and back multiple times before skidding to a stop. Kado lands on the ground, with the debris falling all around him.

He then looks to where Hiroshi landed and rushes off towards his direction, determined to close the gap as quickly as possible.

Hiroshi: *brings forth several spiked-balls of steel and sends them toward Kado*

Kado leaps over them and keeps going, launching fireballs at him.

The spikes extend towards Kado read to impale him but all of a sudden their cut in halves befre they can even touch him

Hiroshi: *is astonished by this sight, but does not get distracted as he easily fling the fireball over his head and into a nearby tower*

Kado creates a whip of Dark Fire and whips Hiroshi with it, the tendril restricting Hiroshi and then tossing over towards Kado, who creates a massive searing wall of fire that races towards Hiroshi just as he is racing towards it, both move too fast to avoid each other and Hiroshi slams right into the wall of fire, the fires setting him ablaze.

Hiroshi: *is coughing and kneels on one knee and touches the ground. Silver coats his skin and heals his wounds. He gets up, stretches, then summons 2 steel shard razors and has one trace Kado and the other trace Demgel*

Kado glances at them, then sighs.

"You're too careless, Master. The shadows lie everywhere. And you should know fully well how formidable the power of shadow is..."

Suddenly the shadows of the shards rise up and become blacker than night, and violently impale Hiroshi in the lungs, and he can feel them rip into his chest cavity and expand, tearing at the entirety of his vital organs and blood vessels, blood gushing out of his body at an alarming rate.

Hirshi: *is breathing for quite heavily and collapses* you also forgot something too. The flesh is dust. And dust is of Earth...*stretches forth his hand and Kado body begins turning into solid rock ever so slowly* That that has been risen from dust...will return to the ground from whence it came...*coughs up blood* The shadows are everywhere, but the earth is everything...

The small pieces of rock tremble and fall through him, leaving a transparent version of Kado instead. He silently walks forward, and Hiroshi's leg buckles, as though something had forcefully bended his knees.

"And out of that void, what man later called darkness... God gave rise to the oceans... and then to the shores and the land. A mere infant the earth is compared to the power of Darkness. It's why many fear darkness. Because it is the true origin. One who masters Shadow can control and see many things.

Violence is not my way. Regrettably it is necessary." Hiroshi suddenly feels a sense of paralysis take hold over him as Kado comes close.

He raises his sword in an execution style, still flickering and shifting in his shadow form. "You're probably the greatest influence on my life, Hiroshi. Without everything you taught me... I would never have had the will to survive, to bring people together for a common cause and bring our justice to the world. We have a long way to go, and it will be hard. But... I just wish you could be there to see that future. I'm sorry you don't respect my dream. I doubt you're even proud of me for following the path I believe in.

Torrent had all of the talent... I was just the fool who could never please you." He closes his eyes and sighs. "Do you have anything left to say to me?" He opens his eyes again, staring down at Hiroshi who is still immobile.

Hiroshi: Are you kidding? I could never be prouder...*smiles* torrent was smart but violence controlled his actions. He was unsteady. Unbalanced. Like you, but you corrected your error and did better than you have before. Like how I tought you....I proud to call you my...*slowly lifts his hand up* son...*falls on his face* It does not matter what I think. It is what you think. Your belief. I may be just as big a paw *cough,cough* as you were. But now...where I'll end up being is unknown...Promise that you will take care of the girl...She does not deserve to fight and die by those she thought as family...just like you didn't deserve it...

Kado nods. "I would never let her come to harm. That I promise. I don't know about where you may go. That isn't for me to decide. But I can always hope that if and when you are judged, you are judged fairly. I'm sorry it had to come to this."

Hiroshi: Funny thing never had to at all...*closes his eyes and awaits Death*

Kado closes his eyes and cutting off his emotions from overwhelming him, finishes it with a stroke to the neck with Dark Slayer, using its energies to dull the pain that would otherwise result from the strike, and Hiroshi simply goes without any pain. As the blood pools, Kado kneels on the ground with a blank desolate look on his face, hidden from view by his hair, which blows in a faint wind.

"...Be free of the pain of life... my master." He says softly. He sheathes his sword, and then takes hold of Earth Slayer, and gently puts it into its sheath, carefully wiping the blood off the sword of his master.

Demgel: *appears next to him* I could've blessed him, you know. Send him to a place he probably didn't deserve.

Kado doesn't look at him, just holds his master's sword. "Even though we are granted powers beyond imagining... it isn't our place to undermine the divine. It's too easy to play god. In reality no one should try. Without such limitations, we then allow ourselves to answer to no one. As much as that would be comforting... I would rather trust in a fair afterlife than cheat the dead. He did wrong... he made mistakes... but so does all who fights. So does all who call themselves warriors and soldiers."

He takes off his white robe, revealing his jumpsuit and the absolutely startling amount of weapons strapped to him. On his back, near the shoulders, are 8 places for swords to be secured. He puts Fire Slayer and Dark Slayer on them, and with more reverence places Earth Slayer in one as well.

Demgel: Are you gonna be ok,man?

Kado puts his white robe back on, covering his weapons.

"No. I generally never have that much luck." A few dozen soldiers wearing white armor with blue trim arrive.

Demgel: No such thing as 'luck'. Only miracles. *takes few steps and loks up at the Sun and sees greens strands of light coming aloose and there appear to be more and more sunspots all over the Sun. Narrows his eyes and begins to walk away*

Kado looks at the men. "Take his body and prepare it for burial." The men hesisate. "But isn't that....?"

"Just. Do it."

"...Yes sir."

"Off to somewhere then?"

Demgel: Yea. Nomad goes where a nomad is called to.

"In other words, nowhere. Very well then." He turns and takes out a spare mask and places it over his face. He then starts walking back where Naomi and the others are.

Gobble: Dude, we just saw the whole thing from here! It was all *making sound effects* and we were all like 'Whaaaaaaat' and then the other part was 'Holy Shit!'

"....There are no winners in battle. ...Only losers." He says quietly.

Gobble: Wow man. You just brought a new meaning to 'Winning isn't everything'. Man, I swear: Honor is overrated.

Kado makes a rather dark growl. "You know something....? You should really learn to watch your mouth."

He looks at the others. "How are you all doing?"

Avalia: We're all good. *looks over to an unconscious Seco* Seco's been out for quite a while now. His nose is broken and his back is shattered as well...

Gobble: The old man took it pretty hard I suppose. How 'bout the other old man? Is he dead?

Oliv examines Seco and begins treating his back with some kind of magic.

Naomi looks at Kado, who remains silent.

Eventually a sword slides into view, the sword Hiroshi had wielded, Earth Slayer.

Gobble: If you were gonna be all gloomy because you done killed him, why do it anyway?

"I doubt you'd understand. Like you said. You think honor is overrated. That alone proves you would never understand. It had to be done."

He pauses. "They were my family. They weren't just some random people I grew up with knowing. They were real people to me. ...Some of them were like my brothers, some my sisters... and some like parents. ...Old bonds can wither, but they will always still have a hold on your heart. ...If you even have one."

He turns and jumps onto a building rooftop and sits down, Naomi follows him.

Gobble: If he thought f them as family, why killl 'em at all? He's only lying to himself even more. The White chick definitely needs to die.

Avalia: It's far more complex than that.

Gobble: Yea, whatever. I wonder how much longer the old man is gonna be out.

Avalia notices blue flames burning on Gobble's hair, though he seems not to feel or notice it.

Avalia: dang *walks toward Seco and Oliv*

Gobble: *is sweating* Man, why do i feel so hot? *touches his head and flinches back* OW! What da fuck? Is my head on fire? Real mature, douchebag. *runs to the water and jumps in*

When his head is out of the water, the fire is still there, and he notices it isn't actually burning. Naomi looks over at him and winks.

Oliv looks up at Avalia. "It'll take me a bit, but I should be able to heal him, nose and all. Probably about fifteen minutes."

Avalia: That's good. Thank you, Oliv.

Gobble: *comes out of the water* Looks like I'm the new Johnny Test. *sits on the ground soaking wet*

Naomi laughs.

Kado looks towards the West. "I expect the others will arrive on Earth any moment now."

Back at India

Van Valeric: *looks at the Sun* Your time is almost come, ally. And the world will be void of all evil, and weary will perish beneath your thirst for decimation. No cannot stop what is about to come.

Freedooomm...Awaits meeeee.....So much chaos...Chaos...without a sin...The Universe...will be my playground once again...

The Echo of War Edit

Jonas takes down yet another crimson soldier, but more just keeps coming. They had burst out of the various underground networks under the cities, completely catching the defense off guard, and in as great or greater numbers than the first attack on day one. Some of their swords crackle with elemental energy, and he has to be careful, as a rather pesky lightning one had been eluding him quite well, stinging him repeatedly the past couple of minutes.

Jonas: Admin. They came from up under us. I dont think we can keep this up any longer. Every other agency has their hands full with guy like these.

The Administrator: No, no. It's ok. Hold you position. Let them come. We have an answer to the problem.

Jonas: Sure thing, Admin. *punches another crimson sldier in the face*

Suddenly from the rear of the enemy lines, Jonas can hear shooting, and he can't tell for sure, but it appears as though a group of armored men with insiginas he's never seen before have come up from behind the crimson enemies and flanked them, the sneak attack thinning out the rear guard of the enemy quickly. They appear to be similarly equipped as the crimson ones, but they clearly appear to be enemies, as the crimson soldiers are returning attacks.

Jonas: *is confused* Sooooo. Am I supposed to fight both of dese guys?

The crimson soldiers begin to retreat, sealing their entrances as they fall back into the ground, the few that don't are either captured or killed by the white soldiers. They notice the M.C.C.P. soldiers and Jonas, and tense up, seemingly more nervous than hostile, their energy shields held in front of them.

One of them speaks. "We're not your enemy. We're here under orders to assist in fighting the soldiers of Phoenix, the organization behind this invasion. You can ask for verification from those representatives and that president about it. We'd prefer it if you didn't shoot us in the back."

A shadowy form appears behind the white armored soldiers, and a masked man appears, one a few of the soldiers, and a very particular man recognize from the infiltration incident.

Jonas: Wait. Aren't you the guy who saved the uder' guys ass from me that one night when the facility was goin' to shit?

"You have a good memory. Not that it matters." He silently scans the ranks of the M.C.C.P. soldiers, regarding them with caution.

Jonas: Help us you say. You can start by clening up the dead guys. We're going to see if there are more flushing out the people. *headset* Hello? Status.

Soldiers: *is shoot at the crimson soldiers* Fighting for our lives at the moment. Might at the call you back. *smacks one with the butt of his gun and continues shooting*

Jonas: Hmm. We could come in on both sides and outnumber that way, but I don't know if more will come.

The masked man takes out a katana with a brown handle and blade, and stabs it into the ground where the crimson enemy had retreated, and he feels the ground lurch as a large section of the street collapses, the tunnels below collapsing on the enemy, with their shrieks of alarm signalling the attack had worked. He silently sheathes the sword turns back to Jonas.

"They won't be coming out that way again."

Jonas: Ummmm...Ok. Thanks....So are you guys helpin' us screw up the red guys?

"Yes. This is just our first platoon. We have plenty more on the way. If you see any particular Slayer wielders like me who stand out, let me know. I defeated the Earth Slayer Hiroshi recently, and I now wield his sword. If you see one with a water or air one, let me know immediately. They're the biggest threats to Earth right now."

He looks over at a particular man with metallic hands. "You can stop glaring at me now. Getting rather annoying."

Jonas: Sure thing. That shouldn't be so hard to find. *turns toward his soldiers* You heard him. Tell the others who aren't occupied what to look out for.

Soldiers do what their told

Jonas: Shouldn't be too hard.

Suddenly the ground rips open and Ripjaw emerges, chuckling. "Well well well! If it isn't little ol' mutt and the traitor!" He cackles again, and points a sword glowing green at Jonas.

"I've seemed to have lost my favorite pet dragon... know where I can find the metal bastard?"

Jonas: *looks at Ripjaw* Oh. Its you. Woopdeedo. Nice sword you got pointin' at ma' face there.

"I know, isn't it though? After all, it is infused with the power of that little elemental you seemed to care so much about... opps... hit a sore spot, didn't I?"

Kado's eyes narrow when he hears this, but says nothing.

Jonas: *closes his eyes and opens them again* Dumbass.

"Hmm. I don't believe an ass can be dumb. Unless they have brains... oh, do you refer to the animal then?" He says mockingly.

Jonas: If that animal is holdin' a sword up in ma' face, then yea.

"Well, I do believe this animal sent you packing to the infirmary before... how sad that little wolfy got all torn up."

Jonas: Dude, that was yesterday. So what? You don't think it's happened before?

Kado looks at Jonas. "Why are you not trying to kill this asshole? Didn't he say something about someone you cared about or something being trapped in that sword?"

Jonas: Yea. I know.

"Well the situation is that if he kills me, well, his girl gets to be a sword for all eternity, I'd imagine at least."

Kado narrows his eyes. "So one of these guys then... must be an old timer from the old days of Phoenix with that attitude." He reaches into his sleeves and pulls out his swords, a black and red one, then looks at Jonas.

"I don't believe I introduced myself. I'm Kado, former leader of Azure, and I think this guy needs his face introduced to his ass."

Jonas: Easy. Just put a mirror in front his face and there it is.

Ripjaw chuckles as Kado charges, and just as he is about to strike at Ripjaw, he erects a wall of stone infront of Kado, and Kado just sighs.

He slashes the block and the two swords clash.

Jonas: *watches and takes out a Blu cigarette and begins to smoke*

Suddenly Ameno appears in front of him and stabs at him with an sharpened arm of Earth, saying nothing.

Jonas: *is dodging while smoking while backing up at the same time* Come' on, babe. We can work dis out.

Her face is emotionless, a blank slate, and she continues attacking.

"Fraid she can't hear you, I pretty much wiped the girl clean of anything unnecessary, you know, emotions... thoughts... personality... who needs a sword that talks?"

Jonas: Apparently Sonic needs one. *takes the earth arm away from Ameno and breaks it in half and smacks her with both halves*

Kado suddenly disarms Ripjaw, and the sword lands far away, Ameno's image crumbles and disappears, and Kado continues his attacks on Ripjaw.

Jonas: *picks up the sword and looks at it for a while then closes it. Kisses the sword and walks toward Kado and Ripjaw with it*

Suddenly large stone spikes erupt from the hilt, stabbing his entire hand holding the sword.

Jonas: *ignores it and continues walking*

Kado knocks Ripjaw off his feet with a rope of shadow, and swings him into a building, Ripjaw letting out a curse of frustration.

Jonas: *is standing next to Kado* Hold. *looks at the sword one last time and walks up to Ripjaw*

"What exactly are you doing?" Kado asks.

Jonas: Lettin' it go. *holds the sword out to Ripjaw*

Ripjaw chuckles violently before grabbing it and lifing up a pillar of earth and flinging it at Jonas, but Kado impales it with Earth Slayer, and absorbs it.

Ripjaw pales. "Not... the original... but if you have the Earth Slayer.... why you little runt."

He slings more stones at Kado, but Kado either absorbs or cuts the attacks in half, and then proceeds to start jabbing him with precise jabs to the throat, which makes him cough up blood, before Kado suddenly lobs off Ripjaw's arm holding Ameno's sword, Ripjaw letting out an animalistic howl of pain as he does so.

Kado looks back at Jonas. "I am more or less projecting, but I don't think your heart has the leisure of just letting things go."

Jonas: *shrugs* Eh, more or less.

A soldiers tackles Ripjaw from behind and sticks him with a needle with pinkish fluid in it

Soldier: I got'em!

Jonas: Alright keep'em down! *runs over and begins releasing all his rage and fury out into every punch and kick. he is attacking Ripjaw so hard that blood and teeth fly out left from right*

Soldier: Holy crap, I think I see some dents in his face.

Jonas: Give me your gun...

Soldier: *tosses him the gun*

Jonas: Stand'em up...

Soldier: *stands Ripjaw*

Jonas: *is beating Ripjaw over the head with the butt of the gun furiously*

Soldier: I think I can see more dents...and pieces...

Suddenly Ripjaw grabs the butt of the gun, and rips it out of Jonas's grip, and smashes him as if it were a baseball bat.

"Hee hee hee...!" Ripjaw gurgles slightly. He closes the distance between them swiftly, and begins battering Jonas with violent kicks and punches, each strike feeling more like Jonas was being hit by a boulder than a fist or foot.

Soldier: *comes behind Ripjaw with a large piece of debris and knocks him over the head with it and proceeds to beat him with it then looks at Kado* Don't just stand there like the retards who passed the robbed man. Help us! *continues to beat Ripjaw with his giant piece of debris*

Kado silently looks at Ripjaw, and then throws a shuriken at him, and he promptly ducks and kicks the soldier in the spleen, then charges at Kado, who simply stands there and lets him come to him.

Jonas: *rams into Ripjaw from the side knocking him down* Take Ameno and go. *pats his elbow, jumps into mid-air and lands on top of Ripjaw's neck and begins to beat his face*

Kado watches Jonas beat Ripjaw. "And that is why you just don't charge your enemy head on. I keep telling them that."

Jonas: Told him he was a retard. He just wouldn't listen. *continues to beat* Too busy laughin' like a' freakin' maniac.

Ripjaw suddenly headbutts Jonas, launching him into the air. "I AM a maniac! And proud of it!"

Jonas: Yea, and I'm the guy who doesn't give a shit and I'm proud of that to.*flies back toward the ground and lands on Ripjaw with his elbow in his face* Hello'

Ripjaw rolls out of the way and rolls right into Kado, who grabs him by the arm and flings him over his shoulder, and jumps up after him and begins slashing him in the face and stomach. As Ripjaw falls, Kado stabs him in the heart and twists the sword as he pulls out, ripping the still beating organ out of Ripjaw's chest and sending it into a sewer drain pipe.

Kado looks at Jonas. "So who's this Admin I've heard about?"

Jonas: It's pronounced "The Admin." and he's the due you do not wanna be fuckin'. Especially when all this shit is goin' down.

Kado looks as though he's going to say something, but three crimson lines run down his right cheek and his expression changes to something more sinister. "I could take him." A different voice says in a darker version of Kado's voice, laughing from what it sounds like.

Jonas: Okay, that sounds beautiful. If you wanna fuck with The Admin. you can. Just don't expect anyone to jump in and save ya'.

One of the soldiers recognizes the red marks from a news cast about the London Incident.

Soldier: Hey...your that...guy we saw..back at we're fighting and old guy right?

A dangerous smirk crosses Kado's face. "That's right. What's it to ya?" A glint of red is in his eyes.

Soldier: Just wanted to thank you for getting us ready for all the death this shitstorm has brought upon us.

He looks like he is going to say something, but he loses balance and the red marks disappear, and Kado groans. "Damn it... why'd he come out...?" His voice is back to normal, but he suddenly goes ridged.

"...Tell your troops to get to high ground, Jonas."

Jonas: You heard 'em. Get to higher ground.

Soldiers get up and make their way to a new location

Kado stabs Earth Slayer into the ground, and the soldiers nearest to Jonas and Kado are lifted up along with them by a massive pillar of earth, which rises above the tops of the skyscrapers, where they behold a mind numbing sight. A endless wave of water is racing towards them, stretching from both ends of the horizon.

Jonas: No one told us a tsunami was comin'.

Soldier: Anything we can do sir?

Jonas: Can't fight water. Unless you just pound your fist into it.

Kado frowns. He sticks his sword back into the ground, and veins come into view as a massive wall of stone begins to rise in front of the city to meet the oncoming wave. It finishes just as the wall of water slams into it, barely enough to hold it back, and it races on away from the city, and Kado collapses, sweating heavily.

"I... managed to stop it... damn though... master must have been truly strong... if he could lift so much more land than that..." He pants heavily.

He looks out over all the water, and sighs. "...At least I managed to move it away from this city... not sure what will happen to others though..."

Jonas: Yea, but somethings got to give. It wont hold forever.

Jonas notices a figure rising up from the water's edge near the dam, a woman. She appears to be looking at them, with an aquamarine colored sword in hand.

Jonas: I think she's yours, buddy. Go get 'er.

Suddenly the air heats up as a black haired girl lands next to Kado, with a blazing aura of golden fire around her body, with fox ears and five tails.

"Sorry I'm late, Kado." She says quietly.

The girl on the water seems to take a step back, surprised.

Jonas: Where did the little girl come from? She yer' sister?

Kado sighs, and puts on his mask. "Do I LOOK like I have fox ears to you? She was the Fire Slayer's apprentice at one point, and if I didn't get Fire Slayer, it would have gone to her."

The fox girl looks at Jonas. "I recently left the organization after Kado told me the truth about the organization. I always believed what we were doing was bringing salvation to the Earth."

They look back at the water, and the girl approaches in mid air, walking on what looks like a faint puddle of water. She stops a few good few feet away, hovering in air.

"...Kado... and Naomi... For a deserter for most of their life, I didn't doubt you would arrive. To hear that Master Hiroshi lost to the likes of you disappoints me. But what disappoints me more is the fact that you betrayed us, Naomi." She frowns. "Come back to us now and White will forgive your momentary lapse in judgement."

Soldier: What should we do, sir?

Jonas: I don't know. I feel so out of place right now.

Kado looks at Jonas for a moment, and then Jonas feels a sensation as though someone's thoughts are tapping against his own, trying to grab his attention.

Jonas: *looks at Kado* You need something?

"Give me a hand here and tell me what capabilities you have. I need to weigh my options here. ...I'm not very familiar with Toma in comparison to the other members of Phoenix." His voice echoes in Jonas's mind, as an additional mind seems to link them somehow.

Jonas: Well i got claw reaction, supernatural condition, enhanced bite, immortality, and regenerative healing factor. And that's only the ones i can remember.

Kado frowns. "Think you can distract her? I need time to see how she fights..."

Jonas: Fine. I'm already beat up anyway. *takes one step and disappears*

Kado looks at Toma, and draws his katanas.

Naomi looks at her as well, a slight air of hesitation in her eyes. "Toma, we don't have to fight... there are other ways of carrying out justice!"

Toma looks at her. "Like what? Ask them to change their ways? So naive."

Jonas dahses past Toma and knocks her over the head

Jonas: How 'bout start and uprising. Sounds like a good place to start with human rehabilitation.*dashes past Toma and knocks upside her head again*

With his second strike, he goes right through her, her form turning into water. As he leaves the space where her body stands, she creates a whip of water and lashes it around his neck, and flings him toward the ground.

"There have been plenty of uprisings. Like the uprising that gave rise to Hitler. Or the communist revolution of China. Or the Russian Revolution, which lead to the conflicts known as the Cold War, Vietnam, the Cuban Crisis, and need I not point out the Korean War? Humanity had their chance. Now... it's time for Mythos to get their cut in life. Able to stand free and able to live their own lives in a society that accepts them for who them am, not mindless tools.

You have no rights. No freedom. No future. Except this. Violence. Death. And Hate. All feed, bred, and grown by humanity." She says quietly.

Jonas: *lands on his feet* Sadly, I have no right to think. Your talking to a Myth who saves humans lives for a job.

She raises her sword to the sky, and massive clouds begin to form at a violent rate.

"A job, or slavery? You only say that because you have no choice. But tell me something. If you had the chance, would you really want to have to live your life by the sword? Would you really risk every day with the possibility that that lover of yours might die?"

Jonas: Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, right? Also, I recommend you ask yourself the same question.

Toma looks at Jonas. "I would gladly die for this cause. Humanity throughout the ages has caused suffering for no other reason than self gain. Not just Mythos, but also themselves. They justify hatred and violence on mere differences such as race. We didn't have a choice in the matter, why should we suffer for it? This is my call. To put an end to humanity's ruthless crimes once and for all. Time and time again they have been given a chance to change, but willingly remained true to their nature. All beings should be free to live. The animals should be free to live in the wilds, free and without imprisonment in bars. Humans should accept others and not care if they are different, and promote their own freedom of self. Mythos should be free to use their powers how they see fit, to benefit others and live in the pursuit of happiness."

A dark look comes over her face. "No one should have to be a slave. I knew the answer to the question I asked you when I was a young girl. That is my answer. I am a soldier, fighting for the day of salvation. Your cause will not stand against the might of the righteous."

Jonas: I'm doing this i'm givin' mankind another chance. Hopefully after all this is over, they'll learn something. I guess you can say we're both soldiers. You can be Captain America and I can be The Winter Soldier. Sound good?

A drop of rain splats onto Jonas's shoulder, and strangely stings. He looks at it to see a small hole dripping with blood. Toma silently stares at him for a moment.

"There is no such things as heroes. Only winners, and losers. No villains, and no heroes. Ally and foe. Freind and enemy." She sheathes her sword. "You... are my enemy."

Jonas: So you wanna be Aqua Lady or somethin'? Besides we dont have to be enemies...We can talk about our feelings. I'll start. Mhm. So how are you doin', Aqua Lady?

The sky begins to darken with rainclouds, and drips of rain begin to fall around them. Each time one hits Jonas, it stings like fire.

"I think not."

Jonas: Well you don't have to be like that. But I must say, it feels like a 'sauna' in here. Get it? Progressive? Love those guys next to the Geico commercials.

She suddenly rushes him, incredibly fast and deadly as she closes the gap in almost no time, and begins laying on him various brutal martial arts moves that are quick and agile, fluid and graceful. And deadly.

Jonas: *is blocking and dodging most of her attacks* Duck,duck,duck,duck,duck,duck,goose. *flicks here forehead.

As his finger makes contact with her head, he feels a burning in his arm, and visibly it looks as though the arm is suffering necrosis.

Jonas: Hm. *sarcasm* Oh ma' gosh it burns, make it' stop.

The Two Shadows Edit

A lone figure slowly appears on the vast plains of ice of the south, the cold a mere sensation, after all... how many times was it that she felt herself dying to hypothermia before? She can't even remember now. She stares off towards the north, already feeling the negativity flowing from battle.

"So it really is proceeding as bad as I detected..." She says to herself quietly, out of habit. The long white hair she has had since death stretches down an inch past her feet, not cut once. She prefers it untamed, unbound. The weight simply a reminder of the many countless years lived. She looks up to the sun.

"I wish it would all stop... but wishing won't do anything... only those with the will and the power can end the violence... perhaps once humanity has recovered from this, I'll put a stop to it myself... wouldn't that be a interesting fantasy..." She muses.

She pauses after a moment. "...So he's here too... I guess he wasn't kidding, must be preparing that welcome party for his little friend."



Van Valeric: *is watching the life of the sun unfold* It is almost time, my ally. Freedom is almost yours.

Yeeeesssss...Almost miiinee...

Valeric feels a strange tingling as though the presence of a great eye is bearing down on him, at first a mere buzzing, but eventually grows more persistent and now much stronger in his mind. He almost misses it, but he thinks for a moment he picks up a faintly familiar presence along with the gaze, and then it begins to recede until the gaze feels almost like the faintest pinprick.

Van Valeric: I never thought you would want to venture this far. Sorry for the scenery, but your children are playing War against humanity. Which is all fine by me. What does bring you here though?

No response comes to him, though he figures out that the presence is coming from the far south, in the polar icecaps.

Van Valeric: *looks back at the Sun* I'll be back later. *disappears*

Van Valeric reappears at the southern icecap.

Van Valeric: What is it you want that you must watch me from afar?

Kukyo doesn't respond right away, instead she appears to simply be gazing out towards the north lands. Eventually she turns her head, so that her dim red eye stares at him, the eye causing the sensation to come over him again, as though it were trying to read his soul.

"I was looking for someone. I didn't find them." She says quietly.

Van Valeric: We're all bound to find what we are looking for sooner or later. It all depends whether we look hard enough or not.

Her eye narrows a bit. "Tell me something Valeric. Is there something that you would give your life to achieve? No matter the cost to you?" Her tone seems sharper.

Van Valeric: I already have. Knowledge. So much can be achieved, some many secrets unaswered. Once you search for those answers, it becomes really time consuming.

Kukyo's eye closes. "So then tell me this. What would you do if you couldn't achieve that goal? What if something prevented you from knowledge? What if all that was worth knowing was destroyed? What then?"

Van Valeric: Then I would have my services to provide.

Her eye opens again, and it occurs to him for some reason she seems to avoid showing her left eye, it is always covered by her long hair.

"... then you don't understand. So much for your legendary 'wisdom'."

She walks away from him for a moment, and he notices her feet are bare, and her steps are forced, as though the cold were bothering her. Her long hair blows behind her in a gust of wind.

"There is something I yearn to find, Valeric. Something that if I could... I would do anything to have. Even give up my life. I would do anything to find it. Anything... including stopping you." Her voice drops into a steely, cold tone. Her head turns to face him again, her eye changed to a solid red iris and a black pupil, the eye's color reminds him of dried blood with the darker flecks of red mixed with the lighter fire red.

"I've suffered all of these thousands of years... and I will not let you and Jibaku destroy everything. Because I can never know happiness in a world without life."

Van Valeric: Without life here, you are not bound by the pain of this world. Besides finding happiness, why not find peace or relief that you can no longer feel the pain of others who wrong one another everyday? Not anything can be achieved, not everything.

She sighs. "You still don't understand anything. I wouldn't expect anything less from a 'god' who doesn't understand the value of anything."

She brushes the hair from her left eye, and it slowly opens, and once it does, a shockwave rips through the region with a massive increase of power. A seal involving sealing away power within a specific part of the body. In this case, an eye.

As this wave of energy rips through the area, he almost has to brace himself to prevent himself from getting knocked back. He notices with this change of power, her form has become unstable, almost as though she is made of smoke. Then he sees it for a brief moment. A complex series of red markings on her now visible chest that burns into his memory, as though something about it is something he needs to remember, but he cannot figure out what it is.

He notices that her body is breaking down into pure energy, and her form is becoming more vague and taller, her spirit brand now fully spread across her form, but not replacing the strange markings, infact the spirit brand seems to link directly to the ends of the marks, as though connecting to her soul. The spirit brand appears to gain energy as this happens, pulsating in waves from the markings to the ends on the hands feet and head.

As her form grows gargantuan, it begins to take the form of a black demon, but the only thing that interests Valeric is the strange markings, which for some reason command his thoughts and attention.

Van Valeric: Interesting. But it's all about mind over matter, so whether you rendered me to your will, I still might gain the upper hand.

"Stage one... Nekuroboido..."

The form grows eight arms and two long curved horns, darkness comprises the entirety of its being, except for the dull glow of the spirit brand and the strange markings.

As he looks at the markings, a familiar rune becomes noticeable, and slowly he begins to see it is some sort of spell focused on Kukyo's spiritual core. Though what it is exactly eludes him, he suspects it is the work of an outside force, and not the creation of genetics or Kukyo herself. He has to pull his attention from the runes as one of the eight arms swings a massive sword at him.

Van Valeric: *simply steps back and the sword swing right past him*

An eye opens on the sword, and his vision blurs as he meets its gaze, drawing him into a void filled with similar eyes circling him, until a blow from the Demon-Kukyo slams him out of the illusion.

She summons more blades, until all but two hands have swords. "How long before you realize all of the folly you've brought upon yourself, Valeric? Is it when you actually lose something important to you? Or when you stare Death in the face and realize your end? Or is it when you ignorantly continue down this course, until finally you stand in the midst of nothing, when all of the universe has faded and crumbled? Do you even feel guilt when you ruin the lives of others, or are they just part of some game to you?"

Va Valeric: Don't waste your time. I've past the point of caring. Why do you care? If you want to kill me, why are you sympathizing with me?

The air around her begins to darken as she raises her spare hands towards the sky, which begins to darken.

"Very well..."

The darkness begins to blacken everything around him, the ice, the sky, even the distant ocean, the only light comes from the faint glow of her markings.

"I value life. I do not like to kill... but you have forced my hand. If you intend to assist Jibaku, then your fate has been decided. Even if I do fail, at least you can charge blindly into your demise tomorrow. For a god who claims one of their best attributes is wisdom... you're rather foolish."

Faster than before, she begins to violently slash at him, his dodges each time coming closer to being too late, until a sword clips him and the motion flings him toward a lone cliff face, the wind grows colder with the lack of sunlight.

Van Valeric: I do not care for humanity. They have all but deserved to die and if God wont do it...Jibaku surely will...

"No he won't. Because you will both lose tomorrow."

She fires a powerful sphere of pure darkness and negativity straight at him.

Van Valeric: *when it gets close enough, he simply touches it with his finger and the sphere just decapitates into smoke and it blows away into the wind*

Kukyo silently stands from a distance. The arms and swords disappear into just two normal ones, and she summons dark fire into her hands. She observes him for a moment.

"I honestly don't know what's more irritating... that you're the one who rescued me from Dark Slayer... or this dream..." She muses.

Vna Valeric: It is best not to think about what vexes you to do things out of provocation, but rather to over come what vexes you and have a clear mind-set.

"Disappointing that the one who saved me is no different from the ones who put me in the sword in the first place. ...More annoying is that you remind me of him."

Van Valeric: It is best for one to keep his or her mind in ones own affair than have his or her head in another's affair.

"In that case..."

Valeric's vision suddenly blurs as a fist suddenly slams him deep into the polar seafloor in only a few seconds, the impact strong enough to momentarily carve a hole down to where he stands. The next moment, Kukyo appears, blazing in dark fire armor and wielding a tall staff with blazing maces on the ends, and she spins it violently to deflect the downpour of ocean water and creates a arena out of the repelled walls of ocean. Her mace slams into the ground, and it cracks the ground hard enough to cause magma to spew out of the ground where Valeric stands.

The magma instantly turns to ice, then it takes form into that of a serpent and it lunges at Kukyo, wrapping around her.

Van Valeric: Experience is it makes us stronger. The Conditions make us more adept. And the knowledge makes us more vigilant.

Kukyo's eyes flare, and the serpent shatters.

"The first phase, it encompasses all, precedes all. Hungering, it laments, yet despises that which gives it sustenance."

She creates a wave of dark fire that scorches the ground just after he dodges, only for him to be met with the impact of the mace, which finds its mark and slams him back into the burning black flames.

Van Valeric: *jumps over the mace and lands ontop of it* You lack in experience. Fighting me with swords and maces instead of fighting me hand-to-hand. Not actually fighting rather swinging a baseball bat at a fly.

The black flames become part of him, not scorching him at all but rather giving him an ominous aura

"The second phase... it reveals the truth and brings out the earth and all its splendor. It coaxes, yet lurks with hidden malice. Prodigy, yet the first born heeds the silver hand, to all which fail and falter."

As she says this, the flames are smothered by an overwhelming force that Valeric cannot find the source of. He begins to wonder what she is up to.

Kukyo simply watches him for a moment, then speaks again. "Do not speak to me of experience. You've never been tortured. You've never been raped. You never had to endure the pain of being treated like a god, when all you want is acceptance, yet you are pushed away and put onto a pedestal upon which no one can climb to give you comfort. You never saw your children senselessly killed by the men who forced you to bear them and raise them. You were never the subject of a man's greed, or treated like some precious treasure. You've never been hungry. You've never wished for death. You have no experience. I doubt the concept of pain is a familiar thing to someone like you."

She suddenly pulls the mace towards her and her fist slams into him with enough force to send him through the seafloor and into the magma filled scar.

"You can talk to me about experience when you have actually lived the life of a person. Not a god who knows nothing and understands nothing of our struggles."

The mace breaks before it even touches Van Valeric, causing the the ice to break-up around him

Van Valeric: I have lived longer than you, little girl. I know very well what pain is. for you know nothing of what experience is. That was not experience, that was witnessing. Did you how to resist torture? Did you learn not be raped? Did you learn not to be worshiped as a god? How to be accepted? How not to be pushed away? As far as I know you never loved your children, because they we're the offspring of the men you raped you. Everyone wishes to die, only because they can't handle life, the crumble from the pain. They see and feel it and mourn over themselves, instead of learning from it and keep the pain of life weighing them down into rugs, only mean't fr being stepped on. This world will try to bring the good-hearted down to the level of the wicjed and evil-hearted become worse. I faced pain, but I learned from it, to the point I can never feel it again. But oh, they worshiped you as a 'god', but in real life, you we're just a tool an excuse for them not to worship the one true God. Atleast you we're trapped withing a sword so you couldn't feel the pain, only witnessed it and learned nothing from it.

Her demon avatar smolders in black fire. "How easy for you to try to undermine someone else's pain, to make it seem less than it really is. I wouldn't expect a person like you, a Mythos not even born during my lifetime to understand. It is true that you are older, but wiser...? Doubtful. You forget what life was like for people, for humans. I was human. I was just a normal human girl. In that age, freedom itself was nothing more than a mere fantasy. Rights for men? Ridiculous. Rights for women? A fool would be mocked with cruel laughter before they were stoned to death. I was born in a time where resistance meant death. Only after I committed suicide did my curse force me into this existence. Never dying... never aging...alone. For thousands of years. My private garden, the echo of the world I left behind, became filled with life. I tried to ignore it. Then hecame... showed me compassion. Kindness. Love. ...and betrayal. He locked me away after I had endured and existed for thousands of years. How easy for you to forget the pain of others when you've forgotten what pain is."

Her red eyes narrow. "I was born into the same pain these people face. Fear. Anger. Loss. Grief. Hatred. I understand their pain. I understand their actions. That is why I will not let an arrogant god like you dictate who deserves life and who deserves death! You are the judge of no one! You don't have that privilege."

Van Valeric: I don't judge. That is the Fates' job. I simply wipeout whoever I feel would make a world a much more...bearable place.

Valeric catches sight of the markings again and to his great irritation he can't help but attempt to discern their origin, whatever the markings are, they seem to have an effect on his subconsciousness, as though urging him to remember something he'd forgotten.

Kukyo's form shifts almost back to her original appearance, but blackened. To his slight frustration the markings don't disappear. She looks toward his gaze but her eyes don't seem to see it. She summons forth a spear of dark purple energy which crackles with negative energy.

"The third phase cradles the fourth, it is the bed of all that walks and all that crawls. Mighty it stands, but its foundations make it stand firm, no matter how much it may desire to be free, it envies the fourth."

Van Valeric: So much I remember but yet, I feel a minor yet important gap in my memories.

"I guess you're going senile at long last." She taunts, before hurling the spear at him, the spear making a violent scream as it flies at him.

Van Valeric jumps and the spear hits the ice instead and he stand on the other end of it

Van Valeric: I have a feeling this memory gap has something to do with you.

She smirks. "I'm sorry, but I didn't realize this was a discussion club."

She disappears, and Valeric hears a noise behind him and turns to see... nothing there, and then turns again to get decked in the face and into the towering wall of water that surrounds their battlefield.

Stops the fist with his finger and the water forms into a beast.

Van Valeric: I say your doing the most talking. *flicks her fist back hard enough for the fist to hit her own face* You either talk or you fight. Number one rule in battle.

As she falls back, the earth almost seems to rise to greet her feet, and she lands softly. She looks over at him silently. As though reaching a conclusion, she clenches her fists, and black flames erupts from them, and she begins launching dark fireballs with each punch in rapid succession.

Th water monster smacks them out of Valeric's way and grabs hold of Kukyo and tackles her into the ground.

Suddenly Valeric's vision flickers, and the beast rips apart into nothing with a howl, Kukyo standing in the position that she had been in before it had tackled her.

"The fourth phase is the blessing of which none can live without. It stretches across all of the world, seen in vast bodies, and hidden in great mists. Masterless and free, yet bound by the third, it longs to find its place, but forever it travels to its next destination."

Valeric begins to suspect that there is something else at work besides a cryptic poem.

Van Valeric: The sayings...they serve as seals...and also realization.

"Seals? No. Not quite, but a close guess. The fifth is rage incarnate. It devours and consumes, blackens and deadens. Yet it fuels the hearts, the homes, and the cold earth. Without restraint, it is a destroyer. Given purpose and direction, it can give rather than take. The sixth feeds and culls its temper, while the seventh dulls its strength. The fourth tames its fury, yet is incited to action by the fifth."

Kukyo grows two large dark blue wings, which ripple with dark power. She stretches her hand out towards him, and a dark, compact sphere begins developing in her hand.

Van Valeric: Hm. How saddening though...

Kukyo fires the sphere, which he barely dodges as it slams into the ground and creates an immense blast.

The blast turns to ice shards and they blow away

As she prepares another shot, Valeric gets another look at the markings, and as he looks at them, a few runes stand out, various lines in the structure seem... familiar, almost like how he would write runes. Too familiar in fact.

He doesn't know what exactly it is about them, but in his mind's eye, there's no question that the runes are done in a style like his. ...Though of his own creation, or the work of a copycat is unclear. What's certain to him though is that something about the markings is important, important enough to catch his eye, even from this distance.

Van Valeric: Hold up. Those markings..they..are ancient runes I have made from years back and still use now...Have i encountered you before?

Kukyo flat out gives him a glare. "Before you freed me, I had never met you. But I have known of your existance for a great number of years. You destroyed the Greeks and the Bablyonians."

She fires again, and just as he gets out of the way of the first, she fires a second one, cutting him off mid dodge.

Van Valeric: *kicks it in the air* Don't forget the Persians and the Romans.

A shadow hand grabs a hold of of Valeric's leg and flings him towards Kukyo, who rams her knee full throttle into his stomach, and begins to batter him with heavy, blinding blows.

"Yes, because destroying the greatest empires of the world and plunging the world into the Dark Ages is such a lovely track record!" She sneers.

all her blows miss Valeric and only hit the ground behind

Van Valeric: Yes, yes it is. thank you for noticing. It's not everyday a single man brings down the greatest world empires in Earth's history.

"You know what that is called? Sarcasm! You should try it sometime. Amazing what idiots manage to not catch onto!" She snarls, as a wave of water blasts him back.

Van Valeric: It's a concept I'm familiar with, but I rather not annoy my enemies any further. You wouldn't want me to start using sarcasm on you, would you? *the water splashes without even touching Valeric's face*

Kukyo creates a sword of darkness and charges him, her form flickering as she approaches, then proceeds to stab and slash at him, the sword cutting the rocks and water like butter.

Van Valeric: *dodges her stabs and the slashes almost barely moving at all* Let me know if this is annoying enough.

Suddenly a foreign force grabs ahold of Valeric and immobilizes him.

Kukyo draws back her fist and takes the opportunity to slam him in the face.

Her fist cant even touch his face as if soemthing is keeping is keeping her from hitting it.

"If you want to play it that way... fine." She snarls.

"The seventh phase is cool yet hot. A gentle blanket and a violent shield. Unseen, but all within its path is broken. It churns the sea and tears down the land. The eighth phase knows no warmth, the sixth its liberated sister. A creeping titan, a gentle breeze."

Her spirit brand begins to glow ominously.

Van Valeric: Change all you want. We both know it won't do anything.

Suddenly the area around her blackens, and the seafloor arena disappears into a black void, and Valeric quickly realizes he cannot sense anything outside this place.

Kukyo levitates infront of him. "Welcome to our dominion. And don't bother, Valeric. It's not possible to access this place without one of us taking you here. Or leaving for that matter. Besides... here I can really let loose."

Va Valeric: Sure. Go ahead and think that. *looks around*

As he looks around, he suddenly notices a white haired boy with lavender eyes and a blue spirit brand quietly watching him. He appears about the age of eighteen. It takes him a moment to realize, but his energy seems almost on par with Kukyo's.

Van Valeric: Is this a relative of yours?

The boy looks at Valeric. "You're the one who destroyed Babylon..." He says quietly.

Kukyo looks at the boy. "...One of my sons. Kagayaki. The others are here as well."

Van Valeric: *bows* I can't really say that I am 'pleased or 'honored' to meet you.

Kagayaki looks at Valeric for a moment, his eyes seemingly searching for something. He looks at Kukyo after a moment, then at Valeric.

"Can you see them?" He asks, his voice really light and soft, this surprises Valeric considering the boy's appearance.

Van Valeric: Yes. I can very much see them

Kukyo puts a hand to her forehead and sighs irritably. "Now you got him fixated on that subject again..." She groans.

Valeric notices a landscape is taking shape, and a hint of warmth is spreading into the air, which begins to feel less stiff.

Van Valeric: I can see your calming down. I am also starting the see the significance of the rune-like marks on your face.

"I don't see what your fuss is with them anyway. And don't get comfortable. I didn't invite you here to play nice. When they are done creating our battlefield, we will return to the festivities."

Van Valeric: How about 'no thank you. I use those runes to make my spells and use hem to encrypt my notes so no one will know my studies. I combined them with elf dialect and Japanese art-style/context.

"You don't have a choice now. Besides. If you want answers so bad, now you have to earn them. I don't know what you're talking about, but if you want to know so much about them, feel free to figure it out if you can beat me."

They are pulled to the ground by gravity, and the landscape around them becomes complete, a vast plain with mountains barely visible in the distance in all directions.

Van Valeric: you have no need to answer. I'm on the verge of knowing it anyway. I think you mean if you can bat me.

Suddenly a dark object flies at Valeric, and it only takes a single moment for him to realize that it is sucking in light as it tears straight at him almost at light speed.

Van Valeric: *takes a step to the side and it rushes past*

The orb stops abruptly, and discharges a massive burst of highly condensed matter and radiation in the form of a mile wide beam at Valeric.

The beam phases right through Valeric

Sudden a orb of dark energy appears concentrates on Valeric, and defies any attempt to remove it or destroy it, and begins to grow in size until it consumes him in a massive sphere that ends up stretching for miles. It then suddenly shrinks to the size of a pinhead and violently explodes, unleashing a tide of negative energy and darkness that destroys the vast majority of the landscape.

Van Valeric: *walks foreward unharmed*

Her body suddenly shimmers, and he can sense her being doesn't occupy the physical realm anymore as she disappears.

Van Valeric: You are fading....but I feel there is something else.

Suddenly all of the light drains away, leaving behind an oppressive negative aura, and a crushing darkness.

"Moooooooooooom!" Kagayaki moans. "I just finished making that sunlight!"

Van Valeric: I say the sunlight was unnecessary. This looks a whole lot better without it.

Valeric feels an odd sensation, and suddenly something sharp appears to nearly graze his cheek, though he can't see it.

Van Valeric: Hmmm...Odd.

The next time it happens, only his quick thinking prevents him from being stabbed by some sort of blade shaped energy anomaly.

Van Valeric: You know this grows rather tiresome. Why don't we talk things out. Do you even remember why your fighting.

"That would be a no. My answer will not change. If you're so bored, why don't you actually fight back instead of prancing around like the little ballerina you are?"

Van Valeric: Then why don't you just kill me? Or do you want to be beaten?

Two glowing red eyes appear, though he can't see the rest of the form. "For the sake of the world... I will erase all pain and those who cause it. Starting with you."

The words seem to echo in Valeric's memory.

Van Valeric: Wait...I know're the girl...

Her eyes narrow, and suddenly her spirit form flickers into view, Her left half humanoid with red organize markings, but the whole of her right is so corrupted by negativity that it looks as though it could be the physical representation of pure corruption. A malformed clawed hand is on the right, misshapen to the point the left side looks incredibly delicate and fragile in comparison. The spirit brand on the right side appears to have no order what so ever, something he's never seen in a spirit. Her hair is a fiery mane of red and black.

"What are you talking about...?" She growls, her voice distorted, human, but only just so, marred by the snarl of some kind of beast.

Van Valeric: You wanted to take in the pain of the that they may feel happiness...You took it all in, but the world became worse and and the pain kept coming to you.

"You...." She growls, and the corrupt side of her body begins to shimmer with a violent red light.

Van Valeric: You saw the pain of the world...and you wanted it to stop...that's when I came to you and I said I could help you...I told you I couldn't make it go away, but I could make a vessel and have work as a magnet to take away the negativity...I told you it would cause you greater pain feeling the pain of others...You agreed to it to end the suffering of others. I marked the runes on your face, was the spell I casted on you so that you can become that vessel, to store and take away the negativity of the world...It worked...only for a little while as the humans continued their sinful nature and the negativity was not only destroying you but also empowering you...

Suddenly the whole of the realm shakes violently as a massive tear opens up in the sky and the ground, and Valeric sees Kukyo's left amber eye become red and dim as the corruption suddenly seems to go into overdrive, devouring her.

Kagayaki looks on with fear, and six other children of various age appear.

"M-m-mother?!" He gasps.

A red haired boy with fiery eyes about the age of sixteen narrows his eyes. "The realm is collapsing."

Van Valeric: Well that sounds beautiful. *opens a portal back to the Tundra* If you will, follow me. Our do you wish to die along with your mother?

They follow him, though Kagayaki is the only one of them that sheds tears, the majority of them seem almost impartial.

"Now we don't even have the realm of our mother... when they come for us... we'll not even have our thoughts..." He weeps. "Mother...."

As Valeric comes out, he notices that there is a strange tone to the sky, and an energy in the air, though the source is not of Jibaku.

Van Valeric: I think your mother made it out...

In front of him appears a pure red light that takes a humanoid form. However, it seems different from anything he's seen in a while. The only thing the energy reminds him is nonexistance. The figure flickers several times, and Valeric cannot sense a soul, nor a consciousness within it.

Van Valeric: Nothing...Nothingness...For shame.

Suddenly the figure destabilizes, and seven massive tendrils of black energy ripple out from it and impale the seven, and it pulls them in, even while they let out screams of terror, which fall silent upon being drawn into the void being, which blackens and disappears, though its energy feels even stronger.

Van Valeric: More and more interesting....something is happening to you Mother, like she's unergoing something...

Far above him, a singular point of energy begins to draw in the negative energy around it, until a strange pure white being appears from nothingness and crackles with unnatural energy. Two solid orb like red eyes gleam, and Valeric feels its very presence causing all of the light in the world to begin dimming. He notices the red markings that form his spell appear to be changing to allow...

To allow it to unleash all of the negativity of the past several thousand years upon the world.

Van Valeric: The choice is yours...make this world better or make this world worse...I'm not holding you back.

All shall be one under one pain... A voice whispers, hissing like the faintest of winds. Valeric tries to examine the being, though the only sentience it appears to have is through its sheer collective of memories, they flicker constantly, some showing emotions from ancient times, others fairly recent memories.


Kado had been just about to attack Toma, when he lets out a violent yell of pain, and she is about to attack in kind, when she too doubles over and collapses, and Jonas notices a series of blue markings glowing violently on Toma, and Kado's body is strung with various red and blue markings all over him, the two seem completely unable to do anything but scream in some sort of agony.

Jonas: *is sort of confused* Well, time to make the most of this. *punches Toma hard enough to send her flying into a building which starts to crumble upon impact. Then rushes over to Kado* He dude, your not havin' a mental breakdown/seizure are ya'?

Kado continues screaming, but manages to yell in pain, "SOMETHING'S... HAPPENING... ....KUKYO...!" He gasps violently, then manages, "A-Ask... Admin...!" He degrades back into screams of pain.

Jonas: *shrugs* Ok. Hey Admin, I know you probably dont care, but our other-dimensional ally are havin' a...I don't know...a...seizure?

The Administrator: What do you want me to do about it?

Jonas: I don't know...make it stop?

The Administrator: Would that same ally bee the same one who decided to put my facility 300 feet under?

Jonas: Uggggghhhhh...Noooo?...Hello?...Hm. Tuff luck guy. Your gonna have to rough this one out


The being lets loose a massive wave of pure negative energy in a vast tidal wave of darkness, the blast first striking Valeric and then spreading beyond the poles, rushing toward the mainland.

Van Valeric: *stands still and watches the darkness unfolds upon the world*

An MCCP patroler looks up at the sky and sees a massive wall of darkness, with a strange white being rushing ahead of it. "Uhhhhhh, command? Are you seeing this thing? Cause I have no idea what that thing is, and I memorized the handbook of catagorized Mythos, that ain't something I've seen."

Communication: Yea. I see it. All personnel take cover.

All soldiers get into or behind something, same with surviving civilians

Communication: Man, talk about Apocalypse Now, huh?

You haven't seen nothing yet...

Communication: *turns around* Wha-?

While the darkness keeps spreading, the being stops and turns back towards the south, and begins charging a massive beam of light then fires it at Valeric's location, Valeric only dodges seconds before the beam impacts and completely destroys the glacier he had stood on, but as he looks back at it, he realizes it wasn't just Light. Rather, all elements at once.

Van Valeric: Now that was impressive...I assume your still mad at me.

A massive tsunami rises up right in front of him, ready to smash him against the ice, which appears to be growing large spikes to impale him should he jump away or get smashed into by the tsunami.

The tsunami instantly freezes before it reaches his body

Van Valeric: Not really the wisest answer. *jumnps from spike to spike until he finally reaches over the tsunami* But I can definitely make an exception.

As soon as he lands on top, the being appears again and point blank blasts him with a beam, sending him smashing into the ice in a colossal collision.

The water monster catches him

Van Valeric: Glad you can make it back, boy. There she is.

The water monster breathes slowly

Van Valeric: Face her.

The water monster summons the waters of the tundra and is now teaming with icy vapor. It then rushes towards the being with frozen-tipped fingers

The being summons a massive scythe made of pure radiant heat, and just when the water monster comes within range, the scythe is swung, the heat instantaneously vaporizing the beast. Valeric can actually feel the intense heat of the blade, and to his surprise its temperature ranges near the surface of the sun.

The water beast screams in pain but it slowly comes back together and stabs the being with its fingers

The being's shimmering red energy begins to race down the beast's body as it does so, and its fingers and arms appear to be getting absorbed.

The water beast turns it's fingers into ice and they break off and he regrows a new one

The being flickers, and dozens of red tendrils composed of red runes sprout from it, barbed with some sort of long blades.

The water beast grows an extra set of arms from over its shoulders

The tendrils fling at the beast, sparking with some kind of energy.

The beast dodges the tackles the being and stabs it

The beast's arm harmlessly goes through it, and the red energy suddenly completely covers the water beast, literally devouring its consciousness, body, and soul.

The water beast screams a horrible, yet near human scream

Van Valeric:...Poor boy.

The being summons its scythe of pure heat again, and flourishes it before pointing it at Valeric. A sphere of burning hot energy begins forming at the blade's tip.

Van Valeric: *touches the tip blade of the scythe and it insta-freezes and shatters*

The ice pauses in mid air, and rearranges back into its shape and returns to normal, before suddenly changing nature into a blade of electricity, and proceeds to shock the daylights out of him, afterwards the being repels him with a shockwave generated by flicking its finger.

Van Valeric: *reverts the lightning back at the being freezing it*

The being makes a chuckling sound. It doesn't bother to change the scythe, in fact it opts to charge and rapid fire a series of pure energy blasts at him at the rate of a machine gun fire.

As he dodges, it chuckles again. Rather a moot point trying to fight a Elemental God with such pathetic powers.

Van Valeric: Same with you. You're not doing any better than last time.So who's more pathetic? The one with the most power or the one with the most smarts? Or are you too hard-headed to think about that? No. This entire fight already answers my question.

It creates a massive spear and impales the spear into the ice, causing a massive explosion that rips apart the landscape and causes a majority of it to collapse into the ocean.

The broken ice comesback up into stalagmites. They fire ice shards at the being and some shoot lighting.

Have you finally gotten serious then...?

It nimbly dodges, and begins changing form, becoming nimble and sprouting seven pairs of gold and obsidian wings, similar colored markings appear on its body. The top half appears more feline now, but the bottom half has become a long thin tail with razor spikes adorning it. Orbiting it appear eight swords of energy representing the eight elements, and in the center of ring of swords a yin-yang designed disk.

Van Valeric: It' not like I had to from the beginning. You haven't given me anything to be serious about.

It curls up, and then slings it tail out towards him, sending glowing spikes screaming towards him, radiating with immense power.

The tail shatters before it even touches Valeric. A black man with a white beard and wearing white robes and has white-stubby hair stands in front of Valeric

The being regenerates the tail, and new spikes form. A barrier of sorts appears around its form, as though the being senses danger. The wings curl and enlarge, partially shielding its front, while thicker back armor grows.

Two? Reevaluating...

Negative energy sparks around it.

Father Divine: May the wickedness be purged with fire. *fire rains down on the being and consumes it*

The fire freezes and shatters

Van Valeric: No. She should not be hurt.

Father Divine: Ahhh. You wish to reveal the truth to her. Very well then. *points his finger at her chest and fires a beam of light at it. It opens the way to the core* Godspeed, Valeric.

Van Valeric: *starts walking on thin-air as if he we're walking up steps. He enters the being's core*

As Valeric enters, he hears a whispering in his head.

We just want to make a perfect world...

Union under pain...

Join us...

No more fighting... no more wars...

Sameness. Resolve broken.

Van valeric: Where is the imagination in that? God made man special in his own unique and diverse way. You make them the same and the world would be scared of the glory of God. Besides, It's God's job to bring forth the perfect world. Just imagine what he will do to you if your try to become like him by assuming his role as Savior. There is no answer to the pain. Only God is the absolute answer.

As he walks further, a tiny light far off becomes visible for a moment, before the darkness obscures it.

Too late for that.



We don't care. Willing.

Will accept.

We will sacrifice. Everything.

Will accept. Anything. No cost too great.

A singular red eye made of red markings appears infront of him.

Join us. Ultimate Sacrifice. Greater good.

Van Valeric: not lace. Neither is it yours. But don't worry. *hands glow with cold divinity* I'll make it go away.

The eye blinks. A ring of runes appears, and it disappears. It becomes apparent that it is the formula of the curse, and various copies appear in smaller and bigger rings around and inside it, eventually solidifying into a form that almost looks like a collection of shadows literally stitched together in a vague form of Kukyo as she was thousands of years ago, just before her death. Between the runes is pure black energy, giving it a odd translucent appearance.

Thousands of years of a life tragically wasted. And all because of a experiment gone wrong. The truth is... you messed up... miscalculated. You sought to create a means to erase all pain... but instead... you gave rise to Us. ...According to our desire... for so long we longed to unite... so that we could end our existence. ...Convenient timing, one might say... that the one time the great Van Valeric messed up... that it just so happened to be the incident which gave us our birth. A dark chuckle echoes for minutes after it speaks.

Van Valeric: Deaf you are, girl. You wanted this. To turn yourself into a monster. And ever failure will become a success. I warned you, but you put aside my warning. So in all honesty, you are the one who did this to yourself. *forms a ball of light teaming with cold vapor*

The girl ain't here. We just thought to mock you with your greatest failure. Such a brilliant plan gone wrong... but it's not over Valeric... the plan has changed... but if you let us live, we can make that plan succeed. After all... isn't that why you created us in the first place?

The being creates a sphere of darkness, cracking with red lightning. If you destroy us, that sacrifice really would have been for nothing. And then you're really have failed...

Van Valeric: I'm man of many failures, but why do you think I'm so invincible now? Because of Experience, Condition, and Knowledge. Besides, That was the past. *claps his hands and the void rips apart*

F-fool... this is-isn't over....! We are everywhere... I... Kūdō-shin...!!

It's voice drains away. Ahead of him, a large door slowly opens, revealing a weak, feeble light smaller than his palm, weakly flickering, along with seven smaller lights. The lights seem incredibly pale in the face of the vast darkness, which still remains strong, even though he had removed the head of the hydra.

Van valeric: *walks up to the door*

Father Divine: What is it, Valeric?

Van Valeric: I am unsure, but I feel like I'll know soon enough.

Father Divine: You say that about everything you don't know.

Van Valeric: Isn't it true though.

Father Divine: *gestures his head*

Van Valeric: Thought so.

Valeric reaches his hand out to touch it, and it weakly tries to move away from it, and Valeric feels a flash of fear run through him, though it's not his own, rather the light's, which he realizes is a soul. Kukyo's soul, though incredibly weak, the others he quickly determines must be the other seven. He determines that the soul is acting out of a primal fear, communicating will likely serve no use until it feels safe. The darkness around them seems to be tightening though, as though it was slowly beginning to rouse itself.

Van Valeric: *stretches forth his hands and the glow with cold divinity. He slowly sways one had to the side and lights follow to where their circling around him. He takes the lights outside* The Void is gone. I'll have to bring your mother back though. Push away thine fear, for the darkness will never go away as long as you fear it.

The larger light trembles slightly, weak. Above them, the being slowly crumbles into a massive cloud of darkness and negativity, and then violently explodes in a noxious wave of black energy across the world.

Father divine: *looks at the cloud* I'm going to guess that wasn't suppose to happen.

Van Valeric: *looks at the cloud* So much to be done...

Father Divine: And such little time to do it in.

A loud clapping comes from behind them, and as they turn, they see a figure in a thick black cloak with a hood and mask over his head, with exceptionally long light grey-brown hair clapping, as they gaze at him he slowly stops. The energy of the being, as well as the hair strike a familiar cord in Valeric's memory.

"I must say... very entertaining indeed... of the many events I anticipated happening... Kukyo acting out like that... I never imagined such an outcome... and on top of that, Van Valeric, Minister of Darkness, her creator... this day's events have been most intriguing." His dark voice echoes slightly, as though he was speaking from some other plane.

Father Divine: It appears you got yourself a fan, Valeric. He just needs to loose the mask.

Van Valeric: I take a lucky guess...

"I know many things... intriguing to see Father Divine at work once again... though I'm afraid it's not a simple matter for me to lose my mask..."

Father Divine: So the mask is your face.

Van Valeric: I have known you since the Great War and I have mildly sensed your presence ever since.

The man tilts his head slightly. "You know of me... interesting. I assumed everyone was fooled... perhaps I was not careful enough... and no, it is not my face, Father Divine. I would imagine few have a mask for a face. So then... if you know of me..."

Van Valeric: Your name is Hadari, what Phoenix know as the first Dark Phoenix.

"... ...You know... ...I'll be blunt... create new bodies for the seven... and hand them over to me.... and I'll be on my way..."

Van Valeric: I'm sorry, but you didn't ask the right way.

Father Divine: Tsk. so demanding. They say ask and you shall receive. But, know. you believe everything is your right. Nothing can be gained so easily. You must earn it, to gain it.

Van Valeric: So in easier terms. No.

"In easier terms... it's not really your choice. They were already mine to begin with... I have all the right to require their return. I care not what you do with the girl, her purpose for the moment has been served. But I require the seven. Do not interfere."

Van Valeric: Interfere with what? I am Kukyo's quote-on-quote creator. So basically, that makes me her father per say and these children per say are my grandchildren. So, if you mean don't interfere with family affairs, I am all apart of that family. So what you asking me is invalid.

"Like I said... it's not your choice." He stretches his hand out towards Valeric, and his hand glows with an ominous grey light. A sword appears from the largest of the lights, Kukyo's version of Dark Slayer. As he grabs it, red symbols violently flare on the sword, and another black blade appears in front of Hadari, and he grabs it, the same symbols appear.

Suddenly, something like red chains flare into being from the hilt of the swords to Kukyo's soul, and it is violently ripped out of orbit by the chains and forced over to Hadari, who grips the swords tighter, causing a pale transparent ghostly version of Kukyo to be formed, thin and weak, the red chains attached to her chest. Hadari grows two shadow hands, which grab her spirit by the throat and a third pair grow and restrain her against his chest, while his normal arms put the edge of the slayers at her throat, though one is kept pointed at Valeric.

"Fool. You thought the seal which created, could be so easily defeated by you? I foresaw even such a feeble attempt such as yours to disarm the Slayer, so I made a back up seal... within Kukyo herself... I spent over forty years perfecting it... not even you can defeat it, Valeric. I can control her, completely... in every definition of the word... I can even make her kill herself.

Trust me when I say this Valeric... do not anger me... because what I can do to Kukyo is something that not even your curse could begin to compare to... now... hand them over... or your 'daughter' is going to be a lot worse off than the day you left her to her fate all those thousands of years ago... and her suffering beyond anything she endured while trapped within that infinite Void."

Father Divine: *smirks* Then it's a good thing I am here. Right Valeric?

Van Valeric: I suppose so.

Hadari silently maintains his hold on Kukyo. One of his spare arms sparks with some sort of energy. "I promise you this... you don't have any other option... but hand them over. Or you will regret it."

Van Valeric: No...

Hadari sighs. "You make no sense to me Valeric. You intend to destroy humanity along with Jibaku, and yet preach on how it isn't the place of others to create a perfect world- ironic I find that- and, yet you claim to have some degree of care about them? Liar. You don't really care. You wish to preserve their existence? They would be better off dead. I know Kukyo better than you do, Valeric. Give her a second's opportunity, she'd gladly kill herself- for real this time, than watch you destroy her race and the world, one of the only things she's ever cared about. You don't care at all. You wouldn't care if I crushed her soul into oblivion, or stripped her of all emotion and thought. You don't care as long as it's in the name of knowledge."

Van Valeric: I only want humanity gone, not to make the perfect world. Nothing can be perfect. In all cases. There are somethings some one like me do regret doing. Like for what happned to Kukyo for instance. By all means, if she wants to end up in Hell for not able to handle the pain she sought to take away from the world, then that's all her choice. And also your right you're right. I don't care. Normally. But I care now. And me caring now is better than never caring at all.

"Well then... it's going to hurt all that much more for you." He adjusts his mask to expose his mouth, and he bites into Kukyo's spirit's neck, which let's out a shrill scream as he swallows her soul.

Seven massive tendrils of negative spirit energy emerge from his back and grow large spiritual blades. "This is what happens when you disobey me. I can still expel her - or I won't... unless you hand them over. This is the last time I'll ask you."

Van Valeric: No. Kkyo cares more about her children than her own safety. They have more to live for than their mother did. If anything, Kukyo is ready to die. Her children are not. So go ahead. Kill her, but you will not have the children.

Suddenly one of the seven lights begins to burn much stronger. "No... enough... Mother has..." The light burns with a exceptionally powerful glow."...sacrificed enough for us..."

Van Valeric: That's what she supposed to do. She dies, you live. She knew it was far too late for her, but she also knew it is never too late for you. Take advantage of her sacrifice and remember how much you mean to her and how much she wants the best of for you.

"No. Not anymore. These past thousand years... all we did was ruin things. We tore apart the world that was meant to be a place she could finally be happy... we took our own selfish desires and made war upon the Earth... while our mother paid the price. We never cared at all what we did, as long as we got what we wanted. But now... I don't care. I just want to make her happy for once... she shouldn't have to sacrifice herself for us... it is never too late...!"

"....He's right..." The others eventually murmur.

The empowered one suddenly breaks from the others, similar but golden versions of what Hadari formed sprout from it and clash with his. Hadari raises his hand and fires a beam of darkness at it, but it retaliates with a golden ray of light that holds it back, but doesn't defeat it. Just as Hadari pours more energy into the attack, another one joins Kagayaki and blasts at Hadari with fire.

"Idiots..." He growls, but he has to dodge as the Earth one attacks his foothold in coordination with the Ice. Just as he regains his footing, the Wind one blows him back.

"...You're rather foolish, aren't you..." He says under his breath. "I'd actually be impressed you're working together if it wasn't for the fact the 8 is now the 7."

Kagayaki blasts him, and this time it hits him in the chest, and Hadari snarls. "I know one thing and one thing only... is that you're still weak against Light. You failed to acquire MY power. Of the seven, I'm still a threat to you, aren't I?"

"Cheeky little kid..." He idly dusts himself off.

He observes Valeric and Father Divine. "...Damn it all... Consider yourself lucky... that I'm not looking to make a lot of noise right now..." His voice gets distant.

"But don't get me wrong... you'll live to regret this Van Valeric... next time... there won't be a next time... if you survive tomorrow, that is."

His form suddenly dissipates, leaving behind Kukyo's soul, though much weaker than before. The seven finally manifest, though very much transparent. Kagayaki is the first to get toward the weak soul, and cups it in his hands.

"Tomorrow..." He says in a solemn voice.

Van Valeric: You say there wont be a next time. I say there wont be a tomorrow.

Kagayaki walks over to Valeric and collapses on his knees, holding out Kukyo's soul. " her..." His head is bowed, and his voice sobbing. "She deserves better...please... I don't know...what to do... so please...can't something?"

The fire child, Saisei, just sharply laughs. "Little Kagayaki, always breaking down into a fit, either that or Mikadzukikei. I swear you two -OW!" He yelps as Mikadzukikei, a seventeen year old looking girl with blue eyes and grey-blue hair punches him in the shoulder.

"Knock it off Saisei."

Van Valeric: *puts his hand on the Kagayaki's shouder* Yes, she does, doesn't she? I will help her, little one.

He looks up at him slightly, his lavender eyes much dimmer than before. "...You will...?"

Van Valeric: You asked the right way, didn't you?

Kagayaki's head whips towards the North as a brilliant flash of light flares. "...she's come..."

Father Divine: Do you know who it is, Valeric.

Van Valeric: Well, I can take a good guess.

Saisei lets out an exaggerated groan. "Can we please go somewhere else? I freaking hate the cold. And Kagayaki needs to stop whining like a little b- OW! STOP THAT!" He growls at Mikadzukikei, who smacked him on the head.

Van Valeric: Come now children, gather around and I will take us somewhere else.

"Yes, let's gather around the campfire and sing the campfire song." Saisei says, and Mikadzukikei gives him a deathly glare. "Please. Stop. Singing. That. Song."

"Or what?" Mikadzukikei kicks him in the groin.

"Shut up and get over here."

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggghhh....!" He wheezes. Grumpily, he walks over to Valeric, as does the others. "I'm going to turn you into fucking water vapor."

"Bring it on, Hot Pocket."

Van Valeric: You know I can just lend you over to you grandfather Hadari over there. He seems to like troublesome children.

The two glare at each other but don't say or do anything else. "...Fine."

Van Valeric: *surround them in a dark aura and the disappear*

The One Behind the Curtain Edit

Toma breaks out of the rubble, panting. Every bone in her body still screams from the pain. She sees the werepyre get back onto his feet. Great. He's already kicking again. But Kado isn't... if I could just get a moment's rest... I'd probably be able to finish him. But then there's the damn mutt. Arrghh. I guess I'll just wait.

Jonas sees the enemy manage their way out of the skyscraper, and is considering attacking when he hears a panicked voice on the radio.

"SIR! Emergency! We're under attack, but I have NO IDEA what's hitting us! It's just a flash of light and then, 'BAM'! Dead! All of em! The only reason I'm alive-"

"Is because you were a coward." A voice says coldly, before the man's screams ring out as a sickening crunch echoes from the other side, and then silence except blood drips. The radio turns off with a click.

Jonas: Whoa. I just heard the evil in her voice. Ya' know her?

Toma looks down at Jonas. "Yes. Sadly for you. What's even more sad for you is that I'm not foolish to stick around and get caught in her attacks. Bye." Toma disappears in a reverse rainfall.

Suddenly Jonas hears a soft footstep behind him, and turns to almost instantly be blinded by a searing white light in front of him.

Jonas: *shields his face with his ahnds* Ah! AH, MY eyes! It BUUUUUURRRNS! NOOOOOOOO! *over dramatically falls over*

Jonas's yelling makes Kado wake up, and he struggles to his feet. "Ow my head... why are you yelling like that?" He groans.

Jonas: Because it hurts, man! Ooooowwww. Why does itve to be so briiiiight?!

Kado takes one look at the light and growls. "White..." He growls.

The light fades to reveal White smirking playfully. "Kado," She replies simply.

"White...!" Kado growls again, tightening his grip on his swords.

"Annnnd let's not start that dumb cliche." She says as she kicks him in the face straight into a building.

Kado stumbles out of the wrecked wall. "Damn it... so fast!"

White yawns. "Honestly Kado I couldn't go any slower probably."

Jonas: *is crawling around with his eyes closed* Where is everbody? Don't ya' see a blind manhere?

He feels a tap on his forehead and his vision returns just in time to be kicked into a building as well.

"Hope that helps." White says, then moves her head to the right to dodge a stab from Kado effortlessly. She proceeds to merely adjust her head or simply step back to evade every single one, and then without effort flicks his forehead and he becomes acquainted with the wall again. When he gets up, a thin line of blood oozes from the spot she flicked.

"Not to offend you (not that I care), but I'm more interested in taking that mutt to the pound than fighting you."

Jonas: *lands on her cerebral cortex* Man dude, I hate it when people treat me as if i'm an animal. Everyone knows when you mess with an animal you tend to loose a limbo or two...or three...maybe even four...and a screwed up face for the fun of it.

As soon as his feet touch her body, she whips out from under him and roundhouse kicks him straight into Kado, who had just gotten ready to charge.

"ARRGH!" Kado yells. "Hey, would you mind getting off me?!"

Jonas: not my fault this crazy white bitch rounhoused kicked me into you! *gets up* gotta plan to take this bitch down?

"Does 'not die' sound like a good one to you?"

Jonas: You know? I'm getting real sick and tired of hearing that answer.

"Well sorry I only met her one time, and that was right before she ordered my execution!"

White looks at Kado. "Actually you've met me before. Many times."

He turns and glares at her. "I'm sure I have, haven't forgotten you're a shapeshifter too."

"That is not what I meant."

Kado blinks, confused.

"Forget it. Another time."

Kado growls. "NO, we settle this NOW!"

White appears next to him in less than a second. "Not interested." She suddenly shoves Jonas's head down a manhole and swats Kado a few feet away from her as he tries to punch her face.

Jonas: *gets his head out the manhole and his head hits the back of White's head and trips her, while he maneuvers unto his feet*

She makes an agile flip onto her feet, and looks completely unfazed. He thinks for a moment he can see large scales on her face.

Jonas: *is disgusted* Ugh. look like one of them reptilaian alien thingies I see all over the Interwebs.

The scales disappear. "You shouldn't insult a lady's appearance."

She sighs and holds out a finger, and stops Kado's blade with it. Not a scratch. "You're going to have to be a bit more creative than that..." He stabs at her again, but she merely sidesteps him, and dodges various martial arts moves.

"Sloppy. Slow. Sloppy again. Timing off by five seconds. You hit like a toddler." Are among the many passive remarks she says as she dodges or is unaffected by any of them. Finally she forms her hand into a claw formation and rakes Kado's face with it, causing large gashes in his face.

"AGGGHH!" He crumbles to the ground, holding his face. His blood drips from her hand, and looks toward Jonas.

Jonas: *helps up Kado up* Come on man. What happneed to 'not dying' being apart of plan? I'm guessing you just threw that out into the wind.

"So pathetic. Is this really all you have Kado? You turn your back on us just because of one little test and spout nonsense about equality between humans and Mythos and justice? Has these past years really been nothing but a game to you? If you were really wanting to defeat us this whole time, you should have trained til your knuckles bleed and nothing else. But instead you play hero and try to change a system that has been broken from the very start. A system that only fools have tried to change. Guess what Kado? They all died, crushed underneath the cruel engine that is the world.

You should have never have come here. I'm not surprised that you could have managed to sway Naomi over to yourself... you're both fools. Fools die great together in pairs. I'm not surprised Hiroshi lost to you. His heart was not in the right place. But did you seriously think... for one moment? ONE MOMENT, that you could BEAT ME?! With that pathetic strength? That measly will?! You will never be strong enough. Never. Now go play hero somewhere else while I burn this world to the ground and make it anew."

She spits on the ground, and begins walking away, while Kado furiously clutches his face, deep in pain. "Damn... you....!"

Jonas: Yea, yea. You can curse her later, but now wee need to go. All personnel, move and clear out.

Soldieir run away

Kado tries to move out away from Jonas to keep fighting, but fails. "Damn it all... she has to go down damn it!"

Jonas: I thought the plan was to 'not die'. Man you suck at following plans.

Jonas and Kado make it a couple of blocks before Azure soldiers show up. "Sir! Are you alright? Get him some medical treatment for that wound!" They bark orders around, and a healer walks up to him and begins treating and healing his face, though he has to hold in grunts of pain.

One of them approaches Jonas. "What happened back there?"

Jonas: Some white bitch came over and decided to hand this dude's ass to'em. I say she did pretty good with that.

Suddenly an explosion rips apart the buildings from far away all the way to the closest buildings behind them, and after the dust settles, White stands there, her finger pointed in their direction.

"Did I actually say that you were allowed to leave, wolf boy?"

Jonas: I don't know. You sure didn't say anything about keepin' me.

In the blink of an eye, she is right over him, her sword baring down on his head ready to impale him. Just as the blade touches his skin, she leans in and says, "Heh, lucky devil."

Suddenly she breaks away from him and flips backwards just as a woman with black hair slams her fist into the ground where White was a moment ago, the impact strong enough to lift the ground Jonas is standing on and make him lose balance.

Am I too late to join the fun? The woman's voice rings in their ears.

Kado blinks in surprise. "I thought you were at the south front."

The south front crumbled so quickly I barely was needed. Thought my help would be better served here.

Jonas: Man dude, did you bang all these chicks or what? Because for all I know, she's pissed at you for not givin' her child support.

Kado sighs. "You have a wonderful way with words. Azula is a longtime friend. White is the true definition of 'almighty bitch'."

White smiles. "Didn't your mother ever tell you to watch your language? Someone needs their mouth washed out."

Azula glares at White. You won't touch him again. EVER.

"And how's that?"

White's eyes widen in surprise as Azula manages to ram a punch into her gut, and send her flying into a tall building. She lands on the wall, and the whole thing cracks and crumbles.

I will completely. Utterly. Destroy you.

"Well, have fun with that darling. I very much doubt you can."

Jonas: Actually, I think I'm getting a somewhat of a lesbo vibe from the white bitch.

The two charge each other, and the two exchange blows, White is faster and stronger, but Azula seems to hold her own. White fires a beam of light at Azula, but she deflects it with a shield of darkness, then makes a spear of lightning and jabs at her. White ducks back and trips Azula with a sweep of her leg, and Azula rolls back to her feet.

White suddenly flies up into the air with dragonic wings, and Azula silently snarls.

Come back here!

Azula takes a deep breath, then has a silver glow. Mythologic Adaption. She suddenly sprouts six silver wings, and rockets up after White. White is waiting for this, and begins rapid firing spheres of condensed light, which when Azula dodges, rains down on Jonas and the others like bombs, exploding with violent force.

Jonas: *is dodging the raining lights as much as he can* Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap!

Azula charges a sphere of energy, which becomes a shield dome over them, protecting them from the rain of death. She then fires lightning bolts at White, who gracefully flies out of the way each time.

"Ah, such effortless strength! You really are something else Azula!" White laughs.

Shut up you wretch!

White creates a spear of light and throws it at Azula, who manages to dodge, but the spear sails onward and it impacts into a section of the city and causes a massive explosion.

Azula flies at White and tackles her, the two spiraling down toward the ground, throwing punches and kicks.

Jonas: So guy. You do ya' think is gonna win this one?

"Azula. She's never lost. Never. I have faith in her. She will win." Kado says without question.

Jonas: I know why you only said that because she's on our side. Also, you say that because you hate the white chick.

"People tell me that I'm a great leader. ...No. I'm not. Without her, I'd still be lost in those streets, stealing food from corrupt street markets. I would be fighting tooth and nail, without a reason to fight. Without her... I couldn't be the person I am now. She's made me who I am. ...That's why. I trust her. I believe in her.... ....And I love her. ...She won't lose. ...She can't."

Jonas: Well, I hope you two can live you lives in peace and all that other happy shit after all this.

Azula suddenly drop kicks White into the ground, shaking the ground violently. She lands, panting.

And... take. That.

"No thank you." White says, getting up and dusting herself off.

Azula begins punching White in the face repeatedly, drawing blood a few times.

Why... won't... you... just... DIE?!

After countless punches, White suddenly raises a hand and says, "Stop." And Azula stops, a fearful expression on her face as she obeys the command.

White dusts herself off again, and straightens her clothing. "Well now... that was certainly exhilarating... but enough is enough."

I'm not finished yet!!! Azula yells. She throws another punch, but White grabs her fist and repeats herself. "Stop." And once again, she freezes, only this time she doesn't move.

"That's better."

Jonas: Hey guy. you didn't tell me your chick was the white chick's bitch.

White looks at Azula. "I think it's time to end this game. Don't you?"

No... what's happening....?! Why... why can't I move?!

"I've been meaning to collect for a while now... but there were too many complications... I had hoped to do this while no one was watching... but now time is against me... and I need all of my weapons available... for phase two."

A dangerous light gleams in her eyes.

Kado growls. "What have you done with her? Stop it now!"

"I'm afraid it's too late for that." She turns towards Azula again. "I think it's time we began in earnest... now... Awaken... Zeta 'A' 290!"

Azula begins to let out a horrid scream, as her body glows golden and six massive angelic wings rips forth from her back and black armor begins to form around her body, and six additional arms grow from her shoulders, all jet black metal.

As the metal armor begins to cover her face, she falls over, her dimming eyes meeting with Kado's.

Kado has a petrified look on his face, as he hears:

"I'm... so... sorr- so... sorry... f-for-forgive... I...I-I love..."

She goes silent, as her eyes dim and the faceplate finishes forming over her face.

As Kado drops on to his knees in shock, White grabs her by the hair, and a dark smile grows over her face.

"And now... everything is ready. All members of Phoenix. There's been a change of plans. Evacuate and await further orders at Yosai. ...And the Spearhead has been aqquired."

As she and Azula begin to disappear, Kado rushes White. "NO! I WON'T LET YOU TAKE HER!!!" He screams. Suddenly Azula punches him in the gut, and he is sent flying, and lands in a crumbled heap. Azula and White finish disappearing, leaving Kado breaking down in insane sobs of grief.

"DAMN IT! DAMN IT DAMN IT DAMN IT!" He screams. His men stand in terrified shock.

One of them turns on his radio. "...All members of Azure. There's been... an unfortunate incident. ...Leader Azula... has been lost."

Jonas: Well shit, dude. Looks like both of us lost our chicks. But don't worry, we're bound to get them back soon.

Suddenly a heavy pulse of electromagnetic energy ripples from Kado, and electricity from the city begins arcing into him.

A surge of power bellows from him, knocking them all back, and a voice echoes:

This world... all it does... is take... no matter what... it's always about someone else. Take take take take take take! No one ever really was concerned about me or how I felt. Everyone... looked at me... as a savior... a hero... a leader... but I didn't want that... I never wanted that! All I wanted really... was to be happy... as long as I was by her side... ...the rest of that didn't matter. It didn't matter what they took...

But now... ...there's nothing. ...Nothing left. ...why should it be about anyone else.... why... why...

.........I'm tired of the world taking from me... ...everything... now...

I'll take everything from the world.

Jonas looks up at the center of the blast, to find Kado standing, with pale gold eyes and red markings covering his body, his hair much longer down to his waist and partially covering his eyes. Surrounding him are strange tendrils of red light that flicker with strange red markings as well, ending in sharp blades. The look in his eyes reminds Jonas extremely of many Mythos he's fought in the past, empty and almost lifeless. But also a deep, burning anger. His form flickers with what looks like red lightning.

Jonas: Hey guy! I know how that's like! Everything was taken away fro me too, ya know? I lost my life, man! My rents left me and I had to live on the streets for centuries!I've spent the rest of my centuries in a capsule! Only being woken up to go out into the field of war! It was a meaningless life, man! Up until Ameno came! Then them Phoenix bastards took her away from me and I couldn't do shit about it! But that doesn't mean I have givin' up! We all have a responsiblity in life! It all depends iwe're strong enough to take it! And right now you aint bein' a team player'!

One of the Azure agents pulls him back as one of the tendrils nearly stabs him. "Careful! ...This is really, really bad. We're going to need a suppression team to handle him..."

Jonas: Here! Take this! *pulls out a collar and throws it to the Azure agent*

As Oliv and her men arrive, Kado suddenly collapses onto a knee and holds his face in agony. After he stops, he gets back up and looks up at them again.

"Kado! What's wrong? Are you hurt?"

Only from the selfishness of others.

He flinches, as a crack runs down his cheek to the middle of his chest, a golden light flickering through it.

"...I guess it's not a complete union... tch!" His eyes glare at them. He slowly turns and begins to walk away, the energy around him fading to a slight black aura.

Oliv tries to charge after him. "Explain yourself, what's going on here?!" She yells, but one of the tendrils smacks her back, and she lands in a flip on her feet.

"I'm done serving others, done with their hatred, done with struggling every day of my life. For no purpose. For no gain. For no happiness. I'm done with you sheep constantly begging for me to help you. You want help? Help your fucking selves for once. You all have no backbone. That's why the Mythos takes orders from the humans and enslaves their own. Because they don't have the guts to stand up for themselves. Especially not you."He growls at Jonas.

"If you want to have a new leader, Oliv, might as well nominate yourself." Kado walks off again.

Jonas: Tsk. you sound like like a blue haired kid I knew.

Gobble: Hey Jonas! *waves*

Jonas: *looks over his shoulder* Hey Turkey! What's up?

Goble: nothin' much at all. Just becam captives of another plan of Fantasy and shit, but nothing too too bad.

Jonas: Good good. Hey where's your ol' man?

Gobble: you know...sleepin'. Ol people be gettin' tired way too easily these days.

Jonas: Yea, I hear that. Tell him I said 'howdy'

Gobble: Sure thing, man.

Oliv looks about, then sighs. "We have so much work to do..." She takes her radio out. "All members of Azure, begin rendezvous to our coordinates. We've lost very important members of our family today... and we still have no idea what the future will hold tomorrow. We will relay all information in coordination with the humans, and act accordingly. I just hope we will make it through tomorrow..." She turns her radio off. She notices the sword of Ameno in Jonas's hand.

"That a Slayer?"

Jonas: Hmm. *looks down at the Slayer* Huh, will ya' look at that? It is.

Oliv reaches a hand out to it. "Is it that person you mentioned that was taken away from you? May I see?"

Jonas: Sure thing. Better in your hands than the other guy's. *tosses her the Slayer*

She looks the blade over carefully, before letting out a sigh of disgust. "These seal designs are crude and barbaric... not at all like the quality of Phoenix's. Let me take a crack at the seals." Her hand begins glowing as she runs her hand along the blade.

Gobble: *peaks over her shoulder* Cool...

After a minute, her hand clenches into a fist, and she begins to pull on some kind of green orb, with seven similarly colored strings of energy attached to it. After a violent tug, the strings break and the orb descends towards the ground, growing into the form of Ameno.

"It's done. She's no longer bound by the blade." The sword cracks and crumbles in her hand.

Jonas: *looks at Ameno* R-really? I-i it really her? *slowly moves toward her*

Oliv nods. "Yes. It is. Can you do me a favor? I need to speak with the President and or the representatives, can you find someone who can arrange a meeting tonight?"

Jonas: *falls to his knees and hugs Ameno* I-I can convince The Admin. to scheduale a meeting...I can sure try...

"I understand if you need some time with her, but understand that we are both an organization and a nation. The sooner we establish the situation, the better."

Gobble: Whoa Jonas. You didn't tell me you had a chick. *whispers* Did you finally get laid?

Jonas: Don't you have another dimension to go back to?

Gobble: *backs off* Well I'm sorry, man. Im just bein' happy for ya.

Oliv sighs. "You're a handful, Gobble. ...I cannot believe that's your nickname."

Gobble: You should. When it comes to someone like me, the name just fits. *winks at Oliv*

"Uh huh. Let me know when you get in contact with him." She walks off, and starts talking to various other squad leaders.

Gobble: See ya' , Jonas *follows the rest&

Jonas: *continues hold hold Ameno*

Kado runs. He leaps from windowsill to windowsill, light post to light post, anything to get away. From the pain. From the memories.

Who am I... I don't know anymore... ...I don't know anything...

Not... ...not without her...

Jonas: *talks to himself* I hope yer endin' can be as happy as mine, guy.

Kado finds a operating train, and while it moves past him, he jumps onto one of the cars, letting it take him away, where ever it might be going.

Where doesn't make a difference... hell is still hell...

Ameno: *Opens eyes* WHere.... In the.... HELL am I?

Jonas: You here, with me. And not in the hands of some crazy-cookoo-bastard guy.

Oliv sighs. "First Kado resigned, then Azula was corrupted... now Kado has abandoned us... this is really a rough patch... I'm not sure what to think right now. I just hope Kado will come to his senses..."

Avalia: *walks up to Oliv" Oliv, what all happened?

Gobble: Our captor of martyrdom finally pussied out of his job.

Oliv gives him a look that pretty much says, 'I'm going to order a nuclear strike on your ass'.

"To answer your question Avalia... it really wasn't Kado's dream, Azure that is. It was Azula's. He was the one who could fight if given direction, and could win. She was the one with the dream. She dreamed of a future of happiness, justice, and order. Kado was desperate for something to hold on to, and resolved to help her. He fought because that's what she fought for. When he fought... he was fighting the battles Azula couldn't. And she gave him the drive to succeed. ...From the very beginning... she was his rock, his very foundation. For him, she meant everything. And now she's gone... turned into the very thing he fought to defeat. An instrument of hatred. ...with her gone... there's pretty much nothing left in his heart."

She sighs. "I very much doubt anyone could appeal to his heart now. I don't think anyone can reach him where his heart has crumbled."

Avalia: *has a saddened look on her face* So much is happening. What if we loose everyone?

Gobble: Then we live underground for the rest our lives, duh.

Oliv looks at Avalia. "Cheer up. Azure has suffered many adversities before. This war is just another one to add to the heap. We will make it through this, not matter the cost."

Avalia: Then we'll be standing by you, no matter the cost.

Gobble: *confused* We?

Avalia: *slaps him ober the head*

Gobble: *rubs the back of his head* Yes we.

"I thank you. We will decide our next move after discussing with the leaders of the humans the current situation. In the mean time, I would suggest not speaking to any M.C.C.P. officials if you can avoid it. We don't need fights to break out right now."

Gobble: Sort of hard. No doubt The Admin. will just destroy us after the whole invasion thing is over. He's a douchebag like that. Mythos are still Mythos. Whether they help humanity or not.

"I'm afraid invading Echo is going to be a much different ballgame than he realizes, Gobble. You see, you only were able to access Echo that time because we left our rifts wide open. Since your attack, we sealed off any and all rifts large enough to detect. The only way to access it now would be from being teleported there by a being with the specific knowledge of how to travel to it without instant transportion, or..." She breaks off. "Never mind, it was destroyed many years ago. It would never be possible."

Gobble: Well, I'm glad you got that covered. But I keep an open mind if I were you. The Admin. is one skivin' bastard.

Avalia: I have to agree with Gobble. The Administrator is one scary dude.

"I fear no one. Even if he is to be feared, the only true fear I will feel is that of the judgement day."

Gobble: Which will be brought to you by The Admin.

Oliv sighs. "Well you're certainly shiting your pants. That MUST require some degree of effort to get that result..."

She looks over at Jonas. "How are you feeling right now?"

Jonas: Like all of Jesus' bitches when they found out he rose from the dead.

"I see then. Don't forget about my request now. We're going to start relief efforts. I have a feeling that we ground troopers will be little more than cannon fodder in the days to come, if the enemy hasn't given up yet."

She signals her men to investigate the area.

Jonas: you hear all that, Admin?

The Administrator: No.

Jonas: Lie.

The Administrator: Keep your mouth shut and it won't half to be.

Oliv looks at Jonas, and then winks. She suddenly jumps into the air and gracefully transforms into a eagle, and flies off, a storm of feathers blowing in the wind as she jets off into the sky.

Jonas: *watches her leave* Yea...that's exactly what I'll do...

Ameno: Alright. What's next? I think I can fight again...

Jonas: *sigh* Well, that's all we're gonna be doin' today, apparently. *hugs Ameno tighter* I'm just really glad yer' back...

Ameno: *Hugs back* I know, hun. I know. Lets just get the job done, okay?

Jonas: Ok... *gets up and begins to walk toward their next destination*

Unstable Edit

Oliv appears outside the building where the President and Representatives were said to be meeting, turning to normal and noticing the security watching her.

"Excuse me, I need to speak with the President on some urgent matters."

Guard: Do you have any approval by anyone from The World Council or any one associated with the Branches?

"I am General Oliv of the forces of Azure. I must speak with him."

Guard: fine. But we're going to have to escort you. *takes the lead while the other stays behind Oliv*

She allows them to escort her, but she remains tense on the off chance they are trying to trick her. Her years on the streets taught her to never trust anyone in politics. Anyone.

The guards take her through several hallway turns and finally they make it to two big double-doors. They open the doors and let her in. All there is, is the President staring out his window.

Guard: Mr. President. There is someone who request to speak with you.

The President: *turns from the window and looks at her* Oh, come in, come in. Please take a seat.

Oliv takes a seat opposite of him. "Thank you for allowing me to speak with you. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Oliv Walker, 1st General of Azure."

The President: *nods* Honored. I assume you are here under the circumstances of the war.

"Yes... I am pleased to tell you that in our battle this day we defeated many of the enemy with little casualties, and even managed to defeat Hiroshi, the Trimaster of Earth, the battle of which occured at Okasa, Japan. ...However... something else happened... during an engagement with Toma, the Trimaster of Water."

The President: I had gotten reports of a flood occurring in one of our major cities.

"Yes. It was her power, but it was stopped after a strange plague of darkness occurred... and mere moments later that incident came another. All of the members of Phoenix, even their foot soldiers started disappearing left and right. ...then their leader showed up... and.... ...I think it's better if you saw for yourself."

She takes her hand to the side of her head and when she pulls her head back she has a sort of memory storage unit in her hand. It flares to life and begins replaying the battle against White, and to the President's surprise, shows Azula's corruption and Kado going insane with grief, then deserting.

Oliv bows her head. "...That is the situation, sir. ...No leader... in the middle of a war... on top of the crisis back at home... I'm afraid that the situation has become poor, for both of us." She takes the device, and slides it along the side of her head, and when she moves her hand down, the device is gone.

The President: *sigh* I always thought the man was strong, but there is only a motivation that drives men's hearts. He's obviously lost his. He is right though. God is punishing us for our sins, but we must take our punishment like men and endure. Even if it's too hard to move forward.

"To come so far... and after all of this... it seems too cruel. ...I just wish I could understand how to reach him... .....but I digress. We were told that something was coming soon... I'm worried. It feels like Phoenix is up to something even bigger than before. I don't know what.... but did you hear what she said when she did that to Azula...? ...She said 'Spearhead.' That concerns me. I almost wonder if Azula ties into everything somehow."

The President: She might. But we have to be on aware. We must brace ourselves for the blow that is to come and hope that we can still walk away from this alive.

Oliv closes her eyes. "A question, if I may. What do you think of Mythos? We know that your people show little regard for the treatment of Mythos, but what of the man who leads the people? I'm not talking political bull right now. I'm talking person to person. What do you think of us?"

The President: My fellow man wants me to hate them for leveling our past generations and our great nation. But I look at them and I see them surviving, not destroying. In many ways they are like us. their capable of so much more. and I believe it or not, but I believe that Myths are the ones who deserve this planet, not the human race. We have fallen too far from the grace of God and the Myths grow larger in numbers and their hatred is unrivaled. It's only a matter of time before we die out.

"...I see. But does your political beliefs reflect that? Or are you like all of the other two faced bastards?" She seems to speak from some sort of previous experience.

The President: Believe me, I used to be two-faced myself. Not everything can be about politics, right? Days like that become fairly confusing.

Oliv sighs. "I will report in if I get any news. However, I feel as though going forward beyond whatever end this war has, as though nothing will have come from this. Man will still oppress the Mythos. And we will be caught in the middle. I trust you need not an explanation of what our organization stands for."

The President: I don't mind if you educated me a little. What's wrong with a little bit of new knowledge, right?

"Azure stands for equality and justice between the races. We judge individuals by their actions, not where they come from or what they are. Mythos are treated like humans, and humans like Mythos. All are given fair justice. We try to help the ones who have lost their way, and give them new purpose. We fight the hatred with compassion, rather than swords and guns.

This has been our philosophy for years. Since our start five years ago, we have endured and overcome many trials. We have fought many battles and many wars, and fought to promote our belief in the better nature of all who live. That is why Azure originally attacked the M.C.C.P. in that small attack a month ago. Because the ideology of this world and it's peoples clash so violently with our own... we felt the desire to right the wrong we felt was been done. Even after this war, President, without change in the system, I'm afraid that Azure cannot ignore or overlook what we feel is a heinous crime in this world."

The President: I see. Sounds like everything I wish the world could be. Then i wouldn't be in such af tug-of war with myself and my nation.

"Azure was a mere band of street rats once. We wished a lot too. We never imagined our actions would accomplish anything. We just lived our lives trying to change the world, one step at a time. Whatever it took. Wishes can come true. But you have to have the will to see them become reality. While it is good to have opinions and wishes, what good are wishes and opinions for those who never act upon it? While it's true the world is cruel, I've noticed that those who fight for what they believe will always have a better chance of getting it. Waiting for change or simply wishful thinking will never accomplish anything."

The President: Believe me, we fought hard for the good of this nation, but we somehow find ourselves short. Our work turns to be in vain as generations beyond generations undermined what we had to go through to make this nation great.

"And yet you don't fight back?" She responds.

The Presidnet: *gets up from his chair* Oh believe me. We fight back. But sometimes you can only fight for so long. We have enough fight left in us. I just wonder how long we can last.

"That isn't what I meant. If you're willing to fight, then why are Myth's being oppressed? Or have you given up the fight there? It is pointless to have ideals if you aren't willing to fight for them, President. Sometimes a leader must make choices his people will not approve of."

The President: Same with Abraham Lincoln. In the end he was killed by his people. Besides, I know it will not change anything, because this is the will of God.

Oliv closes her eyes. "Coward." She stands up. "Enough of this. I've wasted enough time. I have an operation to oversee. And a future you've left to rot to save." She begins to walk to the door.

The President: You cannot save a doomed race. I don't intend to save anyone. Just to keep my people alive and well and hope that the Myths can make it home.

Oliv opens the door, and looks at the President. "You're the ones killing them off..." She says in a low voice, before closing the door behind her, and ignoring the guards, sees herself out of the building.

She has always hated politicians. After all... they're what made her the way she is...

The President: She's gone now, Obi.

A shadowed figure falls from the ceiling and lands on The President's desk

The President: I hope your taking advantage of this invasion>

Figure: Ooooohhh, sure thing. Mr. Strigg. So many have come to us. After this hullabaloowe can reside and grow. Hopefully we can recover quicker than the rest...They'll be in safe hands. the hands of The Party. Everyone loves parties. *laughs* But mmm. Depending if the rest of the underworld took a large blow, we can strike them hard and be rid of The Under Empire.*laughs*

The President: Then keep doing your job. Keep your people safe and i'll be with you momentarily.

Figure: Sure thing Mr. Prez. *leaps over the President and jumps out the window* WHOOOOOOOO!!!

The President: That man never believed in doors.

Lost Way Edit

Kado sits on top of the train, silently listening to the rumble of the train as it rolls on the tracks. A gloomy day overall, and he thinks he can smell the rain come.

My head hurts... I can't think... ...Who am I...? ...Does it even matter anymore? ...I have... nothing left...

He hears the train come to a slow stop.

I guess.... I need another ride then... still too close...

Once the train stops, people run off in a hurry. After everyone leaves a man wearing a black leather coat, holding a scythe along his shoulders walks off.

Med: I still can't believe there's and active train down here. You figured after all that crap happening up there, the surface would've crumbled by now. *looks at Kado* Hey look, it's the Ungrateful One. Oh Ungrateful One, aren't you not glad that our paths have crossed once again?

I can feel that he is hurting deeply. Like he's feeling all since of purpose in his life. It's so sad.

Med: He must've been very ungrateful about his life then,if he sees he has no purpose than to be ungrateful. Sucks to be you, guy.

Kado suddenly whips his head up toward them and leaps back, his face filled with both confusion and fear.

"Keep away from me!!! Who are you?!" He snarls.

Med: Wow. I cannot believe he forgot us that easily, after all we did to save his ass.

Demgel: Yea, basically what this guy said. I'm the guy who helped or atleast semi-helped you take down that guy was flingin' rocks and shit at you.

"Go away."

Demgel: Hold up. *turns around and has a conversation with Med and Leg*

Kado's eyes gain a faint gleam of red, and he starts getting antsy.

A trick. Going to attack us.

Must react. Fight.




Kado suddenly bolts off the top of the train, running towards the distant ruined buildings, seeking to hide in the many alleys and corridors created by the ruins.

Med: Oh looky there. He was so ungrateful he didn't say goodbye. WELL SCREW YOU TOO, UNGRATEFUL ONE!

Leg: Demgel, we have to go after him. Believe it or not, he needs help.

Demgel: Alright. *jumps on top of the train, bolts off and follows after Kado*

Kado's eyes glow fully red.

He follows. Going to kill us. Fight. Fight. Fight! FIGHT!

Kado's next footstep creates massive cracks in the ground, causing two large earthen cubes to rise up and attempt to crush him between them.

He then leaps up into one of the buildings, and runs into one of the more intact sections, trying to hide.

Med: *looks at the cubes* Ah mother fucker.

Demgel: *wall jumps on the ear cubes and makes it to one of the buildings*

Med: Where to now, Sherlock.

Demgel: Shhh. hold up...*listens intently for Kado* He's close by. *runs toward where h hears Kado*

Demgel eventually stops, when suddenly the ground shifts into a steel fist and gives him a wicked uppercut that slams him into the ceiling, while Kado's body swirls out of the ground, causing cave ins in the corridor as he runs.

Demgel: *licks the blood streaming from his mouth and his eyes turn red. He takes another route to get to Kado*

When he turns the corner and sees Demgel, he doesn't stop, instead speeds up and a pair of shadow hands appear and draw two of Kado's Slayers, while one of his normal hands draws Dark Slayer, and in his spare hand he charges a sphere of dark fire.

He first blasts Demgel with a shot of dark fire, while then using the explosion to stab and slash at him with the three swords.

Demgel: *almost at blinding speed blocks the two swords with his hands and the third with his knee. He maneuvers around and spin-kicks him in his pelvic area*

Kado crashes through a wall and drops down towards the streets below. Just as Demgel goes to get him, a burst of fire blasts him back as a massive multicolored flaming bird-no, a Phoenix erupts into being whose heat is so strong it burns him, even from that distance. The bird begins firing huge blasts of fire at the supporting structure where Demgel stands, making it start to crumble and fall. It lets out a shrill screech of rage.

The rocks some how levitate in the air and entraps the Phoenix in a sphere like cage. Demgel is seen with black wings with a red outline and red eyes.

Med: Well, I'll be damned. It's Satan's Pet.

Suddenly a blast rips apart the rocks, before they reform into a metal armored giant connected with a fiery interior, in the style of a samurai. It starts lobbing fireballs with giant boulders at great speed, the first one slamming into Demgel and the rest simply piling on top of him. It then rushes the pile and kicks it, sending both Demgel and the boulders flying up high into the air.

No one wants to help me. Everyone just wants to use me. I won't be used anymore!!!

Demgel: *takes the boulders and they form into spears of netherstone and they all impale the Phoenix and once they all do, they explode with fiery force.

Kado falls from the explosion, but lands with great force on the ground, still somewhat uninjured. He forms many countless rocks and chunks of earth and makes them into solid steel, and launches them at Demgel, each of them coated with a thick aura of darkness that streak at him like homing missiles.

Keep away from me! I don't need you or your help! Play god with someone else's life!

Demgel: I am no God. *stops him with just his finger and Phoenix disappears only leaving Kado instead*

Leg: Just tell us what troubles you, honey.

Kado snarls, and begins to breath unsteadily, red energy flickering about his form and his figure blackening, Demgel can sense massive Negative energies beginning to concentrate around him, rage, pain, suffering. Loss.

Suddenly a wall of energy forces Demgel back as Neo completely takes over, and Demgel looks up after coming to a stop to see six red streams of Negative energy, almost snakelike in form.

Kill... Kill... Kill everything.... ...that hurts.... ...make it stop...

Demgel: Hm. Well never get anywhere unless we can open up to him.

Med: Do we hit him harder?

Demgel: I don't know...

Suddenly he draws Dark Slayer and blasts him with a massive wave of darkness, while the red streams of energy lash out at Demgel, one comes close to impaling him and he can practically feel the hatred burning within it.

They've taken everything away... ...time to take it back! ...And burn them! Crush them! Leave them to die!

Demgel: *is unaffected and slaps Dark Slayer out of his hands* Stop poking me and speak words. You ain't no Hulk, man.

Leg: We're only trying to help you. You can only trust us. Well, everyone excluding Med.


Neo begins angrily punching him in frustration, screaming furiously.

Die! Die! Die! Die! Fuck you and just die!

Demgel: *is unaffected* You know we can do this all day, and it will won't change anything.

The next punch is incredibly weak, and then Neo collapses onto the ground, beginning to sob uncontrollably, gradually changing form into a helpless looking girl. Demgel can feel Kado's consciousness lingering, but it is simply too clouded with pain to respond to him.

Med: Whoa, talk about transgender.

Leg: *punches Med's arm*

Med: Owww!

Leg: Stop it! *touches the girls head* What's the matter, honey? You can always tell an angel.

The voice that comes from her is incredibly broken sounding, between a rasp and a choke from all of the crying. "...Broken.... everything feels..... broken.... broken glass....... .....everything hurts.... .....I just want it to stop...." She breaks down into more sobs.

Leg: *looks sad* Aww, I don't like seeing others cry. Like I said, you still have us.

" one.... ....I have..... nothing.... ...nothing left.... nothing worth.... fighting for..... to live....why.... ...why did this happen to me.... why can't I.... just be happy... ...I just want to.... hold onto something...." Demgel feels Kado slipping.

Demgel: I know how that is. Wanting to feel happiness. I constantly ask myself, what is my purpose? Am I just doomed to take happiness away from others and not belong anywhere. What am I to do? You see. Your purpose and your fate lies in the hands in God. And if you put your life in his hands, he'll guide you to happiness. It may be a tad bit harder for me, but it can definately work for you.

The girl seems to collapse into a silent slumber, unresponsive, as Kado's consciousnesses quiets to a soft murmur of intelligible thoughts and memories, occasionally crying in her sleep.

Med: Sooooooo....what now?

Demgel: *picks the girl up* We take her with us.

Med: Ofcourse. We just can't leave her for dead, can we?

Demgel: No...not this one anyway. *walks of among the shattered buildings a burnt debris*

The girl makes a low moan and eventually stirs, feeling soft grass. ".....Where.......?" Blank gold eyes open up slowly.

Med: Oh shit! Dude, look at her eyes!

Leg: Med, how rude! They look beautiful.

Demgel: *is taken back by her eyes*

Med: I know right!

Leg: How are you feeling, honey?

The girl tries to move her head, but seems too frail to do so. "......"

Demgel notices this seems to be a different soul than that of actual Kado, and now that he thinks on it, there was another one present controlling Kado's actions as well, though more darker, while this one seems very light, but very weak in comparison, while the dark one was incredibly powerful.

Demgel: Your someone else, aren't you?

The girl makes an effort to speak, but gives up and listlessly nods.

Demgel: It's alright. You don't have to be shy around us.

The girl coughs weakly. "...Who....?"

Demgel: Us. My name is Demgel. The red, pudgy one is Med, and the angel lady over there is Leg.

Leg: What's your name, dear?

"...Name.......?" The phrase seems to confuse her.

Demgel: Yea, you know. What people call you.

The girl's expression alone seems to point out she doesn't know her name, or doesn't have one.

"...I haven't been called anything before..." She makes an attempt to sit up, and manages to do so. She looks at her hand as though she had never seen it before.

"...I don't even... know who.... or what... I am...."

Demgel: Hey, its alright. I know how that's like not knowing who you are. I just woke up about some weeks ago and I don't remember anything. Even my own name. Well, i gotta call you something.

"....You're not going to.... call me the name of a body part are you....?"

Leg: *laughs* I like her. She's so adorable when she jokes.

Demgel: Hmmm. *he sees a card blow away into the wind. He gets up and catches the card once it touches the ground. He looks at the card and it's and Ace Card* Hm. How about Ace?

Med: Man dude, that's a boy's name.

Demgel: So is Terry, but that somehow worked for the eldest McGinnis. What do you say?

The girl blinks slowly, and makes an attempt to stand up but stumbles and falls back down. She slowly tries again, and manages to stand, though extremely wobbly to the point Demgel swears a slight breeze could blow her over. She looks up at Demgel, and she now has pupils, and the golden eyes seem more alive now.

"A-Ace....?" She stutters.

Demgel: Yea, Ace. You like it?

She nods vigorously.

Demgel: Ok then, Ace. you hang with us until this war thing blows over. *stretches forth his hand towards Ace*

She slowly reaches for his hand and takes a hold of it, just by feeling her touch he can feel how weak physically she is, he could probably severely hurt her by mere accident.

Demgel: Looks liek you gonna have to still close to us. Your abit too fragile.

Med: Sort of like an uncooked spaghetti noodle.

Leg: Med!

"What's.... S-Spa-ghe-tti?"

Demgel: Basically, ummm. Noodles or like strings you can eat. I'll probably show if I find the given resources.

Ace slowly reaches down to her stomach and puts her hand on it, after which a slow growl emits from it. "My stomach hurts...."

Demgel: Must be hungry then. Here. *takes a Snickers bar out of his coat pocket and tosses it to her* Eat up.

Ace looks at the Snickers bar with great curiosity, until Demgel has to help her figure it out and open it, then she slowly proceeds to eat little portions at a time.

"Where are we going?" She says with a mouthful of Snickers.

Demgel: Away from here. Let's get going.

Med: As long as the wind don't blow you over. *laughs*

Leg: Med! Be quiet!

She continues to slowly eat the candy as she walks after him, though very unsteady on her feet.

She curiously looks at Med and Leg, then at Demgel. "...Do you fight with your other selves?"

Demgel: Nah. Just these two.

Ace blinks. "You don't fight one another? ...Even though you're different...?"

Demgel: They fight. Sort of. But not alot. If it weren't for me being here, they would actually fight alot more often.

Ace head gradually lowers, and she stops eating, just silently walking with them. "....I see....."

Demgel: Besides, they only fight because they wants what's best for me. They want me to feel happy. and with them being a devil and an angel, they have a different view of what happiness is. Even if they are different, ehave one goal: To protect me. Sort of like how my goal is right now.

"You're trying to protect someone? ...Who?"

Demgel: She's walking right behind me.

"......." She slowly stops, and Leg sees the slightly blank look in Ace's eyes has returned. "....But.... ....Shield is dying... one can protect me now..." The blank look becomes almost sad. "....I.... ...I'm not even meant to exist...."

Leg: Oh don't say that, dear. We're all here for a reason. Tell yourself, if you werne't even supposed to exist, why are you even here? Everything in and on this world has a purpose, it all depends if you have a guide.

Med: Hail Satan!

Leg: NO! *beats Med down* NO! NO! Don't listen to him he's a devil. I mean God. He tells us that we are here to serve him and if we serve him, then we already have a purpose. He has a plan for you, Ace. Though you may not see it now, trust God and he will show you.

She gets sadder and sits and curls up into a ball. "...You don't understand... we're dying.... ...We're going to disappear.... ...forever."

Demgel: You not going to disappear, if you keep saying you are. There is power in words. and the more you say it, the more likely it will happen. Stop worrying about dying and just live. you anna say you lived a good life don't you?

Med: Half-life.

Ace starts crying. "Shield... Shield is dying... don't understand....'re trying to protect him by protecting me.... ...but he's already dying... ...he's been dying since her...."

Demgel: Then let me help him. Stop saying he's dying and let me help him.

"......But how do I do that.....? ...I... ...I don't even know myself.... ....I'm just a fragment of Origin..."

Demgel: Hmmm. I got. I can enter your mind and try to save him.

"...You will....? ...But why are you helping him? ...Origin is the real one.... we're just... his fragments... ...we don't have a right to exist.... ...we're borrowed minds.... bodies... ....souls..."

A voice rings out. "Damn it Ace, just up and be useful for once! If you want to cry like a baby then fine! That's all you've ever been useful for! Cry cry cry cry cry cry cry! So annoying! Just kill the damn bastard and then fight me!"

Demgel: *has a stern look on his face* Well screw you completely. *touches Ace's forhead and he is instantly in Kado's mental mind*

Med: Cool, now where Mindnaughts.

Demgel quickly spots Ace, who is curled up next to a tree in the middle of a snowfield, seemingly sleeping. Further away from her almost in a circular effect, the area appears to crumble into some sort of void, across the void he can see what looks like a cityscape, where red and yellow lightning flash.

Med: Man, screw Mindnaughts, this is feakin' meta-Inception....

Demgel: Let's get going then. This isn't anything new. *walks toward the cityscape*

Med: Technically it is. i mean how many minds do you enter each day? None.

As they get closer, they see a small dark figure get knocked down and slammed into the ground just on the edge of the city, though Demgel can't see where the being that struck the dark one down is.

Med: Oh shit! It's the fall of Lucifer all over the again!

Demgel: *goes up to the dark one*

Neo rips a boulder on top of him off himself, then looks up at Demgel and bitterly cackles. "Oh look, it's Gloomy Nephalem, Stinky Demon, and Angel Breath! Come to join the party ehh?"

Med: Worst insult EVER! Man dude, you really need some work on that, man.

Neo laughs, then whips his head forward as a clap of thunder roars, and the scene becomes a pure white flat field, and ahead of them Kado lies on the ground, with a strange humanoid shape that is barely visible from all the white holding up a sword execution style, readying to impale Kado in the heart.

Demgel: Yep, you were right Med. This is defiately super meta-Inception.

Med: You mean I am right.

Demgel: Sure fine whatever. *full sprints towards Kado*

As soon as he gets close, the being waves its hand and Kado's form sinks into the ground, while it introduces Demgel to the painful sensation of getting its foot planted square in his face, knocking him back towards Neo.

"Oh hey, you're back." Neo cackles.

Demgel: *manuevers back on his feet and cartwheel kicks Neo in the face, then kicks hi in the knee cap dislocating it, then buts him in headlock ith a blade point at his neck*

Med: Ohhhhhh snap. He's got youuuuu, soooon! Ohhhhh.

Demgel: Where is he?

Neo looks at him with irritation. "Ummmm.... dumbass, why don't you ask Origin that? Oh, and by the way, Origin is about to introduce your head to your ass. I'd dodge, just a suggestion. Though I would like to see that."

Demgel: *trips him makinghim flip over in mid-air then drop kicks him in the back forcing to slam on the ground8

Med: Well, he sure introduced your ass to the grouuuuund! Oooohhhhh!

A whip of yellow energy lashes around Demgel's waist. Neo looks at Demgel with a slightly pissed off expression. "Ok, before I say goodbye: I just told you that Origin was coming. Second of all, you're an asshole. And three, keep that shit up and good look fighting Origin on your own. Ok then. Goodbye asshole."

The whip suddenly pulls Demgel towards Origin, which deliverers a massive spin kick straight to Demgel's stomach, and smashes him into the white ground below.

"So you are the Nephalem I sensed. Annoying beings you are... don't you know that it's the job of spirits to keep balance, not you mini gods strutting about the place?"

Yellow lightning flickers about its form, briefly illuminating its barely visible form for a moment.

"I am Origin. I am the Original, TRUE Kado. I am taking back what's mine."

Med: Your gonna take back a little girls body that happens to be weaker than a twig? Noooot the best move in the world, guy; just sayin'

Demgel: *gets up* What's your purpose for taking his body?

"Body? Hmmph. Forgetting the bigger picture. All that I am is a mere will. I was stripped of all emotion, all memories, devoid of sensation and body, devoid of thought and soul. Neo... Shield... Ace.... as worthless as calling broken pieces of glass a name. I'm simply putting back the pieces. Their souls belong to me. Their minds belong to me. The body they share... is mine. What right do you have to deny me my right to exist? It is my right, and mine alone. I will devour and destroy anyone who gets in my way. That is my purpose. Leave and I will let you off with a warning once I make my return to the world."

Demgel: There are some people who still have a right to live. If their so broken, why not give them ther own bodies? Cast them out of this one?

"Only together do they make me who I am. Without them I am nothing more than a bare consciousness struggling in the void. You know what happens to wills without a soul who pass on? Nothing. We just disappear. A soul fragments, it creates new wills to replace the one central will. Two souls unite, both are destroyed and a new singularity is born. Only the strongest wills survive... I believe that's what you could call that apparition that attacked the world in Darkness not long ago. A will devoid of a soul to call its own. Were it not for my original intent to preserve my being, my shattered self would have developed into three separate new beings, with their own body. They're nothing more than jigsaw puzzles meant to be refitted back to their complete form. Stop wasting my time. I have the only right to exist... they're just fragments of me. They aren't like you or I..."

Demgel: Neither are Myths or humans. Myths were never supposed to exist, but here they are. You were never supposed to exist, neither was I and since were existing anyway, why stop someone else from existing too?

Origin begins to descend to the ground silently. "Because if I allow them to exist, I have to disappear. There is no place for me without my original soul. I cannot see heaven. Or hell. No one would even care if I passed on... they don't even know I'm gone. I will not accept this fate. To fade away. It's every man for themself.... I choose myself."

He lands, each footstep connecting with the ground discharges a massive pulse of energy, which changes the enviornment into a vast lava field with slabs of cooled rock and open pools of lava. Neo appears and lands next to him.

"Hello again, asshole. I assume you got your face introduced to your ass by now? No? Too bad. Anyway.... mind not beating me up for no reason this time, General Patton?"

Med: Hey man, you we're being an asshole to us first. you didn't think he was gonna be an asshole back?

Neo sighs. "Urrrrggghhh. Point taken. ...Ya didn't need to hit me though...."

He looks up at Origin, who begins violently sparking with yellow lightning. "Oh that's lovely. Heads up, beware if he shoots lighting at you. They're his version of Spirit Hands. He gets a direct hit on your chest and he'll eat your soul. I had a close call not long ago."

Demgel: *dodges two so far by tilting his head*

Neo draws Dark Slayer and slashes at Origin, who flickers and appears an inch out of the way, before he fires a concentrated blast of yellow lighting at Demgel.

Demgel: *draws forth Death's Scythe and slashes the lighting bolt in half, then sprints towards Origin and slashes at him*

Origin sidesteps and creates an energy blast that knocks him dangerously close to the edge of the nearest lava pool.

Demgel: *the lava behind him rises and it slams into Origin*

Origin easily manipulates the lava into flowing around him, then begins firing shots of high speed chunks at Demgel, all shooting bullet speed.

Demgel: *cuts all the bullets in half*

Origin creates a yellow energy chain with a scythe on the end, and while the lava continues to pelt Demgel, he begins to swing the scythe in an arc, the blade quickly gathering speed, and then swings it at Demgel with great force.

Demgel: *jumps back and has his scythe entangled with Origin's*

Origin suddenly yanks on the chain hard, launching Demgel forward, while he creates a energy sword with his spare hand and brings it down on Demgel's shoulder, the blade biting into his bone with ease, the flesh around it is seared, and Demgel's arm is made momentarily numb, then Origin blasts Demgel back even farther, throwing him into lava.

"This is my world. My mind. My soul. No one else's. Begone and be forgotten."

Demgel: Easier said than done. *does a spin attack launching lava everywhere and frees him from the blade*

Origin sighs. "I have no time for this." He suddenly launches himself at Neo, who barely manages to dodge his first attack, and right as he is about to get struck by the second hit, Origin disappears, and for a moment Neo looks confused, before swearing violently.

"BASTARD! He's going for Ace!"

Demgel: How are we going after him?

Neo grabs Demgel. "Ya damn got brain rot?! Get to Ace before he does!" Neo phases through shadows dragging Demgel with him multiple times, until the snowy field Ace still sleeps in comes into view, with Origin already bringing his sword down to execute the sleeping spirit.

But before he can do so, Kado appears in front of Ace and takes the blow meant for her, the blade tearing into his whole right side and draining him of spiritual power, his body lies on the ground, literally looking like broken porcelain. Origin's form begins to take on a more solid appearance, becoming a ghostly, slightly older looking version of Kado with dark yellow eyes. A yellow aura surrounds him, with yellow lightning flickering about him.

He points to Ace's throat. "And now she's next."

The scythe turns into a spear and extends. It impales Origin and pins him to the tree.

Leg: *teleports to Ace and touches her face and teleport her next to Demgel and Neo*

Med: What's good, asshole?

Demgel notices that Ace hasn't even budged or done anything other than sleep and breathe, making him wonder what is with her. Neo sighs with irritation. "Sleep sleep sleep sleep... all she does is sleep. I've never understood it. Sometimes I wonder if she's just a damn doll. Never could get close enough cause of damn Shield getting in my way if I so much as tapped the neutral ground to try and get to her side...."

Origin growls, before ripping the spear out of his chest, and a yellow shield erects around him in all directions. "Troublesome brat... what's it to you if they live or die? You don't even know the damn fool to begin with!"

Demgel: I see someone who needs help, and I'm obligated to help them. *scythe turns into a buzzsaw and begins shredding Origin*

Origin's eyes flash, and the buzzsaw barely nicks Origin before Demgel is violently repelled, and lands within an altered version of the cityscape he saw.

Origin growls. "Nice try. But I believe it's time to step up my game here... now... get out." Demgel suddenly finds himself in the real world, as Origin rises up from the ground, transparent but very much in control of Kado's body.

"Confused? That's the power of a Mediator. In otherwords, I control and command the other spirits of this body. I'm basically the Alpha of the pack. And in my body, that includes you I'm afraid. If I don't like someone in my body, I can eject them. Now... to business."

Origin creates two energy swords, one blue and one red in color.

"En Garde." Their blades clash roughly at the same speed.

Demgel: *slashes at him at mach speed*

Origin jumps over the attack, and lands perfectly on the blade, slashing at Demgel's face.

Slow Motion

Demgel: *duchs back to where the tip of the blade nearly touches his face. Then he moves his scythe from under Origin and swings it back around and swings at his head*

Origin ducks, and sinks into the ground before appearing in Demgel's shadow and stabbing Demgel's side, before moving back out of range.

Demgel: *uses his shadow and stabs him in the with his scythe*

Origin hisses, but then chuckles. "You know, this is a shared body. Gonna make clean up a b*tch for ya later." He fires a blast of negative energy at Demgel.

-Kado's Soul

Neo sighs. "Why am I stuck babysitting what's essentially a damn doll?! ...I bet with Shield gone I could kill her and take over this damn body... ...but I know that damn Demgel would be right on my ass before I could say 'cheeseburger'. ...Damn it 5x5, you and your Earth food memories! Why did Azula have to show him those anyway?!"

He glares down at Ace's still sleeping form, which he's forced to have on his lap with Med and Leg supervising him.

Leg: She looks so peaceful when she sleeps.

Med: Meh.

Demgel: *gets knocked back* I need to think of something else. *looks at his two emblems*

Origin begins firing more and more negative bursts, faster and faster, trying to keep Demgel on the defensive.

Demgel: *twirls his scythe, deflecting the bursts and uses one of his emblems as it shines it fires crosses of light at Origin*

Origin manages to dodge, but barely. He begins shooting yellow lightning at Demgel in response.

"Forgot... should have expected as much. Damn Nephelim..."

-Kado's Soul

Neo silently looks at Ace, and watches Med and Leg out of the corner of his eye. If that bastard does kill Origin... he'll still have to restore Shield. While he's doing that.... I could probably get away with Ace and devour her before these two notice.... then I won't get in trouble with Shield. In fact Shield would probably protect me in that scenario... wouldn't want one of his precious pieces dying...

Well... I'd probably have to devour her while running from these two actually... I wonder if they actually have any teeth to their bite?

Med and Leg are right next to his face

Med: Man dude, you really need to learn how to whisper.

Neo sighs. "Weeeeeellllll fuck. I suppose this is the part when you decide to beat the shit out of me, right? I'll make it easier for ya." He holds his hands up behind his head. "Arrest me, officer."

Leg: I am not going to do such a thing.

Med: But I will! *summons a giant neversword and impales Neo against the tree with it* And it gets better! *snaps his fingers and razor blades pop out of the edges and they begins to rotate*

"Stop." A quiet voice says from below Leg and Med, and the nethersword suddenly crumbles into snow, and the wound in Neo's body closes. Leg and Med look down to see Ace's eyes slightly open, a blank soulless pair of golden irises. She silently gets to her feet, walking up to Neo and to their surprise, shoves him away from the tree, which she hugs gently, a blue aura surrounds it and the damage done is reversed. Once this is done, she rests up against a uplifted root as her bed and the trunk her pillow, and her eyes begin to close again, until she falls asleep again, not before she mutters,


Neo blinks in surprise. "...She never talks. Never wakes up. Why now?" He looks at the tree. Even though she restored it, it still looks wilted and nearly dead regardless.

"....You don't suppose... ...nah." Neo walks off, away from both Med, Leg, and Ace, sitting down on the very edge of the snowy field. "Oh, you guys, I'd take her seriously and leave her alone. If she can turn that pretty sword of yours into snow, I'm pretty sure she could do plenty to rearrange your face. ...And don't hit the tree again. ...You'll probably make her angry." He calls out to Leg and Med.

"...Though she might like you more, Leg. Might be able to get her to talk or something."

Leg: *looks at Med with anger*

Med: I had to pin him down somwhere.

Leg: *punches Med in the face*

Med: *falls over in pain* Owwww.

Leg: *flies up to Ace and watches over her* You sleep well now. Demy will do something to help you.

Origin dodges another volley of the crosses of light. "Don't tell me you're going to start shouting that old line, 'the power of Jesus compels you', right? I ain't no demon."

Irritated, Origin suddenly creates many countless pillars of solid rock beneath them, sending them high into the air, the only footholds are the many pillars he created.

"Let's make this more interesting." He makes his energy weapons disappear, and readies into a martial arts stance, the horse. "Come on. Show me what ya got."

Demgel: *gets into a Judo fighting stance*

Origin suddenly launches himself forward at Demgel with iron chains and delivers a painful spin kick to the side of the head, followed up by a flurry of jabs and half inch punches to his stomach. He lashes Demgel with the chains like a whip, then lashes them around Demgel's throat and throws him into the side of a pillar, which begins falling from the impact.

Demgel: *jumps out from the impact and head butts Origin in the face*

Origin flips backward and lands on the side of a pillar, using the quickdraw style to unleash a massive explosion from Fire Slayer, decimating everything in front of Origin's swordstroke.

Demgel: *moves out of the way and launches himself at Origin and kicks him in the gut then roundhouse kicks him in the face sending him flying into a pillar*

Origin finds himself stuck in the pillar. "Well of all the ridiculous... ...well... more mister nice guy..." Origin extends his hand towards Demgel, and his arm begins sparking with negative energy. "We'll see how you like this..." He suddenly fires a jolt of pure negative energy, which strikes Demgel on the head, sparking some of his more painful memories to well up uncontrollably.

Demgel: *has his hand on his head as he almost looses his balance*

Origin blasts Demgel again. "Not so tough now, are ya?! You should really learn to mind your own damn business!" *Blasts him again*

Demgel: *flalls down trying to hold on to the pillars. closes his eyes and focuses, until the point he gets back up and begins to make his way toward Origin*

Origin begins to flicker, as darkness begins seeping from him in a vast wave, almost a flood.

Demgel: *begins to run toward Origin*

Suddenly a large shockwave emits from Origin, as the entire area is encased in darkness.

"Know Fear... Hatred... Pain..."

A ring of 10 Origin's appear around Demgel, and begin firing Negative Energy at Demgel at rapid speed.

Demgel: *his mind can't handle it any more. his eyes turn to light blue and his emblem shines and finally an explosion of light blows all the negativity away and in the midst of the light there is a figure with wings can be seen from. The light clears and it only leaves Demgel and Origin*

"Grrrrrr.... damn it."

Origin begins to shadow warp, trying to get some distance from Demgel, not sure of his next move.

Demgel: *shoots a beam of light from his finger and it as it hits origin, he finds it that he cannot move*

"D-Damn...! ...You-You bassstard!" His eyes light up with fury and a twinge of fear.

Demgel: *slowly walks up to him* You said you wanted me to know fear.Pain. Hatred...right?

"Grrrrrr...!" Origin desperately tries to move. "You want to kill me eh? Got news for you. You kill me, there's no hope for Kado. You'll damn him to never be Kado again. The REAL Kado. Not the sniveling brat broken like glass. I promise you this much. You kill me? You'll doom him. It's only a matter of time. You don't know what I know, Demgel. Kill me? ...Kado will die. Not right away. But I guarrentee they'll tear him apart. Neo, Ace, Phoenix... it WILL destroy him. My control would be a kindness compared to his fate in store."

He laughs cruelly. "He'll curse you for it."

Demgel: *just blankly looks at him then slightly leans forward and whispers* Does it look like I give a damn?..*takes his emblem and shoves shoves his fist into his chest*

Origin begins crumbling at the strike point. "Remember what I said... have no one to blame but yourself for what will happen..."

Demgel: There are so many thing I blame myself for already...*a light shines from inside Origin's chest and it glows brighter and brighter until the light consumes them both. the pillars crumble and the light takes the shape of a cross*

Kado's Soul-

Neo looks about. "Does the air seem lighter?" The area suddenly shakes violently for a moment, before quieting down again.

"....Ah... I think that asshole actually managed to beat Origin. Hmm. Wonder what he did to him. Might want to hurry back to fix Shield before I don't know... he dies? Though if he wants, he could take his merry time and let that happen so I can take over this body real quick..."

He looks at Leg and Med. "I'm KIDDING." He sighs. "I'm joking, don't stick another sword in me, Ace will get annoyed again."

Med: Man dude, I can give less a fuck about what Ms. Hangover here thinks.

A white smoke breifly turns into a hand and shoves Med off the side of the snowy plain, his scream fades away as he falls into the nothingness below, and then progressively louder as he emerges from the sky and slams into the ground face first.

Neo sighs. "And that proves my point. Perhaps next time she will elect to turn you into a Snowcone."

Med: I atleast be once spicy snowcone.

Demgel: *falls into nothingness as he is uncnscious*

Leg: *appears and takes Demgel to the tree they are waiting by and lays him up against it* That must've taken alot out of him. Atleast he can rest peacfully now.

Med: Now we can be one happy family! I heard it all before, woman. *plants his face back into the ground*

Neo thinks for a moment. "Well I guess the body is mine for the moment... Ace is still sleeping and Shield is still broken pottery. Finally I get a lucky break!"

Leg: *looks at the emblem* We could bless Shield too.

Med: *groans* i don't wanna bless people.

Leg: Med!

Med: Imma demon, woman. What do you expect?

Neo sighs, then gets up and starts walking over to Med. "Come on and shut up." When Med defies being dragged, Neo kicks him in the groin. "Let's go!" He drags him over to Leg, Demgel, and Ace.

"So what's this whole business about blessings then?" He kicks a struggling Med in the groin again. "Stay down and answer, and if you get up again Med, I will do what you tried to do to me, but it won't be your chest I do it at."

He narrows his eyes. "Oh and if that involves me and or Ace being evicted, then fuck no."

Leg: It works for many things. Blessing works on anything of wicked nature or someone broken. It makes them whole or it purifies them of all wickedness. We can use this emblem to fix Shield.

"...Would that heal him spiritually? Cause ya know, we're kinda his negative and positive souls, would that evict us or force us to become one with Shield or something?"

Leg: Ofcourse. It's a cross after all.

Neo's eyes dangerously narrow. Suddenly three red energy hands grab Leg, Med, and Demgel and lift them up away from Shield.

"Letme tell ya something. I'm fine with Shield hanging around. In fact in some cases it's better to have him around. But. And this is a very BIG but. BUT. I am NOT ok being a part of him. I ain't stupid, and I ain't dumb. But if you think I'm going to give up my own existence, then hell f*cking no. Maybe Ace would be ok with it. I wouldn't know. But she doesn't even have a real consciousness yet. She's like a toddler or an infant. But me? I have my own memories. I am my own person. Some dipleg Angel and horny Devil is not going to just strip me of who I am, just cause they feel like it!

You can fix him alright. Do anything in the way of healing. BUT, you are NOT going to take everything away from me! I've put up with too much shit! Kado did fine on his own without us! You do that shit to me, or at least try, and I'll kick you out and kill you, Angel or not!" He roars.

Med: You almost fell for it, if it weren't for follow-up questions. But good luck, by all means, Lord Satan would looooove , loooove. lovey-lovey-lovey-love to see you.

Leg: But have you ever stopped thinking about yourself and think about the others. Whether you mean something to them or not, your part of a whole and a whole means self-family.

"A. Demon. Shut up. I'd gladly kill you and your little lord as well. B. I have thought of others. WE thought of others all the time. You think that this operation is a one man job? Bullshit. Whenever Kado needed strength to fight the injustice he saw, he drew upon my wrath and slaughtered his enemies. When he was on his last stand, I came to his aid. When he was on the brink of death, Ace sheltered his mind, taking the blow for him. We've been there for him ever since our birth. He knew, he KNOWS that. He would probably kill Demgel over this shit. He turned down Van Valeric's offer to seperate us for a reason. He wants us around."

Leg: Then don't you feel wanted for that?

Ace's head stirs, and a strange look is in Neo's eye. "You know what I hate?" Three voices speak as one, Neo's, Ace's, and Shield's.

"I hate people who keep going on about what they want for me, and they never think, never ask if that's what I want for my life. I don't want some divine intervention to solve my problems. It's why God doesn't just fix everything directly, am I right, Angel? If you don't learn to fix it yourself, then you haven't really lived. If I don't learn to live with my problems, it just makes me weaker."

Neo blinks. "What the honest fuck was that?"

Leg: Speaking her mind and God gives you that choice. god gives us all a choice. Like how Demy risked his life to help you guys. By all means he didn't have too, you never asked and he barely know you, but he did anyway. It was his choice and that's what he wanted. You guys are obligated to do the same. To choose.

Med: That was touching right there, mane.

"How about we let Shield answer that one? He's the boss. Heal him, but no funny business."

Leg: You can always trust an angel. Where is he?

Neo points at Shield's broken form.

Leg: *flies over and stretches forth her hands over Shield and he begins to glow with divine light*

Med: Man, I wish i had some sunglasses.

Neo watches her suspiciously.

Leg: *the glow glows abit brighter as slowly Shield starts to come together he also begins to float in mid-air*

Med: *looks at his imaginary watch* Anytime now.

Neo smacks him with the now spare red energy hand. "I could just devour you."

Med: You can try, but it wont work.

"Ok then, SHUT UP AND LET HER FOCUS!" A band of negative energy comes towards Med's mouth and stitches it shut.

Leg: *continues to piece Shield together as she is almost done* Just a little while longer.

Neo begins using Med as target practice for knifes out of boredom.

Med: *licks the band out of boredom* Taste like candy.

Leg: Finished. *the glow fades away and Shield slowly lands back down*

To their surprise, a strange kind of armor suddenly surrounds Shield and he immediately gets up and heads toward Neo.

"Hey hey hey! Wait! Nooooooo! Do NOT do it again! I was helping! You saw! We all saw!"

Shield kicks Neo high into the air, all the way over the cityscape and out of sight, while Neo screams, "Nooooooooooooooooot agaaaaaaaaaaaiiinnnnnnn!"

Shield then looks at Demgel and puts a hand on his forehead, and a faint grey glow comes around Shield as Demgel wakes up, filled with energy again.

"Let's discuss matters elsewhere." Shield indicates the city in the distance.

Demgel: Damn...did you really have to wake me up?

Med: I know right, we were having that awesome moment together.

"From what I'll gather you're the boss of this outfit, and secondly I wasn't in the mood to carry you."

Demgel: we didn't have to speak privately neither. *gets up* What is this about Neo?

Shield flies over to the city, a grey aura surrounding Med, Leg, and Demgel and they are carried over onto the rooftop of a skyscraper.

"Well since you asked. The angel wanted to bless me apparently, which would make Ace and Neo become a part of me. I'd rather they didn't. Nor would I like them separate from me. I've gotten rather used to the two, even if it does come with its issues. I also wanted to thank you. But I am afraid if you really want to help us, you'll have to speak with Kado as a whole... on the outside. We are collectively Kado. Not singularly. I am just as much Kado as Neo or Ace, but individually we are different. ...Kado himself... still likely lost. ...He can tell you better than I can. But I just wanted to say, thank you for freeing us from Origin. ...What did you do to him anyway?"

Shield looks over toward Ace's plane, a scattered collection of snowy plains that is featureless except for Ace's tree. On the other side of the city, a landbridge links up to the city from Neo's realm, a dense jungle.

Demgel: does it matter what happened to him? He's gone now right?

"....yes. Gone. He was the Kado before us. The one broken by the grief, the fear, the pain, the hate... ...of betrayal. Life's cruelty. Wanting to live, but denied. Denied by the ones he loved. And now there is only us left. Origin is gone. ...Just like Us. In time, We might be consumed by the same monsters he was...'ll understand when you speak with him. With Us."

Demgel: *exits Kado's mentality and is back in Reality* I heard you want to explain something to me.

He looks over at Demgel, almost blank, empty eyes staring at him. "...I'm sorry about earlier. ...I... ...was lost. ...In more ways than one. ...I still am. ...Forgive me for my actions."

Demgel: Hey ma, no problem. you needed help and i'm obligated to do so.

Kado sighs. "....I can't go back. ...Not after what I did. ...Nor do I want to... ...yet I feel guilty about it.... ...probably because of..." He breaks off, a momentary breakdown consumes him and he just silently weeps with his head in his hands. After about a minute, he sighs and sits up. "....sorry..." He thinks for a moment.

"...I should probably explain... ...why all of this happened in the first place. I mean, you got involved in my personal problems... I feel it would only be fitting to explain myself."

Demgel: You don't have to if you don't want to, man. I just wanted to help out of my on free will.

"No... no... it's fine. ...I lost someone very important to me today... ...she meant everything to me. She was my rock when I could no longer stand... ...she was my hope for the future, the reason I could hold my sword. ...Because she was there with me. ...And now... ...the world has gone and taken her away from me too. ...I don't know if I have the strength to carry on without her with me.

...These invaders... ...they're my family as well. ...Noriko, Torrent, ...Master Hiroshi...'s so hard. I tried to hold on to the notion I was fighting for what's right but... I feel as though I don't even know what I was fighting for all these years. ....I feel lost... ...just like seven years ago. ...Heck... it feels like nothing has changed... I'm back where I started. ...with nothing."

Demgel: i know how that's like. I had a family once in the M.C.C.P, when my mother and father didn't want me. I loved my family and with them I felt like nothing else mattered, up until an explosion happened and I was taken away from my family and I also lost my memory of that family. Now, I found a new family even though i'm not that uaint with them yet, I'll get there. The Universe started fromnothing, but look around at the night sky. Billion and billions of stars and galaxies. Galaxies are made of many stars, like how a family needs members, whether related or close. They will forever stay together and there are billion of glaxies out their, meaning billions of families that can never break apart. you will find anther family soon. the key is that life is a circle. It keeps going round. It only depends if you move along with it or you get stuck.

"...I see. ...I need your advice on something. ...I want you to look at what happened to ... ... ...her. ...The enemy.... ...did something to her. I don't know what happened but... ...I just thought you might know more about it...'ll see what I mean."

Demgel: Ok, show me then.

Kado opens his mind to Demgel, and with great reluctance shows Demgel the battle with White, all the way down to when she had taken command of Azula and caused the strange transformation, though Demgel is able to feel the strange sensations Kado had felt at the same time, and realizes the wings weren't just for show, and watches to the end of the memories, which interesting to him, involves Kado's vision beginning to show heavy 'static', right up to waking up to the present conversation.

Demgel: I guess after you saw her turn and leave, you basically lost it?

"...Yes... ...that's probably what happened... ...If I was stronger... ...I could have..." He threatens to breakdown again, but regains himself. "...Do you... have any idea what that... transformation.... that... energy... I felt... do you have any idea what sort of power that was?"

Demgel: It was like that of an angel. n arch-angel in fact. Tossed in with some mechanics and stuff. But definitely arch-angel.

Kado appears half shocked half horrified. "A-a-a what?! ...Azula... an Arch Angel? ...That... doesn't make sense... how could... Phoenix possibly get an Arch-Angel to side with them? What they're doing is wrong... it isn't possible..."

Kado thinks for a moment, his head suddenly hurting. Having forgotten to cut off his mind from Demgel, Demgel sees it as a distortion in Kado's memories, involving a great multitude of memories. Many of them childhood.

Demgel: Oh crap,uhmmmmm. Hey dude, not now. You said you needed my advice. What is it that needs to be advised?

Kado manages to control himself. "S-sorry... ...I just wanted to know if you knew what that was... that happened to Azula. But are you sure about Arch-Angel? Is that even possible? Aren't Arch Angels supposed to be the ultimate angelic champions or something?"

Demgel: There are also higher ranks of arch angel. I am most definately sure it is an arch angel. I don't know how that adds up, I just know what i've sensed.

"...If that's true... ...then I absolutely... ...positively cannot let Phoenix stand..." He pauses for a moment. "...Why can't I remember it? ...There was a fortress Phoenix headquarters in, I know it for sure... but I can't remember! ...Why?!" He grabs his head in frustration.

"I need more answers... be able to control an Archangel... ....wait... is that it...? No."

Demgel: *is still confused* Youuuuu still good, bro? Cause you knooowww. I meaaaan I can always come back if your havin' a moment.

When Kado looks at him, there is blood red eyes. "I remember. In the long battles against the Eight Elemental Warlords, our people of Chinmoku thought desperately of ways to kill the Warlords. They were like gods. ...In their desperation, they developed a theoretical weapon so powerful it would be something only a god could hope to use. ...That being said... ...supposedly they destroyed any trace of this 'mythical weapon'. ...But... White mentioned in that memory... a Spearhead. ...And a long time ago, she said she found the 'Engine' to rival gods... ...Demgel... I think Phoenix has a MUCH bigger plan than simply flushing Humanity down a drain. ...I think White has that weapon... 'The Spear of God.'"

Demgel: Holy shit...It sounds pretty damn cool.

"...If you count a weapon capable of destroying all matter and souls on this world in an instant cool, then yes. ...Hold on..." Kado sniffs the air. "Demgel... don't react, but we're surrounded. I smell at least fifty." He mutters. "Phoenix. ...How'd I guess?"

Demgel: Maybe because you know the guys for one. Don't worry. I'm sure we can take 'em. Power of Two.

Around them, fifty black and white cloaked figures appear, each holding a white or black sword.

"White and black swords? ...Light and Dark Slayers? ...Great..." He draws his own, while two shadowy arms ripple from his back and one grabs Earth Slayer, while the other grabs Fire Slayer.

He suddenly whips a chain out from his sleeves and flings it at a White figure, hoping to ensnare it but instead just barely misses as it side steps with ease.

"You'll be coming with us, the both of you."

Demgel: I don't see that happening. *draws forth Death's Scythe*

A White cloak suddenly attacks him, the clash of their blades strong enough to push Demgel back significantly.

"Well that's great... WOAH!" Kado yelps as a Black cloak engages him and nearly stabs him, but Kado manages to deflect the blow.

Demgel: *does Death's Whirlwind and everyone backs up*

Several fire light and dark blasts at them, Kado absorbs the dark attacks but is forced to dodge the light attacks.

"Great, I get to fight people who can counter my dark powers. Hmmmm..." He suddenly points at some with Fire Slayer, and lets off a massive explosion which sends some of them flying. Kado gets a big grin on his face. "Awesome."

Demgel: That was so cool.

Kado frowns. "Too bad that didn't clear them out. Hmm." He looks at Demgel's shadow, and suddenly gets an idea. He without warning stabs the shadow, which to Demgel's surprise hurts as if Kado had jabbed a needle in him. He pulls back and it forms into a shadowy armored figure, which immediately dives at the Slayers, taking on ten all at once, not caring at all when it is stabbed or sliced.

"....I've got to use that more often!"

Demgel: That's my shadow too....Even more cool!

Kado takes a breath, then charges into the fray and begins fighting pretty well against five of the swordsmen, while more engage Demgel.

Demgel: *does some fancy attacks with his scythe*

Eventually they come down to two, a black and white, and they look at each other, and silently nod. They impale their swords into the ground, and a portal starts to open behind them.

"...They're summoning something." Kado growls.

Demgel: More of them, maybe?

A black and white crystal begins to emerge, and all the color in Kado's face drains. "Oh shit."

Demgel: Oh shit? Why 'Oh shit'?

"...That's Dimrune." The crystal suddenly begins pulling both light and darkness towards it, the effect eventually forming a vague outline of a humanoid shape, and the crystal disappears into the form, and red eyes begin to glow faintly in the humanoid's head.

"Weep before the might of Dimrune! Cower! Surrender and we might spare- ARRRRGGGHHH!" The being suddenly impales the two with tendrils of energy, and they turn to dust.

Demgel: Betrayal. So cool.

Dimrune suddenly attacks with the tendrils, and Kado leaps out of the way. "Damn it, why did it have to be Dimerune?!"

Demgel: I like his name and all, but who is this.....guy...thing?

"Dimrune is basically one of the 'weapons' created by the Elemental Warlords on our world Echo. Apparently Phoenix got their hands on them. ...Which I find interesting cause they wouldn't normally serve people like Phoenix. Ever."

He dodges another series of attacks from Dimrune.

Demgel: Hmmm. You have plan or anything?

Dimrune starts bombarding them with bolts of shadow, which Kado manages to absorb fairly easily. "...The only way they could control them is probably mind control. That said, it would have to be on the crystal, it's his soul's container. Don't break it though, you'd kill him."

Demgel: I won't. My scythe should do the trick. As long as I only cut the band. Where is the crystal?

"It should be in the center of that figure. But you'll have to be careful. That thing's got massive range."

Demgel: Ok then. Cover me! *runs toward Dimrune*

Kado fires a series of shots at Dimrune, who dodges quite well. He claws at Demgel with his shadowy claws.

Demgel: *ducks his head back from his claws*

Dimrune lurches back as soon as it sees Demgel swing his scythe, easily dodging the attack and returns fire with a beam of light and dark energy, blasting him into a tree.

Demgel: *reverts the beam back at Dimerune*

Dimrune nimbly dodges, emitting a powerful blinding light.

Demgel: *splits the light two ways with his hand. Kicks his scythe in the air and as it is about to hit the ground, he door-stomp kicks it at Dimerune. The scythe turns into a spear ad impales him in his crystal*

Dimrune lets out a violent howl, and the figure begins to dissipate, leaving a black and white crystal which begins to fall.

Demgel:: *picks up the crystal and looks at it* Cool. *tosses it over to kado*

"Toss me again, and I will bury you in the Abyss." A dark voice growls.

Demgel: Sort of hard to do when your a mineral. What now, man?

Kado looks at Dimrune. "I don't know. I heard from some guy named Van Valeric that some god of destruction is planning to attack or something, but I don't know when or where or whatever."

Dimrune suddenly chuckles. "Oh yes, that. I heard White talking about that subject once... she said she couldn't wait to trap the little fish and spear them dead... ...interesting analogy."

Demgel: *eyes narrow* Did you say Van Valeric?

He looks at Demgel's expression. "Errrrr.... ....yes? ....You know him?"

Demgel: *has his lips tucked in and slowly nods his head* Mmmhmmm.....Sure do...Suuuure do...

"Ooooookay then... I'll clarify that I only met him once, and he just freed my sword's spirit and mentioned the whole god of destruction thing and left. ...You seem angry... ...did he do something to you?"

Demgel: Yea....he's done lots of things....not to me, but my family too and countless others through take care of yourself, Kado....*walks off with his scythe along his shoulders*

Kado looks after him for a moment. "Hey Demgel. Thanks for the help. I owe you one." After he sees Demgel walk off, he sighs.

"Annnnnnd alone again. Great. Awesome. Perfect. Lovely. Fantastic. .............Now what am I going to do..." He rubs his forehead, before taking out his old mask and looking at it. He throws it away after a moment, and starts making a new one, one with a 'A' with an 'X' on the forehead. He puts it on after a moment.

"...No use sticking around... might as well get going."

"You do realize I'm here as well."

"Yes, but you are very poor company."

"Don't get cheeky with me. I'll bury you in the-"

"The Abyss, I get it. Shut up."

"This is going to be a looooooooong trip."

Demgel: Hey Kado, hold up. *runs back* Also, take this. *takes of one of his emblems, one with and upsidedown cross with the Star of David in the center*

Kado blinks behind his mask, the movement the only indication of surprise. "What? Oh, what's this thing?"

Demgel: This is the Emblem of Sinner and Saint. This allows you to go to places on the plain of earth and Downation, it can take you as far as Heaven and hell itself. So if you want to go somewhere, just thin it and the door will open to you.

Kado gingerly takes it. "...But why give this to me?"

Demgel: Hey, we're friends right?

"...Yeah... thanks man. See you around then." He smiles faintly behind his mask.

Demgel: Se your around, man. Sweet mask too. *walks off again*

Kado watches him go, then stares at the Emblem and quietly pockets it. Why would he give me something so powerful....? Where'd he get such a thing anyway?

Demgel: *yells back* I fought the Devil for it! Besides, I think you need it more than I do!

Annnnnnnnnd he can cosmically hear my private thoughts. O JOY!

Welcome to The Party! Edit

Reveryn: *takes Kado to the building he was resting upon at one point* Ok, this is where we enter. I'm gonna have to introduce you to my boss and such and there will also be humans and myths togehter, so if your not used to seeing humans than....try to control that.

"I'm not bothered by humans. I'm not one of those human-hater Mythos. I am a bit more of a personal hate sort of person."

Reveryn: Ok then. *goes through a small, but large enough crack leading the super computers* This way please. Look around you to make sure now one is around.

Kado nods silently. "Understood." He follows Reveryn.

Reveryn: *walks through the door out the computer room and into a bricks hall with poor and sick people being taken care of by myths. Above them are gated floors.*

Kado silently observes the place. "A lot of rather downtrodden people. ....Reminds me a bit of home, probably not in a great way..."

Reveryn: we house those who are sick and poor and those who struggle to keep up with their lives or have no life at all. *makes it down the hallway and there lies a dystopian village across from them is sewage water. Crosses the dock and gets into the boat* Come on in.

He gets in. "Sewers huh? Well it's a noble cause, even if the conditions are poor."

Reveryn: The world isn't really that fond of us. Some former political groups hang around here too. *begins to row* We can't be that open, even if it is a Party. *smiles*

"I see. Surprised to know there's another organization besides my former one that gives a damn about others."

Reveryn: Here in this world, not many people do. That's why most of them are outcasts or look-overs. And when they come here they have something in common that brings them to a family. *docks on the otherside*

"I've noticed."

Both get off

Reveryn: *walks over to a hut* Tht there is The Hut of The Slums. Only place here that you will get food. If you live in this part of the area.

"I see. Original name. I believe fairly direct names is the way of things, seems to be a fairly common theme. Your boss doesn't even like nicknames."

Reveryn: Well, those people have.

"I see the point. Where's your boss at?"

Reveryn: Almost there. Hold up. *goes into the hut* What's good, suckers?

Everyone greets Reverynand some look at Kado and wonder who he is

Cook: What's good, Reveryn?

Reveryn: Not much.

Cook: Who's the hunky lookin' dude?

Reveryn: Save this dude from the Mythzonian.

Everyone stares at him in awe

Cook: you know that part know....prohibited?

Reveryn: Yea.....I know....

Cook: do know what Big O is gonna do to ya, right?

Reveryn: *swallows* I'll stomach it. *smiles and walks by*

Kado blinks in faint surprise, then follows Reveryn. "....You're going to be in trouble for that?"

Reveryn: *slouches over* Sadly, yes...

"I owe you one at least. Thanks for the help." He puts a hand on Reveryn's shoulder.

Reveryn: Hey man, no thanks needed. We're all brothers here. *sees a guys leaning against the doorway* What's good, Segura?

Segura: Bored right now. Wish there was a good mission right now. The smell of The Slums it getting to my head.

Reveryn: *shrugs* You gotta stomach the smell, man. Hey Avo, this Cloud Strife lookin' motherfucker is Segura.

Segura: Really? You just had to call me a motherfucker?

Reveryn: Yea. It sounded hilarious.

Kado sighs. "Avo was only funny the first time. ....Though I admit it would make a good name. On guard duty, Segura?"

Segura: Nah, just chillin right now. No good missions have come up and I don't feel like going to the Roundhouse Club neither.

Reveryn: I might go down there later on.

Segura: If Dad doesn't cut ya' down first.

Reveryn: Yea...right...well it shouldn't be that bad, right?

Segura: *scratches the back of his head and looks away*

Reveryn: Damn...Ok then, well let's get goin'. Good seein' ya', Segura.

Segura: Whatever happened to Cloud Strife?

Reveryn: You just look like a Segura to me.

Segura: That guy, I swear.

"I wonder how you guys haven't managed to drive each other insane yet..."

Reveryn: We have each other. That's how we keep sane. The boss lives deep down within the basement levels where the power is. We gotta walk down some steps and hallways though. *walks across some bridges and allies until they make it to the door*

They travel down numerous levels of the basement. Until the reach a door with a girl standing in front of it. The girl has short shady blue hair and stern blue eyes with black leather-looking spandex, wheres white-top gloves and has angel wing tattoos on both her shoulders and arms.

Reveryn: What's good, Torem?

Torem: Doing what I do best: Guarding the damn door.

Reveryn: Is Dad in there?

Torem: I don't know. I'm not in the room with him, am I?

Reveryn: No, no you're not.

Torem: *looks at Kado* Who's this guy?

Reveryn: A dude I saved.

Torem: From what?

Reveryn: Ummmmm.....The Mythzonian...

Torem:.....Oh man, Rev. Dad is gonna tear you up for that.

Reveryn: I had too, Torry. Exima was gonna kill him and some other dude. I mean I couldn't have that.

Torem: But I still don't even know why you were all the way out there.

Reveryn: Saw a suspicious dude with an oni mask put a body unto his four wheeler. I assumed it was a myth. So I followed. He knew I was unto him and an epic fight ensued, which ended up with me being stranded in the desert.

Torem: Well Im just....glad your alright.....for the time being

Reveryn: Atleast it was worth it. Had some fun.

Torem: But you could have killed yourself!

Reveryn: Every martyr dies in the end, Torem. Whether I put myself in that position or not, I die for my brothers.

"Someone deep fry my brain now.... ....oni mask huh? I remember a guy in a red one knocked me out.... hmmm. Doubtless it wasn't a coincidence."

Reveryn: *shrugs* Mmmhmmm. So can we see the boss?

Torem: *steps out of the way and there is a sign that says 'Step in at your own time, at your own risk. HAHAHAHAHA!!!*

Reveryn: Remember what I told you. Tell him your real name. And when ever he mocks you about anything, just say ok, do not mumble under you breath and if he make you uncomfortable or pokes you irritably, do not retaliate. Keep your cool and whenever he is having one of his...moemnts. Do not look at him crazy. Got it?

Kado nods. "Alright. I've dealt with plenty of odd ones before. Noriko."

Reveryn: Ok then. Whenever your ready. Good miracles.

"I've been ready.... let's go."

Reveryn: Sorry. I can't go in. Just you, man.

Kado sighs. "Oooooh boy. Just me and crazy man. This'll be awesome." He starts walking in cautiously.

Inside it is almost completely dark. There is only a single hole of light beam down into the room. He sees numerous posters on the walls as well as wall paintings and their is a huge withered looking tree coming out from the bottom of the floor.

"Who goes there? Is it someone new?

"...Yeah. I guess you could say that." His eyes glow faintly in the dark, his pupils growing white to allow him to see clearer, and he proceeds to look about the room scanning for the owner of the voice.

"I'm told you're the boss of this operation, 'The Party', the guy named Reveryn told me to speak to you."

A shadow passes by Kado

"I'm sure he has. Why do you come here per-say?"

"Well I'm here cause he brought me here after I had a rather... dicey situation with some humans a while back. I went and followed him cause I really don't have much of a place of my own anyway." His eyes try to track where the shadow is going.

"Where di he find you? No one just knows where The Party is."

"....I don't know where exactly. ....An arena, that's all I know. I don't know how long I was there."

In a split second a man is up in his face with a small Faberware knife pointing at him. The man looks vaguely like Exima, only his skin is a grayish brown and has more detail in his face. He is shirtless and has torn pants that look like torn shorts. He has numerous scars and wounds all over his abdominal and stomach area.

"He did...*grabs Kado's face and pulls it closer to his* WHAAAAAT!!!!"

Kado is surprised enough to pale slightly. "......Don't kill me?" He almost squeaks. "'s as I said..." He says in a more nervous voice.

" That son of a bitch! *pushes Kado to the floor and and turns to think* Wait...but he's my son...but I'm not a bitch...Whichever, i ain't his biological daddy, but I'm gonna kill 'em! Gonna hack his body off until he begs for me to kill 'em! Where's my ax? *looks over the place* Wait just one moment. *moves everywhere in amazing speed and agility, like that of a monkey. He finds a plane ax* Ahhhhh. Here it is. *feels the rim of the blade* Ohhhhhh, he's in for it now. *looks back at Kado and speaks in a gentlemanly voice* Can I help you?

"....I have no idea. I think my brain just self destructed." He glances at the axe, then back at the man. "....Would you mind if I joined you? Don't really have anything else nowadays. ....And please tell me you aren't going to hit me with that?"

"Hm?" *looks at the axe* Oh this ain't for you. It's for that douchebag elf out there for disobeying me and doing whatever the hell he wants! I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME! YOU'RE A DEAD MOTHER FUCKER, YOU HEAR ME?! SO DEAD, ONCE YOU'RE DEAD, IMMA SELL YOUR BODY AT PRODUCE MARKET! YOU BETTER NOT RUN AWAY NEITHER! I DIDN'T RAISE NO PUSSIES! I RAISED SOME MARTYRS, SO YOU GONNA BE PUNISHED LIKE ONE! *turns back to Kado* So what's your specialty?

He controls his reaction this time. "First off," He changes to his usual form. "I am a shapeshifter, and I'd rather keep my name as not disclosed. I'd rather keep my true existence secret. I'm not the most popular guy on the streets, I'm hoping to put my past behind me. Start over. I don't want to risk people finding out about me and ruining that. As for skills, I have many, ranging from high class all out attacks to subtlty such as thievery, espionage and assassination. I was raised as a ninja and taught heavily martial arts and swordplay."

" Uh huh. That acutally sounds good. So it looks like you wanna be apart of the Frontliners. Sounds like your one of the guys we need. That's a good."

"Ok then. If you promise to keep my name secret, I have no problems working for you, whatever you need, as long as it doesn't stray too far from.... basic morality. I ain't gonna butcher a child for instance. But I can delve into some dirty work if it really needs done."

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.....whoa. No secrets here sadly. Here we're family, but unlike every other douchebag family, we don't keep secrets down here, well atleast from the father of the household."

"Reveyn knows my name already. If someone finds out, they find out. I just rather would not have it as common knowledge. ....It would be bad if one of my enemies learned I'm here. .....Really, really, really bad."

"Oh..I'm good with keeping secrets...almost as good as I am with persuasion. *bats his hand with the ax*

"My name is Kado, and well, I've had a rather eventful life and lately it's completely dumped me at an all time low point."

"Man dude, who hasn't had that happen to them? Glad we can have you, but since your new, I'll have to have a close eye on you...*is all up in Kado's face, eyeballing him and begins to circle around him*

"I understand. I won't be a problem. Just as long as I can be of help."

"Sure thing. I'll have....anyone but Reveryn introduce the the theme to you. know.. you can go. And tell Rev that Dad would like to talk to 'em...*displays a very menacing facial expression*

"I understand." He changes back to his disguise. "Thank you for having me aboard. I won't disappoint." He briefly bows his head, before beginning to walk out.

"Bye! Come again!" *waves*

He pauses. "Kinda late to ask, but I have a friend who I promised a person very close to me that I'd protect her from any more of the fighting I've had to go through. May I ask that she live here, or if you'd rather put her to use, she would be willing, but she is a bit too kind hearted for battle. ...She shouldn't have had to have been a warrior in the first place. I can bring her here right now if you'd like to meet her first."

"First things first, send the boy in here and I'll think about it, while I hack him." *smiles*

"Very well. Go a bit easy on him will you? Kinda owe the guy my life." He leaves.

' Psssh. You can owe him your life once he joins the after life."

Kado leaves the room, looking at Reveryn. "I believe Death Row is calling."

Reveryn: Yep. Sure is...


Reveryn: *looks up, touches his head, then his left shoulder, then his right shoulder, then he goes in and closes the door*

Kado looks over at Torem and sighs. "Well, I guess I'm in. He said for me to go find someone to explain to me the 'theme'. You know what he means?"

Torem: He probably wants someone to tell you what it's all about here. Either that or meant 'team'.

"Both sounds likely. Anyone in particular you'd suggest talking to? Or are you available to show me the ropes or what not? I really don't know this place that well."

Torem: I coul--


Torem: *cringes abit from the yelling* Not show you the ropes, but I know someone that might. find Segura and he''l show you.

Kado nods. "I will see you later I guess." He starts walking off in the direction he remembered meeting Segura, eventually finding him.

"Hello again. The boss let me join up for the time being, so I guess that means I'm officially the new guy. The guy said to ask someone about 'the theme' or something, maybe meant team, no idea. ....Is that guy seriously going to axe the guy? Reveryn?"

A noise can be heard followed by a loud scream. "What I tell you about going out there?! What I tell you?! Another shink noise can be heard followed by another scream

Segura: *turns his head away*

"....Ok then. Let's get away from the Axe Murder scene then. So about the other thing I asked?"

Segura: He probably mean't team or he wants us to tell you what it means to be a martyr. But I know someone who can better explain that. Go through that alley, go straight, then take two lefts then a right. And you'll find that person at the Roundhouse Club.

"Oh great. More walking. Awesome..." He heads off to where Segura indicated. "I swear... if I ever get a straight answer around here I could probably sing hallelujah."

Kado is lead to an open building where there is a crows cheering for what seems be a fight going on.

He watches what's going on from a distance, quietly analyzing the scene. "Is this where they train then? Hmmm...."

There are 5 people surroundng a beautiful girl with an oriental dragon style clothing and hairsyle an gauntlets with girant emeralds in the middle of them. They rush her but are instantly getting beat up in epic refelxes and combo flurries.

Hmmm... not as good as White certainly not, but it would certainly put a nasty dent in my face if I weren't too careful... she's good. He watches the match with greater interest, studying how she moves. He remains out of the way towards the exit, not wishing to mingle with the crowd, rather just observe.

The people come at her with machetes. She dodges their attacks and maneuvers around them in swiftness and release almost bone breaking blows in even greater swiftness and in 10 seconds flat those 5 people are on the ground and everyone cheers for her.

He can no longer help himself and begins to clap, making his presence known, a sly smile on his face. Amazing work indeed. She's quite talented. Wonder where she gets it?

Girl: Anyone else?

Kado silently walks into the area in full, moving in with the crowd. Hmmmm.... might be fun.... ....but rearranging one's face isn't.

Girl: *looks at Kado* Never seen your face here before.*points at Kado* You wanna go?

Kado shrugs. "Might as well." He slowly walks into the area where she is.

He observes her for a moment, before smiling. "I saw the last fight, pretty talented one you are. Not everyone has that kinda moves. Mind telling me your name lady? ...Assuming you don't mind, of course. Don't want to pry into business that ain't mine to pry open."

gril: Oh no, It's all good. but if you want my name, last 5 minutes against me in fight.

Kado smiles again. "Very well. Just to warn you... I'm not a pushover." He gets into a stance she recognizes as a martial arts ready stance.

The girl instantly rushes him and punches him so hard in the gut that everybody can see her hand coming through his back, she then pulls back, spins around and elbows Kado directly in the middle of the face. Making him fall flat on his back. Everyone looks in amazement.

Girl: Then why are you on the ground? Get up.

His form suddenly flickers and a finger taps her shoulder and she turns just in time to be punched in the face hard enough to be sent flying into the nearest wall and crack it.

"Actually I wasn't." He says with a smile.

The girl tomes back and punches him out of the building into a troth of water and there is a bearded guy looking at him.

Man: Mind gettin' out, buddy?

He silently walks back through the hole, the wall repairing itself as he enters. He dusts himself off and looks at her, his smile now much more forced.

"That it?" The next time she comes at hit, she goes right through him, and gets her arm stuck in the wall.

"A word of advice. Don't charge me so recklessly. All fun and games until you're the one knocking yourself out from falling on your face."

Her next attacks he doesn't go intangible for, but instead responds with expert blocks, and when she goes for a kick he suddenly speeds up and trips her.

She lands on her hands and swing kicks Kado in the face then trips then jumps up and lands on his back

Everyone boos at Kado

Girl: Not sure anyone told ya, mister. But no powers here, just our fist. *kicks Kado into the troth*

Man: Do you mind not landing in my troth again?

Kado lets out a dark growl. He gets up and slowly enters the hole and closes it again.

He glances at the girl with blood red eyes, before they dim and return to normal, though an air of anger about him is obvious.

"I came looking for someone to give me answers, but it seems everyone and their dog wants to try and lead me on a wild goose chase. Forget it.... I've got better things to do with my time...."

He irritably begins to walk back the way he came. "I've got no time for this...."

Girl: Hey man, your the one who stepped up. Also, you never said one thing about finding answers. You said something about knowing my name. So what is you it you want to know?

He stops, but doesn't turn around. "There's a difference between friendly spar and brutal violence. The arena was enough, thank you very much, Ryu Girl, so if you don't mind unless you can tell me what the point of this 'martyr' and 'team' crap is, I'm going to go and try to avoid anymore psychos to talk to. Cause frankly," His voice is a little more hostile, "I'm kinda tired of people beating around the damn bush."

Girl: Then I guess you wouldn't be best friends with yourself. Come with me.

"....Whatever....." He runs his hand through his hair and sighs, before reluctantly coming back into the area. "Where are we going?" He says, trying not to show any more irritation.

Girl: You ask what it means to be a martyr. Here everyone cares for one another. Humans and Myth working together in unison. The world up there isn't oh so crazy about it. We believe things don't have to be the way they are now. There is no need for the hate r the One-man-standing. We believe in something better and this community reminds us of that. So much that we're willing to die for it.

"I see. That's what I thought it meant to begin with. But go on."

Girl: This dream is looked down upon, because they don't want to share with the myths. They think they dont belong and only man should remain. Those people want to destroy the myths and even humans who will act as their allies.

He sighs. "I've already had plenty of first hand experience with that. Certainly a admirable dream."

Girl: It's only admirable as the people who risk it.

They walk through a door and somewhere they are outside and the sky is setting, though there are is a green tint in the sky. It appears to be in a place with immensely huge torn structures and pipes.

Kado frowns at the sunset, then looks around. "What is this?" He asks.

They walk a few more kilometers and before him lays a mile or two of people-man and myth, crucified on X-shaped crosses. Their all being held up by barbwire by the wrists and by the ankles. They all have claymores speared through their chest.

Girl: These are those who died believing in that dream.

He silently looks at them. "I'm not afraid to die fighting for a cause. But understand that my entire life, not once have I had something that life didn't take. ...As of now, I don't really have anything. I may smile, but it is a lie. I'm not sure if you could have noticed. I'm a good liar. Sometimes." There is no smile on the man's face now. Just a solemn empty look in his eyes.

"There was once I time I fought side by side with an organization like this. A time where I believed in the future, a time I was content with my life. But it was an illusion, built upon a fragile networks of desperate belief. Sure, I believed, but the foundation of that belief was nothing but gravel. That foundation is gone, and everything I built myself on destroyed. I lost the thing that gave me that belief. I've done nothing but try to find myself again since. To die for something, I'd have no regrets. That's why I offered to join. Because in reality, I don't see myself having anything to lose except my life, and that itself isn't worth much. Ideals like this are worth more than a guy like me."

Girl: This isn't and ideal. It's the truth. The real truth. These people died for the dream, but we will not let their deaths stop us from believing that we can reach out to the world and it's many generations to come.

He looks at her. "I do understand. I have to ask how this organization does operations, is there a team, because I have heard of such a thing suggested, but as I said earlier, people were most..... ....frustrating with beating around the bush. I don't care what work I'm assigned, as long as I don't have to worry about morality issues."

Girl: Yea, there's a team that takes care of everything from assassinations, to espionage, to recon, to covert. All that.

"I see. Is there anything needed of me? I'd rather not waste my time if I'm not needed around at the present time, or is there something else I need to know or understand?"

Girl: Do whatever the boss tells and treat everyone here with care.

Kado sighs. "I'll take that as 'No'." He turns and begins walking back. "See you later, Ryu."

Girl: Do I look like a boy to you? Name's Akami.

Kado turns and has a rather unholy smirk that immediately tells her she's in for it.

"Whatever you say, Ryu." He simply walks off.

Akami: Eh, whatever....*looks back over the graveyard then back up at the Sun*

Speakers come on. 'Hello, Oh snap I think it works heheh. Never used this thing before in a while. everyone who lives int the seweres and are not sick or has not been around a sick person, gather around the Iso-Pedestal. And please at least fast walk. Believe it or not, we got as schedule to keep."

Everyone begins to make their way into the underground tunnels, until they make it to a rocky platform surrounded with sharpened iron bars.

Kado sighs. "Well I can't wait to hear this...."

The boss come out from a hole and jumps nuto a lardge rick so that everyone can see him. Ok everyone's here. Well, everyone who ain't sick. Let me speak into the speakers o the sickies can hear on all this to. Sorry they couldn't be here everyone cause you know...can't have everyone gettin' too sick. What's good, fools? I hope you guys are doin' good. I called you all here today because, we're all gonna die.

Everyone begins to silently panic

"All because the Sun is about to give birth to a baby...A baby that will destroy us all. Well, maybe all of you, but i ain't dyin'. Heheh Sucks for y'all. But mmmhhhmmm lets not forget that we're not going to just sit back and just let that baby kill us. We're gonna survive this and hope for the very best. The Frontliners come forth and present yo' selves to your fellow brothers.

Segura, Akami, Torem come forth. Reveryn limps to the front. He had torn his shirt up to make into bandages for his scars. A girl with light green hair and purple eyes walk up too. She appears to be shorter than the rest.

" You too, blonde. Get your mighty morphin' ass up here."

"Mighty morphin' ass.... there's one I've never heard before... I'll have to keep that one in the record books...." He walks up as well, a slightly amused smile on his face.

"We are gonna confront this hellish baby and possibly save the world. Quote, we have never done this before, but that doesn't mean we ain't gonna give it a try. So please do not get discouraged. We are obligated to help save this planet so the human race can see that both man and myth can be allies and can do great things if we work as one. We are that example and we aren't gonna let this world end before we can show them the value of teamwork. Now as for everyone elses survival, you all take refuge down into 5 the basement levles. NO ONE is to go into ma' dang room! If anyone of y'all step into my room and and as much less even touches anything in my room. Everyone one standing before me is gonna feel. My. Wrath. That's right. Clip, clip. *turns his hand into scissors*

Ok then, so you can cut paper.... fantastic. You should open up a business... He thinks sarcastically.

Jumps of the rock and is in Kado's face." No blonde...I don't cut paper..ask your new comrades what I mean, when I say...Clip.Clip."

"My apologies. I shall repent my errors. I will refrain from further jokes." He says dully.

Manuevers around Kado, pulls to where he's bend backwards, has him in in choke hold and has a knife against his knife. " You gonna do better than reframe from my jokes, boy. You're gonna reframe from your attitude." turns to The Frontliners. "Advert yo' eyes! Everyone! Tell them my motto for whoever enters my room uninvited!"

Everyone in unison. "Anyone who enters the boss' room and if he finds anything touched or ripped, they will be punished by having their nuts clipped."

"One person...One..person..." *puts his foot on Kado's chest, then lets go of Kado then forces him down on his back. "Try not to be smart next time...Aaaand try not to think out loud." Jumps back up unto his rock. "Frontliners, get ready. We're gonna show them haters what happens when the party stops. jumps of the rock and into the hole he cam from. " That'll be all."

Segura: *helps Kado* Man dude, worst first impression ever. Just be glad he doesn't use scissors often.

Kado closes his eyes and sighs, then opens an eye and looks at Segura. "....Thanks."

Mindreader huh....? Or maybe what Reveryn mentioned earlier is less far fetched and has some sort of truth to it.... ....doesn't matter. I've got other things to worry about than that.

He looks at the girl with green hair and purple eyes for a moment, then looks away, then sticks his hands in his pockets, and waits for the team to get ready.

Pretty sure I got what I need. I have a feeling that the various daggers and shit I have won't do any good, so I might as well just wait. He slowly makes calculations on various strategies, while occasionally looking at the other Frontliners, somewhat curious as to what they are.

I know that Ryu over there has a pretty nasty punch/kick... and Reveryn is not half bad at archery... these other ones though.... hmmm.

Reveryn: *yells* I'll have you know Imma badass when it comes to archery! Agh! *holds his body* It hurts to move...hurts to move...It really does...*whimpers abit*

"What.....? .....Waaaaiiiiiiiiiiiit....." He closes his eyes. "Sonovabitch... well.... that's the first time someone snuck a mind link on me..." He muses. "My complements, to whoever's behind the link that is. Not even my.... ......old partner...... ....could pull something like that on me...." *At the mention of 'partner', his face has a slight shadow, though his mind becomes blurry to anyone who investigates it, as though he was blocking them from viewing what was upsetting him.

Akami: Frontliners! Let's go! *walks away*

Everyone else except the green haired girl follow

Kado follows the others, ending up behind everyone, a series of katanas appearing on his back.

Everyone wishes the good miracles as they make their way unto the surface. Once they've made it out they stare up at the Sun as the greend strands fill the sky and the Sun glows orange red.

Akami: We make our way to the Sun.

"Onward, fools!"

The Frontliners look to their side to see their boss untop of some debris pointing toward their destination.

Akmai: You're coming with us, Father.

"Hells yea, man. Don't see why I should send my own children to their deaths like that. I mean by all means, that's basically what a martyr does. But besides the point, I too have the power to help save this world. And I'm not always gonna be their to fight for or with them. So consider this an occasion. Also consider that since I am helping you, that that maybe is gonna be hard to handle."

Akami: Wo-

"Don't thank me. Let's go." Unlike the others, he is walking on all fours.

The others follow behind him

Kado silently takes Dark Slayer off of its strap, and holds the blade, sheath and sword. A blade of chaos... ....well, fitting as my life has been neovtehring short of a trainwreck... plenty chaotic if you'd ask me... ....I hate thi.n sword....

Reveryn: *whistles while limping* Well, this is you r first sort of mission. Hope you get to enjoy it as much as you can.

Kado shrugs his shoulders. "A fight is a fight. I never enjoy it. Against a god, I have never been in that sort of fight, true. But to say I've never been in a fight where the odds weren't in my favor? Story of my life right there."

Reveryn: Heh. Pretty funny for a dull guy. Try to see the bright side for once and maybe we'll might save the world. not to mention, you having a gloomy attitude might affect how we work as a team so try to stay positive.

"No worries, I'll be sure to project so much gloom upon our enemies they'll keel over faster than someone after eating too much sushi at a all you can eat buffet."

Reverym: HAHAHAHA! Ow. ow crap. *feel his side* Forgot all about that. Ow...

Kado looks at the boss. "Question, are we gonna leave him that way? Might be a problem if he's hurt while fighting the enemy."

" He'll tought it out. He's got no one to blame but himself for the pain he's feeling."

Reveryn: It was worth it, right? Atleast you're here now with us. I'll be fine. Just several huge gashes.

"Alright.... ...let's just hurry. ....I got a bad vibe about today."

"Why wouldn't you? The Sun is about to give birth and its child is gonna destroy the world!"

D For Destruct Edit

Van Valeric looks up at the Sun and the green strands spread across the sky.

Van Valeric: Come forth Jibaku. For your wait is over.

Today is the day, for the universe to tremble in fear...

A solar flare hits the the Earth, but this solar flare is actually the Sun pouring itself into the magnetosphere. The force and the intake is too much and the magnetosphere literally shatters like glass and the world slightly burns to ash. The fire takes form of a large but miniature version of the Sun. As it hovers over above, it releases releases a force of instant death and light all but blinds everyone who saw it. After the light clears, a being made out of molten fire, with a cracked smile, slant eyes, small horns, long tail, bestial feet and flames coming out the cracks of the rock skin that he has appears in front of Valeric.

Jibaku: *stretches* How was your millennium, Valeric?

Van Valeric: Busy, eventful, etc. You?

Jibaku: Sat around and watched the endless slaughter before my very eyes. Oh how I wanted to do the same to ever world out there. How I can resolve so many problems, *picks up some ash* just by turning everything into ash. *the ash blows away into the wind*

Van Valeric: you know there are forces coming to vanquish you.

Jibaku: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Then let them come! Let them bare witness to the end of the universe.


Demgel: Duuuuude. Da fuck was that?

Med: I don't know but that was fucking awesome! I mean look at the Sun now!

The Sun is completely black and only has a red rim around it. The sky is black with a glowing hint of the horizon.

Med: Man, that is so badass. Demgel? *looks to see that Demgel has run off* Well, *takes out a camera* Lights, Camera, Action. Whooohooo! *follows after Demgel*

"Noooooooo! The Sun has already given birth! Why lord?" Falls to his knees and pound the ground. "Why? Why? Why?Why?Why?"

Akanmi: Ugggh, Dad-

"Shut up, I'm mourning/panicking. Whhahayhay? Whhyyyyyy? Ok I'm good, let's sprint to our dooms! Smiles at them and rushes off.

Everyone follows after him, while Reveryn only limps faster.

Kado sighs. "You know, as much as I like running, I'm not in the mood to take my time so..." Kado draws Dark Slayer and Fire Slayer, and as he does so, a skeleton of black flames slowly manifests around him, running for him and growing eight arms, then muscling out into a large demon with the same flames burning about it.

"Anyone need a ride?" Two large wings sprout from its back.

Reveryn: I do! *trips* Oh no! *rolls all over the ground*

"You all go ahead. I'll come in later and make a badass entrance when everyone has gotten the shit beaten out of them."

The multiple arms each out and grab them, then the demon speeds off at a massive pace, metallic armor now beginning to cover it, and it takes off into the sky and flies even faster, towards the source of the flame.

"Let's do this. Let's give em' a performance that will leave em' hanging.... til they drop dead."


Jibaku: *is siting down waiting* There are some coming from the west and there's another coming from the south. They are very anxious to see me.

Van Valeric: You have no idea.

Jibaku: Well I can't wait to meet them. Happy fun times.

A massive flaming black demon with heavy armor lands some distance away from then, its impact raising a mountain range behind it. It lowers its hands and drops off several figures, staring at Valeric and Jibaku once it rises to full height, and Valeric can remember this being's energy as Kado, the wielder of Dark Slayer, though his increase in power since he last saw the fighter had grown significantly, obvious by his mastery of his ansestor's technique. The negative being within him also seems stronger, and it seems to have a familiar energy to that of.... Kukyo.

Jibaku: Hahahahaha! I feel like its birthday. Mind introducing yourselves to me? I like to know who my opponents are before they burn eternally.

Kado remains silent, the demon drawing several energy swords, but leaving a few spare hands.

Jibaku: No names? Well, it looks like there will be no more heroes today. But I'm glad you all came all this way just to show that don't care about dying.

A low chuckle comes from the demon. "You guys ready?" Just so you know, I have a rather..... massive..... radius of attack. Be careful if I make a move that you don't get hit.

Jibaku: But before you die, let's for more others to come. If they don't come in less than 5 minutes, then we can start.

Kronos: And before YOU die... *Takes off the halmet, putting it in the thin air where it disapears* ... Let me tell you how much your friend is a dick. *Summons The Scythe* You guys ready to beat the shit out of these douches?

Jibaku:....Who is this tramp....? He reminds me of those medeling Olympians.

Van Valeric: That's Kronos.

Jibaku: *nods* Well. Not surprising that he is hard-headed as usual. They're in for it. 'm not like most of my kind. Speaking of which, Is my kind still around.

Van Valeric: Yes, they still live. They still remain on the east side of the continent.

Jibaku: Good to hear. 4 minutes

A flash of light appears atop a large rock between the two forces, and a woman in pure white robes with long white hair appears from it, with large dragon wings and tail, and sits down, observing both Jibaku and Valeric, but also the various gathered resistance, and smiles on seeing Kado.

Kado turns and snarls. "Of all of the times....!"

She smiles wider. "Oh don't worry yourself. I'm not here for you. When have I ever been anywhere with the interest of you?"

Her head turns toward the two gods, Jibaku and Valeric, and laughs softly. "I'm just here to watch the show.... before the main act unfolds...."

Van Valeric: Do you feel that?

Jibaku: Yes...I can feel it. The white lady has something planned for us and what I'm feeling, it's not good for neither of us.

Van Valeric: Should we take her out first?

Jibaku: No. Before you know it, I might get bored of the competition and destroy the Earth before she even does anything. Besides, depending on who all arrives, I have what you call 'insurance'.

White's smile does not abate. "Destroy the Earth, or a thousand for that matter.... it does not concern me. My plan will still be on course and you will save me the effort of destroying humanity. Either way..." She laughs.

"My plans.... have gone exactly as predicted. Have your fun, little gods, little Titan. It matters not to me."

Kado growls. I got a bad feeling I know what's up guys.... .....Beware that woman guys. If she gets involved, get away quickly."

Kronos: I heed your warning, Mister Kado, but I am here to beat shit. And I can think of only one way to do it. Are we going to? Because frankly, I don't care what you guys think. *Gets in a ready stance* Sorry for the bluntnes, I just don't want Kukyo to have to get hurt... *Moves forward*

Everyone stays quite

Reveryn: *smiles* I feel slighty awkward...

So we got the overconfident Titan, a somewhat epic archer, a girl who make you see tomorrow with a single punch... me.... so, what's left...."

Reveryn:You got yourself a symbiote angel and one of the half angelic marksman form this side of the continent.

"I see."


What is it, Neo?

Let me go first.

No. I want you to stay back. I can handle myself here. But if I do get in a tight spot, I'll appreciate the help.

She's still sleeping, you know.

You done talking?


Jibaku: 1 minute.

Reveryn: Oh man, due. I'm so psyched and then again I'm so scared at the same time. Jesus, so much mixed emotions about all this. So much, I forgot I'm in pain.

"Let's focus. I'd rather not have someone die because they weren't paying attention. I assume he's going to make the first move...."

White watches them all as she remains seated. "I wonder how well the heroes of this world shall stand.... it shall be a most interesting battle.... watch now.... and see your desires fulfilled with mine eyes."

The Avatar of Kagayaki manifests next to her, and it bows its head, and she merely strokes it. "Soon enough. Soon enough."

Reveryn and Segura looks at White

Reveryn: Awkweeerrrd.

The dragon opens its mouth and a powerful beam of solar energy blasts at them, it's only Kado's creation of a Dark Shield that deflects the blast in time toward the mountains instead, creating a large explosion when it strikes.

I would keep comments to yourself. That's Kagayaki, the dragonic God of Light from my homeworld. And his master, White, leader of Phoenix and the one behind this whole invasion. Neither one of them you should piss off.

Reveryn: Still awkward.

Jibaku: 45 seconds.

The demon readies, lifting its shield towards the direction of Jibaku and Valeric.

Alright guys. Let's do this....

Jibaku: 30 seconds.

Everyone gets ready

The demon tenses, ready to attack or defend at the first sign of a threat.

" SonOfABiiiiiiitch!" Van Valeric is tackled by Demgel and the fall down a slope of ash and debris.

Jibaku: *stands and turns to look at everyone* Fight!

Akami is the first to rush Jibaku. She throws swift punches and kicks , but Jibak dodged them all. Torem rushes him as well but both of them cant land a single hit on Jibaku and are immediately being tossed around the place. They comeback to rush him again, only this time Segura beats them to Jibaku with his sword drawn, but he does not better as he is too being knocked around along with Akami and Torem.

The demon charges a massive sphere of fire, and condenses it into a tiny point, which it fires as a massive beam straight at Jibaku, the beam cutting through the terrain as though it were a massive blade.

Jibaku: *grabs hold of the demons face and drives his face into the ground and pins it down with his foot*

Akami: *rushes Jibaku and throws swift punches at him and actually punches Jibaku in the face*

Jibaku: *slowly turns his head towards Akami and shout fire breath at her sending flying across the terrain*

Torem: *rushes Jibaku only to get get grabbed around the neck by his tail that begins to choke her*

Jibaku: Quite fun. I fun. Are you having as much fun as I am? *an arrow hits Jibaku in the chest can it causes a vibration that blows his flames out and causes him to drop Torem and step of the demon's face*

Reveryn: I sure am. *fires another arrow*

The arrow hits the ground near Jibaku and the vibration makes him stagger back.

Segura: *sends a shockwave from his sword at Jibaku that splits him n half*

Jibaku: *his flames return and as he walks towards them he slowly splits apart and the to split halves become two separate wholes* Hahahahaha.

Reveryn; So ceeewwwl. *fires two arrows at the same time at both of them, but just as soon as it come it reach, the arrows burn before they even touch both Jibakus* Well that's not cool.

The demon stands up, not even injured. "Flame Suppression." All of the fire is suddenly absorbed by the demon's blades and Jibaku finds he cannot start them again.

A metor suddenly smashes into Jibaku and violently explodes, and he feels the explosion take full effect, if not increased in damage.

The fire from the explosion stops all of a sudden and it is absorbed into Jibaku and his flames return.

Jibaku: It's like throwing a rock into a fire place. But don't worry. I got something that's fail proof. *looks up into the sky and the stare shine but the begin to fall and it appears they're coming straight towards the Earth* I hope you like showers. I absolutely love them.

Kronos: I don't. *Pulls himself back up* But thanks for asking. Never did actually... *Cuts Jibaku's head off, then flying back to his spot*

Fire burst out of the stump of his head and a cracked smile and slant eyes appear and it forms a new head.

Jibaku: Maybe if you didn't dig your own grave in Tartarus, you would. *puts up his finger a a single red speck of light appears. He flicks it at Kronos and it instantly causes and mushroom explosion* So...Who's next?

The demon punches Jibaku straight through half of the mountain range it created earlier. While he's flying, it also creates an instantaneous explosion almost as destructive as Jibaku's attack.

Jibaku appears behind the demon most ominously. " Did you miss me?" Elbows him the face twice, kicks the demon in the side then elbows im in the face again, then uppercuts him into subspace. As the demon exits the atmosphere of earth, Jibaku comes down and rams his feet into the demons back sending him back down to earth in flames and an enormous explosion ensues. Dust clears with Jibaku stand untop the demon. "So where were we?" Kicks the demon into the ground and he stop where everybody else is.

Reveryn: *kneels down next to the demon* How you doin', guy?

The demon suddenly condenses, and disappears to reveal Neo, with shaggy long black hair and a black cloak, looking very much like Kado except maybe older. He has orange red eyes that gleam in the dim air. He stands, looking over at Jibaku with an annoyed expression, and dusts himself off. Red runes appear on his chest, and the aura unleashed spreads through the region, a powerful negative energy.

"Fraid it's not that easy pal." His arms are crossed. "By the way, you really should have kept quiet in that sun. Both you and Valeric are idiots for coming here."

Jibaku: And you're a even bigger idiot to face us.


Demgel: *circles around Valeric with his scythe at hand* Alright you ice-chucking asshole, it ends here. Everyone has grown tired of your existence and it's about time someone put an end to it.

Van Valeric: Stop speeching about why I should die and go ahead and kill me already. That is...If you can.

Demgel: *is angry* I'll show you! *a massive aura of darkish fire surrounds him* AAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHH! *He rushes Valeric at with earth-shatering speed and throws numerous attacks at him with his scythe*

Van Valeric: *simply dodges with little to now effort at all* Come now. I know you can do better. The legends say, that you are the one who will surpass all others. So prove it. *jumps over Demgel and lands behind him*

Demgel: *stops and rushes him again, this time his scythe turns into a bazzsaw and stil continues to throw numerous attacks at Valeric* Why don't you die! *pulls his ahnd back and hits him with a demonic blast, knocking Valeric off his feet*

Valeric: *lands on his feet and breathes slowly* There we go. Release the rage you have for me. Finish me.

Demgel: AAAAAAARRRRGGGHHHH! *his demonic aura grows bigger and gravel begins to levitate around them*

A large wave of negative energy suddenly bursts from the other battlefield, almost knocking them over, as a figure launches Jibaku into the air with a single kick, and then fires a black hole at him, which launches him even higher above the battlefield, before creating a monstrous explosion strong enough to raise the temperature of the area violently, and momentarily illuminate the area.

Valeric can suddenly sense the being responsible, and it doesn't take him long to recognize the energy of the being as being empowered by the Curse of Kukyo.

Kronos: *A flash of sadness comes unto hos face befor his serious look returns* Alright. Demgel, Smash. *Draws the Scythe* Make sure I have a clear hit at his heart. *Charges with Demgel*

Demgel: die, mother fucker! *jumps and dive attacks Valeric*

Jibaku: *points toward the sky and more red specks of light rain down and when they hit the surface it starts to destroy absolutely everything*

Reveryn: *is panicking whilte trying to avoid the speck* Shit! Shit! Shit! Oh Shit!

Akami: Everyone!...Do whatever Reveryn's doing? Actually...Torem, put up the shield!

Torem: *raises her hand and a cross is glows. A ring of light domes around them. The pecks hit them, but they are not receiving damage*

Reveryn: Oh shit, that was a close one. Thanks, Torry.

Torem: Don't mention it.

Neo kicks Jibaku in the stomach, and launches him out into space, where the stars falling suddenly change course and smash into him instead, the blast an implosion rather than an explosion, all of the destructive force smashes him and nothing else, and he falls down, where a brilliant glowing figure stands next to Neo.

"Sorry we're late." It says simply, a glowing sword in its hands.

White sits up, and looks at the figure, then banishes the Avatar. "Well now.... this is surprising. All Eight are here.... how astonishing."

Kronos: *Slows to a halt* Heh, Valeric, surrender now! *Throws kunais everywhere* For now there are 9 GODS on our side! HA!

Demgel: *is thrown across the ground and bears sight ti the freezing aura surrounding Valeric*

Jibaku: *appears next to Valeric* 16. Looks like they got insurance too. Shall I bring mine?

Van Valeric: Go ahead.

Van Valeric: Come forth my sons...

Three lights appear to come from the sun and are descending quickly. Thy finally land reveal to be men made of of solar flames

Jibaku: Even odds right? 16 against 5.

" you forgot one more, mother fucker! Whoooooo~" The boss jumps out of nowhere and attempts to dobule-front kick him, but it does nothing and he falls to the ground. "Ahhhh it didn't work. My legs! Oh god. It didn't work! It didn't woooorheherherrrrk! Ahhhhhhhahahahhhhhhh! Whyyyyy? Whhhhhahahyyy?" Dramatically sobs for a moment.

Reveryn: I saw it was a good try...

"Shut up!"

Reveryn: Ok I'm sorry...

"You are but one god of Destruction. We are Eight Gods of Creation." Kagayaki says simply.

"Everyone! We're going to show them what real power really is!!!" He roars, but is cut off by the sound of White laughing.

"You might as well save your breath for later Kagayaki.... you'll need it.... all of you......."

She stands up. "It's time to begin."

Suddenly all of Earth begins to violently quake, as multicolored light begins to fill the entire sky.

"Thank you.... Jibaku.... Van Valeric.... for providing the necessary energy to accomplish it. All of this destruction energy is exactly the kind of energy we would have needed to charge this atmosphere with in order to even come close to achieving this power...."

She holds up her hands to the sky, and begins channeling the energy Jibaku had unleashed. Suddenly the sky itself, even the image of the Sun cracks violently, then all over Earth, a phenomena as though the sky itself shattering appears, to reveal a thing even greater in circumference than the sun, with countless rings violently spinning around a massive cannon, which is charging an absolutely massive store of energy.

White ascends into the sky, looking down on them.

"This is what Kukyo spoke of, Van Valeric. She promised that if you joined Jibaku on this day, it would lead to your defeat. Your absolute destruction. You should have heeded those words and fled. Now both you and your partner shall experience the ultimate punishment of your sin. Mortals of this world! Bare witness to the absolute power of Phoenix! Watch as these so called gods are brought low, by their own hubris! Now, begone!"

A portal appears on both Valeric and Jibaku's chests, and they find they cannot remove them, and as they look at one another, to Valeric, Jibaku fades, as does the environment around him, and the same is said for Jibaku.

Neo and Kagayaki grab the Frontliners with shadow and light hands. "WE NEED TO RUN, NOW!" They yell, and the Eight and Kronos, along with the Frontliners in tow run as fast as they can, while White gains a mysterious aura, and stands still.

The blast hits.

Demgel: *looks at Valeric with in his eyes*

Med: I don't think you should do it, man. And that's comin' from me.

Demgel: *pushes Med away and sprints at Valeric with full speed strikes him*

Van Valeric: *catches the scythe and both are struggling. Valeric sees the light coming and has it to where Demgel is fully in front of him*

Demgel: *sees the light from the corner of his eyes and as he turns around Med appears*

Med: Man dude, You done screwed uuuuuupppp. *disappears*


Van Valeric: *keeps Demgel in place and takes as much cover as he can from behind Demgel's body*

The three beings surround Jibaku and put up a ring dome over him. The Spear of God hits and the dome only hold form some time until the dome shatters and the three beings are erased and Jibaku is ultimately consumed by The Spear of God.

Neo changes back into Kado, and Kado pants exhaustedly, too tired to maintain his Wildcard disguise, and they all look back in time to see a massive field of pure Void Energy slowly dissipate, and the sky slowly seems to peel back into existence, the last thing to change is the Spear of God slowly fading from view, until it disappears from vision, though the moments they just bore witness to still burn.

Kado stares out at the massive crater that almost reaches to the horizon. "....Could anything have... survived that?"

White descends on the edge of the crater, looking down, then smiles.

"I must give you credit, Van Valeric. You're cunning. Indeed what they say about your wisdom holds true after all.... that you're, 'too wise for your own good'? Is that it? Yes.... Will you continue to fight? I can already sense the others have survived the attack, and soon even more shall come should you stay. In the face of this power play, it is best if you humbly retreat. Even using that boy as a shield... will not have escaped unscathed...." She says, as Void Energy zaps Valeric, causing him to flinch.

"So then.... ....shall you continue on, or flee and live to fight another day?" She has a small smile on her face.

Van Valeric: i don't know. Will you live long to see Phoenix fall?

Jibaku: *struggles to get up* I don't care what you say....but that was awesome...*collapses and decapitates into flames and as he leaves the magnetosphere fixes itself and the green strands of light come back and begin to restore light within the Sun*

All the damage in the world fixes itself back to normal, the environment, the civilization, everything even the people who have died come back and the world is fully restored.

Reveryn: Well, we didn't save the world per-say. but this is good enough right.

" Mission complete, fools." Salutes. "Let's head on home. Come on, blondie."

Kado looks over at White, and they can see Kado's face deepening with hatred and rage.

Reveryn: Hey man, come on. I'll have Cook fix us up some Powerhouse Chili for our victory. You're gonna love iiiit.

Kado suddenly charges down the side of the crater at high speed, charging past Valeric and Demgel, swords drawn as he charges at White, who sighs exasperately. She flickers in front of him, and easily disarms him and suddenly grabs him by the throat.

"I could have killed you at any time. You should have taken my mercy the first time after Azula.... but, you went so far as to challenge my authority of Phoenix, and declared yourself ruler. Who will follow you?! No one! Not even these 'friends' of yours would. They'd help you fight me, certainly... but aid someone in taking over the organization that brought all of this upon Earth in the first place..... no.... You'll be alone.... this life.... and now the afterlife."

She begins to choke him. "You'll be forever alone.....!"

Reveryn: *shoots an arrow into White's hand making her drop Kado* So....she yer sister or some shit?

Double front kicks White in the face making her hit the slop."Reveryn, how stupid can you be. She's obviously his ex-wife. Duuuhh.

White simply lands on her feet and comes to a stop easily. In a brief flicker, she suddenly slams Reveryn's head a full foot into the ground, then flickers again, only to be stopped by Kado, who furiously begins exchanging blows with White, who has the major upperhand, and after a few minutes, she spin kicks him across the crater, but he refuses to give up and charges, as does she, and this time both of their strikes begin to cause small shockwaves with every attack.

White and Kado clench their fists tigher, and light and dark energy forms like flames on her fists, and they clash blows again, a blast knocking them to both sides of the crater. Kado's scowl becomes even more savage. "White..... you took everything left worth living for.....! I'LL KILL YOU!!!"

A small portion of the Dark Pheonix mode fully manifests on his left side and forms an energy blade.

"DIE!" He roars, charging at White at high speed.

White just sighs. "You're all talk..... are still too weak. It's pointless, Kado." As she says his name, she stops the blade of Dark Phoenix with a bare hand, and looks at a shocked Kado.

She flexes her hand, and the blade shatters, and before Kado can react, everything begins to slow down, and a massive explosion seconds later has Kado deeply embedded in the side of the crater. She flickers and appears over Kado.

"I'm afraid that no matter what you do, Kado, it will never be quite enough. You fled from us all those years ago, and believed that your hatred was your strength. You fed your heart with rage and hate, and believed in a power that ultimately left you to rot."

She grabs him by the throat again, but this time she doesn't choke him, instead, a strange marking appears on his forehead and she begins to glow oddly.

"You looked upon such things as companionship and love as pointless affairs, and distanced yourself with the concept of mere comradeship, pushing away those who cared about you. You isolated anything within yourself as weakness, when in reality you've left yourself crippled. Ironic, how you sought to make yourself stronger, yet in the end, that desire created your weakness. Because now, when you have no anger, when you have nothing to draw upon, all you have left..... is nothing. You become as weak as the emotions you buried and locked away."

As she says this, she drains Kado of power, until all that is left is Ace.

"You're still nothing but a child who is still too afraid to face the world with an open heart.... ....and that's all you'll ever be."

She turns to face the Frontliners. "A fool like you is not worth killing...."

"Now then.... I believe it's time for the second act to begin."

Five portals appear behind her.

Torrent, Toma, Noriko, and Drake appear, with Daikeim coming out close behind Drake.

White looks over at Daikeim and has a faint smile. "Come to fight I see? Interesting, coming from you."

Torrent looks down at the unconscious Ace and raps her head with his foot. "Couldn't even last long enough to get his ass kicked by me. I was looking forward to crushing his skull into dust....'s almost pathetic to even look at this wretch. What a disgrace."

Noriko hides her reaction of surprise and does not look at Ace.

White looks at everyone behind her.

"I'll deal with these fools up here. Deal with Van Valeric."

Drake looks at Torrent, a slightly annoyed expression on his face as he walks past. "Just shut up Torrent before I ram that rag of yours down your throat..." Daikeim stays silent and follows Drake, a focused glint in his eyes as he scans the area looking for Van Valeric.

Van Valerc: Not really a wise decision.If you we're wise, you'd send your follows to fight against you opponent who have equal numbers. But what do I know? I'm just an old fool to you.

White ignores him. "Now then.... who's first?" She says softly.

"I'll go. For no reason." Steps forward.

Her image flickers. "Are you coming or not?" *Goes into a ready stance.

" Oh sure thing. You can go first."

Akami: Fath-

"Shut up, Akami! I got this!"

Before he can blink, he is suddenly smashed in the face by a nunchunk, and then sent flying by a single kick, and to everyone else it didn't even appear as though she had moved.

Is still in the same place he was. "Ummmm are you gonna do somethin'? Or you just gonna stand there and look evil?"

His vision flickers, and there are five Whites, and all five charge.

Launches acrobatic attacks so fast that she can see multiple after images of him

The first White he hits suddenly glows brilliantly like a star, and explodes, launching all of the Frontliners flying as well as the boss.

Reveryn: *shoots 4 arrows at once while in mid-air and it hits the other white making them explode*

The boss lands and sprints at White, but slides right under her, knosk her legs apart causing her to do the plits then heel kicks her in the face knocking her across the ground.

The White explodes, and suddenly everything begins to get much darker, and they turn to see the real White glowing bright as the sun, while everything else begins to darken.

Torrent chuckles as Phoenix, along with Daikeim and Drake advance towards Valeric.

"White's not in the mood for mercy today apparently."

Van Valeric: She never was...

Everything to the Frontliner's vision begins to fade into white, until a twitch from White makes everything go white.

Akami is suddenly grasped by White, who violently flings her across the whole of the landscape, and Akami doesn't come to a stop until she crashes into a far away mountain, which causes the side she crashed into to violently collapse. Before they can react, White then begins to spin extremely fast, the monstrous winds from her momentum send them flying to all corners of the crater. Reveryn ends up landing next to the unconscious Ace.

Segura: *does a spin attack with his word disrupting the wind*

Torem: *goes in of the hit and punches White hard enough to make a crater surrounding them*


Van Valeric: Come forth children of Satan. Come and feels a new sense of pain.

Drake smirks and unsheathes Kurai as he enters his Half Dragon form. "Pain? Oh spare me with that, we're here to kick your ass, simple. Now if you would be so kind as to drop to your knees and I'll let Corruption here do his work..."

"Pain is pain. And I find that ironic, coming from a Dark Elf." Torrent says dully, sporting long claw like blades on his gloves, the metal multicolored.

Noriko sighs. "He's such a gloomy one.... kinda like Tank Boy and Captain Wolverine!" She laughs, before she morphs into a suit with light armor on the body, but extremely thick armor on the chest and gloves.

Toma just sighs. "Noriko, please stop embarrassing us." She takes out two twin duel blades.

Surprisingly, Daikeim stays deathly quiet as he gazes at Valeric, dragon wings forming out of his back and stretching out to full size. Before speaking, but strangely, it sounds like a hundred voices harmonizing in sync. "Children of Satan..." Daikeim walks towards Valeric, pushing the others out of the way.

"You have the nerve to call us the offspring of pure darkness and evil itself, when your motives are filled with monstrous intent. Tell me... Van Valeric, why do you follow shadows, why walk this dreaded path that will lead to your demise, for what gain do you wish? Back at Upnation, you were correct that I was blinded by something... Now I know what it was, tell me this Valeric. If there is something like repentance, do you not believe it? Afterall, as I hear the Mythos say... 'each person who turns to God in genuine repentance and faith will be saved'..."

Daikeim's aura slowly shades into a strong gold as his eyes glow the same colour along with his Soul Stone, everyone on the battlefield can feel a God-like energy, even staggering Valeric somewhat, the final ten words Daikeim says sends out small shockwaves, White, Noriko, Toma, Torrent and Drake all feel a massive power boost.

"Even though Phoenix also walks a dark path, today, we are under a temporary alliance with one goal, even though others would say otherwise. To erase a dark force from existence... And as the Heroa God of light, it is my right and purpose to do so... So tell me, are you prepared to face judgement?"

Van Valeric: Are you ready to cry for your father?

Kronos: Not just yet. *Starts to run at Valeric* This... This is for my ungrateful little shithead children! *Slices the Scythe at Valeric with immense power and speed.*

Van Valeric: *ducks and back-flip kicks Kronos in his face causing him to stagger back* If you cared so much about them, why did you eat them whole? You have a strange way of expressing you ' fatherly love', Kronos.

A peal of thunder rumbles, and suddenly Valeric is body slammed by Noriko, who is laughing in a rather disturbed manner. The force is strong enough to momentarily crack a few of Valeric's ribs, before he is sent flying into a nearby mountain. Before he can get his bearings, she appears behind him, and he turns around just in time to be headbutted straight towards Daikeim and Kronos.

Daikeim sidesteps beside Valeric and kicks him in the spine, sending him blasting towards Drake who then charges at Valeric and uppercuts him into the air and starts slashing at Valeric with Kuria then slams him down back at Daikeim who fires a blast of Exeon directly in his chest. Crashing Valeric a couple of feet into the floor, causing a crater to form around him.

Van Valeric: *stands* Pathetic.You all hit like infants. *flicks both Daikeim and Drake in the forehead and they crash into the slopes* Come now. Fight like you mean it.

Kronos: Okay. *Kicks Valeric through the world, teleporting to the other side to punch him back* Alrighty. Now... *Summons the Scythe* Your turn

Van Valeric: *is right above him his hand turns into a ice spike and he stabs Kronos in the back with it, breaks it of and kicks him down the hole through the world and seal both sides* I hope you like the center of the Earth better than you did Tartarus.

Suddenly Valeric finds himself in a vacuum that stretches for miles. Torrent appears in front of him.

Van Valeric: Is there something you want?

Torrent raises his hands to the sky, and over fifty skyscrapers from a city below rise up at his command, and begin to orbit Torrent slowly, but eventually with greater speed. Some of them become so fast they become blurs, and out of no where one is flung straight at Valeric.

The building moves straight past Valeric

Valeric's skin is becoming extremely dehydrated, and he finds that there is no water or air to speak of, ice isn't an option.

The building behind him suddenly spouts a huge cloud of white sparkling mist, which rushes Valeric at blinding speed.

The mist freezes and it passes by him completely and it hits Torrent

Torrent just silently shakes his head and it unfreezes, before the buildings around Torrent explode into fine dust and billions of razor sharp fine particles fill the vacuum and begin to endlessly bombard Valeric, so many particles Valeric can't keep up with the calculations to evade even one of them.

Van Valeric: *teleports out of the vaccum*

The vaccum turns into an icy blue color and it disperses into the air and makes it way over to Valeric, circles around him and back at Torrent, blowing him high into the sky.

Torrent isn't budged at all.

Suddenly around Valeric, a huge mass of clouds begins to encircle him, and the entire city below them is suddenly wiped out, everything including living things turned to dust, which all rises into a massive personal hurricane around him, an infinite cloud of metal, glass, and death.

Noriko and Toma suddenly appear at Torrent's side, and all of the particles become electrically charged, as well as the rain now falling on Valeric, and the particles being to bombard him, shocking him even as the electrified rain strikes and cuts him as well. The winds hold him in place, preventing any movements. A massive burst of electricity sudden radiates from the storm, zapping him every other second with a massive bolt of lightning, created from the electricity from the ruined city. The storm rapidly closes in on him, the air pressure rising to monstrous levels and every single particle moving beyond supersonic speeds, and only after a full five minutes of constant attack does the storm slam him into a nearby mountain at over Mach 5.

The hurricane begins to snow and the clouds turn into a blizzard and Van Valleric is seen above them

Van Valeric: I see you brought up your game. Now you hit like puppies.

Ice shards bombard them, giving them nasty cuts

The ice shards merely stop the first inch of their journey and embed in Valeric's skull.

"Go play with your daggers elsewhere."

All the shards miss Valeric

Van Valeric: Says you. By all means, I'm quite tired. You've proven that your leader has poor tactics. She she were wise, she would've fought me instead and you would be fighting the martyrs. Victory would've been more assuring that way.

Torrent chuckles. "You still understand nothing. We aren't even the main attraction. Even if you manage to beat us.... White has a special surprise. And if you recall, you barely managed to survive our last one. So you have no business calling our tactics poor. If you're tired, then I've got bad news for you.... we haven't even broken a sweat. We might even destroy the humans by sheer accident from the widespread use of our powers. Time is on our side. We can spend it however we desire. However your cards have dwindled to that of the pathetic. If you'd like to stick around and push your luck, fine by me. We don't mind showing you more of the wrath of God.... ....only this case, much more literally."

Van Valeric: Please. You all are just infants who believe whatever they are told and believe whatever they see. Kill off humanity, by all means I don't care. As for me getting tired, I mean you are not worth my time. By all means, i could've frozen you solid to the core and instantly kill you. You're not immortal. I am. Even with The Spear. I am the wind and the sky. That is my soul. It will never go away, cause God forbids it, unless you can deny the will of God, then go ahead. I would love to see it. *waits*

"Gladly." Daikeim appears in a flash of light right behind Valeric, before Valeric can make any sudden movements, Daikeim places his hand on Valeric's head and sends pure Exeon down into his veins hotter than the core of the sun. Temporarily paralyzing Valeric as Daikeim lets go and swipes downwards, sending Valeric crashing down into the floor, as he gets up, he sees Daikeim a couple meters away from him. Daikeim glances at him and flicks the air, the resulting shockwaves blasting directly at Valeric's pressure points. "Vitae Arts: Temperance of a Thousand Wills..."Daikeim smiles as clones of Valeric with golden eyes flicker all around the original, they all charge a Exeon sphere and fire it at Valeric, the resulting blast is stronger than ten nukes combined. The clones fade away as Daikeim speaks once more.

"If we are not worth your time, then why bother? The will of many outweighs one Valeric, even God's own. Face it, he's abandoned you and there's nothing you could do.

A giant ice spike pops out and spears Daikeim in the middle of his chest, hoisting him of the ground

Van Valeric: *gets up* God abandons no one. Not even me.

The spike melts away and Daikeim restores himself as he looks at Valeric. "Then who would God side with at this battle? The sinner or the saint, light or darkness..." Daikeim's eyes flash as Valeric suddenly feels a massive pain all over himself, Daikeim walks up to Valeric and places his hand on his forehead. "You said 'cry for your father', didn't you... So let's see you scream for God." Valeric's eyes glow a red tinted gold as all the pain and suffering he's caused is reverted back onto himself, as Valeric attempts to get a look at Daikeim.

He sees an entirely different person speaking to him, as Valeric looks around, he can't see anyone but himself and the mysterious figure. "Van Valeric, your time has come today for your sins to be accounted for and 'repayed' back to you... And even if you survive and live another day, each encounter with a select few will become fatal towards you... You won't see me next time, but rest easily, your burial place is assured. Goodbye, and enjoy your suffering."

Valeric's eyes stop glowing and he drops to his knees for a moment, looking up at Daikeim. He notices the expression on his face, pity... Pure pity."If you joined the path of light, then your fate wouldn't have been sealed like this... Valeric, you are a man of outstanding feats, but to use them for dark deeds is unacceptable. I'm sorry, but thank you... I cannot ignore the darkness that you've caused, but I can forgive you. So once again, thank you for helping me..." Daikeim sighs as he creates a dome around Valeric, inescapable by any means. "That will keep him sealed for now... I don't know how long I can keep this up for..."

Drake flies over and lands next to the God like Daikeim and looks at Valeric. "Wow, you actually managed to capture him..."

The Valeric in the dome turns into a puddle and the sky speaks. "Strangest thing is, I was never here after The Spear. I walk a path of twilight, neither for the light, nor have i completely succumbed to the darkness. We cannot judge others for their sins, only God can. I am obligated to help either side. We all have the freedom of choice. So, I tried to make apparent to you. Your father did tell me to show you how to become a true man. With hope, It might have done something..."

Daikeim looks up. "Your help is unneeded anymore, now show yourself... This ends with one of us leaving, so we might as well end it now." Daikeim slightly swipes his hand, causing the area around everyone to flatten and a massive dome forms with only Daikeim inside it.

Van Valeric: I already left. And you saying you no longer need my services seals that.

Suddenly the sunlight across the whole of the hemisphere begins to be drawn in towards the location of White's battleground, a violent quake beginning, and Daikeim and Drake can see a massive sphere of energy rapidly condensing at the location.


"Alright, we're out of here." Torrent grabs Toma and Noriko, and looks at Drake. "You might want to run." He and the two disappear.

The Seven are recovered, and are now hastily trying to flee the scene carrying various members of the Frontliners, just as a massive explosion is unleashed, which sends everyone flying, a scorching heat blasting them seconds after the explosion: radiation.

Daikeim steps infront of Drake and stretching out his wings, covering Drake from the heat. It's obvious that Daikeim is now in pain from the radiation but then looks at Drake. "Drake... Get out of here now!" Drake sighs and looks at Daikeim. "Not a chance, we've been through thick and thin and this isn't gonna end here. I'm staying by your side, now stop being my guardian angel and let's team up!" Daikeim smiles and turns around, a combined aura shielding Daikeim and Drake as their fly towards the source.

Kagayaki sets down Reveryn and Ace, looking at Ace a bit, then looking at Reveryn, who is still conscious, before looking over towards the explosion, where mighty flames leap up at the air surrounding the new crater.

White looks at Drake and Daikeim as they approach, her form glowing painfully bright like the sun.

"I see you have dealt with Valeric. Excellent. You did better than I expected."

"Yes, but now there's a new threat in my sight... And sadly, we must put you down." Daikeim continues walking as Drake shields his eyes. "Yeah, 'sorry', but we're stopping you now... I finally get to get back at you... Corruption." The blade glows as Drake enters Primitive Stage Two and steps aside Daikeim. Both wielding their respective blades as the Red and Blue Oni.

White puts her hand to her sword hilt. "In most cases, I would respond by drawing my sword. However.... you've been a rather annoying pain in my side, Drake, Daikeim. A particularly vexing one at that. I could draw my sword.... but I think this situation calls for..... ....a more decisive punishment."

Drake and Daikeim watch as her form begins to change at a massive rate, quickly morphing into a huge white dragon with armor like scales bigger than they are. Her eyes in this form are a beautiful lavender, which narrow as she stares them down, her form many times bigger than the form she had taken back at Yosai. One of her massive feet step down on a mountain and utterly crushes it flat, and she lets out a roar that practically feels like the wind of a hurricane. Despite the obvious threat, she is as beautiful as she is dangerous.

While Reveryn is treated by Kagayaki, Ace starts to stir, feebly trying to move.

Drake laughs out loud in a taunting way as he looks up at White. "BRING IT YOU FLAT CHESTED BITCH!" Drake looks at Daikeim with a joyful yet devious smile on his face as he holds up Kuria. "Daikeim, grab the hilt... We're gonna... Scale up to her high, per say." Daikeim chuckles and nods as he grabs hold of the hilt.

The two's aura's combine into the blade which begins to roar strangely as Daikeim and Drake's auras expand and morph. The two float in mid air as two faint silhouettes of dragons appear, reaching only three quarters the height of White, Daikeim's aura turns blue with a tint of gold while Drake's turns black with a tint of red. The two roar a final time before their transformations into the full Primitive Stage, the dragon's eyes focus on White. "Now then Daikeim, this should be even.. So then White, ready to see what new things await in this form... Funny thing is that we don't know ourselves, so this should be fun..."

Before they can blink, White spins in place, and her tail blade whips around and cuts off one of their wings, and as they attempt to take advantage of the opening, she carries the momentum into a second strike, this time with her head smashing against their's, then breathing White Fire straight on their face. Drake realizes she used her light speed, and has a sneaking suspicion that's not the only ability that carried over.

As he comes to that conclusion, White jumps back several miles and lets out a massive beam of pure radient light that catches all of the terrain on fire in its path before striking at them.

Drake just manages to dodge it while Daikeim blocks it, Drake then speeds towards White and claws at her face. Causing a deep cut on her face, Drake then slams his tail against her side. To her surprise she sees the wings grow back, Drake then growls and steps back as Daikeim flies at White and bites her then carries her up into the air. Letting go then breathing pure Exeon at her, blasting her down at the ground.

A massive roar suddenly blasts the Exeon back through sheer shockwaves, which causes a massive tremor in the area. They look down at her to see the bite and claw marks are already gone.

Kado is drowning in a sea of despair, self doubt, and pain. No matter how hard I try.... .....I've always failed... I just....want something.... more to life. ....But even that is too much to ask....

Kado, don't tell me you've lost heart already? You need to stand up and take it like a man for once. A familiar voice echoes through the pain.

.....A-Azula.....? W-Where are you?! I-I need-

No.... no....'s a lie.... she's not here.... ...I'm alone.... I'm always alone....!

A soft embrace envelops him, and Kado turns, shocked.

Is.... Is that..... .....really you.....?

Drake growls. "This... Is gonna be a pain. Any ideas?"

"Yeah... Just get her to hold still somehow."

Drake sighs and then flies straight down towards White while set ablaze, he crashes down on her and starts clawing everywhere on her. Causing cuts and burn marks to appear on her, he then wraps his tail around her body and restrains her only for a brief moment. But that's all that Daikeim needs as multiple long thin spikes of energy appear around Daikeim and he roars, causing the spikes to speed towards White and Drake, impaling them both. "Gah! You... Bastard!" Drake pulls himself off and jumps back from White.

Suddenly she leaps up at Drake and pins him to the ground, and glows pure white, and explodes, completely stripping his form of Aura, and then Daikeim is blasted in the back by the real White, which slams him into a new crater.

After the smoke clears she sees that the Aura has disappeared but still leaves the still standing Daikeim, charging another Exeon sphere. Just as White is about to attack she is suddenly blasted away multiple times until she is lodged into a crater, as she looks to see who caused the attack. Another wave of attacks collide with her, a distorted, slickly voice can be heard booming across the battlefield. "Finally, it's my turn."

A humanoid creature scales to White's height, pure black with blood red eyes and with ooze dripping off of him, as his skin hardens to form a armour, he holds a pure black blade similar to the one he was sealed in. He looks down at the unconscious Drake before looking back up at White."I cannot believe I'm doing this for you Drake..." A evil smile appears on the figure's face as he focuses on White. "Corruption lies in everyone, so are you ready to face it?"

White looks at him for a moment. "You have been getting stronger. I would have expected no less, all beings trapped with a Slayer gain power. Admirable effort, truly. But...." White closes her eyes.

"I'm afraid it is for naught."

Her eyes open and glow brilliantly, and massive chains of energy bind and cut off Corruption's power, and he begins to shrink as he's being drawn into the blade once more.

"I know it did not occur to you, but I shall spare your confusion. While Drake is your master, I am the one who sealed you within the blade Kurai. This gives me, the sealer, unique control to suppress and contain you. So even if you had managed to take over Drake and confront me, this would be the same result. I have no time for the likes of you."

"It seems you forgot someone..." Daikeim slams the massive sphere of Exeon down into White's mouth, managing to bounce away as the sphere explode. Crashing White into some mountains, crumbling them, as she recovers. He hovers in the air as he supercharges another Exeon sphere until it becomes unstable, he then absorbs it into his fist and glares at White, using his Exeon form one more time. "All or nothing..." Daikeim lets out a final battlecry and flies towards White at mach 5, all she sees is afterimages of Daikeim as he gets ever so close. She doesn't seem to land a single attack on Daikeim until it's too late... "VITAE ARTS: TEMPERANCE OF A THOUSAND WILLS!" White suddenly sees multiple Daikeim's counting to exactly one thousand as they all surround her, and with the unstable Exeon energy. They all let out a roar and collides their fist with White, causing a explosion of pure light the same force as ten supernovas, shaking the whole planet. When the smoke clears, at the bottom of a crater, only two people are down there... Daikeim and White reverted back to her normal form, Daikeim struggles to stand up and takes a couple of heavy breathes waiting to see what White's next move is...

............You're not really here.... Kado thinks bitterly.

"You're right.... ....but I am here... you memories. Didn't you once say to that man that even if he died, his family would still have his memory to cherish? Perhaps we may never see each other again.... ....But we'll be together in the end... connected by memories."

I must have really lost it, if my imagination of you feels this authentic...

I miss you.....

.....Forgive me......for losing my way.... ....I'll carve a new road to peace..... I swear.........!

White's form suddenly flickers and disappears, and from behind him, White prepares to stab him in the back.

Daikeim quickly summons the Draconia and deflects the stab and kicks White away before jumping back and taking a moment to think, he closes his eyes and traces White's energy signature. But it's more than obvious that Daikeim doesn't have the strength to fight, with the excessive use of Exeon. His vision starts to blur and a thin stream of blood pours out of his mouth, his expression goes as he tightens his grip on the Draconia. "To my last breath..." He gets in a stance and closes his eyes once more.

The White in front of him disappears, and he reacts only too late to be kicked down on the ground by the real White, who was right where she had been from the beginning. He feels her charge Light Slayer, and he realizes she absorbed a decent amount of energy from that explosion, and is about to kill him with his own move.

"Now no one can save your precious Elaonore for the judgement that shall come....."


Suddenly Kado enveloped in Positive and Negative energy slams into White, and they tumble away from Daikeim, and quickly get back on their feet, White has her Slayer out, and Kado has Dark Slayer. She silently pulls out a regular katana, and sheathes Light Slayer.

"I won't need this to kill you."

The two clash, and neither seems to have an upperhand.

Suddenly a second Kado appears behind White, and she manages to block his sword stroke with a hand. She then jumps up and spin kicks them both aside, and they disappear into shadows.

"......Come out." She says firmly.

Suddenly Kado's Dark Phoenix Mode roars from above her, and she barely manages to dodge its energy sword, only to be assaulted by another Kado. She kicks it in the stomach, and it disappears.

She looks at the Dark Phoenix and smiles. "You'll never beat me, even with that. I can sense your energy is low. It will be so easy to break that shell of yours."

Suddenly a red and blue flaming energy sword pierces her through, straight into her spine and just missing her heart and lungs, and she lets out a horrid gasp. Kado flickers into being, having only used a mere illusion like she had to deceive her, and the fake Dark Phoenix disappears.

"How's your own medicine taste, White?!"

She coughs up blood, and manages to pull herself off the blade of the sword, collapsing on the ground.

I........can't believe.....this....! have gotten stronger......

......But he's not strong enough..... not nearly strong enough.... ....he isn't ready... for his destiny....

Azula! Come to me!!!

A golden light suddenly appears next to White, and Azula picks her up.

White, gasping weakly, manages, "Fair enough..... you've won this round..... ....but this..... only the beginning.....!"

Azula teleports them both away, leaving Kado and Daikeim behind. The energy around Kado disperses, and he pants heavily, before falling on his knees.

"The beginning.... ....of the end....." He pants.

Daikeim stands up and staggers over to Kado, offering him a hand to pull himself up. "H-Hey... There Kado, thanks for making her retreat..."Daikeim wipes the blood from his mouth and smiles.

Kado takes his hand, and then begins limping over towards the Frontliners. "With any luck, that wound shall buy me time. Time to prepare my organization for war."

He pauses. "It will soon be time for the Ninth Generation to be assembled....."

"The Ninth Generation... Well anyways, good luck Kado..."

Kado slowly limps away, using Dark Slayer to hold himself up as he slowly rejoins the Frontliners.

Daikeim sees a portal open near Drake, and a figure dressed in golden yellow robes lands outside it next to him, various bags on its back.

Daikeim walks over to the figure, a not pleased expression on his face. "You're going now, aren't you..." Daikeim slumps down next to Drake and sighs. "God dammit Drake... You crazy bastard..."

The figure sits down next to Drake, and takes a strange pad of cloth that shimmers with a green light out, and places it on his chest, and the light spreads to Drake's body, the cloth seems to be enchanted with some sort of healing property.

"He is pretty crazy. But that's why he's fun to be around." The figure says, an unusually cheerful voice Daikeim remembers as Noriko's voice.

Daikeim looks up at Noriko and chuckles. "Yeah... He is, so what's gonna happen to him? He's not going back to Phoenix, is he?"

A cough can be heard as a raspy voice answers. "Go back to the bitch? Heh... Not a chance." Daikeim looks down at Drake and smiles, helping him sit up as he looks at Noriko. "Oh, hi Noriko... You missed it, it was a hell of a fight." Drake laughs but coughs up a bit of blood. "...Maybe I shouldn't laugh until I'm healed fully again. But regardless, you should of seen it!"

"I saw the end result. One of the CE's is healing her now. It's going very slowly from what I can gather, though the bleeding subsided. White probably won't be seeing any action for a number of weeks."

She looks over at Daikeim. "And I have no intention of returning to Phoenix either. After we.... pick someone up.... we'll be going off to Echo for a while, homeworld of the Shapeshifters and Elementals."

"Echo... Sounds far..." Daikeim looks at Drake and chuckles. "Going into retirement Drake?"

"Hey! I still haven't lost my touch, I just need to rest... Y'know, besides in a tube and actually on a bed that's my own..." Drake sits up and whispers in Daikeim's ear, giving a shocked expression after hearing it. "Really? You managed..." Drake smirks then punches Daikeim. "Yeah, and that was for her..." After a bit of laughing, Drake sighs. "I'm gonna miss hanging out with you, Daikeim... Just try not to die, ok?"

"You too, just try and enjoy life."

"Aaaand you killed the moment, nice one." Drake laughs and slowly stands up, looking at Noriko. "Alrighty then, I'm back to full health, we ready to go?"

Noriko looks over at Daikeim. "Yeah, just gotta do one thing."

Before Daikeim can react, she jumps on top of him, shouting, "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" And knocks him onto the ground in a tackle/bear hug.

Daikeim struggles to get her to stop hugging. "Drake! Help me out here!"

Drake looks down chuckling. "Nah, I think you're good."

"Drake you snowhead sonovabitch! Get. Her. Off!"

Drake joyfully sighs and looks at Noriko. "C'mon Nori, come off of Daikeim before Elaonore gets the wrong idea."

"Ok ok, Drakey." She gets up and smiles down at Daikeim. "It was nice to meet you, Golden Eye- Err.... Daikeim," She says, laughing.

Drake smiles and helps Daikeim up. "Well then... I guess this is goodbye for now..."

"Yeah, it is... But don't worry, I'll come around to say hello and whatnot, just try not to cause trouble. I know how much you love doing that."Daikeim holds his hand out for a handshake, with Drake happily agrees to. "Goodbye Drake Ryunexo, until next time? Oh, and goodbye Noriko."

"Goodbye Daikeim, may the Vitae Gods guide you to your goals."

The two enter their Half Dragon forms and laugh one more time together before saying something in Cyanican. "And may we grow stronger from what we hold close to us. Until our paths cross again, this is goodbye, old friend."

Noriko quietly watches them, then looks over at the figure of Kado slowly walking away.

So... are you going to follow the steps of our ancestors? Or if not, what will you do, Kado? I wonder if the change he will bring will mean restoration or destruction for the future....

She has faint smile. Good luck, little brother.

Daikeim takes to the skies and goes in the direction to Upnation, Drake then waves goodbye and turns to look at Noriko, stretching his wings."Alight Noriko, let's head over to Downation, it's where I left my friend last... Hopefully she's still there." Drake then hovers slight and looks in the direction opposite to where Daikeim flew to. "I'm guessing you're gonna teleport there using your lightning, so I'll see you there soon?"

She smiles, touching Drake's shoulder. "Not exactly." A bolt of lightning carries them both away.

Kado rejoins the Frontliners, still limping a bit and using a sheathed Dark Slayer as a crutch. "How are.... all of you guys.... doing?" He pants after taking the last step up the massive crater.

Akami: *is holding her arm* We'll be fine...

Torem: *picks up Reveryn* As long as the world isn't on the verge of the end, we'll be good.

"Come forth, Frontliners! Homeward!" Points back to where they came.

Kado groans. "I officially hate walking....."

Akami: *picks up Kado and carries him on her back*

"Errr... ....thanks. .....Hey, can I ask a favor?"

Akami: Yea?

"Would you mind, I don't know, training me? Minus the absolute ass kicking?"

Akami: Ass kicking is apart of training. You gotta learn from it. Sort of like how we did back there. But I promise, if you do handle it, it won't be 'absolute'.

"I suppose the alternative is getting killed by White next time.... ....sorry I rushed off alone.... ....guess I am just an idiot."

Akami: Sure are. But you're new here and we all have done some idiotic things before and still do. If you are willing to be apart of us, you're gonna have to work along side us. We maybe the first ones to die but we die together, not one after the other.

"....I understand. ....She's going to be back.... ....when she does.... I don't know if we'll be able to defeat her next time...."

Akami: You'll defeat her. Not everything can be undefeated forever. Even us.

"....I guess you're right.... ...thanks...." He looks up at the blue sky, surrounded in clouds.

We're still so far from those days you envisioned..... Azula.... when they skies are clear and hope exists for all, not just the few...

I wonder if I'll ever see the azure skies you dreamed of....

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