The Grand Eye
Grand Eye
Knowledge is a force you cannot comprehend. The power of Enlightenment is not one for the faint of heart.
Grand Eye of the Land
Grand Eye of the Heavens
The Godly Scholar
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date -
Family The Spiritwood Clan, The Dragonclaw Clan, Nyusatsu (Daughter)
Status Active
Eye Color Various
Hair Color White
Height 6' 2"
Blood type
Age 1685
Weight -
Health Well
Affiliation Chinmoku Empire
Species Shapeshifter
Base of Operations Chinmoku
Weapons Countless
Current Occupation Grand Eye of the Chinmoku Empire
Fighting Style Arisen, Transcended Mind, Solar Eclipse, Zero Dawn
Partner None
Team None
Relatives Shinwa Dragonclaw | Kado | Kake | Sukina
Marital Status Married

The Grand Eye is one of the most powerful rulers in all of Chinmoku history, commanding both wisdom and vast power. He is the great ancestor of the Dragonclaw and Spiritwood clans, and his wisdom is renowned across the stars. He has lived longer than any emperor before him, and has no signs of passing away, especially now that his pupils have abandoned his teachings. He is the leader of both faith and government within the empire, as well as a grand teacher of magic.

Appearance and Personality Edit

The Grand Eye is said to bare a kindly face, his face wrinkled and worn with his extreme age. He wears elegant robes befitting his title as Emperor, and in battle dons a strange mask that fills his enemies with anxiety. His long white hair glows with his holy powers, billowing as though caught in a tempest.

The Grand Eye is incredibly wise and knowledgeable of the inner workings of the worlds, said to possess an understanding of conceptual powers as well. The full measure of his knowledge has never been fully tested, but he appears more than eager to learn what he has yet to experience or fully understand, and encourages a similar mindset in his students. He is rather patient but not infallible in matters of discourse and debate, those who do not control their passions in the face of the great teacher, and will not hesitate to correct those who fall outside the realm of academic debate and into passions ill fitting for academia or personal discussion will face the emperor's cold wrath.

He deems his disciples, Phoenix, to be his greatest failures and his greatest responsibility, and seems more than willing to see their punishment enacted. As a ruling lord of the land, when his ire is drawn forth, it is a dark omen often followed by horrible and painful death befitting one who dares challenge his imperial majesty. Even deities mind his words cautiously, as one false step can mean the difference between him granting them aid they might never have realized they needed, or perpetual torment in the depths of Tartarus.

History Edit

The Grand Eye is a honored title given to the one ruler of the Chinmoku Empire, often serving as an official replacement of the bearer's name. Throughout the history of the Empire, the name is granted to those both of royal blood and great wisdom and knowledge, those most adept and equipped to serve the nation.

It is known that the Grand Eye was born at a time of great strife for the empire, during the height of the Elemental Wars, and it was during this time that he would come to understand hardship and strife, never forgetting what the Kanjo Gods did to the world, nor what price was paid to achieve peace. It was during his reign that the Holy Sanctum plan was enacted, a project involving weaponry and devices that would oppose the power of gods, one of the most notable results of this plan was the legendary Spear of God. However, the drastic measures most would involve caused the Grand Eye to pull back the project, leaving all of their designs incomplete.

At some point, he engaged and married the goddess of life, Azayakana, who had been previously considered a myth, and had a child with the goddess, Nyusatsu. Once the princess had come of age, The Grand Eye reluctantly allowed Hadari to engage and marry his daughter. He would later regret this choice, as the plan to save the world that Hadari and Nyusatsu hatched by creating Phoenix failed, with humanity soon turning on the fledgling organization. The failure and betrayal darkened Hadari's heart, and in a few short years, Hadari and Nyusatsu fought to the death. Both soon presumed dead, The Grand Eye was rendered sullen for many years by this, and watched their descendants and the later generations of Phoenix with great animosity, eventually banishing them.

After many long years, his patience with the organization and many increasingly unfortunate events have inspired the long time isolationist to begin more drastic means of ensuring the peace of both the Empire and the realms...

Relationships Edit

Spiritwood Clan Edit

The Spiritwood have long had a place in The Grand Eye's heart, he looks after and ensures their survival, given their relationship with his broken family.

Dragonclaw Clan Edit

The Dragonclaw family has long had a place in his heart, especially because they remind him of his dearest daughter Nyusatsu.

Shinwa Dragonclaw Edit

The Grand Eye has deep loathing for Shinwa after everything she has done, from defiling the divine to several counts of murder, to tearing apart her own family for blind and selfish reasons. He views her as a vile chaos upon the world that must be expunged and punished for her countless heinous crimes.

Kado Spiritwood Edit

The Grand Eye disliked the boy's involvement in Phoenix's affairs, but realized a long time ago what manner of heart he possessed, and forgave his past life. He opted to try and help the fledgling hybrid on his long difficult journey through life. The long painful road the boy endured give the emperor painful memories of his own family, and gave way to a soft spot that caused the emperor to secretly check in on Kado's affairs. After the events that have lead to the destruction of Echo, the Grand Eye will no doubt be enraged and deep in sorrow over the boy's fate.

Hadari Edit

Nyusatsu Edit

Azayakana Edit

Powers Edit

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