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The Five Kingdoms of Shadow are the five city states conquered by and serve as a haven for the Chaos Engine race, each city ruled by one of Abeni's Five Shadows, Moegara, Sylles, Kanda, Ryoka, and Yasei. The Kingdoms of Shadow are subservient to the Original Four Lambdas and their authority. The cities are located on Earth along the various Gates to Fantasy.

A Favor Granted, a Debt Owed Edit

Without warning, Moegara warps into her palace with Naomi, Reveryn, and Torem in tow. "Make yourselves at home, your friends are already in their rooms and dinner will be served shortly!" With this, she skips off to the kitchen to see how Mora is doing with dinner.

Before she Moegar knows it, she sees Tori running down the hallway with his hands flailing in the air and looks like he's been cut down his abdomen as there's a huge blood streak across his chest

Torikkumasuta: SQUAAAAAAAAAAAKKKK! *he runs past Moegara*

She grabs him with an ironclad grip. "No running in the palace."

Torikkumasuta: *continues to flail his hands* SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAKK!

Torem: What's with all the squaking?

Reveryn: Ooo, I remember when I first let a bird in my room. It was nice little thing.

She heals the wound and sits him down.

Naomi looks around, nervous. "Where are we exactly?"

"My palace, your friend with the dragon blood wished to find you. Ah, I should let her know." She inspects Mora's handiwork regarding dinner. "How is it coming sweetie?"

She sees that Mora is leaning up against the wall panting and breathing. She has a stab wound in the middle of her chest and one of her horns have been cut off. What she sees next is the entire room is in a mess. Food and blood everywhere, furniture all torn up, and cracks in the wall. She then sees Akami untop of a blond make, and is proceeding to furiously punch him the face, while Obi was crouched down on a dresser with a plate of food laughing and eating at what was transpiring currently.

The temperature seems to rise very, very, very sharply.

"Stop." Her word is a command, less a request. The air feels very heavy as a crimson aura is flowing from her.

"What is going on?"

Akami gets off of the blonde male with her hands bloodied up.

Obi: Comes a blonde, comes trouble. They're like black cats humanized. *puts another spoonful in his mouth*

Akami: My stupid-ass brother decided to bust in, sword-blazing, and cut up everything like he playing Fruit Ninja!

The male's face is bloodied and swollen as he tries to get to his feet shakily

Without a word, she points at Mora and a bolt of healing restores the damage done to her.

"Has he harmed anyone else?" She growls.

Akami: Harmed?! This motherfucker was out to kill! *puts her foot on his back and forces him back the ground* Almost killed Tori and tried to kill that chick over there!

Obi: Bruh, you shoulda seen it, man. Your "daughter" was comin' in with our food, right? Spaghetti,green beans, mashed-potatoes, wiht garlic bread. She sat it down for us all polite-like and just as soon as we were about to take our first bites and as your servant girl was just about to open the door. Points at the blonde male* This motherfucker slices off the corner of the door along with this blonde's horn with it, bust through that door, knocking your house hoe back against the wall and stabbed her in between her abdominal abyss. The birdman was the first to stand and became and easy target and cut down the middle from his shoulder down at an angle. The birdman fell back and landed on the table and food went flyin' with the blood. The bird man sulked for a minute and Akami went and chased this motherfucker all across the room, tearin' EVERYTHANG up! Until she finally got her hands on 'em and proceeded to fuck his face up! And that was what happened. Cause you ain't smart enough to put the pieces together yourself.

"I thoguht...You were all...In danger...'

Obi: HA! I'm not sure what gave you that notion!

"The Slums...were empty...No one...Was there..."

Obi: Oh riiiiiight. Well. If it makes you feel any better, which it probably wont, We appreciate you checking up on us.

Akami: What we don't appreciate is you acting like you got no cotdamn sense! *pushes her foot down harder*

"Stop. I will punish this infidel." Moegara's voice is dark and demonic.

Akami: No need. I already got 'em.

Reveryn: Yo' I'm hearin' a whole lot of voices. Is everything oka-

Reveryn looks into the room and sees the mess.

Reveryn: Uuummmmm...'Ey family, how's it going?

Obi: Meh, this place is boring as hell. I ain't really into Utopias or nice-ass palaces and shit. I'm a simple man, I like simple things...Lika...Lika cabin or somethin'! Or maybe a basement under someone elses house with a cozy bed for one. Oh, and Seg's fate lies in our hands as we speak.

Reveryn: *looks down at Segura* Dang dude, I tried to tell you, you needed to change your perspective on things; else you were gonna get messed up. Also, did you leave? I don't think I've seen you for awhile. Where'd you go?

Segura: Another....World...

Reveryn: Ah cool. How was it?

Segura: I...Couldn't tell you...

Torem looks in the room and sees the mess but that apparently doesn't bother her. What is bothering her is Tori is staring adamantly at her face in fascination.

Torem; Aaaaand who is this?

Akami: That's Torikkumasuta. Or just call him Tori, whichever works for you. *looks at Torem's changes* You too, huh...

Torem: *looks at Akami's changes* I guess so...

Torikkumasuta: *slowly inches closer to Torem's cheek and pecks it with his nose* Peck.

Torem: *slowly turns to Tori, obviously weirded out*

Torikkumasuta: ......You'resopreeeeehhty.

Torem: ....Why am I always attracting weirdos...?

Reveryn: Alright, Dad. Since we're all here, what do we do know.

Obi: I'll tell you what we do! We go to my vacation home in the rural south! We lay low, make s'mores, recouperate, figure out our next move, sing campfire songs, man-handle wild animals, hunt for Bigfoot, and the some! Le's go everyone! We're leavin' this bitch! *walks towards up to Torem*

Akami moves on the other side of Segura and kicks him over to Torem. She follows the rest of them as they huddle around Torem

Akami: Thanks bringing my family over and letting us visit. You really didn't have to do it, but I appreciate it. *looks down at Segura* And you. *kicks his chin up and grabs Segura's hair and has him face Moegara* Say you're sorry.

Segura: ......

Akami: Say.... It...

Segura: I...I...I'm....Sorry.....

Akami: We all know you are. *throws him on the ground*

Mora: Your apology is accepted...

Akami: It wasn't an apology. That was him admitting what he is. *puts her hand on Torem's shoulder*

Obi: *hops into Torem's arms*

Torikkumasuta: *clings on to Torem's side with both arms and legs and lays his head on her other shoulder*

Reveryn: *holds onto Torem's arm*

The Gilded City Edit

Kagerou's travels with the others eventually takes them to a gold clad city, marvelous in its design.

"Ah, the rumor was real. Well, I think my work here is done. Hic."

Nihil seems a little confused. "Looks a little over the top in my opinion."

"Very... Utopian in it's design, sure. But we've came from more 'extravagant' places, Nihil." Razeth head turns towards the sea. "We could dock the ship just above the waters but we're going to need permission aren't we?"

Silent Angel looks at the city. "There's not a good way to check if they are... ...hang on a moment I am picking someone up... ...It seems another Lambda is present, but at present it feels as though they are... ...quite angry," He says as a pillar of hellfire erupts from the palace roof.

"Very, very angry."

Nihil blinks. "Are you sure its a good idea to stay here?"

Kagerou cheers. "Yeaaaaaa explosions! It seems like the best idea eveeeeeer!"

Silent Angel blinks. "That depends if these are friendly Chaos Engines on our side or loyalists. We can only hope for the best."

"Well since you're the Chaos Engines, ill let you negotiate with your own kind." Nihil shrugs.

"I see no issue with that." Silent Angel responds, while Kagerou just drunkedly cackles.

"...Lead the way?"

Razeth leans in towards Nihil, whispering. "How strong is that stuff?"

Nihil whispers back. "It's the same thing that made Jarkara wake up ten planets away after drinking it and blacking out."

"...Fantastic, so we're going to be dealing with this for a while then."

Kagerou wraps an arm around Nihil's shoulder with a larg grin. "What say we hit the town and find some lady friends eh? I will even make you honorary wingmaaaaan..."

Nihil nervously laughs. "I like the idea of that but you're probably a little too out of it to even find 'the town'. That and I don't know you at all."

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