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The Five Kingdoms of Shadow are the five city states conquered by and serve as a haven for the Chaos Engine race, each city ruled by one of Abeni's Five Shadows, Moegara, Sylles, Kanda, Ryoka, and Yasei. The Kingdoms of Shadow are subservient to the Original Four Lambdas and their authority. The cities are located on Earth along the various Gates to Fantasy.

A Favor Granted, a Debt Owed Edit

Without warning, Moegara warps into her palace with Naomi, Reveryn, and Torem in tow. "Make yourselves at home, your friends are already in their rooms and dinner will be served shortly!" With this, she skips off to the kitchen to see how Mora is doing with dinner.

Before she Moegara knows it, she sees Tori running down the hallway with his hands flailing in the air and looks like he's been cut down his abdomen as there's a huge blood streak across his chest

Torikkumasuta: SQUAAAAAAAAAAAKKKK! *he runs past Moegara*

She grabs him with an ironclad grip. "No running in the palace."

Torikkumasuta: *continues to flail his hands* SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAKK!

Torem: What's with all the squawking?

Reveryn: Ooo, I remember when I first let a bird in my room. It was nice little thing.

She heals the wound and sits him down.

Naomi looks around, nervous. "Where are we exactly?"

"My palace, your friend with the dragon blood wished to find you. Ah, I should let her know." She inspects Mora's handiwork regarding dinner. "How is it coming sweetie?"

She sees that Mora is leaning up against the wall panting and breathing. She has a stab wound in the middle of her chest and one of her horns have been cut off. What she sees next is the entire room is in a mess. Food and blood everywhere, furniture all torn up, and cracks in the wall. She then sees Akami on top of a blond male, and is proceeding to furiously punch him the face, while Obi was crouched down on a dresser with a plate of food laughing and eating at what was transpiring currently.

The temperature seems to rise very, very, very sharply.

"Stop." Her word is a command, less a request. The air feels very heavy as a crimson aura is flowing from her.

"What is going on?"

Akami gets off of the blonde male with her hands bloodied up.

Obi: Comes a blonde, comes trouble. They're like black cats humanized. *puts another spoonful in his mouth*

Akami: My stupid-ass brother decided to bust in, sword-blazing, and cut up everything like he playing Fruit Ninja!

The male's face is bloodied and swollen as he tries to get to his feet shakily

Without a word, she points at Mora and a bolt of healing restores the damage done to her.

"Has he harmed anyone else?" She growls.

Akami: Harmed?! This motherfucker was out to kill! *puts her foot on his back and forces him back the ground* Almost killed Tori and tried to kill that chick over there!

Obi: Bruh, you shoulda seen it, man. Your "daughter" was comin' in with our food, right? Spaghetti,green beans, mashed-potatoes, wiht garlic bread. She sat it down for us all polite-like and just as soon as we were about to take our first bites and as your servant girl was just about to open the door. Points at the blonde male* This motherfucker slices off the corner of the door along with this blonde's horn with it, bust through that door, knocking your house hoe back against the wall and stabbed her in between her abdominal abyss. The birdman was the first to stand and became and easy target and cut down the middle from his shoulder down at an angle. The birdman fell back and landed on the table and food went flyin' with the blood. The bird man sulked for a minute and Akami went and chased this motherfucker all across the room, tearin' EVERYTHANG up! Until she finally got her hands on 'em and proceeded to fuck his face up! And that was what happened. Cause you ain't smart enough to put the pieces together yourself.

"I thought...You were all...In danger...'

Obi: HA! I'm not sure what gave you that notion!

"The Slums...were empty...No one...Was there..."

Obi: Oh riiiiiight. Well. If it makes you feel any better, which it probably wont, We appreciate you checking up on us.

Akami: What we don't appreciate is you acting like you got no cotdamn sense! *pushes her foot down harder*

"Stop. I will punish this infidel." Moegara's voice is dark and demonic.

Akami: No need. I already got 'em.

Reveryn: Yo' I'm hearin' a whole lot of voices. Is everything oka-

Reveryn looks into the room and sees the mess.

Reveryn: Uuummmmm...'Ey family, how's it going?

Obi: Meh, this place is boring as hell. I ain't really into Utopias or nice-ass palaces and shit. I'm a simple man, I like simple things...Lika...Lika cabin or somethin'! Or maybe a basement under someone else's house with a cozy bed for one. Oh, and Seg's fate lies in our hands as we speak.

Reveryn: *looks down at Segura* Dang dude, I tried to tell you, you needed to change your perspective on things; else you were gonna get messed up. Also, did you leave? I don't think I've seen you for awhile. Where'd you go?

Segura: Another....World...

Reveryn: Ah cool. How was it?

Segura: I...Couldn't tell you...

Torem looks in the room and sees the mess but that apparently doesn't bother her. What is bothering her is Tori is staring adamantly at her face in fascination.

Torem; Aaaaand who is this?

Akami: That's Torikkumasuta. Or just call him Tori, whichever works for you. *looks at Torem's changes* You too, huh...

Torem: *looks at Akami's changes* I guess so...

Torikkumasuta: *slowly inches closer to Torem's cheek and pecks it with his nose* Peck.

Torem: *slowly turns to Tori, obviously weirded out*

Torikkumasuta: ......You'resopreeeeehhty.

Torem: ....Why am I always attracting weirdos...?

Reveryn: Alright, Dad. Since we're all here, what do we do know.

Obi: I'll tell you what we do! We go to my vacation home in the rural south! We lay low, make s'mores, recouperate, figure out our next move, sing campfire songs, man-handle wild animals, hunt for Bigfoot, and the some! Le's go everyone! We're leavin' this bitch! *walks towards up to Torem*

Akami moves on the other side of Segura and kicks him over to Torem. She follows the rest of them as they huddle around Torem

Akami: Thanks bringing my family over and letting us visit. You really didn't have to do it, but I appreciate it. *looks down at Segura* And you. *kicks his chin up and grabs Segura's hair and has him face Moegara* Say you're sorry.

Segura: ......

Akami: Say.... It...

Segura: I...I...I'm....Sorry.....

Akami: We all know you are. *throws him on the ground*

Mora: Your apology is accepted...

Akami: It wasn't an apology. That was him admitting what he is. *puts her hand on Torem's shoulder*

Obi: *hops into Torem's arms*

Torikkumasuta: *clings on to Torem's side with both arms and legs and lays his head on her other shoulder*

Reveryn: *holds onto Torem's arm*

Moegara's form begins to blacken with red spark and embers flickering off of her. "Mora. Go to your room."

"Yes ma'am" Mora leaves the room.

Akami notices Moegara's state. "Wait guys. Lets not leave yet."

Tori notices the embers coming off of Moegara and gasps. "Oh no! The red lady's on fire! Ill save you red lady!" Tori jumps off of Torem and ends up hit his head on the ceiling, then falls on the ground unconscious"

Akami sighs

Reveryn notices aswell "Yea the birdman's right. Is everything okay, ma'am?"

Moegara's body flares with crimson flames and great bellows of frozen air as her skin becomes akin to obsidian glass, half of her body spewing demonic flames with the other erupting in bursts of wintry cold, gaining six arms in total imbued with fire and ice, each armed with tridents radiating pure malevolence.

Her wings are jet black shadows, and much of her countenance is blackened beyond even normal darkness. The sensation in the air drops to incredibly frigid supernatural cold levels, with a deep, oppressive, miserable sensation of dread, the mark of the presence of a true demon. Even the most iron willed of the group feels this dread, with Segura being the least affected, but individuals of a more human or mortal nature feel this dread the most, especially Obi.

"You butchered my daughter like a pig... now it's your turn, your turn to feel damnation for all eternity, to suffer the retribution of Hell! Even worse, you just turn your back on me after I offered you so much, yet slandered me, in my own halls! And now, you think you can just leave?! Insolence! You will all pay, but not before I strip the flesh from your bones, and show you what REAL pain is like!!!" Her voice rumbles forth, inhuman and vicious, like the voice of a beast, like steel upon steel, raking agonizingly and slowly, the sound of fear itself.

Akami face hardens "I admit,we wronged you to some degree. And I apologize for it. That was very inconsiderate of us. But don't act like we are the ones who hurt your daughter."

"If that thing is your daughter!" Obi shouts from over Torem's shoulder

Akami takes two steps forward."You are the one who left her unprotected with three strangers you don't even know on a first name basis. You left her as our host without knowing what all could've transpired while you were gone. You were responsible for her well-being. You left her to cook and cater to three adults you found treading the desert. You put your daughter in a position to get hurt or worst." Akami motions her hand towards Torem. "Torem does a better job sitting in front my dad's room all day. And she doesn't have to do anything really. Just keep him company"

"It's still very much a stressful job." Torem adds

"You may have offered but that doesn't mean I accepted shit from you. I owe you nothing. You get all mad and make all the excuses you want. But nothings going to change that your daughter almost died because of your ignorance. Your daughter didn't ask for this...She did it for you...To make you proud...Looks like it was as worth it as she thought...It almost cost her, her life... If still wanna try and send us to Hell, I'll tell you, we aren't going easy. So whateeeeever you wanna do, lady..." Akami folds her arms waiting for Moegara to do something.

Moegara merely points a trident and Akami begins to float in the air. Whipping the weapon to one side, Akami is flung across the room and her head slams into the wall.

"I know exactly who you are, Akami Stormman, Obi Stormman, and Reveryrn, and while I knew the ape was slow as molasses, you on the other hand... you have no excuse. Nor does your 'brother', whom I will be killing with great pleasure. Get up! Get up and take responsibility for your brother's crimes, since you feel so inclined to protect him from me!"

Akami manages to to use her hands to decrease the damage. "I'll take responsibility for my brother when you take responsibility of your kid. You don't know a thing about us as we don't know much about you. I have not uttered and excuse to you. You are the one fishing for some. The reason you feel so inclined to fight. I apologized for almost ditching you like this. But I ain't responsible for that fool, cause I'm willing to bet, no one has seen him in months."

Torem agrees "Nah"

Reveryn agrees "No"

"I KNOOOOW this bitch ain't call me a ape! Come say it to my face and see what happens!"

Tori wakes up abruptly and stands, "I'm wide awake!"

"And I ain't protecting him. I don't care what you do with Segura. But one thing I'd hate to ask you, is to not kill him. He's still my... brother."

"Even though we could've live without him!' Obi yells over Torem's his shoulder

Obi begins to experience a deep chill, the air getting so cold his muscles are locking up and freezing, barring the ability to speak and causing severe nerve pain.

Meanwhile the effort shatters Akami's hands, leaving them useless, still receiving head trauma from the impact force.

"I call a piece of filth who insults me under my own hearth whatever I please. For one so obsessed with obedience of house rules you sure can't follow them. As for that remark Akami, do you really think I wouldn't offer you such a gift if I didn't have a good impression of your character? I know plenty about you child, more about you than even you would know about you yourself."

"And that'll never change. If you truly know that much about, then I want you to answer me this question. Don't dismiss with "that's irrelevant" or "you don't deserve the answer" or just throw me across the wall again". I need you to answer this: When was the last moment of my childhood?"

Moegara flicks her wrist and one of the tridents impales her in the heart.

"Just now, because you never stopped being one. Oh, that didn't actually answer your question. To which, I respond simply. How literally are you talking? Because there's when your parents gave you away to the little pig, your life traveling with the pig, or even more metaphorical answers... You *are* talking to an ex-demoness, it's not like I can't just divine the answer with my power anyway...

But I hope this clarifies something for you... I choose you because you reminded me for a time of my mistress, and saw that you were slipping off your path. Just like she saved me, I wanted to save you. It's clear though...'re already broken, nothing left to save. I really don't know why I bothered with you and the Junkyosha Party, I should have just let you all rot.

Damn me for trying to be better than I was, right? Damn me for wanting to live a good, better life than the shallow bog of meaninglessness I used to live, to be a better person. Turns out being a decent person just doesn't pay..."

Moegara says this all with a neutral tone, but her eyes tell a very different story. Disappointment, coldness, disgust. She looks at the others. "Who's next?"

All Obi and Torem grimaces at her for a moment. Reveryn and Torikkumasuta are a struck in shock.

"You are."

Moegara sidesteps Akami's attempted stab and just before she can rip off her arm flora-like tendrils wrap around Moegara's wrist and holds her hand back. The tendrils originating from Torem.

"Stop it, lady. Are you really that petty that you'd rather have us dead than to be with your daughter right now? But I guess once you go to Hell, you really don't come back.If that's your mentality."

The vines only burn up on getting remotely close

The vines are unfazed by her flames an keeps her hand back. The tendrils pulls Moegara back and she soon finds herself in a black void. She soon hears some yelling and soon Obi comes into the food and falls on his face.

Obi scurries to his feet "Cotda-" Obi looks and sees Moegara "Well, well, well to the well, well, well. Two parents. One empty space. The best place to play the game of "Not Giving A Fuck". You know this work, we beat, break, and mutilate, burn, freeze, curse, condemn, destroy, build, destroy, etcetera each other and either ignore it or pretend it never happened. For example I'm supposed to be frozen, right? You also said you know me." Obi takes his thumb and stabs his. other arm and runs his arm across it. Black and pink ooze comes out of his arm all slushified. "If you knew me, then you'd know you can't freeze acid." Obi smirks "But hey, demons tell no truths. And blonde demons will just say whatever to hold relevance. So, ready continue this game or naw?"

"That's more than enough," rings a clear, young voice as the void dissipates. "You've caused enough harm, human." The voice seems to focus on Obi, then change its focus to Moegara. "I'm not going to say forgive the mortals, but butchering them like cattle will only lead to more unrest." The voice focuses back on Obi. "You've a lot of gall to say your choice of action is the fault of another, especially when they meant you no harm and you instead chose to harm one close to them rather than asking questions or asking to leave. And before you mention anything like retribution, losing one of your own after harming the child of another is retribution, her anger is far more justifiable than your indifference and inability to reign in your so called family." The owner of the voice materializes in a mote of green as a young man with black hair with bright green highlights and equally bright green eyes. He appears to be in his lower teens but carries himself as if he is far older. His attire is a dark grey, with a beige overcoat covering much of his torso, leaving his black pants and grey boots visible. His hands, or at least the one visible, appear to be gloved and at his side rests a brilliant green sword that rather quickly fades to a stony grey color. Moegara feels as if there is something unsettlingly familiar yet different about this person, whereas Obi feels an overwhelming amount of danger radiating from him, his self preservation outright telling him to still his tongue lest he be torn asunder.

"If you knew me, then youd know you cant freeze acid." Obi smirks "But hey, demons tell no truths. And blonde demons will just say whatever to hold relevance. So, ready continue this game or naw?"

Moegara seems to bristle with deep fury, her form briefly turning star like in terms of its harsh heat, before becoming the complete reverse in a blast of artic chill. She emerges in a pure black, ice like state, her form seemingly absorbing any heat in the area. In fact, hardly any light reflects off of her, resulting in an almost perfect true darkness.

"...Does this apply to curses of ill fortune?" Her voice comes off as cold and dark as her own form. "If you say butchering is off the table, does a more minor punishment befit the situation? Or do you demand I release them with naught a hair touched?" To Obi's perspective, she seems to have calmed, but the newcomer is not fooled by her lucid rage.

"A less... Vengeful punishment would suffice. Curse them, damn them, even harm them as is your right, but only to the extent that equals the pain inflicted upon you. Any further and you will feel no better," he returns, glancing at Obi. "Accept your punishment and leave. Any attempts at lashing out will not be tolerate as you and your kin are in the wrong." He looks back at Moegara. "That being said, remember that not all of them are responsible for the harm that befell your child as you mete out judgment."

Moegara seems to ponder, before oddly a dark smile crosses her lips. "Oh they're free to go... no harm unto them... only if they leave behind the dragon girl and the one who tried to butcher my Mora. And are banished from my grounds and from laying eyes upon the two for ad infinitum. Else... I will take the tongue of the obscene one, the power of the dragon girl, the ability to move from the butcher, and the lambda must submit to becoming my servant, and all receive six hour's lashings in the public square."

"Oh, and the obscene one must choose between the two."

Obi looks at them for a moment for a moment with a weirds scrunched-up expression. " First off, who the hell are you?"

"The one lightly advocating for you," says the person, eyes simply piercing through Obi. "To you, my name is of no concern."

"Oh good. Cause you're right. You are of no concern. Cause let me ask you, why are you even here? What was so important about this situation that some random-ass dude, decided to show up? Was this conflict shaking the balance of the universe? Were you just waltzin' on buy and decided to but in on a conflict you obviously weren't invited to? This is an conflict between parents and no one asked for your twenty dollars on this. So you can take it, and give it to an orphanage or a charity or or pizza place with a tip jar on the counter. Cause it's certainly needed here, Man of No Concern."

The man just laughs... And then Obi begins to feel dizzy. His ears ring more and more and his balance gives out. "I've been here the entire time, present and not. I simply wished to, shall we say, make things less cruel on you. The lady of this land has no need to heed my words, but would you rather she not?" He looks at Moegara and she sees quite clearly that his eyes are cold despite the vibrant glow they seem to have. "Shall I rescind my words, lady?"

"That depends if you think the mole rat can see out of its own arsehole to be capable of repentance or if punishment even means anything to such a creature."

"I wonder..." the man's eyes grow colder, like frozen brilliant jewels. "Loss may tell."

The moment Obi hears this, he leaps to his feet and headbutt the newcomer making him skid back a few feet. "There's no escaping from you, sadist. And it just had to be the day where my family was reunited after almost getting killed. My first witnessed a dude she was too good for essentially die and saw his world get blown up, the second...was in another world? I'm not sure how that went. My third almost got killed by her ex-daddy, and my fourth almost got his guys guts ripped from chick he was being nice too. And then my soon-to-be fifth son got lost and separated from whatever group he was apart and almost got Fruit Ninja'd by my second son! That and my big girl had to come back and that everything she put into that bullshit dream of hers just get wasted away, cause she wasted her time on a dude who wasn't worth it...My fourth almost died by a girl who wasn't worth it...My third almost died from a father who wasn't worth it...My second...I can't say much for him...My first apologized on the behalf of her dumbass brother and on her own for not apologizing herself and was even willing to make it up to you on her brother's behalf. But, not a surprise, you too stupid to take it. You're own daughter tried to make the better for both parties. But you weren't satisfied. She basically forgave us. But you put your own feelings above her own. That's how I know the kid ain't yours. She simply just couldn't...I've been fighting people like you for ages and ages...and ages...And ages upon those ages.I'm not trying to garner sympathy from you. But my kids don't need this mess. Neither do "yours"...Since I know you don't intend on anyone leaving here without some sort punishment. Then take me. Let my kids leave your place and never comeback and you can see what all can hurt me. I know with mind like yours, you oughta have ideas for me."

"Then reign them in better. Regardless of whether or not you see their every action, they are your responsibility and you, who know right from wrong, should be able to tell them that, You don't let your children attack the children of others especially if you're aware of the situation and they aren't," says the man, side stepping Obi without looking at him. "You should know an apology means nothing to the bereaved and wronged when the blow strikes deeply, hence me advocating for a lesser punishment for you rather than watching in silence and letting you be slaughtered like animals. A parent, regardless of the age of their children and their maturity, has the ability to tell their children what they believe is right and, when words do not work, show them the correct path. That you fail to see this despite taking care of so many shows that you've much to learn as a caretaker and parent."

"Then you obviously haven't met my kids. You can spend a hundred years

"Sir. Sir please. This is between me and her now. Between us parents. You are still of no concern. Again, take your twenty dollars and give it to someone who needs it. There are better causes to support than this one, dude"

"...I've had about enough. This little farce is over," Moegara's voice speaks from the direction of the throne in the center of the room, and with this, a sharp piercing sensation can be felt in the air, as the palace, nay, the whole city blackens and takes on an appearance befitting a demonic overlord, a palpable malevolence in the air. Moegara's very speech seems substantially different, as though the subtle inflections of her more gentle side had eroded, replaced with a razor edge devoid of both mercy and empathy.

Turning toward the throne, Moegara's appearance seems different as well, her face ashen, her eyes a dull red, while her blonde hair is the same, it lacks radiance. Her liberal choice of clothing has been replaced with dark iron armor showing none of her figure, any playfulness has drained from her presence, a dull, serious, if not depraved sensation. Her large angelic wings are vast, and jet black, her tail's blade is more wicked and cruel in appearance.

She raps the armrest of her throne with her long claws as she stares down the Party.

"I'll save myself the trouble of debate with you miserable lot, it seems I was wrong to doubt my lady in regards to the worthiness of human kind, nay, I'll go further as to say you are true vermin, nipping at things because you can, lacking any decency or meaning in your scurrying. Believe me though, I tried. I wanted to uplift your little grassroots group of nobodies because I wanted to prove something to myself, silence the doubts, if you will.

I had entertained letting bygones be bygones if it came to you rejecting my offer, little halfblood, but your 'brother' sealed you and your family's fate. You will be sent to the prisons, upon the first light of dawn, you will be brought to the square and put to the guillotine. And you and your blonde son will be the last to taste its steel. You can watch them all die, die for your gross arrogance.

While I shall not lay a hand on your species unless they dare approach my borders, I shall never treat with your kind again, thanks to you. Let it be known that the Junkyosha Party destroyed unity between man and myth alike, forever, and they were put to death for their deeds. History will remember you as the destroyers of that future, not its purveyors, this I swear. That is the punishment I have deemed for you- -a swift death, with your legacy forever stained in dishonor. Take them away." She intones to her guards.

She glances at the stranger. "That one is not related. Leave him be."

"...Humans can be better than the example that lot made," he says after the others are escorted out. "I won't say give them a second chance, but not all humans act like beasts and bite the hand that tries to feed them."

"I've seen plenty enough of them as it is. My people are my only concern now. I suppose, thank you, is in order. That being said it leaves me to wonder what other reasons do you have for intervening on my behalf?"

Moegara seems to lean back into her throne, relaxing only a small amount. "I need to confer with the other Shadows and tell them the... ...disappointing news."

"Watching things play out far similar to the past is bothersome," he says after a moment. "It seems that one person cannot stop the arrogance of others from leading to the repetition of history."

"So you don't intend to be entirely honest but enough to answer the base question. To be expected I guess." She closes her eyes. "Well I am sure that things will continue to be taxing... is there anything else or shall you be on your way?"

"Tell your lady that soon, her partner may return from his self-imposed exile," he says as the sword at his side glows a bright green and he walks forward, fading away as he does so.

Moegara strokes her chin. "I suppose I had better check on those three..."

Moegara also disappears after the Party, minus Rev and Tori, are taken to their cells.

Torriku is in a small panic "Oh no...My soon-to-be-family is soon-to-be-dead...What do we do, soon-to-be-brother? What do we do?!"

Reveryn is abit at a standstill. "I'm not so sure about you, bird man. But Imma do something about it. And it might get me killed in the end. But it's high-time I save them for a change. Even if I end up failing. I'm going to be gone for a little bit. You do whatever until then, bird man. I'll be back before tomorrow." With that being said Reveryn runs out the room.

Torikku looks out the doorway at Reveryn. "Where are you going?"

"Home!" Reveryn exclaims back. After a few moments Reveryn makes his ways out of the city and into the desert.

Meanwhile in the cells

Akami and Obi are sitting on opposites sides of each other, criss-crossed. Obi with his arms crossed and Akami with her face buried in her hands. Segura is lying in the middle of them, still hurt. They sit there for a moment in silence until-

"When did it all go wrong?" Akami says with her hands still covering her face

"You know when." Obi says simply

Akami uncovers her face. "Dad, I know you didn't like them, but there ain't no for you blame them for what's gonna happen to us."

"Akami, Tell me. How bad was it before they came?" Obi asks

"It was rather fine. We hit some rough patches here and there but we still made. And it was the same way with Kado and them."

"Then you ain't doin' nothing but makin' excuses for them. They ain't do shit for us ever since they arrived. Tell me what good they all did while they were with us." Obi ask

"Can't name much on the back of my head since I just came back from an entire world be destroyed!" Akami exclaims

"You can't name any cause they ain't do nothin' but mooch of us! You can tell cause they ain't even stay that long!" Obi exclaims

"Cause they had other things to deal with!" Akami exclaims.

"That also goes to show, we ain't mean shit to 'em." Obi says

"We took them in because they needed our help. They needed refuge and we had it." Akami says

"Just because they need help, doesn't mean we give it! Some people you just don't help. Cause you might not be the one to make a difference in that person.Their problems became our problems and now, everyone is dead because we gave a care!" Obi exclaims

"The Junkyosha Party takes in all and every." Akami says

"Yea, those who are oppressed based up their beliefs! Because they refuse to conform to the pattern of this world! Not people going through identity crisisies and self-esteem problems and shit! You go to a guidance counseler for that mess, not equal-rights activists!" Obi exclaims

"We let them in because they, like everyone else, were outcasts. You told me that God want's us to help those we see struggle. Especially when we can help them. Regardless of what happens to us. The Junkyosha Party is a thankless endeavor." Akami says

"A Vain one at that too. Cause le me tell, you've busted your ass, sweated blood, broke bones, and had your heart broke for the Junkyosha Party for decades, just so you could get somewhere in making a difference this hate-filled world called Earth. You turn your back and leave to help a stranger in need, you come back and it's all gone, only to find someone else not only stole your dream but achieved more than you in mere months even by an alternate method. Thay's not counting what all hapened in Kado's world. All you know is that you failed to save him. He didn't even need you. If he did, he would've invited you before he thought about leaving. And I'm willing to bet, you were little to no help to him all the while you were there. The only reason he kept you around was to milk any form of usefulness you had. You were just a footstool for him. You gave him all that you could and he would've left you dry." Obi says.

"He thanked us!" Akami says

"His 'thanks' means just as much as our 'apologies' to the demon blonde! They only want us for what we're good for and what we're not good for, they'll take whatever satifies them." Obi says.

"That's not how he saw me!" Akami exclaims

"Wasn't it? Because it's alot better than how you look now. You couldn't help him, you couldn't stop him! Why? Cause you weren't strong enough! The same woman who bench presses mountains for excercise, could stop a mile-long train dead in it's tracks and send the whole thing flying over her head, lead a militia of 200 unexperienced men to fight 600 of the M.C.C.Ps expendables and won! You got swallowed by a kaiju and literally tied it's stomach in a knot! FROM THE IN-SIDE! So how the hell did you not save him?"

"I...I don't know..."

"I know why! Because you were biting off more than you could chew and that dude ended up having to save you! And from there you became so much of a train-wreck that a power beyond comprehension had to give you of all people, unlocked power...potential...mess, because it could smell your weakness, in that moment! And even with that, what good is that power? That demon lady could woman-handle in minutes! So in reality, you're no better off now than you were before you got back! And I'm willing to be, he put you through more when he died than he lived! Cause what all did he instill in you? What good, positive things did he instill in your soul?"

Akami is silent as she tries to think

"See? There was nothing, cause you were already down-packed before he died! So how is it you feel for this dude so much we almost barely constitutes as friend? And no need for you to answer that, I already know the answer: You get too attached too easily. You leave yourself wide open for dissapointments and broken hearts. And that's where you are now." Obi says

"Why do you hate them?" Akami asks

A solemn air comes across them now as it's silent

"I don't hate them. I'd never let any stupe me so low as to hate them. But what I do hate is what they did to you. To us... They talk about how they despise those who abuse the kindness of others, yet there they are. You and your brothers and sister have done nothing but give to those guys and all they gave back to you were broken souls and broken bodies...You almost died in Kado's world and there would've been no one left to tell me what happened to my little red girl...My boy almost got his guts ripped out by a girl he liked....My other son went to another world too and same things go for him...He would've died and I ouldn't have know...My other daughter almost got killed by her biological daddy, I managed to save her but barely...And then me...The only place where I felt a tinge of happiness was in my own dreams. Pff. Which isn't any better, but I enjoyed myself there. And she burnt them...I saw them die this time...Before my very eyes. And now. They really are dead. I had no memories of them. But all I had was the dream of who they were. What they were like. What I could've been...And she burnt it all. If I knew hate when I see it.."

"What happened, Dad? Who did that to you?" Akami asks

"Then there was another who came and just...Left. Almost killed me too, but there probably wasn't much she could do about that. Speaking of left, what happened to the fox girl?" Obi asks

"I wouldn't know." Akami says

"She no doubt probably ditched us just like the rest of them." Obi says

"We were just fine until all this otherwordly mess just came and...." Obi sighs "I don't believe anyone deserves anything or anyone other than death. But you kids...I want so much for you kids...Even you Segura. By tomorrow, you'll get it though."

Akami and Obi are silent for a moment

"Dad, I remember you had told me as we had faith in the Lord, we have no bad days." Akami says

Obi puts on a half smile "Yea. I sure did say that."

"You also said that all things work together for good. Us dying tomorrow, would've benefitted some, whether we see it or not. And I don't mean the demon lady." Akami says

"That reminds me. We haven't really prayed in awhile, have we?" Obi asks

Akami smiles "We sure haven't."

Obi and Akami put their hands together and cloes their eyes.

Obi begins to pray "Gracious, Heavenly Father for the life you've given us. We have been through the many trials of life. We loved. We lost. We conquered. We fallen. We find it hard to let go of what we've been through before. To let go of the hurt people we cared caused us. To let go of the ones we cared but lost to the sands of time. Even now, this family has probably reached the end of its rope. We are sad, yet we shouldn't be. You tell us, we mourn for the birth, but rejoice in death. In birth, we come into sin. In death, we are free from it. There are so many things I need to thank you for, Lord. But you already know what's on my heart. We come to ask for your forgiveness and give thanks.I ask you to bless what's left of my family and I ask that you bless Kado, Shinwa, Naomi, Nerai, Zwei and even the demon lady. Wherever they are. Please guide them. I may not of liked half of them, but they need you in their life, whether they realize it or not. And if I'm leaving this world tomorrow, I'm leaving all my bagage today. In Jesus name we pray, Amen."

"Amen." says Akami

Without warning, black static interference begins to flicker violenty across their vision, and Akami and Obi seem to make out a figure amidst the distortion in their vision, somehow familiar...

Obi and Akami are taken back at what they're seeing

"What the mess is happening?!" Akami asks

"Either the Lord has come for us early or it's that otherwordly mess I was talking about earlier!" Obi exclaims

"I think I'm seeing somebody, Dad...But who is it?" Akami asks

"If it's someone from the dead, it's probably defied the laws of the afterlife just to spite me and tell me off. I am special like that afterall." Obi says jokingly

Continued on Heirs of the Void ->

The Gilded City Edit

Kagerou's travels with the others eventually takes them to a gold clad city, marvelous in its design.

"Ah, the rumor was real. Well, I think my work here is done. Hic."

Nihil seems a little confused. "Looks a little over the top in my opinion."

"Very... Utopian in it's design, sure. But we've came from more 'extravagant' places, Nihil." Razeth head turns towards the sea. "We could dock the ship just above the waters but we're going to need permission aren't we?"

Silent Angel looks at the city. "There's not a good way to check if they are... ...hang on a moment I am picking someone up... ...It seems another Lambda is present, but at present it feels as though they are... ...quite angry," He says as a pillar of hellfire erupts from the palace roof.

"Very, very angry."

Nihil blinks. "Are you sure its a good idea to stay here?"

Kagerou cheers. "Yeaaaaaa explosions! It seems like the best idea eveeeeeer!"

Silent Angel blinks. "That depends if these are friendly Chaos Engines on our side or loyalists. We can only hope for the best."

"Well since you're the Chaos Engines, ill let you negotiate with your own kind." Nihil shrugs.

"I see no issue with that." Silent Angel responds, while Kagerou just drunkedly cackles.

"...Lead the way?"

Razeth leans in towards Nihil, whispering. "How strong is that stuff?"

Nihil whispers back. "It's the same thing that made Jarkara wake up ten planets away after drinking it and blacking out."

"...Fantastic, so we're going to be dealing with this for a while then."

Kagerou wraps an arm around Nihil's shoulder with a larg grin. "What say we hit the town and find some lady friends eh? I will even make you honorary wingmaaaaan..."

Nihil nervously laughs. "I like the idea of that but you're probably a little too out of it to even find 'the town'. That and I don't know you at all."

"You'reeee just *hic* embarrassed, I don't blaaaaame you...."

After some time of looking for the entrance, they see a blonde woman being defended by a woman with short red and white hair in the front, and a long ponytail in the back, wielding a crystal blade that glimmers silver, from five beings like her wearing cruel looking black armor. Her face seems noticeably familiar to them.

Nihil has been holding up Kagerou, and he puts him onto Razeth. "Have fun with the drunkard!" He looks over to the two women, narrowing his eyes a little. "....Have we, seen that gal before?"

The red head delivers what looks like a painful nut shot to one of the male enemies as she fights.

Nihil grimacs a little. "Ooough, that....that can't be nice."

After dispatching the opponents, her head swivels in his direction.

"You some kind of cheap rip off of my Dad from Phoenix?" He can tell she is more than likely going to attack soon if he doesn't answer.

He glances to Razeth, before looking back to the woman with some confusion, but he does raise his guard up. "Who's your dad and whats Phoenix?"

"You smell of Cyanican, so I'm guessing that you are either dumb clones or unrelated. I would ask if you knew Drake Ryunexo but he surely couldn't be that imfamous."

He blinks a few times. "If we were clones, we'd have white hair like him so yeah we're unrelated. We know him though- very well. We're good friends."

"..." She regards them for a moment before looking at the blonde woman. "So what's your story?"

"I was about to tell my masters something important when they and the majority of the Chaos Engines were put back under their control. I returned to save my people."

"...Seems like a good place to fortify anyway. I will help."

Nihil sighs, lowering his guard. "You're another one of these Chaos Engine things, then? Is that way you're calling Drake dad?"

"...Yes, I am, but call me a 'thing' again and pops will probably bust your head open. He considers me his, regardless of the fact it wasn't by blood and natural birth."

"As much as im...sure he'd do that..." Nihil rubs the back of his neck. "We...kind of lost him. He just....vanished."

"He's fine. I met with him briefly at 'home'." She says flatly. 

He blinks a few times. "WHAT? ARE YOU SERIOUS!? THE BUGGER IS FINE AND HE DIDN'T COME BACK TO TELL US!?" He starts muttering and cursing in Cyanican.

"I can kick your teeth out if you'd like. He's currently caring for his lover, who for all intensive purposes only recently stopped being a vegetable."

He makes a gesture at the woman, clearly meant to be something offensive. "You have the social skills of Drake, jeez...whatever, just, who are you?"

"Hmm. Kanashimi. First Eta Class Chaos Engine, Eta Draken 310, as my designation was, formerly at least. The prototype Eta, to be specific. I'm what the bitch made from Drake's genetic material, and am essentially biologically his child or a female copy of him, which ever less disturbs you. You have some buisness here?"

He sighs. "I just meant a name....whatever. Im Nihil Ryunexo. Uh..." He lets out another sigh. "We may or may not...have a good amount of alien refugees from Cyanic who need...housing...."

"I see. Probably not the greatest idea to bring them to Earth. This woman seems to be the leader of this city, so when she's recovered her strength, you might take it up with her." Kanashimi helps the blonde woman up and begins walking toward the city.

He blinks and quickly starts walking to continue talking to Kanashimi. "Clearly! We thought Earth was ideal, we didn't know there was this much chaos going on. Hold on, thats the leader of the city?"

"That's more or less what I gathered, yes. But yeah, welcome to the stinkiest maggot hole in this galaxy."

"That'd actually be a few solar systems over due to some planet having...actually nevermind you probably don't care. What's the lady's name?"

"Dunno, not my buisness." She says without turning back to look at him. They start to make their way into the city.

Nihil looks around a little as he walks. "So defending the lady is your business but knowing her name isn't? Who even were those guys you were fighting?"

"Other Chaos Engines, ones still part of the system. I'm just a wanderer who has a score to settle with this war, and then I will move on as usual. She was just lucky I appeared nearby to help."

He lets out a breath. "You really do feel like Drake, just your disposition. Its weird. Whatever, I guess we need to talk to that lady you're hauling around. She going to wake up any time soon?"

"She's concious, just tired. Doubt she's in a talkative mood. Also I'm the better one, he just won't admit it." Kanashimi appears to be heading to a central large palace like structure. 

"To be honest its not that hard to be better than him. At least when it comes to personality." He laughs a little, crossing his arms.

The blonde woman breathes out lightly, shaking a bit. "...They retook Azula and her sisters... ...gods we're in the pits..."

Kanashimi's face tightens slightly hearing this.

Nihil just furrows his brow a little, moving up to start walking beside her so he could see the blonde woman a bit better. "Who?"

"...The three original Lambdas, one of which is my master... Phoenix took them back... ...they're like... ...gods... I went to go after them to give them news, but... they were captured. ...Gods we're in trouble..."

He lets out a breath. "You're telling me gods got captured. Gods. Explain to me how that works?"

"They are humans made into gods... but were bound by their creators. Now the created have become the masters, but some wish to continue their own imprisonment. They recaptured them, presumably with the old command protocols... ...or by creating another Lambda. There was a... ...powerful presence within the fortress. One strong enough to force them to serve them. I did my best to flee."

Nihil nods, seeming to be following to the best of his ability given his little context. "Alright, hmm. I don't know if there's much we can do to help, though."

"Didn't... ...ask for any." The woman is promptly ribbed by Kanashimi's elbow, which causes her to cough heavily.

"Play nice, this isn't a time to be picky."

"Yeah, from what i've seen and heard the entire planet is a warzone, right?"

"...Uggh. Whatever... if you cause me trouble, it's your heads." The woman mutters

Nihil snickers for a second. "Usually, we deal in trouble. But considering the circumstances, I'll try to deal in help."

The woman glares, and suddenly Nihil feels as though he had been plunged into arctic water.

He doesn't seem to react. "Death is colder than this lady, but I dont get why you're trying. Save your strength."

She growls in annoyance, as they enter the palace and the woman is seated, remaining silent for a while as she seems to recover her strength.

Nihil stands patiently, kind of looking around before taking the time to activate his H.U.B, and type things into it.