The Enforcers are the police task force assigned to public safety, and are the only known group focusing on neutral law in regards to Myths. Operated by the M.P.D., the task force is an attempt to create order in the chaotic streets of Neo Pangea.

Ranks Edit

  1. Administrator - Issac Kurk
  2. Director - Issac Kurk, Lux, 12 others
  3. Head Scientist - Issac Kurk, Lux, Geira, Various
  4. Oversight Counciler - Oversees actions of various members.
  5. Elite - Highest ranking member of the combat branch. Has their own command and has extensive studies under the law and can wield control over most military installations and ranks. Word is law essentially.
  6. Senior Officer - Approved for high level threat scenarios. High authority figure and directs daily missions.
  7. Secondary Officer - Approved for medium-high level threat scenarios. Typically patrols and public safety.
  8. Junior Officer - New Recruit, approved for combat only with high ranking agents.
  9. Staff - Workers of the MPD Facilities
  10. Residents/Registered - People or Myths living at the Agency or are registered and are under their protection. Limited rights as citizens, more than average Mythos.
  11. Dishonorable Junior Officer Leo - Because Leo can't ever behave himself.
Administration: Issac Kurk | Lux R. Sigel

Staff: Geira | Loua

Enforcers: Clare Kurk | Torikkumasutā | Simon L. Johnson | Leonardius Nevite | Isa A. Lee | Arnak Rivikai | Sukimu(Former)

Special Interests Unit: Aimi

Members Edit


Torikkumasutā Edit

Race: Yokai (Tengu Class)

Age: 28

Position: Junior Officer

History Edit

Torriku's life was simple, as a son of a fruit seller. Though through-out his life, he's never had any real friends, resulting him to talk to animals in nature. But things changed when age struck his mother and father, paralyzing them. Torriku vowed to provide for his parents and little sister, taking up his father's fruit cart. After a few his father's fruit cart wasn't getting him enough profit to keep his family afloat. So he thought of going to Earth to make enough profit for his family, but do to no form of training, ventured off to find someone to train him, thus coming across the Scyther: Tafadzwa. For an entire year, he trained under the Way of the Arcane. After that year, he decided it was time to finally head to Earth.

Power Edit

Aerial Adaptation Edit

Claw Retraction Edit

Enhanced Agility Edit

Enhanced Lung Capacity Edit

Enhanced Reflexes Edit

Flight/Wing Manifestation Edit

Hollow Skeleton Edit

Enhanced Bite Edit

Enhanced Intelligence (occasionally) Edit

Enhanced Memory (occasionally) Edit

Enhanced Vision Edit

Environmental Adaptation Edit

Enhanced Speed Edit

Enhanced Strength Edit

Enhanced Swordsmanship Edit

Shapeshifting Edit

Short-range Teleportation Edit

Telepathy Edit

Arcane Magic

Former Members Edit

Img-thing (4)

Aracelis Edit

Race: Human

Age: 26 (Presumed Deceased)

Position: Elite

History Edit

Aracelis was a girl from England who grew up in a rather comfortable status in society. Raised in a loving household, she was taught to love others different than her. Her first test of this came when a fellow classmate in her school was revealed to be a Myth. Unsure of what to do, she stopped her classmates from assaulting them, allowing them to escape, even though she was beaten herself for it. After punishments from both school and home, she resented much of her early years and never expressed her ideas or acted on them, aside from writing extensively in her journals.

After years of building an image in school, it was all shattered the day one of the old childhood bullies discovered her journal. Fearing the hate of the community, she ran away from home and for months lived on her own. It was at this time Aracelis met the eccentric Dr. Issac Kurk. He willfully ignored the fact she was a run away and took her in, training her in his organization. After years of service, and finally able to live her beliefs, Aracelis excelled in his programs, and was eventually turned into an Elite, a modified Superhuman with unique abilities.

At the top of her success, she acquired a underling in the form of Clare Kurk, and taught her the skills, tools, and most importantly, the attitude of their duty as servants of the public. Aracelis became a role model to her, and remained that way until her apparent death at the hands of the Phoenix Invaders while defending a school of children from the attackers.

Unknown to the organization, Aracelis met a worse fate than they understood. The organization took her back to their fortress, and uses their techniques to modify her into a Chaos Engine, one that would be known as Sukimu, with no memory of her past life.

Powers Edit

Escape Artistry Aracelis had the ability to escape any bindings placed on her, no matter how powerful or complex.

Killing Instinct Aracelis had the supernatural ability to kill precisely, quickly, and efficiently. This became so refined she almost never missed with a sniper rifle.

Tracking Mastery Aracelis could track a target from a period of six days prior and still keep up with them.

Superior Stealth Aracelis was the best stealth agent in the force, able to sneak right up to the enemy undetected.

Weaponry Edit

A.M.U. (Anti Myth Unit) Edit

Ultrasonic Weaponry Edit

The A.M.U. is equipped with high powered Ultrasonic devices which allow them to disable targets from a long range, and even kill them with enough force.

Invisibility Edit

A.M.U.s are equipped with advanced cloaking devices that make them impossible to detect with sight.

Holy Metal Armaments Edit

A.M.U.s come armed with various weapons made with holy metal, allowing them to kill demons, vampires, and other unholy beings that would normally be immortal.

Advanced A.I. Edit

These robots are capable of autonomous actions, and easily outrank a normal human's IQ. They can easily track and remember targets, their memory of a target is good for over two years. They can analyze and adapt their fighting style to counter their enemy, and are trained in take down tactics for countless scenarios.

Enhanced Speed Edit

A.M.U.s are able to easily out run the majority of their enemies, using advanced dynamics to increase their speed.

Enhanced Strength & Endurance Edit

An A.M.U. is strong enough and durable enough to withstand massive damage, despite their appearances, they are almost as hardy as a CRAzy, and are able to easily tear through armor and shields.

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