The Black King
All shall become dust. Eclipsed by the cold uncaring darkness.
The King of Darkness
The Kanjō God of Death
The Eternal Night
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Active
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Silver, Black, Light Brown
Height -
Blood type None
Age  ???
Weight 0
Health Extraordinary
Affiliation Echo, Negative Spirits
Weapons The End Scythe
Species Spirit
Base of Operations The Black King's Citadel
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s)  ???
Current Occupation Ruler of Negative Spirits, King of Darkness
Abilities Soul Corruption, Soul Manipulation, Miasma
Fighting Style Unknown
Partner Sainan
Team The Dark South
Relatives  ???
Marital Status Unknown

The mysterious dark figure who commands all darkness and negative spirits on Echo. The entire South region is his dominion. Who knows the extent of this dark being's power?

Powers Edit

Chain of Izanami Edit

The Black King can bind the soul of any who he impales with this chain to his eternal will.

Binding of Izanami Edit

A partner ability to Chain of Izanami, allows him to summon or otherwise completely control the being of one bound by the Chain.

Soul Corruption Edit

The Black King may turn the soul of a living or dead soul and make it into a Negative Spirit at a whim.

Soul Manipulation Edit

Incarnation Canceler Edit

The Black King can shut off Reincarnation and the whole of the Incarnation cycles on a whim for a target or the world he dwells in, making rebirth impossible.

Healing Negation Edit

The Black King's presence disables the ability to heal.

Dooming Presence Edit

Once dead in The Black King's Presence, it is impossible to be revived until he leaves the area, or remains thus if The Black King remains in the area long enough.

Dark Flash Edit

A burst of darkness that encompasses a vast area.

Eternal Night Edit

A summoning of the true Primordial Darkness which blankets the whole of the world, and disables Light Manipulation.

Spirituality (Negative - Corruption) Edit

Supernatural Strength Edit

Supernatural Endurance Edit

Indomitable Will Edit

The Black King cannot be overcome mentally or spiritually, making him immune to manipulations of the mind or soul.

Darkness Manipulation Edit

Magic Prowess Edit

The Black King has studied and mastered many forms of magic, including more secret varieties such as the runes of Van Valeric, and even rare forms of Eldritch magic, though to the extent of his actual knowledge is as yet unknown.

The End Scythe Edit

This scythe is the trademark weapon of the Black King. Able to reap not only souls, but wills, consciousnesses, etc. The Black King can choose to either completely reap or merely damage said aspects of a person's being. Is unbreakable and only wielded by the current Black King until a new one is chosen.

Unobservable Edit

The Black King is not able to be observed or sensed via any means of viewing, including time and space manipulation. He is literally invisible to anyone who chooses to attempt to see his time, or even just his present location. This does not apply to normal vision, one can see him with the naked eye alone, assuming he has taken physical form.