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Great Wyrm
The Queen of the Cosmos
White Astra
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date Unknown
Family Aeon(Spouse), Anira(In-Law), Alexian(In-Law), Alisa(In-Law), Iylessa(In-Law)
Status Alive
Eye Color Red, Violet, Gold
Hair Color Red, Black, White
Height Unknown(Variable)
Blood type W-a
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Health Impeccable
Affiliation Neutral, Balance
Species Wyrm(Great Wyrm)
Base of Operations Unknown
Weapons Cocytus, Empyrean, Infinito
Current Occupation High Lady of Cosica
Fighting Style
Partner Aeon(Spouse)
Team -
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Married

Tatsuki no Idaina Ryu, shortened to Tatsu and also referred to as Cosmos, is the Great Wyrm and is the spouse of Aeon. She believes in gentle strength, but is not afraid to fight.



Tatsu was born as the lone Wyrm on Kaster. For many years she was attacked by Kasterians who wanted glory for slaying the "Great Terror", but each time she would repel her attackers. Eventually, Tatsu grew weary of the constant attempts on her life and went into hiding until a lone warrior appeared in her territory.

Meeting Noah

Tatsu lived a somewhat dull life until a lone warrior entered her territory. Unlike the other Kasterians, this warrior was not a thrill seeker or looking for name, rather he was trying to escape from a kingdom that had exiled him. Two two quickly came into conflict when Tatsu accused the warrior, Noah, of wanting to destroy her selfmade peace. After a long and bitter argument, the two begin a small war of attrition that ends with them having an all out brawl with no victor.

Not long after that, the two began to enjoy each other's company in their shared solitude. Almost six months later the two became romantically involved and decided to become engaged. Tatsu then, upon hearing about Noah's mission, decides to join him and two others, an armored construct named Rhea and a serpent named Nero. Before the group can completely join together, however, Noah is forced to fight Rhea and defeat her in order to regain a large amount of his own power. After consoling the young man about the loss of his friend, Tatsu and Noah share their first kiss and begin their mission to save Xiao, a werewolf that fell for Noah.

Siege on Castle Brahms

The trio reaches the city of Brahms and finds it in horrible condition due to the formerly noble king abusing his power. They quickly encounter Xiao, whom they wish to save, but  she attacks them, specifically targeting Tatsu and Nero. Noah manages to calm his friend, but hurt her feelings at the same time, by telling her his feeling for Tatsu. After regaining composure and joining the party, Xiao and Tatsu become rivals of sorts until they reach Castle Brahms' throne room, where their true enemy lies.

A harsh battle with the king of Kaster. After hours of the tide of the battle shifting, the king uses one of his trump cards to try and kill Tatsu, Nero and Xiao, but Noah sacrifices himself to save them. Enraged and begrieved at the loss of her lover, Tatsu releases some of her full power and reveals her true form as the Great Wyrm, a legendary dragon that only appeared in the most ancient of lore.

Fueled by her emotions and newly awakened power, Tatsu nearly slays the king of Kaster with the aid of an enraged and fully transformed Xiao and Nero in his true form, the Leviathan. As the battle nears its end, the king of Kaster reveals his own true form and begins to drain Tatsu and the others of their life and strength, slowly killing them. Just as the group begins to succumb, Noah, revived as Aeon, reappears and battles the monstrous ruler and comes out victorious after using an unstoppable ability. Overjoyed at his revival, Tatsu cries tears of joy as she becomes acquainted with Noah's true form. Soon, however, Aeon leaves to teach himself how to better control his powers.

Broken Bond

Millennia pass with no sign of Aeon returning. Tatsu, at first content with waiting for her fiance to return, becomes bitter and resentful. becoming jealous of Xiao and Nero's relationship, Tatsu decides to erase her memories and seal her powers to become a human capable of starting a family. Tatsu manages to begin her new life as the daughter of a rich man, but has lingering memories of a life she can't remember.

After a few years pass, Tatsu becomes engaged to a young, but just, ruler named Kensei. She and Kensei enjoy their time together, but Tatsu still feels herself being nagged by memories she does not understand. This only worsens when she meets a man named Aeon, who she can feel is related to her past. After bringing up her past, Aeon is shocked to find out that Tatsu hates her memories of their shared past because they make her heart ache. He then befriends the soon to be wife of Kensei, and unknowingly begins to awaken Tatsu's memories, which causes her to forget herself at times and have bouts of pain that eventually cause her to lapse into comatose like states around him. On one such day, Kensei sees Aeon with Tatsu and drives him away before checking on his fiance. After a few days, Tatsu recovers and many of her memories fade, but appear to her in dreams.


Another set of years pass and Tatsu finally marries Kensei, which saddens her for some reason. Almost a month later, the island that she and Kensei live on is attacked by a demon that is seemingly unable to be killed and slaughters all in its path. Aeon soon reappears and attempts to move Tatsu and Kensei into a safe area, but is forced back by Kensei, who doesn't want to see Tatsu come to any harm. During this time the demon appears and attacks Aeon, Kensei and Tatsu, forcing the two men to team up and slay the tenacious demon. Tatsu, finally remembering her past completely, notices the demon preparing to attack Aeon and Kensei from behind. Aeon manages to push Kensei out of the way, but cannot stop his most cherished person from taking an attack in his place. Aeon and Kensei, fueled by their anger quickly dispatch said demon and attempt to save Tatsu, but she denies them the chance to before confessing her feelings for Aeon to Kensei, who began to understand why Aeon appeared to Tatsu many times. Tatsu then tells them that they will meet again before passing on.


During the eons that followed her demise, Tatsu's spirit began to reconstitute itself and her body. Eventually, Aeon, in spirit form, finds her and decides to leave her in peace, but does not notice her awaken until he decides to learn what has been following him, The two reunite tearfully and share their first kiss in millions of years. Shortly afterwards, Tatsu is challenged by Lillia, an apprentice of Aeon's who wants to see the power of the person who can bring tears to her master. A short battle ensues and Tatsu soundly defeats her younger opponent, revealing that her power is actually equal to Aeon's. The two equals then reaffirm their vows and Tatsu, along with Lillia, watches over Aeon's body until he awakens...


Tatsuki's personality goes through many changes over the course of time. She starts out as an introverted pessimist, who is quick to fight because of her many encounters with hostile Kasterians, after meeting and subsequently fighting with Noah, Tatsu's personality shifts from pessimistic and introverted to optimistic and open. She also begins to develop a loving side and a caring side for others. After Aeon's departure to learn to control himself, Tatsu slowly becomes embittered and deeply saddened, eventually erasing her memories and sealing away her powers to start anew. As a pseudo-human, Tatsu regains the loving and caring facets of her personality, but gains a hatred towards a past that she can't fully remember.

This changes after she remembers herself, after which she becomes self sacrificing and content with her fate. Upon reawakening, Tatsu retains her contentedness and retains her open and optimistic personality. She also gains a few feelings that she cannot explain, but feels often.


Over time, Tatsu's appearance has barely changed. 

As a humanoid, Tatsu has emerald green eyes, long, scarlet, hair, short fangs, a fairly curvaceous body and lightly tanned skin. She often wears a red, pink and white dress with golden trim, but has also been seen wearing a pink kimono with a cherry blossom theme, an armored ball room dress and casual clothes. When angered, Tatsu's hair may become pale white or brilliant blue. Her eyes turn yellow, her ears become pointed and her nails and fangs lengthen.

In Wyrm form, Tatsu is a massive dragonoid that is well over 600 feet in length. Her body is crimson and gold, covered with glittering scales. She has six massive wings that are covered with ancient runes and a long, barbed, tail. Here head is fairly proportionate to her body and is sleek with two, golden, horns. Her forelegs and hind-legs have golden claws and pulse with elemental magic and cosmic magic. 

Abilities and Skills

Tatsu has mastery over many skills and abilities and is quite competent will all of them.

Transdimensional Strength

Tatsu has strength on par with Aeon's and more when enraged.

Transdimensional Speed

Tatsu is not the fastest being in and out of existence, but that doesn't make her slow. She can match Alara and surpasses Dark Prynce in speed.

Transdimensional Endurance

Tatsu has extremely high mental and physical durability that surpasses many others. She can withstand some of the things that could damage Aeon because of her own physiology.

Omnimagic(Highest Degree)

Tatsu is the one of the greatest spell casters in and out of existence. Her spells can easily cause as much damage as Aeon and Alara clashing and can even match Alara's stronger attacks without much of an issue. Tatsu has mastered every type of magic, but seldom uses any type of magic besides Elemental Magic, Cosmic Magic and Restorative Magic.


Tatsu has the ability to know everything about nearly everything(the exceptions being Aeon and Alara). She seldom uses this ability because it makes things boring for her. Requires concentration and Tatsu being in Cosmos Wyrm Mode or in a dire situation.


Tatsu can learn any language in the span of seconds if she hears many people speaking that language.

Absolute Defense

Tatsu can create a nearly impregnable defensive barrier around herself. She can also use this and Vector Manipulation to attack opponents.

Vector Manipulation

Tatsu, like Aeon, uses Vector Manipulation. Unlike Aeon, however, Tatsu has modified her version of this ability to absorb energy from attacks then release it. When used in tandem with Absolute Defense, it creates a damaging barrier that reflects all damage back onto the dealer.

Aether Manipulation

Tatsu holds a great deal of control over the Aether, despite not being a denizen of its realm.


Tatsu has the ability to completely erase things of a lower level of power than her for periods of time by forcing nonexistence upon them. She can use this ability to cripple opponents or strengthen allies.

Energy Generation

Tatsu constantly generates more and more energy, giving her access to an infinite number of spells at any given time.

Life Aura

Tatsu has the ability to generate life energy, but cannot control this ability as it is new to her.

Aeonic Soul Bond

Tatsu and Aeon share a bond that allows her to know whenever he is hurt, releasing large amounts of energy, is in battle or is going through an emotional change. This is a one way bond, but it allows her to easily relate to Aeon.

Absolute Being

Tatsu can control her own existence and weaknesses. She suppresses aspects of this power to prevent herself from growing apathetic towards the universe.

Elemental Manipulation

Tatsu, as one of the Wyrm species, has vast control of the elements. As the Great Wyrm, she has control over all of the main elements rather than two.

Cosmic Mage(Highest Degree)-

Tatsu has control over cosmic magic, giving her a wide range of spells that can harm or help others. This is her preferred type of magic.

Dragon Bolt

Tatsu fires an elemental bolt of energy that causes most beings to steadily weaken over time.

Wyrm Tide

Tatsu summons a wave spectral and elemental Wyrms to overrun and devour anything within range.

Magna Storm

Tatsu snaps her fingers and multiple, multi-elemental, explosions occur over a large area, shredding through elemental defenses as though they were nothing.

Meteor Shower

Tatsu summons a barrage of meteors to bombard the area around her.

Judge of the Cosmos

Tatsu recites a part of an incantation and calls on a deity-like force to fire upon her target with a salvo of energy beams that originate from a singular, large, beam of energy. The beams then return to the being as an energy wave and are fired  again as an explosive energy blast.

Celestial Starfire

One of Tatsu's strongest spells. Tatsu recites four incantations at once and calls on the power of the cosmos to fire six beams of cosmic energy at a (hopefully) planet sized target. The beams coalesce into a singular beam and pierce the target before bursting into thousands of smaller beams of energy. Following this, a ball of pure cosmic energy is fired at the target and explodes violently.

Celestial Roar

Tatsu's second strongest spell. She chants a spell that turns her into her wyrm form then slowly rises into the air and gathers energy. Once enough has been gathered, she releases the energy in a loud roar that quickly disintegrates her targets followed by a supercharged beam of cosmic dragon fire. On impact, the area around the dragon fire is surrounded by a tetragram and explodes with cosmic and elemental energy in a cross formation.

Great Wyrm Song: Sky Felling Blade

Tatsu's strongest spell and attack combination. Tatsu calls on her full power and recites an incantation that summons the sword Infinito into existence. She then flies at her opponent at extreme speeds and repeatedly slashes them while dashing around the area until she creates a dodecagram around them. She then forces the opponent and the dodecagram to float high above her while she focuses her power into Infinito. Once fully focused, Tatsu grows white and gold Wyrm Wings and launches herself(or teleports herself) towards her opponent at full speed and slices through them, the dodecagram, which shatters, and the fabric of reality. She then sheathes Infinito and twists its grip, causing the remains of the dodecagram to shine then explode in the shape of the slash.

A boosted version of this attack exists and occurs if Tatsu is already in her partially transformed state. She summons Infinito Neos and performs three slashes rather than one, resulting in a larger explosion.

Star Smash

Tatsu charges fire, light, Aether and cosmic energy into her hands and delivers a flurry of punches that surpass light speed.

Aeterno-Nether Blade

Tatsu channels Aether into a blade of pure energy that she can use as a weapon in the event that Cocytus and Empyrean are not present. She can alternately summon a Nether Blade by inverting the Aether Blade's properties.

Life Aura -Battle-

Tatsu puts an obscene amount of pressure on herself to forcefully activate her Life Aura. She then condenses the aura into herself, granting her the ability to regenerate instantaneously and use Absolute Strength until she relieves the pressure, exhausting her greatly for a short period of time.

Nether Aura -Battle-

Tatsu concentrates the power of her Life Aura into herself in the same way she does to use her Life aura for battle, then inverts its properties to make it a Nether Aura. Anyone close to her has the life and energy drained from them and ages ten times faster. If anyone is struck by her, they may die due to having a large amount of life and energy drained from them and the sheer strength that this mode offers her. Oddly, when she releases this state, Tatsu is completely rejuvenated.

Universal Manipulation I


Weapons and Equipment


  • A light, reflective, crystalline longsword overflowing with Aether, Light, Spiritual and Cosmic power created by Tatsu. Can morph into a broadsword, battle axe and longbow. Counterpart to Cocytus.


  • A dark, reflective, crystalline scythe overflowing with Nether, Dark, Elemental and Void energy created by Tatsu. Can morph into a spear, lance and halberd. Counterpart to Empyrean.

Infinito/Infinito Neos-

  • A sword created by Tatsu's excess energy. It has no elemental affinity, but can cut through nearly anything which is why Tatsu rarely summons it. It is an opaque crystalline sword with a triangular blade that reacts to any type of magic or energy. Infinito Neos is a longer, silver version of Infinito that has a rhombus shaped blade made of a diamond-like material. It rivals Ragnarok in power, but not in versatility.


Tatsu never owned a familiar.


Tatsu has quite a few transformations, but often limits herself her humanoid form and Wyrm form.

Elemental Form- Tatsu's hair becomes golden, her eyes change colors and she grows a pair of black horns. Her attire becomes a white, gold and red, futuristic body suit and the main eight elements float around her wrists and ankles as rings. Cocytus transforms into a black sword and Tatsu becomes more in tune with nature and the elements. 

Dark Form- Tatsu's hair darkens greatly and her eyes turn completely black. Her attire darkens and Empyrean combines with Cocytus to create a montrous greatsword. Her power over Nether increases and she becomes apathetic towards everything.

Cosmos Wyrm Mode- Tatsu channels the full power of Cosmic Magic into her and turns into a silver, nearly intangible version of her Wyrm form. A large raiment appears behind her wings and a crystalline crown forms on her head. Tatsu becomes more distant from everything, but only to become unbiased towards all of existence and make neutral decisions.

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